Feb 1 Blizzrd killing off HC characters Blizzard servers killing off HC characters, Blizzard servers dropping clients and killing off HC characters, game clients being dropped and characters left in game to be slaughtered, what a waste of my time been playing Diablo franchise for 20 years and this is the last straw wasting countless hours to be killed by blizzards obviously outdated equipment or lack of maintenance,Teufelhundun43 Feb 1
Feb 1 I've joined the club Just got killed for the first time. My own fault entirely, playing too late and too tired. Lost some leg gems and a suit of armour. Not the end of the world. He says.Scourge7 Feb 1
Jan 31 Hardcore and Paragon This is my first time making a real run at HC, and it has occurred to me that paragon levels take a lot of the risk out of it. Instead of losing months of work, I lose....my best set of gear. I've got 2 full sets of backups, and if I died tonight, I'd be back to 95% power by tomorrow morning. I'm not exactly running into danger carelessly, but a lot of the risk (and thus excitement) seems to be gone.Judicator5 Jan 31
Jan 29 Today was a good day to die! RIP my Demon hunter AnnaMarie on HC Seasonal. She died while fighting and not to a d/c, so she can rest peacefully. Oh how I wish there were combat logs in this game so I could see exactly what killed her...palatinae11 Jan 29
Jan 29 HC for new player? I'm willing to admit I'm a Diablo noob. I've played around with a few characters to get a feel for the classes, but the highest is level 38. Despite not knowing what I'm doing, the danger and adventure of HC call to me. But is it feasible to jump into hard core without some experience under my belt? Is it better to learn about greater rifts and legendary items and what it means to "push" before I lay it all on the line with a hard core character?Webcatcher8 Jan 29
Jan 27 blizzard killed me When the servers dc'd for a few minutes it was right after a rift guardian spawned when i was at level 65 on my wizard and it killed me. thanks blizzard for not letting me play in offline mode when im playing by my selfUmnip17 Jan 27
Jan 26 Dem Acid Beasts tho Two shot my DH. Ouch. I don't think they were on PTR.Battledude1 Jan 26
Jan 25 How do you decide what content to run? Is there a metric you use to decide where you belong? Do you play it safe, or push it to the limit? I know I play easier content when I first log in, then slowly work my way back up to better stuff, because sleep has made me rusty.Judicator3 Jan 25
Jan 25 How often do you get useable Primals? I have finally found a Primal that my toon can use. I'd say I've found 10 or so primals, and this is the first useable one for me.. (A Skull Grasp on my Barb named Witten) (I also found a chest piece for my dagger DH 'Stabra')GondorNative10 Jan 25
Jan 25 Hardcore Game vs Hardcore players I love playing HC. I would definitely say I am a HC game player but as far as skills I would never call myself a Hardcore player. I am somewhere in the middle. With time sometimes better and other times perhaps below. To me a Hardcore player is one that pushes the boundaries perpetually and has enough time to do that. Whether that is what people call softcore or hardcore[you live only once]. Anyone that can get SOLO over 130 in any class if they are not botting deserves respect and over 110 in the Hardcore selection game possibly even more so. That is a hardcore player to me. As you were.Bassdude0 Jan 25
Jan 23 Higher Greater Rift Levels I seek some advice. So I play a Necromancer, and I'm stuck on G.Rift 52. I can push that maybe 2 or 3 more levels, but that would be my ceiling. Beyond that, I either won't finish on time, or I'll die. I've been trying to augment any Ancient items with at least level 50 gems in order to make my character that much stronger, but ultimately I may end up hitting a steep plateau, not counting finding good replacements for my Ancients. I honestly wonder how one can reach G.Rift 60, or ideally 70 by doing this. It surprises me when people talk about doing rifts at 80+ and I wonder how they got that high, though I realize a vast majority of these players are likely using normal characters, probably taking advantage of the fact they can die with no consequences and simply resurrect. Does anyone have suggestions or tales on how to break through this ceiling and move on to higher levels?Miculobultra2 Jan 23
Jan 21 Laggy? My ping keeps spiking up to 100 ms and higher, and that's only since I came back for this season. I play OW and other games and never break 40 ms, so this is kind of weird that only D3 lags like that. Did they forget to dust the servers?Actua3 Jan 21
Jan 21 Best Cubed Skills for Each Class - and Why I thought it might be helpful to gain a consensus from everyone about what they thought the best legendary skills would be for each class to extract from the cube, and why, with a focus on hardcore players. Since I play the barbarian the most, I can offer my assessment on what I extracted for my barbs: Weapon: Scourge Armor: Ice Climbers Jewelry: Nagelring The reason I took the Scourge legendary effect is because of its incredibly powerful 45% change of slamming 1,800 - 2,000 weapon damage on your enemies with each attack. The Furnace (+50% damage to elites) is another excellent choice. The Ice Climbers legendary effect is also a top choice for the barbarian because the most deadly thing barbarians encounter (besides lag) is high elemental damage (i.e. arcane beams or lightning/electrical) while they are frozen and cannot move or leap away from it. With these boots, which nullify monster cold and immobilization effects, the only thing that can hem the barbarian in is walls. (And as of patch 2.3, monsters cannot cast walls within 3 yards of another wall. See http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/19859662/patch-230-now-live-8-25-2015#monsters for further changes regarding monster abilities). So, getting out of walls should be a lot easier now. As for the jewelry piece, the Nagelring legendary effect spawns a Fallen Lunatic every 10 seconds. Fallen Lunatics are those suicide monsters that run at you and explode for heavy damage. Having those guys on my barbarian's side has to be a big win! But choosing this ring was a tough decision, because the legendary effect on the Oculus ring is nice, too. It creates a circle of 40% increased damage, and as long as the hero stands there, he enjoys this buff. This effect seems more suited to ranged characters, though. Krede's Flame ring (fire damage restores resource (Fury)) might also be a good choice if you don't have Ice Climbers to cube up yet. I didn't see anything among the legendary amulets that my barbarian would want to use in this slot, although some might want to use one of the immunity amulets, such as Countess Julia's Cameo, which grants immunity to arcane damage, plus heals you for 25% of the amount of arcane damage received. I would love to hear what others think about the barbarian's 3 choices, as well as choices for the other classes (and why). ________________________________________________ Galx - Diablo III Forum MVP (Hardcore) MVPs are not Blizzard employees. We're fellow players just like yourself who have been found to be especially helpful in the forums here. For more information, please see: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/4038704716Galx66 Jan 21
Jan 20 Whirling Dervish and Stone Golems Both of these enemy types reflect projectiles and one shot you. These kind of mechanics need to go... They nerfed reflect damage way back when because it wasn't fair... This type of damage is also not fair.... You open a shrine with nemesis and attack, BOOM, proc... and maybe an accidental attack kills you 3 seconds later... I have had so many deaths from these monsters its crazy. Please change these reflects to monsters dmg not player dmg.Raserei19 Jan 20
Jan 19 Error Code 1016 Oh god, I'm scared to log back inJudicator3 Jan 19
Jan 18 P900+ Season 12 HC Monk LF Bounty group Last night I solo'd GR92. I'm looking for some people to run Bounties with in order to gather massive amounts of crafting materials to reroll some gear into better stats so that I can make the push to GR100+. I have zero experience with co-op play, so if you expect me to "know everything" already ... I do not. That being said, if things are explained to me properly, I can follow direction rather well >< I play quite a few hours daily and am ISO people to party up with so that Bounties go faster. I would consider joining "the right Clan" as well. ~Happy Gaming~palatinae7 Jan 18
Jan 18 Warning for Darkening of Tristram Just a reminder that in-game cut scenes do not pause the game. This is can be an issue when you kill Diablo. The cut scene plays, but if there are still any monsters left alive, they will still attack your character and you won't know about it until either the cut scene ends or you die. Make sure to kill any other monster before finishing off Diablo, or reduce the difficulty so that you cannot die while you watch the cut scene.TimberWolf11 Jan 18
Jan 16 Crash GAme Crash R.I.P none enemy attack me....... When this Beta Game will by fixed ?DevilJin8 Jan 16
Jan 13 Rat runs How are rat runs usually conducted in HC compared to SC? 1. Lower GRs 2. More defensive items 3. More defensive rolls Or a combination?Chevastagaz0 Jan 13
Jan 11 That New Hero Smell Am I the only one who feels like every time I have to remake my hero because I died, it feels better and more fun each time? Despite losing good gear. I love Hardcore. Have a great day everyone. :)Wix2 Jan 11
Jan 10 Why Ancestors' Grace is counter-productive When I started playing HC I thought this was a great idea. Like most HC players I have lost a few here and there and started over because those of us that play it regardless of connections or other, simply enjoy the challenge. I have never died while wearing the above HC only amulet. As many of us do, I started to think about "Insurance" as near impossible as that is other than using whatever skills anyone has in developing and choosing their gear, kanai and passives with proc'ing etc. I then realise if you received a great AG amulet it is completely counter-productive as great as the intent of the developer's was. Simply - if it is destroyed, whatever great CHC,CHD damage on it is gone for the remainder of the rift; ~OR~ if you have Vitality on it, your already tenuous position by losing the amulet [which says you have been well and truly killed but resurrected] means you are more likely to to get killed once it is destroyed because your toughness has done a massive drop. Summary: It might well save you in principle, but this is totally reliant on whether you can get out of dodge immediately or not without having elites surrounding all exit strategies.Bassdude5 Jan 10
Jan 8 Forced cut scene just ripped me The forced cut scene at the end of the Darkening of Tristram event killed my character. Bad design. I'm salty.Crowwing1 Jan 8
Jan 7 Please rush me! Hi, I need a power level in HC seasonal if someone please can! -DreamWizard#1825DreamWizard1 Jan 7
Jan 5 RIP my P1100+ HC Monk Error Code 1016 or something or other. She will be missed >< 326 hours played this Season since I came back to D3. Slain by Demonic Hellflyer. I do wish I had died trying to push higher GRs instead of going out like this, but some things are out of my control. I actually thought I would be alive when I came back in after the D/C because it was the rift map where the Warden is in Story Mode - which means you have to walk forward quite a ways to engage enemies ... but I guess I must have been moving forward just as I d/c and just kept walking right into them? 2 Primals gone and a bunch a GG gear. Time to use my back up gear and try again ....palatinae4 Jan 5
Jan 4 Darkening of Tristram I just played Darkening of Tristram with a hardcore level 1 crusader on expert. No twinking and using Ironman rules. It was really fun and felt nigh impossible. Everything moves slowly but OK until the Butcher. Then I felt the terror I felt 20 years ago when I realized I had no chance to beat him. I had found 4 pieces of gear by that point. I was level 9 with 8 dps. Run like mad as always...now with less potion spamming! His attack hit me for 3/4 of my life. Couldn't blind him. Eventually he hit me twice and game over. Fun as hell. The nostalgia was strong.Fantomex10 Jan 4
Jan 3 Ah, had my first death today. This season marks my first foray into playing hardcore (at the behest of a friend of mine). I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. What got me in the end...was my three year old! She wanted to sit on my lap and "play" the game with me. Told her to just hit spacebar since it doesn't do anything. Friend and I get to the end of the rift and I get caught in the laser blast from Orlash and his clones. Tried to dash out but couldn't... ...and only after I died did I notice my daughter had hit enter at some point and started typing stuff out. Whoops. RIP...now it's back to the grind!OhMyItsAPie6 Jan 3
Jan 2 Monk or DH Season 12 speed ranged builds I love ranged lazy builds, and Blizzard gave us tons of choices for next season. The Demon Hunter Multishot and Monk WOL are both super strong choices according to Ryker. Monk might be more useful as you could also use him for support Monk. But I wonder who can do speed T13's faster, WOL and Multi are both fast. What are you guys playing next season.GOLDFARMER23 Jan 2
Jan 2 Gear Swap Runs wanted in Seasonal HC I don't know if this is the correct terminology or not, but what I want to do is: I carry your monk (or possibly DH) and any shinies that I can't use for upgrades, I give to you. Then you carry my xxxxxxxxxxxxx and you do the same. I have a nearly nekked Crusader, Necromancer, Witch Doctor and Demon Hunter in this Season's Hard Core game. My monk is Sunwuko WoL spam and can comfortably carry 2-person party thru GR60+ in around 2.5-3 minutes per run. Let me know here please ... before just randomly adding me as friend in-game because I tend to not accept random invites ><palatinae2 Jan 2
Dec 31 Anyone else already bored of season 12? Tomorrow ends week 3 of season 12, which I suppose is a good amount of time. I was gone for 6 days last week so feels more like end of week 2 for me. But have been bored of season after 1 week. Reached Guardian day 4. Tied my prior season highest clear the same day I think maybe the next day. Did a GR 97 this morning but felt nothing by it. Just feels like a damage creep induced clear. I guess it's 11 GRs higher than what I did in season 10 last time I played this build so I suppose I am about exactly where I was in season 10. But if I have to level one more damn gem I will lose it lol. I really do love this game but can only stand grinding rifts for a couple weeks before I would rather do almost anything else. I knew this going in though. I am happy Blizz buffed sets to make more sets viable and I originally thought I would be psyched to try a different class/build. But honestly the thought of grinding for gear and leveling gems for another character makes me sick haha. Doesn't help I play DH who with upgrade to UE Multishot farms everything so damn fast playing any other character just hurts. Friends basically quit playing as well. Ah well was fun while it lasted.Dukus29 Dec 31
Dec 30 Fastest way to level currently? (HC Player) Returning player here. Been on break since Season 4 ended. Im going to go ahead and assume since it's the start of the season that its to play out the story?OdinPrime7 Dec 30
Dec 29 Rip monk season 12 grift 92 Got the mallet boss in the middle of a narrow path grift. Proc frm its landslide attack but chose to continue fighting. Got sucker punch by those kamikazi armour demon. Guess i should have run like a little girl after i proc.kefta3 Dec 29
Dec 28 Can Blizzard tell ...how a HC Character dies? If so, then there is a chance the character can be brought back if Blizz so chooses in the future. If not, I can understand not bringing back any character at all.BigOrge8 Dec 28
Dec 28 Runtime Error killed me So is it possible to get back my character after getting an runtime error from just going down to a new rift level........... !@#$ my life.KyleZid2 Dec 28
Dec 28 Recent convert I started playing HC for the first time a couple of weeks ago, since the PC/internet/Blizzard began running sweetly after myriad DC's, screen freezes and lock-ups. (I have no idea what changed suddenly, but it did). EU server btw. So I'm P500 and I haven't lost a character yet. I've triggered Awareness 4 times, 3 my fault and once when I was pulled in to an end-of-life explosion. I had already done the season in SC so I've done 3 of the HC conquests and have 4 out of the 6 GR55 sets for the 4th. Just levelling up a monk (or monkess, should that be a nun?) for the other 2. Really enjoyed it, it adds some real intensity to the game, and you need better planning too. Downside is finding enough people to play with, and avoiding the bad people (see other thread). I think I'll run Season 13 in HC, see how I do.Scourge8 Dec 28
Dec 27 It was bound to happen... ... my first dead HC heroine (Level 59 wizard Cora) - but never had I thought I would kill myself, so to speak. She fell to the third shadow clone in the Diablo fight, on Expert. My girl was using the disintegration beam and meteors - so my jaw dropped, when my clones used ice orbs... so it was dodging and healing and hoping for the best - but the third one then got me. At least she did go out fighting the main meanie and not to some connection issue! So all is well and I'll raise a glass in her honor - and to all other fallen... Time to get a new recruit into the fight and do better this time!$ EDIT: typoLynnie3 Dec 27
Dec 27 Playing Alone Hi Guys, I decided to start playing again, since the game has been improved significantly. I play only hardcore and I am level 70, but I can't find any other players. Basically, playing alone all the time. I am playing the master difficult on the adventures mode. Please advise.EpicDeath7 Dec 27
Dec 26 Beware: Instant Lag Death is Back Just like the old days in Diablo. I've been playing hardcore for the past two seasons and Bliz seemed to have fixed that instance where the game would freeze, but somehow continue to run in the background. Then when it unfroze, you were dead. Yes, I've had many instances where the game froze for a bit, but then it continued right where it left off when it froze. So I thought they'd fixed that background lag death thing. Nope! I don't know if it was server lag or lots of people on Christmas Day, but it just happened to my high level very defensive buffed Crusader. Bummer! I guess I / We shouldn't play hardcore for a while!Epithet2 Dec 26
Dec 26 Disconnection I would to thank the staff for once again for the disconnection of my connection while in the middle of a game and killing off yet another hard core character. I know the risk of only 1 life for Hard Core, but at the rate of being disconnected/loss of connection while no lag was showing on the meter, I sometimes wonder if it is not an intentional disconnection on the part of a server making a glitch.Thunder3 Dec 26
Dec 23 Leveling up Do you level up faster in HC? I've gained over 100 P levels today, and not by power leveling, just playing solo and groups normally. Just wondering.Scourge5 Dec 23
Dec 23 Strange one I've just started playing HC and I'm P8, and join a public rift game at hard lvl with another guy my level and a P950. He finishes the rift for us and we get our stuff. Then he leaves and invites us into another game where he's changed the difficulty to T13 and says it's safe. So I leave, thinking he's trying to kill us. Is there any other assumption to make? Do players try to get HC noobs killed for fun?Scourge14 Dec 23
Dec 23 New Hardcore New Hardcore (Diablo,Gothic,Sudden Strike Mix)Im renegade Starcraft II Diamond 4vs4 https://www.epicwar.com/maps/277353/ Some one said humans are weak. Me think it will be great challenge for HC players. GL@HF Humans winners send me replay PLZ or Picture with stats on the end. (Casualties) I have no battlenet for Warcraft so im unable to Test it:-/ ThxMasakrul2 Dec 23
Dec 21 So you think you can GR60 in 3 minutes? (S12) Season: 12 Paragon: 735 Class: Barbarian (Hardcore) Greater Rift (Solo): 60 Time: 3 minutes Skills: Wrath of the Berserker (Insanity) Whirlwind (Blood Funnel) Ignore Pain (Bravado) Overpower (Crushing Advance) War Cry (Veteran's Warning) Battle Rage (Bloodshed) Passives: Ruthless Nerves of Steel Weapons Master Boon of Bul-Kathos Rampage Kanai's Cube: The Furnace Chilanik's Chain Skull Grasp Gems: Esoteric Alteration Gogok of Swiftness Bane of the Stricken Gear: Wrath of the Wastes (6) Bul-Kathos's Oath (2) Pride of Cassius (6 seconds) Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac Convention of Elements Hellfire Amulet Nemesis Bracers Details... Strength: 8014 Vitality: 4285 Offense... Attacks per Second: 1.69 Critical Hit Chance: 46% Critical Hit Damage: 426% Area Damage: 92% Cooldown Reduction: 57.91% Physical Damage Increase: 20% Whirlwind Damage Increase: 14% Defense... Armor: 17145 Lowest Resistance: 658 Melee Damage Reduction: 6% Thorns: 5768 Life... Maximum Life: 600k Life per Second: 18.9k Life per Hit: 8k Globe Radius: 11 Adventure... Movement Speed: 25% Notes: Flawless Royal Diamond in Helm Flawless Royal Ruby in Chest Armor/Pants Flawless Royal Emerald in Weapon Other Notes: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (2018)!Sherwin4 Dec 21
Dec 20 Is there a list 4 BiS items 4 Gem of Ease? Like most of you, I find myself sharding legendary after legendary. While stockpiling Forgotten Souls has it's perks, I wonder what items I should maybe watch out for. Rather than gain 3x Forgotten Soul from xxxx Ancient Item, should I hold onto it for a future leveling alt? I know many (most) of you have logged more hours than I and have more wisdom in this area, so I thought I would ask if anyone has a list or knows of one. I did some brief googling, but most results were a couple-several years old. Unless otherwise told, I would be seeking items that can be equipped by any class. Thankspalatinae13 Dec 20
Dec 19 Random freezing anyone els having random 5-10 sec freezing problem with the gameMaikel4 Dec 19
Dec 18 HC newbie questions Hi! My main toons are softcore, but I want to explore HC a bit. A few dumb questions as a beginner: (1) I only freed up one character slot for my HC toon. If this toon dies, will all my HC progress be wiped out? I.e., will my mats, stashed items, campaign progress (finished campaign so that I can start in adventure mode), etc. be gone? (2) I think paragon level, cash, and artisan levels are kept, but please correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks!churinga7 Dec 18
Dec 15 T13 Goldwrap T13 Goldwrap. Second time I've died speed running with goldwrap on Ulliana monk. Any tips? This time I got killed by a blood spring...RushaDuke4 Dec 15
Dec 13 Lots of death this season, need tougher build I love Diablo and have been a loyal gamer since D1 in 1998. But this season I seem to be dying alot, due to higher GR and speed builds for bounties, (I hate Mathael) Since I lost my Monk with two primal weapons, I need to rebuild and was thinking of a tougher class that could survive better. The old sader thorns build was good and could survive lag spikes, but thorns is no longer viable for pushing anymore. Maybe a pet WD build? What do you guys thinkGOLDFARMER6 Dec 13
Dec 13 Repost from technical forum: Death and d/c Got an in-game error while playing less than an hour ago and lost my HC seasonal, customer support recommended I post here to see if it was a widespread disconnection issue or just me. It was error 1001 or something and after I got it I was unable to get back into D3 for a few minutes. I had to totally leave the launcher and relogin to the launcher before it would let me back into the game. Kept hanging on 'authenticating credentials'. So now I'm out my H/C seasonal toon (what an inglorious death), did this happen to anyone else?Cee3 Dec 13
Dec 11 Guess who's back Hope you guys have been doing good. 6 months since I played. Are the peeps still around? Off for a week and have just completed a new pc build to coincide with my week off. No idea if the game has changed in any way that would be appealing. Tempted to try out necro. But maybe will try out destiny 2 instead. Idk. But I will log in to play with the old vanguard if you guys are still here. And catch up. Hoping to hear from you guys. PS: woah I was away long enough that my profile became unavailable for viewing. This a new thing? Looks like I'll have to log back in to d3 ;) Regards, H4mzH4mZ2 Dec 11
Dec 11 Help! New! Where do I start? I have everything except the Necromancer. I love the idea of the HC character. I've played some on my xb1 with it but I want to know, where the heck do I start?SuperMage1 Dec 11