Sep 8 SERVER DC... dead :( any chance to get my HC char back? i realy love the game AND hc playing but this makes mi just angy... not like this... server dc is not the way i want to lose a char :(relotec1 Sep 8
Sep 8 Best YANG's recurve in the game for SEASON 7? http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Artez-1149/hero/78823815 Check my Yang's. Anyone have higher DMG?Artez13 Sep 8
Sep 8 What Oh no he didn'tSamChowders6 Sep 8
Sep 8 HC Non-Season is a ghost town :( 6 classes and DH has the most leaderboard pages (3 pages). Rest of the classes have 2 pages on the leaderboard....Normal, seasonal, and HC seasonal all have 1000 spots/Max pages. This doesn't bode well.Bloodyzbub18 Sep 8
Sep 7 Looking for T13 Group I am looking for a season boost to help me get my last quest for the extra stash. Also have a crap load of vault rings and Uber keys. Am in Australia but don't mind playing on another server. Best times for me are from 1 pm California time (6 am Aussie)Acedia6 Sep 7
Sep 7 New to hardcore, wizard questions Hello everyone! I decided to take the step and roll a hardcore wizard this week. I'm really excited to get playing it more, just hit 70 today. I was looking around and googling and I didn't have much look finding a guide for hc, and I'm just not sure fully on the skills and was wondering if someone could give me some advice? I assume the gear I'm going to want will be Firebird for the extra life? But are there any gear changes from the usual build that I need for hardcore? And what skills/runes combos would be best? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance :)Dani2 Sep 7
Sep 5 ancient In-geon aquired !@#$ rolls tho! lolUberbunk1 Sep 5
Sep 5 Need advice for seasons. I've been working with a monk and I don't think I'll ever be able to take T13 Diablo or Adriana with him. Is there something I should change on my monk or should I reroll a WD or Barb? Monk here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/StCamber-1791/hero/79892983 Passives and cube are not up to date.StCamber2 Sep 5
Sep 3 Jade advice check my Jade out, what changes improvements do i need to push higher? thx in advanceUberbunk2 Sep 3
Sep 3 When do you... ...switch from Diamonds to main stat gem and say whatta heck, I'm gonna push it! :) I just beat GR75 and was thinking that i could even go higher if i switch my diamonds. What do you guys normally do?WaR1 Sep 3
Sep 2 I love DDOS attacks... I get to work 60+ hours a week. Being a productive citizen of American helping sick and hospice patients. And I get to spend my day unable to play the game I want to play because of DDOS attacks. Love it.Diamondheart1 Sep 2
Sep 1 DDOS ATTACKS! I just lost my Hardcore Barbarian because of your DDOS attacks and I think it's pretty unfair. It was literally completely out of my hands to control what just happened and I'm pretty mad/salty about it. BRING HIM BACK TO LIFE!!!!!!!!!Fortunato17 Sep 1
Aug 31 help a newbie HC/DH player hey guys, used to play HC in d2, new to HC in d3... and newish to DH too. this is my DH in s7 HC age 31h http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Zeus-1546/hero/79448531 paragon 403, farming grift 50, lvl'd main gems to 51/51/27. bane of the powerful is not that important to level because I finish a grift 50 in 3-4m. i'm finding that I do enough DPS, but survival seems tough (in grift)... I have put all paragon pts into vitality. in normal rift i use boon of the hoarder + goldwrap and get billions of toughness. I have double unity over CoE, my gear is decent, only 2 ancients. mostly the stats are there, may not be best rolled but they are there most of the upgrades I could do would only increase dps (like ancient yang's) I don't use wolf companion because it's DPS is so minor, and I don't group much (group buff wasted), no one to play with. I use either bat or boar... bat for the extra boost of hatred that I rarely use, but when i need it i need it... haha i'm just looking for options to get more toughness so i don't die in 1 shot. i don't get hit often, but when i do, it seems i'm close to death (like 50-75% of health gone in a few hits). thanks! also if u wanna play with me hit me up. in groups i usually only speed t9 because of lost of unity.Zeus16 Aug 31
Aug 31 L> Non Seasonal Boost- New 2 HC Looking for some help getting back into HardCore , getting past 60 is kinda tough. Rerolled to a Sader after not playing HC for over a year.HanzSolo0 Aug 31
Aug 30 Not in my clan anymore? wtf? CIVIL Realized just now that I am not in my clan anymore.. Unsure if it was disbanded (we had 40 members) or I was booted out ? or was it a server/update error? Anyone else have a Clan problem?? thanks And why the negative votes? thanksGondorNative13 Aug 30
Aug 30 Hybrid M6 Build, experiment Well after losing my UE 6 DH to a code 3007 I decided to mess around with a weird Mauarders build and this is what I came up with, http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/SubRosa-1880/hero/79848204 I would prefer the belt to be a Zoeys and the cube armor power to be a Garwolf for extra passive tankyness but I just don't have them yet. I used a Yangs bow only to aquire the reduced resource cost combined with a manticore cubed to be able to fire off a ton of cluster arrows. I can cast about 12 shots of cluster arrows before my hatred completely runs out. Damage Reduction via shadow power instead of Vengence: Basically I keep Shadow Power Gloom up at all times which perma activates the Elusive ring buff. (Roughly 80% dmg reduction from that alone) For a bit more dmg reduction, each time I fire my generator it buffs the dmg reduction up a bit more. (About 30% more dmg reduction) Now I haven't figured in all the dmg reduction that zoeys belt and pets would give me but so far she's pretty tanky as is. Despite not having a templar, nor having optimized enchants, this thrown together build so far managed to solo Torment 10 both neph and GR. She managed to down the Rift Gaurdian at X difficulty in about 2 seconds which surprised me, A bit silly, but somewhat fun. I do realize that there will be limitations as to how far up she can go in a Greater Rift, but again shes a hybrid experiment. Your thoughts?SubRosa1 Aug 30
Aug 29 So you think you're cool? Profile (Barbarian - P714)... http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Sherwin-6277/hero/79567107 Damage: 252113 Toughness: 12426400 Recovery: 2173650 Total cooldown reduction: 63.92% Ancients: 5 Difficulty: T13 (GR60+) Gear... Death Watch Mantle (8% cooldown) Leoric's Crown - 100% (12.5% cooldown x2) Countess Julia's Cameo (8% cooldown) St Archew's Gage (8% cooldown) The Wailing Host (8% cooldown) Litany of the Undaunted (8% cooldown) Hack - Topaz (10% cooldown) Oathkeeper - Topaz (10% cooldown) Aquila Cuirass - Diamonds Depth Diggers - Diamonds Pride of Cassius - 6 seconds Illusory Boots Gems... Bane of the Stricken Boyarsky's Chip Bane of the Trapped Inventory... Bottomless Potion of the Diamond Follower... Oculus Ring Skills... Frenzy (Vanguard) Wrath of the Berserker (Striding Giant) Ignore Pain (Iron Hide) Threatening Shout (Demoralize) War Cry (Impunity) Call of the Ancients (Together as One) Passives... Nerves of Steel Boon of Bul-Kathos Tough as Nails Relentless Kanai's Cube Powers... The Furnace Nemesis Bracers Convention of Elements Notes: Adding more Ancient's gear and Augmenting Strength will build Toughness. Cycle between Striding Giant and Together as One. Continuously keep Ignore Pain active. Let the Thorns do the work.Sherwin5 Aug 29
Aug 29 LFG for Speed Racer I built a monk for this conquest and now I am looking for a group interested in completing the conquest. I will be on most of the day and then late tonight. Please add me in game if you are interested.Anubrious4 Aug 29
Aug 29 2 month seasons~~~~ Not sure about the rest of you guys, but the only time people play nowadays are when the seasons start, then gear up, then lose interest, all under a month. Perhaps to keep things fresher, we can shorten the seasons? Certainly the game is very mature, people are bored of it and there is nothing new under the sun but chasing leaderboards, but there is still a modicum of interest when seasons restart. Perhaps we can keep the interest by lessening the time inbtween seasons?Artez0 Aug 29
Aug 29 WD - Season 7 - Zunimassa I am currently playing a HT WD, due to the season quest reqards providing the set. However i would like to play zunimassa build instead. I am currently able to run lvl 70 grifts and can farm torment 11 rifts reasonably fast. I have the zuni set almost complete. However i'm still lacking a viable ancient weapon as well as missing the star metal kukri. Can someone provide info on how viable zuni is, before i spend ressources and time to get the required items for it? I cant seem to find any zuni build on the WD leader boards... i am interrested in Dagger-of-Darts and melee fetish build in particular. ThanksZhadoom0 Aug 29
Aug 29 When is 60% more like 20%? When you're playing Diablo 3 Season 7. I've never seen just horrible luck when it comes to gem upgrades over many days now. Fails at 80% and 90% are very common.MrWonderful4 Aug 29
Aug 29 How many lost senior HC Toons during the DDOS I lost my P750 toon, "not happy Jan!"Jamie12 Aug 29
Aug 29 hardcore season new play looking to start a group on hardcore season. hit me up to join :DXholy0 Aug 29
Aug 28 connection timed out? so i was in the middle of a Grift fighting 2 elite packs when my games connection was timed out....now my HC char is dead. wtf just happen?Osamu1 Aug 28
Aug 27 First time playing HC First time playing HC and a disconnect killed me. I have played all seasons softcore and now realize I made the right choice by doing so. Sad when your efforts are completely wiped out for something out of your control.Doantasia3 Aug 27
Aug 26 Which follower do you use and why? Followers are a part of the game that has remained relatively unchanged since release. Personally I do not use one as one of the forms of self-imposed difficulty I use to keep this game interesting, however they've felt stale from Day 1 and would also like to hear some suggestions on how to make them more fun to have around.Frog11 Aug 26
Aug 25 Suggestion for UE DH S7? Hey guys, This is my debut into HC and im just looking for a few suggestions, I main a UE DH almost every season (I play a lot while most my friends are casual so I level friends and help out with journeys wherever I can) I also love the gameplay of keeping moving and bouncing around, it reminds me a lot of the old M6 DH from back when turrets autofired you'd throw some turrets out and bounce around trying not to die when 6m toughness was a big deal :P Anyway I played a bit of HC at end of S6 and between 6/7 basically figured im gonna run the same build as my softcore but with guardian turrets/elusive ring/wraps of clarity for toughness. Link to my current HC http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/V1va-1114/hero/76617492 all I need on her is FnR, Hellfire, Dawn (cube) & Visage (cube) then shes done. So anyway gonna run that build, how do you HC guys think she'll do? Any suggestions or problems with her? Any input is welcome.V1va5 Aug 25
Aug 24 looking for some people to play HC with s7 just came back a few days ago. looking for a few people to play with :) nothing too crazy, just playing casually add me upOGlameboi3 Aug 24
Aug 24 please ressurect my char quin69 é player exclusivo? não existe isso quin69 e um player como outro qualquer não tem que haver nenhuma ajuda da staff morreu fas outro char como qualquer outro player e inicia do zero que palhaçada e essa ? blizzard da um geito ou ninguem vai mais joga por rank, o rank e ainda a unica coisa que mantem o diablo 3 ainda como jogavel pois não e novidades nem nada. e agora vocês vem com esse de fica dando exclusividade a um player cujo objetivo e lives e fica ressussitando ele qual o objetivo do jogo entao modo hardcore?Hoomer10 Aug 24
Aug 24 Server down? Booted, now waiting for update Just got booted out of game.. lost connection.. Almost NEVER happens to me. Booted back up and now it says waiting for new update? now it's fetching coding table ... .etc... stuck there... I have gigabit internet.. Still hung up there...??? OK it updated. and I'm now playing.. weird.. (for me anyway) maybe another DDOS attack? Latency fluctuating a lot.. in the red, then green, orange.. will wait a bitGondorNative0 Aug 24
Aug 23 DEAD My hardcore witch doctor died to the green balls of Blighter. HOWERVER: 1. Spirit vessel did not proc. 2. Mara's kaleidoscope didn't do anything Just wanted to say THANK U BLIZZARD!gillessellig3 Aug 23
Aug 23 T13 greed fight thought I was pretty geared could do a T13 reg rift and killed a keywarden before attemping the T13 vault alone . but wasn't sure if when another player came into the game and left while I was fighting Greed if my follower came back to me help in the fight being I was alone anyway died at Greed Halflift lolLioniod7 Aug 23
Aug 23 Anyone down to trade a pl? Take us what, 20 minutes? Send a msg.Mallakaii0 Aug 23
Aug 23 Is reflect damage still a thing? I remember reading that it was a really big deal for ranged characters during the earlier years... but I haven't really seen (or experienced) much of any of it lately myself. I played wizards last season, and am playing DHs this season and kind of indiscriminately (carelessly?) shooting everything in sight. Never ran into a problem with massive reflect damage so far farming tx rifts and t12 grifts this season. Not sure if I've just been lucky up to this point or if it's no longer a concern. But I'd rather not find out the hard way. Any advice on what I should be looking out for? I recall there was a few monsters with that ability and some elites/rares can spawn with it but again, I've personally not run into it yet. Or at least never noticed it if I did.Pzypro3 Aug 23
Aug 22 22.8.2016 14:27 GMT server dc Our whole clan got dc'd. All hc chars died. Impossible to code in an autorestaoration for a server dc? Kinda obvious why hc characters died.Boxxu0 Aug 22
Aug 22 Looking for Quick Power Level trade Already Paragon 743 and can return quickly on my DH Cheers, Grund.Grund0 Aug 22
Aug 21 Assistance with Set Dungeons Nonseason Hardco Hey folks, I'm trying to finish off set dungeon masteries and was wondering if there are any nonseasonl hardcore players who want to help? For instance I'm looking to do Raiment set which involves you just cleaning up some easy mobs behind me while I dash ahead to secure the chest then we clean monsters good. I'm willing to return the favor or power level if you want, and I might need some other help with other set dungeons. Send me a friend request or leave a note here so I will send you a request, thanks.Snuggleform0 Aug 21
Aug 21 Season Journey 7 completed. Took me 2 weeks thanks to the inclusion of torment XIII. Been a tough season 7.Bond2 Aug 21
Aug 21 Condemned to Hell 4 good reason I've been condemned to hell for many reasons, mostly unjustified by people. But today I closed a rift in a public game and literally with 5 seconds on the clock they find a pack of goblins..... Boy did they flame my ears up good and roasting. I may have deserved that.SubRosa0 Aug 21
Aug 20 DH Rank #146 LFG, or someone to play with. I know this is slightly abusrd to post this here. But i been trying to ask general chat, or LFG to farm some grifts 55-60s with me on hardcore. But i cant find NO ONE. And all i do is play solo, would like to have at least one other person to farm with sometime =p If you're interested add TheTyrant#1427TheTyrant3 Aug 20
Aug 20 Idea for Hardcore death I recently lost a Hardcore Character to a DDoS against Blizzard, and just yesterday I saw a a popular streamer die to a PC issue at a Blizzard event. It got me thinking about Hardcore death and how it has not changed or evolved as the rest of the game has. Certainly Blizzard has given us more tools to avoid death, different sets and skills have been added that proc when you run out of life, but none of those help when you completely lose control of your character and die. When you play Hardcore, its always wise to try and keep a copy of whatever gear you are wearing. But when you introduce things like legendary gems and Caldesanns Despair, there is a LOT more to lose when it comes to Hardcore death. So the idea i have is that there would be Horadric recipe that stacks with Caldesanns Despair which calls for an assigned gem (leveled to XX) (similar to the Gem of Ease) to be applied to an ancient item, call it Cadesanns Repentance, and upon Hardcore death that item is mailed to your Hardcore account. A different variation to this could be that it only needs to be applied to one item, but upon Hardcore death your character rolls over to Softcore. You could call this Caldesanns Resurrection. Another thought is that instead of a special gem, you could make it something rare that already drops like Ramaladni's Gift. So much has been added to the game to build and work toward with a character and their gear, isn't it only fair that hardcore players are given more ways to protect them?Matma30 Aug 20
Aug 20 RIP, Floreffe Please, do yourself a favor if you happen to be using Windows 10, and read this topic: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/20748204992 My beloved Seasonal crusader, appropriately named after the Belgian beer I would be needing after her untimely death, died to a "blue screen of death" error that occurred because the Xbox DVR (or whatever) was turned on after the Windows 10 anniversary update was installed. Lovely. And a special thank-you to the coward who stood by while my crusader was helplessly slaughtered at the entrance of a Rift. It was Torment 3, so even a leech could have provided some distraction/support against the two ordinary monsters that were within range of my character. Hardcore mode is for players, not leechers. RIP, Floreffe. She was so young, and didn't even have a level 25 Gem of Ease to her name. Gone is the weekend I labored to get her to level 70 and three Haedrig's Gifts. No power-level or free ride of any sort can bring her back from the dead. Sadly, my Season is over prematurely. Had fun, anyway.HelloKitty5 Aug 20
Aug 20 bring your longest living toon http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/CerealKiller-2894/hero/55862443 I'm rolling almost 26,000 elite kills. Since the added rebirth, you don't have to suicide toons after each season. Kind of adds a little more to a toon.CerealKiller6 Aug 20
Aug 19 I'll never do that again... Decided to take on Mathael, normal mode, at character level 13. About 3 minutes into the fight I swear he procd my demon hunter with awareness. I literally saw the awareness icon show up and stay there for about 2 seconds before I got to a health pool to replenish. I know that is impossible since there is no way the awareness talent can be taken, but he procd me still. I swear that is a glitch. Anyways, taking on Mathael when you are just level 13 feels like taking him on at Torment X difficulty at level 70. The fight was brutally long and drawn out with damage thru the roof hitting me.SubRosa7 Aug 19
Aug 17 Ring of Royal = ironic joke? The drop rate on the Ring of Royal Grandeur has gotta be a cruel joke. I've read plenty of comments from people saying they farmed over and over again Act 1 bounties like 75+ times while trying to obtain this ring. 75.... like wow....>< Here you got a ring that supposedly helps lower the requirements for people lacking a set peice but the devs have made the ring almost dogone impossible to obtain!. What use is this stupid thing if you already got like 5-6 complete sets already before one even drops? I mean all I get is stupid thorns bracers each and every time I get the stupid idea to do an act 1 bounty hoping that ring will drop... Fix the drop rate on that ring already, its just retarded already.SubRosa18 Aug 17
Aug 17 Deleting a HC toon. Just collected all my loot from last season on a non-season HC toon. If I delete him, and have zero HC toons in Non-Season, will the stash and all the gear be there in the future if and when I make another HC toon? Thanks. I saw the paragon was there, not sure about the rest.....TheIrishOne4 Aug 17
Aug 17 Is unstably Anomaly working in season 7, I have died twice and unstable anomaly did not workYORTSTER5 Aug 17
Aug 17 Holy smokes i did it! HC Grift 75 as M6 DH! Only beat it by 6 seconds!!!...But i did it!...Pretty happy right now, my stupid build manage to clear 75. Far as im concerned, i might be the first DH on HC to clear 75 with Maur 6 (seasonal that is)TheTyrant2 Aug 17
Aug 17 crashing every few hours Survived a bunch of crash with unstable firebirds it finally got me rift farming : ( This pretty much unplayable for me dont know what to do. Bummer I just massively upgraded my GPU from gtx 720 to 970. Heard some bad things about video ram being shorted but it was massive upgrade that can't be it. Been trying to fix it checked drivers did repair on bnet d3. Windows 10 got me? !@#$ idk.. The game freezes have to restart PCMrWinkles11 Aug 17
Aug 17 So you think you have nightmares? Barbarian (Hardcore) Profile: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Sherwin-6277/hero/77625981 Gear (Thorns Build): Litany of the Undaunted (Legacy of Nightmares) The Wailing Host (Legacy of Nightmares) Aquila Cuirass Depth Diggers Countess Julia's Cameo Nemesis Bracers Pride of Cassius Mantle of Canneling St. Archew's Gage Leoric's Crown Ice Climbers Oathkeeper Hack Gems: Bane of the Stricken Esoteric Alteration Gogok of Swiftness Gear Bonuses: +14571 Strength +5399 Vitality +817 Resistance to All Elements +100889 Thorns Damage Reduces Cooldown of all skills by 42.3%. Skills: Frenzy (Vanguard or Maniac) Whirlwind (Wind Shear) Ignore Pain (Iron Hide) Threatening Shout (Falter or Demoralize) War Cry (Veteran's Warning) Wrath of the Berserker (Insanity) Passives: Nerves of Steel Berserker Rage Tough as Nails Brawler Kanai's Cube Powers: Bastion's Revered Sanguinary Vambraces Convention of Elements Templar Skills (Follower): Intervene Loyalty Charge Guardian Templar Gear (Follower): Enchanting Favor Sky Splitter Freeze of Deflection Overwhelming Desire Oculus Ring Bul-Kathos's Wedding Band Notes: After a few weeks of continuous grinding it pays to play in a group. I think it's a waste of time trying to Solo and level up Gems/Augment 70+. Trying to solo GR75 is pretty much a Shrine/Elites game. I'm left with 4/6 Journey for Guardian Achievement. The two remaining goals is 3 minute T10 rift (group) and GR75 (solo). Other notes: Found out Puzzle Ring can open Money Vault in town with Kanai's Cube. Stopping before I become addicted with negative consequences.Sherwin12 Aug 17