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May 12 Open for illustration Commission (Diablo) Greetings fellow nephallem! i'm an illustrator and open for commission! here's my portfolio if you guys interested: Thank you!cha4os0 May 12
May 12 Illustration Commission (Diablo 3) open here :D Hello fellow nephallem! i'm open for commission, for anyone interested, here's my portfolio: Thank you!cha4os4 May 12
May 11 Rolands Legacy Crusader Cosplay ... Best in show runner up this year with my Rolands Legacy Crusader armor. Over 1000 hours of work. Also a Final Witness shield in there to give more detail.Vinleon1 May 11
May 11 Wallpaper Art: Calendar May - Never Alone Postsed on: deviantART: twitter: Featuring Stephen Oakley's - Never Alone: Sorry I missed out on April. Had PC issues as well as other things that kept me from making anything during April. But with that as the Necromancer Beta has gone live off and on for the last few weeks it was time to make a calendar theme based on that. This is that result! Enjoy! HK Diablo & Necromancer (C) Blizzard Art by Blizzard & Stephen Oakley.Holyknight0 May 11
May 10 Proposal for new set I posted this on the wrong section, so I think this is the right place. Sry for double post. We already have several legendaries that augments phalanx builds ie. Helm of Kassar, Unrelenting Phalanx, Baleful Remnant and Eternal Union. So why not create a complete set to complement these items? Like the Seeker of the Light set? I like phalanx a lot, especially the bowman rune. I have a build that I use for farming bounties using 4 piece Akkhan with rorg, Swiftmount, all the phalanx items mentioned above and Leoric's crown. Unfortunately it's pretty weak, and is only viable up to torment 6. I have 52% cdr and with swiftmount I'm permanently on my horse, like a real crusading knight. It's silly I know, but I'm especially drawn to the fantasy of being a lord charging through the battlefield whilst commanding his army. So here I'm proposing a phalanx set to fulfill my fantasy whilst making it competitive with other sets. Set name: Bastion of the Faithful 2 piece bonus: Your phalanx attack 50% faster and deal splash damage 4 piece bonus: Critical hits from your phalanx reduce the remaining cooldown of your active skills by 1 second. (might be OP, maybe just steed charge and akarats champion) 6 piece bonus: For each phalanx you have active, reduce damage taken by 3% and increase the damage dealt by phalanx by 30%. Support item: Bracer (Shroud of the Eternal Host): Damage you deal have a 15-25% chance to spawn a phalanx avatar. Max 4 avatars. Cube: Helm of Kassar, Eternal Union, Baleful Remnant or Swiftmount or The Furnace Please let me know what you think.haradanam1 May 10
May 10 my Idea for a new diablo story Diablo 4 Hatered & Terror As we all know the lord of Hate's soul-stone was destroyed at the hell forge in diablo 2, But what if it wasnt ..Not entirly anyway let's say there remained a shard of the stone that still contained the very essence of mephisto himself. So Diablo & mephisto's soul & essence still remain in the world. Thought's & Suggestions ? of course this would take place after diablo 3 ros. Im still currently writing out the full story line , But im curious on your thoughts about the base line of the story.Adoxious1 May 10
May 7 season 10 & necro beta live stream! Hey folks Cornell here from the Mid-Life Crits crew wanting to invite you all to join me on my Cornell plays series as I explored season 10 with my Demon Hunter and stream the Necromancer beta as it is available. You can find us on either Twitch or YouTube at the links to follow! Thanks and see ya in stream! May 7
May 2 The Eternal War ... Diablo IV : The Eternal War. Well, that was some bad poetry for introduction mixed with my broken english, sorry for that, first time and last one I think. Lets go right to the point. Yesterday I was thinking about the future of our favourite game, so I came to mind: Will it happen again? come on, its like the 6th time diablo comes to earth to kill us all? So, it would be really interesting if the story takes a spin-off and go back to The Eternal War, the endless fight, angels vs demons!!, the unleashing relentless power of the good and the evil clashing in an epic battle!!!! (too much?), and we can choose angels or demons, like a new concept of the game, classes and story depending on which side do we choose. It would be fantastic also with multiplayer battles between the two sides. Obviously always respecting the gender and the style of the game. Maybe taking old good things like runewords, trade, and implementing completely new PvP systems with arenas, tournaments, duels, etc. Im talking about something brand new, exciting, and innovative. What do you think guys? PD: Im really sorry for my bad english, and of course Im not an expert in the game but I played it for a very long time and I love it, and I love the lore, and I love killing monsters and I think you too.Topless0 May 2
Apr 21 [Suggestion]Druid Character Pack "Call of Nature, The Consecration of the Druid" Hello everyone, I was so excited about the necromancer's wakeup package that I decided to write this article for some CM to see and analyze my idea. As we all know with the coming of the necromancer, and the same having as intelligence main attribute, two spaces have been opened for characters one that uses force and another one that uses dexterity. Today we will focus on a class that I loved and love playing in Diablo 2, this class was the first one I created, and when they ask me which one I prefer and I respond with great pleasure, The Druid. As well as me several Diablo players love this class and would like to see her again battling the minions from hell in Sanctuary and using as main attribute Strength. Here is where I came up with my idea for a Character Pack, which I called "Called of Nature, The Consecration of the Druid." Below I will try to describe A context where the class would fit into the story, well let's go friends to what matters. "After the restoration of balance by the priests of Rathma, the shrine begins to recover from the damage caused by death, the survivors are gradually regaining their lives. Tyrael, now as an aspect of wisdom, acts as a protector and advisor to the remnants. There are no manifestations of the heavenly paradise so little of burning hell, everything seems calm and tranquil. Behold, Surge Lorath Nar, wounded and frightened, Tyrael asks what has happened. Lorath says that it was investigating about the horadrim that were sent to Skovos and did not give news when suddenly it was attacked by a creature that the same one could not identify, Lorath only remembers that before fainting could see a warrior, the same was accompanied by A bear that seemed to be his faithful friend and around him there was a light that radiated it, reminiscent of a kind of fairy or spirit of the forest, this warrior wore a helm of wolf and costumes that resembled animal skin, the last memory of Lorath, before fainting was that the warrior called a bird gave him instructions and the same was to inquire the strange creature. And the light that radiated the warrior approached Lorath, he felt as if he were being refreshed and fainted soon after, waking hours later. Tyrael is perplexed by the story and says "It can not be ... I never imagined that I would ever hear about them again." So folks this is my idea for a Character Pack to introduce the Druid as a playable character in Diablo 3, as I'm sure many here, just like me, love this class. A hug to everyone and hope that some CM see this and pass it to the developers. :) PS: Sorry my EnglishGiusti2 Apr 21
Apr 11 Gem level 75 perks ideas So this was an idea that I had a long time ago and I keep coming back to it. To keep things short I would like to pitch that at level 75 gems should get another affix/ perk that unlocks. My hope would be to make the less used gems competitive, but not mandatory. I'd prefer to keep defensive gems defensive and aggressive gems (the used ones) aggressive. The way I see it the less used/ specialty gems should be more powerful to entice new builds only available to those interested in making them work and the popular gems should get nice bonuses, but not any major changes. It would also help push seasonal rifts past the 70 mark for the achievement as it would be close and exciting to get it unlocked. I would appriciate any suggestions and will take into account any that you have. BANE OF THE POWERFUL -Gain 20% increased damage for 30.0+x seconds after killing an elite pack. -Increases damage against elites by 15.0% (Requires Rank 25) -Increases movement speed by 10+x% while fighting elites. (Requires Rank 75) This gem is already way too prevalent in builds because of the buffs, so instead of making that worse I gave it benefits outside of “more hurt.” It might even allow extra damage by freeing up paragon points. BANE OF THE STRICKEN -Each attack you make against an enemy increases the damage it takes from your attacks by 0.80+x%. -Gain 25% increased damage against bosses and Rift Guardians. (Requires Rank 25) -Every 100 stacks on the same target, you gain a shield for 5+x% of your life (Requires Rank 75) This again is one of those gems that doesn't need much help. It's meant for damage and does that well, so this makes it easier to actually see that the gem is working by counting the amount of stacks you have and could make it more fun to frantically keep them up. BANE OF THE TRAPPED -Increase damage against enemies under the effects of control-impairing effects by 15.00+x%. -Gain an aura that reduces the movement speed of enemies within 15 yards by 30%. (Requires Rank 75) -Enemies affected by this gem’s aura receive double the durations of any impairing effects. This gem is already a powerhouse and to make it have more damage would be unnecessary. So a trap for a gem that requires you to be within striking range is something that is useful. BOON OF THE HOARDER -25.0+x% chance on killing an enemy to cause an explosion of gold. -Gain 30% increased movement speed for 2 seconds after picking up gold. (Requires Rank 25) -Increases your chances of finding goblin portals. (Requires Rank 75) A simple effect for a simple gem. Farming so you can farm is always good? BOYARSKY'S CHIP -Adds 16000+x Thorns. -Taunt the first enemy hit by your Primary skills for 2 seconds. (Requires Rank 25) -Thorns damage changes to your highest elemental damage type and gains a 1+x% chance to crit. (Requires Rank 75) This gem is already crazy and thorns damage has never been impressive with or without it, I would hope that this would allow it to change up builds as physical damage is mandatory otherwise. ENFORCER -Increase the damage of your pets by 15.00%. -Your pets take 25% less damage. (Requires Rank 25) -Your pets now gain damage equal to your highest elemental damage type, and gain 5+x% attack speed. (Requires Rank 75) This is something that needs to be done as any which doctor can agree. The attack speed is just to make it worth the stacks. ESOTERIC ALTERATION -Gain 10.0+x% non-Physical damage reduction. -While below half Life, your resistances to Cold, Fire, Lightning, Poison, and Arcane are increased by 75%. (Requires Rank 25) -Gain a 20+x% chance to reflect 20% of Elemental damage taken to enemies within 15 yards. (Requires Rank 75) A small buff to a helpful gem, it would help ease the loss of damage, but still remain a defensive gem. GEM OF EASE -Monster kills grant +500+x experience. -Level requirement of the item this gem is socketed into is set to 1. (Requires Rank 25) -Killing an elite grants 100% Bonus experience for 20+x seconds. (Requires Rank 75) This one just allows for more experience gain as it is literally meant for nothing else. GEM OF EFFICACIOUS TOXIN -Poison all enemies hit for 2000+x% weapon damage over 10 seconds. -All enemies you poison take 10% increased damage from all sources. (Requires Rank 25) -When an affected target dies it releases a toxic cloud infecting all enemies within 10 yards and dealing damage equal to the remainder that the target would have taken over 10 seconds. (Requires Rank 75) This turns the gem into an AOE and gives it a nice damage bump that also allows for single target builds to have AOE at the same time. GOGOK OF SWIFTNESS -Gain Swiftness with every attack, increasing your Attack Speed by 1% and Dodge by 0.50+x% for 4 seconds. This effect stacks up to 15 times. -Gain 1% Cooldown Reduction per stack of Swiftness. (Requires Rank 25) -Dodging an attack now also grants swiftness, when at 15 stacks you can gain an additional 5 stacks of swiftness only by dodging or killing an enemy. (Requires Rank 75) This buffs is mostly for melee characters, but currently that is the direction that the gem is pointed towards. ICEBLINK -Your Cold skills now apply Chill effects and your Chill effects now Slow enemy movement by an additional 5.0+x%. -Gain 10% increased Critical Hit Chance against Chilled and Frozen enemies. (Requires Rank 25) -Damage with Cold skills has a 5% chance to summon a frost hydra for 5 seconds that deals 1000+x% weapon damage as cold damage. (Requires Rank 75) This would be a cornerstone for frost builds and would justify a gem that's so specific to one mechanic. INVIGORATING GEMSTONE -Each hit done increases healing received by 1.00% for 5 seconds. Stacks up to 10 times. -You are immune from control impairing effects. (Requires Rank 25) -Every 10% of your health gained from this gem’s effect has a 15+x% chance to reduce all defensive skills cooldowns. (Requires Rank 75) This gem is never used, so this effect might help this. MIRINAE, TEARDROP OF THE STARWEAVER -15% chance on hit to smite a nearby enemy for 2000+x% weapon damage as Holy. -Smite a nearby enemy every 5 seconds. (Requires Rank 25) -Smitten enemies burn with righteous fire, taking 10+x% increased damage for 5 seconds, if killed they explode smiting 2 additional enemies for 2000+x% within 20 yards. (Requires Rank 75) This would allow for everyone to single out specific targets for more damage, constantly shifting focus from one to another. MOLTEN WILDEBEEST'S GIZZARD -Regenerates 10000+x Life per Second. -After not taking damage for 4 seconds, gain an absorb shield for 200% of your total Life per Second. (Requires Rank 25) -When the absorbing shield is broken your character explodes in fire dealing 100% of your Life per Second to everything within 15 yards. (Requires Rank 75) This would put the “Molten” back into the Wildebeest’s gizzard and add some splash damage to a defensive gem. MORATORIUM -25% of all damage taken is instead staggered and dealt to you over 3.00+x seconds. -10% chance on kill to clear all staggered damage. (Requires Rank 25) -The remainder of your cleared staggered damage is applied to an enemy within 10 yards and it's damage is multiplied by 2000+x%. (Requires Rank 75) This would make a primarily defencive gem help to not nerf your damage as it would scale with the damage you took. MUTILATION GUARD -Gain 10.0+x% melee damage reduction. -While below 30% Life, you may move unhindered through enemies. (Requires Rank 25) -Gain a 20+x% chance to reflect 20% of physical damage taken to enemies within 15 yards. (Requires Rank 75) This is a small buff to a gem that is already widely used. PAIN ENHANCER -Critical hits cause the enemy to bleed for 1200.0+x% weapon damage as Physical over 3 seconds. -Gain Blood Frenzy, granting you 3% increased Attack Speed for each bleeding enemy within 20 yards.(Requires Rank 25) -When bleeding enemies die, their bones explode damaging enemies within 10 yards for 2000+x% of the remaining damage as physical. (Requires Rank 75) This gem is under used, so a decent damage buff would benefit it greatly. Red Soul Shard -Periodically struggle for control, unleashing a ring of fire that deals 12500% damage as Fire to enemies it passes through. Upgrading increases damage by 50%. -After gaining a Character Level or Paragon Level, the character has their resource costs and cooldowns of all skills reduced by 75% for 30 seconds. -When fighting Rift Guardians or Bosses you gain 10+x% resource cost reduction. (Requires Rank 75) This gem is worthless, but not useless, atleast with this buff. SIMPLICITY'S STRENGTH -Increase the damage of primary skills by 25.00+x%. -Primary skills heal you for 2% of maximum Life on hit.(Requires Rank 25) -Gain 1+x% to automatically strike the enemy again, this ability is guaranteed to critically strike and generates your primary resources. (Requires Rank 75) This would be great for builds that need to gain resources quickly and or melee builds in general. TAEGUK -Gain 2.00% increased damage for 1.5 seconds when you spend resource on a channeled skill. This effect stacks up to 10 times. -Gain 2.0% increased Armor for every stack. (Requires Rank 25) -Channeling a skill increases attack speed by 1+x% every second, this effect is lost upon the end of channeling. (Requires Rank 75) This one would allow you to essentially gain more and more attack speed until you ran out of resources and the builds designed around this would make for some fun hunting. WREATH OF LIGHTNING -15% chance on hit to gain a Wreath of Lightning, dealing 600.0+x% weapon damage as Lightning every second to nearby enemies for 3 seconds. -While under the effect of the Wreath of Lightning, gain 25% increased movement speed. (Requires Rank 25) -Your Lightning skills gain a 1+x% chance to turn your enemy into a lightning rod, causing them to deal 500% weapon damage as Lightning to all enemies within 15 yards of it. (Requires Rank 75) This would be a fun thing to see, and would reward Lightning builds greatly. ZEI'S STONE OF VENGEANCE -Damage you deal is increased by 4.00+x% for every 10 yards between you and the enemy hit. Maximum 20.00+x% increase at 50 yards. -20% chance on hit to Stun the enemy for 1 second.(Requires Rank 25) -Each enemy struck at 50 or more yards grants an absorbing shield for 5+x% life on hit for 10 seconds and knocks back all enemies when broken, 10 second cooldown. (Requires Rank 75) This would allow ranged characters a chance at higher levels and augments an already decent gem to make it an even more favorable one. I've posted this on another site, so sorry if you are seeing this again.ZIGGY0 Apr 11
Apr 8 Robust Enigma Invites You To Come Hang Out Greetings Minions of Internet Land! Robust Enigma here doing a shameless plug of my livestreams! I've been on YouTube, Twitch, and Hitbox for some time now, but recently, since the start of this season especially, I've been really pushing to try and stay active and consistent with my live streams. Currently I'm rocking a Ping-Pong Crusader, a Holy Hammerdin, and experimenting with some Thorns as well. As of today I just finished making a Level 70 EXP set with no level requirements, and will be uploading a time-lapse of each class going from 1-70, because why not? So I will be rolling around some alts for show as well. Anyways, if you are ever interested in stopping out to watch, or play along, feel free to hit me up! :D ╔» [US] • Diablo 3 • Crusader Cruising ► Season 10 ◄ «╗ Thanks for checking out this post, and hopefully, I'll see you all on the other side! --RERobustEnigma0 Apr 8
Apr 7 New Competitive Season clan Bacon is actively seeking members for the season, We are looking to Push Grift and to rank, in the leaderboard anyone is welcome friends and family also. Send a request if you are playing season. We also have a TeamSpeak server Fr3nchy#1579Fr3nchy0 Apr 7
Apr 1 Game Streamers, are they interesting? I have gone to twitch and Youtube and have seen some interesting streams of Diablo 3. I know some are working on it every day for many hours on camera. That can not be easy. Most are doing the "Adventure Mode" to get the end game seasonal OP gear. While some might find that interesting, I got bored. It is mostly someone pounding on a keyboard not speaking for hours. The most entertaining streams I have seen was streamers doing "story mode". I saw a girl (who's name I forget) on twitch wearing a Pokemon shirt doing the story mode. Very entertaining. I loved the reactions to what she was seeing for the first time. She almost cried when Cain died. Well, tonight at 8PM eastern another Youtube streamer is going to start the game from the beginning in "story mode" and play it periodically through October. Her Youtube name is Corky Dancer and in my humble opinion she is one of the top Youtube streamers. To find her stream go to youtube and type in "Corky Dancer" into the search. It will be the first result you see. I will be there and I hope to see your there.Dkenning8 Apr 1
Mar 29 S10 T13 Solo Class Comparsion Mar 29
Mar 27 Diablo III Character Class Concept: Cleric UPDATE: 03/27/17 Hello fellow Nephalem! I'm back. Ugh that took a while, but I finally finished my second concept character for Diablo 3! I would appreciate your comments below, thanks! Cleric Diablo III Character Class Concept Cleric Long ago, a select few nephalem were charged by the demon Lilith to “safeguard” the knowledge of their race, with the goal of using their powers to end the Eternal Conflict. However, Lilith’s plan was unfurled by the angel Inarius, and banished her into the Void. The nephalem, initially lost in the ensuing chaos, learned the truth to this conflict, and chose to forge their own paths that led to the multitude of sects that now inhabit and protect Sanctuary. Like Rathma, one of the first and most powerful nephalem, Resho embraced balance, but took a theological approach. He believed that the nephalem – as they were both of light and shadow – were the likeness of Anu, The Creator and source of all beings. He formed The Clergy of Anu, and entrusted them the protection of the Sanctuary from forces that seek to disrupt the Original Balance. • The Clerics have unparalleled control over their nephalem powers, and can wield both Holy and Dark energies at will without being taken over. • Unyielding mid to long range hero • Vitality-based damage • Resource: Mercy o Base Mercy: 900 o Regenerates slowly overtime o Regenerates faster (1.3x) when you or an ally within 15 yards is below 60% Life o Replenished by Mercy Generators • Mainly a supportive and debuffer class • Deals heavy Thorns damage to enemies through special skills • Unique equipment: 2-Handed Healing Staves, Cope (Shoulders), Miter (Head) Active Skills A. Primary a. Chant i. Generate: 65 Mercy per attack ii. Recite words of power that taunt enemies within 16 yards for 1 second and deals 190% weapon damage as Dark. Skill Runes 1. Forced Echoes i. Enemies hit have a 50% chance to utter your words of power, dealing 120% of your weapon damage as Holy over 3 seconds to other enemies within 8 yards. ii. Damage is increased by 20% of your Thorns. iii. Chant’s damage turns into Holy. 2. Hushed Whispers i. Gain 15% chance to Freeze enemies hit for 2 seconds. ii. Chant’s damage turns into Cold. 3. Ancient Tongue i. Enemies hit are shocked for 300% weapon damage as Lightning over 3 seconds. 4. Incessant Murmurs i. Increase Mercy generated to 80. 5. Call Out i. Increase the radius to 20 yards. b. Compel i. Generate: 75 Mercy per attack ii. Force virtuousness unto an enemy and deal 260% weapon damage as Holy. Skill Runes 1. Dragoon i. Increase the damage to 340% weapon damage as Physical. 2. Pressure of Will i. Enemies hit have a 20% chance to be Charmed for 3 seconds. ii. Damage is increased by 20% of your Thorns. iii. Compel’s damage turns into Dark. 3. Purify i. Deal 175% weapon damage as Holy to up to 3 additional targets within 30 yards. 4. Truth Fever i. Gain 3618 Life per Second for 3 seconds with each attack. ii. Compel’s damage turns into Lightning. 5. High Authority i. Increase Mercy generated to 85. ii. Enemies hit receive 20% more damage from Cold for 4 seconds. iii. Compel’s damage turns into Cold. c. Preach i. Generate: 65 Mercy per attack ii. Speak age-old verses that deal 180% weapon damage as Holy over 2 seconds to enemies and heal allies for 6058 Life over 2 seconds within 20 yards. iii. Heal amount is increased by 5% of your Life per Second. Skill Runes 1. Proclamation i. Increase the radius to 28 yards. 2. Repentance i. Reduce the damage of enemies hit by 10% for 2 seconds. ii. Damage is increased by 20% of your Thorns. iii. Preach’s damage turns into Lightning. 3. Of Angels and Men i. Allies also gain 10% increased Resistance to all types for 2 seconds. 4. Absolute Belief i. Enemies hit have a 15% chance to be Charmed for 3 seconds. 5. Archaic Writings i. Incantations line the ground, dealing 360% weapon damage as Dark over 3 seconds and heal allies for 12132 Life over 3 seconds. d. Revitalize i. Generate: 65 Mercy per attack ii. Heal yourself and an ally within 35 yards for 7681-10285 Life. iii. Heal amount is increased by 5% of your Health Globe Healing Bonus. Skill Runes 1. Lavender Mist i. Create pockets of unusual fog that heal allies for 3421 Life per Second and reduce the duration of control-impairing effects by 20% for 3 seconds. 2. Contempt i. Deal 280% weapon damage as Cold to enemies within 12 yards and Slow them by 60% for 3 seconds. ii. Damage is increased by 20% of your Thorns. 3. Lightness of Being i. Increase your movement speed by 20% for 2 seconds. 4. Laying of Hands i. Allies healed also gain 4776 Life per Hit for 3 seconds. 5. Afterlight i. Every third attack releases a burst of energy that deals 345% weapon damage as Lightning to all enemies within 15 yards. Enemies hit have a 25% chance to be Stunned for 1 second. B. Secondary a. Benediction i. Cost: 265 Mercy ii. Blessed rain falls on your target and all others within 20 yards for 6 seconds that Slows enemies by 60% and decreases their attack speed by 10%, while providing you and your allies with a 7% Cooldown Reduction. Skill Runes 1. Refresh i. Allies affected regenerate an additional 48785-73812 Life over 6 seconds when healed by Potions or Health Globes. 2. Sacred Water i. Holy rain cuts through your enemies, dealing 990% weapon damage as Holy over 6 seconds. 3. Forebode i. Create a torrential downpour that Slows enemies by 80% and decreases their attack speed by 20%. 4. Silver Cloud i. Lightning bolts deal 175% weapon damage as Lightning per second for 6 seconds. ii. Enemies hit have a 25% chance to be Stunned for 2 seconds. 5. Imperil i. Enemies affected also receive 10% more damage from Physical, Lightning, Cold, Holy and Dark. b. Pneuma i. Cost: 245 Mercy ii. Let the force of your soul expand and burst, dealing 670% weapon damage as Holy to enemies within 20 yards. Skill Runes 1. Gray Shade i. Increase the damage to 1020% weapon damage as Dark. 2. Incandescence i. Gain 1% of your maximum Life per enemy hit. ii. Allies within 20 yards are healed for 9335 Life. 3. Stoic Shell i. Reduce the damage you receive by 3% for each enemy hit for 4 seconds. This effect stacks up to 5 times. ii. Pneuma’s damage turns into Physical. 4. Soul Shiver i. Create a bone-chilling blast that deals 715% weapon damage as Cold and Freezes enemies hit for 1 second. 5. Doldrums i. Enemies hit are Immobilized and receive 20% more damage from Lightning for 4 seconds. ii. Pneuma’s damage turns into Lightning. c. Light Stream i. Cost: 175 Mercy ii. Project a beam of resplendent light that deals 555% weapon damage as Holy to the target and 220% weapon damage as Holy to enemies within 15 yards. Skill Runes 1. Pulse Sphere i. Cast a ball of light that tracks enemies and quickly fires multiple explosive beams within a 15-yard radius, dealing 295% weapon damage as Holy. 2. Energy Void i. Maintain a void that drains the life of your enemies within 20 yards equal to 350% of your weapon damage as Cold. The void gathers energy over time up to a maximum of 10 seconds, and will explode and deal 100% weapon damage as Cold for each second it has gathered energy to all enemies within 20 yards. 3. Ephemeral Spear i. Project a beam that will track and pierce up to 10 enemies within 35 yards, dealing 700% weapon damage as Physical. The last enemy hit will receive an additional 480% weapon damage as Physical over 3 seconds. 4. Primeval Cross i. Light Stream now fires 4 beams in a cross formation. Enemies hit take 20% more damage from Dark for 4 seconds. ii. Light Stream’s damage turns into Dark. 5. Thunder Force i. Enemies hit will cause lightning to arc between them, dealing 150% weapon damage as Lightning over 2 seconds. ii. Light Stream’s damage turns into Lightning. d. Execrate i. Cost: 160 Mercy ii. Expel the evil potential out of your enemy, dealing 770% weapon damage as Holy. iii. When you kill an enemy, you gain Dark Insight, increasing your damage against monsters by 25% for 5 seconds. Skill Runes 1. Cast Out i. Primal energies pour out of enemies killed, dealing 990% weapon damage as Holy over 3 seconds to enemies within 12 yards. 2. Pristine Shock i. Continuously deal 375% weapon damage as Lightning to the enemy. ii. Execrate has a 15% chance to Stun the enemy for 2 seconds. 3. Deep Comprehension i. Increase the effect of Dark Insight to 40%. ii. Execrate’s damage turns into Dark. 4. Mitigation i. Enemies hit deal 20% less damage for 5 seconds. ii. Execrate’s damage turns into Cold. 5. Purge i. Deal 485% weapon damage as Physical to the target and all enemies within 16 yards. Enemies hit receive 20% more damage from Physical for 4 seconds. C. Defensive a. Deliverance i. Cooldown: 30 seconds ii. Move instantaneously up to 40 yards at a time within 80 yards of your origin for 6 seconds. Skill Runes 1. Augment i. Increase your Armor by 40% for 6 seconds. 2. Rancor i. Reduce the Cooldown to 24 seconds. 3. Reprisal i. Increase your Thorns by 75% for 6 seconds. 4. Liberation i. Reduce damage taken from Elites by 25% for 6 seconds. 5. Penumbra i. Reduce all Non-Physical damage taken by 20% for 6 seconds. b. Candle in the Dark i. Cost: 100 Mercy ii. Mysterious candles surround you that periodically Blind nearby enemies for 3 seconds. Lasts 10 minutes. Skill Runes 1. Light the Way i. Candles also hover over your allies within 35 yards. 2. Black Flame i. Candles also seek out and mark up to 5 enemies within 50 yards, causing them to take 50% weapon damage as Dark per second and receive a debuff that increases the damage they receive from Critical Hits by 35%. 3. Candelabra i. Increase your gold pickup radius by 7 and reduce the duration of control-impairing effects by 40%. 4. Shining Ward i. Create spheres that shoot bolts of energy at nearby enemies, dealing 250% weapon damage as Holy. 5. Cold Glow i. Enemies within 15 yards receive 35% increased damage from Thorns. c. Penance i. Cooldown: 30 seconds ii. Seek absolution and increase all healing done to allies by 15% for 7 seconds. Skill Runes 1. Affirmation i. Increase your Critical Hit Chance by 20% for 5 seconds after the primary effect of Penance ends. 2. Self-Reflection i. Regenerate 350 Mercy over 7 seconds. 3. Contrition i. Increase all healing done to allies by 30%, but all of your Mercy costs are increased by 20% for 7 seconds. 4. Atonement i. Allies within 35 yards gain 20% of their maximum Life over 7 seconds. 5. Agony i. You are filled with great remorse, causing you to pulse with a distressing force that deals 230% weapon damage as Dark to enemies within 24 yards. ii. Damage is increased by 15% of your Thorns. d. Gate of Protection i. Cooldown: 60 seconds ii. Create a magical ward that redirects 10% of all damage taken by allies within 30 yards to you for 10 seconds. iii. Reduce all damage you receive by 12%, and an additional 4% for each ally you have for 10 seconds. Skill Runes 1. Recompense i. Increase your Critical Hit Damage by 15% for each ally affected. 2. Good Samaritan i. Increase the damage redirected to you to 15%. 3. Unyielding i. All damage you receive is staggered over 5 seconds. 4. Vicarious Joy i. Gain 7493 Life per Hit, and an additional 2135 Life per Hit for each ally affected. 5. Dampener i. Enemies that hit affected allies have 20% reduced damage for 4 seconds. e. Invocation i. Cooldown: 45 seconds ii. Summon 2 priests that have a 20% chance to Charm enemies they hit for 4 seconds. Lasts 10 seconds. Skill Runes 1. Augurs i. The priests can use Preach and Compel. 2. Healers i. The priests can use Revitalize and Chant. 3. Converters i. Increase the chance to Charm enemies to 50%. 4. Chorus i. Summon a choir that will perform a random or learned Hymn for 5 seconds. 5. Archbishop i. Summon an Archbishop that can use Benediction and Execrate. D. Prayers a. Prayer of the Hesitant i. Generate: 150 Mercy ii. Cooldown: 20 seconds iii. Pray to gain confidence, and increase your Physical, Holy, Dark, Lightning, and Cold damage by 20% for 5 seconds. iv. You may have up to 2 Prayers learned at a time. Skill Runes 1. Calm Mind i. Enemies you hit with Physical, Holy, Dark, Lightning or Cold damage have a 20% chance to be Stunned, Charmed, or Slowed by 80% for 2 seconds. 2. Chosen Path i. Physical, Holy, Dark, Lightning and Cold damage you receive are reduced by 30% for 5 seconds. 3. See Through Evil i. Enemies you hit with Physical, Holy, Dark, Lightning, or Cold damage receive 50% more damage from Thorns for 5 seconds. 4. Realization i. Increase your Physical, Holy, Dark, Lightning, and Cold damage by 30%. 5. Seeking Purpose i. Physical, Holy, Dark, Lightning, and Cold damage you deal have a 50% chance to extend the duration of the Prayer by 1 second, up to a maximum of 10 seconds of increased time. b. Prayer of the Meek i. Generate: 150 Mercy ii. Cooldown: 20 seconds iii. Pray for resilience against melee attackers and reduce the damage you take from them by 25% for 6 seconds. iv. You may have up to 2 Prayers learned at a time. Skill Runes 1. Spare Thee i. Increase damage reduction from melee attacks to 35%. 2. Fighting Chance i. Melee attackers receive 15% more damage from all sources for 6 seconds. 3. Hold at Bay i. Melee attackers are Immobilized for 6 seconds. 4. Full Guard i. Damage from ranged attacks is also reduced by 25% for 6 seconds. 5. Toughen Up i. Prevent all melee damage for 4 seconds. c. Prayer of the Weary i. Generate: 150 Mercy ii. Cooldown: 20 seconds iii. Pray for ardor and increase your Mercy generation by 15 for 5 seconds. iv. You may have up to 2 Prayers learned at a time. Skill Runes 1. Dedication i. Mercy spenders have a 25% chance to be cast for free for 5 seconds. 2. Exuberance i. Increase healing from all sources by 20% for 5 seconds. 3. Make Haste i. Decrease all Cooldown by 1 second for every enemy that dies within 20 yards. 4. Caprice i. Instantly restore 35% of your maximum Mercy. 5. Rekindle i. Allies within 20 yards gain 2% of their primary Resource whenever you damage an enemy. E. Rites a. Rite of Praise and Exaltation i. Cooldown: 120 seconds ii. Perform a Rite that summons 4 spirit warriors, each dealing 240% of your weapon damage as Holy. Lasts 20 seconds. iii. Only one Rite may be learned at a time. Skill Runes 1. Regiment of Time i. The spirit warriors reduce the Cooldown of allies within 12 yards by 10%. ii. The spirit warriors’ damage turns into Physical. 2. Ancestral Militia i. The spirit warriors increase the Critical Hit Damage of allies within 12 yards by 35%. ii. The spirit warriors’ damage turns into Dark. 3. Revolutionary Battalion i. Increase the number of spirit warriors to 6, and their damage to 300% of your weapon damage as Cold. 4. Overwhelming Brigade i. Enemies that the spirit warriors hit are Slowed by 80% for 3 seconds. ii. The spirit warriors’ damage turns into Lightning. 5. Sealing Squadron i. Upon summoning, the spirit warriors create a 20-yard barrier around you that prevents enemies from passing through. Enemies caught within the area receive 50% more damage from Thorns. b. Rite of War and Ruin i. Cooldown: 120 seconds ii. Perform a Rite that deals 10000% weapon damage as Dark over 20 seconds to all enemies within 30 yards. iii. Damage is increased by 10% of your Thorns. iv. Only one Rite may be learned at a time. Skill Runes 1. Cold War i. Increase the damage to 15000% weapon damage as Cold over 20 seconds. 2. Surmount i. Enemies affected have their damage reduced by 15%. ii. Rite of War and Ruin’s damage turns into Lightning. 3. Ashes to Ashes i. Reduce the cooldown to 90 seconds. 4. Defender i. Allies within 20 yards gain 20% increased Armor. ii. Rite of War and Ruin’s damage turns into Holy. 5. Pillage i. Enemies killed have a 25% chance to drop crafting materials. ii. Rite of War and Ruin’s damage turns into Physical. c. Rite of Peace and Bounty i. Cooldown: 120 seconds ii. Perform a Rite that grants you and your allies within 30 yards 20% Resource Cost Reduction. Lasts 20 seconds. iii. Only one Rite may be learned at a time. Skill Runes 1. Timely Provisions i. Potion Cooldown for you and your allies is reduced by 20%. 2. Prosperity i. Enemies within 30 yards have a 10% chance to drop gold when hit. 3. Placidity i. Reduce the cooldown to 100 seconds. 4. Rising Power i. Increase Resource Cost Reduction to 30%. 5. Wealth and Growth i. You and your allies gain +10% Experience Bonus. d. Rite of Death and Loss i. Cooldown: 120 seconds ii. Perform a Rite that grants you and your allies within 30 yards a 35% chance to be restored instead to 25% of maximum Life when receiving fatal damage. Heroes restored gain 75% increased damage for 5 seconds, and become invulnerable to damage for 2 seconds. This effect may only happen once for you and your allies for the duration of the skill. Lasts 20 seconds. iii. Only one Rite may be learned at a time. Skill Runes 1. Resuscitate i. Increase Life restored to 35% of maximum Life. 2. Unrest i. You and your allies gain unhindered movement for 5 seconds upon restoration. 3. Afterimage i. You and your allies who are restored summon a clone that mimics attacks for 5 seconds. 4. Undying i. Increase the chance to be restored to 50%. 5. Raging Willpower i. You and your allies who are restored release energy waves that deal 4000% of your weapon damage as Lightning over 5 seconds to enemies within 15 yards. F. Hymns a. Hymn of Fortitude i. Cost: 280 Mercy ii. Cooldown: 30 seconds iii. Sing a tune that empowers your allies within 28 yards, increasing their weapon damage by 15% for 5 seconds. iv. Only one Hymn may be active at a time. While performing Hymns, you move at 80% movement speed. Skill Runes 1. Gaining Courage i. Increase your weapon damage by 5% for each ally affected for 5 seconds. ii. Increase the duration of Hymn of Fortitude by 2 seconds, and an additional 1 second for every ally you have. 2. Not a Moment to Waste i. Increase your Attack speed by 9%, and an additional 2% for every ally you have. 3. Concentration i. Allies within 15 yards gain 25% increased weapon damage for 5 seconds. 4. Defiance i. Increase your Armor by 9%, and an additional 2% for every ally you have. 5. Moral Aid i. Increase your party’s healing from all sources by 10% for 5 seconds. b. Hymn of Solace i. Cost: 280 Mercy ii. Cooldown: 30 seconds iii. Sing a comforting tune that heals all allies within 28 yards by 46920-69480 Life over 5 seconds. iv. Heal amount is increased by 10% of your Life per Second. v. Only one Hymn may be active at a time. While performing Hymns, you move at 80% movement speed. Skill Runes 1. Have a Heart i. Enemies and allies that die within the area of effect will drop a Health Globe. 2. Tend the Wounded i. Increase heal amount to 64930-86760 Life over 5 seconds. 3. Grievance i. All enemies within the area of effect are dealt 30% of your Thorns damage per second. 4. Watch Over i. The nearest ally within 16 yards will receive 40% less damage for 5 seconds. 5. Carol of the Nightingale i. Your allies regenerate 15% of their maximum Resource over 5 seconds. c. Hymn of Silence i. Cost: 280 Mercy ii. Cooldown: 30 seconds iii. Intone a haunting melody that nullifies all enemy magic and effects within 18 yards for 5 seconds. iv. Only one Hymn may be active at a time. While performing Hymns, you move at 80% movement speed. Skill Runes 1. Blackest Night i. Enemies within the area of effect suffer a 20% chance to miss with their attacks. 2. Listless i. Enemies within the area of effect are Slowed by 80%. 3. Backfire i. Enemies within the area of effect are dealt 275% of your weapon damage as Physical whenever they attack. ii. Damage is increased by 25% of your Thorns. 4. Dispel i. Increase the duration to 7 seconds. 5. Standstill i. Enemies within the area of effect are Immobilized for 3 seconds after Hymn of Silence ends. d. Hymn of Tribulation i. Cost: 280 Mercy ii. Cooldown: 30 seconds iii. Sing a macabre tune that deals 450% of your weapon damage as Dark to enemies that hit you or your allies within 28 yards for 5 seconds. iv. Damage is increased by 35% of your Thorns. v. Only one Hymn may be active at a time. While performing Hymns, you move at 80% movement speed. Skill Runes 1. Frozen Heart i. Enemies that take damage have a 15% chance to be Frozen for 3 seconds. ii. Hymn of Tribulation’s damage turns into Cold. 2. Never Forget i. Increase the duration to 10 seconds. ii. Hymn of Tribulation’s damage turns into Physical. 3. Avenger i. Your Thorns hits all enemies within the area of effect for 5 seconds. 4. Undoing i. Enemies killed while within the area of effect explode with unstable energy, dealing 1650% of your weapon damage as Dark to other enemies within 12 yards. 5. Desolation i. Enemies that hit you or your allies within 28 yards take 1350% of your weapon damage as Lightning over 5 seconds. Passive Skills a. Indomitable i. When receiving fatal damage, you are instead restored to 25% of your maximum Life. In addition, you gain 150% increased Resistance to all types for 5 seconds. This effect may occur once every 60 seconds. ii. “Oh Highest One, protect thee thy humble child and show them thy sheer might through thee thy humble likeness”. – Opening Verse in the Hidden Canticles of Worship b. Piety i. Decrease damage taken by 20% for 4 seconds when you use a Mercy generator. ii. “Believed to be a god and the first follower of Anu, Resho rarely engaged in warfare. He did not need to; his enemies tired of dealing countless blows to him while he maintained composure, was unhurt, and seemingly lost in his recitations”. – Excerpt from A History of Sanctuary by High Priest Welscher c. Order of the Rose i. Your Thorns damage now benefits from 20% of your Critical Hit Chance and 50% of your Critical Hit Damage. ii. “The teachings of the old sect of the followers of Anu focused on temperance, patience, and righteous retaliation”. – 55th Entry of the Writings of Abd al-Hazir d. Woe to the Wicked i. All enemies that take damage from your attacks have a 10% chance to be dealt 40% of your Thorns over 5 seconds. ii. “Destruction awaits those who wield it in wanton”. – Brother Deinos e. Supreme Intercession i. Reduce all damage done to you and all allies within 12 yards by 15%. ii. “I stood my ground even as I felt life leave my mortal body, hands raised in prayer for the ancients to aid us. Suddenly I felt the warmth of sunlight in the dead of night, and vigor flowed into me one last time”. – Brother Hemis at the Gates of Sescheron f. Vindictive Aura i. You now deal Thorns every 15-20 seconds to all enemies within 12 yards. The radius of this effect is increased by 25% of your gold pickup radius. ii. “You misunderstand me; you misunderstand our kind. Let me show you the true nature of the nephalem”. – High Priestess Olia on slaying the Great Demon Geylos g. Karmic Cycle i. Healing an ally has a 10% chance to heal you for the same amount. ii. “May Anu bless us, for we embody his greatness”. – Customary greeting of the followers of Anu h. Benevolence i. The heal amount of your skills is increased by 100% of your weapon damage. ii. Enemies deal 10% less damage for 4 seconds to allies you heal. iii. “Peace to those who seek it”. – Blessing of the Clergy of Anu i. Heart of Gold i. You gain 5% increased Gold Find for 5 seconds after healing an ally or killing an enemy. This stacks up to 10 times. ii. “The old woman in tatters sat quietly beside her quaint box of snow and gold pieces, unmindful of those that pass by. As I approached her to give what I could, I felt my own burdens strangely ebbing away”. – Brother Hemis on his first meeting with Exemplar Shio j. Quintessence i. Your Vitality is increased by 5% of your Strength, Intelligence, and Dexterity. ii. The Cooldowns of your Prayers and Rites are decreased by 25%. iii. “The Clergy of Anu believe that the nephalem’s nature is a gift that reflects Anu’s perfection. They venerate him through their lives - in prayer and in action, in rites and in songs”. k. Choir Master i. All Hymns now last an additional 3 seconds and have 20% decreased Mercy Cost. ii. “Glory to the ancients who embraced their true selves”. – Sister Chelsea l. Amity and Enmity i. You deal 15% more damage for 3 seconds after healing yourself or an ally. ii. “Good and evil are two sides of the same coin. It is your cause that truly matters”. – Archbishop Hardent m. Vehemence i. Your Area Damage is increased by 35%. ii. “Know what is right and defend it with your life”. – Brother Hemis n. Realm Binding i. Bind the life force of enemies killed within 30 yards for 5 seconds, which Immobilize other enemies they come into contact with. ii. “How great are the forces that flow in all things”. – Exemplar Resho o. Empathy i. Increase maximum Mercy by 300. You now regenerate 2% of your maximum Mercy every second. ii. “Feel their pain, for it is ours too. Now aid them, as they aid you”. – High Priestess Olia to the newly ordained Clerics p. Selflessness i. Reduce the cooldowns of your: Gate of Protection by 15 seconds. Penance by 6 seconds. Invocation by 6 seconds. ii. “Free will is humanity’s greatest treasure”. – Hermit Kollig q. Celestial Body i. Increase your Resistances by 3% of your Vitality. ii. “The sky, the stars, this world and its creatures all came from Anu. We are a sum divided, destined to be one again someday”. – Brother Aserrai r. Solitude i. When you have no enemies or allies within 12 yards, you regenerate 3% of your maximum Life per second. ii. “There is meaning in sorrow. Find it, and you shan’t be in misery”. – High Priestess Delphine s. Light and Dark Attunement i. You gain 0.5% increased damage and heal amount for every enemy and ally within 12 yards. ii. “Those who worship Anu have long held that good and evil have no ascendancy over the other; rather, it was the struggle for equilibrium of these forces that make an ideal. This struggle is referred to as the Original Balance”. – 76th Entry of the Writings of Abd al-Hazir t. Unburden i. Your movement speed is increased by 20%, but your Armor is decreased by 10%. ii. “Release thyself from material hold and fly amongst the stars”. – Proverb from The Scripture of ReshoSethMD5 Mar 27
Mar 15 [Diablo 3] S9 Rank1 Solo Wizard EU GR110 Mar 15
Feb 28 Diablo Animated Wallpapers For Windows Hi guys! I was searching for diablo animated wallpapers for windows 10 and i found this cool website -> were you can get free animated wallpapers (not only diablo )from their gallery + free software which lets to use them as your desktop wallpapers... This is a tutorial how to use them: Feb 28
Feb 15 Seasonal to non-Seasonal Paragon calculator If you are playing on the Seasons and are curious to find out what Paragon level your non-Seasonal character will be when the Season ends, here you can calculate it: I made it for our fan site but also translated in English so everybody can use it. :)Supreme7 Feb 15
Feb 13 SunKeeper Build .. you know, out of Metal by .. michaelcthulhu IMAGE: strange editing skills .. but hey! Feb 13
Feb 6 End game After reading the other posts , I Believe that the players are dissatisfied right now with a few things. However I do believe this is diablo 3 and not another game so please try to refrain from taking them and wanting the dev's to implement them. Go play that game ,ie. diablo 1 , diablo 2, and with the tree idea sounds like what you find in wow, so go play that. I do however agree with having sets for every class that would get them to end game as it stands now and have a chance to top the leader board. friendly comp, for those who prefer different classes. I also think if you are not going to do that have a green set and have the player choose the skills and reroll and be able to change the effects, and I mean all ,including the 2 ,3 ,4 ,to 6 set bonuses. now that would be interesting. keeping in mind they must reroll every piece to accommodate the change they want. we can already change appearances. thank youlonewolf0 Feb 6
Feb 4 Facebook Streaming live Failure Why is it, every time I try to go on live streaming on facebook. It always says, "your computer may not be able to stream at optimal quality." What does it mean? I already logged in to facebook but I can't go streaming live. Why?Assassin0 Feb 4
Jan 30 RED SOUL SHARD, WIRT'S LEG, ROYAL CALF PET Made some videos of these 20th Anniversary event rewards. Red Soul Shard legendary gem It is dropped by the special event Diablo (not the normal Diablo in act 4) in the 4th video above. Unlike other legendary gem, it can only be inserted in the helm slot. Doing also gives you a special transmog. (Obviously a reference to the Diablo 1 ending that the hero plunged the soulstone into his own head.) Its AoE damage is decent. However, the proc rate is quite low. Also, every time it procs, the player character is stunned briefly. Wirt's Leg (for transmog) and Royal Calf pet: Wirt's Leg: - Check the corpses in Tristam for hints (optional) - Find the Black Mushroom in labyrinth level 9 (0:36) and get the Rotten Mushroom. - With the Rotten Mushroom in your inventory, go back to Tristram, then go east and find Adria's hut. Click the cauldron to get the Witch's Brew. - Go back to Tristram and click on the corpses one by one according to the hints. Finally Griswold's corpse drops the plan for Wirt's Leg. - Learn the plan at the blacksmith. Craft the Wirt's Leg (it is a mace) and you get the new transmog. Royal Calf: - Salvage the Wirt's Leg to get Map of the Stars. - Go to Tristam, follow the east road and find the corpses of three cows. - Click the corpses in order according to the hint of the Map of the Stars: 2, 1, 3: which means middle, left, then right. The entrance to Abandoned Farmstead appears. - Enter the Abandoned Farmstead. A chest is in the center of the area containing the Royal Calf pet. Right click the Royal Calf pet to add it to your pet collections. Enjoy!Wakeman7 Jan 30
Jan 30 D3 channel @ YouTube My YouTube channel Builds with gameplay, complete season 9...Exhale0 Jan 30
Jan 30 Want to kill Nephalem? welcome to my twitch channel The Running Nephalem =DExhale0 Jan 30
Jan 28 Gaming News Network YouTube Channel [BREAKING NEWS] Reports have flooded in from across the gaming universe about a brand new channel headlined with two of the most notorious flame haired gentleman time has ever known! Their first broadcast is the first of a series they have named -Wacky Wednesday, which this week covers some of the stories from Sanctuary! Send them your footage to cover in a future broadcast! [BREAKING NEWS] Hope you enjoy, feedback welcome! Link - Email - Twitter - @GamingNewsNetw1 Farewell, fellow Nephalem.HerpyDerpy0 Jan 28
Jan 27 PotatoKing Twitch Stream I've done the guides, videos, and placed top results on the LB's all 100% legit. Its time to go to the next level: Twitch Streaming. First of all, I love this game. I've been playing since May 15, 2012, and have been an active Barb Forum Contributor since launch (few of the last originals): I am A Legend. The stream is going to be 100% for fun. My intention is to share my passion with the Diablo Community. I will do my best to have a quality stream. I want to create a fun and relaxing place whether you just wanna kick back and watch, or want to interact. I normally play at nights (MT time) so that's when I will normally be streaming. I won't always post here when I start the stream unless I am going to do something worthy like going over a build, pushing LB's, or theorycrafting something potential/interesting. There won't be a set schedule yet. Tax season is around the corner so it would be very difficult to stick to a schedule until after April 15 when tax season ends (I'm an Accountant by day, Barbarian by night hehe). However, I do intend to have a set schedule after the tax season is over. For now if you want to keep up with the stream the best way will be to Follow the Twitch channel to get notified when I go live. I look forward to meeting you Barbtators, lets do this!!!!!!!!! ... First stream is scheduled for tonight (1/27) around 6pm MT. PotatoKingKingBenjamin0 Jan 27
Jan 27 need help lvling to 70 need powerleveling from 54-70 t6 b-tag=timeforwar#1880timeforwar1 Jan 27
Jan 20 DIABLO 2 FOR REAPER OF SOULS The darkening of tristram was interesting. I would like to see some of Diablo 2 meshed into Diablo 3. I had a few ideas. Diablo 2 runes were great for crafting weapons and armor. Rune words would be great to play with in the kanai cube. This can expand the playstyle of characters vs. a more linear style to compete for top ranks. Charms would be a great gear to hunt for in rifts for Diablo 3. I remember when a "GHEED'S CHARM" dropped I was on cloud 9. A treasure goblin that drops runes or charms. AWESOME !!! A diablo 2 realm in adventure mode. Much like the darkening of tristram.jimmy1 Jan 20
Jan 19 D3 Campaign is Back!? Firstly i have over 2000 hrs on d3 Recently when a new season starts i play for the free digital content (seasonal items) and wait for the next season. D3's whole game is greater rift liner runs. A very high Percentage of people liked it when it still had that d2 feel with campaign being playable, now d3 has a whole campaign sitting there with no difficulty sets like normal, nightmare, hell and inferno now its locked with one play through. it throws out that classic feel to the diablo games. They should of had rifts, greater rifts and ubers as an end game extra by completing the game on the 4 tier difficulty's. example with poe you have to play through the campaign until the last play through then you can do map runs now the whole game is useful not useless sitting there not played. some people just want a rush game with no sense of achievement quick runs and easy loot ok well leave that for adventure mode. The option to fix this and will have an large impact and increase of numbers who will come back to play this because they will see the potential coming back to this franchise is to make the campaign a separate leader board then the current adventure mode by bringing back that classic diablo feel gameplay back with normal, nightmare, hell and inferno and rifts, greater rifts, ubers and d1 area for end game (inferno difficulty lvl 70 act v kill malthael) to unlock end game. All we want is the classic back to diablo 3 Campaign.Spleeno1 Jan 19
Jan 15 Darkening of Tristram Abridged(Video) I made a video of my return to Diablo for the Darkening of Tristram event. It is highly abridged and edited for entertaminment purpuses. Hope you enjoy =) Jan 15
Jan 9 Urzael voice imitation After making Malthael,i decided to perform Urzael Jan 9
Jan 7 Insane Fps Drops Howdy, So I've started my Diablo 3 for the 9th season and I rapidly realised that I am lagging like hell. It wasn't a problem a week ago, since I could run the game at 400+ fps in foreground when I droped the FPS limit. But in this new season, it's totally different, I still Cap at 400+ FPS but sometimes drop to 10-40 Fps for no reasons in fights etc... Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB RAM 16,0 Go Dual-Channel @ 1066MHz Motherboard MSI Z170A GAMING M5 (MS-7977) (U3E1) 232GB Samsung SSD 850 EVO 250GB (SSD) If you thought I was lagging because my computer sucked, well It's not. Furthermore, CPU caps at 35 degrees in game, so it'S probably not a CPU issue either. I really don't understand why it started to lag so suddenly, but If anyone has some solution other than those : , I'd really appreciate the help. Thanks in advance.Sneaky1 Jan 7
Jan 4 Archangel Malthael voice imitation Hello my friends,as you see from my nickname I am an Imperius fan,a hardcore fan who would battle to the death for him,but i also admire his brother Malthael and his influence on me was immense.I created a voice imitation clip to read three of his journals with some some echo and pitch effects.I called Malthael Replica. Know that i never took any voice acting lessons and i am still an amateur If you guys are making starcraft II maps,i can also provide some free voice overs for you.Currently i am smoking and it disrupts my quality a bit.My dream is to become a worker of Blizzard one day.I am planning to move to United States as soon as my friend invites me there.Blizzard is like my home,i grew up with their games as a kid and now i am 31,it is time to contribute Kind Regards OrkunImperius0 Jan 4
Dec 19 - Streaming, Videos, Reviews Hi, I've just set up a website I'm streaming only Hardcore gameplay from Xbox as well as PC. If you're interested in watching, please subscribe on YouTube and/or follow me on Twitch Thanks!SlayStation0 Dec 19
Dec 16 The Diablo 3 Rant This is how I feel so that's why I'm posting it Dec 16
Dec 10 A Plea to Blizzard - In song form! Check out my song begging for answers. Set to "The Sound of Silence". So far its had a decent reception! Check it out and lemme know what you think! Dec 10
Dec 3 community picture upload section please Dear Blizzard, Can we get a community picture upload section in the forums/main site? I would like to share pictures of my character, thank youTikiMagick0 Dec 3
Nov 27 Diablo 2 Community A youtuber named Xtimus is trying to get Diablo 2 players to come and join a community on! Here's his video on it: For those of you who already play Diablo 2, you can set the community channel as your default with this command: /home op md2ga P.S. The Diablo 2 ladder just reset a week or so ago! If you're interested in trying out Diablo 2 or want to go back to Diablo 2, now may be a great time to do so! See you in Hell! :)Silverhearte1 Nov 27
Nov 25 The Curse of Tristram to be Released Oct. 14th! This is for the SC2 arcade. I think all you need is the SC2 starter pack to play! Also, Hucka, sorry for calling you out and calling you a troll man...that wasn't right to do, sorry man.Zerubbabel14 Nov 25
Nov 25 WE'RE BACK!! All aboard the hype train Hi all and welcome back to hardcore streaming sensation hugeanthony (that's me!) for the much anticipated return to Diablo III hardcore! You heard it here first people. We will be back to yell at each other, talk banter and generally suck at Diablo! Streaming will commence tomorrow night 8pm ACDT so hold onto your hats and be prepared for some of the old crew to liven up your Friday night! Beers will be flowing, swearing will happen if you're lucky death will be aplenty! As I have significantly better internet the quality of the stream has improved dramatically! It will be streaming at Some old voices return with Jayson (he dies here and Kyle (death found here with newcomer Wood replacing Alex in our four man team of domination and destruction! Come along and witness the second coming of the angry, Diablo-hating and self-loathing hardcore crew 8pm ACDT HugeanthonyHugeAnthony12 Nov 25
Nov 24 Diablo 4 -- Fan-Made "What If?" Hello, all! Though I quickly lost interest in Diablo 3, I kept it close to my heart simply because it's part of one of my favorite game franchises of all time. I return to Diablo 3 from time to time, to re-experience the joy of slaughtering demons in droves, and... well, that's about it. Give me some demons to slaughter, and I'll be satisfied. Anyway, I wondered for the longest time about a possible expansion to D3, and then I started wondering: What if there was a Diablo 4? So I decided to try my hand at creating Diablo 4. Mind you, this is all roughly a nut shell, but this is what I dream of... Diablo 4 Plot Long ago, a schism in the High Heavens severed the bonds of the Angiris Council, inducing calamity all across the four horizons. While the holy realm struggles to regain order, the Burning Hells once again storm Sanctuary. The legendary heroes of the past, while unforgotten, live no more. But when Sanctuary teeters on the brink of extinction, new heroes emerge from the bloodbath with great power at their beck and call, and all the fury of mankind in their hearts. Tirelessly, these new heroes sweep across Sanctuary, eradicating humanity’s defilers with one great push, sending the demonic army, piece by piece, into a screaming plummet back to the Burning Hells, until the leader of the army makes his (or her) appearance. Classes Warlord (reminiscent of Diablo 2’s Barbarian / Diablo 1’s Warrior) Cleric (reminiscent of Diablo 1: Hellfire’s Bard / Diablo 3's Monk) Enchanter (reminiscent of Diablo 2’s Sorceress / Diablo 3’s Wizard) Reaper (reminiscent of Diablo 2’s Necromancer / Diablo 3’s Demon Hunter) Artisan (reminiscent of Diablo 1’s Rogue / Diablo 2’s Assassin / Diablo 2’s Amazon) Expansion Classes Hellborne (reminiscent of Diablo 2’s Druid / WarCraft 3’s Demon Hunter) Seraph (reminiscent of Diablo 2’s Paladin) Acts and Locations (Rough) Act I: It’ll take place on the Skovos Isles – mankind’s final safe-haven – located south-southwest of the mainland territories, which are now widely occupied by the Burning Hells’ armies. It becomes clear right away that you, the player, are a Nephalem with a body, mind, and soul unhindered by the Worldstone, as it no longer exists. With the encroaching demon armies pushing across your borders, you’ve no choice but to throw yourself into the great bloodbath that awaits. Act II: Having overcome one of the lesser Generals of the Burning Hells, you lead your people to the mainland. However, this is where you get to choose where to go for Act II. Will you travel to the Torajan Jungles, of the eastern side of the continent? Or will you travel to Kingsport, located on the western side? Depending on your choice, you will face whatever demonic General awaits you next on that side of the continent (while your Nephalem comrades take the other side by default, so the story goes) at the end of Act II. Act III: If you chose to go to the Torajan Jungles on the eastern side of Sanctuary, you will have seen Viz-jun and the Sea of Light, Ureh in ruins, and you’ll have taken temporary refuge in Kurast before traveling northward past Gea Kul (destroyed), through Caldeum (where the General in Act II awaited you), and are now at the edge of the Borderlands, where you establish a vanguard before traveling on across the Dry Steppes, toward Scosglen. If you chose to go to Kingsport, you made it to Duncraig before you were ambushed by powerful demons from Westmarch and Bramwell in the northwest. In the battle, you lost all of the people you were leading. You took heart, however, knowing that they died for a good cause, as you trekked on through the bloodstained battlefields past Tristram, across the Tamoe Mountains, and up to Ivgorod, where you will spend Act III besting the archdemons in the Dreadlands. No matter what side you chose, a powerful Act III boss awaits you at the end. And if you play online with friends, you can use a special magic stone to transport you to your fellow Nephalem’s side, on the other end of the continent. (Continued in next post)Loperixie24 Nov 24
Nov 21 Powerleveling Sorry for the CAPS. In this thread I would like to try to establish connections between other players who wish to power level together. Also tips, tricks and runs would be appreciated if contributed. Enjoy!Opleras8 Nov 21
Nov 20 Mobile-friendly weapon reroll calculator A frequent question I hear on the forums/reddit is, "Should I reroll the base damage or 10% damage on my new weapon?" There are tons of useful spreadsheets out there to help, but they all require you to download/copy the sheet somewhere else to use it and are either impossible or frustrating to use on a mobile device. I decided to create a webapp that is super lightweight, easy to use, and works on whatever device you view it on. I tried to make it as simple as possible to use while providing detailed feedback on a weapon's potential. Please let me know what you think and if there are any errors or features you would like to have added. http://rerollcalculator.comMeto7 Nov 20
Nov 9 To Icy Veins/Deadset... [Disclaimer: Some ppl are going to be boggled by this thread, but, I like seeing stuff get improved. If I see something that I think can be improved, I'm relatively likely to make a critical post on it. Posted here cuz it was worth it to take my time to post this here where I already have an account, but definitely not worth my time to make an account on Icy Veins itself.] The writing style on the build guides is too fluffy. You're writing too much like you're writing a VO script for a marketing video. You should make it more concise. Esp. with all the colored links, it's much harder to read than it should be. I really think ppl just want the core coverage of the build, and basic info on technique. They don't want all the "for the uninitiated" stuff. They don't want the unnecessary descriptors. For example... In the very first sentence: "flashy" ... "amusing" ... What? A "flashy" or "amusing" build? Cuz ppl are playing D3 for how "flashy" or "amusing" of a build they can make? Overwhelmingly, no. [And I feel a little bad right here, in all my cynicism, cuz maybe you are that fired up about D3. You're a "pro" whatever that rly means. Maybe you really are so deep into D3 that you actually get joy from these sorts of minute, functionally-irrelevant differences between builds. I sincerely don't want to take that away from you. Like what you like! Love what you love! :thumbsup:] But to me, the amateur, just looking for practical advice... The writing comes off too much like you're trying to sell something, be a "brand ambassador", or some of that other trifling modern-commercialist garbage. Or, maybe just being excessively verbose cuz you like the sound of it, in your mind. Whatever the reason, I find it distasteful. Know your audience. I read build guides, cuz I got no time to sit and watch a video. Or, maybe you are getting influence from "upstairs". To be SEO-friendly. Or cuz someone is going to be so impressed with the site's overall so-"professional", so-"polished", so-corporately-bland-and-stylistically-unadventurous "feel", that they drop $14B on LLC or whatever. And overall cuz management of course knows what's best for creatives, right? I feel bad for you, if that's the case, but I for one do not appreciate that so-called "polish", and I would find your guides more helpful -- (translation: find the site more "valuable") -- if you were to lose the fluff and make them more focused. --- "The defensive Demon Hunter resource, Discipline..." Really?! Know your audience. Game has been out 4 years and you're writing like it's for a reveal. --- Practical suggestion: the first time you refer to something, use the colored link. Subsequent times, just abbreviate it, if at all possible. And no link, either. (Example: the belts paragraph from DH build... how many times do you really have to link -- and color -- "The Witching Hour"? Literally: what do you, as a "pro", say? "The Witching Hour"? No, you probably say "Witching Hour". And, in print, probably "WH". And of course I'm not asking you to blow newbs away by just using abbreviations. I'm asking you to do what pro writers do, which is define a term, and then subsequently abbreviate it if it's too cumbersome to use often.) While you may be offering high "signal", you're also presenting high "noise". 1.0 is not the SNR you should be shooting for. --- I'm not asking you to take useful content out. I find guides lacking when they don't explain the logic behind why certain things are done. But again, it could be much more focused. --- Finally, I know how "hard" it is to go back and change this stuff. Especially stuff you worked so meticulously on. Especially stuff you probably did for basically no pay. Especially if misguided boss sez "do it this way". But I sincerely think it would enhance your brand to refine what you are offering, even after the fact. Thanks for the build guides but I wish they were more readable.STG0 Nov 9
Nov 8 Made a cover to "The Eternal Conflict" :) Hey guys, wanted to share with you a cover I recently finished with a vocalist friend to my favorite song from the soundtrack. I also composed a different ending to play on the more "justice, humanity prevails" theme of diablo 3 sooo let me know what you think of it :D Nov 8
Nov 4 Ethix Gaming Recruitment Ethix Gaming is a 18+, Multi National, Multi Gaming Community looking for dedicated Diablo 3 players, new and old, to join our Community. We are not a Hardcore Diablo clan, but we do have a few Members that push for the leaderboards. We will assist with power leveling to 70, run rifts/grifts, and assist with gear set pieces and build recommendations. Ethix Gaming is Officially sponsored by Blackmill Games, and M2H Game Studios We are also partnered with OPN ( Over-Powered Noobs ) If you are interested in becoming a member, then check out or join us on teamspeak: and look for a member with a green shield to assist you with any questions you may have.Benderr1 Nov 4
Nov 3 [Video] Demon Hunting: Vengeance is mine! For my 666'th post! If its one thing the dev team did well it's the art and combat system. To the Artists and animators!Saturn0 Nov 3
Nov 1 [Video] Warcraft Tribute Hi guys please dont get angry with me cos of posting here but i dont have a warcraft char on US realms so couldnt post there... I wanted to share my tribute to warcraft video to you.. I hope you like it. :)öze0 Nov 1
Nov 1 New Rhykker | Blizzcon | Diablo 4 Nov 1
Oct 29 Video with new Diablo pet Hello everyone, Blizzcon will start soon and this is reward for virtual ticket :) Oct 29