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Sep 10, 2015 Razer mouse - stay away from this guys Just wasted $$$ on some over hyped crap which i though will be good. Mice made by this so called company DOES NOT WORK on all surfaces. I got a little bit worn out table with lots of large patches of shiny wood and unfortunately that mouse doesn't work on this kind of surface. What a load of crap, beware people and spend your money elsewhere.Panmisiek47 Sep 10, 2015
Sep 8, 2015 Can a WoW knowledgeable person help me? Hi! I've never played WoW but I'm trying to find an example of a game that: 1- Gives each character/class a lot of skills to choose from, but without granting ALL the skills of the class/job. 2- Characters have to make use of a variety of skills (5~6 or more), not just spamming the same over and over. 3- Allows character to evolve the skills they choose or maybe branch these skills to perform differently in given circunstances. Does WoW fit into this? Or does any game actually fits into this? I need to find one that does, if someone can basically explain to me in short how it goes, or point a video, I would be very thankful (most videos are lengthy and presume the viewer already knows the content to some extent...)Michel2 Sep 8, 2015
Sep 5, 2015 Vid card recommendations? So after getting a new monitor that's native 1080p 5ms response time and all that nice stuff, and after doing some thinking, I've been pondering the thought of returning to the PC version of D3. I like the PS4 version and all, but it does get old not being able to find a game without people in it with hacked items and all that. I've come to the conclusion that to run this game at 1080p/60fps (or a little bit higher), my AMD Radeon HD 6770 isn't going to cut it. Any recommendations on a card around the range of 150 bucks or so?ComposMentis10 Sep 5, 2015
Sep 5, 2015 Diablo 2 - digital download, already have key Hi folks, I have a purchased copy of D2 on disk. I'm not sure if it's compatible with windows 7. Blizzard provide D2 as a download from their website. I've already purchased the original game and the LOD expansion. Is there a way to download just the client and use my old key?Arcadia6 Sep 5, 2015
Sep 4, 2015 The Storm Armor (D3) VS Herald of Thunder (PoE) Lets compare a similar effect from both games and how they are designed, what is possible. I wont go into any judgement or review, it is just a comparison of facts, Thus I don't really understand the down-rate. Anyway I'll leave you make your own idea. The common ground for both skills is : monsters around the player get periodically struck by lightning from above. D3 design : The Storm Armor, one armor active at a time, last 10min, monsters around the player get periodically struck by lightning from above There are 5 runes you can choose from : - a thorn effect - reduced arcane costs of other skills - increased damage of the skill - a movement speed buff on getting hit - a chance to proc damaging spell on dealing critical hits Other tools to further customize the skill : - damage is increased by stats from your armor/paragon levels/pillar/other skills - to my knowledge, there is no legendary item that provide exotic bonus to The Storm Armor PoE disgn : Herald of thunder, you gain flat lightning damage to your attack and spells and upon killing a shocked enemy, monsters around the player get periodically struck by lightning from above. Base mana reservation is 25%, and is affected by support gems. There are __ support gems you can choose from, you can reasonably consider getting support from 3 of the fallowing : (I remove some that were possible but irrelevant or too specific) - increased area of effect - concentrated effect (up dmg, down aoe) - added flat lightning, cold or chaos damage - empower (increase the level of HoT gem) - blind on hit - blood magic (reserve life instead of mana, increase amount reserved) - chance to flee - culling strike (death-on-hit on low life threshold) - curse on hit : cast supported curse on hit important note for the previous one : you can choose any curse in the game, and support it with all valid support gems, you can even auto apply multiple curses - enlightenment : improve experience gain for the gem - enhance : improve quality bonus for the gem - increased duration : duration of the buff and eventually linked curses are increased - increased rarity (of item drop by monsters kill with the skill) - life leech - lightning penetration - mana leech - reduced mana (reserved) Other tools to further customize the lightning from above part of the skill : - increased damage from passive tree and armor - altered area of effect from passive tree and armor - altered duration from passive tree and armor - multiples curses on hit with passive and armor (and the proper gem setup) - reduced amount of mana reserved from passive tree - various unique items effects, however none is really relevant for this skill, except additional curse. That's all folks.Genez12 Sep 4, 2015
Sep 2, 2015 Best Modern/New ARPG I'm looking to try a new ARPG, I'd prefer it to be a newish one.. that has regular updates and a decent player base. In the past I have played : D3 Torchlight 2 Titan Quest Sacred 1/2 POE Van Helsing Games I am thinking of trying : Grims Dawn Marvel Heroes In your opinion, what is the best/most popular "new" ARPGiMoLaTe46 Sep 2, 2015
Sep 2, 2015 Whats A Good Cheap Graphics Card? I am looking for a graphics card to replace my NVIDIA GeForce 6150 SE card...... I am willing to spend around 80-100 on a decent one that would be able to play Diablo 3 okay. I also would like a card that would be able to run wow at an okay fps on maybe fair/good settings. Here are my current computer specs(I know I need to upgrade my power supply): Compaq Presario PC AMD Athlon X2 4800 Dual-Core Processor 3GB Ram 320GB Hard Drive NVIDIA GeForce 6150 SE Graphics Card I know it is pretty ancient and i'm aware of that. Not looking for too much maybe around 20-30 fps in wow and to be able to play Diablo 3. Thanks in advance!Rob19 Sep 2, 2015
Sep 1, 2015 play diablo 3 anyone that wants to play d3 invite me AnMIMyAnMIMy2 Sep 1, 2015
Aug 30, 2015 Download bug I cant download the new patch,Farmand0 Aug 30, 2015
Aug 30, 2015 Starcraft 2 campaign question I understand that this is in the completely wrong forum. My SC2 account is only a trial so I can't post on the SC forums. Does anyone know if you purchase Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm without purchasing Wings of Liberty if it includes EVERYTHING for both games? I understand HotS is a standalone product now, but does it include the WoL campaign? I just don't understand why they'd have both for sale in their store if HotS included it all. Why would anyone buy WoL instead of HotS? I also Googled this and couldn't find an answer. I'm mostly interested in the campaign but not sure if I want to buy both versions just for that. Wish I could post this where it should properly go, thanks!shiningforce7 Aug 30, 2015
Aug 28, 2015 Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain HD remake - gameplay video What do you say guys? Looks freaking good. I also spoke to developer, and game is nearly there. So finger crossed. At 4:08 you can see a melee combat and you can notice that blood on the floor is not decaying which is quite cool to see all the mess after fight. Props to devsPanmisiek0 Aug 28, 2015
Aug 28, 2015 New hitman game $1 For anyone wanting new game its only 1 dollar anything else you want to donate is up to you.Aziah7 Aug 28, 2015
Aug 26, 2015 black screen windows 10 somebody have a way to fix this bug?diablokiller0 Aug 26, 2015
Aug 22, 2015 Diablo 4 - What needs to change? Interesting article on what needs to change in Diablo 4. What would you like to see in Diablo 4? What did you like in D1, D2 and D3? What did you dislike in D1, D2 and D3? What would you like to see have a come back in D4 from the previous installments? Discuss! :). I'll go first: I really liked the music from D1 and D2. I also loved the randomness of the game in D1 and D2 as well as the epic itemization in D2. From D3, I really like the combat but dislike the camera so close to the character as well as the 4 player limit due to console development priority. I also dislike the bland itemization in D3 as well as the lacking character development. What would I like to see in D4? I would love to have the itemization, music style, character development, world detail, and hopeless atmosphere of "good versus evil" from D1 and D2. Also more than 4 players would be great, at least 6 so all available classes can adventure together. I would like to have D3-like combat, although would prefer for it to be a tad slower and more gory and detailed. I play a WW barb in D3 and its just so fast that I cant enjoy the game world as much as i did in D1 and D2. It's ok to have enemies die instantly once fully geared in awesome gear, but the movement should be slowed down, so short speed bursts or teleport actually feels like a skill worth choosing.TOPCommander14 Aug 22, 2015
Aug 19, 2015 Gaming laptops.... Any recommendations? I want to be able to run D3 and some other games like path of exile and possibly the occasional FPS on pretty high if not max settings.Celinx2 Aug 19, 2015
Aug 19, 2015 Windows 10 Coming Soon ! I've recently received some sort of a "Notification" from Windows & it says something about "Free upgrade to Windows 10. It will download once available....". So my point is - Is this Windows 10 compatible with Diablo III + ROS' system requirements ? Will it cause any type / kind of untoward "Disruptions" to the game itself ? or even other Blizzard Games as well ? Has anyone encounter such a issue ?Ghoststalker38 Aug 19, 2015
Aug 19, 2015 So, I installed LOD again, and... I have to say that looking back at D2 there's some rose colored glasses that I have to admit to wearing in the past. Ignoring the fact that the graphics are so horribly old and outdated that it makes you feel like crying, and ignoring the fact that you have to literally click everything (carpal tunnel within an hour of gameplay), I want to point out a few things that this game still has right. Itemization and how they work Character development Combat (no instagibs unless you are waaaaaaaaay over your head) Virtually unlimited stash space If D3 fixes these things, D2 can be put to bed completely.Halcyon96 Aug 19, 2015
Aug 14, 2015 Hearthstone pulls in $20 million a month I knew hearthstone made a lot of money but I didn't know it was that much a month. News Source: News Source: News Source: Aug 14, 2015
Aug 14, 2015 Would you buy a high definition version of Diablo 2? With some small quality of life adjustments, like heath pots stacked and larger stash space? My answer. Shut up and take my money.MadMegatron28 Aug 14, 2015
Aug 14, 2015 Secret Level? Is there a secret level in this game? Would be cool if there was, but no dialog in the game to suggest it. So I'm bummed.WitchDefy1 Aug 14, 2015
Aug 13, 2015 Diablo 4 Lets say blizzard announces Diablo 4. what do you think, can we take anything over from Diablo 3 like items or our paragon progress or are we gonna have to start from scratch? I think we would have to start all over and blizz wouldn't transfer anything from d3 since it is a completely new game like d1 or d2 before. Just too bad not only for those who are now around paragon 2000 and spent thousands of hours in d3Ivy5 Aug 13, 2015
Aug 13, 2015 Support my Overwatch Twitch channel Hello everyone and welcome! My name is Rami and I am a 23 years old. I live in Ukraine and PC Gamer since 2001. I bring a lot of PC Gameplays. If you really like PC Gaming it would be awesome if you subscribe to my channel! What do I Stream? I stream all games I have on my HDD but meanwhile I actively stream HoTS/CSGO/BF etc... However This channel will be soon for OverWatch only :D Aug 13, 2015
Aug 11, 2015 Classic Games Tab in Bt.Net Client Can we please, blizzard, have classic games tab for the client!? I have some blizzard games, Diablo, and Diablo 2, Warcrafts, Starcrafts, well, almost all blizzard games, it would be really nice if I could have a hub for all Blizzard games I have installed in my computer. So, I ask again: Can we please, blizzard, have classic games tab for the client!? Thank you!! :PHaarom0 Aug 11, 2015
Aug 11, 2015 New character for WoW is The Demon Hunter.DeadRu65 Aug 11, 2015
Aug 10, 2015 What To Play... Aug 10, 2015
Aug 8, 2015 Diablo 1 & 2 remakes OK, I'm not a programmer and I dont know how much work this require but still... I wonder if the community (and Blizzard) could be interested in remalkes of Diablo 1 and 2 with the D3 engine. Most of the job seems to be done (outdoor plains, forest, jungles, deserts and the music should stay the same... the movies aren't top notch but they can still be used). I personnally think a few upgrades to the core game like more boss monsters and a few extra characters would be cool (DLCs maybe??). Personnaly, I' gladly pay 19,99$ (the expansion was from Sierra so I dont think it could be included) for a remake of Diablo 1 and 29,99$ for a remake of Diablo 2 (and its expansion). Am I the only one interested?? How much would you pay?? What would you like to be added?? Thx for readingGoglutin13 Aug 8, 2015
Aug 8, 2015 Diablo 3 - Budget PC $400 Currently running D3 on lowest settings on a Toshiba Satellite Laptop. It runs somewhat ok. Whenever animation gets big it lags up often, or likes to pause instantly starting a big fight then speed up. So I'm wondering, due to budget, what you guys suggest I purchase to run this game (IF POSSIBLE) to run on a budget, I've seen build-your-own's for $400 on the model is called The Hornet. Another question, I have D3 for PS3, and man when they are compared, the PS3 makes Diablo looks so very nice and runs so smoothly, if it is possible to build a machine on a $400 budget, where could I expect D3's performance to be compared to D3's performance on PS3?Spiffy3 Aug 8, 2015
Aug 4, 2015 Meanwhile In Path of Exile... Diablo 3 gets a cow level. Blizzard is making content for chinese players. Meanwhile In PoE... Upcomming new act...with a total of 9 major bosses Reworked talent tree and a completly new jewel system to give the tree even more options. Lots of new Items and Unique Items. New skills and rebalanced old skills. Divination Cards made by the supporters. Which will make it easier to get certain items. Item filter system. Desync fixes.. Short leagues with ideas suggested by the fans. All of it will be free. They have acheived this without ever having any Pay to Win...Without dumbing it down for the mainstream masses and the company is tiny compared to Blizzard. There was a time Blizzard was the company all gamers loved because they usually did everything better then everyone else. Today with D3 thats obviously not the case, there is no real drive to compete just because they know there is no big money to be made from D3. Blizzard used to care about their Franchises, more then most companies...So its sad to see what Activision has done to the company.Evilsausage76 Aug 4, 2015
Jul 31, 2015 if you like diablo2, check this video! Hi josh idk if you guys miss it on reddit but for any diablo2 fans, its interesting! EgodEgodbout3 Jul 31, 2015
Jul 31, 2015 New Game: Diablo 3 meets LoL + Team survival [TLDR] Links to see media and learn more: Website: Twitter: Facebook: Please go to the 'Become a Guardian' tab on our website and let us know what you think or comment on this thread. it's a work in progress but we always welcome feedback, ESPECIALLY from the D3 community! The game is called Guardians. It's gameplay is very similar to Diablo 3, fast paced and fun. It's also mixed with elements from a MOBA like League (items, teamplay, strategy), and teams survive against hordes of enemy minions sieging their base. What we're really aiming for is a combination of the following: Creating personalized and fun builds for your guardian archetype pre-game, having a fast paced and fluid "destroy waves of minions" with that build feeling, enhancing your guardians on the fly with items mid game, using tactics and team strategy for objectives, using champions as a means to bash in your opponent's base on their side of the map, and lasting as long as you can as the mobs get harder by the minute. We are starting to reach out to the gaming community for feedback on what we have so far, where we're going, and what you want to see. We want to know what you like and what you'll find most fun. We would love to answer any and all questions that you may have. Again, if you need more of an understanding or want to see some WIP feel free to visit Thanks in advance for your feedback! -BurtchBurtch8 Jul 31, 2015
Jul 31, 2015 team speak, any servers/channels looking for some chat lets goduzenwinkle3 Jul 31, 2015
Jul 30, 2015 Grim Dawn Rocks. It continues to get better, has that dark feeling that D1 had. There is just so much to it its hard to explain, anyone who has not tried it should, heck just visit the site and take a look for yourself. It's a very worthwhile game to support and is quite generous with its price tag.Suedomsa0 Jul 30, 2015
Jul 30, 2015 Since Gamescon are not for us... Can we at least have a tweet from devs with something like this again next week? Jul 30, 2015
Jul 28, 2015 Diablo franchise continued support by Blizzard Still loving this series after all these years. Looking forward to 2.3 release. Reading these forums in the meantime, its hard to tell where the community feels the franchise is heading. Blizzard obviously won't continue to pour money into this series forever without making any new revenue. ROS + recent patches have turned the game around from what D3V was back in 2012. That much tells me they're not willing to let this game/series go to waste and have put the effort in to keep it going. Lots of threads on topics like expansions and remakes of D1/D2. I would welcome another expansion. It would be nice to see it not simply be an add-on expansion but also give Blizzard a chance to possibly polish the games previous content. I would like to see incentive to replay through the story mode. Maybe thats what seasons do, IDK I don't have time for that triz. Im happy to wait for it if the new content blends with the old and keeps it relevant. Lets not talk about a D4 when Diablo (you know Diablo?) gets killed off once as a side quest in D3 and the game becomes nothing more than speeding through endless Rifts. As for past entries in the series, MAN do I remember them! TBH I don't know how I feel about HD remakes. My opinion of HD remakes will be withheld until after the release of FF7 HD remake, to which I will hold accountable as setting an industry standard. Not the same genre for sure, but still gonna set a benchmark on how its done. I wouldn't mind playing through the existing classic versions of D1 and D2 though. I run a Mac (always have) and I know they're not gaming rigs. But I cant even run them off original CD installs without going through too much trouble (PC emulation). Writing this post and sharing my thoughts with the community is about as much Im willing to throw down for now. But if Blizzard wants my $$$$$ Id likely drop coin on D1 and D2 again to be able to play through those games. Another D3 Expansion as well. D1 on IOS? However they want to set it up is up to them. But I don't think Im alone in saying I want to see the Diablo franchise have continued support from its developer and not collect dust. Can I get a +1? x1000 cmon guys lolgnarshredder5 Jul 28, 2015
Jul 27, 2015 Diablo 4 What's the word on the street? Pls Blizz work on it while working on D3 expansion. More eager to learn about next game than next patch.Congie19 Jul 27, 2015
Jul 25, 2015 Awesome Diablo clone i finally found a clone that's a blast to play. Makes me feel excited like when I played d2. It's called kings road. I'm playing it on the iPad but I think u can play on a computer. It has all the great features and very relaxing graphics which path of exile failed badly on. The chat is very active and there's multiplayer, stat points, and three classes. It's very straight forward and easy to understand and the loot gear is similar to Diablo where you loot an entire set of armor. It's a blast. Try it out.OneShot13 Jul 25, 2015
Jul 25, 2015 MMO Class Brawl So just for fun I wanted to start a discussion about the various mmo classes comparative strength. Basically, who would be considered the strongest? Who would win in a 1 v 1 where both classes have an equal playing field? Since most mmos have a variety of classes, some less common than others, I figured we could discuss just the standard ones: rogue, mage, warrior, knight(paladin), and archer. For me personally I don't see how anyone could possibly beat a mage in a solo fight without a severe advantage i.e an archer getting a blindside shot off or rogue managing to sneak up behind them.Rade0 Jul 25, 2015
Jul 25, 2015 What if Beth esda gets Diablo IP? Speculate, for good or bad? Changes? Or IP won't sell as much as Minecraft anymore?talkcoffee8 Jul 25, 2015
Jul 24, 2015 hearthstone gets another xpac the amount of content and attention this game is receiving is unlike any game theyve ever produced. hearthstone is most likely theyre top producer atm. i get the fact that the games that generate more money with receive more attention but it just sucks for diablo fans. Maybe in the next expansion if they announce some sort of diablo market where u could buy skins and designs and stuff this game would get more attention like expansions and content.Kritt18 Jul 24, 2015
Jul 24, 2015 PoE forums > D3 forums Before you click the down vote button on this post please read and prove that I am wrong. I bet you can't do it. For starters, on the Path of Exile forum you can change your avatar to several different pictures whereas here on the D3 forum you're stuck with the same skull that's existed since beta. People used to post on their SC account or WoW account so they had a different picture but then you couldn't see their profile and then Blizz stopped that by forcing you to use your D3 profile to post on these forums. I know it's a stupid thing to harp on about but c'mon, what year do we live in? On Path of Exile forum you can set your profile to private so that you can hide your build from prying eyes. As in the paragraph above people used to also use their SC or WoW profile to hide their account from snoopy people. Private messaging would seem to be a good thing. Virtually every social media portal has the ability to message someone directly or block someone directly from contacting you. Not here, on these forums you have to wait around for your friend to be logged in or seek another avenue to contact them if you wish to leave them a message and when you are in game and do not wish to be disturbed the only option you have is to set your status as away but people can still bug you. Appear offline has been requested since how long ago? I can just type /dnd on PoE and enjoy some time alone once in a while. Post quality is much higher over on the PoE forums and the amount of QQ is a fraction of the total. You're also allowed to use swear words, because that is how most people talk when you're over the age of 18. D3 is a Mature rated game is it not? To be sure there is a certain amount of trolling that takes place over on the PoE forums but I'd be willing to bet that it is much, much lower there than it is here. People disagree and get in arguments but they are allowed to hash out their differences as long as they follow the forum code of conduct when doing so. Plenty of posts on here get no response and reported, at least have the decency to speak to one another. Seriously, the amount of QQ on the D3 forums is insane. Incoming made up percentages... I'd venture a guess and say 75% of D3 topics are either a complaint, a suggestion, a troll thread or something similar that no one wants to read after a day at work. The other 25% is constructive criticism, positive feedback, general fanboyism, questions about builds, items or skills. I'd say the percentages are switched on the PoE forums. Generally people talk about the game, discuss things about the game or make funny !@# threads like what the hidden half of a devourer looks like. Also I'd like to point out that for whatever reason these forums take forever to load. I don't have that problem when viewing the PoE forum, at all, unless my internet is taking a $%^-. And another thing that PoE forum has that I wish existed here when I was playing is the ability to look in your stash to see the items you have. When I am at work and have some free time I like to theory craft and flesh out ideas with the things I have. I can easily do this on the PoE forum because I can see exactly what items I have, exactly how much currency I have, exactly how many skill points I have left at my disposal so that I can make a plan of action for when I get off work instead of getting home and having to think it out then. It's a lot of little things that really make PoE a much more enjoyable experience for me and a good forum where I can communicate with my fellow players is where it all starts. If you disagree with any of what I've said in this post I would love for you to prove me wrong. And if you're reading this Blizz CMs, step up your game, you're a billion dollar company that gets outdone by a once no name developer from New Zealand. Unless I am completely wrong and "the technology just isn't there yet." Before you tell me to go away and post on the PoE forums if I love the game so much I have to tell you. I have been posting on the PoE forums all week and it's great. I also just played until 2 a.m. and lost track of time. I still follow the development of D3 because I want to love this game. I want this place to be where I come to for information or to have a light hearted chat with my friends but this forum sucks and every time I come here it is mostly just complaining and trolling. Have a good night.gudmugly35 Jul 24, 2015
Jul 23, 2015 Windows 10 Anyone upgrade yet? Report on how it works with D3? I have Windows 8 on a gaming laptop (runs D3 fine). Is it better or worse than Windows 8?HotRod5 Jul 23, 2015
Jul 22, 2015 Remake Diablo 2! This is not going to be a post about how Blizzard ruined the franchise with this game. I will admit that I did not like the game when it was released. However, with all the patches that Blizzard have released for the game and the fact that they have listened to their community have resulted in a game today that is very enjoyable. Anyway, many games recieve cleanups or remakes with better graphics and improved gameplay today. This new trend is very popular and many games get revitalized by this. For many of us old-timers, Diablo 2 was one of the greatest gaming experiences we had as teenagers. I have tried to play the game again recently but the graphics are well past their date to say the least and the controls also feel clonky and dated. For a long time I have wished for Blizzard to breathe new life into this game and in my honest opinion, now is the time to act. I dream of a Diablo 2 completely redone with new graphics while still keeping the feel of the visuals intact. The gameplay would still be the same of course but perhaps with some new items, runes, charms and runewords. Some new quests and monsters would also be added and the cinematics that Blizzard are so famous for would also be redone with new graphics. A remake of Diablo 2 would truly be a dream come true. Let me know in the comments what you guys think and if I'm not the only one with this dream.Klanfarsan14 Jul 22, 2015
Jul 22, 2015 Need Help Building A Good PC I'm new to this whole PC building thing and I was wondering what components you guys would recommend me to build a gaming PC that will be able to run Diablo 3 in max settings (1 account) and multibox 4 accounts without any lag (it's fine if it's in lowest settings in this case). I have about a $1200 CAD budget. (or is that too much for what I want my PC to do?) I'd appreciate the help from an experienced PC builder, thanks!Doom1 Jul 22, 2015
Jul 19, 2015 Hope Diablo4 is coming out really soon as a open world Just played Lost Ark and it was amazing... Whole new standard is now set for the ARPG world fellas. Just letting the devs know its time to step up your game big time. ;)Sdb12 Jul 19, 2015
Jul 19, 2015 This is probably not the place for this... but is there anywhere to buy Warcraft 1 2 3 etc again? ... feeling the nostalgia again.esoteric3 Jul 19, 2015
Jul 19, 2015 Why play D3 when Poe is out? I dont give a damn if you start raging at me,but you like it or not, POE is amazing.Brings me closer to D2. It has a great dark enviroment,amazing builds and flexibility on them based on a enormous skill tree,PvP,trade and interesting gameplay. Rip d3. Consider that i was a d2 fanatic,no hard feelings BlizzardPurpleHaze64 Jul 19, 2015
Jul 16, 2015 Been Away playing POE I recently saw that there is a new content patch coming out; I quit D3 because when seasons were introduced I saw no point on leveling a new character that was no different from the one I first created in any way shape or form. I have a couple simple questions for the new patch. Is there still ladder only items and has this been changed or has my non ladder experience been changed at all since ladders were introduced. Also can we finally farm legendary item's from Bosses not random mobs. This is all I need to know please inform me I did thoroughly enjoy diablo 3.IFranchizeI8 Jul 16, 2015
Jul 16, 2015 Which game has more bots, Diablo 3 or Path of Exile? D3 has a larger playerbase, but POE has items that you can sell for money. So which game has more bots?SammuelSedai3 Jul 16, 2015
Jul 16, 2015 D3 sale? Ive noticed the prices for diablo 3, and reaper of souls went down a good 20$, is it gunna stay that way, or is it forever lower? if so. im going to buy reaper of souls for my friend.CuriousFanta0 Jul 16, 2015
Jul 14, 2015 If you're still playing D3, stop. Why hold onto a false hope that this game will get good? You could instead be playing: Grim Dawn, Dead Island 2, The Division, Sacred, Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2, Nox, Titan Quest, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Borderlands 2, Torchlight, Torchlight 2, Path of Exile, League of Legends, Dota, Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, HoN or Smite. You could instead be playing: Hearthstone, WoW, HoTS, Starcraft 1, Starcraft 2 or Overwatch. You could instead be playing: Diablo 1 or DIablo 2. Just letting the forum know, other games actually exist. Rage incoming.Mectojic57 Jul 14, 2015