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Jun 30 Age Of Empires Online is Back and F2P I know it's another genre, but blizz took the G&T subforum out of the Sc2 forums, so I'm just going to post this here. Age of Empires Online is back, being hosted by the Project celeste team, and is not only free to play, but has received several content packs and is getting a new faction this year.Ardeshir0 Jun 30
Jun 29 CC/Visual GOBLIN in AREA Alert for DEAF! I've been told 'you can HEAR there is a goblin near-by' ... what about us that are DEAF/HOH? Missed opportunity to find that goblin in the near vicinity ... plus there are SEVERAL OTHER things one can improved where Audio Cues are only available. Characters, LORE.Rubyrune0 Jun 29
Jun 28 Blizzard Mistakes You know what I’d pay up to about $100 for? A StarCraft FPS game, especially if you could play protoss and zerg characters. You know what I wouldn’t and won’t pay a penny for? A mobile game. Apparently a StarCraft shooter is cancelled and Diablo Immotal is not? Why?Wolf13 Jun 28
Jun 23 Diablo 4 suggestions Hi there. Where do we post suggestions and ideas for Diablo 4? I was (and still am) extremely frustrated about the direction Blizzard took Diablo 3 in to. I am so much hoping for a true arpg instead of just an action game. I want to feel unique and create/customize my own hero while being punished for making poor decisions. I also want to decide on my own, what to do with my hero instead of being forced to questing in a specific order. i also want items to be more than just one number (dps)!!!! Anyway i have a huge list of things that a great arpg should contain, imo ofc. Kind regards.IStealUrRice4 Jun 23
Jun 21 Diablo 4 Leaks Article Summed Up *Full Link Below* “What they told the team was, ‘You’ve finished Reaper of Souls, it’s really good. But we think the best thing for the IP is to move to Diablo IV in whatever form that’ll be,’” said one person who was there. “The overall sense on the team, at least in my impression, was that there was a vote of no confidence from the executives. They thought Diablo III was a giant !@#$-up.” Mosqueira and team designed Hades as a Diablo take on Dark Souls, according to three people familiar with the project. It would be a gothic, challenging dungeon crawler. This was canceled and Mosqueira left Blizzard. As with any cancellation, there were likely many reasons for this move, but two people involved with Hades said it was going through rocky development. “It was not shaping up at all,” said one. In the middle of 2016, Mosqueira left Blizzard. It’s not clear whether Mosqueira left because of Hades’ cancellation or if Hades was canceled because he left, but what’s certain is that at that point, the project was shelved. (When reached by Kotaku, Mosqueira declined to comment on this story.) In the coming months, Blizzard’s Team 3 would do two things. The developers, who needed something to work on now that Hades was no more, put together downloadable content for Diablo III called Rise of the Necromancer, a character class add-on that the team hoped would satiate fans who were desperate for more Diablo. And some of them started working on a project code-named Fenris. Fenris is, all of our sources have confirmed, the current incarnation of Diablo IV. Blizzard’s Team 3 has been working on this version of the game since 2016, and some who have seen it say they’re optimistic about the direction. “[Design director] Luis [Barriga] has a very strong vision for that game,” said a former employee, “one that a lot of people are excited about at Blizzard.” “They want to make [Diablo IV] gross, make it dark, [get rid of] anything that was considered cartoony in Diablo III.” One key part of that vision is the art direction. During development of a game, many studios use what they call “pillars”—mantras that help define the game’s goals so that everyone on the team is on the same page. For Fenris, one of those pillars is simple: Embrace the darkness. “There’s a lot of people who felt like Diablo III got away from what made Diablo Diablo in terms of art style and spell effects,” said a current Blizzard employee, adding that Fenris is aiming to look more like the beloved Diablo II. Said another: “They want to make this gross, make it dark, [get rid of] anything that was considered cartoony in Diablo III… Make what people were afraid of in Diablo II, but modern.” Fenris is still early in development, and likely won’t be out until 2020 or later, so it’s safe to say that many decisions made by the team today will change over time. (We don’t know if it’s PC-first or planned for simultaneous launch on PC and consoles, and in fact, the team may have not yet made that decision.) One ongoing conversation, for example, has been whether to keep the isometric camera angle or use the over-the-shoulder third-person view that was prototyped for Hades. Recent builds of the game have been isometric, like previous Diablo games, according to three people familiar with Fenris, but questions remain over whether that should change. Another pillar of Fenris is to make Diablo more social, taking inspiration from Destiny to add what one current Blizzard developer called “light MMO elements,” further drawing on Blizzard’s past massively multiplayer online success. Previous Diablo games have featured hub cities full of computer-controlled quest-givers and vendors—imagine if, while exploring those hubs, you could meet and group up with other players? And then what if you could go off and take on instanced dungeons with them, sort of like Destiny’s strikes or World of Warcraft’s instances? -The Past, Present, And Future Of Diablo Jason Schreier *Full Link Below* Jun 21
Jun 18 Linux Guide(non supported) I can't quit tell if this fits the forums intended use. I figured this would be the least intrusive place. And it seems like it fits the purpose. If it doesn't there is no intentional abuse of the forum. If not where could i place this if anywhere? Currently it works on Playonlinux 4.3.4. 64bit bottle native. Install guide: 1. Make a 64bit bottle and install and or diablo 3. I haven't tested all the installers. 2. Set the bottle to 4.10 Staging(possibly regular 4.10) 3. Resolve the below issue(s) Issues: 1. Stutter Solution(s): Go to option in the Diablo 3 page and change it to run in 32bit mode. 2. Inventory in town not showing up. Solution(s): Pick up and put back items until they reappear. (No permanent solution that I know of.) Needs a better solution. The game does not work for me in 32 bit bottle atm(could be on my end.). But does in 64 bit with simple work around. The game still has problems with inventory in town not showing up correctly.Aital0 Jun 18
Jun 14 Diablo 3 vs 2 Went back to Diablo 2, and its superior in every way besides graphics. I mean it's been awhile but I've tried to be objective and fair. Things I notice that really piss me off about Diablo 3 -world isn't randomly generated they huge huge blocks and snap it together, like doom snapmap, on a third fourth and fifth playthrough it literally feels like I'm running down the exact same areas and can literally predict where to go. It's half baked randomly generated and it blows my mind how Diablo 1/2 did it better. -Story, the story in this feels like a rated PG-13 story that had to get watered down from its evil horriffic rated R version of the first two. -graphic are nice but the colors feel really off, I don't feel like it's evil it feels more like world of Warcraft vs Diablo, I feel this was a major mistake. -gameplay is fun on d3 won't pick it apart I like it it's smooth. But the biggest tissue I have, the bosses. What the hell is up with this arcade theme park boss events where they all play the same, nothing is different and well they got into will Wonka's everlasting bubble gum... Like the bosses vs the other games are totally !@#$ed up. As if the random generated half assed game wasn't bad enough they literally force you into a static boss room every time, I tiny little area. Like right when I saw the butcher in d3 and I laughed at what a casual mass appealing version it was vs d1. Honestly the developers that made this %^-*ed the dog trying to mass appeal to younger generations and the game was ruined because of it. World of Warcraft in duskwood is more Diablo then this.MittWaffen52 Jun 14
Jun 13 Useful "Classic" items I'm hoping to one day use an item like "the grandfather" at some point. , maybe they can have a higher stat base, like a middle ground for Primal. reply your favorite item with basic statsMegaSpire0 Jun 13
Jun 11 Zelda BOTW 2. A sequel to Zelda Breath of the Wild is in development. I'm about half way through BOTW 1. I'm super hyped I love the game, just more interested in Diablo 3 Season 17. I dunno though... I might have to take a break from Diablo and Finish Zelda to get ready for the new one!TrvAix0 Jun 11
Jun 6 Diablo 4 Feature Request Please let us transfer over the cosmetics we earned from D3 over to D4 as legacy items. Thank you.chosonman7 Jun 6
Jun 6 If D2 had maintained traditional loot... If D2 had maintained traditional loot, how modern point & click aRPG's wold be? On pre alfa version of D2, instead of dropping random items, monsters drop organs and you use it to craft items. Unfortunately was considered "too creepy"(in a game with skills like corpse explosion) and was replaced by an worst version of looting, aka monsters drop weapons and armor that they are not wearing. Something that makes no sense. I an not saying that is bad, a lot of people love this "mechanism", but if you look to more traditional RPG's, enemies drop what they are wearing/using. We all know that Diablo popularized the loot hunt games. i prefer RPG's more focused on characters, never found try farm enigma runes that interesting, but create an new char and go on normal, nightmare and hell, was an amazing experience. My question is, how it will affect the gaming industry, if D2 had maintained the "organs" system? would an new game popularized the same concept? would mmo's be different? And similar to pre wow mmos? More "ultima clones" and less wow clones? would exist games like borderlands? And other "diablo clones"? Honestly i don't know how the game market would be today. But is interesting to discuss this "Butterfly Effect". This is not an topic to criticize D3, just to brainstorm an possible scenario. I don't think that most changes made by Jay Wilson on D3 wold be possible with an "traditional loot".L0rdV1ct0r9 Jun 6
Jun 5 We need a Diablo 2 Remake or Diablo 4 Diablo Immortal is the most embarrassing i ever seen in a blizzcon. You had it all to succeed, but NO... you ending killing a franchise that players were following around for 20 years... Just end the mistake, cancel Diablo Immortal and bring us either Diablo 2 Remake or Diablo 4... In my preference i just want a Diablo 2 Remake, but just take this in mind: -Must be playable in a PC, not a mobile game -The game must have a Story mode, at least better than d3, because let's face it, d3 story is not bad, but not as good as D1-D2 - The game must be very dark... D1 and D2 were terrifying, they honor having the name "Diablo" as a game. -Game must be balanced to had PVP. This is very important because just take to read posts about how boring is getting d3 because is just Farm all the time. PVP in D2 was just epic.T3mp08 Jun 5
Jun 5 What will happen to Immortal? Now that Trump declared it illegal to engage tech business with "adversarial" country, Google is pulling the Android support for China. Diablo Immortal, which is aimed towards China market, can kiss that market goodbye...Astig13 Jun 5
Jun 5 I will admit it Path Of Exile is Horrible!!! Please note my post is my opinion alone and I do not expect everyone to agree with me since everyone has different taste and preferences but I will state my case. Thank god I didn't pay $10 for that beta key and got it free. I played it for a few days and its just horrid. First it starts off epic, stranded on the beach rain storm with lighting striking and producing epic dynamic shadows better than even that of doom 3. Then the rain stops and you never see that effect again for the rest of the game. You go down in caves and you realize how outdated the graphics are. But all of that I could live with I mean graphics don't exactly make games. What I cannot stand is the horrid character animation the characters look like they have arthritis. There is no substance when attacking a enemy it feels like some fake atari game. The so called impressive skilled tree web looked impressive at first until I realize I wasted my points leveling bow and arrow for my tank. I mean I was going strength until i realized it was more effective to use a bow and arrow on your tank than level str points and go melee and then you realize enemies are jumping on you later on so now and arrows are useless. By now the damage has been done. Now I can appreciate Diablo3 for what it is and thank god I don't have to waste time on skill tree and its done automatic. Now the other issue, there is no flag for your party members like there is in Diablo 3. So you cannot just simply teleport to your friends it don't work like that you must manually run and find your friends BWAHAHAHAHA. Are these people for real? There is no floating names about your friend's head so you cannot even locate your friend in camp LOL and it has a ton of people in camp that is not even in your party. When my friend had to deal with this frustration he left in under 10 minutes and uninstalled it. The people who are making this game loves to brag about them being hardcore ARPG fans but they lack customer service skills. Its not about what you want its about customers want and trust me customers do not want that. That hardcore ARPG design is annoying and a massive inconvenience in this day and age. Diablo 2 was good for its time but its horrid in this present time. POE is one of the worst Diablo 2 knock offs I have ever seen. You have never seen such a slow and boring snoozefest in your life. The game it self looks like a 2001 lord of the rings game that I had on my PS2 except the graphics on that was better and animations were light years ahead. All I have noticed about POE is in their general chat every sentence is how Diablo 3 sucks and there is no Blizzard if there is no Blizzard North etc. The game is bad and can get boring quickly. Its an interesting game but feels way to boring and lonely. Admittedly Diablo 3 isn't exactly the fun now as it use to be when I first got it. It has gotten a little stale and boring also but with RMAH I can still farm for my lottery jackpot legendary that I may never get. So RMAH gives me a reason to keep playing D3. POE its just bad in my opinion. Character animation really killed it for me with their arthritis simulation. I now see the lead developer for POE is a clown when he said games today their art are too much like cartoon and that he has the solution. Making it look realistic. I conclude he is clueless about what is great art. No one has mastered great art like Blizzard and Valve. He is right about one thing though great art isn't cartoon but at the same time it isn't photo realistic. Great art is Diablo 3 and Team Fortress 2JOHN66 Jun 5
Jun 5 Windows 10 May 2019 Update (Latest Info) Good News! The Windows 10 May 2019 Update RTM build 18362 is now available in the Release Preview ring! Last week, Microsoft announced the Windows 10 May 2019 Update, along with some big changes to Windows Update. One major change is that unlike with the October 2018 Update, the company will actually use the Release Preview ring, and it will get a full month of testing before the feature update goes out to non-Insiders. Today, Microsoft announced that it's releasing the May 2019 Update to the Release Preview ring, and it's available now. In order to sign up, you'll need to go to the Windows Insider Program tab, click 'Get started', and choose the option for 'Just fixes, apps, and drivers'. After your PC reboots, you'll need to check for updates, as it's only being offered to 'seekers' right now. The scheduled release time for this update is slated for late May (estimated guess for the actual release date is May 21st or May 28th)LiLmEgZ7 Jun 5
Jun 5 High Profile Staff leaves + Internal Morale Problems This is an article from a few days ago called "Sources: More High Profile Blizzard Staff Set To Leave Amid Morale Problems" about high profile people from the esport section of Blizzard leaving and that internal sources at Blizzard confirming that the "morality has been crushed" (at least at the esport section) due to the way the management is handling it. ==================================== There are a few interesting quotes from the article that stood out to me: “The focus has become commercializing the esports titles instead of making good programs for the community. Many people internally are laying that on Pete [Pete Vlastelica, President and CEO of Activision Blizzard esports, who joined Blizzard in 2016 from FOX Sports], and it has crushed morale among the Call of Duty and Overwatch teams especially.” “'Right now, there’s a feeling that a lot of the senior management just don’t understand esports,” another source close to the situation said, “but there is no room for negotiating with these people. They are convinced their vision, which is more in line with televised sports, is the right way to go and it has just made people miserable.'” I am not totally sure, but the term 'esport' in the second quote probably also could be replaced with 'the community' or 'what the community wants'. These quotes refer to the esport section of Blizzard specifically, but I am afraid that this could apply to other sections of the company as well. It would make sense, or at least it is an indicator that one of the reasons for e.g. why Blizzard shipped Battle for Azeroth in the state that it was launched in, the Diablo Immortal controversy and now also this esport stuff, is because the management is out of touch with what the community actually likes about Blizzard's games, why they play them and what game systems & features they enjoy and which not.clueso2 Jun 5
Jun 5 Stop putting non-blizz games in the blizz launcher. Also... Stop putting blizz games in the gog launcher. Thank you.Buckles9 Jun 5
Jun 3 Warcraft 3. Warcraft 3 got a remake. IS diablo 2 getting one?daddy6 Jun 3
Jun 1 Diablo 2 1.14D in 1080p or Hi-Res? Hey guys, is there a way to play D2 in 1080p or Hi-Res? Thanks in advance! :O)m3ta1he4d38 Jun 1
Jun 1 D2 help 2019 Buenas Estoy queriendo jugar al diablo 2 con una resolucion mayor a 800x600. Hay alguna forma de poder ejecutarlo en 1024x768 ?? Aparte estoy buscando algun mod para aclarar la visual del juego que la noto muy oscura. SaludosSleepyHallow3 Jun 1
May 27 PoE newest League "Legion" drops Who else is hyped? starting on 7th of june. New league mechanic, new skills and more May 27
May 23 How in your opinion skill system should be in D4? D3 is already done. You can criticize all day and it will probably never changed. But lets suppose that you can make changes into d4 skill system. What changes you will gonna make? I personally will pick exactly the skill trees from D2 and make a simple change, instead of only skill point/level, allow a "sub skill point" too. That sub skill points can will add "modifications" to current skills. For example : - Faster projectile speed - Multiple projectiles - Costs health instead of mana - Increase damage and costs health and mana - Casts other spell on hit - Casts other spell on kill - Elemental conversions - Larger AOE - Heal on hit (...) Each "modification" will affect the skill in a different way. Multiple projectiles will drastically increase the AOE usefulness of a spell like fireball but will reduce drastically the damage. That way each "sub class" will be more unique. A Frozen orb sorc will have tons of different ways to be played. A wind druid will or have a great DPS or a great AOE effect. Or imagine how cool summon multiple bone spirits at once will be.L0rdV1ct0r54 May 23
May 22 Diablo Immortal Forum/Subforum Can we get a subforum or an official forum for Diablo Immortal? I would like to discuss various things/ideas about the game. And yes, I am excited for a mobile Diablo. (I play mobile games on my PC using an emulator...) -Thanks RasereiRaserei41 May 22
May 22 Free diablo 1 and hellfire expansion download So while i was browsing today i came across a site and found this and it says "Diablo Hellfire is completely free. You may play it as much as you like without paying a single buck. In exchange for playing it, you are instead asked for a small favour. You are encouraged to send any comments you might have about this game. " so i downloaded it and to my delight, it works perfectly! so my question is - is this legit legal? if it is, i would like to post the link. Blue please reply. It was found on an old abandonware site.Zekey80 May 22
May 16 Diablo 4? Will there be a diablo 4 or is this the end of this great series?frost89 May 16
May 16 You know what I don't miss about Diablo 2? Stamina.SOC7 May 16
May 15 Should Activision just move to China? There will soon be more PC gamers in China than the total population of the United States By 2023, there will be an estimated 354 million PC gamers playing online games in China—more than the entire population of the United States. That overwhelming number of players will be responsible for making China's enormous games industry an estimated $16 billion USD by that same year—and keep in mind that mobile games is an even bigger market in China.Avalon7 May 15
May 15 Spyware So who downloaded the new Blizzcon required known spyware app ?Gadra97 May 15
May 12 US Senator vs. Video Game Loot Boxes (article) Opinions, agreements, disagreements. Go!BossDogg41 May 12
May 10 Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem D3 clone Ok so I tried the game and it is a copy of diablo 3 I am enjoying it until I try the PTR on april 5, then we'll see what's next One GREAT thing I like about it though, is that I can actually play it with my mouse, I don't have to constantly click, just click and hold The action is also way better I completed the highest difficulty possible alreadyLove17 May 10
May 9 Titan Quest Atlantis!!! Hallelujah!Curumo0 May 9
May 7 Using AXS spyware is a genius move by Blizzard The AXS application, which for the first time ever, is needed for Blizzcon Ticketing. This is a spyware infested app that steals your data and sells it to 3rd parties. Proof (God , Blizzard is almost a satire company at this point...): Blizzard is making a masterstroke move here by partnering with AXS. They know now how much they can spit on their customer base without being affected at all. This is mostly in part because any gamer with a spine has moved on to support better companies, and all that is left are the people who will spend 100s of dollars on BFA pets and will defend Blizzards venture into the P2W market. This is in no small part to the Diablo 3 community, eating whatever dirt this company serves them and defending this dirt saying it's the finest steak. It's like stockholm syndrome on crack. By Blizzcon being sold out in 24 hours, ATVI has solid proof that Diablo Immortal will be a massive success. This could be a good time to buy their stock.Phase10 May 7
May 6 Diablo1 Hellfire mod "The Hell 2" Mods for original Diablo1 Mordor is creating The Hell and The Hell 2 mods The Hell 1 is a playable mod. Time-proven (in development since 2006), solid design, stability, rich content, immersive gameplay, true to Diablo 1 in every aspect and balanced near perfection. You want to play - this is your choice. Confirmed to work with Diablo GOG version. The Hell 2 is a new Ultra HD mod for Hellfire (yes, it can run in 4K). It's in development right now, but available for testing as Early Access. v1.0000 release is planned by summer 2019. Works great already (if you are a C++ coder, you can help with the development directly, in that case write me.). TH2 offers all the massive content from TH1 (like restored and expanded quests from Diablo1 that didn't make it) and adds a lot more now: ...SilverFox0 May 6
May 2 NVIDIA FreeStyle AVAILABLE NOW on GeForce Experience! Be sure to update your GeForce Experience today to enable this! This is the BEST alternative to the ReShader and SweetFX programs and is not going to flag your account for bans It allows you to make your game textures look super sharp/crisp n clear and also has HDR effects built in (use the "Details" filter only to see what I mean!) If you don't upgrade to use FreeStyle then you are truly missing out! Only your loss :PLiLmEgZ29 May 2
May 1 Diablo + Overwatch crossover If, like me, you are bored and look for a First Person Wizard Shooter may I entice you with this game I discovered today? Well I only discovered and installed today... and did 3 normal difficulty horde game (lost2) Graphic is.. not very good... and game play is.. confusing for me for now... But the concept has potential and I am going to try PvP tomorrow... :DLloyd2 May 1
Apr 30 [Lost Ark] New fighter subclass Lance Master Sort of like the Devil Master, she can switch between weapons, except she has 2 instead of 3. One is the guandao, and the other a simple spear. The guandao skills seems to have more sweeping AoE and combination attacks, while the spear uses more thrusts and power blows. Still no official confirmation for the West, although some fans have basically dug up proof of localization efforts. Its just a matter of when they feel they're ready to actually announce it. Apr 30
Apr 30 I hope Diablo IV graphics are top tier. So I find this video about the Unreal Engine 4 and I am thoroughly impressed. It makes me wonder about Diablo 4 and it's own graphical fidelity. We already know that from the Job Listings that they hope to create a new engine for future Blizzard titles that would ease the creation of new games. I can only hope that this new engine will also increase Blizzard graphics to a substantial degree. There isn't a point to this post aside from me sharing my hopes about graphical fidelity.CosmicLich1 Apr 30
Apr 29 Path of Exile is better game Poe is hard to learn and boring at begin because its very complex. But when you understand 30-40% game, its super good. - 3 Ascendancy classes * 6 characters = 18 classes , and a lot of difference build per class example: you can play Witcher with Physical build, Tanker build, ... at late game. - New content is released per 6 month. Beginner Tips: Poe isn't beginner friendly. Loots is difference with D3. in Poe, rare items drop like normal items in D3. You will feel overwhelm, and confuse. And game is really good when you install Loot Filter for filter 60% trash items: p/s: PoE ecosystem is large, because they have public API. For example a top player's profile: Apr 29
Apr 29 Torchlight Frontiers - How not to design quests. They went for this terrible outdated mmo system. I already see tons of boring quests in quest log like kill 5 this get 5 that. There's more quest accepting and clicking than combat. Monster density is very small like 4 mobs max. Pls never go for this design.Kaelos3 Apr 29
Apr 25 Need help with 32 inch monitor Hello Everyone. I just bought a 32 inch 2K monitor. I can only play D3 in Windowed Fullscreen mode, not regular Fullscreen mode. If I try regular fullscreen the cursor pointer disappears and that makes it pretty tough to play. Plus the taskbar at the bottom of the screen stays visible at all times unless I change the properties. I've tried many of the various resolutions available from the games dropdown menu under the Video tab, all with the same results. I've used the NVidia program that "optimizes" all the various games I have, and that didn't work either. No pointer arrow. This didn't happen with the old 27 inch monitor I had but it was FHD, not 2K. So to get the cursor arrow to remain on the screen I have to go to Windowed Fullscreen mode and then unlock the taskbar at the bottom of the screen and check the box that says "Autohide the taskbar" in properties. Not a big deal really, it's just an inconvenience I would like to eliminate. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. I don't know if this matters but the monitor is an AOC Q3279VWFD8 32 inch. Thanks for any help.Jaris0 Apr 25
Apr 24 How is Grim Dawn? I've grown bored of Diablo 3 with nothing having come out for it in years, and we have no idea whether or not they're working on a PC Diablo title because they refuse to tell us, so I'd like to ask anyone that happens to know: How is Grim Dawn? I learned about it when my friend told me he got it, and I looked into it a little, but not much. I'd like to know more about it from people that've played it before I decide whether or not I get it.Velaxus73 Apr 24
Apr 23 Another bite Blizzard, you are disrespectful with your customers and dishonest with your employees as well Apr 23
Apr 23 Transistor is free from Epic Games Starting April 18 for the next two weeks! Transistor is a sci-fi based ARPG, with customizable attacks that can be altered based on which abilities you assign as upgrades to your active abilities. It has optional turn based elements if you so prefer, as well as your classic mouse control or WASD movement. I've only played an hour so far, but the entire game has been amazing thus far. Granted, 1 hour isn't enough to pass full judgement on a game, but it is pretty rare for a game to suck me in as hard as this one did from the get go thus far. Definitely worth taking a peek!Zeddicuus1 Apr 23
Apr 21 2019 and no controller support for PC? Thought about coming back to D3 with a controller... but cant... was wondering...why the f not? No really... why not? This game is out for consoles for crying out loud.CptPewPants3 Apr 21
Apr 18 DRUID SUMMONER---- POLAR BEAR! Does anyone else see this cool? I mean, Damn, with me being the #1 Druid Summoner on East in D2 when I quit, I should have some input. No one's entitled, but it would be sweet. Anyone else agree? A Druid Summoner with a Polar Bear in hell? Throw in some Huskies while you're at it! [Edited for language - Forum Moderator]LifePincher3 Apr 18
Apr 17 Free 'Assassin's Creed Unity' April 17-25 Note, game will require a UbiSoft account to play/activate. ... Link appears to be for United States only ...SilverFox0 Apr 17
Apr 17 Advice for Switch version Can you add a button in the Switch version to automatically lock on the nearest gold or blue monster within a certain distance?greatpepper0 Apr 17
Apr 16 Can you fly yet? I cant post this on the wow forum cus I canceled my sub when bfa came out, but I have a few questions... Can you fly yet? Any my followup question... Is Ion still trying to make wow a pvp game? Or does it have a story again?Buckles0 Apr 16