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2d Last Epoch Its fun and worth a shot. Free demo and all. 2d
2d Diablo 4 or Diablo 2 Remastered at next year Blizzcon? This year, Blizzard didn't even mention the name ''Diablo'' on the opening ceremony, I was sad, but, it's probably because next year, something big's gonna be announce for us Diablo fans, as much as I want a D2 HD. Do you guys want D2 HD or Diablo 4, For me it's D2 hd 100%Dryy43 2d
2d 60%, yeah right. Dear Blizzard, I don't think you, or the Gem Upgrading lady, know what a 60% chance of upgrading a gem means.Hawkeye1 2d
3d Marvel Strike Force After spending the month of April on this game I realize how much I appreciate D3. With D3 you play to win and get stuff where you pay for the game once and that is it. With MSF you pay to win and advance. This will never stop. You can spend possibly hundreds if not thousands of dollars on MSF. I really hate this business model with video games which is literally a greedy money grubber disguised in a game. MSF is a fun and addictive game but it literally sucks your time and energy away.NeueZiel0 3d
4d Last Epoch on Kickstarter! Offline and online multiplayer action Time travel and high fantasy world 5 base classes that advance into 10 powerful mastery classes A deep skill system with augment trees for each skill Engrossing loot and crafting system Massive end-game content and replayability, trading, PvP, Cycles(seasons), Ladders, and Achievements Epic storytelling, memorable characters and environments, voice acting, journals, and hidden secrets Help keep the ARPG genre alive and competitive :)KQKyle3 4d
4d Why is PoE getting more recognition? So... PoE. dont go, dont go. I was watching a PoE stream, because im not into the whole rpg wars, ill play them all. I was quite impressed with the things i saw. I saw modded maps, which allowed for such fun, and complicated mechanics it was insane. The skilltree allowed for special sockets which upgraded skills within a radius, the way the skill gems synergieses, it was insane. Why am i jibber jabbing? Well, i am a little puzzled. From a little research, i estimated the company that makes PoE to be worth about 3 million. Upon looking through a few websites, i found out that PoE has released 3 (4 march 4th) free expansions with many many mechanics and new content. PoE - Grinding gears - 3 Milliion$ - 4 - expansions, very complicated mechanics. D3 - Blizzard - 18 Billion$ - 1 expansion, extremely simplified mechanics. Anywhere you see d3 mentioned, PoE comes up as being better. Why is blizzard, a company with over 300X the resources, seems to be getting less recognition than a 3 year old company. I dont know why diablo 3 isnt the king RPG right now, its absurd. Why is diablo taking the back seat to everything. Path of Exile is constantly working on new expansions, releasing huge mechanics and new skills and content. Meanwhile diablo seems to have gotten comfortable with making 3 new sets every 3 months. Stop,Slayer166 4d
4d Diablo 4 - What do we expect? - #2 [Old conversation reached the maximum of 500 replies] My main issues with Diablo 3, and what I think must be done in Diablo 4 to make it awesome. Important Fact in D3: Rifts, Grifts and Bounties were implemented in D3 because the fans disliked the static world of Diablo 3, and the developers wanted to preserve the hard work put into the static world of Diablo 3 AKA "Story-Mode". Rifts, Grifts and Bounties should not come back in D4... Rifts and Grifts are entirely detached from the game-world. Grifts are timed, and timers have no place in a game like Diablo. Further, Grifts only promote support classes to boost damage-classes to achieve leaderboards. Bounties should be implemented into the actual game world. Bounty-Like objectives would be linked to killing Bosses and this is explained down below in the Boss-Section. What should NOT be repeated in Diablo 4? Quick list before we get into more substance: No Boss-Fight cut-scenes (of any kind) that interrupt game flow in ANY fashion No Boss-talk like Azz-modan aka "the most (retarded) great general of all time" No Butterflies No Ponies or TeddyBears (aka PR-stunts that went horribly wrong) No colorful Hidden Maps that trigger Epilepsy (aka PonyLevel) again PR-stunt going wrong No exaggerated explosions and effects when all we do is hit monsters with swords, axes etc. (Caster classes obviously can have more effects that are linked to the element (Fire, Cold, Lightning, Poison) No 4-Player restrictions in a 8+ player game. (do not allow consoles to gimp the PC version EVER AGAIN) No Billion or Trillion Damage numbers anymore No free sets or items in a loot driven ARPG No wow-leveling model (aka everyone is 70), instead we want a capped max level like in the previous games, and getting max level is reserved for people putting in the effort and time. At the same time, reaching max level should not enable you to play endgame, it should make it simply more efficient. This means that casuals and noob-sauce can play endgame but are also encouraged to become normal players, or go back to candy-crush on their phones. No death-timers where the player must wait more than 1 second to revive. Any death timer where the player must stare at the screen, forcing the player to alt-tab out of the game to go surf the web for 30 second is absolutely ridiculous. Who had the idea to implement something like this into an ARPG? Seriously? No purely Static Maps and Areas EVER AGAIN in an ARPG No "Random Tiles in Static Maps" EVER AGAIN - Nice try though... NOT... No alienation of all Diablo 1 and 2 fans EVER AGAIN. No detached game aspects that are entirely separate from the Diablo-World (aka Rifts,Grifts, Bounties). No "Smart-Loot" (as it only made the loot hunt even more boring and unexciting) No Main-Stat anymore per character, and all stat-types should give benefits to all classes the same. No scaling off of Main-Hand-Weapon only: Allow all item slots to contribute to killing power. Having all the power scale ONLY based on the main hand weapon is really boring. When we take off the main hand weapon, we deal basically no damage. But what about the skills choices we made and what about the character development we went through? does that not count at all? No 10+ difficulties breaking the community into 10+ "realms". Give us a normal classic difficulty aka Normal->Nightmare->Hell, and the majority of players in end-game should be in Hell difficulty, but allow Nightmare difficulty to yield some items that are also end-game items. In seasons, we should have to play through all difficulties because the character leveling should be more like D2 and less like D3 (aka WOW), where everyone reaches a flat 70. Alright, now lets get to it, for those that want to read some more :) The World: The Diablo 4 world should be dark, frightening, gory and give the same feel D1 and D2 gave. Now... when i say "dark" I do not mean literally dark so we can't see anything. By "dark" I mean medieval dirty world, that has been splattered by gore of countless battles. Creepy light-effects such as torches on walls illuminating the objects, monsters and the player. Why? Because the gates of HELL opened up and the world is breaking apart. During our travels through the world, we should see the remains of heroes and monsters that were slaughtered by others. We should encounter horrible and gory areas where heroes and normal diablo world inhabitants were killed or converted to become evil. The world could even bring back memorable areas and structures from D1, and D2, even if they are not part of the quests. But how cool would it be if we find the Tower from D2 and the end dungeon on the last floor has again a mini-boss that drops runes again among all the other loot. How about revisiting Travincal, The Arreat Summit, The chaos Sanctuary? (Those areas could be side-areas to give the player a feel of "I have been here before, what a creepy experience that was, and now I am here fighting all over again"). Diablo should feel like a Diablo game, and I remember when I started up D2 for the first time, and I immediately felt "at home" as it felt very "Diablo", even though it was different from D1 in some ways. Itemization: Items must be "down to earth" and we do not want damage numbers in the billions or trillions. Keep it normal and simple, and allow for PVP to be possible without one-shotting players. The damage and defenses should NOT come entirely from the weapon damage. Instead the source of damage should be 50% from the "player-build" and 50% from gear and other things like charms. Defense should be 30% coming from "player-build" and 70% from items. It should be possible for players to play the game comfortably in the hardest difficulty with average gear. But if players want to be efficient with Bosses, Mini-Bosses and to reach the deepest dungeons, they must find the best gear in the game. (This is how D2 was) Act Bosses and Mini-Bosses should drop loot like in previous Diablo games. Bosses could be set up that the player must kill 3-4 unique or champion bosses on the way to the Boss (Think of this like bounty objectives). Those unique monsters and champions could drop "Key Fragments" and once you have 4 Fragments of a key, you can open the gate to the boss in that act in order to kill the boss for loot. Also a cool thing would be that some Bosses could require the player to spin a "wheel of fortune" and depending on the "roll" the player must fight certain mini-bosses before being allowed into the quarters of the End-Boss. The "rolled" mini bosses could also have hordes of monsters fighting on their side, and the Mini-Bosses could have "Mini-Mini-Bosses" that give Auras to the hordes and the Mini-Bosses, so the player must eliminate key-targets first to make the hordes being able to be one-shot. So the player must asses the situation and fight strategically and very targeted in order to be successful in the fight. (Much better than just MOWING down monsters, before the graphics card can even display the monster) Quests should often include things like the requirement to open seals and fight mini-bosses before fighting actual Bosses (aka Diablo fight in D2). Quests should have random aspects to the quest, that varies every time the player loads a game. For example, one time the quest is to get an important scroll or artifact to some NPC in town, but in order to open a gate to the dungeon where the scroll lies, the player must eliminate SuperUnique Mini-Bosses A, B and C. But in the next game, the mini-bosses that must be hunted are A, D, and E. Also there should be quests that are not mandatory for the regular quest-path. D2 had many quests that were not mandatory, but completing them gave perks such as permanent resistances, permanent extra-skill-points, permanent extra-stats for allocation. This was awesome! Now make plenty of those extra quests and make them more difficult than the regular mandatory quests. I remember getting powerful enough through leveling in D2, and once i was ready, I would go back to do some of the special quests to get my extra stats, extra skill-points, and extra resistances. All Maps in the game world should be randomized every time a new game is launched. Acts, Areas, Dungeons, Surface Areas, all must be randomized every time. Further we want "deep dungeons" - Those will be deep randomized dungeons (with specific themes according to Act, such as "The Pit" in D2) in various areas and acts of the game, that get harder the deeper you go. Loot drops and xp is increased the deeper one goes. There should be a final dungeon floor that is very hard to "clear" but should be doable easily once players are fully geared in the best gear the game has to offer. Towns must have bonfires in town and the towns should give the feel of safety. Towns must also be better designed and formed than in D3. In D3 towns, there are way too many single-paths rather than open space. Camera-View: The distance to the player model (distance between camera view and the player model) must be increased. It is WAY to close in D3, 99% of the world architecture is not visible because the camera is so close. The camera distance to the player was WAY better in D2 than it is in D3. Please do not repeat the same camera distance in D4. The camera distance during the Belial fight is MUCH better than during the rest of the game. Player-Builds: D4 must have a sense of "this is my build" and we want it to feel unique from other players to the highest possible extend. This is only possible if the developers give us powerful skills to choose from, and then let US find out combinations that are powerful. It is VERY important that developers do NOT design any builds, instead developers give us the bits and pices and lets US create builds. In D2, developers DID not create ANY builds, they just gave us skills to put points into, and people were able to build hybrid builds etc. Builds must be player-creations (NOT DEVELOPER CREATIONS) This can be achieved by any point allocation systems, Skill-Trees or whatever "pick and choose" allocation system you guys will put in. Just dont make it so ridiculously trivialized like the D3 Skill system. We do not want Set's that are linked to single Developer-Designed builds! Allow people to specialize in for example Fire-Mastery by truly letting players customize a FireBuild. Allow all classes to be end-game viable while wearing a shield. But also allow glass cannons to succeed by giving abilities to glass-cannon style builds that allow the player to survive through player-skill. Design D4 in a way, where players that play together, can truly work together to fight the evil hordes. For example, every class should have a skill that blocks monsters or certain attacks from reaching or closing in on a player. So players must work together to shield and protect each other from harms way, while at the same time dishing out damage to down the monsters. UI-Clutter: It is very important in D4 to not have a mini-map present at all times, instead, allow players to either have it or minimize it. Allow players to use the map feature however they want. Further, Ensure that the interface does not interfere with fierce battle. Too often i click random "sub-Menus" or other crap simply because my mouse hoovered over the portrait of a fellow-player in the middle of a battle. Allow players to either ENABLE or DISABLE "notification popups" such as "WOOW! you just picked up 500 gold, congrats on the achievement". Also notifications of "kill streaks" or ANY kind of popup, should be able to be turned OFF in the menus. The majority of players DO NOT ENJOY the popup and achievement SPAM on the screen. All the screen spam is really taking away from the "Diablo" experience. Diablo is not freaking Street-Figher or some POKEMON game. Character progression and leveling: No endless paragon (except if it gives cosmetic rewards only past a certain level cap) Instead we want a set max character level (like D2 had lvl 99) and ensure that by reaching 65-70% of max character level, it allows players to play the endgame (highest difficulty) to the fullest extend. Playing in the mid-level difficulty should allow for some end-game items to be able to drop already, and the system should be designed that playing mid-level difficulty should not feel like "i am a noob, and everyone else is in hell difficulty". In D2 for example, many endgame items were obtainable in Nightmare before reaching Hell difficulty. This is a very important thing. Leveling higher than 75% of max character level adds further power & defense, but is basically just "icing on the cake", and it only allows to be more efficient in killing bosses and all other monsters, and it also allows for being tougher and be able to take more incoming damage without having to worry too much. Players that spend a lot of time playing, should be able to reach high or max character level if they choose to devote the time in doing so. It should be a "status symbol" aka "I invested a lot of time playing" and my reward is that i can play much more efficiently and can down the hardest content on my own with ease. I truly "PWN" the hardest difficulty. Its something that all "casuals" can look up to, and it works like a real motivator to play the game. No "Main-Stat" system anymore, so gear can be used universally by all classes in most cases. This allows for crazy builds to emerge, other than those forced by the developers. Let's keep in mind that Developers did NOT create ANY builds in D2, and all the builds were created by Fans by theorizing potential builds. And that worked well in my opinion, because although some classes were WAY more powerful than others, at some point it did not matter anymore, because if a monster is killed with a 10k hit vs a 4k hit, as the monster dies with one or two hits anyways. I believe its much easier for developers to adjust individual skill damage, rather than balancing 9999 items, because in D3 items dictate the damage WAY too much. Its either have the item, or dont do any damage. (and this sucks) This basically ties into the belief that character damage should be 40-50% coming from character development, skill choices, skill boosting through point allocation, Skill-synergies, and the rest should be coming from gear. Game Music - The Game Music is not bad by any means in Diablo 3, but it feels "too epic" and too "WOW" IMHO. I do not ever feel "creepy" or "hopeless". Diablo 1 and especially Diablo 2, had truly amazing Background-Music for a game like Diablo. It was a "perfect" match. So maybe in Diablo 4, we could have Matt Uelmen compose the music? How awesome would that be... ?!. Let's keep in mind, that every composer has a STYLE, and Matt Uelmen has the "style" needed for a game like Diablo. His style is unique. He is your guy to make it happen! 4d
5d A Vermintide/L4D like game with Diablo chars Can you imagine a Vermintide like game with diablo characters? A necro trowing bone spears in a FPS like survival game. That sounds pretty amazing. What is your opinion about this suggestion?L0rdV1ct0r0 5d
5d Diablo 4, will it happen anytime soon? And i'm talking about d4 in the near future, not 10 years from now. Like if you think D4 is gonna happen soon. Dislike if you think D4 won't happen anytime soon or at all. I can't see why they wouldn't do it. It has been almost 6 years since the release of D3.Terimac25 5d
6d Diablo 3 vs 2 Went back to Diablo 2, and its superior in every way besides graphics. I mean it's been awhile but I've tried to be objective and fair. Things I notice that really piss me off about Diablo 3 -world isn't randomly generated they huge huge blocks and snap it together, like doom snapmap, on a third fourth and fifth playthrough it literally feels like I'm running down the exact same areas and can literally predict where to go. It's half baked randomly generated and it blows my mind how Diablo 1/2 did it better. -Story, the story in this feels like a rated PG-13 story that had to get watered down from its evil horriffic rated R version of the first two. -graphic are nice but the colors feel really off, I don't feel like it's evil it feels more like world of Warcraft vs Diablo, I feel this was a major mistake. -gameplay is fun on d3 won't pick it apart I like it it's smooth. But the biggest tissue I have, the bosses. What the hell is up with this arcade theme park boss events where they all play the same, nothing is different and well they got into will Wonka's everlasting bubble gum... Like the bosses vs the other games are totally !@#$ed up. As if the random generated half assed game wasn't bad enough they literally force you into a static boss room every time, I tiny little area. Like right when I saw the butcher in d3 and I laughed at what a casual mass appealing version it was vs d1. Honestly the developers that made this %^-*ed the dog trying to mass appeal to younger generations and the game was ruined because of it. World of Warcraft in duskwood is more Diablo then this.MittWaffen35 6d
Apr 19 The most memorable RPG of your life? For me is Arcanum. Imagine in a traditional fantasy world. Now imagine this traditional fantasy world under a industrial revolution. That is the basic premise of Arcanum. Magic and Technology can both exist but not coexist. In Arcanum universe, technology is the application of nature laws. Magic is the negation. If you play the game as a ranged dwarf, an dumb orc, an elf magician, the game is pretty difference and you can try be a intelligent orc that can craft complex tech or cast high tier spells but you will have a lot of penalties. All your stats affects how people react towards you, affects some skills, etc. In my last play trough, i've created an racist elf magician who hates tech and civilization, and consider any non elf as lesser than a animal. Ended with a pretty evil alignment, all non elves from my party abandoned me... And it was a completely different experience than play with a human focused on firearms. Usually i play RPG's with mages because a balde VS a fireball, now is a fireball VS a steampunk grenade launcher and that is pretty cool. The main disadvantage of tech is that requires materiel, the main disadvantage of magic is that it drains your fatigue pretty quickly.L0rdV1ct0r0 Apr 19
Apr 19 Grim Dawn Diablo 2 Mod Good times. Apr 19
Apr 19 New Game? is it maybe time to start asking for a new Diablo game? 7 years.... does anyone think this will happen? Id even be happy with a BIG expansion back to Path Of Exile for now i supposeNordlaw4176 Apr 19
Apr 18 Diablo 4 (Next) - My vision. Hello guys, i was writing for some time all my ideas about a new Diablo game and how i would like it to be so check it out. I leave here the link to the document. :D Hope you will enjoy it, feel free to comment, ask questions about it or bring new ideas i couldn’t think of right now. I will update this in time if i think of something new. :D UPDATE: I updated the link so now you can comment directly on my document also :)KyubiVal23 Apr 18
Apr 18 Blizzard’s Next Game What are the odds that blizzard tries to get in on the 100 man free for all action? I think they could make a much better quality version than what is offered at the moment.Cepitore0 Apr 18
Apr 17 I will admit it Path Of Exile is Horrible!!! Please note my post is my opinion alone and I do not expect everyone to agree with me since everyone has different taste and preferences but I will state my case. Thank god I didn't pay $10 for that beta key and got it free. I played it for a few days and its just horrid. First it starts off epic, stranded on the beach rain storm with lighting striking and producing epic dynamic shadows better than even that of doom 3. Then the rain stops and you never see that effect again for the rest of the game. You go down in caves and you realize how outdated the graphics are. But all of that I could live with I mean graphics don't exactly make games. What I cannot stand is the horrid character animation the characters look like they have arthritis. There is no substance when attacking a enemy it feels like some fake atari game. The so called impressive skilled tree web looked impressive at first until I realize I wasted my points leveling bow and arrow for my tank. I mean I was going strength until i realized it was more effective to use a bow and arrow on your tank than level str points and go melee and then you realize enemies are jumping on you later on so now and arrows are useless. By now the damage has been done. Now I can appreciate Diablo3 for what it is and thank god I don't have to waste time on skill tree and its done automatic. Now the other issue, there is no flag for your party members like there is in Diablo 3. So you cannot just simply teleport to your friends it don't work like that you must manually run and find your friends BWAHAHAHAHA. Are these people for real? There is no floating names about your friend's head so you cannot even locate your friend in camp LOL and it has a ton of people in camp that is not even in your party. When my friend had to deal with this frustration he left in under 10 minutes and uninstalled it. The people who are making this game loves to brag about them being hardcore ARPG fans but they lack customer service skills. Its not about what you want its about customers want and trust me customers do not want that. That hardcore ARPG design is annoying and a massive inconvenience in this day and age. Diablo 2 was good for its time but its horrid in this present time. POE is one of the worst Diablo 2 knock offs I have ever seen. You have never seen such a slow and boring snoozefest in your life. The game it self looks like a 2001 lord of the rings game that I had on my PS2 except the graphics on that was better and animations were light years ahead. All I have noticed about POE is in their general chat every sentence is how Diablo 3 sucks and there is no Blizzard if there is no Blizzard North etc. The game is bad and can get boring quickly. Its an interesting game but feels way to boring and lonely. Admittedly Diablo 3 isn't exactly the fun now as it use to be when I first got it. It has gotten a little stale and boring also but with RMAH I can still farm for my lottery jackpot legendary that I may never get. So RMAH gives me a reason to keep playing D3. POE its just bad in my opinion. Character animation really killed it for me with their arthritis simulation. I now see the lead developer for POE is a clown when he said games today their art are too much like cartoon and that he has the solution. Making it look realistic. I conclude he is clueless about what is great art. No one has mastered great art like Blizzard and Valve. He is right about one thing though great art isn't cartoon but at the same time it isn't photo realistic. Great art is Diablo 3 and Team Fortress 2JOHN44 Apr 17
Apr 17 Remastered D2, D3 revamp, D4? What is this thread about. It is about discussing what will likely be the announcement at Blizzcon 2018 concerning Diablo. I will leave my hopes and opinions on what I think would likely be the announcement come Blizzcon 2018. No doubt a lot of us have heard about the job postings concerning Diablo. There hae been hints that point to a new game which would mean D4. You don't build a new game engine to put it on an existing game which is what one of the previous postings said. I have no doubt that D4 will be made, it is just a matter of when not if. Even David Brevik the father of Diablo says that D4 will be made. He said that Blizz will make D4 because they know that they can still make a lot of money off of the Diablo franchise. IMO D4 would have to be done a heck of a lot better than D3. If Blizz screws the pooch of D4 similar or worse than D3. Then I would say that it is entirely possible that the Diablo franchise would be dead. I just hope that Blizz chooses their team to make D4 wisely. Maybe they need to; "Stay a while and listen". That is listen to the voice of reason that we players have been telling them. Get more people that have good arpg experience as well as a passion for the Diablo franchise. I have no doubt that D4 will possibly be one of the announcements at Blizzcon 2018. But what will keep us busy until D4 sees the light of day. There are two possibilities. One is a remastered D2. Also I have seen some job postings in the past that have hinted at the possibility of a remastered Diablo game. Which could mean a remastered D2. David Brevik said it would be hard for Blizz to make a remastered D2 that would feel true to actually being a D2 game made with current game design, due to the challenges and limitations of current game design compared to the older game design model. I do think though that there is a good chance the Blizz can come close enough to the feel of D2 that it is worth making a remastered D2 and would possibly give some of us something more to play than just D3's seasons till D4. Of course, there is a chance that Blizz could mess up the remastered game as well. Depends on who they get to develop the remastered D2. But still if it is done right it could hold our attention till D4. The next possibility is a revamped D3 or an expansion for D3. Yes adding in new content that would give us more than enough things to keep ourselves busy till D4 comes out would be great. Something that could be released in 2019 maybe 2020 at the lastest. That could keep us busy till we get D4 which might come in 2022. But still if they do an expansion there is a chance that they can screw the pooch of this game yet again further hurting the chances of a decent amount of sales of D4. So they better had choose their team wisely if they wish to proceed down that path. What are your thoughts as to the possible future of the Diablo franchise. If you want to talk about any of the above go ahead along with adding in anything else that you think would also work out to hold our attention till D4 sees the light of day.ShadowAegis16 Apr 17
Apr 16 Diablo 2 Remaster or Remake? I loved Diablo 2, played it for years. That doesn't mean I'm blind to it's many faults. If Diablo 2 is remade with only improved graphics. It will be a huge disappointment. If they are truly making another Diablo 2 my primary concern is who is behind this project and are any of the current Diablo 3 developers on the team or calling any shots behind the scenes? As past has shown the Diablo 3 developers are very defensive about their game and insist it is great and there is this thing of hatred towards Diablo 2 and Blizzard North. What better chance for them to say "see we told you so", when more people are playing Diablo 3 than a remake of Diablo 2. With that in mind this is what worries me when it comes to making Diablo 2 remake a success or a failure. There are many simple things that can be done to make it great like auto gold pick up, shared/larger stashes. But will they be done or simply ignored out of spite? Perhaps they may go a step further and make items BoA and even online only. Will you be allowed to make as many accounts as you could in Diablo 2? If not will they raise the max character slots up from 8 to compensate? What ever happens It will be interesting to see how it all pans out.Archon33 Apr 16
Apr 16 How in your opinion skill system should be in D4? D3 is already done. You can criticize all day and it will probably never changed. But lets suppose that you can make changes into d4 skill system. What changes you will gonna make? I personally will pick exactly the skill trees from D2 and make a simple change, instead of only skill point/level, allow a "sub skill point" too. That sub skill points can will add "modifications" to current skills. For example : - Faster projectile speed - Multiple projectiles - Costs health instead of mana - Increase damage and costs health and mana - Casts other spell on hit - Casts other spell on kill - Elemental conversions - Larger AOE - Heal on hit (...) Each "modification" will affect the skill in a different way. Multiple projectiles will drastically increase the AOE usefulness of a spell like fireball but will reduce drastically the damage. That way each "sub class" will be more unique. A Frozen orb sorc will have tons of different ways to be played. A wind druid will or have a great DPS or a great AOE effect. Or imagine how cool summon multiple bone spirits at once will be.L0rdV1ct0r51 Apr 16
Apr 15 Diablo 2 Remastered HD? It is confirmed? News? You will stop d3 to play d2 remastered?Digox13 Apr 15
Apr 15 Diablo 2nd exp / Diablo 4 in Blizzcon 2018 !? Blizzcon 2018 is coming. There is a lot of hint and easter egg pointing towards a new Diablo 3 expansion. 1. The hint of Druid coming in game or by twitter 2. Cain in Heroes of the storm and the new skin of Cain, which look like Cain in Hell IMO. 3. April fool on saving Leah. So I am thinking are we going to see an announcement for diablo second expansion or diablo 4 in this year blizzcon. The expansion will add Druid as playable character with an update in diablo shop featuring new character skin, new skill fx, pets and wings. Dark Gothic design of diablo 1/2 as Hell in diablo 3: The story will lead us to hell, which we meet the hellish looking Cain (HOTS new skin). We will help to revive Cain. Afterward, we will help to collect Leah soul from 9 bosses to revive her. The bosses includes: the 7 lord of hell, Kabraxis. During the process of saving Leah, the nephalem accidental helped to revived Tathamet(diablo/Kabraxis become Tathamet?). After the glorious battle, Lilith and Inarius shows up steal the essence of Tathamet and the story end with the hint of another expansion. New game mode - Battle Royale: It allow up to 16 players to battle in a open map, filled with environment trap, monster and bosses. Player will gain equipment by killing other player or loot from supply chest. In the battle Royale mode, all player will gain a passive effect that give the bonus of LON. All item drop from the game is Ancient item with a chance of Primal Ancient. The first 3 place can keep 3 of the newly founded Ancient legendary after winning the battle. The 4-9 will got to keep 2 ancient item. 10- 13 will get to keep one. The last 3 will get nothing but will be able to enter the next battle with 1 extra item on start. The player can choose which one to keep at the end of the battle, the discarded item will become normal legendary item or be salvaged for battle shard. Battle shard will allow player to buy battlefield buff. This mode is intended to allow player to have fun in pvp, while providing opportunity to farm ancient item. New follower - Leah Another feature of this expansion is to earn Leah as a follower. She is a powerful half-demon, half nephalem hybrid. She will be able to use all 13 slots of equipment. She can be taught with skills from all 8 classes. Player have to teach her the skill by playing with her as follower. Leah is also able to learn skill from bosses. For example she can learn fire nova from diablo, meteor from belial, summoning from asmodian. She will also get her own 6 piece set which is crafted by defeating bosses. Each Boss will have a special 6 piece set, that will buff their own skill to a end game viable level. She is also able to use all set from all classes, so theortically you can build her as a healing support monk or a globe gen support necromancer. New system/game mode - boss charm adn boss rush rift: Player will be able to farm boss charm from the bosses. Charm will give players unique ability to replace their original skills. For example, belial will give wizard ability to cast meteor that is full screen. Asmodian charm will allow necromancer to summon skeleton champion or witch doctor to summon armored zombie dog. This will give player incentive to farm bosses and increase endgame variety. New system - skill leveling: Each skill can be level up further when the player reach level 80. It is a small buff to a skill but it also allow customization of skills. For example, Meteor skill can gain 20% more damage at max level or have its cooldown reduced by 20% or have its resource cost reduced by 20%. Wrath of the berserker can earn cooldown reduced by 20% or gain insanity rune or 20% increased duration. Player can also use the existing paragon level to level up the skills. The bonus earn will be permanent but it will be loss if the player is intended to change to a different bonus and it require a certain paragon level to be reset. This system is intended to act as a paragon level sink.XelNagaIvan22 Apr 15
Apr 13 D2 Remaster and bots/d2jsp Diablo 2 is a wonderfully colorful world, dark, and has a great trading community. The trading community is where the heart is, find a good roll on a good item? Make a game and trade it for something you could use for your character, get a satisfied feeling. If you ask the d2jsp community, they are essential to the game and they are the reason it is still around. Bull!@#$. The bots are what ruined the game, and they are still doing so. If anyone has played this season on D2, they would have also noticed the community of d2 rise and grow a little. There has been non botting people making trading games, and I made a few friends. The spam bots are gone! TFG. With all that said, now its 4/7/2018 and the bots are back in FULL FORCE, and the population has again dwindled to nothing but botters. There's no point in trading when jo blow can bot up 15 HR's with his 16 copies of d2 running 24/7. Diablo 2 remaster will not work while bots and d2jsp plague the game. Please Please Please read this blizz, I hope your heart is in the right place and your aim is to keep the game the same (graphical upgrades only) and completely remove the bots somehow. I'm no programmer, idk if it's even possible. I can only hope it can happen. I would pay 60$ for a remastered diablo 2 with a new expansion/act and no bots. Straight up, I would drop the money in a heartbeat.ObservUniver3 Apr 13
Apr 10 Sorry to burst the bubble but here are the real facts - Diablo II had no variety in builds. If you were doing PvM 95% of the Druids were Storm Druids. Not even mentioning the other classes like Sorc that only had Blizzard or Light Sorc. Sure, you had a Fire Sorc too, but ... why play Fire Sorc if you can go Light Sorc with Infinity and nuke everything away quicker (even in PvP), a 25k DMG Fireball Sorc wasn't viable. - Diablo II had the best endgame. After 1-2 weeks in a ladder (provided you had halfway decent drop) you had your Uber Smiter done and farmed Uber to get up to 5-10k FG on D2Jsp that was probably more worth than 20x Mansions in Miami. Nvm, I skipped something. We forgot the epic Diaruns from level 1 to 60 and the followed Baalruns til 90 to figure out we need to do Diabaalruns now for more EXP. - Diablo II was a friggin' trade simulator with Bots, Dupes and Item buyers everywhere. I'd even go so far and say that Diablo II LoD is the most casual game on this planet. You can even buy a full character for about 500-1000 FG (depening on season progress) which you can't in Diablo III. You have to play in Diablo III. God damnit I can't find anything good about it Diablo II (+LoD) eventhough I played it 5-7 years straight. It was a good game for its time but hell it would be friggin' boring for us now. I just can't understand why people still are defending Diablo II over Diablo III. Sure it was a bad game around 2012/2013 but now its epic fun. Heck, you aren't forced to do GR 100+ you can still make a LoN Build and TRY to get something going. Not all is experienced in this game, so many options. Yes it won't be as strong as a Set with 4k+ % (lol thats overkill btw I hope they change it) but you can still enjoy LON Builds! I don't even want to break PoE in this post because you guys couldn't handle it. If anyone wants to start discussing about PoE please PM me ingame or come Discord I'm ready to spank you with every argumant I have. I played PoE 2 years now and Im so ready, just PM me I'm gonna rip all of your points for PoE in tiny pieces and destroy you. Oh yeah come at me! Btw I have way more points why D2 is horrible or was horrible but wasn't for its time. I just need to let you guys slowly understandOvian180 Apr 10
Apr 9 Free diablo 1 and hellfire expansion download So while i was browsing today i came across a site and found this and it says "Diablo Hellfire is completely free. You may play it as much as you like without paying a single buck. In exchange for playing it, you are instead asked for a small favour. You are encouraged to send any comments you might have about this game. " so i downloaded it and to my delight, it works perfectly! so my question is - is this legit legal? if it is, i would like to post the link. Blue please reply. It was found on an old abandonware site.Zekey69 Apr 9
Apr 8 Diablo 1 still online? If i buy Diablo 1 I can play in Battle net in Windows 10?Digox10 Apr 8
Apr 8 DII Necro help Since there is apparently not a DII forum, I wanted to ask here. I picked DII back up after like 3 years of not playing it. I wanted to make a Necro who uses Skeles and Poison Dagger. I have a dagger with two sockets in it, and I was thinking to put two poison gems or maybe even two poison runes in it....does that apply when using the Poison Dagger spell, or would the gems only apply their poison damage with a regular basic attack?TracersBum11 Apr 8
Apr 7 PoE vs Diablo 3, as always Hi everyone! I'm here to asking few things about Diablo 3 and Path to Exile and STOP! STOP! Yes I have read other discussions about this topic but I wanted to know basically 2 things: -It's still worth playing PoE instead of Diablo 3? (I already played D3) -Nobody has ever talked about the story! How is the PoE's story?Aku16 Apr 7
Apr 6 LFM: Discussion on how we use games 2.0 After some discussions with other players and a successful grant application, I am again/still looking for more participants, but I have made some changes. Amongst others, thank you for the suggestions I got on the blizzard forums. Do you play multiplayer online games, would like to talk about how you play these games, and contribute to research in a new and developing field at the same time? I (Florian, studying at Victoria University of Wellington) am currently conducting a study on how players play multiplayer online games. I am looking for participants of any game in that category over the age of 16 who would like to take part in interviews or group discussions on this topic. If you would like to contribute, but do not want to take part in a conversation or simply want to stay anonymous, please see the bottom of this information form for a link to an anonymous free-text survey instead. The focus of the discussion would be how you use a game of your choice (e.g. what you prefer to do in that game, who you usually interact with, if you watch streams, write guides, etc.; but the main question will be what you think is important to describe how you play the game). This discussion would be held via skype or zoom and is expected to take 30 minutes for an interview, or 45-60 minutes for a group discussion where the other participants would be people you know (e.g. some friends or guild mates you asked to sign up, too) or random other participants, this is up to you. Participation is strictly confidential. Your help will contribute to the understanding of how games are actually used, which is an important aspect for understanding the various effects games can have. If you would like more information or want to participate, please fill in the short form (~5 minutes) at (you can also easily find the study when searching for GameUsageStudy under the tab "pages" on facebook and can contact me there, though I am still working on setting that page up properly). As thank you, you will receive a NZD15 voucher (or nearest local equivalent, e.g. $10 US or 10 Euro) for amazon or steam, depending on your preference. Thank you, and kind regards, Florian P.s.: As mentioned above, I understand that not everyone who would like to share their opinion wants to take part in an interview, for various reasons. If you feel this way, I would like to invite you to describe how you use games in this online form ( instead. You can be as detailed or succinct as you would like to, and your participation is anonymous.IronWulf1 Apr 6
Apr 4 Diablo 2 LOD New patch + Ladder Reset Come back to Diablo 2 LoD and play East Server. All the bots have been banned, brand new patch, and Fresh ladder. This starts on the 12th of December. Come Celebrate. D2>D3Naixz24 Apr 4
Apr 3 go play poe problem solvedMYSTEZHOU62 Apr 3
Apr 2 Blizz games Hello guys, Can some1 tell me, is there any rewards for play in other Blizz games what i can get ingame in D3? I mean like i play in Hearthstone, Overwatch,HoTS etc and make some things in this game and then i get extra reward what i can get ingame in D3? I mean portraits, pets,wings etc? Can some1 list me all that kind of rewards? Will be pleased. Greetings NightmarishNightmarish0 Apr 2
Apr 1 Why so many a/RPG are copying D3 mistakes? All skills %weapon damage, cooldown, etc is being each time more frequent in RPGs and aRPGs. How having a big gigantic axe can make a necro's Skeleton/Golem, a Wizard frost ray or a monk punches/kicks more strong??? For example Torchlight and Victor Vran aRPG, even the ridiculous d3 damage/health scale is on the game. Another example? Dragon Age 2 and Inquisition. All skills are %weapon damage. Increase difficulty only make the enemy more "sponge" IA is the same, "dice rolls" are the same, everything is the same, except damage and health numbers. This wasn't the case from DA:O. The enemies are more "lucky" and more intelligent in higher difficulty(DA:O is better in other aspects) Grim Dawn did it correctly. The power scale isn't broken and the items actually increase the number of viable builds by conversions, instead of limiting like d3. But GD have other problem; cooldown. If a wizard call a meteor, why he can't call a meteor again in X amount of seconds? That makes no sense. D2 make it right. Take a time to a "bone wall" to be raised but you can cast at will. Potions don't have cooldown but take time to start to heal. Other bad aspect of d3 that a lot of RPG's are destroying is "unique" specialization. In D2, a druid specialized on shapeshift will be completely different from a wind, fire, summon or hybrid druid and all builds are viable. Each time only AOE DPS become the unique viable way to play aRPG's. All character classes are becoming the same. The lack of different unique enemies are a problem too. All enemies are behaving like the same, no enemy tries to cast a curse in the player, or have unique propriety. Some people don't like D2 immunity, but IMHO use a fire spell to hurt a fire elemental makes no sense. Is like trow gasoline to combat a fire. The D2 problem is that some skills who deal only one damage should do dual damage. Meteor should deal fire damage + physical damage. Bone spear should deal magic + physical damage. One aRPG that have the best boss battles IMHO is Path of Exile. Each Boss is unique and memorable and the variety of enemies are pretty solid.L0rdV1ct0r1 Apr 1
Apr 1 2nd Grim Dawn Exp "Forgotten Gods" announced Way to go Crate - have my cash in summer / fall. :)NINEGRAVES5 Apr 1
Mar 29 How to convert DIII's sound files? I'm using Ladik's MPQ Editor to browse through Diablo's MPQs (in read-only mode, I'm not modifying them) and I noticed that most of the sound files are in FSB, SMP, SND or MUS format. Some of the music files are already in Ogg format, which I can use. Does anyone know of a good program to convert any or all of these formats into something usable like Ogg or MP3? Windows seems to recognise the SND files as "AU Format Sound", but they won't play when opened in Windows Media Player or QuickTime. I've done a bit of Googling and found FMOD Designer to play the FSB files, but it doesn't seem to have any way of converting them to other formats. This is a lot easier to do with WoW since it stores all its sounds as Ogg or MP3 in the MPQs.Choonster22 Mar 29
Mar 29 Only i play mainly old games in a modern pc? I have a pretty good computer PC, can play easily witcher 3, bf1, etc but spend 95% of my time playing old games(mostly RPG's), I don't like much jRPG's or modern RPG's. jRPG's are terrible. Is always a generic history of an boring teenager swordsman who will save the world after grinding for 50+ hours, while in wRPG's like neverwinter nights, icewind dale, etc i can choose anything of my character. To be honest, only the few rpg's made in japan who are very open and 'western like', eg Dragon's Dogma, and Dark Souls i liked. But most modern rpg's are extremely dumbed down, there are few exceptions to the rule, but are exceptions, not rules. I can like skyrim only with tons of mods. And even with tons of mods, i`ve spend much more time in morrowind and daggerfall than in skyrim. Same for FPS. I only enjoy more tactical and realistic FPS like ArmA 3, Red Orchestra, etc; i can't enjoy modern cod games, din't liked bf3, din't liked bf4, but liked bf2, bfbc2, etc. The majority of games that i play are from 1995-2005.L0rdV1ct0r5 Mar 29
Mar 29 Okay. Path of Exile blew me away. I'm glad I didn't play the beta or before right now, because even now -- the game feels short, with large areas, sort of like Torchlight. But... It's like the best of monsters and atmospheres from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, coupled with Diablo 2's gameplay, with graphics far better than Diablo 3. Artstyle: Path of Exile, as of August 2014, made me realize that Diablo 3 could've been a XBox 360 port to PC, when it comes to graphics. I mean, just now, driving me to write this thread, I just had a severe nerdgasm in the Solaris Temple. LOOK: (Inb4 thread deletion because of BRASS -- you'll get it) No green fog between the "camera" and your character everywhere. Crisp clean air -- except when they intend the atmosphere to be wet and foggy, or mystical and dangerous. Some areas use fog in pits, and those areas show how fog and smoke should appear in games. The style of the solaris temple is so damn solid! White Marble with gold. Red carpets. Not one living creature harmed, only brass / gold and weaved red ribbons attached to magical gold fixtures. Pure water in the fountains and pools... The first time I played the Solaris temple and saw the level of detail, I KNEW there was a temple with the opposite properties. I was positively surprised by the Lunaris Temple, the Solaris Temple's opposite, despite already expecting it to be a horrible and dark place. It made Diablo 3 look like PG13, and does exactly that on so many levels. The level of detail in many of the important areas simply astound me. I can't figure out HOW they manage to add that many objects and details to an area and STILL have my laptop run it flawlessly. The shadows are cast by the light of the character, and the detail is amazing. It looks "realistic". I can't recall any areas that are badly designed. Some areas are not astounding, but all of them have a high level of detail, and locations like the Solaris and Lunaris temples are so damn well-made areas that they, alone, restore a large part of my faith in the gaming industry. Gameplay: The makers of Path of Exile have obviously decided that the journey IS the experience. You "never" stop leveling, and your skill gems take a very long time to reach max level. While I don't like the skill gems, and wish they'd make a skilltree of them instead, and keep the "upgrades when equipped" or adopt an "upgrades on use" mechanics -- the skill gems are... fine. You equip skills gems into slots of the correct color, and can -- if you meet the strength, intelligence or dexterity attribute requirements of the skill -- use that skill on any character. Attributes are gained on level-ups, from the massive, scary, humongous Passive Tree. It takes hours to get into, but Path of Exile is forgiving in it's learning curve: After playing a character for 4 hours, I could level up and equip a new character of the same class in one hour, with the knowledge gained from my first playthrough. Once again, I'm amazed. Not because the game is the best game ever, but because I've not been hooked by a game in a very, very long while. I currently have 6 characters. One cold spellcaster that summons zombies. One fire spellca... No. Not a spellcaster like the previous cold spellcaster. Let's discuss those characters. I have one character summoning zombies and casting frost spells. I have one character summoning flaming skulls, skeletons and fire spells. But they are fundamentally different. My cold-based witch spams spells all day long, and has to run away and kite enemies, relying on zombies to distract enemies if I accidentally get swarmed. She has no armor, an extreme cold damage, and has a decent defense in her rapidly regenerating energy shield -- preventing her from getting status effects like burning, freezing and shock for as long as she has energy shield up. Energy shield is a protective property of intelligence-based gear pieces, and does not mitigate damage -- it only prevents monsters from hitting your healthbar before the energy shield points are gone, acting as a second health pool. Once the energy shield is gone, she is extremely vulnerable to status effects and can be stunned, burnt, shocked and frozen to death, and has to monitor her Energy Shield at all times, and avoid combat to allow it to regenerate. She raises zombies from enemy corpses. She is a glass cannon summoner, and is based on intelligence and intelligence-based skills. Then, we have my other character. A scion, an unlockable character that requires you to reach the steps before the final boss of the game. She is based on strength and intelligence, relying on her armor to keep her safe, and has a small amount of energy shield to protect her from freezing and stunning. She summons Raging Spirits, short-lived spirits that take the form of burning skulls, and skeletons -- slow-moving monsters with a longer, but finite, duration. My scion will use two curses: One curse that reduces enemy fire resistance, helping her fire based attacks and raging spirits deal more damage, and another -- which I've yet to aquire -- will reduce the physical resistance of enemies, helping skeletons, her weapon and the raging spirits. My Scion's armor allows her to take reduced damage in combat, and thus she can tank among her minions. She casts area of effect fire spells, and melee fire attacks that transcends the border between melee and spell. In the passive tree, she invested in 90% longer spell durations -- helping her short-lived raging spirits, skeletons and a spell that causes a rain of fire deal damage for longer times. Two spellcasters based around intelligence and summoning, and they play completely differently. I notice how much enemy resistances add depth. A large part of the difference in gameplay between the characters comes from which monsters resist fire and which resist cold. ... In any case; That were two of my characters. Then, I have a third spellcaster, a two-handed sword-wielder, an archer and a remade witch that I'm leveling for ladder play alongside my Scion. The game suffers a bit from having too many monsters everywhere, forcing you to take area of effect skills and relying on them, causing single target skills to feel slow and clunky, and the skill gem system is far from perfect, allowing many overpowered and useless combinations. However, gameplay is overall great. There is a sharp difference between enemy spellcasters, archers and melee characters, and enemy summoners and suicidal enemies. Then there's poison enemies, which are extremely hard to resist. My witch cakewalks most spellcasters and melee enemies, but suffers heavily from enemy archers and from enemies with area of effect attacks that hits her despite her best efforts to get away. My scion fears spellcasters, because they can easily kill her minions, which she relies on far more than the witch relies on her zombies. Skills that change a character's position can cause desynchronization, but I've not used many of them, and the game flows perfectly fine if you don't leap around or whirl in between enemies with position-changing skills. Melee is fine: Enemies can dodge, and some have heavy armor, but hits land and I was once again impressed with Grinding Gear Games: Spellcasting is awesome. Melee is great -- the only problems being leap attacks and whirlwind-type attacks threatening desynch, and the ineffectiveness of single target skills, forcing melee characters into dexterity skills that allow them to hit multiple times and striking multiple targets, or elemental / throw / ranged / area of effect attacks. Itemization and currency: In Normal difficulty, you never feel FORCED to switch out a gear piece. Damage is primarily based on skills and character, not on weapon, and weapon damage scales slowly -- so that you never feel utterly useless in combat, like when you leveled up in Diablo 3 in 2012 and had not found a better weapon for an entire act and can't kill anything. The first really bad thing about Path of Exile is the currency. I find it hard to accept, and they WILL replace the system with a gold system, or sink. For act 1, it's fine. But... in act 2 and 3 and higher difficulties, the consumable trading items quickly become a mess. Type 1: Turn an item into a magical item Type 2: Add one magical affix to a magical item with only one affix Type 3: Reroll a magical item Type 4: .. this is where I've lost track of rarity. It could be the item that removes all properties from an item. It could be the item that gives an item magical, rare or unique properties. Or it could be one I forgot. The main problem is that you can't convert type 1 items into type 4 items; You have to trade crafting items of type 1 into crafting items of type 2, then type 2 into 3, then type 3 into type B, then type B into type C, then type C into type 4, then type 4 into type 5. It makes me want to drown a litter of kittens. In sulphuric acid. Crafting materials are used for trading in stores, and while crafting itself is great -- the currency is simply BAD. Itemization, however, is far better. Weapons: Contributes to damage, primarily. Armorpieces: Contributes to defense and skill, primarily. Offence is very varied: Critical hits, chance to hit, curses, auras, skill gem levels, elemental bonuses and support gems that enhance and change skill gems does not blend into one massive behemoth named "DPS" like some games I've played, but allows you to focus on whatever you please. Critical spells? Sure! Not going for critical at all? Absolutely fine. Elemental damage? Fine -- and how about this enemy resistance reduction passive gem, as well? Pure physical damage, without critical hits? Going for 95% chance to hit even the most evasive enemies, plus curses, are we? Minions? Sure. Perfectly viable. Tri-elementalist? Go ahead. There's a curse that allows you to reduce all enemy resistances, and many weapons and passive tree nodes gives bonuses to all elemental damage, and enemy resistances ensure that your toolbox can match the brute-force single-element spellcasters versus monsters with heavy resistances. Defence is actually simpler. Armor: Reduces physical damage, but you still get chilled, stunned, burnt and shocked. Resistances: Reduces elemental damage, primarily, but also the hard to resist chaos damage, to which very few sources provide protection. Lower elemental damage taken means less powerful chilling, burning and shocking. But you get stunned by melee. Energy shield: Your second health pool, that regenerates rapidly when you've not taken damage for a while. Protects against all negative effects, but is 1 for 1-ed by each point of incoming damage, and you're helpless against debuffs once it's gone. Dodge: Evasion rating allows you to dodge, avoiding all negative effects. Then, there's stun resistance, blocking and plain old "killing everyone before they have the chance to hit you". Story, partying and quests: Each character has a short background story, and half of them are unsympathetic idiots, which made me NOT play them, because I'm a roleplayer that cannot in any way identify with selfish characters. You pick one of them, and then you wash up on the beach, somewhere in Wraeclast, And the game has started. I did not expect a strong story, and quite frankly, I've not talked to characters as much as I should have. Path of Exile has drawn it's storytelling from Diablo 2, and you can skip all dialogue, and most of the lore is found by talking to characters. I noticed, quite fast, that the game uses a very Diablo 2-like sandbox storytelling mode, where many of the quests are alongside the mainquest, in different areas that are optional to visit, allowing you to skip ahead and rush for the finish of an act or storyline. Having played Act 1 five times, the storyline is not bad: The beach is cut off from civilization by the end of act boss and a pawn of the master that causes the troubles to Wraeclast. Act 2 has a storyline midway through that solves and finishes a quest in act 1 -- which was refreshing. The game uses waypoints, displayed on a map of the current act, showing known unvisited locations (Questionmark), visited locations (Circle) and which locations have waypoints (large blue circle) and undiscovered waypoints (Small blue circle). and you can access all waypoints from previous act from the newer acts. Sometimes, the mere presence of monsters tell a story, as well. When I saw small squids for the first time, I realized what was bound to come, and I was not disappointed. But I was killed. Multiple times. The design appears to be watertight. ... Asking a character who lost her lover about another character, in act 3, moved me. While in Diablo 3, character joke about their dead, the voice actor in this case had an artistic break followed by a broken voice that actually moved me. I regret asking her about that other character, simply because the emotions she conveyed with the dialogue -- one single line -- was strong. I can't help but love roleplaying in Path of Exile. Which takes us to multiplayer. The game is almost an MMO, but it's more like Diablo 2 with 16 people in town, but then only you when you leave town without a party. The party / invite interface confused me, and you need to study the system to be able to effectively party up and quest. I've not bothered yet, enjoying the game solo. Most quest rewards actually feel rewarding, many give you meaningful choices; A choice between rare items with different base qualities, a choice between skill gems -- and many give you solid rewards: Passive tree points and respec points, and one quest has multiple solutions with four different permanent rewards. Player versus Player: I've not enganged in Player versus Player at all, yet. But it's there, and I have a stable 50 ping to the servers in EU, from a pretty remote country relative to popular european hosting locations. Summary: Path of Exile is a great game, with incredible depth, suffering from some late game balance issues. It has an artistic style that actually matches Castlevania's extremely solid art style, and the best ARPG gameplay since Diablo 2. + Artistic work. It's absurdly solid. +Story and characters: Great. +Gameplay: Great -Currency. Bad. -Balance in the last difficulties I'll rate it 8/10 at the moment, compared to 6.5 for Diablo 3. It's free, but I *had* to pay 80$ just to not feel extremely guilty. (And I wanted to replace my skeletons with marble statue graphics anyway :D)Frostraven18 Mar 29
Mar 28 Until today ... Until today I am missing a sandbox-game where players can build things and develop them without ending. I don't think about WoW but in the Warcraft-Universe. Where is the game for creativ people because we or I want to become a masterbuilder? I hope it will come one day. Done by Blizzard Entertainment with a fine balance and a professional content-support. Another example: Where is Blizzard's Dungeon-Keeper-Game like ? But I vote a litte bit more for sandbox-game =).Dyjnia0 Mar 28
Mar 27 If the next Blizzcon announcement... Is Diablo 3 coming out on the Nintendo Switch and nothing else, then I'm really going to be sad. The community asks for a D2 remaster or D4 and what do we get after all these years? A port to Nintendo Switch. Yay...Babak0 Mar 27
Mar 26 Did we get our hopes up for nothing? So I remember over the last several months reading and watching videos about a lot of job postings, and a lot of rumors that these positions were for a new Diablo game in the making. However with more and more rumors and leaks coming out about D3 being ported to the Switch, I'm worried that that may be what all the job postings were for. What are your opinions? Do you think there is another Diablo installment in the works, or were all the job postings for getting D3 on the switch?Gimpzor61 Mar 26
Mar 26 With Ray Tracing, I'd want D4 done right. Although ray tracing isn't the newest discovery to date, it is a sigh of relief for those who've been displeased with how tech has been divvied between cinema and graphics. It is still premature with just a few things like ray tracing to look forward to in the near future. However, it's finally a step up, no less. Feel free to input what this would finally bring to the table for newer games to come along with the means to play them.Seccie2 Mar 26
Mar 26 How i HIDE error messages on PoL and Wine?? I managed to run some games that i wanna play in Linux, but this messages "game crashed"(when the game din't crashed) from wine and Play On Linux are pretty annoying. How i suppress this messages? I have dual boot in both computers, but by some reason run D2 in Linux is more easy than win 7(notebook) or 10(desk), i know that this is not a "support" part but linux isn't officially supported to run diablo 2 so some people will probably know how to remove error messages.L0rdV1ct0r0 Mar 26
Mar 24 Diablo 4 I believe that playing Diablo for free, is coming to an end. Blizzard really needs to charge something to be able to upgrade the game. the current diablo play, is pretty much what everyone has already said. it gets boring, doing the same rift runs over and over again very boring. maybe diablo 4 will charge something per month for example. I am sure everyone complaining about the boring diablo 3, would then start to complain about the fee but; lets be honest blizzard needs the money to update servers, capacity, and game content. etc...Tiger25 Mar 24
Mar 22 The Diablo 2 Vs Diablo 3 Arguments Just my few cents I felt like throwing out. Every day you always have people insulting diablo 3, hating how its different / worse than diablo 2, etc etc. Honestly, diablo 2 has been out a damn long time, if diablo 3 was just an HD D2, people would probably get bored of it pretty quickly, and everyone would bash blizzard complaining about how its not different and unique, and how its just a d2 clone and a clear money grab. Even if diablo 2 was an overall better game, I for one rather have a slightly worse but still fun different game than just a remake of an older one, especially one I've already played for years. Thank you blizzard for making a new game instead of revamping a d2 and can't wait to play RoS :)Kageromero198 Mar 22
Mar 20 Diablo 4 WASD Since the game isnt even announced yet, and keyboard movement controls are an integral part of the game mechanics, id really love the next game to have WASD (keyboard movement controls in short). I tried, but WASD is too convenient to let go, and Neocore is to blame. Its a sure buy from me if and when D4 comes out and has WASD.Kai14 Mar 20
Mar 19 Does Blizzard have any benchmarking software A lot of other games have a benchmarking tool in the game so, does Blizzard have anything like that?SeaBigBear9 Mar 19
Mar 19 Whats the next step Diablo 1 remake? Maybe make it a 100 floor dungeon crawler instead with dedicated online servers Diablo 2 remake? New Diablo 3 expansion? Diablo 4? I really want to fight Imperius. Maybe an expansion revolving around stomping the Angiris Council from invading hell this time (With diablo and all them locked up again currently) And while in hell we can rescue and bring back Leah as a new companion :lNeroTheHero2 Mar 19
Mar 16 Diablo mobile game? I think the next Diablo game will be a mobile one, think of it hearthstone is mobile as well as pc and makes lots of money, an itemization game is what they want to make heck they turned StarCraft 2 into a lot box game some how and it's 8 years old. Diablo 3 is only 6 years old and they can't make a go of it sell stash tabs, loot boxes, transmogs, or character packs to make it make money again, I guess not. So I come back to why make Diablo 4 the game would have to revolve around loot boxes I mean it's Activision right. Let's face it mobile is one of the hottest platforms why not bring a storied game to it. To further the issue with d4 is that they would need years to develop a whole new engine so if we go back to Activision's normal trend they reskin the call of duty engine year after year makes for easy fast buggy development. So I d4 were to come out in the next 4 or 5 years it is possible it would be on a new engine, but Activision does not take crazy amounts of time on there games and if the necro pack was any indication it took almost a year to develop and balance a character on a pre-existing game. So I turn to mobile where the engine is easier to build, game play can be dumbed down and pvp would become a main stay as a way to rank against others.Hulk13 Mar 16
Mar 15 Brevik Says D2 Remake is Challenging In a recent interview, David Brevik stated that "there are huge technical challenges" that would have to be solved to modernize D2. Do you think Blizzard will take them on? I, for one, hope they do. Link to ign article: Mar 15