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1d New D3 Leaderboards Website Hi everyone :)! I've created a new leaderboards website for D3: As I was and still am thinking about also doing a clan website, this leaderboards website is already located at the clan domain and might become a subpart of this clan website. As all two or three existing leaderboards websites only reproduce the ingame leaderboards and the only one aiming at comparability and therefore doing some calculations on top of this reproduction is using a technique called lazy loading, which prevents the data from being comparable, I've decided to develop my own leaderboards website. Its key feature is comparability of players and also clans across all types of leaderboards per region, game mode, league type and league number which means a sum up of all solo statistics, a sum up of all group statistics and a sum up of this combined. And you're also able to have all-time leaderboards. To achieve this comparibility I'm using a pretty simple point system without any judging calculations (don't know how to better express this in English). Place 1 is 1000 points, place 2 999 points and so on. Currently you're able to use this website in English and German.Demian0 1d
Oct 11 Rise of the Necromancer Let's Play If you're still on the fence on playing the new Necromancer Class I'm uploading part 11 to my let's play. Enjoy. Oct 11
Oct 5 My take on the Druid Last week I was in a thinking mood and decided to workshop a version of the druid from Diablo 2 translated into a Diablo 3 class with unique resource, equipment, and skill categories. My full notes are stored in a Google doc available here: Highlights follow. Class Identity Druids play as an Intelligence-based melee class. They do receive the 30% damage reduction of Barbarians, Crusaders, and Monks, and their damage increases based on their Intelligence. For skills, druids tend towards wild attacks. Their damage types are Fire, Lightning, Poison, and Physical, and most of their attacks involve personally mauling creatures or hurling elemental energy. They tend towards all-or-nothing resource investment. When they use a skill, they rarely spend a set amount of resource (and that usually from runes). Class Equips Druids have two unique weapon types: 1H claws and 2H shillelagh, and a unique head armor: skins. They can dual wield. Druids cannot equip ranged weapons. Resource: Attunement The Druidic resource is Attunement, which starts at 0 and has a default maximum of 100. While in combat, druids do not lose attunement, but after several seconds of not dealing or taking damage, it begins to rapidly drain towards 0. Many druid spells have an Attunement requirement, rather than an Attunement cost, and the norm is that skills with Attunement costs have variable cost or continue to drain Attunement until it is depleted (granting them a variable duration). Special Class Mechanic: Shapeshifts Druids' fourth skill category is Shapeshifts, all of which are Passive/Active abilities. Some druid skills gain benefits if specific Shapeshifts are set passively or actively. When shapeshifting, a druid breaks crowd control, however they do not gain immunity to crowd control for the duration (unlike other shapeshift abilities). Skills For each category, I will give a basic description of one or two skill ideas that I had, along with a sample rune or two for each. Other skill ideas and rune ideas can be found in the google doc at the top of the page. For now, I have avoided specific damage numbers for skills, and my samples below also avoid specific ranges or modifiers (though some of my skills in the google doc have more details). Category One: Primary Skills Like other classes, druid primary skills are usable as often as attack speed allows, and additionally each of them is an Attunement generator. Maul: The druid swipes out at a nearby target, dealing physical damage in melee range and generating Attunement. If the druid has Werewolf set, this attacks a second time for reduced damage. If the druid has Werebear set, this attack deals splash damage. Fire Claws: The damage of maul is increased and becomes Fire. Pounce:The druid jumps a short distance to attack his target. Thorn Lash: The druid snaps a thorny vine in a straight line with moderate range, dealing physical damage to enemies in the line and generating Attunement per cast. If the druid has Oak Spirit set, the range of this attack is increased. If the druid has Storm Spirit set, this attack leaves an area behind which slows enemies. Brambles: Thorn Lash instead creates a wall of thorns that deals damage to enemies passing through it. Walls dissipate after a few seconds. Writhing Lash: The width of Thorn Lash is increased, and the damage changes to poison. Category 2: Secondary Skills As with other classes, the Druid's secondary skill category encompasses a variety of damaging attacks. Some secondary skills consume Attunement, while others merely require a minimum amount to activate. Firestorm (Requires 40 Attunement): The druid flings embers out in a cone, each of which deals Fire damage to the first enemy it contacts. If the druid has Werebear set, the size and damage of each ember is increased. If the druid has Storm Spirit set, embers seek out enemies as they travel. Piercing Embers: Embers can pierce to strike targets beyond the first, dealing reduced damage. Tempest Blast: The embers are replaced by motes of electricity, which have a chance to stun affected targets. Fissure (Drains 3 Attunement per tick): The druid creates a fissure that deals ongoing physical damage to enemies in its area of effect and lasts until the Druid's Attunement is depleted or the Druid moves a set distance from it. If the Druid has Oak Spirit set, vines pull nearby enemies into the fissure periodically. If the Druid has Werewolf set, their primary attacks on enemies in the area of effect gain increased critical hit chance. Aftershocks: Each Fissure after the first drains only half as much Attunement. Damage changes to lightning. Defensive Skills The last category common to more than one class, Druid defensive skills tend to be cooldown based, having no Attunement costs. Summon Spirit Wolf (holds charges): The Druid summons a spirit wolf to a target location, where it taunts nearby enemies. After absorbing a set number of attacks, the spirit vanishes. If Werebear is set, the wolf is replaced by a bear, which deals damage to enemies that strike it (increased by Thorns). If Oak Spirit is set, the Druid and their allies regain health when the spirit expires. Dire Wolf: The wolf's duration and maximum number of absorbed attacks are both increased. Twister (channeled/cooldown): The Druid channels for up to 3 seconds, then charges in a straight line, knocking back enemies he passes through. The line distance and knockback distance are increased based on the length of the channel. This spell breaks roots. Second Wind: Can hold a second charge. The channel reaches maximum power more quickly. Shapeshifts The druid's most unique category, Shapeshifts all take a similar form. They are all passive/active, granting a benefit while equipped and then causing the druid to take a new form when activated for additional benefit while their Attunement lasts. Druids cannot toggle out of a form without allowing it to consume their Attunement. In addition to the samples here, druids also have the health-boosting Oak Spirit and the damaging Storm Spirit shapeshifts (noted in the Google Doc). Werewolf: Consumes 10 Attunement per second until depleted Passive: The druid gains increased attack speed and critical chance. Active: The Druid becomes a giant werewolf, further increasing critical chance and additionally increasing critical damage. Bloodlust: While you are shapeshifted, kills restore 10 Attunement. Werebear: Consumes 10 Attunement per second until depleted Passive: The druid gains increased armor. Active: The Druid becomes a giant werebear, further increasing armor and additionally granting attacks a chance to stun foes. Den Mother: When you change forms or stun a foe while shapeshifted, you taunt nearby enemies. Primal Abilities These abilities are themed around uncommon use, either due to Attunement cost or long cooldown, and consist of both buff and damage abilities. Primal Roar: The Druid roars, increasing damage dealt for all nearby allies for 5 seconds. Generates 20 Attunement. Lupine Howl: Affected allies also gain increased movement speed and are freed from movement impairing effects. The druid enters Werewolf form for 5 seconds, ending any other active form early. Thunderclap: All allies also knock back nearby enemies when activated. The druid enters Storm Spirit form for 5 seconds, ending any other active form early. Molten Boulder: The Druid hurls a large fiery boulder in a straight line, consuming all available Attunement to increase the damage and size of the boulder. Control: This spell never consumes more than 40 Attunement. Rockslide: This spell always has its maximum size. Damage changed to physical. Cataclysm Abilities The last active ability slot consists of epicly large AoE abilities Armageddon and Hurricane and one powerful summon. These all have cooldowns for initial cast, but consume Attunement to increase their duration. Armageddon: Consumes 15 Attunement per second when activated. 100 second cooldown. Every second while this spell is active, fiery projectiles fall on 7 nearby enemies, dealing heavy damage. Catastrophe: Larger pieces of burning debris randomly fall in the area of effect, dealing increased damage. No longer affects enemies directly. Eclipse: While Armageddon lasts, the Druid's other abilities do not consume or generate Attunement. Nature's Avatar: Consumes 15 Attunement per second when activated. 120 second cooldown. The Druid summons an avatar of nature that attacks his foes, dealing Physical damage and sometimes stunning. Primal Master: While Nature's Avatar is active, the Druid's own attacks deal increased damage and he takes reduced damage. Solar Avatar: The Avatar gains a ranged AoE attack. Damage changes to Fire. Passive Skills No comment. Renewed Attunement: When the Druid depletes his Attunement (not counting out-of-combat drain), he immediately gains 30 Attunement. This effect has a 10 second cooldown which is instantly refreshed if the Druid reaches maximum Attunement. Lycanthropy: When a shapeshift effect ends because of Attunement drain, the Druid retains the form and its benefits for 3 seconds. Shaman: While wielding a shillelagh, Attunement costs and requirements are reduced. Gaian Blessing: When you collect a life orb, your next Firestorm, Fissure, or Molten Boulder has increased damage. Class Items: I haven't yet come up with any unique or set items for the Druid. If I come up with any good ideas I will note them here or on the Google doc or both.MoleMage2 Oct 5
Oct 1 Druid Armageddon Set Concept If blizz was to add another D2 class 2 the game and it was a druid I have an Armageddon set creation that could work. It would work with a Armageddon rune I thought of (no name) RUNE: Every time an enemy is hit by Armageddon they take % increased dmg from Armageddon for _sec, stacks up to 10 times. SET: (2pc) When an enemy is hit by 2 or more Armageddon impacts at the same time they take 100% increased dmg and are stunned for 1.5sec, If the target is immune to stuns they instead take 200% increased dmg. (4pc) After casting Armageddon you take % reduced dmg for _sec. (6pc) Armageddon gains the effect of the rune (un-named rune I mention above) and the effects of the rune are increased to % and now stacks to 20 times.Link1 Oct 1
Sep 29 Revive and Bone Spirit? Please? I feel like these two abilites, as well as a few others(Such as Leech, Death Nova, and Army of the Dead) Don't get a ton of Love. Revive just sorta... Sucks, and Bone Spirit has, as far as I'm concerned, no good sets, passives, or legendaries to help it out. Therefore, for these two in specific, I've sort of built a Set. I don't know how well I did for stat alteration, or whether or not certain areas work, I just threw together something that seemed fun to play with. Add suggestions if you'd like, but so far from what I have is this: The Undertaker's Rites Mori's Diggers(Hands) Mori's Last Stand(Legs) Mori's Face(Head) Mori's Home(Torso) Mori's Treads(Feet) Mori's Guard(Shoulders) (2) Revived minions don't expire. Bone Spirit will additionally consume a Revived Minion and deal 2500% increased damage. (4) Revived minions and Bone Spirit will now apply Decrepify to enemies. Bone Spirit now has 5 charges and does not consume charges during Land of the Dead. (6) Blood Rush, Bone Spikes, Grim Scythe, Siphon Blood, Bone Spear, Skeletal Mage, and Death Nova reduce the cooldown of Bone Spirit and Land of the Dead by 1 second. You can have up to 50 Revived minions. Help me refine this please! Hope you like what I've at least started.Kaladin3 Sep 29
Sep 28 Clan- / Fansite Domain Name Question Hi, I'm planning to launch a clan- / fansite and I know that it is legally forbidden to use one of the Blizzard franchise names within the domain name like clanname-diablo-clan.tld or communityname-starcraft-community.tld. Does anybody have a clue whether it is legally ok to use abbreviations within the domain name like clanname-d3-clan.tld or communityname-sc2-community.tld?Demian0 Sep 28
Sep 20 GR end-game changes ideas I have an idea for adding some new things in GR challenge to add more end-game into the game. the idea is when you slain a RNG without dying during the GR( start at GR 20 to 100 or more) you can unlock a new unique passive three called: Divine powers. example: for stage 1: GR 20-30-> you can choose these: +4% dmg, +2% dmg reduc, +1% regen health and ressource for stage 2: GR 40-50-> choose: +1% dmg reduc, + 20 added dmg to your weapon, +10% crit chance for stage 3: Gr 60-70> choose: +10% dmg to pet, 5% more magic find, 6% attak speed etc.... the idea is to make a grinding systeme to unlock more to up GR more and more but with the challenge to not dying and makes GR more a challenge and more rewards at the end of the GR run. Make it like this... More you go far, more powerfull you will become.mathorT16k2 Sep 20
Sep 7 Patch 2.6.1 patch 2 wishlist [Video/pdf]@Don Vu ... ... Hello, I am XelNagaIvan. I have done a lot of itemization and gameplay suggestion in the past. Recently, I am learning to record video. So I am doing this wishlist video project. English is not my first language, so be kind to me. I want to improve my English by doing so. Criticism is welcome as long as it is constructive. Video Link: All classes: Barbarian: Crusader: Demon Hunter: Monk: Necromancer: Witch doctor: Wizard: I have also included the link to a pdf version of the items change suggestions. This is also the most updated version. I have fixed some typo and added a few items. Pdf link: 14/8 Updated Necromancer, barbarian and Demonhunter 15/8 Updated Witch doctor, wizard and demon hunterXelNagaIvan73 Sep 7
Sep 6 [New Class] Druid Lycanthrope After the Centurion (heir of the Amazon) and the Blood Seeker (heir of the necromancer and his demonic creature), I attack this ancient class of diablo II lord of destruction that is the Druid. For those who have read the comics or who remember the tirades in the discussions with the PnJ, the Diablo II Druid is a cursed character! That he was a hero, head of family or clan, the one who becomes Lycanthrope is a banned. In short, it is a matter, like the Chimera for the Blood Seeker, of a human race of banished. The Lycanthropus has no place in human society. He has no redemption or salvation ... Nothing prevents him from saving the world that denies him. As for the others, here is my version of the story for Diablo III for this class .... ____________________________________________ At the destruction of the world stone, the name of Scosglen's Tarodis resounds in gossip. "A druid ... a lycanthrope who saves the world?" "It is true, the great enchantress has witnessed it, and no one can doubt his word." The rumor circulated ... It took only one season for Caoi Dúlra to change its appearance. The forests are flourishing. Many tribes formerly nomadic settled on the edge. The Druid cult proliferates and attracts new adherents. But not all of them see the same futuristic visions that emerge on the horizon. In the peaks of Glór-an-Fháidha, a group of ten men find themselves to decide the future of the clan. The oldest, with the long gray beard, speaks. "Dear brothers, there is no doubt that what Tarodis has accomplished is a miracle, and by becoming a hero he has proved that defilement can be controlled." He unveiled to the assembly a relic of the past. A human skull deformed by lycanthropy ... Whose fangs whitened by time always shines its deadly poison! "This is the artefact. I made it out of his grave because we owe him an apology." A middle-aged man, with a well-built body, rises by protest. "I can not accept it, the Prime has no right to such an excuse, he has committed acts which nature can not tolerate!" The elder replies without hesitation. "What did we know about that time?" We had rejected the unknown, the dark part was afraid of its incomprehension, but nature had never rejected it, and it existed to be the shadow of light. Protected in the darkest ages. Tell me, Baro, do you think living with nature does not require sacrifices? " The so-called Baro thought about an answer. But this one is slow to come. Then another person spoke. "Nature is the chain of immemorial cycles. Life stops for some to provide for others." Everyone seems turn after turn engaging in conversation. "When the sun goes down, night takes its place. At each of its facets, a society is granted the domain for its own hunt." "The weak are always devoured by the strong, and it is only by cunning and talent that they succeed in compensating for the difference." "The power of cataclysm is Druidic in nature, and so is Lycanthropy, and if we reject it again, we will attract the wrath of mother earth." "The reed curves the spine against the winds, it is to better adapt to the destructive force of nature." "However, nothing prevents the oak from being stronger than the most terrible of storms! If its determination is robust enough, it can preserve itself through the centuries." "Those who are born as predators always have the advantage over their prey, but if they disappear, they can no longer feed themselves. . " "Equilibrium does not mean to be in perfect equality, the existence of dominant means that there are dominated, but nature is powerful, it is nothing in the face of Time ..." The elder then begins to cough very strongly. The old man does not seem to have it for very long. He still takes the floor. "Baro ... I know that your ancestors have suffered the most from the scourges of Lycanthropy, but look at yourself, you are the strongest and strongest of us, your constitution is not the result of chance. If Lycanthropy had not existed, your clan would undoubtedly be the most populous, but yours would be less powerful. The sufficiency of numbers has often been an obstacle to the development of power. " Baro looks at his hand. In his rocky palm his eyes are lost. Visions of the past reappear. Pain, pain and suffering ... Deep scars are the proofs of his bravery, endurance and strength. The words of his comrades resound in his head like a mark of wisdom. They're right ... Twisting too. Nature and its powers are incredible. But it will never be submissive and domptable. "Well, it's time now, let's go outside, our guest has been waiting for us for a long time." "A guest ?" "Follow us, Baro ... we do not have to hide it any longer." They leave the peaks of Glór-an-Fháidha. Then embarked through the forest. The walk is long, very long. Baro understands less and less what is happening. The ancients advance without rest to the edge. They arrive in front of an ancient site, composed of stone monolith: the ancient astronomer. In the center, sitting in the middle of this giant circle, Tarodis waits. "The banned, here !? brothers, how could you?" "Calm down, Baro ... look better." Baro watches more closely. At first, he no longer understands anything. Then he approaches. Slowly ... Doubt ... Confusion ... Then sadness. He then falls on his knees before Tarodis, with a thin face... By death. "Tarodis ... So you were defeated ..." A year earlier, Tarodis joined this place. He asked the former not to warn Baro of his return. Not so long as he is able to put away his anger. Today is an ideal day. Baro is appointed to become the new archiduide. The former being himself at the door of death, he made the choice of his successor ... "I would have liked him to survive his wounds, and together, you could have accomplished great things, but the druid shadow part died with him." The cough takes him back. The other brothers surround him to help him not to overwork. Baro looks into the peaceful face of Tarodis. The wound inflicted on him by Bhaal is insane. Through druidic compassion, Baro is able to feel the pain briefly. It is unbearable. A man could never have endured it for an hour. But Tarodis has come here on foot since my Arreat. "I have always wanted to ... Forgive me Tarodis ... I was weak, you protected me younger, it was because of me that you were marked by Lycanthropy. To help you, I was afraid of this appearance. How could I, your brother of blood, have doubted your kindness and purity? I'm just an idiot! Forgive me ... My brother. " He puts his rough hand on the face of Tarodis. This one is slowly fading. His brother's warm contact put an end to the wait. He can finally rest in peace and scatter through the wind. The elder approaches Baro again and lays his weak hand on his sturdy shoulder. "He has forgiven you, and he is proud to see that the Druidic worship is now in good hands." Tomorrow, you will be the new archiduide. " As Baro contemplates the wind that carries away the remains of his brother, his eyes pierce a vision in the starry night. "Ancient, you're right, Lycanthropy is a gift of nature, and it will not disappear with my brother." *** A few years later, Baro welcomed the young recruits. "It is time for you to choose your destiny, and never forget that nature gives place to everybody, good or evil does not make sense in us, only your actions will tell you who you are . Nature does not grant power to anyone! And even if you fulfill her orders, you will never be able to dominate her. And very young grows. Why do you look at this totem? Are you afraid of it? This is the first Lycanthropist, Avran Loup-noir. Beware, his fangs always bite! " The night after the initiation, the young shoots too curious done again to the skull. And commits the irreversible. He became a lycanthropist. Wild pain travels through his body. Before being able to scream, the archduperide Baro puts his warm hand on his back. No more pain. His brutally changed body becomes stable. The young metamorphosed recruit turns to his master. "You have chosen your own destiny, and now I have to teach you to master your power." Know one thing: you will never be alone through the trials you are going to perform now. "Balduran8 Sep 6
Sep 5 The only Actor 4 Dekard Cain is... Tom Hanks! Watch the opening to the movie Cloud Atlas on mute, and tell me that is not Dekard Cain... Stay awhile, and think about it :) #DekardCain #TomHanksSinstar2 Sep 5
Sep 5 Made a Video Hey Guys, I just started a channel on youtube, and I'm planing on doing videos for Diablo 3/OW. I figured I'd take a step towards making new friends and such while I'm at it. My friend bugged me until I broke down and bought the game, so I don't have much experience on it yet, but if you guys wouldn't mind taking a look at my video and telling me what you think, I'd appreciate it. So here's the link and I hope you all enjoy: Sep 5
Sep 2 Friends wanted Friends wantedzombysaftrme2 Sep 2
Sep 19 Gr 90s anyone Running Zbarb looking for a group or something, cant progress solo because I need to start augmenting. and finding a game in public isn't working out.SoSoDEVIL6 Sep 19
Aug 25 Blood Clan - A Diablo-Themed Metal Band I am proud to present an epic metal tribute to the first in the Diablo series. This track was the fifth-place winner of Blizzard's annual talent contest for Blizzcon in 2015. After two years of tedious editing, a single is finally in a state to be released. Please follow us and keep your eye out for future releases! Listen to the song loud while slaying countless demons and collecting tons of loot! Listen here: https://bloodclan.bandcamp.comKevor0 Aug 25
Aug 23 Diablo Universe Tabletop RPG in the works. Hey all, I decided one day that I want to put in the elbow grease and convert the diablo universe into a D20 system very similar to the Dungeons and Dragons system. In fact I am borrowing a lot of information/sources from the aforementioned to make this dream of mine come true. It is definitely a lot of work, but I feel it is worth doing. Quick points: 1. Why? I feel the Diablo universe is very rich in lore and to be honest I love it all. I love tabletop RPGs and I feel there is substance in the lore enough to merit all the hard work I am embarking on. 2. How? I have studied a lot of the source material involving the Diablo lore by reading books, short stories, in-game literature, novels, watching videos (such as the blizz con lore panel), and many more. I have also played many different tabletop RPG games, thus I believe I have what it takes to put something together. 3.When? Not sure really, I don't have enough free time to fully commit myself to this project. But, I do have enough time to put something together that will merit the title of tabletop RPG. 4.Who? I am a fan just like you guys, and I am no better than anyone else out there when it comes to these matters. Whether this takes off or not doesn't really matter to me. My goal is to accomplish this project and if my friends and I are the only ones playing the game, then so be it. I want to share this project with the community and I would like as many people involved as possible. I believe that the Diablo world is now all of ours. We have spent countless hours enveloped in the games from the beginning, and we have fond memories connected to the game as well. This project is completely non-profit and I am not looking for any kind of recognition. I just wanted to put it out there, and if anyone is interested they can be a part of it. In the next post is a sample of one of the classes I have worked on (first draft mind you). I hope this gives you an idea of what the game will be about. RUNDOWN Classes: MONK WITCH DOCTOR BARBARIAN DEMON HUNTER CRUSADER PALADIN (Knight of Westmarch) NECROMANCER DRUID ASSASSIN AMAZON ROGUE IRON WOLF MERCENARY (possibly) MAIN STATS Strength -block, lift, intimidate, parry Dexterity -dodge, parry, acrobatics, reflex Intelligence -perception, knowledge, wisdom, crafting Vitality -health, resistance, endurance, Charisma -barter, persuasion, magnetism SECONDARY STATS Corruption (evil is everywhere, and temptation knocks at your door) -effected from deeds -effects alignment -effects character development -effects reputation -effected by classes Reputation (people notice you calling down hammers from the sky) -effected from deeds -effected from gossip -can effect charisma -effects interactions Classes will have feats, much like D&D (very similar). And every day, you must equip your powers. At lvl 1. You can equip one of each AT WILL POWER (resource generators, minor attacks) ENCOUNTER POWER (resource spenders that do damage) OR UTILITY POWERS (resource spenders that do not do damage ie: the monk's blind) DAILY POWERS (passives) Let me know what you guys think and if you are interested in being involved. I plan to stream our first game on twitch or as a podcast in the future. Thank you all for your time.JonJon7 Aug 23
Aug 15 [TOOL] PLAY Diablo3 WITH A GAMEPAD (V1.2.7) Hi all For those few of you who are interested in playing the game with a gamepad, I created a tool for that. Link is at the top of the following post: Version History 1.2.7 - Multiple bug fixes, New Profile for Diablo 3. 1.2.5 - Improved Virtual Aim Timing and various bug fixes. 1.2.4 – Fixed a crash that happened under certain conditions 1.2.3 – Added complete button definition to analog configuration, updated Heroes of the Storm profile to fix self cast. 1.2.2 – Improvements on Virtual Aim, improved profile for Heroes of the Storm 1.2.1 – Fixed a crashing bug when a gamepad wasn’t connected. Basically: - Left Analog: Character movement, describes a small circle around the character so it feels as if the game has analog movement support. - Right Analog: Moves the pointer in an elliptical area for aiming. - All other buttons be mapped to skills, talents, etc I made the app with the intention of playing Diablo 3, Path of exile and those type of games, ended up using it to play Heroes of the Storm as well. I enjoy playing the game with it so I figured I should post it here, for any feedback and check if its ok with blizzard to use it, heh, the tool is not trying to give any advantage, simply map both analog sticks into movement and aiming. Just a note, I use a PS4 gamepad, as I do need to use the trackpad for inventory management and go through menus, etc. Any feedback is appreciated Thanks!weberto21 Aug 15
Aug 14 new change for pestillence set( ideas) hello players, i think i can talk about the !@#$ty pestillence set, the most useless necromancer build XD. lets start! bonus (2): bone spear now gain all his rune and double his dmg bonus(4): using bone spear give 50% dmg reduction and add 5 more % for each cast( max 5) bonus(6): bone spear now split by 3 when he hit ennemies and deal 3000% dmg i think with that, this build can be fun :)mathorT16k5 Aug 14
Aug 11 Challenge Rift Tutorials [every week - NA] Each week I focus on one primary goal - to master the weekly challenge rifts, then produce the best tutorial videos possible. This week we have the Crusader, Decked out with the Full Six piece item bonus for: Seeker of the Light This build focuses on – Three abilities: Blessed Hammer / Falling Sword/ Provoke Blessed Hammer is using the Limitless Rune – which grants a 50% chance to spawn new hammers at the target location This is a resource spender, costing 10 wrath per attack To generate more wrath, we use Provoke Provoke is a taunt that generates 30 wrath plus 5 for every enemy taunted The rune “Too scared to run” reduces the taunted enemy’s attack and movement speed – triggering the damage bonus for bane of the trapped Most of our Skills are on Cooldown Between 20, 30, and 90 seconds It’s a good thing that this build has a total cooldown reduction of 36.72% For additional cooldown reduction we have the Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac This Ring grants us a 1 second Cooldown Reduction - Whenever the enemy is hit by a resource Spending attack In this build, Blessed Hammer and Falling Sword are resource spending attacks Cooldown Reduction is key in this build as the 2-piece set bonus for Seeker of the Light- Grants us a 1 second cooldown reduction for Falling Sword and Provoke, Every time a blessed hammer hits an enemy With lots of attention on Blessed Hammer and Falling sword, this build grants 1250% extra damage for blessed hammer And 500% extra damage for Falling Sword For some balance, The four piece bonus grants us a 50% defensive boost for 8 seconds after using Falling sword Falling Sword is using the Rapid Descent Rune This grants us cooldown reduction of one second for every enemy hit by falling sword Allowing for the continued use of this ability With all this cooldown reduction, Falling Sword can safely be used as a teleport Blessed Hammer grants the continued use of falling sword – Through the 2 piece item bonus for Seeker of the Light Every hammer that hits an enemy reduces the cooldown of provoke and falling sword by 1 second Blessed Hammer is buffed by several items Johanna’s Argument – the main hand gives us an attack speed and damage boost of 100 % Guard of johanna, our off-hand shield , makes it so that our first 3 enemies hit receive 234% extra damage And with Gabriel’s Vambraces, the Bracers; if we attack 3 or less enemies with blessed hammer, 83 percent of wrath usage will be returned Our second set in this build is “Endless Walk’. This two-piece set comprised of an amulet and a ring grants a defensive boost while moving And an offensive boost while standing still. Our final item is – Sacred Harness, This belt grants a free cast of Judgment with the Debilitation rune at the Falling Sword landing location. Judgment immobilizes enemies Our three legendary gems are Bane of the Stricken, Bane of the Trapped, and Gogok of Swiftness Bane of the Stricken enhances our damage against elites and against the same target. So, for tougher enemies, the longer you hit them – the more damage you do Bane of the Trapped grants us nearly 31% damage against all crowd controlled enemies, beyond level 25, this gem creates an aura, Which will slow enemies, granting us a constant damage boost to nearby enemies. And finally, we have gogok of swiftness Which gives us up to 15 percent attack speed, dodge, and cooldown reduction Now for the Powers, we have Faithful memory, hammer jammers, and convention of the elements Faithful Memory grants a 6% damage bonus for every enemy landed on with fallen sword – up to 10 stacks Hammer Jammers gives us 400%increased damage against immobilized enemies, and with the belt Sacred harness, Judgement, an immobilizing ability, is cast at the landing location of Fallen Sword And we have Convention of the Elements – granting a 200% damage bonus, cycled through the 7 elements. This build is using three elements – physical, holy, and lightning For our passives, we have – indestructible, finery, holy cause, and fervor Indestructible is just how it sounds – when we die, we come back 35 percent stronger Finery gives us 1.5% strength per gem, and we have 10 gems equipped, giving us 15% extra strength Fervor gives us + 15 percent attack speed, which means more hammers on the battlefield – leading to lower cooldowns, And on top of this, fervor grants 15% cooldown reduction And finally we have Holy Cause – We receive 10 percent extra damage, and Now when we deal holy damage, we will heal. And now for the basic flow of operations: Whenever we’re moving about the battlefield, we sprint To sprint, we cast iron skin Then allow ourselves to be hit by an enemy If the enemy hits us in a very short window, we will be granted 60% movement speed and the ability to run through enemies And elite walls Our Teleport is “Falling Sword”, and we mainly use blessed hammer to reduce that cooldown For the Combat rotation - You wanna dive into combat with falling sword, immobilizing enemies – giving us a damage boost for blessed hammer You spam blessed hammer for a bit, then use Provoke to grant additional Wrath, Finishing up and then casting Falling Sword as a teleport, engaging another group further in the dungeon For elite’s and bosses Start off the combat rotation with Akarat’s champion and Laws of Valor – these abilities will grant additional sustained damage. The video below displays all of this in exquisite detail, look me up on youtube under "Gooboberti" Aug 11
Jul 30 The Warlock Future! The Warlock! Class: Warlock! About: Warlock is a Wizard with a contract with a Demon! Recurse: Demon Power. (Like Wizard Recurse) Elements: Fire, Physical, Poison & Cold KEY FEATURES DEMON AS PETS: Warlock has the power to summon demons to fight for you in a sort of living contract. > SHADOW MASTER: Warlock has learn the power of shadow and can also controll spirits. > FIRE AND DESTRUCTION: The power to burn enemies to ash or make them explode in death by an increadible poison of destruction! > CURSES AND CROWD CONTROL: The power to stop enemies by blindness, Immobilizing or freeze they to death, Warlock get fearless! Skills and Levels: 1 Burn - Primary 2 Flame Strike - Secondary 3 Soul Shards - Primary 4 Shadow'n in Your Hand - Defensive 5 Fire Breath - Secondary 8 Demonic Skin - Defensive 9 Imp - Demons 11 Demon Claws - Primary 12 Haunted - Secondary 13 Succubus - Demons 14 Banshee - Book of Magic 16 Shadow Walk - Defensive 17 Demon Mark - Book of Magic 19 Shadow Gate - Ultimate Power 21 Gate Guardion - Demons 21 Soul Eating - Secondary 22 Void Walker - Book of Magic 22 Enchantment - Defensive 25 Fallen Monarch - Ultimate Power 28 Reign of Fire - Book of Magic 30 Repossessed - Ultimate Power Categories: Primary Secondary Defensive Demons Book of Magic Ultimate Power Skill and Rune Info: Primary: 1 Burn: You burn an enemy by 80% weapon damage as Fire per second for 3 seconds, stacking per attack. Enemies close to the target burn one stack (12 yards from the target). This is a Signature spell. Signature spells are free to cast. Runes: 6 Multiplie Fire: Increase to 20 yards. 13 Soul Burn: Slow the enemy by 80% and turn the damage into Cold. 25 Parasite: Killed enemy by this will explode, dealing 180% weapon damage as Poison in 12 yards. Turn the damage into Poison. 43 Too Much Power: Now you creating an explosion on the impact, dealing 160% weapon damage as Fire instant. (Doesn't burn anymore) 52 Demonic Fire: Increase the damage done to 120% weapon damage as Fire for 4 seconds. 3 Soul Shards: Shott a darkball that do 230% of your weapon damage as Physical that seeking to the closest enemy if miss the target. This is a Signature spell. Signature spells are free to cast. Runes: 9 Cold as Soul: Turn the damage done into Cold and Freeze the enemy by 1 second once every 5 seconds. 18 Curse: Turn the damage into Poison. Enemy hit get marked. Marked enemy deal a 17% less damage and take 17% extra damage from all sorts of attacks. 33 Three Seekers: Multiplie the attack into three soul shards. Each soul shard hit by 120% weapon damage as Physical. 45 Shadow: Instead of projectiles, it turn into a shadow on the ground. Slow enemy by 60% on the shadow that remaining till you walk away. Critt cause enemy to bleed for 360% weapon damage as Physical over 5 seconds. 55 Burning Soul: Turn the damage into Fire, increase the damage of Soul Shards to 325% weapon damage as Fire. 11 Demon Claws: Attack with your nail's that become claws with 168% of your weapon damage as Physical in 15 yards front of you. This is a Signature spell. Signature spells are free to cast. Runes: 17 Dirty Nails: Slain enemy explode, dealing 184% weapon damage as Poison to every enemy within 12 yards. Turn the damage into Poison. 24 Burning Nails: Increase the damage by Demon Claws to 213% weapon damage as Fire and increase your fire skills by 3% per hit, stack up to 3 times. 35 Sharped Nails: Gain 1 Demonic Power per enemy hit. 51 Demonic Protection: With each attack, gain a protective skin for 3 seconds that reduce 4% of your Life in damage. 54 Vampiric: Each attack heal you by 1% of you maximum life per enemy hit. Secondary: 2 Flame Strike: Conjures a pillar of fire which damages enemies in an area with 15 yards by 215% weapon damage as Fire and 430% weapon damage in the end of this pillar as Fire. Cooldown: 8 seconds Runes: 7 Soul Gate: Increase the damage dealt to 295% weapon damage and 510% weapon damage in the end. Enemy inside the area get slowed by 60%. Turn the damage into Physical. 15 Demon Touch: Flame Strike pull enemies to the center of this pillar before the damage with 20 yards in to a 15 yard circle. (Pulling just once per enemy for 4 seconds) 25 Demon Eyes: Instead of one big, it randomly hit enemies with small Flame Strike's in random places by 260% weapon damage as Fire and 260% weapon damage in the end of this pillars as Fire. 28 Desperate Fire: Decrease the cooldown to 4 seconds. 53 Colliding: Now in an instant, explode in a 20 yards area. Dealing 700% weapon damage as Fire. Set a cost of 35 Demon Power and remove the cooldown. 5 Fire Breath: Start to burn enemies in front of you for 475% weapon damage as Fire. [Channeling] Cost: 20 Demon Power initially, and an additional 6 Demon Power while channeling Runes: 11 Hands of Shadow: Enemy hit by this shadow deal 20% increased damage from this attack per second with a maximum of 100%. Effected enemy slow by 60%. This damage turns into Physical. 19 Fallens: Raise a Fallen Lunatic from hell that run to your enemy and explode, dealing 375% weapon damage as Fire to the impact by 12 yards area. Remove the additional cost. 29 Spray of Darkness: Enemy killed by Fire Breath explode, dealing 1670% weapon damage as Poison. Turn the damage into Poison. 45 Hellhounds: Raise a hellhound from hell to attack your foes dealing 325% weapon damage as Fire per second. Lasts 3 seconds but increase it by 1 second if the dog hit an enemy. (Doesn't stuck per enemy hit, but have an maximum time of 3 seconds alive) Remove the additional cost. 56 Hellfire: Instead of an cone of breath, it turns into a beam of Fire. Fire Breath damage is increased by 215% weapon damage every second, up to a maximum total of 1550% weapon damage as Fire. 12 Haunted: Call for a spirit that stealing enemy souls, dealing 986% weapon damage as Cold over 6 seconds. Reduce their movement speed while stealing by 40%. The spirit continues to a new enemy if it dies before 6 seconds. (Can be more than one spirit at same time) Cost: 25 Demon Power Runes: 18 Chilly Spirit: Increase the movement reduction to 60% and add a 12 yards area that chilling enemies. 23 Time Spirit: Increase the over time to 8 seconds and dealing 1436% weapon damage as Cold. 35 Louded Spirit: Instead of stealing souls over a time, they launch a spiritual lightning chock that pierces through enemies in a line. Dealing 400% weapon damage as Cold. 48 Blood Spirit: The spirits Heal you for 0,5% of your maximum Life per second while damaging enemies. 57 Demon Spirit: Pay all Demon Power to launch a more powerful spirit. The damage is increased by 3% for every point of Demon Power payed. 21 Soul Eating: Hurting enemy inpact by 15 yards, dealing 400% weapon damage as Physical. Soul Eating damage is increased by 305% weapon damage every second, up to a maximum total of 1010% weapon damage as Physical. Cost: 18 Demon Power Runes: 27 Last Bite: Have a chance to kill the enemy under 15% health. 33 Swallow: Heal you for 1% of the damage done. Increase this life steal by 1% per second, up to a maximum total of 3%. 37 Blind Curse: Enemies hit over 5 seconds get blindness by a curse for 4 seconds every 5 seconds. Turn the damage into Poison. 42 Haunting Ghosts: You no longer direct where you eating, instead while channeling, some souls randomly strike nearby enemy with 28 yards, dealing 1400% weapon damage as Cold. Killing enemy gives back 100% of the Demon Power cost, but hit same enemy for 5 seconds increase the cost to 25 Demon Power. 59 Big Mouth: Increase the yards to 25. Defensive: 4 Shadow'n in Your Hand: Catch nearby enemies inside a shadow for 2 seconds. Cooldown: 11 seconds Runes: 12 Spikes: The shadow become physical and dealing 620% weapon damage to all enemies within 20 yards. 19 Shadow Snap: Reduce the cooldown to 7.5 seconds and increase the catch duration to 3 seconds. 28 Poison Nova: Shadow'n in Your Hand no longer catch enemies, instead affect enemies hit by Poison, dealing 915% weapon damage as Poison over 8 seconds. 40 Blindness: Shadow'n in Your Hand now blind enemies hit for 4 seconds instead of catched. 54 Mark of Death: Catched enemies will take an extra 33% damage from all sorce for 2 seconds. 8 Demonic Skin: Hardening your skin into demonic for 3 seconds, absorbing up to 60% of your Life in damage from incoming attacks. Cooldown: 15 seconds Runes: 14 Sharpness: 40% of your life now deal damage to the attackers as the Thorns damage as Physical. 10% of it increase your Demon Claws and Physical damage. 21 Relief: Reduce the Demon Power cost of all skills by 9 while Demonic Skin is active. 34 Ghastly: A smoke is around you, dealing 915% over 3 seconds as Poison. 44 Regenation: Healing you for 100% of your maximum Life over 9 seconds. (Doesn't stacking) 56 Burst of Fire: Every second Demonic Skin is active, it burst a fire to nearby enemies, dealing 520% weapon damage as Fire. You are absorbing 60% of all Fire damage while Demonic Skin is active. (Doesn't absorbing all sorce anymore) 16 Shadow Walk: You becom invisible for 2 seconds and ignoring area damage. While invisible, your movement is unhindered and increased by 30%. Attacking will end Shadow Walk and start the cooldown. Kill an enemy reduce this cooldown by 1, but reset if killing an Elite. Cooldown: 10 seconds Runes: 23 Flash: Increase the movement speed to 100% while invisible. 29 Shadow Dust: Get 30% reduced to all sorce of damage for 5 seconds after using Shadow Walk. 38 Anger: After Shadow Walk ends, you catch every nearby enemy by a shadow for 1 second. After 1 second, they will take 750% weapon damage as Physical, if they die, this cooldown become reset. 47 Become Shadow: Increase the duration to 3. While walking, you Freeze the ground as a tail, dealing 400% weapon damage as Cold each second. This now doesn't end if attacking, but remove the cooldown reset. 53 Shadow Clone: After using Shadow Walk, you summon 2 Shadow Clones for 5 seconds. They dealing 88% weapon damage with your primary or non-cooldown skills. (You no longer become invisible) 22 Enchantment: Pass enchantment on all enemies within 20 yards of the targeted location, Confuse enemies hit for 3 seconds. They have a chance to attack the closest for 6 seconds. Cooldown: 20 seconds Runes: 26 Weakness: Affected enemies now get their damage reduced by 40% and movement speed by 60% for 6 seconds. (Doesn't confuse anymore) 31 Fear: Now fear every enemy in the location for 3 seconds, they all get a chance to drop a health globe by running. 36 Mass Enchantment: Increase the confuse effect to 6 seconds. Those who attacking the closest, last forever. 43 Tumor: Now Enchantment mark the enemies and let them explode in death, dealing 2770% weapon damage as Poison. 58 Sleep: Now they fall asleep, reduce their Toughness by 33%. Demons: 9 Imp: Summoning a Imp that will throw fireballs when you attacking by 240% weapon damage as Fire. This companion cannot be targeted or damaged by enemies. Lasts 10 minutes. Cost: 20 Demon Power Runes: 15 Fire Power: While Imp is summoned, you get 10% increased damage. Increase the damage of the Imp to 350% weapon damage as Fire. 21 Shadow Imp: Summon a dark Imp with projectiles that get a 35% chance to catch the enemy for 1 second by a shadow prison. Turns the damage to Physical. 32 Protective Imp: When you receive fatal damage, it gives half of it's soul and heal you for 35% of your maximum Life. Every 60 seconds. 39 Shared Soul: While Imp is aktive, you regenerate 4.5 Demon Power every second. 49 Claws: Summon 2 smaller Imps that hit nearby enemies with Demon Claw by 84% weapon damage as Physical. (Get the rune of your active Demon Claw) 13 Succubus: Summon a Succubus that charm enemies to fight for you for 6 seconds. Succubus lasts to she dies. Cooldown: 45 seconds Runes: 18 Succubus Priest: Succubus healing you and nearby allies by 69735 - 91192 Life if under 50% Health. Heal amount is increased by 30% of your Health Globe Healing Bonus. 24 Speed Up: Finding an Elite let Succubus buff you and nearby allies. Increases the attack speed and movement speed by 15% for 10 seconds. 36 Revive: When you or an nearby ally receive fatal damage, Succubus revives you or the ally and you or the ally get invulnerable for 2 seconds. Cooldown 60 seconds. 41 Demonic Shield: Finding an Elite let Succubus create a shield to you and nearby allies. Absorbing 35% of all sorce of damage to you and nearby allies for 10 seconds. 51 Elite Succubus: Finding an Elite let Succubus buff you and nearby allies. Increases you and nearby allies's damage to Elite by 8% for 10 seconds. After killing an Elite pack, increases you and nearby allies's damage by 15% for 10 seconds. 21 Gate Guardion: Summon a Pit Lord to fight for you. The Pit Lord attacks for 450% of your weapon damage as Physical. Cooldown: 60 seconds. Runes: 26 Cleave: Pit Lord gains the Cleave ability, allowing its attacks to hit multiple enemies for 610% of your weapon damage as Cold. 34 Gargoil: Summon a Gargoil in a location that taunt enemies in 30 yards for 3 seconds. After 3 seconds, it explode. Dealing 2000% weapon damage instant as Physical. 43 Toxic Blade: Taking damage from Pit Lords blade cause it to explode in death, dealing 1670% of your weapon damage as Poison. Turn the damage by Pit Lord into Poison. 46 Empowering: When Pit Lord get close to an Elite or up to 5 enemies, the Pit Lord Leaps to the location of the enemy. Dealing 200% weapon damage as Physical, and get power up: +20% movement speed +35% attack speed +200% Physical damage This effect cannot occur more than once every 45 seconds. Elite enemies include champions, rares, bosses, and other players. 54 Inferno: Pit Lord now burn nearby enemies for 135% weapon damage as Fire per second. Turn the damage by Pit Lord into Fire. Book of Magic: 14 Banshee: Discharge a sound wave of pure energy that deals 620% weapon damage as Physical to enemies front of you. Cost: 25 Runes: 21 Heartburn: Enemies hit by Banshee now take 15% extra damage from Fire damage. Turn this damage into Fire. 27 Cold Breath: Freeze enemy hit every 5 seconds for 0,5 second that decreasing their movement speed by 100% over 2.5 seconds. Turn this damage into Cold. 33 Halitosis: Enemies hit by Banshee now deal 1120% weapon damage over 6 seconds. Turn the damage into Poison and doesn't deal instant damage anymore. 42 Bouncing Waves: Instead of front of you, it launch as an sound nova. Enemies hit deal 20% reduced damage for 4 seconds. 54 Destroying the Eardrum: Pay all Demon Power to launch a more powerful sound wave. The damage is increased by 3% for every point of Demon Power payed. Increase your Demon Power by 3 per enemy hit. 17 Demon Mark: Create a demon mark on the field. Immobilizing enemies in the circle for 6 seconds. Lasts 6 seconds. Cooldown: 6 seconds Runes: 23 Weakening: Enemy who is Immobilized or touched by this area have their damage reducted by 40% for 6 seconds. (Doesn't stack with Enchantment) 32 Demon Prison: Enemies inside the circle can't get out. 37 Death Mark: Enemies killed while Immobilized, they explode in death for 4000% weapon damage as Poison. 44 Burning Mark: Enemy hit by the area get burned, dealing 1260% weapon damage as Fire over 6 seconds. They take an extra 15% damage from Fire skills while burned. 59 Power from Hell: Demon companions inside this area have they damage increased by 200%. 22 Void Walker: Summon a Void Walker for 15 seconds that attacks enemies with bolts of void dealing 165% weapon damage as Physical. Only one Void Walker may be active at a time. Cooldown: 15 seconds Cost: 15 Demon Power Runes: 26 Fire Elemental: Turn the damage dealt to Fire and increase it to 264% weapon damage. 30 Gas: Void Walker doesn't attack with bolts, now he walk through enemies and dealing 165% weapon damage to nearby enemies by Poison per second. 39 Voids: Summon 3 small Void Walkers that dealing 88% weapon damage as Physical each. 46 Frozen Void: Void Walker now greate a frozen trail in attacking and walking. Dealing 400% weapon damage as Cold over 3 seconds per trail created and slow enemies hit by 80%. In summoning, nearby enemies Freeze for 1 second. 55 Void Prison: Instead of summoning a Void Walker, you pull enemies with 20 yards in to a void portal. Dealing 700% weapon damage as Physical over 2 seconds. 28 Raign of Fire: Burn enemies on the ground, dealing 1410% weapon damage as Fire over 6 seconds inside a 15 yards area. Cost: 40 Demon Power Runes: 32 Hailing Fire: Have a 35% chance to Immobilizing them for 6 seconds. Every 5 seconds on same enemy. 35 Breath of Fire: Flying demons sending 7 fire balls randomly close to the impact at the ground, deal 277% weapon damage as Fire. 41 Burning Clouds: Reduce the casting cost of Raign of Fire to 10 Demon Power 49 Red Sky: Increase the yards to 30. 60 Gate of Hell: Instead of coming from the sky, the ground is starting to burn, dealing an increased of 2850% weapon damage as Fire over 8 seconds. Ultimate Power: 19 Shadow Gate: Draw in the power of the shadows, effect nearby enemies by slow for 40% and dealing 135% weapon damage as Physical per second to effected enemies. Lasts 15 seconds. Kill an enemy decreases Shadow Gate cooldown by 1 second. Cooldown: 90 seconds Runes: 22 Nightmare: Increase the slow effect to 80% and the damage to 175% weapon damage as Physical. 29 Shudder: Effected enemies take an extra 15% increased damage from your Shadow or Physical skills. 39 Blood Moon: All of your damage dealt is healing you for 3% of all damage done while Shadow Gate is aktive. All of your Life per Kill is increased by 25%. 48 Invulnerable Shadow: Reduce damage taken by 35% while Shadow Power is active. 56 Ominous: Reign of Fire and other Fire skills now become black and slow enemies by 60%. Remove the slowing effect by Shadow Gate. Turn the damage of Shadow Gate into Fire. 25 Fallen Monarch: Summon a Firemage with 5 small Fallens to fight by your side for 20 seconds. Each Fallen deals 115% of your weapon damage as Physical per hit, but the Firemage deal 325% of your weapon damage as Fire. Cooldown: 120 seconds Runes: 31 Who's the Pig?: Firemage learn how to transform enemies into pigs, deal an extra 15% damage to the effected enemies. 37 Who's Fire?: Learn the Firemage to cast Flame Strike at an localtion. 44 Fallen Lunatic: Instead of fighting Fallens, you summon 8 Fallen Lunatic, dealing 375% weapon damage as Fire to the impact by 12 yards area. Instead of a Firemage, it summons Fallen Lunatic every second while Fallen Monarch is aktive. 50 Demon Priest: Instead of attacking, Firemage now revives Fallens with a maximum of 5 Fallens, Fallen Monarch last forever. 58 Weather Change: Firemage now casting Reign of Fire at enemies. 30 Repossessed: You take power from your other half and gain an increadible increased power for 20 seconds. Your damage is increased by 30%, and your Armor and resistances are increased by 150% while having this power by Repossessed. Cooldown: 120 seconds Runes: 34 Close Combat: Increase your Movement Speed by 20% and Attack Speed by 25% while have Repossessed aktive. While Repossessed have cooldown, your damage is increased by 15% against enemies with 15 yards. 40 Curative Wounds: You heal 200% of your maximum health over 20 seconds while Repossessed is aktive. 46 Obsessed Demon: Decrease the cooldown of Repossessed to 100 seconds. 52 Demon Power: While have Repossessed aktive, you gain 5 Demon Power per second. While Repossessed have cooldown, your non-free skills deal a 15% extra damage. 60 Demon Mother: Your demons deal 200% extra damage while have Repossessed aktive and have their movement speed increased by 30%. Passive: 10 Strong Health: Increase your Life by 15%. 10 Curse: Enemy hit by your attacks, takes 17% more damage and deal 17% less damage. 13 Vampire: Heal you for 1% of your health after each kill. Have a chance to heal 30% health after kill an Elite. 16 Over Power: Increase your damage by 20% but reduce your protection by 15%. 20 Demonic Resurse: When you cast a free skill, you gain 5 Demonic Power. 20 If it has cooldown. 24 Cancer: Enemies hit by exploded enemies get an permanent damage by 80% of your weapon damage as the exploded damage. Yards of the explosion is increased by your pick up yards. (Fallen Lunatic is counted) 27 Demon Soul: When you take more than 15% of your maximum Life in damage within 1 second, all your cooldowns on your Defensive skills are reset. 30 Cool: Using a Cold spell is freezing theire hearts, increasing the critt damage by 50 against the target. +10% of your critt damage. 34 Sharp Demon: 40% of your life turns into a thorn damage to attacker, but 10% also increase your damage dealt to your Demon Claws and Physical attacks. 37 Soul Steal: Increase your Demonic Power by 40, Increase your resurse by 1 per enemy kill. 20 if Elite pack. 40 Given Power: Increase your protection by 25% while you channeling, but increase your movement speed while running by 25%. 45 Dogs from Hell: When an enemy dies by you or your companions, there is a 15% chance that a Hell Hound will be summoned with a 6 seconds time alive. Increase the living time of Hell Hounds to 6. The range of this effect is increased by your gold pickup radius. 50 Demon Protection: When you take fatal damage, a Demon Mark under you with the rune Demon Prison is created for 3 seconds, push nearby enemies away and stop to get close to you. (The Demon Mark following your steps) 55 Gate to the Hell: Decrease the cooldown by Succubus, Gate Guardions, Fallen Monarch, Repossessed by 30%. 60 Demons: Your demon pets deal increased damage by 100% of their damage. SET ITEMS: Demon Set: Passive, Demon Claw build, Offencive with good Def. (2) Succubus get every rune. (4) Primary skills gives you a demonic skin that reduce all sorts of attack by 60% for 6 seconds. (6) If your Imp is with you, your damage is increased by 3200%. Fire Set: Spell casting, Fire build, Just Offencive. (2) Every burned enemy give you reduction by 3% that stacking up to 20 times. Burning an Elite or Boss, give you the maximum of stacks. (4) Enemies burning with a sort of damage will now burn forever with that damage. (6) Reign of Fire now aplies as an aura around you with a 25 yards. Reign of Fire now increases your damage by 1020% that stacking. (non-Breath of Fire) Shadow Set: Primary build, Defencive with strong damage. (2) Using Soul Shards, you multiplie the attack into every nearby enemy. (4) You have 100% chance to create 3 Shadow Clones for 4 seconds after using Shadow'n in Your Hand. They dealing 88% weapon damage with your primary or non-cooldown skills. Increase your protection by 20% per Shadow Clone you have on your side. (6) Shadow Gate now last forever. Increase the damage by your Shadows by 2700%. Soul Set: Channeling, High protection. (2) Channeling, give you a shield that absorbing up to 80% damage from all sorce. (4) Haunting Ghosts applies every seconds to a random enemy. A 100% chance to hit a nearby Elite every time. (6) Every Haunted spirit on your comand, increases your damage by 520%. Builds: Demon Build: Passive build. Right: Demon Claws - Vampiric Left: Demon Mark - Power from Hell 1: Imp - Claws 2: Demonic Skin - Sharpness 3: Gate Guardion - Empowering 4: Repossessed - Demon Mother Passive: Sharp Demon, Gate to the Hell, Demons Fire Build: Spell casting build. Right: Burn - Multiplie Fire or Demonic Fire Left: Demon Mark - Burning Mark 1: Imp - Fire Power 2: Demonic Skin - Burst of Fire 3: Void Walker - Fire Elemental 4: Flame Strike - Demon Touch Passive: Curse, Over Power, Demon Protection Hellhound Build: Channeling build. Right: Burn - Too Much Power Left: Fire Breath - Hellhounds 1: Imp - Shared Soul 2: Demonic Skin - Relief 3: Void Walker - Fire Elemental 4: Gate Guardion - Inferno Passive: Demonic Resurse, Dogs from Hell, Demons Lunatic Build: Channeling build. Right: Burn - Too Much Power Left: Fire Breath - Fallen 1: Imp - Shared Soul 2: Demonic Skin - Relief 3: Void Walker - Fire Elemental 4: Fallen Monarch - Fallen Lunatic Passive: Demonic Resurse, Cancer, Demons Reign of Fire Build: Right: Burn - Multiplie Fire or Demonic Fire Left: Demon Mark - Burning Mark 1: Imp - Fire Power 2: Demonic Skin - Burst of Fire 3: Shadow Gate - Omninious 4: Reign of Fire - Red Sky Passive: Curse, Over Power, Demon Protection Shadow Build: Channeling Build. Right: Soul Shards - Shadow Left: Fire Breath - Hands of Shadow 1: Flame Strike - Soul Gate 2: Shadow'n in Your Hand - Mark of Death 3: Shadow Gate - Shudder 4: Shadow Walk - Shadow Clone Passive: Demonic Resurse, Cancer, Vampire Poison Build: Right: Burn - Parasite Left: Fire Breath - Spray of Darkness 1: Demon Mark - Mark of Death 2: Shadow'n in Your Hand - Poison Nova 3: Gate Guardion - Toxic 4: Enchantment - Tumor Passive: Demonic Resurse, Cancer, Vampire Haunted (Cold) Build: Right: Soul Eating - Big Mouth Left: Haunted - Time Spirit 1: Void Walker- Frozen Void 2: Demonic Skin - Relife 3: Shadow Walk - Become Shadow 4: Gate Guardion - Cleave Passive: Demon Soul, Cool, Soul Steal Legendary Items: Amulet of Underground: (Increase Fire Damage) Your Burn now get the rune of Multiplie Fire. Demon Lord (Chest Armor): 3 Hellhounds fight by your side as your companion, last forever. Burning Orb (Off Hand): Flame Strike doesn't have cooldown anymore. Banshee's Orb (Head): Have a chance to send a Banshee while attacking. Ring of Death: (Increasing pick up yards by 4) Enemies hit by Poison damage will explode in death, dealing 1010% weapon damage as Poison. Ring of Demon: Attacking have a 5% chance to catch enemies inside a Demon Prison for 6 seconds. Void Blade: You get a chance on hit to summon a Void Walker that attack for you with 450% weapon damage to random enemies for 10 seconds. Hapens only every 60 seconds. Demon Blade: You have a 15% chance on hit to summon a Fallen. etc. Hope you like it!Galerame2 Jul 30
Jul 27 Looking for Group Hello, I am currently a paragon 731 Demon Hunter and I was looking for a couple of people that I can play with consistently for Higher GR's / Bounties / and just farming in general. If you want to just add me @ Millennium#1170Millennium0 Jul 27
Jul 20 Funny Metal Music Video about the Necromancer Hey gang, I wrote and directed this music video about trying to be a badass necromancer while living at home with your parents. Being a necromancer is so metal. Lemme know what you think! Jul 20
Jul 18 [New Class] Centurion and Blood seeks Hello For two years I have worked on this project and I wish you send it. This is the creation of two new classes, the Centurion and Blood Seeker. I enclose below two topics on which I developed these two new classes. ( Careful! I am a French player. I invite you to make a translation of the presented topics. ) Summary : [Class] Centurion This is a fighter with a spear, either jet or nearby. Their orgine is a Nephalem named Elaria which has been the only one recognized by Imperious (her tragic story will have trained disgust of the Archangel for humanity). The Centurion is a secondary branch of the Amazons, both a conviction and a martial art. Currently, the main stronghold is westfall. [Class] Blood Seeker On demonic descent, Bloods Seeker are looking human evil whose hand was greater than angelic. Set inland of terror, race still live recluse from the world. A Rathma priest rescued two young children of the Chimeran species and instilled their knowledge of balance and black magic. It possesses their nature the power of metamorphosis may well become a Dark Knight or the royal beast or even wooden spectrum. In addition to classes on the French forum, you will discover the presentation of two new acts (VI and VII) with adventure on Skovos islands and Lands of terror. I worked the lore and history. I also offer ideas for new equipment, integration of a new mercenary character "Heart Golem" and rune stones similar to Diablo II extension. Thank you in advance the curious who will read my writings and especially the brave who take the time to read it in its entirety. And I apologize bonus of using "google translation" which unfortunately is a required step if you read me.Balduran15 Jul 18
Jul 18 [new character] Call of the Druid pack who's with me ????Deathforall13 Jul 18
Jul 17 Twitch Wizard Overlays So I started streaming on twitch at behest of my friends and didn't know much about photoshop or anything. I decided to watch some Photoshop CS2 tutorial videos since Adobe offers it for free- and made my own streaming overlay! :) I main a Wizard so I tried to make my own wizard overlays: Overlay 1: Wizard 101 Overlay 2: Arcane Power Jul 17
Jul 13 Necromancer Portraits Redrawn (Edited) I still haven't gotten the Necromancer DLC yet but I intend to. One thing that particular puts me off is how the new Necromancer portrait's art style seems a lot different than the old ones. So I tried my best to redraw both the female and male necromancer portraits to better fit with the old style. Edited: 7/9/17 4:40 PM PST Old Versions: In Game Preview of how it would look: Anyway, give me your thoughts on my efforts and whether you feel it should replace the current portraits. Blizzard are free to use these art pieces if they so choose. Please contact me at for full resolutions(psd or png) at 896 * 968.Speckoh42 Jul 13
Jul 11 Fiery Runes II: Essence (Necromancer) Fiery Runes II: Series III - Essence (Rise of the Necromancer) deviantART: twitter: Runes Blazing in Infernal Presence, Souls Burning in Fyre, Are Gathered Again in Their Essence. Welcome to Fiery Runes II: Series III - Essence Art (C) Their respected owners Necromancer & Diablo (C) Blizzard Celebrating 9 years of burning, blazing & fiery runes.Holyknight0 Jul 11
Jul 6 NEW SEASON 11 IMAGE!!! Hello all! I've created this little image for Season 11! Image is included below. P.S This took me like 5 minutes so it did not take long Image: Jul 6
Jul 6 The exciting legendary DING!!! Ok, so i posted my idea and got some pretty valid responses on why this would not be a good idea from another point of view. I'm a casual player, and as a casual player this game lacks some variety. Then again i have no view on the perspective of a competitive player, and this is why i posted this topic to see how others would look at this. So how about the following suggestion. Why not create another special item to turn a normal into an ancient (like Ramaladni's for the weapon socket) This way you can control the drop chance, and ordinary leg with the preferred stats can still be worth keeping and it will no longer be impossible to get those specific ancients. Same can be done for the Primals. Remove the drop chance of primals and just add an item to turn an ancient primal and halve the drop chance. That way your hard earned ancient weapon keeps it's worth after getting the primal drop. And a primal or an ancient drop is something to grind for again. This would add diversity for those of us that want diversity. And add a more realistic chance to get an upgrade then the current system for those that want to play for the top end of the leaderboards. You can if you think needed to balance the game more lower the drop chance even further, but at least if you finally get one you know it won't be a Blackthorne's armor BTW : i'm not saying anything about dropchances, this would be for blizzard to decide. But to give an idea, maybe like 2% for the ancient converter and 0.2% for the primal converter? Let me know what you guys think.Thunderfox1 Jul 6
Jul 4 [NEW CHARACTER] - Amazon Good afternoon, everyone. I wanted to share with you this creation that I have been cooking a few weeks ago. One of the characters that I liked most within the saga of Diablo, more specifically Diablo II, is the character of the Amazon. I remember those days practicing almost all day to get objects based on javelins. That's why I've been creating a "possible" structure for this character within Diablo III for a couple of weeks. I have designed, following the aesthetics and structure of Diablo III, the following points of the Amazon:  - Set of Skills  - Breakdown of all skills  - Passive Skills  - Equipment: Javelin, Spears and Shields  - Sets of the Amazon I hope that with it, it reaches the ones of "above", or at least to some developer, they like the idea and in the near future we can enjoy all of this character. In my opinion this game can be much brighter than it currently has (characters, objects, demons, maps, etc) and if you keep a good criterion of updates, patches or expansions on it, it is possible that someday Match the Devil. I attach the link of the Excel document where I have left all this that I comment. The language of this excel is Spanish. ... I would also like to hear your comments and know your opinion. I hope you like it. This topic is also in the Spanish Forum. ... Greetings.JaVioLo1 Jul 4
Jul 4 3D printed models of our characters... I would like to suggest that Blizzard sell custom 3D printed models of characters in our inventory. Obviously I could screenshot the hell out of a character and painstakingly create the model and 3D print it myself but I'm lazy and having a sanctioned 3D model from Blizzard would be an interesting collectors item/memorabilia. I do not want some generic 3D character model but one from my inventory, the way it looks etc...Partner with a vendor, develop a new side business, I don't really care how. Thoughts, Comments?HaVoK3 Jul 4
Jul 1 Still Game A Breaking Bug. I recently went to general chat on Canada Day 2017 (Est). Possibly little bit before on 7/31/2017 and stated I am: 1. Frustrated and 2. Angry because of a game breaking PC-Bug which has existed since Diablo 3’s release date. I am pretty honest and sincere person. Here’s my story but before I speak, I want you to know three things. 1. I hardly care enough to monitor this forum post or attain where the subject might lead to alternatively. Therefore, 2. I don’t condone any, insulting comments, which might be offensive to a specific person, entity, race, sex, and religion or is irrelevant from paragraph 1 sentence 2) 3. More importantly, I’d like us all to use our fair judgments and not make assumptions around ones tone of voice, or grammatical behavior whilst reading in order to benefit the subject of this post and maintain its topic. *Now, Action.** I seemingly tried to ask a question of how/why can’t I customize my heads-up-display (ingame HUD)? I also suggested that it was possibly a mechanical flaw in “Diablo 3@Blizzard Entertainment ™“ PC’s development, and equally a critical performance that has been formally ‘unaddressed’ to this day. Yes hardcore fans, this means you’re right. I’m referring to the most common ‘inconvenience’ that killed most of us. Leaving many gone to other PC titles. Some during live stream. Others after having money stolen from third party companies, and tragically for some casual hardcore-players, just multiple times over. Let’s admit, this common issue is why a “Basic PC player” can get most frustrated on one occasion. (Including myself, because it’s never been dealt with properly, and for most independent companies, why they might be in a beta stage for multiple years! < idiffer) General chats reaction was hilarious to me, before midnight. The final conclusion was a solution to CTRL-Z.. Equivalent to ALT-F4… and then a real ‘hardcore’ player immediately replied how to improve his build… Again im differing from subject, If you hadn’t guessed it, I’m talking about Why can’t we customize our graphical-user-interface (GUI) such that miss-clicking an icon (ie. “Skills”, “inventory”, “paragon”, “pets” ,“collections”, “friends”, etc.) isn’t possible on PC. Still! And why it’s unaddressed!.. PC players click the most. And use the most Commands. (Im repeating my same response here like I did to gen chat) had the developer’s, or testers really considered this issue to not be game breaking?... (In solo, fine missclick wrong icon= pause…. In multiplayer nononoo this= death.) (mousing over an icon and clicking something irrelevant to a skill or an enemy Is the bug. Ultimately, the point is that its still the game breaking error for half of the content by definition (Hardcore content) and can reveal its face on simple play times. Nowhere are we ‘allowed’ to modify this feature is settings.) The last two small paragraphs above here is most important because I will also be ‘bumping’ the same topic into general discussion to maintain player’s attention, opinions, reactions and options. This topic is relevant to both forum sections and is deserving of community detail, or reaction in both categories. The rest is up to us to formally address our opinions.RDxKa0s0 Jul 1
Jun 26 John Carter, the real Barbarian. Just finished putting this together. Enjoy. Jun 26
Jun 24 My Transmog Wish! Here is my one main wish! I would love the option of having at least one traditional Chinese WuDang/Jian One handed sword with at least a couple different tassel colors as a weapon Transmog option for my Monk! This would totally complete my vision of how I want my monk to look as he slices through the burning hella!!! Please make this come true Blizz!Ferox3 Jun 24
Jun 16 D2 Box Cover Artwork I made this myself over 10 years ago, back when I was still in highschool. I found it and happened to have my camera nearby, so I figured why not take a picture and share. Some of my friends like it, but I have to say I am quite a critic of my own work. Mistakes were made on this that I wish I could take back. Particularly the background, and maybe the chest. I don't know. Also, there are a few easter-eggs in the art that are nods to other games that I like!Silverhearte0 Jun 16
Jun 14 Class concept: Trickshot The likelihood of Blizzard taking class ideas now is probably non-existent, but I thought this was worth sharing anyway. A class designed around attacks that "bounce" between enemies, like how Wizard's Chain Lightning or Crusader's Shield Throw skills work. They are skills that are good for either tagging many enemies, or if there are few enemies, hitting each enemy multiple times. However, they are usually useless against single enemies like bosses and rift guardians since there is no other enemies to bounce off of. That's where the meat of this idea comes into play. The class would center around using "Dummies", which would be stationary objects placed on the field, summoned by the player, which act as targetable "enemies" used to create targets to bounce off of. They would stay in place indefinitely and "take damage" like normal enemies, but be unable to break. 4 dummies could be placed at once. So instead of hitting the boss with Chain Lightning (for example) and only dealing one hit, place a dummy nearby and attack it or the boss, and (with the aid of legendary effects) Chain Lightning would end up hitting the boss 5 times. This would also make interesting use of area damage, since the dummies "take damage" and therefor have a chance to spread a % of that damage to nearby enemies, effectively increasing damage output. Beyond that, the dummies themselves would give buffs or debuffs. A whole "section" of skills would be dedicated to different dummy types with their own rune sets. As a few ideas for dummies... Enhancer Dummy: Attacks that bounce off this dummy deal 20% more damage. "Top It Off" rune - Increase the buff to 35% "Gimme" rune - Attacks that bounce off this dummy also grant resource(depends on how this class's resource works) "Deep Impact" rune - Enemies hit by attacks that bounce off this dummy deal 10% less damage. "Over Before It Began" rune - Enemies hit by attacks that bounce off this dummy take 1000% damage over 5 seconds. Stacks up to 10 times. Additional stacks add 500% to the remainder of the effect. Stacks do not refresh the effect. Explosive Dummy: Attacking this dummy causes an explosion to damage all enemies within 10 yards for 500% damage. "Overkill" rune - Increase the range of the explosion to 20 yards. "Pyrotechnics" rune - Instead causes 3 explosions, first at 5 yards, then 10, then 15, dealing 400%, 300%, and 200% damage respectively. "Implosion" rune - Instead of exploding, pulls in enemies within 10 yards, dealing 300% damage. "BOOM!" rune - Increase the damage to 750% Soothing Dummy: Attacking this dummy heals you for 1% of your maximum health per hit. Stacks per number of this type of dummy hit. "No Worries" rune - Increase healing effect to 2.5% "Meat and Potatoes" rune - Instead of healing, attacking this dummy increases your resistance to all damage types by 1.5%, stacking up to 10 times per dummy of this type hit. "I'll Be Taking That" rune - Changes the healing effect, healing 0.5% of your max health per enemy hit by attacks bounced off this dummy. "Hypocritical Oath" rune - Enemies hit by attacks that bounce off this dummy deal 30% less damage. Invigorating Dummy: Attacking this dummy increases your attack speed by 0.5% per hit for 10 seconds. Stacks per number of this type of dummy hit. Stacks up to 10 times per dummy. "Tag, You're It!" rune - Enemies hit by attacks bounced off this dummy have their attack speed lowered by 10% "Can't Get Me!" rune - Enemies hit by attacks that bounce off this dummy increase your dodge chance by 1% for 10 seconds, stacking up to 5 times per dummy of this type hit. Stacks refresh the effect. "Red Light!" rune - Enemies hit by attacks bounced off this dummy have a 10% chance of being stunned for 3 seconds. "Green Light!" rune - Increase the attack speed buff to 1%. Volatile Dummy: Attacks that bounce off this dummy have an explosive effect added to them, exploding for 200% damage over 5 yards each time the attack hits an enemy. "Seizure Warning" rune - Causes 2 explosions for each enemy hit. "Complete Madness" rune - Enemies hit by attacks that bounce off this dummy instead explode 5 times per hit, for 50% damage per explosion. "Blinding Genocide" rune - The explosive effect now deals 150% damage, but explodes over 15 yards. "Controlled Chaos" rune - Explosions no longer hit an area, but the damage is increased to 600%. And some mastery-type skill ideas... Surprise!: All dummies come alive and run toward nearby enemies, exploding over 10 yards for 3000% damage per dummy. 90-second cooldown. Approximately half Trickshot's max resource. "Time Won't Heal" rune - Each explosion leaves behind a smoldering crater dealing an extra 1500% damage over 5 seconds "Wait, what?" rune - Each dummy splits into 2 smaller dummies. Explosions deal 2000% damage per dummy. "Suicidal Puppets" rune - The cooldown is reduced to 60 seconds, and damage is increased to 4000%. "Parting Gift" rune - Each dummy that explodes buffs all of your damage by 100% and reduces all damage you take by 20% for 10 seconds. Morons: Doubles the effect (including range and damage) of all dummies for 10 seconds. 60-second cooldown. No resource cost. "Ignorance is Bliss" rune - Also gain 30% damage reduction. "At Least They Are Cute" rune - Instead, summons 2 extra dummies that divert enemies' attention away from you and reflect all damage they take back on enemies. Lasts 10 seconds. "Simpletons" rune - Instead, an avalanche of dummies tramples over everything within 20 yards for 15,000% damage. "Blockheads" rune - Instead, summons 2 'Dopplegangers' that copy your attacks. Dopplegangers use attacks you currently have equipped at half their normal damage. Dopplegangers take no damage and last 20 seconds. Some ideas for passive abilities... Rotten Dummies: Dummies constantly produce a horrible stench that damages enemies within 15 yards for 100% damage every second. Size Matters: Explosions caused by dummies deal half damage, but at double the range. How You Use It: Explosions cause by dummies deal double damage, but at half the range. End It Quickly: Attacks that bounce off dummies deal 400% more damage, but you take 200% more damage from all sources. Devotion: When you die, your dummies come to your aid, healing you for 10% of your max health per dummy and exploding to damage and push away and stun enemies within 20 yards for 500% damage per dummy. Fair Share: Dummies have an 80% chance to inflict area damage, and deal 20% more than the player's base amount.Extra note: Obviously I have only put a few hours of basic thought into most of these numbers. The more realistic numbers would need way more balancing. However, note that while the damage percentages for a lot of these skills seem small, they are meant to hit many times per use. For example, Chain Lightning used on a boss with one dummy nearby would proc that dummy's effect 5 times per cast of Chain Lightning. The numbers might be a bit TOO small for realistic use, but in re-balancing, the numbers would have to remain decently small to account for how many times they proc and/or how wide an area they affect.Animenut10 Jun 14
Jun 14 Gear locked or unlock inventory *Gear lock - Would be good if there was something to have the option to lock your gear, items in your bag's and main gear on your inventory, so that people like me don't miss click items out our bag's or main set.Harsh0 Jun 14
Jun 14 Color set items saved from Armory to stash *Color coded set items saved from Armory to stash - Would help to see the set items that we use in our Armory, when we look in our stash tabs ect to know what bits we're ment to be using, as I had a problem where I thought the *gloves* that I were using for that certin - Armory were actually another pair that I didn't know about, so I Caldesann's on them instead, and later found out that I already had a pair with Caldesann's high rank on them.Harsh0 Jun 14
Jun 10 Diablo 3: Rise of the Necromancer deviantART: With season 10 ending soon and people speculating season 11 for the necromancer. Here's the start of many more necromancer things to come! Diablo 3 & the Necromancer (C) Blizzard HKHolyknight1 Jun 10
Jun 5 DIABLO2 IN SC2 (SPECIAL EVENT LIVE ON TWITCH) Curious about how Diablo2 look like on a recent 3D engine? Dont miss my livestreaming SHOWCASE of tonight! For the love of Diablo EgodEgodbout0 Jun 5
May 30 Demon Hunter Fan art Fan art i did for my character :)cha4os0 May 30
May 28 New XP calculators and other D3 related tools New XP calculators and other D3 related tools Take a look and LMK what ya thinkAzotorp0 May 28
May 28 Semi-High Level Gameplay Videos Yep, I'm being that guy and advertising on a forum. BUT, for anyone interested in checking out some D3 videos of me derping around at the speed of sound trying to make the leaderboard, feel free to check me out. Link: Much thanks in advance. :DAshenEclipse0 May 28
May 26 A new community discord Looking for a new community of Blizzard Gamers just like you! We have a new community of people that love to have fun! Our discord server is very well organized with everything you will need to have a great experience! We looking for new Admins/Mod We have some pretty great Plugins for you as well, such as a Mee6 level system you can win Prices to be active in the chat. If this sounds like a place you would like to call your "Discord Home" then feel free to join BlizzCenter May 26
May 23 Charity Livestream for Manchester Victims! Hey folks, I plan on continuing my necromancer beta live stream tonight, but I want to do what I can to help the victims of the attacks yesterday in Manchester. So tonight's stream is dedicated to trying to raise funds for the victims through the fund set up by the Manchester Evening News. Any signal boost appreciated it. Let us band together as a community and help the victims! start time will be between 10 and 10:30pm EDT/ESTJon0 May 23
May 22 EEE - Tripoli The Caldeum sewers ... Senator Stone...... Speak...................Yntrepid0 May 22
May 22 Wallpaper Art: Diablo 3 - Year Five Link: This wallpaper is to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the launch of diablo 3. All those error 37's.... Featuring a blend of past artwork I have used, Darkness Falls: Heroes Rise & the Diablo 3 Credit Screen Art by Wei Wang Here's to many more years of Diablo 3 and future hero packs/new games to come. HK Diablo & Art (C) BlizzardHolyknight1 May 22
May 21 DIABLO 3 MPQ Can anyone show me how to open the Diablo 3 mpq in a 3d model viewer software. Im learning to 3d model and texture, and would like to check some models from the game. There are posts on the internet dating back to 2012 when you could see the mpq files in the game folder now they ve gone..fufiru0 May 21
May 12 Diablo III Character Class Concept: Jester *UPDATED 03/27/17* The general theme for this class is that it focuses on being positive, free, and always happy and moving forward despite the odds; most of the classes now focus on might, pride, revenge or faith - characteristics that are in my opinion unnervingly serious. Fighting the Prime Evils doesn't always need to be stoic in nature - just look at Covetous Shen! In spite of this, the Court of Jesters mainly aims to realistically influence kingdoms in secret for the good of all. In line with this idea of a fun-loving, demon fighting hero, you will notice several skills and references to popular culture, comics, movies, music, and other games - in my opinion a distinct quality of Blizzard and their games that makes adventuring a not so boring and straightforward chore. So enjoy my fellow Nephalem! It is with great pride that I present to you the Jester. Let me know what you think! P.S. Can anyone draw a good concept sketch for my humble character class? I can't draw to save my life. Thanks! Jester Diablo III Character Class Concept Jester About 20 years ago, in the City of Duncraig, gypsies, entertainers, fortunetellers, and wanderers at the squalor of society gathered and formed the Court of Jesters. They sought to uplift the depravity and injustice the weak bear from politics and corruption. Stealing food for the masses, whispering into ears of kings, and the occasional assassination of undesirables were part of their covert activities. Over time, this hodgepodge of liberals became more organized and spread to many cities and settlements, using their tricks of the trade as masks to their vendetta. But in the midst of their campaign, the wisest jesters - The Faceless Ones - have sensed a more sinister threat, working similarly in the shadows towards darker goals. Though this Evil was defeated and peace was restored, they foretold that a celestial event would herald its return. Hence the fateful day of the Falling Star came, and from their elite ranks a capable yet indulgent novitiate was sent to investigate in New Tristram. • Versatile close to mid range hero • Dexterity-based damage • Resource: Mirth o Base Mirth: 100 o Regenerates steadily as the Jester moves about, and remains constant while standing still o Replenished by Mirth Generators o Allow the use of powerful attacks and crowd control skills • Has pets – Marionettes • Unique equipment: Whips, Marottes, and Jester’s Masks • Can dual-wield whips • Marottes are off-hand items that provide bonuses Active Skills A. Primary a. Sucker Punch i. Generate: 7 Mirth per attack ii. Launch a quick blow to the target that deals 290% weapon damage as Physical. iii. Critical Hits grant you Mischief, increasing your damage by 3% for 4 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times. Skill Runes 1. Resentful Hit i. Increase damage to 350% weapon damage as Fire. 2. Poke at Everyone i. Hit all enemies within 8 yards for 200% weapon damage as Poison. ii. Critical Hits generate an additional 1 Mirth. 3. Funny Bone i. Each hit has a 5% chance to cause the Infectious Laughter State to the target. 4. Jab and Sneer i. Enemies hit will focus on you for 2 seconds. 5. Sucking Punch i. You heal 1% of your maximum Life per hit. ii. Sucker Punch’s damage turns into Cold. b. Pirouette Strike i. Generate: 6 Mirth per attack ii. Spin around and hit all enemies within 12 yards for 210% weapon damage as Physical. Skill Runes 1. Mosh i. Enemies hit have a 35% chance to jump uncontrollably for 2 seconds. ii. Pirouette Strike's damage turns into Fire. 2. Blissful Dance i. Increase Mirth generated to 9. ii. Pirouette Strike’s damage turns into Arcane. 3. Captivate i. Enemies hit are Slowed by 60% for 3 seconds. ii. Pirouette Strike’s damage turns into Cold. 4. Rave i. Pirouette Strike’s attack speed increases by 5% for 3 seconds with each spin. This effect stacks up to 4 times. 5. Draw the Crowd i. Each attack has a 15% chance to pull in enemies up to 16 yards away. c. Mad Swipe i. Generate: 6 Mirth per attack ii. Swing wildly at your enemies up to 17 yards before you, dealing 235% weapon damage as Physical. iii. Enemies hit have a 25% chance to be Immobilized for 2 seconds. Skill Runes 1. Gash i. Enemies hit also receive 120% weapon damage as Poison over 6 seconds. ii. Mad Swipe’s damage turns into Poison. 2. Swiping Spree i. Your next damaging Mirth spender deals 30% increased damage when you hit an enemy with Mad Swipe for 3 consecutive times. 3. Ominous Swing i. Increase damage to 300% weapon damage as Arcane. ii. Enemies hit have 25% decreased damage for 2 seconds. 4. Unstable Momentum i. Each attack has a 50% chance to hit all enemies within 30 yards. 5. Downward Thrust i. Strike all enemies up to 30 yards directly ahead of you for 280% weapon damage as Physical. ii. Generate an additional 1 Mirth for each enemy hit. d. Slap Silly i. Generate: 6 Mirth per attack ii. Slap the enemy twice, dealing 120% weapon damage as Physical per hit. Skill Runes 1. Red Palms i. Each attack has a 33% chance to deal a third slap for 120% weapon damage. ii. Slap Silly’s damage turns into Fire. 2. Spite i. Enemies hit have a 50% chance to attack a nearby enemy once. ii. Increase Mirth Generated to 9. 3. Swat i. Smash all enemies up to 12 yards in front of you for 200% weapon damage as Cold. ii. Enemies hit have a 10% chance to be Frozen for 2 seconds. 4. Backhand Slap i. Strike the enemy in disdain, dealing 240% weapon damage as Physical. ii. Enemies hit have a 20% chance to stop performing offensive actions for 2 seconds. 5. Sadistic Blows i. Enemies affected by Stupor, Infectious Laughter, or Mind Breaker take 50% additional damage per hit. B. Secondary a. Spectral Tendril i. Cost: 25 Mirth ii. Strike enemies up to 40 yards away with a phantasmal whip for 655% weapon damage as Arcane. Skill Runes 1. Angel’s Wing i. Reduce the Mirth cost to 16. ii. Enemies hit have a 25% chance to be Blinded for 3 seconds. 2. Rusty Link i. Enemies hit receive 10% more damage from Poison Skills. ii. Spectral Tendril’s damage turns into Poison. 3. Dragon’s Tail i. Increase damage to 775% weapon damage as Fire. 4. Sonic Boom i. An explosion occurs at the target location 0.5 second after the initial strike, dealing 220% weapon damage as Physical to all enemies within 30 yards. ii. Spectral Tendril’s damage turns into Physical. 5. Ghost’s Hair i. Enemies hit are Slowed by 80% for 5 seconds. ii. Spectral Tendril’s damage turns into Cold. b. Headspin Kick i. Cost: 12 Mirth ii. Perform a headspin and deliver multiple kicks to all enemies in your path for 320% weapon damage as Physical. iii. While headspinning, you move at 100% movement speed. Skill Runes 1. Taunting Bells i. Bells on your feet ring as you attack, causing enemies within 10 yards to focus on you for 4 seconds. 2. Flexile i. Gain 3% chance per second to dodge attacks while attacking, stacking up to 10 times. ii. Generate 6 Mirth for each attack you successfully dodge while attacking. 3. Spiked Heels i. Headspin Kick gains 10% increased Critical Hit Chance. ii. Headspin Kick’s damage turns into Poison. 4. Friction Burn i. Burn the ground you move on as you attack, searing enemies for 130% weapon damage per second as Fire. ii. Headspin Kick’s damage turns into Fire. 5. Ice Spear i. Shoot ice spears from your feet as you spin that pierces through enemies for 400% weapon damage as Cold. ii. Headspin Kick’s damage turns into Cold. c. Giant’s Mallet i. Cost: 30 Mirth ii. Bludgeon enemies with a massive mallet, dealing 880% weapon damage as Physical. iii. Critical hits have a 20% chance to Stun enemies for 3 seconds. Skill Runes 1. A Thousand Tons i. Increase damage to 1095% weapon damage as Physical. 2. Absurd Proportions i. Increase the size of the mallet to hit all enemies within 24 yards. ii. Giant’s Mallet’s damage turns into Arcane. 3. Ice Hammer i. Strike enemies around you with ice hammers that deal 600% weapon damage as Cold. ii. Enemies hit have a 5% chance to lose 3% of their remaining Life. 4. Tenderizer i. Enemies hit by Giant’s Mallet deal 25% less damage for 5 seconds. ii. Giant’s Mallet’s damage turns into Fire. 5. Bloody Mess i. Heal 4214 of your Life per enemy hit. ii. Enemies killed by Giant’s Mallet explode in a bloody shower, healing you and your allies within 15 yards for 15327 Life. d. Card Blades i. Cost: 14 Mirth ii. Throw razor-sharp cards that slice the target and all other enemies within 14 yards for 460% weapon damage as Physical. Skill Runes 1. The Fool i. Critical Hits generate 4 Mirth and Freeze enemies for 1 second. ii. Card Blade’s damage turns into Cold. 2. The Crowns i. Enemies killed by Card Blades have a 20% chance to drop Gold. 3. The Serpents i. The cards have a 15% chance to explode into a tangle of serpents, dealing 700% weapon damage as Poison over 5 seconds. ii. Card Blade’s damage turns into Poison. 4. The Lions i. Throw cards that summon fiery lions that attack enemies for 200% weapon damage as Fire. Lasts 5 seconds. 5. The Stars i. The cards spin around you and allies within 50 yards, cutting nearby enemies for 200% weapon damage per second as Arcane. Lasts 10 seconds. ii. Each hit has a 5% chance to take away 1% of the enemy’s remaining Life. C. Defensive a. Mysterious Curtain i. Cooldown: 30 seconds ii. Create a 16-yard magical curtain that Charms enemies that pass through for 4-8 seconds. Lasts 8 seconds. Skill Runes 1. Laced Tapestry i. Create a curtain of blight that deals 3000% weapon damage as Poison over 10 seconds to passing enemies. 2. Displacement i. Enemies that pass through are teleported a short distance. 3. Extended Run i. Enemies that pass through are Charmed for 6-10 seconds. ii. Increase the duration of the curtain to 10 seconds. 4. Grand Theater i. Increase the width of Mysterious Curtain to 22 yards. 5. Limelight i. Create a spotlight that Charms enemies and increases you and your allies’ resistance to all damage types by 15%. b. Cage of Swords i. Cooldown: 20 seconds ii. Stab the target with a barrage of swords for 920% weapon damage as Physical. iii. The target is Immobilized for 8 seconds. Skill Runes 1. Poison Point i. Decrease the cooldown to 12 seconds. ii. Stab the target with envenomed blades, dealing 1680% weapon damage as Poison over 8 seconds. 2. Cold Cuts i. Frozen blades pierce outward from the target’s body for 920% weapon damage as Cold and fly in all directions, dealing 920% weapon damage as Cold to enemies within 20 yards. ii. Enemies hit have a 50% chance to be Frozen for 4 seconds. 3. Sword Squall i. Skewer all enemies within a 16-yard wide area for 1200% weapon damage as Arcane. 4. Blade Fence i. Create a blade fence that holds enemies at bay, dealing 2040% weapon damage as Physical over 8 seconds. 5. Open Wounds i. The target Bleeds for 4500% weapon damage over 15 seconds. c. Confetti i. Cooldown: 20 seconds ii. Create a shower of confetti within 16 yards that causes enemies to suffer a 35% chance to miss with attacks. Lasts 5 seconds. Skill Runes 1. Distracting Colors i. Increase the enemies’ chance to miss to 50%. 2. Shred i. Confetti also cuts enemies for 1000% weapon damage as Physical over 5 seconds. 3. Encore i. A second shower of confetti falls 2 seconds after the first one ends, causing enemies to suffer a 35% chance to miss with attacks. The second shower lasts 3 seconds. 4. Topsy-turvy i. Reduce the cooldown to 14 seconds. 5. Magnanimity i. Increase Confetti’s width to 22 yards. d. Glide i. Cooldown: 16 seconds ii. Slip quickly past enemies for up to 2 seconds. Skill Runes 1. Lunge i. Within the next 2 seconds after gliding, any attack you perform deals 50% more damage. 2. Tag i. The last enemy you glide past becomes the target of all monsters within 15 yards for 3 seconds. 3. Afterimage i. Leave a trail of afterimages that explode after 2 seconds, Stunning nearby enemies for 2 seconds. 4. Scram i. Increase the duration up to 3 seconds. ii. Allies you pass by gain 30% movement speed for 3 seconds. 5. Rapier Cane i. Pierce through your enemies, dealing 1250% weapon damage as Physical. D. Puppetry a. Marionette i. Cooldown: 30 seconds ii. Animate a Marionette with strings that attacks for 80% of your weapon damage as Physical. iii. If the Marionette is destroyed, it reassembles after 10 seconds. Skill Runes 1. Courtesan i. Active: Your Marionette uses either Infectious Laughter or Stupor against enemies within 12 yards. ii. Passive: Marionette’s damage turns into Poison and generates 2 Mirth per attack. 2. Fire Troops i. Active: The Marionettes throw their barrels at enemies, causing an explosion that Slows enemies by 60% and deals 1000% weapon damage as Fire over 5 seconds within 20 yards. ii. Passive: Animate 2 Marionettes that carry oil barrels that have a 10% chance to explode when hit by Fire damage, dealing 2200% of your weapon damage as Fire to enemies within 20 yards. 3. Royal Court i. Active: Increase the number of Marionettes to 10 that deal 100% weapon damage as Cold for 5 seconds. ii. Passive: Animate 5 Marionettes that deal 50% of your weapon damage as Cold, and Chills enemies they hit for 2 seconds. 4. King’s Guard i. Active: Stun all nearby enemies for 4 seconds. ii. Passive: Animate puppet arms around you that grapple nearby enemies for 100% weapon damage as Physical. 5. Amalgam i. Active: The Marionette pulls in all enemies within 15 yards. ii. Passive: Animate a grotesque construct that deals 200% of your weapon damage as Arcane. b. Hand of Fate i. Cooldown: 120 seconds ii. A mysterious hand appears over you and supports your movement with strings for 20 seconds, increasing attack speed by 20% and Critical Hit damage by 80%. Skill Runes 1. Strange Assistance i. Allies within 15 yards also receive half the effect of Hand of Fate for 10 seconds. 2. Sleight of Hand i. The mysterious hand lifts you off the ground, increasing your movement speed by 30% and causing all ground attacks to miss. 3. Grasp of Fate i. Reduce Cooldown to 100 seconds. 4. Fate Bound i. Increase your Dodge Chance by 35%. You gain 10 Mirth for each attack you successfully dodge. 5. Synchronize i. Increase attack speed by 25% and Critical Hit Damage by 100%. c. Razor Wires i. Cost: 30 Mirth ii. Cooldown: 10 seconds iii. Bind up to 5 enemies with razor-sharp strings, dealing 900% weapon damage as Physical over 5 seconds. iv. Enemies hit have a 15% chance to be controlled to fight for you for 5 seconds. Skill Runes 1. Arcane Threads i. Reduce the Mirth Cost to 10. ii. Razor Wire’s damage turns to Arcane. 2. Stymie i. Place wires on the ground that Slow enemies by 60% and deal 360% weapon damage per second as Physical. Lasts 5 seconds. 3. Wire Lance i. Strike enemies up to 45 yards directly ahead of you for 800% weapon damage as Physical. Enemies hit have a 50% chance to Bleed for 1000% weapon damage over 5 seconds. 4. Weaver’s Web i. Create a web of entangling wires that immobilizes enemies and deals 1200% weapon damage over 6 seconds as Poison. Lasts 6 seconds. ii. You may have up to 2 webs active at a time. 5. Lord of Strings i. Bind up to 7 enemies, dealing 1300% weapon damage as Physical over 5 seconds. ii. Increase chance to control enemies to 30%. E. Psyche a. Infectious Laughter i. Cooldown: 30 seconds ii. Laugh hysterically, causing enemies within 22 yards to go into a State of uncontrollable fit, preventing offensive actions for 1 second every 3 seconds. Lasts 9 seconds. Skill Runes 1. Cacophony ii. Enemies have a fit for 2 seconds every 2 seconds. Lasts 10 seconds. 2. Boisterous Laughter i. Increase the radius to 28 yards. 3. Mayhem i. Enemies release a pulse of energy whenever they have a fit that deals 250% weapon damage as Arcane to enemies within 12 yards. 4. Side Splitter i. Enemies affected have a 5% increased chance to be Critically Hit. 5. Madness i. Enemies are no longer prevented from performing offensive actions, but have a 65% chance to lose 1% of their remaining Life whenever they attack. b. Stupor i. Cooldown: 30 seconds ii. Release a blast of psychic energy around you, causing enemies within 22 yards to enter a State of lethargy, decreasing their damage by 30% for 2 seconds every 3 seconds. Lasts 12 seconds. Skill Runes 1. Unsteady i. Increase damage reduction to 40%. 2. Heavy Heart i. Stupor deals 600% weapon damage as Cold and Slows enemies by 60%. 3. Frailty i. Enemies take 10% more damage from all sources. 4. Wasting i. Enemies have a 65% chance to lose 1% of their remaining Life every second. 5. Agony i. Stupor lasts 17 seconds. c. Mind Breaker i. Cooldown: 16 seconds ii. Project psychic energy towards the target that knocks it up into the air and increases the damage it takes from all sources by 15% for 6 seconds. Skill Runes 1. Soul Breaker i. Increase the damage received by the enemy from all sources to 20%. 2. Denervate i. Reduce Cooldown to 12 seconds. ii. Enemies that die while under Mind Breaker have a 50% chance to drop a Health Globe. 3. Devour Mind i. Attackers heal up to 1% of their maximum Life when damaging enemies under Mind Breaker. 4. Dementia i. Attacks you deal against enemies under Mind Breaker generate 2 Mirth. 5. Inception i. Charm the target for 4 seconds. Enemies that the target hits have a 40% chance to be Charmed for 4 seconds. This effect can chain multiple times. d. Revelry i. Cooldown: 120 seconds ii. You and your allies within 35 yards gain a 10% chance to hit enemies twice with each attack. Lasts 15 seconds. Skill Runes 1. Ecstasy i. You gain 15% increased damage and generate 50 Mirth. 2. Edge of Glory i. Reduce Cooldown to 100 seconds. 3. Resonance of Joy i. You and your allies gain 10% increased Resource generation. 4. Mania i. Increase the chance to hit enemies twice to 15%. 5. You Only Live Once i. You and your allies gain 16000 Life per Second. F. Performances a. Circle of Fate i. Cooldown: 45 seconds ii. Create a 20-yard wide area around you that increases the duration of control impairing effects by 25%. Enemies caught within the circle have a 50% chance to be afflicted by a random control impairing effect for 4 seconds. Lasts 10 seconds. Skill Runes 1. Sealing Barrier i. Create a 16-yard wide circle that prevents enemies from exiting. 2. Monster Pen i. Enemies within the circle deal 20% less damage. 3. Target Practice i. Throw poisoned daggers and axes at all enemies inside the circle, dealing 3000% weapon damage as Poison over 10 seconds. 4. Circus Ring i. Allies within the circle gain +5% to their highest Attribute. 5. Vertigo i. Tremors crack and displace the earth within the circle, dealing 150% weapon damage per second as Physical. Enemies are Stunned for 3 seconds when Circle of Fate ends. b. Four Arms i. Cost: 20 Mirth ii. Grow an extra pair of arms that wield swords, dealing 90% weapon damage as Physical to nearby enemies. Lasts 10 minutes. Skill Runes 1. Spiked Guard i. The arms wield spiky guards, increasing your Armor by 12%. ii. Enemies that hit you have a 65% chance to lose 1% of their remaining Life. 2. Mighty Magic i. The arms wield mallets, dealing 120% weapon damage as Arcane to enemies within 12 yards. ii. Enemies hit receive 10% more non-Physical damage for 3 seconds. 3. Twin Lashes i. The arms wield whips, dealing 90% weapon damage as Cold to enemies up to 40 yards away. ii. Enemies hit are Slowed by 80% for 2 seconds. 4. Torch i. The arms hurl torches at enemies that burn them for 300% weapon damage as Fire over 3 seconds. Burn damage stacks on enemies hit. 5. Clutch of the Puppeteer i. Enemies hit have a 15% chance to be stringed like puppets and forced to fight for you for 5 seconds. c. Fire Dance i. Cost: 30 Mirth ii. Attack all enemies within 20 yards with flaming poi for 880% weapon damage as Fire over 4 hits. Skill Runes 1. Rancid Flame i. Each hit releases a gas cloud that deals 1800% weapon damage as Poison over 10 seconds to enemies within 10 yards. ii. Fire Dance’s damage turns into Poison. 2. Phoenix Flight i. Enemies hit burn for 1200% weapon damage as Fire over 5 seconds. ii. Each hit has a 10% chance to restore 10 Mirth. 3. Ancient Serpent i. Attack with arcane poi that pierces and pulls in up to 12 enemies within 30 yards, dealing 1000% weapon damage as Arcane. 4. Earth Diver i. Shoot spear poi into the ground that stabs all enemies within 15 yards, dealing 900% weapon damage as Physical over 5 hits. Enemies hit have a 30% chance to be Immobilized for 4 seconds. 5. Snow Ballet i. Lob frozen projectiles from your poi with each hit, leaving pools of ice that deal 220% weapon damage as Cold per second. ii. Fire Dance’s damage turns into Cold. d. Glass Prison i. Cooldown: 45 seconds ii. Trap up to 4 enemies within invisible walls for 4 seconds. The walls then shatter, dealing 500% weapon damage as Physical to enemies within 16 yards. Skill Runes 1. Prism Edge a. Trapped enemies take 15% more damage from all sources. 2. Gas Chamber a. The prison is filled with poisonous vapors that deal 200% weapon damage per second as Poison. Upon shattering, a poison mist lingers in the area, dealing 1040% weapon damage as Poison over 8 seconds. b. Trapped enemies receive 30% more damage from Poison Skills. 3. Chiller a. The prison freezes the enemy, dealing 315% weapon damage per second as Cold. When it shatters, shards of ice pelt enemies within 16 yards for 450% weapon damage as Cold and Chills them for 5 seconds. b. Trapped enemies receive 30% more damage from Cold Skills. 4. Boiler Tank a. The enemy is boiled within the prison for 250% weapon damage per second as Fire. When it shatters, boiling oil pours out and scalds enemies within 16 yards for 800% weapon damage as Fire over 5 seconds. b. Trapped enemies receive 30% more damage from Fire Skills. 5. Eerie Box a. The prison pulses with Arcane energy, dealing 350% weapon damage per second to all enemies within 16 yards. A brilliant light flashes when it shatters, Blinding all enemies within 16 yards for 4 seconds. b. Trapped enemies receive 30% more damage from Arcane Skills. Passive Skills a. Esprit de Corps i. As long as you have an ally within 30 yards, you and your allies gain +200 to your highest Attribute. ii. “A Jester’s presence alone can boost morale to great heights”. b. Grace Under Pressure i. Gain 5% chance to dodge attacks for each enemy within 20 yards, stacking up to 5 times. ii. Gain a 25% chance to reduce all cooldown by 1 second every time you Dodge. iii. “Keep up or die”. – Fara Featherfoot to novitiates in the Maze of Horrors c. Jack of All Trades i. Your resistance to any damage type is the sum of all your resistances equally divided between each resistance type. ii. “I am as good as any of you”. – Beni the Braggart d. Restlessness i. When there are 3 or more enemies within 20 yards, you gain 30% increased movement speed. ii. “The darkness approaches. Let us keep moving”. – Aris Alisto e. Monster Tamer i. When dual wielding whips, you gain 15% increased Attack Speed. ii. “Anything can be subdued, given the right tools”. – Rule No. 6, Jesters’ Creed f. Pantomime i. Each attack has a 5% chance to summon a mime that mimics all your attacks for 3 seconds. When equipped with a Marotte, this chance is increased to 10%. ii. “The Jesters of Duncraig are widely known for their ability to copy others’ movements and skills… to much irritation, that is”. g. Hoarding i. Each occupied slot in your inventory increases your Gold pick-up radius by 0.1. In addition, all skill radii are increased by 10% of your Gold pick-up radius. ii. “Bring all you can. You never know what will come in handy.” – Rule No. 10, Jesters’ Creed h. Nag i. Critical Hits have a 10% chance to increase your weapon damage by 15% for 5 seconds. ii. “Sometimes, they just don’t know when to stop”. – King Leoric on the execution of his new court Jesters, Harry and Haras i. Ghost in the Shell i. Increase your Marionette’s damage by 40% and maximum Life by 15%. ii. Your Marionette now uses its active ability every 30 seconds. iii. “I cannot put my finger on how she makes those dolls so lifelike. And she’s controlling ten of them!” -The spy Meirin on Yochi Yankana at the Battle of Ten Fingers j. Fortune Telling i. When you receive fatal damage, you are instead restored to 35% of your maximum Life. In addition, all Mirth is restored and you gain 100% chance to Dodge the next 2 attacks within 3 seconds. This effect may occur once every 60 seconds. ii. “Though deemed dubious by many, Jesters are known across Sanctuary to rival the best oracles in interpreting the fabric of time”. k. Gymnastics i. Increase your Dexterity by 15%, but decrease your Resistances by 10%. ii. “Their flamboyant and light clothing are both a deception and a means to maximize their fluid movement”. l. Circus Master i. Increase all damage done to Demons, Beasts, and Undead by 10%. ii. All attacks done to Demons, Beasts, and Undead have a 10% chance to Stun them for 1 second. iii. “The Jesters may have fallen once in their attempt to control all sorts of oddities for show, but their knowledge with these creatures have proven to be useful in battle”. – 28th Entry of the Writings of Abd al-Hazir m. Multitasking i. Reduce all cooldown by 20%. In addition, all Mirth generation is increased by 2 when you have 3 or more skills on cooldown. ii. “They seem to be out of focus, but they are not. They make notice of everything, everywhere, every time”. – 60th Entry of the Writings of Abd al-Hazir n. Unwavering Smile i. Increase maximum Mirth by 30. Mirth now continuously regenerates at 1.25 per second. ii. “Bare your teeth in a wide grin, Though darkness falls, and light is fading Despair will come, and death to kin But never give in to sadness’s calling”. - Ancient Jester Chant o. Juggler i. Melee weapons in your Inventory have a 5% chance to be hurled at nearby enemies with each attack, dealing 200% of that weapon’s damage. When Four Arms is active, this chance is increased to 10%. ii. “Sometimes I forget that I only have four hands”. – Mishra Maelform, Master Juggler p. Trick or Treat i. Whenever you pick up items or Gold, there is a 20% chance to Stun all enemies within 15 yards for 2 seconds. Your Gold pick-up radius increases the range of this effect. ii. Enemies killed while Stunned drop 20% more Gold. iii. “Think carefully when a Jester asks you this question”. – Lord Varyn of Duncraig q. Prestige i. Fire, Cold, Poison and Arcane damage you receive are reduced by 30%. ii. “Eccentricity is in our nature”. r. Phase Shift i. Your movement is unhindered when you are above 90% of your maximum Life. ii. “I am beyond this realm; I am where my imagination takes me”. – Trake Treadwalker s. Mesmerize i. All your primary skills have 30% increased damage and gain a 6% chance to cast an explosion of sound and light, either Blinding or Charming enemies within 8 yards for 4 seconds. ii. “Behold! Marvel at my feats of mystery and wonder!”SethMD16 May 12
May 12 Open for illustration Commission (Diablo) Greetings fellow nephallem! i'm an illustrator and open for commission! here's my portfolio if you guys interested: Thank you!cha4os0 May 12