Oct 27 Died without the proc Hi it's been around 4 5 years that i've been playing HC , but several times with different classes it happenned that i just get oneshooted while the passiv is not on cd. I just died this day with a Demon hunter in a GR 70 i got charged by a mob and my character just died without the passiv Awareness triggering so i was wondering if it only happen to me ? (Sorry for my english im not native).Yaya36 Oct 27
Oct 25 Followers can be awesome I never really cared much for followers, mainly because they do no damage to speak of and really didn't have great AI or use for me. But lately I've got a lot of utility from them. Eirena and Kormack especially. Gear them well and they will help. I would have lost my main three times in the last month were it not for good old Kormac stuff-stunning monsters that were coming after me when I was red-screened. Eirena is also good for that with her chicken curse. Followers can be awesome. Indeed.WhiteOwl15 Oct 25
Oct 24 Post 2.6.1 deployment Check your cube settings. IIRC - on PTR, the cubed legs that receive updated specs will be cleared from your spec if you have it selected. (As in... you just need to re-select it) Eg : manticoreDogBone2 Oct 24
Oct 24 PTR What is wrong with the PTR. you cant get into a gameBushido2 Oct 24
Oct 22 Season 12 Hardcore Hi I search for 3 Players for Season 12 Hardcore. I will play a LTK-Monk; so i Search for 1 Supporter and 2 other Damage Dealer. When you been interested Please write under the Text.Devil33442 Oct 22
Oct 22 Resurrection Amulet Being a hardcore player for a while, I noticed that most ppl that rage quits, or comes to the forum frustrated, is because they gear up their characters to lose them for something totally out of their control, specially connection issues. I stopped playing for around 3 years, Diablo changed but the policy around hardcore didn't, instead, it got worse. But I came across this amulet, Ancestor's Grace, that restores your health and resource upon fatal damage. What about an amulet with the same effects, but upon fatal damage you are teleported to the city's act and the said item is destroyed just like Ancestor's Grace? An item like that would consume an item slot, ring or amulet, but it would also open a passive slot for HC players, because lets be honest here, we only use 3 passives. Since Blizzard don't want to create safe means for a HC character to stay alive during a disconnection, at least an item that help on that would be of great assistance, I personally doubt they would implement something like that but worth the shot.Demétrio6 Oct 22
Oct 22 internet made me die my internet went out and then it disconnected me and then once i came back i was dead there goes 16 hours of bull!@#$ and i died to being disconnectedRusty9910 Oct 22
Oct 20 Damage log when you die? I really wish this game would give a damage log when you die in HC. A friend was running high lvl Grifts for me when I died from 1 frozen orb. Besides having gear from 50+hours, my crusader has the indestructible skill that should of made him invulnerable for 5 seconds afterwards. I wish the game would show some kind of damage log as to "what happened" so I wouldn't be so irritated.Vany4 Oct 20
Oct 20 My little boy lost his HC this morning... My son, 7, lost his HC Monk 60 (2) this morning. The devastation and tears only lasted a few minutes. RIP "Zappy" :(boknpea52 Oct 20
Oct 17 D.C. Question When u get disconnected I know there's a minimum of 10 seconds where your toon is unguarded. My question is if u have an ability numlocked e.g. Diamond skin for an explosive blast wiz, will it continue to run that skill during the D.C./lag out? I assume if u still have a cheat death passive a available that it would prof as well but I'm not 100% sure of that. Thanks for any advice, im asking to figure what t10-t13 build would give me the greatest chance to survive a D.C. Next season as I'll be playin the first 3 weeks on an unreliable connection.DeadVillager3 Oct 17
Oct 16 HC Impossible Survival bs Honestly blizzard... i´ve died so many times now by teleporting onto someone killing elites that explodes right in under me. I mean I we have no time to react to that !@#$ at all.. and if they're killed stacked ontop eachother if you play Wiz for example Unstable Anomaly wont help you the least.... You have got to fix some phasing in ability that makes you immune in neph rifts for atleast a couple of seconds. best regards / Rille.... fix this shietsRillegren19 Oct 16
Oct 13 For the next person that rage quits For the next person that rage quits and feels the need to tell the HC community why...WE DON'T CARE. You paid about $100 in the last four years to play a game for over 1000 hours. That is a grand total of 10 cents an hour for your entertainment. Do you seriously think that anyone cares that you hated the last patch, your character died unfairly. You pay $10 just to see a superhero movie that turns out to be worthless and that took you 2 and 1/2 hours. You pay $30 to go to a theme park where your favourite ride has broken down. And all you have left in life is to complain about a game that has cost you 10 cents an hour over four years that left you upset with the latest patch. Put your complaint into perspective and find a councillor to tell that your mother didn't hug you enough when you were a baby. (That will cost you $100 an hour by the way.)Eini15 Oct 13
Oct 9 Paragon Levels - Paragon Levels - How do I gain them more quickly? I was wondering after a little bit playing hardcore and getting paragon levels, I wondered is there anyway to make it go faster? Please share detailed responses, I am leveling paragon levels on a Demon Hunter, Expert mode, at this time. Damage : 234,000 Toughness : 6,823,521 Recovery: 631,108 I prefer to level my paragon as a character in-game, rather than a pancake squished by monsters. Please throw out any suggestions that I could try rather than at higher damage or difficulty! I do not want to risk her life! Include how to : Gain them quickly Any tips And buffs I should chose first after I gain my levels!ViennahErin3 Oct 9
Sep 30 Too Late for HC Season 11? Hey guys, I took a 2 year break from the game and decided to do the whole season in SC to get the hang of things again. I just hit Guardian and thought I would try for some HC portrait frames and such. That being said, is it likely I would get very far before S11 ends? Would it be better for me to hold out til S12 before doing HC? I know I can't get another free armor set, but that's ok with me lol.Jadman2 Sep 30
Sep 28 How do I raise Torment levels in HC I am new at D3 but I am at torment level HC but I can't seem to raise the torment levels i am stuck at level 1. How do you raise the torment levels? What am i not doing? Sorry about the basic questions but not sure where to find the answersBenhacked6 Sep 28
Sep 27 I died in the dumbest way possible. On Saturday night, I was testing out my new stream with some friends viewing and giving me feedback. I was showing my buddy James the Pestilence one shot Bone Spear build, which I know is horribly inefficient but it's fun and somewhat interesting to watch. At some point, James asked me to show his lady the goblin world (The Vault). "Sure thing!" I say, "I'm sure I have a puzzle ring somewhere." So I finish the Nephalem rift I was doing and port back to town. I pull all of my gems out of my Pestilence set and put it into my Trag'oul set before swapping them out. I leave game and crank it up to TXI, because who wants to do a low Torment Vault?! So, I start the new game, grab my puzzle ring out of the bank and open the portal, oo'ing and ahh'ing at its golden glory. Into the portal I jump. I begin to summon a couple of skeletal mages to start pulling, but there's a problem. My keybind for skeletal mage brings forth an extremely weak, disappointing, floppy noodle of a bone spear, lancing a nearby vault dweller for about 3-5% of his health, MAYBE. The realization washes over me with a diarrhea consistency. I have all of the armor and weapons of my skeletal army build, but it slipped my mind to change my cubed empowerments or ANY of the skills required to rule over the undead. I throw out 1 or 2 more pathetic bone spears, with little to no effect, likely inviting more monsters to partake in the Nephalem feast they are about to enjoy. Mobs surround me, I nearly die, take a healthy swig of my potion, nearly die again, thanks to my death-evading Final Service, then continue to run in tiny little circles before doing the best rag doll impression I, personally, have ever seen. I died, on stream, with viewers, in the Vault, to a Vault Peon. The Endthisism312 Sep 27
Sep 27 Wake Up HC! HC boards quieter than normal. I need you all to wake up and get ready to do some serous a$$ kicking! I know we still got some time before season 12 but..... I am bored haha someone please post.Dukus2 Sep 27
Sep 25 Perdition, nerf pls? So, yesterday I was trying out a new build I made on my Necromacer. My necro could solo GR78 easy, without a sweat in Inarious gear, this time I was in a petbuild Rathma, trying it out in T13 normal rift which is a breeze in Inarious for me so I thought why not. Rift boss spawns, I get hit by something and Immunity proccs, so I make distance and for all I know, this Perdition fcker ported THROUGH 2 walls and BOOM RIP, Necromancer dead! Today, on Witchdocter, farming easy in Helltooth build, GR70 no sweat, trying GR71 for a better rank. Perdition spawns like 50yards away from me, and again he fcking ports onto me and Vessel proccs, and bit later, I die... Like, seriously for real, nerf this idiot because to HC heroes it's really not fun especially if he spawns so far away you can't see the animation or whatever to try avoid his attack... I was having fun in this game for about 2 weeks, fun's off right now after 2 RIP's from the same retarded boss..Kurumi11 Sep 25
Sep 25 Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!! Was doing TX bounty when I spotted a pet gob. Was typing in chat: "guys come for the pet gob". A sneaky bastard skeleton or something took advantage of my distraction to kill my Tracer (Wizard)! :-o Lost some good items too! :'( Thanks god I was on the farming build, highest level gem in the stash.... Now I need a new name for my new wizard... Rest in peace Tracer, she who farmed 580 paragon level.. :'(Lloyd18 Sep 25
Sep 24 how to kill the skeleton king can any1 advise on how to kill the skeleton king had been dead afew times thanxChelski20 Sep 24
Sep 22 Hardcore seasonal a single player game? It is prime time and there are zero players in public games in TX-TXIII. Is this just how it is? Am I missing some secret cabal of players? Getting really lonely being solo all the time. :/RedPanda11 Sep 22
Sep 20 Safe inarious build? Just got to 70 on my necro, going for inarious build, through kadala just got my full set. Goal is to comfortably clear gr 70 so i can unlock primal drops. Basically just looking for advice on gems, cubed items and jewelry. Ty for your timeSparkedflint2 Sep 20
Sep 19 Is anyone playing the game? Since I have hit 70 I have only found two other people in multiplayer. Chat at most has 4 or 5 people in it and all of my public match searches come up zero up to torment 6. Am I just supposed to solo all the way to 13 or wherever everyone is? I don't remember the game being this lonely when I played a while back. :/RedPanda3 Sep 19
Sep 19 Hyped for Season 12 These potential changes currently on PTR for season 12 have me super hyped! https://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/20976068/patch-261-ptr-patch-notes-8-15-2017 Basically buffs to almost all sets. Can't even decide what class I would play. Do I one trick my favorite class (DH) and try to get as high as possible on the boards? Do I go back to my Witch Doctor and favorite set (Jade Harvester). Or try something new like Necro or Crusader? I just can't decide! Lots of time before season 12 to figure it out but I am way more pumped for these changes than the addition of the Necromancer. I pretty much took season 11 off, which has been a nice break. But after reading these potential changes I am ready to jump back into Diablo!Dukus15 Sep 19
Sep 19 How do I level faster? 65-70 Leveling felt pretty smooth until I hit the mid 60s but now it feels like a real grind. I have been doing act one bounties in normal but even that is getting dangerous. Are mobs getting stronger every time I level? Sorry I haven't played this game in ages. I tried going to hard and normal mobs were taking a chunk out of me so I went back to normal. I don't really want a carry I am trying to do as much on my own as I can for the challenge but I am wondering if there is something I am doing wrong. Also I can complete that quest that gives you a set but should I wait until I hit 70 to do it or will my set be messed up if I get it early? And yes I am using xp gear, I have almost 200% extra xp but it still feels slow as hell. It is also getting harder and harder to kill things but I also keep taking more damage so I feel like I am in a constant battle of staying alive but trying to do enough damage. I know things will change once I hit 70 but getting there is what I am worried about.RedPanda3 Sep 19
Sep 18 Final service. Ran and open the door and Perrendi 1 shotted me and Final service didn't proc. https://imgur.com/a/jcrCp Is it known to sometimes not proc?Vapala2 Sep 18
Sep 18 HC Build Guides Similar to Icy Veins? Are there any sites out there with build guides for HC, similar to the build guides on Icy Veins? Specifically, guides that show you the stat priority for each item slot? I recently got into HC (and absolutely loving it!), and so far so good with my WW Barb, but I'm worried that I'm going to screw up some of my items by rerolling the wrong stats. According to IV my glove stat priority should be STR, CC, CD, but I currently have STR, VIT, and CC. If I remove the VIT for CD I'll lose just over 14% of my toughness (scary for a new HC player), but I'll gain quite a bit of damage, and I'm not sure the best route to take here. Or, if there are no good guides out there, are there any general rules for gear? Such as, X item slots should focus purely on damage, Y item slots should focus purely on survivability, etc. I know this information for SC, such as rings and amulets should focus on damage, but I'm not sure how the SC guidelines apply to HC.demaxxus4 Sep 18
Sep 17 End of Seasonal Due to Game Crashing... Well just put almost 40 hours into a HC Seasonal character doing 75+ rifts and in the top 500 of players to end up dying while doing a level 70 GR due to the game just crashing for no reason. Was playing a good 2 hours before it happened, no lag or any other problems but Blizzard won't do anything since "those things are apart of hardcore play"... I've been playing the game since release with close to 1000 hours of game play, and this is by far this is the dumbest thing that's ever happened to me in this game. I love playing this game and like the thrill of hardcore but when something like this happens it really makes you not want to put anymore time into this game.DownLoad12 Sep 17
Sep 15 Newly Noob Been afk a bit but playing again if anyone wants a sad, lost puppy to follow them around. On Americas most nights. https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Durel-1114/hero/94233910 Socket and gear advice welcome. Still figuring out the cube and I know a Rapid Fire Tank Turret isn't the most popular build but it was always fun and I used to play on a bad connection so I wanted to keep my distance. Currently she can just stand there and not shoot but everything still drops dead around her. I know it's only GR15 but still amuses me. Cheers in advance.Durel10 Sep 15
Sep 14 Inarius build and gem I see on the Necro leaderboard with Inarius set, people in the thir "optional" gem slot, many necro use Mirinae. Why not use simplicity strength?Lloyd6 Sep 14
Sep 14 HC Noob Trying to Push to GR75 Hi guys. I haven't played D3 in forever but I saw a flashy Necromancer DLC in my Blizzard App and I loved my D2 necromancer waaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day so I thought I'd give it a go. Rolled up a hardcore seasonal character last week because I've never played hardcore and the characters are done at the end of the season no matter what so why not. Anyway, I'm at T11 / GR 50 / P333. I have no problems with DPS (finish with about 10 minutes to spare) but I'm starting to take a lot of damage despite the fact that I'm wearing the biggest tank I can strap on without seriously gimping my DPS. 27.7 million unbuffed toughness, 2.9 million recovery. I have Wildebeest and Esoteric Alteration both at 50. I'm just scratching my head trying to figure out how I'm going to survive another 5 GR levels, let alone push all the way up to GR 75 for Destroyer on the Season Journey. I also noticed that all the necromancers on the leaderboards are gemming strength. I looked around and saw that strength gives armor, so I tried swapping out a diamond for an equivalent strength gem but I actually lost toughness / recovery on it. At what point is switching to strength an upgrade? I heard around 2K all resist but nothing firm. Sorry for the wall o' text, thanks in advance!Maelstrom4 Sep 14
Sep 13 I crushed my first primal I found three so far.. and yesterday..., I crushed one at the smithy! Yay! Finally reached the over-power club! :PLloyd0 Sep 13
Sep 12 Just gotta vent a bit on my disco death As the title says, I just have to cry a little bit before making a new HC necro. Died in a solo GR60. One weak enemy left before changing floors, enemy at about 25% health, 10 mages up, cheat death still available, server discoed. Hit escape and hoped for the best. It was not in the cards... By the time I finally got kicked out to menu my necro was dead. So weird as I haven't had lag or a single dc in about a year. So unsatisfying to die like that through no fault of my own. Ah well. At least the gear was garbage except for the nearly perfect Ancient Compass Rose. Thanks for tuning in... off to make a new one.MoreChipDip4 Sep 12
Sep 12 I got my first primal! As expected: completely useless! Flavor of time! haha! But still so happy to finally have one! :DLloyd1 Sep 12
Sep 12 indestructible passive bug (Crusader) I fighted rift boss on greater rift, and he killed me, while indestructible passive was Not on cd. Is that bug? or something else? If that was bug, can i retrieve my 58 hours character back? I understand that this is hardcore mode, but this is not fun loose seasonal hardcore character with completed journeys, just cause of game/server bug.Souperviel6 Sep 12
Sep 12 Game Crash Game Crashing[u][/u]: Game decided to crash and when i logged back in my character was dead. Can a GM help with this or what?Reydereyes3 Sep 12
Sep 11 Need help, T13 rift in 4 minutes I have trouble doing this season journey quest on my own... an anyonesssss help please? Playing on Australian evenings!Lloyd2 Sep 11
Sep 11 Solo GR 70 Finaly did it! :D At Paragon 698 with my DH Then I joined a group that helped me with 3 gems to 70 quickly! :D Conqueror going well! :D But, btw, where are my primals!?! :DLloyd1 Sep 11
Sep 10 Season 12 question Season 12 I am thinking of doing a hardcore character from the start. Can anyone with experience tell me if its really laggy that first weekend since everyone is playing?minetaridge2 Sep 10
Sep 9 When am I ready to increase difficulty My current method is probably terrible: I let a Grotesque explode on me, let a Molten explode on me, let a bull charge me, etc. All the scary things that have one-shot me in the past. See how much damage I take. If none of them do more than half my health, I move up to the next Torment. But I accidentally went from T6 to T8 yesterday, instead of T7, and popped Final Service, and almost died, letting a bull charge me and then getting charged by another unseen one. It was because I accidentally jumped two Torment levels instead of one, but it made me think this might not be the best method for determining how tanky I am :)Nefai10 Sep 9
Sep 9 First HC GR 70 for me https://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Amrita-1717/hero/98759728 Last night with music blasting through headphones I chanched a GR 70 and finished in 10 minutes +. Still blown away. Never made it before. For those of you that get worried when in the high 60's, I understand. Good Luck and play safe.Amrita11 Sep 9
Sep 6 Wardrobe QoL change Could wardrobe be per class instead of per character? (and also have more than 5 build?) Everytime a hero dies in HC one has to redo all the builds... even though I got plenty of spare and some build still complete.... :(Lloyd2 Sep 6
Sep 4 I finally cleared grift 70 The clear: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTJJxmImSGA The gear: https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/sindro-1947/hero/76849656 I'm the only one in the top 100 using a frenzy build that isn't thorns which is pretty cool. I got some serious gear though lol. You guys might remember this post I made earlier: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20757465588#post-3 Haven't found a primal yet, the 70 clear isn't going to even feel real until I do lol. I expect the first one I find to be trash, but still, it'll feel good to know that they are in fact dropping :)sindro15 Sep 4
Sep 3 2 OF MY HEROES DISSAPEARD IN HC SEASON11 So I had just finished a neph rift, I get out of the multiplayer game and I close d3. After 2 hours I log back in and both my hc seasonal characters are gone.they did not die both of them where monks one was lvl 1 the other was my main one that made 48th place on the European leaderboard and I'm wondering if its just a bug or something technical or I straight up got hacked.Thank you for taking the time reading this and if you have any suggestions let me know!!!!SAKATIS3 Sep 3
Aug 30 HC achievement warrior March -2.6 version BUG The fallen Cerberus, the fallen soldiers, fallen grunt, fallen overlord, fallen slave owners, fallen fierce dog, sinking to call evil teacher, fallen toil. 2.6 version, the above 8 can not find how to find, trouble repair. As of August 9, 2017, I was just making my mark on this BUG. Other, HC mode purple, gold monster has been looking for, the current progress of the progress of 8320, HC mode 99%, stuck. Hope! @ value it!!!是與非6 Aug 30
Aug 28 Hardcore + PvP Just curious to know if anyone can tell me or knows a little truth to this, when PvP ''eventually'' arrives and we partipate with our hardcore characters, what happens if they die during the battlefield? Permanent death or free to disperse ligaments without the fear of losing character? If there is no info on this then feel free to discuss what you think will happen.Baze36 Aug 28
Aug 26 Challenge Rifts and Hardcore Is there going to be a Hardcore option for Challenge Rifts? I understand that Challenge Rifts use preset characters/maps/builds/etc and that dying doesn't mean anything since you don't lose one of your own, but it'd be nice to see a setup where if you do die, you're then locked out of that specific rift. I don't know how well this new rift system is going to turn out, but if it's just going to be spamming them over and over without consequence to improve times, I won't stay interested for very long. If an element of risk were associated to death, like a permanent lockout, I think it would add some nice flavor.BobWitchDR9 Aug 26
Aug 24 Leveling to 70 Tonight? Hey all! Long time diablo player, recently just got back into D3 after being gone since Season 3. I've recently gotten 2 seasonal characters (non-HC) primed for GR70. Since I've shaken off the dust I'm ready to get back into the real action. Anyone interested in: leveling tonight? powerleveling tonight? sharing tips of quickest way to level? doing some blazing and scooping some phat loots? I've got a discord and currently have a level 10 WD (but I'd start fresh if necessary). CHRONIC#1612CHRONIC1 Aug 24
Aug 24 Primal Weapons Its so fun to play D3 again. I picked up some cool primal weaps, very stroked. Anyone lucky enough to find usable primal weaps ? 4.7k dps Shadow Scythe https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/lamadoo-6368/hero/92557195 And Pig Sticker, I will roll IAS somewhere for a manald build :) https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/lamadoo-6368/hero/93328453 and a Primal Bone Ringer offhand but I am not sure if that's counted as a weapon.lamadoo6 Aug 24
Aug 24 70 WotW Clear I finally got my 70 Wotw hardcore clear. My health bounced around like a basketball but I cleared it. Not my first 70 clear for the season but I have always wanted to do it on Wotw barb.Killershoe1 Aug 24