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3h Did D2 have any unavoidable one-shot mechanics? This crossed my mind the other day when I wondered why I just don't have that much fun playing D3 anymore. I couldn't remember anything from D2 that was truly unavoidable that also killed you in one hit. D3 reaches a point where it no longer feels like a game, it feels like I'm putting a coin into a slot and pulling a lever to see if I get lucky. Jailer shouldn't do damage. Frozen on the ground shouldn't do damage until it explodes. Thunderstorm should show when it is about to occur so it doesn't just pop everybody unavoidably. Reflect Damage should have a grace period before your own attacks actually kill you (having a travelling projectile hit them after it becomes active and then being one-shot is incredibly lame). Mortar shouldn't do damage to you if you aren't standing in it. -_- Greater Rift Guardian ground effects should realistically give you enough time to move out of them before they one-shot you. It's consistently happened where I'll move the moment I see it start to form, but even at 25% movement speed, can't get out of these circles in time without something like Vault or Teleport. It makes me wonder what the point of a visual cue is if it's not even long enough to realistically move out of. So many things wrong with Greater Rift Guardian abilities too. Cold Snap's frost nova happens instantly and is a one-shot kill. Voracious' clouds don't have a clear area of effect and will kill you if you accidentally clip part of a hitbox that you can't quite see. Various projectiles from different Guardians seem bigger than their visual, so they will still hit and kill you when it looks like you should have barely made it. I'd really like to have my skill be tested when I play a game, not my patience. Higher Greater Rifts in D3 give me the same feeling I get when I play a crane game at the arcade and you can tell the claw pressure is rigged until the machine reaches a certain monetary threshold. Incredibly depressing. :( I'm aware in a dev interview it was stated these unavoidable one-shot mechanics exist to prevent glass cannons from kiting everything around forever. The biggest problem I have with that concept is that kiting does not make a player invincible, player skill makes a player invincible, and there shouldn't be anything wrong with that. Greater Rifts are already timed and designed to punish you for dying by giving you the up-to-30-second respawn timer. Slip up once, or have one poorly placed lag spike and you're dead. These things are understandable. But when it comes to this unavoidable B.S., either remove the respawn timer or make everything realistically avoidable. Otherwise the higher rift levels of this "game" feel like some kind of cruel, sadistic joke. Sincerely, a very frustrated diablo fan that has played the franchise for 17 yearsTau30 3h
18h Starcraft II players. Greetings! I want to inquire about Legacy of the Void and if it's worth the purchase. I'm a huge Starcraft: Brood War fan, but I never was into competitive matches. My friend and I usually just fight against A.I while being out numbered 3 to 1. Is there a healthy community in SC2 that plays those kinds of matches? I read about the Allied Commanders mode on LotV, but I prefer the classic match up. My friend is always on the go and wasn't exactly keen on buying a rig to play games on that can run Starcraft II, so I'm left out without a co-op partner. I'm posting this on the D3 forums because I don't have a SC2 account yet.Janhellyeah0 18h
1d Using the Chroma Apps on Peripherals So I recently bought the Razer Tartarus Chroma, and I just can't seem to get the lighting effects to work on it even with chroma apps enabled. Help would be much appreciatedGerbilKun1 1d
1d Diablo 1 Hey fellow slayers, I know this topic has been beat to death, but as Blizzard has the Anniversary event happening, and a throw back to Diablo 1 in there. My question is, does anyone know where I could find a copy of Diablo 1 to buy? Trying to find something reasonable considering Blizzard has not deemed it worthy enough to at least add to the "Classic Games" section on the shop. Haven't played it in years and I do want to own a copy as I lost mine with my original Battle Chest many years ago. As much as I wish they would make a version that would run on the newer versions of Windows I know they probably never will which is disappointing. Thanks! PS - I do not care about the "expainsion" Hellfire, as I do not think it ever was an official thing, just good ol' Diablo 1.Bonitin22 1d
1d Diablo 2 cinematics. Does anyone know how to disable them with the current patch? There used to be folders in the D2 file you could change/delete. Now there is nothing. Also you cant change the direct 3d to direct draw. Anyways, sorry for posting in the wrong forums.VILEINFECTED2 1d
2d thank blizzard for the PoE console version .Wottsefack1 2d
3d Origianl Run Command for Warcraft 1? Hey guys, I was thinking about getting a tattoo of the original run command for warcraft 1. I seem to remember it being: C:/RUN/WARCRAFT/WAR But it's been literal decades since I had to do it. Can anyone on here remember/confirm?rolalowe8 3d
3d This Is How I Would Design - DIABLO IV This is how I would design DIABLO IV I created an "InfoGraphic" to illustrate how I would design D4. When you click on the Picture, it will get bigger, then I suggest to copy the picture to your desktop, in order to be able to inspect all the sections of the InfoGraphic. ... Please keep in mind, that everyone has different views and ideas on how Diablo games should look or function. Some people hate PVP, some people hate trading, and some people even hate to kill monsters! :) How would you do it?TOPCommander37 3d
3d Diablo 1 NOT available on the Blizzard Store? I never played it. In fact, I never played WarCraft I or WarCraft II. I didn't really start playing Blizzard games until StarCraft (and I haven't stopped since). So why is it that I can't buy Diablo I, WarCraft I, or WarCraft II from the Blizzard Store? I mean, I understand that coming by the original games 20 years after release would be difficult, but why can't we buy a digital version?R2C230 3d
4d D2:LoD download What I don't understand is recognizes my registered D2:LOD from who knows when but it doesn't have the original D2 registered. So when I tried to download D2:LOD it said it I needed the original D2 to play it. I probably do still have the discs somewhere, just haven't gotten around to looking for them. If I remember correctly, back in the day, having the expansion key overwrote the original key. Apparently it doesn't work that way anymore.NoOneSpecial3 4d
4d Why is PoE getting more recognition? So... PoE. dont go, dont go. I was watching a PoE stream, because im not into the whole rpg wars, ill play them all. I was quite impressed with the things i saw. I saw modded maps, which allowed for such fun, and complicated mechanics it was insane. The skilltree allowed for special sockets which upgraded skills within a radius, the way the skill gems synergieses, it was insane. Why am i jibber jabbing? Well, i am a little puzzled. From a little research, i estimated the company that makes PoE to be worth about 3 million. Upon looking through a few websites, i found out that PoE has released 3 (4 march 4th) free expansions with many many mechanics and new content. PoE - Grinding gears - 3 Milliion$ - 4 - expansions, very complicated mechanics. D3 - Blizzard - 18 Billion$ - 1 expansion, extremely simplified mechanics. Anywhere you see d3 mentioned, PoE comes up as being better. Why is blizzard, a company with over 300X the resources, seems to be getting less recognition than a 3 year old company. I dont know why diablo 3 isnt the king RPG right now, its absurd. Why is diablo taking the back seat to everything. Path of Exile is constantly working on new expansions, releasing huge mechanics and new skills and content. Meanwhile diablo seems to have gotten comfortable with making 3 new sets every 3 months. Stop,Slayer162 4d
6d For people who want to play Diablo 1+hellfire on mac i found a way to play diablo+hellfire on mac osx lion to yosimite. well this is the best solution for me if it works for you great. first go to after thats done extract the file, open wineskin whinery create a new wrapper with the latest engine. go through the process of installing it through wine. after its done right click the app, open package contents then open wineskin, click on advanced then tools, winetricks, then open settings and run ddr to gdi after thats done test run it. now the intro video should play after that the menu will be black so to navigate Step 1 - Keep pressing enter until you hear Diablo's main title screen music (military sounding rolls.) At this point press enter - You have selected Single Player Step 2 - You are now at the character selection screen: A - Press enter again and you have chosen the Warrior class B - Go down with the arrow key once and you have the Rouge class selected C - Do it once more and you have the Sorcerer class selected Step 3 - Name your character and press enter. (does not work since you can't see what your typing so my guy is named alex) Step 4 - Enjoy Diablo! Optional - After you load into Tristram open up the menu (Esc) and save your game - this is explained in NOTE. NOTE: When you want to continue playing next time you start up, just keep pressing enter until your previous save loads up!inkydeath6 6d
6d Do people still play D2:LoD? I was wondering do people still play Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction. Because i'm thinking of repurchasing this game digitally, and I really enjoy playing D2:LoD multiplayer and I don't want to buy a game if it's dead :/Negenity82 6d
Jan 16 The Darkening of Tristram The darkening of tristram will be available all month. I've updated and patched. Does my console have to be online to access the portal?Courtney0 Jan 16
Jan 15 For all the D2 fanbois For all those D2 fanbois Here you go. You keep telling us just how freaking amazing D2 was, well its still there. Go play it. Blizz released a patch for it to run on the latest hardware last year so no execuses about not playing it. And if its so incredibly popular you certainly don't need any of us to start playing D2 with you. Installers for D2 Stand Alone Patches for those with clients already installed. Read more here: Buy D2 here for $10 Buy LOD here for $10 Classic games GD Forum Classic games support And of course there are Reddit threads and nearly all of You've got zero reason to hang around here, unless you're a jerk or D2 isn't as amazing and popular as you keep saying it is. Now, please, don't let the door hit in the crack on the way outEmmetOtter13 Jan 15
Jan 15 Free diablo 1 and hellfire expansion download So while i was browsing today i came across a site and found this and it says "Diablo Hellfire is completely free. You may play it as much as you like without paying a single buck. In exchange for playing it, you are instead asked for a small favour. You are encouraged to send any comments you might have about this game. " so i downloaded it and to my delight, it works perfectly! so my question is - is this legit legal? if it is, i would like to post the link. Blue please reply. It was found on an old abandonware site.Zekey59 Jan 15
Jan 14 D3 Dark it doesn't work? Cheers to all.I follow this topic: but sharpness doesn't work.When I launch the game nothing happen.Sharpness(edge) it doesn't work.Somebody can help me.Where I wrong?Thanks,ghost117 Jan 14
Jan 13 Help: Potentially able to play Diablo 2... So I checked the buy page on the browser on the older games and realized that Diablo 2 is one of the retro games that has OSX compatability. Back in 2008 or 2010, I bought the Diablo 2 battle chest (the one that did not have the Diablo 1 with it). I'm hoping if I could somehow use a CD-Key(s) from the package to add that to my account. Is it possible? Thank you for checking this.MusicGame0 Jan 13
Jan 13 Wolcen Anyone play testing alpha here? I take back what I thought about Umbra, err now Wolcen way back when. I am finding it to be an action rpg with a lot of potential but time will tell.Suedomsa0 Jan 13
Jan 12 Diablo 4 is not happening Guys there is not gonna be another Diablo game for another 5 years or so. Diablo 3 Can be fix the main problem is sets are mandatory toware. If they make sets an optional build changing thing a game and make it to ware we can we're full legendarys and use what ever abilities and skills we want then the game will be great again. It's not time to just give up hopes for Diablo 3 and we just have to hope that blizzard makes Diablo 3 the action RPG it's meant to be and should be. And blizzard no more sets we don't need any more sets we need to have the option to use what every skill and ware what ever gear we want that is the only way this game will be great.creep27 Jan 12
Jan 12 Necromancer free please New necromancer class should be Free if releasing because it was already a class on Diablo 2 and should of been already on Diablo 3KingJyrinx2 Jan 12
Jan 10 new classes for Diablo 4, brainstorming. I'd love to see a cowboy-style character, to use kind of fire arms, revolvers, winchesters, knives, etc. Of course, ultra-powered. From D2, Druid and Necromancer.Oaxaca30 Jan 10
Jan 8 Diablo 4 Open World RPG Think of this: Diablo 4, an open world RPG where you can get quests, team up with friends, go anywhere you want. Monsters do not scale so be careful where you choose to travel to. Lots of caves, dungeons, abandoned mines, cellars, old cabins and places to find loot and monsters. Loot Goblins randomly spawn here and there kind of like it is now, but there would be a couple of new things. Each region will have a Loot Goblin King that spawns once per 24 hours and the location is always random. He is super powerful and it takes you and some friends, say 4 people to take him down. Won't be easy but in the end he can drop all sorts of cool items and legendary loot. Also, there is a World Goblin King that spawns once a week and again his spawn place is completely random, it can occur in any region even ones with monsters above your level. It takes a lot of people to take him down, but when he dies it rains gold and loot for 60 seconds and you and all your friends have to run around and grab as much as you can for yourself. More gold rains than anything else but occasional legendaries, set pieces, blues, and gems also come down. It's every man for himself on the loot grab! The rain area is large so one person won't be able to grab it all. Ancient legendaries take on a new meaning in Diablo 4!! You can make any legendary into an Ancient version but first you must gather the ingredients and that ain't easy. The ingredients will require you to kill certain region and world bosses and hope they drop! Then after you have them all, you must travel to the Ancient Forge deep underground through a cave system wrought with packs of monsters and elites. Rest assured this is an area for end gamers only, no lowbies will survive. You might even have to work together with friends to make your way to the forge but once your there, take your turn and reforge your legendary into an Ancient Version! Found an item you can't use but want to sell it? Open your own store in town and people can click on your sign and buy your items. Gold is not just for show here in Diablo 4, it can be used to purchase rare crafting supplies, transmog gear, upgrade gems, buy town portal scrolls, and more. That's right you won't have an unlimited town portal in Diablo 4, you have to buy or find a scroll and they are not common but not rare either. You can also run into monsters that disease your character and once you have a disease they can do all sorts of nasty things depending on which one you have. They can slowly drain your life, cause you to be stunned periodically, move very slowly, even drop small amounts of gold over time, and more!! You can buy scrolls to heal your character but the scrolls are rare and expensive. On the other hand, high level Crusaders may have done a hard quest that allows them to heal you of your disease but will they do it for free or charge you a fee? Some areas will be hard and will require teamwork, maybe a Barbarian to tank, a Witch Doctor to hex and weaken the monsters and Wizards and DPS to take care of the rest. If you work together the rewards can be so much greater. Yes, there will be fishing!!! Catch fish to feed your pets or to eat for buffs! A certain rare fish may give you 25% extra magic find for 30 minutes. Another may give you +10% life, or +15% to fire skill, etc. Catch a really rare fish and he may have swallowed a legendary item or a rare crafting material. Defeat certain dungeons to unlock quick travel points. Certain speed dungeons will award vanity items if you can do them under the allotted time. This and so much more in Diablo 4!! Why not? lol :P I started playing Diablo in 1996 when I was 21 years old, I'm 41 now and there has always been a Diablo to play for the last 20 years. Yes, the game has changed many times and I enjoyed each and every new twist. Adventure mode was a winner to me! I hope they continue to crank out new games so my kids can enjoy them as much as I did.Deathgiggle21 Jan 8
Jan 8 Framerate drop/slow gameplay after new patch Anyone else having performance issues after the most recent patch from NVIDIA 05/22? I have a GTX 460, which should be more than enough power to run D3, runs so slow and choppy. almost like lag, but my net never lags(tested again with BF3). Hardwired GB Ethernet Phenom II X4 3.6 8GB ram Corsair 750watt PSRampagingOgr30 Jan 8
Jan 8 Diablo 1 In my account I can see that I can install game clients for Rock N' Roll Racing, The Lost Vikings, and Blackthorne. Those are old games however I cannot find anywhere to buy the first Diablo game. Do I have to resort to illegally downloading a torrent version of the game? You make an entire Diablo 1 event during the Diablo anniversary but the first game it's based on is no longer available. Some of us who have played it in the passed would like to revisit it again. Last time I played the first Diablo was back when I was 7 years old.Reaper3 Jan 8
Jan 8 Why Path of Exile is trash compared to Diablo 3. One thing I must mention, I have played Diablo 3 as much as I have played Path of Exile, albeit I have played Diablo 3 to true endgame, and I shall tell all you fine readers as to why. To be honest, In D3's case, I enjoy it very much so. It is the true successor to D2, in my honest, humble opinion. But, it definitely needs "refinement." EDIT: For those who are too damn lazy to read: TLDR; The loot system, the trading system, the currency system, and and skill system, are all very limited, restricted, and boring. There is far too much scamming to be had, the combat is boring, spaztic and random, and can be quite boring, especially as the skills are all their own seperate thing, and have few valid syncings, that ironically will cost a massive fortune at end game, which is only more disillusioning. GGG even offers to give your skills more fancy effects to you...FOR REAL LIFE MONEY!....I wonder how much Blizzard devs laughed at this when they saw this/if they ever saw the news for this. Of course, without the pay to have proper skill decal effects, the combat itself is plain, uncreative, and lacks much to be seen as something distinctive. Oh, and becomes a constant pain that basically makes soloing impossible, especially for those who WANT to solo. Oh, the incentive to partying in POE compared to D3 ? You get to have a means of survival. Fail. You'll have more fun in a game of Chess, then this game. Part 1. The majour stuff. Which I feel RoS is going to deliver magnificently upon, and I shall be a Day One buyer. But, I have never gotten to talk about Path of Exile, and never bothered to, but I have seen people been using it to be the antithesis of Diablo 3. Therefore, as a owner of a level 58+ish Marauder or so, I shall use D3 as means of comparison to PoE, since they are of both the same genre, and have similarities. Am I going to play favourites ? No, I am simply here to explain why PoE is inferior. And let me get this straight, I have had bare bones luck in this game. But I am not here to bash the game with mindless emotion, and make silly comparisons which do not affect either game, I am here to simply show what Path of Exiles major flaws are, for those who are curious incase you ever see the topic brought up. Now, If you are a PoE fan who cant' handle my opinion, you may as well stop reading at this point if you can't, and get off the internet. uninstall your hardware system and throw your computer out the window. Debaters are welcome, MINDLESS PoE Fan boy's are not (the Path of Exile youtube video's comment sections are good examples of my point). And yes, I am a Diablo 3 fanboy, but you don't see me carrying a pitch fork and torch when someone goes and shows good evidence of what I love has flaws. Yes, D3 DOES have flaws, but they are going to be fixed soon, and solidly so. Path of Exile, thrives on it's issues, and is very much so, entrenched in them on the other hand, and I don't see them being fixed any time soon. I shall explain why the trading and gameplay mechanics of PoE are silly, redundant, and downright POINTLESS, and hence why Diablo 3 is far more superior to that game, within my own opinion. I have been in Closed Beta, mates. I know what I speak off, and shall explain myself, as to why. To those who ask me, who am I to make such judgements, to they I say, I could ask and shall ask the very same thing. Now, to begin. 1#. The Skill Tree of PoE, compared to Diablo 3's current and future skill system. The Skill Tree is indeed, insanely massive and very impressive to behold. However, it is all shine, and no rational substance. What does that mean ? Well, there is no sane means of respeccing your skills, in case you make a mistake, which is the first brutal issue of Path of Exile. Sadly, the idiots of its company decided to make it restrictive and redundant. Full explanation: While the tree gives you near limitless possibilities of builds and play styles, sadly, it's limitations are also the actual thing that limit you in being creative with your skill build. You can not have all the skill points in the end, (and I doubt you can own over more then half), as well as it is very easy to screw up a skill build into near uselessness if you want to be completely self found, and be forced to start a new one, rather then being able to reset all your skills at the click of the button, and make adjustments where reason and difficulty demands compensation in exchange to make your build more viable. Why ? Because that option doesn't exist. Well, it a bastardized manner. The sad thing is that you are very much so screwed if you spend too many points into the tree towards a goal in mind that turns out to be flawed and useless in the end, and will force you to make a new character. Once you level him back up to your doomed characters level was, you'll have to make the necessary adjustments where need be, give him your old characters gear, delete him, and try to not mess up badly this time around...hopefully. As progression increases, so does the difficulty, and with the difficulty, the altering of your build. Even more so, the developers made a stupid decision, and decided that in order to refund points, you would have to be able to buy certain gems that can only let you refund the points, they call them Orbs of Regret. And they are very bloody rare. And they too will cost a fare share if you are new, or not that lucky with loot drops. Which unfortunately, the latter was my issue. To those who will scream at anger with me, I did look upon the web for build possibilities revolving around hammers for my Mara (since I like that sort of thing, massive axe/hammer builds are always fun), and I found something that did somewhat help me, but in the end, I was far too deep in to be able to fix my mistakes, and just got depressed and quit bothering all together. I had to wait for a serious revamping patch to make any major worthy adjustments, but since that is a one time until the next time only thing, it is just stupidly redundant, but most of all, pointless. I do not have the time of all the world in my pocket, hence you can't blame me for not being able to want to farm for nine hours straight just to fix a couple of stupid mistakes I made. This is where Diablo 2/3 shines where PoE dims, the refund system for skills, and the tree itself, is redundant. Like Communism, nice on paper, bad in practice. Is the tree system bad ? No. Is it excellent ? No. Is it decent ? I suppose so, if you can have assistance from someone who has already mastered the game and shows you the ropes and what you should do, should you need assistance/advice. Still, it has some very major flaws, in my eyes. It comes down to personal taste, and in my opinion ? Its certainly a nice looking skill tree, but just because it is pretty, doesn't mean it is not pointless. Because it is, very much so. In the end, the skill system is redundant, restrictive, pointless, and wastes your time on applying what is worth focusing on when it comes to managing your skills and stats. Diablo 3 completely outmatches it, PoE will be blown aside in the wind when ROS is released with the new Paragon stat system. Accessibility outmatches fancy redundancy, chaps! Diablo 3 gives me options, even if limited, to respec my skills on how I want, with few to no consequences, and I like it that way. I feel personally that's blizzards way of saying: The world is your oyster, you may do what you want to with your character, do what you want, but remember, you must work for what you desire! But don't worry, we won't limit you! :) Alright, endgame there was limited skill builds for all classes in D3, currently, but lets push that aside for the moment and look at what we got. And HEY! RoS IS giving us more accessibility and skill build options! Good guy Blizz, that's what I am looking at. Guess what. Path of Exile doesn't have that. Not. One. Bit. Of course, it lets me invest points into my skill tree, if it didn't even have that, it would not be a true dungeon crawler RPG. It would be a waste of time...which it is, but either way.That's about as good as it comes. And before ANYONE claims D2 limited you in a same way, yes, it did, but guess what ? There was a respec option. No, I don't mean wait half a stupid year to fix your mistakes or a month or so, I mean an actual respec option. Does PoE have that ? Nope. Besides those horribly rare and expensive gems that are also necessary to bargain to buy loot from other players, and hence makes it painful to use them and feel super restricted when you are forced to use one, so you are not forced to start over again with a new character from scratch ??? Pretty much nope. 2#. The market system. You think the AH was a nightmare ? At least you could actually GET THINGS YOU NEEDED from it... While this is a fun game to play, as a past time waiting for better games to come, it's loot system and classes are all tied into the trading system, which uses a bartering system that the community invented with the devs help. Essentially, IIRC, the devs could not decide on how to do a proper system of trading, economy etc, so they made a make shift very libertarian, liberal minded one, that has basically no regulation, which ANYONE with the money and time can abuse those who are not hard core traders and only want to proceed and farm in the game in a traditional manner where FUN is focused on, not MONEY. And with the lack of a stable currency, you are very screwed in expecting good loot any time soon. Since they decided to use the idea of special gems with magical properties that affects loot that drops, and NOT use gold, which was the biggest mistake, they basically remade a video game currency version of Bitcoin. The "currency" is hard to find, has only certain value for individual tastes, but forces you to trade with them, even if you have good spare gear you don't need, and are willing to exchange for gear you DO NEED! And since the value of most gems are extremely low, but the endgame Chaos Orbs, etc, have absolutely INSANE value in comparison, the gear and rich/poor gap amongst players is increased to a disturbing amount. Basically, those who are in the mid endgame level that need to proceed since their drops are not outmatching their current gear, they are pretty much forced to do this, instead of having valid options: 1. Forced to farm upon months of ingame work, and that screws over those who like the game, but have lives of their own and need to focus on the real world, besides a computer game. 2. Forced to trade with others with what they have collected, and do the same thing over again starting with 1#, rinse and repeat, to the point of where you are not grinding for gear to proceed, but being forced to do a CHORE. Thankfully, the Blizz devs are moving D3 away from this kind of model with ROS, making grinding for gear rewarding, fun, exciting, intriguing and making you eager for the next good loot drop that could be hiding around the corner, with no black monkey sitting on your back, laughing at you as you are basically forced to grind away endless at the very games endgame locations, just to have a basic impact left upon your loot drop chances and xp drops to make a significant difference. I'm sorry, but I want to play and do some grinding. Not just grind, grind, grind grind grind and grind. I could not get to 60 by that point, I was so worn out and tired of the repetitiveness of PoE, that I gave up. The constant grinding, the ugly gear, the horrid stat application means of fixing mistakes made, character remakes, the time, the hazard of having to deal with scammers, it was becoming nothing but a painful, stupid, redundant chore. This is something I had an issue with in D2 as well, albeit I still had plenty of opportunity, and those who were eager to help me, and play with me! In PoE, I had NONE of this. You were at the mercy of those who wanted to screw you over for money, and the games horrid loot drop system, which was basically null and void in my case. O(f course, the skill system brings no relief. You may claim POE is a godsend compared to D3. It doesn't matter. I have both games, and in my honest opinion, Diablo 3, Vanilla and RoS, shall always outmatch it. Always. PART 2, COMBAT AND GRAPHICS. And the little side details that can also matter. Alright, this is going to be a bit shorter, but I shall do it, nicely tight, wrapped up in a big black and red flamy bow. Yes, I am dramatic. Deal with it. And !@#$%^-, Amon Amarth can keep a man up. The Combat of Diablo 2 and 3 have always been very fast paced in a nice means of getting from point A to B, and feels more like you are walking a road straight down to Hell, which you do so, and kick major *!@ while doing so. The action, while face pasted, is constant but orderly, presenting one new challenge the other, like a set of commands on a program being triggered, but each command is different, looks different to an extent, and the result of this commands being set off will result in progress, or AKA good loot drops. Even with the #$%^e loot drops in D3 vanillia, I still love to grind away, as the entire damn game to me, is basically an acid trip which makes me feel like a god, completely smashing my enemies flesh away, laughing to myself as I cut down row after row of demons, and finding loot to sell to repair my gear and be able to replace it. I could also choose the gender of my character. In Path of Exile, of my personal experience, with the graphics being uninteresting, grey, colourless, and almost...clay looking, with polish and glaze being applied to the metallic pieces of the surrounding scenes and backgrounds (hell, the end game was the only nice looking set, the first two acts of the game were ugly, and had little to look at. I won't lie, the set pieces is basically the ONLY nice thing to look at), the experience was the complete EXACT opposite. I understand they were going for a dark undertone, but see, you are not supposed to have a LIFELESS dark undertone. You almost feel like your watching a clay animation cutscene, rather then an actual event taking place, even if it is cartoony and colourful looking. Even WOW strikes me as a lively, living world. Path of Exile ? Far from it. The sad side, is that the gameplay is far from impressive, compared to Diablo 3. When I am supposed to be saving the world, I should appear like I am capable of doing it, and should be showing signs of making such progress. In Diablo 3, the Barbarian becomes a hulking titan of raw power, and moves like one. In Path of Exile, I get to make things explode in a cute little blaze of fire, and all I see are guts that go flying...they don't even land on the ground, they just hurl into the sky and dissipate. Not even the monsters are sent flying. "Watches my barbarian send a demon flying 6 feet across the map." "Then watches my Marauder hit a monster with his sweep attack, and it falls down in a pool of its own clay like blood. Nothing more." Wow...that's just sad. Excuse me ? lolwut ? Aren't I supposed to be some kind of half demigod or something, and be stopping a great evil ? No, apparently not in the melee' classes case. In the witches case, she being the spell caster, she had the most nicest looking effects. The funny side to it is that, like almost every other "class", she was nothing but a physical template for using certain skills. This is what the game could not even pull off, the "Elder Scrolls Class System Syndrome." Where basically you could be anything you to be, and change back and fourth from a mage to a warrior and so on. In Path of Exile, this executes MISERABLY, and does not make me feel like I am my own unique, individual self. Even the skills, instead of being class specific, are placed within gems that replace emeralds, rubies and so on and so fourth, when it comes to slots for gear in dungeon crawlers, and the uses of those slots. Basically, the character your playing as is a present template designed for a certain purpose in mind, but can be altered away from that purpose. Once again, a pointless design. It DID work in Skyrim, as you had plenty of more important things to focus on, and the options offered to you are fun, interesting, diverse and not always the same crap. Path of Exile does the exact opposite. For instance, instead of being a holy warrior for god, the "Templar" can raise the dead to fight for him (didn't Christians hate the idea of Necromancy ?), and cast spells like Witches can. And ironically so, this is not an RPG, but a dungeon crawler. Wow, way to take things out of complex and make them even MORE POINTLESS! Hell, in Orwell's 1984, the citizens had more -*!@#$%ed identity then these so called "classes" do. And a funny side to my Witches' story, is that she died too often, since I had a cold element based build, and being level 34 didn't seem to agree with her on that point. Once again, total utterly failure. And could I fix these changes without a major revamp patch ? Once again, nope. But want to know what the failure is, in this game ? Besides the skill and currency system ? 1. The story line. It is confusing, is not explained properly, is impressive when shown off, but half the time I was like: wait, why is this like this ? So many answers, few to no questions left. It is mostly told in pieces in the end, and no, sorry, there is no Deckard Cain to help explain things to you, or a Tyreal. But there is random snipets here and there. Sad, isn't it ? 2. Remember when I mentioned the skill effects were being sold in the in game shop for money ? Yup, that's right folks! They pulled a CAPCOM! In order to have a decent playing experience, you must pay them at least...5-10$ per skill effect, just to have some BASIC eye candy. And this is with real life money. No, I don't care they are an indie developer. That is just pathetically cheap. And no, I won't apologize for bashing them on this. Even in APB:R, you pay for more HONEST means of winning gun fights. But this ? For a graphic effect ? That's a whole new low. In a video game about saving the world, and further more, being a dungeon crawler, you are meant to have an over inflated ego and be proud about your character, your progress, your loot, your hard effort you spent in this game, but most of all, you should be enjoying the entire experience. That doesn't happen in Path of Exile. Instead, you get a bare bones experience of something that could have been, but was turned into a ugly looking, boring, uncreative grind fest that demands real life money just to make your chore actually look decent. This is called being a cheap sell out to the next level, at least Activision gives us nice looking guns to use in Call of Duty. And I have never played Call of Duty before, and never will. But hey, comparisons always work when applied well, aye ? Thats my rant for you folks, I hope you all enjoyed it. I know I did. Debates are welcome, thanks for reading my rant all. I shall update my posts if anyone have points to help my side of the debate and/or things I should correct myself on. I won't respond to pointless posts made by trolls, but serious posts and serious discussions are always welcome! See you guys ingame and in ROS when it's released. - D.O.GDeathOrGlory262 Jan 8
Jan 7 The Darkening of Tristram. I really hope that I can get a developer of this game to read this. I really like the above event and my computer seems to run somewhat smoother while I'm running around in there. I also really like the ode to the old diablo games. I was wondering if I could get a graphics option for the rest of the game to play like this.Ragglesnax0 Jan 7
Jan 7 Why did 99% of the playerbase abandon Diablo 3? Anyone knows? Why did such a massive percentage of players abandon this game? And how did Path of Exile obtain hundreds of thousands of Diablo players? Isn't it just an Indie game? how could an indie game be so popular and take away all the Blizzard customers? According to the actual ingame statistics of D3 there are an average of only 3000 players "which is easily calculated from the displayed total number of open games on each torment level", when over 12 million bough the game. Today only 3000 or less play D3. While Path of Exile has over 100,000 at any given time and peaks at 200,000 players. Many of which have bought "supporter packs" in support of POE costing from $100 USD to $1100 USD. How could people support POE so much? even though its a free game people willingly spend over $1100 USD on supporter packs to support the devs always praising the devs. And how come over here on this forum people abuse the devs daily, shout at them and ask for refunds? What could POE possibly do that is so correct? and what did D3 devs possibly do to deserve this embarrassment?JOHN87 Jan 7
Jan 7 New Integration with RGB Peripherals I'm not really sure where to post this so, General it is. I have a K95 RGB and I remember reading about the new "Profile" coming out for integration with Diablo 3. Events in-game will trigger the keyboard doing specific lighting effects. For example, when a Legendary drops it ripples color from the center to the edges. It's pretty neat and all that but I have some concerns so far. First of all, I remember reading that a firmware update would be necessary but I have made no such update and the mode just activates when Diablo is running. I have also found no way to disable this mode while playing the game. Neither in Diablo's settings nor Corsair Utility Engine's. Secondly, there are a few "issues" with the profile I have found within the first 20 minutes of playing. I have been playing my Monk and the keyboard lighting changes from Red to a kind of Golden Yellow when I use Epiphany, that's fine, except when a Legendary drops WHILE in Epiphany, there is no lighting effect that happens. I assume this is true for Barbarians in Wrath of the Berserker and Wizards in Archon but, I have not tested it yet. UPDATE: Wrath of the Berserker does not affect the back lighting color at all. I'm not trying to whine or any of that. I just wanted to make a thread for people who also have a Corsair RGB keyboard or a Razer Chroma to chime in and share their experience. And possibly make some suggestions on stuff you think would be cool that could be added to the "profile". For example, I think it'd be cool if your Town Portal button was blue and everything flashed Blue quickly when you TP'd. I'll continue to experiment with this on and off with other classes as well.zombiecloud9 Jan 7
Jan 7 Why Path of Exile is so much better For all new players who never heard about Path of Exile. So why is Path of Exile so good? 1) Has crazy build diversity. Your head will explode from build possibilities 2) Every element is strong, not just FIRE or COLD or smth.. 3) Crit Damage/Chance are not mandatory to be effective. Can easily be effective without any CHD/CHC 4) You get patches almost every few days fixing things in and out 5) No exp leeching 6) No powerlevelling 7) Has trading 8) Has pvp 9) Yellows items are in many sitatuations super effective in end game. Many yellow items absolutely beat Uniques 10) There is no gold. 11) Artisans are actually very useful and add specials mods to gear as you level them. 12) Has 4 acts with 3 difficulties 13) You can craft, affect and alter almost any piece/item in the game 14) Uniques are actually very hard to find. They are not raining on you. 15) Can buy stash tabs 16) can buy character slots Why Diablo 3 is so bad: 1) No build diversity. 1 effective build per 1 major patch 2) 1 element is strong per 1 effective build 3) CHD/CHC are mandatory 4) You get patches once in a few months, if any. Some three year old bugs still not fixed 5) Exp leeching 6) Powerlevelling. 7) No trading 8) No pvp 9) Yellow items are useless 10) Gold is useless in end game 11) Artisans are useless once you upgrade them to max level 12) More Acts!!! 13) Crafting is pretty much useless in end game. 14) Legendary and set items are raining on you 15) Cant buy stash tabs 16) cant buy character slotsDarkSol31 Jan 7
Jan 5 Grim Dawn - Has anyone played it yet ? I think its great !R4VI4TOR13 Jan 5
Jan 5 RPG Ps offs Greetings, I am working on a project and need to get some data from communities about RPG games that have some kind of feature or other that really annoyed the players/community. What I need is a list of things that people hated about a game, if you name the game thats fine, all I need is what you hate, that a or many RPGs do in game. please list as many that come to mind. (example) 1: Hate how powerful monsters can spawn in areas when you are not able to combat them. 2: animals having loot on them that should not be there.KORD0 Jan 5
Jan 4 disappointed in blizzards response Will probably quit playing diablo 3 due to the thread about resolution supportmemphismage1 Jan 4
Jan 3 Diablo 2 1.14D in 1080p or Hi-Res? Hey guys, is there a way to play D2 in 1080p or Hi-Res? Thanks in advance! :O)m3ta1he4d18 Jan 3
Jan 1 DIABLO 2: LoD Resolution Hey guys, I am not sure about any of you but I like to kick around on D2: LoD on the occasion, generally because it's fun to murder things and find nice gear. I was just wondering if Blizzard would throw out a resolution alter. I mean, instead of this 800x600 stuff, I am talking 1920x1080. Atleast for 1.14b I get that it is an old game and things like that where it may not be able to be upgraded, but if there was a possibility, I feel like it should be something that would benefit myself and some of the community. Oh, I didn't know where else to post something like this so I just posted hereSinner9 Jan 1
Dec 29 Would you want a monetized Diablo 4? Would you rather have: a) A monetized Diablo 4 with better, more frequent content updates? or b) A non-monetized Diablo 4 with updates equal to that of Diablo 3? And for monetization, I don't mean like a monthly subscription, but more like cosmetic things that are just optional for people who want to pay for it.libykim62 Dec 29
Dec 29 Official controller support for PC Super sad there's none, seems to work just fine for consolesbwolfman10 Dec 29
Dec 26 What Not To Bring Back In Diablo 4? ... Non-Existent Character Development D3 type Itemization in general More than 3-4 Difficulty Settings Multiplayer limited to 4 players to suit Console Requirements HP Potions with cooldowns, instead we want recovering-potions Cool-Downs on any type of Skill (very short casting delays are OK where necessary due to aesthetic reasons) Chat-Box that cannot be entirely turned off Huge-MiniMap that cannot be entirely closed or made smaller Main-Screen Notification-Spam (Achievements, Quest-Popups, Kill-Popups, etc) Mandatory Set Items Ridiculous Damage and HP Numbers Endless Difficulty aka Grifts Paragon Lack of true voluntary and optional open-world PVP WOW Leveling (1-70) where everyone is on the same level after 2 hours Blood Shard Gambling with ridiculous high success rates Cube recipes to make ultra-rare items yourself with little effort Legendary powers tied to specific items, which make or brake an item Static World without map randomization Breaking the Diablo world into 2 (Story/Adventure Mode) WOW Itemization with CC/CHD/Health/Mainstat on every item Meaningless Elements coupled with monsters without resistances Lack of Optional Trading Abundance of "Race Track Maps" that lead from A to B with one path only Meaningless Bosses Meaningless Elite Monsters Annoying NPC, Follower and Monster speeches Lack of Iconic NPC's and Bosses Static Town NPC's that dont move at all Low-Res-Washed-Out-Textures Followers that are not following you into combat in multiplayer (thus rendering them useless 99% of the game) Un-preventable Cut-Scenes that interrupt game flow in any fasion Instanced Bosses that are locked behind area-transferring-portals Pink-Pony-Level-PR-Stunts Lack of proper Long-Term Alpha and Beta-Testing ... Fluid Combat, Movement and animations High-Level of Polish (evident in very few areas of D3, but by far not all) Shared Character Stash ... Transmogs-Paragon (unlocks kick-a$$ transmogs as you level up) Stash-Space-Paragon (unlocks Stash-Tabs as you level up) Legendary-Orbs which hold Legendary-Powers previously tied to specific Legendary Items in D3TOPCommander16 Dec 26
Dec 26 Set Dungeons I do not like Set Dungeons. Please eliminate them. They are pointless and unlovedLordRobert0 Dec 26
Dec 21 Diablo 3 Oldschool Version ? Could i play Oldschool diablo 3 ... without the expension ? i bought d3 1 shot with the expension but is there anyway i could play without it ? i would really like this becuse i played a lot on xbox360 when i was younger and i didnt had expension so please tell me we can !nicfast0 Dec 21
Dec 20 Android on Mac - photo retrieval horror Scenario: I have an old and no longer used Samsung Galaxy S4. It has around 2000 photos in total on it. It has some photos of my young niece. I want to select those photos of my niece as I'm going to get them printed and put into a photo album for my sister and brother in law as a Christmas present. Sounds simple so far, right? WRONG! mtp connection - KIES is a p.o.s that is slower than a dead snail nailed to the floor at drawing image thumbnails. It won't draw thumbnails unless you scroll through the entire range of images listed...even then, most images don't display a thumbnail! Tried xnview (since most other image viewing software doesn't run on OS X) but nada...(both as mtp and ptp) Tried Photoshop Elements organizer...nada. (both as mtp and ptp) So, tried ptp protocol - knowing that the Mac Photo app should show the contents. OMG! It's even SLOWER than Kies at displaying thumbnails. Instead of generating thumbnails for all images found, it just does nothing - unless you scroll bit by bit and wait for it to refresh and generate thumbnails. Stupid! What is so hard about hey, here's a tonne of images, perhaps I should generate small thumbnails of each image for the user so that they can browse and check the pictures (as opposed to meaningless file names)? Do developers even think when they develop software? Nope. Sure, they're great at coding, but great code is useless if the UI is crap. If the software doesn't operate in a logic manner that is user friendly to the ordinary user, it's a failure. It's that simple. It would have been simpler to simply remove the microSD card from the phone and plug that into a SD adaptor and use it as a MTP volume in xnview I suspect, but I wanted to try the "normal" way to see how things would pan out. I might even have a go at that tomorrow (it's 1 am here, have spent 4 bloody hours with this p.o.s design trying various things). Sorry my fellow Diablo fans, but I just had to let out this almighty rant at the stupidity of seems Apple/OS X has went majorly downhill since Steve Jobs died. Note: said Mac has more than enough CPU and RAM to handle generating the thumbnails. It's not a hardware issue, it's a software design issue. Dave PS I'm pretty sure that if I'd been on Windows (or GNU/Linux), this wouldn't have been an issue - windows explorer etc would have just seen the phone as a mtp device and the images and displayed thumbnails without issue (hell, it even gives you the opportunity to change the thumbnail size, which OS X seems to well, not do).mrtheoden1 Dec 20
Dec 19 Minion Masters! (Forced Series) Story of how hard it is to make a game these days: Minion Masters is a fast paced, deck building, strategy game that mixes tug of war and card games. After just a few hours of gameplay, I am completely hooked. The matches are very fast and there are so many deck possibilities. Right now the game is in early access and has room to grow. I say, support the devs and check it out! Its awesome! Minion Masters! EDIT: I spent ALL day yesterday streaming it and playing game after game. 12+ hours... Im hooked. The game blew up over night too... IT went from 300-600 players to ~5000 overnight! 5000!!!!!! [url][/url] It has the potential to be an insane e-sport game.... Seriously a must buy. Ill be hosting a noob stream in a bit. (I suck at streaming) (Twitch name is RasereiAmok)Raserei0 Dec 19
Dec 19 Diablo 4 Diablo 4 Hi there, My daughter would like to know if there are any plans for a Diablo 4. Thank you EsteEstedevilla1 Dec 19
Dec 18 "Will my PC run D3?" READ THIS Before Posting * Last Update: May 22nd Way too many of these threads, so going to create a hopefully a single topic that deals with that question once and for all. This topic will explain whether your PC can handle D3 or not. If you read through this and find out that your system is not up to the task and needs an upgrade, then take a good look at this comprehensive PC build I made on the WoW forums: ===== CPUs ===== Diablo 3 is not a very CPU intensive game when you are playing solo or in a small group. Supposedly, CPU becomes more important in a full group, with massive number of monsters and spells happening all around. But there is no benchmark detailing that. So I will simply describe what is a decent level of CPU you can still use for the time being. If you have the following CPU brands, you do not have to upgrade your CPU: If your CPU is not listed here, then your CPU is pretty ancient (or weak), and your computer as whole is likely to be ancient. Getting a new PC would be recommended in that case. *** Intel *** ... *** AMD *** ... ===== GPUs / Graphics Cards ===== I will explain to you here how AMD/ATi and nVidia names their cards, and their approximate representative power, and how that translates into D3 performance. If your GPU is not listed here, D3 will either: 1) Run, but unplayable 2) Does not run Besides that, the other requirements are that your graphics card fully support DirectX 9.0c, and Pixel Shader 3.0. What does this mean? This means, any and all AMD/ATi / nVidia graphics of the following models will never run D3. ... Caution: The relative graphics performance of the cards explained below ALL ASSUME THE MONITOR RESOLUTION IS 1920x1080!!!! *** Intel *** ... *** AMD / ATi *** The AMD / ATi nomenclature for their models are as follows: Given the model, AMD Radeon HD 6870... 1. The "6" indicates the generation. This indicates how recent it has been released. It has no real bearing in how powerful a card is, unless if your card is ancient. ... ... 2. The "8" indicates the primary power level of the card. The levels are as follows: ... ... 3. The "7" indicates the relative power in that given primary power level. The levels are as follows: ... 4. The "0" has no meaning. ... *** nVidia *** The nVidia nomenclature for their models are as follows: ... Given the model, nVidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti... 1. The "GTX" is given to a "performance gaming card" of the series. Lower-end series will have "GTS", and the weakest will have "GT". 2. The "5" represents generation, much like AMD/ATi. Once again, no real bearings on its performance, unless if your card is ancient. ... ... 3. The "6" indicates the primary power level of the card. The levels are as follows: ... 4. The "0" can sometimes change into "5", which means it's a slightly improved version compared to one with "0" here. Not seen often in desktop scene, but common in laptops. 5. The "Ti" indicates 'superior' version of that primary family. IE) GTX 560 Ti is better than plain GTX 560. Sometimes, this suffix shows "SE", which means it's a gimped version. IE) GTX 560 SE is worse than plain GTX 560. ... ====================================== I hope this topic has helped you figure out whether your PC is ready for Diablo 3 or not. Any questions and comments can be posted here.Ehrengarde296 Dec 18
Dec 18 Diablo 1 and the Hellfire Expansion So I was listening to the recent Diablo Cast from Link for those who haven't watched it yet. One of the main points that was brought up was the fact that Diablo 1 can not be purchased in stores or in the battle chest unless you get very lucky. You also can't have a digital purchase through store either. For me it's a shame because I love having the collection of all the games Blizzard has released for their three main franchises. The one thing that wasn't mention was the fact that Diablo 1 had an expansion and I remember buying it and being extremely excited. Even if I had to hide it from my mother... Proof that it existed. Granted from what I read was it didn't affect the multiplayer but it was something that progressed the story line of the game. Personally I think it would be a great way to add the games to your collections if Blizzard added the digital downloads to your account. I know that there weren't any cd keys but they do have receipts for in-game items in WoW. The items are added to your accounts but there is still a record for the purchase of those items linked with your account history. I think it would be a reasonable request to have the Diablo 1/Hellfire available for purchase and have the receipt act as your "cd key" to your account.Conquest24 Dec 18
Dec 16 [FIXED] Diablo 2 and newer video cards Well...this is odd. Until about 2 months ago, I was using an HD6870, and I was able to play Diablo 2 without any issues. The only thing that has changed since it worked is the video card...I upgraded to an HD7950. I suppose the video drivers have upgraded a couple of times since then too (on 12.4 now). OS is Win7 Ultimate 64-bit (though that's been the same all along and it worked before). Diablo 2 won't launch anymore. Launch game (it was fully patched), get black screen and error beep, hit windows key, see window that says Unhandled Exception: Access Violation {c000005}. Tried every compatibility mode Win7 has (I previously didn't have to use any). Same error. Googled the error, saw lots of people getting it, with very unhelpful advice (never saw any solutions). Someone suggested setting it to 2D mode instead of Direct3D. Setting it to 2D just gets a black screen for 2 seconds, then it just goes back to the Windows desktop (although Game.exe still shows up in task manager indicating something is running). Set it back to Direct3D, get the same error as before. So I figure my D2 installation is just corrupt, no biggie. Remove the game and reinstall it (this time from a different source - the soulstone flash drive from my D3 collector's edition). Try to launch - same error. MANUALLY download the latest patch (1.13), install, goes through fine. Try to launch again, same error. I have literally read at least 50 different websites now with various "things to try" for this error, all of them exceedingly unhelpful. Blizzard's on advice for it is the least helpful of all. Has anyone had this error and managed to find a solution for it?Saerydoth115 Dec 16
Dec 13 Diablo III Feedback Diablo III Feedback: Dec 13
Dec 11 Diablo 1 Hmm Quick question ? Anyone know where i could buy Diablo 1 ? I don't need the CD, just want it RIGHT NOW .... but i can't find it anywhere on blizzard is the game still available at all ?Kenpachi16 Dec 11