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Jun 30 [!@#$post] Griefers are bad game devs So what's your favorite D3 meme? Australia Double it Error 37 Full steam ahead More footprints Paltry catapults Trillions UNCLE!!!TheZizz0 Jun 30
Jun 18 Saddest Sub Forum I have ever seen. Just shut it down and admit that D3 doesn't have PvP ¯\_(ツ)_/¯KNIGHTHOOD0 Jun 18
Jun 10 The problem... LISTENING can someone explain to me why the camps do not pop up with books (azmadana orders)? I will go with my acquaintance even once and even other characters and neither it falls out to me ... and I know that falls out of the messenger of azmadana (spirit) .. some suggestion? I have all and only I miss 5 and my buddy is 4,5,6Fag750 Jun 10
Jun 9 where is my update with pvp system I'm waiting until today.Pégaso172 Jun 9
Jun 1 Dead game No pvp. No trading. All we do is grift. Is this even diablo? Very terrible. Thought the game would get better through the years. The promised PVP arenas never showed up. Can’t trade with my friends. What a lonely game.yeahbud22 Jun 1
May 13 Is possible play 4vs4 2vs2 etc... I'd like to play in D3 & RoS the games between players 4vs4 2vs2 1vs1 or against all. I know that some will say: it's difficult because of the balance, but I think this is possible if the game is restricted only to yellow, blue or white materials. At the start of the game everyone starts like when a season starts: Without anything. And within the game there are chests, demons, boss, etc that release materials and or gems (but not ancestral) What do you think?Arkayelos2 May 13
Mar 31 Will this game ever get any good pvp content. Title says it all.I paid too much money for this game to not getting over this.I enjoyed the game and was hoping to get pvp content one day ...sadly still no update from blizzard.Very disapointing.Its about time they do something cause d3 is pretty much garbage right now.Mpower1220 Mar 31
Mar 30 Suggestion Brawling should become similar to Challenge Rift such that all players automatically equip random rare (yellow) gear when they enter a brawling game. Kanai Power and Legendary Gem should not be applicable here.Sangyung0 Mar 30
Mar 7 When is PvP coming out for this game? Title says it all. ThanksFunkyPants996 Mar 7
Mar 3 5.4 trillion toughness isn't enough You still get one shot by wave of light.iNAlucard0 Mar 3
Feb 12 When do we get the 2v2 arenas like advertised When do we get this.. Seriously NOONE plays brawling games that I can find. Feb 12
Feb 7 Top Tiers don't use followers? I've reviewed the Top Tier top 10 of each hero to see how I can improve mine. I'm currently at P1075 and GR 80+, but I use my followers for three reasons. 1.) Unity Ring 2.) Crowd control through their programmed attack modes 3.) Maximize their weapon use with buffs. I'm amazed!! None of the top leaders use Unity Ring. I see a few buffs where damage reduction exceeds 50% for a timed duration (Band of Might 74% x 8 seconds). My only thought is that they must be constantly recharging this with continuous use of whatever skill triggers it. Any other thoughts?drkenrich4 Feb 7
Jan 21 Number of crafting mats for Brawl? There's a way which is already stated in this section. I want to know the exact number I need to have each time I want to fight another player senses it's the cost to do so. I've just heard "a lot or ton". This way I can manage my stuff better if I want to brawl a player before wasting it.Wise1 Jan 21
Jan 18 Do you guys know what is PvP ? (Player Killing = PK, Player versus Player = PvP) I'm reading alot of Threads with similar things like: I wanna kill the player and take their loots... Diablo 3 Doesn't have PvP ... we cannot kill guys, to steal a loot. And so on... But Ladies and Gentlemans that's a PK ... not a PvP... There maybe is a chance to feedback for true pvp something like reward system in Brawling area.. But all of these complainers wanna just PK... I'm just glad to have Brawling area where we can with friends to kill each other (without loot, or loss) But that's ok... We can do PvP. Definition of PK is Kill player to loot their stuff. (Long story short - Most Complained thing) Definition of PvP is Kill each other and both having fun. (Long story short) And maybe reward if there is a pvp reward system (Bloodshards, or something else). The game is designed to be a fun, not frustration (For me except HC, but thats ok, I don't care about HC) ... ( All of in quote is joke)Dryadelder0 Jan 18
Jan 13 PVP. PVP. The bottom line is, you don't see much support around here because all of the players who played Diablo I and II left this franchise when Blizzard betrayed us on their throne of lies. But there are many players that would come back to Diablo (and future Diablo games) with a stronger PVP aspect. Just a reminder. Furthermore, by not adding PVP, you eliminate a majority of players to buy the product; a majority of players won't even touch a product that does not contain PVP; most of my friends and I are competitive players who won't play a game without some sort of PVP content and two of my friends got a refund for D3 after a week as there was no PVP. And for all the "shut up pvp guy" people, Diablo was PVP. You may not like it, but it does not make it any less true. Learn to open your mind to the idea of new things if you are so stuck in the concept of not being able to understand how others enjoy certain aspects of a game. Make no mistake, there is a demand for PVP in ARPGs and there has been a very strong one since Diablo II; it may not be apparent because the players interested in PVP have been all but exiled and betrayed, but we lurk in the shadows, waiting. Hopefully D4 will be the answer. (inc downvotes to hell, all pvp players have abandoned this franchise as it has abandoned us)Thieve135 Jan 13
Dec 17 What Would PvP Look Like in D3? Yeah, we're all starving for D3 love - especially after BlizzCon this year, but what would PvP in D3 even look like? PvP servers? Server vs Server instanced battle spaces? Arenas? PvP zones on PvE maps? Discuss what you'd like to see belowHarrow8 Dec 17
Nov 24 Go back to WoW if you want pvp Some day maybe in D4, but honestly, if you don't like D3 as it is right now, you need to realize this is not the game for you. Come back in a couple years.Bacon8 Nov 24
Aug 23, 2018 Ps4 pvp Glithes ps4 pvp Glitches So I have a barbarian my friends got a Crusader i'm using whirlwind with rune Volcanic Eruption my friends got low armor so i kill him after about 3 times he can not revive and the Volcanic is still going on around me and i'm not pushing R2 whats your opinion on thisDragon990 Aug 23, 2018
Aug 20, 2018 Time to bring real pvp its been many many years now, time to add a meaningful pvp system, i think it would bring a lot of people back, including me ;_; the glory that was meant to be d3 pvp for those that haven't seen it. Aug 20, 2018
Aug 9, 2018 Why the hostility towards traditional PVP? Every time I see a thread asking for the option of D2 style PvP it gets all kinds of hatred and vitriol. I just don't understand it... You can like D3 overall and still think D2 had a wayyyy better dueling system. I don't know whether or not you could balance D3 in the way D2 was, or if you could scale back the absurd levels of DPS to make dueling manageable, but right now Brawl is a joke. As someone who has played since D1 I can enjoy the game without dueling, but the reason many of us think D2 is the best of the trilogy is because the end game was just that much better, and the reason for this was the trading system/dueling pure and simple. I enjoy D3, quite a lot, but I think going back to the D2 system of dueling would make the game a million times better than just grinding another high level rift.Brian1 Aug 9, 2018
Aug 5, 2018 Where is the PvP in that we saw in 2012? This game can have a PvP and it can be absolutly perfect, with a lot of builds.kevikun0 Aug 5, 2018
Jun 11, 2018 question what is the outlined attack called.Memmz3 Jun 11, 2018
Jun 10, 2018 The Blizzard fools us! Noxifer excellent post: ...Pégaso0 Jun 10, 2018
May 18, 2018 Whatever happened to PVP? I remember watching early videos before the game was released and they featured 2v2 matches and such, wtf happened to the pvp for this game? Anyone know?Microblast43 May 18, 2018
Apr 25, 2018 Crashing on Start Up title basically says it all, but it was working earlier in the day and now it isn't i've tried repairing and restarting my pc. neither of these worked so if anyone has any ideas i would be happy to hear themMrFlantastic0 Apr 25, 2018
Apr 11, 2018 Suggestion: A PvPvE system in Diablo 3 (or D4?) I think about a PvPvE system (1v1, 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4 Player), where you can compete with other players live and not only via a ranking table (With matchmaking system, division system (bronze, silver, gold, diamond,..), reward chests for winner, etc....) With different gamemodes that need different builds to succeed. f.e. 1 mode need a more tanky build, the other a more agile, the 3rd need as much DMG as possible, etc....the armory is the perfect tool to switch between those (maybe expand to 10 builds). ;) F.e.: King of the hill: The first group who fight trough different monster/bosses and reach as first the peak/kill the endboss win the game. Endless hordes: Defend as many Zombie waves as possible. Deadly Lab (4v4): Both groups have to find a way trough a deadly Labyrinth (always random) to fight the minotaur in the center....on the way to the middle u have to solve puzzles (from easy to hard..always random too) where you have to work as a team. Ofc with deadly monsters and many dead u need a good balanced team combination, good teamplay and skill to master it before the enemy team. Rush the tower (4v4): A Moba like gamemode with 2 lanes ....the 1st team that deactivate 2 towers at one lane, destroy the door of the castle and kill the 2 powerfull guards and the warden win the game. Battle Royale: A big area (a whole Act maybe, always random act 1,2,3,4 or 5) connnected together and 100 player spawn randomly into it. You spawn naked (like starting a new char only with a white weapon). To equip yourself theyre moster everywhere, chests, small quests by random NPCs, monster camps with bosses at random points, etc.....and ofc you can loot the corpses of other players. The goal is the same as in other battle royale games like PUBG...the last who survive win. Ofc possible to play Solo, Duo or as Squad. I think a battle royale mode would fit perfect into Diablo and would be something new that bind 1000ts of players into it. ;) And so on... and the reward chest has a higher chance to drop a primal ancient (Or higher dropchance for legendary if they hopefully lower the droprate in D4). ;) Share you'r ideas here.....what PvP or PvPvE mode could fit into Diablo 3 or maybe could find a place in Diablo 4?CroDanZ3 Apr 11, 2018
Apr 1, 2018 yellow gear pvp testing results the set up : -forge all equipment at the black smith (forged 6 attribute vs droped 3-4) -have regular gems equipped , ( not legendary) -remove paragon points -set all cube items to something neutral or your choice ( i had, sever, broken crown, kymbo) with a set up like that , it usually removes the 1 shot aspect of the game, the player gets to use different skills that would otherwise never be useful, different stats like control impairing resist gain a lot of value , specially vs cc heavy classes like wd . we did had a good amount of fun about it and will be running more of those soon i hope , int he mean time ill prepare one of each class equipped with only yellow gears and gems and see how it is. we onyl tested wiz, barb, dh, wd but so far so good.MySelf11 Apr 1, 2018
Mar 29, 2018 You could of been Battlerite How could yall not put in arenas or even simple capture the flag stuff. Battlerite is a lower version of all the customization and engine perfection this game has. How could you have such little ambition and lack of foresight to see this. How can a AAA game studio really mess this up.CPot2 Mar 29, 2018
Mar 28, 2018 konabud coneskonabud2 Mar 28, 2018
Mar 22, 2018 PvP mode is possible PvP mode should be separate from other mods: campaign, adventure, challenge rift, brawling what should be in pvp mode? - all characters models (male/female) - animation of all skills/runes - images/transmogrifications of all items (all items without stats, as cosmetics; no matter the two-handed or one-handed weapon, the attack speed will be the same) - in pvp mode players use pvp-characters with pvp-abilities - in pvp mode all characteristics (AS, CDR, CHD, CHC, Vit, Armor, Life, AD, Main stat, Movement Speed and many others) are built only in characters and their skills/runes - in pvp mode all skills/runes and characters have their own properties/numbers not the same as in other modes - all Pets and minions must be destructible (Sentry and Hydra too) - various arenas (1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3, 4vs4) - pvp achievements - pvp rewards what should not be in pvp mode? - no passive skills - no character level - no paragon level - no followers - no Caldesann’s Despair (ofcourse) - no Kanai's Cube - no unnecessary characteristics (Pickup Radius, Thorns Damage, Gold Find and many others) - no items: no white, no blue, no yellow, no orange, no green. - no gems/legendary gems - no legendary affixes and set bonuses (but ofcourse some of them can be built into skills/runes) there is nothing superfluous that could disrupt the balance how it will looks? - we go to pvp mode - we choose the character - we choose the gender of the character - we choose six skills/runes - we choose the appearance of the character (images/transmogrifications of items) - we choose the desired number of players in the arena (2vs2, 3vs3, 4vs4) - we press search - we get to the arena where we fight :D P.S. sorry for my english, it's not my native language :)ParaBellum2 Mar 22, 2018
Mar 20, 2018 Too bad PvP could be so damn good if the devs cared at all about PvP. I spent 1000s of hours in Guild Wars PvP because characters had so customization like in here.Hallwaxer0 Mar 20, 2018
Mar 20, 2018 Gelatinous goblins disappear/no treasure Gelatinous (blue/splitter) treasure goblins disappear upon killing and you don't receive any booty. anyone else run into situations where you spawn a blur goblin, kill it, it splits, kill all the splitters and then you get nothing? you get message that they are dead but no reward.BubbhaWhisky1 Mar 20, 2018
Mar 8, 2018 How to make PvP work they could just make it like seasons , 1 you have to make a new char 2 pvp gear 3 voila this way the can balance everything from henceforthTiger16 Mar 8, 2018
Feb 26, 2018 How do you put PvP in diablo Without making it a moba? Because all the click to move/5 button games I know of are mobas (league, hots, etc) and then there's the big issue of how you balance it, considering most diablo players can do dps equal to their health pool maybe make it grift style, and the first person to complete the rift wins? and there could be "debuff" shrines that debuff the enemy player (decrease in movement speed,damage, etc)Daily37 Feb 26, 2018
Feb 24, 2018 Nek The Brawler Poor fellow, is he the most neglected NPC in the history of PC games? A genuine question. Seriously though, why does he or the dysfunctional Brawler-mode even exist if there is no incentive to make it work, only to mock former Diablo 2 players?Wierdzodi14 Feb 24, 2018
Feb 23, 2018 PVP (brawling) might still work after all I know it is a bit early to claim this but I think I found a way around massive PVE scaling in brawling. I am posting this here (in general chat) to revive awareness on PVP (since the brawling forum is almost dead) in hopes that others are willing to try what I am trying. In short, I have done some testing to determine that an effective PVP build needs at least 100B toughness and probably a 6-piece set bonus and 1M+ sheet DPS. I claim it is possible to build characters with these stats but they require a LOT of dedication in farming the right pieces of equipment, paragon grinding, and augmenting. If I have piqued your interest I have a longer thread discussing the issue here: I have a d3planner build meeting the absurd 1M+ DPS, 100B toughness, 6-piece set bonus requirement for a DH here: I understand that D3 PVP is not for everyone and thus I don't mind any "lol PVP", "brawling is forever dead", or "go play another game for PVP" comments. Those types of comments are fair assessments of the current situation but I am asking to those who are willing to give it another chance. Thank you for your time reading and best of luck with your D3 endeavors, IriaIria16 Feb 23, 2018
Feb 15, 2018 Blue Gear Only? Was this/Is this a thing? I know that if you wanted to brawl nowadays it becomes who lands a hit first, because legendary items that we get are so insanely over tuned for PvP that it is literally a joke to even attempt PvPing. That said I wonder what would happen if everyone limited themselves to only using blue gear as an attempt to try to keep the numbers low enough to a somewhat enjoyable experience. Has anyone tried this? If so was it any good or were the numbers still just simply too high. And what about using low level crafted gear. For example only allowing each player to use crafted gear of level 40 or lower of any rarity. Again has anyone tried this?Last9 Feb 15, 2018
Feb 11, 2018 What happened to the pvp ??? Hey there I played Diablo 3 since it went on sale and a long long time ago but I 've waited Diablo 3 PvP shown in this video This video is from the May 3, 2011 have been more than four years since its publication and even nothing to do PVP What happened to the pvp ??? pvp that came in patch 1.7 seems to me the worst I've seen in a long time and still do not see a solution to this I hope to receive a response from blizzard , I really would like to have the pvp promised and much better and something that all players deserveMENTEFRITA28 Feb 11, 2018
Feb 11, 2018 A few insights on state of PVP (2.6.1) Hello everyone, as some might remember I was a PVP DH back in the pre-RoS days but I consistently lurk these forums and comment on PVP ideas (mostly with valid but negative remarks on how X won't solve a problem). As many of you are well aware, PVP nowadays (patch 2.6.1) is VERY VERY different than in the glory days of 1.0.7 and 1.0.8 (Jan 2013 - March 2014). In those glory days, PVP was indeed fun to play and the gameplay wasn't as stale as it is today (and only a couple class restrictions were needed for balance). The release of Reaper of Souls and subsequent power-creep patches have nudged the PVP aspect of D3 more and more towards rocket-tag (everyone 1-shots with anything). But, in the old days pre-RoS days, 1-shots still existed! For example, Monks with Wave of Light - Exploding Light would generally always 1-shot a DH (sometimes even without a critical hit); what made it difficult for the Monk was hitting the DH in the first place! An evasive playstyle and effective use of cover was what the DH needed to win that encounter. The moral of that story: not all 1-shot attacks were unbalanced. The case of 1-shots in the current state of the game (2.6.1), is quite different. Instead of relatively slow and direct or short-ranged attacks being capable of the 1-shot-kill, basically EVERYTHING now can 1-shot-kill. With a UE DH using Vengeance and unleashing 3 multishots and 15 rockets per second (which lock-onto targets and will track regardless of distance), this becomes an impossible to avoid missile volley of death! So now I have some good news and bad news: Bad news: the D3 PVP scene is dead and will likely never be revived. With D3's aging life-cycle, it seems increasingly unlikely that the developers will ever "address the white elephant in the room" (as they did once during a D3 panel and called it exactly that). Because of this, regardless of any new patches or player-motivated stuff that is done, the brawling aspect of D3 will remain unfinished. By unfinished I mean: there is no scoring mode, no spectator mode, no setting of custom rules, no rewards, etc. Good news: There is still hope for unrestricted PVP! By unrestricted I mean, full legendaries, sets, gems, and the like, but it requires some extreme planning. Of course there have been players who suggested "blue gear only" or "yellow gear only" brawling (with disabling of things like Kanai's cube or paragon) but these seem like a turn-off for a lot of players who are used to the synergies of their sets and playing with their hard-earned legendary equipment. So you may ask, how does one survive with the absurd damage players do nowadays!? The answer lies in building characters with more toughness, and no, I don't mean like XxTaZzLoCCxX#1989 super tank DH (which had 160M profile toughness and about 6B buffed toughness according to d3planner), and no I don't mean his idea of his "optimized" PVP build tanker (~40B toughness according to D3planner) with essentially no DPS (500k damage per hit): but instead I mean a FULL-set PVP character with 100B+ toughness, yes that's 100,000,000,000+ toughness AND reasonable (~25% PVE) damage! I have done some testing and it appears that most PVE-oriented player damage can be tanked when you have at least 100,000,000,000 toughness. The questions are now: how can you reach that absurd amount of toughness!? And how can you reach that absurd amount of toughness WHILE maintaining a full 6-piece set with some DPS stats too!? The answer is in very careful planning! I have created a prototype of my ideal PVP DH in d3planner using the full N6/M4 build on a paragon 2000 character with level 100 gem augments: This PVP DH build has ~110B toughness and ~1.7M sheet DPS (with the 4x cluster arrow damage from Manitcore in cube, 36x damage from N6, and the 5x damage to sentries from M4). This build actually has maybe 25% of an actual PVE-oriented N6/M4 build but some 100x the toughness! It could be balanced to more damage but slightly less toughness by using a Bombardier's Rucksack. I am in the process of grinding gear towards that goal but I still have a lot to find. I'm not 100% sure, but I think if many other players adopt the goal of reducing PVE damage by 75% while increasing toughness by 10,000%, PVP will be once again a non-1-shot-kill fest but rather a more enjoyable but chaotic battle (with rockets and things flying everywhere). Once I get closer to my ideal PVP DH goal, I will accept challenges from anyone to observe the outcome of my theory-crafting. Thank you for reading, IriaIria5 Feb 11, 2018
Jan 10, 2018 Might of the Earth + Girdle of Giant I'm trying to see if this is working, but can't see damage amounts. They are too fast for me to watch. I'm using the Might of the Earth (6) set plus the Girdle of Giants. MoE triggers an Earthquake every time I Leap. GoG gives me +250% EQ damage for the next 3 seconds after I trigger Seismic Slam. My play is Seismic Slam to set up the 250% buff for 3 seconds followed immediately with Leap. I'm thinking that should trigger EQ with +250% extra damage. I can't tell if that's what's happening. Can anyone tell me for sure that's how it works? Or is it that the Leap triggered EQ isn't the same as an individual key triggered EQ?drkenrich1 Jan 10, 2018
Jan 9, 2018 Re-igniting PVP Diablo 3 doesn't need anything crazy to make PVP fun. All you need is 8 player games and a larger PVP zone. Diablo PVP was never balanced in Diablo history so it wouldn't even be an issue. I doubt this would be considered but I have to at least make my peace. It was always a one shot fest but players want to have a reason to grind and test their random builds. I know it might start a cry fest for balance but at least more people would come back. Most if not all of the people I have asked said they would come back for this style of pvp. That's all D2 was about and people played it for years even to this day. If only D2 and D3 was combined into one game. Either way D3 is still a great game but lacks in this regard. I'm still happy for what it is now but it could be great. It might be an impossible request but its worth it. If you read all of this thanks in advance.Beatrush12 Jan 9, 2018
Dec 26, 2017 Saltydog's Wizard PvP Guide Saltydog Montage 1══════════════════════════════════════════════════════ - The Basis of a PvP Wizard - A Wizard is arguably one of the weakest PvP Classes but there are many things that we can do to improve our skills. First of all we need to understand how our spells work. Ray of Frost is the only decent Wizard Spell that requires a good amount of Attack Speed. The rest of the Wizard Spells such as Wave of Force, Teleport, Blizzard, and Storm Armor all rely on your Damage Per Hit. It is the general concensus that a 2H weapon is the end game Wizard weapon in PvP. Due to the Wizards low damage Spells we must play patient and use our evasive features to our advantage. To maintain health during a long battle the best addition a Wizard can have is Extra Health to Potions. This gives us essentially a 3rd life after Unstable Anamoly. With Patience, Skill, Terrain usage, and the Correct Gear a Wizard can do very well in PvP. The Golden Rule of Wizard - (DPH = DPS/IAS)══════════════════════════════════════════════════════ - Basic Spells - - Ray of Frost - Does huge DPS and is very good for slowing the Enemy. Good Runes - Numb, Snow Blast, Cold Blooded, Sleet Storm.- Blizzard- Scales only from DPH so a must for a 2h Wizard. Great crowd control, our only "DOT", and does not require channeling (stand still and die). Good runes- Stark Winter and Grasping Chill.- Wave of Force - Does NOT dodge, so it is mandatory vs DH. I use it vs all matchups. Good runes- Impactful, Force Affinity, Forceful Wave.- Teleport - Huge dmg, can be used to evasion. Good Runes - Calamity is a must vs all but Monk. VS Monk Wormhole or Reversal.- Mirror Image - A MUST, cancels DOT. Can be used as a wall (Duplicates) and is very good at confusing the enemy. Good runes - Duplicates (Wiz, DH), Mocking Demise (Monk), Mirror Mimics (if using Wof or Frost Nova).- Storm Armour - A great additional damage skill which give us that extra damage (and Move Speed with Rune) SCRAMBLE Always! Always! No exceptions. 25% Extra Movespeed is INVALUABLE.- Energy Armor - Great at mitigating Crits from Barbarians. Good Runes - Force Armor, Prismatic Barrier.Frost Nova Great at Crowd Control and following up Nova with Burst Damage. Good Runes - Bone Chill.══════════════════════════════════════════════════════ - Basic Passives - - Illusionist - A must have for any DH, HOTA Barb, Monk, Wiz, or Spirit Barrage WD. Simply restores your Teleport and Mirror Image allowing you to cancel DOT's and Teleport away or onto them for damage.- Critical Mass - Can be used very well with Ray of Frost. Restores the Cooldown of Frost Nova and Mirror Image most notably versus a High EHP Rend Barb.- Cold Blooded - 20% more Damage with your Cold Spells. Really gives Blizzard and Ray of Frost that extra bit of Damage which Wizards need.- Glass Cannon - Great Passive for extra Damage when not using a Cold Spell. I use this with Mines and it really gives them the extra kick they need.- Unstable Anomoly - Restores like to 45% on Fatal Blow. Absolutely Mandatory. It's our 2nd life!- Blur- Reduces Melee damage by 20% Great vs Barb or if the Witch Doctor uses Corpse Spiders.══════════════════════════════════════════════════════ - Matchups - All of the videos posted are trying to show either how to play the specific skill set (Mines) or how to explicity use the terrain to avoid attacks and deal damage. Make sure to hit that 1080p Button the quality is very poor in 360p! ══════════════════════════════════════════════════════ - Wizard vs Witch Doctor - far the toughest matchup. One mistake, one wrong mirror image and you are toast. I simply play a spam Blizz game and wait for opportunities for Tele/WOF and avoid the little piggy shaman. If he Spirit walks (goes invisible) Run like a !@#$% instantly. He is 90% of the time going to try and plant hex at your feet. Just run in one direction as far as you can go. He will reappear and at this time blizzard and Tele/Wof onto him. Wave of Force - Force Affinity Blizzard - Stark Winter Teleport - Calamity Mirror Images - Duplicates Storm Armour - Scramble Magic Weapon - Force Weapon Passives, Illusionist, Cold Blooded, Unstable Anatomy.══════════════════════════════════════════════════════ - Wizard vs Barbarian - the Arcane Mines either in the open or behind a hidden wall. Use the terrain to your advantage and wait for chances for safe Wave of Force or Teleports. This build is very luck based but is the safest and largest damage build I have found. Arcane Torrent - Arcane Mines Wave of Force - Impactful Teleport - Calamity Mirror Images - Mirror Mimics Storm Armour - Scramble Magic Weapon - Force Weapon Passives, Illusionist, Glass Cannon, Unstable Anatomy.══════════════════════════════════════════════════════ - Wizard vs Barbarian Build #2 - “Salty’s Frosty Mines” This build Centers around our timing and large mine damage. If the Barb is decently glassy (Skorn/DH) and skilled at evasion this build may be your best bet. The build is essentially a “Double Disable” build with Arcane Mines instead of Ray of Frost. If your damage is not high enough you may run into Arcane Power issues and this may be solved with Critical Mass and a 1H APOC setup. Start by freezing the Barb with Frost Nova and immediately cast Mirror Images. Now you should start casting Mines onto his location and be watching for Cooldowns of Nova and Mirrors. If you have enough EHP and the Barb is using HOTA and doesn’t have godly damage (Luan), don’t be afraid to let him give you a smack or two. This will proc Illusionist allowing more Mirror Images to be Cast. This build is optimized against a wall. Teleport will allow you knockback abilities which can be used either to knock the barb into a potential stack of Mines or flat out finish a Barb if you have the DPH. Arcane Torrent – Arcane Mines Frost Nova – Bone Chill Teleport – Calamity Mirror Images - Mirror Mimics Ice Armor – Ice Reflect Magic Weapon - Force Weapon Passives - Illusionist, Cold Blooded, Unstable Anatomy. ══════════════════════════════════════════════════════ - Wizard vs Barbarian Build #3 - “Double Disable” This build centers around the Wizard’s Critical Mass, Ray of Frost, and Crowd Control Effects. You want to engage the Barb with Ray of Frost and when he gets close to you, immediately Frost Nova. Start casting Ray of Frost again and when he becomes unfrozen cast Mirror Images and start casting Ray of Frost. This build is essentially a face tank build that requires either APOC or very low IAS. (At 1.0 IAS with Cold Blood Rune AP does not drop, with a .9 Mace you gain AP) This build is very fun and there are many different variations (Wave of Force). Note: Although I feel this build is inferior to a Mine Build due to the Damage Potential and Defensive Advantages that Mine Builds provide Ray of Frost – Cold Blood Frost Nova – Bone Chill Teleport – Calamity Mirror Image – Mirror Mimics Ice Armor – Ice Reflect Magic Weapon – Force Weapon Passives – Critical Mass, Cold Blooded, Unstable Anomoly══════════════════════════════════════════════════════ - Wizard vs Monk - least favorite matchup. Blizz around a pole and pray. If the monk attacks, run. If the monk runs, attack. Monk is all timing dependent and if they get a good stun on you, you are surely dead. Be wary of bells, they can attack through walls. So take that into account. Arcane Torrent - Arcane Mines Blizzard - Stark Winter Teleport - Wormhole Mirror Images - Mocking Demise Storm Armour - Scramble Magic Weapon - Force Weapon Passives, Illusionist, Cold Blooded, Unstable Anatomy.══════════════════════════════════════════════════════ - Wizard vs Demon Hunter - is my favorite matchup. Spam that blizzard and use large obstacles to block attacks. Let storm and blizz do the damage. Teleport instant WOF can be lucky vs a dh but can be scary vs a good dh. Mirror images should be spammed as often as possible to create shields from Impales and Rapid Fire. If he uses rapid fire, let him attack while you hide behind a pillar, wait for him to come close to running out of hatred and then Tele/Wof. You should take note of his resources and what max disc he has. If he runs, he is likely low on Disc and you should Blizz him. Wave of Force - Forceful Wave Blizzard - Stark Winter Teleport - Calamity Mirror Images - Duplicates Storm Armour - Scramble Magic Weapon - Force Weapon Passives - Illusionist, Cold Blooded, Unstable Anomoly══════════════════════════════════════════════════════ - Wizard vs Wizard - is actually one of my least favorite matchups because it's a game of who can get a Crit Tele or Crit Storm. Hold south and wait for the Wizard to come looking for you. Cover him with Blizzard and Tele onto him. If his Unstable has popped then it will be easy to finish the kill. If not then find cover play smart, Blizzard will easily kill him from afar with minimal risk. Wave of Force - Forceful Wave Blizzard - Stark Winter Teleport - Calamity Mirror Images - Duplicates Storm Armour - Scramble Magic Weapon - Force Weapon Passives, Illusionist, Cold Blooded, Unstable Anatomy.══════════════════════════════════════════════════════ - Best In Slots (IMO) - Weapons- Doom Hammer - 1400 Average Black DMG, 350 Int, 150 Vit, 180CD, Socket. Skorn - 1425 Average DMG, 500 Int, 150 Vit, 180 CD, Socket. Echoing Fury - 1250 DMG, 160 Int, 60 CD, Socket. Rare Mace/Spear - 1200 DMG, 100 Int, 100 Vit, 60 CD, Socket. Triumvirate - 100-400 DMG, 250 Int, 100 Vit, 8CC.Shoulders- Vile Ward - 260 Int, 70 Vit, 10% Life. Crafted - 260 Int, 100 vit, 10%, Life Armor or Strength, and if Lucky Extra Health to Potions.Gloves- Rare gloves. CC, CD, Allres, Int, Vit. If you get lucky grab pot.Rings- Litany of the Undaunted - Either EHP (12% Life) Balanced (250 Int 100 Vit), or DMG (4.5CC/50CD). Zunimassas Pox. 5 CC, 30 CD, large Int, Vit, Life %. Many good variations of Pox's.Boots- Zunimassas Trail - 180 Int, 80 Vit, 60 Allres, 9000+ to Potions. Ice Climbers - 260 Int, 80 Vit, 12% Move Speed.Pants- BT Pants - 290 Vit, 90 Int 70 All res. Rare Pants - 150 Int, 250 Vit, 60 All res, 300 Armor, 2 Sockets.Chest- Zuni chest. 180 Int, 270 Vit, (Life%, Elite%, or Pot Bonus).Belt- BT Belt - 280 Int, 80 Vit, All res. The Witching Hour - Many good variants. I recommend Allres, Pot, and Armor with 90 Int.Helm- Tal Rasha's Guise of Wisdom - 180 Int, 70 All res, 12000+ Potion, 6CC. Or 280 Int, 80 Vit, 70 All res, 6CC.Amulet- Tal Rasha's Allegiance - 6%, 275 Int, 275 Vit 8CC/65CD. Crafted Amulet with similar stats and All res or Armor.Bracers- Lacuni Prowlers - Mandatory IMO for the Move Speed. 80 Int, 80 Vit, 60 Allres, 4CC.══════════════════════════════════════════════════════ - Terrain and Techniques - One of the biggest things that Wizards must use is the Terrain to be able to defend ourselves from attacks. Some general positions I will depict in pictures below. ══════════════════════════════════════════════════════ "Home Base" This spot is where I kite and watch for enemies running South. This picture depicts the three lanes where enemies will run looking for you. You should immediately Blizzard them and start kiting them around the Graveyard.══════════════════════════════════════════════════════ The "Stripper Poles" These are the best Stripper Poles on the map which are great areas to block Impales or Rapid Fire and allow you to peek out and cast Blizzard.══════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Stripper "Walls" These are great locations however can let the opponent take the South position and gain a huge advantage. Use these areas for cover until you can safely make your way and take South.══════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Hidden Mine Locations These are the spots which I stack hidden Arcane Mines and try to lure the enemy to walk into the stack. Dec 26, 2017
Dec 25, 2017 PVP NEVER FORGET Dec 25, 2017
Dec 5, 2017 D3 should look at GW2 PVP System The idea is simple, All pvp players are set to lvl 70 and each character has a separate pvp setting where you pick: Your basic main/off hand weapon without stat boost (to enable some weapon-dependent skills) The skills you're gonna use (maybe some skills are banned for pvp) The armor you're wearing won't increase your stats, it's only cosmetic No pasives (or maybe some are banned for pvp) This setting can be stored in a similar way than the armory, so they won't spend too much time on the development of this feature. This PVP system will require the player to learn the mechanics of the character, instead of stats boost, in order to have more chances to win (competitiveness). What do you think guys, is this a good idea?Proteus2361 Dec 5, 2017
Nov 26, 2017 Personal asking Hello everyone, i want to make a personal request, i want 3 more people preferably with some kowledge who are willing to make some things to play in the scorched chapel.... yeah its not farm keys/xp/mats, its just for fun, so if you have enough crafting materials tell me and i add you and will explain to you, basically is to skipp all legendary multiplicators from items and paragon buff... stuff like that and is fun cuz i have already tried add:(Also i tried in pubs go to "brawl area" with op set items and was "quite" fun too in there other way, the thing is different there if u use damage multiplicators because there will 1 shot (unless if we can find a way to buff our vitality 1000% or something), if characters have only (in brawl area) a huge life buff maybe it could be possible, "fun" just for do a different thing than farming all day x_x)Schyzo0 Nov 26, 2017
Nov 20, 2017 CHANGES TO PVP SEARCH MECHANIC Hi, This thread offers some feedback towards the current searchmechanic of finding a pvp match, which is currently the worst search mechanic in any game ever. Finding a PvP room easily --------------------------------- At the character screen and in a private game make a button to que for pvp brawl. When the player found one he/she gets loaded into the training grounds, together with other players that que'd for it. If no one is que'ing you create a PvP Room automatically just like it is now with PvE rooms. When you press the 'New Tristam' portal you get loaded out into your character screen or private game (wherever you last where and que'd for pvp). Hostile Button ------------------- In the 'Game Settings' menu on the character screen create a button 'Allow Hostility' (just above the 'multiplayer' settings). This allows the player to go hostile towards his fellow players that he join(ed)(s) in the room he is searching for in whatever which category (bounties, rift, grift, keywarden (the brawl tab gets removed of course). If this option isn't selected he will only find rooms where there is no option to go hostile. When the player enters a room with hostility allowed he then needs to go to the esc screen where he can select to go hostile. Which means he can attack whoever he wants. This gets displayed on his portrait (maybe a new image per role to show hostility would be a cool idea). However, if (for example) he alone went hostile every other member can attack that hostile player and NOT damage the other players that DIN'T choose to go hostile. I am convinced these two changes (or one of them) would significantly increase the rate of finding a pvp scenario. Unimportant part: The reason why i make this thread is because I've been playing the game (on and off) since the removal of the Acution House. Since then I haven't been able to find one brawl room where someone is actually brawling or willing to. Again, I am sure with these two reasonable mentioned changes above will be a big increase in pvp duels and overall Diablo 3 popularity. The addition of the Armory allowing the option to min max builds towards pvp is bigger then ever. Kind Regards, Rekkn_Rekkn0 Nov 20, 2017
Oct 31, 2017 items deleteds I have a severe problem, I was absent from the game a short time. at the end of the season, they supposedly sent the items to the mail. what happened? They are not all, I am missing some, and they are very important. I do not know if it is an error or what. but it took me a lot of work to get them, many of these are set objects, some ancestral, rings, etc. It kills me a lot because of so many things that I lack, I can not remember all of them. I would like to know if you can help me please. I would thank you a lotLordDarkay1 Oct 31, 2017
Oct 7, 2017 PvP [Yes, I am still talking about it!!!] I am fully aware that I am beating a dead horse bringing up this topic, but I mean come on Blizzard... you have now released your second major content expansion to D3, and we still don’t have a real player versus player combat system? It is 2017, computer games these days have PvP interaction. They just do. Especially fantasy style character progression RPGs like Diablo. People want it, so why can't we have it? Diablo III was released in May of 2012, making it more than a 5-year-old game now. I find it very interesting that the first glimpse we got of the game, back at Blizzcon in 2010, was that short clip of a 2v2 arena match, that everyone did all those shout-casting commentator videos on. Yet that game mode (which looked and still looks incredibly fun!) still has not been implemented? Okay, so people say... Once you reach level cap, your character does so much damage, that everyone would one-shot each other and it wouldn't be fun at all; PvP combat would be incredibly unbalanced!! This isn’t even a good point. Obviously, PvP would be a separate implementation to the game (just like seasons is a separate game mode). Once a player has played through the normal story mode, and reached level cap, give them the option to create PvP-only characters (just like seasons). These characters would have a totally separate set of items from the ones in the story mode (just like seasons). Developers would be able to modify the base stats of all the classes, as well as all the items, spells, and abilities in this game mode and balance them for PvP. These characters would never even set foot in the normal game world. Blizzard could easily implement some kind of match-making system (like they have in pretty much all their other titles) for individuals and parties alike. PvP wouldn’t need to be restricted to just an arena style game mode, but could also include a battleground system featuring maps for point control, capture the flag, etc. This would add countless hours of replayability to the game, which is something that the D3 community is desperately starving for. At the end of the day Blizzard is a company, that needs to turn a profit. Therefore, their resources are invested more into games like World of Warcraft and Overwatch, and less into Diablo III. Well, first of all, they are clearly still investing resources into D3, since they just released a new expansion. But more importantly, the way I see it, introducing a real PvP system to D3 would result in old players coming back, which would in turn bring in new players (veteran players always bring their RL/in-game friends to new games they are playing), which would snowball into more and more players. You don’t need to be a math-wiz to solve this simple equation; more players = more money. I remember some people used to theorize that Blizzard didn’t want to implement a real PvP system into D3 because they didn’t want to take away from the possible player base for the upcoming release of Heroes of the Storm. This really doesn’t make a lot of sense to me for a number of reasons, but Heroes has been out for just over 2 years now, and we still don’t have an actual PvP system in D3. Anyways, I could sit here and rant about this all day, but it will only fall on deaf ears. I love D3; I think Blizzard did an amazing job with this game. But it needs, and honestly, deserves a real PvP system. The mechanics, art style, optimization, wide range of abilities and character archetypes, etc. found in Diablo III make it the perfect candidate for an epic and extremely entertaining PvP experience. Please Blizzard, PLEASE give us PvP! PS: You’ll notice that I frequently said “real PvP” I just want to be clear that we all (including the development team at Blizz) know that Brawling is just a joke.Aeohrta6 Oct 7, 2017