May 29, 2015 Improper mechanics of skill "shield bash" Anyone who cares about PvP unsubscribe in the subject of bug "shield bash" May 29, 2015
May 28, 2015 Where did pvp go? does anyone actually PvP on this game? the rifting is getting pretty boring.Baron3 May 28, 2015
May 28, 2015 Why does this form topic exist? Seriously... This would be laughable if it was not so sad and pathetic. Matic1 May 28, 2015
May 27, 2015 They lied It wouldn't be so dissapointing if they didn't say they were working on updating brawling years ago and showed us so great 2v2 arena footage as beta footage. They said it would be part of the game. They lied. How did this happen? Will it ever change? We all know they are lieing about it being too hard to balance. Has a blue ever posted in these forums?LordCucumber0 May 27, 2015
May 20, 2015 Controller or arrow key movement option First off I like to say that I love the game play dynamic. The mixture of character, story and RPG elements are fun. The controls with the mouse and Keyboard is ok but it would be nice to take a brake from that and use a controller. I have used an emulated keyboard to controller program but it dose not work as well if there is not an arrow key function. I am not looking for a run and gun feature which would change the whole game dynamic. I am looking for option that I can move my character with without having to click my mouse. I still love the game and I hope to see more updates as the game moves forward. Thanks to all of you that were involved in making this game.Slowbrain01 May 20, 2015
May 18, 2015 Why create/join brawling tagged games to.... Do bounties or rifts? I switch the tag to brawling and see 40-50 games. Cool looks like some pvp is happening! Then to my disappointment every "brawling" tagged game is just people doing the same normal !@#$. Ok....bad luck lets make my own. People join in and start doing bounties. Wtf -_-Ouza4 May 18, 2015
May 18, 2015 the ppl have spoken so give us pvp in d3 and maybe we will play more then 10 mins at a time...furypvp2 May 18, 2015
May 11, 2015 Blizzard is Focusing on the wrong things I find it extremely frustrating how blizzard went about the development on Diablo 3. I bought D3 the first day it came out and since then I have quit and started up again every 6 months. Everytime I come back its a COMPLETELY different game. Look it dont have a problem with blizzard trying to refine and make it a better game but they make HUGE changes and the result is its not even the same game it was. The end game changes every couple months and they make extreme changes. So basically this tells me one thing.. Blizz is a complete push over and changes everytime someone or a group of people complain about the game. One example of this is the Auction house, I recently came back to see it is completely eliminated from the game, which I agree the AH was a horrible idea from the start and was extremely detrimental to the game but now its impossible to trade at all.. I have yet to even see another player since I started back up and I played various difficulties.. I think I should be able to see atleast some games and click on them like in D2.. How about you atleast make a trading game that 50+ players can enter and just trade then?? Real easy solution.. And do the same for brawling.. I have a lot of problems with the current game how it stands but I have a major suggestion that would make the game FAR more enjoyable. Blizzard stop focusing on PVE and focus on PVP. Don't spend too much time on balancing classes if that is your concern, yes it is important but not as important as your concern may be. Look I played D2 for 10+ years and dueled even though the PvP was extremely unbalanced and was barely supported and I Still found it very fun. So this tells me if you just spent the tiniest amount of time on PvP you could turn the game into a home run. Let me give some examples on what you can do to make a very average game into a epic game... More clan support with a Ranking system. Clans can have a gold bank and use gold to buy things like different venues to fight in.. Blizzard should make a store you can spend your gold in [like gunbound] where you can buy other custom features. People would spend gold on the smallest custom details, like a clan logo. Clans can have custom colors so when you are having a clan battle you can decipher who is on your team [example. Gold can be your team color]. You can spend gold to buy custom colors. Blizzard had a good idea with the "dyes" but they could have went much farther with customizing characters and players would love the smallest customizations. Clans can also put up bets so that the winning teams wins the gold.. although that may end bad if cheating, hacking comes into play.. I think blizzard is unaware how many players in D2 played just for dueling and how many clans were around just as PvP clans and they are losing a ton of players just on this. Even though D2 was average and unbalanced at best, players still played just for PvP and it wouldnt take much for blizzard to make a great game if they wanted to, if not Diablo 3 is not going to last long and players will get bored and quit. Quit focusing on changing the end game.. that is NOT the problem blizz. The end game for a large amount of D2 players was dueling.SyK5 May 11, 2015
May 10, 2015 Brawling is a travesty. Remember when D3 was released and PvP was promised? The last time I checked there were ZERO people in public brawling games. This is what happens when you release a game that isn't fully developed. You promise things you can't give because the game is so flawed it takes YEARS to fix basic components, let alone release new balanced content. For shame.MetalMilitia3 May 10, 2015
May 6, 2015 Death's Bargain Affix Re-enabled (Updated 5/5) UPDATE - May 5 @ 5:40 p.m. PDT This issue has been resolved. We know a lot of you have questions about this resolution, so we have provided a quick summary and some additional insight below. ----------------------------------- We've recently become aware of an unintended interaction that occurs when Death's Bargain is used in combination with a specific set of items and abilities. In addition to causing server instability, this combination could also be leveraged to gain significant progression in higher level Greater Rifts (that wouldn't otherwise be possible). To help mitigate these effects, we have disabled the Legendary affix for Death's Bargain until further notice. Note that this is a temporary measure and we are working on an additional hotfix to address the underlying issues. While we don't have an ETA for this fix to share at this time, we will provide updates as they become available.Nevalistis1 May 6, 2015
May 5, 2015 Wouldn't disabling rifts... ...make better sense? Just a suggestion.dKaleph0 May 5, 2015
Apr 28, 2015 Give D3 a few modes like HotS I don't see how much of a problem that would be. Render all pve gear/sharagon useless during pvp, make non-primary skills have cooldowns, introduce a leaderboard or ranking system...and you have a decent pvp mode in D3...Dieftw1 Apr 28, 2015
Apr 26, 2015 New PVP mode! It's a new leader board where players compete in a best out of 5 rounds. Team matches and capture the flag and freeze tag. You can play against Diablo's Shadow Clones, or you can have clan wars! It's gonna be awesome!!! It's like a series of small maps like the graveyard, but each one is randomized like all the other levels in Diablo 3. But that's not the best part!!! You can fully customize and create any build possible and tweak customized gear into builds that aren't possible in the normal game! Now anyone can have the best gear build possible and use it in PVP. You can create any build you can think of and more in minutes, and switch between your different builds with ease! But you will need a few different builds saved because in that first round, they will know how to counter your build. In the second round, be prepared for their new build to smash your first round build. Clan wars where you can instantly customize any godly build on a totally equal playing field! How cool would that be?!!!Steve1 Apr 26, 2015
Apr 25, 2015 It's time for Blizzard to work on PVP I love Diablo 3! I love leveling up my character and finding new loot to make him more powerful. I love being able to go into greater rifts and test my skills and power. This is a great game! There is just one problem for me. PVP isn't finished! If you want to add tournaments and achievements, then make it happen in your own time. But at least give us the option to team up against each other! At least in Diablo 2 we could team up against a stronger opponent and have a chance at beating him/her. And the ear! The ear!! Sincerely, A Diablo 3 fanCutiepoka14 Apr 25, 2015
Apr 24, 2015 How i miss that..... Apr 24, 2015
Apr 22, 2015 Realm of trials or PvP battle arena? Before trials go the way of the AH (the AH interface could have been used as an inventory management system... ooops off topic already) lets try and make trials fun instead. For those of you who read trials and fun in the first sentence and think I am crazy here is the TLDR. Turn the Realm of trials into a PvP battle arena!!! Keep monsters that spawn in waves as they do now (with option to turn off monsters) but instead of obtaining greater rift keys you also fight each other. Have option to 1v1, 2v2, free for all and PvM (PvM could be kept for the people that liked trials with the option to turn off monster attacks/movement for the people that want dps dummies). Choose single duel (with option to let it ride), best of 3/5/7 or w/e. Incoming damage from other player(s) would have to reduced significantly especially if PvPvM (elite damage increase/reduction gear would work against other player). The countdown timer for each wave would be removed (PvM would still have countdown time and function just as trials do now). Each wave completed would now drop a chest (like cursed chests from bounties). After completing each wave the chest would be replaced by another chest with a higher chance for leg/ancient (wave 50 chest would have better drops than a wave 20 chest). Every 10 or 15 waves a random rift guardian type boss would spawn (with drop rate proportionate to their wave) Last man/woman standing mode or total annihilation mode (if 1 player dies to boss other player can attempt to kill for loot drop). Boss health would be scaled back from their rift guardian equivalent (no 8 min boss fight in total annihilation mode). Rewards(chest/boss drops/xp?) or punishment (HC hero death) would be withheld until a player was determined to be the winner. PvP leader boards (top 100) for 1v1, 2v2 and free for all. Boards (and quick join for public games) would be separated by each 100 paragon levels (like weight class) as well as separate overall board. Rank on boards will be based on win/loss percentage/total wins/paragon lvl of defeated opponent. Mandatory minimum for wins will be required to rank on leader boards. PvP boards will lock at the same time as greater rift boards. Eventually add act themed maps. The mobs/RG type boss would be one from the act you chose (Golgor/Ghom--->Voracity/Act 3). Eventually add PvP themed act specific loot drops from chest drops just like bounties. Winner takes all of course. P.S. I would also like to see challenge player to a duel option while playing adventure mode. Duel challenge would work same as hostile button in D2 but both players would have to agree to duel (both parties accepting would prevent players from wiping whole parties in public games). Running rifts or bounties for drops while trying to pvp would just be fun.Cr0tchGoblin1 Apr 22, 2015
Apr 21, 2015 PVP within PVP I heard you like PVP. So I put PVP in your PVP so you can PVP while you PVP.Andarius0 Apr 21, 2015
Apr 16, 2015 Interesting result in recent testing I played around with a friend and was able to NOT die instantly when he used his PVE Barb spec! I also was able to kill him after some time (~20-30 seconds) by pecking at his PVE gear defense. So there is still hope of some balance and enjoyable content as long as players agree on some gear choices. Obeservations: Damage spec: 3-4M DPS, 6pc bonus of something, 10-20M toughness Tank spec: 300k DPS, no offensive set bonuses, 250-300M toughness The immovable object (tank) can be killed by the unstoppable force (damage) but after some difficulty and the tank spec can still peck away at the life of the damage dealer. I think a balanced spec would beat both of these if they could manage 1-2M DPS and 150-200M toughness. The typical scenario is usually damage vs damage (where anything 1-shots) or tank vs tank (where no one wins). If both players agree to keep toughness under say 150-200M and only use some restrictive sets (Aughild's, Blackthorne's, Captain Crimson's, Asheara's, or up to 2-4 piece of of class sets) then the duels might be somewhat playable again. The idea is to avoid absurd multipliers (like Unhallowed Essence 6p) or absurd tank + regen (like 300M toughness, brooding passive, rank 50 Wildebeast Gizzard, and Rogar's Huge Stone) for fun gameplay.Iria0 Apr 16, 2015
Apr 13, 2015 Blizzard will not address pvp Because pvp isnt teepeeMontresor0 Apr 13, 2015
Apr 12, 2015 Waste of Forum why is brawling even on the forum menu as an option, seriously, brawling is a joke and pvp in this game is as worthless as a mushroom covered dog turd.Exo3 Apr 12, 2015
Apr 12, 2015 informing the masses All three of you. D3pvp is not what it should beMontresor0 Apr 12, 2015
Apr 10, 2015 That remainder Im going to fill this forum with posts that mean nothing and nobody will careMontresor0 Apr 10, 2015
Apr 9, 2015 The daily post Brawling is not what we were hype promised. Enjoy your pve game experience brawlers.Montresor0 Apr 9, 2015
Apr 9, 2015 daily reminder Pvp doesnt exist as foretold in the hype trailors. I have the utmost confidence that my threads will overwhelm the first page of the neglected forum subsectionMontresor0 Apr 9, 2015
Apr 9, 2015 Idea to rework brawling I would like to see dueling instead of brawling. Dueling would work like the old hostile in D2 BUT the person you challenged to a duel would have to accept your challenge. Once both parties have agreed to the duel they could travel to any map and pvp. By having to accept the challenge you could prevent overpowered players from joining public games just to hostile everyone and wipe the whole party mid rift or w/e. This would provide players with more options for an endgame. PVP was by far my favorite aspect of D2 and would love to see something similar in D3. I doubt any dev will actually read this much less implement it but imo a decent pvp system would prolong the lifespan on D3 as well as add a more pvp minded players to the dwindling player base.Cr0tchGoblin2 Apr 9, 2015
Apr 6, 2015 mouse cursor its pretty easy to lose your mouse when your surrounded by the swarm of demons, monsters w/e its like, where am I actually pointing, so, yeah, I would love the OPTION to be able to change my cursor, maybe add a slight glow or something, I dunno, its just a thought but, when im my witch doctor, and Im currently using "The Grin Reaper" helm, and my mimics show up and were all casting firebats, its complete chaos. while I was trying to get my friend to buy this game, (which he did anyway) I gave him a little look at the gameplay, and yeah, I had no idea where my mouse was alot of the time, n I turned to him n said, yeah, its pretty easy to loose track of the cursor, n he was like yeah I can see why. so, I think some OPTION/s should be looked into. along the same vain, its so hard to run away from monsters when you dont know where your cursor is, and almost every inch of the screen is covered in enemys, its like, well damn, I cant heal, the cooldowns still going, my healing skill/rune, also cooling down. heck, back to witch doctor, spirit walk, so I click the skill, and dont end up moving anywhere because... you guessed it, no idea where the mouse is, and again, the screen is filled with enemys, aka there is no where to click. kinda wish we had access to 8 skill slots, but thats a rant for another day.Shadow2 Apr 6, 2015
Apr 6, 2015 Diablo3 build on lies and greed They sold us the game showing us sick 2v2 arena PvP, they told us it would have to wait because they wanted to make it really good... Then they told us we would have news on pvp at patch 2.1 and its now patch 2.1.2... The point of getting good gear is mainlly for pvp purpose ... I mean what grind the highess Grift lvl... pssss pls... This franchise is now build on lies and constant nerf to keep players coming back... Diablo is my fav bliz franchise and by showing us sick pvp then never giving it I fell cheated as a diablo veteran whos been playing since the release of Diablo 1... Who ever is making the descision of not making a pvp I hope you get FIRED!!!KingOfDiablo9 Apr 6, 2015
Apr 6, 2015 PVP - 'Pound of Flesh' Blues please take note. I have some fun, exciting PVP ideas. PVP is coming and it can save this end-game. First off, I just want to get players to focus on what PVP could become. Let's make Diablo 3 the best game of all time. And I'd bet a 'Pound of Flesh' that it can be. So, let's call it a wager shall we? A Wager Duel. 'Wager Duel?' Pound of Flesh Pink Slips Paragon chank? Training Duels Bottom **** The 1 Health Globe moment Enrage Timer Arenas PVP spectating - accessable from chat rooms PVP spectators can wage gold on duels (concept by mogeybear) With a new Duel sytem in place, Players could choose to duel normally or choose to 'Wager Duel;' staking Gold, items, 'Pink Slips', **Paragon XP or a 'Pound of Flesh' for the winner of the duel. An Obvious option for HC duelers ... would result in the winner getting ALL, like drag racing for a Pink Slip. But, the 'Pound of Flesh' concept could be an alternative for Soft Core (or HC)players that want something to stake besides in-game material possessions. "In wager duels, there's more on the line than just your pride." There are several ways to do this: When in the PVP interface ... there will be choices; i.e. boxes to check off in wager duels. - First off - choose between wager duel or regular duels ( ***new Training Duels) - Then, for those who select 'wager duel', Choose whether you want to wager gold (any amount is acceptable), items, **Paragon XP Chanks or a 'Pound of Flesh.' *Since I had originally written this: ROS & BOA.(see the date on original Post) So, I wouldn't expect Bliz to go back on item trading. But, maybe for the sake of stakes they might give us something more to wager besides gold. Perhaps they might let us also wager Blood Shards, Leg Gems or Tiered Rift Key Stones A. Gold would be the easiest match ... Player/dueler enters the gold amount to stake and waits, in menus or game if he likes, for a notification that a challenger awaits. B. Item based waged duels might take more time for a match ... but, could offer the possibility of making the duel more interesting or fun. When a Wager Dueler chooses to wager an item. The game selects matches(opponents - other players looking for a wager duel) for him based first upon dueling class guide lines(which in turn is based upon a Dueler's record and stats), then offers those possible candidates the option to wager duel. If a candidate agrees to your terms, he offer's up an item or matches your gold wage. (*In Wager Duels, a player with an item waged can suggest a gold amount he's willing to accept in exchange for his item upon win.) -If the candidate offers an item ... the dueler he is to face is notified that his challenge has been accepted and, in a separate pop up window, show's the item the candidate or challenger offers in return. B.2. An additional option for Non-HC players would be pink slip dueling; like HC Wager Duels, all the items would go to the winner. (I imagine only HC players would ever really opt for this. But, all challengers will get a moment to review and inspect the person they're slated to duel ; taking note their gear.) C.2 Or another, less painful, way to go would be random wager duels ... where one piece of the gear you're wearing will randomly go to the winner. It still stings. You'll have to walk off with yoru tail between your legs and farm for that new item to replace the old one. D. 'Pound of Flesh' concept offers up a percentage of a players Stats and Life for a temporary time. The Dueler wages, for example, 10% to 25% (in this instance we'll say 25%) of his stats and life to his challenger. When he dies, he may continue to play but, for the next 30 minutes, he's without 25% of his Vit, Str, Int and Dex. The winner takes it from him. How would you like your Barbarian to have 25% of another player's total hit points, Strength, Intel and Dex for 30 minutes? HC players will enjoy this because they will have an option to duel to a point just before death ... Almost as if there's a ref there shouting 'Enough!" - one oponent lying on the floor bleeding, the other raises his sword in victory! (Thunder overhead and a bolt of lighting strikes the raised arm of the winner.) "I feel more powerful!" (2 guards with a gerny rush to pick up the defeated and rush back out of the arena) D.2. 'Pound of Flesh' stacks. Keep dueling and you're dueler becomes godlike. (win 3 duels in a row? You might need the full 30 minutes to find an apponent your equal. D.2.A - You've won! Victorious for 3 "Pound of Flesh" duels in a row. Now your character is stacked and there's no one to match you. There's a reward here: Don't wait around ... You can use your stacked attributes to farm MP10 for 30 minutes. -Softcore and HC players alike can duel for a 'Pound of Flesh' but only HC players have the option to 'Duel to the Death' The cool thing about this? 1. It takes us back to Diablo 1; which makes me smile. 2. People don't have to wager duel; it's an option. 3. When you slay your oponent, You can become more powerful or items and gold pop out! Just like when you slay a monster! Instant rewards. If a player's skill has them explode upon death and that explosion takes out their opponent, the first player down loses but, neither player gains the Pound of Flesh bonus. *In Wager Duels at some point, the PVP interface can offer an options to search for a specific piece of gear being offered as a wager. So, that, like a carrot before the horse, a dueler can entice people to take his challenge. This can work for many reasons - Let's say you're an old school Diablo 2 PVP Player Killer and you just want ears (so to speak) and you've got a bad bad set up and you're record shows it. What if it's getting hard to find that challenger anymore? But, you're offering up the godly item. (It could be a 1500 DPS 1 handed weapon with 100% Crit damage, an open socket and Increased Attack Speed.) People are going to find you and try! Challengers are going to dial your number. Because, now you're not just the guy who's going to tarnish their record or put them in the grave ... Your also the dueler with the keys to the kingdom. -no more waiting around in duel games hoping a worthy challenger will stop by. You set up your PVP Wager Duel paramaters and go on farming until someone rings your door bell ... a window pops up showing the challenger, his record, possibly an inspection of his gear and his gold or item offering. Check off the box and you're ported to the PVP arena.Please get my idea heard by Blizzard. Lastly, to ANYONE this resonates with, if you think this could be interesting; if you like this idea please give it a thumbs up or a sticky. That's the only way for Bliz staff to see these thoughts. **EDIT: ztKing and Dax offered up some great ideas and I'd really like to add them in as additional options Chrisloup suggests that the Paragon XP come in the form of a potion (stackable in the inventory) for players that are already Paragon 100. E: Wagering Paragon Experience by Chanks or Blocks of Paragon XP could be a great option for duelers. Especially if Paragon lvl 100 players could stack them in their inventory and use them at NPCs for account bound items. ***Nov 13th Edit - Training Duels Concept added. The ability o duel with a friend to work out a PVP strategy with victories and losses that go uncounted on your PVP Dueling record. **** Nov 27th Edit - New PVP Arena Concepts: 1. The 1 health globe moment, 2. Enrage Timer Arenas 3. Spectater access from Chat rooms. 4. PVP spectators can wage gold on duels 1. as soon as one of the Duelers hit's 50% health 1 health globe appears equidistant from the combatants. 2. If a duel goes ovr 60 seconds, the PVP Arena goes into "Enrage". Mid evil Pendulum Axes, pits with flames and turets with spinning blades appear and the skys darken from above. You can hear the devil hiss. 3. Spectate the Destruction from the PVP Arena as a spectator from the chat room drop down menu. New hot keys: Bliz get's voice actors back in the studio to track new voice overs for spectators in the arena of death. From the number pad, each player has 9 new phrases to shout out over the crowd as players duel. "Kill him!", "Run you damn fool ... run!" "I say we should let him go -Pee Wee Herman", "Get out of there!", "He's a damn fool, that one" "rearange his face!" (my personal fav -LOL) 4. PVP spectators have 60 seconds to wager gold on High Paragon LVL combatants - PVP duels have rankings. Whenever two high Paragon LVL players (LVL 85 and over) enter an arena to duel. The duel is announced to the Chat room spectators and both players stats are posted for 60 seconds in order for peope to place there bets. (This original concept by mogeybear in his post) - Apr 6, 2015
Apr 6, 2015 Hostile please bring back pvp!!d2 hardcore duels were da best gaming experience i've ever hadRaekwon6 Apr 6, 2015
Apr 5, 2015 A new mode for PvP - Banner Impale(idea) Whether you get rid of pvp in its current form all together or you just add this in addition to it's a great idea that everyone - creator and end user alike - could have a lot of fun with. Banner Impale! That's right, simple as an indy game, everyone running around just trying to hit the other dude with their banner for some awesome Banner impale animation! Maybe some end game 5000 banner kills banner upgrade option that makes it look like it came from heaven or something. Tons of various spikes etc added to the banner upgrading up the aesthetic laddder towards some awesome final reward, whatever. Here is a highlight segment from my stream last night during which I talk about the idea in brutal fashion. Listen in, some ideas are much easier conveyed out side of print: And hell, who wouldn't buy the game just to banner impale and instantly kill P800+'s as P0's right?Sokon3 Apr 5, 2015
Apr 2, 2015 D1 pvp from 20 years ago This looks way better than the current brawling system. They could do it back then... but we cant now?JWNZ0 Apr 2, 2015
Apr 1, 2015 Does Blizzard even read post for PVP? I feel like Brawling is the red headed step child of D3 and the Devs would rather us go play HOTS for pvp vice D3. Its a sad day to see this die. I had a lot of fun brawling with my friends while we leveled. Sucks the dev team cannot take this to the next stage. So much potential, wasted.Legenis1 Apr 1, 2015
Mar 30, 2015 Brawling Am i the only one here who thinks that blizzard should make a better PvP system? I think they should make an Arena like in WoW, that would be awesome, 3v3's and stuff...GhostDragon1 Mar 30, 2015
Mar 24, 2015, where can I find PvP? Since there's nothing besides the shameful Brawler's Arena with hopes that Blizzard might one day realize that it's a really good way to expand the end-game options available to the players and curb a lot of the complaints.. does anyone know some active brawling communities? Maybe something that requires certain items (like blues only or something)?PKHustle2 Mar 24, 2015
Mar 23, 2015 Brawling clans? Does anyone know of a brawling clan or community? I've had D3 for several years now and I've never gotten a chance to brawl more than once when I first bought the game. Anyone want to friend up and occasionally brawl?EchoOne0 Mar 23, 2015
Mar 11, 2015 Please fill "Public Game" by "Level/Strength" Hi all, Can anyone please inform who it may concern that it's very frustrating waiting forever to start a Greater Rift in public mode because anyone that joins thinks there're too strong to play with my low-paragon character, so they leave ? What would be great is to match player by paragon/strength/whatever to at least put similar players together. Thanks for listening. FraxFrax3 Mar 11, 2015
Mar 6, 2015 Give us the Option In pvp To add the option of blanket multipliers to what ever degree we (the host wants). For example The host can add 0-95% damage reduction for all pvp matches, and adjust cool down/resource cost reduction by up to 50% decrease or up to a 300% increase in wait times/cost. Obivously there is a mountain of problems with pvp in D3, but with these options and maybe a few more, a good host could at least provide a somewhat functional arena for players to battle one another. Despite some of the broken aspects. Thanks for reading.Dapperdanman2 Mar 6, 2015
Mar 6, 2015 When you feel useless in life... remember diablo 3 forums have a brawling section...Rhael3 Mar 6, 2015
Mar 4, 2015 My thoughts on how PvP can be improved.. I have not been playing Diablo 3 at all for a few simple reasons... It does not even come close to how Diablo 2 was. I've been an avid Diablo 2 gamer for over 14 years. In Diablo 2, you felt the burn of defeat, the humiliation of others boasting of their trophies proving their power over you, and you weathered the harassment of other heroes who did not believe your skills sufficient in that world to vanquish the presence of evil -- I still think of Diablo 2 as the #1 PvP game. (Dark souls coming in a close second) All they would need to do to make D3 PvP enjoyable, in my opinion... -maybe 1 or 2 more unique PvP areas (totally optional) -the option for online players to choose between the current create game/join game functionality, or create custom games, where players can change the game name, and set PvP parameters (ex. arena-only, flag self, or full hostility) -add a simple trophy item (ears, obviously...) listing the defeated player's battletag, and related PvP stats, or an interface you can view via inspecting that shows current-game PvP stats, most recent PvP stats, or all-time PvP stats It sounds like a huge amount of work for Devs, and probably is a huge amount of work, but i'm positive that would bring an innumerable number of Diablo veterans out of retirement, and would strengthen the Diablo community, making it finally live up to that day 1 hype that broke milestones for the company... but then failed to fully deliver to their (extremely large) PvP audience. I can't disagree that Blizzard has made an incredibly immersive ARPG, that even without PvP could hold it's own compared to most other ARPG's out there. (I mean, c'mon... is there any sound more gratifying than killing a very tough enemy, and then beholding that beautiful ringing sound, accompanied by a heavenly beam of golden light illuminating some unworldly, all-powerful item?) I just wish Blizzard gave a little more love to the PvP. A good majority of the PvP community don't want everything 100% balanced. They don't want mindless, pointless duels that don't hit you right in the feels. We want to feel the burn. We want to conquer what some may believe to be unconquerable. Only then will we consider ourselves worthy to face the horrors and evils that lurk in the darkest bowels of Sanctuary. I'd love any feedback, thoughts, or personal opinions regarding my topic, or PvP as a whole! TL;DR -PvP can be improved with old ideas from D2 -May take a lot of Developer resource, but would bolster the community tenfold in long-term -Balancing PvP is a lost cause, but with the innumerable amount of item suffixes, prefixes, abilities/runes, passives, class differentials, and paragon points, players would have a blast immersing themselves to find a combination to beat that "unbeatable PvP build."Skyz13 Mar 4, 2015
Feb 20, 2015 When is Blizzard going to introduce REAL PVP? The brawling system is a joke, you lost so many faithful diablo players because the PVP is gone. Please introduce PVP again. You're getting tons of money already from the newly ps4/xb1 versions.IceColdKilla6 Feb 20, 2015
Feb 17, 2015 PvP bug with WD pets Hi, this is going to be my first post, so bare with me if I did any mistakes. Anyways, to the problem. My friend and I brawled, and he has a WD. Pets killed me, clicked on "Revive at Last Checkpoint", wasn't able to revive. Tried it at least 5-10 times to check if it was a bug, 8 out of 10, it was bugged. Thank you for reading this post.Quackquacks1 Feb 17, 2015
Feb 12, 2015 Nastynaz looking to PVP I am level 70 witch doctor with 100 paragon looking to duel winner gets bragging rights I was formally a 97 paladin in diablo 2 so I know the competition level message me and we can make a game to see the best at work.Naz1 Feb 12, 2015
Feb 6, 2015 PVP back to life join community "Bringing PVP Back" in game im hoping to get alot of members on there and hopefully get some pvp going as well all know...pvp is nothing like it was in d2 sad to going to try and bring it back to life please join the community if you havent thanks so muchsilvasback2 Feb 6, 2015
Jan 26, 2015 PvP suggestions and recommendations for PvP! Hello D3 dev team I would love to give you guys suggestions and bit help on balancing PvP! The brawling mode at this moment is a disaster, It's only one shotting people and the one who wins usually has better gear. The PvP is something I have waited for after I played the game through and that's something that has to be added in the game! There should be atleast an arena where you have 3 different modes 1 v 1 / 2 v 2 / 3 v 3 or even more. PvP literally needs PvP gear. The reason why PvP is unbalanced at this moment is cause legendary gear that gives you like 80% crit chance, 35%resource reduction / gain. With PvP gear you can overcome all that to minimum crit chance like maybe 20% max or 10% resource reduction / gain. PvP should not be in touch with PvE and that can be overcome by doing some system like you did on seasonal: PvP characters that would start on 70 lvl and have some regular PvP gear on start. ( Players maybe would need atleast one 70 lvl character to make one Other players can decide this) This would make PvP not connected with PvE at all. PvP seasons would be one really cool thing but if you make season system PLEASE do not make it the same as it is in WoW. ( I really would like to see seasons on PvP) The ranking system should be bit same as it is in Hearthstone, LoL, or some other game but not WoW. When i played WoW rated i just saw meaningless numbers and it didn't feel rewarding at all. Everyone please give your recommendations if i missed something! And D3 team please respond to this post if you have seen this post and answer if you can add PvP like this or not.Rerralid1 Jan 26, 2015
Jan 25, 2015 Where are all the games? cant really figure out whats going on, but i CANT find any games of players brawling. i que on EVERY difficulty and i still just get some pve farming game. Is it so unpopular that no one does it or whats the deal? thanks.Inferno7653 Jan 25, 2015
Jan 25, 2015 toggle Transparent pets and sentry ! toggle Transparent pets and sentry makes DH, WD and others in brawling, cant see wells, i cant see where DH place the sentry . it makes Imbalance DH or WD specially if the DH have 5 sentry . Puffhvanish6 Jan 25, 2015
Jan 25, 2015 Simple way to make PVP Work What if they just give us like a 1000% boost to healing and life it would make for a longer more entertaining Brawl, Thoughts/suggestions Welcome.Zamorak3 Jan 25, 2015
Jan 25, 2015 I challenge you all!!! I am unbeatable!!!! #1 PvPYORI3 Jan 25, 2015
Jan 18, 2015 Why no love for Brawling ? I don't get it . Day by day , i saw those threads- that- should -not -be- mentioned in which OP complain the lack of PvP . But in every town , there stood an old man who can lead the nephalem into a realm where they can fight each other without have to worry about damaging their gears . Isn't that....say.... a simple form of PvP ? Why complaining the lack of PvP ? May be the lack of reward ? But if there are rewards , there will be some sort of exploit . And then , class balance issue , especially the Crus with their Passive / skill allow them to become invincible if needed . Everyone in here agreed that Blizz need to balancing all classes , no balance , no fair PvP .kampfer9129 Jan 18, 2015
Jan 14, 2015 Same as the other 100+ posts about pvp. Blizzard come on, what are you doing, I know that focusing on PVE is good but at the same time think about how players feel when they spent hours and hours hunting for items in PVE and when they finally are with an end setting build they go back to PVE again to entertain themselves with killing monsters because the brawl that exist in this game as of the moment is really without any censoring word "Crap". There is no fun in 1 shooting another player or the other player doing it to us, its called having fun and many people out there including me doesn't care about ranking competitions, we care about player skill vs player skill, that's why we go through the pain of spending hours to make our build's perfect. Please search on the promises made to us and go back to that topic in (2012<-- 3 years ago) about including PVP for us and for once please forget about PVE in a patch and help us see and enjoy the game from a different view and no the endless monster slaying, thank you.GhostWarrior1 Jan 14, 2015