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Jun 1 Contribute 1 tip for staying alive in HC [only 1 tip per person] - Never use a wireless mouse / keyboardAltonZ1042 Jun 1
Nov 9 Hardcore FAQ Please Read Hardcore FAQ === How do I make a hardcore character? To unlock the option of making a hardcore character you have to play a softcore(regular) character up to level 10. Once you get to level 10, go back to character creation and create a new character and remember to click the "Hardcore" button under the gender options. (Thanks to Sky for this one) === What are the differences between hardcore and regular(aka: softcore) Diablo 3? The ONLY differences are: -Hardcore achievements -No real money auction house -Different community -If you die, you..... Lose access to your Character Lose all equipped items Lose all items in inventory Lose all items your followers have equipped If it's not listed above it's the same as softcore === I didn't read what was underlined above so I'm curious; do I lose my achievements, stash, my gold, or my artisan progression? No, you lose none of those things. They all persist even if your hardcore hero dies. === Can I share items, gold, artisans, stash between hardcore and softcore heroes? No, nothing is shared between the two game modes ever. You don't use the same auction house and you can't play with other heroes of a different mode. Two Hardcore heroes can play together and share items as long as they are both hardcore though. === My character died but it's not my fault, can I get my character back or at least cry on the forums? No and No. Even if it's lag, a stealth nerf, a blizzard employee comes to your house and covers your eyes, or a bug or glitch kills you at level 59..... You will not get that character back and you can not cry on the forums. You must suck it up because all those things are part of hardcore play. Accept it or don't play it. === How can I have two skills of the same slot loaded at the same time? What you are referring to is called elective mode. It allows you to mix and match ANY skills in any spot. It is not on by default to prevent new players from making simple mistakes in skill choice (like not choosing a signature on a beginning wizard). Elective Mode is enabled by going into options while in game, choosing the game play section, the checking the box next to elective mode. === Is there any way to loot a fallen party member like in Diablo 2? No this is not possible in Diablo 3 all inventory items are effectively lost when you die, however you could *try to throw as many items out of your inventory onto the ground as your hero is in the process of being beaten to death..... Let me know how that works out. === Is there a way to quickly exit the game before I die? No. Unlike Diablo 2 you can not quickly exit the game before that killing blow is dealt. Clicking "exit game" starts a ten second timer after that 10 seconds you will be logged out. The only exception is that there is no log out timer while doing so from the safety of a town. === Do my dead heroes take up my limited number of character slots? They don't have to. Any time after they are dead you can select the option to "Archive" the fallen hero. This will put them into their own list where you can view them at any time. Heroes on the archive list will not count towards your account's 10 character limit. === How can I talk to other hardcore players while in game? You can join the Hardcore Public Chat Channel by clicking the little gear above the chat window -> Click public chat -> Hardcore. If you change to party chat with "/p" you can get back to hardcore with "/c". Also "/?" Gives a list of chat commands. Please ask any other questions in this thread and we will answer them here. These FAQ will be updated as questions are asked. Thanks for reading, eMLiquid Stay Safe and Honor the fallen!eMLiquid160 Nov 9
May 2, 2017 2.0 Patch Q&A for Hardcore Players I see the same questions being asked over and over again in-game, now that the long-awaited 2.0 patch has landed. In the interest of trying to help a few folks, and maybe anticipating some questions they might have down the line, here is my 2.0 Patch Q&A for hardcore players. Probably the question I have been asked the most is... 1. What difficulty level should I start out in? If you're at level 60 and a current, active player with decent gear, you can probably handle Torment-1, but don't start out there! First of all, every single class' skills have gone through very significant revisions, and if you go running off headlong into anything higher than Normal difficulty without pausing first to review your skills and see if they still do what you expect them to do, you could be risking your hero's life. All of the patch notes, and most importantly, all of the class and skill changes can be found here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/12671560/patch-201-now-live-2-25-2014 Please take a moment to read through the changes for the class(es) you play and see what the devs have done to your former WOTB WW barb or 100% uptime Archon Wizard. Barbarian changes: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/12671560/patch-201-now-live-2-25-2014##Barbarian Demon Hunter changes: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/12671560/patch-201-now-live-2-25-2014##DemonHunter Monk changes: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/12671560/patch-201-now-live-2-25-2014##Monk Witch Doctor changes: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/12671560/patch-201-now-live-2-25-2014##WitchDoctor Wizard changes: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/12671560/patch-201-now-live-2-25-2014##Wizard Once you think you've got yourself settled into a decent skills-build, don't forget to spend your Paragon points! Then, start out in a moderate level, Expert or Master, and make sure you're good to go before risking Torment. Elemental damage really hurts now in higher difficulties, so make sure you have your all-res in a good place. 2. So, what about these account-shared Paragon points? You can hit P from inside a game to access the Paragon interface. You can spend the same points over again into each character you have in hardcore. Here is Blizzard's page with all the Paragon information: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/13020718/ 2a. If I die in hardcore, will I lose paragon levels? You will never lose paragon in hardcore, even if you die and then delete the dead character. The paragon you earn is yours to keep, no matter what. 3. I lost a whole bunch of achievements, and I'm earning achievements again for things I've already done a long time ago. Is the achievement system broken, or what? Actually, it's not. Blizz did remove a lot of achievements because they became outdated with patch 2.0. For example, some of them referenced Nightmare, Hell, or Inferno boss kills. Others referred to crafting materials that have been removed. You still have all of these achievements (even though you lost the points) in your Achievement log (F9 key in-game.) You'll find a new section in the Feats of Strength category with drop-down lists noting all of your previously-earned deeds. The reason you seem to be earning the same ones over again that you had before is because now there is a version of, say, "kill Azmodan on Master difficulty or higher", plus all the variations of the Azmodan achievements such as avoiding his blood pools, taking out the summoning constructs before any minions spawn, et al. So yes, in a way, you are earning the same achievements again, but on Master or higher rather than Hell level or higher. :) 4. Speaking of achievements, I'm in a clan and getting absolutely spammed by achievement messages in my clan channel. Is there any way to turn them off? There are two places where you can turn off (or on) achievement notices for friends and clan-mates. For friends, from in-game, hit ESC > Options > Social and uncheck the "Friend Earns an Achievement" box to turn them off. For clan-mates, go to your clan page (type N in-game) and click on the little round gear-like object on the right-hand side (the tool-tip if you point to it says "News Filters".) Click on the Achievements box to remove the check-mark there, and that will turn off the clan-mate notices. 5. How do I join a clan? There's a button located in the lower right-hand corner of the character selection screen (or you can hit Shift-O from almost anywhere in-game) to bring up the Clans & Communities social interface. Blizz has a nice explanation for all of this here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/12891941/ (Continued below)Galx73 May 2, 2017
Jul 17, 2016 ROS: HC Guide to Success Alright with the fast approaching date for ROS release there are a lot unknowns and questions about what will change, so here is some more information about my knowledge of RoS. Here are the main points I'll talk about and what you can do to prepare yourself for a smoother transition into RoS: 1. Paragon and Difficulty Settings 2. Crafting Mats 3. Crafting Plans 4. Act 5 5. Adventure Mode 6. Mystic 7. Bounties 8. Nephalem Rifts 9. Ubers 1. Difficulty Settings We’ve been almost a month into Patch 2.0.x and by far you should have experienced the new Paragon system and new difficulty settings, if you haven’t done it yet, well I don’t need to tell you that you should do it immediately. There are plenty of topics on the Paragon system, so I’ll keep this more on the difficulty settings. Your journey into RoS will start in the beginning of A5 (if you have Diablo already killed) and the first monster you encounter will be lvl61, which means that everything you know about incoming damage in the current difficulty system. If you can comfortably play Torment 1 at the moment, as you progress into lvl63-64 and up you will find it harder to survive on T1 and monsters will take longer to kill. The game changes quite a bit as you approach 70. From what I can tell when you reach level 67 the monsters turn into level 70. It was like this on beta pretty much during my time there and I can’t tell if it is bug or not, but monsters skip 67,68 and 69 and just jump up to lvl70, while you’re still using sub 60’s gear. Suggestion here is to stay on lower difficulties as the incoming damage is very different than at 60. Once you reach 70, don’t expect to be able to farm Torment 1 right away. My suggestion: Don’t start on higher difficulty settings, incoming damage doesn’t compare to Patch 2.0.x 2. Crafting Mats Developers have decided that once you reach level 60 a new set of crafting materials will be required to craft and enchant level 61 through 70 gear. Here is what those new crafting materials are: Reuasable parts: These are the result of salvaging white items you find at lvl 61+. Arcane Dust: This is the material that comes out of salvaging blue items in stacks 1 to 3 per blue item Veil Crystal: This is the result of salvaging lvl 61+ yellow items and it comes always as a stack of 1. Forgotten soul: This is the result of salvaging lvl 61+ legendary items and also a drops from Rift guardians, but about that a little later. Forgotten souls are used in enchanting legendary items or crafting the new legendary recipes at lvl 70. Mystic eats them for breakfast and you will most likely be hungry for them constantly. Death Breath: This is the analog of Demonic Essence and drops at lvl 61+ elite packs and it’s drop rate is based on the difficulty settings. It’s a crafting mat that is required to enchant and craft almost every item at level 70. All of these crafting mats are used in crafting and enchanting new end game gear at lvl 61+. In my opinion the most used crafting mat besides Forgotten souls is Arcane dust and it was the mat I was always missing for my enchanting and crafting. Old crafting mats can't be converted to the new ones. Suggestion: You should pick up and salvage every item you find on the ground, it will be used. 3. Crafting Plans Crafting plans that you have found now will not automatically upgrade to their level 70 versions. Each of the plans you can craft now has its level 70 version and it will need to be found before you can craft it. They also come with new set bonuses and special legendary affixes for the most part. There are many new recipes that are level 70 exclusive that are not dropping at the moment. In order to craft any of these new items you will need: - White version of the item you crafting – example Cain’s helm will require lvl 70 white helm - Special crafting reagent that drops from rare spawns (purples) or bosses –Cain’s craft requires Maghda’s soul, a crafting reagent that has a chance to drop from Maghda. My experience shows that difficulty doesn’t reflect on the drop rate and it’s very low. - High level gem and/or decent amount of gold and crafting mats (Veil Crystals, Arcane Dust and/or Reusable parts) – example with Cain is that it requires highest possible gem in the game, which is Flawless Royal and costs about 9.8mil to craft (as of last beta patch). There are 48 new crafting reagents as far as I could tell and there is already a list of locations and monsters that drop them. Once RoS is released and confirmed nothing has changed, I’m sure that topic will be bumped.silentkiller85 Jul 17, 2016
2h Low lvl playing with higher So I was playing my level 40 something character and my friend joined with his level 70 and I was killed in 2 hits by a basic enemy. I created the game and had the dificulty set to expert, which is what I had been playing it on for a while. Has anyone else died doing this? I can't tell if it was a glitch or if it just made the game incredibly more difficult because he joined. Seems really unfair for blizzard to make it so you pretty much die instantly just because a higher level character joined your server. from what I read in old threads and on the blizzard website it is suppose to make you more powerful. Any experience with this?JimiBristles7 2h
2h Trying my hand at Hardcore... On my first character I made it to Paragon 500 somethin' and beat Grift 70 before I died. Completely my fault. lol Then I spent a couple of hours leveling up a new character with Cain's set and stuff. My first character had some back up gear but I didn't have a Gem of Ease leveled to make re-leveling easier. Got the second character up and running and am in process of Gem of Easing a back up UE set so I can cut the time to re-level when I inevitably die to 15 min. or some such. Almost done with that. Got some back up gems going too so I can jump back into doing 60+ right when I hit seventy with a fresh character when I lose this one. So at least, I think, I got the hang of what to do when I die. lol I'm going to try to get P1000+ by the end of the weekend and will definitely be more careful with this character. Anyway, I just wanted to say, that it's pretty cool to play Hardcore. A little more nerve wracking but it is cool to find gear and not trash stuff haphazardly like I did when I was playing softcore. You get your character reasonably decked out in ancients and you can almost forget everything else you pick up. Not so with Hardcore. If you're new to Hardcore or at least not completely versed in the differences between Hardcore and Softcore, your back-up pieces need back-ups. Anyway, I just wanted to say I'm having a blast and I'll probably be reading these forums regularly for tips and advice. Thanks for reading.Idolis13 2h
3h So you think you're a Guardian? (Season 14) Screenshot: https://twitter.com/sherwinjtb/status/1009587014964875265 Season: 14 Paragon: 679 Strength: 6681 Damage: 508k Toughness: 28.5kk Recovery: 806k Greater Rift: 81 Solo Rank (Hardcore Barbarian): 98 Details... Critical Hit Chance: 39% Critical Damage: 430% Area Damage: 89% Cooldown Reduction: 55.13% Whirlwind Damage: 27% Armor: 81.74% Lowest Resist: 72.69% Life: 800k Skills... Wrath of the Berserker (Striding Giant) Whirlwind (Blood Funnel) Ignore Pain (Bravado) Threatening Shout (Demoralize) War Cry (Veteran's Warning) Battle Rage (Bloodshed) Passives... Ruthless Nerves of Steel Weapons Master Relentless (Hellfire Amulet) Boon of Bul-Kathos Kanai... The Furnace Mantle of Channeling Skull Grasp Enchantress... Forceful Push Powered Armor Erosion Focused Mind Gear (Follower)... Smoking Turible (Cannot Die) Azurewrath (Lightning Damage) Wyrdward (Attack Speed) Oculus Ring (Attack Speed) The Ess of Johan (Attack Speed) Gear... Wrath of the Wastes (Diamonds) Bul-Kathos's Oath (Emeralds) Pride of Cassius (6 Seconds) Hellfire Amulet Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac Convention of Elements Nemesis Bracers Legendary Gems... Gogok of Swiftness Esoteric Alteration Bane of the Stricken Notes: Hello everyone! How's Season 14 going for you? Played around with the Raekor set as the reward for completing the Journey. However, I prefer the Whirlwind set Wrath of the Wastes. Had to craft Bul-Kathos's Oath weapon because it was taking a while to find. Died twice already trying to make my way through the game. First death was my attempt at killing Malthael on T13. Second death was a Greater Rift progress using Wrath of the Berserker (Insanity). I would like to use Whirlwind (Hurricane) and Battle Rage (Blooshed) in GR80+.Sherwin8 3h
1d Time to Join the HC Community :) So, since playing Diablo since the beginning, both in actual titles and D3 specifically, I've never played HC. Never cared to, just wasn't my bag. But seeing as I still love this game as always, and my stash tabs in softcore are completely full of ancients for all classes and can't really fit anything else, I'm deciding to give HC a shot. Seems fun. And obviously you're gonna want more defense than worrying so much about damage. But this question is more about specifically, is there a ratio, in general, that I can go by? A rule-of-thumb so-to-speak. Like say almost any increase in power in softcore is good, unless you're going to lose like, I don't know, say 20% defense to increase dmg by only 1% sure that wouldn't be good, but I wouldn't hesitate too much to take a 5% increase for a 20% def loss in SC. It's dependent obviously on class and build etc. So... I'm here with my weak !@# noob HC character. Like only level 30, actually level doesnt really matter, anyways if I'm seeing an item that increases my dmg by 20% but decreases def by 10% is that a good trade? Or do I want a bigger ration on that like 3 to 1 before dmg is more important? And VICE VERSA, do I wanna take something that say increases my def by lets say 20% but decreases dmg by 10% or whatever ratio? I know it might be silly to you haha, I do know, but SC is all I know. And I accept I'm gonna die a FVCK ton due to random mistakes, DCs, and forces of RNGesus. I'd just like to minimize that, haha :) Thanks for any input. Cheers :)TridentRPG12 1d
2d How Do You Prep for Higher Torment Levels? I'm a casual gamer (due to time constraints) who only plays hard core characters. Diablo 3 has been watered down enough that getting to level 70 is no problem (don't think I ever made max level in HC on Diablo 2), but how do you prep for the higher torment levels? I've started with a monk for this season, and am working on finishing Chapter IV of the season journey, but after that initial set gear reward, what do you do? Just GR and Bounties until you get set items you're looking for, upgrading gems, and adding Paragon levels? Is there any more recommendations than that? I haven't joined any guilds as I can't play on any consistent schedule, so I play solo. Thanks for the help.Slicktrick2 2d
2d Apparently According to a post in GD this is the 6th Anniversary of D3! I've gotten thousands of hours of fun and entertainment from this game. Many thanks Blizzard! It would seem an appropriate time to reflect back in time... I remember when movement speed was capped at 15%. I remember when there were only 4 acts. And not many people played Act 4 because it was so dangerous I remember when it took a well-coordinated team and strategy to beat Ubers I remember when there was an EmettOtter I remember when nobody ever played the Caverns of Araneae map I remember when "Crypt Runs" were *the* thing. I hated them and skipped. I remember when Belial would get your palms sweaty. Every time. I remember someone on my FL who got ripped off billions transferring gold to HC I remember running the Dahlgur Oasis 100 times to find a Leoric's Signet. Found 2 I remember when each and every item had to be salvaged individually I remember when town vendors were somewhat useful I remember going to the Caldeum Bazaar frequently. Haven't been there in ages I remember no cube, no paragon, no pets, no enchants, no Saders, no... I remember where many of my deaths were and how they happened I remember when Phase Beasts were a serious problem in Act 3 I remember helping to level many people in the Fields of Slaughter. A few died I remember when PKing was around. I never suffered at the hand of a PK. Aholes I remember when I got a Cain's Set plan in Act 2. OMG, the luck! I remember when a Skorn was BIS. With Life Steal! Could go on. What your memory?JCRUZ21 2d
3d Minions being 1 shot on TXIII I have no clue what is going on but for some reason my Minions are being one shot by literally everything now and they were not having this issue prior to 30 minutes ago. I didn't switch my spec or my build but now they are literally dying like mom spaghetti. If anyone knows a solution or is suffering from the same issue please let me know.kingbeaver2 3d
4d LFM Looking for a small active group or clan to grow/grind with. Solo is boring. 70 witch doctor 100 something paragon. Hit me up.Zaneybaby1 4d
Jun 16 Got my 6 set - Power leveling all followers come by twitch.tv/ncstyle for a safe and quick power-levelDustin0 Jun 16
Jun 16 Solo Self Found Journey Years and years ago I was addicted to offline solo play in Diablo2 and would frequently binge the game on weekends during community run events. Early on in Diablo3 Seasons I made a few good pushes in HC to be in the top ~50 for Grifts. It’s been a while since I’ve played and life has become a lot busier but I’ll be using this thread to document my success of climbing the grift leader board as a limited time SSF player. Will see how how I can go! Current progress: Class: Demon Hunter Mode: Hard Level: 13 Next big goal: Level 22 so I can start using multishot! This single target business is so slow!Tracon0 Jun 16
Jun 15 LFT Season 14 Going monk and zdps later on, want a group that is wanting to go hard discord requiredJamesixchain2 Jun 15
Jun 14 Saders are crazily OP, ain't it? God I feel so much safe and secured while I run sader. Akkhan set is just insane, literally you can cheat death every 20 to 30 seconds. On top of that, just look at the cheat death passive. OMG GG. It is the most effective cheat death passive ever. Combination of these, is just pure invincible. I mean, I am pro at sader and DH, but not other characters. I would like to know the survival ability of other characters. Please leave a comment :) I would like to review your opinion.Martyr3 Jun 14
Jun 14 I want to start Hardcore next season. I have never completed the campaign on hardcore, as I have always been standard. However I want to start season 14 with the adventure mode enabled. In order to do adventure mode you need to have completed the campaign. My question is will I have to do the campaign (on a non seasonal character) before I can jump into the adventure mode when the season starts? Or, will it be enabled for me at the start of the season.Bootswinger2 Jun 14
Jun 14 EU: ratma party, seeking necros and monk Hi. I am looking for rathma runs party with two skilled necros. I am running zbarb, and planning to play till morning or so :) lets group together and gain xp sooo quick ... Kreten#2370Kreten0 Jun 14
Jun 14 Need 2 Season 13 1-70 & Farming Group I will be playing z-necro along with a friend playing rat necro. We will be grinding all weekend looking for two others to fill our 4 man group to start season at 5pm PT. Prefer to find other serious players looking to rush to 70 and start grinding GR's. Ideally would like to find a zdps barb and competent dps player. I'll be on about 60 min prior to the start of the season. Add me if you are interested. Btag: elduche#1764elduche10 Jun 14
Jun 13 Unexplainable Death Unexplainable Death....with a 209 ranking on solo monk leaderboard my monk was VERY tough, but as I entered a common Nephalem rift my monk fell over dead...she carried all ancient gear all with Caldesanns on each piece....G-rift guardians at level 94 couldn't kill this girl, so with only one yellow coming towards me, still at a distance I doubt I was in any danger....is there any recourse and can I get my monk back?....I'm thinking it was approx 4 pm ( season ended at 7) I'm thinking I was caught in some kind of glitch...I never even got a Near Death Exp....she just fell over dead. I think this should be reviewed by Blizzard...my toon has the name 'Mayb' and she had 227 hours this season. I would appreciate a review on this matter....I would like a response to this message...thank you.Oatwilly313 Jun 13
Jun 12 R U havn a ton of DCs since season ended? I've lost like 3 amazing characters in the last 10 days to either 1016, straight up lag, when I was pretty much fine all season long.. Just weird you'd figure less people on no changes, why are the servers jacked, or maybe its comcast ?Darth4 Jun 12
Jun 11 New HC Wizard help Hi there! Relatively new to the game here. I leveled up a Wizard several years ago when D3 dropped for console with some friends, but it didn’t seem to stick. Well now we’re back playing again and frankly I don’t remember much. Playing on PC now btw. I suppose the questions I’m seeking help with are stuff like, what are some good resources out there to use? We literally just began yesterday evening and stopped after the first act so I’m currently level 30 if I recall correctly. With that said I’ve only done some light research on the web myself, but can’t seem to find what I’m actually looking for. All the guides and builds are either for fast efficient normal leveling solo, or end game HC. What’s the BnB build for leveling a wizard on HC? I’m also leveling with a group so does my build take their abilities inti consideration too? I’m playing with a Monk, Crusader, and Necromancer. Do I focus on just being straight DPS, or do I need to just one DPS ability and focus on CC and survivabilty? Some of the abilities seem like no brainers as far as any build goes such as teleport and magic weapon. I assume I am correct here? Anyways, any help at all would be greatly appreciated. First time on here! Edit: also if I posted in the wrong place please let me know. I just noticed after this that there’s other discussions like the wizard page and new player page.keezyf2 Jun 11
Jun 9 Hardcore hero dead after server disconnection Seriously? Just like in the title, i was doing nephalem rift T13, my build is much stronger than this rift needs (i make GR71 melting it), end of the rift, about the guardian to appear, server disconnection like many times before. But i log in back and my hardcore hero is dead? How is this possible? Its a known issue that their servers are so bad, such a big company, such a popular game and such bad servers, disconnecting all the time. But seriously when it comes to hardcore heroes, and really many hours of playing (i did 170 in that character), it cant be all wasted because of their server issues. Its not my fault that their servers are so bad. I dont understand this, when the connection is lost, the game is gone, how is this possible that i log in back and my hero is dead? I AM THE GAME, when im off the server, how can my hero die? This is unacceptable.Agnyeshka38 Jun 9
Jun 8 So you think you can Rank HC Barbarian? (S13) Greater Rift (Tier): 79 Time Spent: 14:03 Solo Barbarian (Rank): 975 Date: May 7, 2018 Screenshot (Twitter): https://twitter.com/sherwinjtb/status/993382217639378944 Current Paragon: 662 Current Play Time: 46 Hours Season Journey (Complete): Guardian Gold: 2 Billion Town Damage: 890,185 Town Toughness: 33,408,092 Town Recovery: 2,913,420 Skills: Wrath of the Berserker (Striding Giant) Whirlwind (Blood Funnel) Ignore Pain (Ignorance is Bliss) Overpower (Crushing Advance) Threatening Shout (Falter) Battle Rage (Bloodshed) Passives (Ruthless, Nerves of Steel, Weapons Master, Berserker Rage, Boon of Bul-Kathos) Kanai's Cube (The Furnace, Mantle of Channeling, Skull Grasp) Gems: Bane of the Stricken (70) Gogok of Swiftness (70) Esoteric Alteration (70) Gear: Wrath of the Wastes (6) - Diamonds in Helm, Chest, Pants Hellfire Amulet Pride of Cassius (6 seconds) Convention of Elements Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac Nemesis Bracers Bul-Kathos's Oath (2) - Emeralds in Weapon Templar (Follower): Enchanting Favor (Your follower cannot die) Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker Dovu Energy Trap Wyrdward Oculus Ring Freeze of Deflection Templar (Skills): Heal, Loyalty, Charge, Guardian Stats: Critical Hit Chance (Base) = 53% Critical Hit Damage = 410% Cooldown Reduction = 52.78% Armor = 15,875 (81.94%) Lowest Resist = 1191 (77.29%) Maximum Life = 846,671 Life per Second = 25,769 Life per Hit = 25,904 Life per Fury Spent = 875 Pickup Radius = 11 Fury Regeneration/Second = 15 Notes: I was tossing between Wrath of the Berserker (Insanity/Striding Giant) and Threatening Shout (Demoralize/Falter). Striding Giant felt so much more relaxed. Didn't even need Relentless. Tempted to swap Gogok of Swiftness for Pain Enhancer. Trying to dance inside the Oculus Ring. Season 13 Journey is complete. Free to Plvl and zBarb.Sherwin18 Jun 8
Jun 7 Looking For HC & Seasonal HC Wizards Looking for HC Wiz players who play at least a couple times a week to join the community "Hardcore Wizards" I am trying to put together a reliable channel of all Hardcore Wizards so its easy to play, meet, help, power level, loot share, compare unique builds, etc... Also running a channel called "Seasonal HC Wizards" if you play seasons, same as above applies. Thanks NemoNemo3 Jun 7
Jun 5 First Hardcore Char? I have a couple questions. As a first time hardcore char, what character would you play? I was looking at the crusader because of its indestructible passive. HC games are not played the same as SC games and the passive would allow me some altitude in learning a different style of playing. In looking at the forum, it seems that disconnections from battle net claim a lot of lives. Does the indestructible passive on the crusader protect against this? Thank you advance.Mathematics15 Jun 5
Jun 5 Has anyone lost a character in HC Due to a disconnect on Blizzards end? I haven't had this yet but there was a time this season I was facing an elite and my ping shot up and lagged twice on that fight for about 2-3 seconds at a time...I thought I would be a goner. Another time I was just sitting in town and got an "error code 2" and dc'd so I was lucky there...it seems there should be some safe guards in place for HC players to prevent accidental death due to server side technical issuesScorp42 Jun 5
Jun 5 DEAD hero equipment view So, imagine you were on last night, before the season closed, and you were doing a greater rift on a Necromancer who still didn't have 4 pieces of special set items (3 with a RoRG, and not counting the Demon crafted set), but was still powerful enough to do a T6. And you had just pulled the Rift Guardian, Peladine or something like that, the Mallet Lord who summons those other guys that fall from the sky. And you got whacked and pulled up your Cheat-death by one of those sky-falling things, and instead of running away and surviving because you had plenty of time, you stuck with it, half looking at your screen, half looking at the General chat discussing when the season ends...and then your LIFE ends because Peladine malleted you, HARD....is there a way after it all to see what gear you had on? I don't really need the discussion (ribbing, criticism, heckling, etc. but you are allowed of course!) that I was stupid on multiple occasions (being on General Chat one of them), but more just curiosity if I can see what my hero had on. I already archived her...maybe before doing that I could have. Thanks for any help!! And ugh...now I have to start a new Necromancer... At least I have lots of stuff in the cube and in my stash!!Wiyth2 Jun 5
Jun 4 Question: If you died in Challenger rift On your hardcore character, does your character die? I've only just started playing hardcore mode in the last week and kinda got attached since dying really matters in this mode. I would appreciate it if someone could answer this before I do anything to risk my character's 'life'.SunRise4 Jun 4
Jun 4 Primal Drops This game is so broke it isn't funny. I have 2 Buriza-Do-Kyanon, 2-Goldskin, 2-Danetta's Spite, & 2-Compass Rose. I have other primal's too. But what are the chances you get crap like this. Well in this game that is what you really only get 90% of the time is crap.Davey7 Jun 4
Jun 4 New Console (PS4) Player, Unable to Create HC Hey Everyone, I played a lot of Diablo II 15 years ago, and played a bit of Diablo III on the PC when it first came out, but this is my first time playing a console version. I have really enjoyed playing so far, but I have been unable to figure out how to create a hardcore character. I have leveled a softcore necromancer into the Paragon levels, and I also have a low level barbarian (softcore, lvl 10+), but when I go into the character creation screen I am unable to find the toggle to create a hardcore character. Please help! Best Regardsmattverhage4 Jun 4
Jun 3 Full Ancient UE W/ Primal Yang RIP GG PerditionSux, you were a baller. Apple update I hate you.Forever14 Jun 3
May 28 "Not Today!" I have to admit, these past two days, I have had a lot of luck; I forged a Primal Karlei's Point dagger and found a Primal Convention of Elements ring. So, I suppose that I was due to have something really, really bad happen to my Demon Hunter. Fortunately, my luck had not entirely run out. I am literally minutes away from uncorking a tall beer and eating supper. But, I figured I had time to explore one more floor of the Rift I had already just completed. Suddenly, my latency spikes and the game becomes unresponsive. But, every now and then, the monsters would become unfrozen and felled by my sporadic button pressing. Then, it finally happened. I received the long-awaited notification informing me that I had been disconnect from the server. I was in Torment 13, surrounded by monsters... but my Demon Hunter survived! Am I ever glad that I did not have any of my Primal items equipped, because I probably would have cried had anything happened to them.HelloKitty4 May 28
May 27 Getting bored with D3, trying HC... ...but, seriously...you have to play through campaign mode...again?Wurger7 May 27
May 13 Looking for HC ps4 players XxKandyTwiztedxXTwizted1 May 13
May 13 Heresy I have a shameful confession to make. Next season I might do softcore! :-o I lost a primal Deathwish on my HC Wizard.. :'( Wanna collect some primal.. might do softcore because of that.. Shame on me, I know... Any thoughts?Lloyd11 May 13
May 13 Sticky Keys Death, Windows users beware Recently updated windows, and unbeknownst to me sticky keys automatically became re-enabled upon restart. As I, like many use shift as my force-stop command, died while on a really nice hardcore run. Hopefully this may save you, double check that sticky keys are disabled. Otherwise, 5 consecutive shift presses can lock up your game and get you killed if you are in heated combat and likely to press the force stop key many times. Died while in greater rift. RIP me.Stimulants6 May 13
May 12 HC or SC Which do you prefer and why? Just trying to spark some convo. And what is the most memorable death you’ve encountered in HC?Exodus14 May 12
May 10 Achievement Crossover - SC & HC I looked a bit and wasn't sure, but I'm kind of in Achievement hunting mode. I did Season with a Softcore, but I've been playing around more with my Hardcore Witch Doctor now. I'm thinking of just doing lots of Bounties, because I think I need around 7500 for one achievement, but then some of the other big ones I have are to kill certain mobs. I have one regular and one hardcore (and others....). So two questions: 1. If I kill the Enraged Phantom in Hardcore, will it count for both the Hardcore Achievement and the Regular one? (Trophy Hunting and A Rare Phenomenon, I think) 2. If I just keep running rifts forever, would I get these monsters? Not the unique spawns maybe, but the blue rares and the yellow champions? Just wondering if I'm going to have to play both game types and if I would have to farm the same area in both game types if I really wanted this. Thanks for any help!Wiyth7 May 10
May 8 Theoraticaly I will never die from DC again My condemn crusader, died from Disconnect two days ago. It had several levels of cheat death, akarat champion, cheat death passive and cheat death amulet, but during disconnect, sometimes it just takes too long for battle net to actuality disconnect you from their server, which makes any cheat death useless. I have been thinking about how I can fight disconnect, and I think I found a solution: 1. My company has an extremely stable and blazingly fast Internet. I will start my game in the computer connected to my company network. 2. While at home, I use remote desktop to access my computer connected to my company network and play the game. 3. If my home network disconnects, my computer at company will automatically perform teleport to town operation. As long as I am immune to crowd control, the teleport will not be interrupted. Because of this, skills like iron skin should be automatically casted before casting teleport. Good: in theory, I will never die from DC anymore. Bad: Use remote desktop to play doesn't feel as great as playing directly.StarRayquaza18 May 8
May 7 Season End Season 13 end date 5/25/2018 @ 5pm Pacific Season 14 start date 6/8/2018 @ 5pm PacificGenJakHammer3 May 7
May 4 How do you play Barbarian? Just can't seem to figure it out. Is Revenge a good skill? :)Shark22 May 4
May 1 Get thee behind me, Bryan https://i.imgur.com/z8tFlsz.png Just saying.VeePow4 May 1
Apr 30 It was only nightmare litany : Any long and tedious address or recital. A prayer consisting of a series of invocations by the priest with responses from the congregation My Story Ok, just on an impulsive notion I thought I'd share my current scenario. In this season, transitioning out of scoring music and trying to go back into the computer industry I am on standby and have plenty of leisure time at hand. Re-discovering seasonal HC about a month ago I have been - with dedication and intense focus - trying to clamber up the ladder. Peripheral sidelong glances and discoveries have been made unto the meta-game, believe me.. before hand I used to take pride in characters donning the Litany & Wailing who'd lived long enough for Torment VIII In any case! a few moments ago I awoke from a day time nap, where within I'd falled into a deep uncomfortable sleep and this was the dream: The first was that I'd entered the Heart of the Fortress to engage Malthael in Torment XIII. And though I didn't see the battle unfold, I knew I'd been harmed terribly from him and I was critically damaged and my Final Death Passive had been activated. But I'd ran into the top of the battle arena, which didn't resemble the pandemonium fortress. It had an opening in the middle like a pit and the surface and walls had an errie orange burning glow. That situation dissolved into an outcome unexplainable the next scenario was me entering a level 95 Greater Rift halfway. Which is impossible and should have intuitively known this. What appeared to be a lag spike or a delay happened but I was running and then overcome by Skeleton Archers and Succubi. I remember a winged Succubus struck the final blow and killed me. I was freaking out walking around my apartment hysterically distraught shouting aloud "It's all my fault! It's all my fault, I could've prevented this.." upon waking up I realized it was not so!!PrincePookie0 Apr 30
Apr 29 Server dropping deaths are bologna Playing d3 on my Helltooth WD that is top 300 on the leaderboard atm doing a super easy low grift (79) when everything freezes and the server kicks me. This has happened half a dozen times or so already this season with no bad result, character alive and everything because it's an easy rift in which I won't die even with 10 seconds of standing there doing nothing thanks to being pet build. However this time I'm reconnected within 5 seconds of the freeze and I'm dead. This makes no sense to me whatsoever. There's no possible way I died (over 1BIL sheet toughness in that set on a low grift not in combat with an elite mob at time of kick) and it hadn't even been the full 10 seconds of disconnect time! So why did I lose my character? Please don't bother with comments like "it's HC you signed up for it" because I did, I signed up for any mistake = death. But this isn't a mistake, this is shenanigans. So please implement some form of d/c recognition/forgiveness or leeway when there's a small server hiccup, because that put an extreme damper on my desire to play the game. Thanks!Jon7 Apr 29
Apr 28 Finding Magical Items My previous build> no bonus to finding, yet in about 60 paragons it dropped all class specific sets (each item at least twice). Current build> 50% bonus but getting in about 40 paragons about 1 item set from class sets (2nd one dropped become I joined party with a friend that run gr tier 75). I get blues and gold. Shouldn't I get more yellow, legendary, set items?SUJOHN2 Apr 28
Apr 28 ns plvl plz looking for a ns plvl,im lazy and cant find anyone playing nsaerialattack1 Apr 28
Apr 28 49 seconds I, like many other hardcore players, have lost characters to unexpected things like disconnection and even sudden computer restarts. I recently lost a character this way. I've heard it said many times that your character stays in game for about 10 seconds after disconnecting. I had a very hard time believing this particular character could've died in 10 seconds, so I decided to make a super tanky build. I had my wife join a game with me. We went into a rift and found a decent pack of elites. I ran in and pulled the plug. We saw the message on my wife's screen about 2 seconds later that said I had left battle net. 49 seconds later my character was removed from the game. Forget that 10 second crap. If a character can't survive for nearly a minute doing absolutely nothing, you're as good as dead. Where did the whole 10 second thing come from anyhow? Edit: I just wanted to add that I'm not mad about my losing my character or the fact that characters stay in game after disconnecting. That's totally fair in my opinion. However, and I guess this is my fault, but I'm annoyed I believed the whole 10 second thing. I built my Akahan crusader with the cheat death passive assuming that if I disconnected she could easily survive 10 seconds. Now that I know differently, I'm not going to bother with the passive. If my characters stay in game that long, even the cheat death isn't going to help.Dreyda8 Apr 28