Feb 27 You aren't hardcore enuff posers! DIE for HC! You aren't hardcore enuff posers! DIE for HC! Now get busy dying or trying! Go! The Huffington Post: A teenager died at an Internet cafe in Taiwan after reportedly playing the videogame “Diablo 3” for 40 hours straight. IGN: A 32-year old man called __________, was found dead by his landlord after a three-day marathon of Diablo III. According to the report, he suffered a heart attack while playing Diablo 3's addictive loot-fest. Apparently, he lead a pretty relaxed lifestyle, and was hard pressed to use his gym membership or get some exercise. DrBlood: Gaming for extended periods of time without breaks to walk around, excersize can lead to a blood clot developing in the leg which can travel up to your lungs and heart. Remember to get up once every hour bros and walk around, pet your dog, feed your fish, or take a walk, or or or get off your lazy butts and do some house chores you slackers! Sincerely, Your friendly Lunatic, The World's Greatest Troll An Evil conspiracy theorist, Infowars / PrisonPlanet "Master" Norman Bates History of the name: Actiq bestowed upon me the grand title of Norman Bates. Keystone1 bestowed upon me the extra grand title of "Master"SubRosa5 Feb 27
Feb 26 3.5 Roland vs Hammerdins in HC? So in the PTR I've been playing a crusader. I noticed in the SC leaderboards Heart of Light (hammerdin) is the set that's absolutely dominating, with people in the 90s. Yet playing HoL vs Roland (even with better HoL gear than Roland gear IMO) I'm finding that, in the 70s of GR, Roland is extremely stable and easy to survive, while hammerdin is procing all the time. This is even when using unity with hammers and not with Roland. There are three main reasons Roland is so much more survivable. The obvious one its quick reduction of the iron skin and aura cooldowns, whereas with hammers, even using obsidian ring, the cooldown reductions aren't enough to keep the defensive skills up. Secondly, Roland has no wrath demand at all, so you barely ever need to use taunt, allowing the obsidian cooldown reductions to affect Akarat far more often. Whereas the hammerdin has to use taunt all the time, taking away from the Akarat cooldown and making it much harder to keep up permanently. The third reason is that the hammerdin's main damage reduction set bonus takes up an extra skill slot (falling sword) whereas Roland's DR bonus is simply gained by using your main attack. The PTR HC leaderboards seem to reflect this. I mean, hammerdins are still mostly at the top (myself being one of the few exceptions here) but it barely scratches 70. (Of course I readily acknowledge that this might just be an issue of small sample size, since people don't tend to be willing to go so far into the PTR.) Will Roland be the dominant one in HC, as opposed to SC? I know that hammerdins get far more potential damage boost (as I've seen personally, to great effect) and is far more reliable against bosses. So perhaps the best results will still be the hammerdins who are good enough to dodge most of the damage.Bottle5 Feb 26
Feb 26 What's going on this season? Is population down? Did I just get a lot better? I mean I definitely spent a lot more time on the game so maybe that's all it takes? Never been on leader boards before this season and now I have 3 chars on the boards all top 250 (well idk WD probably closer to 300 at this point) with 1 in top 100. I figured HC seasonal it was probably never a huge deal to get on the boards but was still difficult for my casual self. But now being paragon 850 it seems pretty damn easy to at least do GR70s and get like top 200-300. Maybe the real test of "skill" will be when necro is released as that is probably the patch a lot of veterans will come back and take the game seriously? I want to feel like a got good at the game but part of me feels the game is just super easy these days and I just happened to invest a lot of time into it. Actually that feels like the only real explanation. Not sure why I waste time thinking about these things just curious what you veterans who have played the game for a few seasons think.Dukus6 Feb 26
Feb 26 M6 DH HC hi......I just want to know is focus/restraint or compass/travelers pledge better for pushing higher grifts for m6 grenades dh in hc......thank you allSally2 Feb 26
Feb 25 It is HARDCORE It's HARDCORE. Gettin pretty tired of every third post here people crying and begging to have their character that died revived. Boo Fricken Hoo. Dont play hardcore you special little snowflakes if you cannot accept the concept of losing/dying. Dont play hardcore if you have a crap computer and/or a crap internet connection. Dont push higher difficulty or rifts that your not equipped for then beg to blizzard to get revived. Stick to softcore if you cant handle a death. Learn from your mistakes. Die a glorious death in battle and we will raise our glass and drink to your death.ShogunRob7 Feb 25
Feb 24 Going big or going home So after a little time off I was looking at my characters and realized my 2nd DH - M6 - was full ancients just sitting there not being used. After some consideration I figured its time to start the gem leveling and augmentation process. I am planning to spend a couple hours a night the next this week dedicated to augmenting and going for the GR 80+ once the whole process is complete. With my luck I will probably die on my first attempt getting used to the build, but figure I got the gear why not put in a few more hours and give it a try? In my mind I have taken my UE6 Mulishot DH as far as I can without pretty much doubling my hours played to try and improve it a little (more or less just gaining paragon levels). I thought I was going to call it quits but now I see a chance to take my high of a GR 79 and turn into 80. I am not a huge fan of the M6 cluster bomb build but figure if some of my scrub friends/guild mates can do GR78 + with half ancient gear and hardly any augments then I can do the same with fully augmented Ancient gear. Guess I will either succeed or lose my character trying but seems like a nice way to get another fun week out of season 9. Hell maybe I will find some perfect rolled ancients for my UE6 DH while leveling and can improve its gear as well.Dukus6 Feb 24
Feb 24 Uhhh? can i have my crusader back? Battle.net just went down for me and made me lose my crusader, can you restore her please? was doing farming content not even progressing, and i was in the top30 on hardcore seasonal. This is bullsh!t that i died b/c of something on your side. I still had internet connection and havent had any lag today, so it had to be from your side and i dont think its fair for me to lose a char to something like that.Ravyn13 Feb 24
Feb 24 I really like the forced change HC can bring I started the season only playing WD. Besides my bad SC Wiz I never really put in time into any other class besides WD. What really brought me back and into this game this season was playing Jade Harvester set (free from season gift), which was the only WD set I had never used back when I used to play in season 4. So after a couple weeks of playing that and getting to the point of farming T13 I lost 2 Jade WDs. But it was nice in my mind because I was getting sick of the build anyways. Then I tried Helltooth /garg WD didn't really like it so I started playing DH. Got really into DH and spent rest of my season playing that. I did eventually lose my pet WD but didn't really care. I had my fun and now I am so over playing WD. Its nice in a way. It forced me to focus all my time on DH and now I have two full ancient DH's. I am at the point with them now where I enjoy them but I have had my fun so when/if I lose them I will just shrug and be forced to either change builds (for fun purposes) or try a new class. I like to group my time played/experience per character. I had my fun with my WDs, now I have had my fun with my DHs and assuming I play in the future I look forward to whatever journey that character/class brings. I like the whole farewell sendoff HC can bring. Anyone else feel the same way?Dukus2 Feb 24
Feb 23 Need help pushing 65+ gr bats WD HC wd questions for pushing 65+ So I have killed like 4-5 wds in the last week XD. I'm bad I know. So I would like to not do that this time. Here are some questions I have but first some background I like to play in groups of 2-4 with my clan and sometimes solo. I killed A WD I soloed 62 with ease and did a duo 64 and bit it in 65. I have both gearing and rotation question First - coils of the first spider + cubed 6% reduction per stack bracers vs cubed mantel of channeling + wearing the 6% bracers. Im using coils and when pushing frequently see my hp dip and hop back up is this from the LoH or is my 4p set just making it look like it's my LoH? If my issue is not dying are the coils possible better considering I'm not having damage issues at the levels I'm dying at? Damage vs ehp in general is esoteric alteration the way to go or should I be using all damage gems? Do I want to prioritize getting firbat damage rolls on things like my helm over something like vitality? How are the 70+ bats wds doing thier rotation? I'm currently going hex on cd preferable on mobs heading to me using my SW to stack the harvest then tap pestilence a few times shooting haunt at elites then holding firbats down? Restacking the harvest and toad as they come. Should I be saving the initial spirt walk for after I take damage or is it ok to prevent the intial damage to get stack? What gems item combos / numbers in mitigation should I be looking to Hit? What are my best bets for party options? My clan is small but has pretty much all classs ATM but monk. Thanks for any help in advance hc wds let's keep mox number 6 alive !Mox3 Feb 23
Feb 23 The story of my first HC chacacter. It was probably not the best idea to make a HC character after taking a break from the game for so long. Last time I played was only for about a month from the day of launch. I stopped because I didn't like the AH. Well long story short I made a new character to try out seasons and said ah while I am at it I may as well try out hardcore too. Well all went well till around level 30 when I learned you could increase the difficulty without having to completely beat the game first and I breezed through act 1 so I upped the difficulty and changed over to adventure mode to try it out. That went ok till level 40 when I ran into my first adventure mode boss. Got him down to about half life then was pretty much two shotted. He jumped on me taking my health down to a sliver and stunned me at the same time. Then cast a quick fire spell on me and I was gone. :( Was fun while it lasted.VincentCross6 Feb 23
Feb 23 Armory Patch 2.5... oh my god finally. Took you long enough Blizzard.... No more alts for gear swap. I may have to play season 10. How is everyone? your pal, goatSwordtheGOATsword1 Feb 23
Feb 23 Looking to add Australians! Hi peeps, I'm not racist, just looking to play with 50ping :> Dont mind whether you're already in a clan or not. I play every night. Ryoka#1646Ryoka18 Feb 23
Feb 23 Idea for a new content PRESSURE COOKER 1. Have a dungeon(s) where there is a moving spike wall that is impassible that starts moving at a certain pace to begin with, but the longer you are in there, the wall begins to catch up to you moving faster until of course it either kills you or you kill yourself trying to keep out of reach of it unless you complete the dungeon by killing it's Rift Guardian. Think Greater Rift on Steroids, but with loot drops like a Nephalim Rift too with an extra twist. 2. Also have no way to exit or teleport out of the dungeon thus increasing the excitement and fear! Like conquer or perish in a no quarter fight. 3. Have the difficulty able to be set at variables in increases just like a GR also. 4. Also have a disclaimer dialogue box pop up warning that there is no escape from the dungeon and that certain death is imminent if not prepared with a ok or cancel button. 5. Have the rewards be absolutely phenomenal like double the chances of getting ancient gear then normal rifts or greater rifts. That would be so sick and cool! :-) Call it the Pressure Cooker., Signed, An evil conspiracy theorist, Infowars / Prisonplanet Norman BatesSubRosa8 Feb 23
Feb 23 Looking for more for Speed Racer conquest Add me if you have TeamSpeak and are interested in grouping up. demoncherub#1840DemoNCheruB1 Feb 23
Feb 23 well that just happened http://imgur.com/a/BpkOV that was unexpectedLuciero8 Feb 23
Feb 22 Ok Here is what we do Go back to ancient ancients (original primal ancient idea) but make them rare, like really rare. Then make all items and all sets drop for all classes. For instance if playing barb, dh monk wd sorc gear drops while you farm. You have chance of finding end game gear while farming for each class. Then bring back trading. D2 style. Would extend the life of seasons and would create player interaction. Thoughts?KingDave6 Feb 22
Feb 22 To the DC Beast Did you enjoy last night's dinner? Sweet, succulent DH meat with slowly simmered augmented ancients served mob style over a GR70? Mmmm. Gooooood. But really man... "Your client has been inactive too long and disconnected" was the only thing you said to me. It hurts me man. RIGHT. HERE. I don't feel appreciated. Don't get me wrong... I thoroughly enjoyed preparing the meal for you. All those hours spent in the kitchen tweaking, twisting, her gear until the flavor was just right. And then when it was matured to perfection and she was running around blasting and blowing through mobs left and right right at the peak of her activity and *ding* *ding* *ding*. Dinner was served. The timing was perfect. But no love. Next time man, give me a nod or wink at least. A thumbs up even. Some kind words would really go a long way. I know you enjoyed it. Which is why I'm cooking you another one. But show me some love man next time. Love.EmmetOtter10 Feb 22
Feb 22 Riplash II: The Empire Rips Back It seemed like a lifetime ago Hex the Immortal had killed a brother of my order in a stunning ambush. In his honor I had trained harder, I was stronger, and I was determined to learn from him. I had joined up with several other adventures. They were determined to attack the 60th Circle of Hell. “This is beyond you,” whispered my inner voice. I cast it aside, refusing to give in to fear and doubt, and pushed on with my companions. As we made our way into the 60th Circle of Hell, we found demons more horrific than I had ever seen. And we killed them by the dozens. I had trained hard in the art of the Exploding Palm. Flashing from room to room, corridor to dark corridors, I ignited horde after horde with a flurry of precise blows. In my wake the smallest spark set off chain reactions that sent explosions cascading across the battlefield. The gods strike through me. I knew I was pushing myself to the limit, but we were emerging victorious. I allowed myself to hope for more than glory. We were going to be fine. Rejoining my companions, we turned to face another legion of Hell’s minions. I set upon their Lieutenant, but it was a trap. As my fist connected with his scaly disfigured hide, jolts of electricity shot through my arm and seared my body from the inside out. With my last ounce of strength I flashed away to the rear guard as the demon laughed maniacally. My companions closed rank and continued the assault. I examined my wounds. Even though I had trained and prepared for a near death experience, I needed time to recover. As my allies brought the Lieutenant down shrieking in demonic agony, the demon General emerged. “ENOUGH” he bellowed in anger. His booming voice sent his lesser demon soldiers shrinking away in fear, disappearing into the shadows. Stonesinger. His massive rocky form towered above us. My allies wasted no time and set upon him. Swords crashed and the air hissed and crackled with lightning as my companions engaged the fearsome General. I was eager to rejoin them but I knew I could not withstand another near death experience for a few seconds. But it was only a few seconds. Four. I rallied myself on the outskirts of the battle. Three. I readied my spirit and cloaked myself in desert shroud. Two. Suddenly the Stonesinger lost all interest in my companions. He turned to me and charged. In an instant his massive stone boot was over me, and all time seemed to slow to a crawl. My allies looked on in horror, as his crushing weight descended on me, I heard that inner voice again -the whisper from before. Only this time it was louder and clear. In my last moments terror gripped my heart as I realized it wasn’t my inner voice at all. It was dark, and slow, and heavy now. The whispering voice had belonged to another all along: “No one… can stop death...”Lash10 Feb 22
Feb 21 First time on seasonal leader board! Been playing seasons off and on, and this season I finally decided to try for a leader board spot. I'm low, but I'm on! That is all =)Shotokann9 Feb 21
Feb 21 Can't seem to clear grift 70 solo Yea lol. Just recently avoided death trying to push a level 70 grift with my UE6 multishot dh. I see others with pretty much the same build on the solo ladder, yet I procced Awareness to a normal charging monster from full health. It scared a little pee out of me. With unity and elusive rings equipped I'm much tankier but not doing enough damage to clear the rift in 15 minutes. I was actually like a couple minutes ahead of the timer when I procced but then I ran and hid, and then I decided I wasn't going to beat this rift tonight. I guess I am just not strong enough :( Currently running 1.9mil dps base, 575k life, 2.2k all res.megamanx9010 Feb 21
Feb 21 So you think you can rank Top 30? (Season 9) Class: Barbarian (Hardcore) - Guardian Paragon: 906 Rank 30: Greater Rift 79 (Solo) Strength: 15337 Profile: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Sherwin-6277/hero/85487537 Details... Offense: Cooldown Reduction: 59.42% Physical Damage Increase: 40% Defense: Armor: 31102 Resistance: 1368 Thorns: 350312 Life: Maximum Life: 1030888 Life per Second: 40529 Life per Hit: 30432 Adventure: Movement Speed: 25% Gear... Legacy of Nightmares (Set) Leoric's Crown (Diamond) Aquila Cuirass (Diamond) Depth Diggers (Diamond) Oathkeeper (Topaz) Hack (Topaz) Hellfire Amulet - Nerves of Steel Pride of Cassius - 6 Seconds Death Watch Mantle St. Archew's Gage Illusory Boots Sanguinary Vambraces Bottomless Potion of Regeneration Skills: Frenzy (Maniac) Wrath of the Berserker (Insanity) Ignore Pain (Iron Hide) Overpower (Crushing Advance) War Cry (Impunity) Threatening Shout (Demoralize) Passives (Ruthless, Berserker Rage, Tough as Nails, Relentless) Kanai's Powers: Bastions's Revered Chilanik's Chain Convention of Elements Gems (Rank 80): Bane of the Stricken Bane of the Trapped Boyarskys's Chip Notes: Just have enough time to reach Top 30 today on Barbarian leaderboard. Feels like Superstition or Esoteric Alteration is needed to push higher. It all comes down to requiring more Strength and a good density map. The Ancient Hack I'm using seems to be on the lower scale of damage (79%).Sherwin7 Feb 21
Feb 21 Riplash Well. FFFFFFFFFF. Just had my first HC death. Wow. Paragon 366, got my set, got some gems, feeling pretty good, get a little cocky so I'm doing TX even though it's a little iffy but I'm not procing or anything. I see the shrine, I hesitate, well I'm wearing the Nems so don't want to let the group down, touch it and.... BEEEEEES BEEEEES EVERYWHERE Electric. !@#$ing. Bees. I proc and die before I even know what happened. RIP Lash. Damn you Hex the Immortal. "I have fought countless times, yet I've never met an adversary who would offer me what HC players call A Beautiful Death. I can only hope with all Hell's warrior gathered against us, there might be one down there who's up to the task." Hex the Immortal. He was up to the task.Lash23 Feb 21
Feb 20 1st hardcore 70 Barb Managed to get my hardcore barb to 70 by completing the campaign. Now....to stay alive... I see a lot of build guides, but not nearly as many for hardcore, especially without gear. Any recommendations? Also, without any legendaries and only played at Expert difficulty, is there any rule of thumb to difficulty for Master and then Torrent I? I never really felt threatened in ACT V, just at the end I could have died if I tried hard to.mcshame8 Feb 20
Feb 20 RNG calculator broken? Is it me or does Season 9 really imbalance on RNG. I have found 10 Restraint rings, and 0 Focus rings and we are at 3/4 way through the season. Additionally, some other items I end up with as 7:1 ratio. This seems highly imbalance, and yet I see others with these set(s). Does anyone else see this? And don't say that is just the name of the game. That would be a load of Sh*t, because I've never experienced this in previous seasons.NewtonsLaw16 Feb 20
Feb 20 Client crashed. Logged in dead So I was doing a rift and the client froze up and stopped responding. When I logged back in, my character was dead. Is there any way to reverse this? Because this is not cool.Genesis14 Feb 20
Feb 20 So you think you have a Need for Speed? (S9) Difficulty: Torment 10 Class: Barbarian (Hardcore) Paragon: 961 Strength: 11396 Hero Profile: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Sherwin-6277/hero/85442572 What can you do with this build? Help others achieve Need for Speed. Help others achieve Stars Align. Help kill goblin packs. Complete GR45 solo within 2 minutes. Power-level others in T6, etc. Gear... Wrath of the Wastes (6) -1 Bul-Kathos's Oath (2) Mantle of Channeling Pride of Cassius (6 seconds) Nemesis Bracers Hellfire Amulet (Boon of Bul-Kathos) Skull Grasp Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac Bottomless Potion of Regeneration Skills... Wrath of the Berserker (Insanity) Whirlwind (Wind Shear) Ignore Pain (Bravado) Sprint (Run Like the Wind) War Cry (Veteran's Warning) Battle Rage (Bloodshed) Passives (Ruthless, Nerves of Steel, Unforgiving, Rampage) Kanai's Powers... In-geom Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan Ring of Royal Grandeur (replace shoulders or pants) Gems... Bane of the Powerful (Bane of the Stricken for GR60+) Pain Enhancer Taeguk Notes: It is possible to complete Torment 13 or Greater Rift 60 with this build, but you may want to make a few changes for more damage and defense. Maintain 3 to 4 million DPS while you kill. 77% Critical Hit Chance with Wrath of the Berserker and Battle Rage. Critical Hit Damage is 400%+. Cooldown reduction is 54.3% Resistances around 70%. Life is 600k+. Diamond in Helmet for cooldown reduction to skills. Diamonds or Rubies in Chest Armor and Pants. No Augments in gear. Other Notes: My Thorns Barbarian has already completed GR80 solo, but runs slow.Sherwin0 Feb 20
Feb 19 The closest Call So i was doing a solo T10 rift this morning on my LoN ltk monk (not hugely well geared). I notice that something seems a bit off damage wise so i click a chest to see if i'm lagging.... oh great, chest doesn't open... Then i make the move that saves my life, as soon as the chest doesn't open i hit esc (pause) sure enough theres about 5 secs of nothing then the screen catches up to the pause. When the game catches up, there are two white mobs near me, near death experience has procced and i have the tiniest sliver of life left. I take a minute, catch my breath, then hit esc to unpause, immediately use a health pot, one-shot kill the two mobs and port back to town. I've lost quite a few characters, to both dc, and to gameplay, but i don't think i've ever had a call as close as that! TL:DR; Escape is your friend! Hit it (in a solo game) as soon as you sense something wrong!Kintana6 Feb 19
Feb 19 Mathmetician please help! I am trying to squeeze more dps out of UE set. For rings I am torn between Stone of Jordan with its 10 points to discipline (40% more E.D per point). Or Focus and Restraint (50% and 50%). F&R seems to offer 100% while SoJ offers 400% (if I understand that correctly)... its a no brainer... but I'm a bit confused.. I think I am getting through rifts faster with F&R : / Am I misunderstanding something here? Could someone break the math down in order, step by step with my stats? -1,800 to 2,900 weapon damage -skill damage: Multishot 360% of weapon damage -12,000 dexterity -500% CHD - ...the rings?? I would so much appreciate help here.. I am 3 days over this.. gonna lose my mind O_oVykinG16 Feb 19
Feb 16 @Bryan Hop on tonite so we can talk and if you have time play. I should be on 8PM EST onward. Will be on sporadically before then if you can't get on after 8. Just let me know when you are available and I'll try to be online. Thanks, SharkShark4 Feb 16
Feb 16 Why am I not showing up on leaderboard? Completed a 66 on my HC S9 Monk today. I can see the rank in game but not on the website. Kinda lame IMOmarmoset15 Feb 16
Feb 16 Another WD down this season Hopped on my Helltooth/Pet WD last night after spending the last 3ish weeks only playing DH. Figured I had room to improve on my highest GR as a WD as my personal best was only a 71. Jumped into a 72 and everything was going smooth until I got to the rift guardian. I saw "Perdition" and knew I was in trouble. I just.... can't fight that rift guardian as a WD. I used spirit walk for whatever reason before the fight even started so it was down the first time he tped to me and yup... auto proc. I tried to run since I am a coward like that he and hunted me down and killed me lol. I deserve it though for fighting so poorly and running. Anyway, 3rd WD I lost this season. I honestly felt no emotions as I have been over WD for awhile. I was only sad because all I have now is my full ancient/augment 120 hour played UE multishot DH and my brand new !@#$ty crusader. Yea... I have a ton of backup gear for my DH so I could play some other builds. I am honestly just tired of leveling gems at this point. Probably at the end of my season 9. Ah well has been a blast and I look forward to jumping back into the game for season 10. As of last night I was still #95 on DH leader boards! (like 290 on WD). A nice improvement for me as I had never been on the boards before until this season. Paragon 840 with 3 deaths. Not terrible.... but room to improve.Dukus2 Feb 16
Feb 16 Paragon/Torment Im P150 doing T7 and I see people who are paragon 450 in T4. Whats going on? They are just rolling through stuff like they are playing Mario. Someone care to explain?RushaDuke15 Feb 16
Feb 16 Possible Bug vs Sand Dwellers ALERT Copying this from a thread i had in crusader forum. Link to original thread: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/19072338197?page=1#6 Update: I got a new sader up and rolling, and I am RAGING right now at the NEAR DEATH i just experienced in t10 vs those same damn SAND DWELLERS. Has to be a bug. It's probably their reflect. No screen shot ( i was busy pooping my pants to think of that) but on TWO occasions here is what happened: Facing at least two sand dwellers Akarats definitely up Falling sword defensive 100% up on at least one occasion though probably 2 spamming hammers at mobs >75% health and healing quite a bit from life per wrath spent INSTANT akarats prophet proc, and invulnerability passive proc. INSTANT. They do hit hard but shouldnt be instant like that. I am positive there is some kind of reflect damage bug with sand dwellers potentially vs hammers.HungryJ23 Feb 16
Feb 14 Yesterday Yesterday...Just a phone call during HardCore play. Casted 'Tele' and walked away...Oh, I believe in Yesterday. Suddenly, what's that on my computer screen.. There's a monster hanging over me. Oh, Yesterday came suddenly. Why I answered the phone? I don't know, I couldn't say. I said, "Something's wrong..." Now I long for yesterday. Rip farming demon hunter. You won't be missed. In another unrelated event. I joined the cow level (with friends) and hit alt tab while waiting to start. I hear on voice chat that my monk was slain...killed off my grift 70 clear sunwoko monk QQ.Audaylon11 Feb 14
Feb 14 HC Death on Log In I logged into game and my character was dead, I played him this morning and haven't logged in since. And I'm HC so I won't get anything from it but WTF, says I died to a grotesque but I logged out in town. Some one please have give me some sort of explanation.SexyPoptart8 Feb 14
Feb 14 Looking for feedback on my WW barb I have most of the stuff, I think. Just missing 1 sword from the other set (one with stacking DR) What else should I do/change/reroll for GR progress? I'm new to barb this season and the char is 2 days old so any feedback is appreciated. P.S. I feel like i'm playing a tornado simulatorToq10 Feb 14
Feb 14 Seventy one I've killed 71 level 60 and level 70 characters in HC. Does anyone else dare to post in this thread? This website will show you all of your fallen heroes: Diablo3ladder.com Proof of my killing prowess: http://www.diablo3ladder.com/battletag/VeePow-1555/heroes.html#navVeePow33 Feb 14
Feb 13 Days Past Looking back from a Barb's perspective... In Season 1 the barb had no "cheat death passive". In Season 1 there was no cube, no haedrigs gift, no "free" GR keys. Death meant weeks, if not more, of regearing to get back to the same level. Loot was epic, well at least meant a whole lot more then. Dropping an ancient furnace was amazing! Not saying that everything was better back then. There were of course the Nephalem Trials. Quite possibly the most boring and ridiculously unbalanced system ever introduced, not to mention the most hated. But the game certainly wasn't easy back then. Nowadays its about how much time you can put in the game. The paragon is out of control, players are basically "outgearing" the content through paragon. You "hunt" loot through Kadala and the cube and not by actually playing the content and having it drop in game. You proc pushing a GR? Eh just back out and open a new one. The game can become too easy if you have enough time to put in. The cheat death passives imo, have hurt HC the most. It has really taken the fear out of the game. There have been very few cases where I have proc'd and would not have been able to get out or to a safe place to wait, if I chose to do so. Unfortunately, the way the game is designed with the one shot mechanics they have become a necessity even in normal mode. When I was pushing GRs in Season 1 it was intense. Every time I opened a GR it could have been my last. I was so nervous when pushing for the top of the leaderboard. I had to put talcum powder on my hands cause they were sweating so much. After hitting Rank 2 it took me at least an hour to calm my nerves. It was just extreme excitement and adrenaline high! I hit #2 on the Friday of the last weekend of Season 1 and later got passed by a few others and dropped to Rank 5, would have kept going but didn't have any more keys to go higher:( But to my point, I only get that feeling once in a while now. With the cheat death passive, I only get the feeling for about 30s- 1min depending on how long it lasts for a given class and that's only if I've chosen to fight through it and not flee. Imagine the panic, excitement, nerves you feel when you fight through the passive timer. Now imagine playing an entire GR with that feeling... Game is still fun, I'm still here, but man the excitement from playing HC just isn't the same as it used to be.Shark11 Feb 13
Feb 13 Disconnection Protection Why doesn't Blizzard have dc protection? I know this is an old subject but I have never seen an answer. Total BS to lose a HC toon cause my pc decides it wants to update without my permission.DarkxGaming16 Feb 13
Feb 13 Looking for groups/new friends Hi again guys and girls, I have just today finished Slayer on my crusader (first time yay) and was keen to see if anyone wanted to group to do stuff, I don't know if I'm ready to go to T10 yet for the champion one, but I can do T7 greater rifts in about 7minutes atm. I'm using the Invoker thorns set (feel free to check my profile and offer any advice too, I'm open to constructive criticism) and was wondering if people were around my "level" and looking to group, or where I look to find some people to smash faces with. Cheers, RumjunkieRumjunkie10 Feb 13
Feb 12 Looking for HC clan and groups looking for a mature HC clan. I am a long time player active on the weekends. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/BlastFamous-11363/hero/83770071BlastFamous1 Feb 12
Feb 12 Finally died P 826 zero death streak ends. I finally died for the first time this season at a whopping paragon 826 zero deaths streak across all of my characters. The usual suspect to have ended the streak? My Whirlwind barb caught in a disconnect whilst farming speed 50s solo. I was cruising along for about 7 speed runs with a good Australian clan mate, and then he got wife aggro and had to go cuddle with popcorn and netflix leaving subby all alone. His last words before we parted company were "You should go to bed man, get some sleep." Such prophetic words they were, I should've heeded his counse, but like a fool, I thought I would never die this season and proceeded to speed solo. What a fatal mistake. I swear Whirlwind barbs cannot withstand a single disconnect at all. What a completely worthless build compared to a LON sader for solo. such unglorious deeds to the usualy suspects of overconfidence and the DC. peace :-PSubRosa12 Feb 12
Feb 12 LF2M 80+ HC season GR grind LF2M for 80+ grinds. Have a top 10 solo DH and a top 30 wd or can zdps barb. 9pm EST.FreeSkies0 Feb 12
Feb 12 Should have fought to the death But I ran instead :((. I am in a competition with clan mates trying to see who can do the highest GR as DH. Top currently is at 79 and my highest is a 78. On like my 5th attempt I got to rift guardian with almost 2 mins remaining. When guardian was about 65% I proc'd. Instead of fighting I ran and due to losing a minute I did not complete the rift in time. Now I have been fishing for rifts and tried many more times and can't get to the guardian with that much time remaining. Hindsight 20/20. Now I wish I would have fought it to the death. If I lost, would have been a glorious death. And if I survived, would have made it that much sweeter. Might have to take a couple days off. The thought of trying another 79 right now is just too damn frustrating.Dukus1 Feb 12
Feb 11 SAD SAD GAME Sigh I lost two hardcore monks today after stupid app hang error. The program Diablo III64.exe version stopped interacting with Windows and was closed. log back in to a dead character. i just lose my first set and my back up set. I HAVE NOTHING NOW!Issac3 Feb 11
Feb 11 Primal Anicents? Primal Ancients seems a bit too much RNG to be fun IMO. I'd rather get another gear slot (like sunglasses) that improves build diversity what say you D3 HC?marmoset20 Feb 11
Feb 11 Blue ghoost folowing the monk ??? Playing monk on harcore seasonal , Ho is that blue ghost follow me around? can not get rid of him! his not apaering in questlogg so where and why is he in game? Regards HappyRougeHappyRogue10 Feb 11
Feb 11 Why does new HC seasnl toon hav paragon? Lost my first HC seasonal, why do I now have paragon lvls when I make anew HC SEASONAL toon? How do I start a new HC seasonal toon with no paragon? MahaloELoEL7 Feb 11
Feb 11 Suggestion for disconnect cases Noble8 Feb 11
Feb 11 QUESTION ABOUT HARDCORE SEASON ACHIEVEMENTS Hello there. I ve never played hardcore before and I am thinking i will go with a hardcore character next season. My question is if for example there is a season achievement "Finish a rift on torment X" and another achievement "Finish a rift on torment X on hardcore", DO I GET BOTH SEASON ACHIEVEMENTS POINTS IF I FINISH ONLY IN HARDCORE? OR DO I HAVE TO CREATE A NON HARCORDE CHARACTER TO GET THAT ACHIEVEMENT? Thanks !Ricardog901 Feb 11