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Feb 3, 2016 Unofficial Idea Pitch Secrets of the HoradrimPqz3 Feb 3, 2016
Jan 31, 2016 Lightning Stuff for Wizard Electrocute is my favorite Wizard spell, but not only is it a spell you can't really justify using heavily, I'm disappointed there is no Lightning-themed set. In fact, elementally, there seems to only be a Fire set, and a set that expects you to switch through them all. I feel like every element should have its own set (in theory at least, sets themselves have a lot of problems). So just for fun, I wanted to brainstorm some ideas I wish existed (note, a Legendary affix or two could easily have slipped past me). Set bonus ideas: (2): Arcane spenders cast Electrocute. (4): Enemies that take Lightning damage are magnetically charged. Charged enemies are drawn to each other, and pushed away from you. (6): An Elite that is charged takes significantly more Lightning damage, and Lightning damage that strikes them chains backs out to a nearby enemy. I'm also disappointed that neither of the beam spells have a Lightning damage rune, only the Archon can have a Lightning beam. I'd really love to see a Lightning rune of an affix that would do it. Chaos Nexus feels like a Lightning rune, but does Arcane damage.Jokubas1 Jan 31, 2016
Jan 28, 2016 P850+ Globe Barb LF Dedicated group for 80+ Just what the title says. Looking for a dedicated group for 80+ grifting.DipSpit1 Jan 28, 2016
Jan 28, 2016 Great idea's I found on This thread has a lot of potential. The changes look great and could enhance diablo and turn it into something even better. Lets face it, it's kind of mediocre (which is a lot better then it used to be). These changes would only enhance the game in more positive ways. Please take the time to read the thread in the link in its entirety. I take no credit for this, I am only sharing something I felt was awesome and would benefit the players of diablo. Jan 28, 2016
Jan 26, 2016 Wallpaper: Season 5 Traversing Greyhollow Is. Wallpaper Art: Season 5 - Traversing Greyhollow Island Ready for the insanity that is Greyhollow Island? Posted on: deviantART: twitter: reddit: Just in time for Season 5 of Diablo III! Diablo and Art (C) Blizzard HK ___________________________________________ Now time to rebirth my crusader and make her throw her shield and horses again... No more hammers... hands hurting spamming that spell.Holyknight2 Jan 26, 2016
Jan 25, 2016 How would a Diablo 1 MMORPG look like? I'm making a tribute to Diablo 1 in this playable map, its not finished and it's poorly lighted but still, here is a sneak peak: Let me know what you think, thanks!Tahariel0 Jan 25, 2016
Jan 25, 2016 Interesting Idea for SuppWiz - Shields With the rise of Globe Barbarian and Support Demon Hunter I have been thinking of another weird build that could become viable if blizzard implemented any legendaries to work with it. Shield Wizard. (I don't know if this has been thought of before, I don't want to dig through months of posts) There's alot of ways that a Wizard can get shields from their spells or passives. Imagine if their was a Wizard Source that could give 50-60% of your shields to nearby allies. Now this might seem crazy but if Healing Monk came first and then Globe Barbarian became "meta" then why not Shield Wizard? Yes, they don't have the current tools to do so but they might in the future. The reason I say only 50-60% is because if it was 100% you party would almost be invincible entirely with the Blood Bracers with high density.Mistweaver0 Jan 25, 2016
Jan 22, 2016 I have a great idea.. to make diablo fun more Hi, Diablo III creative manager & mambers I am a heavy gamer for Diablo since I played it for 10 years more. I'm so appreciate of yours different plans for every single update. (currently, it's version 2.4) Also, I'm so enjoy this everytime when I finished my job. (By the way, I am a product designer for 4.5 years experience on notebook design.) Today I joined the workshop for design gameing notebook. The topic that I focused on live channel...... On that moment that I inspired an idea for different exciting experience that we never feel before. Oh my ~ I can't wait the idea in this game if it can build up in the future. So please give me a chance to take a see the details as below : Some of gamers will be boring for every update on different details that you designed for gamers if the gamers play it for a long time. Also I thought the most of gamers must like to listen all kinds of music on youtube or some when the gamers play the diablo in the same time. ( focus the live channel on DIablo III played) You know what? That's all about the music on Diablo always the same even you guys have more update, but gamers rather be listen the music that they want.( Example : Katy Perry - Roar or the other songs or musics) Anyway, I am so exciting to let you all guys about my idea............ I believe the Diablo fans never experienced it before. Every songs or musics have different tempo ( like bass ...... ) And we all knew some of the game design got the same tempo everywhere in Diablo III. Such as skill cold down timing, trap in every levels or the actios on every monsters (boss) If the next update will can use the music tempo to combine the different actions for every single features in Diablo III. We won't feel bore anymore. Also, we can image if all the special effects for every unique equipments will combine the music tempo that the gamers listen (rings / weapons / shield...) It must explore the new idea that we never felt before. I am so serious of these idea could be experience on the next update.... Can you image the Diablo III mix the some of music type game together? Some of the same traps or skill won't the same like before that we played before. It must be a special experience on Diablo III. And one more thing...... I have more and more about these ideas...... please connect with me if you all think it's a great idea. This is my email : Jan 22, 2016
Jan 22, 2016 Weap Reroll, Paragon and CDR Calculator Tools Hey all, I built a simple, but not pretty, set of tools in my spare time for Diablo. I use them myself all the time and wanted to share with others and see if other people find them useful. While not nearly as robust as the amazing, my tools are just a quick way to get some simple information about specific things. As a bonus, all the tools work great on all devices including mobile. Weapon Reroll Calculator: A helpful tool to quickly see how different reroll options will affect your weapon. Use it to see if you'll get more damage by rerolling base damage or Increase Damage % and more. Paragon Calculator: Use this to calculate your total paragon level when the season ends or use it to see how much experience you need to get from one level to another. CDR Calculator: Calculate how different combinations of CDR will affect the skills you use. Quickly check what your uptimes, downtimes and the time between repeated uses of the skill. Jan 22, 2016
Jan 21, 2016 Gear Comparison Tool I'm not sure what forum to post this at, so I'll try here. I've been working on this spreadsheet for myself, so I decided to patch it up a bit and share it. Here it is: Let me know if you found it useful, have questions, or suggestions.Jx10 Jan 21, 2016
Jan 19, 2016 Community HCSEAS SCSEAS bug I created the community HCSEAS SCSEAS which now has 147 members. Now I find that not everyone in this community sees the same member list. Everything else such as the news and the number of members are the same. How is this possible? Is there a limit to the number of people in a community?JeeJee0 Jan 19, 2016
Jan 12, 2016 Alternate Enchanting Idea Keep in mind that this is just an alternate idea of how the Enchanting system could work Instead of a system where you can reroll a stat on an item, my idea would be to take two items of the same name, destroy one of those items and take one of the rolls from that destroyed item and replace one roll from the other. Essentially choosing which stat is going to be carried over from the destroyed item over to the other item, replacing one of the previous rolls. For example, have have a Convention of Elements (non-Ancient) that has a +6% Critical Hit Chance roll, and your Ancient Convention of Elements is almost a good ring, with AS, CHD, Vit, and socket. You would destroy the first CoE and take the CHC to over-write the Vit on the second ring. You would be able to transfer stats from an Ancient item to the same name non-Ancient item, though if the stat is higher than the maximum for the non-Ancient, the roll converts into the max for non-Ancient. You can do this as many times as you like, so if you find 2-3 Focus rings, one being Ancient, you can transfer the good rolls to your best ring. You eventually would want to farm up Ancients of the items and transfer those rolls onto your gear for best in slot stats. How Gameplay Would Change Instead of Salvaging build items that aren't as good as the one you are using, you would check to see if any of the rolls are better than your main piece, granting a reward for finding the same piece item You can customize the stats on your gear with enough legendaries of the same name, allowing you to stack individual elemental resistances and exp bonus with items with best rolls for the main stats Allows progression of build items instead of waiting for that one lucky roll. As you farm, you can progressively get better instead of just farming until that one very lucky drop lands in your lap.Main note is that the rolls can only be transferred from one item to the other if they are the same named item. Transfers can happen between non-Ancient to Ancient, and vice versa, but any Ancient roll that is put on non-Ancient can only be as high as the max non-Ancient roll. Of course find a resource cost for this sort of procedure, perhaps one that grows greater each time you do this, making it more of a costly investment than a free way to have awesome stats. ((This is just a random idea, would love to hear alternate ways that this could work, not expecting or asking Blizzard to implement this change.)))SnowDrop0 Jan 12, 2016
Jan 8, 2016 Whimsydale Character Whimsydale isn't complete without having BUNNIES hopping around :DAmazon0 Jan 8, 2016
Jan 7, 2016 Town of Tristram map recreation (Diablo 1) Hi folks! For those who enjoy the good old "feel" of Diablo 1, here is a proyect im making: Still a looooonng way to be finished, but, still, hope you like it. Bye!Tahariel1 Jan 7, 2016
Jan 6, 2016 A humorous letter on Diablo 3 Season, enjoy! (This is just something I wrote up out of mild boredom mixed with an amused thought. Please do not take ANY of this seriously, it is not an actual letter, I wrote this in an attempt to be funny/hilarious and none of this has any real relevance to any current or past events/concerns/complaints/etc. If anyone is offended by this, I do apologize as it is not my intent to offend or upset anyone. Names/signatures/player group names, have been entirely made up at random. I really do hope that this gets around a little bit and makes at least a few of you laugh, please enjoy!) Dear Blizzard - Today I checked (okay, I found out like.. a week ago?), and on the list of things today (It was a VERY short list...) I noticed that your latest (I've played them all... without sleep, but with coffee) season of Diablo 3 ended last month (okay, I actually knew since before it ended, having farmed relentlessly until it was over), and that the next one would begin on the 15th of this month (giving me time to recover and restock the caffeine). I of course eagerly logged on (Did I ever log out?) in order to horde over all of my (ill gotten) gains, taken gloriously (ripped hand over fist from the screaming and bleeding corpses which I made such of course) from the various dungeons I have traveled in my time wandering through the lands of... of.... umm, what're those lands called again? Oh heck, the places filled with loot.. okay, filled with monsters who on occasion have loot, yeah.. there we go! Unfortunately (most expectedly) however, I had to merge in my collection of assorted legendary quality items (because it sounds cooler than admitting it was just random stuff) from my seasonal characters... oh my did we have some good times! Plenty of amazing shiny items and pieces of equipment were acquired, and not to mention I think I really outperformed myself this time around! But I detract... I was saddened (okay, not really...) to notice that yet again our stash inventory space was not increased (it actually was...), this meant that many a legendary item would have to be scrapped into little more than a forgotten soul (to then of course be used to other things). So I began the process of sorting (and tastefully re-arranging) all of my ill gotten gains, and at the start of it all things were going fairly smoothly, discarding one item for it's clearly superior (shiny) and more useful cousin and all the while tossing the junk (which until most recently was useful loot) onto the salvage pile. But then to my horror (greed) I realized that I did not have nearly enough storage space anymore to contain all of this (blood and entrails soaked) loot! Some I managed to save (break down greedily) at least in essence by dismantling them through the wondrous (and slightly creepy, largely not understood, and most likely definitely DANGEROUS) Kanai's Cube. But then sacrifices just had to be made (not mine of course, that would be silly!), and I wracked my brain for a solution to it all (okay okay, I saw a monster who might have had some loot), I didn't have enough materials to store them all into Kanai's cube so that their memories could last for at least a little longer (well, more like an eternity...)! So I logged onto (alt-tabbed back to) my seemingly most diplomatic (everyone loves a good punch) character who just happened (yeah, right...) to be a monk, it seemed a sound and logical choice, and set out to bargain with (or maim) the 'monsters' that endlessly inhabited (infested) the land. After all, I had more than enough money saved up from the generous donations (corpses) from those I have met (slain and looted) to purchase several continents, a few supplies should be quite easy (or messy) to purchase from the newly arrived (and ugly/soon to be deceased) locals. However this is when things started to (it ever stopped?) go horribly wrong (or for the sake of loot, horribly right...), I walked (meaning dashed at full speed towards, fists raised) to the first creature that I met and extended my hand in friendship (temporary 'friendship' at least)... only, as diplomatic as a monk might seem, my character was not built to extend friendly handshakes, and instead drove their fist into the creature's chest. It's easy to call them monsters, but they are creatures with hearts (I know, because I felt it squish slightly before it exploded), and they are made of flesh and blood (which I also know, because it showered everywhere around me from the resulting explosion... seriously.. everywhere... who's going to clean that up?) and should be treated with some respect (until the next content release at least). I of course, did not (totally did) wish this poor critter (who is significantly poorer now, since I looted his vaguely fleshy remains) to have perished in vain (aside from the experience points of course), so I searched for his relatives (729 dungeons, no one seems to have recognized him yet... I did of course 'accidentally' massacre them all which could be part of the problem) and had to return empty handed (that's what my bags are for!) to my base of operations. I took the newly bargained (meaning, the bloodied remains of what I found in all of their pockets... well, what was left of the pockets..) for materials and broke down the remaining items that I needed in to such a fashion as to make everything fit perfectly and snugly into my blood soaked hoard. The point of all of this (there isn't one) of course, is that with a few kind words (and less explodey doom and death) and some more storage space (I like shiny things...), these poor innocent (the dead are redeemed of their sins in life, right?) creatures (or previously identifiable as having been such) could have been spared (until I get bored) such a gristly fate... Best Wishes, -slayerofstufflooterofthings (Member of "It's shiny, therefore it's mine!") Oh.. wait.. I just read the patch notes (again), apparently a new tab of stash storage space is being added with the new patch on the 15th... oh, wow.. umm.... >.> Hey look, it's a shiny pile of loot over there up in that tree! *runs off quietly*Danthalas0 Jan 6, 2016
Jan 5, 2016 Diablo 3 Calendar 2016 Anyone know if they are selling it this year? Please and thanks!Tazz2 Jan 5, 2016
Dec 31, 2015 S3/S4 Paragon screenshots videos Hey fellow players, I've been trying to screenshot every single paragon level up during S3 and S4 and made these into tiny little videos. They might not be much but I find them to be a bit of a recap plus a nice little view into the past. The two videos are around 1-2 minutes long. So here you go: Season 3: Season 4: Sadly my computer crashed during S3 resulting in me losing around 100-150 paragonlevels at the end. S4 got my arm hurting because of insane clicking, forcing me to take a three month long break. I'd love to see more people doing this in S5, I find it to be somewhat interestingHoolyx0 Dec 31, 2015
Dec 30, 2015 GosuOTL #2429 i can help you enter lv 70 and give you atless 100 paragon lvs before s4 ends.urbanstep0 Dec 30, 2015
Dec 15, 2015 [Suggestion] Map editor for d3 please So what I propose is we design our own maps, blizzard can see fit to use them or not. If so, great, new maps to share with the community. If not, the experience of creating something to share with the diablo universe would be satisfying in and of itself for alot of us I'd hazard to guess. :D Allowing players to edit our own maps to submit to the community to use and vote on would be a big plus I think for blizzard. You (Blizzard) get content for free that potentially could be never ending from the player base. We the players have new modes to try.. Popular maps could be implemented in a rift / bounty setting. (Current act bounties are getting old fast. PLAGUE TUNNELS or KiLL ADRIA anyone?) Main points I should make about this suggestion: Players should be able to test maps in offline mode or on the PTR Submissions made available on ptr (for testing by both the community and blizzard Have either seasonal, or monthly polls on which maps we like best to possibly have them featured.Maybe this could promote a pvp based system....? ...lyrecyst0 Dec 15, 2015
Dec 14, 2015 Hearthstone in Diablo universe! Hello Hearthstone, Diablo, Warcraft, Starcraft, Blizzard fans :D Here you can see one concept from me which turns Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft into a dark version, into Diablo universe. Lets imagine what if some time in future Blizzard will do card games around their other universes, for example Diablo? I think, it should be really darker, with blood and really serious looking enemies and heroes. Lets dream a bit about dark version of Hearthstone, and here is my try and concept of it. On the concept you can see some random and crazy ideas just for showcase, such as three stolen souls, corrupted Paladin and one of "Reaper of Souls" creatures on Malthael's side, who can steal souls with his ability. On Diablo's side you can imagine something about claw weapon and special ability to spawn random Lesser evil with some random attack/health/ability, which can me dangerous for both - enemy and for Diablo itself. Another crazy idea may be corrupted Imperius on the Diablo's side, and some well known characters such as Azmodan or Butcher. Also in the back side of Soulstone cards I've used artwork from Book of Tyrael (which also used for background outside of game arena). I think, it's the most similar in average concept with Hearthstone sign. The fanmade name Soulstone: Heroes of Pandemonium sounds better, than Hearthstone: Heroes of Diablo. First, because Diablo is just a character that may be in the game, and Pandemonium really fits to battle arena theme. Second thing is Soulstone which sounds a lot better and fits directly to Diablo universe. Entire concept was done by me. All the card artworks (slighty edited to for concept style) - by Blizzard and other great graphic artists. Entire concept was done by me. All the card artworks (slighty edited to for concept style) - by Blizzard and other great graphic artists. Regarding name and average style, I want to say that I've tried to stick with Reaper of Souls theme. This is just concept and anything can be changed, including textures, names, arts, etc. Dec 14, 2015
Dec 14, 2015 My Latest Wallpapers Greyhollow Island & More Hello everyone I've had a few wallpapers posted after the France & Lebanon Tributes. Locations II #27: Greyhollow Island II: Shrine deviantART: diablofans: twitter: Calendar #18 Uni December deviantART: diablofans: twitter: Locations II #26: Kanai's Cube deviantART: diablofans: twitter: That's all the wallpapers up to current. There's also a few Heroes of the Storm Diablo Hero wallpapers as well. All in [my gallery on deviantART]( Art (C) Blizzard HKHolyknight0 Dec 14, 2015
Dec 13, 2015 New Expansion- Diablo 3-The End Confilct The soul stone is broken by malthael, The nephalem, will he be our hero, or be our end? New acts, ACT6 and a story-only act, ACTX. these acts are like lagacy of the void campaign, ACT6 is legacy of the void, ACTX is epilouge. ACT6: Story: "The Etermal conflict rages again, the three prime evils re-group to attack sanctuary once more, mephisto from scosglen, baal from xiansai, and diablo tryes to capture tristram once more.the angles and mans are prapared to defend sanctuary from east with the help of nephalem, but will nephalem helps them?" New Selection: Demonic form or Angelic form can be chosen after the first boss battle: transforms you into a new form, and with the help of the new artistan: you can also transform your items into angel/deamon form,and with your choice you can PvP with the other faction, its like alliance vs horde.also the monsters you kill could be changed by what tou choise ACTX: Story: the evils/angles are defeated by the nephalem, but their god is not happy with this, tathamet, the demon himself is not happy for what happens to hell or he betrayed the hells and show himself to destroy all,depends on what you choise, but the dificult is automaticly set to Death, the dificult equals to torment12. actx is an exstra act that gives you an ultimate item. only 3 ultimate item can be exist in one account, a dual wield weapon(s): heads of tathamet, body of tathamet, and a two-handed weapon, essence of tathamet (those items change depends on your class) 4 new skills for each class: barbarian: deamon skills furious end: delever a massive fire to your enamies (almost look same as diablos lighting breath) useing all your fury (110 fury) with 111.000% weapon damage over 3 seconds.200 sec cooldown. bring hell:burn the ground, dealing 2500% wepon damage every second for 10 seconds: giving you %50 armor and rooting you on ground for 3 seconds. angelic skills: call of the angles: call 5 angles each have %30 of all your stats, lasts 20 seconds cooldown 60secs. the pearl:drain all damage taken for 3 seconds and explode %75 of it in a big radious, generates %50 fury. deamon hunte: (your idea here.....) tathamet: Has wings like death wing, and 7 dragon heads on his back ,cained, has 4 arms and no legs, we fight him in his full form: fighting all of his parts once to cain him back while both angels and deamons take his attention, after we cain him he transform into a basic form that has a smaller size, and the final battle begins....KingTyler1 Dec 13, 2015
Dec 12, 2015 [New Class idea] The Catalyst I was having fun thinking about it, so I decided to write it down :D Ideas for a new class The Catalyst Even If he's born as a nephalem, he never was able to channel his powers the way wizards do. Yet, he could feel it. He found out his true power when he actually almost died during a fallen assault on its village. While running for his life alongside the villagers, he's been slash by a curved sword. His blood sprayed on the fallen's sword and visage, corroding metal and skin altogether. Main Characteristic: Vitality Resource: Blood Fumes. Acquire on mob kill. If no resource, spells consume percentage of player's life. Equipment Primary weapon: whip (1-handed) Secondary weapon: blood flask (bonus stat, % more resource generation) Armor piece: gloves -> scarring bangles (possible stat: % max life or more vit) Elements: Arcane - Poison - Holy - Physical Skills Primary 1- Bloody whip (mid ranged single target physical + CC) 2- Red Flora (ranged pinpoint mini aoe) 3- Dark Arrow (ranged arcane) 4- Infection (melee poison that could spray) Secondary 1- Incarnate's Crescent(Holy Mid range arc attack that doesn't hit close and far foes.) 2- Corrosive Mark (throw a vial of blood that deal little dmg over time at first, but increase gradually in potency for the duration) 3- Glowing Whirlpool (golden mini pull whirlpool that deals holy dmg) 4- Bloody Stalagmite (Blood travels from your body to the target, in the ground, and comes out as a spike) Defensives 1- Coagulate (gain increase armor for a certain duration) 2- Blood vial (use Blood Fumes as a potion, heal 20% max life, cd 30 sec, can't use your own life for it) 3- Blood Golem (while it lives, you have 10% less max health, but the golem heals you quite a lot when he attacks) 4- Paralyzing blood (poisonous blood "erupts" from you, immobilizing foes) Pacts (huge drawbacks for nice bonuses) passives, only one at the time 1- Pact of Life (lose max % health, gain % all elemental resist) 2- Pact of Fragility (Weakness to particular elemental type dmg, bonus to other elemental dmg) 3- Pact of Disruption (Increases CC duration on yourself, increases your CC's duration) 4- Pact of Stagnation (No longer regenerate life, spells cost less fumes to cast) Dark arts 1- Summon Wraiths (summon a bunch of wraiths that deals channeling arcane damage) 2- Catalyst's Grace(for a certain duration, you deal constant dmg around yourself (and golem if you got one)) 3- Black Ooze (creating a jelly-like pool area that reduce movement and attack speed. The % gradually increase with exposure, up to immobilization) 4- Corruption (charms a target for a certain duration, the shorter it is for stronger monster) Catalyst 1- Terror Sight (All enemies around you receives more damage as they are demotivated and less prompt to defend) 2- Overflow (become reddish-like shiny, move faster, gain fumes on hit instead of kill, increase regenerative ability, thorn and defense capacities) 3- Blood Pressure (create a mid size sphere that stuns enemies inside and deals big dmg) I didn't thought of any passive yet. Hope you had fun reading this :)Itorak0 Dec 12, 2015
Dec 11, 2015 (new set recipe) The Rainbow Jewel King The Rainbow Jewel King (set item recipe) Jewel King Crown: 1 of all 5 act crafting material, 1 of all kind of flawless Royal gem, Leoric crown (lvl 70)+Spectrum (lvl 70). Jewel King Cuirass : 1 of all 5 act crafting material, 1 of all kind of flawless Royal gem, Gold skin (lvl 70)+Spectrum (lvl 70) Jewel King Pants: 1 of all 5 act crafting material, 1 of all kind of flawless Royal gem, Depth Diggers (lvl 70)+Spectrum (lvl 70) Jewel King Amulet: 1 of all 5 act crafting material, 1 of all kind of flawless Royal gem, Hellfire amulet (lvl 70)+ Spectrum (lvl 70) Jewel King Ring: 1 of all 5 act crafting material, 1 of all kind of flawless Royal gem, Hellfire ring (lvl 70)+ Spectrum (lvl 70) Jewel King Stone (Ring): 1 of all 5 act crafting material, 1 of all kind of flawless Royal gem, Stone of Jordan (lvl 70)+ Spectrum (lvl 70) 2 Recipe part (Blacksmith and Jeweller) can be drop in Whimsyshire by a purple name monster or pinata Piece bonus: 2pc: the primary ability of the legendary gem is boost by X% 4pc: the legendary gems give you X to your primary stats and vitality 6pc: It's possible to insert the legendary gem in helm, torso and legs. I have always wanted to play with more than 3 legendary gems at the time.Decahack0 Dec 11, 2015
Nov 29, 2015 Diablo 3 TRIBUTE: alternative ROCK ⚡ GameGlaz tay awhile and listen... This is my song about Diablo 3 — Reaper of Souls. Nov 29, 2015
Nov 24, 2015 Starcraft 2 Shoulders and Helm I just recently logged into my Diablo account after being away for several months and was so excited when I was able to transmogrify my shoulders and Helm to the a Leaders gear Artanis. The only thing that sucks about it is not having an entire set to Transmogrify into I personally think it would be very cool to be able to have a full set to do this with.Acillius0 Nov 24, 2015
Nov 19, 2015 Diablo 3 Healing Witch Doctor thoughts. Hi I thought about traditional healing witch doctors that villagers went to to you know get healed. And I thought hey why not tell them that it would be nice to have one , after all another healing class would not be that bad in the game. It would be fun and I do not know where to post it so I posted it here. If you have any thoughts or comments feel free to post them , As I probably wont know when anyone posts anything and I will most likely not know where to go to check your comments.Duval1 Nov 19, 2015
Nov 18, 2015 Nerdvana! S4 Monk gameplay Hey all, new to this type of thing but Ive had a lot of fun in this season playing the monk. Second attempt at HC this season, and put a clip together of some recent highlights. Hope you enjoy! Nov 18, 2015
Nov 17, 2015 Diablo 1 music is so epic I decided to replay some Diablo 1 again to remember why I thought it was so awesome back then. Upon revisiting it I decided it was for the reasons below... #1 Great Music #2 Loud hit sounds and actor voices from being hit #3 Dark feel of the game from killing evil in a church cellar #4 Epic hit and miss auto attack battles #5 Hardcore aspect of no health/mana regen and only town portal scrolls I made a playthrough and even encountered the BUTCHER!!! on floor 2. That will be episode 2 if you want to see it. Each episode is a floor... I even make creepy comments in the beginning and end of each episode... My 5 episode Diablo 1 playlist - Check it out homies, Diablo 1 is a long lost gem...DossMode4 Nov 17, 2015
Nov 15, 2015 A Wallpaper Dedicated to Paris For Paris... []: [deviantART]: [twitter]: [reddit]: [diablofans]: I wanted to make a wallpaper for solidarity with the People of Paris over the recent attacks. With that I remembered by Valentines Day wallpaper that had the "Rune-Heart" and just wanted to do something simple with the colors of the flag. I hope you guys like. All my love for Paris and all those effected. HK Also For Beirut Nov 15, 2015
Nov 14, 2015 Blizzard shrines Hi everyone! A long time ago, I started creating "shrines" to video games that I really enjoyed. A shrine is a piece of writing and each shrine takes a different from. Lately I've decided to put my shrines up on my site for the Internet to see in the hopes that someone might enjoy reading them. What does this have to do with Diablo? I made a shrine to most of the Blizzard games in the three core series (Diablo I and II, WarCraft I through III, and StarCraft). The shrines follow a single character, named after me, as he explores the universes of Diablo, WarCraft, and StarCraft. I've decided to link to them here in case anyone wants to read them. Blizzard shrines introduction: Diablo I shrine: Diablo II shrine: I hope you enjoy reading my writing as much as I enjoyed writing them. Thanks! PS: I'm working on a StarCraft II shrine but I need to play Legacy of the Void first - when that's done, I'll post them to the StarCraft forums. I'm waiting for any news of a second D3 expansion before I write a shrine for Diablo III.Benamin0 Nov 14, 2015
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Nov 9, 2015 Absorb Shield UI missing :( Some PTR ago we had inserted a cool feature where there was a white bar over the health pool bar But then was removed for some strange reasons when go to live Can we get it back please? Now to explain how this should work The white Absorb shield pool max bar should stop growing and stop around 50% of health pool globe or even 66% that is a little higher then half of the globe level as to represent that your shield is strong as your health value or even higher then that For example if u have 1 million MAX HP and around 800k-1200k Absorb shield the white bar will be around 50% If u have 1 million Max HP and 1.5+ Million Absorb the white shield will cover 66% of your health pool globe as representation that you really have a LOT IF your absorb shield bar is way less compared to your health pool Like 1 Million MAX HP and only 100k Absorb shield value then u have a thinner arc like this And so on.. And the Pool bar for Absorb shield will have same behavior like health bar when u start losing and lowering the amount it will transform in a thinner and thinner semi arc until disappears and health pool globe will be completely red with no White Semi-Arc over it showing u don't have no absorb shield remaining -->Ofc the base of Absorb shield could be made as BASE to start from Above position of health bar, or from the sides<-- OFC u can opt even for a fixated split of health pool globe like this(from DH hatred/discipline) example: But i dont think that will represent good enough the absorb shield when u really have it low compared to health pool A semi dynamic behavior with a Soft/hard cap like i explained above is the best solution imho just a suggestion...Enoone0 Nov 9, 2015
Nov 9, 2015 Idea for New gems systems and sockets HI i have idea for New gems system and sockets for DIABLO 3 sry for my bad language -The system has more combined -more defensive -more damage -more fun -2X New gem -5X New Socket -1X New level of gems -7X New formula (book,recepice for artisan) -1X New abilities for artisan -1X New abilities for legendary potions New gems NAME: -IDIOM -blue Colour of gem -ONYX -Black Colour of gem New 1 level for gems -now is cap flawless royal -new level is flawless starling(incredible) For new level of gems upgrade needing: -9x flawless royal gem same quality -100x deaths breath -50 000 000 gold or more gold -new recepices (book,formula for new level upgrade gems) for artisan -New sockets working like adding with ramaladnis gift on weapons add new atribute - socket -NEW ramaladnis gift have abbility for shoulders,wrists,feet,gloves and waist NEW Socket and Gems how work: New socket in -shoulder -socket for normal gems -wrists -socket for legandary gems -feet -socket for normal gems -gloves -socket for normal gems -waist -socket for pottions i write down only E,R,T,D,A,I,O,NG,OG NG- New gems quality - flawless starling(incredible) add 360+ OG- Old gems quality - flawless royal like old 280+ E- Emerald NG 360 dex, Helm and weapon like old but higher value R- Ruby NG 360 strenght, Helm and weapon like old but higher value T- Topaz NG 360 Inteligence, Helm and weapon like old but higher value D-Diamond NG 130 all resistance, Helm and weapon like old but higher value A-Amethyst NG 360 vitality, Helm and weapon like old but higher value I-Idiom read down O-Onyx read down -if u add gem in socket socket in SHOULDERS -E add healing from poison skills -R add healing from fire skills -T add healing from holy skills -D add healing from cold skills -A add healing from arcane skills -I add healing from Lighting Skills -O add healing from physical skills if you casting skill (poison,fire,holy,cold,arcane,lighting,physical) then heal you for NG ?% OG ?% of your healt u must choose blizzard Socket in WRISTS-socket is only for legandary gems (add legendary gem) Socket in FEET -E add dodge chance -NG 33%, OG 26% -A add block chance -NG 16%, OG 12% -T add blind chance on hit -NG 25%, OG 20% -D add freez chance on hit -NG 25%, OG 20% -A add stun chance on hit -NG 25%, OG 20% -I add attack speed -NG 14%, OG-11% -O add movement speed -NG 38%, OG-30% Socket in GLOVES -E add poisons skills more Damage -NG 25% OG 20% -R add fire skills more Damage -NG 25% OG 20% -T add holy skills more Damage -NG 25% OG 20% -D add cold skills more Damage -NG 25% OG 20% -A add arcane skills more Damage -NG 25% OG 20% -I add lighting skills more Damage -NG 25% OG 20% -O add physical skills more Damage -NG 25% OG 20% Socket in WAIST -is only for legendary potion -If you have potion in socket on waist have u cooldown 25 seconds of 30 -all legendary potions need new ability for socket -inventary is clear Sockets in TORSO,PAINTS,OFF HAND(mojo,quiver,source,shield) -I add ARMOR NG 755, OG 595 -O add THORNS damage NG 2600,OG 1950 Socket in HELM -I add crit hit chance NG 7 procent,OG 6 procent -O add increase of resources(mana,wrath,hatred,fury,arcane,spirit) NG 23 procent OG 19 Socket in WEAPONS -I add atack speed of 1 hand weapon is increased NG 50%?or more %, OG 43% add atack speed of 2 hands weapon is increased NG 100%?or more % og 93% -O add all your elementar damage of single element is increased by NG 150%?or more procent OG 143% your opions ?C0013R0 Nov 9, 2015
Nov 7, 2015 Wallpapers: Greyhollow Eternal Woods & More With the new info Here's three wallpapers featuring the two extended zones and the one new zone. Locations II #23: Greyhollow Island [deviantART]: []: [twitter]: Locations II #24: The Eternal Woods [deviantART]: []: [twitter]: Locations II #25: The Royal Quarters [deviantART]: []: [twitter]: ------------- Also on reddit: Art (C) Blizzard HKHolyknight0 Nov 7, 2015
Nov 6, 2015 new settings that people may like hello my name is ben a.k.a XKingLordX and there are people with computers that are not that beast and there is two setting that I would like to see in the diablo 3 setting 1. no rain (this is really good for people with not beasty computers) 2. auto pickup, now with this I don't know because it sounds like a bot thing but it could be good in many mays ok so if auto pickup every comes to the game I think it sould look like this there are boxes like this ----> {--} something like that and you can tick like only pickup legs or rare or blue something like that or gems oooo thos gems. anyways tell me what you think I feel like the auto pickup mite to op but who knows, no rain is something that diablo 3 needs I don't really like the rain and it gets in my way sometimes so I think there should be a setting for that thanks for reading and comment what you thinkXKingLordX0 Nov 6, 2015
Nov 4, 2015 My Tormented Witch Doctor Build!hTSR!ZccbbY the build requires stormsheild and items with thorns damage. kanai's cube [r.i.p.] 1st slot: hack 2nd slot: Strongarm Bracers 3rd slot: Convention of ElementsillPixel1 Nov 4, 2015
Nov 2, 2015 Wallpaper Art: Uni November - Army of Light Calendar #17: Uni November - Army of Light (Art by Athena-Erocith) []: [deviantART]: [diablofans]: [reddit]: [twitter]: ------------------------------------------------------------------ Featuring Athena-Erocith's: Army of Light (Used with permission): Just in time for November! HK Art by Athena-Erocith Diablo (C) BlizzardHolyknight0 Nov 2, 2015
Oct 30, 2015 [Rework] Inna's Temperance. Hello everyone, After the recent reworks of vyrs and helltooth into functioning sets I thought of reworking Inna's set into something usefull. To me inna's was always about the mantra's. The set sounds like the holy monks that have inner harmony and meditate all the time. I tried to coppy this into the look and feel of the set and the way it plays around the mantra's so lets look at the new set bonuses I thought off: (note: Numbers are a range of what I think is ok for the set) 2set : You can equip up to four mantra's in your hotbars. Mantra passive effects are 100% more effective. When you have 4 active mantra's you deal 1000% weapon damage around you every second. (Almost the same as the 2 and 4 set of the original inna's. The reason I alowed you to equip them on the hotbars is because the set will focus around the activations of the mantra's giving you a constant aoe burn aura and the 4 and 6 set work with it aswel) 4set: Your mantra of healing and salvation last an extra 15 second on activation. Your mantra of healing active effect restores 5-10% of your hp per second and your mantra of salvation active effect gives you 30-50% damage reduction (This is where it gets intresting. Most sets give a nice damage reduction buff on the 4 set and I thought of this set as no other and those two mantra's fit that description perfectly) 6set: You achive perfect harmony. Your mantra of conviction no longer costs spirit to activate but generates 25 spirit per use (This is counted as a spirit generator) and deals (200-300)/(400-600)/(600-900)% damage around you ( 3 activations like most generators). Your mantra of retribution active effect causes enemy's under the effect of the mantra burn that hit you to explode for 3000-4000% damage in a small radius around them. Retributions cost has been increased to 150 spirit. (The last two mantra's are damage mantra's and I turned them into a spirit generator and spender. The end goal of this is to have 4 mantra's on your bars that are the core of your gameplay style) -- Graphical Notes: I Do hope that when you get this 6set the art team can make it so that when you use mantra of conviction or retributions active effect that your character hovers in meditation untill you use an attack skill that has a weapon/attack animation. That would realy finish of the flavour -- Let me know what you think and I'll tweak this set based on your feedback.TaaBoo1 Oct 30, 2015
Oct 29, 2015 Cooldown Reduction Tool - Update Have you ever wondered with the new Cooldown Reduction affix on loot and specific gear/set bonuses to reduce cooldown more how much you can reduce the cooldown of a skill can be? Well, look no further! Myself and KamelJabber from BannedOfGamers have created a tool that will help you figure out where you currently are for cooldowns as well as what your theoretical max can be for your class with specific items/gear/set bonuses! This all came about after some discussion within our clan on cooldowns and wondering what the max is and how low we can get the downtime of skills. I initially created an excel document and uploaded it on google drive when I realized how annoying that is and would be for multiple people that I created a proof of concept web page. Seeing the potential, KamelJabber helped me clean up the code and made it look nicer while we tinkered with it. After a couple weeks, it is now live! A few notes about it: - I am not very familiar with all the gear/sets out there. I tried to find all the gear I could that had reduced cooldown but I am sure I am missing some. If you would like to see a set bonus/item not on there please feel free to link the item here or over at BannedOfGamers - I was only focused on new gear at the moment. I know there is legacy WD gear that has different values but I was more focused on getting the initial tool setup before expanding backwards if there is a need - One of the eventual steps we want to get to is to have it pull your gear from your profile but that is in the future and the tool still works despite this - Due to the way some passives work, eg Grave Injustice, they are not included as it's too dynamic in the reduction and is dependent in kills/enemies/etc - Duration for skills, eg Blinding Flash, is set based on effect length or an assumption on animation. There are some cases we aren't sure of the value so it's 0 unless otherwise noted which will affect the downtime but not the reduced cooldown Hope people find this useful as a few in our clan are already making good use of this for varying classes. If anyone has any suggestions on how to improve this, considering the notes above, feel free to let us know here (which I'll try to check every so often) or over at BannedOfGamers (which I frequent more often). EDIT: - addded Meteor - Molton Impact - added Mystic Ally (can't believe I forgot this one lol) - added Barbs Boon passive - corrected Monk SSS duration - fixed issue where passives/items dealing with time not % weren't correct. Now working (- time first then do CDR %) EDIT 2: - added the Grin Reaper - added checkbox to see what it is with Empowered Shrine active - added the archon teleport skill duration - work in progress from Colt on updating the look of the tool EDIT 3: (4/29/2014) - added new graphical interface to make it a bit more intuitive - added max/reset buttons to graphical interface - added ability to swap back to original interface - max button sets max values to all global item spots, CC & Born sets and class passives EDIT 4: - adjusted the back end code to make things a bit more efficient - added min value checks (still have to enter proper min values for some of the gear) - added better way of showing notification of input errors (higher than max, lower than min) - fixed the empowered shrine issue KJ listed here - EDIT 5: (10/3/2014) Currently this works as follows: If you are a member of our forums and you fill in the profile correctly with your battlenet code. It will pull that battlenet ID into a text box and beside that is a drop down. Pick the character you want to view the info for from the drop down and all the pieces will fill in. As long as you are logged in, it will always work. If you are not a member, you will need to fill in the texbox with your username-code. IE mine is IcemanF1-1907. Once you enter that, click on the dropdown to fill in the character list and pick your character. It may flash the drop down or you may need to close/open it to refresh the list. This will work properly with a gem in a help be it a kekegi or leoric helm. The only thing this can't pull in is paragon info as that's not in the API. This will also pull select character info as well. An example of a snapshot of one of my Crusaders is as follows: Paragon: 544 Kills: 1,986,704 Elite Kills: 98,650 Dexterity: 77 Intelligence: 77 Stregth: 9,142 Vitality: 6,387 Damage: 660,794 HP: 572,629 Armor: 13,404 Physical Bonus 39.00% Oct 29, 2015
Oct 29, 2015 Wallpaper Art: The Butcher From Soulfyre to Infernal #2: The Butcher (Featuring Art by Mr--Jack) [] [deviantART] [diablofans] [reddit] [twitter] ---------------------------- Featuring Mr--Jack's Butcher from Heroes of the Storm & Diablo. With this piece it may not look like much but there was a lot of work making the grate the Butcher is standing on as a seamless tile. Not only that but a few screenshots from the web to help me find the sides of the arena and a datamined image of the arena helped me get the fancy metalwork on top of the grates behind the butcher to give you the feeling of the Butchers Boss Arena in Diablo 3. I'd say it's within 75% accurate. The size, and a few other areas keep it from being fully accurate but its the feel that I was going for and it comes across like I wanted. I'll share a behind the scenes image later showing what I did and what I used to become what you see above. It's pretty nuts and I am very proud of this piece. I hope you guys like this wall, and I will see you this weekend for the November calendar. Happy Halloween! HK Art (C) BlizzardHolyknight0 Oct 29, 2015
Oct 24, 2015 Transmog Showcase Showing 2 transmog looks that I made and wanted to share. Angelic Transmog Skeleton Warrior Transmog (Based on the Skeleton King) Oct 24, 2015
Oct 19, 2015 Game mode A Test your might room (dat mk ref tho) where some people 2-4 players can compete how many waves they make it through until they die, there is also a timer but a much bigger one then in the trials, Or even 1 life for the challenge even. and the rooms would be square and it's all free space (unlike trials which was very sloply made getting clipped by the smallest fraction of crap.) a space simuaur to the one in the old ruins cursed chest bounty. infact just use that place and monsters spawn and spawn and every 10 or 20 waves a boss will spawn, and another thing the monsters spawn the way the kill 100 enemies bounty (for all players they all spawn the same enemies as the enemy theme changes with each boss killed or so. it's like grfts + trials + bounty and also a target dummy system to test damage and compete with your friends.Ventus0 Oct 19, 2015
Oct 19, 2015 New Gem Idea - Bane of the Chicken We have all these items/skills with chance to flee that not too many people seem to be using. In addition, enemies, especially ranged ones, are in the habit of running away to avoid damage. Why not have a gem that increases damage on fleeing enemies - The Bane of the Chicken.Ajax3 Oct 19, 2015
Oct 19, 2015 new paragon skills I think we need to look at adding some new abilities to paragon points. A few minor ideas Core: increased resource regeneration Offensive: Elite and boss damage bonus increase damage by lightning/fire/cold ect skills increase damage against undead/demons/ ect Defense: Elite and boss damage reduction Utility: Magic find bonus xp or increase the percentage the pools of radiance give pick up radius increase every skill doesn't need to be a 50 point max either can be something like pick up radius has a max of 5 1 yard per pointRighteousOne2 Oct 19, 2015
Oct 18, 2015 Malthael traditional drawing Hello! Diablo 3 is really great inspiration. For almost a year we acreated game related traditional drawings. Thats why we thought that as a commemoration for achieving 1000 paragon lvl it will be great to create something epic. We choose Malthael. It took 20h to finish with only colored pencils used and black marker. You can find drawing here : And speed drawing video will be uploaded here : tommorow. Hope you will like it :DLoedi1 Oct 18, 2015
Oct 17, 2015 Hey greater rift idea Why not make leaderboards for every map in greater rifts. So you can have the overall leaderboard for the highest tier complete #luckiestmap. Then on the maps that are so hard with tunnels, no monsters there's a point trying too stay and complete it. Because the top tier might have tier 76 on that dream map complete, but those maps that are hard the highest score is only tier 63. I dunno seems like it will help the end game, would be cool knowing what ever portal you open there's a point to try and finish it fast.LiFeGoEsON1 Oct 17, 2015
Oct 17, 2015 [HC] 2 in 1 Idea for gold sink & gem problem Hey guys! I'm an avid EU HC player and obviously playing only HC :) If my idea was already written down please skip my idea, i don't want to be a copycat :) Every hardcore fella feels the pain when she/he is losing a good toon with a badass high gem, right? Here is my 2 in 1 idea for neutral (at least your gem related) your pain and for a gold sink! You could store your gem's progress in cube(*or in another npc whatever) If you achieve a 55 rank BOT you could store in it. Here is the twist: if you create a new toon and you could get from a cube (*or...) for a PRICE! Every level of your gem has 1M price in **"Arithmetic progression" style... for example: if you want a level 1 gem: that's cost you 1M, right? what if you want a level 25 gem? No problem: that would be 325M! what if your best gem was 55 that you stored? And you seriously want that level and you have that amount of gold? That would be: 1.54B gold! how about a nice gold sink in HC? :) Don't forget every gem type has (it would be) own stored max value! You cannot create lev56 Stricken if you had 53 max of course :) **result=[n*(n+1)]*2 Guys at BLIZZ please consider my idea! Thanks!Hellrider2 Oct 17, 2015
Oct 15, 2015 [image]Better group find menu. And GR group players should search by the portal number with a queue at the menu. (no WD restrictions ehehehe)Mercurion8233 Oct 15, 2015
Oct 7, 2015 The Future of Diablo (New Quests and Weapons) The Crucible A quest for Covetous Shen: Shen leads an adventure that will lead to a recipe that will unlock the rest of the gem types. These future recipes would then be dropped by Bosses, Rift or Greater Rifts. Recipe Materials: x3 max level gems of one colour, x1 lost soul, and a gold price. The following might also be added to weigh down the cost: 1 of every other gem, or 1 material from the act ingredient list. Recipe Product: Gems cut would have 1-20 minimum to 20-40 maximum. Then Blizzard can revel in people getting new gems that are somewhat better but not the best. Augmentations A quest for the Enchantress: Mirim will lead an adventure that could stretch from purgatory to heaven or lost somewhere within Pandora. The quest will yield a mystifying crystal scepter that will add a new tab to the Enchantress’s repertoire. Items can be altered to gain a new statistical slot. Recipe Materials: x10 act materials, x1 max gem of each slot Recipe Clause: Items enchanted cannot be Augmented. (Go find new items says Blizzard) Once an item is Augmented it can no longer be Augmented. Once Augmented, the item then may be Enchanted Recipe Product: Item of Rare, Legendary and Set gain one random new feature, with three results to choose from. Once selected, an approval screen requires affirmation and then the item is permanently modified. Mew Missions For Each Act Adjacent Town Quest would be incorporated into the rest of the bounties from Tyreal Act I: Lost Love: Haedric hears a whisper that disturbs him. He informs the Nephilhem that he hears moans from the cellar. Go to the cellar and find her spirit has brought many ghosts and shambling undead into that cramped cellar. Fight through the hordes to get to the Lost Love spirit and lay her soul to rest once more. Act II: Caldium Savior: Relive the mission to save the people from the wrath brought down upon them. Make it more interesting with faster, stronger, and more frequent salvos. Quest criterion could be met when a certain amount of survivors are saved. Act III: Tainted Armory: The armory in Bastion’s keep is tainted by the black soul stone. A sliver of the stone forms inside the armory and begins to fill with menacing shades. The stone would be much more durable than the bleeding hearts that Cydia protects, and spawn numerous shades in waves to keep the depth of the battle. Act IV: Anvil on High: In the High Heavens there is a hidden smith that forges angelic weapons. Help save the Angelic smith and he will inturn, upgrade a common (white) item and have a chance to turn it into a rare, legendary or ancient item. Act V: Noble Liberation: Nobles have been imprisoned by those who seek to overthrow the king. This quest would take the hero to the dungeons of Westmarch, the final noble hidden in the second passage wherein lies a powerful human foe Prohpet’s Will: Follow into the depth of war scarred necropolis to where the last will and testimony of the Prophet lies. This scroll at the end of the encounter would offer insight into why the enchantress was placed into hibernation Nechrohall: In the wake of your last visit, many Templar initiates were slain. This left an easy target for necromancers to corrupt and utilize the fallen. The Temple will be corrupted just as Jondar was. Following the same map, to the war room, only this time it would be covered in blood and have coven demons and harbingers. Wondrous Item Drops Angelic Silver Setting/Clasp: Grants a socket to a ring/necklace Cancerous Cardia of Terror/Agony: Grants a weapon fear with +% or a bleed of lv 70 caliber Bul-kathos Belt Buckle: Moo. Waists gains a gem slot New Weapon Ideas To blur the status pie. I suggest every class should benefit from an alternative modifier. Macuahuitl [ma: ‘kwuwitl] People do your research; the Aztecs built obsidian weapons keener than razors blades. Would be listed as a two handed sword. Witch Doctor and Monk classes would have access to them. These items would feature either: Dexterity, giving the witch doctor Life on Hit per x.01 dexterity; and Intelligence, giving the Monk Life per Spirit spent per x.01 intelligence. Scepter: Reappearing from Diablo II, my personal favorite weapon back in the day. Listed as a two handed mace, would be equitable by Crusader and Wizard. These items would feature INT gives Crusader .01% elemental resistance and STR gives Wizard .01% melee damage reduction. Throwing Axe/Spear/Knives: totally not stolen from Diablo II! Barb gains .01% critical hit for all thrown/ranged skills from DEX contribution, and Demon Hunter gains .01% critical damage for all thrown skills (non-bow required skills)Ebonyninja0 Oct 7, 2015