Apr 15 Loooking for partners looking for some group members to get plvl and gem lvls. I run a firebird build wizard. Currently up to GR 67 can probably push up to mid 70s-80. Just came back after 8 months away so also trying to get the updated legendaries. Let me know if anyone is interested. Don't mind doing T11+ runs or grifts.Justin2 Apr 15
Apr 14 Thanks everyone for all your help! This has been my best season in D3. Finally did a GR70 which is probably nothing to all of you but it was very excited for me. Now for the rest of the season it will be Primal Ancient farming at T10. Thank for all your tips early on. Helped a lot. Hero that did GR70 https://us.diablo3.com/en/profile/Blitz-1908/hero/99839855Blitz3 Apr 14
Apr 12 Hardcore and its benefits? Why do people play a mode that offers no benefits and is nothing but a slowed down SC mode? In SC you can grind paragons faster, grind gear faster, achieve higher power faster. I would understand if HC offered something that SC did not but it's exactly the same game only gimped. HC does not take any higher skill to play. You basically out gear the content you repeatedly run. There are some exceptions to this of course, the players that fight over #1 on the ladder. This post is not about you. This is about everyone else who just plays HC at a lower level and has no desire to strive for top ladder spots. What is the point of being self gimped? Is it more fun to play at a lower level than 90% of the D3 player base?Shiz71 Apr 12
Apr 11 Hardcore - technique and precepts Good tidings. I am a devoted Diablo player who has been following the story since the beginning. I have taken to playing Diablo 3 in hardcore mode for quite some time and have returned this season, with hope to create a powerful character. I confess I have more often stood within the company of more experienced and stronger players, and only recently have alone withstood the danger of Torment XII. Anything beyond that is unthinkable for me!! So far Many deaths brought me to this point, and every hero slain brought about a steady increment to my overall progress. Before I continue I summon the counsel and advice of experienced veteran hardcore players, who in their guidance can give me some techniques, and impart some secrets to me, before I continue and increase the difficulty Forgive me being overly thorough but I REALLY grinded and bulldozed my way to this point, more or less alone.. as my clan members are scattered and unavailable. HERE are some personal guidelines I have established my self so far: 1. When transitioning into a new dangerous skill level, step forward in stages into the map and destroy the enemies in view instead of thrusting forward and suddenly being surrounded by enemies. This will protect you from unexpected lag spikes also 2. Insert blue diamond gems into every available socket and enchant items to gain resistance and HP increase. Also look out for items and unique abilities that trigger damage decrease. 3. Always use the critical damage recovery skill of a hero, even though it feels like you are sacrificing a passive skill slot. Also set aside some defensive passive skills just to add an extra layer of defense. 4. Equip on your follower, skills that disable and disarm the enemy. Things like charm, blind, fear enemy and chicken transfiguration. With that in mind also consider putting rings and amulets that perform similar spells. this concludes all the above. If any players have guidelines or precepts to mention here, please do! thank you muchPrincePookie5 Apr 11
Apr 10 How did I die? I would appreciate the help. I play this game for quite a while now and I've never been unable to determine what killed me. All I can tell is that I killed elites at the edge of the screen, but my HP was going down (no ground eff or anything) passive proc, I tried to run, activated epiphany, but died almost instantly. https://imgur.com/a/Eqgg3ch1rurg6 Apr 10
Apr 9 DC, Disconnect or why I don't play HC I have an incredible cable internet connection 31 ms latency 2 ms jitter 352 mbps download 25 mbps upload and the only game that I have disconnects in is Diablo 3, they don't happen daily or weekly or even monthly they happen when I am on a HC character in a greater rift a lot though. I am not saying that my internet cannot be the culprit however its only D3 where this happens and it is mostly just my HC guys when I am doing a greater rift or some other task where that DC will kill me. So I guess this ends my rant and my HC play in D3 .... until next time.blusterbus6 Apr 9
Apr 8 HC DH Jewelry Advise https://us.diablo3.com/en/profile/Down-1305/hero/84832263 current seasonal HC DH.. Question is about making it tankier. Was thinking of CoE with Elusive and compass rose / travelers pledge combo. Any thought on this?Down4 Apr 8
Apr 4 Staff of Herding / Whimsyshire Finally made my staff. What a disappointment. Expected a great place to farm for crafting material like the goblin map only to find out nothing drops. Googling found goblin drops different map! Well guess Rifts are the best place still to farm crafting material.Blitz3 Apr 4
Apr 2 Slained by my own pets Hello , first time i faced with this situation. In Act2 , we deciced to brawl with my friend. I have Necromancer and there were 7 follower. After finish our brawl , i returned Act2 Town and my skeletons attacked me and i died. I sent my hero hall of fallen and what i saw !? '' Slained By : Unknow '' How can you explain this !? I want 3hours back. Can someone explain this ? ScreenShoot of my hall of fallen heroes https://imageshack.com/a/img922/3227/Tr7BDx.pngNjord3 Apr 2
Apr 2 That's it... Solo GR88 will be my limit this season. Which is better than 70 all previous season. Lost 3 Wizard this weekend. 2 to an arcane elite at the door. Last one was levelling gems, solo takes way too much time, so I teamed up and lost unity defence buff. And my team mate just ran away letting me to fend for myself (with lower toughness) and lost a primal weapon! :( Don't feel like levelling gem again, takes so much time...! :(Lloyd9 Apr 2
Apr 1 Death Become You Just die today and no fault of my own too. I know about the disconnect thing. But when you know things are bad in the game when half the map goes blank. Tried to get to safety, but it won't let you teleport back to town. You knew then you were going to die. It was so bad that when I tried to come back into the game. I had to restart the game from new. I had to close out the game completely. But you just move on because Blizzard doesn't care it was their fault so to bad to sad. Plus everybody that was in the game die too. It just wasn't me. Thanks Blizzard!!!Davey5 Apr 1
Apr 1 Does disconnect = death? I was on my last grift needed to finish the season journey when my Internet disconnected. I come back this morning and my HC char is dead. Why? Yes, I was in combat with some Champions, but I was a Helltooth WD and my pets would have finished them off in less than 10 seconds. So the question I have to ask is this: When playing Hardcore, if you're in combat and your Internet goes down, is that an automatic death? Seems pretty unfair if it is. Anyway, I'm going back to SC for now. Won't lose three 65+ gems that way.Starlite8 Apr 1
Mar 30 How can I improve my wizard? https://eu.diablo3.com/en/profile/Ormus-2812/hero/104759403 I'm at GR 74 atm, can probably make it with a bit of luck with rng but unstable anomoly procs too often. Is it something I'm missing or do I simply need to level up my paragon higher? Or is the delsere build not good enough for higher GRs? I know my rings are bad though! I'd gladly take any advice and I'd like to stick to my current build. Thanks in advanceOrmus7 Mar 30
Mar 29 Unity ring issue Hey guys, Got a question about unity. Numerous times, my near deathexperience activated because my follower got hit for to high. And still, I see many players using it. I dont get it.PuF7 Mar 29
Mar 29 How to spot a softcore player Clue 1: Ask for plevel. Teleport on power leveller. Clue 2: Ask for plevel, start walking in the rift looking for legendary. Clue 3: Ask for plevel. Make it to 70! yeah! I kindly offer to farm some legendary for him I say, check the minimap, I say. And... he start walking the rift?! :-o Boom, instakill.... Well, I decided it was a good lesson and said "sorry, must sleep", lol. It is 3AM after all....Lloyd2 Mar 29
Mar 28 Having trouble keeping AQUILA CUIRASS up. Having trouble keeping ( AQUILA CUIRASS - While above 94% primary resource, all damage taken is reduced by 50% ) up. Lasts for a long time but sometimes drops without me doing anything different. Wrath is up 100% of time. By looking at my profile does anyone notice if I am missing anything? Maybe some more Resource Reduction? https://us.diablo3.com/en/profile/Blitz-1908/hero/99588727 Just weird to me. Just did a Greater Rift at level 50 and did not drop once. But at times it does.Blitz12 Mar 28
Mar 28 Looking for a HC Clan might leave SC as the topic says I'm looking for a Hardcore clan so I can get away from SC for awhile.Rocky7 Mar 28
Mar 27 leaving HC., was fun ~ welp time has come for me to finally depart from the Hardcore scene, lastnight was a killer night, yet again blizztard service has let me down, killing off another 200+ hr char of mine this time(thats 4 total-680hr, 490hr, 205hr, and this one), with 6 primal's and my first ever 100's gems, took me a long time to get that far she had 4.7m dmg highest toon ever was really nice ~ https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/ChampionNova-11788/hero/95289554 i've had it with the HC server blips and hiccups. i know, i KNOW it's not my end before you say so, know that i STREAM, and i can see live network activity and loss/gain of packets and traffic. see how its taking up CPU, and other resource(s). its also funny how when "my connection" messes with diablo, i never loose frames, or have any dropp% in network connectivity to streaming yet my instance of diablo will have the "lag" effect in game going on. e.i., i roll back when using a skill, i shoot my skill off nothing happen's... i hit mobbs 2 secs later it registers.. i mean the list goes on, yet NOTHING happening with my watcher on or dropping%/frame, stream lag...NOTHING...... so totally my end yeah. never mind the people im connected to in chat apparently i live in australia, all i see are australians talking and when i say something about it they give me shyt?! yeah nice NA connection, i thought they where suppose to be finland/eu connection... i won't fight 100000 times just to hear trolls on this dank forums say "its your connection im fine" no, no it's not. funny how JUST diablo is the only game i ever play that has the issue's and its only been worse SINCE the "migration". blizztard wont ever fess up for it either. lets face it Diablo servers where taken away its a dying game. so im done, btard u won, lost another player ~ i wont be telling my friends or recommending the game as of the service(s) have been poor all around. i'd say thats a bad thing marketing wise, since word or mouth and telling "friends/family/people" would be great for business, well i wont be helping. GL to the rest of you remaining HC players !ChampionNova13 Mar 27
Mar 26 Coming back So after 5 or so years I'm coming back to D3 lol... played HC extensively when it first came out, I remember being amongst the top10 highest paragon level HC chars when they were first introduced :) Anyways, hoping a decent community lives on. Feel free to friend me in game... I doubt any of my old HC friends still around :PFlamSanagan4 Mar 26
Mar 24 New to Hardcore Look for a class to power through story to unlock adventure mode. any suggestions. iv played all classes in softcoreZkyge9 Mar 24
Mar 23 Still Alive! :D I was trying a new build in T12, a Tal Rasha / Archon mix, trying to find a T13 speed farm build for wiz... Then I DC....... What happen next? Well I logged back in, you bet, 1 person in queue ahead of me! And.... Still Alive! :D Yoohoo! Legendary! :DLloyd6 Mar 23
Mar 22 Monk help? So... got instant killed by Malthael's "death shroud" today. Not the first time I've been instant killed on a monk in full end game gear that ripped apart grift70 in under 4 minutes with 600M toughness. yep. deathshroud appeared on me and I didn't even get to dashing strike out of the way before I was instantly dead. did not get to see any proc of NDE either. I understand that for some reason the "life saving" skill of the monk does practically nothing if the damage is high enough and I will just die the next tick. Any monks out there that can help me see the light on this? (haha get it, sunwuko wave of light build?) Why would I choose this passive if I'm just going to die instantly from practically anything that does massive instant damage that is undodgeable? (my first death was from a horned charger that hit me from off screen and killed me without seeing a proc of NDE again) Anywho, good thing i've farmed almost 3 full sets of my end game gear.ThreeRings0 Mar 22
Mar 21 How many people did you kill? I killed many people this season, more than any others. What's up with that?! :-o Mostly people asking for power levelling and then teleporting on me while I am fighting. Just now a Paragon 1000 softcore, witha fresh new seasonal HC hero (p60) asked me to follow in GR. I warned him I was doing GR60. He tried to follow me. Boom dead!Lloyd0 Mar 21
Mar 20 How do you handle deaths? The way I do it is that I farm at least 2 full sets before I start to go out of my comfort zone. My stash is bloated with sets and some gems leveled up to 50 or 60. That way when I die I'm not super far behind and can jump back in easily. What do you guys do?Merp3 Mar 20
Mar 20 When you just laugh at your HC deaths So this is the first season I started HC. I did softcore for guardian first. Meaning no free sets, work my way to 70. Farm gear, and Sweeper build it was by RNG. Was fun. Never played it before. Got a great backup set for blessed shield with perm akarats champ with all diffenet jewelry the works. Minutes afte 1016 dc and death. No sweat I got a back up. Reset the router, rebooted my computer and did a speed test and watched a show on netflix. All good and leveled nack up to 70. Equip my backup gear and decide to farm a new back up set first thing. Walk into a rift. First mob. 1016 DC.... Log in and dead again. I am laughing hysterically at this point in the game. I have yet to reroll a new Seasonal HC. Might work on my non season HC necro (Inarius with stormshield tank who can clear GR 60) but i might just wait a few days because of the luck, bit honestly if I got another 1016 after 10 seconds into a run i would laugh agai. To everyone complaing about "blizz" related deaths and such remember ypu will die in HC. It is a matter of whem, and unless the blizz servers crashed you simply lost a few packets and lost connection for a second and 1016 was their to save that demons day. All in all it was a fun way to go out. (No graveyard because i just delete them from it. Under a hundred hours there is no spoint to have a force ghost. Also I can make a level 1 so any non beloevers can see I do indeed jave seasonal HC paragonViktorLidor7 Mar 20
Mar 20 REFUND NECRO, DONT PLAY A BUGGED CLASS. I want a refund. I payed $15 for a class that has had a know bug for months now. It is my fault for not doing research ahead of time, but as long as blizzard has been around, their games have earned my confidence. But lately it seems as if they have stopped caring about certain things. Final service has been bugged apparently for around 6-8 months. It doesn't activate sometimes and there is an AMPLE amount of evidence to prove its defective. I literally was one shot without the passive activating, mind you I had just entered the game and the character has cleared GR 78 duo with ease, and i've popped final service twice before, so I know what happens when it activates. This time there was nothing i could do at all. As soon as i was hit, i died and no passive activated. I dont want anything but a refund. Not asking for a character revival or anything like that. There just isnt any need to pay for something that doesnt work as intended. Not gonna quit the game, just the class and will maybe buy again if bug is fixed.KAKOSPAZ4 Mar 20
Mar 19 I did it!! Guardian! finally! (at Paragon 751) Also... did solo GR 82, my highest solo GR ever. :D Intend to push, was easy (0 augment) might even go 90 this season, or more! :D On the way 2 crusaders died to my own stupidity and 1 died to power outage. And completed guardian on DH, who would have though hey?! :) Might have lost a wizard in bounty as well...Lloyd8 Mar 19
Mar 19 The Thing in the Plague Tunnels I was farming keystones on a T14 Neph Rift and was running around the Plague Tunnels map. I spotted a glowing thing that looked like a Fire Fallen Lunatic sitting in a corner on his own. He looked weird, tucked into the corner and there were no other mobs around so decided to give him a tap. Wham! It took me down to zero health and procc'd my survival passive. I know these dudes used to be bad particularly the poison ones but this was insane. It's the worst damage in a single hit at this level I've taken. I've Sweep Attacked loads of these guys in groups and hardly ever got a scratch but this guy was the Grandfather of Loonies.Skafloc1 Mar 19
Mar 17 Nooooo.... I was just soloing GR 63, fighting an elite, being 1 augment from 3 gem to 55 when.... A power outage happened! :( Needless to say... I probably lost my crusader.. let's find out!Lloyd4 Mar 17
Mar 17 Glitched Town Death? Was just playing hardcore seasonal on a Necromancer with my friend.(just got him to buy it, both are Long time fans) When i went back to town after winning a couple duels, all my skeletons turned on me and killed me! I took a little time to leave and he had already left when i went through the portal, where my skeletons went red and attacked me in Act2 What even happened? I am upset to have gotten the $15 necro expansion, and to of convinced my friend to buy the full game to have this be our experence...Doesnt help that blizzard has such a strict no revive policy that i doubt they would do a thing about this insane and game breaking glitch in any way.... I am very upset, and discouragedSkaln10 Mar 17
Mar 16 Adventure mode LOCKED !! Okay so ive played season 12 in HC got Paragon 1100+ ... today i log on my account and my adventure mode is locked in HC only... in softcore everything is fine ,,,,, its says i gotta complete the story mode before playing adventure mode but i did that already long time ago. Should i do it again in HC ? last season everything was fine.BigDaddy7 Mar 16
Mar 16 Hardcore - Cube question. This is a question for a Character in HC seasonal. If i extract a power with the cube with one Character can i equip the cubed powers with a second character in case the first one dies or do i have to re-do the extracting part on the same powers?serkONE6 Mar 16
Mar 16 Hardcore, impossible to play... I just lost my second hardcore hero for error 1016. Impossible to play while this company does not solve its server problems. It's no use coming to ask this or that because it's no use, the problem is yours, and how can not solve it, and easier to blame on a video drive, network, or a problem from my internet provider. It turns out that several friends of my class and who are on my list of friends, have the same problem. While this game continues in this "open beta" it is impossible to play either in Hc or soft. Then do not know why they are losing players, if at least these errors were solved, I would not mind the lack of new content, just let us play, simple.Mazo8 Mar 16
Mar 16 Being a parent compared to D3 HC? I imagine being a parent is sort of like rerolling a toon in diablo 3 hardcore. You just hope you don't !@#$ up twice. Any confirmation?Archon4 Mar 16
Mar 15 HC error day 14,3,2018 at 15,30 am playing D3 hardcore, he was dropped from the game to the menu again to sign up for the account. the character has died in the meantime. error message 32 or 132. I ask for this character to be restored.KOCKA2 Mar 15
Mar 15 Please, help me quit this stupid game! Hi Gang, Help me find a way to quit this stupid game. I've been playing since launch and like an addict, I keep coming back. However, I keep running into the same disappointment. I can't play softcore because I will literally die of boredom. So, I love hardcore. Only problem, it doesn't love me. Death by crash is the stupid death. Yet, it always seems to find me at the worst times...like at the beginning of season when I don't have any Gem of Ease leveled or any gear deleveled. So, basically, when the game crashes for whatever reason, my character doesn't "crash" buts stays motionless in the game rendering it vulnerable to all attacks. Why isn't there some kind of safety net there? That kind of death is simply stupid. If something that's not related to the game crashes, it should cut things off where the crash happened. The character should not be sitting motionless and vulnerable to any and all attacks. That's dumb! I'm not a D3 basher either. I've been loyal since launch. I'm just tired. Can someone help me quit this game! Please. I don't seem to have the will power to to do it on my own. Just quietly delete my account. Anyone! Help!Matt686865 Mar 15
Mar 14 zDPS builds Do group need a zDPS hero? I have a zDPS Crusader and I did once group and sleep through a relaxing GR70 with a random Wizard. Was wondering if it was worth asking for a GR group... On one hand I'd like to give my zDPS build a spin, build looks interesting. On the other hand I wonder, who cares about zDPS? As a side note: got 60% cooldown reduction and Taunt, Condemn, Judgement, Law Of Something are all skills that I equipped that can both group monsters, CC them and protect my team mates.Lloyd1 Mar 14
Mar 14 They should add feature to combat DC deaths (HC) I know you will probally see this as a rant but after losing my Witch Doctor due to a lantency DC I had an idea. The way he died was sad I dced right after pulling an elite I didn't even get a chance to use an ability so with the 10 second run he was RIP, it wasn't even a GR just T10 farming. Now I know why there is a 10 second run off and in fact I support the run off because I remember D2 people would alt f4 when in a screwed situations to cheese dying. However in this situation if my WD had even casted a single ability that elite would have died long before killing me, instead he just died standing still doing nothing. My idea is simply if the server loses contact with the player for more then lets say 2 seconds it starts casting spells at the nearest enemy (if any). The priority could be very simple Longest cd spells> Resource expenders> resource generators dont cast movement or defensive abilites. This script would be very easy to write I cant imagine the block for it being more then 10 lines. This would create a situation where players who alt f4 to cheese death would still die but players who actually DCed might survive a fate of slowly being slapped to death over 10 seconds. Perhaps the player would still die because the elite was molten and they are not moving or there was an arcane on his feet but at the very least he would have a fighting chance (no pun intended).Ultima27 Mar 14
Mar 14 So if you Computer locks up is your toon dead I'm still new to Hardcore and was doing a Normal grift last night when my computer locked up. If I was on my Hardcore toon would that be my loss since I was going for a shot when it happened or does your toon survive in some cases. Or can someone die from a dc or lock up?Whithul5 Mar 14
Mar 13 Monkey King Builds Is there a way to post your Hardcore build on this forum?Token1 Mar 13
Mar 13 I converted some players to HC I saw some of my friend online levelling up new heroes in softcore seasonal. Come to HC I said, I will power level you up, I said! Now all 3 of them have 150 paragon levels in their HC heroes, and some sweet loot, and can't be bothered go back to softcore! :p I feel a little guilty after the fact though, when I realized one of them is a busy mom with little kids. Kids and HC is like fire and oil, not a good mix :SLloyd0 Mar 13
Mar 12 zDPS Pacman Barb - LFG? Hey, I'm thinking about making a zDPS Pacman Barb to help grind out some paragon. But I don't know anyone to do that with (my friends aren't really the end-game type). Is that something that people in HC would quickly make use of? Or are there too few people playing HC and/or likely already have zDPS they run with. Just throwin' some feelers out there.Spoon1 Mar 12
Mar 11 Dear Blizzard PLZ! Dear Blizzard! Tonight during the game, throwing away the game, my internet was okay with the Blizzard server was the fault! When I got back my HARDCORE character died! I know everywhere is that you can not get the character back! But the good man sees my soul if he does not die of my fault! then please do not at least do not mind the game and give me back my character that Blizzard has !@#$ed!Becos4 Mar 11
Mar 11 Ranged attack reduction and other things Still fairly new to +60 GR running as I've only recently come back to the game after a long absence. Now playing PS4 version rather than PC. So I'm playing a Crusader new season Roland Sweeper build. He's not perfect still missing a few Ancients here and there I also play completely solo with this guy. I'm finding the the ranged attacks from spear chucking Goatmen and Succubi Blood Star pretty brutal after 65. I'm about paragon 455. On entering a map I've been almost one-shotted several times, (thank you passive for saving me) Is it worth re-rolling stats on gear to get ranged damage reduction? Would it make a whole lot of difference? Any other tips on surviving GR 65+? I'm using the Templar follower with the freeze block shield and cool down reduction sword. I'm sat around level 78 and just completed GR 66 on the Leader Boards and my goal is to get to GR level 70 this season as a noob I think this is realistic. I've noticed that the gear of some of the other players is pretty poor or the combination is pretty random. One guy was running around with rare level 40 ring? Also a lot of folk have only increased their legendary gems to around 30 and yet seem to be progressing well. How are they surviving? Is it group play vs solo?Skafloc5 Mar 11
Mar 11 Why do people with bad connections play HC? I don't play hardcore, I personally don't see the point of it since death is inevitable in any video game and in my opinion, part of the fun (pushing yourself to see how much you can push beyond limit before you die). But today I was kinda curious about having a go at it, I'm not likely to even get to 70 knowing my own recklessness. So anyway! I came here to read up and literally every death is either due to some bug (old event cut scene not pausing the game) or a DC. It made me think, In all of my time playing diablo 3 I have never DC'd due to any failure of the game itself, it's always been the mt personal connection was interrupted or something blizzard had planned. So why do there seem to be so many deaths due to DCs here, It's making me feel like it's not even worth trying hardcore even if only for Sh*ts and giggles.Lynexia24 Mar 11
Mar 9 Seasonal Help Needed Please Hello everyone, I have no friends playing HC in season and lost my DH last night. Is there anyone that is willing to PL me and make a new friend? Jhahn #1298Jhahn4 Mar 9
Mar 8 Can I use maphack in singleplayer - campaign? As the title says can I use maphack for SP? Or can I use it on non HC? I want to be easier to get passed through levels. I've completed the game once and I want with other heroes to complete it. Also I don't want to get banned for using maphack. For that I'm asking you. Thanks in advance.ShAdow12 Mar 8
Mar 5 Hardcore = you vs the internet Nuff said. You should never, ever die in this game, ever, unless your internet drops you.Praetorian4 Mar 5
Mar 4 Diablo 3 HC server outage Hey blizzard you just froze diablo3 hardcore servers just now and you killed me and 2 of my mates..... refresh our heroes as they were your servers doing....anjo13 Mar 4
Mar 2 RG fight preparation As the purple bar gets near the end, I find myself skipping mobs and bosses in mid section and have to find the exit. After I find the exit, I go back and try to finish the last pack near the exit knowing that I will proc cheat death several times during the fight. However, I still lost couple of toons as I was fleeing toward the portal with 2nd blast. Do you guys use different RG fight strategy (answer only if you are pushing)?redz067 Mar 2