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Nov 23 One of the greatest earworms of all time! Mr.Lee your journey is over but your memory lives on. Nov 23
Nov 15 Diablo TV Series I've been watching Hannibal on Netflix for a couple of days now and I thought, why not make a Diablo series that revolves around the Dark Wanderer and how he succumbed to Diablo's corruption? It should be more of a Psychological-thriller show than the usual action. Of course there would be blood and all but it should focus on his backstory, the reasons for his coming to Tristram (maybe he wants to rest from all the battles he's encountered, idk.), his descent into the Cathedral, his fight against the darkness and his loss against the evil. First season tackles the Dark Wanderer's backstory and king Leoric's madness. Also include backstories about Lazarus, the Zakarum, etc. Second season is about his return to Tristram, hoping to find solace and peace of mind from the horrors he faced during the failed campaign against Westmarch and seeing the change in Tristram. Two-part Finale also introduces us to the Butcher. Third season is about his descent into the cathedral and the betrayal of Lazarus and the sacrifice of Albreicht? Fourth season tackles is entering to Hell and the final battle against Diablo. Finale shows the destruction of Tristram as the Dark Wanderer unleashes hell upon Tristram's populace. By the end of the show, it is revealed that the story is being narrated by Deckard Cain in the Rogues' encampment alongside the heroes of D2.mephisto19251 Nov 15
Nov 7 If Pierce and Chloe stayed together on Luficer... They coulda named their baby Deckard Cain....GET IT!? hue.CaptSchwann4 Nov 7
Oct 19 Diablero | Teaser [HD] | Netflix Who will save us? Nephalem`sGekke0 Oct 19
Oct 17 Thoughts on a Blizzard Cinematic Universe? I've been thinking about that after what Marvel managed to achieve with Avengers: Infinity War, knowing that a crossover of this size is not only possible but also a good movie. Technically, Heroes of the Storm is a crossover aswell so I was wondering what it would look like as a movie. I know the Warcraft movie was a flop but still, what if Blizzard decided to make their own studios and hired good directors and good actors and so on? Do you think they would be succesful if they decided to make a cinematic universe?AnungUnRama0 Oct 17
Jun 18 Recommend me a monk documentary? I'm trying to find a documentary that goes into details about a monk's life, something that focuses on the abstinence of physical gratification, asceticism, that kind of thing. The closest I have come is watching some documentaries on boxers and there were a couple on youtube about Buddhist monks as well. Notable mention is David Goggins, ex navy seal and badwater competitor. Love watching this guy - Would anyone have anything to share?Hexen6660 Jun 18
May 27 Shameless Self-Promotion Hey guys, I've written a book about the state the fantasy MMORPG industry is in nowadays, and since you are in this part of the forum it looks like you might have some extra time to read it, so check it out here: Have fun and may you get all your best in slot items asap! Steve R. R. CarpenterLordXeen0 May 27
May 25 Diablo Movie cast If you were in charge of casting a Diablo movie, who would you want for which role? Harison Ford - Rathma Sylvester Stalone - Bul-Kathos Gal Gadot (wonder woman) - NatalyaDogBone35 May 25
Apr 5 Diablo III Collectors ed Art Book is there anyway to get this without buying the collectors ed?Cullyn2 Apr 5
Mar 25 Diablo novels I have the first numbered paper back DIABLO novels, I have yet to read them. #1,#2, & #3PLASMAWIZARD2 Mar 25
Mar 8 Starting Game the game starts and I put in password. game starts but I cannot put in my player. Other times, it puts in one of my players and win I stare the gams, the Gamer box is blank.mike9usmc0 Mar 8
Jan 17, 2018 Recommend me an Anime Hello all, I have recently run out of anime to watch, and I was hoping you all could recommend some. I like wizards and dragons, or psychics. Anime that I like are: 1. Charlotte 2. Inuyashiki 3. Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood 4. In another world with my smartphone 5. Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit 6. Parasyte 7. Darker than Black 8. Naruto (except for the fillers and the episodes where it takes half an hour to throw a punch or form a rasengan) 9. Kill La Kill 10. Blood + 11. Noragami 12. Gate (forgot the full name, but a gate to another world opens up and the Japanese army enters to stop demons from invading, has good humor) 13. Shingeki no Bahamut (both seasons were terrific) Ok if I keep listing, this post will take forever. Anyhow, I am interested in anime similar to what I have listed especially if it has good animation and action similar to Shingeki no Bahamut. I havent seen fairy tail yet, out of fear that it is done like naruto, where it take 5 episodes to get through a minor fight. Would you guys recommend it?Mirival1 Jan 17, 2018
Dec 31, 2017 Diablo TV Series I recently saw the last Hearthstone animation video and came to think about this. Blizzard should invest more in this direction, it has nothing to envy from other great studious of film and animation and has also a good amount of worlds to translate in other forms of media like animations, movies and TV series. I really liked the Warcraft movie and hope it will become a successful movie franchise. I also hope to see next a Starcraft movie franchise. As for Diablo, I see it better done as a TV Series. A dark horror action adventure about a group of heroes who take the path on a journey to save the world from the devil. It will be very nice to see and go into details into more lore and story about Sanctuary, which in the games tends to have little time and attention because we spend more time playing. If they would like to tell only the story of the Diablo games, I see a good first season about the first 3 heroes that went to Tristram to fight the horrors underneath the Cathedral. It would have also the prince Aidan as the main character that starts this adventure. It could have some psychologic elements about insanity and deception, involving their relationships with the mad king Leoric, the the archbishop Lazarus and so on as the discover little by little all the horros under the cathedral. A second season will be about the events of the second game. It will be longer, bigger, with a bigger cast of characters and locations of course. What do you think about this?KyubiVal6 Dec 31, 2017
Oct 30, 2017 From gaming to eq's On my time off game, I watch Eq's... yep, Earth Quake live watch! It's pretty cool, this guy got his own tv show/ live stream thingy on yt. Goes by the name of Dutchsinse. I leave it on at night, the Earth globe thingy is really neat! I just wanted to share what I like off game time. Thanks!Antag0 Oct 30, 2017
Oct 30, 2017 Subtile D3 reference in Stranger Things 2? No ST2 spoilers ... Noticable toward the 2nd half of the season ... related to a mystical place that does not exist and a hard to acquire portrait, minus the happy faces and other magical inhabitants.Graveheart0 Oct 30, 2017
Oct 27, 2017 They made a WoW movie How about Diablo (Edited) I think it would be appealing. I would like to see it off the original lore. I didn't like the World of Warcraft movie. Comments? UnknownUnknown50 Oct 27, 2017
Oct 26, 2017 Diablo 4 Diablo has 6 letters, there have been 3 diablo games, 6 divided by 3 is 2, there a 2 in 20, this is diablos 20th anniversary, in 2017 it will have been 5 years since diablo 3, 20 divided by 5 is 4. D is also the 4th letter in the alphabet. Diablo 4 confirmed!Orichalcos4 Oct 26, 2017
Sep 17, 2017 Diablo: The Sin War Trilogy SO after after all these years, of course I would want to read the series after it has gone "Out of Print". I remembered that they use to be in the Blizzard store; but, looks like they are gone from there, too. Is there a place where I can purchase a new copy? Are there any eBook versions? I have tired all of the big names in my area; Barnes&Noble, Books-A-Million. I would rather NOT resort to the PDF's, that come up when searching online, as I am a big fan of supporting creative people and their works. Would also rather not buy used online as you really don't know what you are getting.DarkKnight0 Sep 17, 2017
Aug 22, 2017 What are you reading? Simple enough, what books and comics are you currently working through? Would you recommend them? I'll start! Comics: Catching up on the latest The Walking Dead (issues 91-96) and just started The New Avengers Vol. 1. TWD is a must read, especially if you like the show. This particular run of The Avengers is written by my favorite comic writer, Brian Michael Bendis., and is a nice take off point if you just got into the characters from the movie. It starts off with the reassembling of the group after a catastrophic event in the Marvel universe, and is full of fun action. Books: Space Chronicles - Neil Degrasse Tsyon. A look into the history of space exploration, why it matters, and why we need to continue doing it. NDT can write about anything and make it humourous and interesting, and this is no exception. The prologue is a little long winded about the history of Nasa, but he puts a ton of fun little side things in to get you through it and to the meat of the book. Grave Peril, book 3 of The Dresden Files - Jim Butcher. If you haven't heard of this series yet you should definitely check it out. It's about a freelance detective/wizard in Chicago that investigates all sorts of paranormal cases. Zombies, dark wizards, werewolves, ghosts, anything you can name, he deals with 'em. Jim Butcher has a great noir feel going to with this series, and he can write action better than anyone I've ever read. Seriously, his fight scenes are better than most movies. Harry Dresden is also a perfect mix of chaeuvanistic cynic and good guy that makes him so lovable that you can't help but pull for him like he's a close friend. So share away!Booshi59 Aug 22, 2017
Aug 18, 2017 A phenomenon Blizzard games, especially WoW and Diablo, are overusing words like frenzy, enrage, berserk, mania, rage, wrath, fury, anger, bloodlust as if they are totally virtues of mankind. No, they are not. They sound more like bipolar disorder to me, which is not heallllthy for people's heallllth. It's ok we are dealing with bad, degenerate things in the warcraft universe all the time, but they are all clearly labeled as bad. However praising these berserkers, these brutes, these killing machines, these viking-like warriors are misleading, especially to kids. One would be led to think going psychotic, maniac and killing people is cool after playing warcraft. No wonder there are so many gunshots occuring around the world these days, GJ Blizzard!Unraveler1 Aug 18, 2017
Jul 9, 2017 You keep coming back... ...for incomplete and buggy products. So why would they bother polishing or completing any products? Look at the message we - the consumers - are sending. "Brands are not your friends" ... The important bit ...Fellknight8 Jul 9, 2017
Jun 29, 2017 Diablo Novels Can we get more Diablo novels please. We have not had a new one since The Order came out. There is so much lore that can be expanded upon through novels. For instance backstories like when The Skeleton King first came to Tristram and what drove him mad. Expand on the nephalem and horadrim backstories. There is so much potential here.Skelv1 Jun 29, 2017
Jun 27, 2017 Red Rising Trilogy Its a Sci Fi futuristic world that encompasses our Solar System. The first book of the trilogy has a hunger games sort of theme.. but the books just keep getting better. I recommend the audio book because the narrator does a fantastic job of fleshing out the characters. And more books and movies I guess are coming. I have read 100's of Sci-Fi and Fantasy books and I would put the "Red Rising Trilogy" near the top. 10/10 Sci-Fi / Fantasy futuristic I also highly recommend "The First Law" Trilogy.. amazing dark adult fantasy.. and again I really recommend the audio version on audible because the narrator is even better... in fact he is the best book reader I have ever heard. 10/10 Dark Adult FantasyCrawler1 Jun 27, 2017
May 20, 2017 Suggest a Book Series I've noticed a lot of people out here love to read different book series. I like books about dungeons and dragons so if anyone could suggest something you feel I should read I'd greatly appreciate it. My two favorite book series are Dragonlance and The Sword of Truth.kaela122 May 20, 2017
Apr 22, 2017 Ban Apr 22, 2017
Apr 21, 2017 Me & My Fiance are streamin Gonna be doing this hopefully allot more :D Apr 21, 2017
Apr 21, 2017 Wizard Class: Harry Potter Beats Gandalf? My guess is Harry Potter would kick Gandalf's butt. Gandalf is by far more likable, as adult Harry Potter is sort of like a debate class nerd, but Gandalf is pretty weak. All he does is swing a magic sword around he happened to find as loot from a few trolls, and scream about how he's a servant of the secret fire. While Harry Potter would probably just turn Gandalf into a newt or something and feed him to his feathery mail carrier. Also, Gandalf dies, whereas no matter what you do to Harry Potter the writers let him live. So yeah... Harry Potter for the win... he gets to be the Wizard Class guy, while Gandalf should be relegated to the role of "follower", especially considering he does pathetic damage like the followers do too. Gandalf: 0 ...Harry Potter: 1Christian77711 Apr 21, 2017
Apr 5, 2017 "The Gamer" I'm in love with this manga. Just thought I would share. Anyone else read it?aloc0 Apr 5, 2017
Mar 7, 2017 The Stand I really like The Stand, by Stephen King. I am re-reading it yet again. I even liked the mini-series many years ago. That was some serious vintage Gary Sinise! If you also like The Stand you should read it again. M-O-O-N, that spells read it again.Zepp1 Mar 7, 2017
Feb 15, 2017 Lol adult section of backpage close Lolol them guys are madLex1 Feb 15, 2017
Nov 25, 2016 WE'RE BACK!! All aboard the hype train Hi all and welcome back to hardcore streaming sensation hugeanthony (that's me!) for the much anticipated return to Diablo III hardcore! You heard it here first people. We will be back to yell at each other, talk banter and generally suck at Diablo! Streaming will commence tomorrow night 8pm ACDT so hold onto your hats and be prepared for some of the old crew to liven up your Friday night! Beers will be flowing, swearing will happen if you're lucky death will be aplenty! As I have significantly better internet the quality of the stream has improved dramatically! It will be streaming at Some old voices return with Jayson (he dies here and Kyle (death found here with newcomer Wood replacing Alex in our four man team of domination and destruction! Come along and witness the second coming of the angry, Diablo-hating and self-loathing hardcore crew 8pm ACDT HugeanthonyHugeAnthony12 Nov 25, 2016
Nov 21, 2016 Why Westworld is the Best RPG ever created For those that unaware of what Westworld is, it is a TV series currently running that is based on the same named movie made back in the 70s. It is loosely a theme park of the "Old West" era of American History, that contains no rides...but an assortment of "human stories" that play out every day by the "hosts" ..and are then interacted with as they see fit by the "guests". It basically follows traditional RPG mechanics ( like MMOs ) before RPGs were even coined as a term. With that said, I'll try and relate to why I consider this an RPG ..and why I consider it better than what actual video games / table tops / etc. present. I won't be naming any characters, plot lines, etc. so spoilers should be less than minor, for those worried about such things. Nor will this be a review or opinion on the TV series itself. This will be lengthy, so for those just wanting to "TLDR" the important part at the end ( as it pertains to Diablo 3 ), just go to the end " ===== " section. -------------- First, there needs to be a distinction made between two groups of RPGs . The first being "traditional" role playing, where you act out a part. This includes games like Dungeons & Dragons, Secret Hitler, Minecraft, and to a lesser degree The Elder Scrolls. These are games that provide you with tools to create stories and interactions, without actually providing them for you. You have to rely on your imagination in order to create something enjoyable, since the base structure of the games are there merely to facilitate those decisions. They are, in essence, Sand Box games. The second group is what I would consider "mainstream" role playing. This covers pretty much the majority of games as a whole. They provide a pre built story, rules for progression, fixed interactions, etc. They're interactive books for all intent and purpose, like "Choose your own adventure"s, or a watching a movie. There's no need on your part to do anything other than progress along a 'chosen for you' destination. Westworld is a traditional RPG, in that even though it leans more towards how The Elder Scrolls provides content for you, it adapts to your own choices much more in line with Dungeons & Dragons. There is no predisposed path for you to follow, no underlying great evil to vanquish, no moral or technical boundaries that prevents you from making choices you would make yourself. You exist in a world that exists whether you interact with it or not, but in which you can make any conceivable decision allowed that you can actually do yourself. Like being Neo in The Matrix, without the super powers. ( lack of super powers applying in this case only for Westworld. D&D, TES, etc. has "super powers". ) What makes it "The Best" in my eyes is in its design and execution. Video games, in particular, even in "Traditional" design, still tend to be governed by ego and arrogance on the part of the developers / owners of the franchise. They have this grand idea of what they want you to experience and how to experience it, but then give you the illusion of self restraint / regulation. This is why a series like The Elder Scrolls makes the list of "Traditional" RPGs ...but only barely. As much freedom as you are given, you are still bound by a plethora of story elements that facilitate any actual "immersion" you will encounter. As fun as it is to just wander around and discover, fighting random bears, dragons, bandits ...they are all pre scripted events with zero flexibility. The quests themselves while often varied, can only be completed in a very binary manner; there is zero option for alternative outcomes unless it is pre built into the encounter. The programmers even included fail states for minor details like a particular npc being killed..which has no bearing on whether you can actually complete your quest or not. Westworld takes a much more off-hands approach to content consumption ( and that has a lot to do with the freedom of television compared to writing computer code, granted. ). A "Story" plays out in Westworld ..but will change based on whether someone interacted with it or not, and how it is interacted with throughout the time period of it ( be that an hour, a day, a week, etc. ) This is as close to "real life" as it gets in that regard. There is no underlying "quest failure" if something goes wrong, other than that particular following sequence of dialogue / etc. won't play out then. The overall story could mutate into a new story, branch off into a different direction of the same story, or merely be consumed as part of a different story. The complexity means that stories / quests themselves are merely cogs of an even bigger story yet revealed. You could also just not ever participate in it, as the goal of being in the "park" is to experience something, not to further the "main plot" along. You could choose any minor or major means of interacting / completing something. There's no reputation bar to fill up, no dialogue wheel to select from, no character traits as prerequisites. It's a simulation of real life, not a dramatization of one. As it pertains to game mechanics, Westworld provides a sandbox that is intrinsically intuitive and supportive. You "don't need a user manual" to figure out what is going on. Any questions you have are intentional, as well as alleviated merely by experiencing the "park" and interacting with the "hosts". There are no rules, no fail states, no arbitrary restrictions based on technical limits. They don't create exhaustive labyrinths for you to get lost in, or an encyclopedia of crafting materials, collectibles, achievements, etc. in order to provide you with "busy work". There's no plot armor to deal with, or power creep / struggle, no gated content, or "newgame+ bonus content". You get, exactly what you see, and what you choose to get out of it. There is no hidden meaning or meta. There is no ego or arrogance that is placed between you, the consumer, and them, the producers. There is simply you ( and others like yourself there ), and your time / choices. It's meant to be a vacation, fun, your story; not a checklist of things to do / requirements. ============================== As this pertains to Diablo 3, and Blizzard's design of their games, it comes down to this: Westworld is better designed than Diablo 3 ( as an rpg ) because it doesn't try to make choices for you. It doesn't herd you into a particular path, or set up checks / balances in how you experience it. It doesn't dictate to you how you can do something, or what the right / wrong answer is. There's no endless grind of treasure, experience, content in order to progress. New story / content is provided for you as a premium ...not a preliminary. The entire goal of the experience in Westworld is to give the "guest" the upmost freedom, enjoyment, and choice; the entire goal of Diablo 3 is to give the "player" the best vision of the game the designers can provide. Westworld is not afraid to not be used, to be broken, compromised, or otherwise ripped apart from its initial "story". The entire "park" is your playground, not your babysitter. Diablo 3 feels like a parental guardian that goes with you on every single date. You can't just "wing it" ..or make particular decisions about how your night goes. It has to be approved ..and often is "suggested" frequently what to do next. You are un-trusted with the task of going on the date; that you make a choice that would be different. That you could possibly have a "wrong" experience, and like it. I lastly present a quote from the show that I thought deeply profound; and entirely relevant to how game design has missed its mark as of late. What is the point of it? Get a couple of cheep thrills. Sudden surprises. But It's not enough. It's not about giving the guests what you think they want. Well that's simple. Titillation, Horror, Elation, They're parlor tricks. The guest don't return for the obvious things we do, the garish things. They come back because of the subtleties, the details. They come back because they discover something they imagined no one had noticed before, something they had fallen in love with. They are not looking for story that tells them who they are; they already know who they are. They're here because they want a glimpse of who they could be. The only thing your story tells me, Mr. ____, is who you are.JoeShmo2 Nov 21, 2016
Nov 13, 2016 Builds, I told you so years ago! I love to say i told you so, been preaching this one thing since the release of Diablo 3 and by golly I think the player base might be coming around! Here is a link to D2 builds, In bold are the cookie cutter builds able to do end game very competitively. Boss runs, item farming, you name it. If you scroll down you can see Amazon has atleast 20 main builds. Not to mention plenty of side builds that actually work end game but are not as competetive, That's just one class. Anyway, I just thought i would come here and revisit this topic now that most of these d3 fanboys actually went and played d2 mindyou it was just a revamp event but still! That was enough to make them understand! All joking aside, this is what this game needs to fix the lack of a human player base and rekindle the Diablo esque feeling in alot of us! Hopefully they read this, hopefully they research the comparison and realize d3's build diversity is a complete joke compared to a game made two decades before it. I mean this is the sequel to Diablo 2 isn't it???CasualRager16 Nov 13, 2016
Nov 9, 2016 Congratulations to Donald Trump I just want to say congrats that was one hell of a fight you really Trolled my !@# this moringGUWOPP341 Nov 9, 2016
Nov 7, 2016 Patch Update ? Will there be a patch update on 11/8/2016 I heard on the Blizzcon announcement that they would release one on election day not sure if this is true our not so I figure I would make a post about this question ?SSEN0 Nov 7, 2016
Nov 5, 2016 Blizzcon Diablo announcement... probably a movie? i know this topic has been chewed on over and over and i think everybody agrees, that due to overhyping themselves they will be dissapointed. But the only things i have read in these topics are: possibility of - - d4 / d3 expansion - D3 mobile game - d2/d1 remake - world of diablo well, i thought about it and here could be a bigger dissapointment: a diablo movie. so instead of anything new to play in the diablo universe i predict that we are getting a movie (after legion it could be plausible). funny thing is that the chance of this happening is probably even higher than anything else in the list above.Cryptic32 Nov 5, 2016
Aug 30, 2016 Running out from Whimsydale i create this picture, but my time is out to complete them because i'm a programmer, not a painter. Also i finish my gaming with Diablo III. Thanx for this interest game after 2000+ hours of playing. Please get this small present from me with best regards to Blizzard and to all Americans. It named as "Running out from Whimsydale";) or "The Portrait of Times": This is the natural linen canvas of 1 x 1,5 meters size created with a true repaired EL Greco oil classic painting technique.Layorn0 Aug 30, 2016
Jul 15, 2016 Suggestions like A Song of Ice and Fire I'm reading the series and I love it (on book 3 right now). I'm planning on finishing it up within a month or two and then I need to start on something else. I was curious if anyone out there could suggest a similar book or series while I wait for book 6. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and valar morghulis!GrizzlyAdams10 Jul 15, 2016
Apr 15, 2016 Anyone know of some good Military Sci-fi I have been on a kick of reading military sci-fi for the last year or so and I have read a lot of the big series, so I was wondering if anyone could suggest some good ones to read. Don't be afraid to mention one of the big series as I might have missed it! I have read all of the Bolo series, David Drakes Hammer's Slammers, the Starfire series, Confederation of Valor, Aldenata universe (Posleen war), Stellar Marine series (Heritage, Legacy and Inheritage trilogies), I am currently reading the Tour of the Merrimack series, Dahak series, Empire of Man, Lost Fleet, The Vorkosigan Saga (I'm reading Cryoburn right now), the Old Mans War and a bunch of others that I can't think of right off the top of my head. Any suggestions would be appreciated!Kuurth44 Apr 15, 2016
Apr 6, 2016 Just finished Kingdom of Shadow... ... and it was beautiful. ;~ That is all.Gerge1 Apr 6, 2016
Dec 11, 2015 Free Sci Fi Dystopian Book - No 2 on Amazon I am on this site at least once a day checking for d3 news - I'm lurker much like imgur, reddit, etc. Anyhow, just trying to share the work and give everyone a chance to grab it for free. If any of you are Imgurians you would have seen the FP post on this book and gone to check it out - If you love comic book action, superheroes, evil corporations, basically - everything we love about our video gaming stories. This book has it. It’s ranked at the top of the free books right now on Amazon, so grab it before a price tag comes back. Here’s the blurb: A dynamite first book that introduces the world of Eden’s Ore: an energy starved dystopian Earth that discovers a new form of energy. A magical ore that has the power to destroy or transform the world. As the world fights for control of it, an anomaly within the population discover a strange connection to the ore, unlocking supernatural abilities within them. Gabriel Roberts is one of them. A piece of the coveted ore is punched into his chest during a horrific storm that destroys his family’s ranch. Panicked Gabriel unleashes a massive explosion from the ore in his chest, the ore power surging through his body. Unsure of what is happening to himself, Gabriel’s world spins out of control as he discovers a hidden war, raging behind the scenes. As Gabriel learns about the true nature of the ore bonded to his chest, he is forced to choose a side. A decision that will shape the course of humanity. Amazon - Dec 11, 2015
Aug 8, 2015 Diablo Pen and Paper RPG I have been looking for official word on this for some time. I have the D2 RPG and while it was overpowered I was able to adapt it for use at the time. Now that I have been playing D3 I have really been wanting to get a d20 version to play. I would even be willing to write it myself, with Blizzard's blessings of course, especially since I would need their assistance in creating some of the tables.SilentStorm0 Aug 8, 2015
Aug 6, 2015 A book for all Nephalems!! You will know why as soon as you read the title! Aug 6, 2015
Jul 29, 2015 Can't buy The Sin War series ebooks anymore?? I drive a ton and have been enjoying listening to Google Books read the first two books in the series aloud while I drive, but I can't find book 3 in electronic form anywhere online. Anyone know what's up or where I might be able to buy it? Checked Google Play Books, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and others already..Jimbalaya0 Jul 29, 2015
Jun 25, 2015 A Diablo player wrote a book! It's FREE now. Hey guys! My new ebook just published on Amazon, and it's FREE until 6/27 :) Please don't miss the chance to download it. It's been top 20 under Epic Fantasy and Dystopia catergory for free Ebooks for few days now, and so far the responses have been great. I've been playing Diablo 3 since it came out, and was one of the first one to reach Diablo by coming up with the crazy broken Wizard shield spell build(super low hp/High regen, with shield that caps the maximum damage you can take) And after making high four-figures profit from Real Money Auction house, I put that money toward self-publishing my own book. Here it is! (If I have to be honest, it's not going to satisfy everyone's preference, but people seem to enjoy it) Feel free to shoot questions my way, and tell your friends!(It's FREE lol) And I would also love some reviews. Thanks everyone!*Version*=1&*entries*=0MasterYi0 Jun 25, 2015
Jun 20, 2015 Ignition I've been working on a story for a while that I've been hoping to make into a comic, although I'm considering making it a novel due to certain difficulties I'm having. I've posted a few chapters of the story on so feel free to look it up. In addition, if anyone knows so much as where or how I might find an artist, it would be greatly appreciated, as I've been pulling my hair out trying to do so, and am even willing to pay an artist. Feel free to leave some feedback too. I've written a great deal more than what's posted (or I supposed "blogged" is the proper term in this case), so don't worry about not having more of the story to share.Nesala1 Jun 20, 2015
Jun 14, 2015 A soldiers story A soldiers story "Roarrrr!!!" The hell hound ran towards me and lept into the air to attack from above, I dodged the frontal attack as I try to jab my spear into it's stomach, but landed in the the hell hounds rib cage instead, the hound fell to the ground, and cried in agony, as it lay on ground a few feets from where it landed, still breathing. Normally it would take alot more damage to take down the hound, but it is already weakened, as my men kept a defensive stand over its attacks and tired it out. "That is the last of it captain!" I nodded and yelled: "Shorty, put the last one in, and check the rest!" "Ok boss!" A tall soldier replied and walked to the hell hound I just struck down, and thrust his spear into its head, and did the same to the other hell hounds to make sure none is alive. Despite being call 'Shorty', his real name is Dalnpen Feqvoi, he is the tallest man in our rank, Shorty is a quiet man, but his melee skills are a valuable asset in our rank. "Captain, is it true that the hellish army is attacking the bastions keep, and its forces are gaining ground ?" "I don't know Marty, I used to think it's absurd to believe that there are such things as angels and demons, but look at these hounds, they are nothing that I've seen before, infact, I believe none of us have, apart from that, why did the General give a high alert order just as the rumours started to spread?" I replied slowly and looked at Marty. Marty korgsad is...well, quite short, a dwarve infact, he claims that he is the decendant of this mystic race 'mountain kings', and that he is the tallest man in his tribe, altho I think it is bull, but his raw strength is outstanding. "But it is only rumours.." Said another soldier, as the other men gathers in. The soldier's name is Ronald Axpeod, a marksman in our rank, he can hit a bullseye four hundred feet away, with only three misses out of ten shots, true to his father's lineage. "Captain, nine o'clock, someone is approaching!" Shorty interrupted before I could say more, so I looked to my left shoulder and see a figure in cloak emerges amongst the woods. "Follow me!" I said as I walked toward the figure, with Marty and Shorty behind me, and the other men followed, Ronald on the last. Our squad is one of the twelve patrol parties on the map, and we were on a ten miles radius patrol route before we encounter half a dozen of hell hounds, apart from 'fending wild creatures', a high alert patrol also looks out for spies that disguised as commoners or businesmen. "You there, stop and state your name and purpose on entering the borders of Kings ---!" Before I could finish my sentence, the figure collapsed to the ground, then I exchanged a glance with Shorty and signalled everyone to draw weapons as we walked to the figure, now lying on the ground. As we walk closer and closer to the collapsed figure, I could see large amount of broken branches from where the figure came from, and the smell of blood becomes more distinct as we closed on the digure. "You there! hello?" I yelled, to which the figure laid motionless still, so I went down carefully and turn the figure around, and to our suprise, it's a female, a female worrior infact, as there is a large sword that can be seen when the claok flipped, i reaached out my index and middle fingers to check for her neck pulses, alive, i thought, but it seems that she had suffered a wound to her lower left abdomen. As blood seemed to stream out from there still, then suddenly I realize that if the wound is fresh, then her enemy must be close by still! "Shorty and everyone else stand guard and watch out for hostiles, Ron, take the first aid kit from my horse's pack, Marty stay with me , we will need to tend to her wounds." "Yes captain!" While everyone moved out, I started to unwrap her blood soaked body armour, it seemed it was a powerful blow, as the armour is broken around the point of impact. 'Sssssss' The female worrior gasped in pain as I got piece by piece, closer and closer to the wound, but it seems she's still unconcious. Then finally I got to her skin, it was a pale white colour, maybe from the loss of blood, so white, as if it could glow in the dark...I shook my head, this is no time to admire, i thought, and proceeded to slide the last piece of clothe from her abdomen, there it was, a black crystal or some sort, that has embeded into her flesh, the moment I saw it, I almost felt it coming to live, and heard whispers to my ear, altho unclear what the whispers saying, it seems to have a black smoke enshroudding it, as the skin around the wound started to rot and turned black. "Marty, Ron, I need you to hold her hands down!" I said as I kneel myself onto her thighs, just to prevent prevent her jerking up and tearing the wound if she struggles. "Ready, 1, 2, 3..!" I said and slowly reach out to grab the crystal, then suddenly, the female worrior raised her hand, pushed Ron back as she quickly grabs my hand! Suprised, I looked up, and our eyes met, there is a white light shined thru her eyes that glowed so bright, it is almost blinding, then without much effort, she flung and knocked all three of us into the mid air, and stood up as we landed a few feet back. 'Thump, thump, thump' was the sound when the three of us landed all over the place. I grunted as I got up, shook my head and looked around to find the female worrior, while the other men on guard looked shocked and hung their mouths open, Shorty reacted first. "How dare you!" He yelled as he charged towards the female worrior. "Shorty, wait!" I yelled. Then I turned to the female worrior and said: "Stranger, we mean you no harm! We were..!" Then I realize she was looking at the few piece of clothes and armour that still lied infront of her. "We were just... trying need to tend your wounds!" I said nervously, altho I felt my words are abit unhelpful to the 'evidence' infront of her, as crimes are still pretty high in the outskirts of the city, looting a dead corpse or robbing and **#*%#!@%% is not uncommon. But it she seemed to believe what I said, and the white light in her eyes slowly dimmed, and there I looked at her face closely, for the first time. It was a face that you'd expect to see on the daughters of those fat and greedy nobles, not a shred of sign that shows the ferociousness that was shown when she flung the three of us, such might she has! "Who, or what are you!?" I broke the silence again and asked. " a crusader!" She replied in a light whisper, but strangely, I heard every word so clearly, like they have been whispered right next to my ears. Then, without a warning, she dropped to the ground. Thankfully, the patrol ended without more encounters. I sent Marty and another three men to bring the Crusader named Xila back to our camp to seek the medical officer's help first, as the rest of us continue on our normal route, althought I felt a butterfly in my stomach, like I am missing something, but I can't think of anything else, it's just an instinctive feeling, I hope i am wrong, i thought to myself, but my weariness grew as the patrol went on. And so we finished our patrol two hours late, and it is already completely dark when we came back to camp. Normally Ronald would comment on how he is going to soak his feet into a bucket of hot water and how it would feel so good, when we are about to reach the camp's gate, but I slapped my hand across his chest when he opened his mouth, then Ronald and the other men halt their horses and looked at me. "Something is wrong!" I said, as I realize that there were no soldiers to stand guard, and no torches were lid. Normally by this time, soldiers not on duty would gather about a fire and would drink and joke amongst each other, but now the camp is completely quiet and dark. I tried to look for indications or some sort, but the darkness that en-shadows the camp kept everything in a dark screen, and with the occasional swept of the wind made sounds like the howling of a wolf, it almost felt like the camp itself has become a monster lying in the dark, ready to swollow awhole the unwary. Then suddenly, a shadow seemed to move from amongst the dark, then reemerged itself back into the dark. I could just barely deem it a human figure. "Everyone stay on guard and wait here, I will go in and check, don't go in unless I signal you." I said. A captain must be brave and stand infront of his men, I thought, but the sweat in my palms tells me I am nervous. I lowered myself and approached the gate slowly, and nothing is out of the ordinary so far, no blood, no signs of fighting, it is eerily silent, and dark, my heart pumped harder to compete with the tension admist the atmosphere, so I gripped my sword tighter and tumbled onto the first tent on the right to the gate, and crawl down to the side of the tent to slowly lift open the tent's door. Noone's inside, relieved slightly, I then slowly move back and look onto the next tent, thirty feet away, it is the largest tent, where officers would meet and disguss strategies. I swiftly ran across the opening while keeping myself from seen, with the help of the darkness, and reached the door without a sound, then I stood quietly for a moment, to try and catch any sounds or noises that would help me to understand the situation. There was darkness and silence still, apart from the occasional wooing sound from the wind that swept by. Then suddenly I felt a breeze on the back of my neck, someone is breathing into my neck! Without hesitation I dropped to the ground, and rolled myself to the side for a few feet and got up quickly and looked to where I was. "Shorty!" Then I realize it was Shorty whom followed me. "Shorty, why did you disobey my order and followed me in?!" I whispered as I checked around and went to Shorty. "Captain, I couldn't leave you to face all the danger alone!"Marty looked at me and replied. "If you disobey my order again, I will--" Before I could finish my sentence, there came a sound just right behind the tent where we stood. "Errrrrrrrrrrrrr". Then I saw a hand broke thru the tent and tried to grab me! It reached out so quickly, that I knew I wasn't going to be able to dodge in time, and was only in time to bar the sword in the way. *Thud* The hand has such strength that it pushed me back a few steps. Shorty reacted immdiately by slamming his hammer into where the enemy would stand. *bam* His hammer sounded like it hit something hard! The hand that was still out grabed the handle and try to pull Shorty in, but I wasn't going to let that happen, and jabbed my sword right thru the tent material to where I think the enemy's body would be. Got you! I thought, as I felt the sword had pierced a flesh, and pulled the sword out, but to my suprise, there was no blood on the blade. Shorty seized the chance as the enemy stuttered and pulled his hammer free, and then the hand went back into the tent. I looked thru the hole in the tent in a distance to try to see the enemy behind, but it was too dark, and without a warning, the tent got teared up and I could only barely makeout what to be a human figure that jumped towards me. Oh !@#$! I thought, jumped backwards as I raise my sword for defence, but his attack was too powerful, and knocked me off my feet. Then we both fell and slided along the ground, with the enemy ontop, grabbing the sword between, I felt a sharp pain on the back as we stopped sliding, and looked at the enemy, the moon light behind him shadows his face, I could only see the two enraged, red eyes that stared at me, eyes that resembles those of the hell hound! The enemy then tried to grab the sword away from me, but we both wrestled for it's ownership, I looked to the side and yelled: "Shorty!" In hopes that he'll come to my aid, but Shorty looked shocked, and his eyes filled with fears, as he watched us struggle, like he's seeing a ghost or something terrifying. Without hesitation, I raised my knee to my enemy's hip, and my sword as a lever, with all my might, I flung and slammed him onto the pile of wooden crates behind me. I got back on my feet as the wooden crates were crushed under the weight of the enemy. "Marty, wakeup!!" I yelled again. "Un...undead captain!! The rumours are true!!!" I heard Shorty. "What undead, wakeup, we got a fight on our hand!"i said. It is this point the enemy got up, and with the help of the moon light, I finally got see the enemy clearly as he stood there, staring at me with those res eyes, amongst the mess. "Holy %^-*!" I jumped, I looked at now what remains of a human body, as bits of flesh and skin hung loosedly, and where his flesh are torned, his bones looked bluish from the moonlight, it's like, as if he had been swallowed awhole and chewed by a giant, then spitted out. Thru the exposed rib cage, I could see the innerd or what is left of it, still moving, and his face is covered in blood and flesh, I coudn't really tell if it's his, or his victim's. All my body hair stoodup, for a moment, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, but I realized that what I saw was real, and felt the cold wind swept pass my sweaty back and the chill crawling up my spine when I realize how close I was with the undead. "Eeerrerrerr..." The undead grunted and started to run towards me, with its bloody hands reaching forward, ready to rip anything that it touches. I raised my sword and calmed myself down, as I know panic will only get me into a deeper trouble. "Eeerrrr" The undead grunted once more as he got close enough and tried to claw me from the front, but his flesh was no match for my steel sword as I stepped to his right side and cut his whole arm off! Normally, enemies suffered such critical wound would retreat, but the undead turned without even a stutter and took me by suprise! I am dead! I thought, and then everything at that point seemed to go in a slow motion, the foul breathe that rushed to my face, as I watched the undead opened its mouth and tried to bite my neck, I could even see droplets of saliver that flung out from its mouth, and bits of flesh stuck between his teeth from his previous victim, while my body frozed in terror, unable to make a move. "Captain! Watchout!!" Yelled Shorty. *SLAM* Shorty's hammer smashed on the undeads chest just a split of a second faster to stop the undead's advance, and knocked it back a few steps back! I took the chance and stepped forward with my right foot, utilizing the rotational strenghth from my hip, I swung my sword towards the undead's neck with both my hands. *Slash* "Eeerrrrr" The undead's head went flying into the air as it was detached from my powerful cut. It's body went numb and fell to the floor, I waited a little to make sure body can't move without it's head, then signalled Shorty to watch my back as I went to check the undead, to which I went thru the shredded clothes and found a name tag on the upper left chest pocket. "Stanley Crawford", I read out slowly. "It's the medic officer that came last week as a replacement!" A suprised Shorty said. Then an idea came to me, which sends me into a cold shiver. " can't not be....does it mean all the soldiers here have turned?!" I turned to Shorty. "But surely they would have been alerted from all the rackings we've made!" Shorty said, and looked around nervously. "Eerrre" "Oh great!!" Shorty yelled and looked to find about twenty undeads coming towards us. Some of then without an eye, some of them without limbs, came towards us. There was noway we could hold against twenty undeads, so I made a decision without delay. "Run! Shorty! Run!" I yelled and pulled Shorty as escape towards the camp's gate. "Errrrr" "errrrrrr" It seemed the fate of the soldiers within the camp is now clear to me now, all of them had turned! But that's the least of my concern, because there is three undead coming towards us from the gate, and the undeads behind us was nomore than twenty feet away. "Dammit!" I said ”there is no otherway out from the camp, we'll have to meet the undeads headon!" "Shorty, behind me!!" I yelled as we approached the first undead, with its arms out trying to grab hold of me, I went for a slide motion on my back and passed on the ground below him and made a pass, with Shorty knocking it away as he follows, then with the help of the momentum I jumped forward and thrust my sword into the next undead's opened mouth as it tried to bite me, my sword went stright thru his throat, altho the blow didn't kill him, It stunned him, I kept on running, and left the last blow to Shorty, whom looped the undead's head off and spun around and strike the last undead and cut open it's stomach, bits of imtestine fell outand I kicked and knocked it on the ground, then we both ran without further struggle. Altho we succeeded in overcome the three undeads at the gate, the undeads behind us now almost caught up to us.VegetableBun0 Jun 14, 2015
Jun 2, 2015 Very cool book and its free to boot! This just came up today! Eden’s Ore: Secrets is free for a limited time for download from the author’s website. It’s available in PDF, MOBI or EPUB files. All you got to do is goto: The code is there - put any email you want and BOOM download the file. It’s a dystopian science fiction novel and the first in a series of five. The second book just came out a couple weeks ago. The book is about a world where we have burn through all the fossil fuels and we are struggling to keep up. They core through the entire planet and discover a mysterious energized ore. The book opens ten years after and the ore is going mainstream to solve the energy crisis. They know it kills humans, but they have the technology to safely extract the energy. However, the main character of the book get’s impale with a piece of the ore, but he lives. His entire body begins to change as something awakens in him. It doesn’t take long before the world unravels around him and he is becomes hunted for what he is.Arthoriusx0 Jun 2, 2015