Jul 18 Necro Final Service Not Proccing Just had my HC necro die without Final Service proc... I was face tanking Erethon on a 60 grift specifically watching for the proc (testing if I had enough healing to survive) and waiting for the Blood Rush to the door and wait the proc out. Supposedly "you are sustained preventing all damage for 4 seconds" when you get the proc, but to my MASSIVE surprise... just death. Has anyone else experienced this issue?Nomad19 Jul 18
Jul 18 Krysbin's sentence Sorry, I just wanna ask a question The new ring Krysbin's sentence secondary skill, does it work on all the characters or just the necromancer?Sally3 Jul 18
Jul 18 Please help identify key HC builds Like most people, I have a lot of post-season mail. I'm trying to be really ruthless with my salvaging, but I'm afraid of destroying items important for the builds I need. So basically, I need to identify which builds are key (just for the 4 classes I've played in HC), what their HC variations are, and thence which items to keep. I'm thinking, I want to keep two sets per class, with a backup of all items for their bounty, rift and Greater rift variations. Then, apart from some key items (Nems, F+R, LoN stuff), I can scrap everything else. Here's my initial list. Please post links (if possible) or just the names of the builds you think I should be keeping for HC. Demon Hunter: UE Multishot for farming; Shadow Impale for pushing; Chakram Marauder for tanking. Witch Doctor: Helltooth Gargantuan for pushing, Helltooth Chicken for farming???, plus something else? Wizard: Tal Vyr?, what else? Crusader: Thorns Akkhan?, what else? As you can see, I'm a bit lost. I find it hard to tell which builds on diablofans are actually good (esp. for HC), and I don't trust that Icy-Veins caters to HC at all. Please help!Starlite10 Jul 18
Jul 18 HC Seasonal Cubed Items Didn't Transfer. Maybe I didn't get the memo or something but my hardcore seasonal cubed abilities did not transfer. Is this supposed to happen or is it a bug? If I knew items that I didn't collect yet on regular hardcore, but I found in seasonal hardcore, weren't going to transfer over from being cubed; then I would have stashed them to get them in the mail and cubed them in hardcore after the season ended. If this is a bug, I need someone to look at my account because I'm missing damn near all of that progress. With the mix of what I already had, I would have had all but 4 of my rings and amulets cubed, and all but like 8 weapons. I'm kind of freaking out. This is data loss and I don't do so well when progress that I trust to be secure gets deleted. Is this a bug or what?pingray5 Jul 18
Jul 17 What do you lose wheb you die? So i havent lossed a char yet and decided i want to start pushing higher difficulty instead of just playing safe all the time but i dont know what I actually will lose when i die. Is it only equipped items, or also your inventory? I tend to keep random crap in my inventory for long periods of time cause im too lazy to organize my stash.Voriah5 Jul 17
Jul 17 Power Level needed Want to get Necro on HC non-season up to lvl before next season, please pm if interested.Darkharpy1 Jul 17
Jul 16 Server Stability is my Number 1 Concern I play exclusively HC starting a few seasons ago, but I have not lost a single late game character to anything EXCEPT LAG! This game lags to much and there is 0 support for HC characters. Now im not asking to revive any old character, but servers need to be better or i cant have the patience for this game anymore... quick and cheap fix would be giving a pool of revives to us HC players, a set of revives or unlocked tokens to do so. But what i want is not to lag half the time im playing your game. Fix your game DayBreak.DrBoardGame5 Jul 16
Jul 14 How long to get booted when you disconnect? I used to play this a lot with a good internet connection, I'm in a rural area now and want to continue playing HC but there is the occasional 10 second lag spike where my screen freezes but the server registers continues to register the AI actions against me. If I remember correctly, the game will boot me out if no information is received after 10 seconds if I am not playing a public game with people right? I'm just trying to do the math, if it boots me out after 10 seconds of no connectivity I'm probably fine since I get 4 seconds of invulnerability from my passive and it will take me at least 6 seconds to die the first time even if I'm sitting in a frozen orb or laser. I make sure to keep this in mind and never be in a situation when I'll die if unable to react for 6 seconds. Is this math correct? I only have to be able to survive unresponsive for 10 seconds? When playing with allies/ game is public is this boot period longer?Sol3 Jul 14
Jul 14 Moratorium works with pet builds? Hi, there was a discussion about Moratorium in a Necromancer thread but noone gave a clear answer: Do kills done by your pets reset life degeneration? (M-25) I made a few tests but it was not evident, because the chance is not 100% and I could never say for sure. Could anyone share this knowledge if already tested it? Thanks.Cuthalion2 Jul 14
Jul 14 Farewell Nimrod He fell to lag that set in immediately upon entering a grift. I was just trying to level up some gems, maybe playing a higher grift than was required when the hard drive kicked into high gear. It appears it was a Hearthstone update that helped kill him. I only wish he could have had a much more glorious death fighting off the demonic horde.Sannyasin5 Jul 14
Jul 13 Irreplaceable You, Yeah You Hyadures So does Hyadures still exist? My belief is waning after around 200 Pandamonium Fortress 1 runs. He's the very last thing I need to find to have 100% Hardcore achievements and it's driving me insane. At the very least everyone seems to find what they're looking for right after posting about it so I'll try my luck. But if anyone has any helpful tips it would also be appreciated.catphoenix3 Jul 13
Jul 13 hardcore character to lvl 1 - 70 pls...? i know i should not complain but i just played two days straight and my god damn hardcore character died in lvl 65... and was hoping someone might pls help me getting it really fast to lvl 70..? nothing more.mariusdin4 Jul 13
Jul 11 Shout out to HC community Glad to see that the HC NA community has some integrity! We only had one jerko abuse the Krysbin exploit and maybe a few people use the group exploit but at least they didn't abuse it. The abuse is off the chains in all regions of the SC community. Proud to be a member of this community! Die WellShark3 Jul 11
Jul 11 Difficulty of Obtaining All Season 11 Rewards Hello, As a first timer doing hardcore on New Season, after almost two years break, do you think it is doable for a novice to get all the Seasonal rewards in Season 11? I am planning on spending about an hour or two each day till the season ends.Goguryeo1 Jul 11
Jul 9 Please make Challenge rift seperate Since we are unable to share anything from SC to HC I feel it would be fair to let us do challenge rifts in HC AND SC respectively.Wxmyjnsn0 Jul 9
Jul 9 Pondering what level before Act 2 normal I've just finished soloing normal on my level 16 hardcore WD a little while ago. Having a lot of fun, while doing it. :) With what is likely to be poor gear (just hit 1K life with a couple of lucky drops from the butcher, about 50 DPS, little armor), I'm guessing that I should be leveling more in Act 1 before going into Act 2. I've steamrolled most content, but I've also had a few close calls; I think it's some combination of lack of familiarity (love that, though, it's fun being surprised), my WD's level when adventuring, and low end gear that's leading to difficulties, from time to time. On that note, is there information out there about the rough level range for mobs in different acts, for the different difficulties, and recommended level ranges for characters?candlelight13 Jul 9
Jul 8 Returning to D3, which Barb build for GR70? Hi guys, its been about 2 years since I played D3 and I just got back into it with the new necromancer pack. Can someone fill me in on whats the current best solo barb build to clear GR70+. Any guides out there specific to hardcore? Cheerslamadoo7 Jul 8
Jul 6 Act 5 warp for adventure mode help <3 Can anyone warp myself and a friend to act 5 malthael so we can run adventure mode on Hardcore please? :DSeserath2 Jul 6
Jul 6 Hardcore Clan I am in search of a ACTIVE HC Clan. If there are any clans with openings please post here. looking for friendly, helpful and most importantly ACTIVE. TYVMDeathInc13131 Jul 6
Jul 6 stashes is there any easy way to get stashes for hardcore, or does like softcore season achievement stash works for both soft and hard coretrowa1 Jul 6
Jul 5 Thoughts on Necro / Patch I've made it to a comfortable T VIII and have yet to proc. A couple of close calls but otherwise, the Necromancer seems durable with several new items to make it even harder to kill. For example, I just found a ring that reduces damage by life lost %. At 99.99% life, I take 99.99% damage reduction! :P I've had a chance to briefly try each set, settling on the "Skeletal Mage" build, which I found has a good rhythm with Focus and Restraint. The blood build was strange and indeed too scary for me in principal to experiment with, but I think there is a combo in there, but it requires specific gear. Pestilence has a lot of potential and I found it fun. Watching a long line of monsters die was pretty epic. Still, I missed the stronger AOE of the minions heavy builds. I just picked up the bone armor set and it looks very promising. After reading through all the new weapons, I feel a little under whelmed. However, there are a couple that made me do a double take. Secondary Skill bonus? My friends have died a couple of times, just pushing too hard. Game feels scarier and more threatening. Especially with the lack of mobility I have been choosing to stick myself with. The new environments and monsters are stunning and beautiful. And gross. The voice of the male necro is killer. It feels really new and I'm having issues with the whole corpse thing except Rise. I doubt I'll stay on the Skeletal Mage build because it just feels like your'e trying to inflate a balloon with a big hole in it. Except it needs essence instead of air.Suul8 Jul 5
Jul 4 I dont see any game in Hardcore I recently created a char in hardcore mode and i started to play but i dont saw noone games, sou i changed the difficulty to Hard, but nothing. Anybody can tell me where are the HC people and how i see the games?Isaac7 Jul 4
Jul 3 Power Level? lf for a fast pl 1-70. Lost my nec today. Add Igotpwnd#1745Igotpwnd2 Jul 3
Jul 3 Primal unlock and rebirth So I cleared grift 70 in non-seasonal hc before S10. Then I rebirthed the character and cleared grift 70 in seasonal. Now that I'm back to non-seasonal, primal drops should still be unlocked right? I only ask because it doesn't show the grift 70 run in my records. It doesn't show any records, actually. Did those non season hc leaderboards get wiped with the update or something? I guess I should just solo 70 again to be on the safe side, but I was curious if anyone already knew the answers. Cheers!Mallakai1 Jul 3
Jul 3 Hilariously Bad RNG Round Having chosen to start my first ever hardcore character, I just had to laugh at how bad a random loot round I got for the first section of the campaign. On my way to the first waypoint I had exactly 4 items drop... total (not counting gold obviously). If you get to level 5 and you have seen 1 common belt, 1 common hand axe, 1 blue chest (+2 hp per sec) and a blue sword (+1-2 damage WOOT), you know that RNJesus hates you and you should take a break ;). And, of course, I'm a DH. By the time I got to the waypoint I was literally cheering for every death to drop nothing, so as not to ruin the epic run. lol. Just one of the things I find still entertaining about this game after all these years :)Qaboom0 Jul 3
Jul 1 death passive lies I wanted to play another hardcore character and I'll be damned if I don't take that death prevention passive. A fool I was as at level 63 in a bounty on adventure mode I died for the first time expecting to usual panic attack as I recuperate and run away because necromancers death passive is suppose to prevent all damage for 4 seconds and heal 10% per minion and consume them. However the invincibility seemed to be a lie as I recovered no health and abruptly died and lost all progress. I'd like to know when its fixed so I can actually play with the product I just bought.LavenderJack1 Jul 1
Jun 28 Necromancer HC Will Necromancer be viable for HC? And how would he stack up against other toons?Argos8 Jun 28
Jun 28 Please Dont Kill more bLIZZARD games. Dear Blizzard Employees, I understand that in the recent years everything has been about MONEY and the company is building up on this, but wasn't it enough to ruin WOW? Is it necessary to ruin all Blizzard games? I have been crying my pillow wet every night. It is even better if someone dies in Diablo 3 HC mode , because a couple of deaths further expand the game time. I beg you... in case I dont die because of the game or myself, but because my internet goes away. In these cases I have a good suggestions: e.g.: my heroes passive abilities could be transformed in a way that when dies and passive is turned on, I am being teleported into a city and a townportal opens where I would have died. If it goes like this, not the game time will increase, but the "Recycle Bin" will be full of blizzard games. By, Vegivegi6 Jun 28
Jun 28 Necro Gearing Any1 Keen to gear level 70 Necros on HC for Gear Swapping XP shiftytrix#1265Shiftytrix0 Jun 28
Jun 27 Pokemon go Not giving blizz more moneys... Proud to say i didnt even download overwatch Lvl 40 in pokemon go with 45m xp Theres an asian in singapore with like 160m xp but he spends over 5x the cash i do He bends the rules by using multiple devices and his geographical location actually is a buff.... his number wouldnt be the same if be lived some where less populated @teammysticCLE on instant gram if you wanna check inLasagna4 Jun 27
Jun 27 Necro Power Level trade I have a HC necro 35 I need a 70 boost and ill boost you a characterxRGR1 Jun 27
Jun 27 Season 10 Wrap Up Well, another good season! Made the leader board with my WD, Sader, and Barb. All LoN builds. Got another stash tab Joined HgH because my little clan was dead. Thanks to Justinian, Shark, and all! Tried the Armory but gave up after it mangled my stash. Liked the other improvements Lost a 500+ hour Barb from vanilla on a <really> stupid move Suffered through too many disconnect posts on the forum Didn't catch Sherwin...again Looking forward to Necro and S11. I play mostly solo but I'll try to be more social :)JCRUZ6 Jun 27
Jun 27 please Guten Morgen. Ich habe meine Probleme mit dem Konto Carrick ist nicht alles weg. Wir bitten für diese Angelegenheit die Erholung gelöst haebwatneunde ist noch doppelt soSKY1 Jun 27
Jun 27 Crusader on leaderboard Hello I have a crusader on the diablo 3 hardcore leader board he's capped there from season 2-A is there any monetary prize for this. I also have a barb level 30 grift full immortal kings minus the weapon. All legit gear.Naz2 Jun 27
Jun 27 Tips for those who want a power level This mainly applies to people who have been playing and died. If its your first hero its understandable you won't have some of the gear. 1. Join the HC power level community. 2. Before you die (and you will) craft Cain's set and Born set. 3. Level up a gem of ease to at least lvl 25 and put it in a weapon. 4. Get Leoric's crown and put in cube or wear it put a ruby in your helm Can't tell you how many people ask for PL and are not prepared or don't know how to prepare to get back in the action ASAP. A little preparation goes a long for you and the power leveler.Wxmyjnsn22 Jun 27
Jun 26 Ladder Ranks Not Showing up Anyone else not having their Rank show up in D3 official rankings or on websites like Diabloprogress? The only one that seems to work is the one in game.Rcdohl4 Jun 26
Jun 23 Season PL/Info? Thinking about giving D3 another shot. Been out of the game for i think a year or two, wondering if it even makes sense to try this season as I'm not sure when the reset comes. If anyone is interested in helping me get to 70 or even just chatting it would be greatly appreciated, let me know. I'm kind of feeling overwhelmed with being gone so long and not knowing what has changed or how to get started again.Chromium3 Jun 23
Jun 23 LF 1-70 Boost NS LF Plevel NS 1-70 pst Evolution810#11218Evolution8101 Jun 23
Jun 23 Need help with hardcore conquests Could anyone help me and a friend complete 1 more season conquest so we can complete season guardian? maybe someone on hardcore could kill all the bosses on torment 10 in under 20mins for us? If you would like to help add me Nickh47#1292Nickh470 Jun 23
Jun 22 True Hardcore Experience Community Are you tired of having your game experience ruined by steamrollers who cause you to play the "Pick up the loot trail" game? Join others who enjoy playing at their appropriate difficulty level where your casts matter! We scale ourselves based on solo ability, we call it our "Inferno" difficulty level - The highest level of risk you are capable of playing on, NOT which you can farm in 4 minutes. For example: a player is able to complete a GRift 13 (T2) in 5 minutes, then completes a GRift 16 (T3) in 10 minutes, but then had a few butt clinching moments and barely spawned the Guardian in GRift 19 (T4). GRift 19 (T4) would be considered your Inferno Difficulty Level. You were able to do it, it was tough, it got the heart pumping, and the rewards more shiny. This player has no business being in Tier 1 or 2 from this point on other than Split Bounties. Using your Inferno Difficulty Level, you can find appropriate players to group with in the community chat by saying "Inferno LFG T3-4." This will indicate to other players that you are of their same level, and the game experience will be shared, and not ruined to the "Picking up loot minigame" that some think is fun. The goal is to gather like-minded Hardcore players who enjoy the appropriate game challenge for long lasting fun and social interaction. Many of these players are in hiding in Solo Gameplay to enjoy this type of genuine gaming, and it's time to join others! Search "True" for True Hardcore Experience in the Find Community Tab and lets start enjoying the game! We are a Hardcore Seasonal Community. Mature respectable players only. Voice available. Edit: Be Sure To Join The Commmunity Chat and Say Hello!Jabz11 Jun 22
Jun 21 Lfg play Topic says it all I'll be playing DH, I'm down for most everything. See you in gameFloppyDisk0 Jun 21
Jun 21 Why can't guild members share items? I am new to forums and i am just curious about this. I do play with my guild mates and this is a think we talk among ourselves, but not until recently since we added a new HC player. Mostly just the officers and me play which make 4 players so no biggie, but now with a 5th we kick ourselves often because we get equipment we would count as trash but a new level 70 could use. Also i still kinda understand on some level why we can't but as a guild master, i would like a guild bank to put money and other basic build material(Reusable Parts, Arcane Dusts, and Veiled Crystals) for our lower HC player to use but only to be put in the bank if I volunteer to. That way player can not take money and basic build material with them and leave the clan but only can spend from this shared bank.trowa6 Jun 21
Jun 21 Wizard I'd just like to ask: Is there a wizard build in the leaderboard top 100 that is NOT an archon build? ><awoserra14 Jun 21
Jun 21 Blizzard cant help u dont try Thx !@#$ offSparhawk767 Jun 21
Jun 20 Boss mode help Anyone feel like carrying me trough boss mode conquest so I can get the extra stash tab? I tried a few times with my impale DH but I didnt make it and then I died in Grift -.-Loran1 Jun 20
Jun 20 Darkening of Tristram I just played Darkening of Tristram with a hardcore level 1 crusader on expert. No twinking and using Ironman rules. It was really fun and felt nigh impossible. Everything moves slowly but OK until the Butcher. Then I felt the terror I felt 20 years ago when I realized I had no chance to beat him. I had found 4 pieces of gear by that point. I was level 9 with 8 dps. Run like mad as always...now with less potion spamming! His attack hit me for 3/4 of my life. Couldn't blind him. Eventually he hit me twice and game over. Fun as hell. The nostalgia was strong.Fantomex8 Jun 20
Jun 20 QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ I had my Wiz die to DC last night. I bet if I make thread #572,334 raging about it, Blizz will give me a rollback. I bet if I insult Blizz as I do it, they will totes be way more likely to do it. Finally, if type I some utter nonsense and invert the power converter, fallopian tubes are good for butter and pancakes style skywriting... right Senator?Un4gven3 Jun 20
Jun 19 Why hc mode if not reliable... i quit GL Blizzard im done... i loved wow but cant play d3 cause i love the hc mode but dont trust your server quality... cant blame wifi when running lan line!!!Sparhawk765 Jun 19
Jun 18 so difficult to get actual help lost hc too diablo 3 and cant get any help regarding bs server lag... already quit wow and i love d3 but i cant invest time in bull!@#$Sparhawk763 Jun 18
Jun 18 Server quality for hc toons im done i spend time rolling in hardcore mode just to have server latency kill me.... im done.. why play hardcore if i loose a toon to bad server quality .... ive lost 2 too my own stupidity and bad gameplay not interested in getting scewed... im done Blizz... screw u guysSparhawk760 Jun 18