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1d 2019 and no controller support for PC? Thought about coming back to D3 with a controller... but cant... was wondering...why the f not? No really... why not? This game is out for consoles for crying out loud.CptPewPants3 1d
3d Diablo 2 1.14D in 1080p or Hi-Res? Hey guys, is there a way to play D2 in 1080p or Hi-Res? Thanks in advance! :O)m3ta1he4d37 3d
4d Transistor is free from Epic Games Starting April 18 for the next two weeks! Transistor is a sci-fi based ARPG, with customizable attacks that can be altered based on which abilities you assign as upgrades to your active abilities. It has optional turn based elements if you so prefer, as well as your classic mouse control or WASD movement. I've only played an hour so far, but the entire game has been amazing thus far. Granted, 1 hour isn't enough to pass full judgement on a game, but it is pretty rare for a game to suck me in as hard as this one did from the get go thus far. Definitely worth taking a peek!Zeddicuus0 4d
4d DRUID SUMMONER---- POLAR BEAR! Does anyone else see this cool? I mean, Damn, with me being the #1 Druid Summoner on East in D2 when I quit, I should have some input. No one's entitled, but it would be sweet. Anyone else agree? A Druid Summoner with a Polar Bear in hell? Throw in some Huskies while you're at it! [Edited for language - Forum Moderator]LifePincher3 4d
5d Windows 10 May 2019 Update (Latest Info) Good News! The Windows 10 May 2019 Update RTM build 18362 is now available in the Release Preview ring! Last week, Microsoft announced the Windows 10 May 2019 Update, along with some big changes to Windows Update. One major change is that unlike with the October 2018 Update, the company will actually use the Release Preview ring, and it will get a full month of testing before the feature update goes out to non-Insiders. Today, Microsoft announced that it's releasing the May 2019 Update to the Release Preview ring, and it's available now. In order to sign up, you'll need to go to the Windows Insider Program tab, click 'Get started', and choose the option for 'Just fixes, apps, and drivers'. After your PC reboots, you'll need to check for updates, as it's only being offered to 'seekers' right now. The scheduled release time for this update is slated for late May (estimated guess for the actual release date is May 21st or May 28th)LiLmEgZ2 5d
5d Free 'Assassin's Creed Unity' April 17-25 Note, game will require a UbiSoft account to play/activate. ... Link appears to be for United States only ...SilverFox0 5d
5d Advice for Switch version Can you add a button in the Switch version to automatically lock on the nearest gold or blue monster within a certain distance?greatpepper0 5d
6d Can you fly yet? I cant post this on the wow forum cus I canceled my sub when bfa came out, but I have a few questions... Can you fly yet? Any my followup question... Is Ion still trying to make wow a pvp game? Or does it have a story again?Buckles0 6d
Apr 9 Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem D3 clone Ok so I tried the game and it is a copy of diablo 3 I am enjoying it until I try the PTR on april 5, then we'll see what's next One GREAT thing I like about it though, is that I can actually play it with my mouse, I don't have to constantly click, just click and hold The action is also way better I completed the highest difficulty possible alreadyLove15 Apr 9
Apr 9 I hope Diablo IV graphics are top tier. So I find this video about the Unreal Engine 4 and I am thoroughly impressed. It makes me wonder about Diablo 4 and it's own graphical fidelity. We already know that from the Job Listings that they hope to create a new engine for future Blizzard titles that would ease the creation of new games. I can only hope that this new engine will also increase Blizzard graphics to a substantial degree. There isn't a point to this post aside from me sharing my hopes about graphical fidelity.CosmicLich0 Apr 9
Apr 4 Median XL 2019 Just gonna leave this masterpiece of a trailer here Apr 4
Apr 4 Technical question for the advanced nerd Edit: nevermind. Some questions are better unanswered. I'll google itAdreno0 Apr 4
Apr 1 Just Reinstalled D2 And having a blast. I am noticing a lot of things are much more satisfying. Leveling up, for instance. D2 - "YES! I get to put another point into my skill! And it will do more damage!" D3 - "I get to unlock a rune for an ability, or a new ability, which all scales from weapon dmg..." Gear drops are also more satisfying. D2 - "Oh, unique chain gloves! I know they are chancies, and they will be useful no matter what, but I hope it's a high roll! Maybe I can use those for my MF set, or maybe I can trade those for something. I have options!" D3 - "Cool 100 legendaries that I can't do anything with but turn to dust so I can RNG later." Your merc is also much more useful. D2 - "Yes! Kill all the things while I sit back and cast spells and heal you! Mwahah! We shall rule Sanctuary together!!" D3 - "My merc microscopic dmg boost....and crack jokes?" The end game is also much different. D2 - "Once I complete my build, I will be king of the world! Then I can go farm items to trade, or to build another char, or go duel!" D3 - "I get max level and finish my build in 5 minutes, then spend eternity grinding so that I can one day compete with bots on a ladder." Now it's true that Diablo 3 brings lots of QOL improvements, such as... Huge stash size (for all your items you cant trade?) Shared stash between characters (not that big a deal, Loot 2.0 kind of negates the need to share with your other chars anyway - your prob not gonna find a sweet item for your DH while farming on your barb for example) Instanced loot (admittedly, this is nice, and a big reason i mostly avoid public games while leveling in d2) No need to keep supplies such as arrows, potions, or scrolls (but being able to chug different potions in d2 is really nice) I'm sure there's more, but the point is, the overall gameplay in D2 is so much more fun and satisfying, I can stand to live without the minor inconveniences. I will say Diablo 3 is fun, maybe in the beginning. But over the long term, it gets pretty damn boring. The end game is just so stale. But to each their own. What are your favorite things about one game over the other? Please share!TardarSauce8 Apr 1
Apr 1 Loot in D2 was bad. Stop it. If you ever played D2 seriously you would know that all the best gear basically comes from a few extremely rare sweets and runewords. Last time i checked (post 2011 buff) a high rune used in a runeword (some use 2-3) had a 1 / 3000000 chance of dropping, resulting in never getting to be able to craft anything you wanted without botting or buying or trading the very few (<15) sweets that were available in the game. Jewels were 99.9% bad. Charms were 99.9% bad. You can farm the highest difficulty and get level 10 uniques. So please, stop comparing this games loot to D2. It was a horrible system. Very underpowered uniques and very overpowered runewords.FxyO89 Apr 1
Apr 1 Gearbox just destroyed Blizzard!!!! Just watch: Apr 1
Mar 30 Tried PoE It actually blew my mind how insanely good that game is especially for it being free. There’s almost no limitations on what you can do and you don’t have to wait 5 seconds for absolutely no reason after changing a skill out. Just wanted to drop in and say thatSuperqt11 Mar 30
Mar 29 Warhammer: Chaosbane Looks really awesome, the game is still in alpha but the combat and graphics are way better than D3. Beta will be out soon, the warhammer universe is something new to me, can't wait to explore it!fathom13 Mar 29
Mar 23 Would This Run Diablo 3? An Inspiron 15-3567 - CPU Intel Core i5 (7th Gen) 7200U / 2.5 GHz - 8gb ddr4 ram - Graphics Processor Intel HD Graphics 620 more details on ( Mar 23
Mar 16 Reminder: New PoE League this Friday It brings with it huge changes to the game. Get pumped! GGG never disappoints with how much they maintain the game and communicate with the community. If only we could rewind time and put them on the D3 project!Sio12 Mar 16
Mar 16 WOLCEN: builds, builds, builds! Mar 16
Mar 16 Why not D1 on Or at least on the thing people use... steam. I just don't get it. I mean... I literally understand why good OLD games would be chosen. But I don't understand why blizzard would make the decision to give part of their universe to another group. This is completely contrary to many of the reasons why people love blizz so much. Blizz is it's own universe and there is no outside influence from idiots who want to max out profits and people who want to pervert Blizz IP to make money. Remember how pissed they got at valve over dota? And how they don't even acknowledge the existence of Diablo: Hellfire? All creations come from us... Blizz. Not software dudes in India who don't care, or other companies who want to make a quick buck. It's from us... Gamers who make games for gamers. But now its like... Here you go china... make diablo 3.5... here you go GOG have the holy grail of argp classics with crappy multiplayer rather than It's like they said "We don't care about this nor are we willing to spend the $50 it would take to pay an employee to make it work on win 7 & 10. So here you go other developers, you do it. We're too lazy and we just want some money really quick." That's the message this whole thing is shouting in my face. Farming out work to other companies is a trend I'm noticing from blizz and it's very concerning. Are they just cost cutting to the absolute max? Is Activision slowly making them less and less relevant until they don't even have a janitor anymore? Or is the problem that blizz just doesn't have the resources anymore? Plus now we know what they're gonna do with War1&2. And that's annoying too. The end.Buckles10 Mar 16
Mar 16 Diablo 2 CD keys, how many uses do each have? Diablo 2 CD keys, how many uses do each have? As in, can I usb to load the game onto different PCs and use the CD key over an over? or is it one time use?Slimywaffles5 Mar 16
Mar 15 Can';t donwload D1 Hi guys I've been on trying to download D1, but every time I click on purchase / add to cart nothing happens - any advice please ?Soucouyant6 Mar 15
Mar 14 Path of Exile did it again new and innovative game play has been added to the game in Synthesis the game just gets richer and more complex nothing ever feels old in that gamewhaso42 Mar 14
Mar 12 d2 has more active players, its sad. logged in this morning to check out the new patch and the buffs rights? t13 public games, 0 players change mode 3-4 times, same thing 0 public players change difficulty down to 9 and same result, 0 public players. been playing diablo 2 recently and even in hell mode at 2-3 am in the morning u can usually find 1-2 games with 6-7 players. this is hardcore of course, so maybe the hc scene is just dead in diablo3 or maybe the game is dead, anyways very sad for me but even more sad that the developers landed such a flop when they had been given the source material. diablo 2 is the goat anyways, hard to beat. make me think what kind of game d2 couldve been if it had gotten the same treatment runescape had.kagan25 Mar 12
Mar 11 Warhammer Chaosbane Beta Really enjoyed myself, seems like D3 is going into the recycle bin.fathom15 Mar 11
Mar 10 Nvidia GTX 960 vs. AMD R9-390 Well, I have used both cards for D3. I find I like the 960 better than the 390 and I don't understand why. Isn't the 390 a bit more powerful than the 960? Isn't the R9 series a generation newer then the GTX 900 series? I may stick with Nvidia from now on because the 960 is like a step above the 390 even though it is supposedly a lower performing chipset. I don't know, what do you tech gurus think?Nimrod5 Mar 10
Mar 10 armoury crate [beta] Does any one use Amoury crate (beta) for their gaming laptop if so does it freeze your pc and you have to do a hard shot down. its a tool to over clock speeds of your cpu or lower your speeds rysen 5 vega 8 graphics 8 gig of ram dddr4 17.5 inch monitor thats all my specs i can think ofsabertooth2 Mar 10
Mar 10 ASUS TUF FX504GE So I haven't bought a laptop since 2008/2009 with my first overseas laptop, and finally deciding to buy a new one. I have looked all around for a decent laptop that can run most games on high ends, and love my ASUS laptops (I have used a wide range of laptops, ranging from Lenovo, Dell, HP, ASUS, Sager, Bytespeed, and Alienware, due to my line of work as an IT Tech), and finally settling down with the ASUS TUF FX504GE. I am on a pretty limited budget, and feel this is one of the best bangs for the buck. What are your thoughts? Anyone use the ASUS TUF FX504GE? Here is a link for it if you're curious: Basic Specs: ASUS TUF FX504 8th Generation Intel Core i5-8300H processor (up to 3.9 GHz) and GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4 GB for superior gaming performance and multitasking Portable design with 0.98" thin profile and weight of only 5.07 lbs. Dual fans with anti-dust technology. Red-backlit keyboard rated for 20-million keystroke durability 1TB FireCuda Solid State Hybrid Drive. 8 GB DDR4 high-frequency 2666 MHz RAM. Gigabit Wave 2 Wi-Fi. Up to 1.73 Gbps with 2X2 802.11ac. I feel it will last me quite a while and allow me to play most games on the higher end settings for the cost.JonnyB19877 Mar 10
Mar 9 season pass of Warhammer Chaosbane question what is coming in the future for the season pass of Warhammer ChaosbaneDavidm0 Mar 9
Mar 9 Original Diablo is available on GOG And remember, since is GOG - DRM FREE. No activation or online connection required to play. - Money back guarantee. 30 days coverage after purchase.L0rdV1ct0r2 Mar 9
Mar 7 Do you truly want Activison-Blizzard to fail? With all of the chatter on the forum about Activision-Blizzard stocks in a free fall. Give your reason if you truly want them to fail. Do you still have hope for a D4 on PC? Down votes for asking a simple question, at least the forum never changes.Avalon83 Mar 7
Mar 6 Diablo 2 Bug List This a current bug list for yes... this is still after 12 years of updates. ...David20 Mar 6
Mar 5 Diablo II: The Card Game (With pitures) Hi. Im from Spain and I am trying to make a Diablo II card game. First of all, my english is not perfect so, my apologies. And why Diablo 2 instead Diablo 3?, Because I have a special nostalgic feeling for the second game. For me, the best Diablo game so far. I love the pixel art of the items and the design. I am making a Diablo 2 card game. With an adictive gameplay: - Every player use a class to play and level up. - There are 3 loot decks: Normal, Nightmare and Hell. Example: - A deck with bosses and minions from Act 1 to Act 5. - Runes, gems, and jewelry is avaivable to use in sockets upgrading items. Example: And example using those 3 gem cards: My idea is make a complete card game to play with friends. I would love some help from Blizzard to make a better project using kickstarter and high quality designs. But right now this designs are poker size cards. Standard size to make a real physical version of decks and using comercial materials. Thanks and if at the end, Blizzard doesnt want help me with this, I will do it for free as a "fan made" version to download and play with friends digitally. So everybody will print them in paper and play. But my dream is make a poker quality card game with a good-looking box, etc. Thank you :). My email is if someone want message me.Abetus25 Mar 5
Mar 2 Chronicon ARPG! Massive Update! Chronicon just reached release 0.90! The patch notes are a massive wall of text and a lot has changed. Massive Update 0.90: Patch Notes: Chronicon is in my personal top3 ARPG's ever made. Come support the dev and check it out! The end game just got a massive overhaul. Character progression is endless with a ton of character builds awaiting to be discovered! If you are one of the few, try HARDCORE mode and see how far you can get in the end game ANOMALY system!Raserei1 Mar 2
Mar 1 Lets help Blizzard make Diablo Immortal Best Game Ever! Steven7 Mar 1
Feb 27 Diablo Immortal Forum/Subforum Can we get a subforum or an official forum for Diablo Immortal? I would like to discuss various things/ideas about the game. And yes, I am excited for a mobile Diablo. (I play mobile games on my PC using an emulator...) -Thanks RasereiRaserei35 Feb 27
Feb 27 Diablo 4 discussion! back to it's roots! I am a big fan of the Diablo series. i started playing when i was only 10 years old, that is 14 years ago! My big brother showed me Diablo 2 and i was hooked ever since. Only later 5 years later did i notice this game truly was a joyous relic in the gaming industry. I thought id never enjoy another game as much as i enjoyed the Diablo 2 experience again! Too this day, nothing beats those memories. The progression and atmosphere truly felt like an original to the gaming world at the time, and a master piece in its gaming generation. My brother and I both bantered about how diablo 3 was a gruesome let down. We came to a few conclusions on what killed the game for us, The dark spiritual horrific game design was missing. Angels bashing in super scary demons like gods. Oh so epic! the sad moody ghetto rogue camp site, Lut Gholein prideful riches, Kurast docks intriguing and mysterious darkness. Going in Hells demonic scary elegant fortress, and harrogoths badass finally with the barbarians. The game just didnt give the same feel graphically or even musically. It didnt delivery that gritty horror film vibe from the previous games. What we got was something we didnt expect at all. Its like diablo wrote us up fairy tale curse us to suffer that included ponies and unicorns.... it was totally out of sync and laughable to a degree. In D2, The characters felt like less godly, which made the forces seem more intense, intense and powerful. It was so satisfying to gear up from the ghetto to Harrogoth and kill the lord of hatred. Spammable skills, no loading screens between way-points, RUNEWORDS, Game lobbys, with custom game names :D rushing peoples characters for their forge quest. in game trading. 8 player games, farming baal runs, learning map layouts, remembering runeword combinations, map layouts, mastering progression, speed runs from normal to hell. these were all things diablo 3 failed to deliver.. The dark medieval guitar, the music that was literally nail biting at times. The atmospheres that gave me chills. I remember being actually afraid as a kid of the dark gloomy catacombs walking up to Andariel. I needed my brother the first few times cuz i was too scared to fight through the bloody mess. Yes i was a kid but the atmosphere still to this day the game has that charm of darkness. Evil spirits lurking and hiding. Jumping out behind the trapped door. I even got nightmares! but that is exactly what intrigued me to go back and play, and conquer again, and again.. Growing up with the game and still play it to this day 2019. long live d2 The mystery, music, the realistic spooky medieval graphics aposed to pretty artwork graphics. The paintings were nice and truely looked amazing, but ittook away from the darkness of the game, Mephisto: "The Gate stands ready!" [the Wanderer screams as his skin begins to split open, and blood rushes from his temples; he collapses to the ground] "Now, my young brother, the time has come to assume your true form!" [the Wanderer's robe shreds as he transforms into a monstrous, horned creature, with great spines on its back] "Arise, Diablo... Lord of Terror!" [Diablo tosses aside the ragged remnants of his robe, and marches towards the open gateway] "You are the harbinger of our return, Diablo! Send forth your Terror into Hell!" [Diablo turns and disappears into the portal; driven utterly mad, Marius collapses against the wall, staring at the shard of Baal's Soulstone he carried...] So now that D4 is in the works , what would you like to see in diablo 4?TOOP3 Feb 27
Feb 27 Delusional lootbox reasons Yeah, we totally need loot boxes, monthly payments, and MTX's to keep a game going. How else would we get the support and free updates right? /end sarcasm. Yeah, no, You are just paying for Bobby's monthly morgage, nothing more. Like sheep to the slaughter... Feb 27
Feb 27 How is Grim Dawn? I've grown bored of Diablo 3 with nothing having come out for it in years, and we have no idea whether or not they're working on a PC Diablo title because they refuse to tell us, so I'd like to ask anyone that happens to know: How is Grim Dawn? I learned about it when my friend told me he got it, and I looked into it a little, but not much. I'd like to know more about it from people that've played it before I decide whether or not I get it.Velaxus72 Feb 27
Feb 22 This is the problem with the industry https :// Its old yes, but that guy is who he is. The downfall of Blizzard is on him and people like him in the video game industry. I am not saying he is an awful person, or I'd trip him up if I saw him on the street. Nothing like that. Its just having a guy like him run a company in an artistically driven industry is like trying to use a hammer to type on a keyboard. Yes Activ/Blizzard will push out some nice tight efficiency and make great margins on their products, but long term the company is going to get sick and die. All of the artists will move on. They want to love what they do. Thats part of the process of creating something great. The end result will be Blizzard unable to produce anything new, and instead riding all of its old IP into the ground. Just like EA. Or, maybe more likely, producing garbage on mobile.Latest16 Feb 22
Feb 22 Rise of Legions (TUG Strategy Free on steam) Free to play tug of war strategy game just released in early access on steam! Lots of depth in customizing combos to defeat your enemy. If you are familiar with games like Desert Strike or Minion Masters, this game is a mix of all of them! Features include: -Unit Leveling -Unit Ascension -Deckbuilding -1v1 Players or vs AI -2v2 Players or vs AI (Will be added soon) -Quest system to unlock unitsRaserei0 Feb 22
Feb 21 Free diablo 1 and hellfire expansion download So while i was browsing today i came across a site and found this and it says "Diablo Hellfire is completely free. You may play it as much as you like without paying a single buck. In exchange for playing it, you are instead asked for a small favour. You are encouraged to send any comments you might have about this game. " so i downloaded it and to my delight, it works perfectly! so my question is - is this legit legal? if it is, i would like to post the link. Blue please reply. It was found on an old abandonware site.Zekey78 Feb 21
Feb 14 Game idea - The Armageddon I have an idea for a new game. It would be called “The Armageddon”, and it would be the final battle between good and evil. Apocalyptic games tend to be about zombies, but few end-of-the-world games focus on this theme. Essentially, this game would be a city-vs-city game, where you would win the game by defeating the opposing city. Storywise, the game might last 50 years, but to make a lengthier game, I’d recommend that two in-game years last about one real hour. The player would choose a side in the beginning of the game, and I’d recommend having lots of good characters and lots of evil characters to choose from. Since people from all over the world and all walks of life would be on both sides, I’d recommend a diverse choice of characters (all races, both genders, a variety of nationalities, etc.). I’d also recommend that the characters be relatively young, since the game would last decades. After you pick your side and your character, you would start off by being contacted by either God or the Devil, and you would be told that your mission is to lead your side to victory over the other in the Armageddon. You would be told that a genetically-engineered virus will get out of containment, and that most of the people on Earth will soon be dead. Worldwide, maybe only a few million would live. You would be given a timeline of when the virus will hit (maybe in a month), where in the world your city will be built, and given time to prepare. This time would be crucial, because vital tasks could be completed before the virus spreads, chaos and death ensue, and civilizations collapse and go dark. It would naturally be important to arrive at the location of your city before transportation is crippled. The winners of the Armageddon would get to repopulate the Earth. God would want those people to be good, since that would start things off on the right foot, and the Devil would want the bad and evil ones to succeed, hoping for an era of evil. All of the people that will survive the virus will instinctively know where both sides will reside, and will know which side they belong on. Earlier on in the game, both cities will compete for all of those “in-between” people that are more in the neutral range. Over time, more people would arrive at both cities. I’d recommend both the good and evil cities be on the same landmass, since crossing oceans would be difficult. They should be spaced at least a few thousand miles apart. If neither side wins after 50 years, then it would be a stalemate, and both sides would repopulate the Earth, which would mean that the world would be a blend of good and evil like it is now. This game should have a “real feel” to it. Avoid magic and mythical beasts. There shouldn’t even be angels and demons in the game. It should be ordinary people choosing sides and fighting this war. Throughout the game, players would need to gather resources, build their city, raise armies, and ultimately bring their forces to bear against the enemy. As for character selection, different characters would have different strengths and different weaknesses. A more charismatic leader would bring in more of the in-between people, whereas a more radically good or radically evil leader would consolidate their base supporters but may be less appealing to the average Joe. Some leaders might have better technical skills, some might be more persuasive or intimidating, and others may have industrial or scientific skill, or even military training. A description of each character should be given at the start of the game, as well as their life history. I’d recommend that their stories be believably good and believably evil (it would be unrealistic to have an evil character that drinks baby blood and does demonic rituals, since this is seldomly how evil manifests itself in the real world). As for difficulty levels, there should be easy, normal, hard, and apocalyptic. For the easy difficulty, the game would be tilted in your favor, and you might even be able to choose the enemy leader. For normal, the game would be weighted equally for both cities, and the enemy leader would be randomly chosen by the computer. For hard, things would be tiled against you. As for the ‘apocalyptic’ difficulty, the game should be extraordinarily hard, with the odds strongly against you, and the computer might choose an enemy leader that has skills which would counter your strengths. Throughout the game, the player may have to make choices that will affect how the game plays out. Good leaders may try to rule more fairly than evil ones. Challenges to the player’s authority and power may also arise from within their city, so one way to lose the game is if another leader emerges from the masses and takes your place. This dethroning would be different depending on the side that you’re on. In the good city, another leader may present stronger arguments in a debate, questioning your commitment to good values and principles, which would lead to people choosing him/her over you. In the evil city, it could be an armed insurrection that you would need to beat down. Keeping your people happy would minimize challenges to your authority. I hope that you like my idea. It seems like this has the potential to be a good game. People must be getting tired of Zombie Apocalypse games by now. ;)Starblazer0 Feb 14
Feb 13 Blizzard facing mass layoffs? Not good news: I feel for the people losing their jobs. But what the hell is going on at Blizzard? Why have game development stopped? Its time to get cracking. I was ready flashing my wallet at my screen, but then they launched Diablo Immortal. Nope, nope, nope. The audience is here waiting but there are no games coming for some strange reason…Bubba122 Feb 13
Feb 13 Skype photobombing D3 Skype has just developed a nasty habit of staying on top of the D3 window (and frankly, anything else). I've tried hunting on general forums out in the world but can't seem to find an answer. PC, windoze 10 here. Closest I found was a Microsoft forum, clicking on "..." settings, notification settings, but there it breaks down because the option "show out of app ongoing call indicator" isn't one of the options.Sileas1 Feb 13
Feb 13 Shareholder meeting today? Wasn’t there supposed to be a shareholder meeting today? I’m curious to know about the layoffs as well.Exiled30 Feb 13
Feb 13 Misc Blizzard Trivia ...SilverFox1 Feb 13