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Jul 2 New Streamer - Streaming tonight! Hello Everyone! I am a new streamer on Twitch and am going to be streaming Diablo for the majority of my stream times. I would love to get any support/feedback from the community. I will be playing different classes and builds and exploring all the great things that this game has to offer still. Come check me out at the link below! Thanks! Jul 2
Jul 1 Wallpaper: Celebrating 11 Years of Wallpapers Diablo 3: Eleven deviantART: twitter: Two days ago I celebrated my 11th Anniversary making wallpaper artwork for Diablo. I thought I'd make this anniversary wall a little different. I tried to find a piece that defined each year either with a special wall or a personal favorite. Here's a list: 2008: My Diablo 3 Desktop - 2009: Inner Sanctuary - 2010: White - 2011: The Inner Sanctuary - 2012: Locations II #1 : Softshack's Caldeum - 2013: Malthael: Angel of Death - 2014: Caldendar #2: July 2014 - 2015: Kanai's Cube: A Tribute - 2016: HotS #11: Li-Ming the Rebellious Wizard - 2017: Season 12: For the Balance - 2018: Diablo Immortal #1: Diablo - Thank you all for following & enjoying my wallpaper artwork over the past 11 years. This hobby has been a labor of love since it first started. It opened so many doors to meet many people in the community & blizzard. Enjoy all and I will see you in the next wallpaper! HK <3 these old forums. Onward to the new ones!Holyknight0 Jul 1
Jun 19 Diablofans - A Welcome Back Tribute Diablofans - A Welcome Back Tribute deviantART: twitter: With Magic Find buying up some of the closing fansites from Curse/Fandom we have the return of Diablofans! I figured I'd make a brighter more Diablo appropriate update to the tribute. Plus Brom's Diablo is like the best for this. It's like he's giving you a gift: the skulls = Dfans hehe. Featuring the art from Brom, Blizzard & Jeon Tae Kang Welcome Back to the Community Diablofans, we missed you. HKHolyknight0 Jun 19
Jun 13 Procedural design, the effort so far So while we were working on our engineering console, arranging the various edits in our draft edition, we noticed several things. Not everything is made better by adding procedural math. Town design was tried on 100% procedural systems, but we found that about 30% was pretty good for most towns, where a comfortable amount of effort is spent on finding stuff, however, some towns might benefit from up to about 70% depending on the theme. Most things added a lot of interest by identifying the process of rearrangement. We had added routines to making sure that consistency in areas was preserved, so that the original map of Sanctuary was able to be expressed, mostly in its original "spot" but was still able to be explored. So you get the general impression of the original map, but you don't know where any of it is. The landscape shifts, with some unique landmarks along the way. We also added layered and sublayered elements of randomness to the available range, to try and break our routines up, to avoid them from being too samey. It skews a bit to make it feel more abstract. It was very confined without that. It feels very unique and distinct, like a new person is born every time you try a new character file. We also needed like, way more dialogue. We didn't include directly dialogue options, because the characters don't talk, but the quests change. So having more than 30+ renditions for some of our quests, especially the first ones, was quite common, where we describe the same circumstance in different ways. Later quests only have like 10, or 3 different dialogues, but the initial system needed a lot more padding, because it gets repeated often. It feels very of the moment, and unique. There is an applicability math system we added to keep the quests linear and sensible, but the game now like, cuts everything together in what looks like no particular order at all. It basically renders you a story as you look at stuff, or are interested in various subjects, and plans and builds routines. The extensions where to make sure that the routines pick up and offload their variables is essential. Any breaks in those routines really lowered the production value, and basically dissipated the immersion. Another notable mention, not needing to talk to a caravan between cities, so you can fight from one town to the next, and having Acts divided by questline material was a big change. We also discovered that several questlines had towns under seige, by like, Azmodan, and others, where the town basically burns and takes damage, where Azmodan pushes on the town. You do get time to save the town, but there is an offline calendar of like, values where logout has credit before you stop the fight. There was a Bastion's keep where it got invaded for like, weeks, and you'd pretty much need to do a 30 minute quest to keep the act, every day, or you would like, lose. There's another one, where Lut Gholein would come under attack, or maybe Caldeum. Not all the same quests have acts from the series. Some character files have like 7 acts before you get to Diablo, some have had like 50... usually there are several after. There is probably room for at least 90 acts in any character file if you try and drag your feet. Diablo isn't the ultimate Act, usually. The Sanctum is also in many places, and sometimes, the lava from the river of flame is boiling frozen nitrogen... or helium or something. It's a frozen one. Not all the Sanctums have had a River of Flame first. We did include that for a while. No one wanted to be bored. It became similar to the game called Tyranny on Steam... by Obsidian Entertainment and Paradox Interactive. We didn't source any of our materials there, but it made a big impression. Another big aspect change we wanted to touch on was that ritual to convert the character files into the service of any active Hell Lord was really huge. The characters turn into various demons and imps and stuff, and you don't get items any more, you get like, horns, and claws and teeth. Also, you don't pay with gold. And there was only one town. The same town. Always with the same town. Its underground, it has a lot of like, hell in it. It looks like a big dead basin. It's way awful. They have missions where they raid the town.... and stuff for the service of their Lord... anyways.... Imperius still cleans up that place every time, one way or another. Sometimes its like Tyreal, too. The Demon town has a really high chance of being invaded by angels. So that's what we did. There is a different post-questing adventure mode that we added as well, to keep things perky! Oh yeah, and the experience bar is under attack. Going back to level 1 was possible. Not likely, but possible. The first defeat in softcore doesn't produce experience loss, but the more you die, the more you lose. You can't lose character experience until you have no paragon levels, the paragon acts as a barrier above level 70, so you lose paragon experience first. If you die in hardcore, you lose like half of your character's earned paragon experience. We also didn't add the same gold loss conditions as in D2, you do drop all the gold from your unlimited pockets, but the stash held infinite deposit and lost no gold. We kept that difference active in the repair and durability costs. Oh yeah, and our ethereal items broke on the first defeat. They all shattered, unless they were indestructible. GGRhayne11 Jun 13
Jun 13 Fiery Runes II - The Necromancer II Fiery Runes II Series - The Necromancer II deviantART: twitter: diablofans: Featuring Artwork by Chi Zhang on Artstation: I've been working off and on with this trying to get the Necro-lady out of the artwork for this piece. Work's been keeping me extra busy these days. I also added some smoke effects to the runes this time to make em pop better and just loved the overall look of this piece. Hope you guys like and I'll see you next wallpaper! Necromancer Art by Chi Zhang Necromancer & Diablo (C) Blizzard Wallpaper Arranged by Me HK Wallpaper in honor of Diablofans returning to us: Jun 13
Jun 13 Oilpainting a Blood Guard Hi all I just wanted to share this oil painting i did based on Victor Lee's concept art for D3. If you like it or have any criticism I would love to hear both. Jun 13
Jun 6 [TOOL] PLAY Diablo3 WITH A GAMEPAD (V1.2.7) Hi all For those few of you who are interested in playing the game with a gamepad, I created a tool for that. Link is at the top of the following post: Version History 1.2.7 - Multiple bug fixes, New Profile for Diablo 3. 1.2.5 - Improved Virtual Aim Timing and various bug fixes. 1.2.4 – Fixed a crash that happened under certain conditions 1.2.3 – Added complete button definition to analog configuration, updated Heroes of the Storm profile to fix self cast. 1.2.2 – Improvements on Virtual Aim, improved profile for Heroes of the Storm 1.2.1 – Fixed a crashing bug when a gamepad wasn’t connected. Basically: - Left Analog: Character movement, describes a small circle around the character so it feels as if the game has analog movement support. - Right Analog: Moves the pointer in an elliptical area for aiming. - All other buttons be mapped to skills, talents, etc I made the app with the intention of playing Diablo 3, Path of exile and those type of games, ended up using it to play Heroes of the Storm as well. I enjoy playing the game with it so I figured I should post it here, for any feedback and check if its ok with blizzard to use it, heh, the tool is not trying to give any advantage, simply map both analog sticks into movement and aiming. Just a note, I use a PS4 gamepad, as I do need to use the trackpad for inventory management and go through menus, etc. Any feedback is appreciated Thanks!weberto23 Jun 6
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May 23 Professional Hardcore Season Power Leveling Hey Everyone I am an aspiring NA streamer looking to make a name for myself and offer my skills to anyone who is needs it. I am a professional Hardcore Season power leveler I have helped hundreds of people get to level 70 and some gear on top of that. Whether you are paragon 1000 or never played before I will get you to 70. - Get to 0-70 in 15-20 minutes - Additional T10 full clear rifts to get you some gear - Hangout have some fun! - Live on **Requirements from you** - Drop a follow on my twitch at - Watch or lurk in my stream during your power level - Play on PC NA servers If you feel like you want to skip the grind and get a power level from me join my discord and @ me in the diablo 3 channel! I hope to see you there!ZeroSkillsTV0 May 23
May 15 Wallpaper: Season 17 - Season of Nightmares Here's to the new season! Season 17 - Season of Nightmares: deviantART: twitter: Wanted to make sure the latest season wallpaper was similar with my own spin as the graphic art that they revealed the season info with recently. Featuring the Tomb Viper by the Legendary Brom! Diablo (C) Blizzard Wallpaper arranged by me Enjoy everyone! HKHolyknight0 May 15
May 11 Top 7 why diablo 3 is crap Here is an interesting video ( I will comment his points He is a huge diablo fan. As he starts introducing the video. > 7 Questionable direction I strongly agree with him. Also, Blizzard removed any type of character progression. > 6 - Still no PvP And being very honest, how PvP can ever work on D3? The damage inflation is insane "then mitigate the damage on pvp", then another problem will happens. If you have an full set and your enemy has 4/5 of a set, you will be hundreds of times more powerful. Exactly thanks to the multiplications. Is impossible to have an balanced pvp with the damage inflation. Even Blizzard realized that D3 lacks depth. At 3:58 Have they seen they own progression system? > 5 - Always online So your internet is awful? Do you live in a rural area? Sorry, D3 isn't for you. Not mentioning, you can't mod the game... Also, it kills HC for me. I don't wanna lose an HC char by one sec desync. And it kills the modding community > 4 - How skill damage is calculated Monks having big and sharp poleaxes in order to dismaterialize then, then punch then rematerialize. Yes, even monks punches and minions like golems damage relay on the weight and size of your weapon. On D2, some skills scales with WD, some with enemy HP, some with raw skill damage, some are skill damage + weapon damage, etc. > 3 - The action house To be fair it was removed, but the consequences of AH still in the game. They made always online and everything %WD exactly by it. > 2 The skill runes Initially, the skill system looks limilar to Sacred 1/2(3 is crap), so you level up skill by looting runes and using skils. Now the system is a skill line, like cod unlocking system. > 1 - They made it into WOW I strongly agree. Attributes in RPG's are ways to meassure your character capabilities. From M&M VII(first RPG of my life), to Pathfinder Kingmaker(last modern RPG that i've enjoyed) and Dark Souls 2(last modern aRPG that i liked, they measure your character capabilities. An world where everyone has the same IQ and the unique way to raise an IQ is by getting an better glove makes no sense. WoW started with this notion of attributes linked towards gear that makes NO SENSE. And cooldowns, something that doesn't belong to an aRPG. Cooldown are just an form of handholding that developers use when they can't think in a better way to balance the skills. An interesting comment ...L0rdV1ct0r47 May 11
May 11 Monkey King's Set Should Look Like This Hey Blizzard, Why don't you make the monk's monkey king set to look like this: ... More artworks and ideas here: ... I thought that would be cool! ^^Conan0 May 11
May 9 D3mystic : record your progress So i made this website some time ago called : You can record your progress in game (grifts, season journey, conquests) and soon your achievements. You can check out my in-game progress here : Here's the latest news on the next season (with what i could gather from the ptr) : if you encounter any problem, you can contact me on the website via the contact form or here.Madmartigan0 May 9
Apr 29 Fire Resistance Apr 29
Apr 25 Wallpaper: Diablo I Hey all, This time around a wallpaper for the classic Diablo I. Wallpaper: Diablo I deviantART: twitter: I did some searching to find a decent Diablo I based art piece and found it in this article: I did some tweaks and a couple touches with filters. I tried to reduce the grain as much as I could but its still a little there. Given the artwork is old anyways. I also added some artwork for the bars some use from a previous wallpaper. After the bars I went back in the new screenshots and got the old stone look and tiled it a bit for a better look. I also added some subtle touches of red and tried to have it look like Diablo was popping outta those bars. I like how it turned out overall so I hope you guys like! My next wallpaper plan is for season 17. I just need to find a piece of work that best embodies the Legacy of Nightmares. If you guys have any ideas or suggestions on that please let me know. HK Diablo I (C) Blizzard & GoGHolyknight0 Apr 25
Apr 19 I made Manald Heal Hello! I make jewelry and other accessories as an hobby (still beginner)... This time I have made an Manald Heal! It's a copper ring with synthetic ruby. I also make youtube videos of my projects, here is manald videos: Part 1: Part 2: I also made Focus & Restraint some months ago. Maybe you are interested of them too... Thanks to those who take the time and check out my channel!Roudari0 Apr 19
Apr 2 Armory and builds idea! So I recently got back into Diablo 3. It is a game I can always return to. I find it thoroughly enjoyable, it just seems to never get old. I have been really getting into build meta since I have been back and obviously have been using the Armory for saving my main builds then a second build most of the time, for lower end clearing/farming. The other day, on my Demon Hunter, I was clearing some junk out of the stash and carelessly deleted half of my multi-shot build, argh! My own stupid fault really, no one else but myself to blame there. But I was thinking about it and how the armory currently works and I had an idea that I figured I would put fourth into the community forums! So I will attach an image below to better explain what I mean but let me try and explain it too. So my idea, is to simply have storage slots in the armory, but not what you think. Literally, just one spot per each piece of gear in your build. From helmet, down to your boots, rings, amulet, gems in the jewellery, etc. So when you save your build the gear your wearing it would visually be in each armory slot, then when you switch builds it would sit in the armory slots until you switch back. This way when you switch, the legendary gems don't get thrown into your inventory or on the ground and your build gear is stored neatly and safely. Also it would be great if we could lock important gear!Mars1 Apr 2
Mar 25 Diablo Immortal #7: Demon Hunter This week I've released my next Diablo Immortal wallpaper featuring the Demon Hunter. Hey all! Here's the latest Diablo Immortal wallpaper with the Demon Hunter. Original: No Logo: Mobile: Enjoy guys I'll be working on the Diablo I wallpaper soon. Work's been crazy these days. Thanks for checking this out. The original in-game art by NetEase/Blizzard. Wallpaper arranged and laid out by me. Most art (C) Blizzard/NetEase & the rest of the art made by their respected owners and myself. HKHolyknight0 Mar 25
Mar 16 Fiery Runes II: Vidian - Lord of Envy Fiery Runes II Series III - Bestiary III #1 Vidian: Lord of Envy deviantART: twitter: For the First time in over a year the Fiery Runes Series returns. This time I tried to find a decent image of Vidian and the only one I could find is by Daniel Barras Enjoy! See you next wallpaper. HKHolyknight0 Mar 16
Mar 13 Diablo Immortal 6: Crusader Hey all here's the latest Diablo Immortal Wallpaper featuring the crusader! Diablo Immortal #6: Crusader Original: No Logo: Mobile: Thanks for checking it out and I'll see you guys next time. HKHolyknight0 Mar 13
Mar 11 Discord Group just created channel help spread the word. Im tired of public games and not finding people to play with. this is to be like the old open raid website for wow but to help in d3 hopefully it takes off . Mar 11
Feb 25 Diablofans A Farewell Tribute deviantART: twitter: I remember when I first came to this website back in 08. Back when people were discussing and theory-crafting what each image and symbol was in the World Wide Invitational 2008 teasers that lead up to that weekend. I went between them and I always considered them a great rival website to and I personally feel sad that we lost a great news site and valuable asset to the diablo community. Sexen, Agnzt, OSW_Zenkiki, Neinball, LeviathanD3, and many many others from that website. Thank you for helping make this website what it became. And thank you for the memories over the past 10 + years. Thanks for letting me have another place to post up my old wallpapers when there use to be a gallery. Also thank you for making a separate fan creation folder for OS and Wallpaper art so I could post all my stuff w/o spamming the main fan art forum. Will miss this place. *raises his drink* Here's to and to whatever comes next. Holyknight3000 - The Runeweaver and Creator of the Fiery Runes Series (which started in 2008) If you want to see my wallpaper artwork after this post, check me out on deviantART and twitter! Much Love, HKHolyknight0 Feb 25
Feb 25 Wallpaper: Season 16 - Season of Grandeur deviantART: twitter: The next season wallpaper is ready to go for the next season of Diablo 3.The Season of Grandeur: the season buff is the ring of royal grandeur this time around. Just glad that all of the artwork this time was large and clear. If you see anything blurry and jagged with the Skeleton King, its the original work not anything resized by me. This is one of my personal faves in recent months. Enjoy the new wallpaper and the new season! HK Diablo 3 (C) BlizzardHolyknight2 Feb 25
Feb 19 Wallpapers: D3 Switch & D:I Barbarian Here's my collective post on the Diablo 3 Switch Live Action Trailer. Ill be adding more of them to the post as I upload more. I'm almost halfway done. D3 Switch: _______________________ Now here's the latest Diablo: Immortal Wallpaper ft the Barbarian with and without logos and a mobile version. Barbarian: No Logos: Mobile: I hope you guys like all of these wallpapers. It was a busy weekend this past Saturday and SundayHolyknight0 Feb 19
Feb 6 D3 Switch Commercial II Series Part 1 Hey all, I've started posting my latest wallpapers for the 2nd Live Action D3 Switch Commercial. There well be MANY and I'll be updating my deviantART journal with more image/links as I upload them to the gallery. DA Journal: Wallpaper links #1 Traffic Jam: #2 Passenger: #3 Diabolical Traffic: This series will have a lot more than the first commercial series. Hopefully there will be a wallpaper in here that you will enjoy. See you guys next time. Enjoy! HK Diablo 3 (C) Blizzard Nintendo Switch (C) NintendoHolyknight0 Feb 6
Jan 16 Ipega PG-9076 Hi, I need play Diablo III in my macbook. I have a Ipega joystick but this don`t work. I have joystick mapper, but JM don`t work fine. Please, anybody? Thankshenriqueutsc0 Jan 16
Jan 12 Making a function Jims Raynor So I'm looking to make a James Raynor character in game. So far I've gotten him set up as a Crusader so the armor all works. Now on to picking a weapon. In my crossover that I'm working on I figured his revolver and Rifle would be better swapped to a sword since he has seen how the protoss and zerg utilize blade type weapons. The crossbow being to cumbersome, and the bow far to large (especially since the crusader class can't use them anyway.) Does anyone else have anythoughts on the weapons.ArchangelJln0 Jan 12
Jan 11 Diablo 4 -- Fan-Made "What If?" Hello, all! Though I quickly lost interest in Diablo 3, I kept it close to my heart simply because it's part of one of my favorite game franchises of all time. I return to Diablo 3 from time to time, to re-experience the joy of slaughtering demons in droves, and... well, that's about it. Give me some demons to slaughter, and I'll be satisfied. Anyway, I wondered for the longest time about a possible expansion to D3, and then I started wondering: What if there was a Diablo 4? So I decided to try my hand at creating Diablo 4. Mind you, this is all roughly a nut shell, but this is what I dream of... Diablo 4 Plot Long ago, a schism in the High Heavens severed the bonds of the Angiris Council, inducing calamity all across the four horizons. While the holy realm struggles to regain order, the Burning Hells once again storm Sanctuary. The legendary heroes of the past, while unforgotten, live no more. But when Sanctuary teeters on the brink of extinction, new heroes emerge from the bloodbath with great power at their beck and call, and all the fury of mankind in their hearts. Tirelessly, these new heroes sweep across Sanctuary, eradicating humanity’s defilers with one great push, sending the demonic army, piece by piece, into a screaming plummet back to the Burning Hells, until the leader of the army makes his (or her) appearance. Classes Warlord (reminiscent of Diablo 2’s Barbarian / Diablo 1’s Warrior) Cleric (reminiscent of Diablo 1: Hellfire’s Bard / Diablo 3's Monk) Enchanter (reminiscent of Diablo 2’s Sorceress / Diablo 3’s Wizard) Reaper (reminiscent of Diablo 2’s Necromancer / Diablo 3’s Demon Hunter) Artisan (reminiscent of Diablo 1’s Rogue / Diablo 2’s Assassin / Diablo 2’s Amazon) Expansion Classes Hellborne (reminiscent of Diablo 2’s Druid / WarCraft 3’s Demon Hunter) Seraph (reminiscent of Diablo 2’s Paladin) Acts and Locations (Rough) Act I: It’ll take place on the Skovos Isles – mankind’s final safe-haven – located south-southwest of the mainland territories, which are now widely occupied by the Burning Hells’ armies. It becomes clear right away that you, the player, are a Nephalem with a body, mind, and soul unhindered by the Worldstone, as it no longer exists. With the encroaching demon armies pushing across your borders, you’ve no choice but to throw yourself into the great bloodbath that awaits. Act II: Having overcome one of the lesser Generals of the Burning Hells, you lead your people to the mainland. However, this is where you get to choose where to go for Act II. Will you travel to the Torajan Jungles, of the eastern side of the continent? Or will you travel to Kingsport, located on the western side? Depending on your choice, you will face whatever demonic General awaits you next on that side of the continent (while your Nephalem comrades take the other side by default, so the story goes) at the end of Act II. Act III: If you chose to go to the Torajan Jungles on the eastern side of Sanctuary, you will have seen Viz-jun and the Sea of Light, Ureh in ruins, and you’ll have taken temporary refuge in Kurast before traveling northward past Gea Kul (destroyed), through Caldeum (where the General in Act II awaited you), and are now at the edge of the Borderlands, where you establish a vanguard before traveling on across the Dry Steppes, toward Scosglen. If you chose to go to Kingsport, you made it to Duncraig before you were ambushed by powerful demons from Westmarch and Bramwell in the northwest. In the battle, you lost all of the people you were leading. You took heart, however, knowing that they died for a good cause, as you trekked on through the bloodstained battlefields past Tristram, across the Tamoe Mountains, and up to Ivgorod, where you will spend Act III besting the archdemons in the Dreadlands. No matter what side you chose, a powerful Act III boss awaits you at the end. And if you play online with friends, you can use a special magic stone to transport you to your fellow Nephalem’s side, on the other end of the continent. (Continued in next post)Loperixie27 Jan 11
Jan 6 RED SOUL SHARD, WIRT'S LEG, ROYAL CALF PET Made some videos of these 20th Anniversary event rewards. Red Soul Shard legendary gem It is dropped by the special event Diablo (not the normal Diablo in act 4) in the 4th video above. Unlike other legendary gem, it can only be inserted in the helm slot. Doing also gives you a special transmog. (Obviously a reference to the Diablo 1 ending that the hero plunged the soulstone into his own head.) Its AoE damage is decent. However, the proc rate is quite low. Also, every time it procs, the player character is stunned briefly. Wirt's Leg (for transmog) and Royal Calf pet: Wirt's Leg: - Check the corpses in Tristam for hints (optional) - Find the Black Mushroom in labyrinth level 9 (0:36) and get the Rotten Mushroom. - With the Rotten Mushroom in your inventory, go back to Tristram, then go east and find Adria's hut. Click the cauldron to get the Witch's Brew. - Go back to Tristram and click on the corpses one by one according to the hints. Finally Griswold's corpse drops the plan for Wirt's Leg. - Learn the plan at the blacksmith. Craft the Wirt's Leg (it is a mace) and you get the new transmog. Royal Calf: - Salvage the Wirt's Leg to get Map of the Stars. - Go to Tristam, follow the east road and find the corpses of three cows. - Click the corpses in order according to the hint of the Map of the Stars: 2, 1, 3: which means middle, left, then right. The entrance to Abandoned Farmstead appears. - Enter the Abandoned Farmstead. A chest is in the center of the area containing the Royal Calf pet. Right click the Royal Calf pet to add it to your pet collections. Enjoy!Wakeman29 Jan 6
Dec 10 I took a picture for contest. Do you like if, if so would you be so kind and help me win a Nintendo switch? ^_^Heroes0 Dec 10
Dec 2 Wallpaper: Diablo Immortal #1 Diablo Created with love for the world of sanctuary and all its art. deviantART: twitter: Much love & Enjoy HKHolyknight2 Dec 2
Nov 28 Diablo 1 & 2 remaster in Diablo 3 This is just a thought what if as a DSL Blizzard remasters (Warcraft 3 style) Diablo 1 and 2 in Diablo 3 as playable Adventures as in when you choose game type you can choose Story(D3)/Adventure/D1/D2. This can be 1 or 2 DLC, for instance the D1 DLC would also include the D1 characters but everything would work on the D3 engine with D3 game mechanics, abilities and Skill trees. Now if Diablo 4 was in the works we could do a D1-3 for Diablo 4 in the same vein.Calysto1 Nov 28
Nov 20 Patch 2.6.4 RARE Developer Interview! Nov 20
Nov 16 Diablo Universe Tabletop RPG in the works. Hey all, I decided one day that I want to put in the elbow grease and convert the diablo universe into a D20 system very similar to the Dungeons and Dragons system. In fact I am borrowing a lot of information/sources from the aforementioned to make this dream of mine come true. It is definitely a lot of work, but I feel it is worth doing. Quick points: 1. Why? I feel the Diablo universe is very rich in lore and to be honest I love it all. I love tabletop RPGs and I feel there is substance in the lore enough to merit all the hard work I am embarking on. 2. How? I have studied a lot of the source material involving the Diablo lore by reading books, short stories, in-game literature, novels, watching videos (such as the blizz con lore panel), and many more. I have also played many different tabletop RPG games, thus I believe I have what it takes to put something together. 3.When? Not sure really, I don't have enough free time to fully commit myself to this project. But, I do have enough time to put something together that will merit the title of tabletop RPG. 4.Who? I am a fan just like you guys, and I am no better than anyone else out there when it comes to these matters. Whether this takes off or not doesn't really matter to me. My goal is to accomplish this project and if my friends and I are the only ones playing the game, then so be it. I want to share this project with the community and I would like as many people involved as possible. I believe that the Diablo world is now all of ours. We have spent countless hours enveloped in the games from the beginning, and we have fond memories connected to the game as well. This project is completely non-profit and I am not looking for any kind of recognition. I just wanted to put it out there, and if anyone is interested they can be a part of it. In the next post is a sample of one of the classes I have worked on (first draft mind you). I hope this gives you an idea of what the game will be about. RUNDOWN Classes: MONK WITCH DOCTOR BARBARIAN DEMON HUNTER CRUSADER PALADIN (Knight of Westmarch) NECROMANCER DRUID ASSASSIN AMAZON ROGUE IRON WOLF MERCENARY (possibly) MAIN STATS Strength -block, lift, intimidate, parry Dexterity -dodge, parry, acrobatics, reflex Intelligence -perception, knowledge, wisdom, crafting Vitality -health, resistance, endurance, Charisma -barter, persuasion, magnetism SECONDARY STATS Corruption (evil is everywhere, and temptation knocks at your door) -effected from deeds -effects alignment -effects character development -effects reputation -effected by classes Reputation (people notice you calling down hammers from the sky) -effected from deeds -effected from gossip -can effect charisma -effects interactions Classes will have feats, much like D&D (very similar). And every day, you must equip your powers. At lvl 1. You can equip one of each AT WILL POWER (resource generators, minor attacks) ENCOUNTER POWER (resource spenders that do damage) OR UTILITY POWERS (resource spenders that do not do damage ie: the monk's blind) DAILY POWERS (passives) Let me know what you guys think and if you are interested in being involved. I plan to stream our first game on twitch or as a podcast in the future. Thank you all for your time.JonJon8 Nov 16
Nov 11 Three Piece Necromancer Set I tinkered around for a while with my necromancer and thought to myself "What would my ideal build require? I came up with this set as an idea for such, let's call it "Lokeal's Cursed Armament" _____________________________________________________________________________ Helm-(To be determined later, original idea wasn't too great) Shoulders-Grim Scythe gains the effect of all runes Chest Armor-Surviving enemies are struck with fear after corpse explosion Set bonus-If your essence is full, the damage of Grim Scythe is increased by 5500% for five seconds after you use your corpse explosion skill. _____________________________________________________________________________ Tell me what you think, this took a while to come up with!Lokeal0 Nov 11
Nov 11 Necro Fan Art I wanted to sketch a necro armor design while adding my own twist on top of it. What do you guys think? Do you think it could fit the game? It was quite a bit more influenced by D2 than D3. not sure how to upload images here, so I'm just sharing the link: Nov 11
Nov 10 The Curse of Tristram to be Released Oct. 14th! This is for the SC2 arcade. I think all you need is the SC2 starter pack to play! Also, Hucka, sorry for calling you out and calling you a troll man...that wasn't right to do, sorry man.Zerubbabel15 Nov 10
Nov 8 Diablo 4 - Game Design There are only 4 Classes in the Game but each Class is a combination of 2 different former Classes. Every Class has 16 Different Active Skills. A Skill has 4 Different "Runes" and you can use 8 Skills for Gameplay. Witch Warrior: (Combination of Witch Doctor and Barbarian) Frenzy Leap Whirlwind Berserker Rage Cleave GroundStomp Seismic Slam Earthquake Summon Zombie Dogs Summon Gargantuan Summon Vodoo Fetish Summon Fetish Army Bats Grasp of the Dead Vodoo Cloud Spirit Barrage Battle Mage: (Combination of Monk and Wizard) Way of Hundred Fist Lashing Tail Kick Exploding Palm Seven Sided Strike Crippling Wave Cyclone Strike Tempest Rush Epiphany Summon Elementar Orb Summon Elementar Hydra Summon Elementar Coloss Summon Elementar Allies Elementar Ball Elementar Stream Elementar Nova Elementar Wind Death Warden: (Combination of Necromancer and Crusader) Grim Scythe Shield Bash Bone Armor Death Nova Bone Spikes Bone Spear Bone Spirit Bone Wave Summon Skeletons Summon Golems Summon Land of the Dead Summon Army of the Dead Steed Charge Falling Scythe Death’s Fury Avatar of Death Druid Shaman: (Combination of Druid and Amazon) Swing Strike Jabb Elementar Strike Elementar Storm Quick Shot Elementar Shot Multishot Rain of Vengeance Summon Dire Wolf Summon Grizzly Summon Creeper Summon Oak Sage Shapeshift Werwolf Feral Rage Shapeshift Werbear Fury Elementar Fissure Elementar Twisters Elementar Hurricane Elementar Armageddon There are 4 Elements in the Game. Each Skill can Choose one Elementar "Rune" Fire: 25% Chance to Burn Enemies, Burn deals 100% Damage per Second for 5 Seconds Ice: 25% Chance to Slow Enemies, Slows Attack Speed/Movement Speed by 50% for 5 Seconds Electric: 25% Chance to Shock Enemies, Shock Deals 10/20% Mana Damage per Second for 5 Seconds Physic: 25% Chance to Stun Enemies, Stuns an Enemy for 1 Second and Interrupts Charging Skills There will be no Set Items, only Uniques. If you want to go Glass Cannon, Tank or Heal. You need to use Different Uniques and Passive Skills. Also some Skill Runes provide Bonus for the Role you want to play. Life and Mana have a automatic Regneration of 1-5% per Second. Paragon System get's Changed. You can only Increase your Damage Rating or your Health per Paragon Level UpMrBattleGuy0 Nov 8
Nov 8 D3 Druid Concept We all want it, don't kid yourself. Since Blizzcon 2018 is still a fresh wound with salt and lemon juice poured into it, I thought we (the Diablo Community) could have a bit of fun brainstorming what a good Druid class could (SHOULD) be in Diablo 3. This is just a rough outline of what I have and am still working on, but I would love to hear your thoughts. Let's get the ball rolling for the Diablo Dev team so they can use these ideas to hopefully one day bring this amazing class to D3. Diablo 3 Druid Skills Primary Secondary Elemental Fire Ice Air Earth? Summoning Raven Wolf Creeper Spirit Grizzly Shape Shifting Werewolf Werebear Wererat? Lycanthropy? Again, just a rough outline. Let's have fun and try to distract ourselves a bit. :)Derknomicon1 Nov 8
Nov 8 Fun parody reaction of the reveal we can at least laugh while we're sad.Hellscream3 Nov 8
Nov 7 HotS: Mephisto Lord of Hatred deviantART: twitter: Finally my PC was stable enough to finish this. Since i couldn't find a transparent version of Mephy boy here i had to cut him out of the background. This took a few days between my two jobs. I'm just happy with the results because i wanted to have him and his magic glyph pop out in front of my hex grid in the background. Enjoy guys and I hope you like. HK Diablo, Mephisto & Heroes of the Storm (C) BlizzardHolyknight2 Nov 7
Nov 5 Diablo Immortal - The interview (video) View the video on YouTube: Diablo Immortal: The honest interview about the game. Please take this as a joke and enjoy it to the fullest.Silverhallow0 Nov 5
Nov 4 [idea] Diablo Toilet Set Diablo Toilet Set should include: - Glaze tiles with a hellish motif - give your bathroom a dark character. - Heated floor that burns under your feet - Keeps feet warm, and by the way you feel like you are walking on infernal earth! - Mirror with Diabolic filter - watch your demonic face every day! Thanks to a special, amazing filter, the mirror distorts the image and makes everything look terribly horrible! - A special tap and a Diablo-shaped shower head - Diablo-hot water or Frosty like Izual's grip. - A climatic candlestick gives the interior an epic character. - Bath of the Blood Countess - a bath in the blood is the best rejuvenating therapy * - Akary Courtain - Cover yourself in the shower with a curtain, just as Akara covered her tent. - Diablo-Toilet seat - Hear Diablo roar everytime when you drop water.. * Special capsules with a dye are included in the set. 10 capsules staining water, and 10 capsules staining the foam in red. Capsules can be purchased separately. And "Special Offer" - Hire Leoric Squeaky King to keep your toilet clean.anubin1 Nov 4
Sep 25 The lost flying insect of Deckard Kain The lost flying insect of Deckard Kain. It would be cool if there is a Diablo 4 and you pick up a insect second pet that fly's with. You can make invis or so put you must have him to get the best gear and he must only be find in torment 13 or beyond. He will let you then find ancient primal gear not just primal. I alos wonder if they will revive Deckard in the next story, and if there is going to be something around the book that is buried with him.Legioen0 Sep 25
Sep 22 Wallpaper - Season 15: Boon of the Horadrim deviantART: twitter: The next themed Season is under way This season is the Boon of the Horadrim; Double bounty bags! I figured the best way to get this wallpaper to match the theme was have Tyrael as you see above and the world map in the background. I would have done some effects on it but my current PC likes to crash every time I try and do a blur effect. FeelsBadMan... I also tried to use some stock art of the side of a book to just add to things. I'm happy with that unique look. Let me know what you guys think. Thank you for checking it out and enjoy the new season HK Diablo 3 (C) Blizzard Side book Art: Sep 22
Sep 15, 2018 concept, diablo unannounced project, Hi! hi My name is egod, Welcome! Sep 15, 2018
Sep 10, 2018 Legendary Gem lvl50 power Hi all :) I keep thinking about legendary gems and that it would be so much fun if they would have another power at lvl50. here are a few examples: Bane of the trapped lvl50: the aura of slow radius is increased to 30 yards Boon of the Hoarder lvl50: picking up gold increases gold find by x% for few seconds stacking up to 10 times Enforcer lvl50: gives x% damage boost times the number of pets you have What are your thoughts/ ideas for these powers? Please share them here, let your imaginations run wild :DKardszy1 Sep 10, 2018
Aug 31, 2018 Imperius Journal 1 They say I am corrupt.An unbending tyrant,filled with blacks and whites. Do you really think I was born this way? I had my own colors. Before I rose to Archangel Status I was a Purifier.They call me the greatest warrior in all creation.I say the otherwise,i have failed my mission. The unity of our council,our family has been shattered.They say it was the WRATH of Imperius who destroyed the unity.Let them believe in that.I stood by his side when Izual was taken into black abyss,a terrible void entity was summoned inside of him.He was forced to fight for Hell,leaving us forever,to our selves.Izual was one of our greatest champions who managed to stop combined mights of hell lords in front of the gates.He was better than me. They think Imperius is the villain.I was inside the black abyss along with Izual.Fighting monsters,for an indefinite amount of time.They were endless,they were always coming,they had no end.I wanted to save a brother from their corrruption and kept fighting.Fighting until i turned into ones and zeros.That was the power of the Void God. Void God demands extreme obedience.Does not tolerate failures.I was afraid,i followed orders,countless orders but this was something else.Void God had no speech,it is pure emotions.You just know what to do.Nothing needs to be told. They sent me into missions to decorrupt lands,it was the exact opposite of what i was doing. Walking into corruption and getting out with your sanity is not given to anyone,but i found my way.I was given a chance. I proposed an alliance to the Void God,kneelt before him.Begged him for the safety of my siblings.That was the day Void God told me one thing,in speech Void God:OBEY AND FOLLOW! Imperius:COMPLY!Imperius0 Aug 31, 2018
Aug 17, 2018 I did a cover of the OG Tristram music Check it out here I think I did a pretty good job if I do say so myself.Rohh1 Aug 17, 2018