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Jan 4 Contribute 1 tip for staying alive in HC [only 1 tip per person] - Never use a wireless mouse / keyboardAltonZ935 Jan 4
Oct 29 2.0 Patch Q&A for Hardcore Players I see the same questions being asked over and over again in-game, now that the long-awaited 2.0 patch has landed. In the interest of trying to help a few folks, and maybe anticipating some questions they might have down the line, here is my 2.0 Patch Q&A for hardcore players. Probably the question I have been asked the most is... 1. What difficulty level should I start out in? If you're at level 60 and a current, active player with decent gear, you can probably handle Torment-1, but don't start out there! First of all, every single class' skills have gone through very significant revisions, and if you go running off headlong into anything higher than Normal difficulty without pausing first to review your skills and see if they still do what you expect them to do, you could be risking your hero's life. All of the patch notes, and most importantly, all of the class and skill changes can be found here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/12671560/patch-201-now-live-2-25-2014 Please take a moment to read through the changes for the class(es) you play and see what the devs have done to your former WOTB WW barb or 100% uptime Archon Wizard. Barbarian changes: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/12671560/patch-201-now-live-2-25-2014##Barbarian Demon Hunter changes: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/12671560/patch-201-now-live-2-25-2014##DemonHunter Monk changes: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/12671560/patch-201-now-live-2-25-2014##Monk Witch Doctor changes: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/12671560/patch-201-now-live-2-25-2014##WitchDoctor Wizard changes: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/12671560/patch-201-now-live-2-25-2014##Wizard Once you think you've got yourself settled into a decent skills-build, don't forget to spend your Paragon points! Then, start out in a moderate level, Expert or Master, and make sure you're good to go before risking Torment. Elemental damage really hurts now in higher difficulties, so make sure you have your all-res in a good place. 2. So, what about these account-shared Paragon points? You can hit P from inside a game to access the Paragon interface. You can spend the same points over again into each character you have in hardcore. Here is Blizzard's page with all the Paragon information: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/13020718/ 2a. If I die in hardcore, will I lose paragon levels? You will never lose paragon in hardcore, even if you die and then delete the dead character. The paragon you earn is yours to keep, no matter what. 3. I lost a whole bunch of achievements, and I'm earning achievements again for things I've already done a long time ago. Is the achievement system broken, or what? Actually, it's not. Blizz did remove a lot of achievements because they became outdated with patch 2.0. For example, some of them referenced Nightmare, Hell, or Inferno boss kills. Others referred to crafting materials that have been removed. You still have all of these achievements (even though you lost the points) in your Achievement log (F9 key in-game.) You'll find a new section in the Feats of Strength category with drop-down lists noting all of your previously-earned deeds. The reason you seem to be earning the same ones over again that you had before is because now there is a version of, say, "kill Azmodan on Master difficulty or higher", plus all the variations of the Azmodan achievements such as avoiding his blood pools, taking out the summoning constructs before any minions spawn, et al. So yes, in a way, you are earning the same achievements again, but on Master or higher rather than Hell level or higher. :) 4. Speaking of achievements, I'm in a clan and getting absolutely spammed by achievement messages in my clan channel. Is there any way to turn them off? There are two places where you can turn off (or on) achievement notices for friends and clan-mates. For friends, from in-game, hit ESC > Options > Social and uncheck the "Friend Earns an Achievement" box to turn them off. For clan-mates, go to your clan page (type N in-game) and click on the little round gear-like object on the right-hand side (the tool-tip if you point to it says "News Filters".) Click on the Achievements box to remove the check-mark there, and that will turn off the clan-mate notices. 5. How do I join a clan? There's a button located in the lower right-hand corner of the character selection screen (or you can hit Shift-O from almost anywhere in-game) to bring up the Clans & Communities social interface. Blizz has a nice explanation for all of this here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/12891941/ (Continued below)Galx72 Oct 29
Jul 17 ROS: HC Guide to Success Alright with the fast approaching date for ROS release there are a lot unknowns and questions about what will change, so here is some more information about my knowledge of RoS. Here are the main points I'll talk about and what you can do to prepare yourself for a smoother transition into RoS: 1. Paragon and Difficulty Settings 2. Crafting Mats 3. Crafting Plans 4. Act 5 5. Adventure Mode 6. Mystic 7. Bounties 8. Nephalem Rifts 9. Ubers 1. Difficulty Settings We’ve been almost a month into Patch 2.0.x and by far you should have experienced the new Paragon system and new difficulty settings, if you haven’t done it yet, well I don’t need to tell you that you should do it immediately. There are plenty of topics on the Paragon system, so I’ll keep this more on the difficulty settings. Your journey into RoS will start in the beginning of A5 (if you have Diablo already killed) and the first monster you encounter will be lvl61, which means that everything you know about incoming damage in the current difficulty system. If you can comfortably play Torment 1 at the moment, as you progress into lvl63-64 and up you will find it harder to survive on T1 and monsters will take longer to kill. The game changes quite a bit as you approach 70. From what I can tell when you reach level 67 the monsters turn into level 70. It was like this on beta pretty much during my time there and I can’t tell if it is bug or not, but monsters skip 67,68 and 69 and just jump up to lvl70, while you’re still using sub 60’s gear. Suggestion here is to stay on lower difficulties as the incoming damage is very different than at 60. Once you reach 70, don’t expect to be able to farm Torment 1 right away. My suggestion: Don’t start on higher difficulty settings, incoming damage doesn’t compare to Patch 2.0.x 2. Crafting Mats Developers have decided that once you reach level 60 a new set of crafting materials will be required to craft and enchant level 61 through 70 gear. Here is what those new crafting materials are: Reuasable parts: These are the result of salvaging white items you find at lvl 61+. Arcane Dust: This is the material that comes out of salvaging blue items in stacks 1 to 3 per blue item Veil Crystal: This is the result of salvaging lvl 61+ yellow items and it comes always as a stack of 1. Forgotten soul: This is the result of salvaging lvl 61+ legendary items and also a drops from Rift guardians, but about that a little later. Forgotten souls are used in enchanting legendary items or crafting the new legendary recipes at lvl 70. Mystic eats them for breakfast and you will most likely be hungry for them constantly. Death Breath: This is the analog of Demonic Essence and drops at lvl 61+ elite packs and it’s drop rate is based on the difficulty settings. It’s a crafting mat that is required to enchant and craft almost every item at level 70. All of these crafting mats are used in crafting and enchanting new end game gear at lvl 61+. In my opinion the most used crafting mat besides Forgotten souls is Arcane dust and it was the mat I was always missing for my enchanting and crafting. Old crafting mats can't be converted to the new ones. Suggestion: You should pick up and salvage every item you find on the ground, it will be used. 3. Crafting Plans Crafting plans that you have found now will not automatically upgrade to their level 70 versions. Each of the plans you can craft now has its level 70 version and it will need to be found before you can craft it. They also come with new set bonuses and special legendary affixes for the most part. There are many new recipes that are level 70 exclusive that are not dropping at the moment. In order to craft any of these new items you will need: - White version of the item you crafting – example Cain’s helm will require lvl 70 white helm - Special crafting reagent that drops from rare spawns (purples) or bosses –Cain’s craft requires Maghda’s soul, a crafting reagent that has a chance to drop from Maghda. My experience shows that difficulty doesn’t reflect on the drop rate and it’s very low. - High level gem and/or decent amount of gold and crafting mats (Veil Crystals, Arcane Dust and/or Reusable parts) – example with Cain is that it requires highest possible gem in the game, which is Flawless Royal and costs about 9.8mil to craft (as of last beta patch). There are 48 new crafting reagents as far as I could tell and there is already a list of locations and monsters that drop them. Once RoS is released and confirmed nothing has changed, I’m sure that topic will be bumped.silentkiller84 Jul 17
May 11 Hardcore FAQ Please Read Hardcore FAQ === How do I make a hardcore character? To unlock the option of making a hardcore character you have to play a softcore(regular) character up to level 10. Once you get to level 10, go back to character creation and create a new character and remember to click the "Hardcore" button under the gender options. (Thanks to Sky for this one) === What are the differences between hardcore and regular(aka: softcore) Diablo 3? The ONLY differences are: -Hardcore achievements -No real money auction house -Different community -If you die, you..... Lose access to your Character Lose all equipped items Lose all items in inventory Lose all items your followers have equipped If it's not listed above it's the same as softcore === I didn't read what was underlined above so I'm curious; do I lose my achievements, stash, my gold, or my artisan progression? No, you lose none of those things. They all persist even if your hardcore hero dies. === Can I share items, gold, artisans, stash between hardcore and softcore heroes? No, nothing is shared between the two game modes ever. You don't use the same auction house and you can't play with other heroes of a different mode. Two Hardcore heroes can play together and share items as long as they are both hardcore though. === My character died but it's not my fault, can I get my character back or at least cry on the forums? No and No. Even if it's lag, a stealth nerf, a blizzard employee comes to your house and covers your eyes, or a bug or glitch kills you at level 59..... You will not get that character back and you can not cry on the forums. You must suck it up because all those things are part of hardcore play. Accept it or don't play it. === How can I have two skills of the same slot loaded at the same time? What you are referring to is called elective mode. It allows you to mix and match ANY skills in any spot. It is not on by default to prevent new players from making simple mistakes in skill choice (like not choosing a signature on a beginning wizard). Elective Mode is enabled by going into options while in game, choosing the game play section, the checking the box next to elective mode. === Is there any way to loot a fallen party member like in Diablo 2? No this is not possible in Diablo 3 all inventory items are effectively lost when you die, however you could *try to throw as many items out of your inventory onto the ground as your hero is in the process of being beaten to death..... Let me know how that works out. === Is there a way to quickly exit the game before I die? No. Unlike Diablo 2 you can not quickly exit the game before that killing blow is dealt. Clicking "exit game" starts a ten second timer after that 10 seconds you will be logged out. The only exception is that there is no log out timer while doing so from the safety of a town. === Do my dead heroes take up my limited number of character slots? They don't have to. Any time after they are dead you can select the option to "Archive" the fallen hero. This will put them into their own list where you can view them at any time. Heroes on the archive list will not count towards your account's 10 character limit. === How can I talk to other hardcore players while in game? You can join the Hardcore Public Chat Channel by clicking the little gear above the chat window -> Click public chat -> Hardcore. If you change to party chat with "/p" you can get back to hardcore with "/c". Also "/?" Gives a list of chat commands. Please ask any other questions in this thread and we will answer them here. These FAQ will be updated as questions are asked. Thanks for reading, eMLiquid Stay Safe and Honor the fallen!eMLiquid154 May 11
27m LEADERBOARD SEASON HARDCORE 9 WIZARD Hi , I don't understand why , but the diablo3 website leaderboard season hardcore season 9 wizard (http://us.battle.net/d3/en/rankings/season/9/rift-hardcore-wizard) is not the same as the one ingame. I check the monk one , and it's the same. But not the for the wizard. (US) I am the only one ? :Pkektemps8 27m
56m Death by Fan This morning I discovered my CPU fan is no longer ramping RPMs to match heat loads. Had a nice little overheat shutdown whilst playing some solo T13. Poof: By bye Onyong (onyong). Oh well. Back up gear and all that. The downside is I failed to finish leveling a gem of ease to 25 (currently at 15), and I have to go to a wedding this weekend and won't have a chance to work on my machine for a few days. Poor me. Send digital sympathy and maybe a new fan.BobWitchDR5 56m
1h Razer Chroma Apps Beware! Just lost my HC character due to my keyboard and mouse freezing up. I was not aware of issues with the Razer Chroma app... but I am now. I was only about 20hrs into my Monk/paragon 160ish... so not too bad, but still. OUCH! For those that may not know, Razer Chroma is a keyboard/mouse color lighting controller. My usual profile is just set to a regular color blue etc... but I noticed at the beginning of this season my keyboard and mouse would turn red when starting Diablo... assuming it to be red for Diablo, with a white WASDS area. Nothing too unusual, I've seen this on a few other games.. whatever, cool. I've had this keyboard and mouse for about year now with no issues... I love these peripherals... solid performance and color bling to boot. This is the first time my hardware has caused me to loose an HC toon... I've died to internet lag and to my own dumbassery.. .but never to my hardware. The death occurred when I popped open a new Rift... this time it was the rainbow/unicorn map. Well I guess the Chroma App profile was set to rainbow wave or something.. as soon as I entered the rift I started to run around. I notice the keyboard rolling colors like a wave... and though for a sec.. WTF.. then I realized I had no control over my toon. I watched in horror as my poor defensive Monk was given a beat down in a rainbow unicorn colored hell. LOL! Anyway... after I died, then keyboard and mouse went back to RED and I was working again. Was able to click the death message and acknowledge I'd lost my HC toon. /cry... After the fact.. I read on the forums that some other users had similar issues, but no HC losses that I saw. Anyway... at least I already had a second set in the chest for round 2. :( Aultimus IAultimus2 1h
3h Sticky Keys Death, Windows users beware Recently updated windows, and unbeknownst to me sticky keys automatically became re-enabled upon restart. As I, like many use shift as my force-stop command, died while on a really nice hardcore run. Hopefully this may save you, double check that sticky keys are disabled. Otherwise, 5 consecutive shift presses can lock up your game and get you killed if you are in heated combat and likely to press the force stop key many times. Died while in greater rift. RIP me.Stimulants3 3h
5h Died during disconnect error C'mon man. That error is baloney. Yes I searched it and did the solutions found in old threads but it never stopped since I started playing D3 again in November. It wasn't on my end because it was totally random. I could play for hours or days and not get it, then get it 5 times in 10 minutes. Eff it. I'm glad. Played this game too much. Uninstalled now. I may try the necromancer when that comes out, but I'm done. I'm just whining. The diablo franchise is my favorite and I only play hardcore but come on--I hate dying when it's not my fault. What a shame--I was loving the grenade DH build. Happy hunting.BoozyWriter2 5h
10h Just encountered a Belial bug; Caution. Hi, I've already posted this on the bug forums and I'm sorry if this is a known issue, I just thought I'd try to spread the word in case it proves useful. I was just fighting the final form of Belial on HC TI and once he hit about 80% HP he started repeating his large AoE ground attack over and over again. I'd only just moved up to TI and was under geared, it took about 10 minutes for me to kill Belial between his attack start and stop animations. Fortunately I'm a massive coward when it comes to hardcore so I was tanky enough to survive a few hits from the ground attack but it was still an oddly stressful 10 minutes. I appreciate that bounties are bounties and bugs like this probably aren't going to stop anyone from picking the fight, but I just thought I'd try to give a heads up in the event anyone else finds the same issue. Best of luck with the season and happy hunting.Tea4Two7 10h
18h Question about Unity Dear Forums, This is like one of my first times where I take hardcore serious and I am currently calling the veterans to help me with an issue I am trying to figure out. I have just managed to get 2 Unity rings and I use Hilbrand's Training Sword relic instead of Enchanting Favor during farming and I noticed my Spirit Vessel procced when my follower got hit by like 6 molten explosions. I am assuming that because I didn't have Enchanting Favor the damage could exceed my follower's HP as my follower only had 500k and I had 850k and it just procced it when I was full HP (Would love some clarification on this). How would this interaction be with Enchanting Favor? Would I have just taken 550k in the same situation? (Assuming my follower takes 1.1m damage from the molten explosions). I am kind of scared now to use Unity because this could also create situations where I would die when I have already procced Spirit Vessel. Would love hear from a veteran or someone who has theorycrafted alot with a detailed answer regarding my question. Thank you for listening.EliteAnu8 18h
19h Looking for 2 Uniques in Act5 (HC) Hi everyone! I am looking for a very long time ago for my 2 last unique monster in Act5 (HC). - Razael the feared (Pandemonium Fortress Level1) - Phyneus the Growler (Westmarch Commons) I can join game in season or non-season (HC). If anyone find one of those, please send me private message in game : ixel#1789 I am mostly online every night. Thanks to everyone ixeLixeL0 19h
1d Died:( im new and have a question, plz help I died 5 mins ago, still shocked. The 1st time HC and now I have a question. Can I claim seasonal reward 1 more time if im gonna play another character??Eong6 1d
1d 2017 Inaugural MFANGA Here it is. Bam. And you say, John Hamm. This is a dope MFAN. But let's define the term called 'Dope' You think it mean 'funky' now Nope! HC is the true tale of the Ones that Heal and the Ones that Fail... *rules to followmarmoset11 1d
1d Boss confirmation I don't really get why this works the way it does, If you hit cancel you get locked out of the boss fight while your party just goes in. Managed to lose a hardcore character because of some confusion before the boss, why not just back out of the transition if one person hits cancel or like a timer with a final confirm for the party leader.Hagopian7 1d
1d My Crusader thinks shes a Monk Or is it the other way around, I dunno, she's so confused. She was always rejected among her fellow crusaders and that's when she began hanging out with those troublesome monks on the other side of the railroad tracks. I call her: ImAMonk http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/SubRosa-1880/hero/84545774 I troll the public 4 man nephalim games with her, but on many occasions have saved other folks to ice, waller molten pops, or an unseen arcane hub. Just buying them enough time to get out of the bad stuff. She uses a similar build to a Akkahns 4 / Rolands 2 except I cut some of the skills that support build uses and opted to use a lightning proc form of CC. (Wyward ring, Slash-lightning skill, and the belt that makes slash attack in all directions. She becomes a literal vacuum that electrifies and darn almost perma stuns things. Due to standing in place for extended periods of time, bad stuff is bound to accrue at her feet so instead of running away with Illusory boots, she relies instead on the healing bubble with its freedom to move thru foes. Horsey also gives me some speed to seek out the elites, but in a progressive group the horse turns into an additional CC skill (any other type of immobilize/stun) However, she doesn't seem to be too smart as she thinks shes a monk so she stole some of Blackthorne's gear while he was asleep and uses that to freely stand in molten, desecrate, and plague. But wait! A girl's gotta have her jewelry right? She also pick-pocketed a countess and stole a necklace that lets her eat up arcane beams as if it were a smorgasbord! She is the ultimate abomination. The monks cant stand her cause she stole all their secret kungfoo techniques. The Crusaders think she is the ultimate traitor to the holy cause. The Countess has placed a reward for her head. And Blachthorne is looking to get some payback to! She's such a lonely, lost, and confused monk who yearns to be understood. /end RPSubRosa1 1d
2d Rush plz Hello, could anyone help me rush in hardcore mode? S9 Add: Chivas#11914Chivas0 2d
2d So you think you're a Conqueror? (Season 9) Profile (Torment 8 Barbarian Speed): http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Sherwin-6277/hero/84377700 Paragon: 600+ Skills: Wrath of the Berserker (Insanity) Whirlwind (Wind Shear) Ignore Pain (Bravado) Sprint (Marathon) War Cry (Impunity) Battle Rage (Bloodshed) Passives: Nerves of Steel Animosity Superstition Relentless Kanai's Cube Powers: In-geom Leoric's Crown Ring of Royal Grandeur Gear: Hellfire Amulet (Unforgiving) Wrath of the Wastes (5) - Diamonds Warzechian Armguards Pride of Cassius Skull Grasp Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac Bul-Kathos's Oath (2) - Emeralds Mantle of Channeling Gems: Bane of the Stricken Pain Enhancer Esoteric Alteration Gear Bonuses: +6579 Strength +3780 Vitality Pickup 10 Yards Cooldown 39.8% Critical Hit Chance 30% Notes: Just one of the builds I use after completing objectives for Conqueror Journey. I now have all 10 Stash Tabs. I use Thorns build for Torment 13 Boss fights and pushing Greater Rifts. Completing T13 Rift in under 5 minutes was best completed as Support (Sprint & Nemesis Bracers). Usually just doing bounties and powerleveling to relax. Three disconnection deaths so far in Season 9. Don't have the patience for the anniverary event. Sometimes it's just more fun playing with other people. Other Notes: Happy New Year!Sherwin0 2d
2d Died while watching D1 event cinematic I was under the assumption that gameplay froze while the cinematic was playing. I killed diablo and as soon as he died the movie played. Watch it and when it was over my character was dead. Honestly the only thing that upsets me is the fact that i died because of really no fault of my own (unless you count false assumptions). If you play through the D1 event and kill diablo IMMEDIATELY exit the cinematic.Whoazer1 2d
2d Server issues Few minutes back I occured battle.net server DC when I rejoined my character is already dead.Trying to connect to the web also with the problems . Whats wrong with the servers ? Now my Crus rank 130 is already dead due to technical problems on bnet side its great. Good job battle net.Day2 2d
3d Why we play HC. . . I have long believed that there is a mechanic of this game that will occasionally deliver what I call a 'difficulty spike'. You will be playing normally-even face rolling the content- and suddenly you are presented with a scenario that can (and usually does) kill you. Sometimes these are cheesy- like a parade of fallen maniacs behind a door in the keeps where you can't see them. . .But sometimes they are extremely well played by Blizzard. Today I got such a scenario playing my Non-Seasonal UE DH. It was a T13 Weeping Hollow map. About 1/3 the way in, things are normal- then I hear a Gob pack. I get excited because with a UE DH those can be quite rewarding to mow down. This was a pack about 20 heavy- Lots of Gobs. This is where things went south QUICK. Sitting on the outskirts of this Gob pack (just out of view when I charged the pack) were two yellow packs and two Blue Packs that were immediately aggro'd. Things got interesting, but not out of control. As I am dealing with the 4 packs and the Gobs, I aggro 2 more Blue packs. So I am dealing with 2 yellow and 4 blue packs. I hit a protection shrine (whew) and kept up the assault. I proc under the pressure of several hard mortar hits. Another yellow pops up where the gravestones are at the top of the map. So now I am kiting and spraying 7 packs- three yellow and four blues. My heart is racing now because I can't even see my character through all the explosions, poison pools, and other affix graphics on the screen. There was also extremely heavy trash density as well. . .but it did not last long so it was more of an annoyance than an issue. I decide that kiting forward more will only worsen the situation-it was grim enough as it was. So I decided to make my stand in the graveyard (irony). I stood where the Town Portal is and as they funneled through the gate I just sprayed away like mad. I dropped three of the packs right there and severely wounded the rest. But I am out of all resources and the 2nd life proc timer is only half done. The hail of mortar fire was getting close, so I run into the Gazebo thing in the middle of the map to avoid some of the mortars and pop vengeance. With a full bubble of Hatred I start spraying again and kiting the mobs around the gazebo. My hands are starting to shake as I see the 15 disco beams starting to form in the graveyard. With my last drops of Discipline I vault through the packs and back out of the graveyard. When I clear the gates I turn around and as they are forced to funnel through the gates I finish them off. There were 6 more packs in this map- but i tackled them 1 on 1. The loot was EPIC. When the Rift was finished I sat there reveling in the thrill that is HC. I lived and it was awesome. . .but had I died- it would have been awesome as well. In the words of CerealKiller. . ."This is why we play HC, my friends" Indeed.WhiteOwl29 3d
3d Sticky Keys Death, Windows users beware Recently updated windows, and unbeknownst to me sticky keys automatically became re-enabled upon restart. As I, like many use shift as my force-stop command, died while on a really nice hardcore run. Hopefully this may save you, double check that sticky keys is disabled otherwise 5 consecutive shift presses can lock up your game and get you killed if you are in heated combat and likely to press the force stop key many times. Died in GR. RIP me.Stimulants0 3d
3d crazy over multiple DC deaths from bad net After losing 3 HC characters today to massive lag spikes and even code 3007's I did some digging. Here's what I found out.: Ok so I am stuck using satelite internet with a provider who I will not name. About 5 years ago I signed up with them and they sent an installer to set up the dish and system. Well 2 weeks ago I signed up for their best data plan they had which gives me up to 10 mbps dowload speeds and up to 2 mbps upload speeds. Long story short, I'm not getting even close to 2 mbps upload speeds..... I'm only getting between 7 kBps - 30 KBps upload speed acording to testmy.net. It also shows that my upload speeds are 98% slower then the average customer who also has the same net provider as I do! So I directly freaked out and called up tech support of the net provider and am in the process of trying to get this fixed. Well today I read their installation pdf and stumbled onto the fact that they never properly grounded my system.....they never grounded the receiver on the dish! This causes something called static interference which basically confuses the modem and significantly impacts download and upload speeds. When I finally do get a hold of advanced tech support from my provider I tell you what, they are going to have to come out here and properly ground the system and make darn sure I'm good to go before season 9 starts in Hardcore.....otherwise I'm afraid I'm going to have to ----------> SC that way until this cluster...is fixed! /end rantSubRosa22 3d
3d Thanks kitty for my S9 death! R.I.P PhD There I was, farming g-rift keystones in T IX with my PhD DH. Just 5 days young. My kitten jumps on my keyboard, somehow opens up my browser to Archer on Netflix, and I get back to my game just in time to see my DH die and Archer laughing, screaming "DANGER ZONE" As far as deaths go, that was pretty well timed.Opi4 3d
3d [S9 HC] GR 71 Hammerdin(Top 25) Stream Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/thenoiz3 Build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/n0iz3-1536/hero/83493342 I'll be doing a variety of things from speed running rifts for keys, rifts for augmenting, and maybe trying to push to GR 72 and beyond. If you want to see the hammerdin build in action then come take a looksee.n0iz30 3d
4d Blizzard: Suggestion for hardcore lag deaths. Blizzard, First off I LOVE the game. There are currently a bunch of bugs and whatnot, but I love it regardless. It's given me many many hours of enjoyment and I expect it will give me many more. However I feel that Hardcore mode is still a beta-quality product. (Beta: A software stage where said software is usable and mostly stable but may contain bugs which could be crippling in a production environment.) Every time a new patch hits, or there is a significant spike in lag, several (maybe even hundreds) of toons die in unpreventable and unnecessary ways. I know it is your policy that no hardcore character ever be "resurrected". I, and I believe most players, accept that as fair. That's just the way the game is played. However many of these deaths are no fault of our own and are EXTREMELY frustrating. I've been lucky enough not to suffer a death at the hands of lag, but I do believe I have a way for you to fix these issues: Whenever there is significant lag in the connection to blizzard's servers, hardcore mode should automatically save the toon and disconnect (as pausing, which has been proposed as a solution before, does NOT prevent death in multiplayer games.) I'm not sure if this would be a client side change, or a server side change. This may lead to complaints over dropped connections, but is significantly preferable compared to rage over unpreventable death of a character many of us have invested quite a bit of time into. I'm also sure it would take quite a bit of effort on your parts. However this effort would be greatly appreciated. Many feel this is a game-breaking bug, and many people have been very vocal about how they will never play hardcore due to this very issue. Thank you for your time.ph4mp573r79 4d
4d Erratic spawning Twice on this build i have run into the same thing. At lvl 60 the first time and 66 the second time, the games mobbed me. I understand you have an algorithm for lvl adjustment but it isn't acting stable. I started a lesser rift in hard mode so I can lvl slowly as a lvl 66... the entire lvl was full and a lot were bosses. The numbers and boss levels were totally inconsistent with all other runs, way too high. I want the risk of hard core but the random EXTREMES imply the algorithm(s) are glitching. Can it be checked? If this is normal its too erratic not worth me playing.Nite2 4d
4d Firebird don't work WTH lost my Wizard doing a farming run cause my firebird proc killed me insteadAzathoth3 4d
4d Unstable server Im glad the 64 bit issue was fix but their still a really bad probleme with the latency in Grift how can we explain 4 player overgear die at the same time in speed grift 75 because the latency goes to 100 to 1000+ Ms ( seem server has difficulty with more then 1-2 elite pack and some white trash ) i play HC for the challenge i dont mind losing any character when its my fault but i cant get it , blizz dont do anything to fix any kind of MS problem or if they can investigate a probleme from their server kill a group of 4 why cant we get back our chart?Mystake2 4d
4d Masters Hardcore I want to start or join a mini league that only plays on masters or above. I played the original Diablo and Diablo 2, and have played a bit of solo Diablo 3 on ps3. I can see that this is an easy and boring game the way most people are playing it, so I hope that I can interest some people in playing with me like this. Or ill just go back to ps3. (the controller is nice) The original Diablo was great because people came up with creative ways to play it. Diablo 2 took those great ideas and built a world they could be used in. If Diablo 3 is going to become a great game it will be because the players improve it. Remember Shlonglor? The Diablo 2 guide? LoL rogues? Naked characters? Anyways come play hardcore with me. USEast. Not trying to play with people who have played on any difficulties lower than master. RushaDuke or RushaDuke#1487 I dont even know yet. PS - It would be cool if they had a masters only ladder/(season).RushaDuke11 4d
4d Learned my lesson Soooooo I may or may not have gotten really into this season hardcore. Ok... I totally have. My cousin & I have been playing all week and be both just got some clutch gear and were excited about clearing some T10. We decided we needed some bounty materials and figured we would do T10 to get more materials. It was a pub game so there was 4 people total. Well I first did The Butcher alone thinking he would not be a big deal. Although I did not kill him instantly like I am so used to with my Jade Haverster soul harvest build I did eventually kill him alone without too much trouble. I then entered act 3 siege breaker bounty. For some reason I thought I needed to kill the siege breaker (as I know that is sometimes the bounty). Well turns out this time I didn't have to but I ran to him anyways and took him on solo. Now again... I did not kill him instantly like I have grown so accustomed to. He also.... took my passive the first time he hit me. Holy hell did this freak me out! My build has a lot of damage mitigation and I am not used to procing my passive. So this turns into me screaming in my mic running around in circles trying to stay alive while my passive is down (can't tp out of boss fight). My cousin is asking if I am ok and I am screaming "o crap o crap o crap". Eventually my passive is backup and I end up killing the stupid siege breaker. Now in sweat I tp back to town since at this point I don't really care about bounties. Then one of the other players in game says "didn't know we had a leecher" and tried to kick me lol. Stayed in game after promptly telling him to piss off (albeit I am pretty dumb for not even doing the right part of the bounty). We end up clearing all the acts and finishing all bounties and collecting our mats. My cousin and I (he's a barb and was procing a lot as well) decided to do any boss fights here on out together though hahaha. Pretty sure we decided we just going to farm mats on t8 for now on to avoid unnecessary risk at least until we get better gear. But yup. Learned my lesson.Dukus5 4d
5d Uhhh? can i have my crusader back? Battle.net just went down for me and made me lose my crusader, can you restore her please? was doing farming content not even progressing, and i was in the top30 on hardcore seasonal. This is bullsh!t that i died b/c of something on your side. I still had internet connection and havent had any lag today, so it had to be from your side and i dont think its fair for me to lose a char to something like that.Ravyn7 5d
5d Red Soul Shard stun in Hardcore is this thing even worth using? this thing is going to kill a lot of people when it procs at just the wrong time like right after killing a pack of elites leaving you stunned in their explosion.maddsloth8 5d
5d Cultist Pages They're tradeable. Just FYI. *They've been 'fixed' and can no longer be traded.BobWitchDR11 5d
5d Whoops! Died at T8 Was doing hellfire mat farming and must have caught a lag spike or something. Went from 100 to 0 on my DH instantly, with no Awareness proc. Some people say the de buff wasnt showing for them, but I think it was probably just lag. That was a farming run for me, not normally all that dangerous. But, jumped right back into things. Just gotta replace some Legendary gems and some set pieces. Won't take long. Just wanted to give a shout out to all my fellow HC players. Keep going, even if you lose a toon. Try a new class, or new set to mix up the playstyle. But don't give up.Sircowdog4 5d
6d Near Death Experiment With my new seasonal monk P227 I was cruising T8! So I decided I was gonna T9. I mean, how hard can it be? Was playing pretty much the same way, zip through the monsters seeking the elites.... And then *boom* death proc activated, life very low... RUUUUUUN. I made it out of the rift alive. Phew. Me think gonna stick to T8 for a little longer, hey! :)Lloyd6 6d
6d HC IDEAS Hardcore it's a great world. It could be better explored. A lot of players never played HC or just played a few. So it would be nice to do cross reward between softcore and hardcore. Example: After the player get to level 70 in hardcore and complete the first season journey it earn in softcore mode a bag with 50 GR stones, 50 craft mats from each act from treasure box. And the opposite, after the player get to level 70 in softcore and complete the first season journey it earn in hardcore mode a bag with 50 GR stones, 50 craft mats from each act from treasure box.PardalBR5 6d
6d 32 to 64 bit? Thanks Blizzard for telling your client base that this would lag their game and have no !@#$ing clue as to why it's lagging until you do your own research. Why the %^-* would you change it, not let your customers know especially hardcore that this may lag your game play. HOLY COW, are you guys slow over there?JayDee7 6d
6d lf high gr rift group 65+ Have a massive dps wd just trying to find some supports to keep me alive a little longer and farm out some gear.Lightning1 6d
6d LF HC Plevel. Always happy to repay it later. Just a shot in the dark. <33 Lost my level 65. Now I'm sad.JaRekognize4 6d
Jan 10 Public games: start them up! If you're looking to group up in S9, help bring about the change you desire! Make your games public. Playing with a friend? Open to public, make a new friend for both of you. Looking for a T7 public rift game but nobody's playing in one? Start a public game, you'll attract another player while you run the rift. Want bounty partners? Don't wait until people "are playing" your bounty level -- go ahead and start the game and do partial completions as people join! HC is fun. HC is life. Many people may play in private games or with clans, but the only way to make new friends and get new members for your clan is to play in games with strangers! You can make the HC experience better by taking the plunge and making your own games public.pmchem4 Jan 10
Jan 10 Looking for HC group I'm just looking to play some hardcore runs but don't want to do it solo so if anyone can point me into a group or clan is active that would be great.QuadStacked3 Jan 10
Jan 9 Bane of the trapped not good for DH? Why the gem Bane of the Trapped is no commonly used? The stats are very powerful yet I see people using bane of the stricken, Zeis and other stuff. I am a bit confused. A while back Bane of the trapped was the go to gem. Am I missing something? Can anyone explain this to me? I would appreciated it. ThanksTEDDYBEAR3 Jan 9
Jan 9 New to HC, leveling strategy? Heya folks, I've decided to try seasonal HC for the first time (monk) and am curious about leveling strategy and getting through story mode. Any and all tips would be appreciated. Thank you, DromDromtar4 Jan 9
Jan 9 First time reaching top 1000 leader boards Felt good. Haven't played D3 since season 4. This is the first time I have played the start of a season. I was busy most of the weekend so only have 9ish hours played so far. Finished a 22 solo GR last night as a WD. I am sure I am off the boards now or soon but felt good finally reaching them even if only for a day or two. I realize some classes you can still maybe hit top 1000 even with a level 1, so felt a little extra special to do it on a popular class. I am looking forward to trying to deck my WD out with Jade Harvester set/build as I never used the set back in season 4. Not sure how long I will be around, but just happy to say its nice to be back and HC is where it is at!Dukus0 Jan 9
Jan 8 Haha Blizzard did it again! I enjoy Diablo III regardless of its flaws. Started a new Hc char (as usual) for the new season. I am really busy so I play only one char a season and if it dies, I am done. So here I am with my new char, play 13 hours in the last 24hours, get told off by my wife and child for playing too much video games in such small amount of time. And now, after a nice afternoon drinking beer, I come back to farm my new Monk (first monk I ever played, believe it or not). Really happy... Until.... DC.... Relaunch, and I see a grey screen. Wasted for this season. Shame this DC is broken.Santaclauze3 Jan 8
Jan 7 So, I just died during a cutscene First time playing Hardcore on D3 (played a lot of it on D2), just started the season, got all of my seasonal rewards for the set pieces on a Barbarian about an hour ago and I just died during a cutscene. Right in the middle of it. I wanted to check out the new event thing with Diablo 1. I killed the big bad Diablo (Dark Lord), a cutscene automatically comes up and about half way through it, I get the "Your character is dead" screen. I kind of grinded my !@# off for the past 10 hours getting to this and it's gone, during a cutscene on single player- where the game pauses when you hit escape. I've lost handfuls of characters in Diablo 2, Path of Exile, Torchlight 2, and Eve Online (ships). I've lost some of them to some really stupid stuff, like a disconnect. That's fine- I knew what I was getting into when I selected that mode. But this? This just feels gross. Has anyone else had this happen to them in this game?Mehve3 Jan 7
Jan 7 Dem Acid Beasts tho Two shot my DH. Ouch. I don't think they were on PTR.Battledude0 Jan 7
Jan 7 Any season 9 chat channels for HC ladder? All mine say there's 300+ players, but no one ever says anything. It's weird. I'm hoping you guys can point me in the right direction for an ACTIVE season 9 channel with HC players?Sircowdog4 Jan 7