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Jul 14, 2015 Rapid Fire Demon Hunter So I think vengeance and rapid fire could be the next big DH upgrade. WE already have the wohjinni and would really love to take advantage of it. Shadow's Mantle could really use a rework. Rapid fire is a tough build because of staying stationary but a few tweaks could really put rapid fire at the top. Here are my ideas: Add a few pieces to The Shadow's Mantle and change the set bonuses. Helmet - The Shadow's Mask - Rolls Dexterity & Socket - 4 Random Magic Properties Shoulder - The Shadow's Advocate - Rolls Dexterity & CDR - 4 Random Magic Properties Quiver - The Shadow's Tremor - Rolls Dex, AS, and 20-25% RF damage - 5 Random Magic Properties 2 Piece Bonus - Reduce the cool down of Vengeance by 9 seconds for every second of channeling rapid fire stacks up to 5 times. - Shadow Power gains the effect of every rune. 4 Piece Bonus - Primary skills that generate resources have 100% increased damage for 10 seconds after channeling rapid fire. This effect stacks up to 5 times for every second of channeling rapid fire. 6 Piece Bonus - While Vengeance is active increase rapid fires attack speed by 30% and damage by 500%. For every second channeling rapid fire reduce the initial hatred cost by 5. Stacks up to 4 times. A quiver or xbow with the high velocity rune would be solid I used a an existing quiver. Holy Point Shot - Rolls %elemental damage, dexterity & 15-20% AS - 4 Random Magic Properties - Rapid fire gains the effect of the High Velocity rune Primary skills could use some love/rework these shoulders could be a start. They would compliment the Shadow's Mantle mods I have presented. New Shoulders - Rolls Dex & AR - 4 Random Magic Properties - Primary skills that generate resources now generate 7 hatred and 1 discipline This my idea for a rapid fire build.HanSolo0 Jul 14, 2015
Jul 12, 2015 Traction Gaming Recruiting A healthy community is a network of like-minded individuals with a mutual goal… the betterment of the whole. In a gaming community, this can be achieved by fostering an environment where the experienced mentor the inexperienced, and the successful pass on their learning to those wishing to take their gaming to the next level. At Traction Gaming, we embody this philosophy. We are a network of brothers and sisters, united in our ambitions. Beyond bringing our fresh recruits up to speed, we also foster our love of gaming with a healthy dose of competition. That’s right, we’re talking about major tournaments in League of Legends, Dota 2 and Hearthstone – where the winners take home not just fame and glory, but real cash prizes as well. On top of that there will be fun competitions for anyone to enter. We will also be keeping you up-to-date with the latest and greatest in the gaming industry. If it’s important to the gaming world, we will get it in your brain via our blogs and think-pieces. And though we are a new community, our leadership council have a storied past together and have long held to our beliefs. Over the years, we’ve wondered how we could build a diverse community of gamers that all enjoy their passions under one banner… and we believe we have built the answer. So we welcome you to an experience of growth, information sharing and development. Our team want to help you become a better gamer in every sense. A better player, a stronger competitor and a better influence on the community and industry as a whole. If you want to learn how to be a better gamer, you’ve come to the right place. If you are already an experienced and comfortable gamer, then come join us, make some friends and become part of our future. We’re a force to be reckoned with and we can’t wait to see what you have to offer. As of this week we have officially started recruiting! Our Teamspeak server is up and ready to use and our site is fully functional and looking for new contributors, members and anyone interested in joining something special  Teamspeak 3 Details: Label: 'Traction Gaming' Address: No password! Jul 12, 2015
Jul 11, 2015 On Farming [Comic] Been making some Diablo comics, because 2.3 has me all excited. Comic on my site: Comic on imgur: Jul 11, 2015
Jul 9, 2015 How to get in faster on PTR server - Guide The article will describe several efficient ways of how to login faster on PTR servers. Also, article will provide info on how to obtain Kanai's Cube, and where to find Materials for its recipes.Skalpei0 Jul 9, 2015
Jul 9, 2015 Diablo 3 PTR Patch 2.3.0 - First Impressions Tremendous amount of exciting changes are to coming to Diablo 3 in new patch! Read about how Kanai's Cube will change the world of Sanctuary! Also, check the new Sets, Rifts improvements, new zone and new Season features!Skalpei0 Jul 9, 2015
Jul 9, 2015 Class Concept: Death knight Hello all! this will be my first creation, I hope you will like it! My main goal with this class was using some magic types from our beloved necromancer alligned with something more, if I could describe this class would be something like a Dark Crusader. But let's go to the concept. PS: It's not finished yet ! I will update this thread every time I finish a part :) PS2: Sorry for my english. Feedbacks are more than welcome! RESOURCES PRIMARY STAT: Vitality. FORM OF ENERGY: Blood Force. Blood Force works like a standard mana source, but there are some skills that will drain a percentage of your life equal to the amount you used from your Blood Force, since we are dealling with demonic powers and entities some skills will demand a little more than just "mana". WEAPONS Cursed Sword: 1-handed class weapon or 2-handed class weapon. Chains: off-hand, offer bonuses, works like a quiver. SKILLS PRIMARY SKILLS 1)Ice Spikes (Generate: 3 Blood Force, no cooldown) Launch an ice spike, dealing 210% weapon damage as cold and slowing the target for 3 seconds. *Glacial Spike: Increase the damage of ice spikes to 350% weapon damage as cold. *Icy Split: After exploding on the first target the spike will divide into 3 smaller ones that will hit nearby targets dealing 170% weapon damage as cold and slowing the target for 2 seconds. *Ice Nova: Ice Spikes will now explode on a frost nova after hitting the first target, freezing everything inside the nova for 1 second, dealing 100% weapon damage as cold for each frozen enemy. *Blue Fire: After hitting the first target, it will burn it for 100% weapon damage as cold per second for 5 seconds, if enemies are nearby theres a 30% chance that one of them will also catch fire. *Frost spear: Ice Spikes will now pierce the targets, dealing 270% weapon damage as cold. 2)Poisoned Slash (Generate: 3 Blood Force, no cooldown) Sweep your weapon through one enemy, dealing 170% weapon damage as poison and poisoning the target for 3 seconds dealing 50% weapon damage as poison per second. *heavy flesh: reduce the creature's movement speed by 30% while its poisoned. *deadly poison: decrease weapon damage to 80% but increases the poison damage by 125% for 7 seconds. *confusion: poisoned creature will have a 25% chance of becoming confused for 5 seconds, attacking all nearby creatures. *Death cloud: The killed creature will have a 25% chance to explode releasing a poison cloud up to 12 yards, dealing 100% weapon damage as poison for 3 seconds to all creatures inside the cloud. *mind trick: poisoned creatures will run in fear for 5 seconds. 3)Life Tap (Generate: 3 Blood Force, no cooldown) Hit your enemy dealing 125% weapon damage and increases your life on hit by 15% of your total life. 4)Restless (Generate: 3 Blood Force, no cooldown) Attack for 250% weapon damage. Restless attack speed increases by 18% for 8 seconds with each attack, but decreases your armor by 65%. SECONDARY SKILLS 1)TBD 2)Dark armor (Costs: 15 Blood Force, no cooldown, lasts 5 minutes) Surrounds yourself in a barrier of dark energy that reduces all incoming damage by 15% but reduces your overall damage by 10%. 3)Corpse explosion (Costs: 20 Blood Force, no cooldown) The targeted corpse explodes, dealing 900% weapon damage as fire to all nearby enemies. 4)Infected Blood (Costs: 13 Blood Force, no cooldown) Cut the target creature dealing 325% weapon damage as poison, the creature will also bleed for 35% weapon damage and will also have a 25% chance of infecting one nearby creature for 100% weapon damage as poison with a 25% chance of bleed for 15% weapon damage. DARK MAGIC 1)Soul Drain (Costs: 30 Blood Force, loose 0.5% of your total life per 1 blood force, 60 seconds cooldown) Drain the souls from the dead bodies (up to 5 souls at max) gaining a soul stack for each soul drained this way, increasing your damage for 5% for each soul stack, soul stacks will vanish after 60 seconds. 2)Ice chains (Costs: 15 Blood Force, no cooldown) Shackles the target creature with chains made of ice that will slow its movement speed by 50% and will deal 250% weapon damage as cold. 3)Crusher (Costs: 30 Blood Force, no cooldown) Gather the souls from the dead bodies (up to 20 souls at max) and shape them into a ball of pure soul energy, unleashing it at target creature, dealing 400% +10% for each gathered soul weapon damage as cold. 4)Dark Aura (Costs: 20 Blood Force, loose 1.5% of your total life per 1 blood force) Passive: Increase weapon damage by 15% and movement speed by 10%. Active: Increase attack speed by 10% and armor by 15% for you and all party members but drains 25% of all your life (lasts 15 seconds) BLOOD MAGIC 1)Blood Companion (Costs: 10 Blood Force, loose 1.5% of your total life per 1 blood force, 20 seconds cooldown) Summon a Blood companion from a soul, the companion hits for 120% of your weapon damage and every hit it does heals you by 2% and evey hit it suffers damages you by 1.5%, only one companion allowed. 2)Hellish Rain (Costs: 20 Blood Force, loose 1.5% of your total life per stack, 30 seconds cooldown) Passive: Gather a soul from a dead body, stack up to 15 times Ative: Summons a rain of boiling blood dealing 450% damage as fire, for each stack consumed prolongs the effect for 0.5 seconds. 3)Vampiric Aura (Costs: 15 Blood Force, loose 1.5% of your total life per 1 blood force) Passive: Increase your and your partners life by 20% Active: Increase life on hit for you and your party members by 3% every time you kill a monster, stack up to 6 times (lasts 15 seconds) 4)Blood Rites (Costs: 30 Blood Force, loose 1% of your total life per 1 blood force, 40 seconds cooldown) Increase your critical hit chance by 10% and your critical damage by 20%, lasts 30 seconds. 5)Profane Portal (Costs: 45 blood Force, loose 1% of your total life per 1 blood force, 60 seconds cooldown) Drain the souls from the dead bodies (up to 50 souls at max) gaining a soul stack for each soul drained this way and open a portal dragging and damaging all enemies up to 30 yards, for every soul stack gained add 60% weapon damage as fire, lasts 10 seconds. CURSES 1)Terror (Costs: 5 Blood Force, loose 2% of your total life per 1 blood force, 10 seconds cooldown) Cursed monsters run away at very high speed for 5 seconds, 3 yards. 2)Target (Costs: 5 Blood Force, loose 2% of your total life per 1 blood force, 10 seconds cooldown) Target creature becomes the target of all nearby creatures for 5 seconds. 3)Soul Sickness (Costs: 10 Blood Force, loose 5% of your total life per 1 blood force) Increases the amount of damage received by 100% for 6 seconds and targeted creatures cannot move for 3 seconds, 15 yards. Creatures killed while under the effect of Soul Sickness have their souls destroyed and cannot be used. 4)Soul Crusher (Costs: 10 Blood Force, loose 5% of your total life per 1 blood force) Lower all incoming damage by 50% for 8 seconds and targeted creatures with less than 5% of life will explode dealing 1500% weapon damage as fire, 25 yards. Creatures killed while under the effect of soul Smasher have their souls destroyed and cannot be used. EMBODIMENT 1)Salhak (Costs: 95 blood force, loose 1% of your total life per 1 blood force, this effect will only occur after your transformation) Your body becomes the vessel of the demon Salhak, the master of curses and fire, while on Salhak form you will gain 50% blood force and 25% attack speed but your life will be cutted by 35%, this embodiment lasts 60 seconds. Primary Skill: Fireball (Generate: 5 blood force, no cooldown): Unleash a powerful fireball dealing 420% weapon damage as fire and exploding at target creature. Secondary Skill: Inferno (Costs: 10 Blood Force initially, and an additional 5 blood force while channeling, loose 1.5% of your life per second while channeling) Unleash a powerful flame from your mouth constantly dealing 850% fire damage per second. Soul Reaper (Costs: 70 Blood Force, 35 seconds cooldown, 30 yards) A powerful curse that will petrify all enemies for 10 seconds and deals 350% weapon damage per second, if an enemy is killed this way you drain its soul, regenerating 10% of your life per soul drained this way. 2)TBD 3)TBDVintersorg3 Jul 9, 2015
Jul 2, 2015 Celebrating 7 Years Making Wallpapers On Tuesday June 30th, marked my 7th anniversary for making Diablo based wallpapers. With this special occasion I created a double monitor wallpaper. I’ve always wanted to make one of these and I thought now was the time. From Sanctuary to the Nexus: The 7th Anniversary deviantART: twitter: d3 reddit: The left side was for Diablo 3 ( while the right side was for Heroes of the Storm: The Eternal Conflict ( Both wallpapers feature all of the runes I have ever made/used over the course of these past 7 years. (74 in all!). The art in these wallpapers is mainly by Mr—Jack as well as Diablo 3 Diablo by Wei Wang. There’s also the Sanctuary World map and other d3/HotS artwork by others as well. Lastly I would like to thank everyone for their support over the years, and you can get more details about this and some quick history of the past 7 years on my deviantART Journal ( Thanks all and I will see you in Sanctuary and the Nexus! HK.Holyknight0 Jul 2, 2015
Jun 29, 2015 Crusader set idea for patch 2.3.0 HI! I thought i share my idea on the new crusader set. Its a personalizable falling sword set. Name: Armor of the Holy Vanguard (2) Set: Spending resource reduce the cooldown of falling sword. (4) Set: After using falling sword you gain 150% increased damage and 60% damage reduction for 6 seconds. (6) Set: Falling sword stuns enemies for 2 seconds, and deals 600% increased damage. Tell me what you think about it.Wisphet2 Jun 29, 2015
Jun 27, 2015 You're all going to hate me for this! It dawned on me, and for my own amusement I made this. Cheers, and be ready to /facepalm.AaronNolden3 Jun 27, 2015
Jun 20, 2015 MS Painted D3 Forum Avatars ^_^ Took the current game guide art, and MS painted them over the beta-avatar.jpg! Brought to you by #boredom Jun 20, 2015
Jun 14, 2015 My Diablo 3 Sleeve Tattoo I've started work on the sleeve tattoo I've always wanted. I've sold my car to pay for the 17 hours I have done so far, but I have a house to pay off, and, a wedding and honeymoon to save up for now, so won't be able to finish my dream tattoo off for years. Follow the link to see the pictures of the progress so far! =] the detail is amazing. Jun 14, 2015
Jun 13, 2015 Demon Hunter male Cosplay Hi! I m a fan of Diablo since first one and a cosplayer from Italy :) I made this cosplay of Demon Hunter male with legendary bow Windforce. Take a look at my work! I was in an ancient castle, 2 hours far from Bucharest where i was invited as guest for a convention, Thank you for your attention and i hope you ll like them :) Dario Cosplay my fb page: Jun 13, 2015
Jun 13, 2015 Story for Diablo 4 I want to write a story for what I feel would be an interesting take on a good continuation of the Diablo storyline. May I simply post it in this thread in the future?Bloodrazorin1 Jun 13, 2015
Jun 6, 2015 Profile calculator Hey there, I've been working on this project in my spare time and I'd like to share my first results. Its miles away from being usable, but its something. Its also far from optimized (I haven't even compiled my CSS files) and contains a lot of ugly code that will have to be reworked eventually. Also I only added just enough items to be able to import my DH, so its like 10 items in total. Basically I just want to know if the layout looks good enough, and if it works fine on lower-end computers. I know it is horribly slow in IE, but that browser is just bad at doing anything complex. The link is here: Basically you can try to import your character (enter battle tag and select the character to import), but if its not a DH you will likely only see the ring. Update: all items should work now. Took me like 3 days of typing them in >.>Riv1 Jun 6, 2015
Jun 1, 2015 Diablo III - Youtube Channel Hi everyone, after several years in this MMO's and such, I decided why not save my games and upload them selflessly, when I want and the way others see and learn something like I can learn from their experiences. I leave the channel address where I will go guide classes, different builds and random games alone or with friends s, contained very frequent and active channel. Nothing more, thank you for your attention and hope to see you around here ; ). A greeting! Youtube: Twitter: Jun 1, 2015
May 30, 2015 D3Calc I have been working on a program for common Diablo 3 ROS calculations (Greater Rifts, Gem Crafting, Upgrade Chance) and just wanted to get it out there. Freeware! May 30, 2015
May 24, 2015 Weapon Swap Legendary + Lightning Wizard Set I have 2 original ideas for Unique items. The first one is a level 70 Legendary Bracer called "Blade Dancer". It can be found on any character and rolls decently enough, but it's special in that it has 2 special slots that you can only put weapons into. Casting a signature spell instantly swaps to the two-handed weapon or two one-handed weapons for 5 seconds if it is in your inventory. Using another signature spell swaps it back but it can't swap again until the duration ends. To clarify, it doesn't actually swap the items in your inventory, but it does visually switch them on your character. While it is swapped you get all the effects of the weapon slotted including vitality and unique prefixes. You can unslot a weapon at any time (except in GRifts) by right clicking it. This item has plenty of potential with people wanting to get the most out of their items by switching between prefixes. ____________________________________________________________________ The second idea is a 6 set for the Wizard revolving around on-hit Lightning damage. It goes like this: (2) Storm Armor can strike an unlimited amount of enemies. (4) Each tick of Lightning damage strikes the target for an extra hit of 100% weapon damage. Has no cooldown. (6) Every time an enemy gets damaged by Lightning they take 15% increased damage from Lightning for 2 seconds, stacking up to 15. The exact numbers could be scaled up and down, but bear in mind that it deals with on-hit damage so it stacks really hard. It works well with Paralysis and life on-hit. It has the potential to be very competitive but is geared mainly for single target sustained dps, and may have problems when too many enemies block it from a single target, or they get disabled. ____________________________________________________________________ So, tell me what you think!Demolij0 May 24, 2015
May 17, 2015 gold find > magic find after paragon lvl 600 just make more sense that you whant to farm gear then gold so you put your point in gold find... that is just wased paragon. so to enjo your 1 of your 4 paragon level after 600. that take lot more time to get How about change that to magic find.duidreki0 May 17, 2015
May 16, 2015 NA | Pandorum Gaming Community Name: Pandorum Gaming Website: Type: Casual/Competitive Server: NA Teamspeak3 Address: TS.PANDORUMGAMING.NET *▬▬▬▬ About Us: Pandorum Gaming mission is for Equality for All Gamers meaning we hold our officers and members in high regard. We will help new players as well, to get them adjusted and ready to have fun *▬▬▬▬ Environment: Currently we have strong communities in Heroes of the Storm, SWTOR, Arma3, D3, Warframe and LoL. We do not tolerate harassment of any form in our community and have dedicated moderators that are there to help you when you need it. This makes for a drama-free environment. *▬▬▬▬ Who we're looking for: Competitive gamers as well as casual gamers who like to meet new people and have fun. Also, since we are a new group we are currently on the lookout for hardworking people interested in becoming staff. *▬▬▬▬ How To Join: 1.Go to this link > Hit Apply Now 2.Join our teamspeak: TS.PANDORUMGAMING.NET 3.Ripp or Havenbrook will handle the application. If you want to get into the action with our members of the diablo portion of please feel free to contact myself in game Demodemigod#1501 or Dylan#1721 thank you and we will see you in game.Demodemigod0 May 16, 2015
May 12, 2015 Achievements Killing epic monsters Hi I would like to see an a Achievements for killing epic monsters endless amount of times. It would start at 20,40,60,100. and so on times. Could also do same for treasure goblin killing one type of treasure goblin 20,40,60,100 so on.. Also would the be away to add key warden Keys to main screen as options were next to min map you can hit alt+ shift+ F1 would put 4 small keys on screen upper left near season leaves well be 4 keys each time one have forward slash throw it. Also make the keys in colors an shapes same size as season leaves..Deadzone0 May 12, 2015
May 11, 2015 Very Simple - Let us name our followers I'm sorry if someone has already suggested this, but I think think this simple adjustment would enhance the solo gameplay experience a lot! And satisfy a fantasy in the process... be that cruel, funny, politically incorrect, or just plain horrible. But who would know! Only the player :)shapeshifteR0 May 11, 2015
May 10, 2015 Musicians and Swing Dancers wanted! Do you love all things Blizz? Do you love Rifting the Light Fantastic? We want YOU to join with us in creating a Swing Band for a Blizz based music/video project. We are looking for Trumpet, Trombone and Keys. Guitar and Tenor Sax are tentatively filled but please contact us anyhow! It's always nice to meet new friends. We have drums and bass. If you're interested please let us know! We'd love to hear what you've got! Please contact us at or you can send me a WoW in game mail Exilarch-Kultiras (yeah, yeah, I know, but there's no mail in D3....) and we'll fill you in on the details. (Dear Blizz I hope this doesn't violate anything, but I'm not aware of a better way to get hold of my follow Blizz players/musicians. If there is a better/more appropriate way, please let me know! We seriously love you guys!) Thanks! \m/Rev2 May 10, 2015
May 9, 2015 Idea about greater rift archievement rewards hello pls note im not american or english, since greater rift clearance got a small reward by increasing the bloodshard cap , i thought about some other things that could be intresting for players to push their greater rift records. ill now explain my idea and afterwards ill show you how i think this would be fun/helpful/great for d3 and d3 players. my idea is that every greater rift lvl cleared for example lvl 50 gives the player (the account) 1 point of something (like paragons) that can be spend on anything that gives the players character some power , ill get back to that later. the thing is , you dont get max 50 points (if your not able to clear a higher greater rift with any of your character) instead you get your max grift cleared of every class in addition. so you may clear g rift 50 with all 6 classes you got 300 of those points in total you clear 30 with every class you get 180 in total you clear 40 with 5 classes and 50 with your barb you get 250 of those points but theres still more youd get more of those points for your best 2players clear but once again for every diffrent class like in solo. lets say your 2players bests are 50 50 50 50 40 40 (with your 6 different classes) youd get another 280 of those points so you might have 530 now (example) the same thing for 3player and 4 player records so you might have , idk 1500 of those points if you really pushed g rift with every class and solo+2s+3s+4s so those 1500 points you now have because youve been really busy can now be spent on something that is not to overpowered but not to weak als well (in fact no one would have any problems to clear at least lvl 30 g rift in all of those categories) yes thats it , now ill explaint how i thing this would be a good thing for d3 -first i guess everyone knows that getting a high ( the highest g rift) doest help you alot , you get honored in a chart you can look at ,that only the leaders themselves will look at again and again to remember. -it would maybe get some diversity in group play , players trying to get a higher rank in classes they havent played and experienced so much yet most likely in group play. -there could be some sort of ranking , showing who has the highest score in total -last it would motivate players to rly try grifts in solo and all sorts of groups , alot of players dont even try to push one of those because they do not get any reward for time put in. so maybe you should think about this yourself for a little time, thanks for listeningAlbert0 May 9, 2015
May 4, 2015 Zoltun Kulle's Phrase Lettering Hello everyone! I can't tell you exactly why, but when I first played Diablo 3, when Kulle said: ... for some reason it really sticked in my mind. I created a lettering with that phrase, I hope you like it! This is the link of the picture, posted on my facebook page. and this is the direct link: I just wanted to share this with the game fellows. Maybe some of you also enjoys this kind of stuff. Peace.Snorlax5 May 4, 2015
Sep 19, 2015 In Game Improvement Ideas So I don't like spending money but I think it is time for another expansion and I have a few great ideas on how to improve the game. - Easy swapping gear! In Diablo 2 there was a good way to swap between weapons. Why not improve that and make easy swap gear options. With rifts and greater rifts in the game who have two different play styles usually requiring different gear sets so Blizzard save us the bank space and time of swapping gear and give up a swap button! -Classes Again, in Diablo 2 there were many more classes then what we are offered now. Where is our assassin or druid? I miss them bring them back! Or at least make demon hunters viable with their sword and board option ( maybe let us dual wield swords ) You guys had a great idea putting the sword board option there but fell short but not making it viable. -Bank space Everyone knows how hard it is to keep up with all the gear you want to keep and struggle with the decision of whether or not you should keep an item because your legendaries tab is full or to start mixing your tabs with gear and gems setting off your OCD! Make it super expensive to buy tabs! Why not we all have millions of gold to now do nothing with, so give us more space! -Character slots Yay seasons! Boo to deleting characters for more space! Again, we need a little more room to create! I liked having my old toons with their gear I worked hard for. Grew attached to the hours of game play we had together only in the end to have to destroy them so that I could make new seasonal characters. Maybe a character vault? somewhere we could store the characters we don't want to change. -Expansion? We already have Heaven and Hell Purgatory. Easy solution. Whole new areas and a whole new world that could be explored! Plus, it still sticks to your biblical story line! -Interactive story line We love adventure mode but lets take it one step further. A changing story line! I love seeing the beautiful cinematics they have created but the best way to see them is through story line which at this point we have played to the point its frankly boring. What we could do is every few days a new event is happening through the world. Have us looking for the next golden exclamation mark above the npc's head sending us to our next NEW adventure! Maybe taking down a general one day and a few days later taking out his angry followers. Who knows, there are endless possibilities. Make it a weekly thing thats added with the patch. Plus we could keep seeing our favorite cinematics. (maybe make a few more) -Torment levels I think there is a big issue with our torment level system right now. I get that greater rifts are supposed to be our option for harder content but what about the folk who like loot! Rifts give loot all through out the dungeon but it is soo easy at T6 you basically just walk by everything and it dies. We need more torment levels or better scaling torment levels. Time to get french toast! But community, add all the ideas you might have to help improve the game! The game is good but it could be great!Aliciene2 Sep 19, 2015
May 3, 2015 Action Bobby's Set Ideas List ---1--- Call to Action: Barrier Treaders (boots) : +13-15% movement speed. unique: removes the movement speed cap from items (if that's still a thing). visual: short black and brown padded toe shoes. Blister Busters (gloves): +8-10% attack speed unique: 30% chance to attack twice with a 30% chance on top of that to make it 3 times. visual: back n brown padded gloves. 2 piece bonus: when running into a non-roofed wall or obstacle instead of stopping you will *Vault* over it where applicable. *works for any class. ---2--- Robin's Justice Robin's Hood (head): +5-6% crit chance. unique: displays monsters on map. visual: red hood cape. Robin's Equalizers (quiver): +9-10% crit chance. unique: *Multishot* hatred cost reduced 50-75%. visual: Rugged leather sack of arrows. Robin's True Strike (bow): +5-6% crit chance. +40-50% crit damage. visual: Brown wooden stick bow decorated with feathers. *Dye changes feather colors. 2 piece bonus: +40 yard pickup radius! 3 piece bonus: Projectiles now persist until they collide with an applicable target (Wall, enemy, destructible) *With the bonus of Robin's Hood you can use the map to snipe targets *With ring of royal grandeur any character that can use a bow can enjoy this mechanic. ---3--- Messenger's Disciple: Disciple's Gi (chest): unique: When engaging an enemy champion *Inner Sanctuary* of a random rune is cast at your location. 20 second cooldown. *Can work for any class: *the cooldown guarantees you always have inner sanctuary during elite battles. visual: A plain off-white cloth Gi. Sash of Feats (waist): unique: massacre, destruction, and killing blow bonuses grant 1000% experience. visual: long sash belt blows in the wind. Disciple's Pants (legs): Damage from attacks reduced by 15-20% visual: plain off-white cloth Gi pants. Disciple's wrapped fists (hands): visual: white wraps around hands: Disciple's wrapped feet (feet): 30-40% crowd control reduction. visual: white wraps around feet. 2 piece bonus: A white translucent glowing *Mystic Ally* fights by your side named "MESSENGER". *MESSENGER cannot die. 3 piece bonus: *Serenity* of a random rune will be cast on you when you fall below 35% life with a 20 second cooldown. 4 piece bonus: *MESSENGER has 200% your damage, and attacks with random spirit generating attacks. 5 piece bonus: MESSENGER uses all your skills when you do, and dashes to your target location with dashing strike. ***This set works for any class. ---4--- Ugly Groal's Cover: Groal's Bag (head): visual: brown stitched bag with eye holes. Groal's Face Coverers (hands): Melee damage taken reduced 5-10% visual: Big gloves. Groal's Guards (wrists): Melee damage taken reduced 5-10% visual: heavy padded bracers. 2 piece bonus: Ranged damage taken reduced 15% 3 piece bonus: *Humans* and *Beasts* who are facing you when you are facing them, are feared for 3 seconds. ---5--- The Fifth Element Wind (neck): +30% lightning damage. visual: piece of stone with wind rune engraved into it. "Wind blows..." Fire (ring): +30% fire damage. visual: piece of stone with fire rune engraved into it. "Fire burns..." Water (ring): +30% cold damage. visual: piece of stone with water rune engraved into it. "Water falls..." Earth (wrists): +30% physical damage. visual: piece of stone with earth rune engraved into it. 4 piece bonus: The 5th element is in you. Gain +1 piece bonus! "Me fifth element." 5 piece bonus: Increase all damage by 100% ---6--- HellBard's Jam HellBard's Sick Riffs (2hand axe): unique: Critical hits make a shockwave visual and deal tapering splash damage in a 10 yd AOE. audio: melee attacks make a hitting the wrong note sound, crits make a harmonic ring. visual: It's a freakin' AXE GUITAR!!! HellBard's Righteous Doo (head): unique: critically hitting a target 10 times in one second will make all enemies within 50 yards jump 3 times in place. visual: black tophat with Slash's hair! HellBard's Sweet Digs (torso): visual: spiked and chained leather jacket. HellBard's Jeans (legs): visual: Ripped jeans with chains. HellBard's Stompers (feet): unique: Any enemies who are within 50 yards of you will leap in the air every time you *Leap*. visual: spiked and chained leather boots. 2 piece bonus: Enemies occasionally throw plastic bottles at you that deal 1 damage. 3 piece bonus: +50% area damage 4 piece bonus: unlocks the skill *Leap* with all rune choices unlocked on separate skill page for any class. ---7--- Jack's Trades: Jack's Unstable Alchemy (quiver): unique: *Bolas* damage multiplied by 4, but costs 20 hatred. visual: sack of bolas and chemical vials. Jack's Bad Juju (mojo): unique: *Firebomb* damage multiplied by 10, but has a 5 second cooldown. visual: a voodoo doll that looks like a miniature version of your character. Jack's Mispell (orb): unique: *Magic Missile* damage multiplied by 4, but costs 40 arcane power. visual: irregular bursts of magic from a shaking ball. Jack's Frustration (crusader shield): unique: *Justice* damage and heal form holy bolt multiplied by 4, but costs 30 wrath. visual: industrial looking iron shield with lots of bolts. Jack's Hail Mary(mighty weapon): unique: *Weapon Throw* damage multiplied by 4, but cost 30 fury. visual: big sledge hammer with nails in it, and a lot of tap holding it together. Jack's Hand Brace(fist weapon): unique: *Fists of Thunder* hits as if it's a third attack every strike with damage multiplied by 3, but costs 30 spirit. visual: looks like a cast with the fist wrapped with lots of rags. Jack's utility belt (waist): cooldowns reduced 15% 2 piece bonus: resource costs reduced 30%. ---8--- Ulric Ulric's Eye (amulet) Ulric's Head (orb, mojo) *dual class item* visual: mummified eyeless head. 2 piece bonus: +500 intelligence. A floating ghost head follows you around named Ulric. Ulric works much like the enchantress, telling you which way you need to go to get to objectives, but in mocking jokes. ---9--- Hunter's Pride Hunter's Arm Brace (bracers): +13-15% move speed. +5-6% critical hit chance. visual: look's like a falconer's arm brace. Hunter's Pelts (shoulders): +5-6% crit chance visual: pelts draped over the shoulders. Hunter's Steady Hand's (gloves): +9-10% critical hit chance. +45-50% critical hit damage. Hunter's Silent Step (boots): +13-15 move speed. unique: enemies cannot see you unless they are facing you and within 30 yards of you. 2 piece bonus: a red-tailed hawk accompanies you with the stats of *Companion* with no rune. 3 piece bonus: a brown *Wolf Companion* accompanies you with it's normal stats. 4 piece bonus: +5% critical hit chance, +150% critical hit damage, +50% bonus damage to elites. ---10--- Plumber's Gear: Plumber's cap (head): visual: red mario cap with no logo. Plumbers overalls (pants): visual blue jean overalls. Jump Shoes (feet): visual: brown boots. 2 piece bonus: when moving, gain a stack of 10% bonus movement speed every second you don't take damage, maxing out at 10 stacks. 3 piece bonus: when at max stacks the next enemy you collide with you will jump on their head and bounce off in the air for 1 second, dealing 100% damage, and still able to control movement in the air. As long as you don't take damage you will bounce again every time you land on an enemy, each time dealing 100% more damage, maxing out at 1000% damage. ---11--- Juggernaut's Momentum: Juggernaut's Cage (chest) Juggernaut's Pillars (legs) Juggernaut's Tramplers (boots): 2 piece bonus: cannot be slowed. 3 piece bonus: walking into enemies knocks them back and does (100 + (2 * movement speed))% damage no more than twice max per second. Enemies killed this way explode violently away from you. ---12--- Kombat Konquest Kang's Bracers(bracers): 6-8% attack speed. visual: black bracers with round silver spikes. Hammer of Kahn(2 handed hammer): 20-30% chance to stun. visual: Huge green glowing hammer. Kung's Kap(head): unique: 10% chance on attack to throw a *Boomerang Chakram* that visually looks like the hat. The hat will not be shown on your head when it's in flight. visual: flat round-rimmed bladed hat. 2 piece bonus: Each consecutive offensive ability that is different than the last deals 15% bonus damage, stacking up to 5 times with 5 different abilities. 3 piece bonus: 10% change to knock opponents high in the air for 2 seconds when critically striking with a melee attack. ---13--- Way of the Windborn Breeze (chest): crowd control duration effects reduced 60-80% visual: baby blue loose cloth tunic rippling in the wind. Gust (legs): 15-20% reduced damage from melee attacks. visual: baby blue loose cloth pants rippling in the wind. Flurry (feet): +15-20% movement speed. visual: rope sandals. Current (shoulders): 15-20% reduced damage from ranged attacks. visual: baby blue cloth wrap-around short cape rippling in the wind. 2 piece bonus: your pickup radius is reduced to 0, but gold and globes within 100 yards spiral around towards you at a speed of 100 to 1000 based directly on their proximity to you. 3 piece bonus: You gain the *Frozen Storm* effect of *Ice Armor*, but not it's basic effect. 4 piece bonus: When you fall below 10% life *Wave of Force* *Impactful Wave* is cast at your location with a 20 second cooldown. ---14--- Storm's Fury: Thunder (feet): +15-20% movement speed. visual: rope sandals. Lightning (shoulders): +30-35% lightning damage. +160-180 lightning resistance. visual: you emit a blue glow and small arcs of electricity leap out of you. Nimbus (legs): +160-180 cold resistance. visual: heavy grey padded loose pants. Tempest (head): +35-40% lightning damage. visual: your glow blue and emit small arcs of electricity. 2 piece bonus: Dealing lightning damage to enemies within 15 yards of a chest or breakable causes lightning to arc from that enemy to the object and open it. The arc does 100% damage as fire to all enemies caught in the line. 3 piece bonus: Moving 100 yards gains a stack of *Sweeping Wind* *Cyclone*. 4 piece bonus: You gain the effects of *Storm Armor* *Shocking Aspect* ---15--- Blade Aspect: Blade Cage (chest): 4000-5000 thorns damage. Blade Braces (bracers): 4000-5000 thorns damage. Blade Spurs (feet): 4000-5000 thorns damage. Scissor hands (hands): 4000-5000 thorns damage. Blade silhouette (shoulders): 4000-5000 thorns damage. 2 piece bonus: 5000 thorns damage. 3 piece bonus: 15% to cast *Fan of Knives* when hit. 4 piece bonus: You are surrounded by *Chakram's* *Shuriken Cloud* rune. 5 piece bonus: When below 33% life you are affected by *Iron Skin* with the *Reflective Skin* rune. ---16--- Undying Husk Eyeless Gaze (head): +6000-6200 life regen. visual: No helmet, but your normal characters head is rotten with open wounds, and covered with dried blood, having empty eye sockets. Rotten Cage (torso): +4300-4500 life regen. visual: Your torso is rotten green with open wounds and dried blood splashed over it, wearing torn old rags. Crumbling Pillars (legs): +4300-4500 life regen. visual: You wear torn bloodied rags around your waist and your legs are rotten green with open wounds. Decaying Hunch (shoulders): +4300-4500 life regen. visual: Your shoulders are bare with rotten green bloodied skin, and one of your shoulders is down to the bone. Torn Hands (hands): +6000-6200 life regen. visual: Your arms are bare and rotten green with open sores, and your hands re almost completely bloodied with teh finger tips worn into bone claws. Raw Soles (feet): +4300-4500 life regen. visual: Your feet are bare rotten dirty green with the soles and toes worn down to the bone. 2 piece bonus: When blocking an attack there is a 10% chance to cast *Wall of Zombies* *Offensive Line* on you in the direction the attack came from. 4 piece bonus: Whenever you are hit a single *Corpse Spiders* *Leaping Spiders* falls from you. 6 piece bonus: On death *Grasp of the Dead* is cast around you, then 10 *Zombie Charger* *Pile On*s that topple outward in a circle around you as are resurrected in the center. This effect has 120 second cooldown. ---17--- Heretic's Bane (wizard set): Heretic's Intense Stare (wizard hat): unique: When encountering an enemy champion *Spirit Barrage* *Manitou* is cast. visual: A horned tusked skull helmet with runes carved into it. Heretic's Fist (wand): unique: You *Haunt* enemies you attack with *Consuming Spirit*. visual: An ornate bone wand with a skeleton claw clasping a swirling ball of purple black and green smoke. Heretic's Perseverance (orb): unique: When you fall below 30% life you are affected by *Spirit Walk* *Healing Journey* with a 20 second cooldown. visual: A swirling ball of purple black and green smoke. 2 piece bonus: You gain *Physical Attunement*. 3 piece bonus: You *Soul Harvest* every enemy you encounter with *Vengeful Spirit* and keep each stack of the effect for the standard 30 second cooldown. ---18--- Tastes Around the World: Hot wings Platter (shield): unique: When you encounter a cluster of 10 or more enemies you are affected by *Hex* *Angry Chicken* on a 30 second cooldown. visual: You hold a silver with a dome cover. Frog Legs Rack (torso): unique: When you are below 20% life *Plague of Toads* *Rain of Toads* is continuously cast on you. visual: You wear a white chef jacket. Bug Buffet (legs): unique: When you encounter an elite You cast *Locust Swarm* *Pestilence* with a 20 second cooldown. visual: You wear plain white pants. Bear Steaks (hands): unique: When you are affected by a knock-back you retaliate by sending *Zombie Charger* *Zombie Bears* towards the affecter. visual: Your hands are bare. Fish Dinner (Head): unique: Every 15 seconds your next ability also casts *Piranhas* *Wave of mutilation*. visual: You wear a white chef hat. 2 piece bonus: +10 health globe radius. 3 piece bonus: extra 10% life from health globes. 4 piece bonus: gain 1% your max life per kill. 5 piece bonus: You make funny chef comments throughout the game to vendors players and monsters alike. Oh, and you gain your health globe regeneration effects from opening click-able objects and chests, and breaking jars. ---19--- Sparky 'n' Bigg: Sparky's Collar (ring): unique: You are accompanied by a *Familiar* named "Sparky" who is affected by *Sparkflint*. Bigg's Collar (waist): unique: You are accompanied by a *Gargantuan* named "Bigg" who is affected by *Humongoid*. 2 piece bonus: Bigg is also affected by *Bruiser* and *Restless Stinker*. Sparky is also affected by *Cannoneer* and *Ancient Guardian*. ---20--- Force from Above Pillar of Heaven (staff): visual: Thick heavy staff encased in runic stone. Horizon's Promise (shoulders): unique: When you are below 50% health you cast *Breath of Heaven* *Zephyr* on a 60 30 second cooldown. visual: Bulky stone shoulders reminiscent of distant mountains. Sun Catcher (neck) unique: When an elite mob or more than 10 enemies are within 20 yards of you you cast *Blinding Flash* *Soothing Light* with a 30 second cooldown. visual: Bulky runic plated wrap-around neck piece. Sky Greeters (hands) visual: Bulky gloves of runic stone. 2 piece bonus: After moving 100 yards your next attack casts *Wave of Light* with the *Pillar of the Ancients* rune. 3 piece bonus: After moving 100 yards your next attack casts *Fist of the Heaves*. 4 piece bonus: After moving 100 yards your next attack knocks all enemies within 10 yards into the air and stuns them for 2 seconds. **set visual, you look like you have huge grey stone arms glowing with runes. Each piece's runes glow brighter blue the more pieces of the set you wear. **This set works with *Tzo Krin's Gaze*. ---21--- Switch-stance Rodeo Cheap Shot (fist weapon): unique: After casting *Dashing Strike* your next 3 spirit generators gain +100% attack speed. visual: Fist loosely wrapped with wrapping flowing in wind under a dingy metal studded black training glove. Hay Maker (fist weapon): unique: The bonus from *Combination Strike* is increased to +20% damage for 5 seconds. visual: Fist loosely wrapped with wrapping flowing in wind under a dingy metal studded black training glove. 2 piece bonus: you gain *Alacrity* and raise the bonus by 5%. ---22--- Arsenal of The Vanisher The Vanisher's Masquerade (head): unique: when *Smoke Screen* ends, enemies within 10 yards are confused for 2 seconds. visual: A black hood, and dark purple ghoul mask with an open mouth area, concealing the bottom of your toon's face in shadow. The Vanisher's Grip (gloves): unique: *Caltrops* is now thrown to the target location using the visual and trajectory of *Grenade*. The Vanisher's Shroud (shoulders): unique: *Smoke Screen* now costs 7 discipline, *Special Recipe reduces the cost to 4 discipline, and *Vanishing Powder* now increases the cooldown to 2 seconds. visual: the shoulders are connected to a black flowing cape. The Vanisher's Linens (legs): unique: *Smoke Screen* now increases your movement speed by 50%, and Displacement increases your movement speed by 150%. The Vanisher's Soft Step (boots): unique: *Smoke Screen* now lasts 2 seconds, and *Lingering Fog* increases this bonus to 3 seconds. 2-piece bonus: When *Caltrops* are detonated, they engulf the area in smoke blinding enemies within 10 yards for 6 seconds. 3-piece bonus: when *Caltrops* detonate they knock opponents within 5 yards up in the air and away from you 1-10 yards, and deal 50%-250% damage, each depending on their proximity to the center of the trap. 4-piece bonus: *Caltrops* generate 3 hatred instead of costing discipline, , and *Carved Stakes* increase the hatred generated to 6. -23- Tools of the Trade (ideas) Fan of knives gains the knives expert rune. Attacks from hungering arrow are now homing missiles and are aff=cted by missile damage enhancers. The bolts from rapid fire are now missles and are affected by missile damage enhancers. All effects of the rocketeer passive are doubled. The cooldown of sentry is reduced 90% All your knives deal 50% increased damage 10% crit chance and 100% crit damage Impale gains the ricochet rune Impale now generates 4 hatred Whenever you vault backflip orsmoke screen you impale the closest enemy the bow requirement is removed for any skill or rune that uses knivesActionBobby1 May 3, 2015
May 1, 2015 Monkey kings staff ideas So this isn't a suggestion for another sunwuko piece... but maybe. Just another item to go along with the monkey king theme. Roji Bang (daibo) An iron staff with golden rings at the ends. Possible unique effects : - spirit generators can also be cast as ranged attacks, losing attack speed per unit of distance. - each hit from seven sided strike is a random spirit generating attack. If 3 of the same generator happen in sequence (all random) the third strike effect occurs (also random rune). These attacks are individually affected by damage increases that would apply to normal spirit generators (gems, depth diggers, combination strike, generator damage increase affixes...) - your primary attacks are cast at the cursor location by a clone with your damage and health. If the clone is killed this effect is disabled for 3-5 seconds. - the range of deadly reach is effectively and visually increased to that of a long ranged attack. Doing normal damage but in a crazy AOE. - the ranges of all your offensive skills are increased. - when your mystic ally is killed it immediately respawns, retaliating with a random offensive spirit spend or and confusing all affected enemies for 5 seconds. - you can have an extra mystic ally, and all mystic allies look like you. - 30 - 35% chance to dodge. - whenever you dodge you summon a clone with your stats who hits with random generators for 3 seconds. Batch 2 Your spirit generators skip the first 2 hits, each one is a "third attack". After seven sided strike you reappear with 6 clones (9 if 10-sided strike), each dealing your damage and attacking with random spirit generators. They last for 10 seconds or until you cast seven sided strike. When you receive fatal damage wave of light explosive light is cast at your location and you reappear in a cloud of smoke 10 yards away, once every 60 seconds. Epiphany duration increased by 50-100%. Dashing strike leaves a clone behind that explodes for 1000% damage, and this effect stacks with sunwuko set. Dashing strike instead shoots a clone forward that explodes for 1000% weapon damage after 1-3 seconds, stacking with sunwuko. Using dashing strike before clone explodes swaps places with clone. Your mystic ally looks like you and uses dashing strike and tempest rush when you do. Tempest rush is not interrupted by casting skills. Mystic bro - your mystic allies look like you and high five you when you move within 1 yard of each other. high fives give affected characters +50% move speed, +50% attack speed, and +50%dodge chance, diminishing over one second every time this occurs. Def not a bro - your mysic ally looks like you and casting mystic spawns it at cursor location. Mystic ally moves and attacks exactly as you do with all your skills. It even bangs your girlfriend when you're at work, but she'll never tell you... I'll try thinkin of more. Chime in dudes!ActionBobby2 May 1, 2015
Apr 25, 2015 Existing Set Adjustments and Custom Sets MODIFIED OLD SETS [BARBARIAN] =Might of the Earth= -add 2 more Pieces (Belt and Chest). *2 Piece Bonus: -Killing an enemy using Leap, Ground Stomp, Hammer of the Ancients, or Seismic Slam causes an Avalanche (based on your skill element). This can happen once every 2 seconds. *4 Piece Bonus: -Cause an Earthquake when your land after using leap, and an Avalanche when you use Ground Stomp (based on your highest element). -Reduce the Cooldown of Earthquake, Avalanche, Ground Stomp, and Leap by 10% for every enemy you kill. *6 Peice Bonus: -Every enemy hit by Hammer of the Ancients or Seismic Slam returns 2 Fury. -Increase the damage of Hammer of the Ancients and Seismic Slam by 25% for every enemy caught within your Earth Quakes or Avalanches. [CRUSADER] =Armor of Akkhan= *2 Piece Bonus: -Akarat's Champion gains the effect of every Rune. *4 Piece Bonus: -Increase Wrath generation by 100%, and reduce skill cost by 50%, while Akarat's Champion is active. -Bodyguards lasts forever, and deal 200% increased damage. *6 Peice Bonus: -Akarat's Champion lasts until you are killed. -Bodyguards activate Akarat's Champion when you do and uses your primary and secondary skill, but die after 20 seconds. [WIZARD] =Vyr's Amazing Arcana= -Add 2 more pieces (Shoulders and Legs). *2 Piece Bonus: -Archon gains the effect of every rune. *4 Piece Bonus: -Your Mirror Images now lasts 35 second, and deal 100% of your skill damage. -Gain a token whenever you kill with Disintegrate or Ray of Frost that increases the damage of these skills by 3%, for a maximum of 150%. *6 Piece Bonus: -Archon Damage is increased during it's entire duration by 10% for every Disintegrate/Ray of Frost token you have. (Resets tokens to 0 upon activation) -Your Mirror Images activates Archon when you do. NEW SETS [CRUSADER] ="HAMMERDIN" SET= (D2 player will know it) -6 Pieces (Head, Shoulders, Hands, Chest, Belt, Shield) *2 Piece Bonus: -Striking enemies with Justice increases Blessed Hammer damage by 100% for 3 seconds. This stacks up to 500%, and 9 seconds. *4 Piece Bonus: -Increase Wrath Generated by Justice to 10. -Hitting an enemy with Justice causes a Fist of the Heavens to cast on the enemy (based on Justice's Element). *6 Piece Bonus: -Cast 4 Blessed Hammers at a time (at 90 degree increments), and gain the effect of the Dominion Rune. (will have to ed it the affix for that Legendary that does the same). -Striking enemies with Blessed Hammers causes an explosion (based on Blessed Hammer element) on the enemy dealing 500% weapon damage to all enemies within 12 yards. =BLESSED CATAPHRACT SET= -6 Pieces (Head, Hands, Chest, Belt, Legs, Feet) *2 Piece Bonus: -Increase the damage of Smite and Slash by 100%, and gain 2 additional Wrath for every enemy hit by these skills. *4 Piece Bonus: -Steed Charge and Judgement gains the effect of every rune with the base effect of each Rune doubled. -Striking enemies Judged enemies with Smite or Slash causes an explosion that deals 250% weapon damage to all enemies within 12 yards and reduces the cooldown of Steed Charge and Judgement by 1 second per enemy hit. *6 Piece Bonus: -Enemies under the effect of Judgement take 1000% weapon damage when hit by Stampede or Charged thru by Steed Charge. -When ending Steed Charge you explode, dealing 1500% for every judged enemy within 30 yards within that area. (Based on your highest element) ------------------------------------ Thoughts? Too OP?Eriance2 Apr 25, 2015
Apr 22, 2015 How are your characters looking ? ^^ I just thought we can share our characters' pictures to get some idea about fashion in D3 and find out what items people like in game as their look.Also we can explore the best looking items that we may miss at game or never seen before. There are my some characters' and item skins combine ; Demon Hunter[img][/img] Barbarian[img][/img] Crusader[img][/img] Wizard[img][/img] Monk[img][/img] Well, I've tried to show images but couldn't make it.I'm sure you guys will do it better than me.You can just copy & paste the link between codes if you want to see them or teach me how can ı show these images on post. ^^MezoarT3 Apr 22, 2015
Apr 20, 2015 Creature "Wanted Posters" ... I've been making a few of these with extracted graphics, fonts, and models from the .mpq files. Any particular ones you wanna see? Odeg the Keywarden (FIXED) Wretched Queen Treasure Goblin Apr 20, 2015
Apr 19, 2015 The begin of my Evil Nephalem Reign ... (My Diablo III Characters Video :3 ) For Zoltun Kulle !!! We will reanimate him again ... he he he 3:) So blizzard give us a costume contest, i already bring the idea of my fashionable opportunist, mysterious Nephalem killers ... We are humans and we are the worst ... and the funny thing is that we KNOW IT :P With Regards Stylianos ( Zoltun Kulle = Because the EYE sees all xXx )Stylianos0 Apr 19, 2015
Apr 17, 2015 Unique Legendary Power Ideas Going to start a list of my legendary power ideas here, and I'll keep updating as I get some more. Doing this in the spirit of the BlizzCon Legendary Power workshop. I'm going to try to leave out most actual values and percentages when it comes to damage amounts and such, because I'm no balancing guru. Feedback is appreciated and encouraged, trolling not so much. Note to Readers: Feel free to suggest powers! I'll add them in with your name under the suggestion, might be nice to have a huge list of things that Blizzard might actually see and draw from. All Class Powers (non-specific) Wrath of Malthael (Ring or Amulet) When using [movement skill] there's a high chance to create a massive AoE explosion at the cast site and land site. This power applies to skills such as Teleport and Leap.Alternate Fate (Belt) When struck by any source of damage, there is a low chance that the damage will be reflected back to all enemies in the area, dealing massively increased damage. This power can be triggered by any source of damage, including environmental damage.Glory in Death (Amulet) If you are dealt fatal damage, you are instead healed to full health and your damage, attack speed, and movement speed are increased drastically for 11 seconds. Can only be triggered once every 150 seconds.One Size Fits All (Gloves) Counts as a set piece for any set with gloves, also increases the power of set bonus' significantly. Cannot be used to complete more than one set. More to come... Barbarian Only Might Makes Right (Ring) Mighty Weapons have a chance, based on your Strength, to decapitate (instant kill) lesser enemies. Cannot occur on Elites, Champions, or Bosses. Minimum 0.2% chance, maximum 0.75% chance. Adds a unique animation to enemy deaths.The Breaker (Two-handed Mighty Weapon) After using Leap, your movement speed increases every second up to a max of 75% over 10 seconds. You gain the ability to run through enemies and knock them back, dealing massive damage. The knock-back and damage dealt increases as your speed increases. Effect is lost if you stop moving.More to come... Crusader Only Aegis of Zakarum (Crusader Shield) After blocking an attack, waves of light burst forth from your shield for 2 seconds, dealing intense holy damage to enemies in a cone and blinding them for 1.5 seconds. Cannot occur more than three times every 16 seconds. Area of damage is based on where the front of your shield is facing, not character direction.More to come... Demon Hunter Only Shatter Shot (Bow) All of your attacks split into shards, damaging all enemies near the main target for slightly decreased damage, while the main target takes increased damage. Sentries do not receive this affect. The shards apply all effects from the main attack, but deal physical damage only.Dreadlands Quiver (Quiver, duh) Every time you attack there is a chance you will fire an extremely powerful explosive shot that deals massive damage to all enemies around the target. After 9 consecutive attacks of not triggering, the next shot is guaranteed to be an explosive shot. Deals more damage the closer enemies are to the explosion. The main target takes twice as much damage as the closest enemies Cannot trigger more than once every 6 secondsMore to come... Wizard Only Archmage's Arsenal (Staff) When you deal damage with a skill you gain a charge of Unstable [Element] for 3 seconds. Each charge of the same element decreases the damage you deal with that element and increases the damage you deal with all other elements. The element of each charge is equal to the element of the skill cast. Beam type skills grant a charge every tick of damage. Each charge gained refreshes the duration, max of 20 charges.More to come... Witch Doctor Only Khalim's Soul (Mojo) Automatically casts Haunt on a nearby enemy, with the effect of every rune. Has an unlimited duration. Special thanks to Yverus for the idea.More to come... Monk Only Eye of Sahptev Fury (Spirit Stone) For 5 seconds after dodging an attack, all damage you deal is holy damage. All skills that already deal holy damage have drastically increased damage. You cannot deal any other type of damage for the duration, including physical. Cannot trigger more than once every 24 secondsBurning Jewel of Ivgorod (Spirit Stone) After dealing a critical strike, a beam of molten energy shoots from the crystal in your forehead, dealing massive fire damage to enemies in a line. Cannot occur more than 5 times in 10 seconds.More to come...Wakkatata0 Apr 17, 2015
Apr 14, 2015 need to make free for all mode everyone vote We need a free for all mode for players who want to solo in rift but have a full game for more difficult game play. Larger groups of mobs but to solo play in a full party game is more difficult but you don't have to fight to kill mobs like most do now because of players who are way too fast and wont co-op. the rifts now in a party is not co-op anymore and it is less enjoyable now due to players who are much too fast and powerful to keep up with. Please, please make this type of game play mode. Everyone who thinks this is a good idea, let Blizzard tech support know.ollie6460 Apr 14, 2015
Apr 11, 2015 change story mode completion "legendary" Instead of getting some random junk legendary for completing all story missions up to and killing the final boss, I think the legendary drop should be changed to one of the "rare" legendary items and possibly ancient as well. Its a significant feat playing the game start to finish, and the reward seems pretty trivial.Asmosis0 Apr 11, 2015
Apr 5, 2015 Diablo 3 cartoon Apr 5, 2015
Apr 4, 2015 Stash Space Idea dident seems to could find this idea anywhere. how about u make the first 2 or 3 tabs shared across chars and the rest for the you are playing for only for the char u are playing, that way u don't have 2 make more stash Tabs and everyone would get even more space. Cheers.Bombs0 Apr 4, 2015
Apr 4, 2015 Diablo 3 Rap I made quite a few WoW raps back when I was heavy into it... After an almost 6 year hiatus from making raps for run, I decided to make one for D3 : Feedback is appreciated P.S. I know I have a potato quality mic :(Jmoney0 Apr 4, 2015
Apr 7, 2015 Looking for a Clan... Hello community ! I am looking for an active clan of nice people that do things together a lot. I am a casual player now since I have a 3 month old daughter but I still log in for a few hours per day and wondering if anyone is recruiting people of my kind. I am polite and a lot of fun. I am very talkative but not to the point where I am annoying. Im 36 years old and like the simple things in life ( like family ). If anyone is recruiting please send me a /tell in game. Thanks and look forward to meeting you !Crispen3 Apr 7, 2015
Apr 1, 2015 Item's List A thought that crossed my mind that it would be nice that the makers of the game could create your player to pick up other stuff as he/she walks over it. Like create a ITEM'S LIST that has GEMS that you can check witch ones you want to pick up. And CRAFTING MATERIALS list to do the same thing. Along with LEGENDARY and SET item's. Just so when you run into a bunch of TREASURES GOBLINS you don't have to spend a lot of time picking all that stuff they drop up.ThDevlHimslf0 Apr 1, 2015
Mar 31, 2015 Diablo 3 Expansion: Curse of Mephisto DIABLO 3 EXPANSION : CURSE OF MEPHISTO The introduction of DIABLO 3 PVP was very exciting for me. I anticipated the day that I can bounce between adventure and PVP. However, PVP brawling was a disappointment. I initially came up with an idea to make PVP more entertaining, however this idea grew into many ideas. Soon i realized this could be an idea for a potential expansion. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF TOPICS: 1.Diablo 3 expansion is focused heavily on PVP introduction. 2. Separate campaign modes. Adventure campaign & PVP campaign. (PVP campaign story line for introduction of PVP). 3.Creating a new hero. Choose from Seasonal, Non seasonal, Softcore, Hardcore, Adventure, PVP. 4.PVP loot & legendaries, how to obtain these items. 5.Ladder rating system for PVP heroes. Ladder system for 1v1, 2v2, class specific ladders. 6. Adventure & PVP specific achievements. 7.PVP modes: Tournaments, practice, challenges, Torment mode 1-6 for 1v1 & 2v2 player vs. computer. DIABLO 3 EXPANSION: CURSE OF MEPHISTO PVP CAMPAIGN STORY ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Diablo has lost his foot hold in the heavens. Peace has been restored in heaven & Earth. With the fall of diablo, towns were rebuilt & communities rejuvenated. The battle between heaven & hell has almost been forgotten. Still, a few skeptics keep a watchful eye. Deep in the catacombs, a hooded warlock dwells in his cold damp domain. This lost soul, once a townsman, remain cursed from diablo's onslaught. His curse turned his human-like figure into a miss shapen demon. Any humanity left in the warlock has been consumed with his curse. Though diablo was defeated, a force continues to play on the townsman, whispering voices and messages, plaguing the warlock's mind. Scurrying around his lair, the soul-less creature gathers items for his ritual. The warlock, in a hurry to begin his ritual, stops in his tracks. He stares at his pedestal mount a few feet away. Upon the pedestal lies a glowing orange stone. The glowing stone pulses with a bright inner light, like a heartbeat. The warlock continues to stare at the pulsating soulstone. "Mephisto, your time to rise from the ashes!" The warlock mumbles. The warlock reaches for the soulstone, carefully cradles the hot stone in his palms, scampers out of his dwelling, through the tight stone halls, into another brick laid room. Dimly lit with candles & kerosene torches, the light glimmers off thick steel chains hanging from the brick ceiling. The pungent smell of corpses can make one get sick. "LET ME GO!" "WHAT DO YOU WANT?" The dehydrated scream could be heard for a mile, rapping off the walls throughout the catacombs. A man suspended by chains from the wrists, barely touching the floor with his toes, hangs stationary in the centre of the room. His clothing is stained from soil & being dragged on the ground for a long distance. Bruises & cuts litter the man's body from a recent struggle. His memory of the encounter is lost, unsure of the current situation & why he is hanging by chains. The warlock places 5 candles around the chained man and lights them. Under the candles is a drawing of a pentagram. Each candle on a point of the pentagram. "WHAT IS GOING ON!" The man shouts. He kicks at the ground, shaking himself from the chains. "You have been chosen by a higher power." "The choice is not mine." "You have a higher purpose." The warlock replies. "Your people have defeated diablo, and it is time to fight fire with fire." The warlock's voice grows with anger, anger not of his own. "Your heroes of earth will feel the curse of mephisto!" "They will fight each other until no hero is left standing!" "Once your heroes have fallen, diablo will have no resistance. Diablo will claim this land!" "YOU ARE MAD, DO YOU HEAR YOURSELF!" The chained man replied in agony. The warlock removed the pulsing soulstone from his cloak, staring with awe at the power within it. He raised the soulstone with both hands above his head. Staring at his victim, he focused all his unearthly energy. "NO! NO!" The warlock slammed the soulstone into the victim's head. Silence...... The warlock found himself on the floor, all his might sent him falling. He stared up at the chained man. Looking at the lifeless body. For a moment nothing happened. And all at once. The catacomb brick walls vibrated. Vibrations turned into powerful shakes. An earthquake! lighting streaks from all corners and channels into the victim's body. The candles and kerosene torches fall from the walls, spilling fire onto the brick floor. The warlock backs up to a corner, unable to defend himself yet drawn to the power in front of him. The chained victim raises his chin, stares at the warlock with glowing ember eyes. "I AM FREE" "YOU HAVE DONE WELL SERVANT!" "I AM MEPHISTO, AND YOU WILL BE MY SLAVE FOREVER!" The victim pulls himself up from the chains, suspending his body from gravity. The steel chains break from the roof and fall to the ground. Mephisto takes his form on of the demon he is. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PVP CAMPAIGN PVP campaign mode: Your pvp hero embarks on an adventure to rid the remaining foul demons left on earth from diablo's onslaught. Though the war has been won, his garbage has been left behind for everyone to pickup. The hero embarks on slaying any remaining undead corpses, demons and fortresses left in limbo on earth. With the PVP mode being player vs. player oriented, your hero learns to combat the remaining demons roaming the lands with pvp gear and skills. The playstile for campaign differs from adventure campaign, as the PVP mode is not about smashing hundreds of mobs, but rather single targets. This playstile of 1 on 1 target smashing will develop the PVP skills. Each hero can adjust their playstile to their own custom build. As the PVP campaign progresses, the hero soon discovers a new evil presence. Evil has returned and is growing strong through the campaign. The hero confronts mephisto in the last act, deep in the depths of the catacombs. The battle between the hero and mephisto begins well, however ends abruptly. Mephisto rises up after taking damage and curses the hero, forcing the hero to turn on his allies, giving rise to the PVP mode. .........I didn't realize the time but I have to continue later with my ideas. Any comments on this idea would be appreciated. Thanks.jimmy1 Mar 31, 2015
Mar 31, 2015 The Wings of Valor Dear i wonder can you again sell The Wings of Valor , because when on the pre purchase month i was in Hospital!!!! So i didn`t know above pre purchase allthing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even i know above but i can`t Leave the Hospital , how can i pre purchase D3???? It is so not fair to me!!!!!!!!!! Please again sell the diablo 3 The Wings of Valor !!!!!! please Consider to sell on shop or only send the wing to my mailbox !!! i will pay the money no matter how much!! also i don`t want the Grímpola Warson anymore! i can use it Exchange The Wings of Valor !!!!!!!! GOD KNOWS what are you doing !!! so how is not fair other player??Hercules1 Mar 31, 2015
Mar 31, 2015 Clan mishap hi im here representing Brothers of war of Diablo 2 lord of destruction and Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls. as second in command of the clan i was put as leader of clan B0W in Diablo 3 ros, but i had some issues with a keyboard that i had and it completely stopped working. so i transferred the leadership to my second in command until i could get it replaced, but before i could get leadership back something happened to his pc.i have no way of contacting this individual IRL so im asking for blizzards help. if you have any doubts about my claim being legit please visit my username is Zeroph...zeroph2 Mar 31, 2015
Mar 31, 2015 Next New Class: Completely Vitality Based This place is not home... The vast expanses of the plains that stretch before me… Sweet gentle ocean breeze dancing among the lush green grass… Warm comforting sun cascading down bathing this place in its soft warm glow… Its nauseating. Home is cracked barren wastelands devoid of life or joy… Howling harsh metal tinged winds that scratch and bite… Lakes of putrid molten sulfur… Unbearable scorching flame wreathing everything in its unforgivable clutches… Relentless screams of torment, terrible and unending… Now that’s home… Or at least it was, before I was exiled. They dare to eject me from Hell? To force me to live under this God forsaken blue sky? For what, a simple misunderstanding? It was never my intention to kill Mephisto’s son after all, and he survived intact, well… more or less anyway. I gave them everything I had, using my blood to strengthen their rituals and schemes. Opening portals to allow them passage, even into Heaven itself. And they choose to repay my loyalty with exile!? I will show them the true power of the Sanguiles, the Blood Lords! They will come to fear the blood they so relied on. So few of us left, they have forgotten how terrible our power truly is. In truth, we have forgotten as well, become complacent. No more. It is time to gather the last of the Sanguiles, so that all will remember once again the terrifying power of blood magic. I have no love for the Nephalem nor the Seraphim, but perhaps, for now, an alliance is in order. At least until I destroy the demonic lords of Hell once and for all, taking my rightful place as ruler. To think Lord Mephisto asked me to perform the ritual on his son, to use him to manifest a new Soulstone, only to turn his back on me when judgement was passed. He will pay! They all will! With my blood!Maverick0 Mar 31, 2015
Mar 25, 2015 Happy Anniversary Reaper of Souls (Wallpaper) Posted on: diablo.incgamers: deviantART: twitter: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Today I celebrate two things with this piece. I celebrate the life of my late father whom I miss dearly as well as the 1st Anniversary for the expansion pack of Diablo 3. Featuring art from TheRafa's Among the dead. I know my dad would have loved to have seen this wallpaper. He always loved seeing my wallpapers. Art by TheRafa Diablo & Malthael (C) Blizzard PS No logo/text version here: Mar 25, 2015
Mar 24, 2015 idea for Grifts would be interesting if we could see what types of enemies would be in the rift and then be able to roll a certain type off/change to make the higher Grifts that have a good map more reliable...just a thought.Durnil1 Mar 24, 2015
Mar 24, 2015 Make yourself a Lord of Evil! Simple game. Take your name, add the title "The Lord of _____" and fill in the blank with the most evilest thing you can think of. Moonshadow, The Lord of Electronic Arts Customer Service. MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!Moonshadow0 Mar 24, 2015
Mar 22, 2015 Bag for character. Hey Mates, I have had needs more space to keep my items. I would like to have 1 or 2 bags on each character to keeps a items to try new builds and to have my first bag free to farm. Should it be good for u? Greetings and nice loot!Drakonika1 Mar 22, 2015
Mar 18, 2015 darthy d3 creations More to come before 2.2 hits I guess.darthblade0 Mar 18, 2015
Mar 17, 2015 Item Idea = Reset Item to original stats This would be a great item if it dropped at the same rarity as Ramaladni's Gift. Reset an item to its original state. In case you made a mistake on your original roll.Splicer0 Mar 17, 2015
Mar 14, 2015 2013 Painting I did of a Demon Hunter. After looking through my paintings I wanted Diablo fans to see this painting I did of a Demon Hunter Battle. Hope you enjoy it. Oil, Acrylic, and venus coloring pencils Mar 14, 2015