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6h Path of Exile did it again new and innovative game play has been added to the game in Synthesis the game just gets richer and more complex nothing ever feels old in that gamewhaso36 6h
17h Free diablo 1 and hellfire expansion download So while i was browsing today i came across a site and found this and it says "Diablo Hellfire is completely free. You may play it as much as you like without paying a single buck. In exchange for playing it, you are instead asked for a small favour. You are encouraged to send any comments you might have about this game. " so i downloaded it and to my delight, it works perfectly! so my question is - is this legit legal? if it is, i would like to post the link. Blue please reply. It was found on an old abandonware site.Zekey78 17h
5d Diablo 4 discussion! back to it's roots! I am a big fan of the Diablo series. i started playing when i was only 10 years old, that is 14 years ago! My big brother showed me Diablo 2 and i was hooked ever since. Only later 5 years later did i notice this game truly was a joyous relic in the gaming industry. I thought id never enjoy another game as much as i enjoyed the Diablo 2 experience again! Too this day, nothing beats those memories. The progression and atmosphere truly felt like an original to the gaming world at the time, and a master piece in its gaming generation. My brother and I both bantered about how diablo 3 was a gruesome let down. We came to a few conclusions on what killed the game for us, The dark spiritual horrific game design was missing. Angels bashing in super scary demons like gods. Oh so epic! the sad moody ghetto rogue camp site, Lut Gholein prideful riches, Kurast docks intriguing and mysterious darkness. Going in Hells demonic scary elegant fortress, and harrogoths badass finally with the barbarians. The game just didnt give the same feel graphically or even musically. It didnt delivery that gritty horror film vibe from the previous games. What we got was something we didnt expect at all. Its like diablo wrote us up fairy tale curse us to suffer that included ponies and unicorns.... it was totally out of sync and laughable to a degree. In D2, The characters felt like less godly, which made the forces seem more intense, intense and powerful. It was so satisfying to gear up from the ghetto to Harrogoth and kill the lord of hatred. Spammable skills, no loading screens between way-points, RUNEWORDS, Game lobbys, with custom game names :D rushing peoples characters for their forge quest. in game trading. 8 player games, farming baal runs, learning map layouts, remembering runeword combinations, map layouts, mastering progression, speed runs from normal to hell. these were all things diablo 3 failed to deliver.. The dark medieval guitar, the music that was literally nail biting at times. The atmospheres that gave me chills. I remember being actually afraid as a kid of the dark gloomy catacombs walking up to Andariel. I needed my brother the first few times cuz i was too scared to fight through the bloody mess. Yes i was a kid but the atmosphere still to this day the game has that charm of darkness. Evil spirits lurking and hiding. Jumping out behind the trapped door. I even got nightmares! but that is exactly what intrigued me to go back and play, and conquer again, and again.. Growing up with the game and still play it to this day 2019. long live d2 The mystery, music, the realistic spooky medieval graphics aposed to pretty artwork graphics. The paintings were nice and truely looked amazing, but ittook away from the darkness of the game, Mephisto: "The Gate stands ready!" [the Wanderer screams as his skin begins to split open, and blood rushes from his temples; he collapses to the ground] "Now, my young brother, the time has come to assume your true form!" [the Wanderer's robe shreds as he transforms into a monstrous, horned creature, with great spines on its back] "Arise, Diablo... Lord of Terror!" [Diablo tosses aside the ragged remnants of his robe, and marches towards the open gateway] "You are the harbinger of our return, Diablo! Send forth your Terror into Hell!" [Diablo turns and disappears into the portal; driven utterly mad, Marius collapses against the wall, staring at the shard of Baal's Soulstone he carried...] So now that D4 is in the works , what would you like to see in diablo 4?TOOP1 5d
6d Diablo Immortal Forum/Subforum Can we get a subforum or an official forum for Diablo Immortal? I would like to discuss various things/ideas about the game. And yes, I am excited for a mobile Diablo. (I play mobile games on my PC using an emulator...) -Thanks RasereiRaserei34 6d
Feb 14 Game idea - The Armageddon I have an idea for a new game. It would be called “The Armageddon”, and it would be the final battle between good and evil. Apocalyptic games tend to be about zombies, but few end-of-the-world games focus on this theme. Essentially, this game would be a city-vs-city game, where you would win the game by defeating the opposing city. Storywise, the game might last 50 years, but to make a lengthier game, I’d recommend that two in-game years last about one real hour. The player would choose a side in the beginning of the game, and I’d recommend having lots of good characters and lots of evil characters to choose from. Since people from all over the world and all walks of life would be on both sides, I’d recommend a diverse choice of characters (all races, both genders, a variety of nationalities, etc.). I’d also recommend that the characters be relatively young, since the game would last decades. After you pick your side and your character, you would start off by being contacted by either God or the Devil, and you would be told that your mission is to lead your side to victory over the other in the Armageddon. You would be told that a genetically-engineered virus will get out of containment, and that most of the people on Earth will soon be dead. Worldwide, maybe only a few million would live. You would be given a timeline of when the virus will hit (maybe in a month), where in the world your city will be built, and given time to prepare. This time would be crucial, because vital tasks could be completed before the virus spreads, chaos and death ensue, and civilizations collapse and go dark. It would naturally be important to arrive at the location of your city before transportation is crippled. The winners of the Armageddon would get to repopulate the Earth. God would want those people to be good, since that would start things off on the right foot, and the Devil would want the bad and evil ones to succeed, hoping for an era of evil. All of the people that will survive the virus will instinctively know where both sides will reside, and will know which side they belong on. Earlier on in the game, both cities will compete for all of those “in-between” people that are more in the neutral range. Over time, more people would arrive at both cities. I’d recommend both the good and evil cities be on the same landmass, since crossing oceans would be difficult. They should be spaced at least a few thousand miles apart. If neither side wins after 50 years, then it would be a stalemate, and both sides would repopulate the Earth, which would mean that the world would be a blend of good and evil like it is now. This game should have a “real feel” to it. Avoid magic and mythical beasts. There shouldn’t even be angels and demons in the game. It should be ordinary people choosing sides and fighting this war. Throughout the game, players would need to gather resources, build their city, raise armies, and ultimately bring their forces to bear against the enemy. As for character selection, different characters would have different strengths and different weaknesses. A more charismatic leader would bring in more of the in-between people, whereas a more radically good or radically evil leader would consolidate their base supporters but may be less appealing to the average Joe. Some leaders might have better technical skills, some might be more persuasive or intimidating, and others may have industrial or scientific skill, or even military training. A description of each character should be given at the start of the game, as well as their life history. I’d recommend that their stories be believably good and believably evil (it would be unrealistic to have an evil character that drinks baby blood and does demonic rituals, since this is seldomly how evil manifests itself in the real world). As for difficulty levels, there should be easy, normal, hard, and apocalyptic. For the easy difficulty, the game would be tilted in your favor, and you might even be able to choose the enemy leader. For normal, the game would be weighted equally for both cities, and the enemy leader would be randomly chosen by the computer. For hard, things would be tiled against you. As for the ‘apocalyptic’ difficulty, the game should be extraordinarily hard, with the odds strongly against you, and the computer might choose an enemy leader that has skills which would counter your strengths. Throughout the game, the player may have to make choices that will affect how the game plays out. Good leaders may try to rule more fairly than evil ones. Challenges to the player’s authority and power may also arise from within their city, so one way to lose the game is if another leader emerges from the masses and takes your place. This dethroning would be different depending on the side that you’re on. In the good city, another leader may present stronger arguments in a debate, questioning your commitment to good values and principles, which would lead to people choosing him/her over you. In the evil city, it could be an armed insurrection that you would need to beat down. Keeping your people happy would minimize challenges to your authority. I hope that you like my idea. It seems like this has the potential to be a good game. People must be getting tired of Zombie Apocalypse games by now. ;)Starblazer0 Feb 14
Feb 13 Blizzard facing mass layoffs? Not good news: I feel for the people losing their jobs. But what the hell is going on at Blizzard? Why have game development stopped? Its time to get cracking. I was ready flashing my wallet at my screen, but then they launched Diablo Immortal. Nope, nope, nope. The audience is here waiting but there are no games coming for some strange reason…Bubba122 Feb 13
Feb 13 Skype photobombing D3 Skype has just developed a nasty habit of staying on top of the D3 window (and frankly, anything else). I've tried hunting on general forums out in the world but can't seem to find an answer. PC, windoze 10 here. Closest I found was a Microsoft forum, clicking on "..." settings, notification settings, but there it breaks down because the option "show out of app ongoing call indicator" isn't one of the options.Sileas1 Feb 13
Feb 13 Shareholder meeting today? Wasn’t there supposed to be a shareholder meeting today? I’m curious to know about the layoffs as well.Exiled30 Feb 13
Feb 13 Misc Blizzard Trivia ...SilverFox1 Feb 13
Feb 12 Immortal last?.. or just a stepping stone? Ok so I've constantly heard various rumors about a new diablo game and they wasn't talking about Immortal.. but was immortal the last diablo game or is there one in the works.. If this is so Im seriously hoping they bring back the basics they've strayed so so far from. While the Diablo 3 game did well and they made it easier to solo. They literally ripped out the heart of what RPG making classes who's regeneration is on god level stats. This I didn't mind totally but Class selection of the days past was all about cooperation between players and getting a better gameplay with friends. Diablo 3 basicly removed the need for a healer totally the challenge we faced when needing to buy potions and managing our "Belts" as well as no more stamina. I think these things made Diablo 2 a great game for some they didn't like it cause its "too hard" or they just didn't like to manage things.. I say you picked the wrong damn game then. It's sad to see game developers having to make massive changes to appease the "gods" of finances. Immortal seems more like a stepping stone to a new game.. I just hope its a step back and not another annoying step towards making a easier to play game. To newgen players.. I say if its too hard why the hell do you play. Get good or go home. If your a Old school gamer and you agree then more power ups too ya. If your from Blizzard... for the love of god... bring back those days of grinding in what can only be the best days of Diablo.. that and Andariel needs a comeback. Or at least a single small quest line. She was one of the most fun Enemies to fight as you had to think about your moves instead of just run in and fight her like a common demon. "Here's a little homage to the brilliant artist of Andariel in the Diablo 3 artwork a reference for those who didn't know what she looked like." Feb 12
Feb 12 Congratulations, stocks sub 40! I'm going to celebrate by ordering Dominos pizza tonight (in reference to this: ). Glad to see Activision Blizzard is finally getting their just deserts. This is what happens when you treat your fans AND employees like total garbage. Fans want quality content, and you give them the middle finger. Your employees want a living wage, and you outsource their jobs. Activision Blizzard deserves the financial failure that's on the horizon.neo37 Feb 12
Feb 12 ARPG with PVP like D2 ? Hi guys, i'm desesperated, is someone playing right now a ARPG with endgame meta based in PVP like d2 ? Are those in extintion ? is there a conspiracy with enterprises to not make game like this ? I mean wtf PS: Don't even say PoE, it has no PVP, I'm not looking for a game without PvPDj0nt27 Feb 12
Feb 11 Auction house kills Diablo. Fornite/Apex make Billions /EOM Hope the new Diablo brings it all back.kccobra20 Feb 11
Feb 9 WOLCEN: builds, builds, builds! Feb 9
Feb 7 Diablo the Board Game I have some inspiration on how to design a Diablo board game. In fact, I have contacted FFG on this; their reply was that they no longer have Blizzard's licensing rights to make their games. The following are my ideas. If you have any of your own ideas or even criticisms, feel free to fire them my way. Let's talk about the components. First there must be a world map, then exploratory dungeon tiles. The dungeon maps must be made of diamond-shaped hexes. Every player chooses their hero character (and they come in either male or female sculpts), and they each receive a Character Sheet, like StarCraft the Board Game. On the Sheet there is a Life globe depicted and a Resource globe depicted, depending on what character you are. In addition, there are stats on the Sheets, and a Character and Inventory Window, where we will be able to equip our hero. The enemy will be controlled by an A.I. system, like Gears of War, although significantly much more different. The loot dropped by monsters scale with difficulty, depending on factors like the number of heroes, and the Act, level and stage. In addition there is a Skill Deck and Skill Tree Sheet, to keep track of your experience level. To get new Skills, you will have to spend your experience points gained from killing spawns. There is a level track along the side of the world map, to record the levels of the characters. There is a reference sheet for enemy spawns, listing their statistics and how they scale with the number of players, thus influencing the difficulty of the game. That's all I will reveal now. I have yet to reveal the battle mechanic! About loot, at the back of the enemy's wound token is a number with a plus sign, which determines the number you must roll equal or more on a D6, to get a loot. For attacks that do area damage, or target an area, templates like those from Warhammer 40,000 are used, except they are modified for the diamond-shaped hexes in Diablo the Board Game.Alstre18 Feb 7
Feb 6 ATVI stocks already recovering After the drop to 44.60$, following the Bungie news, ATVI is already on the road to recovery at 46.40$. The Bungie split, while surprising to many, was not as sudden as people might think. The deal they made with Activision was that they would make 2 games of the next series (Destiny) and the DLCs, which Activision would publish. That contract was fulfilled and Bungie was free to go. The media covered it as if Bungie was stealing Destiny away from Activision, but that game was never owned by Activision.Imperius85 Feb 6
Feb 4 Downloading Diablo 1 Is there any way to get Diablo 1 legitimately?Carrot1 Feb 4
Feb 4 Any Word on Diablo: Immortal Release Date? My phone is quivering with anticipation.Latest147 Feb 4
Jan 31 D4 and Auction House Everyone is going to hate me for saying this; however, as D4 seems to be looming in the back of the minds of many I hope that Blizzard will bring back the Auction House for this one along with Seasons right out of the gate. The auction house added an immense amount of value and entertainment for me right out of the gate. It was fun to browse through items and dream and a ton of fun how the best stuff was so incredibly rare. I also loved how difficult the game was when it was first released. There was something mysterious and challenging about it all. If seasons are included without the auction house, this will satisfy all the hardcore people as well! Anyway, hopefully someone out there agrees with me. It was undeniable entertainment for many of us and satisfies Blizzards ability to monetize the game how they'd like to.Tank6ge18 Jan 31
Jan 28 Dragonball Z ARPG Since there's no Diablo 4 in the horizon, who here is going to jump ship and play the newly announced DRAGONBALL Z: PROJECT Z when it arrives. With the state of FIGHTERZ. I have high hopes for this new ARPG.Hellsspawn0 Jan 28
Jan 25 Setting up G-Sync for Compatible Monitors ...SilverFox0 Jan 25
Jan 25 Blizzard new employee.. (sorry for short title.. 45 char seems max title limit) Blizzard poaching CD Projekt creative director! What? The weirdest news of the day! :o Should it give hope to Blizzard fan? I fear it is too late, but who knows?Lloyd0 Jan 25
Jan 23 ASUS TUF FX504GE So I haven't bought a laptop since 2008/2009 with my first overseas laptop, and finally deciding to buy a new one. I have looked all around for a decent laptop that can run most games on high ends, and love my ASUS laptops (I have used a wide range of laptops, ranging from Lenovo, Dell, HP, ASUS, Sager, Bytespeed, and Alienware, due to my line of work as an IT Tech), and finally settling down with the ASUS TUF FX504GE. I am on a pretty limited budget, and feel this is one of the best bangs for the buck. What are your thoughts? Anyone use the ASUS TUF FX504GE? Here is a link for it if you're curious: Basic Specs: ASUS TUF FX504 8th Generation Intel Core i5-8300H processor (up to 3.9 GHz) and GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4 GB for superior gaming performance and multitasking Portable design with 0.98" thin profile and weight of only 5.07 lbs. Dual fans with anti-dust technology. Red-backlit keyboard rated for 20-million keystroke durability 1TB FireCuda Solid State Hybrid Drive. 8 GB DDR4 high-frequency 2666 MHz RAM. Gigabit Wave 2 Wi-Fi. Up to 1.73 Gbps with 2X2 802.11ac. I feel it will last me quite a while and allow me to play most games on the higher end settings for the cost.JonnyB19875 Jan 23
Jan 23 Path of Exile is better game Poe is hard to learn and boring at begin because its very complex. But when you understand 30-40% game, its super good. - 3 Ascendancy classes * 6 characters = 18 classes , and a lot of difference build per class example: you can play Witcher with Physical build, Tanker build, ... at late game. - New content is released per 6 month. Beginner Tips: Poe isn't beginner friendly. Loots is difference with D3. in Poe, rare items drop like normal items in D3. You will feel overwhelm, and confuse. And game is really good when you install Loot Filter for filter 60% trash items: p/s: PoE ecosystem is large, because they have public API. For example a top player's profile: Jan 23
Jan 23 If you're looking for a new RPG to play It's not a hack and slash real-time game like Diablo, but its turn-based combat is still very satisfying, story is better than being killed by butterflies, and every musical track in the game sounds gorgeous. You can also play it online with other people. I could not put it down for a moment. Divinity 2: Original Sin.PainReliever17 Jan 23
Jan 22 Cinematic designers too? I thought only them was able to do these cinematics. Are they leaving from Blizzard too?PaBlEiToR1 Jan 22
Jan 22 Windows 10 Gaming Performance Issues ... I am currently running Win10 Pro Insiders builds (version1709, build 16291.0). I haven't encountered issues with Blizzard App and Diablo 3 64bit. (4790k, z96-g55-sli, 8gb ddr3, hd7870, 850 evo 256m.2) Uninstalled quite a few apps. Disabled some windows services. Turned off most privacy settings and notifications. ... ... Win10 Insiders Hub 16709 upvotes to make graphics driver updates optional 6932 upvotes to add GPU information to the performance tab in task manager 3885 upvotes NVIDIA graphics adapter encounters timeouts, resets, or crashes If having game performance issues, check out following -- --,2817,2372811,00.asp -- -- Jan 22
Jan 21 Activision is evil, split from them please. I started playing your games when I was two, on my dads lap helping him in Diablo by using his potions for him when his health and mana got low, a year later I was playing your games solo and have loved them ever since (that being 1993.) You are an amazing company with beautiful and wonderful worlds. Activation is rotting Blizzard from its roots up, it is destroying its reputation and community relations, it is ruining Blizzards over all game quality, and making Blizzard insert micro-transactions... that is not the company i grew up playing. until practices like this end and blizzard becomes recognizable in some fashion again i will not be spending another cent on your properties. I beg you Blizzard, Split with Activation the same way Bungie has. If you don't, we will all slowly drift away from you as you become more and more unrecognizable, and you will die a slow and sad death undeserving for the artistic talent Blizzard was. So please don't choose the slow death, please split with Activision and go back to your old model of making games! Doing so will gain back my full loyalty, and that of many others, as well as earn you new loyalty from many wronged by other companies without your high moral standards. We are all waiting for a Company to become the champion of the people in the industry, i always thought blizzard was that, i was wrong, but that can change, live the values you put forth in OverWatch! Answer the call! Please! We are all hoping you make the right move, that you remember why you do this and who for, and that you will answer that call, as you always have, always.Church14 Jan 21
Jan 18 Bungee split from Activision Blizzard, take notesExiled27 Jan 18
Jan 17 Blizzard is totally crazy This video opened my eyes: Blizzard is totally crazy. They are one of the worst companies to work at. I feel sorry for those people that have been victims of abusive beheavor and as support to them, i won't never buy a product from Blizzard ever again: Jan 17
Jan 17 The Hate Against the New CFO Needs to Stop For those of you unaware. Blizzard has hired a new CFO and offered him a modest signing bonus of 3.25 million dollars (edit - apparently it's just 3.75.. still very modest). On top of that he is being offered marginal bonus potential equaling that of 11.25 million. A lot of people seem unhappy with this and are looking to contest the decision. This is a witch hunt and needs to stop. This man is an integral part of the Activision-Blizzard Machine. So integral in fact, we needed to cancel the entire HOTS e-sports scene, which ruined the lives of hundreds of hard working and dedicated players and casters. Some of which turned down other opportunities to hone their skills into this game. That is entirely on them. They should have had insight that the game was going to fail given its paltry numbers. I for one look forward to this man's monetization plans for all Blizzard Activision Projects moving forward well into the future. Thank you Blizzard for caring about the bottom financial line so that you can continue to produce top quality products like Battle for Azeroth and Diablo Immortal.Phase31 Jan 17
Jan 16 CFO Dennis Durkin So if you read or watch Youtube I'm sure many have read how Activision is making Blizzard save money. From expenditure to staff member's being encouraged to leave for big pay offs. Activision keeps going on that making games is not cheap and how it's hard to make money in the game industry. What Horse ???? So imagine my shock when I read that they have employed there former CFO Dennis Durkin for 15 million dollars. WTF did that money come from then ? He got a signing fee of $3.75 million, with a $900k salary. Not sure how he will survives on that small amount. The other 11.3 Million is tied to stock and performance. So basically the more money he makes Activision the bigger his reward. With such a large amount tied to performance do people really think this guy is going to make choices based on the gamer needs or filling his and shareholders pockets full of cash, hmmm let me think? Durkin is motivated to make as much cash out of the players as possible and that is never good for the community. This will even have a negative effect on a Possible D4. That game will be designed to be a cash cow first and a good game second. Look at the state of COD and micro transactions. Charging $1 for a red dot lol I have no problem with a company having cash flow issues but don't hurt Blizzard games using the excuse of saving money and then pay out $15,000,000 to employ one guy. Your a cancer to the gaming industry Activision.VINEUK9 Jan 16
Jan 14 Immortal controls Does anyone know whether Immortal will be a virtual joystick control only or will it be possible to okay with tap control as well? Like tap to move etc Games like Vainglory have both controls as an option I love the tap controls and will definitely play the game if it has it However if it is joystick controls only like most games out there then I won't botherBorhan10 Jan 14
Jan 13 SC2 Deluxe+D3+time gone by = deleted mail So I bought the SC2 expansions and I'm not a huge gamer to begin with, and I can't seem to find my items that I should have got when I bought the deluxe version. I got my probe pet. I got banner items. I don't have my toss transmogs. I should have the transmog of heirarch and some pauldrons. I checked mail I read there was a thing that if mail is a thing it gets deleted at the end of the season. If so that's the case, did i buy deluxe for no reason? And they get deleted and I got an item I'm never going to use?LoudestQuiet0 Jan 13
Jan 12 Morhaime leaves Blizzard (now completely) April 2019 Now a quote from the only guy who wasn't able to see that this was going to happen: ...Salzwer11 Jan 12
Jan 12 Blizzard stocks nearly hit 43 today Can you believe it?neo5 Jan 12
Jan 12 Last 6 months at ATVI "Future of Diablo" video. BFA underwhelming release. Morhaime annoucement he's stepping down. YouThinkYouDoButYouDont taking his place as president. "Calm down your expectations" blogpost. Blizzcon: Immortal fiasco. Censorship, manipulation and aggressive reaction against (legitly) angry customers after Immortal fiasco. "We hear you"-emptywords post v1 and v2. Pinnacle of fooling "multiple projects" rhetoric. Radio silence. Stock crash. Announcement of HotS e-sport cancellation. 100 CS people leaving Blizzard. CFO 1 (parent company) leaving. CFO 2 (child company) leaving. Morhaime announcement of definitive retirement. Bungie split. Lawsuit against ATVI for fraud and other unlawful business practices regarding Bungie split ( Ex-employee (with his name, no "anonym sources") accusations of racial abuse and discrimination ( Blizzard sending surveys hinting that it's considering HeartStone going the HotS road ( And I heard that something was going on with CoD and underwhelming monthly active users. Sure nobody at ATVI is going to come out and say what's happenning AT THE WHOLE COMPANY? I mean, they're too many things, it looks like it's obvious that it makes no sense analyzing all these things separately, there should be something big happening, a "big picture", and nobody at the company has said a word about that.Salzwer5 Jan 12
Jan 12 The Activision Bungie Split So Blizzard, getting any fan mail Facebook posts or any other encouragement from fans to split with Activision? Don't let them strip mine what was once a gaming industry leader. You will be sadly missed if Activision kills the company.StarSurfer8 Jan 12
Jan 12 Karma better believe it hope this goes all the way up to Bobby Kotick and his diseased brain management(mismanagement) team. securities fraud complaint filed by shareholders. Even the shareholders are fed up.Gadra10 Jan 12
Jan 12 Path of Exiles Currency System Since games were a thing, developers took inspiration from previous games to create new ideas and innovate or make something better. For example: World of Warcraft took a lot of inspiration from the current small amount of MMOs that were around (Everquest/DAoC/The Realm/Asherons Call/Ultima Online) Example 2: Path of Exile and Grim Dawn took inspiration from Diablo 2 and other ARPGs but created there own unique experience... Now, I am completely shocked that not a single MMORPG or ARPG on the horizon has took inspiration from Path of Exiles currency system and how well it works with the overflow of the entire game. Starting at level 1, you can find valuable items. It creates an endless loot hunt feeling, which is FUN.Raserei3 Jan 12
Jan 12 Honest question - Blues will you play PoE Betrayal? Let us know you plan to! Would be wonderful to see y'all in Wraeclast, perhaps party up and do some team adventuring. Live and let live - long live ARPG fans! Cheers, PCPowerCosmic6 Jan 12
Jan 12 Blizzard Stocks take ANOTHER dip! Bungie is splitting with Activision and KEEPING the Destiny franchise! 2019 is looking fantastic, another devastating blow to Activision Blizzard.neo42 Jan 12
Jan 11 Interview with David Brevik This was taken from "The New Meta" Podcast. They had David Brevik as a guest, he's the mastermind behind Diablo, and it was pretty interesting. He talks about Diablo 1-3, a bit on Marvel Heroes, and went a little into detail about It Lurks Below. Jan 11
Jan 11 Blizzard "best developers have moved to mobile" If you think Diablo has any kind of future on the PC, you are delusional.WarReaver46 Jan 11
Jan 10 ATVI stocks up 5$ in 5 days as NASDAQ stagnates. Specialists' advice : BuyImperius26 Jan 10
Jan 9 To the poe fan's OK I tried it again. It has a lot of depth. That being said, maybe I picked a gear intensive build. I struggle witk low level maps. I know I need better gear but, nothing ever drops. The wep I need can be farmed. That requires 5 cards that hardly ever drop. In a week I got 2 sets. Redeeming those sets gives you a low chance at wep you want. Same with helm. Cest just requires 60 unique rings. I've gotten 3 in more than a week. I put in over 10 hours per day. Looks like the top end players either got real lucky or bought gear. There are many online sites selling gear. So My question is. When d3 launched with RMAH many raged it was Pay to win. Other than poe gear sales not being approved by ggg, what's the difference? It did feel more fun leveling. Maybe I'm doing end game wrong. I won't buy gear.EVISR8R52 Jan 9
Jan 9 $1 for a Red Dot? Seriously? Will you want one?Astig14 Jan 9
Jan 9 Say Good Bye to the Alien (franchise) games Strong sense of Deja Vu Jan 9