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1h Path of Exile has shocked me how good it is. Hey guys so I've been playing a lot of POE after blizzcon, dont know why, I just got the urge to try it out again. I played it a little when it first came out and gave it up pretty quick because of how buggy it is......but now.....oh...mah....lawd it is amazing. I'll detail a few points below. A game that has been continuously growing through content updates. Its not just that an expansion came out and added 10 new levels. Kinda like the generic content expansion that blizzard games have nowadays. The content updates in POE actually add new layers of depth that you experience while playing the game. I don't want to list everything off as its too much. But I'll say my favorite content played while going through the story to get to the endgame is the optional ascended dungeon. If you make it all the way to the end you get a phat lewt chest, special item modification, and you can specialize your character into a new character growth tree which drastically increases your power. It felt so rewarding on my necro build to get to the end of the dungeon and upgrade my minion skills some more. As for the bugginess of the game. I couldn't play it when it first came out and now I gave it a shot on both the PC and XBOX. I enjoy the XBOX more because of XBOX live friends, the in game interface changes are awesome, and it seems like they optimized the game to be bug free. I only had one weird issue where I couldnt move my char for a few seconds (prob lag). If I could pick one word to describe POE, it would be "Depth." There are so many layers ontop of layers of content that all mesh together (nothing is obsolete) that is keeping me addicted to the game. I'm going to link the POE PS4 trailer which shows off just a little taste of character building about half way through the video... I haven't been this addicted to a game since Diablo 2.BigTex196 1h
2h PoE just does it right man Their new patch looks like it has so many new QoL changes, as well as some fun content / skills / items. Every 3 months, the new league is fun. If D4 just copied like 80% of poe, including trading, and added some blizzard flair, it'd be a great game. I'm adding a copy of my post to the "we hear you thread" at the bottom of this, in hopes that a dev sees it, and listens. -------------- Ok hear this. COPY PATH OF EXILE. Use your smooth graphics and gameplay, and COPY PATH OF EXILE. PoE's system should be 80% of your game. STOP DUMBING DOWN GAMES. Your core audience are experienced pc gamers in their 30's and 40's. And the new generation, don't go outside anymore, and are all raised on technology. AKA we are smart! We don't want less skills and streamlining. (hi world of warcraft) I've tried getting all my girlfriends over the years to try that game, and none of them are smart enough (or interested enough to learn). So by you constantly dumbing things down and streamlining, you're only hurting the real gamers and audience. We're smart, treat us as such. Theory crafting and figuring things out is fun. I didn't give PoE a fair chance for like 4 years. The graphics looked meh, and the skill tree intimidated me. But, the streamer datmodz turned me on to poe end game, and I almost wish he didn't........ it cost me a lot of time and money. The game is f'ing fun, and there's so much to do. how about give diablo 4 a recommended lazy trees and lazy sets (I would follow them, until I really learned the game) but also give it a very in depth system like poe Trading made d2, and makes poe, FUN. It's crucial to the game. Add it! Trading is probably the number one thing that needs to be added. Rare items ARE FUN. Everyone using the same set's, and then hoping for primal ancients IS NOT FUN. More sets, does not fix this. Build variety, and hunting for rare items, is the way to go. again COPY POE The does not mean eliminate sets. It means more build variety, and give us a reason to log in and grind the game. (powerful rare item lottery drops / crafting) (diablo 2 / poe) or *trading* so atleast we can make currency for whatever we grind, and save up for powerful items. Trying to clear a greater rift under a timer IS NOT FUN. You can keep it for achievements, but the idea of having it as the only form of end game content, is just wrong. It's horrible. Add fun new patches every 3-4 months. (your new microtranscations can pay for this) Double horadic cache's is lazy, and it's not content. New skills, new items, new zones, new bosses, again copy what poe does. Add tons of *non* pay to win microtransactions to keep the stock holders and higher up bosses (who have no f'ing clue what makes a game good) happy. -your core audience are older gamers. *We have jobs* You give us a good game with fun MTX's, we'll spend hundreds, and eventually thousands of extra dollars. If you listen to the higher ups and go for the fast cash grab and make those mtx's pay to win...... you will lose players. There's a lot more, but fking listen to the community for once. You got diablo 3 horribly wrong. Mobile is a joke. You've turned into a company who doesn't make great passionate games anymore. How on earth is this news just hitting you now? All you need to do is compare the amount of people who purchased diablo 3 (because of their love for past blizzard products).......and compare that number to the amount of people ,and hours, that log in and play every day. THIS HAS BEEN A PROBLEM FOR's not because the game is old, it's because THE GAME WASN'T FUN, and had low replayability. (slaying waves of monsters and getting new loot is always fun, but overall the game gets a 6/10 imo) I'm 35 years old and I have purchased and grinded every blizzard game / exapansion, starting from warcraft 2 / diablo 1. 23 years ago or so. I 100% will not buy diablo immortal, and it's not even close. I get why you made it, that's fine, but do the right thing for diablo 4. If you do it right, it will be a cash cow.slayer31 2h
3h Installing POE now Giving it a shot. If anyone wants to help me out I would appreciate it. I will be on tomorrow for a long time.Andrizzle37 3h
15h New ARPG - LAST EPOCH!! Looking for a new upcoming ARPG? Check out LAST EPOCH - currently in Alpha but looks really good plus has a great community and Devs actually respond on the forums! If your after a new ARPG it's worth a look. After my disappointment by Blizz once again with Diablo I've had a look at PoE and Grim Dawn but also looking to future games and companies. 15h
16h 1984! Blizzard is implementing Trust Levels on forums Reddit: I did not know about this, until I saw that they have already imploded it in the Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm forums. Now the WoW forums and sooner or later those of Diablo (I am unable to find the details of the new system directly from a Blizzard page): New forums = George Orwell's 1984? ... Sounds like a mixture of Orwellian "Big Brother is watching" as well as Black Mirror's "Nosedive" episode that depicts a society where everything you do is dictated by your rating. Thoughts? In case you haven't heard, on Tuesday WoW will be receiving a brand new forum format that mirrors the current implementation of the forums for Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm. Now, I have some serious concerns with what I've heard about it thus far; ... ALL OF THIS IS A MIRROR OF CHINESE GOVERNMENT SYSTEM ...Tarnen88 16h
1d Goodbye Blizzard, Hello Lost Ark I like Diablo but since there is no real DIablo 4, I think I'll be trying Lost Ark! Check out Quin play, it's pretty funny.Obechu18 1d
1d Path of Exile: Betrayal Official Trailer Path of Exile: Betrayal Official Trailer 1d
1d it's just SAVAGE so: 1. path of exile releases new expansion in december called "BETRAYAL". 2. u have to kill guys called "IMMORTAL LEGION" to show them they're not immortal. 3.icons on the heads of "IL" guys looks pretty similar to diablo icon. 4. old masters (they were kinda really important part of POE experience, personally i loved elreon (templar master)) are gone and new masters replace them with better, less time consuming and more acessible crafting. (same as POE replaced diablo for many gamers) so MAYBE (we don't know that yet) old masters did same what blizzard did and betrayed exiles who were so close and personal with them. it's just SAVAGE ma brudhas, just S_A_V_A_G_E_! smooth and touche enough that blizzard can't do nothing against it but sharp enough that it'll hurt alot and i mean ALOT!VeryBrutalJK12 1d
1d Rly nice POE Support packages. I think I will go for the 60$ "Master Undertaker Supporter" this time....the skin looks great. After canceling my WOW abo bcs of Diablo:Immortal announcement I have some money left to support a good developer team that cares about theyr game & playerbase, bring awesome content (FOR FREE btw) and listen to the good ideas of the community. Thank you GGG for your amazing're "Blizzard North 2.0". You deserve every cent we player invest into you...and more.CroDanZ23 1d
1d Lost Ark The more I consume info about this game the more I'm interested. Lineage Eternal doesn't quite grab me but Lost Ark seems to have a decent D3-like ARPG aspect as well as some MMO options that are OK I guess. What do you lovely folks think?Taoru3 1d
1d PoE Expansion Trailer 1d
1d (POE) Immortal Syndicate! SHOTS FIRED! I will open with this, I have been playing POE for a little over a week now, & i have to Be Honest, It is EVERYTHING Diablow 3 should have been. Now GGG (Grinding Gear Games) the makers of Path of Exile, are set to release its next Chapter in the story of Wraeclast. Where the Exiles must take up Arm and fight Against the Immortal Syndicate! LOL. Fantastic! Shots fired right in Blizzards face. But my Question is to you Blizzard. Are you going to just sit in your big Comfy Tower and let another Company take over the ARPG genre without a fight? Or will you pick up your Swords & get back down in the Trenches & fight for what was Once a Genre where only 2 words need be said? Diablo/Blizzard. I hope this finds you wanting. Competition is the best source of Creativity. And you guys are Now the Competitor. Drizzz.Drizzz26 1d
1d Diablo Immortal Constructive Feedback Forum? Hey, I guess i am one of the few who are actually looking forward to Diablo Immortal. The game is in early development, so is there a channel or forum or somewhere we can post constructive feedback and ideas to contribute ideas to make the game more successful? Have a few ideas that might actually work... or hope to see in DI...SlackerRhys13 1d
1d PoE is amazing but why is every classes can have the same spells ... ? I installed the game yesterday and played all night, but I can't get over the fact that every classes have the same spells and the only difference are some passive. in the end game, are every classes really really different ? whats the point of having classes if it's only for "passive" ? I really want to love the game, which I kind of likeOnlyReaper60 1d
1d Hey Blizzard: PoE announcing new Expansion pack. GGG releasing their 18th xpac for PoE. Take note. Seems like you guys forgot how to Dev. Any minute now their pages, Reddit, Twitter, will be a place of joyous festivities. Do you remember when you had this? I do.Invictvs57 1d
2d Beware of PoE For all of those praising PoE and GGG, just remember that the chinese tech company Tencent acquired them in may this year. Tencent is apparently the bigger player in the mobile game industry in china and has a policy of mtx. So wouldn't put it past them putting more malicious practices in that game in the future.Nefall59 2d
2d Meanwhile... PoE announces a new Expansion. Not that you should care obviously, diablo is diablo and poe is poe,. I just wanted to point out the tremendous difference between a small indie company's ability to constantly listen to its player base and deliver content compared to a multibillionaire tycoon inability to give two [removed] about those who've literally made them what and who they are today. I guess they don't have cellphones over at GGG.HardKoar20 2d
2d Grim Dawn Everyone here should check out Grim Dawn. I bought it after I heard about the diablo mobile game.Kozluv14 2d
2d Diablo 1 2018 modding/multi-player scene Diablo 1 the true legacy, a masterpiece of form and function. There is a community revolving around Diablo 1 and the mods that work for it. There has also been a custom gateway made for battle net now that the official diablo 1 battle net gateways are down. Multi-player can also be achieved using various VPN programs such as "evolve, hamachi, etc.) Mods I know of that may be considered relevant in 2018 (sorry if I left some good ones out) 1)The Crucible [formerly salt-mod] (vanilla Diablo 1 with a huge challenge increase) 2)The Hell & The Hell 2 (more specifically) by MORDOR (large overhaul, quality of life features, many sub-classes, game modes at character creation (normal, hardcore, iron man, nightmare) 3)Belzebub & techernobog (Single player & multi-player mods respectfully made by the same team) These mods add interesting features such as Diablo 2 style merchant windows & the single player version (Belzebub) has many "new" quests in it, fun experience. 4)INFERNITY (An almost vanilla-like mod with quality of life features & a 4th diffculty where items can drop with 3 attribute words rather than 2) 5)Diablo HELLFIRE ENHANCED by MORDOR (A more vanilla like HELLFIRE experience with lots of bug & error fixes) These are the current mods I have been playing around with. The point of this post is to show people the diablo 1 community & to encourage Blizzard to continue supporting Diablo 1 & not forget their legacy. ANOTHER MOD TO NOTICE - For Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction is - MEDIAN XL (fantastic and bizarre huge overhaul mod that changes many many things) What the community would like from Blizzard. 1) Support for Diablo 1 2) Remasters or new expansions or remakes of Diablo 1 & Diablo 2 There are multiple diablo discord servers, you can find the "D1 Legit" discord from the web-site (a leader board web-site for Diablo 1 mainly) You can also find information by talking to the diablo 1 community on live streams, follow the game "diablo" for easy access.PLASMAWIZARD1 2d
2d Give us a diablo 2 remastered Please lord baby Jesus, with your flowing mullet and tuxedo shirt. Give me a diablo 2 remastered so I can be done with d3. Its tearing my family apart. O wise powerful lord, hear my plea. the world is succumbing to darkness.... Sincerely, Shaboinky.Jorbone57 2d
2d I just wanted to say thank you blizzard Because of you i would of never went back to path of exile i havent played it in 3 years and i forgot how good it is(its got alot better than 3 years ago) this game is simply amazing so thank you for blizzcontatoodmaniac12 2d
2d Diablo 4 - World of Diablo MMORPG in development I have something really huge to spoil here. Blizzard is currently starting to allocate more developers for the future of Diablo series game. They are currently working on an Unannounced Project which I will simply call "Diablo 4" or "World of Diablo" since it's a MMORPG game. It's going to be a MMORPG like World of Warcraft, but with the isometric view just like Diablo and Path of Exile. But they are striving for something that look like to be more in the Lineage Eternal Twilight Resistance or Lost Ark scale (MMORPG, Open-World, Town Hub with tons of players, Trade, PVP, Raid, Dungeon, Loot, Craft, Exploration, ect). It's my personal opinion but I'm pretty confident that DUSTIN BROWDER former Game Director of Heroes of the Storm have switched over to work on this unannounced Diablo project about 6 months ago in December 2016 and quote from him in a YouTube videos "The most ambitious and promising project of my career". I can't wait to see how polished and well balanced this game could be. Finally a Diablo game that will live up to the expectations of franchise fans. I expect nothing less than AAA graphics, open-world, with tons of stuff to do from Blizzard in this isometric dark-fantasy MMOARPG. I think the project is still very preliminary and they are still working on servers stuff and design but I also think that they have a clear vision in mind. To gain back the Diablo fans they have lost with the dissapointment that Diablo 3 was despite the 30+ millions of sales worldwide. I'm guessing we will have a proper official reveal at BlizzCon 2017 or 2018 max and that the game will not be in a playable state before at least 2021 or more. Also, David Bravik, former Blizzard North / Diablo 2 and the first iteration of Diablo 3 (cancelled in 2005) developer recently speaked about the fact Diablo 3 first iteration made by Blizzard North in the 2003-2004 era was an MMORPG much like World of Warcraft, several screenshot of this build have leaked on the web after the departure of Blizzard North employee in 2005. But this game was cancelled for whatever reason and Diablo 3 became what we now know as a 4 player co-op ARPG game. He also talked about Diablo 2 development who had "Town Hub" developped at some point but the feature was cancelled due to the lack of time before official game release. They wanted to put all the players from the public chat channel into an in-game Town Hub instance for trade, etc. PRODUCTION DIRECTOR, UNANNOUNCED PROJECT : Lead the developers of one of the industry’s bestselling, genre-defining RPGs of all-time: Diablo! Blizzard is seeking a Production Director to bring the Diablo franchise into the future. Massive multiplayer game development experience Cover Letter telling us why you are interested in working at Blizzard and specifically Diablo What do you think of all this? Personally, i'm very excited and I can't wait to hear more from Blizzard in the coming months about this project.Epsilons146 2d
2d Why no witch doctor in Diablo Immortal Does Blizzard hates black people?NolaGamer7 2d
2d Diablo 3 on switch - WHY ??? WHY BLIZZARD Who even plays that console? Kids uses Ipads, and adults use a computer/xbox/ps4 come on ... that game will not even sell 1000 copies. Get real blizzard and start making what most of your Diablo players want.. a 2.5 You keep disappointing diablo fans.Graugaard14 2d
2d D Immortal vs Crusaders of Light D:Immortal vs. Crusaders of Light... I spend a good amount of time playing on my console, just as much as I like mobile gaming ( I’m biased in this because I’m a mobile developer lol ).. anyways... since NetEase is the big blizzard games to China and you’re in cahoots with each other, that I decided to download one of NetEase’s closest games that resembles what diablo immortal will be. I must say... I find they do a good job with a mobile experience EXCEPT..... Wait for it.... The CONTROLS. My god... talk about finger cramps after like 10 minutes. I really hope the controls are truly different and more comfortable than Crusaders of Light. I feel this game will hit the back burner with me if the controls are similar because that is not fun at all, lol. I have a strong feeling it’s the same playstyle given the UI being very very similar. If so, I’ll wait for the console/PC port for the game down the road. Oh and one more thing... not cool reusing heroes. You would’ve had more brownie points if you actually designed something fresh in the hero market.Frost2 2d
2d Tips for newcoming Path of Exile players Since Blizzard has made it clear that they care more about $$$ than players, i'll tell you a very good tip to enter the world of PoE, where the devs haven’t sold out. ¡Read guides, guys! This game might be a bit overwhelming at first but the community is very good at sharing knowledge. I recommend you this channel: Best of luck, forgetted pals!Click18 2d
3d To those considering trying PoE... Here are a few things I'd recommend for new players: 1. Be patient while doing the campaign – the game has great depth to it and in the beginning WILL appear overwhelming, but it will all eventually make sense 2. There are many good build guides online. Lookup some league-starter builds (current game version is 3.4) that will help you learn as well as farm currency efficiently (for example, Ranger class builds) 3. Get a good loot filter! It’s just a text file – 100% safe and free (for example, NeverSink's – it will create beams of light for good stuff that drops similar to how it is in D3 for legs) 4. Get a premium stash tab if you want to be able to comfortably sell stuff to others. You can upgrade one of your regular stash tabs to premium ($1.5), or add a brand new premium tab ($4). Press “M” in the game to find out more 5. I would really recommend also purchasing a stash tab for in-game Currency ($7.5) for improved inventory management 6. To comfortably buy items from others go to (100% safe & easy) 7. To comfortably buy in-game currency (orbs etc.) from others go to (100% safe & easy) 8. If you’re against any kind of trading and party play xp/mf abuse, in that case there is a Solo Self-Found option that you should consider enabling when creating a character 9. Like I said, the game has serious depth to it, so when you are “in search of answers”, visit the following wiki resource: 10. You can transmog items for something like $0.6 per item. See more options in microtransactions. 11. You can craft/alter items by using NPCs, including Masters that you encounter during the campaign. You can invite them into your hideout which will allow you to place their work benches there. For more info on crafting go to the game wiki (see item 8) 12. As soon as you’re done with the main story (ie. After completing Act 10), you can run maps (think grifts in D3) right from your hideout. In order to do so, invite Zana into your hideout and she will offer to place a map device there. Also invite Navali into your hideout – it’s very convenient for fast trading of devination cards 13. Avoid dying as much as you can due to XP penalty 14. Sometimes monsters will poison you, or make you burn/freeze/bleed which will drain your life down to zero and cause death. To counter that, enchant your flasks (by using orbs on them) to stop the above effects (most annoying for me was bleeding) 15. There is an app named Path of Building that comes handy when working on your own builds. 16. Don't be to hasty to spend the orbs you're finding during campaign - save them for when you're closer to end game. Main currency are Chaos and Exalted orbs. If you happen to find an Exalted orb while leveling, DO NOT waste it on some random yellow piece of gear (one Exalted is worth over 100 Chaos orbs!). Rule of thumb: when you find something that you're unfamiliar with, you should go online and check its value (see items 6 and 7 above). 17. You will acquire some base-level powers from certain bosses that you defeat during the campaign (The Pantheon system). It doesn't stop there however. When you get to maps, you'll be able to acquire the rest of the powers - that's what you will need the Divine Vessels for (so don't rush to sell them when you find them). 18. Do not obsess over 6-linked items - that's endgame stuff. Don't bother getting them early in the campaign, you'll get far enough without them. Save your currency for BiS items. 19. To build up currency reserves faster you should pick up and then salvage items that have a) at least 3 linked sockets - each of a different colour; b) 6 sockets of any colour (links don't matter, although I would not salvage a full 6-link item as you may be able to sell it for much more). There are other so called "vendor" recipes that you can read about online, including those for Chaos orbs. Enjoy! LumeN P.S. Feel free link/republish this information wherever you like and as many times as you need.Inferno104 3d
4d Diablo 2 1.14D in 1080p or Hi-Res? Hey guys, is there a way to play D2 in 1080p or Hi-Res? Thanks in advance! :O)m3ta1he4d31 4d
6d Diablo 4 (Next) - My vision. Hello guys, i was writing for some time all my ideas about a new Diablo game and how i would like it to be so check it out. I leave here the link to the document. :D Hope you will enjoy it, feel free to comment, ask questions about it or bring new ideas i couldn’t think of right now. I will update this in time if i think of something new. :D UPDATE: I updated the link so now you can comment directly on my document also :)KyubiVal25 6d
Nov 8 Lore Timelines for Multiple Projects I liked the Diablo lore timeline as illustrated in the slides presented at the Day 2 panel of Blizzcon 2018. It made me think. The DI timeline pretty much takes up all the space between D2 and D3, when you factor in DI progression. And DI is obviously canon (or else we'd have been told by now). There is still lots of space on the timeline, at either end. Given we have multiple projects and that Blizzard would be bonkers to overlap timelines with current projects, I'd gamble that: (1) An unannounced project will be set after D3. This would have to be D4. I really do believe that normal/nightmare/hell/(when do we stop)/etc has been milked dry for D3. It would have to be D4 rather than an expansion or new (druid) class for D3. (2) An unannounced project will be a prequel to D1. Given the mentions of the Sin War in the panel, the relaunch of Richard Knaak's books (lore wise a great read although I am not fussed with his writing style), I would have as a guess that this project revolves around the time of Lilith /Lucion/Uldyssian and the early days as covered in the books. It will lead up to Bul-Kathos, a useful story point for an expansion to this project. I will call this project "Diablo Origins". The featuring of the Sin War in DI will help to encourage the takeup of DO, which will be all about the SW. The book trilogy lends itself to an open world sandbox interpretation. It will still be an action RPG with a very strong single player experience, which has always been the focus of the Diablo games, but with a fun multiplayer experience too. The world of PC gaming has developed in leaps and bounds in recent years and games of quality such as RDR2 can present open world sandboxes, strong single player experience, strong linear storyline but an experience in the early part of the game that does not at all feel too gated and which actually allows for quests/missions within a "chapter" to often be completed in any order, as we happen to stumble across them. Making things feel less linear overall. I don't expect a ton of voice acting nor lonely running through barren or empty lands. Not like RDR2. Diablo is all about non-stop action. We'll suspend disbelief, as we always do with Blizzard's games, when we wander into a new town and our stash is waiting for us, when NPCs advance the story with just a couple of quick mouse clicks of dialogue. And then back to the action. The world won't be as big as RDR2 or GTAV but it will be bigger than that of D2 or D3, in leaps and bounds. My wish for something along the lines of Skyrim in size. This is purely my take: Who says that DO must be top down? A 3D world could still provide a genuine Diablo experience. Heck imagine not being able to see the mobs around a corner and having to distinguish them from their evil sound! (Not at all hinting that D4 should be 3D. Leave me out of that debate thanks) (3) A third project? Possibly. A free to play mobile companion app. Think like the WoW Apps but closer to the Fallout 4 App in that there is some game play. I suspect it will be to do with managing the crafting/socketing of gems which might be time gated. I would not expect missions with small rewards of currency/gems/runes/XP/reputation like in WoW. And the social aspect too. Chat integrating into the live game, at least for guild mates. Blizzard aren't at all about in house mobile platform development but something like this would be possible in terms of Blizzard quality. Curious to know what others think in terms of time line positioning, overall game type or genre. We have had enough toxicity lately. None here please. Let's celebrate multiple Diablo projects!Taraezor1 Nov 8
Nov 8 Diablo 3 vs 2 Went back to Diablo 2, and its superior in every way besides graphics. I mean it's been awhile but I've tried to be objective and fair. Things I notice that really piss me off about Diablo 3 -world isn't randomly generated they huge huge blocks and snap it together, like doom snapmap, on a third fourth and fifth playthrough it literally feels like I'm running down the exact same areas and can literally predict where to go. It's half baked randomly generated and it blows my mind how Diablo 1/2 did it better. -Story, the story in this feels like a rated PG-13 story that had to get watered down from its evil horriffic rated R version of the first two. -graphic are nice but the colors feel really off, I don't feel like it's evil it feels more like world of Warcraft vs Diablo, I feel this was a major mistake. -gameplay is fun on d3 won't pick it apart I like it it's smooth. But the biggest tissue I have, the bosses. What the hell is up with this arcade theme park boss events where they all play the same, nothing is different and well they got into will Wonka's everlasting bubble gum... Like the bosses vs the other games are totally !@#$ed up. As if the random generated half assed game wasn't bad enough they literally force you into a static boss room every time, I tiny little area. Like right when I saw the butcher in d3 and I laughed at what a casual mass appealing version it was vs d1. Honestly the developers that made this %^-*ed the dog trying to mass appeal to younger generations and the game was ruined because of it. World of Warcraft in duskwood is more Diablo then this.MittWaffen46 Nov 8
Nov 8 If Diablo 4 Comes Out So, I've been thinking about the progression*cough*(I mean steps back) of video games quite a bit lately. If Blizzard plans for Diablo 4 and there are Loot boxes in it, I'll be hesitant to purchase it. If it is just cosmetic and doesn't effect gameplay at all, I might purchase it. However, if it effects progression or gameplay in anyway, I won't be making this purchase. I'm creating this thread so people realize that this is a large possibility for Diablo 4. Never forget that Blizzard tried to push the Auction House on us in the beginning to generate some extra cash.BloodxLord14 Nov 8
Nov 7 Beware, Do not buy Wolcen edit: because of the many dislikes this post received, I'm making it clear that I'm writing this to prevent you guys getting disappointed again. First off, F. You think you want to buy Wolcen, but you don't. I noticed the devs of Wolcen are now pushing promotional footage since we didn't get the Diablo we wanted. It looks like a nice game which is intentionally made to appeal to Diablo fans. That's the reason why I bought it, but that was long time ago. I wasn't aware that the developers already got their donations goal from gofundme, and earlier the game was called Umbra. I fell for a typical early access scam, where the project doesn't get any real progress for years. They maximized the profit by making a game which only looks nice, and people wouldn't judge it so easily because it's at "alpha" stage. Right now, it still doesn't have a proper netcode. It literally has no future as a multiplayer game. From a technical view, it's a mess. The developers might finish the single player mode some day, and then is the right time to think if you want to play it through or not. Even in that case I would recommend google, if you know what I mean. Don't let the friendliness of the Wolcen team fool you. I promise, you will feel like an idiot if you buy this game.Pahis33 Nov 7
Nov 7 diablo immortal can anyone explain to me why there is no forums to post on for diablo immortal. with there being huge backlash over it why was there no conformation on a diablo 4 other then we are working on more then one thing for diablo. That's not conformation they could be working on another patch for 3. I feel frustrated and pissed off, blizzard is a company that's was built by pc gamers for pc gamers. I personally feel like blizzard should drop activision and there ambitions. 3.7 billion they lost in less then 3 days. Someone take a hint start listening to your player base instead of having the attitude of "you think you do but you don't"...…...we made you and we can destroy you.demenes0 Nov 7
Nov 7 Playing Diablo 3 in China For anyone who has experience living abroad, it can be so nice to be able to play games from home while living away. I would love to play Diablo 3 while living in China, but connection issues don't allow me to reliably connect to servers outside of China. When trying to play on servers in China, I can't play Diablo 3 in English, as the client doesn't recognize the English version of my game, and only allows me to install a Chinese-only version of D3. Is there anything I can do about this? (I hope this is the appropriate place for a post like this.)Magus1 Nov 7
Nov 7 Wolcen Beta Beta will start for Wolcen on October 11. Have fun and if you have not played it, get it. Its a damn fine game.Suedomsa2 Nov 7
Nov 7 I still Love you guys(Diablo Immortal) Hello fellow fans of the Diablo Franchise and perhaps other Blizzard titles as well as developers and Community Managers that may find their way to this post. Hmm...Where to start...I guess perhaps it's best if I suggest you... Stay awhile, and listen... Ok ok jokes aside on to the real talk. I admit along with many others I was initially very disappointed about the announcement of a Mobile game instead of any news about anything else Diablo related, not even a like Remaster or even a big D3 patch anything...but I think what a lot of people have been doing and saying is a bit much. I'm still sad about the fact we didn't get any PC announcements for the Diablo experience but I also fully respect that a lot of time and energy went into making Diablo Immortal and it's really an experience that's meant to branch out the Diablo experience to new places and new platforms. I think that a lot of people just initially jumped on this hate train for it for no real reason other than the fact that they didn't get any new stuff for the hardcore fans that exist on the PC real offense to the guys on stage but throwing out the whole retort of... Do you own phones? Was probably a bit tactless on your part. Most people were never mad about the fact that a new game was coming to mobile and I'm sure many will probably play was that we were hoping for something, ANYTHING for the PC. I've been running around doing alphas and betas for companies for a long time now and I have seen companies come and go and change names, including you guys at Blizzard. Your company and the devs of Diablo both current and of years past have always been about creating a fun and interesting experiences for the players and I have faith that Diablo: Immortal is another one of those great's just not for a lot of us. I would LOVE to play it but my phone is a several year old S6, I seriously doubt it's going to run it and I don't need anything bigger than that. My tablet is an old Tab3 as well so for me part of the problem with the announcement is that it is quite literally not anything I will play. I do not play games on my phone anyway and I'm sure there are millions of fans out there that also do not play games on their phones. I believe in the team that works on Diablo games, and I have faith that the experience will be a great Diablo Experience, I'm sad that I wont get to play it and I'm more sad by the fact that there was no news for things that I can actually play and I think that's what most of the fans were upset about. It had nothing to do with Diablo Immortal being bad or anything, there were just a lot of people upset that there was no PC news. I love you guys over there working on Diablo, the people who design the experiences that follow the lines of what I fell in love with back when I first played the Original in the mid 90s and then later D2 and now Diablo 3. I know you're working on some great things and I am excited for what the future will bring for the Diablo experiences I can enjoy. So please, don't get disheartened by the outrage that has flowed from the community...we just want to have a Diablo experience we can actually Play and Enjoy on our chosen platforms. Take care everyone and remember: Just because it isn't an experience for you, doesn't mean it isn't an experience for another fan of the game you know and love. I'm always open to welcoming new members to the world of Sanctuary.Vegaroth3 Nov 7
Nov 7 To the Devs: Heads up, they're making Lost Ark Your fans are patient about your stubbornness in implementing ideas from the community, but don't push it too far. If you are going to make excuses at least come up with something intelligent to say instead of treating your fans like they're retarded. Excuses like "don't have the resources available" and "the technology isn't there" aren't gonna cut it anymore. Other companies are stealing the core concepts that you guys came up with and using them to evolve it into a game that your fans are hoping to enjoy one day in Diablo. Saying stuff like "learning from season 1" and "keeping the pylons in GR" demonstrates the failure of the developer's designs. You guys have no idea what you're doing. If you don't want to release Diablo as an open source then you better start listening carefully. Usually I am patient about the progression of the game's design and development, but that's not going to work anymore. I was watching Diablo videos on youtube and you know what was in the recommended list to the right side? Lost Ark's gameplay trailer. I clicked on the video and skipped parts - only to find it so fascinating that I decided to watch the whole video again. I was completely sold. I will not post any links, but at this rate I am just in denial of my own rationality to have faith in the Dev team. I wish Diablo the best - I truly do, but that's not going to happen unless you start listening and implementing community ideas. Seriously, what does it take to wake you guys up from your stubbornness and delusion to see how much your fans care about your game. Diablo Devs, go ahead and look it up. Use the video as a self reflection on how much shame you guys have on yourselves; how much potential there is in Diablo that you guys so willingly promise us and break; how much apologies do you owe to us fans - the apology we're waiting for; the game that was promised; the game that us fans deserve. Another heads up, if you guys don't already notice. Pay attention to the reactions you're getting from the Diablo panel at Blizzcons; your fans are NOT amused. Even I, as a Blizzard fan, was surprised that RoS made over 1 million sales. While at it, to my fellow community members here. We need to let the devs know what we like and what we dislike. We need to be constructive and come up with ideas that works. The only thing I liked from the Diablo panel this year was the direction of making more set items to promote varieties in gameplay for each character. I believe this is the right goal to achieve as far as how the game is going. There are a lot of ideas that we're putting out there, I believe we can improve that further more by proper formatting so that our suggestions look pleasant. We need to cut off the whiny and complaining tone. We understand why the low budget PoE wasn't able to compete with Diablo in the long run, but this time it's different; Lost Ark has been in development for 3 years and counting with over 150 developers all learning from the failures of Diablo. They are getting ready to eliminate every single other hack-and-slash games. I don't want to sound like Medivh from Warcraft, but the warning is inevitable. Praying and Good luck.Slayer34 Nov 7
Nov 6 Battle for Azeroth Rocks Just want to say thanks blizz for BFA. The azerite gear is cool as heck and the zones are amazing!! Thanks!Prophet0019 Nov 6
Nov 5 Dungeon Quest (Mobile ARPG) If I were to give you one ARPG for mobile to prove mobile ARPGs can be good, it would be Dungeon Quest. Literally 0% pay2win... Tons of depth in both the item system and the overall design of progression. Tons of unique builds... It was so popular they are working on DQ2 and I am actually hyped for it. Diablo Immortal can be a good game... I will not judge until I play it.Raserei2 Nov 5
Nov 4 Why not sell the Diablo IP? If Blizzard is not going to care about its players, beyond the WoW sects, maybe they should either open-source it all, or simply sell off the IP to a company that may actually do it justice. As it stands, the seasonal content is becoming a joke. It takes me and my fiancee about 4 hours to hit 70+ on a brand new Hardcore Seasonal. Non-Hardcore has lost all of its appeal due to its excessive hand-holding, and there just isn't anything new to see in the game. We don't need a new Diablo game. We need new Diablo content. Expand it beyond the standard 5 acts, add different kinds of challenges, anything really. But yeah, hard pass on this new game that is going to eat phone battery, data, and probably have massive connection issues (It is an MMO, after all). Also, a Diablo game on my phone? So I'll need to pretty much wipe all other data to fit a game of this caliber on it? Or are corners being cut everywhere? My 2 cents.Frozztastic2 Nov 4
Nov 3 Grim Dawn (again) For all those who have never given it a chance. Now is the time, because as PC gamer's it is one of the best action rpgs out there at the moment with its second expac incoming. Yes I know there is PoE as well. Plus a few other good contenders in 2019. But give Grim Dawn a shot if you have not already.Suedomsa1 Nov 3
Nov 3 D3 vs PoE 15 bucks for a new character free for a bunch of new spells, mechanics, systems, and acts for poe.Gaarashatan68 Nov 3
Nov 3 Ruining Diablo Thanks blizzard. I will now go invest in PoE.JerryBoBerry1 Nov 3
Nov 2 immortal. no.L05ER4 Nov 2
Nov 1 Please dont make D3 amiibo rare to get.... Please Blizzard dont make Diablo3 amiibo rare to get.... have enough on the market. In Quebec, canada the product was limited.... please have them in large quantities to satisfy us fan!PapouLavoie0 Nov 1
Oct 29 Internet connection issues I am having difficulty playing D3 with the inherent latency issues of satellite. I am not able to get cable and this is my best option for the time being. I have two requests: 1) I'm struggling hard not being able to play, I've been playing forever. Any recommendations on how to work through the latency? 2) If I'm stuck, is there something just as fun and addicting that is offline. I can DL patches and such, but for those of you who have never played on satellite it can be a bit frustrating. It's click, wait, then action happens, repeat. Thanks, SRShortround4 Oct 29
Oct 26 How do you use games? - Lfm opinions Stay awhile and listen, I am conducting a study to find out how multiplayer online games are actually being used, as opposed to how people - the public and researchers, but also developers and players - think they are being used. All players of all games with a multiplayer online focus (whether you use it that way or not) are invited to participate. If you could spare about 15-20 minutes, please complete the questionnaire online :-) Participation is anonymous. You can access the questionnaire at For more information on the project, please visit my website ( Your help will be greatly appreciated! :-) If you have any comments, suggestions, feedback, or ideas related to this topic, I would be more than happy to use this forum as platform for the discussion! Thank you and kind regards, Florian (alias IronWulf) Florian Flueggen, PhD student in Education at Victoria University of Wellington This research has been approved by the Victoria University of Wellington (VUW) Human Ethics Committee [application no. 0000025257]. It is not affiliated with any other company or institution besides VUW in any way.IronWulf0 Oct 26