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1d Diablo 4 - World of Diablo MMORPG in development I have something really huge to spoil here. Blizzard is currently starting to allocate more developers for the future of Diablo series game. They are currently working on an Unannounced Project which I will simply call "Diablo 4" or "World of Diablo" since it's a MMORPG game. It's going to be a MMORPG like World of Warcraft, but with the isometric view just like Diablo and Path of Exile. But they are striving for something that look like to be more in the Lineage Eternal Twilight Resistance or Lost Ark scale (MMORPG, Open-World, Town Hub with tons of players, Trade, PVP, Raid, Dungeon, Loot, Craft, Exploration, ect). It's my personal opinion but I'm pretty confident that DUSTIN BROWDER former Game Director of Heroes of the Storm have switched over to work on this unannounced Diablo project about 6 months ago in December 2016 and quote from him in a YouTube videos "The most ambitious and promising project of my career". I can't wait to see how polished and well balanced this game could be. Finally a Diablo game that will live up to the expectations of franchise fans. I expect nothing less than AAA graphics, open-world, with tons of stuff to do from Blizzard in this isometric dark-fantasy MMOARPG. I think the project is still very preliminary and they are still working on servers stuff and design but I also think that they have a clear vision in mind. To gain back the Diablo fans they have lost with the dissapointment that Diablo 3 was despite the 30+ millions of sales worldwide. I'm guessing we will have a proper official reveal at BlizzCon 2017 or 2018 max and that the game will not be in a playable state before at least 2021 or more. Also, David Bravik, former Blizzard North / Diablo 2 and the first iteration of Diablo 3 (cancelled in 2005) developer recently speaked about the fact Diablo 3 first iteration made by Blizzard North in the 2003-2004 era was an MMORPG much like World of Warcraft, several screenshot of this build have leaked on the web after the departure of Blizzard North employee in 2005. But this game was cancelled for whatever reason and Diablo 3 became what we now know as a 4 player co-op ARPG game. He also talked about Diablo 2 development who had "Town Hub" developped at some point but the feature was cancelled due to the lack of time before official game release. They wanted to put all the players from the public chat channel into an in-game Town Hub instance for trade, etc. PRODUCTION DIRECTOR, UNANNOUNCED PROJECT : Lead the developers of one of the industry’s bestselling, genre-defining RPGs of all-time: Diablo! Blizzard is seeking a Production Director to bring the Diablo franchise into the future. Massive multiplayer game development experience Cover Letter telling us why you are interested in working at Blizzard and specifically Diablo What do you think of all this? Personally, i'm very excited and I can't wait to hear more from Blizzard in the coming months about this project.Epsilons128 1d
1d D2 Remaster? Is it happening? They did SC:R which is pretty awesome. Just some feedback, not even playing D3 anymore, hate what the game turned into.Midnight53 1d
2d Brevik Says D2 Remake is Challenging In a recent interview, David Brevik stated that "there are huge technical challenges" that would have to be solved to modernize D2. Do you think Blizzard will take them on? I, for one, hope they do. Link to ign article: 2d
2d Trades in Diablo 4? Hey guys! I haven't played D3 for a while now. I went back on diablo 2, because I miss trading so much. So I wanna know your theories regarding it : Will we be able to trade in the next Diablo game?Evil69 2d
3d Diablo 4 Idea: "Presence" I'm of the opinion that the old light radius mechanic in D2 is the key to atmosphere in Diablo's visuals. Sure the art style is a factor as well, but D3 made some pretty good efforts with later Rift mapsets that ended up looking pretty good when darkened and touched up. But, remember stuff like Tal Rasha's Tomb, where you walked through rows of pillars and your light radius was casting shadows from them as you moved along? That really drew me in, and a good combination of shadow/lighting effects and a new light radius mechanic can really help (re)capture the atmosphere. So I had an idea for a new stat they could implement in Diablo 4 called Presence. Basically it could be gold pickup radius, orb pickup radius (if that's even still a thing in D4) and light radius built into one. But instead of stopping there, you could even have it play into builds. Maybe an Assassin/Demon Hunter style class in the next game could benefit from having low Presence, because it keeps you in the shadows more. Or a Paladin/Crusader class can have high Presence. Just some ideas.Thanatos2 3d
3d what would you like in diablo 4? Okay, so I think we all know diablo 4 will be coming in the next few years (please god not another long wait for more diablo) BUT! what do you want to see in the next diablo? I remember people speculating about diablo 4 many many months ago and one of the ideas or speculations really stuck with me. A "dark souls" esque style game with all the diablo elements in it. now, I know the "dark souls" or "demondarkbloodsoulsborne" genre is getting maybe a little out of hand with all those games but I think it would fit very well in a diablo like setting. main issue would be abilities, some being tossed out the window while others stay. but if they do a "demondarkbloodsoulsborne" style game with diablo I think that would be great with the gameplay style of dark souls being mashed in to the loot farm style of game. buuuuuuuuuut there comes another issue, and that would be maps, because having rng maps would be hard for a game like that imo unless its stuck in some castle labyrinth kind of thing. what do you guys think? and what new interesting twists to the game would you desire if they changed the formula once again!gora15 3d
4d Diablo 4 I believe that playing Diablo for free, is coming to an end. Blizzard really needs to charge something to be able to upgrade the game. the current diablo play, is pretty much what everyone has already said. it gets boring, doing the same rift runs over and over again very boring. maybe diablo 4 will charge something per month for example. I am sure everyone complaining about the boring diablo 3, would then start to complain about the fee but; lets be honest blizzard needs the money to update servers, capacity, and game content. etc...Tiger23 4d
4d How rare and magic items can be made useful in Diablo 4 I just wanna throw some ideas around on how rare and magic items can be made useful in a possible sequel to D3. Note that I am not suggesting that these ideas shall be implemented in D3, but maybe in D4. Legendaries The first thing that D4 has to do in order to make rare and magic items useful, is not to give legendaries such massive damage multipliers (aka Skill X deals 400-600% increased damage). Legendaries should always have something special about them, something that otherwise can't be found on other items, but they shouldn't be necessarily better than rare items by default. Rare Items Let's say that legendaries have a powerlevel of 90-110, then rare items should have a powerlevel of 60-110 and the more powerful rare items should have a lower chance to drop, for example if rare items can drop with 3-6 affixes, rare items that roll with the maximum amount of affixes (in this case six) should not drop so often as rare items that only drop with three or four affixes. Magic Items Now, here is my idea on how to make magic items (endgame) viable: they should only drop with 1-2 different affixes and so they are significantly weaker than rare items by default, however, you can put them in the Horadric Cube (assuming that this feature returns) and turn them into a more powerful version at the cost of crafting materials or whatever. So for example, you have a magic one-handed sword with 6-10% increased damage and 5-8% increased attack speed and you put this in the cube and you gain it back with 12-20% increased damage and 10-16% increased attack speed and also an additional random affix that has its power doubled as well, which could be for example 15-20% reduced resource costs (ordinarily resource cost reduction would only roll 8-10%, but since this recipe adds an additional random affix and also doubles its power, it comes with 16-20% RCR) or any other affix like increased damage against elites or area damage. Now your upgraded magic item has three different affixes which all have their power doubled, which means that this upgraded magic item can now compete with rare items that have six different affixes which are of normal power, because this upgraded magic item would have a powerlevel of ~80-110. Also endgame viable magic items would look different than endgame viable rare items (they have less affixes than endgame viable rares, but therefore more powerful affixes) Remember that with this cube recipe there is also RNG involved, because it adds a random affix to the item and so it might take a while until the get the upgraded magic item that you really want. Besides that, the amount of crafting materials that you have to sacrifice also has to be decent (not to much and not too many) to justify that you can possibly craft an endgame viable item with this cube recipe. Regular Items Lastly, on a side note I also want to say that white regular items can be made useful by bringing back runewords, but that is a topic to explore in more detail in another thread. Thoughts?clueso93 4d
4d Diablo 4 (Next) - My vision. Hello guys, i was writing for some time all my ideas about a new Diablo game and how i would like it to be so check it out. I leave here the link to the document. :D Hope you will enjoy it, feel free to comment, ask questions about it or bring new ideas i couldn’t think of right now. I will update this in time if i think of something new. :DKyubiVal15 4d
5d New ARPG - Last Epoch - Kickstarter April 2018 Hey Diablo fans - would love you guys to check out our game coming to Kickstarter April 17, 2018 - Last Epoch. It will be similar to the Diablo series since it's a top down ARPG. If you guys are interested please follow us on social media and reach out!Moxjet4 5d
5d ARPG with PVP like D2 ? Hi guys, i'm desesperated, is someone playing right now a ARPG with endgame meta based in PVP like d2 ? Are those in extintion ? is there a conspiracy with enterprises to not make game like this ? I mean wtf PS: Don't even say PoE, it has no PVP, I'm not looking for a game without PvPDj0nt25 5d
5d Is D4 competition already in the works? Last Epoch (pre alpha) and Wolcen (alpha), it looks like "D4" will already have some competition. What would it take to make "D4" the undisputed king of the hill? Or is that position no longer a reality for the Diablo franchise? * "D4" is used because no one will ever tell use what they are working on, unlike other developers. 5d
Feb 16 LFM: Discussions about how we use games Stay awhile and listen! I am looking for participants for group discussions OR individual interviews about how we as players use multiplayer online computer games like WoW, SCII, LoL, CS: GO, and other games (e.g. what you prefer to do in that game, who you usually interact with, how/if you plan the next time you play, etc.). Anyone who regularly plays a Multiplayer-Online-Game, is over 16 years of age (consent to participate in research reasons), and can speak English fluently is welcome to participate. Currently, in the media as well as in research, games are portrayed in non-representative ways, as if all games are the same, all players are the same, and all players play a game the same way. With your help I would like to — on a game-by-game basis — question how individual games are actually being played (or, more generally, how they are used. For example: reading or writing a guide isn’t actually part of playing the game, but it is still connected to it). If you are interested and want to find out more, please read on! Otherwise, thank you for reading this far. If you know anyone who might be interested, please feel free to forward this along to them :-)IronWulf2 Feb 16
Feb 12 Diablo 4 or Series re-launch? ("Diablo") You think they'll actually go for the 4? Hollywood is big on relaunching series titles these days. I kind of wonder if Actizzard would go that route and just relaunch the series and skip the numbering scheme, which is so turn of the century.Reverend20 Feb 12
Feb 10 What do you want D4 to be like? If they are making Diablo 4, what do you want the game to be like? For me: I want it to be very disturbing, creepy, scary, morbid, bloody, gory, dark, and yet still have a side of humor here and there. I want to play it and feel like I need to go to a church somewhere to beg for forgiveness. I want to see creatures that make me think "that was an idea in someones mind. What the hell is wrong with them?". For the game: I want to feel like progression means something. I want see goals that matter and make sense to work towards.I want to see characters who have vastly more customization than D3 (if I want to be a fat barbarian, I should be able to be fat). I want a talent tree that makes sense and doesn't have wasted spaces for talent points. I want each point to be a difficult choice. I want rewards to actually feel like rewards and not welfare handouts. For the story: I want the game to make us question life, death, and reality. I don't want to be some hero, but rather a key part in a large story. I also want to be able to choose to be evil or good. This is all I have time for right now and I've already probably asked for way too much.Merp51 Feb 10
Feb 9 Official controller support for PC Super sad there's none, seems to work just fine for consolesbwolfman14 Feb 9
Feb 9 Rhykker: Wolcen What do you all think? Looks promising.DieHard11 Feb 9
Feb 9 Diablo 4, will it happen anytime soon? And i'm talking about d4 in the near future, not 10 years from now. Like if you think D4 is gonna happen soon. Dislike if you think D4 won't happen anytime soon or at all. I can't see why they wouldn't do it. It has been almost 6 years since the release of D3.Terimac9 Feb 9
Feb 8 Windows 10 Gaming Performance Issues ... I am currently running Win10 Pro Insiders builds (version1709, build 16291.0). I haven't encountered issues with Blizzard App and Diablo 3 64bit. (4790k, z96-g55-sli, 8gb ddr3, hd7870, 850 evo 256m.2) Uninstalled quite a few apps. Disabled some windows services. Turned off most privacy settings and notifications. ... ... Win10 Insiders Hub 16709 upvotes to make graphics driver updates optional 6932 upvotes to add GPU information to the performance tab in task manager 3885 upvotes NVIDIA graphics adapter encounters timeouts, resets, or crashes If having game performance issues, check out following -- --,2817,2372811,00.asp -- -- Feb 8
Feb 8 Are consoles venerable now? So seeing the news about computer processors are vulnerable on the hardware end are consoles like Xbox, PS4 and switch vulnerable as well? Since their based on pc architecture?CRAZYprophet2 Feb 8
Feb 4 Somehow I got the Season 3 Pennant? So somehow I got the season 3 pennant, But I never played season 3 or even owned the game at the time season 3 happened. Why is this?CptObvious0 Feb 4
Feb 4 Diablo 3 action figures Any chance for me to get my hands on Diablo 3 universe action figures? Preferably 1/6 scale or 12" figures. Love those Warcraft series figures but a tad bit short on around 9"magixk5 Feb 4
Feb 4 Diablo 2 HD I see a lot of posts lately wanting a new Diablo 2 game, but only with new graphics to this date. What is your take on this? I would love to play the old Diablo 2 with some new graphics, but to let everything else be the same in the game. It's perfect the way it is. Diablo 3 obviously failed at delivering a worthy sequel, so this is the only option left for the Diablo fans.Deventh13 Feb 4
Feb 3 Diablo 4 or Diablo 2 Remastered at next year Blizzcon? This year, Blizzard didn't even mention the name ''Diablo'' on the opening ceremony, I was sad, but, it's probably because next year, something big's gonna be announce for us Diablo fans, as much as I want a D2 HD. Do you guys want D2 HD or Diablo 4, For me it's D2 hd 100%Dryy26 Feb 3
Feb 3 Diablo 1 NOT available on the Blizzard Store? I never played it. In fact, I never played WarCraft I or WarCraft II. I didn't really start playing Blizzard games until StarCraft (and I haven't stopped since). So why is it that I can't buy Diablo I, WarCraft I, or WarCraft II from the Blizzard Store? I mean, I understand that coming by the original games 20 years after release would be difficult, but why can't we buy a digital version?R2C233 Feb 3
Feb 2 Final Fantasy Dissidia NT Anyone bought this game and is not using the code for the mobile game Opera Omnia? I'd really like to have the code, but have no interest in playing NT. Let me know if you have one you won't use ThanksGorrath0 Feb 2
Jan 28 Diablo 3 vs Path of Exile 2017 comparison Jan 28
Jan 27 What Diablo like games do you guys play? I'm looking for a new Diablo like experience so it would be great to see what games people currently play. (Except "Path of Exile" it's a cool game but I don't like its graphics >.<)Karnak10 Jan 27
Jan 23 Run Win10 Update -- Bug Fix Microsoft issues an emergency fix for Windows 10 to address processor bug ...SilverFox1 Jan 23
Jan 23 I will admit it Path Of Exile is Horrible!!! Please note my post is my opinion alone and I do not expect everyone to agree with me since everyone has different taste and preferences but I will state my case. Thank god I didn't pay $10 for that beta key and got it free. I played it for a few days and its just horrid. First it starts off epic, stranded on the beach rain storm with lighting striking and producing epic dynamic shadows better than even that of doom 3. Then the rain stops and you never see that effect again for the rest of the game. You go down in caves and you realize how outdated the graphics are. But all of that I could live with I mean graphics don't exactly make games. What I cannot stand is the horrid character animation the characters look like they have arthritis. There is no substance when attacking a enemy it feels like some fake atari game. The so called impressive skilled tree web looked impressive at first until I realize I wasted my points leveling bow and arrow for my tank. I mean I was going strength until i realized it was more effective to use a bow and arrow on your tank than level str points and go melee and then you realize enemies are jumping on you later on so now and arrows are useless. By now the damage has been done. Now I can appreciate Diablo3 for what it is and thank god I don't have to waste time on skill tree and its done automatic. Now the other issue, there is no flag for your party members like there is in Diablo 3. So you cannot just simply teleport to your friends it don't work like that you must manually run and find your friends BWAHAHAHAHA. Are these people for real? There is no floating names about your friend's head so you cannot even locate your friend in camp LOL and it has a ton of people in camp that is not even in your party. When my friend had to deal with this frustration he left in under 10 minutes and uninstalled it. The people who are making this game loves to brag about them being hardcore ARPG fans but they lack customer service skills. Its not about what you want its about customers want and trust me customers do not want that. That hardcore ARPG design is annoying and a massive inconvenience in this day and age. Diablo 2 was good for its time but its horrid in this present time. POE is one of the worst Diablo 2 knock offs I have ever seen. You have never seen such a slow and boring snoozefest in your life. The game it self looks like a 2001 lord of the rings game that I had on my PS2 except the graphics on that was better and animations were light years ahead. All I have noticed about POE is in their general chat every sentence is how Diablo 3 sucks and there is no Blizzard if there is no Blizzard North etc. The game is bad and can get boring quickly. Its an interesting game but feels way to boring and lonely. Admittedly Diablo 3 isn't exactly the fun now as it use to be when I first got it. It has gotten a little stale and boring also but with RMAH I can still farm for my lottery jackpot legendary that I may never get. So RMAH gives me a reason to keep playing D3. POE its just bad in my opinion. Character animation really killed it for me with their arthritis simulation. I now see the lead developer for POE is a clown when he said games today their art are too much like cartoon and that he has the solution. Making it look realistic. I conclude he is clueless about what is great art. No one has mastered great art like Blizzard and Valve. He is right about one thing though great art isn't cartoon but at the same time it isn't photo realistic. Great art is Diablo 3 and Team Fortress 2JOHN40 Jan 23
Jan 17 Diablo 2 1.14D in 1080p or Hi-Res? Hey guys, is there a way to play D2 in 1080p or Hi-Res? Thanks in advance! :O)m3ta1he4d24 Jan 17
Jan 16 D3 RIPOFF IN APP STORE Take a look at a game on the play store called Dark 3 its not only a rip of Diablo but if you look at or see adds the make the even steal some of Diablos footage. Just bringing it to light.NotYourGuy1 Jan 16
Jan 15 This is for diablo 1.. Diablo 1 on, what data does save onto its servers? because when I try and log in on my account its not there?ZMitchellZ2 Jan 15
Jan 15 Diablo 2 Remaster or Remake? I loved Diablo 2, played it for years. That doesn't mean I'm blind to it's many faults. If Diablo 2 is remade with only improved graphics. It will be a huge disappointment. If they are truly making another Diablo 2 my primary concern is who is behind this project and are any of the current Diablo 3 developers on the team or calling any shots behind the scenes? As past has shown the Diablo 3 developers are very defensive about their game and insist it is great and there is this thing of hatred towards Diablo 2 and Blizzard North. What better chance for them to say "see we told you so", when more people are playing Diablo 3 than a remake of Diablo 2. With that in mind this is what worries me when it comes to making Diablo 2 remake a success or a failure. There are many simple things that can be done to make it great like auto gold pick up, shared/larger stashes. But will they be done or simply ignored out of spite? Perhaps they may go a step further and make items BoA and even online only. Will you be allowed to make as many accounts as you could in Diablo 2? If not will they raise the max character slots up from 8 to compensate? What ever happens It will be interesting to see how it all pans out.Archon29 Jan 15
Jan 14 Can you program the Logitech G700 mouse? As stated - looking to program some of the buttons on my G700 mouse. Would love to program 1, 2, 3, 4 on my mouse, instead of using the keyboard. Thanks in advance.Fooey968136 Jan 14
Jan 11 Is there any chance Blizzard remaster Diablo II? I just spent a week on it after the 100th time i get bored on the poor and narrow equipment&build system in Diablo III which kills most fun of the game now, and i felt much joyful. So... Is that possible?Icegreat48 Jan 11
Jan 9 Looking for Runescape Account :) Hi everyone, first off Happy New Years! I hope this post doesn't violate any forum rules. I've been looking to get back into Runescape for quite sometime, as its a nostalgic game from my childhood. Unfortunately, I don't have my account anymore, being 7 or 8ish years since I've last played. If anyone has an mid/high level account they no longer use and would be willing onto me to help a fellow gamer out, I would be extraordinarily grateful! Being a student my time and money is limited, I don't have the hours to grind away. I really want to experience some of the mid/end game content again! I'll be sure to pass the favour on! :) Happy gaming, MikeMikeWait0 Jan 9
Jan 8 Games like Diablo 3 I have gone about as far as I can in Diablo 3 don't ever see myself doing a GR 70 solo. So I'm not getting anything to drop worth my time in playing. But it was a great game can anyone tell me other games like Diablo 3. I just started playing a old game called titan quest and it shows promise. TY for any help.Bly20 Jan 8
Jan 7 Diablo On diablo 1 when creating a account, does each character have their own account or does all my characters share a account?ZMitchellZ1 Jan 7
Jan 6 Steelseries World of Warcraft Legendary mouse I have a Steelseries World of Warcraft legendary edition gaming mouse. It has 11 buttons, but I can't get Diablo 3 to recognize more than 5. What do i need to do to get it to recognize the rest of the buttons? [url][/url]Doxiedad4 Jan 6
Jan 4 D3 Logitech ARX applet? I was wondering if there is any interest in making an applet for the logitech ARX control for D3. Or if one already exist. Anyone know anything about it?Davefin5 Jan 4
Jan 3 Need help with my new monitor please! Hey everyone, I recently got a new monitor as a christmas present which I was really thrilled to get. Link down below: I am currently trying to find the best settings to run Diablo 3 in since my old monitor was a 17" Samsung SyncMaster 753DF (oh yes I know i had it for 20+ years and was due for an upgrade lol). One thing I noticed is that im having trouble maintaining a high FPS number (50 or less during combat) on this monitor than on my old one, which ran with no problems so it feels like lag when really it shouldnt be. My current video card is a Nvidia GTX 745 2GB and had no issues on my old monitor. Tried changing different settings but seems like I have no luck so I reverted back to factory settings. Lookin for advice and/or someone that runs a monitor similar to mine if you can tell me your settings. Thanks again!Nelly3 Jan 3
Jan 3 D3, POE, Grim Dawn. My opinion Hello. First of all I would like to clarify that my English isn't good because I'm not a Native speaker, my apologies. I’m an old guy. I played D1, D2 and D3 since they came out. I have played POE and I have Grim Dawn. In my opinion POE isn’t good. The game is free but if you want good armour, weapons, transmogs, pets, wings, stash tab, character slots or character effects, scene effects and more, you need to pay. Of course, is possible with the game coins, but there are really difficult to get. Everyone resortes to buying with dollars. It's a P2W. The tree of abilities is enormous, too big for my taste and everybody ends up copying builds. The Hardcore players really enjoy it. I have played Diablo 3 since it came out, 3 hours per day, double on weekends and when I dedicated the same time to POE, my progress is very slow. And that it’s because I haven’t spent any money. If you don't pay, you can't progress or you do it very slowly and forget about the seasons. The graphics sections are poor, I don't like them at all. The game play is poor to, frustrating sometimes. Grim dawn is paid game, about $25 more or less plus another $5 to play the season. Grim Dawn Loyalist Edition cost $75. The new characters that are about to come out aren’t free. Grim is very similar to D2, with a smaller abilities tree than POE, but more complex than D2 and obviously more than D3. Graphically D3 has barely improved. The fluidity of combat in both (POE/GD) it's very distant from D3. Diablo exceeds them in that aspect in my opinion, D3 is greater than the others, could be much better, we all know that. But I prefer it over POE and GD. I see many angry people these days with the results of Blizzcon. Some claims make sense, but no one offers free extra content and the Necro is extra content. We all have the right to express ourselves, for this reason is the forum. But a little respect and grounding with the criticism doesn't come badly. Go and play POE and GD, then tell me. Although they are good games, they don't measure up to Diablo, that is only my opinion of course. But with too many critics without or with little experience in this 3 games is a little less appreciated. Regards. ArielARIEL51 Jan 3
Jan 3 New style paragon If all players has shared paragon - everyone works with a single exp pool, thus every player has same paragon level. Bots will share their exp with every single player.Eskimo1 Jan 3
Dec 31 Port Diablo 1 to Nintendo Switch I just stopped playing Diablo 1 because there was a lot of item dumpers and cheater to kill with one click. On switch online playing that would not happen. Do it.PardalBR2 Dec 31
Dec 31 PoE is boring Even thought D3 is basically un playable until ROS, I'm not going to waste my time playing another diablo rip off. I gave it a chance. It had pretty sweet features but when it comes down to it I still prefer Diablo 2.Goku94 Dec 31
Dec 30 Diablo 4 suggestions Hi there. Where do we post suggestions and ideas for Diablo 4? I was (and still am) extremely frustrated about the direction Blizzard took Diablo 3 in to. I am so much hoping for a true arpg instead of just an action game. I want to feel unique and create/customize my own hero while being punished for making poor decisions. I also want to decide on my own, what to do with my hero instead of being forced to questing in a specific order. i also want items to be more than just one number (dps)!!!! Anyway i have a huge list of things that a great arpg should contain, imo ofc. Kind regards.IStealUrRice3 Dec 30
Dec 29 Diablo I MP Hey, i wanted to ask if there's a way to still play diablo I MP on win 10, the two other games are meh, diablo III is too easy, 2 is not so bad, but still prefer the original game. P.S. If someone would play MP with me, i would be glad, i could send you the original game.MasterCombat9 Dec 29