Aug 7 How do pet builds deal with Mortar in GRs? Because for the life of me, I can't come up with any real tactic other than "luck", and running around aimlessly, trying to keep the Endless Walk buff up (even though it most likely doesn't matter) if my two minute cooldown isn't up yet. Mortar is by far the most annoying, and totally random affix for me in any 75+ GR, and I see it constantly. It wouldn't be so bad if it was only a single enemy within a pack firing them off, but it almost never is. Almost always, they are all firing them off, and because they are all at different distances, the "dead zone" doesn't really exist, and the only safe place to be is at a range where the pet AI leashes to you, and they just stand there. It's bad enough in SC, I can't imagine the kind of frustration that happens in HC. If it's a hallway with a door, usually I can just hide behind a corner, but otherwise it seems completely random, and if I get hit, it's 100% a one-shot. Always. edit: I've even tried using a combination of a 50% reduction Esoteric and Decrepify. Doesn't matter.Nevermore17 Aug 7
Aug 7 Need Conquests help If someone could help me do TX in less than 2 minutes, and maybe T13 in less than 5 as well that would be great thank you! :) #lloyd-1199 I occasionally play Australian's evenings (GMT+10), though I might also play Overwatch... I tried asking the community chat channel, but no luck so far....Lloyd2 Aug 7
Aug 7 Playing Hardcore is painful and unfair !! It is impossible to play Hardcore in these conditions, I lost two characters in less than three days, we lose days and nights to level up the gems, level up gems for Caldesann on the set, and out of nowhere appears error 1016, in my opinion all Company has its rules and also its obligations, in the case of Blizzard is pitiful a company with the name that has in the market of games, is not responsible with what happens inside the game. For me, this will be the last character that i play on HC, one less D3 fan and the best style of game inside the D3. Blizzard, you have an obligation to be responsible for server instability, this is not a serious business role. In the contract there is no clause saying that the server is unstable, or that it has a bug, which often kills its hero. Since Blizzard is not a serious company, I canceled my contract with WoW. Just lost one more character for this error : http://imgur.com/a/RTaiJ Unfortunateborja13 Aug 7
Aug 7 How to see the hall of fallen heroes I lost my Zenyata wizard before he even reach level 70. I usually delete those to hide my shame! (+ I like to keep the worthy heroes only in the fallen heroes hall) Alas I can't find the in game option to see the hall of fallen heroes again.... (and delete them)Lloyd3 Aug 7
Aug 6 The Rise of Jim The rise of Jim. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=es_3rUvlpNw I know this is silly, and if it even gets one chuckle it will have accomplished it's goal.Noon1 Aug 6
Aug 6 First Season. Howto on Conquests? Hi, So I am occasionally playing my first season char. I advanced Season Journey as far as where the first Conquest is among the tasks (is it champion? cant remember names). Also, I read that there is another conquest awaiting on the next level. I have a DH and I can do solo 55 at this stage. But from what I read about conquests, I am not even close to completing any of them. Nor will I be ever, unless I jerk it off for weeks non-stop to upgrade everything on me. Could you give me an advise on how ppl usually achieve conquests? and what conquests are easier and faster at Hardcore? Thank you.Cuthalion10 Aug 6
Aug 4 My first HC character died ... of network Necromancer has been my favorite class since D2 and it all went pretty well. I got the special ring from Tyrael and I had a full set item, already beating Torment VIII elites within at most 3 sec ... But then, suddenly I noticed I couldn't control my character anymore ... yes network latency or any kind of network problem is the GREATEST killer of all ... and every 3 sec or something I could see my HP steadily going down ... I pressed Q like crazy hoping it will manage to at least help recover my HP a bit cuz I had high armor and resistance and a potion could probably extend my life before the network recovers ... But alas, when network finally recovered, I saw my character dead ... I wish I was killed by something more ... worthy ... but it was a Fallen Peon that killed me while I stood there doing nothing at all ... Now, my necromancer lies in the Hall of the Fallen Heroes, and the sight of her pains me ...Beatrix14 Aug 4
Aug 4 Remembering a God Anyone still here from Release of D3? HC will never be the same. RIP D3Silvont26 Aug 4
Aug 4 Not aware of HC Hero dying from game restart. Yes yes, it is another player posting onto the forums about their Hardcore character dying, but I'm not here to beg Blizzard to revive my hero. I'm here just to get some info. and also spread awareness to others. Long story short, I was playing a Greater Rift and wasn't doing too well, health going down too easily, etc. So I figured I'd pause the game and just restart the client. When I logged back on my character was dead. (It did not die in-game) So now I've learned that if you exit the game, it kills your character. I do blame my own ignorance for not knowing about this before, but I will point out there is no disclaimer anywhere in-game about losing your character if you exit the game. I'll get over my character dying, that's part of HC, but I just wish I had known about that beforehand, because if I'm playing and then something irl comes up and I have to leave my computer, I usually just alt f4 to save time and not leave a game running while I'm away. Okay blah blah there's my tragic story, yes shower me with sympathy, but really; my main point is that there should really be a disclaimer about exiting the game, in-game. Maybe there is, and I've just made a fool of myself, but hey, I never saw one, meaning there are probably other who haven't either. Nevertheless, I would highly recommend that the Diablo III devs put a very obvious disclaimer about exiting the game when playing a HC character. It would save a lot of frustration. Again, I'm not frustrated at losing my character, but the fact that I didn't know about exiting the game and my character dying to ALT f4 instead of an epic fight to the death t80 GR Boss. Do share your opinions and point out and right/wrongs I've made. Thanks.Kerzox5 Aug 4
Aug 4 I want my 35 hours back Ever since this newest patch I've had issues and so has everyone else, mostly, I just lost 35 hours because your guys servers are junk lately. Internet.is.fine. why am I lagging when I hit an elite or champion? I was running 40s for hours with 2 people, I got to solo one and get hit with lag half way through the rift freeze up and die... nothing else running on pc everything checks out. :/ we want compensation for situations like this. Go look at the history no reason that crap should've happened.I3uryme8 Aug 4
Aug 4 Clutch is why we HC Rank78 Wiz Asia Passive used. Potion used. Time left. The build is terrible for soloing bosses. A picture tells more than a thousand words. Link below. http://i.imgur.com/mGdNjsB.jpgMio0 Aug 4
Aug 3 Help Leveling hc gems Hi, I've got a squishy main in na hc and I'm looking for some help Leveling some gems. Anyone willing ? Thanks :)sickSTEELE1 Aug 3
Aug 3 LF hardcore players Starting a new group. Send me a whisper in game. illPixel#1674illPixel1 Aug 3
Aug 3 Glitch playing with Necromancers Has anyone seen increase in difficulty in game after season? I was running shadow DH with 990 paragons doing grifts 78-80. After season ended I received 425 paragons took me to 1435+ paragons, I could barley run 70 grifts???? What the? Then a buddy came on running a necromancer, I got him to 70 and run a few 55s then 60s at 65 I died! At 1430+ paragons! My passive never popped went from 100% life to dead in an instant?? I have now lost 5, 1430-1435 characters always playing with necromancers! Next is loot, I spent over 9,000 Death Breaths trying to make weapons for a monk! The game would only give me one ancient weapon for the monk! Blizzard is giving all better items to necromancer. I have a necromancer at 1435, not to impressed with it! Blizzard, is saying nothing was changed, but the fact that I lost 5 toons all playing with necromancers says different! Last night we (two DH's running with a necromancer to improve his gear same thing one moment 100% life then dead, not only my character but game killed both Demon Hunters at same time! No passive pop-off nothing clearly there is a glitch with necromancer and old characters playing with them! (we run only hardcore so everything lost every time! One of my DH's was maxed out all ancient, two primal, 13 caladiums all over 65-70, and gems over 75s?? Game is jacked! LOL!SHREDDER3 Aug 3
Aug 3 Game Screen freezes. Any idea why? Hi, Ive experienced a new behaviour of my PC several times lately: Video screen freezes and does not go on. It's not like when you get a disconnect and run around, while all monsters stand still and stare at you. It's some local problem with my PC or game client but I am not sure what exactly. It takes 10-30 seconds for the screen to restore. For a while after that, all skill icons are gone, map is not displayed and some other minor graphical issues present. After a while everything returns to normal. Since I got a death during such strange freeze, I really wonder if I can mend my PC in a way such things do not happen again. Does somebody have an idea what causes it? Mb I run out of memory at times? I got 4Gb, Win10, and I close all browser windwos etc when I play.Cuthalion4 Aug 3
Aug 3 This is 2017 Hi , as this day from back to diablo 2, I've been playing blizzard's game. Back when diablo 3 was first released, I noticed a strange behavior regarding how this game handle client disconnection events which was described as following : When a friend/player dc-ed , the character stayed on until the server sent a pong and received a timeout. That delay varied significantly depending on how the client ended up the connection. Back then , I saw the issue was notified and expected it to be addressed. Years passed, I've decided recently to comeback to diablo 3. And the issue still persist,as from almost 6 years, nothing has been done. Is diablo 3 engine flawed so much that it can't properly queue tasks and dequeue in order to address a simple socket error before processing more information ? I do not know about diablo 3 engine, but as I am concerned this just ruined all the fun (as It did back then, softcore or hardcore). Take your biggest competitor (Path of exile), they do handle it flawlessly. Even that 10 second delay blizzard perform is completely comprehensible, but 5-6 mins delays on a dc-ed client ?! How does that even sounds competitive ?! That ruins all the fun ! Sorry for the lecture/rant , but sadly this clearly show that they do not cherish diablo as they used to .. Again, sorry for the rant, cheers.masterBen2 Aug 3
Aug 3 i have a fun idea make a level with nothing but elites!!! don't raise item drop just make everything elites!trowa4 Aug 3
Aug 3 More BS with the BS error 1016 Haven't played for a while. Reinstalled couple of days ago to buy and try necro and maybe get into upcoming season 11. Didn't DC while paying Blizzard money for necro. THAT bit always seems to work JUUUUST fine. Game runs fine for a couple of days. Zero issues. No lag, no DC, just all runs fine. Good for me as I only play HC these days. Loaded up my old fave Demon Hunter to farm up some shards and level some gems. DC in a greater rift, error 1016 pops up, when log back in fave hunter with considerable time investment (gems ancients etc) is dead. I go researching error 1016 and other connection problems - I search forums and Blizzard site. I seek to find if I have done something wrong or if there is something I can fix. In other words, I first seek a solution and assume that I have done something wrong. No. All I find is same old Blizzard "meh" shrugging and BS avoidance. "It's a generic error message that could be anything". I have a fresh OS install, fresh Battle net app and Diablo 3 install. All within last week. Everything is fully upgraded and running smoothly on a reliable cable internet connection. It ran fine for a couple of days and so I thought I could risk a little hardcore solo greater rift push for fun and profit. I changed NOTHING. Fresh everything, fresh install, fresh, running smooth. For NO reason that can be identified, analysed or diagnosed, I just DC and die. Not good enough. If I have done something wrong, please tell me. Yes I have contacted support directly before about this. Yes I have provided all the system details and traceroutes and everything and still get the same old BS "meh" from Blizzard. It's just BS pure and simple. It's not good enough. Yes I have lost hardcore toons before. Yes I have lost hardcore toons to random BS before. Yes I know someone will troll this thread. Yes I will keep playing HC because SC is challengeless and despite my grrrrr atm, the game usually entertains me. But random HC death for no fault of my own and no reasonable explanation from Blizz as to how to fix or avoid is just utter utter UTTER BS. Yes. I will take some deep breaths now.Battlinard7 Aug 3
Aug 3 C7BC3564-2340-BCFF-696A3F7E5F04 The application encountered an unexpected error!!! Please report ID below to BLIZZARD when communicating bout this issue! Died on HC cause of this fricken error!!!TDOGG7 Aug 3
Aug 3 GR70 primals do i need to do a gr70 again with the new season or does it carry over from the last season?HatoriHanzo10 Aug 3
Aug 3 Hardcore Character Died due to Disconnection. I Believe that when you die in game due to only personal Fault is where then you deal with the Permanent Death....... i even have proof of D.C.K0SMICisH3r31 Aug 3
Aug 3 TOPIC for those who lost hardcore characters! If you have lost your hardcore character to disconnects or diablo shutting down or whatever else reason that is not considered your fault in any way. DONT WHINE ABOUT IT. do something about it remake, become better than you were before. win the game. gg. ^_^ when you make the hardcore character, you AGREE to losing the character permanently once it dies. regardless of the reason, god could smite your computer and sit there sticking his thumb up your !@# while you're dieing but no, blizzard wouldn't do anything about it still. you could show 100% proof that blizzard caused your death, but no it still won't happen. ONLY ONCE HAVE I SEEN AN EXCEPTION, and that's the one that happened recently. and that's only because it's on such a large scale. so if you lost your character due to stupid disconnects or something then i feel for you man/woman, just calm your $%^-, stop whining about it on the forums and go spend your time making another character and gearing it up even further. losing your character is part of playing hardcore, everyone loses their character every now and again it happens to even the best of players but that just means you have more to do! at least now you don't lose all your paragon experience. love you all guys, i'm in no way trying to insult any hardcore player i used to play hardcore also until disconnects became a problem because i moved to a town with no access to high speed internet so i'm a softcore player again until i can get better internet. if it's your internet then go to softcore until it can be fixxed. :P have fun on your hardcore characters guys/girls. good luck on phat loots, remember expansion in less than 48 hours!Terror13418 Aug 3
Aug 2 Does anyone never play seasons? I haven't touched seasons since season 4. I never see anyone in hardcore playing non-seasonal. I was thinking I should start a clan for non-seasonal hardcore players, but I'm wondering if any of them actually exist? Or am I alone...cuz right now I'm the only one not playing seasonal in all the hardcore community chatssindro2 Aug 2
Aug 2 S11 HC Troubles So I'm pretty new to Hardcore, I played back when the game first came out, then noticed RoS and all this seasonal stuff, so I decided to come back. I think its Season 11 now lol? Anyway, I'm up to chapter IV of my Seasonal Journey achievements, and I'm running into a bit of trouble. My lvl 70 paragon 64 wizard has 255k dps, 15m toughness (which goes to 20m toughness whenever I channel an attack), and 1.45m recovery. Yet when trying to clear a lvl 20 greater rift for the achievement, I don't have any problems with dying, I just can't quite clear in time. I have changed up my build multiple times to get the maximum dps I can while still maintaining survivability, I just have no clue how to progress now. Feels like I've hit a wall. Do I just have to keep farming for gear? Or should I ask one of you fine fellows to help a boy out. :))EaterOfSins4 Aug 2
Aug 2 First Hardcore Hey all you hardcore players I just started my hardcore character. I made my way through Act IV on softcore and decided might as well try out HC. Hope I dont dieBloodDemon7 Aug 2
Aug 2 let us remember..... let us remember a legend, https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/TasteTheHate-11818/hero/87907414 sadly fell victim to computer lock up...........yes....computer lock up not gonna denie that, but look at those primals lost ( yangs, gloves, chest, quiver and templar relic to LOL) worst part ever..... i worked so hard.......... RIPTasteTheHate1 Aug 2
Aug 1 My charecter got killed by exiting the game While I was playing diablo 3, I decided I was done for a bit so I hit escape, exit diablo, exit now. then when I logged in it said my character was killed. so confused my clan told me I was killed when I logged off. a few members in my clan are willing to attest to this happening. What should I do thanks, LeaderboardLeaderboard3 Aug 1
Aug 1 set dungeon So you don't get xp but if you die are you dead or is it a freebie death?bodicca2 Aug 1
Aug 1 Zei's stone stacking with Serration? Does Zei's stone of Vengeance stack with the Necromancer's passive of Serration? Thanks in advance.NewtonsLaw1 Aug 1
Jul 31 Are you ready? Here's a funny vid for you HC players out there. https://youtu.be/fFbUAAhMCEIRebel72541 Jul 31
Jul 31 was getting into HC when game crashed... was doing so well and fianlly got my firebird arhcon wizard set with a few ancients.. until i was doing bounties on act3 and the game crashed and i died. feelsbadman when i didn't die through no fault on my own. dammmmmmmmmrAyza3 Jul 31
Jul 31 Season 11 - Wizard leveling guide? (HC) Hi all. after several lag instakills, im still looking to get my 1st lvl 70 HC char. Playing wizard, just cus i never played that class before. What im looking now, its for an updated (S9 or S10), HC leveling guide or walkthrough. By now, im playing expert, and lvl 4X, Act 1!!! any advice? (pls try to dont troll that much) Stay alive!!Tango1 Jul 31
Jul 31 Final Service bug Final Service did not activate or did not grant 4 seconds damage prevention. Yesterday and today 2 of my level 70 necro hardcore characters died. from full hp to 0 in 1 second, passive skill final service did not activate and was not on cooldown. both happened in regular rift in cooperative game on torment VI. There was no network issue. I had friends see it, standing next to me. There was a topic https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20758346601 where it reportedly happened to someone else as well, and then some other class said it happened to them with their respective passive. And now the link does not work. @Blizzard I would like to see combat log and time stamps and Final Service text and mechanic explained, because according to the description, we should receive 4 sec immunity. We did not... Character names: Sylvanas and another 70, can't remember which one.Kronus7 Jul 31
Jul 30 Double XP weekend! Howdy fellas, I hope everyone is looking forward to the NS double Xp weekend! - there really aren't THAT many HC players so maybe in this post we can come together, are there any communities you feel like sharing? Does anyone want to leave their battle net tags to add friends to spam GRs? if you leave your Bnet Tag maybe leave what level GR you are comfortable doing and what class youd wanna be playing on! Goodluck everyone, have fun & don't RIP :DGravity6 Jul 30
Jul 28 This is what SHOULD happen during disconnects So I've lost nine HC characters this season. Four were legit deaths. Three were a disconnect on Blizzard's or my ISP's end. One was a router crash. And one death was because I accidentally knocked a book onto my computer's UPS outlet. Excluding this season, like everyone else, I've lost many, many characters to disconnects. I've also miraculously survived a couple of disconnects. I know for a fact that Blizzard has the ability to restore characters, because they restored my characters during the whole "naked" bug fiasco. Given that they have the ability, it's only a matter of will on Blizzard's part to at least try and detect illegitimate deaths. Shouldn't Diablo (the game itself) know if I'm dead because of a disconnect? It seems relatively simple to detect: 1. Character died. 2. Before the death, there was no input: no spells cast, no potions, no pings, nothing. 3. Likely a death of technology failure, restore character. I guess there's potential for abuse, but it seems pretty far fetched. Who is going to stand around getting pummeled, doing nothing, in hopes of restore? I imagine that some people, milliseconds before their unavoidable legit death, could unplug their ethernet cable in hopes to game the system. There could be limits to mitigate abuse, like no more than one restore every couple of weeks - or some such period. The fact is, if you play HC long enough, there's a 100% chance you'll experience a disconnect. This will likely result in your character's death. Given that it really is inevitable and widespread, Blizzard should do something. Technically, I'm quite sure that it's doable. And it should have been done when they decided to make the game always online. Like most things, it probably wouldn't be a perfect solution. But as it stands, HC isn't worth playing anymore. Knowing you'll lose a character that you spend weeks (40, 50, 60+ hours of gameplay) through no real fault of your own makes the game not fun. Until Blizzard at least attempts some sort of rudimentary AI that detects disconnects, I guess I'm done playing. I'm not angry, and I'm not throwing a tantrum, it's just that the game isn't fun when you know you can't win. Hopefully this expansion, or the next one, will address the issue. If it does, I'll gladly pay for it. Until that happens, good luck to you all - you're going to need it.Rust135 Jul 28
Jul 28 Sooooo my alt died :( My alt necro died. After a sewer interface lagg caused by accidentally opening the friends list she died after merely 5 hours of battle... I do not know why this instantly causes the game to freez as it was never an issue before. Anyhow i could not find any option to lock out any sort of miss-clicks like that during an GR run(which is kinda bad actually, should be an option, especially since it can not be secret the engine is so bad the game semi-crashes when any menu in the game is opened accidentally or not) so i am now looking for some tips and warning others (DO NOT MISSCLICK MENUS!!), like is there possible to pause the game(i was playing solo) or pressing "esc" wont do anything in this situation as the game is unresponsive or does it actually have a chance to go through(the pause)? And you can just wait for the game stabilize and unpause? May your deeds be great and the lagg be at bay! Fellow HC players.Marmites1 Jul 28
Jul 28 Ancestors Grace didn't work. So I died but my Ancestors Grace didn't save me. Looking up my character on the Armory shows I'm without a necklace as it did get destroyed. Yet still I'm a crater. Any hope for a restoration?LordofRaisin13 Jul 28
Jul 28 So you think you're Worlds Apart? (Season 11) Profile: https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Sherwin-6277/hero/92817920 Onto my 3rd Barbarian in Season 11 and completed all journey objectives to become a Guardian. I didn't have to reach GR75 for my 3rd conquest. I also didn't have to play around with a Thorns build. Straight up Wrath of the Wastes set build. Most risky objective would have to be Urzael defeated under 20 seconds. This leaves a lot of time to mess around now. If you're a Barbarian, I recommend you also learn how to play a support build. Otherwise known as a zBarb. Good luck and enjoy the rest of the season for those who have yet to complete their journey. PS: Find 3 other players with speed and damage to complete Worlds Apart conquest in T10. I can also help assist as I have this done now. Need a power-level? Join the community and maybe you'll find me helping out.Sherwin0 Jul 28
Jul 28 Having fun with LoN lightning Wizard build I started 2 heroes this season. A necromancer and a wizard. I used the Haedrig gift on the necromancer. So the wizard had to torment up the old fashioned way. I did trail along some nice helpful higher paragon level and got a LoN ring set and some ancients legendaries to go with it. Now I can T8 easily with a lightning wizard build which is quite fun! :) (T9 slowly and carefully) Electocute (Chain Lightning) boosted by Starfire, Shame of Delsere, Myken ball of hate and Depth Diggers. Complemented by Meteor (Thundercrash) boosted by Nilfur's boast. All of that boosted by Paralysis passive, Magic Weapon, Simplicity strength and Zei's stone of vengeance. And Slow Time (point of no return) for survival to keep monster away and proc Zei's stone and BoT. Cover the screen with lightning and have fun! :) Now I "just" need an Aether Walker and an Aquilla cuirass and I will be in business, maybe even TX material! :-o :DLloyd6 Jul 28
Jul 27 4 man team I am looking for players to progress through the game. The worst thing in diablo is to play alone, and this is what i've been doing this whole time. So i am looking for teamate to push gr farm and enjoy my gaming experience with. I am not looking to be the best in the leaderboards or play meta. curently i am in hardcore season. Tykrimpo3 Jul 27
Jul 27 Mobs at the Door I recently lost my good DH in a mere gr60. I was stuck in the loading screen for long enough that my character's passive was blown through, and then killed. I just loaded up to a slain character. Now, I don't want my character back (because it wouldn't be HC), and I have not experienced latency issues since - my side nor server side. I would, however, like to know that I can go through a loading screen and not be dead when I gain control of my character. I was wondering if anyone else had any similar experience of spawning in to arcane sentries or frozen orbs before you could make your move. I think it would be more reasonable to have enemies spawn outside of aggro range (including pet aggro) from the entrance to any new level. Or am I just not hardcore enough?xSaintApocx9 Jul 27
Jul 26 LF clan/ Group to push Grifts I am currently 500 paragon level and looking for a clan/ group to push grifts and farm with. I currently have a fairly well geared zbarb that I would be more than glad to play with a group if they wanna help me farm and polish the set. Or I am currently in the process of gearing a wizzard for dps. Whatever a group needs. Roy#1351Roy0 Jul 26
Jul 26 Enemies nearby + crashing on grift entry My season 11 death experience, GR 52, not like it matters. I'll miss that early season ancient rope cat. I moved it in and out of my off-hand just to hear the meows, and now it's in kitty hell. See you all in Fall of Oriath!Bobbykotick3 Jul 26
Jul 25 Looking for a PL Just died last night and hoping to find someone who has time to powerlevel me. Please add me Getry#1641Getry1 Jul 25
Jul 25 Looking for advice Trying to push 70 solo for monk but cant seems to slow as Inna EP any advice?Jamesixchain2 Jul 25
Jul 25 Severely Unimpressed Why is the ticket system complete garbage and why is blizzard so insensitive to people who are not complete nerds with computers to have a phone number to contact for helpScorpion779 Jul 25
Jul 25 Blizzard: Suggestion for hardcore lag deaths. Blizzard, First off I LOVE the game. There are currently a bunch of bugs and whatnot, but I love it regardless. It's given me many many hours of enjoyment and I expect it will give me many more. However I feel that Hardcore mode is still a beta-quality product. (Beta: A software stage where said software is usable and mostly stable but may contain bugs which could be crippling in a production environment.) Every time a new patch hits, or there is a significant spike in lag, several (maybe even hundreds) of toons die in unpreventable and unnecessary ways. I know it is your policy that no hardcore character ever be "resurrected". I, and I believe most players, accept that as fair. That's just the way the game is played. However many of these deaths are no fault of our own and are EXTREMELY frustrating. I've been lucky enough not to suffer a death at the hands of lag, but I do believe I have a way for you to fix these issues: Whenever there is significant lag in the connection to blizzard's servers, hardcore mode should automatically save the toon and disconnect (as pausing, which has been proposed as a solution before, does NOT prevent death in multiplayer games.) I'm not sure if this would be a client side change, or a server side change. This may lead to complaints over dropped connections, but is significantly preferable compared to rage over unpreventable death of a character many of us have invested quite a bit of time into. I'm also sure it would take quite a bit of effort on your parts. However this effort would be greatly appreciated. Many feel this is a game-breaking bug, and many people have been very vocal about how they will never play hardcore due to this very issue. Thank you for your time.ph4mp573r94 Jul 25
Jul 25 Did something happen? Noticed I was in the upper lands dealing with that purple boss near the wagon in act 1, things were a little slow and just realize it was my ping or connecting really bad or 12XX. Lucky I killed the boss on time, didn't get the loot and got DC'ed. So i look okay in the lobby and noticed they posted something about maintence or something on the 25th. So i relog back in and still alive. The question is did someone get popped? Hard to tell if i was having problems or their servers is acting up. I did check on the internet, seem fine and fast.Nightstalker2 Jul 25
Jul 24 Wanting to get to T13 So I've got T10 on farm at this point and the only thing holding me back is survive-ability. I've got a good thing going right now (although not my preferred endgame) which is an ancient Maltorious Petrified Spike combined with Bone Spear Shatter rune. This allows me to kill groups and elites without any corpses around. I'll miss it when a better weapon drops. One major problem I am having is starting out at zero stacks of bone armor. Scary. Another issue I am having is just base toughness. Right now my combo is: Bone Armor + Endless Walk + Dayntee's + Blood Rush Potency + Lornelle's. I even throw in Blood Spikes rune on top of that to make up for my lack of a Wildebeest in any gem slot. I don't know what more I can do to buff my toughness. I suppose the answer is replacing my Corpsewhisper Pauldrons in the cube with Aquila's Cuirass once I get my ancient Reilena's to drop. To those of you who have T13 on farm - what are you doing to survive? What's your impression of the best items to keep you up?Suul3 Jul 24
Jul 24 Any reason to play non-season HC vs season? Is there any reason I would not want to play seasonal HC if I'm playing HC regardless?Noxos6 Jul 24