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2d New diablo community!! Hello everyone! i have started a new Community and we are currently looking for more people to be a part of our discord, if you are interested in getting to know new players, get help with boosting, get new good gear, and just some general diskussin, then you should check us out!! 2d
2d S13 launch stream!Pushing HARD for rank 1 DH! Hi everybody! I am starting my stream at 4.30pm CET. That is 30 min before the new season starts. I will be pushing hard for rank 1 Demon Hunter! I will also be having fun stuff on like Song Request so you guys can choose what music is being played on stream. Hope to see you there! :) It will be streamed on: 2d
5d Tristram Village cover by FamilyJules Seriously impressive stuff here. Give it a listen!vfaulkon0 5d
Feb 18 Fan Fiction wanted for Podcast! Look here all of you who write or w3ant to write Diablo stories! I am a Diablo 3 player and also a podcast producer. I am plannning for a Diablo fictional podcast containing fan fiction and lore read like almost a audio book in episodes. Would you like your stories in the show please contact me. It doesnt matter if you already have posted your story here, if its old, new or whatever. As long as it is in good english and you are satisfied with it yourself, we would love to check it out. Please contact me soon. We are in the planning stage right now. all the best/NOctaTracker0 Feb 18
Jan 30 Make Rapid Fire great again! Hello there! First of all my favorite class is the demon hunter and when I first started playing the game that skill really amazed me. I really like the look and the effects of it and especially the sound. I just love everything about it. So as I leveled up my Dh I used rapid fire to kill low lvl mobs and stuff. I also found a build that was decent so I wasn't forced to use the most op build. However I tried to use it now and it doesn't really seem to work as it used to. So my suggestion is to make a build exclusively for Rapid Fire or just change an existing set bonus to give a little buff to the skill. I'm sure there are other classes that have skills they can't really use because they don't work well with sets. Anyone has an idea how to make it "op" again? Maybe a hidden build I don't know of?Quaggan0 Jan 30
Jan 24 Plans for Wirts Leg doesn't drop I have used 4 Rotten Mushrooms thus far but Griswald does't drop plans....Anyone else having this problem ? Any help would be appreciated...ThanksVirgil0 Jan 24
Jan 22 French Fry Dagger Having a French Fry dagger to go with The burger from whimsyshire, maybe make if both are equipped get an amazing set bonus.stopdecker343 Jan 22
Jan 22 Lack of toilets, sleep, resting In all of Diablo III I have not seen any map detail resembling a device into which a player or NPC could defecate or urinate into. Also there are no beds or chairs in which a active character is seen to be resting in. You can have your nephalem walk for years in in-game time.BlueElephant2 Jan 22
Jan 20 Cannot get witch's brew I took the rotten mushroom to Adria's cauldron in story and adventure mode, but do not get the witch's brew. Did the event end early this year or something?Andrezmyth0 Jan 20
Jan 17 RED SOUL SHARD, WIRT'S LEG, ROYAL CALF PET Made some videos of these 20th Anniversary event rewards. Red Soul Shard legendary gem It is dropped by the special event Diablo (not the normal Diablo in act 4) in the 4th video above. Unlike other legendary gem, it can only be inserted in the helm slot. Doing also gives you a special transmog. (Obviously a reference to the Diablo 1 ending that the hero plunged the soulstone into his own head.) Its AoE damage is decent. However, the proc rate is quite low. Also, every time it procs, the player character is stunned briefly. Wirt's Leg (for transmog) and Royal Calf pet: Wirt's Leg: - Check the corpses in Tristam for hints (optional) - Find the Black Mushroom in labyrinth level 9 (0:36) and get the Rotten Mushroom. - With the Rotten Mushroom in your inventory, go back to Tristram, then go east and find Adria's hut. Click the cauldron to get the Witch's Brew. - Go back to Tristram and click on the corpses one by one according to the hints. Finally Griswold's corpse drops the plan for Wirt's Leg. - Learn the plan at the blacksmith. Craft the Wirt's Leg (it is a mace) and you get the new transmog. Royal Calf: - Salvage the Wirt's Leg to get Map of the Stars. - Go to Tristam, follow the east road and find the corpses of three cows. - Click the corpses in order according to the hint of the Map of the Stars: 2, 1, 3: which means middle, left, then right. The entrance to Abandoned Farmstead appears. - Enter the Abandoned Farmstead. A chest is in the center of the area containing the Royal Calf pet. Right click the Royal Calf pet to add it to your pet collections. Enjoy!Wakeman25 Jan 17
Jan 12 Wolfcryer slaps Blizzard again. Wolfcryer is a diablo 3 player and youtuber, and one that I respect because he doesn't play into Blizzards PR style, the man tells what he thinks, not beautiful lies. He has a family, 3 kids mostly a casual player yet he understands what diablo 3 is all about. Lets see... Diablo 3 a game of extremes Well said Wolfcryer!Ouroboros150 Jan 12
Jan 3 Necromancer Skill ideas I think the Necromancer could be so much more interesting and should have more appealing skills. Here are some of my ideas. I know some of them are too crazy I just like to think big and fantasize about stuff. - Summon a Skeleton Dragon - Create a huge gate that sucks enemies in - Summon a skeleton samurai - Turn into a Grim Reaper (gain size/big scythe/levitate) - Skulls/bones fall from the sky - Sacrifice a lot of blood (hp) to put a curse on enemies to make them bleed (if an enemy dies while the curse is still active it gives some hp back) The skill could be visible like the enemies literally bleed - Summon a skeleton/monster that eats corpses (stacks: getting hp and damage maybe getting bigger with each corpses consumed) - A new scythe skill: swish with a giant scythe around the necromancer that creates a damaging pulse which pierces through enemies and pushes them backQuaggan0 Jan 3
Dec 29 [Concept] PvP mode Hello everyone! I was trying to figured out how PVP could look like in Diablo 3. It took me a while to create this concept but I really like it :D Video about my PVP concept: What do you guys think about it? Do you have some suggestions?Maxik0 Dec 29
Dec 22 Diablo 4, a Success or a Fail ? I'm sure that most players that are fans of the Diablo series feel that Blizzard is working at a next diablo game. One thing is clear, for a "Diablo 4" to succed Blizzard needs to start listening their community. This is a very good description of what diablo 4 need to succeed Dec 22
Dec 22 spam filter? Anybody find their posts getting immediately deleted by the spam filter? The most frustrating part is that this will probably be filtered.ActionBobby0 Dec 22
Dec 10 Wallpaper: Season 12 - For the Balance Link: Wallpaper just in time for Season 12! Ft art by TamplierPainter DeivCalviz gooloo0-o and Brom All Fan/Art (C) Their respected owners. Diablo (C) Blizzard HKHolyknight1 Dec 10
Dec 10 Decorations: Resource Potions Hey guys, I've decided to have a Diablo themed Christmas so I made some resource potion bottle for each class. Unfortunately, wrath and spirit have to share as I would just have two white bottles. Demon Hunter was pretty tricky to make but next time I'll just use coloured candle wax. (Do not use vegetable oil; for the love of god DO NOT USE VEGETABLE OIL!!) Dec 10
Dec 9 full size witch doctor concept art? Could someone point me to the original image used for this portrait? Both tineye and google reverse are failing me... Dec 9
Nov 27 deleted .NightOwlZzz0 Nov 27
Nov 27 [concept]Special Nephalem Rift Hello my friends stay a while and listen. After I watched Rhykker's episode about New Nephalem Rift, I wanted to develop this idea. So I was thinking how it might work in game. It took me some time but I did it. The Rift Key fragments are separated to 5 categories: 1.Maps/Minions 2.Shrines 3.Elites 4.Rift Guardians 5.Legendary To open Special Rift you only need first 4 but Legendary key fragments give huge special bonus. If you want to know more watch my video (You can see there how can you get rift key fragments for Special Nephalem Rift and how to open it) Video: What do you think about it? P.S. Special thanks to RhykkerMaxik0 Nov 27
Nov 25 [new character] Call of the Druid pack who's with me ????Deathforall15 Nov 25
Nov 23 [New Class] Druid Lycanthrope After the Centurion (heir of the Amazon) and the Blood Seeker (heir of the necromancer and his demonic creature), I attack this ancient class of diablo II lord of destruction that is the Druid. For those who have read the comics or who remember the tirades in the discussions with the PnJ, the Diablo II Druid is a cursed character! That he was a hero, head of family or clan, the one who becomes Lycanthrope is a banned. In short, it is a matter, like the Chimera for the Blood Seeker, of a human race of banished. The Lycanthropus has no place in human society. He has no redemption or salvation ... Nothing prevents him from saving the world that denies him. As for the others, here is my version of the story for Diablo III for this class .... ____________________________________________ At the destruction of the world stone, the name of Scosglen's Tarodis resounds in gossip. "A druid ... a lycanthrope who saves the world?" "It is true, the great enchantress has witnessed it, and no one can doubt his word." The rumor circulated ... It took only one season for Caoi Dúlra to change its appearance. The forests are flourishing. Many tribes formerly nomadic settled on the edge. The Druid cult proliferates and attracts new adherents. But not all of them see the same futuristic visions that emerge on the horizon. In the peaks of Glór-an-Fháidha, a group of ten men find themselves to decide the future of the clan. The oldest, with the long gray beard, speaks. "Dear brothers, there is no doubt that what Tarodis has accomplished is a miracle, and by becoming a hero he has proved that defilement can be controlled." He unveiled to the assembly a relic of the past. A human skull deformed by lycanthropy ... Whose fangs whitened by time always shines its deadly poison! "This is the artefact. I made it out of his grave because we owe him an apology." A middle-aged man, with a well-built body, rises by protest. "I can not accept it, the Prime has no right to such an excuse, he has committed acts which nature can not tolerate!" The elder replies without hesitation. "What did we know about that time?" We had rejected the unknown, the dark part was afraid of its incomprehension, but nature had never rejected it, and it existed to be the shadow of light. Protected in the darkest ages. Tell me, Baro, do you think living with nature does not require sacrifices? " The so-called Baro thought about an answer. But this one is slow to come. Then another person spoke. "Nature is the chain of immemorial cycles. Life stops for some to provide for others." Everyone seems turn after turn engaging in conversation. "When the sun goes down, night takes its place. At each of its facets, a society is granted the domain for its own hunt." "The weak are always devoured by the strong, and it is only by cunning and talent that they succeed in compensating for the difference." "The power of cataclysm is Druidic in nature, and so is Lycanthropy, and if we reject it again, we will attract the wrath of mother earth." "The reed curves the spine against the winds, it is to better adapt to the destructive force of nature." "However, nothing prevents the oak from being stronger than the most terrible of storms! If its determination is robust enough, it can preserve itself through the centuries." "Those who are born as predators always have the advantage over their prey, but if they disappear, they can no longer feed themselves. . " "Equilibrium does not mean to be in perfect equality, the existence of dominant means that there are dominated, but nature is powerful, it is nothing in the face of Time ..." The elder then begins to cough very strongly. The old man does not seem to have it for very long. He still takes the floor. "Baro ... I know that your ancestors have suffered the most from the scourges of Lycanthropy, but look at yourself, you are the strongest and strongest of us, your constitution is not the result of chance. If Lycanthropy had not existed, your clan would undoubtedly be the most populous, but yours would be less powerful. The sufficiency of numbers has often been an obstacle to the development of power. " Baro looks at his hand. In his rocky palm his eyes are lost. Visions of the past reappear. Pain, pain and suffering ... Deep scars are the proofs of his bravery, endurance and strength. The words of his comrades resound in his head like a mark of wisdom. They're right ... Twisting too. Nature and its powers are incredible. But it will never be submissive and domptable. "Well, it's time now, let's go outside, our guest has been waiting for us for a long time." "A guest ?" "Follow us, Baro ... we do not have to hide it any longer." They leave the peaks of Glór-an-Fháidha. Then embarked through the forest. The walk is long, very long. Baro understands less and less what is happening. The ancients advance without rest to the edge. They arrive in front of an ancient site, composed of stone monolith: the ancient astronomer. In the center, sitting in the middle of this giant circle, Tarodis waits. "The banned, here !? brothers, how could you?" "Calm down, Baro ... look better." Baro watches more closely. At first, he no longer understands anything. Then he approaches. Slowly ... Doubt ... Confusion ... Then sadness. He then falls on his knees before Tarodis, with a thin face... By death. "Tarodis ... So you were defeated ..." A year earlier, Tarodis joined this place. He asked the former not to warn Baro of his return. Not so long as he is able to put away his anger. Today is an ideal day. Baro is appointed to become the new archiduide. The former being himself at the door of death, he made the choice of his successor ... "I would have liked him to survive his wounds, and together, you could have accomplished great things, but the druid shadow part died with him." The cough takes him back. The other brothers surround him to help him not to overwork. Baro looks into the peaceful face of Tarodis. The wound inflicted on him by Bhaal is insane. Through druidic compassion, Baro is able to feel the pain briefly. It is unbearable. A man could never have endured it for an hour. But Tarodis has come here on foot since my Arreat. "I have always wanted to ... Forgive me Tarodis ... I was weak, you protected me younger, it was because of me that you were marked by Lycanthropy. To help you, I was afraid of this appearance. How could I, your brother of blood, have doubted your kindness and purity? I'm just an idiot! Forgive me ... My brother. " He puts his rough hand on the face of Tarodis. This one is slowly fading. His brother's warm contact put an end to the wait. He can finally rest in peace and scatter through the wind. The elder approaches Baro again and lays his weak hand on his sturdy shoulder. "He has forgiven you, and he is proud to see that the Druidic worship is now in good hands." Tomorrow, you will be the new archiduide. " As Baro contemplates the wind that carries away the remains of his brother, his eyes pierce a vision in the starry night. "Ancient, you're right, Lycanthropy is a gift of nature, and it will not disappear with my brother." *** A few years later, Baro welcomed the young recruits. "It is time for you to choose your destiny, and never forget that nature gives place to everybody, good or evil does not make sense in us, only your actions will tell you who you are . Nature does not grant power to anyone! And even if you fulfill her orders, you will never be able to dominate her. And very young grows. Why do you look at this totem? Are you afraid of it? This is the first Lycanthropist, Avran Loup-noir. Beware, his fangs always bite! " The night after the initiation, the young shoots too curious done again to the skull. And commits the irreversible. He became a lycanthropist. Wild pain travels through his body. Before being able to scream, the archduperide Baro puts his warm hand on his back. No more pain. His brutally changed body becomes stable. The young metamorphosed recruit turns to his master. "You have chosen your own destiny, and now I have to teach you to master your power." Know one thing: you will never be alone through the trials you are going to perform now. "Balduran10 Nov 23
Nov 22 Tyrael Tattoo Hey everyone! Check out my new Tyrael Tattoo! Shout out to Fianna Studios! Nov 22
Nov 19 Cursed Realms idea So, the idea is to have Cursed Realms that make your hero lose all gear and levels for the duration of the Realm. It goes like this: • Available for all levels but reward is dependant on the level of the character. • The hero starts from ground zero and all dropped items are legendary quality, experience is adjusted to reach level 70 in max. 3 floors. You can't keep those items after the Realm is done, your hero will be the same as before. • When you reach 70, a nephalem ghost appears before the final boss, giving you time to adjust skills and gear. Also gives you access to a full kanai's cube for you to choose 3 powers. • You need to adjust your build accordingly to the gear you found across the Realm, it may not even be a viable build, so knowledge of the game, items and classes is essential. You can fail the first boss on rare occasions but being the easiest, finding crappy/uneven gear is not a big problem on the lower levels. • Upon defeat, the boss drops a key for a harder Cursed Realm, when you fail to complete a cursed realm, progress is reset and you are given a reward depending on how far you reached. • Rewards vary from some legendaries and crafting materials to DBs and blood shards, the amount also depends on how far did you make it • You can claim the reward of your current level at any time and reset your progress without having to fail a Cursed Realm • 5 deaths is the condition of failure, there is no time limit • Difficulty goes from normal to T13, you will need to find a full set in order to reach the higher levels, or really good skills/mechanics As you see, it's a different game experience that needs luck, knowledge and skill, the rewards would be worth the time at higher levels and it's less grindy than bounties or rifts. An entrance fee would be required, such as sacrificing a primal item or a gem of certain level. One would expect to earn back the fee with a tier 3 reward. Would you play this?TheDarkitect0 Nov 19
Nov 19 Cursed Realms idea So, the idea is to have Cursed Realms that make your hero lose all gear and levels for the duration of the Realm. It goes like this: • Available for all levels but reward is dependant on the level of the character. • The hero starts from ground zero and all dropped items are legendary quality, experience is adjusted to reach level 70 in max. 3 floors. You can't keep those items after the Realm is done, your hero will be the same as before. • When you reach 70, a nephalem ghost appears before the final boss, giving you time to adjust skills and gear. Also gives you access to a full kanai's cube for you to choose 3 powers. • You need to adjust your build accordingly to the gear you found across the Realm, it may not even be a viable build, so knowledge of the game, items and classes is essential. You can fail the first boss on rare occasions but being the easiest, finding crappy/uneven gear is not a big problem on the lower levels. • Upon defeat, the boss drops a key for a harder Cursed Realm, when you fail to complete a cursed realm, progress is reset and you are given a reward depending on how far you reached. • Rewards vary from some legendaries and crafting materials to DBs and blood shards, the amount also depends on how far did you make it • You can claim the reward of your current level at any time and reset your progress without having to fail a Cursed Realm • 5 deaths is the condition of failure, there is no time limit • Difficulty goes from normal to T13, you will need to find a full set in order to reach the higher levels, or really good skills/mechanics As you see, it's a different game experience that needs luck, knowledge and skill, the rewards would be worth the time at higher levels and it's less grindy than bounties or rifts. An entrance fee would be required, such as sacrificing a primal item or a gem of certain level. One would expect to earn back the fee with a tier 3 reward. Would you play this?TheDarkitect0 Nov 19
Nov 18 Imperius Model I made Hey guys, Figured this is a community creation, and I wanted to see what you guys think of my Imperius Model. Thanks!Thompson0 Nov 18
Nov 17 Items for Diablo 3 (must have iPhone app) This my homemade app. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks for your support. Want to find the best items in Diablo 3? This is your must have app. This app brings Diablo 3 items database to your mobile phone. The app includes legendary and set weapons and armor. You can compare your hero's equipped items with the database items side by side. This can help you to discover your next item upgrade. ★ Works offline after initial setup. ★ Friendly user interface with both table view and grid view. ★ Items can be searched by item name or type. ★ Compare hero items with database items side by side. ★ View and share hero stats. ★ Great sharing feature allows you to share items to Facebook friends or through email. ★ The starred list helps you to keep track of your favorite items. ★ BattleTag search supports U.S., Europe and Taiwan. Download from App Store Nov 17
Nov 13 Hardcore For Life! Streaming! Nov 13
Nov 9 D3 Season 12 Launch Night Community Stream A New Diablo Season is upon us!!! theSHED Team will be conducting a community Diablo Stream tonight (11/9/17) @ 8pm EST. We're aiming to make this a fun event for everyone. We Expect it to most likely result in a lot of laughs and good times and would love nothing more than to have you join us! Come tune & join in with us over at theSHED Team is looking forward to seeing you & meeting new people so please come visit us on Mixer, and enjoy some games with us!!! Nov 9
Nov 9 D3 Music Montage Hello! For hobby I make some video music montage with my gameplay, I would you like to share with community :D it is only for fun, sound like relax and smile :D link playlist: some example Mötley Crüe - Saints of Los Angeles ft. Valla The Demon Hunter - Diablo and HotS montage Despacito (Metal Cover) ft Valla (Hots Diablo3 montage) have fun :Dnoein0 Nov 9
Nov 9 #LevelWithACause charity streams during Season 12 start #LevelWithACause will be a charity event held across several Diablo 3 Twitch streams. These streamers will unite to raise money for Take This (, an organization specializing in educating the gaming community about mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Take This also runs the “AFK” rooms during large gaming conventions such as PAX and E3. During the Season 11 start of Diablo 3, #LevelWithACause raised over $7,600 for the St Jude’s charity and hopes to reach its $10,000 goal for Take This during the Season 12 event. The event will take place November 9th and 10th over several Diablo 3 streams, with some streams extending into the weekend. Look for #LevelWithACause in the Twitch stream titles. Participating Streamers: Nov 9
Nov 6 My take on the Druid Last week I was in a thinking mood and decided to workshop a version of the druid from Diablo 2 translated into a Diablo 3 class with unique resource, equipment, and skill categories. My full notes are stored in a Google doc available here: Highlights follow. Class Identity Druids play as an Intelligence-based melee class. They do receive the 30% damage reduction of Barbarians, Crusaders, and Monks, and their damage increases based on their Intelligence. For skills, druids tend towards wild attacks. Their damage types are Fire, Lightning, Poison, and Physical, and most of their attacks involve personally mauling creatures or hurling elemental energy. They tend towards all-or-nothing resource investment. When they use a skill, they rarely spend a set amount of resource (and that usually from runes). Class Equips Druids have two unique weapon types: 1H claws and 2H shillelagh, and a unique head armor: skins. They can dual wield. Druids cannot equip ranged weapons. Resource: Attunement The Druidic resource is Attunement, which starts at 0 and has a default maximum of 100. While in combat, druids do not lose attunement, but after several seconds of not dealing or taking damage, it begins to rapidly drain towards 0. Many druid spells have an Attunement requirement, rather than an Attunement cost, and the norm is that skills with Attunement costs have variable cost or continue to drain Attunement until it is depleted (granting them a variable duration). Special Class Mechanic: Shapeshifts Druids' fourth skill category is Shapeshifts, all of which are Passive/Active abilities. Some druid skills gain benefits if specific Shapeshifts are set passively or actively. When shapeshifting, a druid breaks crowd control, however they do not gain immunity to crowd control for the duration (unlike other shapeshift abilities). Skills For each category, I will give a basic description of one or two skill ideas that I had, along with a sample rune or two for each. Other skill ideas and rune ideas can be found in the google doc at the top of the page. For now, I have avoided specific damage numbers for skills, and my samples below also avoid specific ranges or modifiers (though some of my skills in the google doc have more details). Category One: Primary Skills Like other classes, druid primary skills are usable as often as attack speed allows, and additionally each of them is an Attunement generator. Maul: The druid swipes out at a nearby target, dealing physical damage in melee range and generating Attunement. If the druid has Werewolf set, this attacks a second time for reduced damage. If the druid has Werebear set, this attack deals splash damage. Fire Claws: The damage of maul is increased and becomes Fire. Pounce:The druid jumps a short distance to attack his target. Thorn Lash: The druid snaps a thorny vine in a straight line with moderate range, dealing physical damage to enemies in the line and generating Attunement per cast. If the druid has Oak Spirit set, the range of this attack is increased. If the druid has Storm Spirit set, this attack leaves an area behind which slows enemies. Brambles: Thorn Lash instead creates a wall of thorns that deals damage to enemies passing through it. Walls dissipate after a few seconds. Writhing Lash: The width of Thorn Lash is increased, and the damage changes to poison. Category 2: Secondary Skills As with other classes, the Druid's secondary skill category encompasses a variety of damaging attacks. Some secondary skills consume Attunement, while others merely require a minimum amount to activate. Firestorm (Requires 40 Attunement): The druid flings embers out in a cone, each of which deals Fire damage to the first enemy it contacts. If the druid has Werebear set, the size and damage of each ember is increased. If the druid has Storm Spirit set, embers seek out enemies as they travel. Piercing Embers: Embers can pierce to strike targets beyond the first, dealing reduced damage. Tempest Blast: The embers are replaced by motes of electricity, which have a chance to stun affected targets. Fissure (Drains 3 Attunement per tick): The druid creates a fissure that deals ongoing physical damage to enemies in its area of effect and lasts until the Druid's Attunement is depleted or the Druid moves a set distance from it. If the Druid has Oak Spirit set, vines pull nearby enemies into the fissure periodically. If the Druid has Werewolf set, their primary attacks on enemies in the area of effect gain increased critical hit chance. Aftershocks: Each Fissure after the first drains only half as much Attunement. Damage changes to lightning. Defensive Skills The last category common to more than one class, Druid defensive skills tend to be cooldown based, having no Attunement costs. Summon Spirit Wolf (holds charges): The Druid summons a spirit wolf to a target location, where it taunts nearby enemies. After absorbing a set number of attacks, the spirit vanishes. If Werebear is set, the wolf is replaced by a bear, which deals damage to enemies that strike it (increased by Thorns). If Oak Spirit is set, the Druid and their allies regain health when the spirit expires. Dire Wolf: The wolf's duration and maximum number of absorbed attacks are both increased. Twister (channeled/cooldown): The Druid channels for up to 3 seconds, then charges in a straight line, knocking back enemies he passes through. The line distance and knockback distance are increased based on the length of the channel. This spell breaks roots. Second Wind: Can hold a second charge. The channel reaches maximum power more quickly. Shapeshifts The druid's most unique category, Shapeshifts all take a similar form. They are all passive/active, granting a benefit while equipped and then causing the druid to take a new form when activated for additional benefit while their Attunement lasts. Druids cannot toggle out of a form without allowing it to consume their Attunement. In addition to the samples here, druids also have the health-boosting Oak Spirit and the damaging Storm Spirit shapeshifts (noted in the Google Doc). Werewolf: Consumes 10 Attunement per second until depleted Passive: The druid gains increased attack speed and critical chance. Active: The Druid becomes a giant werewolf, further increasing critical chance and additionally increasing critical damage. Bloodlust: While you are shapeshifted, kills restore 10 Attunement. Werebear: Consumes 10 Attunement per second until depleted Passive: The druid gains increased armor. Active: The Druid becomes a giant werebear, further increasing armor and additionally granting attacks a chance to stun foes. Den Mother: When you change forms or stun a foe while shapeshifted, you taunt nearby enemies. Primal Abilities These abilities are themed around uncommon use, either due to Attunement cost or long cooldown, and consist of both buff and damage abilities. Primal Roar: The Druid roars, increasing damage dealt for all nearby allies for 5 seconds. Generates 20 Attunement. Lupine Howl: Affected allies also gain increased movement speed and are freed from movement impairing effects. The druid enters Werewolf form for 5 seconds, ending any other active form early. Thunderclap: All allies also knock back nearby enemies when activated. The druid enters Storm Spirit form for 5 seconds, ending any other active form early. Molten Boulder: The Druid hurls a large fiery boulder in a straight line, consuming all available Attunement to increase the damage and size of the boulder. Control: This spell never consumes more than 40 Attunement. Rockslide: This spell always has its maximum size. Damage changed to physical. Cataclysm Abilities The last active ability slot consists of epicly large AoE abilities Armageddon and Hurricane and one powerful summon. These all have cooldowns for initial cast, but consume Attunement to increase their duration. Armageddon: Consumes 15 Attunement per second when activated. 100 second cooldown. Every second while this spell is active, fiery projectiles fall on 7 nearby enemies, dealing heavy damage. Catastrophe: Larger pieces of burning debris randomly fall in the area of effect, dealing increased damage. No longer affects enemies directly. Eclipse: While Armageddon lasts, the Druid's other abilities do not consume or generate Attunement. Nature's Avatar: Consumes 15 Attunement per second when activated. 120 second cooldown. The Druid summons an avatar of nature that attacks his foes, dealing Physical damage and sometimes stunning. Primal Master: While Nature's Avatar is active, the Druid's own attacks deal increased damage and he takes reduced damage. Solar Avatar: The Avatar gains a ranged AoE attack. Damage changes to Fire. Passive Skills No comment. Renewed Attunement: When the Druid depletes his Attunement (not counting out-of-combat drain), he immediately gains 30 Attunement. This effect has a 10 second cooldown which is instantly refreshed if the Druid reaches maximum Attunement. Lycanthropy: When a shapeshift effect ends because of Attunement drain, the Druid retains the form and its benefits for 3 seconds. Shaman: While wielding a shillelagh, Attunement costs and requirements are reduced. Gaian Blessing: When you collect a life orb, your next Firestorm, Fissure, or Molten Boulder has increased damage. Class Items: I haven't yet come up with any unique or set items for the Druid. If I come up with any good ideas I will note them here or on the Google doc or both.MoleMage3 Nov 6
Oct 26 Diablo 3 : Rise of the Hunter fan film Just discovered some friends of mine are working on a Diablo 3 fan film! Check them out on Facebook! Looks super awesome :D Oct 26
Oct 24 Iron rose not working My Xbox one version updated today, after the update my iron rose is not activation, it reads attacking with siphon blood has a 40-50 percent chance to cast free blood nova, it isn’t casting one at all been trying for an hour, please fix as it’s my main damage useage outputbcornejo0 Oct 24
Oct 22 The only Actor 4 Dekard Cain is... Tom Hanks! Watch the opening to the movie Cloud Atlas on mute, and tell me that is not Dekard Cain... Stay awhile, and think about it :) #DekardCain #TomHanksSinstar3 Oct 22
Oct 21 "A Wish and the Stone" a fan fiction. -I may add more to this later, working over night but I had D3 on my mind all day. Feel free to comment, I kind of like painting an intermission or a lobby after completing the Acts- A couple of gossip snippets pass over the bar as if a wind swept in along with the wizard as he made sure to close the door behind himself on the way in. Nothing extraordinary or even aimed at him. All backs were turned and hunched over their drinks. Rain trickles from the front awning and muddied boot steps dabble a path to where the guests are seated. It’s still light outside. A few peach rays glance over lint flecks that drift chaotically in the rather calm inn. The Slaughtered Calf regulars muse over their difficult work week of sweeping up limbs and filling carts with the Risen to take to the corpse burner near the eastern gates of town. Fortunately it smells like imported potpourri and searing steaks inside, but the damp tinge of the rain warps the senses in a way that reminds Kielo of the maple floor. The wizard smirks and thinks to himself about going out into the Fields of Misery with a spell or two to gather white oak for a remodel gift, but he hardly has the time to apply his knowledge of carpentry at the moment. Bron the Barkeep is washing dishes behind the counter, mumbling to himself but loudly enough where his patrons can chime in with their opinions. “How are ya’ doin’ today, he asks. And then I say, “Good like always, scrubbing away at dishes while the Evils still linger around ‘ere.””. Two gentlemen at the bar look up from their mugs, their countenances masked from the wizard, but their postures still sloping over the polished counter. “Well-” The wizard corrects silently. Kielo bows before the young woman next to the table at the entrance. She has been kind enough to allow him to read the book on top of the table, and his knowledge of Tristram families has increased substantially because of it. Kielo takes a deep breath, sighs and trudges a few steps into the inn past the doormat. A few of the regulars are missing it seems. Kielo surveys the room, peering around corners for the townsfolk that always stop by after supper. He knows of their fate before entering the inn, but after a conversation with the barkeep, he will piece the facts together as if they were ornaments on a string that slacked for a moment before being pulled taut. “Says he reconciled with Akarat!” one of the two men at the bar spouts. “Did he?” the other responds after finishing a heaved quaff, leaving dribbling beer droplets cascading down his unshaven face. He belches lightly. “Two.” the wizard amuses himself. “After he lost his dog to those reapers, he lost his mind!” the first responds. The wizard pauses uneasily. A frown. “Lad’s gone sick in the head, so those crusaders took it upon themselves to ‘reignite’ the faith after the fall of Wortham.” The patron lurches over a bit, attempting to shrug as best as he can without falling off of the stool. “He heard a few hymns, read a few passages, then he signed up and became a convert.”. “Pity, lost the best brawler in town to religion.” the second says amid an inebriated exhale, shaking his head as it once again relaxes back to the mug with a lifeless, quick slouch. A muscleless hairy nape is exposed over the working man’s collar. “We lost.” Kielo thinks out loud for once, but he says it with a whisper so that the two gents at the bar wouldn’t give their opinions. They still do not know who just walked into the inn. “Bron had done lost his best customer, too!” A calloused index points from one patron to the other. “Poor girl that was renting the room out. I heard she fell from the caravan wagons that left a while back out to the desert. Lost, in the middle of the night. She scrambled but it was too, late. She got left behind. Folks say she stepped on a rattlesnake try-hic-trying to scramble back to the horses.” A nod and a sip of confidence follow. He closes his eyes as he imbibes. “No, no, no. You’ve got it all wrong. I heard she followed that wizard and the Blacksmith to Arreat! She fell off the walls of the barbarian fortress right before it went under siege. Before they could collect her broken corpse, demons had appeared and munched her down like a-” “That’s enough outta ya’. Talk about something that a man warshin’ dishes can say, ay?” Bron shouts back after slamming a cutting board into the dish bucket. Soap suds cling to it as they slide back into the waters, much like the blood of the steaks that the innkeeper had prepared moments before. Kielo makes careful of his footsteps as he walks up to the bar. He catches the innkeeper’s attention, a straining glance from over his shoulder, and a clean hand waves him over to a seat left of the two patrons. Kielo takes a seat. He grins with a fabricated facade for a second before returning to his emotionless stare. The wizard eyes the man to his immediate right up and down, and the patron mistakes it for a nod. The wizard exhales but expresses it with a cooled, pinched lips as if he were ready to whistle. Kielo licks his lips as the two men return to their business and Bron dries his hands off with a washcloth. The barkeep unrolls his sleeves after a moment of patting his coarse forearms. “Leah gave her life for us.” Kielo monotonically reels. “She knew the importance of mind over matter, and her unfaltering spirit fought Diablo head on with more strength than any crusader or barbarian could.” The wizard folds his right arm onto the counter, tapping with an arachnid finger motion that made percussive bursts of skilled hands. His left hand caught his chin as it too drifted to the bar like anyone else that has ever seated themselves here before. “Okay, you’ll get one on the house for informing these fools.” Bron chuckles while squatting under the counter. Bron places a book with two hands before the wizard on the table, peeking under the cover to make sure the bottom face didn’t moisten from the condensation of a previous guest’s potion vial. He slides it a few inches forward towards the wizard guest and nods twice with a wink. The wizard cocks his head to the side, but his eyes are all over the book, calibrating every corner of it as if he has seen it somewhere before. He lifts it and opens to the first page. “Leah’s diary?” “Keep it.” The two patrons slowly turn to each other, then they both look to the left where a wizard is now seated up straight backed with one foot against the bar and another propped up on the leg of his stool. “Who knows, you may find someone else that needs to read it some day. Could be a fortune if the world wants to know how a girl sacrificed everything. She left me a note in there, too.” Bron blushes. “Knew I’d read it, so she told me what to do with her belongings. They’re buildin’ a school for all the orphans from the-” “Orphans?” The Wizard’s hat brim tilts back to the innkeeper, his eyes algebraically equalizing with the business owner’s. Bron coughs into his dried hands, hunkering over towards the other guests as to not insult the wizard in his presence. A humbling but unnecessary gesture. “They ask for repairs on their clothes all the time. I’m a merchant, but it costs me more to service the poor youngsters than I get back. No profit in it, and I’m not trying to run a charity. I found the girl’s book under her bed when I went to clean out her room, looking for valuables to keep this place running.” The second patron on the right burps again, covering his mouth as if he was mimicking the innkeeper or deathly afraid of a wizard. “This is unsettling.” Kielo remarks. Bron’s tongue licks against his superior row of teeth as if he had broccoli stuck in between from dinner. “How so?” Bron shrugs. “Leah took her diary with her.” “She what?” “Leah held this book with her as we traveled across Sanctuary.” the wizard reiterates, sill looking Bron in the eyes but turning pages under his peripheral vision. He looks down for a moment after stopping on a page. “Here-” the wizard scans the page with his gloves as he precariously identifies a spell between the lines of a passage. “Gods be blessed. Girl works like a witch to spare no secrets.” “That’s not all. She discovered her mother is- was- Adria” Bron is startled by the wizard’s discovery deemed observation, as if he needs a new project to keep him busy until the doors are locked through the night until dawn. “What was you doin’ hiding a book under the counter?” one of the two men asks. “You ain’t tryin ta peek back here, now, are you?” Bron fires back, lifting an eyebrow.Pqz4 Oct 21
Oct 17 New D3 Leaderboards Website Hi everyone :)! I've created a new leaderboards website for D3: As I was and still am thinking about also doing a clan website, this leaderboards website is already located at the clan domain and might become a subpart of this clan website. As all two or three existing leaderboards websites only reproduce the ingame leaderboards and the only one aiming at comparability and therefore doing some calculations on top of this reproduction is using a technique called lazy loading, which prevents the data from being comparable, I've decided to develop my own leaderboards website. Its key feature is comparability of players and also clans across all types of leaderboards per region, game mode, league type and league number which means a sum up of all solo statistics, a sum up of all group statistics and a sum up of this combined. And you're also able to have all-time leaderboards. To achieve this comparibility I'm using a pretty simple point system without any judging calculations (don't know how to better express this in English). Place 1 is 1000 points, place 2 999 points and so on. Currently you're able to use this website in English and German.Demian0 Oct 17
Oct 11 Rise of the Necromancer Let's Play If you're still on the fence on playing the new Necromancer Class I'm uploading part 11 to my let's play. Enjoy. Oct 11
Oct 1 Druid Armageddon Set Concept If blizz was to add another D2 class 2 the game and it was a druid I have an Armageddon set creation that could work. It would work with a Armageddon rune I thought of (no name) RUNE: Every time an enemy is hit by Armageddon they take % increased dmg from Armageddon for _sec, stacks up to 10 times. SET: (2pc) When an enemy is hit by 2 or more Armageddon impacts at the same time they take 100% increased dmg and are stunned for 1.5sec, If the target is immune to stuns they instead take 200% increased dmg. (4pc) After casting Armageddon you take % reduced dmg for _sec. (6pc) Armageddon gains the effect of the rune (un-named rune I mention above) and the effects of the rune are increased to % and now stacks to 20 times.Link1 Oct 1
Sep 29 Revive and Bone Spirit? Please? I feel like these two abilites, as well as a few others(Such as Leech, Death Nova, and Army of the Dead) Don't get a ton of Love. Revive just sorta... Sucks, and Bone Spirit has, as far as I'm concerned, no good sets, passives, or legendaries to help it out. Therefore, for these two in specific, I've sort of built a Set. I don't know how well I did for stat alteration, or whether or not certain areas work, I just threw together something that seemed fun to play with. Add suggestions if you'd like, but so far from what I have is this: The Undertaker's Rites Mori's Diggers(Hands) Mori's Last Stand(Legs) Mori's Face(Head) Mori's Home(Torso) Mori's Treads(Feet) Mori's Guard(Shoulders) (2) Revived minions don't expire. Bone Spirit will additionally consume a Revived Minion and deal 2500% increased damage. (4) Revived minions and Bone Spirit will now apply Decrepify to enemies. Bone Spirit now has 5 charges and does not consume charges during Land of the Dead. (6) Blood Rush, Bone Spikes, Grim Scythe, Siphon Blood, Bone Spear, Skeletal Mage, and Death Nova reduce the cooldown of Bone Spirit and Land of the Dead by 1 second. You can have up to 50 Revived minions. Help me refine this please! Hope you like what I've at least started.Kaladin3 Sep 29
Sep 28 Clan- / Fansite Domain Name Question Hi, I'm planning to launch a clan- / fansite and I know that it is legally forbidden to use one of the Blizzard franchise names within the domain name like clanname-diablo-clan.tld or communityname-starcraft-community.tld. Does anybody have a clue whether it is legally ok to use abbreviations within the domain name like clanname-d3-clan.tld or communityname-sc2-community.tld?Demian0 Sep 28
Sep 20 GR end-game changes ideas I have an idea for adding some new things in GR challenge to add more end-game into the game. the idea is when you slain a RNG without dying during the GR( start at GR 20 to 100 or more) you can unlock a new unique passive three called: Divine powers. example: for stage 1: GR 20-30-> you can choose these: +4% dmg, +2% dmg reduc, +1% regen health and ressource for stage 2: GR 40-50-> choose: +1% dmg reduc, + 20 added dmg to your weapon, +10% crit chance for stage 3: Gr 60-70> choose: +10% dmg to pet, 5% more magic find, 6% attak speed etc.... the idea is to make a grinding systeme to unlock more to up GR more and more but with the challenge to not dying and makes GR more a challenge and more rewards at the end of the GR run. Make it like this... More you go far, more powerfull you will become.mathorT16k2 Sep 20
Sep 7 Patch 2.6.1 patch 2 wishlist [Video/pdf]@Don Vu ... ... Hello, I am XelNagaIvan. I have done a lot of itemization and gameplay suggestion in the past. Recently, I am learning to record video. So I am doing this wishlist video project. English is not my first language, so be kind to me. I want to improve my English by doing so. Criticism is welcome as long as it is constructive. Video Link: All classes: Barbarian: Crusader: Demon Hunter: Monk: Necromancer: Witch doctor: Wizard: I have also included the link to a pdf version of the items change suggestions. This is also the most updated version. I have fixed some typo and added a few items. Pdf link: 14/8 Updated Necromancer, barbarian and Demonhunter 15/8 Updated Witch doctor, wizard and demon hunterXelNagaIvan73 Sep 7
Sep 5 Made a Video Hey Guys, I just started a channel on youtube, and I'm planing on doing videos for Diablo 3/OW. I figured I'd take a step towards making new friends and such while I'm at it. My friend bugged me until I broke down and bought the game, so I don't have much experience on it yet, but if you guys wouldn't mind taking a look at my video and telling me what you think, I'd appreciate it. So here's the link and I hope you all enjoy: Sep 5
Sep 2 Friends wanted Friends wantedzombysaftrme2 Sep 2
Sep 19 Gr 90s anyone Running Zbarb looking for a group or something, cant progress solo because I need to start augmenting. and finding a game in public isn't working out.SoSoDEVIL6 Sep 19
Aug 25 Blood Clan - A Diablo-Themed Metal Band I am proud to present an epic metal tribute to the first in the Diablo series. This track was the fifth-place winner of Blizzard's annual talent contest for Blizzcon in 2015. After two years of tedious editing, a single is finally in a state to be released. Please follow us and keep your eye out for future releases! Listen to the song loud while slaying countless demons and collecting tons of loot! Listen here: https://bloodclan.bandcamp.comKevor0 Aug 25
Aug 23 Diablo Universe Tabletop RPG in the works. Hey all, I decided one day that I want to put in the elbow grease and convert the diablo universe into a D20 system very similar to the Dungeons and Dragons system. In fact I am borrowing a lot of information/sources from the aforementioned to make this dream of mine come true. It is definitely a lot of work, but I feel it is worth doing. Quick points: 1. Why? I feel the Diablo universe is very rich in lore and to be honest I love it all. I love tabletop RPGs and I feel there is substance in the lore enough to merit all the hard work I am embarking on. 2. How? I have studied a lot of the source material involving the Diablo lore by reading books, short stories, in-game literature, novels, watching videos (such as the blizz con lore panel), and many more. I have also played many different tabletop RPG games, thus I believe I have what it takes to put something together. 3.When? Not sure really, I don't have enough free time to fully commit myself to this project. But, I do have enough time to put something together that will merit the title of tabletop RPG. 4.Who? I am a fan just like you guys, and I am no better than anyone else out there when it comes to these matters. Whether this takes off or not doesn't really matter to me. My goal is to accomplish this project and if my friends and I are the only ones playing the game, then so be it. I want to share this project with the community and I would like as many people involved as possible. I believe that the Diablo world is now all of ours. We have spent countless hours enveloped in the games from the beginning, and we have fond memories connected to the game as well. This project is completely non-profit and I am not looking for any kind of recognition. I just wanted to put it out there, and if anyone is interested they can be a part of it. In the next post is a sample of one of the classes I have worked on (first draft mind you). I hope this gives you an idea of what the game will be about. RUNDOWN Classes: MONK WITCH DOCTOR BARBARIAN DEMON HUNTER CRUSADER PALADIN (Knight of Westmarch) NECROMANCER DRUID ASSASSIN AMAZON ROGUE IRON WOLF MERCENARY (possibly) MAIN STATS Strength -block, lift, intimidate, parry Dexterity -dodge, parry, acrobatics, reflex Intelligence -perception, knowledge, wisdom, crafting Vitality -health, resistance, endurance, Charisma -barter, persuasion, magnetism SECONDARY STATS Corruption (evil is everywhere, and temptation knocks at your door) -effected from deeds -effects alignment -effects character development -effects reputation -effected by classes Reputation (people notice you calling down hammers from the sky) -effected from deeds -effected from gossip -can effect charisma -effects interactions Classes will have feats, much like D&D (very similar). And every day, you must equip your powers. At lvl 1. You can equip one of each AT WILL POWER (resource generators, minor attacks) ENCOUNTER POWER (resource spenders that do damage) OR UTILITY POWERS (resource spenders that do not do damage ie: the monk's blind) DAILY POWERS (passives) Let me know what you guys think and if you are interested in being involved. I plan to stream our first game on twitch or as a podcast in the future. Thank you all for your time.JonJon7 Aug 23
Aug 15 [TOOL] PLAY Diablo3 WITH A GAMEPAD (V1.2.7) Hi all For those few of you who are interested in playing the game with a gamepad, I created a tool for that. Link is at the top of the following post: Version History 1.2.7 - Multiple bug fixes, New Profile for Diablo 3. 1.2.5 - Improved Virtual Aim Timing and various bug fixes. 1.2.4 – Fixed a crash that happened under certain conditions 1.2.3 – Added complete button definition to analog configuration, updated Heroes of the Storm profile to fix self cast. 1.2.2 – Improvements on Virtual Aim, improved profile for Heroes of the Storm 1.2.1 – Fixed a crashing bug when a gamepad wasn’t connected. Basically: - Left Analog: Character movement, describes a small circle around the character so it feels as if the game has analog movement support. - Right Analog: Moves the pointer in an elliptical area for aiming. - All other buttons be mapped to skills, talents, etc I made the app with the intention of playing Diablo 3, Path of exile and those type of games, ended up using it to play Heroes of the Storm as well. I enjoy playing the game with it so I figured I should post it here, for any feedback and check if its ok with blizzard to use it, heh, the tool is not trying to give any advantage, simply map both analog sticks into movement and aiming. Just a note, I use a PS4 gamepad, as I do need to use the trackpad for inventory management and go through menus, etc. Any feedback is appreciated Thanks!weberto21 Aug 15