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Apr 8, 2013 Diablo III vs Path of Exile Thoughts? I just downloaded this game and it seems to be a rip-off of some sorts. Anyone ever played it or know much about the end-game? I made a toon and giving it a quick whirl, but D3 is just leaving me bored nowdays. They seriously need to update the content in this game. Path of Exile...might be my "path from Diablo 3" :(Wrain2 Apr 8, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 A text based RPG AKA second life Hey guys, ive been playing this game for 5 years now and I need to share my experience with you, its basicly a text RPG where you improve your stats, knowledge, join factions, fight with other players, modern age text based, more than 30k players daily active! Try it out! --> This is my referral code, would apreciate if you register using this link, so I can help you and give you in-game mail tips, cheers!Melloncollie0 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 movement speed cap IMO d3 team should unlock movement speed cap. It's now capped at 25% and it should be at least 35% or up to 50% The game is too slow.KingJoe2 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 6, 2013 Computer upgrade advice graphics So I just inherited my buddys old gaming PC he built a few years ago and I am wanting to game Diablo 3/Starcraft 2 and some of the hardware will need upgrading. I have not been able to look to detailed yet but what I know it has is AMD A770-AMD quad core 750 watt+ Power supply (he told me he thought it was 800) Sapphire Radeon 3850 graphics So im looking to upgrade the graphics card and not sure whats out there right now that is compatible and can play both games not necessarily in highest modes but playable with no lag on med-high settings. Sorry for not to informative post any questions I will get back with answers tomorrow. Thanks for any and all helpTmacular9 Apr 6, 2013
Apr 6, 2013 How do I overlay audio in a video? I want to make a video with a song playing in the background and delete the audio thats on the video. Video is just mpeg4. Song is a mp3. Thanks.Aimless1 Apr 6, 2013
Apr 6, 2013 Here kickstarter for your pleasure! It even has a afree alpha Apr 6, 2013
Apr 6, 2013 Windows 7 startup programs not starting up... Hey all I need some help here since i go this computer sometimes when i turn the computer on and it fully loads windows it doesn't load the startup programs (Anti virus, keyboard engine ETC) sometimes i would re-restart the computer and it would load up fine. I tried disabling UAC and using the Microsoft fix it program to stop the problem but it still doesn't help. Anyone have any ideas for me to fix this?LaTeRaLuS1 Apr 6, 2013
Apr 5, 2013 Logitech G600 anyone?? Anyone using the new Logitech G600 mouse? Are you able to forgo the keyboard altogether? Thinking about getting one. Hows it working??ViperVnm4 Apr 5, 2013
Apr 5, 2013 Camelot Unchained on Kickstarter! Looks to be a great game! Reminds me of WoW classic on a PvP server with a guild called "Total War" - an entire guild devoted to world pvp - great times... Apr 5, 2013
Apr 4, 2013 Pure Gold You have to watch this series and support the creators guys. Its pure gold.Ares1 Apr 4, 2013
Apr 4, 2013 Another One Bites the Dust :( Apr 4, 2013
Apr 3, 2013 POE makes diablo 3 looks too light I did not notice it when playing diablo 3, but after switch to POE , it remind me of the dark atmosphere of diablo 1&2, that is the way diablo 3 should be. Blizzard is setting the wrong tone for diablo 3 at the beginning...KDR6 Apr 3, 2013
Apr 3, 2013 Jay, Chris, Wyatt & the Schaefers @ GDC Apr 3, 2013
Apr 3, 2013 Would you play ARPG STARCRAFT - FpS I've played Borderlands 2 and watched a bit Hots game play, then I realized how awesome it could be if StarCraft would be an RPG like Borderlands like a First person shooter or 3rd person. We can put some points in the skill trees and upgrade some weapons. An MMO would be also awesome if we can get more than 10-20 people defending a base against some zergs rush. As a Terran, we can play a Marine, Ghost, Marauder, Reaper and drive some Tanks, Hellions, Viking, Thors and Battlecruiser.... and so on for all classes. So my question is : Would you play Starcraft RPG or FPS?Souligna27 Apr 3, 2013
Apr 3, 2013 Age of Empires II HD See this? This is a HD remake, of a classic game, that was awesome, and also had a good bit of people who preferred it over the sequel. And I have the want to buy it as well :) Blizzard, take notes on this...Espionage7247 Apr 3, 2013
Apr 3, 2013 Marvel Heros This game looks awesome I want to play it so bad can't wait.Skunkleaf18 Apr 3, 2013
Apr 2, 2013 Torchlight 2 New Patch+GUTS And new fun has been released!!!! :)Suedomsa2 Apr 2, 2013
Apr 2, 2013 Just as I'm starting to get back into Diablo 3... ...I get an invite to Marvel Heroes closed beta. The PC gods are laughing at me. Don't get me wrong, this doesn't mean I'm going to up and quit D3. I think it's miles ahead of where it was at launch, but MH is definitely going to compete for my time now sooner than I thought.Reignmaker8 Apr 2, 2013
Apr 1, 2013 Defiance MMO Shooter + T.V. Show! I'm really excited about the launch of an MMO Shooter that coincides with it's own SyFy T.V. series! You can watch the first 14 minutes of the T.V. show on SyFy! Link: I personally love the story line. As for the game, it is a cross between Borderlands, Rift, and Gears of War. Very funny review of Defiance: List of a ton of reasons why you should consider buying Defiance: Ending Note: In my 16 years of playing MMO's, this is a first for me to see a T.V. series and an MMO co-exist. It will be cool shooting stuff and exploring the game while tuning in every week to see the T.V. series!Raserei1 Apr 1, 2013
Apr 1, 2013 Hearthstone - Looks fantastic! Check it out if you haven't already!! Apr 1, 2013
Apr 1, 2013 To all the old WoWers Do you remember the Sun Well?Wolfensteinz21 Apr 1, 2013
Apr 1, 2013 An Invitation to Design an Action RPG We are a startup creating a competitive action RPG where the game mechanics are designed by the players. If you are a passionate RPG player you might be interested in joining us designing the game. The character skills and game mechanics will all be crowdsourced. Everything that gets into the game is curated and voted by members around the world. The game is called Injum and you are invited to check it out. http://injum.comBlaze18 Apr 1, 2013
Apr 1, 2013 Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft thoughts? my concerns: I saw a Wrath of God so there'll be control decks how banned cards gonna work? we just lose money like other TCGs?Tgod21 Apr 1, 2013
Apr 1, 2013 Hearthstone on Surface? Any chance of seeing Hearthstone on the Surface?Birthdayboy0 Apr 1, 2013
Apr 1, 2013 Are these guys real ? At 2010, Stardock published a game called Elemental : War of Magic aimed as successor for Master of Magic. It receive lots of negative review. At Q4 2012, Stardock published another game called Elemental : Fallen Enchantress, they acknowledge that they have disappointed their fans so they provide the E:FE free of charge for those that have bought E:WoM before november 2010. To my suprise, they are about to release Elemental: Legendary Heroes which is stand alone expansion for E:FE. And they STILL gave it free of charge to players that bought E:WoM before november 2010. ------------ What envied me so much is their forum atmosphere is amazing, try browse it.. The players are very positive and supporting. Lessons on you reap what you sow ?Squeal0 Apr 1, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 No Heartstone for Android? Shame on u Blizz!! So disappointed heartstone isn't coming on the platform which has the largest market-share. I refuse to buy a garbage Apple product when I could buy a Nexus or a Galaxy S4 Shame on you blizzard.!!JOHN1 Mar 31, 2013
Mar 30, 2013 I thought Hearthstone was a joke. what next lego heroes of Diablo or WOW universe? Blizz where are the real games?HomerNuts6 Mar 30, 2013
Mar 30, 2013 Was D2 more balanced? D3 is the only one I played in the series Right now, there is obviously work to be done in diablo 3. Ho was d2? Did they have one cheap overpowered class (barb) or could other classes actually compete?aqso25 Mar 30, 2013
Mar 30, 2013 IF Blizzard made WC4 what would it be like? i think it would be the Warcraft Version of Skyrim but with the Features from Mass effect that everybody liked . No flying mounts tho just normal riding mounts New lore : Post - MOP xpac story ( after MOP's story ends) For : PC , PS4 , WiiU , MACshadowninja96 Mar 30, 2013
Mar 29, 2013 Hero Quest! Remember that? That was an awesome board game! Trying to remember another one, it's "board" was a huge tarp of a battle field, it had chaos knights and chaos arhcers who had mohawks, they weren't orcs. I don't think it was warhammer. Any thoughts?Goose0 Mar 29, 2013
Mar 29, 2013 Myth - a board game like WoW Myth - a board game on Kickstarter. Kind of like WoW in a board game. I would love to see Blizzard take on board games with their IP's... Not copy Risk or Monopoly in Azeroth or Char or something, but actually make board games that feel like the world they would be representing.Detective1 Mar 29, 2013
Mar 29, 2013 RS 07 SERVER 1st video now out. Mar 29, 2013
Mar 28, 2013 Games you would like to see in 5 years. For any platform. For me, it would have to be: 1: FF7 remake 2: FF Versus 13 3: Half Life 3 4: Kingdom Hearts 3 5: Last Guardian Versus and Last Guardian have a chance to have a showing at this year's E3, but I won't hold my breath for them.half3vil8 Mar 28, 2013
Mar 28, 2013 New Ultima Game from Lord British There's a kickstarter project with a few days left. If any of you are fans of old-school rpgs and Ultima Online, this one looks like it is going to be a good game. Support it!Kinchie1 Mar 28, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 Buying a computer tonight! My tax return comes in tonight. I was wondering, with a 750$ budget.... What should I get? Is it difficult to get Diablo 3 to run on Windows 8? Or stick with Windows 7? Lastly, I kind of figured on a Dell XPS 8500 because I don't know enough about hardware to put something together....hoping someone can come through with a prebuilt that can run D3 on higher graphics settings. Hopefully someone answers before tonight. =)Unzero5 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 Some thoughts on MoP Found this article on MoP and have to agree with every single point. Its a good read you shouldn't miss.Ares2 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 26, 2013 Diablo 1 question Hi, I don't see a better place for this thread, so here I come. I'd like to replay the game again, but what irks me about it is no "show items on floor" function as D2&3 do have, is there a way for the game to always have the drop highlighted or does such a mod that would allow it exist? Thanks. Well, not yet :P I'd also like to know which is better, to play latest patch of original D1 or Hellfire instead? Thanks twice lolAzgalada6 Mar 26, 2013
Mar 26, 2013 Snake vs Jim Raynor Awesome fight it would beVinallen2 Mar 26, 2013
Mar 26, 2013 Share With Me Your Personal Gaming Lore And here I am as many predicted would one day happen, returning from the depths of long forgotten tomes of times gone by. I'm here on a mission, however, and you all are the ones from whom I require assistance. In about a month's time I'll be giving a lecture at the Wisconsin Game Developer's Summit in Milwaukee Wisconsin ( entitled "Personal Lore Through Community" during which I'll be discussing the importance of enabling players to craft their own story whether in games or real life. In order to do that, I'd like to utilize some anecdotal evidence from people I have known and from those of you I've never known. So here's what I'm looking for: Please post here some snippets of awesome times you've had in WoW (or other games), ranging from accomplishments, silliness, adventures, stories, role playing or events that aren't necessarily a part of the game, but you made happen in your own ingenious ways. Thanks everyone, I'm looking forward to reading your stories!Slicedbread6 Mar 26, 2013
Mar 26, 2013 Bioshock Infinite for PC So. Who's going to take a break from the never-ending grind of trash Legendaries, false-hope crafting and vacation in beautiful Columbia for awhile?Sky1 Mar 26, 2013
Mar 26, 2013 A few games for mentioning if bored 1. Far Cry 3 - I do not know the name of the graphics engine, but outstanding game play on the PS3. The over all story line is great, and the open world/sandbox(?) is a delight. 2. Looking forward to Dead Island 3 - zombie smashing....just fun to kill stuff 3. Still play EQ every now and again 4. Had played Lolly Pop Chainsaw....a ridiculous game with great sound track 5. Never played BioShock and feel I am missing out....have only heard good things so far 6. Borderlands 2 - loved it. But to each their own. 7. Lastly - duct tape and your own imaginationZeusMitsui0 Mar 26, 2013
Mar 25, 2013 Why is PS3 beating XBOX 360 so badly now? When they first came out was like there really was no good games for PS3. Now the 360 is like complete landfill. So many PS3 exclusives and I am pumped for the last of us and until dawn 2 awesome survival horrors. Throw in God of War Ascension I can't really name all its too much. When I hear xbox 360 its like do I look retarded to play some trash that you can get on PC with superior graphics and ontop of that pay to play online on this trash box? Who is even dumb enough to pay just to play online?JOHN23 Mar 25, 2013
Mar 25, 2013 New computer help I'm going to college soon and my current laptop is about four years old so I need to upgrade. Diablo 3 is the most demanding game I play so I want to get something nice since on computer I normally play on I usually leave iTunes, Skype, and Steam open.hat can run this on maximum settings. If possible a little breathing room so to speak would be Also I thought that that you couldn't replace the processor in a computer but I googled it and you can so is there a part that isn't really upgradable or limits how much you can upgrade your computer? I would like to be able to upgrade the computer in the future, so if there is a part that does limit how much I can upgrade, I would like to maybe find a computer that advances there.Exis2 Mar 25, 2013
Mar 25, 2013 Can I have an Authenticator on a Galaxy S3? Title pretty much says it all Thanks!DrDoom1 Mar 25, 2013
Mar 24, 2013 Finally caved and tried PoE. Diablo 3 is better. I know the anti-D3 trolls who lurk these forums 24/7 will bombard me with hatred, but I can honestly say that Diablo 3 is objectively a better game. I'm not saying "I liked Diablo 3 better" nor am I say "I prefer Diablo 3 over Path of Exile, personally." No, I'm literally saying "Diablo 3 is a better game." First of all.. Path of Exile is a fun little game, but it does have flaws, and those flaws are irredeemable. It's simply not as good a game as D3, and we can expect this from a Free 2 Play game, I'm fine with that, but the idea of spending any real amount of time playing that is laughable to me. The thing is so clunky.. the inventory space is so ungodly low and the barter system, I don't call it "complex and deep." I call it "needlessly convoluted." Note, I didn't say "needlessly complex", I said convoluted. Because it's really not complex at all, it's just plain annoying. There are many frustrations in the game, including the ability to perma-gimp your character. The mini-map is also horrid, and the game doesn't facilitate party play very well, in which it doesn't share any of D3's neat features for making it easy to keep up with the team and stay in the same area. Anyway, that's my two cents. I didn't get TOO specific because I know the haters and trolls would just say I don't know how to play it and that's why I didn't like it. I'm just saying the game feels very primitive while you play it. Diablo 3 is incredibly polished and shares none of PoE's flaws. It's objectively a better game in every aspect.Paz70 Mar 24, 2013
Mar 23, 2013 Blizzard PAX stream. Announces HearthStone CCG or Mar 23, 2013
Mar 23, 2013 Diablo 3 PS3/PC will my current account for the PC work for PS3? And will i have to buy a PS3 version or will i be able to download with my current game?Geeter04Life3 Mar 23, 2013
Mar 22, 2013 starcraft 2 i upgraded starcraft 2 to heart of the swarm and it said you get diablo to add ons , how do i use them?HEADLESSPOET11 Mar 22, 2013
Mar 22, 2013 Really Blizz a Collectible Card Game Well now we know what the D3 devs are working on.dvdmrk24 Mar 22, 2013
Mar 22, 2013 Free to play isnt enough.. (feedback? or rant..) Im not sure what you are trying to accomplish with your free to play yu gi oh game but after the crap i witnessed in this game... I think you have to pay me a few bucks to play it + another 40 essence for hots. I dont know about you ladys and gents but i for one learned not to pre-order games.. I blew my money on this game but atleast i saved a bunch by not buying SimCity, Hots, Walking dead survival instincts, aliens colonial marines and a bunch of other titles... D3 was a powerfull lesson.. you cant just blindly follow or trust your favorite companys. I should be excited about the announcement of the card game yet i find myself extremely doubtful.. You have to do something better than that if you want to restore my (or our) fate in you blizzard.. Im not buying or playing your games guys.. Im sorry.. im realy not.. not after all the crap in d3 and wow.. free to play or not.. its just not enough. Im deeply offendedPowerThirst0 Mar 22, 2013