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3h What's everybody playing now? 3 weeks between seasons is bad enough, but with leaderboards locked too it seems pretty much they don't want us playing D3. Whats everybody playing besides WoW? Ive been gravitating back to Diablo and they have more or less shut it down for any meaningful gaming. Looking to see what everybody else plays.Altreg0126 3h
8h Diablo 2 1.14D in 1080p or Hi-Res? Hey guys, is there a way to play D2 in 1080p or Hi-Res? Thanks in advance! :O)m3ta1he4d23 8h
8h D2 roll backs? So I’ve been having the hanker n’ to try a auradin double dream build so I logged on for the first time in a long time and was greeted by a surprise. I’m almost 100% positive that I had deleted every character I ever made years ago. I know this cause months ago I started an assassin and it was the only character on select screen. I logged in today and BAM my old level 95 smiter and 88 full Trang necro live! My 95 Paladin is fully loaded character torch, anni, Greif, Last Wish, Exile, call to arms, hoz, gore riders, arachic mesh, high lords wrath, dracs, raven frost, bul kathos, greeds +1 skillers, insight, fortitude, chains of honor and ever tune el-zod in stash as I liked to look at them back in the day!!! Any way was blown away he returned might grind to 99!Gannon13 8h
18h PoE vs Diablo 3, as always Hi everyone! I'm here to asking few things about Diablo 3 and Path to Exile and STOP! STOP! Yes I have read other discussions about this topic but I wanted to know basically 2 things: -It's still worth playing PoE instead of Diablo 3? (I already played D3) -Nobody has ever talked about the story! How is the PoE's story?Aku14 18h
1d Torchlight 2 comparison to Diablo. I purchased Torchlight 2 from Steam a few days ago, because i was getting bored with my current games..Diablo included. I have to say, it's a huge rip off of Diablo (mainly) and many other games; the monsters, the visual layout, even the music. All of these things are great, mind you (with the exception of character skins.. they are kind of doofy), but the reason why i am so obsessed with this game right now is the Skill Tree, or in the case of TL2, the skill point menu and stat points, enchanting, gemming, reviving, etc. There are less skills to choose from, yet the level of customization of greater.: First I'm going to go over the basics of TL 2 The skills can only be unlocked at a certain level, but you must invest points in them in order to use them, additionally, there are tier levels for the skills (except for passives), it seems like every 5 levels of points invested gives u an additional bonus and they are more or less permanent. There is an option to undo the last 3 upgrades, so there is a little bit of wiggle room for errors. If you're coming only from Diablo, then you must be thinking, "that sucks"... nah, it doesn't.. it's great. It creates a sense of customization that Diablo 3 will NEVER have. Sorry Blizzard, it's true. Diablo 3, or at least thenext expansion NEEDS some sort of skill tree. I've been playing D3 for years now, and i have yet to feel "that magic" like when i play Torchlight. Then there are stat points. You only get 5 points to spend per leve, and the points you invest in work in 2 ways. 1 - They add overall bonuses to stats ex// Strength increases % weapon DMG and critical hit DMG. Makes sense right? Dexterity increases your critical hit chance and dodge chance. Also makes sense right? Focus increases the rate at which you generate resources and magic DMG. Lastly vitality increases HP and uhhh... i forgot... probably armor. 2 - skill points work as a requirement for gear - you can reach a certain level to wear a piece o gear OR you can have the required stats. In other words, you have to think about what you're doing. Right now my class is similar to the Barbarian. I'm duel wielding so my focus is crits and passives revolving around crits. Also, attack speed... definitely attack speed. Enchanting in TL is the equivalent of Kadala and the fat chick that rerolls weapons.. forgot her name. You can enchant any item, but there is a limit to how many times you can do it unless you find a special enchanter somewhere in the missions, or until you get a higher level weapon which is capable of being enchanted multiple times. The idea is to add a bonus/es to an item at a significant cost. The way you earn money in TL was well thought out - i have to actually think about my spending. Speaking of money, when you revive, it is only free if you revive in town. It costs a lot of money to revive where you died, or less at the entrance, but increases depending on how far you've travelled from the entrance. Again, you actually have to think about your spending. Gemming. The gems have pretty simple abilities or unique ones. Elemental dmg has a special effect per element... which im still flabergasted as to why it doesnt in diablo. Why do holy, fire, physical, cold, poison, lightning and arcane all do the same exact thing if not specified otherwise. The 'same thing', btw, is nothing unique at all. Anyway, so these gems add specific effects in weapons, or in armor,. There is also minimum level requirement so you can't throw a high level gem in a lvl 1 weapon when rolling a new char. Lastly there is are the side quest missions - you actually get skill points for side missions!... giving you INCENTIVE... go figure. Anyway, so compare all of these things to the way Diablo is now. Think about how much better it would be if you could actually reroll a character instead of just being powerleveled? The concepts of enchanting and reviving for gold would be harder to carry over however - mainly because of boon of the hoarder. Adding skill trees with tiers would actually be beneficial for diablo and it's developers because It would allow for severely underwhelming skills to have amazing upgrades without having to make an item for it, or adjust it every damn patch. So I'm getting tired of this thread, but the long story short is Diablo is kind of lame and doesn't really feel like an action RPG and never has... can't really explain it. The only thing to do is to compare it to wildly more liked (notice i said liked and not popular) games in the genre, TL2, Baldur's Gate, and Diablo 2! MAKE A SKILL TREE ALREADY.... JUST DO IT!... HURRY UP WITH AN EXPANSION!BBopMcJiggy17 1d
1d Grim Dawn expansion question Do I need the new expansion of Grim Dawn if I have never played before? like for example, if you get Reaper of Souls for Diablo 3 you can get updated items and stuff, right? I'm thinking of playing Grim Dawn during season off time. Especially because there will be no leaderboard during off season. I would rather not get the expansion if I don't need it. can some one shed some light on if I need the expansion if I haven't played before?NightOwlZzz1 1d
2d D3 within D4 (Mad Man's Theory) Hello, A lot of players are wishing for Diablo 4. All things considered, do you see a slightest possibilty that "D4" would be created using Diablo 3 as a basis? The game would be improved overwhelmingly but the current classes would stay and we could visit the old acts as well. Why I'm thinking such a mad scenario? One funny thing to consider is that what in earth would be the graphical direction of new Diablo game? Diablo 3 is pretty much as pretty as it can get without being photo-realistic and can't see Blizzard doing photo-realistic games. What do we expect from the D4 world? Yet another new desert act? Also, D3 was updated to 64-bit version almost after 5 years of it's release, which is quite a work for a game to be abandoned. All the classes would have to be reinvented for D4. Why do such a forced work when they could simply design new ones and revisit old ones such as Druid? When they were doing D3, it was said that they want to make D3 world huge. Why always starting from a scratch when we could simply add new acts on the top of the old ones:Act 6: Skovos Act 7: Xiansai Act 8: Ureh Act 9: Hell Why Not? Probably one of the biggest reasons why something like this isn't being implemented is that it would be hard time for PR team to sell the game as a NEW Diablo game rather than an expansion. They couldn't call it Diablo 4 and calling it Diablo 3 would reduce the sells to an expansion rate. *Preparing for biggest downvotes I've faced*, however, this wasn't a suggestion topic as they're already doing whatever they are doing. I must admit I'm a bit pessimist when it comes to wonder what a D4 from a scratch would be like.Ruined6 2d
3d Diablo II Remastered Hello Blizzard, hello Diablo Community, recently I noticed the Starcraft I remastered version. I love this idea to "pimp" old games with a new graphic and dont touch the original game design. I would love to see a remastered version of Diablo II. Blizzard do you ever consider to do your Diablo community this favor? +++ Dont let the original Diablo II game design die +++None103 3d
4d I wanna two things i think that diablo 3 is too fixed playing. just taking Nephalem Rift stone and going Nephalem Rift. i think that many players wanna more contents. so i suggest you somethings. make please field bosses and bosses' hordes that if it cleared Nephalem Rift, it appears on the field and it is strong as Nephalem Rift level, it give many items. and other thing is just my idea. hunting deadman. if some player dies, that dead player's skills, equips and some information is registered in the server and cast loose other player's field or dungeon as monster. that deadman monster will give items and gamble items. and deadman also can be related with Nephalem Rift level. please give us more contents. we wanna play more various things.뭐라냥1 4d
4d Anyone playing Destiny 2 on Console? I am sure there are, just want to get your opinion of the game. I am waiting for Oct 24th for it to drop for PC.FrogBrew0 4d
5d Diablo II: The Card Game (With pitures) Hi. Im from Spain and I am trying to make a Diablo II card game. First of all, my english is not perfect so, my apologies. And why Diablo 2 instead Diablo 3?, Because I have a special nostalgic feeling for the second game. For me, the best Diablo game so far. I love the pixel art of the items and the design. I am making a Diablo 2 card game. With an adictive gameplay: - Every player use a class to play and level up. - There are 3 loot decks: Normal, Nightmare and Hell. Example: - A deck with bosses and minions from Act 1 to Act 5. - Runes, gems, and jewelry is avaivable to use in sockets upgrading items. Example: And example using those 3 gem cards: My idea is make a complete card game to play with friends. I would love some help from Blizzard to make a better project using kickstarter and high quality designs. But right now this designs are poker size cards. Standard size to make a real physical version of decks and using comercial materials. Thanks and if at the end, Blizzard doesnt want help me with this, I will do it for free as a "fan made" version to download and play with friends digitally. So everybody will print them in paper and play. But my dream is make a poker quality card game with a good-looking box, etc. Thank you :). My email is if someone want message me.Abetus21 5d
6d Diablo 3 vs Path of Exile 2017 comparison 6d
6d Diablo 4 or Series re-launch? ("Diablo") You think they'll actually go for the 4? Hollywood is big on relaunching series titles these days. I kind of wonder if Actizzard would go that route and just relaunch the series and skip the numbering scheme, which is so turn of the century.Reverend11 6d
Oct 17 D2 Remaster? Is it happening? They did SC:R which is pretty awesome. Just some feedback, not even playing D3 anymore, hate what the game turned into.Midnight51 Oct 17
Oct 15 The new PoE patch completely outmatches Diablo 3's I understand many do not like to compare Path of Exile to Diablo 3 here, yet many PoE players love comparing the two. Since many are former Diablo 3 players. I really feel like this patch is scarce compared to Path of Exiles which is indubitably the competitor of Diablo 3. Both have their cons and pros. Especially with Path of Exile's lack of endless upgrades and significance of partying. Once you complete your character that's it in PoE yet once you complete your character in Diablo 3 that's just the beginning. (Complete as in having a 'perfect' build.) Now PoE is taking a huge approach to their game, adding virtually an entire second game to it, more like an xpac but a huge one. They add almost as much content the game has now. Yet with Diablo 3 all they add is a another character to play and some quality of life improvements as well as some more gear. Not much in my opinion but still great. Its really sad to see I paid 120 dollars for this game, yet a free game is not only about to have more content than this but possibly even more endgame options. Whats even worse is that the game is not pay to win or even pay to boost. Best thing you can get with money is more characters to play and stash tabs but you won't need either if you play 2-3 characters. Which means you can play this for free with the best of them and on equal grounds. Diablo 3 devs and Blizzards know this obviously and the best they can do to retaliate is to create a quality of life improvement patch? Is that it? I really feel like they are abandoning this game now. Now this isn't some "Oh PoE is so much better!" post or anything like that, I have already played both games a ton and checked their cons and pros and found that I like Diablo 3 much more but after this patch I won't be so sure, I was already teetering on the edge of which is better. So really, why should we buy Diablo 4 (If they ever even bother to make it.) when they cannot even keep up with a free to play game? I would really like your opinion on this and how can Diablo 3 do better than PoE now after their patch?Jeremy11 Oct 15
Oct 15 D2 & LoD Remastered So after the success of SC:R & Broodwar I would kindly wonder when our best RPG would have its timely release? Let's be honest that D3 is an adventure game, that easily guides you from points A to B with unlimited destruction on the way - There's no way you can lose (apart from HC) or mess up stats, and it's easy-mode (+T10 withstanding) for a new demographic. Let's push for the re-release of Blizzard's earliest and finest RPG title! I'll start the crowd fund ;) Regards,TWhy24 Oct 15
Oct 12 I just bought D2 LoD yesterday I already had hours of pure fun. I played it way a lot in my childhood so it brings me so much nostalgia. The story-line, the athmosphere, the music, the graphics, the design, finding powerful items (that are NOT easy to find like in D3) and selecting the right skills and stats to build a powerful character. Awesome, just awesome.FireBat57 Oct 12
Oct 12 Got back into D2 recently after years... Of neglect and I'm having a blast playing it. I never really sat down and played the campaign through thouroughly as i was rushed through everytime. Took me about 3-4 hours to finish act 1 and do 4 andy runs(i know I'm a complete noob at d2). What i noticed about d2 is it seems like much more of a challenge even on normal difficulty(when compared to d3) and when you get an upgrade it's very satisfying. I had to use all my antidote potions, most of my mana/health pots and barely beat andro(first time through). D3 is a walk in the park compared to this game. I can see why i had soo much fun playing this game back in the day(and i think im enjoying it more than i did back then) but I'm sad i hadn't got into it sooner. Here's to hoping blizzard announces d2 remaster soon but I'm not gonna get my hopes up. I haven't had this much enjoyment with a game in a long time...i can see why soo many people still play it!quick5ilver10 Oct 12
Oct 11 Other Games you play? I play Borderlands series, Bioshock series Do you all play anything else?SeaBigBear47 Oct 11
Oct 11 Grim Dawn Its almost expac time. Yay!!!Suedomsa0 Oct 11
Oct 10 Wishful thinking Diablo 3 Announced in 2008 + No Diablo announcement at Blizzcon 2017 = Blizzcon 2018 new Diablo game announcement! :)) 2021 new game realeases at 25th anniversary. :D Perfect logic?BlueBotond0 Oct 10
Oct 9 Diablo 4 Hopes and Nightmares I hope Diablo 3 has taught Blizzard a lot. The story shouldn't be comical. The guy from India is a very far cry from being able to replace Cain. Scaling items and monster power etc, is NOT the Diablo way. Each difficulty level should be set in stone, with a need for newer and better and DIFFERENT named items for each. Sounds need to be much more involved, deep bass etc. 3D wraps of low res textures over models to suit low end computers and consoles, is BAD. The game should feel evil... evil vs good... a satanic quality of evil you fight. It should be 99% a serious game. The leaders of Blizzard shouldn't just sign off on whatever is produced no matter how badly strewn together. It should have more item types and alteration capabilities than Diablo 2 had. As in, it should have runewords, item upgrades of various sorts, and THEN some... not less, like Diablo 3 had. Item drops should actually matter again, instead of barely caring no matter what drops. Mercenaries should be tough like in Diablo 2... not just skills with legs, like they are in Diablo 3. Diablo should be Diablo... not Diablo with a bra... not Diablo fused with Andariel aka Bruce Jenner... JUST Diablo. And we should be humans... not the spawn of angels and demons in some boring foolish storyline of how pathetic and whining angels can be and how they decided to breed with demons. It should have Diablo 3, never happen. Just a bad dream. Not a nightmare... just a really bad dream you will probably forget. Diablo 4, should be the nightmare... a game that keeps you up at night, not a game where somehow the gems in Diablo 3 are plastic looking and not even half as good looking as in Diablo 2. Who signed off on that in a Blizzard meeting btw? "Hey, Diablo 2 had gems that looked like gems... but in Diablo 3, we want our gems to look cruddy and dull and opaque and plastic-like... make it so". Diablo 4 shouldn't have someone rambling about what every creature eats, where it's from, how it picks its toenails... WE DON'T CARE AND IT TAKES AWAY FROM THE GAME. It shouldn't have bosses talking low IQ dialogue like "you'll never destroy the hell rift hahahahaha...oh, you destroyed it, well it doesn't matter because there's another and you'll never destroy that hell rift hahahahaha.... oh you destroyed that one too, well it doesn't matter because, it never really matter hahahaha". Diablo 4 shouldn't have bosses when you kill them they repeat the same line over and over as their health is dropping... Asmodan repeating himself like a parrot... yeah, bad idea. And lastly... Auction House... must be included in Diablo 4. Anyone that whines about being able to sell your otherwise worthless items, should have no say in the matter. It'll make the game all the better and is the ONLY reason it sold off the charts (Diablo 3). Removal of Auction House ruined the player base. I hope and Nightmare that Diablo 4 will make Diablo Great Again. And if I never hear the guy from India again telling me about how deep a tree's roots go and the food a bog frog eats, or his stupid wisecracks every 2 seconds... good.Christian77743 Oct 9
Oct 8 Can you make Nintendo Switch games? I would like to see all the console releases of Blizzard games be made on the Switch, Hearthstone, Diablo 3, etc... I would buy them if they were made for it.PonyKiller0 Oct 8
Oct 7 WarCraft III has a new PTR up! Check this: There's a blizzard invitational tournament today.CALLMEOCT10 Oct 7
Oct 5 New augmented reality game! Waited for games with augmented reality? Welcome! This shooter will not leave you indifferent!Решающий1 Oct 5
Oct 4 Why the necromancer got hate + POE vs D3 Before it was released, people would often have threads like "what would bring you back to this game?" and most of the replies were "the druid" or "the necromancer" but those who posted this would know that we wouldn't get a D2 necro, instead we would get a D3's idea of the necro, and you can clearly see that people knew this was coming. During the dev Q&A on of the questions for the new necro were "how man active summons will we have at once" and "will we have timed summons or full life summons?". So there wasn't that much hate, but people were disappointed in this character. It's also an awkward class since the WD was suppose to be the necro class. So i've tried PoE again, and wow, it's exactly what D3 should have been, it even has that same design style as the early D3 beta screenshots had. I was able to every (meteor and summons) build i wanted (that i can't do in D3 because it didn't get enough dev attention in it's 5 years life span) and be successful with it, and as successful as other builds. Their multishot didn't invalidate their meteor build, i could have both without having to being stuck in torment 1. I can do a meteor build without being forced into spamming 4 fire spells in FB or having to do 3 other elemental attacks with Tal just to do damage with one fire skill that i like, i can simply play a meteor build without jumping through dev hoops. I can have a variety of summons, that aren't pathetically timed life, PoE does summons almost as well as D2. Damage and class sets don't automatically dominate every build, there aren't mobs who attack you from offscreen or any of those awful mobs who make you fish for another rift. Also lol at blizzard nerfing meteor builds just so they're look worse next to tal. I'm not saying PoE is perfect but it soo much more true to the Diablo name than D3 will ever be. In the same way that you wouldn't waste your time playing a bad build or only with white items in act 1 or torment 1, don't waste your time playing this long since obsolete game when there are better games out there. There is a good reason the vast majority of the video game community hates on D3 and it's players and it's very clear to everyone but them (funnily enogh this same corprate tribalism happens when WoW players defend their subscription machine), we're exactly like those people who play madden and complain about how bad it is, yet keep buying the yearly released of the game while the company can't be paid to even pretends to care. Oct 4
Oct 3 Diablo 1 still online? If i buy Diablo 1 I can play in Battle net in Windows 10?Digox8 Oct 3
Oct 3 Guns Up! MMORTSRPG (FREE) So this game "Guns up!" on steam hit me by surprise... There are a few "modes" in which you play: 1.) [Attack] - Attack other players bases by sending units and using strategic items to victory. 2.) [Defend] - Other players attack your base and you have to make sure your base is ready for random attacks by placing strategic choke points. While all this is going on, you earn random currencies, cards, units etc... by playing the game... Its actually very addicting and very challenging.... 100% Free and the cash shop is very optional, you can earn everything in game. So glad I found this game!Raserei2 Oct 3
Oct 3 Can Diablo 4 be more multiplayer focused? One of my personal biggest gripes of all time about this game is the solidarity it literally pushes on you. Forcing matchmaking in an RPG was a terrible design flaw and i miss the lobbies from the previous two series, making and joining custom rooms was great and i was hoping for a better version of that. Aside from the gutting of the RPG features from the game (stats, skills, linear gear) this was definitely one of my biggest gripes and would like to see the next installment of the series a little more multiplayer and community focused. With the option of course to still be able to play solo.Sparrow0 Oct 3
Oct 2 B. net mobile app How many of you have downloaded it and man was it about time. Oct 2
Oct 2 Dark Souls + Diablo So I was playing some dark souls and thought of an incredible idea of a hybrid game between dark souls and diablo. By that I mean Blizzard and From Soft collaborating and creating a souls game set in the diablo universe. The town or the safe zone such as majula or firelink shrine from dark souls can be tristram or rogue encampment etc. The character classes from diablo such as sorceress or barbarian could easily be translated to the gameplay of the souls franchise. It can have the same leveling system as dark souls. To get different skills you need to find scrolls for it, and to increase the damage of your skills you need to put points into attunement and faith etc etc. Just like in Dark souls, if you start as a sword and shield character, it's not difficult to switch mid game to a caster. You would simply decide to abandon strength and start putting points into attunement or faith or whatever. Or it could just follow the diablo 2's leveling system with the skill tree and have you select a fixed character class from the beginning. There are so many ways to go about it. Also, imagine the boss fights. With great boss soundtracks like Ornstein and Smough battle, imagine you're fighting Izual with dark souls' close up camera perspective. Then there's Old Iron King fight. That could even be the level where you fight diablo at the end of the game. Here is a fight vs the gaping dragon: Imagine instead of fighting the gaping dragon, in that chamber we get to fight Duriel. Or how about fighting Mephisto in a creepy atmosphere like the fight vs Gravelord Nito? Then there is the setting. From the deserts of Lut Gholein to Rogue Encampment wilderness, those can easily be immersed into dark souls style level designing. The darkroot forests is exactly like the jungle from act 3 of diablo 2. Of course it may be much harder to make areas as interconnected as dark souls 1 world, but diablo universe also has portals anyways that can be cleverly implemented into the world building. Just as Bethesda received the right to the Fallout franchise and made something extraordinary that also played completely differently from the previous fallout games, I think Diablo franchise has a lot of potential outside of just dungeon crawler point and click ARPG style gameplay. To me, from the lore to the theme and atmosphere, Diablo is worthy to be made into something as epic as Dark souls. This is probably never going to happen, but man can you imagine how awesome it would be if they can pull off something like this?SeriusBizNis12 Oct 2
Oct 2 Graphics card recommendations @ 2560x1440 I'm looking for a graphics card to use with my Razer Blade Stealth (via Razer Core). For convenience, here are some specs of the RBS: Intel i7-7500U 16 GB RAM LPDDR3-1866MHz Win 10x64 I'm looking for the best value card which can play D3 comfortably at around 60fps at almost maxed settings. Based on my research, GTX 1060 seems good enough to achieve this. Does anyone here have a GTX 1060 and provide some nice numbers?dynamite7 Oct 2
Oct 2 POE hacks cheats maphack exploits Is POE full of hacks cheats maphack exploits like D3 is?ShogunRob17 Oct 2
Oct 1 Please support Linux I am going to try to be as entitleless about this as possible but here goes. Windows 10 is a spyfest. Windows 7 still holds the lions share command of the market at the moment at less than 50%. Depending on who you ask, Linux is at 3-6% usage share. I just about had it up to here with Windows related SSD issues. There are a ton of companies who support Linux who I dare say are doing great. The list of games that made it big because of Linux: Minecraft Dota 2 Rocket League Ark Survival CS:Go Please support us, we will in turn continue to give you money.PonyKiller2 Oct 1
Oct 1 Diablo 4 Ideas Health and Resources 2.0 Expressing the player's state with health and resource numbers and status effects could be improved upon. Resource numbers instead of being presented as integers and status effects instead of being booleans with durations could be more complex. Instead of hunting around in your status icons bar, make the status effects or health and resource amounts more intuitive. The question being "are you chilled?" it should be "how chilled are you?" and the answer would be available to the player in the form of the player character performing actions more slowly and the graphical representation being more pronounced based on how chilled the player character is. Instead of "do you have frenzy?" it should be "how frenzied are you?" which would be represented by how fast the character is attacking or how much more quickly their resource is replenishing... you get the idea. The game has already been tending this way with shield on the health globe and resource unspendable in path of exile and demon hunter using two resources and druid using 3+ in diablo. Inspiration from a few sources can be used since this is a somewhat underdeveloped concept in games and an esoteric concept in the world. It's not unusual for a diablo player to be surrounded by paladin auras in diablo 2 or a familiar and force armor in diablo 3. The player character's aura is what has potential to be expanded upon. By looking at a person's aura much can be learned about their state and this can be adapted into gameplay interface in diablo. If the choice is made to keep referring to this as magic to make the concept more swallowable by the majority of players, that's fine. To get into specifics: the qualities of the player's aura could be informative rather than merely representing charges and moving and having size that is inconsequential to the gameplay and merely chosen for aesthetic simplicity (such as path of exile onslaught or fortify). The player could know that they are able to cast a spell with increased power when they see that the billowy vermillion part of their aura representing the resource needed for the spell has made a quantum leap into a higher energetic state. The monk could know that their combat effectiveness is improved when the silver component of the aura is shown as more harmonic and less chaotic. The golden strings component of the player's aura representing the taming of their summoned pets could break or vibrate, bringing immediate and intuitive gameplay information to the player, etc. Blocking Skills For the same reason that dodge was phased out (it being too volatile of a mechanic: taking full or no damage based on a percentage) blocking should be skill-based by requiring the player decision to use a block skill rather than a stat with a chance to occur. Looking at the meaning of "block" itself, an action is implied when compared to, say, words like "armor" or "toughness". Similar treatment could be given to stuff like parrying and evading; the goal being emphasizing the action over the calculation in the game. Dominion Mode This would be a new game mode besides campaign mode and adventure mode. Just like in adventure mode there would still be all the monsters that can drop random loot. It would differ from adventure mode by: points of contention spawn randomly and non-party members are always targetable (PvP always on). In this mode focused farming could occur. When the player comes across a point of contention, the reward for holding that point would be visible. Example: 1000 gold and zone-specific ingredient (Caldeum Nightshade, etc.) and chance to drop zone-related gear like if the player is in a fiery zone then stuff such as fire walkers or maximus. Points of Contention Capturing mechanic: after a party member is alone on the point of contention for the required time (which could vary), the party gains control of the point. Exploration is incentivized by allowing points of contention to spawn anywhere. Zerging is deincentivized by having the reward split between the party members and not a copy to each party member (individual reward is inversely proportional to number of party members). Leap-frogging your body is deincentivized by dying having a significant effect (not only item durability reduced but item maximum durability or item stats or player stats or skill stats reduced). The balance between competition of parties for locations and cooperation of party members for rewards is important. Different geometries for the defensible locations could also be explored; the name "points of contention" is used because of the humor. Reward for holding a Point of Contention Points of contention spawn randomly and become more lucrative with time unclaimed. The focused farming type of rewards for holding points of contention should correspond to the focused location type of gameplay. Points of contention continue to reward the player (say, once per minute) until exhausted and disappear (once they are "mined out"). Another advantage of this game mode is it makes creating specific PvP maps unnecessary; the whole game world is used. Any other ideas?Morath4 Oct 1
Oct 1 Divinity:Original Sin 2 What We Can Learn I have sunk many, many hours of gameplay into Divinity Original Sin 2 and find it to be one of the most facsinating, rich, challenging, engrossing, riveting, addicting, detailed RPGs I have ever played in my life. It is a Masterpiece of Choices, combat, crafting and story and will be a benchmark for many years to come. I only hope that Blizzard and other game companies will take notes because Larion has set the bar extremely high. I know it isnt an Action RPG but there are so many things that Blizzard can learn from this and hope and pray that they do. Let me know how you guys feel about Divinity: Original Sin 2 and your experience with it, Goodluck!!Runeblaid0 Oct 1
Sep 30 Recommend me the best DURABLE mouse I have tried 2 gaming mouse: 1. Razer Naga > Double click issue after 3 months usage. Wtf? 2. Steelseries Xai > Double click issue after 6 months usage. Wtf? Anyone can recommend me what is the best DURABLE mouse?Mikelodeon20 Sep 30
Sep 29 Diablo 4 - World of Diablo MMORPG in development I have something really huge to spoil here. Blizzard is currently starting to allocate more developers for the future of Diablo series game. They are currently working on an Unannounced Project which I will simply call "Diablo 4" or "World of Diablo" since it's a MMORPG game. It's going to be a MMORPG like World of Warcraft, but with the isometric view just like Diablo and Path of Exile. But they are striving for something that look like to be more in the Lineage Eternal Twilight Resistance or Lost Ark scale (MMORPG, Open-World, Town Hub with tons of players, Trade, PVP, Raid, Dungeon, Loot, Craft, Exploration, ect). It's my personal opinion but I'm pretty confident that DUSTIN BROWDER former Game Director of Heroes of the Storm have switched over to work on this unannounced Diablo project about 6 months ago in December 2016 and quote from him in a YouTube videos "The most ambitious and promising project of my career". I can't wait to see how polished and well balanced this game could be. Finally a Diablo game that will live up to the expectations of franchise fans. I expect nothing less than AAA graphics, open-world, with tons of stuff to do from Blizzard in this isometric dark-fantasy MMOARPG. I think the project is still very preliminary and they are still working on servers stuff and design but I also think that they have a clear vision in mind. To gain back the Diablo fans they have lost with the dissapointment that Diablo 3 was despite the 30+ millions of sales worldwide. I'm guessing we will have a proper official reveal at BlizzCon 2017 or 2018 max and that the game will not be in a playable state before at least 2021 or more. Also, David Bravik, former Blizzard North / Diablo 2 and the first iteration of Diablo 3 (cancelled in 2005) developer recently speaked about the fact Diablo 3 first iteration made by Blizzard North in the 2003-2004 era was an MMORPG much like World of Warcraft, several screenshot of this build have leaked on the web after the departure of Blizzard North employee in 2005. But this game was cancelled for whatever reason and Diablo 3 became what we now know as a 4 player co-op ARPG game. He also talked about Diablo 2 development who had "Town Hub" developped at some point but the feature was cancelled due to the lack of time before official game release. They wanted to put all the players from the public chat channel into an in-game Town Hub instance for trade, etc. PRODUCTION DIRECTOR, UNANNOUNCED PROJECT : Lead the developers of one of the industry’s bestselling, genre-defining RPGs of all-time: Diablo! Blizzard is seeking a Production Director to bring the Diablo franchise into the future. Massive multiplayer game development experience Cover Letter telling us why you are interested in working at Blizzard and specifically Diablo What do you think of all this? Personally, i'm very excited and I can't wait to hear more from Blizzard in the coming months about this project.Epsilons109 Sep 29
Sep 28 Is there any chance Blizzard remaster Diablo II? I just spent a week on it after the 100th time i get bored on the poor and narrow equipment&build system in Diablo III which kills most fun of the game now, and i felt much joyful. So... Is that possible?Icegreat45 Sep 28
Sep 24 Windows 10 Gaming Performance Issues ... I am currently running Win10 Pro Insiders builds (version1709, build 16291.0). I haven't encountered issues with Blizzard App and Diablo 3 64bit. (4790k, z96-g55-sli, 8gb ddr3, hd7870, 850 evo 256m.2) Uninstalled quite a few apps. Disabled some windows services. Turned off most privacy settings and notifications. ... ... Win10 Insiders Hub 16709 upvotes to make graphics driver updates optional 6932 upvotes to add GPU information to the performance tab in task manager 3885 upvotes NVIDIA graphics adapter encounters timeouts, resets, or crashes If having game performance issues, check out following -- --,2817,2372811,00.asp -- -- Sep 24
Sep 23 lmao blizz >Blizzard is launching a “global diversity and inclusion initiative” aimed at raising the percentage of women and underrepresented minority groups in its workforce and improving the work environment for those groups, according to an internal company email. >Only 21 percent of Blizzard employees are women, wrote company president Mike Morhaime in the email—which a Blizzard rep confirmed to me is real—and “they leave our organization at a higher rate than men.” These numbers, Morhaime writes, are consistent with the game industry at large, but Blizzard wants to improve on them. >Morhaime wrote the company is launching a diversity effort that will first focus on women, but will expand later this year to encompass other “under-represented minority groups,” who make up 14 percent of Blizzard, according to the email. Yeah! don't waste time improving games or public relations! just hire moar womens to train! !@#$ all the guys who already know their %^- from thier elbow! no wonder your reputation is *!@#.RAmarl6 Sep 23
Sep 21 Diablo 2 Remaster or Remake? I loved Diablo 2, played it for years. That doesn't mean I'm blind to it's many faults. If Diablo 2 is remade with only improved graphics. It will be a huge disappointment. If they are truly making another Diablo 2 my primary concern is who is behind this project and are any of the current Diablo 3 developers on the team or calling any shots behind the scenes? As past has shown the Diablo 3 developers are very defensive about their game and insist it is great and there is this thing of hatred towards Diablo 2 and Blizzard North. What better chance for them to say "see we told you so", when more people are playing Diablo 3 than a remake of Diablo 2. With that in mind this is what worries me when it comes to making Diablo 2 remake a success or a failure. There are many simple things that can be done to make it great like auto gold pick up, shared/larger stashes. But will they be done or simply ignored out of spite? Perhaps they may go a step further and make items BoA and even online only. Will you be allowed to make as many accounts as you could in Diablo 2? If not will they raise the max character slots up from 8 to compensate? What ever happens It will be interesting to see how it all pans out.Archon26 Sep 21
Sep 21 Keyboard number keys from 1 to 0 stop working Hello,so I got a problem with the number keys on my keyboard,it occurs at random times,I cannot type the numbers from 1 to 0 only if I replug the keyboard,but if i press shift+a keyboard number,I`m able to write signs such as `!`.I got a razer deathstalker keyboard.Steal7h2 Sep 21
Sep 20 Asking for advice So this is my first ever post (hopefully it won't stir up much hate) I've been playing games for a long time. I am 20 and I am at university, which means I can't put that much time into gaming unfortunately :( I also have a job which allows me to save up a fair amount of money. I was hoping that the community could give me some advice relating a question that is often asked between gamers. PC or Laptop? My current laptop is terrible to the point I sometimes don't even know if the lag is because of the bad spec/bad internet (live in UK) or simply God's wrath on the fact I chose night hangouts over more Paragon farming. Before anyone attempts to write an essay I just want to point out that I am in a situation where I move quite a lot; also I take long holidays (implying that the portability factor is quite good) Thanks in advance guys VladimirLivius1 Sep 20
Sep 20 So Diablo 3 is dead where do we go in 2017 So like many folks, I've invested a couple of thousand hours in Diablo 3 but have gotten to the point where I can't bring myself to play the same old thing with no real hope of any improvement or real changes going forward. So what else do we look for in 2017? Not really a fan of POE. Perhaps: Lost Ark, Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, Vikings: Wolves of Midgard, Guardians of Ember? Time to move on and maybe come back in 2025 for Diablo 4.Blueisyou75 Sep 20
Sep 20 Do people still play D2:LoD? I was wondering do people still play Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction. Because i'm thinking of repurchasing this game digitally, and I really enjoy playing D2:LoD multiplayer and I don't want to buy a game if it's dead :/Negenity89 Sep 20
Sep 20 The 4th Coming Since we're bringing up old MMORPGs in other threads, any old school The 4th Coming players out there? I was everyone's least favorite Thief on EA Play, Pe Ell/Damian Wolf on Myth...I was a GM on Xavus before the server owner's coke addiction led to him not paying licensing fees, and played briefly on T4C Trilogy. I expect a lot of crickets, but yeah--anyone out there? :)Lesion17 Sep 20
Sep 19 Diablo 4 How about 5 new classes, 4 new acts that would be joined with the current acts and classes, raise the level cap to 80, adding more skills to the current classes, thus upgrading the game to Diablo 4? In my personal experience, with the years of bug solving and balancing, diablo 3, software wise, has become very solid. I haven't had a problem with the game in quite a long time. I say this because I don't see why Blizzard should stop developing for this software that has been working fine for some time. Why scrap that and develop something entirely new you know? Of course I don't know what plans blizzard has for the future of d3,but I believe that they'll soon stop developing content for it and focus on D4 given that there have been news about hiring for an unannounced Diablo project. Anyway, I would be totally fine with that. I think it would be great to keep adding more content to it. I mean, even if they cease development and start d4 development, there are some pillars of the franchise like the barbarian, the wizard that are already there, and will always be there somehow, why not simply add more to that? What I have in mind is some sort of upgrade that would merge d3 with what one might argue that technically would look like an expansion and call it D4. Like a sequel that would take place a few years after the events of d3. What do you guys think? Do you think in the current state new content would breathe new life into the game or it has run its course and should be scraped to start something brand new? What would that brand new look like? I personally like the game quite a lot and the only real problem I have is the lack of new campaign content, story, quests and such.Garrett11 Sep 19