May 16 Advice on Clearing GR 70 solo as a monk. Can I get some advice on Clearing GR 70 solo as a monk? What is a safe\easy build?AKQTJs3 May 16
May 16 Thanks for another crappy experience Died doing GR 60 when I can do 70 in 3 minutes. Stupid battlenet servers just decided to drop me. So stupid.Wxmyjnsn5 May 16
May 15 Character Randomly Died I was running a greater rift on my hardcore DH that i was very over geared for. I had 23 million toughness and the awareness passive (Prevents death). The passive was not on cooldown and i was at full health and no mobs were around me. There was absolutely no reason that i should've died. There were no flying projectiles, even if there was i could survive them, and if i couldn't my awareness would've saved me. Now i have no character and lost all of my gear. Is there any way you could roll my account back or revive my character? I truly believe this was an error on the game side, because I know for a fact there was absolutely no reason i should've diedNightpanda9 May 15
May 15 PL to lvl 70 pls. Need quick PL to lvl 70 please MiNiJam#1512 Hardcore seasonalMiNiJam5 May 15
May 14 Conquests this season... I only ever play hc, and usually just one char a season. Need one more conquest for the stash tab and I'm clueless. Ain't really got time to push 6 sets to 55. Wheres my stupid haunted chest thing mane?Mallakai0 May 14
May 14 Hardcore Bug so i was in a rift and had killed everything around me and yet i was still taking damage and then my awareness went of and then i died while there was nothing around me, so what is the go and what is going to happen as i had lost a character when there was nothing to explain why i died,HairyCheese3 May 14
May 11 Death that wasn't deserved Feedback: No there wasn't any lag... Was crushing Belial on T8 down to 5 percent of his hits... then he all of a sudden began spamming the same attack over and over again, faster and faster. I am not sure why that happened but I do know this... if it is programmed to IWIN Button kill me instead of just fighting me square and either win or lose depending on my skill then its not a game. That was BS... you see if he had the ability to do that he should have done it as soon as I walked in the door. Now you have permanently lost a customer. Because I view the IWIN mode I just witnessed as deliberate cheat. Cant fight the Gods of programming. So why play?Inixiel11 May 11
May 11 ISO quick PLVL just died. On right now. please message Archangel#1443 if you can do a quick PLVL.Archangel1 May 11
May 10 What seasonal HC class to roll? Played this game on release, levelled all classes to max but then quit before the seasons started many years ago. Back for my first season ever and cleared the seasonal journey on SC. Not much left to do thre Looking to start fresh in HC now without the seasonal gifts and not knowing the new builds for some classes are. Learnt the new barb and wiz in SC. What class would you recommend?Astynax3 May 10
May 10 What should happen when you disconnect? When you disconnect from a game your character just stops functioning. What if instead when you lose connection your character just automatically spammed all available skills. This could save a lot of dc deaths, especially those really dumb ones that happen in a tx game. This doesn't seem like it would be a terribly difficult thing to code and kick in based on your latency. I wonder if this has ever been proposed as a possibly addition to give a little aid to HC players.StoutMan6 May 10
May 10 Looking for hardcore clan or players Hello diablo players, Seeking for players to group with. I'm just getting back into it, played in the vanilla days and now decided to give HC a try. Thanks in advance!Th1nkTw1cE3 May 10
May 9 DC death again at a suspicious time "Network Connection Lost" Second time this happened this season and exactly when I am pushing for higher GR. I am convinced there is something malicious occurring. I play for 4 weeks straight everyday for many hours. This last DH had 72 hours about same as the first one that died the same way. I never DC'd once while in battle with either of them. As soon as I'm pushing 88+ DC... So now I am actually going to have to go into hiding. I will remove all friends, remove all communities, logout of chat and do anything else I can so people cant see what I am doing and I don't get dc'd for no reason. My internet was completely fine, I was the only person using the internet at my house and I was running GR 89 for about 4 hours last night, in the middle of the night when no one was online. This morning thankfully I was able to complete the 89. I then found an upgrade to my weapon was trying for 90. I am not even surprised this happened again this afternoon as there is obviously something malicious occurring. In what ways can someone make themselves invisible to all chat? Steam lets you logout of the chat portion but still play. You appear invisible to everyone. Doesn't seem like Blizzards broken program lets you do this.StoutMan9 May 9
May 9 Blame Me <HH> Had fun, played until 0 members online. Blame CK Suggested merging HH and HcN Blame CK <HcN> <HgH> Blame CK <MoFoFoS> I'm sure I'm blamed somehow. I must be the most influential human being on the planet! I have no beef with anyone, but I carry quite a load!CerealKiller11 May 9
May 9 Forums have now Avatars! It only took 5 years since the release of the game :) When did that happen?silentkiller1 May 9
May 9 UE DH passive question I figured I would post this in hardcore instead of the demon hunter forum. I hope I am in the correct spot. Anyways, I have a UE DH I use for speed farming. I don't have a decent hellfire ammy yet. Once I roll one I am happy with I'll be set. My question though. Until I get that hellfire what are the best set of passives to choose. I am wondering if I should swap one of my passives out for ballistics. Right now I am running Awareness, Cull the weak, Ambush and Thrill of the hunt. Would it be worth swapping out either cull or ambush for ballistics? Looking fro more damage output. Thanks guyssmileandwave3 May 9
May 9 Game crashing A large portion of the people I know are having problems with the game either freezing or crashing. For some people it is even happening multiple times a day. Sometimes the game just freezes for a few seconds other times it freezes and never lets go and if you dont alt f4 you will take over 40 seconds before you disconnect. Sometimes all of a sudden out of no where your game is gone and gives you a nice window with (D4865F63-94EE-4399-8C41-2FA925ABE245) as the ID for the bug report. This is happening way to frequently a day doesnt go by that I'm not having to try and save someone from a freeze or a crash. This is making hardcore impossible to play. Even some news on your attempts to fix this issue would go miles because people are starting to lose hope of trying to keep playing after 2 weeks of these problems.Mefesto47 May 9
May 8 Died w/o any warning - want my stuff back Hardcore 77 - plenty of time, plenty of health and did not proc. RG was 1/2 health left and all sudden out of no wear, died :( I am not the only one this happened to since patch 2.5 came out. Also what is up with my game setting kept getting reset to original setting every time I logged in? I don't want to see who looted what in my chat or I kept getting connected back to general chat, even after I left. Month into the new patch and this stuff are still issues, and it's getting annoying since D3 is the only game I can playCaster15 May 8
May 8 Redo GR70 After Death I have two clannies that are wanting to know if it is necessary to redo their GR70 after dying on a character in order to make sure primals are still available. I know one clannie, after dying, tried going in a T13 on her next character and it wouldn't let her. I have no answer for them. I play hardcore as well, but don't have any clue if this is the case. Does anyone have any firsthand knowledge on this?CaladynusOD3 May 8
May 8 Error: disconnected from server Woke up this morning, just wanted to do a solo 70 speed. Opened the gr and within 5 sec as I vaulted into an elite pack, BOOM everything stopped moving. Nothing responded. 10 second later, error message popped with something along the line "disconnected from server". I thought I was dead for sure and my thought was, I am done with d3 and HC. Surprisingly, I was back to the main menu and I was alive. During the freeze of 10-15 seconds, I did not dc from bnet, did not log off, clan chat still active (I was able to clan chat while monsters aren't moving). I was dead twice this season and both times were due to this same error. I was first page hc solo dh for good 10 days of the season til this happened. I didn't complain, and I grinded my way back like most people. I have always had a stable internet. Never dc and thats why I play hc. Is this a common issue (I do not follow forum much)? Things like does not make me feel secure playing hc, and hc is the only reason i like playing d3.GodMode21 May 8
May 8 my primal experience welp i dunno where to start but, this is a short of my primal experience within the last 2 weeks of playing from april 14 2017 to april 28 2017. i have collected 2 more primals since than and they are not listed in the SS / link provided, ill go into a short confirmation how i got them, where, and what torment levels. primals currently ; http://imgur.com/a/vY6bq ( link is imgur.com link and has slide of 8 images to view ) 1x yangs recurve 2x dead mans quivers 1x shadow shoulder 1x fortres ballista 1x travellers pledge 1x burziak-do 1x elusive ring 1x windforce ============================ to be fair though i did NOT, at the time receive a primal from re forging at the cube. i went through well over 400 materials from bountys alone just to reforge a yangs, before i got one from kadala, to no avail. how i got them in order; ( T10 bountys ) [[[ shadow shoulders ]]] from random drop T10 - NS HC ( T6 - Rfit )[[[ travellers pledge ]]] i got from plvling, my wifes new WD on T6 none-season hardcore rifts ( T12 rift ) [[[ buzika-do ]]] random drop w/basicgold find gear on as usual - NS HC (T10 rift) [[[ elusive ring ]]] random drop rift - NS HC ( T10 kadala ) dead mans legacy ( currently wearing ) NS HC - same day i got elusive ring maybe 5 GR's after i just got the ring ( T12 kadala ) windforce NS HC ( T12 kadala ) dead mans legacy NS HC - randomly when choosing quiver when i wanted to hit 2 handed weapon...accident, got lucky i guess ( T10 kadala ) yangs recurve NS HC probably after doing a MASSIVE 86 GRs in a day lol to level up gems doing GR55 in under 2 mins each for fast bloodshards and gem lvling... ( T12 Kadala ) fortress ballista NS HC random before quitting last game session trying for 1 handed weapon to complete a nat's build ================= my experience for primals, i found where alot better when using kadala obviously, than reforging. i found reforging to be a LOT more time consuming and not as effective overall. with running speed GR's for bloodshards and cashing them in you get better odds overall, plus the added benifits of leveling gems, plvling randos in pubs i do that alot to help, company, whatever. like i stated i have yet even to this day got a primal from reforging, all of my primals are moreless kadala or drops, and i have used 500+ now materials to reforge one item and one item only, nothing..notta... maybe it works for you, but not me. ill keep trying. how ever i should state i did not do "marathons" of hours whilst doing obtaining these primals. giving my days and work at the time, life, wife, everything. id say 4 hours max a day. pound out the speed GR's and cash those bloods in. makes a difference, also DONT expect it. it will happen when it happens. play the game with no expectations and they will come. the days i thought "oh this is the day cmon' cmon'........" i was let down and didnt much enjoy the gameplay i had, just go in and think nothing of it and you get them. i used to play alot of diablo, since my main died last year 630 hr + char, i dont play that much, i wouldn't recommend it either you will burn yourself out get discouraged, same with the "expecting" part, just dont. enjoy it for what it is, a glorified-monster-mashing-loot finding game. torments dont matter and neither do GR's my wife got hers i think on gr 35 her first. i ranged from t6 to t12, its possible. thats about all i can tell you for those looking for encouragement, its possible. GL hunting and do not die out there ~ link http://imgur.com/a/vY6bqTasteTheHate3 May 8
May 8 Help GR 70 seasonal I have just started a seasonal barb. Can someone help me unlock primal ancient by helping me finish GR 70?NailNewob2 May 8
May 4 S10 Guardian Complete!! Not bad for a filthy casual, completed the last task last night. First time I've ever completed Guardian on SC or HC. Started with a Marauder's DH to GR70, switched to Shadow DH to grind a bit higher and speed runs. Only died 4 times along the way!!! Woohoo!!! Best part was 2 GR's after season completion a Primal Yang's dropped, damn near @#$ myself... heheGodzilla12 May 4
May 3 Looking for Hardcore clan Hey everyone, I'm looking for a hardcore clan, I recently just came back to Diablo 3 on PC, I'm fairly getting the hang of things again, why now I'm working on the story missions to give to adventure mode of my Hardcore Witch Doctor (act 3) I'm currently level 39, and I'm looking for a hard core clan as the title says. Would prefer a small to medium size clan, so that I'm not just a number, would like to get to know people, would be cool if there was ventrilo or some voice chat room maybe even a homepage for the clan, of course it's not mandatory to have that stuff just what I prefer. Thanks!DrInsan3no15 May 3
May 3 "Hardcore" to grind in safe areas? Most of the hardcore people I've talked to/watched are all vastly overleveled for whatever part of the game they are in. There's virtually no chance of them dying and it really defeats the whole purpose of playing hardcore. Most of their play hours seem to be completely safe grinding so they can build up their gear and levels, no real fighting or anything. I've been curious about trying hardcore but that one aspect just held me back. Ultimately, it seems like "hardcore" is exactly like normal mode, but at a much slower pace, with extra grinding rather than actual game progress. It's no surprise that it's simply filled with overleveled characters who are just too paranoid to take on the next bossFinalDoorman43 May 3
May 3 [Future] Hardcore Death Forum Blizzard would you please consider in the future creating a forum (Hardcore Death Forum) where people can post complaints about their Hardcore deaths, demand rollbacks, or whine about how they should get their character back? You could also consider after signing the waiver, another waiver pops up with the following statement flashing in neon yellow: "Blizzard will not restore your character for any reason!" and you must click accept again. You'd think after 5yrs there wouldn't be a constant stream of these posts...yet here we are. The only posts about hardcore deaths accepted in this forum are those celebrating the death of a fallen hero. Leave the crying at the door.Shark13 May 3
May 3 Server D.C. Death Prevention Deaths from Server Lag. This is always going to be a topic, and I see coming back there's still a lot of bitter people running into this issue. I've been using a formula that I think works, biased on how Servers and Server Policy's work with o see if it helps. I haven't had one DCissue yet, maybe this will help others. 1. Your PC should be using a good video card, and hopefully you have a Solid State Drive. A good internet connection is a thing of the past. With this addressed, we can assume it's not a a DC on your end. 2. When playing in-game, you want to avoid being AFK in town or anywhere. If you're going to go AFK, leave the game and when you're back; resume the game. This will keep your connection to the server fresh. If you're in a game for a few hours, leave the game and resume another one. Again, this keeps your connection to the server fresh. Basically Your avoidI got the server from timing out, or policy's that tag your game as being opened for too long, or inactivity. Also keep an eye out for delays in your game, like things not loading or NPCs not responding, events not working right. At the first sign of this, leave the game. Start a new one. Each time you leave a game, and resume a new one; it keeps your server connection healthy. It might sound like server voodoo, but it seems to work really well. I'll keep testing, and see how it goes.Waterfowler1 May 3
May 2 Belial Does anyone know if their is a phase 2 bug for this boss? I have killed him many times farming t10 bounties and I normally kill him in about 1 second with firebats. today I ran a bounty killed form one in like 1 firebat tic then on form 2 I fought him for like over a minute :O. applied my huant and bugs multiple times ran in and out batting him over and over he just would not die. I finally got him luckily with no proc as my SH stacks were dropping but I have run with crap tier chicken gear and killed him in a couple seconds and used this build before and just absolute taken a dump on him. anyone ever experience this?Mox1 May 2
May 2 Level Experience and The Formula Behind It The experience required to proceed from level to level may look random or at the very least fragmentary, but I assure you Blizzard did not just make up numbers on the spot. Here is the equation they used: http://i48.tinypic.com/scxuv4.jpg As you can see, as your level progresses, the equation used to calculate the experience needed to level up changes, I imagine to accommodate the increase in monster and quest experience in addition to any +Exp gear you may acquire. And, to save you the trouble of calculating all of it, here's the actual list: 1: 1,200 2: 2,700 3: 4,500 4: 6,600 5: 9,000 6: 11,700 7: 14,700 8: 18,750 9: 23,200 10: 28,050 11: 33,300 12: 38,000 13: 41,000 14: 44,100 15: 47,300 16: 50,600 17: 54,000 18: 57,500 19: 61,100 20: 64,800 21: 68,600 22: 72,500 23: 75,000 24: 85,250 25: 96,000 26: 107,250 27: 119,000 28: 131,250 29: 144,000 30: 157,250 31: 150,000 32: 168,000 33: 187,000 34: 207,000 35: 228,000 36: 244,000 37: 260,400 38: 277,200 39: 294,400 40: 312,000 41: 330,000 42: 348,400 43: 367,200 44: 386,400 45: 406,000 46: 426,000 47: 446,400 48: 467,200 49: 488,400 50: 510,000 51: 1,210,000 52: 1,322,500 53: 1,440,000 54: 1,562,500 55: 1,690,000 56: 1,822,500 57: 1,960,000 58: 2,102,500 59: 2,250,000Dethrin3 May 2
May 2 My barb died I'm sad =( he was too squishy... time to make a DH =D btw I died to Blighter in a gr 55...it was a narrow passage so nowhere to run from his poisons and grasps....ran to entrance but ported to me and killed meScorp6 May 2
May 2 Necromancer Beta Testing - HC If anyone is beta testing the Necromancer, and would like to join HC, let me know, I will PLVL. Basically, there are almost no players who opted for HC and I am happy to help. Find me; Artez#1149Artez5 May 2
May 1 Necromancer, a missed opportunity First off, I don't want to say Blizz should have added a second character to RoS, since I have no idea how hard that is. I mean, I know they added 2 new toons to the Diablo 2 ex-pack, but maybe that was a nightmare. Maybe that's why they put all their eggs in one basket for a Crusader. I don't know. I'm just saying, it would have been fun to put a Necromancer back in Diablo. That was my absolute favourite toon in Diablo 2. And it was also the most lag proof toon. To be honest, I enjoyed the Amazon more, but she died every time a lag spike hit. My first AND ONLY hardcore Necro (Vanilla D2, pre-ex pack) lived to be level 92 and retired alive. This was during a time when reaching level 90 was considered insane and nearly impossible. (I was unemployed, so that explains a lot). I feel like the Witch Doctor is sort of a botched Necro build. He was supposed to be more of a Druid rebuild, with offensive spells mixed with some pets. But this fetish army has really kind of become OP for the class. The Crusader is a Paladin reboot, the barb is the barb, the wizard is the sorceress/mage, the demon hunter is the amazon/rogue, the monk is kind of like the assassin (not really, but let's go with that). The necro would have been a great 7th toon for the RoS launch. Imagine a pure pet army of skeletons, skele-mages, revives, with group buffs like thorns, amp damage, corpse explosion? It would be pretty fun. The Necro was a little OP with bone spirit, but otherwise he relied mainly on pet damage and synergizing with paladin thorns or cold sorc. What I loved about the necro was his ability to micromanage the army without having to physically attack. You're sort of the coach. You rove the monsters around, try and corral them properly, provide support and protection for weaker toons, and constantly look for more corpses. I have to say, although D3 is superior to D2 in almost every way, the absence of the necro has been felt. It's unfortunate since the barb fanatics got to keep their favourite toon.vram197434 May 1
May 1 one hit ancestors grace my monk was one hit while fighting URZAEL in torment VIII while wearing ancestors grace. im not sure if this is a glitch or maybe the ammy just didnt work. im just wondering if there is a way to tell how i died. or maybe even get my gear back if it was a glitch or bug?littletune4 May 1
Apr 30 Need help pushing Tier 55 solo (PS4) EDIT: UPDATE: 4/29Koldren12 Apr 30
Apr 30 Server Lag...DEAD Just had the server lag and when it showed my list of characters...my Wizard is Dead!ChrisCobb133 Apr 30
Apr 29 A bit humbled Just now going to try for GR70 solo (later tonight). Lot of people say this game is easy, maybe for extreme gamers, but I am a pretty decent gamer and Ive struggled a bit. I died once. Pretty depressing. Anyways - whats the best build for a noob pushing into the 70s? Ive got 4 augments worth of gems and wonder what I should use them on. I really like Uliana the best. Farthest ive got is 69.RushaDuke10 Apr 29
Apr 28 Need a group 4 70+ GR Need group for lvl 70+ Grs. I have an Impale DH. Please add me and msg when ur on. Archangel#1443Archangel1 Apr 28
Apr 28 LF grifters Looking for monks and barbs to start running grifts, my clan is active and i have a community for those that wish to group faster when their friends and clans aren't online. swolebro#1114Swolebro0 Apr 28
Apr 28 Crusader needs help getting to 70 GR: Hello, I started playing a Hardcore Crusader and my end goal is to successfully complete a level 70 GR, so that I can unlock Primal Ancient drops. What is the safest, most tanky build I can choose that will probably enable me to clear a level 70 GR? Please provide me with a link to a build that includes all the information I need, including spec/armor/weapon/legendary gems, etc. ThanksHardrake9 Apr 28
Apr 28 Error Code 1016 Killed Me While going through some GR's trying to build up my exp gem I got an error code 1016 and it exited the game straight to my character selection with it dead. There was no lag, stopping, or anything weird. It just exited the game and went straight to this. http://imgur.com/a/NTmca Does Blizzard revive characters for issues like this?Nightly2 Apr 28
Apr 28 So you think you need Augments? (Season 10) Paragon: 852 Greater Rift: 73 (12:53) Rank: 88 Gear... Legacy of Nightmares (2) Hellfire Amulet Death Watch Mantle St. Archew's Gage Leoric's Crown Aquila Cuirass Pride of Cassius (5 seconds) Depth Diggers Illusory Boots Sanguinary Vambraces Oathkeeper Hack Botttomless Potion of Regeneration Skills... Frenzy (Maniac) Wrath of the Berserker (Insanity) Ignore Pain (Iron Hide) Overpower (Crushing Advance) War Cry (Invigorate) Threatening Shout (Falter) Passive Skills... Nerves of Steel Berserker Rage Tough as Nails Relentless Boon of Bul-Kathos Details... Damage (Base): 356k Toughness(Base): 104 million Recovery (Base): 14 million Offense... Attacks per Second: 1.66 Cooldown Reduction: 62.45% (Diamond in Helm) Defense... Armor: 88.5% (War Cry) Lowest Resistance: 79.4% (Diamonds in Chest Armor and Pants) Thorns: 327k (Topaz in Weapons) Life... Maximum Life: 800k (Invigorate) Life per Second: 40k (Invigorate) Life per Hit: 74k Kanai's Cube Powers... Bastion's Revered Andariel's Visage Convention of Elements Gems (Rank 75)... Boyarsky's Chip Esoteric Alteration Bane of the Stricken Follower... Forceful Push Missile Ward Erosion Focused Mind Notes: Follower cannot die and has Oculus Ring (85%). 3rd week of Season 10 almost finished. Primal items are unlocked after completing GR70 (Solo). Life per Hit on weapons is a big help. No Augments in gear required unless you're pushing GR70+. Good luck! Others Notes: Stopped using Wi-Fi and put my laptop in Airplane mode.Sherwin5 Apr 28
Apr 27 LF 4 Man - HC Season 10 I have a geared Zmonk and firebats. Looking to push 70+ add me in game if you'd like to push.JWNZ2 Apr 27
Apr 26 Hardcore public games dead? Hello everyone, just started hardcore yesterday and got to 70 . First thing I always do, run some bounties. Normal public bounty games- 0 people. Ok well I start my own to see if people join. Do 4 bounties in an act and leave the last to prevent my game from not showing in the public list. Someone finally joins and they do the bounty I was leaving. So we duo the rest of the game. I gear up a bit and time to do more bounties. T1 this time, 3 people. Join and 2 are <20 paragon and just hid in town. Me and the other just duoed the bounties. I get up to T6 capable and check all the public stuff from T6 down and combined there might of been 20 people on a sunday evening. I know I am a few weeks behind but I thought the lower brackets would be filled with peoples remakes of dead chars. Are higher torments more populated or do hardcore players avoid public games?GameGenie17 Apr 26
Apr 26 America Serv - Solo Gr rank not updated. america server - season 10 - solo greater rift - ranking. my battletag is avogadro#6126. i am having difficulties in viewing my season gr solo achievement solo, basically it seems that my record doesnt exist on the server. Eventhough, i did GR 77 with placement 36 in the server. can blizz do something about this? thanks.Avogadro1 Apr 26
Apr 26 The HC Tough love thread The HC forum has become too . . . soft. Too. . . politically correct and civil. Fluffy. Dare I say, weak. The purpose of this thread is to inject some much needed 'umph' into a Forum that suffers mightily from a bad case of Low-T. So lets give some HC 'advice' to the mushy who come here looking for comfort. 'Will you bring my level 19 Wizard back? <sniff>' 'Will you offer an incentive for people to play HC mode? <whimper>' There ain't no kittens in HC. There ain't no soft white bread. This mode is the 4 day old Habanero Jerky you left on the counter. So what 'advice' does the HC community have for the folks who just can't handle it?WhiteOwl46 Apr 26
Apr 26 Powerlevel. just swapped back to pc from ps4 so i need some help getting to 70 thanks in advanceCleaverr0 Apr 26
Apr 26 hc s10 sprinter please need a crew to help me with this..........ive tryed 8 times....... best i can do solo is 1hr:10min solo................. please need help it my last conquest for the season add me to FL my appreciated act 1-act5 solo in a hour TasteTheHate # 11818TasteTheHate5 Apr 26
Apr 26 Primal Ancient Legendary Enchantress Focus Primal Ancient Legendary Enchantress Token QQmy first primal http://imgur.com/HbC0ZG7LoRdNuKe9 Apr 26
Apr 26 Ps4 hardcore On ps4 could use a power level season hardcore Parker-85-420litol0 Apr 26
Apr 25 aLL GOOD on right now. Hit me up. Benish#1120Benish0 Apr 25
Apr 25 Rush please. Can someone please hook me up with a rush, HC S10.Sangasar0 Apr 25