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Jul 2 Contribute 1 tip for staying alive in HC [only 1 tip per person] - Never use a wireless mouse / keyboardAltonZ1080 Jul 2
Aug 20, 2018 2.0 Patch Q&A for Hardcore Players I see the same questions being asked over and over again in-game, now that the long-awaited 2.0 patch has landed. In the interest of trying to help a few folks, and maybe anticipating some questions they might have down the line, here is my 2.0 Patch Q&A for hardcore players. Probably the question I have been asked the most is... 1. What difficulty level should I start out in? If you're at level 60 and a current, active player with decent gear, you can probably handle Torment-1, but don't start out there! First of all, every single class' skills have gone through very significant revisions, and if you go running off headlong into anything higher than Normal difficulty without pausing first to review your skills and see if they still do what you expect them to do, you could be risking your hero's life. All of the patch notes, and most importantly, all of the class and skill changes can be found here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/12671560/patch-201-now-live-2-25-2014 Please take a moment to read through the changes for the class(es) you play and see what the devs have done to your former WOTB WW barb or 100% uptime Archon Wizard. Barbarian changes: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/12671560/patch-201-now-live-2-25-2014##Barbarian Demon Hunter changes: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/12671560/patch-201-now-live-2-25-2014##DemonHunter Monk changes: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/12671560/patch-201-now-live-2-25-2014##Monk Witch Doctor changes: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/12671560/patch-201-now-live-2-25-2014##WitchDoctor Wizard changes: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/12671560/patch-201-now-live-2-25-2014##Wizard Once you think you've got yourself settled into a decent skills-build, don't forget to spend your Paragon points! Then, start out in a moderate level, Expert or Master, and make sure you're good to go before risking Torment. Elemental damage really hurts now in higher difficulties, so make sure you have your all-res in a good place. 2. So, what about these account-shared Paragon points? You can hit P from inside a game to access the Paragon interface. You can spend the same points over again into each character you have in hardcore. Here is Blizzard's page with all the Paragon information: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/13020718/ 2a. If I die in hardcore, will I lose paragon levels? You will never lose paragon in hardcore, even if you die and then delete the dead character. The paragon you earn is yours to keep, no matter what. 3. I lost a whole bunch of achievements, and I'm earning achievements again for things I've already done a long time ago. Is the achievement system broken, or what? Actually, it's not. Blizz did remove a lot of achievements because they became outdated with patch 2.0. For example, some of them referenced Nightmare, Hell, or Inferno boss kills. Others referred to crafting materials that have been removed. You still have all of these achievements (even though you lost the points) in your Achievement log (F9 key in-game.) You'll find a new section in the Feats of Strength category with drop-down lists noting all of your previously-earned deeds. The reason you seem to be earning the same ones over again that you had before is because now there is a version of, say, "kill Azmodan on Master difficulty or higher", plus all the variations of the Azmodan achievements such as avoiding his blood pools, taking out the summoning constructs before any minions spawn, et al. So yes, in a way, you are earning the same achievements again, but on Master or higher rather than Hell level or higher. :) 4. Speaking of achievements, I'm in a clan and getting absolutely spammed by achievement messages in my clan channel. Is there any way to turn them off? There are two places where you can turn off (or on) achievement notices for friends and clan-mates. For friends, from in-game, hit ESC > Options > Social and uncheck the "Friend Earns an Achievement" box to turn them off. For clan-mates, go to your clan page (type N in-game) and click on the little round gear-like object on the right-hand side (the tool-tip if you point to it says "News Filters".) Click on the Achievements box to remove the check-mark there, and that will turn off the clan-mate notices. 5. How do I join a clan? There's a button located in the lower right-hand corner of the character selection screen (or you can hit Shift-O from almost anywhere in-game) to bring up the Clans & Communities social interface. Blizz has a nice explanation for all of this here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/12891941/ (Continued below)Galx74 Aug 20, 2018
Aug 20, 2018 Hardcore FAQ Please Read Hardcore FAQ === How do I make a hardcore character? To unlock the option of making a hardcore character you have to play a softcore(regular) character up to level 10. Once you get to level 10, go back to character creation and create a new character and remember to click the "Hardcore" button under the gender options. (Thanks to Sky for this one) === What are the differences between hardcore and regular(aka: softcore) Diablo 3? The ONLY differences are: -Hardcore achievements -No real money auction house -Different community -If you die, you..... Lose access to your Character Lose all equipped items Lose all items in inventory Lose all items your followers have equipped If it's not listed above it's the same as softcore === I didn't read what was underlined above so I'm curious; do I lose my achievements, stash, my gold, or my artisan progression? No, you lose none of those things. They all persist even if your hardcore hero dies. === Can I share items, gold, artisans, stash between hardcore and softcore heroes? No, nothing is shared between the two game modes ever. You don't use the same auction house and you can't play with other heroes of a different mode. Two Hardcore heroes can play together and share items as long as they are both hardcore though. === My character died but it's not my fault, can I get my character back or at least cry on the forums? No and No. Even if it's lag, a stealth nerf, a blizzard employee comes to your house and covers your eyes, or a bug or glitch kills you at level 59..... You will not get that character back and you can not cry on the forums. You must suck it up because all those things are part of hardcore play. Accept it or don't play it. === How can I have two skills of the same slot loaded at the same time? What you are referring to is called elective mode. It allows you to mix and match ANY skills in any spot. It is not on by default to prevent new players from making simple mistakes in skill choice (like not choosing a signature on a beginning wizard). Elective Mode is enabled by going into options while in game, choosing the game play section, the checking the box next to elective mode. === Is there any way to loot a fallen party member like in Diablo 2? No this is not possible in Diablo 3 all inventory items are effectively lost when you die, however you could *try to throw as many items out of your inventory onto the ground as your hero is in the process of being beaten to death..... Let me know how that works out. === Is there a way to quickly exit the game before I die? No. Unlike Diablo 2 you can not quickly exit the game before that killing blow is dealt. Clicking "exit game" starts a ten second timer after that 10 seconds you will be logged out. The only exception is that there is no log out timer while doing so from the safety of a town. === Do my dead heroes take up my limited number of character slots? They don't have to. Any time after they are dead you can select the option to "Archive" the fallen hero. This will put them into their own list where you can view them at any time. Heroes on the archive list will not count towards your account's 10 character limit. === How can I talk to other hardcore players while in game? You can join the Hardcore Public Chat Channel by clicking the little gear above the chat window -> Click public chat -> Hardcore. If you change to party chat with "/p" you can get back to hardcore with "/c". Also "/?" Gives a list of chat commands. Please ask any other questions in this thread and we will answer them here. These FAQ will be updated as questions are asked. Thanks for reading, eMLiquid Stay Safe and Honor the fallen!eMLiquid163 Aug 20, 2018
Jul 17, 2016 ROS: HC Guide to Success Alright with the fast approaching date for ROS release there are a lot unknowns and questions about what will change, so here is some more information about my knowledge of RoS. Here are the main points I'll talk about and what you can do to prepare yourself for a smoother transition into RoS: 1. Paragon and Difficulty Settings 2. Crafting Mats 3. Crafting Plans 4. Act 5 5. Adventure Mode 6. Mystic 7. Bounties 8. Nephalem Rifts 9. Ubers 1. Difficulty Settings We’ve been almost a month into Patch 2.0.x and by far you should have experienced the new Paragon system and new difficulty settings, if you haven’t done it yet, well I don’t need to tell you that you should do it immediately. There are plenty of topics on the Paragon system, so I’ll keep this more on the difficulty settings. Your journey into RoS will start in the beginning of A5 (if you have Diablo already killed) and the first monster you encounter will be lvl61, which means that everything you know about incoming damage in the current difficulty system. If you can comfortably play Torment 1 at the moment, as you progress into lvl63-64 and up you will find it harder to survive on T1 and monsters will take longer to kill. The game changes quite a bit as you approach 70. From what I can tell when you reach level 67 the monsters turn into level 70. It was like this on beta pretty much during my time there and I can’t tell if it is bug or not, but monsters skip 67,68 and 69 and just jump up to lvl70, while you’re still using sub 60’s gear. Suggestion here is to stay on lower difficulties as the incoming damage is very different than at 60. Once you reach 70, don’t expect to be able to farm Torment 1 right away. My suggestion: Don’t start on higher difficulty settings, incoming damage doesn’t compare to Patch 2.0.x 2. Crafting Mats Developers have decided that once you reach level 60 a new set of crafting materials will be required to craft and enchant level 61 through 70 gear. Here is what those new crafting materials are: Reuasable parts: These are the result of salvaging white items you find at lvl 61+. Arcane Dust: This is the material that comes out of salvaging blue items in stacks 1 to 3 per blue item Veil Crystal: This is the result of salvaging lvl 61+ yellow items and it comes always as a stack of 1. Forgotten soul: This is the result of salvaging lvl 61+ legendary items and also a drops from Rift guardians, but about that a little later. Forgotten souls are used in enchanting legendary items or crafting the new legendary recipes at lvl 70. Mystic eats them for breakfast and you will most likely be hungry for them constantly. Death Breath: This is the analog of Demonic Essence and drops at lvl 61+ elite packs and it’s drop rate is based on the difficulty settings. It’s a crafting mat that is required to enchant and craft almost every item at level 70. All of these crafting mats are used in crafting and enchanting new end game gear at lvl 61+. In my opinion the most used crafting mat besides Forgotten souls is Arcane dust and it was the mat I was always missing for my enchanting and crafting. Old crafting mats can't be converted to the new ones. Suggestion: You should pick up and salvage every item you find on the ground, it will be used. 3. Crafting Plans Crafting plans that you have found now will not automatically upgrade to their level 70 versions. Each of the plans you can craft now has its level 70 version and it will need to be found before you can craft it. They also come with new set bonuses and special legendary affixes for the most part. There are many new recipes that are level 70 exclusive that are not dropping at the moment. In order to craft any of these new items you will need: - White version of the item you crafting – example Cain’s helm will require lvl 70 white helm - Special crafting reagent that drops from rare spawns (purples) or bosses –Cain’s craft requires Maghda’s soul, a crafting reagent that has a chance to drop from Maghda. My experience shows that difficulty doesn’t reflect on the drop rate and it’s very low. - High level gem and/or decent amount of gold and crafting mats (Veil Crystals, Arcane Dust and/or Reusable parts) – example with Cain is that it requires highest possible gem in the game, which is Flawless Royal and costs about 9.8mil to craft (as of last beta patch). There are 48 new crafting reagents as far as I could tell and there is already a list of locations and monsters that drop them. Once RoS is released and confirmed nothing has changed, I’m sure that topic will be bumped.silentkiller85 Jul 17, 2016
Jul 9 10 seconds is far too long The 10 second delay (upon disconnecting) is absurd. It is an off-putting and problematic feature for hardcore players. The following argument assumes that the purpose of the delay is to prevent “e-z escape” (a player’s character is a split-second from death, so they quickly exit or interrupt an internet connection to survive).Please note; this argument does not oppose the existence of such a preventative measure, but rather its current parameter. The argument goes like this: 10 seconds is far too long, and is almost guaranteed to kill any hardcore character (playing at the appropriate difficulty, wherein monsters pose an immediate threat) each time a technical issue occurs. Let us consider the delay as one of the rules of the game. Is a rule that robs a (hardcore) player of all progress (when her electricity at home goes out for a moment) a good rule to keep? Personally, I think a character’s instant removal from the game (upon exit or disconnect) makes the most sense (only cowards will abuse this, and why should the rest of us—those seeking a glorious and legitimate death—care if some people chicken-out of a Hardcore demise?), but I will respect the logic of the need for such a rule to begin with. Assuming you cannot be persuaded to abolish a timer altogether, I will reiterate and extend my primary argument: 10 seconds is far too long. Have you ever played Diablo (2 or 3)? If a player is intent on abusing an emergency exit, he needs warning. Well, (excepting some situations) the monsters do not warn you multiple seconds ahead of time. The need for a panicky escape happens awful quick, and few emergency exits take longer than 1 second to execute…otherwise, you’re dead. That’s because (in most cases) you had no cause for panic until less than 2 seconds from death (anyone with significant experience in Diablo 2 can attest to this). If you see the validity of the above paragraph, surely you can understand the frustration felt by many hardcore players. We find it unfair and aggravating to lose hours (sometimes hundreds or even thousands) to a death caused by an out-of-game event. One major aspect to the appeal of Hardcore play (in the minds of most players) is that you WILL die. You’re going to die to a foolish action / taking on more than you can handle / being caught off guard and failing to compensate/ whatever…but whatever may be WITHIN THE GAME. We accept loss. We expect to die, but hope (and, I think, rightfully expect) to fall within the confines of game-play; dying due to an inconsiderate technicality is NOT compelling. If you must maintain a delay upon exit (because cowardly players bother you that much?), please consider that 3-5 seconds would still be overkill in preventing e-z escape. Lowering the 10 seconds by at least 50% would mean losing little to nothing in the way of Hardcore coward prevention. Maintaining even a 3 second delay will still mean unfair deaths for Hardcore players, but it would at least happen much less often, while continuing to prevent players from taking a cowards way out in the form of instantaneous exit (again, I think just letting this go and allowing some people to play with cowardice would be fine, but I assume the original rule is meaningful to whomever implemented it. It is for this reason that I argue to change the “delay rule” to better suite the logic behind it, rather than suggest it is unacceptable at all). Please consider what has been expressed. So many people have pointed out one version or another of my own position, and the other side of this debate is…unclear. Is there an equal amount of passion to be found in an oppositional stance? Are there people who insist that the delay rule is more sound than outrageous, and it MUST go on unmitigated; unaltered? I don’t get it. This seems like an obvious thing to change; it’s hard to imagine where the resistance to do so comes from, given that we are talking about a game that has been (and continues to be)altered in very significant ways. It’s not as though we speak of a body of work that shall not be edited. Please change this. The majority of the total player-base (softies) have no significant reason to vote, but the Hardcore players are still here; I realize that some HC players are too cool to care (some even interpret technical problems as yet another source of danger…hardcore, man), but most of us are just irritated and turned off by the great delay. Please think about it. Weigh whatever satisfaction is kept by maintaining this particular rule against the sheer offensiveness of a bogus death. Nobody is asking to be coddled. We are into hardcore mode and we expect to die; we only wish to do so within the context of a game we love. Illegitimate death is an affront to very spirit of hardcore mode; an insult to the meaning of choosing a character cursed with perma-death to begin with. 10 seconds is far too long.Sairasaurus6 Jul 9
Jul 6 Just lost my barb to a 15 second D/C =( Just lost my barb to a 15 second D/C =( Anyone able to help me out?DraveThe2 Jul 6
Jul 6 Disconnects ruining hard core I am fully aware of Blizzard's policy that in HC play dead is dead, without regard to the reasons for that death. Over the years I have lost a few HC characters due to disconnects and reasons beyond the player's control. However, this season the problem has become all too common. I just lost my third character this season due to a disconnect. I have also survived several disconnects where I was lucky enough to not get killed. In either case, erratic and random connection problems are sucking all the fun out of playing hard core. Blizzard needs to come up with a workable solution if it wants to keep HC viable.Tyrion3 Jul 6
Jul 6 Why play hardcore? So my friend had asked me why I played hardcore, and it took me awhile to come up with what I thought a good answer was. In the end I decided, why play a game where you can't lose. In softcore mode there is no fear or thrill because I know I can just respawn and try again but in hardcore every move counts and death means starting all over and challenges you to get better which I love. So tell me fellow hardcore players why is it you chose to HC mode?Uriell54 Jul 6
Jul 5 hc player more skilled than sc? Are Hc players betther at their game than Sc players? opinions? i say yes and no. but if a hc player and sc player would compete who dies first on timer and hig lvl grift. hc player would win. hands down.Hartsias5 Jul 5
Jul 4 Unity on follower Sorry....just wanna a dumb question about unity on follower..... That's say If I wear or cube unity for soloing higher grift. that means my follower must have unity too right? But if I increase my follower's hp, will he take more damage? Will that help for soloing higher grift?Sally7 Jul 4
Jul 3 Are you Hardcore enough? Are you Hardcore enough to risk your Paragon Levels? What if Paragon levels in HC mode only, was per char only and not account wide. Wouldn't that make those specific toons that much more important when you have 1K+ Paragon levels on them? I like the idea of each specific toon mattering even more, what do you guys think?Oddyseous8 Jul 3
Jul 2 Any Hardcore Clan Looking for New Members? Hello, I’m on fairly regularly and I was wondering if any clans were looking for new members? I think D3 is more fun when you team up with others. I missed a few seasons after my PC died during training at Ft. Rucker. I got a new PC in time for Season 17 and have been active ever since. Shoot me a message ingame if you have a spot for me in your clan.BlackKnight1 Jul 2
Jun 30 Can we stack monster dmg reducing abilities? Can we stack monster damage reducing abilities? I'm sure this info is out there but I can't find it. Does a reduction to monster damage from say Wave of force - debilitating force stack with efficacious toxin, or black hole - spellsteal? I suspect of course that there must be some sort of limit on this kind of thing otherwise a few players together could reduce monster dmg to zero without too much effort. So would somebody please let me know exactly how this all works, and if possible how it works with multiple players versus just one player using multiple abilities or at least where I might find the info I'm looking for. Thanks a bunchCody5 Jun 30
Jun 29 Help Hardcore level up Can anyone please help me level up in hardcore. I am from Europe server. id: Ghox#11580Ghox1 Jun 29
Jun 29 Primal drop @ greater rift solo Is it different in HC when you complete a GR 70 solo, are you not supposed to get primal drop? I did yesterday and did not get a drop. ThanksMarcuslid5 Jun 29
Jun 28 Hardcore on the Switch Hey all, been looking for others to play hardcore with on the Switch. Currently running a paragon 140 Barb that can solo T8 comfortably. I actually can’t even find anyone playing hardcore when I try to play online. Thoughts?AlleyCat1 Jun 28
Jun 27 More disconnects Season 17 I have had more hardcore disconnects than all of the last 16 seasons combined. Has this been happening to anyone else?GOLDFARMER1 Jun 27
Jun 27 So you think you can powerlevel? (S17) Hardcore... Difficulty: T6 Rifts Paragon: 939 Class: Barbarian Build: Whirlwind Legendary Gems... Boon of the Hoarder: Rank 50 Gem of Ease: Rank 100 Bane of the Powerful: Rank 25 Taeguk: Rank 25 Follower (Enchantress)... Skills: Forceful Push, Powered Armor, Erosion, Focused Mind Kanai's Cube... In-geom Chilanik's Chain Avarice Band Gear... Wrath of the Wastes (6) Bul-Kathos's Oath Pride of Cassius (6 seconds) Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac Nemesis Bracers Convention of Elements (Optional) The Star of Azkaranth (Optional) Skills... Battle Rage (Bloodshed) Whirlwind (Hurricane) Ignore Pain (Bravado) Threatening Shout (Grim Harvest) War Cry (Veteran's Warning) Wrath of the Berserker (Insanity) Passives... Pound of Flesh Ruthless Nerves of Steel Boon of Bul-Kathos Offense... Critial Hit Chance: 42% Critial Hit Damage: 230% Area Damage: 102% Cooldown Reduction: 57.91% Physical Damage Increase: 33% Whirlwind Damage Increase: 30% Defense... Armor: 15,148 (81.23%) Lowest Resist: 898 (71.97%) Life... Maximum Life: 750k Life per Second: 10k Life per Hit: 8k Life per Kill: 8k Life per Fury Spent: 800 Globe Radius: 16 Adventure... Movement Speed: 25% Bonus Experience per Kill: 6.2k Notes... Diamond in Helm Rubies in Chest Armor and Pants Emerald and Gem of Ease in Weapons Physical Damage Increase for Progression Other Notes... Just chilling.Sherwin8 Jun 27
Jun 25 Quality of Life: Archived Heroes Could we we see the Torment / GR level they died? These the hall of heroes where one could see which mighty deal make them fall... It would be a nice prideful (or humbling?) touch to see what GR level struck them down... And if we could see that on the web profile as well. Would be good! :)Lloyd3 Jun 25
Jun 25 Augmentation I was planning on augmenting some ancient armor pieces and wait for a primal weapon to augment. What should I augment first in HC?DreamWizard4 Jun 25
Jun 25 Am I dead or safe? After reading here and elsewhere I decided to try Hardcore Monday, and just finished a GR 50 a few minutes ago and leveled my gem when I got "server disconnected Blizzard servers are not available at this time". My DH shows on my profile page but I am wondering. (error code 1016)Groovy9 Jun 25
Jun 24 Disconnect Scare I was playing my HC Crusader last night and Steed Charged right off the game map into literal whiteness. When the map finally drew under my character, I was in the middle of a pack of elites. I popped my defensives and starting spamming attacks to the degree the game would let me. Then, the game session crashed, as my Internet had gone down. Fortunately, my character was still alive when I was able to log back in like ten minutes later, but it was tense there for a while. I do not think Blizzard should change their policy regarding HC deaths due to disconnections. However, I can see how it must be really frustrating to lose a HC character that way due to no fault of one's own. Just to confirm, if you have only one HC character on your account, and he dies, your shared stash still persists until you create another HC character, right?Cobaltus9 Jun 24
Jun 24 Firebird Finery My Wizard has the Firebird Finery set. So if she dies, a meteor falls from the sky and revives her. But does that work, since she is hardcore?Johnsdad2 Jun 24
Jun 22 Screwed! anyone else get absolutely poned by HC?Odin4 Jun 22
Jun 22 One restore per season. Y/N? I've played hardcore multiple times and have had characters die before, but to have my game crash only to log back into a dead character made me legitimately angry. Would it really cheapen the hardcore experience if we were allotted one restore per season to account for stuff like this? I think it's worth considering.Phalanx8 Jun 22
Jun 22 Public Bounties/Clan Hey so it seems like there is never anyone playing public bounties or rifts HC anymore. Anyone want to party up? Or can you suggest a HC clan I could join? Just looking for some peeps to play with!Farsight2 Jun 22
Jun 20 How do you take a death in Hc mode? hello! im an old hc player since launch, and im intrested how motivated players are to make a new charactee when they died? This season 16 i have really enjoyed, and about 350h play times and 10-12 deaths. I usually get mad when i died, once this season i said to myself now i quit! so i deleted 8 loot/alt characters ns/season then after 2 hours i made a fresh char and started again and it was super fun to regear. HartsiaHartsias31 Jun 20
Jun 19 App freeze, again My wiz died from app freeze, t.y. bliz for your nice app.LUK0 Jun 19
Jun 19 Go Speed Racer! Looking for some blink monks and some chickens for this conquest. Post interest! I run stupid fast also but I lost my enigma runeword plus it's always more fun with 3 other hooligans. "Till the skies rain crimson with the blood of my fallen enemies and allies I fight on! TILL BLOOD AND DEATH EMBRACE US ALL!" - Resigned Resigned0 Jun 19
Jun 17 98 was it.... Just ran 96, was okayish, did in 7 minutes.... Went 98.. it felt strangely way harder.. left make another rift... got faster after a pylon but was hard... I procced, tried to run away. and the valiant heroe ended his journey.... I guess it was a good and valiant one! higher Than I had done before! :) Think I am done for this season haha....Lloyd2 Jun 17
Jun 16 Dynasty question--confirmation or countdown? Dynasty question. I just finished the Unhallowed set, then Natalya's set, there was no indication or countdown, nothing.... am I doing something wrong? Does it not show until you have finished all 6? On Natalya's do I need the full 7 piece set or can I use 6 pieces and not Natalya's ring? Thank youShire1 Jun 16
Jun 13 Ironcore (Season 2) *** Community Created: "Ironcore Season 2" *** I've made mention of this in the past, but now that Season 2 is soon approaching, I figured I may as well explain the whole deal. One thing I quickly came to dislike in Season 1 was how often someone would "die," the clan would offer power leveling assistance, and then that same player was back in T6 rifts 45 minutes later doing 8% less damage than they were before. In addition to shared paragon and more death passives, Hardcore mode, something built around the idea of one life to live, became Gear Wipe mode. To move away from that feeling, I've come up with a method of playing that is a bit of a throwback to those who used to play self-found during the AH days. I call it Ironcore, and it goes as follows: **This section has changed after much discussion within the thread** Your first Seasonal character is considered 'Ironcore.' You have one life. After you die, you are free to play however you like from then on. At the start of the season, create one character with an IC identifier in the name (ie: Squirt_IC, SquirtIC, ICSquirt, IC_Squirt) No power leveling. No use of death passives (Spirit Vessel, Unstable Anomaly, NDE, etc). No use of Double Unity rings Go as far as you can No use of second life skills (Crusader: Akarrat's Champion with Prophecy rune) The idea here is pretty obvious. Make death feel like death again. I feel like the Ironcore method fits best in the Season format, where you can pick a class and see how far you go. I'll be making one wizard on the 13th. If I die in a way that is very unsatisfying, I'll likely make a second one, but that's probably it. Obviously, this is a self-imposed rule set. I don't expect anyone to play like this, nor do I look down on anyone for playing how they prefer to play. I posted this only because of the interest some people took when I touched on it before. I'll be maintaining this thread as well as I can throughout the season to track the Ironcore heroes during Season 2. If you're interested in participating, just leave a comment with your status and I'll update this main thread. \m/ Rock on \m/BobWitchDR294 Jun 13
Jun 9 Have you ever noticed on the Diablo Profile. On your diablo profile, career tab, under your fallen heroes...it says Stay Connected. Oh the irony.Mfatal2 Jun 9
Jun 8 I am so drunk... ...and bored.... (just had 6 cider with friend playing Overwatch and I don't usually drink...) does it means it's a good time to push GR?! :o caveat: I already completed guardian.. so.. why not?! :oLloyd3 Jun 8
Jun 8 Your Best HC Necro This is the most challenging class I have ever played in HC. I have lost a couple while learning to cope and it is frustrating. Especially coming from last season with a 0 death DH. What build can I utilize to be able to not die in t13+? How can I fortify my rathma or pestilence to ensure I don't get one shot by those little act 3 volcano things and still be able to do GR90 damage? ThanksDreamWizard0 Jun 8
Jun 6 Zeis stone/serration Does zeis stone of vengeance and serration stack for necro? Also, is pestillience and rathma necros class set?rasta2 Jun 6
Jun 6 1066 error while still connected to Internet I think im going to play something else from now on. Ive died dozens of times due to connection issues not related to my internet. I might be a masochist but even I have to draw a line somewhere. The most enjoyable aspect of Hardcore is dying due to my own mistakes. But you don't even let me do that. This isn't fun anymore.Goat0 Jun 6
Jun 4 New HC Start I have been playing D3 for a long time, but I have only done Softcore until now. Last night I finished leveling my DH in Hardcore and hit 70. Are there specific builds that you can get as a fresh 70 in HC that you would suggest? Thanks!Malystryx0 Jun 4
Jun 4 Guardian Completed! Finally got Guardian done Today! :) At p700. Those Galactic Wings are pretty nice! :D Dit it with Shadow DH.. Thanks god for finally getting my (first) ancient Karlei point today! :o And 2 good primal yesterday (for a total of 3), Primal CoE and primal Shadow Armor! :DLloyd3 Jun 4
Jun 3 stacked thoughness = 0 im a DH, i got a GOLDfind build with 36k goldfind, with the gems etc. well i also use GOLDWRAP, and when i reach 1 trillion thoughness it instead marks 0, does it makes me squishy? or invisible? or it simply keep stacking over 1 trillion but i just cant read it cause its too long number?Mcm2 Jun 3
Jun 2 Need help with Guardian (conquests) One need 3 conquests for Guardian. I am currently at Conqueror but planning ahead! :) I already did GR45 without sets I am planning to do Avarice and GR55 with 6 class set. My questions are: - what's the best setup for Avarice? levelled up Boon of the Hoarder to 50, now I just need to know a few good location? I heard that the hall of Adria are good.. but all these walls got me worried, any good open map? - what would be the easiest/quickest second class? Currently playing DH and I already have some Crusader items so was thinking of that. Or maybe Monk. Or Maybe Wizard (my other 3 favourites class). Which one would be the easiest / quickest? Since I have to regear from scratch.... - BTW tried the story mode in under 1 hour. I was shadow set DH with Krem belt (+25% speed).. in 1hour I could only do act 1-3, gave up.... any tip?Lloyd4 Jun 2
May 30 Indestructable passive is broken? (crusader) Just died. One shot. With indestructable not in cooldown. It gives you 5 second immunity. How is that possible?JackFrost0 May 30
May 28 Death Save Passive Deaths I don't know about the rest of ya'll, but I'm a little tired of losing my Hardcore characters to the game itself screwing up. This most recently happened before posting this, as I was battling a GR Guardian at 65. Necromancer, running full Ancient gear for the bonus, and I was running my death save passive (Final Service), just to be safe. As I was fighting the RG, I made sure to keep and eye on my death save proc, so as to not be killed. Didn't matter, he one shot me, even with the death save. I'm sorry Blizzard, but you really, REALLY need to fix issues like this. According to many members of my clan, this happens on a semi-regular basis. Deaths to game side issues on Hardcore is unacceptable, especially a broken code (which, hey, this IS a broken code issue) on a skill that is there to prevent death. I get lag; there really isn't anything that can be done to prevent that...but the game itself messing up? That's on you. Final Service reads "When you take lethal damage, you are sustained preventing ALL damage for 4 seconds. In addition, you consume minions to heal for 10% of your Life per minion. This effect cannot occur more than once every 60 seconds." I did not have the Final Service debuff, and I was one shot. From full life, to dead. Anyone else have or have had this issue? I don't want to be whiny, but this is something that we as players can't control. We can't make the game recognize our skills or whether or not they are working. So how, in good faith, can we expect to run and push higher Greater Rifts, if we have to fear death even with out passive Death Saves?Sadisticus2 May 28
May 28 Game Freeze Death: always As the title suggests, I haven't really played enough HC to get the chance to die to any actual mechanics, human error, pushing too high too soon. I've only played a few seasons in HC because I always die to the same thing-- a random game freeze which lasts just long enough (maybe 8-10 secs) for me to come back to everything that happened during that time all applying at once and blowing me up. The odd thing is that it only happens in HC. In normal mode I can push the game/my computer/my connection-- whatever to it's absolute limits and it continues to run fine, it may stutter here n there with my character rubberbanding a few feet backwards, but never a full stop freeze. I've also noticed that over the seasons now I've lost a few different characters in the same place Act 4 in one of the RED heaven maps. Idk if they have a specific name but its not shown on the rift level label in the top right. This season I wanted to get the new wings, so for my third conquest I opted to make a HC monk to run the GR45 no set items (Super Human). After leveling up I decided to collect as much replacement gear as I could, knowing that the inevitable freeze death was looming. I even made almost a full set of lvl 1 (70) gem of ease gear, so I could quickly replace my monk in the event of such an untimely death. While spamming T6 for keys and running empowered rifts to level gems, I managed to get a decent (and VERY tanky) collection of ancients which steered me into a LoN EP build which hopefully I successfully link right here https://us.diablo3.com/en/profile/Spoonofdoom-1322/hero/111386513 I made it ridiculously defensive and it paid off, as at about GR38 I got my freeze, and while I waited to get my controls back I spammed everything and when it returned I had destroyed everything with a 7 sided strike and was fine... I quickly ran to a safe spot to return to town and before I could it stuttered and froze again, and returned with my mantra cheat death having procced and me at low health- I killed the one mob that was chasing and portaled out. I exited the game and restarted, hoping to get a different map but I got it again, feeling like I had no choice but to try to progress, I skirted the edge of the map just trying to get to the portals to other maps, and it worked. On my next few GRs in my climb I had to do it again, until I eventually got some different maps. I had no issues with my final GR45, and I avoided using speed pylons since it felt like that was also a factor in all of my previous season deaths. Got my wings and back to normal mode, which is unfortunate because HC has a fun factor to it that I just can't reach because I'll never get the chance to push and die to my own mistakes... idk if certain maps have memory leaks or if its some kind of overload of area damage spikes, no clue... I've thought about posting about it here in the past but I just figured it would just get hit with the standard "it's part of the game, you took your chance with hardcore just deal with it"Spoonofdoom5 May 28
May 27 PowerLevel DeletedBigbangdeath0 May 27
May 26 Do you need a Power Level? Hey Everyone I am an aspiring NA streamer looking to make a name for myself and offer my skills to anyone who is needs it. I am a professional Hardcore Season power leveler I have helped hundreds of people get to level 70 and some gear on top of that. Whether you are paragon 1000 or never played before I will get you to 70. - Get to 0-70 in 15-20 minutes - Additional T10 full clear rifts to get you some gear - Hangout have some fun! - Live on twitch.tv **Requirements from you** - Drop a follow on my twitch at twitch.tv/zeroskillsgaming - Watch or lurk in my stream during your power level - Play on PC NA servers If you feel like you want to skip the grind and get a power level from me join my discord and @ me in the diablo 3 channel! discord.gg/h3r3nS7 I hope to see you there!ZeroSkillsTV2 May 26
May 24 anyone else stream game play? Hey homies, working on na hc seasonal gameplay before and after work. I play EST time. Currently enjoying my necro but if you look at my profile, I have been a DH fan for a while now. Current DH is mainly nekked Looking for hc streaming buddies - feel free to add/msg me. Can't plvl yet but will be able to soon! Always down to do whatever if I am online. Been playing for a while and can't seem to kick my diablo addition ;-) at least for now I am willing to put up with the grind since it is a new season after all. See you guys on the interwebs. I am alternating streaming on twitch and dlivetv atm. Feel free to add me and msg me that you found me here and I can host your game play on my channel when I am afk. https://twitch.tv/alexkluew https://dlive.tv/alexkluew Alexgetaclue0 May 24
May 23 Game Stutter It’s ridiculous how laggy this game is. My computer can run adventure mode at torment 16 with max settings with the same frame rates as it can on the lowest settings. My computer can also run other blizzard games at max settings and run perfectly smoothly. I prefer to play hardcore, but pushing greater rift keys higher than 80 is insane, since i’m constantly pausing the game to make sure I haven’t procced my escape death. What’s the problem?Nemesis0 May 23
May 23 Dreaded DC finally got me! :( Was doing my first ever T16 split bounty run with a random who turned out to be #2 monk on the leaderboard! :o haha Was doing good with my Demon Hunter shadow set... just completed last act bounty and then, suddenly..... Nobody is moving, my ability are not triggering... Noooooo... The dame came back alive on the screen showing my, now, defunct hero on hero selection... :(( I got 3 gem at 65.. didn't have the 3 gem to 70! so much effort wasted! :( Oh well.. one small hiccup to guardian! :o Oh well the guy kept the loot box for me though, nice! :) EDit: lucky me, my Shadow DH only had one gem levelled up!, so I still got 2 other gem 60! :DLloyd0 May 23