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Oct 5, 2015 Learning web, creating Diablo content. I am creating a website throughout this semester at school and I wanted to base it around Diablo content. I just wanted to share what I've made so far. It will be updated more as time goes on but this is the general idea. I play multiple classes and have spent over 100 hours playing so far this season. Appreciate taking your time to look it! = ) www.nephalemguides.comNavixo1 Oct 5, 2015
Oct 1, 2015 New Hero Not sure if this is the correct place to post, but I thought of a awesome class. A Lancer, someone with skills like the Javelin side of the Amazon from Diablo 2 but way more detailed and in depth. I have an awesome idea but I don't work for Blizzard :/.Skiller2 Oct 1, 2015
Sep 29, 2015 Gems have no use. Got couple thousand of gems of every color imaginable, they are just collecting dust, and there is no use for them. Very few are used up rolling items, but most just lay around. Would be neat if there was some recipe in the cube that let us put them into use. Upgrade legendary gems by a few levels, reroll something to ancient, let us reroll all secondaries on items. Just ideas.Midnight4 Sep 29, 2015
Sep 28, 2015 Tired of Set Item... an alternative! Diablo3 is about looting and killing monsters, but also is about customization, and currently green set are so good that not wearing one will throw you to the end of the ladder board. So to be powerful at your class u MUST wear at least 1x of the 6 pieces set. This translate there are 6 pieces that are mandatory and this removes customization.... 2 New items suggestion. 1. Chest armor DOUBLES your elemental damage IF no green item is equipped. 2. Pants piece Allow to socket 2 additional Legendary Gems, IF no green item is equipped. About the chest: Currently Barbarian immortal king 3rd bonus adds 250% damage. Also Wizard Tal Rasha gives 150x4=600% in average 300%. So in short sets add about 200-300% plus some other less good buffs. Now if you roll 20% on each piece that has elemental damage you will notice your elemental cap is about 130-150% elemental damage, so wearing the chest item will increase your damage to 260-300% just as the 6 pieces... set About the Pants:. In order to compete with 6x set and 6x with hybrid 4 set. we need to give an additional good item, damage gems gives about 30-35% damage increase, so allowing the player equip 2 additional legendary gems will buff 70% of damage plus an additional gem buff... I think is balanced with the 6 sets other buffs are provided. In general will love not having to use a 6 set to be powerful this how try so many different build out there you cant currently as no brown item ability will EVER currently beat the 2nd and the 3rd ability a 6 pieces set provides. [b][/b] [/u] [u]Nowherefast1 Sep 28, 2015
Sep 26, 2015 Marauder Crusader Cosplay First Prize First Prize winner of the Matsuri Cosplay contest Falamangosa Props Armory Created this awesome Marauder Johanna armor, and won First Place in the contest in Houston Texas, They have also made 2 other Cosplays from Diablo, one of the Warlord armor set for crusaders, and one of Malthael. Currently they are making a set of the Heroes of the Storm Johanna armor. Looking very nice. I hope you guys enjoy this armor as much as I did! Marauder Armor - Side pose Malthael Armor Marauder Armor - River poseVinleon1 Sep 26, 2015
Sep 24, 2015 A bit of fun (Solo power level) Hello, just for anyone that is interested, I made a quick video of my solo PL on a new HC S WD. Is the link, enjoy!PostMortem0 Sep 24, 2015
Sep 19, 2015 About the Game: Episode 1 - 2015 I'm experimenting with some new content on my YouTube channel, and as a long time fan for both Blizzard Entertainment and the Diablo series; I thought I would feature it first. Yes, my posting this here spoils part of the "mystery" behind the story-telling style I use in the video, but I still hope you find the story entertaining. Sep 19, 2015
Sep 19, 2015 New class concept: The Raiders Class basic: * Origin/History: a group of raiders who once pillaged the tyrants during the 20-year gap between D2 and D3. * Weapons: + Main-hand slot: Spear, Polearm, Bow, Crossbow, one-handed Sword/Axe/Mace, Dagger. + Off-hand slot: Shield, Hawk Glove. * Armors: + Beginning: Sinple leather, battle-scarred clothes. + Middle: Leather clothes & Metal chain cloth. + High: Leather clothes & Metal pads, short capes. + Late: Chain mail, Metal plates, short capes. * Class-specific Items: + Raider Javelins (one-handed): long and precise. + Raider Polearms (two-handed): great and powerful. + Hawk Gloves (off-hand): grant 2 skill-buff properties, defensive properties, and no damage or attack speed. + Raider Bracers (wrists): defensive properties, frequently movement speed, attack speed. * Resource: [Air]: + Regenerates when you move (even when enemies move you), regeneration rate is scaled to bonus movement speed. + Base maximum is 100 * Skill categories: The numbers, if any, are subjected to change. _Primary: has two ranged and two melee. + Jab: A forceful thrust that deals 320% wd as Physical (requires melee weapon). Generates 8 Air. + Wind Blast: shoot a piercing blast of air that deals 180% wd as Physical. Generates 5 Air. + Impale: A piercing melee attack that deals 205% wd as Physical. Generates 6 Air. + Magic Bolt: shot a magical bolt that deals 290% as Physical on impact. Generates 8 Air. _Secondary: focus on piercing, two melee, two ranged. (Resource spenders) + Fend: quickly thrust the weapon, deals 380% wd as Physical to all enemies in a short arc (requires melee weapon). Costs 20 Air. + Guided Bolt: shoot a magical bolt that seeks enemies, dealing 560% wd as Physical on impact. Costs 25 Air. + Wind Fury: attack with 5 consecutive strikes that deals 720% wd as Physical. Costs 30 Air. + Twister Strike: swing the weapon in a circle, deals 460% wd as Physical to all enemies within 15 yards around you. Cost 20 Air. _Defensive: focus on movement and evasion. + Decoy: place a taunting decoy to distract enemies. Cooldown 14 seconds + Illusory Plumage: the hawk will shed some of its feathers to create a distraction while you sneak away from danger for 2 seconds. Cooldown 18 seconds. + Spring Breeze: render self untargetable/intagible for 2 seconds, gaining 50% increased movement speed for 1,5 seconds after. Cooldown 10 seconds, costs 20 Air. + Hawk Flight: your hawk will pick you up and drop you off at a targeted location 2 seconds seconds after. Cooldown 25 seconds, costs 20 Air. _Pillage: low-damage CC skills, every skill has one rune realated to gold gain. + Gangway: charge and knockback all enemies at target location. Cooldown 3 seconds. + Mugging: stun an enemy, deal 350% wd as Physical on hit. That enemy will drop a large amount of gold when killed. Cooldown 5 seconds + Plunder: draws all enemies within 30 yards around you to you and knock them away, when they land they take 20% increased damage for 5 seconds. Cooldown 8 seconds. + Hawk Steal: send the hawk to attack an enemy, this attack is guaranteed Critical hit. That enemy will drop gold, at least 1 (depends on many aspects) on hit. Costs 15 Air. _Storms: Area damage and buff skills + Spear Storm: spears burst from the ground around you, deals 1100% wd as Physical to all enemies hit within 18 yards. Costs 40 Air and 10 seconds cooldown. Runes: #Subterranean Tentacles: now can cast at a distant location. #Impaling Spikes: creates a line of spikes, knock up all enemies hit. #Fury Spears: the spears burst from you, piercing all enemies around you in a large area. Reduced cooldown. + Cyclone: the bird speeds up and flies in a tight circle around you for 2 seconds, forming a massive tornado that deals 550% wd as Physical and 235% wd as Cold to all enemies within 28 yards. Cooldown 20 seconds and costs 50 Air. # Landfall: the bird will instead fly around a targeted area. # Intensive Cyclone: the tornado deals 675% wd as Physical and 435% wd as Cold to all enemies within 15 yards # Sudden Storm: removes the delay. The tornado now deals 375% wd as Physical and 190% wd as Cold. Also reduces the cooldown to 12 seconds and Air cost to 30. # : You spend all remaining Air, adding 15% wd as Physical and 5% wd as Cold for every point of Air you spent. + Banner of the Raiders: place a banner at a target location, you and your allies gain bonus movement and attack speed for 10 seconds when standing in the AoE. Cooldown 60 seconds. Runes: #Waving Flag: also damages all enemies in the AoE with 225% wd as Cold #Torn Banner: also increases damage by 10%. #Beacon of Hope: also increases Life regeneration by 100%. #Beacon of Will: also grants 20% cooldown reduction. #Flag Carrier: the banner can be placed on you or an ally. _Aviation: Hawk skills. + Bird Call: toggle between the hawk’s Offensive and Defensive mode. All runes are passives. + Aero Metamorph: transforms the hawk into a powerful pet for a short period of time.Cooldown 60 seconds. Runes: #Wind Maker: transforms the hawk into a Storm Crow, has area attack and deals Lightning damage. #Thunder Bird: transforms the hawk into a Thunder bird, each attack will arc Lightning to nearby enemies with 345% wd as Lightning, has a chance to stun them. #Plague Vulture: transforms the hawk into a Plague Vulture, poisons all enemies hit and around the bird by 960% wd as Poison over 3 seconds. #Paradise Bird: transforms the hawk into a Paradise Bird, grants you 50% increased Life/Sec and ~20000 Life on Hit. Deals Holy damage. #Phoenix: transforms the hawk into a fiery Phoenix, enchants your skills to burn all enemies hit with 520% wd as Fire over 2 seconds and revive you one time when you take fatal damage. + Wind Tunnel: the bird travels quickly in a line, damage and knock back all enemies hit. Cooldown 15 seconds, costs 50 Air . + Birds of a Feather: the bird calls more birds to assist its attack for 6 seconds. Cooldown 24 seconds. Runes: #Storm of Feathers: when activate, the birds will burst from you instead, dealing 360% wd as Physical to enemies hit. Add 20 Air cost. #Ravens: the birds will blind enemies hit. _Passive: focus on evasion and movement. 1 + Feather Blow: increase damage of the hawk by 35%. 2 + Accuracy: increase 10% Critical chance. 3 + All that is Gold: every 100 gold you pick up will grant you and the hawk 1% increase damage for 5 seconds. 4 + Flock Together: every other Raider character in your party grants your hawk 15% increased attack damage and 10% increased attack speed. 5 + Swift: increase dodge chance by 20%. Your hawk gains 15% increased movement speed. 6 + Hooked Lance: your attacks with melee weapons have chance to drag in all enemies hit. 7 + Ballista Bolt: increase your damage with bow and crossbow by 20%, reduces your 10% attack speed. All attacks are guaranteed piercing. 8 + Tailwind: increase 10% movement speed for you and your bird. Your allies gain 5% increased movement speed. 9 + Merrymen: each additional member in your party gives you and them 5% increased damage reduction. 10 + Gone with the Wind: reduces cooldown of Spring Breeze, Hawk Flight and Wind Tunnel by 20%. Increase damage of Wind Blast and Wind Fury by 20%. 11 + Golden Hand: increase gold find. Gain a chance to reduce all cooldown by 0,5 second for every 2500 gold picked up (Note: the required gold amount is multiplied by 100 in the Vault). 12 + Wind Up: You and your hawk gain 5% increased attack speed for every 5% movement speed bonus you have 13 + Scythed Wind: When an enemy hits you, you deal 200% wd as Physical back to them. This is not Thorn 14 + Protective Gale: You gain 1% Armor for every 1% of your bonus movement speed 15 + Hot Front: You and your hawk deal an additional 50% wd as Fire in every attack 16 + Cold Front: You and your hawk have a chance to Slow enemies hit by 60% for 2 seconds in every attack 17 + Eye of the Storm: Casting a skill (with cooldown) grants you 10% increased Armor and 20% increased attack speed for 5 seconds 18 + Wind Sweeper: Every 1000 points of Dex you have give you 2% Critical chance and 25% increased Critical damage 19 + Agility: You gain 1% increased Dex for every 1% of your movement speed bonus.PNPT4 Sep 19, 2015
Sep 18, 2015 new legendary potion idea: Milk of the Poppy I posted this in the General Discussion forum, putting it here so it won't get buried so much. Also because I only saw Community Creations just now, and here is where it really belongs. ... Link to original thread: Constructive comments are welcome, let me know what you guys think!doofmeister1 Sep 18, 2015
Sep 18, 2015 The Future of Diablo III ((Gems)) New gems: Sapphire: to make weapons have that chill effect, should feel fresh yet nastolgic to veteran players. Weapon: chill movement slow effect ( 1-10% 1-60lv and 10-15% for 61-70 gems, OR increase duration of crowd control effects by 6%-20% Helm: 5-12.5% resource cost reduction Other: .65 life per second - 112. Onyx: to counter diamond. It is the antithesis of clarity but still stalwart and adamant on its own. Weapon: critical hit chance (approx) 6-20%, OR level equivalent Bleed effect Helm: Elite damage reduction 6-20% Other: +20-280 Armor Skulls: a truely nostalgic peace that captured the heart of hard core gaming, perhaps only available through hard core feats, even. Weapon: Area Damage 6-20%, OR Life per Resource spent .65 -112 Helm: Crowd Control Reduction 6-20% Other: Health Globe Healing Bonus/ Life per Kill 65-11,200 Rare Gems: the premise is that not all gems are cut equal. This could lead to new recipes for Covetous Shen, new quests for his story to make new ornate gems. Materials would require Death Breath equivalent or Lost Soul equivalent. Each gem gem would be cut by the same grade and power level with a new twist. To have a Secondary bonus. These affixes would be general and not affect by where the gems is slotted. Affixes: Increase Gold and Health Pickup by 1 yards. Resistance based on colour of corisponding element (diamond being exludded), life after kill, thorns effects, gold and magic find (sold separately), bonus experience per Kill, item gains ignore loss, rare level reduction, chance to fear, stun, blind, freeze, chill, slow, immobilized and knock back Ruby to Garnett Emerald to Peridot Amethyst to Pearl/Cobalt Topaz to Tigereye Diamond to Seraphite Sapphire to Lapis Onyx to Hematite Skull to Scarab (jeweled Beatles, fetish, trophies) Comments, suggestions, votes? I would love to see any of these to happen.Ebonyninja0 Sep 18, 2015
Sep 17, 2015 DH Developer Support Requested Hi all, If the community could please read this and compel Blizzard developers to make this change, it would be greatly appreciated. The Change: Please make the Transmogrifier can add +discpline to ALL breastplates. Currently, this option is limited to only DH-only breastplates. But, due to the UE set needing +disc, and some breastplates being unique, rather than a DH set, I feel this should be an option for all breastplates in the transmogrify. Thanks. Give support!Countic0 Sep 17, 2015
Sep 16, 2015 Channeling Spells Channeling spells Ray of Frost, Disintegrate, and Arcane Torrent are some of the spells in the wizard's arsenal that yields the highest numbers pre-70. They easily get overshadowed by the new sets however and they don't seem to get any love because of the dangers of standing still and not having any set armor damage modifiers like other skills to offset this drawback. Do devs have anything in mind to improve on this in the future?Thunderunner0 Sep 16, 2015
Aug 27, 2015 "A Wish and the Stone" a fan fiction. -I may add more to this later, working over night but I had D3 on my mind all day. Feel free to comment, I kind of like painting an intermission or a lobby after completing the Acts- A couple of gossip snippets pass over the bar as if a wind swept in along with the wizard as he made sure to close the door behind himself on the way in. Nothing extraordinary or even aimed at him. All backs were turned and hunched over their drinks. Rain trickles from the front awning and muddied boot steps dabble a path to where the guests are seated. It’s still light outside. A few peach rays glance over lint flecks that drift chaotically in the rather calm inn. The Slaughtered Calf regulars muse over their difficult work week of sweeping up limbs and filling carts with the Risen to take to the corpse burner near the eastern gates of town. Fortunately it smells like imported potpourri and searing steaks inside, but the damp tinge of the rain warps the senses in a way that reminds Kielo of the maple floor. The wizard smirks and thinks to himself about going out into the Fields of Misery with a spell or two to gather white oak for a remodel gift, but he hardly has the time to apply his knowledge of carpentry at the moment. Bron the Barkeep is washing dishes behind the counter, mumbling to himself but loudly enough where his patrons can chime in with their opinions. “How are ya’ doin’ today, he asks. And then I say, “Good like always, scrubbing away at dishes while the Evils still linger around ‘ere.””. Two gentlemen at the bar look up from their mugs, their countenances masked from the wizard, but their postures still sloping over the polished counter. “Well-” The wizard corrects silently. Kielo bows before the young woman next to the table at the entrance. She has been kind enough to allow him to read the book on top of the table, and his knowledge of Tristram families has increased substantially because of it. Kielo takes a deep breath, sighs and trudges a few steps into the inn past the doormat. A few of the regulars are missing it seems. Kielo surveys the room, peering around corners for the townsfolk that always stop by after supper. He knows of their fate before entering the inn, but after a conversation with the barkeep, he will piece the facts together as if they were ornaments on a string that slacked for a moment before being pulled taut. “Says he reconciled with Akarat!” one of the two men at the bar spouts. “Did he?” the other responds after finishing a heaved quaff, leaving dribbling beer droplets cascading down his unshaven face. He belches lightly. “Two.” the wizard amuses himself. “After he lost his dog to those reapers, he lost his mind!” the first responds. The wizard pauses uneasily. A frown. “Lad’s gone sick in the head, so those crusaders took it upon themselves to ‘reignite’ the faith after the fall of Wortham.” The patron lurches over a bit, attempting to shrug as best as he can without falling off of the stool. “He heard a few hymns, read a few passages, then he signed up and became a convert.”. “Pity, lost the best brawler in town to religion.” the second says amid an inebriated exhale, shaking his head as it once again relaxes back to the mug with a lifeless, quick slouch. A muscleless hairy nape is exposed over the working man’s collar. “We lost.” Kielo thinks out loud for once, but he says it with a whisper so that the two gents at the bar wouldn’t give their opinions. They still do not know who just walked into the inn. “Bron had done lost his best customer, too!” A calloused index points from one patron to the other. “Poor girl that was renting the room out. I heard she fell from the caravan wagons that left a while back out to the desert. Lost, in the middle of the night. She scrambled but it was too, late. She got left behind. Folks say she stepped on a rattlesnake try-hic-trying to scramble back to the horses.” A nod and a sip of confidence follow. He closes his eyes as he imbibes. “No, no, no. You’ve got it all wrong. I heard she followed that wizard and the Blacksmith to Arreat! She fell off the walls of the barbarian fortress right before it went under siege. Before they could collect her broken corpse, demons had appeared and munched her down like a-” “That’s enough outta ya’. Talk about something that a man warshin’ dishes can say, ay?” Bron shouts back after slamming a cutting board into the dish bucket. Soap suds cling to it as they slide back into the waters, much like the blood of the steaks that the innkeeper had prepared moments before. Kielo makes careful of his footsteps as he walks up to the bar. He catches the innkeeper’s attention, a straining glance from over his shoulder, and a clean hand waves him over to a seat left of the two patrons. Kielo takes a seat. He grins with a fabricated facade for a second before returning to his emotionless stare. The wizard eyes the man to his immediate right up and down, and the patron mistakes it for a nod. The wizard exhales but expresses it with a cooled, pinched lips as if he were ready to whistle. Kielo licks his lips as the two men return to their business and Bron dries his hands off with a washcloth. The barkeep unrolls his sleeves after a moment of patting his coarse forearms. “Leah gave her life for us.” Kielo monotonically reels. “She knew the importance of mind over matter, and her unfaltering spirit fought Diablo head on with more strength than any crusader or barbarian could.” The wizard folds his right arm onto the counter, tapping with an arachnid finger motion that made percussive bursts of skilled hands. His left hand caught his chin as it too drifted to the bar like anyone else that has ever seated themselves here before. “Okay, you’ll get one on the house for informing these fools.” Bron chuckles while squatting under the counter. Bron places a book with two hands before the wizard on the table, peeking under the cover to make sure the bottom face didn’t moisten from the condensation of a previous guest’s potion vial. He slides it a few inches forward towards the wizard guest and nods twice with a wink. The wizard cocks his head to the side, but his eyes are all over the book, calibrating every corner of it as if he has seen it somewhere before. He lifts it and opens to the first page. “Leah’s diary?” “Keep it.” The two patrons slowly turn to each other, then they both look to the left where a wizard is now seated up straight backed with one foot against the bar and another propped up on the leg of his stool. “Who knows, you may find someone else that needs to read it some day. Could be a fortune if the world wants to know how a girl sacrificed everything. She left me a note in there, too.” Bron blushes. “Knew I’d read it, so she told me what to do with her belongings. They’re buildin’ a school for all the orphans from the-” “Orphans?” The Wizard’s hat brim tilts back to the innkeeper, his eyes algebraically equalizing with the business owner’s. Bron coughs into his dried hands, hunkering over towards the other guests as to not insult the wizard in his presence. A humbling but unnecessary gesture. “They ask for repairs on their clothes all the time. I’m a merchant, but it costs me more to service the poor youngsters than I get back. No profit in it, and I’m not trying to run a charity. I found the girl’s book under her bed when I went to clean out her room, looking for valuables to keep this place running.” The second patron on the right burps again, covering his mouth as if he was mimicking the innkeeper or deathly afraid of a wizard. “This is unsettling.” Kielo remarks. Bron’s tongue licks against his superior row of teeth as if he had broccoli stuck in between from dinner. “How so?” Bron shrugs. “Leah took her diary with her.” “She what?” “Leah held this book with her as we traveled across Sanctuary.” the wizard reiterates, sill looking Bron in the eyes but turning pages under his peripheral vision. He looks down for a moment after stopping on a page. “Here-” the wizard scans the page with his gloves as he precariously identifies a spell between the lines of a passage. “Gods be blessed. Girl works like a witch to spare no secrets.” “That’s not all. She discovered her mother is- was- Adria” Bron is startled by the wizard’s discovery deemed observation, as if he needs a new project to keep him busy until the doors are locked through the night until dawn. “What was you doin’ hiding a book under the counter?” one of the two men asks. “You ain’t tryin ta peek back here, now, are you?” Bron fires back, lifting an eyebrow.Pqz3 Aug 27, 2015
Aug 26, 2015 [Daily LIVE] Hardcore stream %)) Hi ho, catguys! Lets play Diablo 3 HARDCORE togetheir! %) I'll be very glad to see you at my streams! Please WELCOME! %) I'm streaming EVERYDAY at my youtube: We would start our adventures when new season, SEASON 4, would START! I'll report about it in this topic! I'll be not alone - we play together with TerTer, oldschool Diablo-PoE player. p.s. A few world about me. My name is Tangar Gameglaz, I’m 30, from Moscow, Russia. I've played Diablo 2 Hardcore since 2001. I was in D2 ladder top5 several times. I'm still playing Diablo II %) But new seasons in D3 also fun so I come back there every time! %) I’m youtuber, MMO-expert and author of gaming magazines in Russia. Also I’m founder of new community of streamers – Stream Guild (russian). We are streaming MMOs at daily basis; our goal is to search for a talented streamers and develop streamers’ movement in Russia. But from recent times, my main activities now in English. I got two English youtube channels: GlazGame ( ) - My daily streams in English GameGlaz ( ) - News and Analytics about MMO, MMORPG and online games If you are interested in my videos, please visit and subscribe to my channels I'll be very glad to see you there!tangar1 Aug 26, 2015
Aug 25, 2015 WALLPAPER - Season 4: Seeking Kanai's Cube Season 4: Seeking Kanai's Cube deviantART: twitter: Just in time for the next season, and since this new season’s core is Kanai’s Cube here’s another tribute based wallpaper for the season and wallpaper in Kevin’s honor. HK Art © BlizzardHolyknight0 Aug 25, 2015
Aug 22, 2015 As per ZiggyD dev int. really hoping a cap on main stat as was discussed does not ever go through. its a total rework to how the never ending paragon lvl system operates. speaking as a semi series player who has a full time physical job and a new family just starting out im just about to reach that paragon lvl (should go a lot faster in 2.3 with increased g rift possibilities and exp lmetas) were I can dump every point into main stat. Ive been looking forward to it for a long time and I really don't want to see that light at the end of the tunnel go out just because having 1 or 2 thousand more main stat points puts the super elite so far ahead of everyone else. that's kinda the idea isn't it? just because something is hard to achieve doesn't mean it needs to be dumbed down so everyone can do it. the same argument could be used for astronauts, its extremely difficult to become one, so hell lets just make it easier for everyone to become a astronaut. this isn't an elitist argument or a nerf everything argument. yes those who are at the upper echelon of the leader boards have a much higher paragon lvl then everyone else. yes this could be attributed to zdps builds and clan mates doing such to help them attain 60+ g rifts in 2.2 and gaining much more experience then others. but that's the team work and well lets face it hard work it took to get there. yes maybe they have extremely high play times, but they have also sacrificed much of there RL to attain that were as others like myself didn't have that choice. I really don't want to see this great system especially with the changes in 2.3 ruined because some people say its unfair they will never reach the top of the mountain because others have higher paragon levels. want to be in the elite? sacrifice your real life for it like they did. ...who will survive? #TerminusAzerial0 Aug 22, 2015
Aug 22, 2015 Time to recycle ! Hi ! With my roommate, we are waiting for Kanai's cube. He's a drawer. And we wanted to share our impatience to the Blizzard community ! We though about a little draw, and we finally got this : Do you like it ?Sandro0 Aug 22, 2015
Aug 15, 2015 Improving clans Clans were a great addition to the game and the community but does anyone else feel they are way under utilized. Clans should be the hub of the game life not just something people pool all there alts in and leave half empty. I have a few suggestions to boost clans impact on the game. Make it automatic that anyone that has not logged into a clan in 3-6 months is booted from the clan and if the Clan founder if not active in 6 months then delete the clan. Increase clan size +++ Allow clans to enter into alliances with other clans and add a chat option so all clans can talk to each other. Give clans a bonus for the number of active players it has. Such as things like gear is indestructible or increased gold or magic find, increased xp or deaths no longer erase bonus xp whatever but do them across a layout like at 50 members you get this at 75 you get this and so on. They don't have to be major things that will offset the balance of the game just something extra. If you are worried about the leaderboards you can have them not active on seasonal characters or hardcore. Give groups an xp, or magic find bonus or something for each member of the same clan/alliance that are in it. Like 3 or 5 % but let everyone in the group get it even if one or two of them are not in the clans so they see the benefit and want to join a clan. There are a lot of other things that can be done with clans and these are just a few ideas but I think this is something that should be looked at and worked on more to make clans a much more important and key part of the game. The tight clans where people play together a lot are going to be the people that stick with the game longer and keep the community alive more.RighteousOne0 Aug 15, 2015
Aug 15, 2015 EZ money. buyable transmorg skins! simple. add a store to the game for transmorg skins, banners and other things that make you look cool but don't affect gameplay. For how great blizzard is at updates they deserve to be making some post purchase money. The idea list (submit your own!): Chicken suit!TaylorToby1 Aug 15, 2015
Aug 11, 2015 Invoker set: making passive into active First I'll give a general philosophy for the set, then I will present x-piece bonus philosophies, and finally give suggestions as examples. Thorns is about taking damage to deal damage. If this is the core of the set, there should be a parity between survivability/toughness and damage output, and they should have a symbiotic relationship. Also, the set should facilitate more than one play style or skill set determined by supplementary legendaries. 2 piece: Fix thorns and make it a valuable stat as well as facilitate farming. Fixing thorns means it should be triggered by all damage from a single source. Facilitating farming means that the two piece should provide a noticeable dps boost to allow for progressing and accumulating pieces. For example jump from T1 to T4. This boost should however elegantly scale in power as further set pieces are acquired. 4 piece: Make another secondary stat more valuable and cause a defensive cd to also be an offensive cd. If we must take constant damage, the set should encourage and reward defensive stats and skills by giving them offensive capabilities. 6 piece: Thorns/other secondary skill and taking damage should buff both damage and defense. First we must avoid "stand in place and hold mouse button because I can't die" gameplay. However, we should want to get hit, be capable of being hit, and still need to avoid the worst of damage. This would best be accomplished by buffing a number of skills while reducing damage taken based on being hit.RCMFJ1 Aug 11, 2015
Aug 8, 2015 A Story I have been writing on deployment. I have been writing a story in the D3 universe while I have been deployed at sea and unable to play. I created this post out of curiosity as to how the community would receive it and see if yall would be interested in reading it. Once it's finished, if there were enough interest I had the thought of persuing blizzard to possibly publish it but who knows. Well the synopsis goes as such. Nephalem Civil War: Following the defeat of Malthael. The walls protecting sanctuary from the prime evils' hordes have begun to fall. As wave after wave of evil pours out at every corner of sanctuary, none understand the true severity of the times. Anarchy has plagued the land. The forces of heaven have been unsupportive, tyrael has not returned from his recent journey to the crystal spire. The fate of sanctuary lies solely on the Nephalem Council, made up of the original Heroes who took up arms and slayed both Diablo and Malthael. As the nephalem forces begin to fight each other. Ajax, a renowned demon hunter, and Warrick, her crusader ally. Have set out to discover The true threat posed on sanctuary, and hopefully, discover the source and a way to put a stop to it. Will the Nephalem Council succeed in ending this foolish war and bring peace to sanctuary? Or will they fall to this new, unknown evil? Well back to writing..Gunsmyth0 Aug 8, 2015
Aug 7, 2015 37 Enchanting Diablo Facts! [Video] Hey guys, so I guest-starred in the Diablo installment of this YouTube fact series. I'd love any feedback you could give! Hope you enjoy :D Aug 7, 2015
Aug 7, 2015 Action Bobby's Skill Ideas This is just a list of skill ideas with their possible rune ideas, nothing more. Skills might have the correct amount of rune suggestions, none, or 76 of them. Minor thought will be given to balance, but this is really just a bag of ideas. Suggestions are elaboration super welcome! Wizard: Force Propulsion - Channel, cost 15 arcane per second. Default - Move with 50% bonus movement speed towards the cursor with +75% dodge. Can't touch this! - increase movement bonus to 100% dodge bonus to 99%. Toboggan - Slide on a trail of ice that freezes enemies it passes through for 2 seconds. Electric Slide / Numbus - Slide on a storm cloud that zaps enemies within 10 yards, chaining to all other enemies within 5 yards for 100% damage as lightning. Flame surfer - Slide on a 5 yard AOE ball of fire that does 100% damage as fire to enemies it runs over, leaving a trail of fire that lasts 3 seconds dealing 50% damage as fire per second to enemies who stand in it. Excuse me... - Enemies you pass through are knocked aside 10 yards and take 100% damage as physical. Witch Doctor: Monk: Timed Attack - instant active, costs 10 spirit Default - activate a 1 second charge period where the next primary skill deals increased damage from +0% if Timed Attack is cast more than 1 second before the primary skill exponentially rising to +400% damage if Timed Attack is cast the instant (i'm talkin frames) before the primary skill. Explosive Strike - The next primary skill explodes, dealing its damage in an aoe ranging from 0 to 10 yards based on how well the attack was timed. Thundering Blow - The next primary skill stuns the target for 0 to 2 seconds. Flurry (like the panda from dota or hon) instant active, cost 20 spirit Default - lunge forward the way you are facing 5 yards while performing a spinning strike with a large staff. Enemies within 2 yards of you are knocked away 5 yards, immobilized for .2 seconds, and take 300% weapon damage. Breaks snares. (Primary attacks cancel this attacks animation and vice versa) Fury flurry - your rod is huuuge. this attack breaks all freezes and immobilizations and smashes through jailer walls and doors with 1 hit while not interruping your movemsnt. Enemies hit are stunned for .5 seconds and take 400% damage. Dashing flurry - increase the lunge distance to 20 yards, knocking up all enemies hit for 1 second, and hitting for 350% damage. Flurrious assault - after casting flurry, as long as you dont click to change the direction you are facing, your next cast of flurry costs 5 spirit. This effect chains to the next cast of flurry. Controlled flurry - flurry is now cast at the direction of your cursor (works with flurious assult if both runes are active *wink wink*). Your crit chance for the flurry is doubles where any 1% crit chance over 100% instead increases crit damage by 10%. Shadow flurry - immediately after flurrying you send a clone forward that flurries a distance of 10 yards in one smooth motion, hitting any enemies within 5 yards of it. Enemies hit by the clone are knocked in the air to the clones landing location (sexy grouping). Standing flurry - spaz out with a tiny 7 sided strike animation, and hit all enemies within 5 yards of you for 500% damage, knocking them back 10 yards and slowing them by 100% slow diminishing over 3 seconds. Raise the cost to 40 spirit. Druid: *WINK WINK Wink wink wink...* Demon Hunter: Crusader: Barbarian:ActionBobby1 Aug 7, 2015
Aug 5, 2015 new class and backstory there was a single barbarian who decided to gve up the battle rage of his kind and instead turned it inward. Deep within Sescheron he. As he quieted his mind he felt his rage ebbing. When it was no more a serene peace overcame him. "My brothers and sisters, I will defend this place, the place of my ancestors, to my last breath. For myself and those who come before and after..." he uttered and, as he stood, a pair of spectral Nephalim wings opened and closed around him. "He has...done it..." one of the others uttered. Inded, this one lone former Barbarian, had tamed the fires within and turned it into a new kind of power. One reminiscent of the Nephilim gone before....a Transcendent. Transcendents use a self taught style, said to have been passed from the spirits of the oldest of Nephalim. Using a Katana like blade and it's sheath, as well as a stone only they know how to make from scattered bits(Even from shards of evil found within enemies for the adge "Fight fire with fire" still holds true even in these dark days) and drawing from 2 distinct fighting styles, each with it's own pool, they use their Body and Soul as a deadly weapon against the forces of Hell Blades are Katana. Either normal or otherworldy, forged of special material they slice through demonic flesh with ease. The sheath is not any ordinary sheath. There is a small receptical in which to place a stone. These stones, when placed, gives the sheath not only special power but an otherworldy appearence and also serves as a focus for the many powers weilded by the Transcendent. Body uses fast draw skills allowing the Transcendent to slice his enemies apart faster then the eyes can follow. Soul uses the power of the transcendent, enhanced by the calm that was attained and focusing it through the stone set into the sheath. These attack, though slower, are stronger by far but leave openings which may be taken advantage of. The resource or is splt into 2 like the Demon hunter. Body is red while Soul is the same color as the Wrath used by Crusader. Some examples of skills are Moment End:A single fast draw strike. The enemy will be dead before they know they have been cut. Deals 500% damage in a straight line can be stored up to 3 charges. When all three charges are used the draw is more stylized and, when the blade is sheathed the one hit is multipled by as many as 3. uses Body Runes:a rune that changes the strike to instead a small scale storm of slashes that stun and cause bleeding for 10 seconds of 200% damage. Heavens Stage:A single circular strike that sends out a ring of Divine energy. DOes 1000% holy damage but you take 100% more damage during the skill and are weakened by 5% for 10 seconds. Uses Soul Runes:Heavenly Night:Instead of swinging your blade slash outward. The slash does 2000% holy damage but weakens you by 15% for 15 seconds. After 3 seconds the enemy hit is engulfed in flame doing 300% weapon damage and 150% burning for 3 seconds. Heaven and Hell:Buff. Passive:Your allies are reminded of why they fight increasing their damage by 200% and they regain 10,000 health per second. ALso speeds up resource regeneration by 2. When activated the angel and devil wings flap once creating a small storm infront of you knocking back enemies. Unleash:Unleash you newfound power entering a heightened state akin to that of the old Nephalim. You have 3 attacks. 1.You flap your wings creating a small explosion 2.You slash foward sending out a wave of power doing 1000% damage in a line 3.You punch foward with the sheath whatever you hit you rapidly slash 10 times each hit doing 100% weapon damage and ending with a final explosion that does 50% fire damage and stuns. form lasts for 10 seconds. Each kill increases power by 10% Uses Both Runes:Eidolon:Summon an Eidolon that fights beside you. All attacks are mirrored but only do 10% of the damage. Heavens Fury:WHen you transform summon a Nephalim spear(one half is Angelic looking the other half demonic looking) and throw it. It lands infront of you and explodes causing blind as well as stun for 5 seconds each. Attacks are now converted to Holy Damage. Moonlit Water:Focus your mind to turn back the demoic power of your enemy. Forms a thorn aura around you that reflects 200% incoming damage back to the attacker. Uses Soul When both body and Soul are full all attacks are near instant Resource Generators These follow each other in order. When you hit the right level no new attack is "Added" just the single combo is extended. One Stroke:Strikes out with Sheath Two Stroke:Strike with the sheath again Three Stroke:draw and strike upwards with blade Four Stroke:Strike doward with blade and sheath Flourish:Turn around and draw blade Strike's 5 and six:strike with sheath and kick Final:spin blade to backhand and impale opponent. Each hit gradualy becomes stronger. Starting at 100% then raising by 50% ending at 450% power. The impale causes bleeding 100% over 3 seconds. Each hit regains 3 Body Soul Combo: Smashing Pillars:strikes strongly in one direction overcome:kicks foward The End:Spin flips foward while brandishing blade Each hit becomes stronger. Starting at 200% and raising by 50% ending at 300%. Final hit stuns for 3 seconds. However each hit, while slightly slower then the last, also allows for a debuff known as Fatigue to set in. When affected stats and defences are lower by 5% for 10 seconds. Each hits regains 10 Soul This, IMHO is meant to be a risk/reward type class. It can be powerful but the risks are also great.Ember0 Aug 5, 2015
Aug 4, 2015 A Proposed Witch Doctor Set. Hello all. This is an idea I've been toying around the last few days and it revolves around the Beloved skill that no one uses at the moment - Spirit Barrage. Ever since I've started playing this class, I was a bit bummed out about the fact that although the Witch Doctor has the most versatile options in terms of game play, It doesn't have the tools to make certain skills viable so with this is thought, here's my idea: 2 piece bonus - Each time you hit an enemy with Spirit Barrage, the cool down of Mass Confusion is reduced by 1 second. [/u] [/b]4 piece bonus - After Spirit Walk ends, you gain 40% damage reduction for X seconds. 6 piece bonus - Walking through Enemies while Spirit Walk is active applies the "Hollow" debuff for 5 seconds. "Hollow" enemies take X% increased damage from Spirit Barrage. Enemies that die while "Hollow" haunts other enemies. Another idea I had is this: 2 piece bonus - Each time you hit an enemy with Spirit Barrage, the cool down of Mass Confusion is reduced by 1 second. 4 piece bonus - Summons a Permanent Spirit of your Ancestors that casts Spirit bolts that deals X% damage for Y seconds. [b] 6 piece bonus [u] - Enemies hit by the spirit bolts of your Ancestor becomes tethered to the Ancestor. Tethered enemies take X% increased damage from the Ancestors' Spirit Bolts and your Spirit Barrage. Either way, I think that thematically it fits the whole Spirit Witch Doctor game style. What do you think?KushiSensei0 Aug 4, 2015
Aug 4, 2015 Addons, the need. I need to get some different buff frames. I am too busy focusing on my buff timers at the bottom left of my screen to see whats going on with the rest of the game i am focusing on. Not only that, but i would like to be able to move my mini-map from the top right corner of my screen. I feel as if the rules of this game are keeping me from enjoying high end greater-rifts. If only i didn't have to focus so much as a barb on my buffs I would have been able to see that 40 frozen orbs were stacked on top of each other. Please allow community made addons, or at the very least allow blizzard employees to introduce addons after approval.nevergivein0 Aug 4, 2015
Aug 4, 2015 [Next Class:] ? ? ? We all know that if you added a new class it wont be the necromancer, to what we know now I have been putting some thought into another one as such. Hear me out...I have a few suggestions if it's not too late already Bard - I feel like your designers would have fun making this class. -they would be a hybrid race between 2 main stats or already has like permenant 50% Crit.C. or some benefit along the lines to make them more unique. DemonWarrior (or berzerker/Demonzerker-BloodFiend) -Potentially a class that would use health as it's main source of damage- -Nephelem Ancestor- A class that gains benefits from those secondary things Such as Thorns, gold pick up radius and armor. (higher armor, more damage thorns does, more goldPuR larger area) Your Thoughts & revision:?Ventus0 Aug 4, 2015
Jul 31, 2015 Kanai's Cube: A Tribute Kanai's Cube: A Tribute deviantART: Twitter: This wallpaper started out with me modifying the ui elements of the Cube's interface from images to give me the texture for the sides and top the cube. With this wallpaper I did something I hadn't done in a while. I tried with eyeing each piece skewing and warping the images to try and give a 3-d looking cube. I'm sure it'll have some inconsistencies but from just judging by eye I am proud of this one. The fire now that was something that took some fiddling with layers and styles just to get the glow right. At first i was really trying to match it with some of the screenshots from the patch preview video that blizzard brought out on Tuesday. In the end the fire turned out fantastic and if you think about this. The cube almost gives off a single candle type effect. A fitting and simple wallpaper for the cube and for a great man. This wallpaper of the Cube is for you Kevin. Also Mobile: deviantART: Twitter: HK Kanai's Cube art (C) BlizzardHolyknight0 Jul 31, 2015
Jul 14, 2015 Rapid Fire Demon Hunter So I think vengeance and rapid fire could be the next big DH upgrade. WE already have the wohjinni and would really love to take advantage of it. Shadow's Mantle could really use a rework. Rapid fire is a tough build because of staying stationary but a few tweaks could really put rapid fire at the top. Here are my ideas: Add a few pieces to The Shadow's Mantle and change the set bonuses. Helmet - The Shadow's Mask - Rolls Dexterity & Socket - 4 Random Magic Properties Shoulder - The Shadow's Advocate - Rolls Dexterity & CDR - 4 Random Magic Properties Quiver - The Shadow's Tremor - Rolls Dex, AS, and 20-25% RF damage - 5 Random Magic Properties 2 Piece Bonus - Reduce the cool down of Vengeance by 9 seconds for every second of channeling rapid fire stacks up to 5 times. - Shadow Power gains the effect of every rune. 4 Piece Bonus - Primary skills that generate resources have 100% increased damage for 10 seconds after channeling rapid fire. This effect stacks up to 5 times for every second of channeling rapid fire. 6 Piece Bonus - While Vengeance is active increase rapid fires attack speed by 30% and damage by 500%. For every second channeling rapid fire reduce the initial hatred cost by 5. Stacks up to 4 times. A quiver or xbow with the high velocity rune would be solid I used a an existing quiver. Holy Point Shot - Rolls %elemental damage, dexterity & 15-20% AS - 4 Random Magic Properties - Rapid fire gains the effect of the High Velocity rune Primary skills could use some love/rework these shoulders could be a start. They would compliment the Shadow's Mantle mods I have presented. New Shoulders - Rolls Dex & AR - 4 Random Magic Properties - Primary skills that generate resources now generate 7 hatred and 1 discipline This my idea for a rapid fire build.HanSolo0 Jul 14, 2015
Jul 12, 2015 Traction Gaming Recruiting A healthy community is a network of like-minded individuals with a mutual goal… the betterment of the whole. In a gaming community, this can be achieved by fostering an environment where the experienced mentor the inexperienced, and the successful pass on their learning to those wishing to take their gaming to the next level. At Traction Gaming, we embody this philosophy. We are a network of brothers and sisters, united in our ambitions. Beyond bringing our fresh recruits up to speed, we also foster our love of gaming with a healthy dose of competition. That’s right, we’re talking about major tournaments in League of Legends, Dota 2 and Hearthstone – where the winners take home not just fame and glory, but real cash prizes as well. On top of that there will be fun competitions for anyone to enter. We will also be keeping you up-to-date with the latest and greatest in the gaming industry. If it’s important to the gaming world, we will get it in your brain via our blogs and think-pieces. And though we are a new community, our leadership council have a storied past together and have long held to our beliefs. Over the years, we’ve wondered how we could build a diverse community of gamers that all enjoy their passions under one banner… and we believe we have built the answer. So we welcome you to an experience of growth, information sharing and development. Our team want to help you become a better gamer in every sense. A better player, a stronger competitor and a better influence on the community and industry as a whole. If you want to learn how to be a better gamer, you’ve come to the right place. If you are already an experienced and comfortable gamer, then come join us, make some friends and become part of our future. We’re a force to be reckoned with and we can’t wait to see what you have to offer. As of this week we have officially started recruiting! Our Teamspeak server is up and ready to use and our site is fully functional and looking for new contributors, members and anyone interested in joining something special  Teamspeak 3 Details: Label: 'Traction Gaming' Address: No password! Jul 12, 2015
Jul 11, 2015 On Farming [Comic] Been making some Diablo comics, because 2.3 has me all excited. Comic on my site: Comic on imgur: Jul 11, 2015
Jul 9, 2015 How to get in faster on PTR server - Guide The article will describe several efficient ways of how to login faster on PTR servers. Also, article will provide info on how to obtain Kanai's Cube, and where to find Materials for its recipes.Skalpei0 Jul 9, 2015
Jul 9, 2015 Diablo 3 PTR Patch 2.3.0 - First Impressions Tremendous amount of exciting changes are to coming to Diablo 3 in new patch! Read about how Kanai's Cube will change the world of Sanctuary! Also, check the new Sets, Rifts improvements, new zone and new Season features!Skalpei0 Jul 9, 2015
Jul 9, 2015 Class Concept: Death knight Hello all! this will be my first creation, I hope you will like it! My main goal with this class was using some magic types from our beloved necromancer alligned with something more, if I could describe this class would be something like a Dark Crusader. But let's go to the concept. PS: It's not finished yet ! I will update this thread every time I finish a part :) PS2: Sorry for my english. Feedbacks are more than welcome! RESOURCES PRIMARY STAT: Vitality. FORM OF ENERGY: Blood Force. Blood Force works like a standard mana source, but there are some skills that will drain a percentage of your life equal to the amount you used from your Blood Force, since we are dealling with demonic powers and entities some skills will demand a little more than just "mana". WEAPONS Cursed Sword: 1-handed class weapon or 2-handed class weapon. Chains: off-hand, offer bonuses, works like a quiver. SKILLS PRIMARY SKILLS 1)Ice Spikes (Generate: 3 Blood Force, no cooldown) Launch an ice spike, dealing 210% weapon damage as cold and slowing the target for 3 seconds. *Glacial Spike: Increase the damage of ice spikes to 350% weapon damage as cold. *Icy Split: After exploding on the first target the spike will divide into 3 smaller ones that will hit nearby targets dealing 170% weapon damage as cold and slowing the target for 2 seconds. *Ice Nova: Ice Spikes will now explode on a frost nova after hitting the first target, freezing everything inside the nova for 1 second, dealing 100% weapon damage as cold for each frozen enemy. *Blue Fire: After hitting the first target, it will burn it for 100% weapon damage as cold per second for 5 seconds, if enemies are nearby theres a 30% chance that one of them will also catch fire. *Frost spear: Ice Spikes will now pierce the targets, dealing 270% weapon damage as cold. 2)Poisoned Slash (Generate: 3 Blood Force, no cooldown) Sweep your weapon through one enemy, dealing 170% weapon damage as poison and poisoning the target for 3 seconds dealing 50% weapon damage as poison per second. *heavy flesh: reduce the creature's movement speed by 30% while its poisoned. *deadly poison: decrease weapon damage to 80% but increases the poison damage by 125% for 7 seconds. *confusion: poisoned creature will have a 25% chance of becoming confused for 5 seconds, attacking all nearby creatures. *Death cloud: The killed creature will have a 25% chance to explode releasing a poison cloud up to 12 yards, dealing 100% weapon damage as poison for 3 seconds to all creatures inside the cloud. *mind trick: poisoned creatures will run in fear for 5 seconds. 3)Life Tap (Generate: 3 Blood Force, no cooldown) Hit your enemy dealing 125% weapon damage and increases your life on hit by 15% of your total life. 4)Restless (Generate: 3 Blood Force, no cooldown) Attack for 250% weapon damage. Restless attack speed increases by 18% for 8 seconds with each attack, but decreases your armor by 65%. SECONDARY SKILLS 1)TBD 2)Dark armor (Costs: 15 Blood Force, no cooldown, lasts 5 minutes) Surrounds yourself in a barrier of dark energy that reduces all incoming damage by 15% but reduces your overall damage by 10%. 3)Corpse explosion (Costs: 20 Blood Force, no cooldown) The targeted corpse explodes, dealing 900% weapon damage as fire to all nearby enemies. 4)Infected Blood (Costs: 13 Blood Force, no cooldown) Cut the target creature dealing 325% weapon damage as poison, the creature will also bleed for 35% weapon damage and will also have a 25% chance of infecting one nearby creature for 100% weapon damage as poison with a 25% chance of bleed for 15% weapon damage. DARK MAGIC 1)Soul Drain (Costs: 30 Blood Force, loose 0.5% of your total life per 1 blood force, 60 seconds cooldown) Drain the souls from the dead bodies (up to 5 souls at max) gaining a soul stack for each soul drained this way, increasing your damage for 5% for each soul stack, soul stacks will vanish after 60 seconds. 2)Ice chains (Costs: 15 Blood Force, no cooldown) Shackles the target creature with chains made of ice that will slow its movement speed by 50% and will deal 250% weapon damage as cold. 3)Crusher (Costs: 30 Blood Force, no cooldown) Gather the souls from the dead bodies (up to 20 souls at max) and shape them into a ball of pure soul energy, unleashing it at target creature, dealing 400% +10% for each gathered soul weapon damage as cold. 4)Dark Aura (Costs: 20 Blood Force, loose 1.5% of your total life per 1 blood force) Passive: Increase weapon damage by 15% and movement speed by 10%. Active: Increase attack speed by 10% and armor by 15% for you and all party members but drains 25% of all your life (lasts 15 seconds) BLOOD MAGIC 1)Blood Companion (Costs: 10 Blood Force, loose 1.5% of your total life per 1 blood force, 20 seconds cooldown) Summon a Blood companion from a soul, the companion hits for 120% of your weapon damage and every hit it does heals you by 2% and evey hit it suffers damages you by 1.5%, only one companion allowed. 2)Hellish Rain (Costs: 20 Blood Force, loose 1.5% of your total life per stack, 30 seconds cooldown) Passive: Gather a soul from a dead body, stack up to 15 times Ative: Summons a rain of boiling blood dealing 450% damage as fire, for each stack consumed prolongs the effect for 0.5 seconds. 3)Vampiric Aura (Costs: 15 Blood Force, loose 1.5% of your total life per 1 blood force) Passive: Increase your and your partners life by 20% Active: Increase life on hit for you and your party members by 3% every time you kill a monster, stack up to 6 times (lasts 15 seconds) 4)Blood Rites (Costs: 30 Blood Force, loose 1% of your total life per 1 blood force, 40 seconds cooldown) Increase your critical hit chance by 10% and your critical damage by 20%, lasts 30 seconds. 5)Profane Portal (Costs: 45 blood Force, loose 1% of your total life per 1 blood force, 60 seconds cooldown) Drain the souls from the dead bodies (up to 50 souls at max) gaining a soul stack for each soul drained this way and open a portal dragging and damaging all enemies up to 30 yards, for every soul stack gained add 60% weapon damage as fire, lasts 10 seconds. CURSES 1)Terror (Costs: 5 Blood Force, loose 2% of your total life per 1 blood force, 10 seconds cooldown) Cursed monsters run away at very high speed for 5 seconds, 3 yards. 2)Target (Costs: 5 Blood Force, loose 2% of your total life per 1 blood force, 10 seconds cooldown) Target creature becomes the target of all nearby creatures for 5 seconds. 3)Soul Sickness (Costs: 10 Blood Force, loose 5% of your total life per 1 blood force) Increases the amount of damage received by 100% for 6 seconds and targeted creatures cannot move for 3 seconds, 15 yards. Creatures killed while under the effect of Soul Sickness have their souls destroyed and cannot be used. 4)Soul Crusher (Costs: 10 Blood Force, loose 5% of your total life per 1 blood force) Lower all incoming damage by 50% for 8 seconds and targeted creatures with less than 5% of life will explode dealing 1500% weapon damage as fire, 25 yards. Creatures killed while under the effect of soul Smasher have their souls destroyed and cannot be used. EMBODIMENT 1)Salhak (Costs: 95 blood force, loose 1% of your total life per 1 blood force, this effect will only occur after your transformation) Your body becomes the vessel of the demon Salhak, the master of curses and fire, while on Salhak form you will gain 50% blood force and 25% attack speed but your life will be cutted by 35%, this embodiment lasts 60 seconds. Primary Skill: Fireball (Generate: 5 blood force, no cooldown): Unleash a powerful fireball dealing 420% weapon damage as fire and exploding at target creature. Secondary Skill: Inferno (Costs: 10 Blood Force initially, and an additional 5 blood force while channeling, loose 1.5% of your life per second while channeling) Unleash a powerful flame from your mouth constantly dealing 850% fire damage per second. Soul Reaper (Costs: 70 Blood Force, 35 seconds cooldown, 30 yards) A powerful curse that will petrify all enemies for 10 seconds and deals 350% weapon damage per second, if an enemy is killed this way you drain its soul, regenerating 10% of your life per soul drained this way. 2)TBD 3)TBDVintersorg3 Jul 9, 2015
Jul 2, 2015 Celebrating 7 Years Making Wallpapers On Tuesday June 30th, marked my 7th anniversary for making Diablo based wallpapers. With this special occasion I created a double monitor wallpaper. I’ve always wanted to make one of these and I thought now was the time. From Sanctuary to the Nexus: The 7th Anniversary deviantART: twitter: d3 reddit: The left side was for Diablo 3 ( while the right side was for Heroes of the Storm: The Eternal Conflict ( Both wallpapers feature all of the runes I have ever made/used over the course of these past 7 years. (74 in all!). The art in these wallpapers is mainly by Mr—Jack as well as Diablo 3 Diablo by Wei Wang. There’s also the Sanctuary World map and other d3/HotS artwork by others as well. Lastly I would like to thank everyone for their support over the years, and you can get more details about this and some quick history of the past 7 years on my deviantART Journal ( Thanks all and I will see you in Sanctuary and the Nexus! HK.Holyknight0 Jul 2, 2015
Jun 29, 2015 Crusader set idea for patch 2.3.0 HI! I thought i share my idea on the new crusader set. Its a personalizable falling sword set. Name: Armor of the Holy Vanguard (2) Set: Spending resource reduce the cooldown of falling sword. (4) Set: After using falling sword you gain 150% increased damage and 60% damage reduction for 6 seconds. (6) Set: Falling sword stuns enemies for 2 seconds, and deals 600% increased damage. Tell me what you think about it.Wisphet2 Jun 29, 2015
Jun 27, 2015 You're all going to hate me for this! It dawned on me, and for my own amusement I made this. Cheers, and be ready to /facepalm.AaronNolden3 Jun 27, 2015
Jun 20, 2015 MS Painted D3 Forum Avatars ^_^ Took the current game guide art, and MS painted them over the beta-avatar.jpg! Brought to you by #boredom Jun 20, 2015
Jun 14, 2015 My Diablo 3 Sleeve Tattoo I've started work on the sleeve tattoo I've always wanted. I've sold my car to pay for the 17 hours I have done so far, but I have a house to pay off, and, a wedding and honeymoon to save up for now, so won't be able to finish my dream tattoo off for years. Follow the link to see the pictures of the progress so far! =] the detail is amazing. Jun 14, 2015
Jun 13, 2015 Demon Hunter male Cosplay Hi! I m a fan of Diablo since first one and a cosplayer from Italy :) I made this cosplay of Demon Hunter male with legendary bow Windforce. Take a look at my work! I was in an ancient castle, 2 hours far from Bucharest where i was invited as guest for a convention, Thank you for your attention and i hope you ll like them :) Dario Cosplay my fb page: Jun 13, 2015
Jun 13, 2015 Story for Diablo 4 I want to write a story for what I feel would be an interesting take on a good continuation of the Diablo storyline. May I simply post it in this thread in the future?Bloodrazorin1 Jun 13, 2015
Jun 6, 2015 Profile calculator Hey there, I've been working on this project in my spare time and I'd like to share my first results. Its miles away from being usable, but its something. Its also far from optimized (I haven't even compiled my CSS files) and contains a lot of ugly code that will have to be reworked eventually. Also I only added just enough items to be able to import my DH, so its like 10 items in total. Basically I just want to know if the layout looks good enough, and if it works fine on lower-end computers. I know it is horribly slow in IE, but that browser is just bad at doing anything complex. The link is here: Basically you can try to import your character (enter battle tag and select the character to import), but if its not a DH you will likely only see the ring. Update: all items should work now. Took me like 3 days of typing them in >.>Riv1 Jun 6, 2015
Jun 1, 2015 Diablo III - Youtube Channel Hi everyone, after several years in this MMO's and such, I decided why not save my games and upload them selflessly, when I want and the way others see and learn something like I can learn from their experiences. I leave the channel address where I will go guide classes, different builds and random games alone or with friends s, contained very frequent and active channel. Nothing more, thank you for your attention and hope to see you around here ; ). A greeting! Youtube: Twitter: Jun 1, 2015
May 30, 2015 D3Calc I have been working on a program for common Diablo 3 ROS calculations (Greater Rifts, Gem Crafting, Upgrade Chance) and just wanted to get it out there. Freeware! May 30, 2015
May 24, 2015 Weapon Swap Legendary + Lightning Wizard Set I have 2 original ideas for Unique items. The first one is a level 70 Legendary Bracer called "Blade Dancer". It can be found on any character and rolls decently enough, but it's special in that it has 2 special slots that you can only put weapons into. Casting a signature spell instantly swaps to the two-handed weapon or two one-handed weapons for 5 seconds if it is in your inventory. Using another signature spell swaps it back but it can't swap again until the duration ends. To clarify, it doesn't actually swap the items in your inventory, but it does visually switch them on your character. While it is swapped you get all the effects of the weapon slotted including vitality and unique prefixes. You can unslot a weapon at any time (except in GRifts) by right clicking it. This item has plenty of potential with people wanting to get the most out of their items by switching between prefixes. ____________________________________________________________________ The second idea is a 6 set for the Wizard revolving around on-hit Lightning damage. It goes like this: (2) Storm Armor can strike an unlimited amount of enemies. (4) Each tick of Lightning damage strikes the target for an extra hit of 100% weapon damage. Has no cooldown. (6) Every time an enemy gets damaged by Lightning they take 15% increased damage from Lightning for 2 seconds, stacking up to 15. The exact numbers could be scaled up and down, but bear in mind that it deals with on-hit damage so it stacks really hard. It works well with Paralysis and life on-hit. It has the potential to be very competitive but is geared mainly for single target sustained dps, and may have problems when too many enemies block it from a single target, or they get disabled. ____________________________________________________________________ So, tell me what you think!Demolij0 May 24, 2015
May 17, 2015 gold find > magic find after paragon lvl 600 just make more sense that you whant to farm gear then gold so you put your point in gold find... that is just wased paragon. so to enjo your 1 of your 4 paragon level after 600. that take lot more time to get How about change that to magic find.duidreki0 May 17, 2015
May 16, 2015 NA | Pandorum Gaming Community Name: Pandorum Gaming Website: Type: Casual/Competitive Server: NA Teamspeak3 Address: TS.PANDORUMGAMING.NET *▬▬▬▬ About Us: Pandorum Gaming mission is for Equality for All Gamers meaning we hold our officers and members in high regard. We will help new players as well, to get them adjusted and ready to have fun *▬▬▬▬ Environment: Currently we have strong communities in Heroes of the Storm, SWTOR, Arma3, D3, Warframe and LoL. We do not tolerate harassment of any form in our community and have dedicated moderators that are there to help you when you need it. This makes for a drama-free environment. *▬▬▬▬ Who we're looking for: Competitive gamers as well as casual gamers who like to meet new people and have fun. Also, since we are a new group we are currently on the lookout for hardworking people interested in becoming staff. *▬▬▬▬ How To Join: 1.Go to this link > Hit Apply Now 2.Join our teamspeak: TS.PANDORUMGAMING.NET 3.Ripp or Havenbrook will handle the application. If you want to get into the action with our members of the diablo portion of please feel free to contact myself in game Demodemigod#1501 or Dylan#1721 thank you and we will see you in game.Demodemigod0 May 16, 2015
May 12, 2015 Achievements Killing epic monsters Hi I would like to see an a Achievements for killing epic monsters endless amount of times. It would start at 20,40,60,100. and so on times. Could also do same for treasure goblin killing one type of treasure goblin 20,40,60,100 so on.. Also would the be away to add key warden Keys to main screen as options were next to min map you can hit alt+ shift+ F1 would put 4 small keys on screen upper left near season leaves well be 4 keys each time one have forward slash throw it. Also make the keys in colors an shapes same size as season leaves..Deadzone0 May 12, 2015
May 11, 2015 Very Simple - Let us name our followers I'm sorry if someone has already suggested this, but I think think this simple adjustment would enhance the solo gameplay experience a lot! And satisfy a fantasy in the process... be that cruel, funny, politically incorrect, or just plain horrible. But who would know! Only the player :)shapeshifteR0 May 11, 2015
May 10, 2015 Musicians and Swing Dancers wanted! Do you love all things Blizz? Do you love Rifting the Light Fantastic? We want YOU to join with us in creating a Swing Band for a Blizz based music/video project. We are looking for Trumpet, Trombone and Keys. Guitar and Tenor Sax are tentatively filled but please contact us anyhow! It's always nice to meet new friends. We have drums and bass. If you're interested please let us know! We'd love to hear what you've got! Please contact us at or you can send me a WoW in game mail Exilarch-Kultiras (yeah, yeah, I know, but there's no mail in D3....) and we'll fill you in on the details. (Dear Blizz I hope this doesn't violate anything, but I'm not aware of a better way to get hold of my follow Blizz players/musicians. If there is a better/more appropriate way, please let me know! We seriously love you guys!) Thanks! \m/Rev2 May 10, 2015