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19h Diablo 2 1.14D in 1080p or Hi-Res? Hey guys, is there a way to play D2 in 1080p or Hi-Res? Thanks in advance! :O)m3ta1he4d29 19h
3d D3, POE, Grim Dawn. My opinion Hello. First of all I would like to clarify that my English isn't good because I'm not a Native speaker, my apologies. I’m an old guy. I played D1, D2 and D3 since they came out. I have played POE and I have Grim Dawn. In my opinion POE isn’t good. The game is free but if you want good armour, weapons, transmogs, pets, wings, stash tab, character slots or character effects, scene effects and more, you need to pay. Of course, is possible with the game coins, but there are really difficult to get. Everyone resortes to buying with dollars. It's a P2W. The tree of abilities is enormous, too big for my taste and everybody ends up copying builds. The Hardcore players really enjoy it. I have played Diablo 3 since it came out, 3 hours per day, double on weekends and when I dedicated the same time to POE, my progress is very slow. And that it’s because I haven’t spent any money. If you don't pay, you can't progress or you do it very slowly and forget about the seasons. The graphics sections are poor, I don't like them at all. The game play is poor to, frustrating sometimes. Grim dawn is paid game, about $25 more or less plus another $5 to play the season. Grim Dawn Loyalist Edition cost $75. The new characters that are about to come out aren’t free. Grim is very similar to D2, with a smaller abilities tree than POE, but more complex than D2 and obviously more than D3. Graphically D3 has barely improved. The fluidity of combat in both (POE/GD) it's very distant from D3. Diablo exceeds them in that aspect in my opinion, D3 is greater than the others, could be much better, we all know that. But I prefer it over POE and GD. I see many angry people these days with the results of Blizzcon. Some claims make sense, but no one offers free extra content and the Necro is extra content. We all have the right to express ourselves, for this reason is the forum. But a little respect and grounding with the criticism doesn't come badly. Go and play POE and GD, then tell me. Although they are good games, they don't measure up to Diablo, that is only my opinion of course. But with too many critics without or with little experience in this 3 games is a little less appreciated. Regards. ArielARIEL52 3d
3d Approved vs Do Not Buy Cable Modem List I was talking with Mediacom internet tech support about buying instead renting a cable modem. Linked me to a site addressing what is approved and what is not -- cable/dsl modems by ISP. ...SilverFox0 3d
Sep 15 diablo 4's system? When Diablo 4 comes out, what kind of ARPG system would you like? Do you want them to return to Diablo 2's skill system, keep something like D3's system, use something like titan quest, grim dawn, path of exile, ect? Classes, no classes, how "hard" do you want the classes to be, ect. Stats? How weapons and spells work? Ect.aleksandor1 Sep 15
Sep 15 Any other aRPG uses "d3 system"? I an not creating this post to criticize D3 system. I already criticized a lot D3 current system. I just wanna asks if there are an aRPG who uses the same game mechanics of D3. That means * Every skill is %WD, even monk's punches, necro's corpse explosion, etc * Can reach max level in few hours * No skill progression at all. * Be able to change everything at will like in a fps like cod; * Exponentially progression and """difficulty""" scaling. I played a lot of aRPG's and don't know any game who have all of this "elements", the closest is Van Helsing action RPG, where everything is %WD, but even Van helsing aRPG have a little of character progression and skill progression. Torchlight have this silly concept of a lot of skills being mostly %WD and inflated numbers on end game, but nothing on Diablo level. Also, Torchlight support a lot of mods. Druids, Warlocks, Techmage, you can play with countless of classes on games who allow mods. Anyway, most popular aRPG's at least according to steam charts, have a system more similar to D2 than to D3. Path of Exile, Grim Dawn, Titan Quest and the games on earlier access like Wolcen and Last Epoch too.L0rdV1ct0r55 Sep 15
Sep 15 What changes would you like to see in a D2 remake? Assuming that one of the multiple Diablo projects Blizzard is currently working on is indeed a D2 remake (Brevik said it would be very difficult to remaster D2, that's why a remake is probably more likely), what changes would you like to see? Aside from improved graphics of course. This here is my personal list. I put the things that the vast majority of the community would agree on in the first three categories and some of the things that I personally would like to see - but that may be very controversial for some people - in the last two. Very Important Changes separated inventory for charms (and for charms only) automatic gold pick-up personal, instanced loot a bigger inventory shared stash & increased stash size better balance across the board in regards to skills, items, runewords, enemies, mercs, etc.Medium Important Chances the cow level shouldn't permanently close after defeating the cow king revamping/improving the attribute system in one way or another (for example let Energy also give a bonus to mana regeneration or spell damage for casters) let potions stack on each other (for example up to 100 or whatever) and/or rework the health/mana potion system no more global cooldown (when you cast a cooldowned skill, only that specific skill should be effected by the cooldown, but no other) remove stamina slightly increase high level rune droprate upgrading normal and exceptional uniques should also improve their magic affixes and not just their base damage and defense give us something else to do in the endgame besides Chaos/Baal/Mephisto/Cow runs, Hellfire Quest or the lvl 85 areas allow us to use the playersX command (aka players set to X) on battle.netMinor Important Changes drastically increase stack size for arrows, javelins, etc., or let them stack infinitely give us magic, rare and unique quivers and bolts Crushing Blow and Deadly Strike should spawn on rare and magic weapons fix/nerf mana burn affix on enemies increased base mana regeneration rate remove the cooldown on certain skills (e.g. Fist of the Heavens, Immolation Arrow, Hydra) let the Flayer Jungle always spawn behind the Great Marsh instead of it having a chance to either spawn behind the Spider Forest or the Great Marsh unique and set items should make a sound when they drop and have a visual indicator (similar to D3) allow us to change the color of the text of items that are dropped on the ground in the settings option, so it is easier to differentiate what items are lying on the groundControversial This are things that I personally would like to see, but I have the feeling that they might be controversial to some of you, that is why I put them in a separate category. add one or two additional difficulties above hell an improved hotbar (maybe one that is a bit like D3's or WoW's but doesn't necessarily have to be 100% like them) the size of items in the inventory should get scaled down, so they don't take away so much space (maybe like in D3, where items only take away 1 or 2 slots at max in the inventory) let all health potions heal 100% life in total, no matter if it is a small or great potion, but let them heal the amount of life over a different duration (for example a small health potion heals 100% life within 12 seconds and a great health potion heals 100% life in 4 seconds) – I got this idea from the D2 mod Median XL mercenaries should resurrect themselves xx seconds after they died, similar to followers from D3, so you don't always have to go back to town to revive them let some of the minor skills (like Fire Bolt, Frost Bolt, Charged Bolt, Bash, Magic Arrow, Lightning Bolt, Jab, Teeth etc) GENERATE Mana, so that we can do something when we are low on Mana instead of just relying on Mana Leech, potion spamming or Insight merc remove Enigma or let the Teleport skill that you gain from this runeword have a cooldown enemies should no longer be completely immune to certain elements, they instead should only have high resistances against certain elements, depending on the type of enemy, so players are not totally reliant on using Infinity RW on a merc or having to use a dual-element build (although they still can do that if they want to be more efficient against enemies that are more resistent to one of their elements)Very Controversial I marked these as “very controversial”, because they contain mechanics from D3 and I know how many D2 fans feel about D3, however, in my opinion these changes would very much improve the game. let enemies adjust to your level, like they do in D3 add a difficulty slider similar to the one that D3 has (but with only 4-5 or maybe 6 difficulty levels max) and allow us to choose the difficulty we want to play on, so we don't have to go though Normal-->Nightmare-->Hell over and over again every time we make a new char implement a system like World of Warcraft's Bonus Areas / Bonus Objectives, which would grant you a reward - in form of XP, gold and maybe a bag similar to D3's Bounty Caches which drops additional loot - once you have filled up a progress bar by killing enemies in a certain area (for example the Flayer Jungle, the Black March, the City of the Dammed, the Stony Field, the Halls of the Dead and all others), which would make these normal areas more meaningful to farm, even in the endgame====================== I also want to point out that although I would like to see certain systems from D3 being implemented into a D2 remake, I still think that D2 is overall a better game than D3 even without these changes (primarily because D2 has significantly better itemization, character progression and character building than D3 and also a much better and darker atmosphere and that all these things should remain in a remake), but it is just that D3 brought some very nice quality-of-life changes and I think that these QoL changes would also greatly benefit a D2 remake. And what changes/improvements would you like to see in a D2 remake? Maybe the devs and CM's will put an eye on this thread... edit: typos and phrasingclueso86 Sep 15
Sep 14 Voodoo dolls Completely out of topic... But certain to attract interests from the local crowd... Voodoo dolls are deemed beneficial by science! :D Sep 14
Sep 14 I will admit it Path Of Exile is Horrible!!! Please note my post is my opinion alone and I do not expect everyone to agree with me since everyone has different taste and preferences but I will state my case. Thank god I didn't pay $10 for that beta key and got it free. I played it for a few days and its just horrid. First it starts off epic, stranded on the beach rain storm with lighting striking and producing epic dynamic shadows better than even that of doom 3. Then the rain stops and you never see that effect again for the rest of the game. You go down in caves and you realize how outdated the graphics are. But all of that I could live with I mean graphics don't exactly make games. What I cannot stand is the horrid character animation the characters look like they have arthritis. There is no substance when attacking a enemy it feels like some fake atari game. The so called impressive skilled tree web looked impressive at first until I realize I wasted my points leveling bow and arrow for my tank. I mean I was going strength until i realized it was more effective to use a bow and arrow on your tank than level str points and go melee and then you realize enemies are jumping on you later on so now and arrows are useless. By now the damage has been done. Now I can appreciate Diablo3 for what it is and thank god I don't have to waste time on skill tree and its done automatic. Now the other issue, there is no flag for your party members like there is in Diablo 3. So you cannot just simply teleport to your friends it don't work like that you must manually run and find your friends BWAHAHAHAHA. Are these people for real? There is no floating names about your friend's head so you cannot even locate your friend in camp LOL and it has a ton of people in camp that is not even in your party. When my friend had to deal with this frustration he left in under 10 minutes and uninstalled it. The people who are making this game loves to brag about them being hardcore ARPG fans but they lack customer service skills. Its not about what you want its about customers want and trust me customers do not want that. That hardcore ARPG design is annoying and a massive inconvenience in this day and age. Diablo 2 was good for its time but its horrid in this present time. POE is one of the worst Diablo 2 knock offs I have ever seen. You have never seen such a slow and boring snoozefest in your life. The game it self looks like a 2001 lord of the rings game that I had on my PS2 except the graphics on that was better and animations were light years ahead. All I have noticed about POE is in their general chat every sentence is how Diablo 3 sucks and there is no Blizzard if there is no Blizzard North etc. The game is bad and can get boring quickly. Its an interesting game but feels way to boring and lonely. Admittedly Diablo 3 isn't exactly the fun now as it use to be when I first got it. It has gotten a little stale and boring also but with RMAH I can still farm for my lottery jackpot legendary that I may never get. So RMAH gives me a reason to keep playing D3. POE its just bad in my opinion. Character animation really killed it for me with their arthritis simulation. I now see the lead developer for POE is a clown when he said games today their art are too much like cartoon and that he has the solution. Making it look realistic. I conclude he is clueless about what is great art. No one has mastered great art like Blizzard and Valve. He is right about one thing though great art isn't cartoon but at the same time it isn't photo realistic. Great art is Diablo 3 and Team Fortress 2JOHN54 Sep 14
Sep 12 Diablo 2nd exp / Diablo 4 in Blizzcon 2018 !? Blizzcon 2018 is coming. There is a lot of hint and easter egg pointing towards a new Diablo 3 expansion. 1. The hint of Druid coming in game or by twitter 2. Cain in Heroes of the storm and the new skin of Cain, which look like Cain in Hell IMO. 3. April fool on saving Leah. So I am thinking are we going to see an announcement for diablo second expansion or diablo 4 in this year blizzcon. The expansion will add Druid as playable character with an update in diablo shop featuring new character skin, new skill fx, pets and wings. Dark Gothic design of diablo 1/2 as Hell in diablo 3: The story will lead us to hell, which we meet the hellish looking Cain (HOTS new skin). We will help to revive Cain. Afterward, we will help to collect Leah soul from 9 bosses to revive her. The bosses includes: the 7 lord of hell, Kabraxis. During the process of saving Leah, the nephalem accidental helped to revived Tathamet(diablo/Kabraxis become Tathamet?). After the glorious battle, Lilith and Inarius shows up steal the essence of Tathamet and the story end with the hint of another expansion. New game mode - Battle Royale: It allow up to 16 players to battle in a open map, filled with environment trap, monster and bosses. Player will gain equipment by killing other player or loot from supply chest. In the battle Royale mode, all player will gain a passive effect that give the bonus of LON. All item drop from the game is Ancient item with a chance of Primal Ancient. The first 3 place can keep 3 of the newly founded Ancient legendary after winning the battle. The 4-9 will got to keep 2 ancient item. 10- 13 will get to keep one. The last 3 will get nothing but will be able to enter the next battle with 1 extra item on start. The player can choose which one to keep at the end of the battle, the discarded item will become normal legendary item or be salvaged for battle shard. Battle shard will allow player to buy battlefield buff. This mode is intended to allow player to have fun in pvp, while providing opportunity to farm ancient item. New follower - Leah Another feature of this expansion is to earn Leah as a follower. She is a powerful half-demon, half nephalem hybrid. She will be able to use all 13 slots of equipment. She can be taught with skills from all 8 classes. Player have to teach her the skill by playing with her as follower. Leah is also able to learn skill from bosses. For example she can learn fire nova from diablo, meteor from belial, summoning from asmodian. She will also get her own 6 piece set which is crafted by defeating bosses. Each Boss will have a special 6 piece set, that will buff their own skill to a end game viable level. She is also able to use all set from all classes, so theortically you can build her as a healing support monk or a globe gen support necromancer. New system/game mode - boss charm adn boss rush rift: Player will be able to farm boss charm from the bosses. Charm will give players unique ability to replace their original skills. For example, belial will give wizard ability to cast meteor that is full screen. Asmodian charm will allow necromancer to summon skeleton champion or witch doctor to summon armored zombie dog. This will give player incentive to farm bosses and increase endgame variety. New system - skill leveling: Each skill can be level up further when the player reach level 80. It is a small buff to a skill but it also allow customization of skills. For example, Meteor skill can gain 20% more damage at max level or have its cooldown reduced by 20% or have its resource cost reduced by 20%. Wrath of the berserker can earn cooldown reduced by 20% or gain insanity rune or 20% increased duration. Player can also use the existing paragon level to level up the skills. The bonus earn will be permanent but it will be loss if the player is intended to change to a different bonus and it require a certain paragon level to be reset. This system is intended to act as a paragon level sink.XelNagaIvan31 Sep 12
Sep 10 2018 Blizzard Releases No D4, No D3 DLC No new D3 character pack. No D4. Possibility for D2 remaster in 2018. From Activision-Blizzard's SEC Form 10-K filing. See: It reads: "Expected Upcoming Releases We expect to release World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth and our latest Call of Duty game in the second half of 2018. In addition, we expect to deliver ongoing content for our various franchises, including expansion packs for Hearthstone and Destiny 2 , in-game events for Overwatch , and map packs for Call of Duty: WWII , as well as releases of remastered versions of titles from our library of IP. We also expect to release at least two new mobile titles during 2018, including a social casino game from King. "MicroRNA40 Sep 10
Sep 6 Give us a diablo 2 remastered Please lord baby Jesus, with your flowing mullet and tuxedo shirt. Give me a diablo 2 remastered so I can be done with d3. Its tearing my family apart. O wise powerful lord, hear my plea. the world is succumbing to darkness.... Sincerely, Shaboinky.Jorbone46 Sep 6
Sep 2 Dear Blizzard Diablo 1 cause the original is very hard to find and very expensive. diablo 1 is also sadly not on your web site anymore and not many people realize how much of an inpact it had gaming and your company. Look I know a simple forum isn't gonna help but it's sad to me one of your most iconic games is now forgotten and the sequel is now enjoying all the fame. You guys remastered it for a limited time wish is not enough. I proudly speak for the fans of the original to say make it happen Blizzard do it for the people who never got the change to experience Diablo firsthand and do it for those who want to see what made your game so great to begin withWildWolf1 Sep 2
Aug 27 Beans of Light on items Path of Exile is adding beams of light just like diablo 3 does with their legendaries and set items. The difference? You will be able to customize the color, the size, the time that it is displayed, each for a different type of item. You will be able to customize the item icons that appear on the minimap also. Why is GGG light-years ahead of Blizzard? I mean, this should not happen... GGG is humbly open to their community, they listen and they apply changes. In Blizzard it's the opposite, there's always this aura of arrogance and will to take decisions out of player's hands. How many of you imagine Blizzard allowing players to customize their experience? Never. son i'm disappointHex36 Aug 27
Aug 27 Free diablo 1 and hellfire expansion download So while i was browsing today i came across a site and found this and it says "Diablo Hellfire is completely free. You may play it as much as you like without paying a single buck. In exchange for playing it, you are instead asked for a small favour. You are encouraged to send any comments you might have about this game. " so i downloaded it and to my delight, it works perfectly! so my question is - is this legit legal? if it is, i would like to post the link. Blue please reply. It was found on an old abandonware site.Zekey73 Aug 27
Aug 27 Divinity Original sin 2 After getting Divinity Original Sin 2: The Definitive Edition, I honestly have to say that in my opinion, it is the greatest RPG that I have ever played. The amount of content, the gameplay, the story, the skills, the talents, the items, dying because you made a dumb decision, the difficulty, the puzzles, I can go on and on. I know many people dont like the turn based tactical RPGs but this game is a masterpiece. My only hope is that Blizzard can look at a game like this and say to themselves....damn we gotta get with the program!! Cause this game is miles ahead of everybody.Runeblaid1 Aug 27
Aug 25 Diablo 4 - World of Diablo MMORPG in development I have something really huge to spoil here. Blizzard is currently starting to allocate more developers for the future of Diablo series game. They are currently working on an Unannounced Project which I will simply call "Diablo 4" or "World of Diablo" since it's a MMORPG game. It's going to be a MMORPG like World of Warcraft, but with the isometric view just like Diablo and Path of Exile. But they are striving for something that look like to be more in the Lineage Eternal Twilight Resistance or Lost Ark scale (MMORPG, Open-World, Town Hub with tons of players, Trade, PVP, Raid, Dungeon, Loot, Craft, Exploration, ect). It's my personal opinion but I'm pretty confident that DUSTIN BROWDER former Game Director of Heroes of the Storm have switched over to work on this unannounced Diablo project about 6 months ago in December 2016 and quote from him in a YouTube videos "The most ambitious and promising project of my career". I can't wait to see how polished and well balanced this game could be. Finally a Diablo game that will live up to the expectations of franchise fans. I expect nothing less than AAA graphics, open-world, with tons of stuff to do from Blizzard in this isometric dark-fantasy MMOARPG. I think the project is still very preliminary and they are still working on servers stuff and design but I also think that they have a clear vision in mind. To gain back the Diablo fans they have lost with the dissapointment that Diablo 3 was despite the 30+ millions of sales worldwide. I'm guessing we will have a proper official reveal at BlizzCon 2017 or 2018 max and that the game will not be in a playable state before at least 2021 or more. Also, David Bravik, former Blizzard North / Diablo 2 and the first iteration of Diablo 3 (cancelled in 2005) developer recently speaked about the fact Diablo 3 first iteration made by Blizzard North in the 2003-2004 era was an MMORPG much like World of Warcraft, several screenshot of this build have leaked on the web after the departure of Blizzard North employee in 2005. But this game was cancelled for whatever reason and Diablo 3 became what we now know as a 4 player co-op ARPG game. He also talked about Diablo 2 development who had "Town Hub" developped at some point but the feature was cancelled due to the lack of time before official game release. They wanted to put all the players from the public chat channel into an in-game Town Hub instance for trade, etc. PRODUCTION DIRECTOR, UNANNOUNCED PROJECT : Lead the developers of one of the industry’s bestselling, genre-defining RPGs of all-time: Diablo! Blizzard is seeking a Production Director to bring the Diablo franchise into the future. Massive multiplayer game development experience Cover Letter telling us why you are interested in working at Blizzard and specifically Diablo What do you think of all this? Personally, i'm very excited and I can't wait to hear more from Blizzard in the coming months about this project.Epsilons136 Aug 25
Aug 21 Torchlight Frontiers Hell yea. I think this game is going to be a blast. Aug 21
Aug 20 Games like Diablo 3 I have gone about as far as I can in Diablo 3 don't ever see myself doing a GR 70 solo. So I'm not getting anything to drop worth my time in playing. But it was a great game can anyone tell me other games like Diablo 3. I just started playing a old game called titan quest and it shows promise. TY for any help.Bly25 Aug 20
Aug 18 Anyone use the Acer nitro 5 laptop? Looking at this one: Games I would really like to play would be diablo 3, grim dawn, doom 3 bfg Edition, Duke Nukem 3D World Tour, old doom games. I’d like some good graphics but it doesn’t have to be the highest settings.GoosePants0 Aug 18
Aug 18 Existing account with D3 on Nintendo Switch?? Will Diablo3 for Nintendo Switch allow us to login with our existing account and continue with our characters, gear, progress, etc. from the PC version (or other console versions)? I first starting playing D3 when it launched on PC and there have been spaces of time in between when I haven't played, but I'm always glad I can get back in and pick up where I left off. Hopefully this is the right board for this question, and that someone can answer this!onejay0 Aug 18
Aug 16 How can you not like these graphics? no troll And this lighting?? PoE is visually underrated.Seeders0 Aug 16
Aug 16 What do you think “D4” will be? So I see a lot of people here and on other forums asking for “D4” (I don’t think that will be the name) to be like PoE or D2. But I don’t think that’s going to happen. I don’t believe it’ll be like D3 either. With all their hiring posts, and the “reboot” they did a few years ago, I think they are going to actually try to reinvent or try something new in the ARPG/ Dungeon crawler genre. Personally, I think the game will be an MMO-lite game. I think they will do away with the isometric view in favor of 3rd person. Maybe finally add a character creator. A big world to explore, many dungeons to hit up with groups, bosses to kill, loot to collect, a decent story etc. Hopefully there will be a skill tree and a bunch of classes available at launch. Pretty much MHW but Diablo-fied. What do you guys think the new Diablo game will be like?Woobie32 Aug 16
Aug 15 Make D4 a better PoE This is coming from a 35 year old man who grinded D1 in middle school, D2 in highschool, and to a much lesser extent, D3. Take everything poe does (except the constant boss one shot mechanics), add some blizzard flair, and boost up the graphics. Also, tune back the skill point system so players don't have to follow a forum guide. But make it more complex than the D3 system. D4 complete /threadslayer69 Aug 15
Aug 15 Wolcen: First time playing... And it's fresh. It's beautiful. The gameplay feels good and smooth. The beta launches in October. I'm going to get as immersed as i possibly can. Any other takes on the game?DieHard35 Aug 15
Aug 14 Diablo 2 LOD New patch + Ladder Reset Come back to Diablo 2 LoD and play East Server. All the bots have been banned, brand new patch, and Fresh ladder. This starts on the 12th of December. Come Celebrate. D2>D3Naixz26 Aug 14
Aug 14 Kinna hitting a blank I'm pretty much looking at my desktop, starting a game only to close it minutes later. Not playing. Considering playing WoW but then i would need the expansion and there's the sub fee. Prolly would end up the same too. Should i even consider this?Adreno0 Aug 14
Aug 9 D2 Remaster and bots/d2jsp Diablo 2 is a wonderfully colorful world, dark, and has a great trading community. The trading community is where the heart is, find a good roll on a good item? Make a game and trade it for something you could use for your character, get a satisfied feeling. If you ask the d2jsp community, they are essential to the game and they are the reason it is still around. Bull!@#$. The bots are what ruined the game, and they are still doing so. If anyone has played this season on D2, they would have also noticed the community of d2 rise and grow a little. There has been non botting people making trading games, and I made a few friends. The spam bots are gone! TFG. With all that said, now its 4/7/2018 and the bots are back in FULL FORCE, and the population has again dwindled to nothing but botters. There's no point in trading when jo blow can bot up 15 HR's with his 16 copies of d2 running 24/7. Diablo 2 remaster will not work while bots and d2jsp plague the game. Please Please Please read this blizz, I hope your heart is in the right place and your aim is to keep the game the same (graphical upgrades only) and completely remove the bots somehow. I'm no programmer, idk if it's even possible. I can only hope it can happen. I would pay 60$ for a remastered diablo 2 with a new expansion/act and no bots. Straight up, I would drop the money in a heartbeat.ObservUniver5 Aug 9
Jul 30 D3 Recount I have stumbled across a 3rd party program named D3 Recount ( and it simply records your damage and lets you know how much damage you have done since launch and actual eDPS. It also gives you these stats for other members in the party. It does not change or alter any of the game data and sound like a cool program since we lack add-ons like WoW. I just wanted some insight on this so please let me know if it is okay before I use it.Lucian45 Jul 30
Jul 21 Until D4 comes out... I think I found a holy grail where all D3 fans can enjoy. Jul 21
Jul 18 Battle Brawlers (Competitive RTS Steam) I must say, I had NO IDEA what this game was and just so happened to try it. I think this game has to be the most fun I ever had! Usually these kind of games have one or two "cookie cutter" unit builds but this game has SOOOOO many units that there are endless possibilities on how to win. To top that off, you start with random units every match in which you can reroll every 60 seconds. If you are looking for a very FUN strategy game, FREE.... Check this out.... The game might come across as pay2win... Trust me, after playing 50+ hours I will say that it isn't pay2win at all. What matters is your skill.... And you also unlock stuff quickly if you complete all your daily tasks/quests. I have almost all units unlocked and a full rune page without paying any money. CHECK IT OUT! Jul 18
Jul 15 was thinking about playing modded d2 so path of diablo or median xlbigmickwagon0 Jul 15
Jul 13 Diablo 3 vs Path of Exile 2017 comparison Jul 13
Jul 8 Diablo IV Diablo 4 will have 13 main bosses including the prime and lesser evil of the past Andariel, Duriel, Mephisto and Baal. The best loot can only drop from them. Yellow items have the chance to roll insane stats that will make them meta items. White items have a chance to roll highest damage (weapon), highest armor (armor). Gray items have a chance to be ethereal therefore become the best items in the game. Primal ethereal grays = gg Legendary items will remain the best items in the game. Unique items will be back but you will only be able to have one unique per account and bound to one char only. Druid, amazon, assassin, paladin, warrior and rogue are back. Tyrael goes back to being Archangel. Diablo 4 is an RPG and mmorpg at the same time. The 3D perspective will be the same. There are only 3 servers : USeast, USwest, EU. The RPG part can be bought by regular price . The mmorpg part has another cost plus monthly pay for maintaining the server. The mmorpg contains a world with more dungeons and greater monsters and demons of the underworld. The mmorpg will be nothing like WoW. There are the nephalem. And then the demons that can now be played by players. The demons (players) have no gear but can upgrade abilities and stats by killing players and other demons. Players can become prime evil bosses and lesser evil bosses in rare cases but to achieve the goal to become these unique monsters requires game time played, luck, nephalem ears collected, essences farmed, successful cities assaulted, etc. The game selects a handful of potential players to become prime /lesser evil bosses and they may temporarily replace the AI boss after which they return back to normal demon mode. A demon (player ) can control: a prime evil boss or a super elite or 1 unique or 3 elites or multiple zombies or huge army of swarm /small creatures. In HC all players loose their char and progress regardless of faction. To unlock higher difficulty all demons (players) must have farmed a number of essences / nephalem ears hks / pKS and dishonorable kills (killing other demons) Extreme rare gear will drop such as Imperius Might. ALL players will have 1 unique ability costomized at the start of the game: - color - effect - element - instant or overtime - AoE or single target - damage per cooldown - legendary addition (chill, 10% increase damage, shield, etc) All items will be sharable like in D2. This means you can give your unique items to another player or buy multiple accounts to get the uniques from them. EtcVeinmetal2 Jul 8
Jul 1 Selling Gaming Setup Mouse: Razer DeathAdder Keyboard: BlackWidow Ultimate Headset: Carcharias Headset Rig: 16GB i-7 2600k 3.4GHz Soundblaster X-fi Sound Card PNY 580GTX 1.5GB Liquid Cooled 3TB 6GB/S WD Sabertooth P67 24" Monitor with HDMI, DVI, RGB. Asking 2.2k for full rig not selling in pieces. PICTURES \/\/\/\/\/\/ EDIT: contact me at j_cusick@lafilm.eduSavage2 Jul 1
Jul 1 Things you would like to see in Diablo 4 Name one thing you would include in Diablo 4 either from D1/D2/D3 or a new idea Me: Bring back Normal/Nightmare and Hell modes and get rid of the torment stuff.TakeNotes115 Jul 1
Jun 29 Sooo what the hell is going on with content In the past year, Path of Exile added six acts, hundreds of items, a ton of new monsters/bosses, and 32 end game maps over the course of two free expansions. Yes, act 1-3, leaves something to be desired, but everything after that is solid and amazing. In Diablo, we got a $15 DLC, with three playable areas, and maybe 10 new items? Every season in Diablo is exactly the same, but with some new wings. The kicker for me was reusing the legendary items from the year before. That's about when you lost me, at least before we could grind for a new set of gear. In Path of Exile, every season they add some kind of new mechanic. Complete with several new monsters and new code that significantly changes the way you have interacted with monsters. This season, along with the free expansion, we had the ground literally open up spewing half a dozen new monsters. What is the end game here? Why are you screwing with fans? Do you think we wouldn't notice a lack of content, or a new set of wings is enough to bring players back in? It's a joke now, a farce.aeries36 Jun 29
Jun 24 Kanais skorn anyone know how to get it still ?OfficerBoss0 Jun 24
Jun 23 Windows 10 Gaming Performance Issues ... I am currently running Win10 Pro Insiders builds (version1709, build 16291.0). I haven't encountered issues with Blizzard App and Diablo 3 64bit. (4790k, z96-g55-sli, 8gb ddr3, hd7870, 850 evo 256m.2) Uninstalled quite a few apps. Disabled some windows services. Turned off most privacy settings and notifications. ... ... Win10 Insiders Hub 16709 upvotes to make graphics driver updates optional 6932 upvotes to add GPU information to the performance tab in task manager 3885 upvotes NVIDIA graphics adapter encounters timeouts, resets, or crashes If having game performance issues, check out following -- --,2817,2372811,00.asp -- -- Jun 23
Jun 23 Fun 14 Minute Rapid-Fire History Of Gaming I thought you might all enjoy it. Love to know what you think!BigAlChubbs0 Jun 23
Jun 22 How in your opinion skill system should be in D4? D3 is already done. You can criticize all day and it will probably never changed. But lets suppose that you can make changes into d4 skill system. What changes you will gonna make? I personally will pick exactly the skill trees from D2 and make a simple change, instead of only skill point/level, allow a "sub skill point" too. That sub skill points can will add "modifications" to current skills. For example : - Faster projectile speed - Multiple projectiles - Costs health instead of mana - Increase damage and costs health and mana - Casts other spell on hit - Casts other spell on kill - Elemental conversions - Larger AOE - Heal on hit (...) Each "modification" will affect the skill in a different way. Multiple projectiles will drastically increase the AOE usefulness of a spell like fireball but will reduce drastically the damage. That way each "sub class" will be more unique. A Frozen orb sorc will have tons of different ways to be played. A wind druid will or have a great DPS or a great AOE effect. Or imagine how cool summon multiple bone spirits at once will be.L0rdV1ct0r53 Jun 22
Jun 20 I don't see a pure viable summoner build for D2 From what I see at least in current build guides for D2 D2 nerco 'pet' build had skele only to kill the first enemy and rest was just killing packs with corpse explosion. Not a pet build at all and leveling with pets was slow pain, bosses often one shotting entire army of skellies and 2 maps in act 2 weren't doable because of narrow corridors. Also skele mage dmg was almost non existing. Druid was in very similar state using pets only as tanks and killing monsters with elemental spells. So well I'm actually happy that we have the gargantuan wd build and now I'm running the Necro Rathma pet build and enjoying it too. I'm having Singularity rune (thank Blizzgod the aoe rune variation got killed) on Skele mages and this summon isn't really that bad as people say. Very similar to Summon Raging Spirit in PoE but with a lot lower cast rate but the point is that finally our pets are dealing the damage here.Kaelos11 Jun 20
Jun 19 Rise of Agon is Awesome! I've been bouncing back and forth between Diablo 2 and Rise of Agon for the past while, I thought you guys might enjoy it. Fps style full loot mmo, hunting for items, sieging player cities, etc. Fun as hell and the best pvp I've played in ages. If you are a stickler for modern graphics it may not be for you as the graphics are more rustic. Anyway, here is a pvp video in case you're looking for something to play. Jun 19
Jun 19 Diablo 4, will it happen anytime soon? And i'm talking about d4 in the near future, not 10 years from now. Like if you think D4 is gonna happen soon. Dislike if you think D4 won't happen anytime soon or at all. I can't see why they wouldn't do it. It has been almost 6 years since the release of D3.Terimac32 Jun 19
Jun 18 Bring Back Trade In Diablo 4 I get that trading may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I find it hard to refute the idea that virtual economies are one of the most prominent incentives to grind MMO games like Diablo. I also get that trading was removed to combat 3rd party pixel sales, but was it really worth eradicating the game's economy? I would say no, & it's Diablo's loss of it's economy that influenced me, & undoubtedly many others, to move on to other games with one (Path of Exile). I understand my opinion regarding a virtual economy isn't shared among all, but I certainly think the topic of bringing back trade in Diablo 4 is worth discussing. What are your thoughts?Rosso45 Jun 18
Jun 18 The Diablo 2 Vs Diablo 3 Arguments Just my few cents I felt like throwing out. Every day you always have people insulting diablo 3, hating how its different / worse than diablo 2, etc etc. Honestly, diablo 2 has been out a damn long time, if diablo 3 was just an HD D2, people would probably get bored of it pretty quickly, and everyone would bash blizzard complaining about how its not different and unique, and how its just a d2 clone and a clear money grab. Even if diablo 2 was an overall better game, I for one rather have a slightly worse but still fun different game than just a remake of an older one, especially one I've already played for years. Thank you blizzard for making a new game instead of revamping a d2 and can't wait to play RoS :)Kageromero200 Jun 18
Jun 18 Is YoloMouse bannable? I recently upgraded to a 35" monitor, and while it's great I now seem to lose my cursor periodically. I searched for ways to increase size and found complains on this forum going back two years without response. I then found this: <Link Removed> I'd totally try this out but I know how any game modification seems to run the risk of eating a ban, so I was wondering if anyone had heard word on if this sort of modification was allowable or prohibited.Diomedes74 Jun 18
Jun 16 Path of Exile I have been playing blizzard games on and off for over 20 years. I really pains even me to admit that Diablo is dead. Playing Diablo in 1996 I never thought I would ever have to admit this. Not trying to persude people to stop playing. It just seems painfully obvious that nothing will come and I might as well at least switch to a game with active players and updates.TheOblivion14 Jun 16
Jun 14 SmartLoot = bigbrother. InstanceLoot = autism What is the point of a multiplayer game if the loot drops for your class? What is the point to try to understand where is the best area to grind, when a big brother scans your gear, scans hour habits, scans your mistakes, drop you items? What is the point to keep items for a reroll character or a friend when the system does not encourage it? Smart loot is just a way to control the will of the player to play longer, or to come back to the game. It's artificial, it's a bait. Regarding Shared loot vs instanced loot: When the loot is different, where is shared excitement of the party when an item drops onto the ground? What is the point of a multiplayer game if the game that your allies play and see, is different from yours? What is the point of a social game if greed and generosity can not be evaluated, in order to make real friends in your friendlist?Olbat1 Jun 14