Nov 18 Is there a chart for G rift scaling? Has anyone figured out the way that monster damage and health scales in GR 50+ I just did 50 with my HT doc, not too great I know but still getting her geared up. I finished in about 11 minutes so probably could go a level or two higher and want to farm for ancient gear to really push to 60+ Just wondering if there is an accurate chart that shows you about how much more health and damage that demons do per G rift level. What I already know is that winged assasins and exorcists kill me with two shots at GR 50 but when will they "one-shot" me? Thanks ahead of time.Jiraiya31116 Nov 18
Nov 16 LFM - Let's build a GR team! Need Team Players! I play a wizard. Looking for members to farm and practice GR70-80, gem leveling etc. Alternatively, wizard loot share rifting. Meta: Cyclone Monk - zdps RC Spear Barb - zdps Twister Wizard - zdps Firebird Wizard - DPS Discord Voice Chat RSVP TomCanadian#1119TomCanadian12 Nov 16
Nov 16 Max health I know max health isn't the only thing needed to survive but i'm curious what health levels do people aim for when hitting high grifts 50+? I've been running TX with around a million and feel comfortable with that in combination with other toughness values and damage reduction options.Gurubu2 Nov 16
Nov 16 Isn't the game supposed to log you out? So yea.. I totally came across a connectivity issue...which is weird because I did my first GR just fine.. and literally about 45 seconds into my second rift I lose control of my character and just have to sit there and watch for 10 seconds as I aimless shoot things with a shield buff on. I get disconnected with about 40s left on my shield buff. When I'm finally able to reconnect about 5-10 minutes later I find out my HC DH is dead... https://www.twitch.tv/potusppanda/v/98040891 I have it all on stream too... I thought the game was supposed to log you out after like 10 seconds of being disconnected... How the hell did I stay logged in long enough to die with a shield buff on? Thanks for screwing me out of my Diablo game too Blizzard..First over 100SR points in comp OW due to bugs and now this? ...unrealPotusPanda19 Nov 16
Nov 15 HC Death (Again) HC is the only exciting aspect of this game any more. I run solo so no high level grift wins, low plevel, is what it is. Love to play this game to zone out the real world. Died tonight to lag. Am I going to !@#$% about it? No. Comes with playing HC. Aleusian. You there? Want to start a new clan?BakRakADak5 Nov 15
Nov 12 The darkening of Tristram HC play Did you try it? You liked it?Kardis6 Nov 12
Nov 12 DEDx2 Does this mean I should stop drinking?BobWitchDR9 Nov 12
Nov 12 Diablo 3 is so easy! Give Me Back my Money ! Why Diablo 3 is so easy? Expert difficulty is easier than Normal and Hard. On Expert, your health regenerates faster than you kill monsters, and we have 100% extra gold and XP. WTF?! Blizzard should add refund function. Starcraft 2 patches, WoW addons, Diablo 3 - everything goes from bad to worse. This company used my nostalgic memories and love for its past projects to gain more profit.Sinareti2 Nov 12
Nov 11 dead completedKingShyts0 Nov 11
Nov 11 down for maintenance without warning No warning of diablo going down for maintenance???? Better not lose my second char this week because of BnetCyclonic4 Nov 11
Nov 10 Can anyone help me level please?? I'm at level 44. Anyone can help me level please?? Add me Vicky#1625 . Thank you so much!Vicky2 Nov 10
Nov 10 HC monk advice Haven't run a monk since Vanilla. Currently working off Ulania's set, prolly go Compass Rose route. But seeing the leader boards I see gear and builds that just don't make any sense to me. (Currently running T3-4) I know this is a pretty vague request, but any advice to push higher? Thanks!Mallakai9 Nov 10
Nov 9 HORRIBLE DESIGN!!! ... Boss Pop Up Window PLEASE CHANGE THE BOSS FIGHT POP UP WINDOW 1. make it moveable 2. make it smaller 3. make it's pop-up location selectable, e.g. bottom-right, top-left, etc. -- NEVER CENTER Imagine, racing with your teammates to complete a conquest: BOSS MODE Trying to race through a dungeon filled with things trying to *murder* you, and then ... BOSS POP UP / INVITATION ... fills the center of the screen, blocks the view of your character, and all surrounding enemies and objects (e.g. lasers, poison, etc.) I have died several times when my teammates invited me to a boss fight because I was in a fight, and couldn't see what's happening behind the bloody pop up window. THIS CANNOT HAPPEN IN HARDCORE.Homicide2 Nov 9
Nov 8 Blizzcon d3 news Blizzards Chief Development Officer just announced: 20th Anniversary Patch for Diablo "We are recreating the original Diablo in Diablo3" Art and Sound, special filters to emulate older pixelated video, can only move in 8 directions like in old D1, etc etc etc. It is going to be like the original Diablo. Back to d3 news: 2 new zones being added, can be accessed through adventure mode. Necromancer will be a new class. They seem pretty pumped about it, though seems weird having them with witch doctors already in game. No actual expansion news or news of a potential d4, unfortunately.Endeavor30 Nov 8
Nov 8 Rainbow gob rift Wings Looking for Rainbow gob rifts. Will exchange in services. add me.MaverickRB0 Nov 8
Nov 8 So you think you're a Conqueror? (Season 8) Current Paragon: 756 GR70+ Thorns: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Sherwin-6277/hero/81114023 T6 Wrath of the Wastes: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Sherwin-6277/hero/81263056 Notes: Completed Worlds Apart Conquest in a group with 4 players. Completed T13 rift in under 5 minutes in a group with 4 players. Ranked in Top 30 Barbarian leaderboard by completing GR73. We're currently into the 3rd week of Season 8. Other Notes: If I'm not busy, I can help Power-Level. I can usually finish a T6 rift in 2-3 minutes (Solo). I need one more season to get my last Stash Tab.Sherwin0 Nov 8
Nov 7 Death by greed for being greedy. RIP My friend was helping me gear up in T5 (he hasn't been playing this season for too long) and he was killing things pretty fast and then came Greed's domain. He wanted to slowly kill Greed to see if we could get more goblins falling off Greed's back but then was charged by Greed which set off his death passive then took a falling gold chest to the forehead. :P RIP.Gurubu9 Nov 7
Nov 7 Help please Hello everyone, I'm looking for someone generous enough to let me join their game and quickly get to level 70 with my witch doctor. I ask of this because not long ago I was playing with friends and we were planning to get for leaderboards however we entered one rift at level 69 and we were ambushed from all sides, completely unaware of what lurked in the darkness I headed south looking for a safe haven to teleport from, to my horror the Army of demons continued to surround me and Zanzibar the witch doctor was no more... It should only take about 5 minutes, I have no money to offer (and even if I did I'm pretty sure that's against the terms of service anyway) but I would be very grateful. Thank youClicheName2 Nov 7
Nov 4 How are people so fast? So with the new season just around the corner I am once again wondering how are some (many?) people so damn fast. For the past couple of seasons I've been seeing quite a lot of people hitting paragon 500-800 on day 1. That's just nuts. Now I'm not trying to compete with them and I probably don't play anywhere near as much as they (or I used to) but still I must be doing something reaaaaaly wrong if it usually takes me a couple of days just to hit 70 lol. And the difference in pace obviously doesn't stop there XD Any advice on how to pick up the pace a bit on progression?Pzypro18 Nov 4
Nov 4 Stinky pants and barb? Can a hc barb use stinky pants in its armor slot? (The armor slot from the cube that extracts power)WaTcHdOg772 Nov 4
Nov 4 Power Level S8 HC hello members, i tryed to ask in chat in game both seasons and none season's to no avail. was wondering if at all possible, is there someone who is WILLing to Plvl me on T6 to lvl 70 from my current lvl 1? i do have a trucking job that takes ALOT of my time as before i played daily now i cannot, maybe once a week if that, and my time spent playing i would much rather enjoy it than make it feel like a job, i know it sounds plebby, and lazy, i agree. normally i wouldn't ask. i would return favor as needed. if you are up for it, please add me on b.net and we can arrange a time best suited for the both of us, would only take lesser 15 mins to plvl me at T6 rifts. much appreciated in advanced thanks !! ChampionNova #1282 seasons and HardcoreChampionNova2 Nov 4
Nov 4 HC torment? was just wondering what torment levels you guys are completing and with what stats. right now im sitting at: 507k damage 14 mill toughness 700k hp and 1200 all resistances. crit chance 45% crit damage + 368 % when i play with my friend who's also a crusader my resistances go to around 1400 all and toughness to 16 million.HCboot31 Nov 4
Nov 4 LF quick powerlv please. :) LF quick powerlv please. :) Cflex#1288Cflex2 Nov 4
Nov 3 Advice for a toon I seem to have hit a major flatline on my main HC Toon (http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Vullunviing-1928/hero/56671693) I can push GR43 comfortably, GR44 is a hot-step dance of death. Can't seem to break higher, and any ancient gear I'm finding is only so-so stat-wise. Is there anything else I can do to help optimize the build aside from paragon farming?Vullunviing0 Nov 3
Nov 3 d2 exp hc ladder if anyone cares or not, just letting some folks know ladder was reset and there's tonnes of actual human players still playing hc d2 on us east. quite a shock actually... it was pretty dead weeks before the reset(no surprise there), but expected it would still be dead, even after the reset...COZ IT'S ANCIENT, but there's A LOT of games...haven't even seen a spam bot yet either, but maybe that's coz the games are mostly full or bots haven't accumulated enough ladder gear to sell yet lol...but seriously, it's as if i stepped into a time machine and went back to when the game was still fresh, adored and played. also, it's worth mentioning that it seems like only grown-ups/mature ppl are still playing(no doubt a lot of old-schoolers), haven't met an unhelpful person, leecher, troll or whiner yet lol. and if you think it might suck because the graphics are super dated, consider this...it's still better than POE lol. please feel free to criticize, troll, hate, flag, report or be plain out negative because of a d2 hc praise topic...won't care. just sharing the current situation about a game that was so beloved amongst diablo fans. whatever flavor of diablo you're into...gl, stay safe and keep on giving them monsters your most relentless destruction!Dieftw6 Nov 3
Nov 2 More Goblins This Season? It seems I am seeing many more goblins of all types which I enjoy! The frequency of their appearance in Rifts and bounties seems to have increased. Have you noticed an Increase in Goblins?GondorNative6 Nov 2
Nov 1 I Want to Start from Scratch I want to start from scratch. You can no longer change servers (which started you from scratch). If I delete all my characters, will the paragon points and gold disappear?Johnsdad8 Nov 1
Oct 30 Grift difficulty jumps Hey im coming back to d3 after awhile and after relearning on softcore and wasting my free set there i went to try a hardcore thorns crusader and havent died yet. Because i dont know the game real well ive been going up grifts slowly. What i was wondering is there a significant difficulty jump at some level of rift that will kill me easy if i am unprepared or is it all fairly gradual like it has been so far. Also kinda interested in finding a hardcore d3 community for group play so hit me up if anyone has a active one.Dragon1232 Oct 30
Oct 29 Fastest way to level currently? (HC Player) Returning player here. Been on break since Season 4 ended. Im going to go ahead and assume since it's the start of the season that its to play out the story?OdinPrime5 Oct 29
Oct 29 ISO HC NA Seasonal Powerlevel topic anyone willing to give a powerlevel? Willing to give SC Na Seasonal powerlevel back or a HC powerlevel back once I get some gear I think i finally was able to stabilise my PC and I should be safe to play HC again. The past 2 weeks my PC has been wonky so I've been playing SC. Thanks.Yoruichii1 Oct 29
Oct 29 Softcare Rebirth to Hardcore? I'm sure it's been asked but I'm having a hard time finding it. Can I rebirth my softcore character to hardcore seasonal? Thanks all!ElTigre5 Oct 29
Oct 29 So you think you're a Champion? (Season 8) Profile (Barbarian): http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Sherwin-6277/hero/80860082 Paragon: 289 Skills: Wrath of the Berserker (Striding Giant) Whirlwind (Wind Shear) Call of the Ancients (Together as One) Sprint (Run Like the Wind) War Cry (Invigorate) Battle Rage (Bloodshed) Passives: Nerves of Steel Relentless Unforgiving Boon of Bul-Kathos Kanai's Cube Powers: The Furnace Fury of the Ancients Convention of Elements Gear: Immortal King's Call (Helm, Gloves, Chest Armor, Pants, Boots, Two-Handed Mighty Weapon) Mantle of Channeling (Shoulders) Warzechian Armguards (Bracers) Skull Grasp (Ring) Rogar's Huge Stone (Ring) Halcyon's Ascent (Amulet) Gear Bonuses: +8792 Strength +4729 Vitality +9 Pickup +33.5% Critical Hit Chance +518 Resistance Gems: Taeguk (Rank 39) Esoteric Alteration (Rank 39) Bane of the Stricken (Rank 39) Notes: Topaz in Helm Ruby in Chest Armor & Pants Emerald in Weapon No Augments, but some gear is Ancient Completed T10 rift run within 6 minutes with the help of a Paragon 400+ Crusader Bane of the Stricken helps with Uber fightsSherwin1 Oct 29
Oct 29 So you think you're a Destroyer? (Season 8) Profile (Hardcore Barbarian): http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Sherwin-6277/hero/81114023 Paragon: 528 Build: Legacy of Nightmares (Thorns/Support) Skills: Frenzy (Maniac) Whirlwind (Wind Shear) Ignore Pain (Mob Rule) Overpower (Crushing Advance) Threatening Shout (Demoralize) War Cry (Invigorate) Passives: Nerves of Steel Tough as Nails Relentless Unforgiving Kanai's Cube Powers: Hack Pride of Cassius Convention of Elements Gear Bonuses: +10333 Strength +6435 Vitality Reduces Cooldown of all skills by 53.3% +28788 Life after Each Kill Regenerates 20865 Life per Second Gear: Mantle of Channeling Aquila Cuirass Stone Gauntlets Litany of the Undaunted Pox Faulds Mad Monarch's Scepter Leoric's Crown Overwhlelming Desire Nemesis Bracers Chilanik's Chain The Wailing Host In-geom Fire Walkers Inventory: Bottomless Potion of Kulle-Aid Notes: Finishing off the Destroyer Journey with a T12 rift run within 6 minutes. Played in a group with a Witch Doctor and Wizard. Haven't been able to craft a 6 seconds Pride of Cassius. Need to do more Bounties to find Sanguinary Vambraces. Ranked 137th place to complete the Stars Align Conquest. Played in a full group with a WD/DH/WIZ. Managed 400+ monster kills in Act 5 Cursed Chest "Cursed Peat". Doesn't have to be Bounty Quest to activate. Last Barbarian died yesterday.Sherwin1 Oct 29
Oct 29 s8 hc best haedrig set to farm/etc? since nothing really changed between s7 and s8 which of the s8 haedrig sets gives the best start in hc? sad to see that annoying txiii <5 minutes to get stash space is back so I guess that should factor into class choice too :/Krev5 Oct 29
Oct 28 non-seasonal does anyone play non-seasonal? i myself tend to just play seasons lately but with the downtime i dont even touch d3 lol so was contemplating playing a hardcore character just wondering if anyone playswrongone4 Oct 28
Oct 28 [Idea] Hardcore Exclusive Items Just thinking that since being able to survive HC on T1+ & the GRs is a feat alone, shouldn't there be something better than mere cosmetic rewards? Imagine: HC Players get to experience new class sets months before Non-HC players. HC Players face up against newer & harder enemies, while Nons have to wait a while. HC Players have greater access to "harder to find" stuff in the game than Non-HCs. HC mode gives access to items & gear that can ONLY be found in HC & will never leave HC mode. Sound good?Gyrannon8 Oct 28
Oct 27 torment 6 hardcore run So I'm thinking of doing a hardcore run with a demon hunter starting weapon only nothing else cause why not. Now I'm not a god player or anything its just to see how long ill last till i just give up and forever question myself why i did it in the first place. No passive abilities, active abilities, or buffs either just the potato vs the mallet of enemies.HairyBanana3 Oct 27
Oct 27 Can someone please... ...just put me out of my misery and give me a quick power-level to 70? Season 8 HC toon.Vullunviing1 Oct 27
Oct 26 Season 8 WD I think i'm going WD for season 8, that Arachyr's set isn't so bad if you want to play a locust swarm running build. Until I can get Helltooth. What build are you guys going to play?GOLDFARMER5 Oct 26
Oct 26 So you think you're a Slayer? (Season 8) Season 8 Barbarian Journey: Paragon 100+ Skills: Frenzy (Smite) Wrath of the Berserker (Striding Giant) Call of the Ancients (Together as One) Sprint (Run Like the Wind) Rend (Bloodbath) War Cry (Invigorate) Passives: Nerves of Steel Relentless Unforgiving Boon of Bul-Kathos Kanai's Powers: Stalgard's Decimator Lamentation Wyrmward Gear: Fury of the Ancients (Shoulder) Immortal King's Call (Helm, Gloves, Chest Armor, Mighty Belt, Pants, Boots) Rakoff's Glass of Life (Amulet) Oculus Ring (Ring) Bul-Kathos's Wedding Band (Ring) Reaper's Wraps (Bracers) Weapons (Critical Hit Damage) Gems: Gem of Efficacious Toxin Wreath of Lightning Esoteric Alteration (25) Templar: Oculus Ring Bul-Kathos's Wedding Band Notes: Completed GR32 in 9 minutes and 27 seconds rank 45 for Solo Barbarian in Hardcore. Adding Topaz in Helm to reduce Resource costs. Adding Diamonds in Armor for more Resistance. Decided to upgrade Esoteric Alteration to Rank 25 first. Only have to defeat 7 Elites in Set Dungeon to complete Slayer Journey achievement. Malthael in T7 would be the most challenging for becoming a Slayer.Sherwin5 Oct 26
Oct 26 Two Suggestions re: HC I am sure I will get hammered with down votes, but here goes. I've been here since Day 1 and it's getting pretty old. Sure, it's not a bad deal, $50 twice for a lot of game playing, but I would like to see two changes that might make things a bit more interesting. 1) Solo Mode Hard Core: A third mode, When creating a new HC character, if you select HC SOLO, you would not be able to enter a multiplayer game at any time with that character. No speed leveling, no sharing drops, money, nothing. Everything you get is earned by YOU, no one else. Want to head a leaderboard? Do it the hard way. On your own. No running through Rifts getting killed every 2 minutes. No keeping all your gear if you get plugged. That's a real challenge. and 2) Hard Core Character conversion to SC: If you have a badazz HC toon with great stuff and you just don't want to run the risk anymore of losing it to a disconnect or mistake , an option to do a one-way transfer to SC with that character would be nice. Paragon points would NOT transfer.ShadowShot707 Oct 26
Oct 26 Diablo 3 too easy? So after playing D3 for awhile when it first came out on the PC then moving on to other things, I recently invested in a PS4 and decided to get the game for the console to see how it has changed over the years. I'm totally digging all the new stuff that's been added and have been having a blast so far, but it seems to me that this game has become very easy compared to the original version. Like, extremely easy. I've only ever played Diablo for Hardcore, and while I never actually died to anything other than disconnect in vanilla D3, I had quite a few close calls, and man, what a rush. Naturally, I immediately rolled a HC witch doctor as soon as I booted up the game again, but this time around it's completely different. I've never even come close to dying. I wasn't sure how this new difficulty scale worked, so I started on normal, cranked it up to hard when it became too easy, then to expert, then to master as soon as I beat Act 4, and as of yesterday I finished campaign mode and took out Malthael for the first time on Torment 1 without breaking a sweat. I would totally go to an even higher Torment level so that enemies may actually become a threat, but it seems like it would take way too long to kill stuff. Is it supposed to be like this? My witch doctor has pretty much been invincible ever since he scored a Tall Man's Finger ring at level 50 and then a Short Man's Finger immediately after at 51. I changed my build to revolve around these two legendaries and now he's running around with an unstoppable giant zombie dog + gargantuan army that puts out multiple times his own damage and eats mobs for breakfast. The rare hits that he occasionally takes are immediately healed up by Leeching Beasts. One time I zoned out, got stuck in a doorway with two elite packs and got taken down to 33% health while Spirit Walk was on cooldown, but I wasn't even worried because I still had a potion and his cheat death ability in reserve. And this is without any Paragon levels. I dunno if witch doctors are OP, I got lucky with drops, or Blizzard massively nerfed the difficulty of this game since release, but I'm not getting that rush from playing hardcore anymore. HC players, how do I put the challenge back in the game? Do I just suck it up, turn up the difficulty again and take 10 minutes to kill a mob pack? Is Adventure Mode harder? Help please.unsound69 Oct 26
Oct 26 i have a problem with blizzard do this seem right! Vlanzhwehza: Hey there, I'm the almighty Game Master Vlanzhwehza! You can call me Vlanz though! I'm glad that you took the time to contact us. We will help you in any way possible. How are you? you: im very very mad! Vlanzhwehza: What seems to be the issue? you: yall can't fix the ddos problem you: i would love a rollback cuz i just lost my char from a attack you: not my fault at all you: im in-game with 3 people naut hans and altz saying that some bs.. Vlanzhwehza: Sadly, there is nothing we can do about the DDos attacks. All we can do, is try to keep the servers up. I am assuming you are speaking of a Diablo 3 character? you: yes you: i dont care if u roll it back 1 day ago you: this will really make me dont wanna play you: i can screenshot everything that just happen Vlanzhwehza: I have no way to roll back a Diablo character. you: could u roll my account back you: they did it befor when it was hacked Vlanzhwehza: Your account is not hacked though. Those are for certain situations. Was it a Hero Character, with perma death? you: yes and it was not my fault if it was i would have no problem but it not my problem Vlanzhwehza: We have no way of reviving Hero characters once they die. I understand this was not your fault. I am very sorry that these people have nothing better to do than ruin other peoples games. you: well listen my friend you: i been playing this game since day one you: and u telling me because someone !@#$ up yall game yall can't rollback are account you: this would really make me not play no more Vlanzhwehza: I literally do not have the tools to do what you are asking. That is why I am saying I cannot do it. you: so ever if u rollback my account my char is still going to be died! Vlanzhwehza: I understand this is not the answer you want. But I am not able to revive the character. you: ok well done you: im not playing no more you: can i speak to someone higher power? Vlanzhwehza: If that is what you decide, I cannot make you do otherwise. Like I said I am sorry that you had to experience this. you: dude sorry if i was still playing wow yall would of did it no problem you: but because its diablo and perma death is what we have to play with we have no problem we choice to play hc not play hc and get %^-* over because blizzard can't do they jobs Vlanzhwehza: Wow does not have the same options. Your character does not perma death. We are able to undelete a character on wow. you: well done UNDELETE MY CHARACTER is that so hard yall can do whatever yall want i seen it myself you: yall can put character back or remove them Vlanzhwehza: In wow, we can do that. I do not have the tools to revive your Diablo 3 character. I am not able to help in this situation. If there is anything else, I might be able to help out. you: yea how about yall make me a char just like that you: can yall do that? you: yall have the tool to create right Vlanzhwehza: We are not going to recreate your character. We are not able to help in this situation. Once a Hardcore character dies, it cannot be brought back. you: so not yall problemNuke16 Oct 26
Oct 26 Warning to all My friend plays WoW and he said a big patch was implemented today. And he also said that the last few times they launched a big patch or an xpac in wow, Blizzard suffered ddos attacks. Some of you may remember those, they all coincided with WoW changes. So be safe out there, I´m just doing what I think it´s right even though I´m sure 99% of the hc population will not read thisTubs2 Oct 26
Oct 22 LFG for HC season 8 start. Prob rolling Wiz or DH, looking for 3 other folks that want to hit 70 asap when seasons go live. Anyone got a discord for this? Thanks.Nahz17 Oct 22
Oct 21 Starting S8 on a positive note :) Finished an 89 with my DH this AM! Great map and still not at her limit but it is time for S8. Good luck to everyone tonight, I hope to see some old faces come back and play!CyLaNt3 Oct 21
Oct 21 season 8 changes? where is the information for s8 changes?SeattleHawks10 Oct 21
Oct 20 Season 8 starts at 8PM Eastern Time? Why? Why? What is the rationale for starting at 5PM Pacific Time? Eastern Timers, can only play for a few hours, before normal bedtime.. Why do Easterners have to disturb their sleep patterns and not the Pacific timers? (Yes, I know I'm being a bit whiney, but hey, the final debate is over! LOL) Let's start at 12 Noon Eastern Time Saturday!( or a Sunday?), and those who need to can take a day (or a few hours) off work to play! LOLGondorNative2 Oct 20
Oct 20 Poor form Your game crashed on me & when I relogged I find my hardcore toon is dead. Gee thankyou very much, that'll do me. Why play when your site crashes & I get punished for it. I stopped playing before because of your ridiculous auction house. Now it looks like I'll stop again because of buggy gameplay. enjoy, keep your games to yourselves if you can't get the basics of building a stable game rightSpook19723 Oct 20
Oct 20 New to HC Demon Hunter Just wanting some tips for running a DH in HC. Being a Squishy class, is there a certain build that most people run? Wondering what I can do to keep DPS and Survivability balanced. Im at lvl 70, and beginning to gear up, so any advice would be appreciated.MrSynyster9 Oct 20