Apr 29, 2014 Kill Streak in Arena Is it possible to add a counter for whoever is leading in kills without deaths in a arena? They had this in Ragnarok. It was really fun.Nightdust1 Apr 29, 2014
Apr 29, 2014 One Last PvP Tournament Sunday March 23 Hi Everyone, I and PvP Ladder Clan will be hosting one final brawling tournament before ROS launch. King Of Vanilla PvP open Tournament will take place sunday march 23rd at 9pm est. Rules and restrictions: - first to 5 kills wins set. - allowed to go to town and change skills and reset cd between matches. - no leaving arena during match. - no equipping elemental immunity gear at any time. Please sign up here and state your name and which class you will be playing with. Top finishers for each class will be eligible to join PvP Ladder ClanChuckNorris22 Apr 29, 2014
Apr 28, 2014 Hero Line Wars PVP - D3 Style! My twin brother and I had a great Idea for one of the many ways Blizzard could do "PVP" in Diablo 3. Being huge blizzard-game fans, especially while growing up, we enjoyed playing any and all trigger maps on Starcraft or Warcraft. And this is where the inspiration comes from. An old but common trigger map was Hero Line Wars (Or other variates); Here is the basics of the map. The basics of Hero Line War: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Two to ten players divided in two teams, then pick one hero each to defend their teams circle of life from attacking creeps (the teams arenas are SEPARATED from each other, so opposing heroes cannot attack each other). The players spend resources on summoning creeps to attack the enemy team, Summoning creeps also gives income, which allows the whole game to accelerate. Players may buy items to strengthen their heroes, to make defending easier. But by simple logic, the more is spent on buying items for safety, the less can be spent on hiring creeps to accelerate gold income and pressure the enemy with… Players also have one spell-shrine, and each has a number of powerful spells that may be used to help defend against the creeps (but creeps killed by the shrines will not yield experience for the heroes) Eventually one team will get overrun by the creeps… When a team has let too many creeps past them in to the circle of life, they loose the game. (50-300 “chances“ per team, decided by host at start along with a bunch of other settings such as difficulty and income intervals) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Basics ended Now to make this viable for D3! No hero choice as you have your champion (Duh!) No spell towers for obvious reasons...(Ideas?) No actual gear, as you have your own gear (Though other rags to riches versions could be accepted) Players could purchase Shrine buffs or More expensive Pylon buffs Players bring their own potions(Or buy potions?) Summoning creeps stays the same, but with tiered monsters instead. First weak and maybe Low "Difficulty" Stat monsters maybe normal - Torment 6 Which affects price. White mobs can be summoned for cheap, then champion and elite mobs for significantly more and then maybe Boss mobs for High prices. The price of the 'Mob' is dependent on the difficulty of the creature in question - For example: Fallen<Death Maiden (Duh!) Special creatures like Treasure Goblins can be sent as well (High life, no dmg) Of course income will come from this, and many of the play ideas would be the same, like the circle of life ____________________________________________________________________ What sets it apart form normal PVP!? Experience is gained like normal (= to the creature difficulty and level!) Loot/gold will drop like normal! (Time-out periods to sell, salvage, and stash loot will be placed) Fight players with summoned monsters! Rather than true PVP! I almost forgot - Winners could receive a common PVE reward (Cache) or maybe more?My Personal Questions Should Attributes on champ/elite mobs be chosen by players or random? Should all games start from Normal difficulty or be chosen? Re-spawn times in case of champion death? Balancing will be constant maintenance like any PVP balance right? Other Items for Nephalem to buy?OVERALL I feel this would be a fun and interactive form of PVP and would fit perfect for the D3 universe! Bump to maybe get a blue post? :) MasterKaven0 Apr 28, 2014
Apr 28, 2014 My first hostile happened today. I was playing in an open game and suddenly I hear the wardrums and see that that somebody went hostile. My heart was racing so fast. Hardcore is scaryMontresor6 Apr 28, 2014
Apr 28, 2014 Idea for Rift PVP Starts off in stages Two teams of 4 players. First stage: each team gets a Normal rift and when finished it opens a portal to a Boss. Second stage: Both teams fight the same boss and each other. First team to kill the boss gets the treasure room. Death respawns to town. Where you take the rift portal to the boss portal. Can not teleport to player. Treasure room has 5 gold chest and 10 whites and a group of treasure goblins.Chaoscode0 Apr 28, 2014
Apr 25, 2014 PVP game mode idea! So heres the idea. There would be an large oval arena with rocks or something splitting down the middle. Each team would be placed on opposite sides of the rocks and would be fogged of warred so that each team couldn't see what the other team was doing. Then there would be some merchant(s) that you could "buy" to monsters to send to the other team. You would gain more resource from killing the monsters that are sent to you by the other team. After 15min or so the wall in the middle will break down and it just becomes a death match for whoever is alive on either team (btw the game could also end if one team ends up killing all the other team before the 15min with monsters you've sent). Thoughts? To complicated? To simple?Burgleturd0 Apr 25, 2014
Apr 24, 2014 Crusader Brawling bug Iron Maiden + Iron skin + some thorns damage = you die at pvp/brawling just by attacking the crusader, without even getting attacked by him...eLeOs2 Apr 24, 2014
Apr 22, 2014 dh: danettas + pvp... i just played a few duels with my friend, for the first time ever. we're both glass cannons, but what im gonna say will still be true, even if both players choose tanky gear. constant vault with action shot rune is just way op. i was able to simply 1 hit him using only vault, while being immune to all damage. with the range being like 1 screen, it's nearly impossible to survive the onslaught. constant stun (1.5 sec stuns ~3 times per second) would kill even 50m hp barbarians. pvp is actually just as i thought when i got my danettas weeks ago, completely useless :( with a pvp system like this, why can't we all simply get let's say 3 sets of standardized gear to choose from?psySPY2 Apr 22, 2014
Apr 21, 2014 Pvp Rifts I'm not sure where to put this, it seems like pvp so I will post it here. I think there should be a way to compete against other players using rifts. It seems like racing against other players to complete an identical T6 rift would be a good player vs player system. This would also give characters which are reaching their gear max something to do.Hotform1 Apr 21, 2014
Apr 21, 2014 PVP still a joke i remember when this game first came out. there was no pvp at all and after ppl crying about it for months on end they brought out what was going to be epic pvp. however that failed just fighting and good luck finding any one who wants too just one shot each other. atleast in D2 we had ears as some kind of token just bring pvp in this game make it good you did it in wow you did it in startcraft even hearthstone is pretty much full pvp and blizzard heros as well. are you telling me we are the only ones that are going to miss out ? make it worth wild pvp gear pvp Q for gear no one cares if its bad as long as its better than what we have now.. do we really need to keep crying.oMACHINEo7 Apr 21, 2014
Apr 18, 2014 2v2 or team brawling. Brawling is basic in my opinion. I absolutely love D3 and the new expansion and where you guys have taken it thus far. But it concerns me that the only way to brawl is free for all. I think your fans would much appreciate a new brawling system or update that allows people to team brawl. Keep up the work blizz.eXiLeOfAnGeR2 Apr 18, 2014
Apr 16, 2014 4v4 Bounties based PvP As much as I enjoy playing RoS, I'm at heart a pvp player and with all the amazing gameplay mechanics in the game I think it's a real shame that there's no real pvp. Simple deathmatch isn't a good idea for D3 and I'm actually glad the devs declined in simply implementing that; it would've been a massive cop out. I think however, looking at the strengths in the public matching system, based on difficulty, and also looking at the gameplay that I think is the draw of end game - we could come up with a potential pvp mode. Basically, the match will be 4v4 - matched based on difficulty - and it will be based on the bounties. Like the current system, it'll have five bounties in an Act that will be chosen at random. The idea is to get through the bounties more quickly than the other team. There will be checkpoints in each bounty map - as you reach them you can receive certain buffs for your team. The first team to reach certain checkpoints will also buff the monsters on the enemy team - giving an incremental advantage in the time fight. Whichever team that finishes the bounty first will win the point and end the first match - the second bounty will start immediately then. After the fifth bounty, both the winning team and losing team will receive a cache that's based on the score. Of course there are finer points to be worked out, but I just wanted to throw the framework out there and see what people think.illminister3 Apr 16, 2014
Apr 12, 2014 Crazy ideas that must be done Blizzard needs to introduce PVP for the longevity of the game and for the hardcore players who are not satisfied with just a thousand or so hours of entertainment. Some ideas : 1 : Hardcore PVP Arena The idea is you would be able to spectate and bid on matches between Hardcore level 70's in fights to the death. Since it is hardcore, their character would be gone, only one person survives the fight! Think of the tension that would build. Think of the people who would build Hardcore toon after Hardcore toon trying to climb the pvp ladder to fame and fortune. There could be a list of people who have won the most duels without dying or something that makes it interesting. 2 : Hardcore yet Softcore PVP Arena This would be the hardcore PVP arena but your character does not die upon dying in pvp. This would be different from the Softcore arena in that gear is harder to find in hardcore than in softcore. 3 : Softcore pvp ladder Like Starcraft 2 with leagues and ranks and what not with how many wins you get, everyone would have skill levels and once again. You would be able to spectate To keep it all genuine, make it so you cannot see who is spectating your game and make it so you cannot talk to anyone while you are in a pvp situation. 4 : Silly mode 10 players in a very large arena, not like the current brawling places... something like the battlefields in Act 3. If you want to make it really chaotic then have it be like, 25 players. If you have a ladder of the top 200 players that is publicly visible to anyone, updated banner items for pvp and cosmetic items for pvp players then people will jump into pvp more. NOTE : It would be impossible to balance pve and pvp with the same skillset, Blizzard can either give a middle finger to balance or have skills be different in pvp for balances sakeSodaHoe1 Apr 12, 2014
Apr 11, 2014 Diablo 4 Release May Be Sooner With a Diablo 3 featuring failed game-play mechanics like weapon damage, unplayable PVP and an expansion where all your Diablo 3 items become worthless, Blizzard may wrap up the whole project and start from scratch sooner than you all think. In a year, the Diablo 3 retail price dropped from 59.99$ to 17,99$, and it is foreseeable for the price to drop to less than 7$, its true value, in the next year. The faith of the expansion is much worst. Diablo 3 has no future. It isn't fun to play. Building a pony level to mock Diablo 2 fans might have seemed fun back then, but when they calculate the income rates for Diablo 3 project in the next 5 years, the smile quickly fades off Wilson's face. We all thought Diablo 3 was good, bought it, saw it wasn't. While 12 million D3 copies seems a lot in 2013, it is nothing compared to the 4 million copies sold in 2001 for D2, not to mention the additional 3 million copies further sold until today, and the 12 million d3 copies were sold just because of D2's reputation. Now the expansion features darker graphics, the "Death" boss and all as a poor attempt to stop the bleeding. Well. TOO LATE. Like I said back in 2012, the only way to fix d3 is to delete everything and start from scratch. It fails on so many levels that it's like a fried Russian TV set: It costs more to repair than to purchase a new one. In my opinion, the challenge of the Diablo 4 project will be to: - Not make it like Torchlight or WOW. Follow model of Diablo1 for graphics and Diablo 2 for mechanics. - Restore skill specialization allowing players to specialize a skill to do ridiculous amounts of damage. - Change the way the skill looks and how it affects the environment as its damage increases. A high dps skill should be more flashy then that same skill at low dps. - Restore items like runes allowing players to craft super-items and avoid colorful/idiotic designs. Follow history books and mythology if you are clueless what symbols to put. - Remove over-complicated gem hierarchy. having 30 types of never used lower gems is idiotic. - Distinguish attack speed from faster cast rate, shoot rate or even add more types. - Increase run/walk speed. A naked d2 char runs faster then a 24% frw d3 char. - Add teleport to all chars, a bit like town portal, as a skill you unlock early in the game. - Remove all cool-downs. Diablo isn't street fighter, you don't do a super and then win or lose. - Remove weapon damage so that it doesn't affect elemental damage or magic damage. High dps axes and swords enhance melee skill damage, not magical damage. It is idiotic. - Restore +skill points bonus as a substitute to weapon damage - If you can't make better, more fun to play skills, remove WD all together. - Remove town portal delay, making it instant. - Make block rate above 90% damage blocked and increase block% of shields. - Allow items to have % energy bonuses and raw energy bonuses like 200 mana. - Allow pvp in all areas except town. No player should be safe outside town at any time. - Restore energy shield, fireball, teleport and all other missing skills - Come up with CREATIVE new skills. D3 skills don't qualify as creative. Except those copied from D2. - Restore auction house. Otherwise everyone will get scammed on d2jsp of all their worth. - Restore join game box where players can select games based on game name, not quest. - Restore advanced chat functions in channel where a guild leader may have a forum admin power. - Remove ground control except freeze, or allow items skills that cancel it out like cannot be frozen. - Remove faster run/walk cap. It's not fun. - Add mysteries into the game. Like shrines that do...weird things. Include religious elements/language. - Avoid large bosses that fill the whole screen. It is idiotic. Diablo should be the largest boss by definition, size wise. - Add gore that looks real, not colorful/idiotic material. Torture scenes like in Diablo 1. - Restore the lonely, God forsaken place setup of Diablo 1 where you feel alone, not the swapping party setup found in the new tristram where everyone is your friend. - Restore death penalty of -% experience. Dying on crypt level 1 to go back to crypt level 2 and TP to town is non-Diablo type of practice. - Remove plagued green-goo graphics and never attempt anything like it in the history of Blizzard ever again. - Design Cool weapon/armor graphic. D3 items are colorful/Non-historical/idiotic - Do not design symbols/signs/banners out of bad imagination. Grab history books and add symbolism from known cultures. - Stop interrupting gameplay to tell storyline. Tell it while we play without interruptions. - Do not attempt to continue Diablo 3's storyline. Act like it never existed and be creative. - Don't make random stuff. Create events like the Ancients in mount arreat in D2. Give us a challenge where you can say, God, that was hard. And not bad challenges like the ubers in D3 where we don't get an anni nor a torch. - Remove account bound items. It is idiotic. Everything should be sold except the account. - Make the DH FUN like the amazon in d2. MULTIPLE ARROW. Life leech, mana leech.Jester34 Apr 11, 2014
Apr 11, 2014 Low Level Dueling Any llders out there? If so what are the levels at which you play? I may be getting back into lld a bit :) vlld is prob my fav, but last I checked all you had to do was play monk and win.Ghnami3 Apr 11, 2014
Apr 10, 2014 I feel for you guys Has there ever even been a blue response for your brawling forum?Urgle7 Apr 10, 2014
Apr 7, 2014 Here is the pvp YOU want Balanced PvP is a bad idea. Let players gear how they want and match opponents to within 100 paragons levels of each other (just so it's not stupidly OP). Provide the same rewards as PvE: - Experience for participating and much more experience for winning. - Gold payouts and publicly visible rank points. - Legendaries can drop from opponents. Maybe even drop a legendary they were using. It would be some sweet justice if they were using The Star of Azkaranth (fire immunity) and it dropped for you. Better than an ear, for sure. DPS and Toughness can be sorted out during development. King of the Hill, Capture the Flag and other modes can be added later. I see a great foundation here, and it's time to put this into action.Artemis5 Apr 7, 2014
Apr 6, 2014 Brawlers trolls Every single "brawler" game I've joined just had noobs questing.Brana0 Apr 6, 2014
Apr 1, 2014 Hero Line wars on Diablo 3 Not sure how many of you here played the custom maps back on Warcraft 3. There was this particular map named 'Hero Line Wars' The base idea of this map was to defend your base slay any monsters that come close and not let any monsters reach the portals. Here's the 'VS' part of the game, you can summon monsters that will attempt to breach opponents' portals. There is also a passive resource income going on in there, where you receive a set amount of resource every X-Seconds for summoning monsters. This income can be increased by summoning more monsters. So how this would work on D3 (i suggest) would be. - 2 Teams, 1v1,2v2,3v3 etc. - 10-15 min games - X amount of lives, Lives are lost when the player dies or when a monster successfully runs into their base portal. - Starts off with X amount of resource which is given out every X seconds. Resources are used to purchase timed buff or summoning monsters to opponents. - Stronger monsters costs more resources to summon which in return give more 'Passive Resource gain every X seconds' - Point Counter which records the score between 2 teams, stronger monsters gives more points. - Mile stone for every X amount of points obtained per team, gives out rewards each time a milestone is reached - Cooldown for summoning monsters and Elite / Boss monsters has longer CD - team loses when all lives are depleted OR - team with the most points at the end of the time limit wins Some screenshots below: Apr 1, 2014
Mar 29, 2014 Suggestion for a real PvP system. We were told that PvP would be in the game quickly after launch, and I remember playing the death match at Blizzcon. The fact that this game still has no PvP when the previous ones essentially ran on PvP for end game content is pretty silly. The boxes for D3 say something about having PvP content, which at this point is a straight out lie. Regardless, my suggestion on PvP: Have two teams of 4 in a game. Each game has its own town for side A and side B. They are joined by having the same location for a WP where they can duel. This keeps a size of 4 people in a party, essentially just linking two instances and having them share a WP. No PvE to be in the way at all, strictly PvP. This can be a different game mode, and allow them to scale it as such. If you ‘switch’ to the PvP game modes where you can look for PvP games and the like, all the abilities have adjusted scaling. They could edit abilities to have more proper durations, less dmg, etc without impacting their PvE game play at all. This would keep balancing simple for both sides of the game, prevent people from joining PvE games and ganking players who just want to PvE. Keeping PvE and PvP completely separate removes the downsides of PvP in D2 and allows up to keep a competitive play in D3 while providing something along the lines of End game.Shelk5 Mar 29, 2014
Mar 24, 2014 Clan DABZ Dodging me... Kid talks trash then acts all apologetic to avoid getting his clan decimated.Jester1 Mar 24, 2014
Mar 22, 2014 Where can i find PvP!? I made a char on Diablo 12 days ago and rush to farm my paragon 220 so i can "decent fight" in Brawling. But i am having a problem to find place with people to fight. Is there anywhere I can search for Fast PvP group/duel on Diablo3? Like a difficult/Act/Quest which by convention the place people go to fight?Tiradentes2 Mar 22, 2014
Mar 20, 2014 PvP Ladder Clan UPDATE: CURRENTLY TAKING PVP CHALLENGES. ADD ME IN GAME! Welcome to PvP Ladder Clan the only clan solely devoted to brawling and pvp in Reaper of Souls Our Mission statement: To promote daily, weakly and monthly active brawling and pvp events. Clan Rankings will be in a ladder format will be solely based on placement in our pvp events and tournaments. UPDATE: To join the clan you must either defeat me at least once in a 1v1 best of 9 match or place 1st for your class in one of our tournaments (which will be open to any players). You can find us in game at tag: PvP clan name: PvP Ladder Clan *More info coming soon*ChuckNorris10 Mar 20, 2014
Mar 16, 2014 idea for clan based pvp weekend clan vs clan castle gate / flag pole siege. think Dark ages of Camelot or Conquer online as a reward the clan that won that weekend would get 50% bonus xp and 100mf for that week or 15% bonus dmg its a perfect idea to correlate w/ clans/ community. biggest problem factor i see stopping this is that the game is designed for 4 player games or its too late to ever see this in fruition besides that think how positive and the replay value would be if clan vs clan ever saw the sunlight anyways lemme know whatcha think would love to hear a blue touch on this subject.Manik0 Mar 16, 2014
Mar 15, 2014 PvP guides and Paragon Points It seems we need to update all PvP guides with suggestions on where to put paragon points. Probably the guides will need several other changes soon anyway.DerfelCadarn4 Mar 15, 2014
Mar 15, 2014 Fun with Blackfeather cloak Here is an example of the shenanigans DH can do with Blackfeather cloaks lol... Edited: I removed the link due to potential exploit.Iria5 Mar 15, 2014
Mar 15, 2014 Add more players to online play. Is there going to be a fix done where we can have more than 4 people playing at one time. I like the idea that you have created clans but some of those clans can be very large.NightFox870 Mar 15, 2014
Mar 12, 2014 so who's dominating the brawling games now? used to be WDs. are they still EZ mode? how do DH do?Teo2 Mar 12, 2014
Mar 11, 2014 PvP Suggestions PvP is something that I have wanted to see in Diablo 3 since it came out. I'm not talking about brawling, I'm more talking about a ranked system. I had a few thoughts about it the other day: Everyone who goes into PvP is level 1 AND is stripped down to white gear, EXCEPT for the set/legendary and class (mana, spirit regeneration and so forth) bonuses. The higher the rank you are in PvP, the more difficult it becomes... every so many ranks gives you a stacking debuff: (%) damage done decrease, (%) damage taken increase, (%) elemental resist decrease. --BUT-- The longer you survive without dying, (every (#) of kills) gives you a buff... (similar to the Nephalem buff in the console version now (+health +damage +elemental resist).) It could be re-set every week, two, or monthly. POTIONS also should do a % total health + a chance for a HoT (might be supplemented by gear). Instead of having 10-12 different levels of potions. Of course there would be achievements. (So many kills without dying, ranking positions) FFA-Capture-Defend/Offend.EchoFOUR3 Mar 11, 2014
Mar 11, 2014 Reduce Damage Received More= Problem solved. D3 Dev Team-- Currently you do not reduce the damage players take enough. By changing the variable that reduces damage taken by Melee classes from a 5% bonus to a 60% bonus, they would effectively have 90% damage reduction before armor and resistances. Ranged classes should receive a bonus 80% damage reduction. My friend's demon hunter crits for 5 million damage currently. Let's assume top-end level 70 players crit for 8 million damage. Assuming a player has 70% reduced damage from armor, and another 70% reduced damage from all resistances, this would mean a melee character would get hit for only 72,000 damage while a ranged character would get hit for 144,000 damage. As you can see, even though there is only a 10% damage reduction superiority between ranged and melee, with the huge incoming damage numbers before reduction, it still results in ranged taking twice the damage...which is fair, because ranged has a distinct advantage in Brawling. Thoughts? Support? Bump? Please.Shadicar2 Mar 11, 2014
Mar 9, 2014 PvP Guild (PayToWin) Awaits Open Challenge! Hello Diablo community, I am here to notify you all that the very first PvP Guild has been formed. Due to an absence of a real guild system we feel that this game has a lack of competition. By creating our guild we hope to spark some interest in the PvP community via Guild Wars. We want to start a system where some good players can get together, create a guild, and then challenge players from opposing guilds in 1v1 or 2v2 matches (first to 5 wins). The reward will be bragging rights for being in a superior guild. Players from opposing guilds can request matches here and the results will be posted. There will also be an option to have a full on guild war, this is how it will work. A guild must consist of at least 5 players in order to challenge another guild in a guild war (guilds are not limited to 5 players). 5 players from each guild will be picked to represent the guild in the guild war. All 5 members of the guild will fight all 5 members from the challenging guild. Example: Player A from Team A will fight Player A, B, C, D, E from Team B. Winner is awarded 1 point for each match (best of 9, first to 5 wins 1 point). Total 5 points can be won by Player A for Team A. Matches between players will be decided by first to 5 kills. Winning an individual match earns the guild 1 point so a guild member has the potential of earning its guild 5 total points. That being said, there are 25 possible points that can be won and the guild with the most points at the end of the war wins. We are waiting to see if anyone has what it takes to bring us down… Guild Name: (PayToWin aka PTW) PTW Guild members: Kira, TheRisen, MannerCookie, Mafia, Lornazondiac, Cyon, Mirai, SkyIsLimit, Wutongshu, LiberalDarkT, Apollo, Shisky, Scrapz, Saltydog. If you are interested in joining our guild, please add (Asmodai#1359) in the game and make the subject “Guild Tryout”Refraktion50 Mar 9, 2014
Mar 4, 2014 Hosting Scorched chapel 1v1 2v2 PvP rewards Hey guys thought of a good idea involving me host level 60 gear rewards and 1mill per winner of a round thats best out of 3 rounds id like to start this by seeing how many people would be interested in this just post here so i see how many than if we got the numbers of people we start by doing alot of 1v1's to see that players are doing the most butt kicking also the players that are not doing as well and lose will be all noted down than we can ballance the 2v2's by not having stacked teams of two really good players and just to verify rewards to win's will be funded by me 1 mill to winners of a best out of 3 rounds you win by each of the 3 rounds a team has to reach 12 kills what ever team gets the 12 kills frist will win that round and get 1mill per winning player also ill be throwing in good legendary loot for wins if this gets big also add me in game gamer tag Thebeaze#1815 holar back !!!Thebeaze1 Mar 4, 2014
Mar 1, 2014 hi jay you all have been jay wilsoned the game is still a mess from when he was lead gg should have been fired.Thebeaze0 Mar 1, 2014
Mar 1, 2014 The future of our small PVP community!? No replies or updates on the future of Nek my friends. Community managers dont come in here, no one cares in general forum. Shouted down and even banned for suggesting PVP should get an update, or suggesting at least some blizzard involvement in the discussion? Silence... The latest PTR and what apparently looks like the new monster level settings show no game search for brawling, Nek is still there, but for how long? Not being able to search or start brawling specific games is another nail in the coffin for PVP. If this is truly how 2.0 will be released it's a travesty. No brawling in RoS, no brawling in D3 Vanilla? A true example of over promise - under deliver marketing. Stand up blizzard PVP developers, be heard. Dont let them kill Nek! Stand up fellow PVP brothers and sisters, fight for Nek!BraveSirRobn14 Mar 1, 2014
Feb 28, 2014 level up paragon or pvp am just curious what are the people gonna do who like pvp and spend most of their time in game playing pvp instead of killing monsters. i like both but don't have much time. so if i focus on lvl then maybe i can do 1 lvl a day for now. that means sometime next year maybe i could reach 600 but if i also play pvp then i will not be able to do that. i mean is there anything in particular that you guys wanna do before focusing more on pvp like search for good gear or reach any particular lvl.? and what are the top players like Iria, TheRisen, Mafia... gonna do. thank you.Sed5 Feb 28, 2014
Feb 28, 2014 RoS PvP anyone know anything about anything at all about the pvp in ros i need pvp as a part of end game i love what they did with loot but we all need pvp every now and than and there dont seem to be any ! its all i want to top off the end game and spice it up with more to do than just killing monsters over and over plz ! ( not saying i dislike pve)Thebeaze0 Feb 28, 2014
Feb 26, 2014 Bring open world pvp back yes I want PKing brought back to diablo or just no pvp at all, this is an insult to all that is holy not having the old pvp system...Ultimaweapon14 Feb 26, 2014
Feb 23, 2014 TheRisen's Witch Doctor PvP Guide TheRisen’s Witch Doctor PvP Guide This guide is no longer accurate due to the release of patch 2.0 (because of extreme changes in the game). Read this guide if you are interested in seeing how Witch Doctors battled back in Vanilla! - Witch Doctor in PvP - Many players consider the Witch Doctor the be the strongest PvP class. I don't necessarily agree with this. I believe that Witch Doctors are the top class for low level dueling. They have skills that allow them to succeed even with a lack of top gear. However, high level dueling with maxed out gear/skill they are on an equal level to Monks and Barbarians. WD is known for being powerful due to their bleed skills such as Fire Bats (Plague Bats) and Haunt. They also have the ability to attack over/through walls with the Spirit Barrage skill. On top of this, WD have a wide variety of controlling skills including Hex, Horrify, and Mass Confusion. This allows WD to do well vs all other classes without the need for the very best gear. Its not until you reach the top level of players that both gear and SKILL really start to matter. ══════════════════════════════════════════════════════ - Basic Spells - -Summon Zombie Dogs- (Life Link) The protection that is received from zombie dogs is essential in all fights, especially Demon Hunters. -Haunt- (Resentful Spirit) (Draining Spirit) (Grasping Spirit) Haunt has great range and damage. these three runes all offer great results vs different classes. (Will go into more depth in the matchup section of the guide). -Firebats- (Plague Bats) Bats op, use them. Enough said. -Hex- (Jinx) Hex is a great way to get off many stuns vs your opponents, the fact that it only has a 3 second downtime makes the skill extremely useful. -Spirit Walk- (Jaunt) (Healing Journey) This is the skill you will use to get out of trouble, it removes all controlling effects and damage effects. (Will go into more depth in the matchup section of the guide) -Horrify- (Frightening Aspect) (Face of Death) Horrify will allow you to fear your opponent sending them running in the opposite direction for 4 seconds. (Will go into more depth in the matchup section of the guide) -Spirit Barrage- (Well of Souls) This attack does a lot of damage AND can go through walls making it possible to use the walls as a shield. There are certain matchups where this skill becomes incredibly useful. -Mass Confusion- (Mass Hysteria) Mass hysteria allows you to get an instant short stun on your opponent. The Downside is that it comes with a 60 second cooldown. (Will go into more depth in the matchup section of the guide) -Gargantuan- (Bruiser) Garg is a great skill to use when fighting against a Demon Hunter. It will help to get in the way and make it much more difficult for the DH to land attacks. -Big Bad Voodoo- (Ghost Trance) (Slam Dance) There are a few situations where this skill can be taken advantage of. With the ability to increase both your damage and healing it proves useful, the catch is the 2 minute cooldown. -Corpse Spiders- (Leaping Spiders) An amazing skill for trolling pubs. Second to none. - Basic Passives - -Blood Ritual- The reduction of mana costs combined with the hp regeneration makes blood ritual a key passive for any PvP WD. -Spirit Vessel- This is the most important passive for WD. It only restores you to 15% max hp but its very easy to take advantage of the 2 seconds of invisibility for escape or finishing off your opponent. -Jungle Fortitude- This offers 15% reduction for you and your pets. Its just free ehp that you can take advantage of. -Rush of Essence- This passive is great for wd who like to use Spirit Barrage and will for the most part only be used vs Barbarians (Will go into more depth in the matchup section of the guide). ══════════════════════════════════════════════════════ - Matchups - (KEEP IN MIND) The matchup advice I give will be general and not super in-depth. I will give some brief tips on what you should be doing vs each class. Also, these tips are based off of my experience with TOP PLAYERS and will need to be applied against such. You might not find yourself running into issues I talk about in my matchup guide; but as you continue to improve and face better players, you will. ══════════════════════════════════════════════════════ - Witch Doctor vs Wizard - This will be the matchup that gives the least trouble to the WD. Unfortunately for Wizard, they have no invisibility/invincibility skills that let them escape from the WD’s sight/damage. WD has many options in this fight, they can sit back and use haunt and slowly take the life out of the Wiz. If you are looking to end the fight quickly, try to sneak up to them and hit them with Firebats (Plague Bats). With the proper use of Spirit Walk, you will be able to avoid most attacks from a Wiz. I would say the best way to take down a Wiz is to start with haunt (Resentful Spirit) and when you see them use Mirror Image (Ability where they make clones), try to push in and finish them with bats. You can even use Spirit Walk offensively in this situation to get close to the Wiz quickly and finish them off before they have (Mirror Images) again. Also never forget to “Plant hex at their feet”. quote (Saltydog) - Optimal Gear Setup - Against a Wizard I think both a full bt set with a shield and a full zuni zet with a mojo are both very viable gear setups. It really depends on the Wizard you are playing. - Basic Skills - Summon Zombie Dogs- (Life Link) Haunt- (Resentful Spirit) Firebats- (Plague Bats) Hex- (Jinx) Spirit Walk- (Jaunt) Horrify- (Frightening Aspect) - Basic Passives - Blood Ritual Spirit Vessel Jungle Fortitude ══════════════════════════════════════════════════════ - Witch Doctor vs Demon Hunter - This is a fun matchup for WD because DH can be a very tricky class. The WD’s biggest advantage over a DH is the fact that DH’s don't have the option to get close due to WD’s (Plague Bats). This allows the WD to stay far and do lots of damage with haunt and stay somewhat safe from the DH’s ranged attacks with protection from (Summon Zombie Dogs). However, even with the protection from dogs, DH have the ability to become invisible and land many up close sneak attacks with (Impale) or (Rapid Fire). Many times, a good DH will be able to get in and out of (Plague Bats) range and have done damage to you before you could get them with bats. You can expect that kind of thing from (Iria). The best way to keep them far is to focus on them when you see or hear them use (Smoke Screen) and get ready to hit them with bats. I would also advise all WD to use the walls of the Chapel as much as they can to avoid ranged attacks. - Optimal Gear Setup - Against a Demon Hunter I would advise you go with a more tanky setup. Blackthorns with a rare shield is a great setup. Due to bats being such a powerful skill vs DH, you can also use a mojo as long as you can avoid their attack effectively. A shield gives a WD more room for error. - Basic Skills - Summon Zombie Dogs- (Life Link) Haunt- (Resentful Spirit) or (Draining Spirit) Resentful will put more pressure on the dh if you apply it relentlessly. Draining will enable you to hit crits and hide for the 5 seconds of decent damage. The better is based on play style. Firebats- (Plague Bats) Spirit Walk- (Jaunt) or (Healing Journey) Jaunt will let you cover more distance and stay invisible for a longer time. Healing journey will help to increase your HP which can be very useful against a high DPS DH. Both are good, you get to decide what one you like better. Horrify- (Frightening Aspect) Gargantuan- (Bruiser)- Alternate Skills - Hex- (Jinx) The best skill to replace for hex would be Gargantuan but if you use bats I recommend using Gargantuan over hex - Basic Passives - Blood Ritual Spirit Vessel Jungle Fortitude══════════════════════════════════════════════════════ - Witch Doctor vs Barbarian - Okay I am going to start this off right now by saying that if the Barb is not using WOTB (Wrath of The Berserker), its not a real fight. The fact of the matter is, a WD has (Horrify) to fear the barb away to land free attacks or simply recover HP. WD also has (Hex) which has a chance to permanently stun a Barb for 12 seconds, and (Mass Confusion) which makes it possible to hex a Barb even when they are trying to run away. Take all this into consideration and realize that killing a non WOTB barb takes absolutely no skill at all. So its time to learn how to kill a barb when they use WOTB. When a Barbarian uses WOTB, they have 15 seconds to hunt you down and kill you, ignoring all the cc a WD is capable of dishing out. Also, the good Barbarians will be using a full IK set with a Skorn or Doom Hammer giving them heavy dps, some have 130k or more. Having said this, their defence will be low. The key will be to keep your distance and do as much damage as you can without using (Horrify) or (Spirit Walk). You must save these skills for when they use WOTB. Right as you see the Barb use WOTB, Spirit walk away and try to hide (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT). if they find you, you will need the armor buff from (Horrify) to lessen the damage taken while they are in WOTB. Use horrify once they have found you to increase your chances of surviving the 15 seconds. It is also important to do as much damage as you can before they go WOTB. In my opinion, using (Spirit Barrage) is your best option for dealing damage from a distance. If you use haunt, they can change their passive and always have full fury which opens up too many gear/build options for them. Killing them with haunt is still possible but like I said, It gives them more options. You need to have a full zuni set including a zuni helm and a Shield. The combination of the set and the max mana from the helm will give you enough mana to spam (Spirit Barrage) without the need of the passive (Rush of Essence). Using bats before they use WOTB puts you at risk due to being so close. Use a ranged skill to keep far so you have a jump start at getting away when they use WOTB. If you survive WOTB, you have 2 minutes to hunt them down and kill them. An experienced Barb such as (Wutongshu, WreckageD, SkyIsLimit, LiberalDarkT, Juice, Wilbur…) will do their best to keep away from you when their WOTB is down. They will run for 2 minutes until their CD is over. The tricky part is catching them in this time frame. You will need to use your CC skills to trap them and kill them while they can't ignore them. But like I said, they will avoid you like the plague, you must figure out how to catch them! (I might make an in-depth guide for this class later explaining how to best catch them after WOTB is down. For now, you get to figure it out.) - Optimal Gear Setup - Against a WOTB barb you are going to need to run a “Wack” build. I run 35% melee reduction. You will need to use a (String of Ears) to get this much. The rest can be picked up on a variety of other pieces. A shield will be needed in most cases. And as stated, you should have a full zuni set meaning you should look for a zuni chest with melee reduction. - Basic Skills - Summon Zombie Dogs- (Life Link) Spirit Barrage- (Well of Souls) Firebats- (Plague Bats) Hex- (Jinx) Spirit Walk- (Jaunt) Horrify- (Frightening Aspect)- Basic Passives - Blood Ritual Spirit Vessel Jungle Fortitude══════════════════════════════════════════════════════ - Witch Doctor vs Monk - This will be a fast battle for the most part. Monks are going to come in with a lot of damage and try to take you out in a matter of seconds. Once the match begins, the Monk will teleport to you using (Dashing Strike) and stun you with (Blinding Flash) and then start the assault of bells. You must try to cast Horrify right as they come in to stun and attack you. The armor buff will be one of the deciding factors on winning or losing; plus the fear can be very helpful as well. Dropping hex on them is also very important, it will force them to use (Serenity), giving them 4 seconds to take no damage. If you see them start to run away while Serenity is still active, take the opportunity to use (Spirit Walk) if you have not already used it. With it you can catch them and hit them with bats. Once Serenity is over, they will still bleed from the bats damage. You only have a short period of time before the Monk has Serenity and full Spirit. Surviving their first assault is important but its equally important to finish them off before they get their Spirit and CD’s back. Monk is a very tough matchup for WD. If you run into players such as (Mafia, Scrapz, Mie…) you will find out that surviving the first assault of bells is no easy task. - Optimal Gear Setup - Get as tanky as you possibly can. Try to get over 200k hp and over 1000 all resist. Since the Monks will be very DPS focused, you will not need huge amounts of damage to kill them. Your damage becomes irrelevant if you can’t survive the first assault of bells. - Basic Skills - Summon Zombie Dogs- (Life Link) Haunt- (Resentful Spirit) Firebats- (Plague Bats) Hex- (Jinx) Spirit Walk- (Jaunt) Horrify- (Frightening Aspect)- Alternate Skills - Big Bad Voodoo (Ghost Trance) The best skill to drop for this would be hex, but I recommend using hex. - Basic Passives - Blood Ritual Spirit Vessel Jungle Fortitude══════════════════════════════════════════════════════ - Witch Doctor vs Witch Doctor - Okay, here is the most balanced match out of all the matchups… For obvious reasons. In a WD v WD matchup there are no imbalances (assuming the gear level is somewhat close). A WD’s timing gets put to the test in this fight. Who can control the map better, who can land more haunts, who can manage their cooldowns and resource better, and who can avoid and land the deadly bats. There are a few ways a WD can play while facing another WD. They can focus on moving in to attack with (Plague Bats) and use that skill as their main form of damage. Usually if a WD does this they will be using (Haunt) (Draining Spirit) as their form of mana recovery and not so much as a way to deal damage. Another way of playing is using (Haunt) (Resentful Spirit) to put pressure on the other WD from a distance and later push forward to use (Plague Bats) when you see they are in trouble. An example of this would be landing enough (Resentful) Haunts on them to actually force them to trigger (Spirit Walk). If you see this, start counting to 12, this is when their cooldown is over. This is an opportunity to use your own (Spirit Walk) to get to them and hit them with (Plague Bats) and or (Hex) before theirs is back. (Some Witch Doctors you can count on doing this are Myself, Kira, and Mirai) Both builds work very well but the second one I mentioned is the one I prefer because I believe it opens up more opportunities for you in the fight. (Draining Spirit) is a great way to get more mana, but in a raged fight, (Resentful Spirit) will deal more damage. If you do decide to go with the second way of fighting which focuses on spamming Resentful Haunts, I recommend using a full zuni set with a zuni mojo. A zuni mojo can be just as good as a Serpent and it allows for more flexibility in choosing a helm. Oh and I almost forgot... DON'T USE SPIRIT WALK TO COME IN AND ATTACK THE OTHER WITCH DOCTOR UNLESS YOU KNOW THEIR SPIRIT WALK IS ON COOLDOWN, YOU WILL DIE. - Optimal Gear setup - There are many viable gear setups for WD v WD. You can go with a BT set with a mojo or shield, or a full zuni set with a mojo or shield. I suppose it all comes down to what you are comfortable with. I believe in a WD v WD matchup, the most optimal setup is a balance build which includes a full zuni set (with a zuni mojo). Specific stats would be 90k+ hp, 220k+ dps, 4000+ armor, 1000+ all resist. (At a high level, you will far exceed these numbers but this is a general idea of what a nice balanced set will give you) - Basic Skills - Summon Zombie Dogs- (Life Link) Haunt- (Resentful Spirit) or (Draining Spirit) applying pressure vs more mana regen. This skill depends on your prefered play style. Firebats- (Plague Bats) Hex- (Jinx) Spirit Walk- (Jaunt) or (Healing Journey) For me, Jaunt is a must in this matchup. Some prefer the HP regen and thats fine too. Once again, play style decides. Horrify- (Face of Death) or (Frightening Aspect) Larger fear area vs Armor buff. Both are helpful but I prefer the larger fear area. - Basic Passives - Blood Ritual Spirit Vessel Jungle Fortitude══════════════════════════════════════════════════════ These guides were made based on my experience fighting with the best PvPers in the game (with no skill bans) As many of you who are reading this already know, some matchups need balancing via skill bans. I will probably come back and make a matchup guide based on popular skill bans. ══════════════════════════════════════════════════════ - Best In Slot Items - (Many of these are taken from Salty’s guide due to Wiz and WD using many of the same items) -Weapons- Doom Hammer - 1400 Average Black DMG, 350 Int, 150 Vit, 180CD, Socket. Skorn - 1425 Average DMG, 500 Int, 150 Vit, 180 CD, Socket. Echoing Fury - 1250 DMG, 160 Int, 60 CD, Socket. (Echoing Fury is the best weapon a Witch Doctor can use because of the high chance to fear. You can get more vit from a spear/sword but I would rather find that vit in other places and keep the Fear) Rare Mace/Spear - 1200 DMG, 100 Int, 100 Vit, 60 CD, Socket. Zuni Skulls - 100-400 DMG, 180 Int, 100 Vit, 8CC, increases damage by Spirit Barrage by 8%. Rare Shield - 100 int, 250 vit, 65 all res, 8% life, 8% crit chance.-Shoulders- Vile Ward - 260 Int, 70 Vit, 10% Life. (Your best bet) Crafted - 260 Int, 100 vit, 10%, Life Armor or Strength, and if Lucky Extra Health to Potions.-Gloves- Rare gloves - CC, CD, Allres, Int, Vit. If you get lucky grab pot. Taker and Theo - CC, IAS, Allres, Int, Vit, Armor. (Very good tank gloves) -Rings- Litany of the Undaunted - Either EHP (12% Life) Balanced (250 Int 100 Vit), or DMG (4.5CC/50CD). Zunimassas Pox - 5 CC, 30 CD, large Int, Vit, Life %. Many good variations of Pox's.-Boots- Zunimassas Trail - 180 Int, 80 Vit, 60 Allres, +Armor. Ice Climbers - 260 Int, 80 Vit, 12% Move Speed.-Pants- BT Pants - 290 Vit, 90 Int 70 All res. Rare Pants - 150 Int, 250 Vit, 60 All res, 300 Armor, 2 Sockets. Depth Diggers - 260 Int, 80 vit, 60 all res, 2 sockets. (Very good for adding BIG damage)-Chest- Zuni chest - 180 Int, 270 Vit, (Life%, Armor, Elite%, or Pot Bonus). Tal Rasha’s Relentless Pursuit - 150 int, 250 vit, 70 all res (Can be used to add damage but I strongly recommend a Zuni chest) -Belt- BT Belt - 280 Int, 80 Vit, All res. The Witching Hour - Many good variants. I recommend 50+ Allres, 130+ int, 8+ life %, and 50+ vit.-Helm- Tal Rasha's Guise of Wisdom - 180 Int, 70 All res, 12000+ Potion, 6CC. Or 280 Int, 80 Vit, 70 All res, 6CC. Zunimassa’s Vision - 260 int, 60 all res, 12% life, 150 mana (Can trade these with 6cc, armor) Mempo of Twilight - 190 int, 5cc, 8IAS, socket (For when you need even more DPS)-Amulet- Tal Rasha's Allegiance - 6%, 275 Int, 275 Vit 8CC/65CD. Crafted Amulet with similar stats and All res or Armor. Mara’s Kaleidoscope - 80 int, 300 vit, 10 life %, 60 all res (For when you need to add lots of tank)-Bracers- Lacuni Prowlers - Mandatory for the Move Speed. 80 Int, 80 Vit, 60 Allres, 4CC. (Can get grafted bracers but I wont waste time with anything but Lacuni’s) ══════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Here is my last advice to any Witch Doctor that is looking to take PvP seriously. Take advantage of your surroundings (use pillars and such to block attacks) Take advantage of Spirit Barrage and do what no other class can do (attack effectively from behind walls) Take advantage of the lower area of the map. (those who control this area have an increased chance of winning) Manage your cooldowns and resources (as in don't come into attack your opponent when you have ¼ of your mana and half your skills are on cooldown) Dont qq and take your losses out on others (Practice your class and learn how to play it as well as anyone else, you will find that amazing things happen) TheRisen15 Feb 23, 2014
Feb 15, 2014 Arena pvp in expansion? Seeing how they mentioned it before the release of D3, but arena still haven't come out yet. Will there be arena pvp in the expansion?Asuko2 Feb 15, 2014
Feb 10, 2014 New brawling maps!! Really hope they turn this into a new brawling arena Feb 10, 2014
Feb 5, 2014 60 > 70 Why not just fix 70's, rather then taking easy way out and getting rid of enchanting 60's We were told it would be able to be done to enchant 60sCANUCK0 Feb 5, 2014
Feb 2, 2014 Fight against big hoards, whoever kills most Fight against big hoards, whoever kills most gets points/rewards. Ex: (P1) and (P2) start off on a screen and hoards come from different directions. Whoever kills the most monsters in a certain time frame will gain points. The monsters will get harder as you progress. There could be settings involved with this. You would try to balance this through ratings on players and how strong they are by what they clear and how fast during their freeplay. Just an Idea. Run with it, change it, just a thought I wanted to put out in public. We all know that there will never be balance between the characters actually fighting, so why not have them do what diablo was designed for, killing monsters! Only you would kill as many as you could against someone. There are so many things you could add to this. I personally would love going up against someone else in a hoard match! I know there will be people that kill really fast, so blizzard would have to team up and put something together that could make it tough even for the topest tier gear in the game, or even make it so certain builds would be required to beat certain groups. It could even go into different maps or you could be teleported to a different area if you hit certain monsters that have certain affixes. Limitless Ideas guys... put yours in! Lets have blizzard react and make us a darned PVP system no one could forget! :DOfPestilence2 Feb 2, 2014
Jan 26, 2014 Low Level Dueler Is there anybody out there with an LLD char? I'm lonely :( quick and to the point... It's straight out of D2, max level allowed in game is level 30. Deck that character out as best you can, enjoy only having the lowbie skills available. I'm sure this isn't the first post, but I'm interested in finding other players with twink lvl 30 chars add me Luula#1402Luula6 Jan 26, 2014
Jan 22, 2014 More than 4 in a PvP game Part of this game is feeling like a legend if you put the time in to gain the skill. If you had an open world PvP system similar to WoW, it is easier to accomplish this then in a closed world PvP system like D3 or SC2. For example, you stumble along a whole army of people fighting one another and someone says, "Oh no! Its the Weasel!" and they either run for their lives or they all try to gang up on you and die. Or you wander around and see someone people you remember and they ask for your aid in battle, you beat up their opponents and word of legend spreads through out the land. These fictitious situations are exaggerated to demonstrate how rumors of your skill could propagate through the open world system. However, with a maximum of 4 players per brawl, it seems more like you are joining up with a few buddies to play a Star Fox death match on nintendo 64 instead of trying to make a name for your avatar in a MMO.Weasel7657 Jan 22, 2014
Jan 10, 2014 PVP IN ROS OOPs I meant NO PVP IN ROS don't get your hope up guys Brawling is almost near pointless at this current moment in the ROS beta and I highly doubt any new form of PVP will make it into beta for testing before their March release date. Check out my thread here in ROS beta forums Jan 10, 2014
Jan 6, 2014 Help a lad with a PVP skill build please) Good evening ) I am not very familiar with the in game ,,slang" or if you prefer terminology, so if you could explain something to me in a more simplistic manner I would be very grateful ) So anyway, I have a tiny problem) Here is my character- Here is my friends monk- My problem is that whatever I do I just can't kill him in PVP , especially when his passive skill ,,Transcendence" is on ( well, maybe that's not the reason) Any advice regarding the matter ? I need to know how to bring him down for personal reasons. It's not because I will feel better, it's because I need this moron from laughing like a douche-bag everytime he slays my barbarian. It's not like I die right away- the fight usually goes for about 5 minutes, especially if either of us is running away like a coward :D , but I still die, and it's really dissapointing since my level is higher and I believe that my gear is better . So... what's the reason ? )))LordDaVe132 Jan 6, 2014
Dec 18, 2013 Scrapz's Monk PVP Guide. - The Basis of a PvP Monk - A Monk IMO is the most balanced class for PvP. It can mimic most classes in terms of playstyle of other classes. It has the best chance of beating all classes with minor tweaks of your gearset and skills. With strong attacks that scale off weapon dmg such as Wave Of Light, Seven Sided Strike and even Dashing Strike. Our strongest attribute as a monk is dishing out the most damage per hit with a 4 second immunity to finish off the opponent. Skill-wise, mastering the use of DS will be your main priority. This may change due to the upcoming changes in ROS. ══════════════════════════════════════════════════════ - Basic Spells - Utility Skills Fist Of Thunder - Quickening Generating spirit is crucial in certain fights. FOT has a attack speed moidifer of 1.5 attacks per second which makes this the best spirit generator. Dashing Strike - Quicksilver Probably the #1 skill for monks in PvP. Dashing strikes works as both an offensive and defensive skill. As an offensive skill, it allow you to teleport to your opponent to drop huge bells on your opponent. If your DS lands a crit, it deals as much dmg as a Wave of Light Bell at only 10 spirit cost. As a defensive skill, it allows you to evade your enemies by dashing around a corner or evading a head on charge. Blinding Flash - Faith In The Light Both a utility skill and an offensive skill. Used to blind/stun your enemy. Also buffs your damage by 30% (simple breakdown but not really 30%). FITL scales off IAS so this is the only time your IAS will buff your DPH. Mantra Of Healing - Circular Breathing Spirit, Spirit, Spirit! We are useless without our spirit. This skill is mandatory IMO. Grants us 3 spirit per second and 620 life per second so we can kite, heal and regenerate at the same time. Serenity Ascension - 4 Seconds of immunity, need I say more? Instant Karma- 50% chance of reflecting projectiles and melee attacks back at your attacker, great for throwing those impales back at them demon hunters!Offensive Skills Wave Of Light Empowered Wave - Deals 829% your weapon dmg with only a cost of 40 spirit. Perfect for opponents who are glassier or require more spirit management when dueling. Good for use vs WD and Monks. Wall Of Light - Highest dmg modifer of all the runes, dealing 1202% weapon dmg. Good for use vs barbs. Explosive Light - Safest of the WOL runes. This shoots a blast of energy in multiple directions allowing you space in between you and your enemies. This skill must be aimed at your opponent. Good for use vs WD/DH/Barbs. Seven-Sided Strike Sudden Assault - Probably the best and most used rune. By clicking in the vicinity of your enemies, it teleports and drops 7 kicks LuKang style dealing a total of 1203% weapon dmg. Pandemonium - Has a 50% chance to stun your opponents for 7 seconds per hit. With the 30% CC reduction implemented into the Chapel, this means you could stun your opponents 35 seconds if every hit lands. You could probably build up a full spirit bar with quickening or finish off your opponents during that timeframeExploding Palm - The Flesh Is Weak Bleeds your target for 745% weapon dmg + an additional 12%. Main offensive skill used vs demon hunters/monks. Can also be used vs barbs in a barb mimic build. ══════════════════════════════════════════════════════ - Basic Passives - Exhalted Soul Gives you a total of 250 spirit to work with during a fight with a bonus of 1 spirit regeneration per second. Though not neccessary in all fights. It's usually in my skill barb Sieze The Initiative Armor increase by 50% of your Dex. Mitigation is always needed. If you're getting one shotted with this passive on, you need to reevaulate your gear. Near Death Experience When receiving fatal damage, you are instead restored to 35% of maximum Life and 35% Spirit. - Nuff Said Beacon Of Ytar Reduces all cooldowns by 20%. This also applies to health globe which are essential for Monk PvP. The Guardian's Path While using a two-handed weapon, all Spirit generation is increased by 35%. Mainly used for battles vs Barbs where high spirit cost skills are used to defeat their tankiness. Chant of Resonance Duration of all Mantras increased by 7 minutes. While one of your Mantras is active you gain 2 Spirit every second. Same as TGP, great for vs barbs. Sixth Sense Often overlooked. Your dodge chance is increased by an amount equal to 30% of your Critical Hit Chance. Best for use vs dueling monks where their bell/SSS will 1 shot you even with the highest mitigation. Dodging > Mitigation at that point. One With Everything As a PvPer, you should be geared up for all res with a min all-res of 550. This is really a waste of a passive slotscrapz18 Dec 18, 2013
Dec 17, 2013 No brawling search on PTR.. also new ring Giving up on PVP? At least Nek is still there but with this ROS beta and PTR mashup its hard to tell what the final outcome will be. Please keep brawling specific searches in the game. Part of the fun of the last PTR was brawling, testing new buffs/nerfs etc. On a side note, found a sweet ring that runs haunt with full uptime and hits hard. other stats were; 250 dex, 316vit, 82 all rez, 306 LoH, but the haunt was the killer. Tested it in the PVP zone and with my 270k dps monk it was ticking 15k all the time, and the DoT was insane, could do a drive by and it would tick for 5-6 seconds without being near them. On monsters it was ticking 150k per tick on multiple targets, range was about 15-20 yards. The new PTR is fun, but its a watered-down mashup right now. Cant test torment level, and master is too easy, probably like MP3-5ish currently. Any regular PVPers with the PTR hit me up, or add me, want to test this ring a bit more!BraveSirRobn2 Dec 17, 2013
Dec 17, 2013 [PTR] Some things need fix I was testing pvp on ptr and some thing need a bit fix, like effects and problems with skills. I hope this dont happens on pvp when release the patch and expa. Some of my spresations until now is: Disapear effect, this happen always, the oponents disapear on moving, i never see before this happens Smokescreen dont make u invisible, only lingering fog makes u invisible, healing vapors show your healing effect to your oponent, that negate the half of the true effect of the SS Smoke screan can't cancel fear effect of fury or horrify, i need test this with monk flash effect yet, i hope dont happen the same.I'll test the other classes over the week and add my comments about, if u have another bug/problem add here to make more presenceSa100 Dec 17, 2013
Dec 17, 2013 PvP guides on spanish I made a compilation of all the guides remake for me of the all 5 clases on a friendly forum on spanish. the "es" forum dont have brawling, this is because i post this here, maybe will help some pllayers. all except barbarian have a english link, this last one because i do the guide w/ my own studies and advices from videos. anyway if u have any question to do, ask me and i'll answer, or add me on game Sa10#1908. I have a facebook page from PvP on spanish and play a lot on the pvp events. DH: Wiz: WD: MK: BB: Dec 17, 2013