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Mar 10, 2015 Set item cake for Valentines... Greetings, Made the wife an unidentified set item cake for Valentines. So much icing... Mar 10, 2015
Mar 10, 2015 Pylons Pylons •2000% Bonus Chance to find Legendaries That will give you that frenzy of trying to kill everything for a short time Maybe only in bounties…….Rattle1 Mar 10, 2015
Mar 9, 2015 Hydra Offhand Serpentine Soul- Focus - OffHand Summon Hydra gains the effect of each rune. ** Your Hydra becomes a multi-headed Hydra that uses each of the runes attacks / elements. - I like how the synergy feels with the Tal'Rasha set, having all elements represented. - Alongside the Hydra Main Hand Weapon you could summon two of these super Hydras for even more interesting play.Traven1 Mar 9, 2015
Mar 8, 2015 Nephalem Stronghold! What about a map accessible stronghold for our characters? Customization options for gold and/or resources could include layout, presentation, or other benefits -- Nephalim Crucible- A structure that gathers power via Nephalem experience / Rift Completions? Once the Crucible is fully charged, it can be used to perhaps gain some kind of buff or maybe open a special encounter! Follower Adventures- Send followers on adventures to return with gold, resources, blood shards, or even a chance for legendaries? Chamber of Trials- Accessible zone from Stronghold; test your strength in a 3 part course where each stage can vary between a speed clear, endurance test, or dps race ect ect. Each floor / enemies being randomized Horadric Manufactorum- Usable device in Stronghold that exchanges resources (gold, mats, shards) and unaltered Legendaries to reproduce a new legendary of the same item type. Maybe this has some kind of hour / day use limit. Alter of Remembrance- Shrine dedicated to the lost (maybe customization unlockables to change how it looks?) - Provides a periodic shrine buff, exp well, or something akin to that? Speculum of the High Heavens- Peer into the looking glass to relive moments of history, as experienced by Angels of the High Heavens. Play as one of the Angels in a random scenario from Sanctuary history! I like this idea because it provides more activity for the game and offers more interactive insight into some of the history / lore of the world. It has the potential to even be like a mini campaign for each class! Obelisk of Terror- Similar concept. Play as one of the Evils of Hell in a darker, more sinister, campaign! Stronghold Crafting Stations - An additional unlock for the JC and Blacksmith within the Stronghold - Weekly scenarios made available by the JC to receive high ranking gems / gem upgrades maybe? Or a weekly scenario from the blacksmith to "reinforce" legendary item? (Make small stat improvements to items or something..?) Maybe also one for the enchanter that allows you to make one change to an item that is less random - For example being able choose what you want item to roll for, and then all 3 options are the affix you wanted, but still RNG numbers?? Just had some ideas and wanted to share them! If you don't like, I'm sorry. If you do, sweet! :)Traven0 Mar 8, 2015
Mar 7, 2015 unique set idea I just thought this would be an interesting item concept after reading some of the discussions around set bonuses vs unique items, and that ppl often have to "sacrifice" the uniques they want to use in order to get the set bonuses they want/need for a particular build. The idea is pretty simple, you have a unique ring that gains set bonuses for each unique item you have equipped and its 'set bonuses' go all the way up to 12 pieces (this allows for 2H weapons). Basically if you want the full 'set' bonus for this unique item, you have to equip all unique items. you get the benefit of your main class set bonus, while also being able to run around in all the awesomely fun tools that D3 unique items provide. Rings would probably be the best option, which coincidently would make it an alternative to RRoG since while you could use RRoG with this new ring, any other unique ring would contribute the same amount of 'items' to the set bonuses so you dont lose anything by tossing the RRoG into the firery pits in the core of arreatAsmosis1 Mar 7, 2015
Mar 6, 2015 Witch Doctor + Meteor Wizard [Artwork Inc] Hey guys, I did this "totem" image piece by piece a while ago, and just decided to arrange the [Mojo looking] heads vertically like a totem. Each head has 3 sets of eyes and 3 mouths. You can match up different eyes and mouths to see a total of 9 faces on each...face (except the bottom one which has it's mouths covered by the fiery pillar, or flaming vomit, however you interpret it).. Maybe it could represent the 9 lives incarnated into some demigods that it is taboo for the WD to pay homage to, although possesses overwhelming, yet evil power (cliche much? Yerp) It's traditionally drawn, mainly inks on cartridge which I then messed with in Photoshop. When I had finished mauling it, it gave me the idea of 2 player set bonuses that could procc with unity, and in this instance, it would be a meteor totem (WD + Wiz) that threw down instead of a regular BBV from the WD, or meteor from the Wizard. Could be kinda cool giving an incentive for two character types to pair up that might not otherwise. Admittedly, that idea came second, and my original intention was to make a totem inspired by both Polynesian carvings and Diablo 3's Homunculus. View it here: Shrunk it, looks a bit dodgy, but I am done with it. Enjoy :)shapeshifteR0 Mar 6, 2015
Mar 6, 2015 I painted Tyrael What do you think ? ( If you click on "Tomcii" then scroll down you'll also find other Blizzard Related paintings by me (: )TomCii1 Mar 6, 2015
Feb 24, 2015 new item idea Hi, I had an epic idea for something like a 6pc bonus, dh set. This isnt fully thought out but the 6th pc bonus would cast elemental arrow while strafing. Im sure it would lag like crazy but would seem like a t6 viable build. And maybe a ring that would gain you 2% armor per second while strafing. Thoughts? Suggestions? Criticism?omophogicGS0 Feb 24, 2015
Feb 19, 2015 Banner Suggestion Hi, I'm not sure if anyone has made this proposal-- What if we allowed players to carry the banners? I think it would look cool. It might create some visual issues such as seeing stuffs on the floor or targeting monsters. In order to resolve this issue, we could make the banners/flags invisible similar to making the Witch Doctors pets invisible. Feel free to share any ideas/inputs, I'd like some opinions about this topic :) Thanks, SteveSteveWtgxspq0 Feb 19, 2015
Feb 15, 2015 Basic Wizard 4 Piece Set Idea (Nothing Fancy) While i was thinking how to make the best out of the Tal Rasha Set i thought wouldn't it be nice to have Hydra's rise from the Meteor impact?! So the Basic idea of it is: - Gauntlet - Shoulder - Ring - Boots - Helmet (2): +500 Intelligence (3): After the Meteor impact 1 Hydra (2 with the Shower Rune) will rise and stay for 5 seconds. (NoRune Meteor: Basic Hydra, Shower Rune: 2 Blazing, Molten Impact: Molten Hydra etc. ) (4): Meteor now has the effect of every Rune. Adds a 20 second cooldown. Might be too powerful for a 4 piece Set. Every other that affects those two spells would synergize with this set. Like Feb 15, 2015
Feb 13, 2015 valentine s2 video Hey guys let me know what you think of this d3 valentine video Feb 13, 2015
Feb 12, 2015 new clan looking for players Hello everyone I have invested into a teamspeak server..looking for people to have fun. only requirement to join is to enjoy each other and have fun I have rented a teamspeak server want to go kinda hardi n s2 but no like Elitest in other clans..Casuals welcome please talk to me Conviction#1650.CoNVicTiOn1 Feb 12, 2015
Feb 10, 2015 looking for one to run with im just looking for players to play with hmu if u want toGoNiiqp0 Feb 10, 2015
Feb 7, 2015 Stash Improvement Idea I would like to see a system where it would be easier to trade between chars on your own account. Maybe have tabs in the stash where you can open up the inventory of your other chars and see/equip/unequip their equipment. Say I have a Wizard and I loot a good amulet. I am not sure if this amulet would work well on my Witch Doctor. I would have to put it in the stash, log out, change chars, log in and check. I would like to have the ability to check or change equipment on my other chars without having to log on/off. The second part is be able to equip the same item to multiple chars at the same time, instead of having to unequip/log off/log on/equip. Since you can only play one char at a time this seems like no big deal.Kodiak0 Feb 7, 2015
Feb 7, 2015 The best clan in Europe is? Please give your shoot. Im looking in my main account for best clan europe, with best eqippment player, who know how to play like Gabyrnator. Thank u.Jigsaw0 Feb 7, 2015
Feb 6, 2015 Blizzard Nursery Songs Because randomness happens. If you've any ideas, post em up :) The Blizzard Nursery Songs. World of Warcraft: I'm a little bearded dwarf Short and stout Here is mah hammer Here is mah stout. When I get a wee bit drunk Hear me shout Throw me over And see Orcs rout. Diablo: Twinkle twinkle little ring Wonder what deeps you will bring Hope you'll roll stats pretty high Oh well time to identify. Twinkle twinkle little ring C'mon RNG gimme good bling.NoelClover1 Feb 6, 2015
Feb 4, 2015 Some UI Suggestions I have been thinking about these ideas for quite sometimes and I think these are quite doable without putting too much strain on the system. Please forgive me if other people already suggested them. 1) There are so many items/spells or gems that specify the number of yards away from mobs that you have to be. Would it be great to have a circumference UI extending outward from your character marking distances like 15yd, 20yd, 35yd and 50yd around? And you can turn on and off the faded number or the distances of these circumferences. 2)I really like it if we can have the option of collapsing the chat-box entirely. When I kited monsters around and use hold+cast, I often clicked on ppl name in chat by mistake and it whispered ppl instead of doing what I intended to do. Kinda nooby, but if there's an option to collapse the chat , it really helps noob like me a lot. lol 3) When trying to complete greater rift and compete with time trials, we want to kill mobs and get to boss fast. But after a hard time getting to the boss after bad waves of monsters and you barely have 3 or 4 min to kill boss and it sux if this boss goes into hiding. haha Yeah, it doesn't happen often, but once in a while that kind of map happen and you're not sure whether the boss is behind or spawning up ahead. You lost at least 10 to 20 sec trying to find it, the kind of pressure you don't need. Please give us a straight up marking of Rift Guardian on the map whether it's in fog of war or behind us, so it gives us more time to fight it rather chasing around maps to find it. 4) I know there's an option that disable quick-join , but at certain time you forgot to use that and you started a greater rift anyway. If a friend join and he's not part of that greater rift instance, please implement a way to stop the follower from retreating because of the friend outside and don't beef up the monsters too, this really ruined time rift. I'm not sure about this 4th one cuz it has a lot of chances for exploit, I'm not sure if you can find a way to do this.Soyster0 Feb 4, 2015
Feb 2, 2015 Two Legendary Item Ideas. The inspiration for the two items comes from the near death properties of existing items and a desire to see this group expanded and made useful. Shi Mitzu's Haori When below 20-25% of max life all attacks are critical hits. Irontoe Mudsputters Gain up to 25% increased movement speed based on your percentage of life missing. Roger's Huge Stone Increase your Life per Second by up to 75–100% based on your missing Life. The new items name _________ undecided Gloves level 70 legendary property When below 20-25% life critical hit damage is set to 900% (yes it sets it to 900% it does not increase it by 900%) and then to tie this group of items together Name________ undecided Helm level 70 legendary property This item fully activates all other near death legendary properties of equipped items at the expense of 3000 armor and 300 to all resist. Theory Crafting Because this group of legendary items requires at the very least a helm, chest, and gloves to gain the max damage bonus. This group stands in opposition to many existing 4-6 piece sets and could perhaps eat up a percent or two of users who want to use something else.. Because the gloves and chest effectively set one's critical hit damage and chance to values higher than any other items can obtain and because they "set" to a value and do not increase off of other items. people can finally find a use for items that were previously useless without high critical hit damage/chance. What this means is, up to 12 additional primary properties that do not have to be dedicated to critical damage/chance and can instead go to tanking, resource management, or other damage amplifying properties. It also means either rubies or diamonds in weapons. In other words it offers a little more variety in itemization and therefore build.Dapperdanman1 Feb 2, 2015
Jan 30, 2015 Calendar #8: Ferbruary 2015 Featuring the art of Muju and his epic wizard fan art. Just in time for the month of February. Hope you all like and I will see you this weekend for the weekend mobile. Art (C) Muju: Wizard & Diablo (C) Blizzard Calendar #8: February 2015 diablo.incgamers: deviantART: twitter: Calendar #8: February 2015 - EU Style deviantART: twitter: Calendar Mobile #4: February 2015 diablo.incgamers: deviantART: twitter: Calendar Mobile #4: February 2015 - EU STyle deviantART: twitter: Jan 30, 2015
Jan 30, 2015 My music for second expansion (vision) Dear fans i had vision about upcoming expansion! i made new track :) My mission is share with all Diablomaniacs hehe my previous tracks: Answer please if you want hear more tracks from my own Sanctuary ;) Cheers! Wish you all bestshure3 Jan 30, 2015
Jan 29, 2015 Calendar #6 December 2014 in memory of KKG Posted On diablo.incgamers: deviantART: twitter: EU Calendar: This wallpaper is a special one this time guys. It's was made to honor the late Kevin Kanai Griffith (KKG) from Blizzard Entertainment who lost his battle with a rare cancer a little over a month and a half ago. So to my friends in blizzard sorry for your loss guys. They were making an artbook for him and now dedicated in his honor: KKG Artbook. Kevin Kanai Griffith 1982-2014 HK Art (C)Blizzard Santa Barbarian by Josh Tallman Tristram Tavern by unknown and touched up by me back in 2010 for the season. Christmas Lights Stock by Redheadstock ________________________________________________ Contributing Fan Art Watch writer for diablo.incgamers. Creator of the Fiery Runes Series for Diablo III & RoS. Celebrating 6 Years of Wallpapers and Runeweaving. Also known as the Runeweaver.Holyknight1 Jan 29, 2015
Jan 27, 2015 Few suggestions. Hi, from start, i'd like to apologize for my english :) there might be some mistakes in this post. I play the game since it came out and lately i found some things i would love to be in game: 1) damage dealt to creatures - similiar to te gold counter next to resource ball. I'd really love this feature as its very usefull in modifying your character as of measure how good are you. There is simply to many properites with golden marker (not considered in calculated dmg in character window) 2) Sell all items - similiar to salvaging all rare or magical items. If someone has some other thoughts, pls post them below. Best regards - erererer0 Jan 27, 2015
Jan 26, 2015 Legendary Potions - Quality of Life Change Hello, I want to throw out there an idea that I had for a long time and I think would solve and improve the current issues regarding the utility of 'Normal Healing Potions' in the game at the moment. This should be a very easy hotfix for any patch. Since after hitting level 70 and looting a 'Legendary Potion', the role of 'Normal Healing Potion' becomes useless and always having to get rid of them by throwing them away from your stash or selling them to a vendor for an insignificant amount of gold can become a nuisance, I suggest that rather then 'Normal Healing Potions' being a waste of space in the inventory they should instead become charges for 'Legendary Potions'. A debatable aspect of this would be how the 'Normal Healing Potions' are stacked into charges and the limit of this charges. When buying or picking up 'Healing Potions' the 'Legendary Potions' may absorb up to 100 'Normal Healing Potions' and gain 100 charges. After the 'Legendary Potion' reached 100 charges the user will receive the 'Normal Healing Potions' again as normal in their inventory. A more simple approach would be that 'Legendary Potions' would have an unlimited number of charges and that the number of charges represents the number of 'Normal Healing Potions' in your inventory. This is up to the Game Design department. I believe this change would fit perfectly with the game designer's perspective of taking a completely useless item once you reach level 70 and loot a 'Legendary Potion' to finding a further use for it without affecting in any major way the current gameplay until level 70 and above. A beneficial aspect of this idea would be that when doing Greater Rifts the player would have to prepare before starting it by going to the vendor (from my own experience nobody ever visits the shop after level 70) to buy 'Healing Potions' to charge up their 'Legendary Potion'. This should make the user feel that Grater Rifts are not something you just go in and out of and that they require you to meticulously prepare for them, not only your character build in terms of abilities and gear, but even the little detail of having that extra utility and heal from the 'Legendary Potions' which can be vital in certain situations and should not be overlooked. Thank you for taking time to read this thread and I would love to see the D3 community's opinion about this. tl;dr In other words 'Legendary Potions' become dependent on 'Normal Healing Potions' to function. When the user has 0 'Normal Healing Potions' in their inventory the 'Legendary Potion' will have 0 charges and will not be able to be used. When the user acquires a 'Normal Healing Potion' he will receive 1 charge to his Legendary Potion and he will be able to use it 1 time. In the process the Normal Healing Potion is consumed and the user will have to loot/buy more Normal Healing Potions to charge up their Legendary Potions of choice.Juss0 Jan 26, 2015
Jan 25, 2015 Shared Instanced Towns Ever since the hype fell after D3 was released & additional modes/difficulties were introduced when finding a party (Seasonal, HC, Brawling, Rifts, T1-T6, etc), I've found it almost impossible to find anyone during a play session (especially in Seasonal Hardcore or anything not T6). Now this may be too far-fetched but I feel Blizzard should look into adding instanced towns (think Guild Wars 1) where you can interact & hangout with other players depending on what kind of character you created (Seasonal, Softcore, Hardcore). If Blizzard is worried about people spamming abilities to crash the server or drop the FPS for everyone, they could disable using abilities & create another area within the town (similar to the Inn) that is instanced where you can test out builds (a Training Grounds). They could also add an option to join a clan's instanced town so you can only hang out with people from your clan versus only knowing them or recognizing them from a scrollable roster (which detaches you from them in a way). Also, the PvP aspect of D3 right now is it's weakest point but people would even be more inclined to grab a couple people from town & jump into a brawl session just to have some fun (they could expand on this later & even create an arena area where you can watch others duel, possibly even betting on who wins with Gold). The games with the strongest communities are MMO's (Blizzard out of all gaming companies know this) & creating an environment where you can interact with people more frequently would strengthen the player-base. Of course this could be completely optional in your settings since some people DO enjoy this game as a single-player (like my brother), but even they would come around from time to time.HakTehPlånet0 Jan 25, 2015
Jan 25, 2015 Class Epics I have an idea for class epics for 2.1.3. It would fall under the Legendary Workshop and here is how it may work using using the monk as an example: 1: The player would have to collect a class specific artifacts from each act in campaign mode 2: The player then collects Ancient Legendary versions of all fist weapons for example. 3: The player turns in the collection of artifacts and weapons to the blacksmith and the blacksmith creates the epic At this point the player would be able to choose the the 6 best stats from all of the available weapons. Stats would not stack. The player could not choose 6, 1000 - 1400 holy damage stats for example. The player would choose the highest or desired damage element stat out of the 6 options. Then the player would choose the most desired secondary stat and so on. After all 6 stats were chosen the player would also be able to select any 2 legendary skills from the collection of weapons. The player would then select the transmog out of those available and the weapon would be created. This weapon would not be roll-able and could not have a gift used on it. It's transmog could not be changed in the future. Only one Epic could be created per character and it could not be used by any other character even on the same account. It would not have to be a weapon or monk specific. This could be done with spirit stones, shields, gloves, etc.. However, once one is created by that character that is it for that character. Any comments or suggestions?JDevC2 Jan 25, 2015
Jan 23, 2015 Legendary Enchantress focus to see Veiled Just a tiny idea for an interesting lore-centered item. A focus for the Enchantress that shows Belial's Veiled serpents in their true form, through their disguises as guards. Would drop around level 30 so someone playing Act II for the very first time wouldn't be likely to find it and ruin the surprise, but higher-level players who have been through it several times might get a laugh, mix things up.fancyghost0 Jan 23, 2015
Jan 21, 2015 2.1.2Demon hunter making of 50mil gold 20min Jan 21, 2015
Jan 19, 2015 A few ideas. So, with the current state of the game, everything comes down to a very linear style of gameplay. The only real dynamic to farming currently is you do bounties for rift fragments, then jumps straight into rifts which then lead into greater rifts. The only real exception is focus firing a Hellfire Amulet, which even then, just comes down to doing the same short and repetitive key warden farm routine. Farming different zones in adventure mode, doing the campaign, or just killing bosses have no rewards at all when compared to farming rifts. Assuming that farming rifts is the expected endgame, that's fine. But when rifts are that much better, there's really no point to doing anything else. So adding something to boss kills, story line completion, and regular farming that could have a similar reward like bounty bags would add a lot of variety without diminishing the benefits of farming greater rifts. As an example, killing a set amount of bosses would reward you with it's own cache, with it's own unique legendaries to give you a purpose of going out of your way to do it. Similar with farming monsters or completing the campaign. It could be a matter of personal opinion, but the points that I dip away from Diablo is when the game is mind-numbingly easy and repetitive. This happens frequently when I play, and I have a very linear path to farm, and the game is absurdly easy outside of greater rifts. It's great to take the set of gear you farmed over a gratuitous amount of time, and earned, to just destroy everything that gave you trouble before. But even at the start of season one, in a little over a week, the average player was already farming torment 6. So a few weeks down the line, the actual farming content is so easy people can just throw on their gold find set and make cheese out of it. Greater rifts with their tiered difficulties will always result in a new level that you cannot beat, that's cool. But when the other three quarters of the time that I'm farming, I'm just mentally afk as I steamroll torment 6, I can't help but wish there was more. Perhaps scaling all of the way up to torment 10, or something. A point that, even with endgame gear, doesn't end up becoming faceroll. Greater rifts are sort of supposed to be that point, where you can hit a new threshold each time you get improvements in your gear, but when a majority of my time is spent farming for gear in torment 6, I'd like a challenge for the reward. Considering ancient legendaries are already around the corner, the damage players are going to be doing will be so high that torment 6 will be the new torment 1. And adding new tiers of torment levels wouldn't even have a draw back. It takes nothing away from other players, and they have a new level of difficulty if they chose to push for it. A third, would be in regards to wanting classes to keep the abilities to make them feel epic to themselves. A lot of suggestions have already been spit out to make items like a belt that allows you teleport, etc. That would start to crush the walls that separate characters to make them unique, when you have a witch doctor using whirlwind or a crusader using disintegrate, suddenly things don't feel right. But why not make items that enable abilities that no other class has yet? Perhaps there are craftable legendaries, similar to the Hellfire Amulet, that would require you to kill each boss for a chance at their organs or a piece relative to them. With all 5 pieces, you could craft the legendary, which would roll with an ability available from 1 of the 5 bosses. Like Butcher's charge or heavy smash, Belial's breath ability from phase 3, Azmodan's falling corpses ability, Diablo's flame circle or fire breath beam, or Malthael's ability to summon two exorcists. They don't have be outrageous damage, just something worth using that would benefit all classes. It would give a purpose to still killing bosses after achieving max level, and having an additional optional ability would give an epic feel if you play a build that has a spot to fit it in. I have not spent a mess of time on any of these ideas to fine tune them, they were simply brainstormed. I am in no way posting this saying my ideas are great or should be implemented. If you agree with them in any way, or feel there would be a problem with them, please let me know your opinion.OmgSkylar1 Jan 19, 2015
Jan 17, 2015 Item Suggestion: Fire Chain Ring Hey mates, usually i don't participate in those item creation threads. But today i had a very nice idea while rifting with a friend: It would be damn cool to have a ring with the legendary affix "all wearers of this item are connected with fire chains". We have unity for soloplay, so it would be pretty nice to have an alternative which explicitly buffs multiplayer events. What do you think? Greetings and good loot!BattleBett1 Jan 17, 2015
Jan 15, 2015 new demon hunter patch 2.1.2 video maurders Jan 15, 2015
Jan 15, 2015 new demon hunter patch 2.1.2 video maurders s Jan 15, 2015
Jan 14, 2015 2.1.2 Commentary (Vid) Hey guys, welcome to 2.1.2! Today I want to give you my feedback on the patch notes along with specific upcoming seasonal and non-seasonal content. In this video I briefly talk about the major changes, implications for certain gearing strategies (like no longer needing to use Toxin gem for Corrupted Angels due to their shield removal), and a few undocumented changes. Enjoy and be on the lookout for some cool build videos coming soon using Ancient items! - -Mikhail0 Jan 14, 2015
Jan 5, 2015 Malthiel/Reaver/LichKing Hard to find a good spot to post this. Overwatch doesn't really have a forum set up yet; WoW doesn't have community creations; and Heroes gets kinda low traffic. Figure this is the best spot for it! Let me know what you think, Constructive critique is always welcome. Jan 5, 2015
Jan 5, 2015 Diablo 3 canvas for sale, picture inside for a friend, contact Andrew Thornton if interested it's for sale hes an airbrush artist and looking to sell his D3 canvas! can airbrush or paint anything just pm him on facebook. thanksTrueLies1 Jan 5, 2015
Jan 5, 2015 Diablo 3 canvas for sale, picture inside for a friend, contact Andrew Thornton if interested it's for sale hes an airbrush artist and looking to sell his D3 canvas! can airbrush or paint anything just pm him on facebook thanksTrueLies0 Jan 5, 2015
Jan 4, 2015 Calendar #7 January 2015 Calendar #7 January 2015 diablo.incgamers: deviantART: twitter: EU Style: Mobile diablo.incgamers: deviantART: Mobile EU: Featuring fan art by Phroilan Gardner (mirrored save for his signature). I was looking for a very nice wintery/snowy looking piece of art to go with the wintery theme with January and this was one of the first to come up during my search. This phenomenal piece of art was perfect for the setting of the calendar. I also changed the alchemy a little to give it a feeling like it was being burnt into the air behind the calendar. I personally love the overall feel of this and I hope you do too. Art (C) Phroilan Gardner Barbarian & Diablo (C) Blizzard ________________________________________________ Contributing Fan Art Watch writer for diablo.incgamers. Creator of the Fiery Runes Series for Diablo III & RoS. Celebrating 6 Years of Wallpapers and Runeweaving. Also known as the Runeweaver.Holyknight0 Jan 4, 2015
Jan 1, 2015 The Wallpaper Art of 2014 Posted on: diablo,incgamers: deviantART: twitter: Featuring Art by Phroilan Gardner (left) and Wei Wang(right) and the many artists and fan artists that have allowed me share their works in my wallpaper art or a blend of official and and in-game art from D3 Reaper of Souls. With a grand total of 110 desktop wallpapers(not counting this one) and 45 mobile wallpapers; it was a rather busy year. A year where I felt that my style of wallpaper art improved and became more refined. On some pieces I broke out of the usual style and made new ones. (Valentines Day 2014). If anyone wants the background behind the collage of Kayne styled wallpapers I will have it available after Jan 1st. Enjoy guys and I will see you in 2015! HK All Art (C) Blizzard, The Artists and Fan Artists. Diablo 3 (C) Blizzard. ________________________________________________ Contributing Fan Art Watch writer for diablo.incgamers. Creator of the Fiery Runes Series for Diablo III & RoS. Celebrating 6 Years of Wallpapers and Runeweaving. Also known as the Runeweaver.Holyknight0 Jan 1, 2015
Dec 31, 2014 Legendary item idea - with improvised lore Item Name: Gaughan's Shame Item Type: Legendary Gloves Unique Properties: Guaranteed Trifecta One random primary Up to 15% elemental damage (any) CDR up to 10% Up to 20% damage to Elites Main stat etc... Secondary includes: Up to 8% chance to knockback on hit Up to 8% chance to stun on hit Up to 8% chance to freeze on hit Up to 8% chance (etc..) Story: Gaughan the Gifted, later to be known as Gaughan the Wicked, displayed a smithing genius never before observed in a mortal; and at such a young age. Years had passed since the disappearance of the young Prince Braughan, thought to have been heinously consumed in a blood-magic ritual by the council. When the realisation of his bastard son, Gaughan, came to be, immediately he was deemed omen to his father's death. Gaughan's hands were dismembered and tossed into his own cauldron of molten, meteor alloy, killing him in the process. Taken by camel-back into the desert sands, his broiled and plated hands were tossed into a stinging gale which whipped across the dunes, and moaned in what was later told to be the very cries of Gaughan himself from beyond the void. In weeks to come they were consumed from the inside out by Lacuni larvae, and the result was a pair of open tipped, meteorite gauntlets. As if by fate, Gaughan's Shame was imbued by a legendary desert eclipse known as Bythos that same lunar year.shapeshifteR0 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 28, 2014 I made a Diablo 3 AMV Let me know if you liked it or not :) Dec 28, 2014
Dec 23, 2014 Inventory - Select and Move Multiple Items [ Desire ] User Selects Rectangle of Multiple Items, Drags Rectangle around. [ Motivation ] User Stashes Items from Personal Inventory faster, and Re-arranges items quicker. [ Use Case ] User "Rectangle Select" two or more Items, User Drags Rectangle to corresponding empty Spaces. [ Cherry on Top ] User Drags "Rectangle" of items into another Stash/Box, any Items that don't fit due to "preoccupied" spaces, could fall into the first available spot, or back where it was "Rectangular Selected" From. ( User still probably spends an hour a week reorganizing and moving the items in Stash anyway )theCmachine0 Dec 23, 2014
Dec 22, 2014 Metal song about The Butcher We did a song about our favourite diablo character: The Butcher! If you`re into metal maybe you like our new Song: Dec 22, 2014
Dec 21, 2014 legendary dragon ring its a ring that any class can use. my idea is that this ring can summon a small demon that looks like a dragon that has ability's depending on your character class. i can use some help on this idea. If anyone like this idea help me out please.exmace1011 Dec 21, 2014
Dec 19, 2014 Andariel "And just like in her dreams, Andariel appears amongst a swirling cocktail of oils and extracts, molten metals, innocence, corruption, and a hundred blank pages bound together by an angel's hair braid. "Tal Rasha," the echo gurgles, and resembling the voice from across the void; ripples in the scrying pools. "Tome....of....resurrection....," the echo deepens, and she reaches out before vanishing into the hundredth receding shadow that kneads across the pool, and escapes into the water's edge. It was not really Andariel who had lured her thoughts here, was Baal." Image can be viewed here: Mixed medium and digitally edited. ThanksshapeshifteR2 Dec 19, 2014
Dec 15, 2014 Art idea, blacksmith and jeweler I was in game and saw that the blacksmith had a few weapons on his rack that are monk weapons. I had an idea that those could be updated and reflect, maybe randomly, the different gear that can be crafted. Also, with jeweler, it doesn't seem to make sense that he would have a shield sitting on the table for combining gems.DeadlyKitten0 Dec 15, 2014
Dec 14, 2014 [itemz] So there is no ideas for daggers. So it touched me a little :) Got some ideas for new legendary affixes not only for daggers themself. ... what u ppl think about those? maybe someone have other dagger themed ideas?Has4 Dec 14, 2014
Dec 11, 2014 New class concept: The New Horadrim No, I have not read any Diablo novels so I don’t know exactly what a Horadrim could do. All I could do is speculate. All constructive comments are appreciated. Fantasy: + Lorekeeper of Sanctuary, highly knowledgeable -> Int-based + Have the power to contain demons temporarily (with Soulstones) + Have a bit of angelic power (taught by Tyrael) + CC a lot and gain powers doing that + Not very gear-dependent + Can use all elements + EXTREMELY versatile, good at all roles & positions. + Party-oriented class Equipments: + Can use almost anything (anything non class-specific) -> gain powers for different weapons. Can dual wield 1-H weapons. Don’t have specific weapon(s) + Shrouded in long robes and hoods. As they progress, they get more and more ‘resplendent’ + Class-specific: Horadric Belt, Horadric Bracelets and Horadric Shoulders Resource: + Very Horadrim, very Nephilim, MANA. Skills: Primary: (still cost Mana) Runes change the elements of the skills. + Force Bolt: shoot a bolt of pure Force that deals Physical damage to a single enemy. Has a chance to knock back. Runes: # Arcane Bolt: now can deal area damage as Arcane # Shock Bolt: now has a chance to Stun enemy hit. Lightning damage. # Blazing Bolt: now burns enemy hit. Fire damage. # Light Bolt: travels much faster and pierces enemies, deals Holy damage # Frost Bolt: slows enemy hit. Cold damage. + Force Slash: create a sword of pure Force, slash enemies at close range and deal Physical damage. Has a chance to Bleed. Runes: # Flame Slash: burns enemies hit and makes them take more damage while burning. Fire damage. # Ice Slash: deals damage and slows enemies hit. Cold damage # Thunder Slash: deals damage and has a chance to Stun enemies hit. Lighning damage. # Plagued Slash: deals damage over time. Posion damage. # Arcane Slash: deals more damage. Arcane damage + Force Wave: blast an area ahead (~30 yards), deals Physical damage. Has a small chance to stun enemies hit. Runes: # Power Wave: deals damage and makes enemies take more damage from all sources. Arcane damage # Heat Wave: deals damage and burns enemies hit. Fire damage # Holy Tide: deals damage and has a chance to Blind enemies hit. Holy damage # Putrid Flood: deals Poison damage and makes enemies hit deal less damage. Posion damage # Glacial Wave: deals Cold damage, slows enemies hit and has a chance to Freeze. Cold damage. Secondary: Runes don’t chance the element of the skill, just how you use the skills. + Arreat’s Snow: blast a target area with ice from Mount Arreat. Deals Cold damage and has a chance to freeze enemies hit. # Frost Boulders: instead of Freezing, you have a chance to Stun enemies hit # Jagged Ice: icicle spikes burst from the ground, deals Cold damage to enemies hit and Bleed them. # Bul’ Kathos Frozen Blood: each enemy hit heals you and your allies by 1% of yours maximum Life. Increase Mana cost. # Snow Storm: create a swirling storm that knocks enemies around once every activation. # Lore of Ice: ice bursts from you, deals damage and freezes all enemies hit. Increases Mana cost. + Sand of Kehjistan: summon a wave of burning sand of Aranoch, deals fire damage per second for a few seconds. # Sandstorm: create a swirling storm of fiery sand that deals Fire damage and slows all enemies hit. # Sandman: summon a suicidal sand man that seeks nearby enemies. He explodes and deals fire damage upon impact. # Quicksand: summon a pool of burning sand that draws in enemies and damages them. Adds a very short cooldown. # Pillar of Sand: a massive column of burning sand bursts from the ground after a short delay, knocks up all enemies hit. When they land, they take damage and slowed # Tal’Rasha’s Tomb: summon a copy of Tal’ Rasha’s Tomb. The tomb draws in enemies and grants you and your allies bonus damage against Elites. + Plants of Kurast: summon a small area of poisonous plants from the Swampland, deals poison damage over a few seconds. Enemies hit have a chance to be immobilized. # Creeping Vines: the plants also grab nearby enemies # Plague Pool: summon a pool of plagued rats that jump onto nearby enemies and deals Poison damage over a few seconds. # Tentacle Beast: summon a muddy pool with a Tentacle beast inside. This Tentacle beast attacks nearby enemies with its tentacles and venomous spits. # Kurast Fetishes: summon a streak of poisoned Fetishes that leaves pools of poison when they run and explodes on impact. # Thorned Hulk: summon a Thorned Hulk that taunts enemies and explodes, deals heavy poison damage. When it dies, it has a chance to leave a seed and reborn as a new one. Adds 4 seconds cooldown. + Storm of Xiansai: call down a small lightning storm over an area that shocks enemies go under it. Lasts a few seconds. Has a chance to Stun enemies hit. # Lightning Strike: instead of a storm, you call down a lightning bolt that hits a single target, but has bonus Critical hit chance. Reduces resource cost. Has a chance to Stun enemies hit. # Heavy Storm: the storm covers a much larger area. You are limited to 1 storm. Has a chance to Stun enemies hit. # Lightning Rod: a single bolt of Lightning strikes you instead, makes you shock nearby enemies. Each consecutive cast increases damage output and shock range. Has a chance to Stun enemies hit. # Nova: create a ring of Lightning around you, deals damage to all enemies in the area and has a chance to Stun them. # Bolting Step: you cast a bolt of Lightning that pierces enemies. You are teleported to the targeted location. The teleporting has an internal cooldown. Has a chance to Stun enemies hit. + Light of Heavens: summon a pillar of Light from the Heavens to strike down enemies. After the initial strike, the pillar stays for a few seconds, pulsing Light in an area to damage nearby enemies. # Angelic Descent: summon an angel that deals Holy damage in an area when summoned instead. This angel uses a sword and has a ranged Holy attack. Lasts 5 seconds. You are limited to 1 angel at a time. # Fragment of the Arch: the pillar is now a shard of the Crystal Arch, also heals you and your allies in AoE. # Angelic Strike: summon a group of angels that flies over the target area and casts Holy bolts at enemies. # Grace of Light: the pillar also increases resource regeneration rate for you and your allies. # Plated Light: the pillar also increases Armor for you and your allies. Defensive: + Blink: teleport in a short distant (shorter than Wiz’s Teleport) instantly. Has a small Mana cost and 6 seconds cooldown. # Plane Walker: removes cooldown, but each consecutive cast within 3 seconds increases Mana cost. # Blinking Rifter: you take less damage for 3 seconds after teleport. # Embrace: you will be automatically teleported to an ally that stands far from danger. Increases the cooldown to 10 seconds. # Blink of an Eye: enemies near you when you blink and reappear will have their movement speed slowed by 90%. Increases Mana cost. # Drift: instead of teleporting, you have your movement speed increased by 60% and move through enemies unhindered. + Mind’s Armor: you shield yourself with a shield that has its duration and durability scaled with your Int, absorbs damage for a few seconds. Has 30 seconds cooldown # Heart’s Eye: after the shield is destroyed, you and your allies gain Critical chance equal to the shield’s duration for 5 seconds. # Breath’s Weight: you and your allies gain movement speed equal to the shield’s duration when it is destroyed # Muscle’s Strenghth: you and your allies gain attack speed bonus equal to the shield’s duration when it is destroyed # Skin’s Endurance: you and your allies gain % All res equal to the shield’s duration when it is destroyed # Bone’s Hardness: you and your allies gain bonus resistance to CC effects + Reflection: when activate, you take 25% more damage during duration, but when it’s over, you deal 50% of the damage you’ve taken to all attackers and heal for the amount you lost. If you die during the effect, the attackers take 200% of the damage you’ve taken. Has 25 seconds cooldown. # Refraction: enemies around the attackers will also take damage # Illumination: You don’t take additional damage, but you no longer have on-death effect of the skill. Reduces the cooldown to 16 seconds. # Radiation: enemies around you will take all damage instead. # Diffraction: greatly reduces the cooldown but adds a Mana cost. # Dispersion: Your allies also gain the shield, the skill is affected each of them individually. Increases the cooldown to 35 seconds. + Shell of Soulstones: summon a fragment of Soulstone above you. After a delay, the fragment explodes and attaches its pieces to nearby enemies. For every enemy hit, you and your alllies gain 1% increased Armor for 5 seconds. Has 20 seconds cooldown and small Mana cost. # Destrustion’s Soulstone: instead of Armor, your party gains 2% Primary attribute for each enemy hit. # Terror’s Soulstone: instead of Armor, your party deals 50% of your weapon damage as Fire each hit # Hatred’s Soulstone: instead of Armor, enemies hit will be Feared and slowed by 50% for 5 seconds # Pain’s Soulstone: instead of Armor, your party gains 15% Critical damage for each enemy hit # Sins’ Soulstone: instead of Armor, enemies hit grant 150% of their on-death experience reward instantly (lesser enemies only). Power: + Spikes of Soulstones: summon a fragment of Soulstone to a target location. The fragment explodes, randomly deals Physical, Arcane or Fire damage to all nearby enemies (each enemy is hit by a different damage type). Has 15 seconds cooldown and medium Mana cost. # Destruction’s Soulstone: only deals Arcane damage, but increases the damage. # Pain’s Soulstone: guarantee Critical hits to all enemies hit. Increases the Mana cost. # Anguish’s Soulstone: enemies take more damage after being hit by the explosion # Lies’ Soulstone: enemies hit are Confused after the explosion. # Hatred’s Soulstone: enemies hit are Slowed after the explosion. Also reduces the damage they deal. + Elemental Harnony: summon a small orb above a target location. After one second delay, it explodes, dealing all 7 damage types at once to nearby enemies. Has a high Mana cost and 45 seconds cooldown. # Elemental Equilibrium: you gain 50% of your All resistance as bonus % increased damage for all damage types. Increases Mana cost by 25% of your All resistance bonus. # Compact Elements: removes cooldown but deals much less damage. # Dominating Element: each cast only deals one damage type of but deals combines all damage # # + Horadric Runes: you conjure an ancient runeword that increase your Int by 10% for 10 seconds. Has high Mana cost. # Shade: you have a chance use DH’s unruned Smoke Screen when you are hit during the effect # Light: you have a chance to cast an unruned Fist of the Heavens when you kill an enemy during the effect # Power: you have a chance to cast an unruned Wave of Force when you are hit during the effect # Speed: you have a chance to gain 30% Dodge chance when you are hit during the effect # Strength: you have a chance to use an unruned Rend when you are hit during the effect Knowledge: + Master of Soulstones: you and your allies gain Primary attribute bonus for each enemy around them. Lasts 5 seconds. Has 40 seconds cooldown. [Elites can be affected by Brutes’ Removal or Casters’ Death, but Uniques are unique, they can only be affected by Uniques’ Dethroning.] # Manipulated: for each enemy CC-ed around you and your allies, you and your allies gain bonus Critical hit damage. # Brutes’ Removal: melee enemies within a small area (~10 yards) around you will be knock back a fair distant. You and your allies gain Critical damage for each enemy knocked back. # Casters’ Death: ranged enemies within a large area (~50 yards) around you will be pulled near you. You and your allies gain Attack speed for each enemy you pulled. # Elites’ Curse: Elite enemies (included Rare’s minions) within an area around you will have their affixes disabled, and can only use basic attacks. # Uniques’ Dethroning: Unique enemies will be cursed, having their damage reduced and take more damage from you and your allies. + Blood Bonds: you cast a buff upon you and your allies, granting the others bonuses depend on the classes of other characters. Has 30 seconds cooldown and 20% maximum resource from all players in the party. Lasts 5 seconds. Each Horadrim grants the other classes 10% CDR DH: 2,5% Critical hit chance each Barb: 20% attack speed each Crusader: 50 All resistance each Monk: 20% Dodge chance each WD: 30% pet damage each Wiz: 15% resource cost reduction each Demonologist: 10% damage against Elites each Raider: 10% movement speed each + Core of Soulstones: You summon a small fragment of a Soulstone at a target location. This fragment will temporarily trap all nearby enemies into it. While the fragment is trapping enemies, you gain 30% movement speed. If you or your allies go near the AoE of the fragment, you and your allies take 5% of your maximum Life per second. Super Uniques are immune to being trapped, they just be drew toward the stone, and still can attack you. Lasts 5 seconds, has 45 seconds cooldown and huge Mana cost. # Destruction’s Soulstone: enemies take damage after being release. # Hatred’s Soulstone: enemies attack the other after being released. # Terror’s Soulstone: enemies are Feared after being released. # Pain’s Soulstone: enemies take more damage after being released. # Sins’ Soulstone: For each enemy you trapped, you and your allies gain bonus damage against Elites Lore: + The Black Road: create a path of shadow that slows all enemies walk on it and lasts for 4 seconds. You and your allies gain 2% bonus movement speed for every enemy that walks on the path. Has 12 seconds cooldown. + Scale of the Serpent: you snare all enemies around you and gain 0,2% Armor for each enemy snared for 3 seconds. Has 20 seconds cooldown and medium Mana cost. + Storm of Light: create a massive storm of Light above you, blinds all enemies within 1-screen range. You gain 0,5% Int for each enemy blinded. Your allies gain 2% bonus Attack speed instead. Attacking an enemy blinded by this skill also deals small Holy damage to it. The bonus lasts 10 seconds. Has 35 seconds cooldown and medium Mana cost. + Ancient Hosts: you call for a blessing from an ancient human, granting you and your allies 15% Primary Attribute for 15 seconds. Has 100 seconds cooldown and medium Mana cost. # Bul’ Kathos’s Prowess: also grants 35% attack speed # Esu’s Power: also grants 50% resource cost reduction # Rathma’s Ritual: each enemy within 20 yards around you and your allies will have its Life drained and heals your party for the amount drained # Philios’ Agility: also grants 100% critical hit damage # Tyrael’s Justice: enemies within 20 yards around you and your allies will be weakened, having their movement and attack speed slowed by 50% and take an additional 50% weapon damage as Holy per second whenever your party hits them + Birthright: you create a massive field of power that covers eveything you see (1-screen). For every enemy you covered, you and your allies gain 1% Critical hit chance and 0,25% of your maximum Life per second. Has 120 seconds cooldown and high Mana cost. Passives: 1 + Lore of Equipments: Gain bonus for each different Weapons. If you dual wield two weapons of the same weapon class, you will have bonus from only one of the weapons. # Dagger: + 8% attack speed # Sword: + 30% chance to Bleed for 750% Int and 50% weapon damage for 3 seconds on hit # Axe: + 25% Area damage # Mace: + 10% chance to Stun on hit # Spear: + 50% Critical damage # Staff: + 5% Int # Polearm: + 5% Resource cost reduction # Shield: + 15% Armor # Bow, Crossbow: + 5% Critical hit chance 2 + Lore of Gems: gain bonus for each different gem socketed in your gears. # Amethyst: + 15% Vitality as Life/sec # Diamond: - 2,5% damage from Elites # Emerald: + 2% CDR # Ruby: + 2% Resource cost reduction # Topaz: + 1% Int 3 + Lore of Apothecary: Potions gain 25% CDR. Health globes heal you 25% more. Nephalem Glory orbs also heals 15% of your maximum Life. 4 + Lore of Demons: CC-ing a demon grants you 0,25% Int for 5 seconds. Stacks up to 50 times. 5 + Lore of Beasts: CC-ing a beast grants you 0,5% of your Life/sec for 3 seconds. Stacks up to 15 times. 6 + Lore of Undead: CC-ing an Undead grants you 2% Critical damage for 5 seconds. Stacks up to 30 times. 7 + Lore of Human: CC-ing a human enemy heals you 0,25% of your maximum Life. 8 + Lore of Reaper: CC-ing a reaper grants you 0,1% of your maximum Life per hit. Stacks up to 15 times 9 + Tyrael’s Blessing: chance on kill to summon a random Shrine effect for 30 seconds. 10 + Elements’ Blessing: you gain 2500% of your individual elemental resistance as bonus damage to attacks of the respective elements. 11 + Soulstones Conjurer: Soulstones skills gain 25% increased AoE. Each enemy affected by those skills grant you 1% of you Int and 0,25% Critical chance for 3 seconds. Stacks up infinitely. 12 + Monster Manipulator: your CC effects on enemies last 35% longer. Lesser enemies hit by your CC have a chance to fight for you for the duration. 13 + Elite Resistance: You take 15% less damage and duration from elite affixes. In addition, enemies that damage you with elite affixes take 25% of the damage they deal to you. 14 + Lore of Origin: Having a character of different classes grant you and your allies bonuses. These effects stack if there are two or more characters of the same class group in a game. # Str-based class (Barb, Cru): +2,5% Armor # Dex-based class (DH, Monk, Raider): + 5% attack speed # Int-based class (WD, Wiz): + 5% resource cost reduction # Demonologist: + 5% damage against Elites # Horadrim: + 3% CDR 15 + Lore of Attributes: you gain 25% increased effectiveness of Secondary affixes on your equipments. 16 + Lore of Environments: being in a specific environment grants you special bonus. # Artifical: + 5% Armor # Forest: + 15% bonus Life regeneration # Desert: + 10% movement speed # Snow: + 2% All Resistance # Hells: + 5% reduced damage from all monsters # Heavens: + 5% CDR # Swamp: + 30% reduced duration to Slow effects 17 + Horadric Malus: you and your allies’ equipments have 0,2% increased dps and armor for each point of durability remaining. 18 + Horadric Cube: items dropped from slain monsters roll 10% better. Legendaries dropped from slain Uniques roll 20% better.PNPT1 Dec 11, 2014
Dec 8, 2014 Diablo Tattoos So I've never actually posted before but decided to for the first time after many years of playing. I've always loved Blizzard art in general and after about almost seven fun years of playing World of Warcraft and then Diablo I decided to get some tattoos to have my favorite characters where ever I go. I'd always wanted to get tattoos anyways since I was little and Blizzard games and art just sit very dearly in my heart thus having tattoos doesn't affect me I love them and I'd rather live with them than die without them <3 I have 2 tattoos that are Diablo arts and 1 World of Warcraft arts. I got a chest piece of Diablos face :3 I did have some issues with that one due to not being able to trust your chest work to some men ugh and I had to change artists but I love it anyways. felt i should leave a warning although the picture is censored it could maybe still be considered graphic. I donno but if there's any problem I'll gladly fix it. The second is a full sleeve which we are still monitoring whether or not we will change anything. The third is Illidan :3 He kinda wraps around me so I tend to have a difficult time taking a complete picture of him. He was also used as a cover for a tattoo I already had and I'm very happy at the outcome. I might get another of him with more detail though. Pics are kinda shaky as I didn't have anyone around to take them but I'll take better ones later. He was still healing in that pic anyways. The wings particularly took the longest.Astarosh0 Dec 8, 2014
Dec 7, 2014 Follower Suggestion: Lorath Nahr i would really like to have a new follower and who better then Lorath Nahr :P you could easily just make it that after when he joins up with you in act 5 he says he likes helping you and wants to join you in stopping the evilBlazindragon2 Dec 7, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 The druids, Bul- Kathos, and a lightbulb The main focus of the discussion would be about martial arts retained from the mysteries of the ancients. Knowing that in D2:LoD the physical fighting skills got axed because there simply wasn't room, I want to create a few here. Background: Fiacla-Gèar retreats from Arreat to the forests to create colleges and the druid class(as we know it). Druids shape vines as mortar to hold towers in place and the druids are capable of communicating with wildlife. The main goal is to continuously learn from the land they protect. The elemental powers in d2 were of fire, ice, and wind. For summoning skills the druids brought out forest dwelling animals (raven, wolves or a bear),a living vine(coolest idea), and this magical bush that gave buffs. The ancients passed on knowledge to the druids of fighting face to face with anything that came at them. Having built colleges to retain all knowledge that is useful this class has the potential to be omniscient in battle and have mastered more than fighting as a man but as a spirit pummeling the immovable evil's physical form. Primaries ◆Million Years Balance- The druid extends earth's solidity to strike with a full force attack. Runes: •Sage's Last Breath: cause aoe blind •Twister Reach: freezes and increases cold attack aoe •Raven's Static: increases movement speed by 15% aoe •Molten Plasma: stuns aoe •Earth's Bones of Coal: increased resources recovered ◆Severing Knuckle- causes bleeding and is shown as a circular strike •causes stun •increase radius •vine polearm extension: slows •Vine grab: pulls in and increases resources recovered •vine spike: increases life% for healing abilities ◆Partizan of the Stem- strengthened through improved photosynthesis this vine has turned harder than the base of a tree •Sun's rise: polearm turns 2 sided and hits front and behind 2 times by a kung fu like circular move •Golden Partizan: increased hits from just 2sweeps( right, left, left, right) to 3 (right, left, left, right,, right, left) •Retraced Strike: increased primary resource generation •Sunset Glaive: resource not generated but increases range and knocks back ◆Algae Magic- Uses algae to kaioken with one hand. Cannot be knocked back. •slight damage increase •channel with increases life per second gain for each second channeled •unstable algaeic force: fire type attack-increased knockback and adds attack speed •algae bombardment: larger green fireball or throws a round flask •unstable shooting bullet: druid sends magic to pierce enemies Secondary: ◆Algae Bramble- A wave of vines attacks from the druid spilling a pool of algae below him. •Fountain of Youth-gain life on hit and increase attack speed by 5%. Doesn't stack. •Algae Courage- confuse enemies and cause them to attack other enemies. •Acidic Begining- more damage. Enemies that die are disintegrated. •Algae Summon- leaves a soul on targets. The souls slows the target by 80% •Death Hold- stops the enemy in its tracks and does damage over time. ◆Prophesy from the Stars- using magic to circle an area around the druid, there is a chance to strike random enemies. (Lasers fall to strike) •Offering- lasers striking are doubled and gives a chance to charm. •Star pact- enemies hit dont take damage but deal 50% reduced damage. •Evangelist- no longer deals damage but adds a buff •Radioactive- poison damage and slows target •star bound- druid becomes a spirit during this time but can be hit. Shape shifting: Reshaping the spine and sockets was no easy task for the ancients. Luckily these warriors perfected the magic and don't need to think twice about arthritis. ◆Regenerating Beast-green sloth like bear- this bear is infused with magic from the earth. Gains a 10% life increase. Gain in life regeneration per second. Runes: •increases life regeneration for surrounding party members •increases own damage and parties damage by half that amount •summons a bear also druid also becomes one. •lose bonuses but summons a bear that does aoe and has a chance to fear with a skill •lose bonuses but summons a man/bear ready to cast your skills ◆Rabies Fox- turns the druid into a fox aspect lashing a giant poison tail behind him that leaves a trail of dead grass. Causes knockback if the enemy tries getting behind him which allows a quick escape. •adds a chance to pull on hit •tumbles leaving a trail of fleas that causes bleed effects •tumbles leaving a taunting clone that explodes •gains a damage increase and damage turns to arcane •gains 5% elite damage. Party resistances increased by 10%. Loses the tail. ◆Pack Wolf-charge attack turns the druid into a werewolf aspect. Lashing a nimble tail the druid now gains buffs to movement speed and life regen. Movementspeed buff affects the party members in range. •silent killer: charge can be recasted and causes knockback •Fiacla wolf: drops life regen but grants further increased movement and a fast attack •lone ranger: fire damage/increased life % and armor boost •wolverine: gains poison damage and the charge attack causes bleed ◆level 61+ skill. Landsloth- would be similar to archon because it gains its own skills. Most would be aoe and pulls. Lasts 15 secs. •Lively Vigor- gains a slight movespeed bonus and a charge attack. •kindling- attacks add a burn effect •tremendous bash- gain a gangway ability •electocute and burn- lightning damage thorns. Enemies that die explode and do area damage. Elemental Strikes: ◆Transfiguring Blizzard- Raising and dropping currents causes the druid to occasionally summon ice magic onto the enemy. Ice torrent: ground freezes under the target in an area of 10 yards for 3 secs Typhoon chill: knockback and freeze chance ◆Bul-Kathos' earthstriker- magic of the ground calls furious forces to the druids's bidding Volcanic soot rises from the depths of the underground and melts the enemy •Molten friction: explosion of soot leaving burning enemies •Giant Rift: increased aoe •Labyrinth seige: fissures last for a 15 second duration. Adds a channel of 2 seconds •Lightning and earth: a fired bolt strikes targets in front of the druid which is hot enough to create magma at the feet of those hit. ◆Lightning Zealot-summons a lightning elemental(lightning buddah if possible animators :P) •Rage: charged bolt after gaining kills. Or fires while enemy thunderstorm skill is going off. •Envoy: gains thunderfury like attack. Casts nova. •Sentient: can cast thunder and earth rune •Umbral: works like a buff. Occassionally spawns behind the closest enemy and pulls them into the dark cloud of thunder it emerges from. ◆Thunder Receiver- becoming a vessel of lightning has only good benefits. Increased pickup radius 10. Increased black damage by 1-X for each strike. For a Level 70 X would be 850 damage. •Lightning Lifetime: the buff circles an area around the druid striking enemies in a pulse. •Thunder Extraction: each hit adds to the buff but decays over 3 secs •Lightning in the Veins: no longer affects other skills but grants the first two bonuses. Passives: Strength of the lost Fiacla-Gèar: reduces damage from mainstat by 15% but you gain 10 armor for each point. (Assuming the class would be receiving AR for having an intelligence mainstat) Astrological Renaissance Man: increased AR of party. Grants user vitality based on the number of party members. Horoscope Attunement: gains arcane damage when in a shape other than a man. Spiritual pack: when at least one spirit is out the druid gains double the bonus Badger's Courage- increases life regeneration per second and allows movement through enemies Moss Camouflage- Increase in damage against elites 10%, pickup radius(10), and life after kill by a minimum. Druid Wilder Aspect- every strike increases the duration of transformation by 1 second and causes a block rate increase 15% Flux of Geomancy-increases poison element damage by 35% but is reduced the lower the enemy's health gets. Ancient's Promise of Fulfillment-chanting daily meditations has transfered to the daily rituals of battle. The druid increases life on hit by 250-300 for each kill gained. Stacks 15 times. Stacks reset if a hit is achieved before 8 seconds is up. Will be back to add more tomorrow. Or not.illPixel5 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 3, 2014 Legendary Gem Idea Bane of Elements Each time you change elements your skill deals xx0% additional weapon damage. (The integer would start at 100 and move up by 30% Level 25: After using two skills of the same element type the third skill will be of the type of the first two. (Retains the original affect but changes color)illPixel1 Dec 3, 2014