Feb 12 Finally died P 826 zero death streak ends. I finally died for the first time this season at a whopping paragon 826 zero deaths streak across all of my characters. The usual suspect to have ended the streak? My Whirlwind barb caught in a disconnect whilst farming speed 50s solo. I was cruising along for about 7 speed runs with a good Australian clan mate, and then he got wife aggro and had to go cuddle with popcorn and netflix leaving subby all alone. His last words before we parted company were "You should go to bed man, get some sleep." Such prophetic words they were, I should've heeded his counse, but like a fool, I thought I would never die this season and proceeded to speed solo. What a fatal mistake. I swear Whirlwind barbs cannot withstand a single disconnect at all. What a completely worthless build compared to a LON sader for solo. such unglorious deeds to the usualy suspects of overconfidence and the DC. peace :-PSubRosa12 Feb 12
Feb 12 LF2M 80+ HC season GR grind LF2M for 80+ grinds. Have a top 10 solo DH and a top 30 wd or can zdps barb. 9pm EST.FreeSkies0 Feb 12
Feb 12 Should have fought to the death But I ran instead :((. I am in a competition with clan mates trying to see who can do the highest GR as DH. Top currently is at 79 and my highest is a 78. On like my 5th attempt I got to rift guardian with almost 2 mins remaining. When guardian was about 65% I proc'd. Instead of fighting I ran and due to losing a minute I did not complete the rift in time. Now I have been fishing for rifts and tried many more times and can't get to the guardian with that much time remaining. Hindsight 20/20. Now I wish I would have fought it to the death. If I lost, would have been a glorious death. And if I survived, would have made it that much sweeter. Might have to take a couple days off. The thought of trying another 79 right now is just too damn frustrating.Dukus1 Feb 12
Feb 11 SAD SAD GAME Sigh I lost two hardcore monks today after stupid app hang error. The program Diablo III64.exe version stopped interacting with Windows and was closed. log back in to a dead character. i just lose my first set and my back up set. I HAVE NOTHING NOW!Issac3 Feb 11
Feb 11 Primal Anicents? Primal Ancients seems a bit too much RNG to be fun IMO. I'd rather get another gear slot (like sunglasses) that improves build diversity what say you D3 HC?marmoset20 Feb 11
Feb 11 Blue ghoost folowing the monk ??? Playing monk on harcore seasonal , Ho is that blue ghost follow me around? can not get rid of him! his not apaering in questlogg so where and why is he in game? Regards HappyRougeHappyRogue10 Feb 11
Feb 11 Why does new HC seasnl toon hav paragon? Lost my first HC seasonal, why do I now have paragon lvls when I make anew HC SEASONAL toon? How do I start a new HC seasonal toon with no paragon? MahaloELoEL7 Feb 11
Feb 11 Suggestion for disconnect cases Noble8 Feb 11
Feb 11 QUESTION ABOUT HARDCORE SEASON ACHIEVEMENTS Hello there. I ve never played hardcore before and I am thinking i will go with a hardcore character next season. My question is if for example there is a season achievement "Finish a rift on torment X" and another achievement "Finish a rift on torment X on hardcore", DO I GET BOTH SEASON ACHIEVEMENTS POINTS IF I FINISH ONLY IN HARDCORE? OR DO I HAVE TO CREATE A NON HARCORDE CHARACTER TO GET THAT ACHIEVEMENT? Thanks !Ricardog901 Feb 11
Feb 10 Blizzard: Suggestion for hardcore lag deaths. Blizzard, First off I LOVE the game. There are currently a bunch of bugs and whatnot, but I love it regardless. It's given me many many hours of enjoyment and I expect it will give me many more. However I feel that Hardcore mode is still a beta-quality product. (Beta: A software stage where said software is usable and mostly stable but may contain bugs which could be crippling in a production environment.) Every time a new patch hits, or there is a significant spike in lag, several (maybe even hundreds) of toons die in unpreventable and unnecessary ways. I know it is your policy that no hardcore character ever be "resurrected". I, and I believe most players, accept that as fair. That's just the way the game is played. However many of these deaths are no fault of our own and are EXTREMELY frustrating. I've been lucky enough not to suffer a death at the hands of lag, but I do believe I have a way for you to fix these issues: Whenever there is significant lag in the connection to blizzard's servers, hardcore mode should automatically save the toon and disconnect (as pausing, which has been proposed as a solution before, does NOT prevent death in multiplayer games.) I'm not sure if this would be a client side change, or a server side change. This may lead to complaints over dropped connections, but is significantly preferable compared to rage over unpreventable death of a character many of us have invested quite a bit of time into. I'm also sure it would take quite a bit of effort on your parts. However this effort would be greatly appreciated. Many feel this is a game-breaking bug, and many people have been very vocal about how they will never play hardcore due to this very issue. Thank you for your time.ph4mp573r83 Feb 10
Feb 10 WTF a white Ghoost is following me , Playing monk on harcore seasonal , Ho is that White ghost follow me around? can not get rid of him! his not apaering in questlogg so where and why is he in game? Regards HappyRougeHappyRogue12 Feb 10
Feb 10 help please me skip campaign mode i played season HC and my chars were rolled into non season HC mode. now i just want to login to non season HC and into adventure mode. game says I haven't beat campaign mode yet in non season HC... i don't want to do campaign mode just to rift or play around... can anyone start a non season HC mode game and invite me ? thanksZeus3 Feb 10
Feb 9 lf high gr rift group 65+ Have a massive dps wd just trying to find some supports to keep me alive a little longer and farm out some gear.Lightning4 Feb 9
Feb 8 Looking for HC group I'm just looking to play some hardcore runs but don't want to do it solo so if anyone can point me into a group or clan is active that would be great.QuadStacked5 Feb 8
Feb 8 Why we play HC. . . I have long believed that there is a mechanic of this game that will occasionally deliver what I call a 'difficulty spike'. You will be playing normally-even face rolling the content- and suddenly you are presented with a scenario that can (and usually does) kill you. Sometimes these are cheesy- like a parade of fallen maniacs behind a door in the keeps where you can't see them. . .But sometimes they are extremely well played by Blizzard. Today I got such a scenario playing my Non-Seasonal UE DH. It was a T13 Weeping Hollow map. About 1/3 the way in, things are normal- then I hear a Gob pack. I get excited because with a UE DH those can be quite rewarding to mow down. This was a pack about 20 heavy- Lots of Gobs. This is where things went south QUICK. Sitting on the outskirts of this Gob pack (just out of view when I charged the pack) were two yellow packs and two Blue Packs that were immediately aggro'd. Things got interesting, but not out of control. As I am dealing with the 4 packs and the Gobs, I aggro 2 more Blue packs. So I am dealing with 2 yellow and 4 blue packs. I hit a protection shrine (whew) and kept up the assault. I proc under the pressure of several hard mortar hits. Another yellow pops up where the gravestones are at the top of the map. So now I am kiting and spraying 7 packs- three yellow and four blues. My heart is racing now because I can't even see my character through all the explosions, poison pools, and other affix graphics on the screen. There was also extremely heavy trash density as well. . .but it did not last long so it was more of an annoyance than an issue. I decide that kiting forward more will only worsen the situation-it was grim enough as it was. So I decided to make my stand in the graveyard (irony). I stood where the Town Portal is and as they funneled through the gate I just sprayed away like mad. I dropped three of the packs right there and severely wounded the rest. But I am out of all resources and the 2nd life proc timer is only half done. The hail of mortar fire was getting close, so I run into the Gazebo thing in the middle of the map to avoid some of the mortars and pop vengeance. With a full bubble of Hatred I start spraying again and kiting the mobs around the gazebo. My hands are starting to shake as I see the 15 disco beams starting to form in the graveyard. With my last drops of Discipline I vault through the packs and back out of the graveyard. When I clear the gates I turn around and as they are forced to funnel through the gates I finish them off. There were 6 more packs in this map- but i tackled them 1 on 1. The loot was EPIC. When the Rift was finished I sat there reveling in the thrill that is HC. I lived and it was awesome. . .but had I died- it would have been awesome as well. In the words of CerealKiller. . ."This is why we play HC, my friends" Indeed.WhiteOwl84 Feb 8
Feb 8 Inna or Uliana So I'm doing t10 relativity easily with either but I don't notice that much more damage with Uliana. Is it just because my weapons are no good? I felt a lot safer in inna. Any advice?RushaDuke8 Feb 8
Feb 7 I'm at a loss as to what build to go for I always play in HC with a monk or wizard, nothing else and I aim for high GR's. Last patch in non season I did a GR90 with a Sunwuko LTK Monk. I want to aim for GR95 this patch. But I only play Monk or Wizard. I've casually geared a Manald Heal Lighting Archon Wizard and an Inna EP Mystic Ally Monk. But I'm not liking both builds. The wizard is too fragile for HC, he can die from a projectile in T13 yet has the dps to clear high GR's for sure. The Inna EP Mystic monk is tanky but you only do burst damage with cold rotation on CoE and EP applied, I can't see it hitting GR90+. Any recommendations for a build, either monk or wizard, to aim for in non season??? It's the first time in a while I've nothing to aim for...homerjnick3 Feb 7
Feb 7 Hardcore ? I read the sticky and am pretty sure but for the sake of my nephew who swears this is true, Is it true that playing in hardcore guarantees better gear vs softcore? He is certain that playing hardcore gives you access to gear not obtainable in softcore. Also that there is a cap in softcore where as there is not in hardcore. Thanks in advance. Oh if there is a link or written blizzard proof to this i would appreciate it as it would help backup what I already think for proof.Rayzer8 Feb 7
Feb 6 Still having lots of fun this season I think I peaked with my current WD build at GR66 and afraid to go higher without finding many ancients. Looks like there are other stronger builds that I am looking to pursue (such as helltooth/garg). I have most of what I need... just not those damn cube gloves and I cannot find them. Its getting really annoying and don't feel like playing the build until I have all I need since I can farm quicker with my current WD. Super addicted to DH right now though. Never played DH before and now its all I want to play. I have already used 3 of the 4 sets and have switched up my Marauders build twice. Current running Marauders/multi-shot. I enjoy it but still thinking of jumping into unhallow essence. Anyone have a preference on these sets? It looks like Marauder may be a little better for doing super high GR clears but doesn't look like UE is too far behind (if behind at all). Although I enjoy Marauders I don't really enjoy farming with it. I am really enjoying multi shot and thinking UE will be the set for me. Still torn on some things though haha such as what rings I want to use etc. Ugg... still need to find an ancient weapon and I already used all my Ramaladni's gifts. Hopefully find more soon but guess I don't really need one right now anyway. Anyways so happy to be back playing D3. Can't believe I am still addicted this far into a season. Never even made it past paragon 400 in past seasons/years and already paragon 630 this season.Dukus3 Feb 6
Feb 6 First time playing on PC got D3 on pc.. too many cheaters on ps4.. 1st char died after completing campaign.. can anybody help me powerlevel here.. thanks..Krexski1 Feb 6
Feb 5 Seasonal Stash Tab Help Anyone on that can help me w/2 achievements for my stash tab? I need to do a T13 rift in 5mins and a 30 second skele king kill on T13. Feel free to add me if you can help! I'm a thorns/invoker crusader and can't seem to kill fast enough.Faustas1 Feb 5
Feb 5 A change for the better! The requirement for participating in certain difficulty levels in public games has been changed from current Paragon Level to highest solo Greater Rift clear, as follows: Torment I – VI: No Requirement Torment VII: Solo Greater Rift 30 Torment VIII: Solo Greater Rift 35 Torment IX: Solo Greater Rift 40 Torment X: Solo Greater Rift 45 Torment XI: Solo Greater Rift 50 Torment XII: Solo Greater Rift 55 Torment XIII: Solo Greater Rift 60 No more under-geared players in high level public games. Now you have to earn it! I have a feeling there will be a lot of softcore qqqq! LOLMetalJet66610 Feb 5
Feb 4 I died after Rift Guardian has been defeated? The reason my character died had to be because of the game's own error. My connection is fine. I was not lagging. We had just finished the greater rift. I had achieved a personal best, and directly after that popped up, my character screen froze, and said I was dead. It is not possible that I died simply because when the rift guardian enters, it clears the map of all hostiles. and after the rift guardian is killed it clears the map of all hostile ground markings too. How is it that my character died after the RG was dead and said I had completed it? My character had not even proc'd her Awareness ability that gives you an extra chance in HC. This is purely game flaw unless it can be shown to me otherwise.Xenomorph7 Feb 4
Feb 4 That's it, I am a guardian! At p690, finally completed Guardian!! 1 character, 0 death. From Conqueror to Guardian it was all on Legacy of Nightmare and Lashing tailkick build. What a ride! :DLloyd3 Feb 4
Feb 4 Haedrigs Gift I want to have all 6 toons at 70. Which is the hardest to find of the sets or basically which one should I get for the gift. Still havnt run a greater rift because I don't want to get it on my main.RushaDuke7 Feb 4
Feb 4 My T8 Multishot DH, Tips Appreciated http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/megamanx90-1390/hero/84091142 I've been playing for about 2 weeks now. Last time I played before that was 4 or 5 years ago. Played D2 a bunch before that. Anyways, just wanting to gather some tips from other players who main on DH on HC. Edit: my gear has changed a bit lol.megamanx9017 Feb 4
Feb 3 LoN LTK Help Hello all, I am new to Monk, the forums, and rift pushing in general. In the past, I have played DH mainly and never went above T10. However, I decided to switch to Monk about 3 weeks into the start of this season and will try to top the leaderboards. I currently have full ancient on all of my gear and was wondering if I should start the CD enhancement or if I should farm/reroll for better in gear in certain slots. I have an in geom in bags but it currently is not ancient and I also do not own a Rabid Strike yet (cubed my first one). Let me know your thoughts... ThanksAyeReezy2 Feb 3
Feb 3 Seasonal quests and death rules Seasonal quests, can they be reset after death? Or did I just die with 4 pieces of my seasonal armor on and lost them for all of eternity?Greentoucan4 Feb 3
Feb 2 well i died my first hardcore death... smh.. was paragon 520 or 530 i dont even remember already im done with this game lol... i don't wanna re roll... my death was stupid.. it wasn't even on grift progression... my gear was gettin pretty dank, i was gettin rdy to push into the top 1000 then stupid keywarden in act 2 somehow instakills me during a mere t9 speed run.. never underestimate his whirlwind!! im out! back to overwatch.. rip meJellyvish14 Feb 2
Feb 2 We Finally get Avatars!!!! consider this guy one happy deserter ^_^. how is everyone? :DIsolation13 Feb 2
Feb 2 HC Troll Believe it or not, there are some undergeared people who try to leach out torment level too high for them in HC! :-0 2 days in a row, I created a public T12 rift game, where I was farming alone. Only to be joined by a p380 WD who struggle miserably to move 1 inch on the minimap and left. Hahah that was funny! :D Well.. at least he didn't die, and he had the good sense to widthdraw, so there is hope! ^_^Lloyd12 Feb 2
Feb 1 I died :'( Anyone will to trade power levels? Welp, i died. First Seasonal Hard Core character ever lost (Main character), I've had plenty of low levels die. QQ And i didnt have a back up one.TessaAnna5 Feb 1
Feb 1 On a crusade without pants So last night, my seasonal wizard died. xD It was my first character to max level on hardcore. (I'm a bit of a heavy d3 casual, as it was also my first lvl 70 period) So happy with my achievement, I turned up the difficulty too high and played too late, got my first set item, but I died before identifying it... haha. Anyway if you stuck with me long enough, here is the point of this thread. I rerolled a crusader, and got him to lvl 34, and I just realized in my haste, I am still not wearing any pants. I'm not sure why or how, but my crusader has been crusading on hardcore for 34 levels without any pants... I found that hilarious for some reason. That is all...Loboling7 Feb 1
Feb 1 RIP Monk G66, It's Ember. (we had just completed G65) This is a 4 man grift with only 2 people doing all the work (that's what friends are for). The Demon Hunter procs Cheat Death on the first Metoer. He runs for the door but I was too stubborn to retreat. The 3rd wave of Lunatics did me in. They multiply.Audaylon8 Feb 1
Feb 1 Paragon 1-800 plus - zero deaths Current Update: Just hit Pargon 800 while finally getting my 2nd main, the Demon Hunter "GoblinKiller" geared in ancients. My first main invoker Sader, "SubRosa" now has a good game sheild and pushed a tiny bit up from being a GR 67 to a GR 68. There were a couple of scary moments where I proc'd: Heal sader got hit hard by XIII Greed bum rush (forgot to dodge), DH got procd at a door full of molten/arcane in a public X game when screen was loading (Classic PK. Wondering if I will be able to make it to paragon 900 without any deaths across all my characters this season.....Stay tuned. Update: I'm now Paragon 770 zero deaths across all my toons. I leveled and geared with the help of many clan members a M6 Demon Hunter, WhirlWind Barbarian, WoL Sunwuku Monk, Helltooth Garga Witch Doctor, and a Firebirds Archon Wizard. Each one of those fully geared alts capable of carrying my fellow clan mates at a minimum of Greater Rift 45 with gear matching for double chances at then loots. I plan to push again with my invoker sader soon. So for the first time, my main invoker sader http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/SubRosa-1880/hero/83554911 has lived thru multiple disconnects from paragon level 1-700 plus. He is now a GR 66 invoker and am kinda trying to find a really good GR for him. So happy Birthday to me....so far. Let's see if he can make it to paragon 800 without dying while trying to push to GR 70. cheers, SubbySubRosa8 Feb 1
Jan 31 Looking for 2 Uniques in Act5 (HC) Hi everyone! I am looking for a very long time ago for my 2 last unique monster in Act5 (HC). - Razael the feared (Pandemonium Fortress Level1) - Phyneus the Growler (Westmarch Commons) I can join game in season or non-season (HC). If anyone find one of those, please send me private message in game : ixel#1789 I am mostly online every night. Thanks to everyone ixeLixeL1 Jan 31
Jan 31 Dead and re-rolling Drinking and hardcore don't match. It was fun though. Alcohol makes my reaction time slower. Oh well. Roll another one.GhostDog7 Jan 31
Jan 31 Ladder Ranks Not Showing up Anyone else not having their Rank show up in D3 official rankings or on websites like Diabloprogress? The only one that seems to work is the one in game.Rcdohl3 Jan 31
Jan 31 Am I doing something wrong? So I play solo, no Internet :( But when I get Google monk builds and stuff for ideas to improve my guy I run into videos of guys running through T13 and GR100 ... WTF mate... I'm struggling on GR 59 and chill on T11 sometimes 12 Is it because I run run solo? I haven't been online in a while to update my profile but my monk sheet scores are: 1998K 55M 7115K when buffed my dog rises to 4800k but still am not very fast at killing. On GR59 am I just that far behind?Slagg188 Jan 31
Jan 31 Ps4 how much diffrence between lvl gap So im lv 48 and playing act5 if a lvl 70 player joins me will i get one shotted?Mealtime3 Jan 31
Jan 31 HC Seasonal Monk Leaderboard I was checking the HC (seasonal) leaderboard for Monks. Out of curiosity I checked the non HC (Softcore) season one. Hey the HC top solo Monk is only (GR 85) is just 8 level behind the softcore top monk (GR 93) well done man! :)Lloyd0 Jan 31
Jan 29 Fool me once.... 3rd Toon lost this season, all due to screen freeze, lockup issue. So Frustrating! I think I am done playing D3 altogether. MY system is clean. Its a brand new Alienware, SSD drives, 3 Nvidia Titan cards, 24GB ram, Extreme proc, new install, no background apps etc. I've turned on and off SLI, reduced frames, looked at all the forum options / suggestions and it still does it. It hiccups now and then, randomly...then, on occasion, usually when a boss spawns like from a pylon using nemesis bracers, the screen will freeze. most of the time it comes back within a second but 3 times this season it didn't and killed my Barb. / Sad face. This game has been fraught with issues from day one and I just don't know if I have the stamina to deal with it anymore. Unless someone (Nice) has an idea not thought of before?LiquidTx4 Jan 29
Jan 28 Legendary-Core I've been rolling this idea around in my head for awhile. I was going to wait until S10, but that's still a way off and I don't really see a reason for waiting as this is all just for fun anyway. The idea is simple: No death passives of any kind No green items Go as far as you can I don't expect a bunch of people to jump onboard, but I'm gonna give it a try just for the hell of it. If it's neat enough, I'll try S10 from the start this way as well. Personally, I'm just tired of 6P sets dominating so much of the landscape, and it's sad how easy HC has become. /shrugBobWitchDR17 Jan 28
Jan 28 RIP Hadrian Well, it finally came for me, death that is. It was an unfortunate lag spike in a t13 rift. I wildly mashed my buttons hoping something would catch, but it didn't. 45 hours on my boy. It was fun while it lasted. On to another char and another setup. Funny thing is that he is not yet dead in the ss. :) http://imgur.com/a/P3X9OEzekiel2 Jan 28
Jan 27 Mobs at the Door I recently lost my good DH in a mere gr60. I was stuck in the loading screen for long enough that my character's passive was blown through, and then killed. I just loaded up to a slain character. Now, I don't want my character back (because it wouldn't be HC), and I have not experienced latency issues since - my side nor server side. I would, however, like to know that I can go through a loading screen and not be dead when I gain control of my character. I was wondering if anyone else had any similar experience of spawning in to arcane sentries or frozen orbs before you could make your move. I think it would be more reasonable to have enemies spawn outside of aggro range (including pet aggro) from the entrance to any new level. Or am I just not hardcore enough?xSaintApocx8 Jan 27
Jan 26 LoN DH - anyone have a build? I have tried LoN Yangs, no good LoN manticore, no good So what's left? I cannot seem to find a LoN DH build that can do GR 70+ Anyone with suggestions?Artez4 Jan 26
Jan 25 Have better support for wifi crashes You should really implement a system when a persons wifi crashes. Mine went down to to a power surge that randomly happened and now I've lost everything on my HC seasonal. I don't think I can play anymore after the character I've cared the most on is ripped away just because my powergrid just randomly shot my wifi. It isn't fair and I've lost a lot of my will to play your game. If I died to my own stupidity I'd accept it as my own fault. But this had nothing to do with me and it hurt... a lot.Perfect1Up12 Jan 25
Jan 24 How come no dH in 4p gr? Someone told me they don't want DH in a 4 party grifts. why is that?MissKorea9 Jan 24
Jan 24 Hardcore mid-game disconnecting problems I played with lv 70 witch doctor today on HC.My internet dissapeared in the middle of the fight.When i logged back on to the game my character was dead.Does this happen often to you guys?And if it does is there any way to solve it?TheRock3 Jan 24
Jan 24 LEADERBOARD SEASON HARDCORE 9 WIZARD Hi , I don't understand why , but the diablo3 website leaderboard season hardcore season 9 wizard (http://us.battle.net/d3/en/rankings/season/9/rift-hardcore-wizard) is not the same as the one ingame. I check the monk one , and it's the same. But not the for the wizard. (US) I am the only one ? :Pkektemps12 Jan 24