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Oct 28, 2014 need to reduce Reduce monster's attack point and make a monster's attack point limit line Diablo is not a shooting game!theemperor0 Oct 28, 2014
Oct 27, 2014 If Necromancer were for Diablo 3 Just something I wrote up for fun as a writing exercise. Wanted to see what a necromancer would be like in Diablo 3. I applied as many skills from Diablo 2 as possible, and converted it to a D3 skill system. Feedback welcome. NOTICE: Epically long post ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ==RESOURCE== PRIMARY STAT: Intelligence DREAD: Primary resource used for attacks. Default 150. Generated by skill. LIFEFORCE: Secondary Resource used for curses and summoning. Default 100. Gotten from each enemy that dies within 35 yards (amount scales by monster toughness). Many summoned minions drain your Lifeforce pool continuously. If you run out, all summoned monsters will die. ==CLASS ITEMS== SCEPTER: 1-handed class weapon. SCYTHE: 2-handed class weapon. SHRUNKEN HEAD: Offhand class item, gives damage and resource regen. ==ACTIVE SKILLS== [GENERATOR SKILLS] TEETH: Fires 5 weaving magical projectiles, each dealing 90% Weapon Damage as physical. Generates 8 Dread. (Range is limited to 40 yards). *Fangs: Fires venomous projectiles instead dealing damage as poison. Enemies hit will take an additional 75% weapon damage as poison over 5 seconds. *Canines: Each enemy hit increases the damage of your next resource spender by 5% each (but to 25%) and will bleed for 125% weapon damage over 10 seconds. *Mauler: Projectiles passes thru enemies dealing fire damage to all those that they hit. Enemies Hit are chilled for 2 seconds. *Flurry: Increases the number of projectiles to 8 and damage turns to cold. Enemies hit are chilled for 2 seconds. *Splinter: Projectiles split into 3 smaller missiles each dealing 30% weapon damage, and returning 1 Dread each on impact. DRAIN: Continuous drain the life from a single target for 200% weapon damage (channeling spell) as physical. Damage increases by 50% weapon damage each second for a maximum of 400%. Generates 12 Dread. Generate an additional 1 dread for each second you channel, for a maximum of 18. *Siphon: Heal for 2500 HP while draining. Each second you drain will increase the amount healed by 500 up to an additional 5000 HP. *Debilitate: Weapon damage increases by 100% as cold for each second you channel. Stacks up to 600%. Enemies within 10 yards of target are chilled for 2 seconds. *Nexus: Up to 3 smaller rays are cast out from your initial target, dealing 100% weapon as fire. Damage of smaller rays are increased by 25% of your primary channelling damage each second. *Enslave: Enemies killed by Drain will have a 33% chance to be reanimated as a skeleton to fight for you for 10 seconds. Skeleton does 25% weapon damage as physical. *Redirect: 30% of incoming damage is redirected to your target. BONE SPEAR: Release a magical shaft of bone to impale enemies, dealing 200% weapon damage as physical to all enemies it passes thru. Generates 8 Dread. *Fortify: Game 5% armor for every enemy bone spear passes thru, up to a maximum of 30%. This effect lasts 3 seconds. *Erupt: A scorching explosion erupts when bone spear passes thru an enemy, dealing 100% weapon damage to everything within 15 yards. Damage turns to fire. *Bane Spear: Strike enemies for 275% weapon damage as cold. Enemies hit have a 10% to be frozen for 2 seconds, otherwise they are chilled for 2 seconds. *Bloodlust: Bone spear damage increases by 20% weapon damage for each enemy it passes thru, up to and additional 200% weapon damage. *Scourge: Corpses of enemies killed spew out a cloud of poison dealing 250% weapon damage to enemies within 14 yards over 5 seconds. Any fire damage spell striking the cloud will cause the cloud to ignite, dealing 250% weapon damage as fire to all within 14 yards. BONE SHARDS: Unleash a volley of razor-sharp bone fragments to damage all enemies within an 65 yards for 200% weapon damage as physical. Generates 7 Dread. *Volley: Gain 1 additional Dread for each enemy hit, up to 7. *Poison Spray: Blast enemies within range with poison, dealing an additional 200% weapon damage as poison over 5 seconds to all enemies hit. *Shreader: Enemies hit are chilled for 2 seconds. Enemies killed increases the damage of Bone Shards by 5%, up to a maximum of 25%. Damage turns to cold. *Blunderbuss: Shortens range to 30 yards, but damage increases to 325% weapon damage as fire. *Razor-sharp: Enemies hit bleed for 280% weapon damage over 7 seconds. POISON DAGGER: Attack your enemies with a short range line-attack imbued with poison. All enemies within 15 yards in front of your take 240% weapon damage as poison. And an additional 100% as poison over 3 seconds after. Generates 10 Dread. *Infectious Dagger: Gain 1 Dread for each additional enemies hit. *Miasma: Enemies that are killed emit a cloud of poison that deals 250% weapon damage over 5 seconds to all within 14 yards. Striking the cloud with fire damage will cause an explode dealing 250% weapon damage as fire to all enemies with 14 yard. *Lacerating Dagger: Enemies struck take 10% additional damage from all sources and will bleed for 100% weapon damage over 5 seconds. *Frostbite Venom: Enemies struck are chilled and has a 10% to be frozen for 2 seconds, or otherwise chilled. Damage turns to cold. *Searing Blade: Increases weapon damage to 350% weapon damage as fire. Enemies are no longer poisoned. [SECONDARY SKILLS] POISON NOVA: Deal 375% weapon damage as poison to all enemies within 40 yards, and an additional 250% weapon damage over 5 second. Costs 25 Dread. *Lethal Dose: Reduce area to 25 yards but increase initial damage to 600% weapon damage. *Pandemic: Increase area of effect to 75 yards. *Repellant: Enemies hit has a 10% chance to be feared and chilled for 3 seconds. Damage turns to cold. *Volatility: Enemies hit by poison explosion will have a cloud of toxic vapor cling to them. Striking affect enemies with fire damage will cause them to explode, dealing 250% weapon damage to all enemies within 14 yards. *Venom Nova: Enemies struck will bleed for 500% weapon damage over 5 seconds as physical. For each second the enemy bleeds, it's damage and movement speed decreases by 15%. CORPSE EXPLOSION: Strike an enemy for 999% weapon damage as physical and casting a curse on him for 5 seconds. If the enemy dies while afflicted, it will explode dealing 600% weapon damage to all enemies within 20 yards. Costs 30 Dread. *Poison Explosion: Instead of exploding, enemies slain will erupt a cloud of toxic vapor dealing 1000% weapon damage over 5 seconds to enemies within 15 yards. Fire damage to the poison cloud will cause it to explode for 525% weapon damage as fire to all within 25 yards. *Deathly Chill: Explosion from dying enemies freeze enemies within 20 yards for 2 seconds. Damage turns to cold. *Lacerator: Enemies hit by explosion will bleed for 1250% weapon damage over 5 seconds. *Souleater: Gain 3 Lifeforce for every enemy critically hit by the explosion. *Chain Reaction: Enemies killed by the explosion will themselves explode. Damage turns to fire. BONE SPIRIT: Call forth a raging spirit to seek out and decimate your enemies for 550% weapon damage as physical to all enemies within 20 yards of the impact. Costs 30 Dread. *Deathcoil: Heal you and your allies for 2% of your maximum life for every enemy critically struck by bone spirit when you. Damage turns to poison. *Lost Soul: Explosion radius turns to 35 yards and damage turns to fire. The ground is made molten upon the explosion, dealing 500% weapon damage over 5 seconds. *Revenant: If the initial target dies, there is a 50% another Bone Spirit will be cast from his corpse and target a nearby enemy. This continues indefinitely. Damage turns to cold and a 10% chance to freeze enemies for 2 seconds. Otherwise they are chilled for 2 seconds. *Wraithverge: Summon a swarm of 8 smaller spirits that continuous attack enemies by passing thru them, dealing 300% weapon damage each time it passes thru. *Raging Spirit: All enemies hit will bleed for and additional 300% weapon damage over 5 seconds. [SUMMONING SKILLS] RAISE SKELETON: Raise a skeleton to fight for you. Skeletons deal 125% weapon damage as physical (has 25% of your toughness). Costs 5 lifeforce per cast and drains 1 Lifeforce per second for every second per skeleton summoned after an intial 5 seconds. (Max of 3) *Shield Bearer: Skeleton can bash your enemies for 225% weapon damage, stunning them for 2 seconds (Has 33% of your toughness). Skeleton gains 50% of your block chance and block amount. *Burning Dead: Skeletons burns enemies with 7 yards for 50% weapon damage per second. Damage turns to fire. *Reanimated Horde: Summon a larger armored skeleton that can charge your enemies. Enemies hit by the charge has a 25% chance to be frozen for 2 seconds, otherwise it's chilled. Damage turns to Cold. (Has 50% of your toughness). *Skeleton Mage: Summon a skeleton mage of a random element to fight for you. -Fire: Deals area damage within 10 yards and sets them on fire. Burning enemies take 10% additional damage. -Cold: Chills enemies with 10% of freezing them for 2 seconds. -Lightning: Has 25% chance to stun for 2 seconds. -Poison: Deals an additional 100% weapon damage over 5 seconds. *Skeleton Champion: Summon a huge skeleton that deals 350% weapon damage to all enemies within 7 it hits with its melee attack. The Champion has greatly increased health (100% of your toughness) and will occasionally taunt enemies. Skeleton Champion will drain 3 Lifeforce per second. Only 1 Champion can be summoned at a time. RAISE GOLEM: Riase a golem of clay to fight for you dealing 150% weapon damage as physical. Cost 25 Lifeforce and reduces your maximum Lifeforce by 25 while alive. Only 1 golem can be summoned at a time. (has 100% of your toughness). *Poison Golem: Enemies hit by mud golem has their damage and speed reduced by 30%. When poison golem dies, it releases a cloud of poison that deals 500% weapon damage over 5 seconds to all enemies within 12 yards. Striking this cloud with fire damage will cause an exploding dealing 450% weapon damage to all enemies within 20 yards. *Iron Golem: Iron Golem gives you and your allies 5000 thorns damage, while having 10,000 thorns damage for itself. The weapon damage of Iron Golem is increased by 10% of your armor. *Blood Golem: Enemies hit by Blood golem will bleed for 200% weapon damage over 5 seconds, and will heal you for 2% of your maximum life. You and your allies gain 2250 life regeneration while blood golem is alive. *Fire Golem: All enemies within 12 yards take 125% weapon damage as fire. When Fire golem is summoned or dies, all enemies within 20 yards will take 450% weapon damage. Damage turns to fire. *Frost Golem: All enemies within 14 yards of the frost golem is chilled. When hit, frost golem has a 10% chance to cast frost nova that deals 150% weapon damage to all enemies within 30 yards and freezing them for 2 seconds. BONE WALL: Summon a wall of bone to block your enemies. Costs 30 Lifeforce with 20 second cooldown, lasts 5 seconds. (Bone Wall segments has 15% of your toughness). 15% of damage you and your ally takes will be redirected to the wall) *Bone Fortress: Wall will now block missiles as well and 25% of the damage you and your ally take will be redirected into it. Bone Wall can no longer be destroyed by enemies. *Bone Prison: Cast a prison of bone around an enemy trapping it. 25% of damage you and your allies take will be redirected to enemies within the structure. *Barbed Wall: Enemies touching the wall will take 100% weapon damage per second as poison and will bleed for an additional 100% weapon damage over 5 seconds. *Bone yard: Instead of a wall, summon a field of boney spikes that deals 500% weapon damage as cold over 5 seconds with any enemy standing in it and chilling them. *Fire Wall: The wall tjurns to flames and will no longer block enemies or redirect damage. Instead any hit by the flames will take 200% weapon damage per second as fire. The wall will explode for 300% weapon damage as fire to all enemies within 12 yards after 5 seconds. REVIVE: Resurrect all slain enemies within 35 yards of you to fight as your ally. Reanimated enemies lasts for 10 seconds. (their attack speed is increased by 100% while having toughness of 25% of their original). Costs 50 Lifeforce with a 60 second cooldown. *Requiem: Every enemy you revive gives you 3500 hit points. Healing amount is increased by 10% of your health globe bonus. *Eulogy: Every time a revived dies, you gain 7 Dread and 4 Lifeforce. *Ritual: When a revived dies, it explodes and any enemy within 15 yards of it will bleed for 200% weapon damage over 5 seconds. *Plague Carrier: Revived carries a cloud of toxic vapor dealing 125% poison damage per second to enemies within 8 yards. Hitting the plague carrier with fire damage will cause it to explode, dealing 450% weapon damage as fire within 15 yards. This kills the revived in the process. *Amalgamation: Summon instead a single large undead monstrosity that games 25% weapon damage (up to a maximum of 500%) for every enemy that was used to create it with the total toughness of all of them combined. Amalgamation will no longer die after 10 seconds, but instead drain 3 Lifeforce per second after that initial period. Only 1 Amalgamation can be sustained at a time. SUMMON LICH: Summon a powerful Lich to fight for you. The Lich will occassionall summong skeleton minions (up to 4) and attacks with Bone Spirit (uses default unless you have one selected as a skill). While Lich is summoned, your maximum Lifeforce will be reduced by 50. Cooldown: 90 seconds. *Archmage: The lich will now used all runes of your available Bone Spirit skill. Skeleton mages of a random element is summoned on occassion (a maximum of 5). *Wickerman: Summon a giant burning Skeletal construct that attacks with melee dealing 300% weapon damage as fire in an arch to all enemies within 8 yards in front of it. The ground around the Wickerman is molten, dealing 250% weapon damage per second to all enemies standing upon it (15 yard radius). Enemies killed will be revived as a burning dead (up to 10 burning dead). *Plague Bearer: Summon a toxic Lich that casts Death Coil. A poisonus cloud surrounds the Lich, dealing 200% weapon damage to all enemies within 15 yards of it. If the poison cloud is struck by fire damage, it explodes for 760% weapon as fire to all enemies within 25 yards. The Cloud reappears after 8 seconds (this is reduced by your cooldown reduction). *Lich King: Lich uses the Revenant rune and is surrounded by a chilling aura that chills any enemy within 15 yards of it, with a 10% chance of freeze them for 2 seconds. Lich now occassionally summons a reanimated horde (up to 5). *Pharaoh: Lich will instead increase your maximum lifeforce by 50. While Pharoah is alive, your lifeforce regeneration is increaed by 2 per second. Pharoah uses the the Wraithverge rune for Bone Spirit and the maximum skeletons it can summon is increased to 10. [DEFENSIVE SKILLS] BONE ARMOR: Encase yourself in bone that absorbs 15% of your maximum health in damage before dissipating. Maximum aborbsed damage is increased by 50% of your shields block chance. *Reinforced Armor: Increased maximum damage absorbed to 25% of your health. Maximum damage absorbed is increased by your shields block chance multiplied by the block amount. *Barbed Armor: Gain 5000 thorns damage. Enemies that attacked you with melee you will bleed for 150% weapon damage over 5 seconds. *Needler: When bone armor is active, you will automatically fire a poisons barbs at your enemies dealing 100% poison damage over 3 seconds. The casting rate is based on your attack speed. *Intimidate: Enemies within 25 yards have their damage and movement reduced by 15%. *Reactive Armor: When an enemy strikes you, your armor explode for 50% weapon damage as fire to all enemies within 10 yards. The rate which the explosions can happen is based on your attack speed. When the armor expires, it will explode for 250% weapon damage as fire too all enemies within 15 yards. SOUL SHROUD: Increases all resistance by 15%, and an additional 50% of your shield's block chance. While active, your maximum Lifeforce is reduced by 25. Lasts 10 minutes. *Ghastly Shroud: Projectiles pass thru you harmlessly. *Blighted: While active, your poison damage is increased by 1% for every enemy within 25 yards of your. Call poison skills costs are reduced by 25%. *Reaper: Gain 4 Dread on a critical hit. You no longer game additional resistance from your shield. *Summoner: Lifeforce drain from your minions is reduced by 50%. Your minions' toughness is increased by 33% and their damage increased by 10% while the skill is active. *Defender: Soul Shroud is cast on your allies as well. CORPOREAL FORM: Become ethereal, making your immune to all damage and allowing your to move thru enemies unimpeded for 2.5 seconds. You cannot attack while being ethereal. Cooldown 16 seconds. *Apparition: While active, your movement speed is increased by 40% and increasing the duration to 4 seconds. *Poltergeist: You can not attack while in Corporeal Form. *Haunt: Freeze all enemies within 15 yards of your when activating this skill. *Wraith: When Corporeal Form expires, you explode dealing 100% of your absorbed damage as fire to all enemies within 20 yards. *Nightshade: Heal for 15% of your maximum life upon cast. This amount is increased by 20% of your health globe bonus. BANISH: Bannish a group of enemies within 15 yards of you, preventing them from dealing for 2 seconds. Banished enemies no longer blocks movement. Cooldown: 18 seconds. *Well of Souls: Gain 3 Dread for every enemy you banish. *Harvester: Heal your and your allies by 1% maximum life for every banished enemy. *Dissipate: Enemies take 250% weapon damage as cold for ever second they are banished. *Silence: Extend the duration of banish to 4 seconds. *Cleanse: Remove all spawned affixes from the area, in addition to banishing enemies. [CURSES] WEAKEN: Reduce the damage dealt by enemies within 15 yards of the casting location by 20%. Cost: 10 Dread, Duration: 4 Seconds, Cooldown: 12 seconds. (effects scaled down to 50% for elites and champs) *Amplify Damage: Affected enemies take an additional 20% damage from all sources. *Iron Maiden: Monsters that strike you or your allies take 250% weapon damage as fire. *Decrepify: Chill monsters to reduce their attack speed and movement reduced by 50%. Monsters under this curse takes 20% more damage from cold. *Strengthen: For ever enemy you Weaken, you gain 1% damage while the curse is active. *Lower Resist: Affected enemies take 10% additional damage from a element each time they are struct by attacks of the same element (up to 100%). Each element type stacks seperately. DIM VISION: Enemies under this curse cannot see anything beyond 15 yards and will neither attack nor pursue enemies outside their view range. Cost: 10 Dread, Duration: 4 Seconds, Cooldown: 12 seconds *Dim-Witted: Extend duration of the curse to 6 seconds. *Confuse: Enemies start attack anything within 15 yards of them, even if they're other monsters. *Terror: Enemies are frightened and will scatter away and not attack. *Attract: Enemies under the same curse will attack and fight one another. *Defenseless: Enemies under this curse have a 15% increased chance of being critically hit. LIFE TAP: Striking enemies under this curse heals you or your allies for 7000 hit points. This amount is increased by 1% of your health globe bonus. Cost: 10 Dread, Duration: 4 Seconds, Cooldown: 12 seconds *Life Link: 20% of the damage you and your allies take is split between all monsters under this curse. *Misery: 20% of damage affect enemies take will be deal to all enemies within 10 yards of the enemies afflicted by this curse. *Sacrifice: Enemies killed while under this effect has a 4% to drop a health globe. This is increased by 100% of your magic find bonus you gain from your gear. *Feast: Increases the heal amount to 12500 hit points, and benefits from 2% of your health globe bonus. *Energy Tap: Generate primary resource by striking monsters under this curse. -1.25 Fury for Barbarian -1.25 Wrath for Crusader -2 Hatred for Demon Hunter -4 Spirit for Monk -1.5 Dread for Necromancer -20 Mana for Witchdoctor -1 Arcane Power for Wizard ==PASSIVE SKILLS== (not in order of leveling progression) 1) TINDERBOX: Increases your poison and fire damage by 10%. Ignite-damage and radius is increased by 20%. 2) VAMPIRISM: For every bleeding enemy within 100 yards of you, you gain 300 life regeneration. 3) BLOODLUST: For every bleeding enemy within 100 yards of you, your physical spells gain 1% increased damage (up to 100%). 4) SKELETON MASTERY: Increase the life and damage of skeletons by 35%. Skeletons will no longer drain your Lifeforce until after 10 seconds after they're summoned. 5) GOLEM MASTERY: Summoning Golems no longer reduces your maximum Lifeforce pool by 25. Golems health and damage is increased by 100%. 6) CULLING: Gain 1 Lifeforce for every enemy you curse. The amount of damage you redirect is also increased by 10%. 7) UPKEEP OF THE DEAD: Reduce Lifeforce drain by 50%. Every time you use a potion, the Lifeforce drain from your minions is pause for 5 seconds. 8) BRINGER OF MISFORTUNES: Increases the duration of all curses by 100%. Reduces cost and cooldown of all curses by 20%. 9) DEATH WARD: Bone armor now benefits from 100% of your shield's block chance. Your Soul Shroud now lasts forever and you gain 15% additional armor while having it active if you have a shield. 10) SOUL HARVESTER: When using a 2-handed weapon, your attack speed is increased by 15% for your generator skills. 11) SPRING OF LIFE: When you use a potion, your allies heal for 10% of the amount you do for every minion you have summoned. Your gain 8000 life regeneration for 10 seconds after you use a potion. 12) BLESSINGS OF TRAG'OUL: Decrease the cost of your physical spells by 15%. You Gain an 2 Dread each time you deal critical damage using physical spells. 13) LIVINGS END: For every enemy killed, your Dread spender cost is reduced by 1 for your next cast. This effect lasts for 5 seconds after you kill and stacks up to 20 times. 14) REINCARNATION: When receiving fatal damage, you are restored to full health, but your Dread and Lifeforce is completely drained and cannot be replenished for the next 5 seconds. This can happen once every 120 seconds. 15) PLANAR REACH: Whenever you are in Corporeal form, you heal for 5% of your maximum life per second. Additionally, you gain 4000 life regeneration for every enemy you banish. 16) REAPER'S TOLL: Whenever one of your summon or revived enemies die, you gain 25 Dread. The Amount of Lifeforce you gain from dying enemies is increased by 25%. 17) FUNERARY RITES: Increases damage against undead by 25%. Killing an undead enemy has a 5% chance to summon a skeleton to fight for 10 seconds (maximum of 10 skeletons). 18) TO THE GRAVE AND BACK: Your skeletons and golems revive 5 seconds after death unless it exceeds the maximum number allowed. Additionally, the amount of skeletons you can summon is doubled.Eriance5 Oct 27, 2014
Oct 26, 2014 My Wizard Statue From the previous sculptures of my Diablo III statue I just complete my male wizard statue scale 1:6. Let enjoy. Oct 26, 2014
Oct 24, 2014 Diablo 3 Giveaway Goodluck! Oct 24, 2014
Oct 23, 2014 [PC] Trial Keystone Runs If you are like me and hate solo grinding the trial runs then having to complete GRifts to upgrade your key to a decent lvl then this is more than likely of interest to you. I made a community called Trial Keystone Runs. The idea behind it is to get in a group, burn out trial runs as a group that puts you at a higher keystone without having to upgrade and grind as many times to get a 30-35+ keystone. I have over 100 trial keys yet hate the idea of solo grinding all of them. So join up, get in a group burn those trial keys away and pick up some high lvl keys fast.Tyconis1 Oct 23, 2014
Oct 21, 2014 Throwback: Darkness Falls; Heroes Rise Darkness Falls; Heroes Rise (Art by Wei Wang) diablo.incgamers deviantART Thought I'd make a throwback to the Darkness Falls: Heroes Rise artwork by Wei Wang as a wallpaper. I love how it turned out and I hope you guys do as well. See you in a couple of days for the other desktop walls. HK Art by Wei Wang Diablo (C) Blizzard ________________________________________________ Contributing Fan Art Watch writer for diablo.incgamers. Creator of the Fiery Runes Series for Diablo III & RoS. Celebrating 6 Years of Wallpapers and Runeweaving. Also known as the Runeweaver.Holyknight0 Oct 21, 2014
Oct 21, 2014 Lets discuss : New Mogging ideas (moved) So, I had an extra idea concerning with New mogging sets. Not entirely new but just to add flavor 1. Lets refer to all normal mog items as Neutrals. at rank 12 enchantress you have all those items you can mog to. 2. With that Neutrality this idea is based off all current items available to freely mog to and from. 3. It could be based off a point system like such paragon points tied with bloodshards. So you would collect points to spend into the system. 4. It would sort of be a "karma bar" but instead of good/evil its Angelic / Demonic 5. The shape,effect, and maybe texture would depend on which side you like. 6. This means if i spent 50 pts in my "Yin / Yang" bar i would look more into that via the angelic side was more clear, softer smoother edges and the opposite for the demonic to have darker and added edges growing out like veins or even just extending the edges outward more.Even making you appear either shadowy or Light touched. 7. the system would be a menu with a point bar out of like 1000 or 10,000 and you would obtain it from doing like ubers or rifts, and only get like 1-2 per run. making it a grind of course but well worth! 8. you could even spec into additional things maybe like: Halo Demonic halo Horns Angelic horns Wings Angelic wings Demonic wings etc. 9. considering this is Diablo and it all about this thought it would be a cool ideaVentus0 Oct 21, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 DiabloHub - Looking for Feedback Some of you may have used my website before for it's various lists. Torment only items, Horadric Cache items, Increase Elemental Damage Items, etc. I am trying to improve the website and would love some feedback. If you could take the time to look at this page, is there any other type of information you would want to know about items? The goal of the website is to provide all the information you need to know about every item. Thanks!Anuiran0 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 16, 2014 Your Fellow D3 player finished his first book Take a look into the life of a bartender, riddled with ethical dilemmas he has yet to realize. Theft is a part of life when it is so easily taken from the unwitting, and morality plays no role. Watch as Spencer pockets income without fear of his bosses or customers becoming any the wiser. Learn in full detail how his actions are performed and how his back left pocket and cookie jar fill to the brim without regret. Read on as he uses these funds to pay for pointless lifestyle choices which inevitably consume the life of a seasoned server. Sex, drugs, and alcoholism are as trivial to him as his daily theft. His perceived monotony of his actions inspires creativity in ways to fill his pockets behind his mask of the servers’ smile. This is a story more common in everyday restaurants than one would hope, and Spencer is merely one small example of theft in the world of service staff. Oct 16, 2014
Oct 12, 2014 AVGN Tribute - Diablo II Hey guys, my brother and me created a tribute video to the "angry video game nerd", where we review our all time favorite "Diablo 2" in the style of the nerd. If you watched a few AVGN episodes or played D2, you might have some fun with this. Oct 12, 2014
Oct 9, 2014 Class concept: The Inquisitor (art included) Here's a character idea that I've been working on for Diablo. I've always been really interested in the lore and I thought it would be fun to create my own class. Looking at the world map of diablo 3 I noticed there are some cities and places that haven't been seen in game yet. I chose Ureh after reading several articles and lore bits about it and decided it would be a great place to use. Let me know what you guys think! The Inquisitor - Diablo 3 Character Class University of Ureh The University of Ureh is one of the few schools to be found in Sanctuary. The Institution is held in high regard for educating some of the most brilliant individuals alive in the fields of medical science, astronomy, and philosophy. Every decade the High Magistrates offer a series of rigorous examinations that includes the opportunity for the brightest students to become Instructors for the school itself. However, a very small number of alumni ever pass, and few have managed to be inducted even at the grace of their professors. The inductees are then screened by the Magistrates with extreme scrutiny, and the remaining handful are granted access to the heart of the University and taught its most precious curriculum. Deep below the city of Ureh, the true trial awaits. It is within the Catacombs below that the training of the Inquisitor begins. Formed immediately after the first Horadric Mages, this sect was ordered by Tyrael to be kept a secret even to the Horadrim or Angiris Council, lest it be discovered or corrupted by the Prime Evils. The organization was to remain the purest order of the Horadrim and function in absolute secrecy, independent from the rest of humanity. The Twisted Arts of Interrogation Underneath the very foundation of Ureh in a series of intertwined vaults, the Magistrates oversee the harsh and sometimes fatal tutelage of an Inquisitor. An Inquisitor’s training begins with learning how to interrogate prisoners, or those convicted of heinous crimes to confess their wrong doings while mastering the ability to tell truth from lie. If mere words are not enough to get the desired information from these subjects, an Inquisitor is provided with an arsenal of torture devices: whips, scalpels, saws, herbs, and tonics to help extract intelligence. These instruments of interrogation cannot be fully appreciated by an Inquisitor until he or she has endured the torture themself. The Inquisitor’s mind and body must be purified, pushed to the utmost threshhold of human agony in order to understand limits of human weakness. When he or she has been deemed worthy by the Magistrates in the Art of Interrogation, the second and final phase of their training must follow. The Bonds of Justice Tyrael left behind a set of powerful artifacts known as the Bonds of Justice within the Catacombs. These blessed chains, crafted from the forges of Heaven, are unbreakable and inescapable by any demon of Hell bound in them. At the center of the largest training vault, 3 weakened demonic spirits remain trapped within these shackles, cemented for eternity. It is there that the Inquisitor learns to resist demonic taint and extract demonic essences. Phylactery Once an Inquisitor’s mind and body have become all but impervious to weakness, they are granted a Phylactery; a small container used to capture and imprison demonic spirits. The Inquisitor is then taught the forbidden spells of demonic submission and mastery. With a Phylactery the Inquisitor is able to force a part of the enslaved demon’s spirit inside. Only the acting Inquisitor is able to summon this spirit once captured, and it is only them that can banish it back into it’s spiritual cage. To be able to summon and harness demonic spirits takes a considerable force of will and and unfaltering constitution. The Inquisitor is able to release the enslaved demonic spirit from their Phylacteries, but never indefinitely, for the physical and mental stress may leave them vunerable to corruption if used beyond measure. Should the bond begin to grow too weak for the bearer to handle, he or she may banish the entity back into their Phylactery to regain their stamina and rest. The demonic spirit in battle is bound to the Inquisitor’s will, and being able to combat the forces of Hell with its own weapons is the very purpose of an Inquisitor. Their ultimate goal: to expose and exercise the forces of Hell found in Sanctuary with their unorthodox brand of justice.Whiplash1 Oct 9, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 Shapeshifter class! It's gonna be apparent that the 5th class would be a shapeshifter, how about something different and innovative than the usual boring druid (yawn). We had the crusader which is more or less a fancy version of D2's pally so please don't bring back any of the same D2 classes. Also no more colorful fireworks for this class! A dark hybrid class that allows you to shapeshift into either a demon or undead with a new unique resource system would be really awesome. Demon shapeshift would bring more damage while undead would utilize more defenses.fathom0 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 3, 2014 "Hey there Kadala" a Diablo 3 Musical Parody This is a Musical Parody I made on stream about one of the most infamous and Despised vendors in Diablo History.Hope you enjoy it. Oct 3, 2014
Oct 1, 2014 Short concept on "Story Rifts" Think about this (maybe already mentioned, dunno) idea: Rifts based on events of the past! So what can you expect from story rifts? Well, it's pretty easy to explain: Experience events of the past once again (maybe in alternate plains if the result of the event would cause a total different ending). How to obtain Story-Riftkeys? My idea is, that most big bosses do have a chance of dropping such a key (both in story and adventure mode). The first kill on Torment-Difficulty could be a 100% chance and after that there's a certain chance based on difficulty (T6 = 100%). There are many different keys, each bringing you to another event from the past. First few examples: - The Butcher drops the Riftkey of Betrayal, which brings you back into the cathedral of Tristram 20+ years ago to kill Archbishop Lazarus. - Belial drops the Riftkey of Pain, which brings you back to Tal Rasha's Tomb to kill Duriel and free Tyrael. - Asmodan drops the Riftkey of Anguish, which brings you back to the Catacombs of the Monastery to kill Andariel. - Diablo drops the Riftkey of Hate, which brings you back to the Durance of Hate to kill his brother Mephisto. - Malthael drops the Riftkey of Pandemonium to revisit the war between heaven and hell. Can be implemented with further updates: - Every boss has a chance of 1% to drop the Farmer's Riftkey, to revisit the Cow-Farm. - Magdha drops the Riftkey of Slaughter to revisit the cathedral of Tristram to slay the first Butcher. - Adria drops the Riftkey Terror, which brings you back to the Chaos Sanctuary to kill his former personality (The Dark Wanderer). - Uber-Diablo drops the Riftkey of Destruction, which brings you back to the Throne of Destruction so you can face Baal. Every Story-Rift consists of little challenges to fulfill, so the Riftboss can finally spawn and be fought. E.g. Chaos Sanctuary: Remember the 5 seals? Yeah, you gotta break them once more so Diablo spawns. Other challenges can be: Kill a certain amount of monsters, collect certain quest-items inside the Rift, ... Every boss of a Story-Rift has the chance for unique drops (new Legendaries, Dyes, and other rewards). In return, story-rifts are generally a bit harder than everything else on the current difficulty-level. Maybe the tasks which have to be done inside the rifts are rather time-consuming (avg. 20 minutes needed to complete a Story-Rift) Your opinions?Drakhgard1 Oct 1, 2014
Sep 29, 2014 Looking for a singer for my next video Hey all! For those who don't know, I own a YouTube channel ( that is dedicated almost entirely to D3.. I'm not a big channel—about 6.5K subs—but I do average around 90-100K+ views per month without doing much work. Being part of the community helps net the videos plenty of views. Some of my videos also ended up on big sites like Kotaku. While I do mostly gameplay videos, sometimes I'll throw the odd creative one in there and it usually gains a good amount of traction. Anyway, this is a project that I would love to see come to fruition... here's what I do need: - Required: Someone who can sing, preferably female (not creepin', I swear) - Required: Someone who is always an e-mail away because we'll probably be sharing audio files and docs often Here's what I can provide: - Credits, links to your channel if you have one; shares, shares, shares! More exposure! Yay! - Raw materials: instrumental version of the song, lyrics, sheet music (if necessary) - I will do all the post production, all I need is the audio (.wav/.mp3) from you If you can help me out, or if you know anyone that might be interested in participating, please let me know. Post here or contact me on Twitter ( and we can go from there. You can add me in-game, too, but please make a note here before doing so, that way I know who you are and why you're adding me. Thanks a lot! ________________________________________________ Diablo III MVP | Forever a Wizard YouTube Channel: Twitter: @Jaetch | Twitch: Sep 29, 2014
Sep 27, 2014 Something I want to talk about Patch 2.1.1 This new patch 2.1.1 just came out, I think this patch pretty much !@#$ed up A LOT players. new change about trail, I have to say this is really not balance to current leaderboard, for example i'm current rank 2 4man group player~before this patch we can easily get lvl51and 52keys~but after we can only get lvl48 keys~...I'm not really upset about the change~ blizz have there reason do to these changes, but they didn't do anything about the leaderboard. Right now even top team can't get any higher than lvl50 keystones. So for ppl at low lvl will nver get pass those higher lvl rank team...and this change is in the middle of the season, I really think this is a BAD time to do these changes. A lot ppl that I known pretty much just lose their interest and went AFK till next changes... The solution that I can think about is cleanup leaderboard..everyone start from 0 or do little more changes about getting greater rift keys. and also a lot ppl just try to gamble Shrine in greater rift to get them pass the greater rift.~ I think blizz can just get rid of any Shrine just in great rift, and let ppl finish with their plays and skills. This is just my little advise for diablo3~KenM0 Sep 27, 2014
Sep 26, 2014 Slain Hero from Diablo 1 Just a thought. In original Diablo, right at the entrance (of level 9?) there would be a "Slain Hero", and he would always give you a very nice item for your class. Wouldn't it be sweet if a slain hero very rarely spawned and was guaranteed to drop an item with 6 affixes with like a 1 in 5 chance of being a leg?ActionBobby0 Sep 26, 2014
Sep 25, 2014 Implement Diablo II into Diablo III! All of those that I have talked to have agreed that a patch/expansion implementing the full Diablo II game world into Diablo III would love it. I could see some balance issues with the old classes so they may have to be added slowly, later, or possibly never. I know I would find myself spending many more hundreds of hours re-exploring that world again. Fighting those bosses. :-) If they released it with a full visual updates, full campaign (ability to play through D2 and D3 as one story), bounties just like Diablo III, bring Uber Diablo random world spawns back, etc... I would die of sheer happiness. This would solidify my loyalty for at least several more years to come. What do you guys think?sTeaLth1 Sep 25, 2014
Sep 25, 2014 Why can't I give you more money Blizzard? ...and you can give me thing like Tyreal Wings? I mean if you look at World of Warcraft there are about... what now... three hundred or so helmets, mounts, pets, etc. that you can buy for in-game visual aesthetics alone. Why no love for Diablo 3 aside from pre-order and collector's edition promotions? Give us some stuff we can buy that makes our avatars look more awesome. This would take away nothing and give your loyal players some cool options.sTeaLth0 Sep 25, 2014
Sep 25, 2014 Blade Runner This is the lore for the DH build Blade Runner, This is part one. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part One Sheena was a “wild child” growing up, when told to walk, she would run, when told to stand still she would of course, move. As Sheena grew a bit older, she developed a fascination for knives, and other sharp implements. Knives disappeared from the dinner table, small hapless creatures were discovered around the family homestead with grievous wounds, and of course Sheena was nowhere to be found, only barefoot prints leading away. Then as with all future Demon Hunters, the pain and aguish was brought into her world, planting the seeds for a tree of hatred that would eventually grow tall and strong, strangling everything and anything that tried to touch it. What exactly happened was not clear, all that was discovered were the charred remains of a home, with no signs of human life. There were blackened mutilated remains of something near the homestead door, and small footprints leading into the woods, they were barefoot. A search party was organized by the local constable, and they set off into the night to search for the child, their torches trailing off into the untamed wilderness. Not long into the impenetrable darkness, a shout was heard at the head of the search party, and a great burst of activity in-sued, with leaves crunching loudly and dead limbs breaking under the weigh of fast moving horse, and man. Almost unnoticeable in the inky depths there was a small “lump” on the musty forest floor, very slowly the party approached with torches raised and pushed forward, almost as a defensive measure against the heavy burden starting to weigh upon their shoulders. Was this the child?, the tension was immense and thick, almost immovable as the final steps were made. Silence ruled supreme over those tense seconds as every living thing held back its breath as the light from the torches flooded over the horrible scene. There was a collective gasp, steps were taken backwards and eyes were turned away… Lying on the ground, on its back and in a massive pool of blood was…….. a Demon Imp! That is, what was left of one. The arms and legs were separated from its body, its chest was split open and the head….the head was on a stake, and on its face was a twisted look of fear and pain so strong that it even caused the men to mutter and fidget with trinkets and gear. The rotund local constable, long since accused of being a lazy simpleton far more concerned with bread than sword or spear was suddenly clear and resolute in both voice and gesture. “We are being watched gentlemen, and if we value our lives we must leave now…the child is gone and out of our reach now…” As man and horse made the orderly with-drawl out of the wilderness a cold rain began to fall, far colder than any rain ever felt in these parts during the late summer months. As the droplets saturated their clothing and reached the skin underneath, both muscle and bone became numb from the cold. Torches went out, man and beast became filled with fear, sword and spear began to rust. It was as if that rain itself were made of Hatred and not water. Finally the men reached the end of the darkness and entered into the grassy fields created by the homestead. Almost at once the warmth returned to bone and flesh, man and beast. As the men passed the still smoldering homestead they each muttered under their breath, “ The child is lost forever now, what is done is done”. No grass ever grew where the homestead once stood, even years afterward the soil began to fail, and the land lay abandoned and unclaimed. Soon the name Sheena was forgotten in those parts. And so it was, the painful past unique to each Demon Hunter was not the ending of a story but merely the beginning of one. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------sneakytails0 Sep 25, 2014
Oct 16, 2014 19 new legendary ideas! "I'm sure some of these might be unbalanced or underwhelming and I'm sure some of my number crunching was messed up along the way. None-the-less I did this for fun and thought I'd show it to the community. Most of these items directly correlate to the Barbarian or Monk, while as others are more quality of life legendaries. I plan to work on some items for the other 4 classes but I want to play through them in their entirety before theory crafting items. I'd love some feed back, specifically some areas where the items could be fixed or on what you thought was outright broken, or what you loved." :) ---------------------------------------- Arkaine's Valor Legendary Chest Armor 660-759 Armor Ø Primary +626-750 Armor +626-750 Vitality Ø Secondary Reduces duration of crowd control effects by 8.0-15.0% 4.0-6.0% of your resistances are applied to your physical resistance. Ø One of 3 Magic Properties (Varies) +626-750 Strength +626-750 Dexterity +626-750 Intelligence Ø +1 Random Magic Property “This armor is everything you want in a defensive piece of gear and it’s safe. It gives you armor, vitality, your main stat, CC reduction, and resistances. It sounds powerful, but because it eats up a chest slot, you’ll have trouble working it in with a 6-piece set also in mind. The synergy with a Monk’s Harmony passive is great and can help him reach that little extra bit of defense he might need at higher difficulties. (To math right quick: A Monk with 1,000 in all resistances would net +360 to his physical resistance if he/she equipped this armor with a perfect legendary affix. In turn, equipping Harmony would in turn add 144 to all his/her resistances.)” ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Arreat’s Face Legendary Helmet 660-759 Armor Ø Primary +3237-4839 Life on Hit Ø Secondary Reduces duration of crowd control effects by 8.0-15.0% You gain bonus strength equal to 25.0-35.0% of your lowest resistance. Ø One of 3 Magic Properties (Varies) +626-750 Strength +626-750 Dexterity +626-750 Intelligence Ø +2 Random Magic Properties “The idea behind this item was to capture the spirit of the original from Diablo 2 however that comes with limitations because a lot of properties did not carry over in functionality. Life on hit replaces the life steal and the reduced Crowd Control effects replaced the hit recovery. The affix serves as a combination of enhanced defense, a bonus to barbarian skills and functions as a great balance mechanism. To achieve higher defense with this item, you need to raise ALL your resistances as the lowest will be the one to grant your bonus from the item and that grants you bonus strength, which in turn grants you bonus armor and damage to your skills. I feel this is a great end game item that doesn’t necessarily make or break builds but is a solid item for barbarians and crusaders who don’t need the slot for set piece helms.” ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Artificers Legendary Gloves 513-590 Armor Ø Primary Increases Spike Trap damage by 25.0-30.0% (Demon Hunter Only) Ø Secondary Spike Traps have an 80.0-100.0% proc rate. Ø +4 Random Magic Properties “Spike traps are cool, just like bow ties, but they were nerfed really hard. They are the least used skill across the board in normal mode and hardcore for Demon Hunters. Hopefully this will bring a new element to their gameplay and players will get that extra power they need to make Spike Traps stand out. I figure, they got nerfed because the 100% proc rate was too much to just be standard, but if you have to get a legendary and that legendary only has a chance at a guaranteed proc rate from the affix… that should be fair.” ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Berserker’s Shroud Legendary Chest Armor 660-759 Armor Ø Primary +5.0-6.0% Critical Hit Chance Ø Secondary You gain 3.0% attack speed for every enemy affected by your Threatening Shout for 4-6 seconds. Ø One of 3 Magic Properties (Varies) +626-750 Strength +626-750 Dexterity +626-750 Intelligence Ø +3 Random Magic Properties “I really wanted to give threatening shout some love. It’s thematically a great skill and conceptually should fit into a lot of builds but falls short when you look at other options in your kit and the synergy those abilities have with each other. I wanted this item to contribute to several build paths depending on your property priorities. If you focus attack speed in general, you could run a cleave barbarian to get the extra attack speed and start mowing down enemies with your sweeping attacks. Run the frenzy path with high cooldown reduction and you have an “into the fray”, single target, slaughter machine.” ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Call to Arms Legendary Sword 1901.2-2274.3 Damage per Second (1149-1367) - (1567-1882) Damage 1.40 Attack Speed Ø Primary + (981–1199)–(1175–1490) Damage Ø Secondary Dropping Below 25% health makes you use the Barbarian’s Threatening Shout. This ability can only be used once every 15 seconds. Ø +4 Random Magic Properties “This is a tribute to Diablo 2. I always thought it was cool to pay homage to classes without playing them; Enigma anyone? This sword can be used by anyone but even with access to the barbarian’s ability, the barbarian will still be better at using it due to cooldown and runes. Throw this on a Tank Crusader and you can make a defensive monster. Throw this on Monk and it just might be the difference between life and death when elites surround him on every side. Combine this with Berserker’s Shroud and you give Crusader and Monk a unique way to bounce back damage when their life is teetering on the edge. Throw both Berserker’s Shroud and Call to Arms on a Barbarian and well… it’s not pretty. ” -------------------------------------------------------------------- Cataclysm Set Fist Weapon 1901.2 – 2274.3 Damage per Second (1149–1367) – (1567–1882) Damage 1.40 Attack Speed Ø Primary + (981–1199)–(1175–1490) Damage Ø Secondary 5.0-10.0% Chance to Knock Up on Hit Ø +4 Random Magic Properties Grand Brawler: Deadly Force Cataclysm The Pugilist (2) Set: +10% Cooldown Reduction Deadly Reach gains the effect of the Scattered Blows rune. “Scattered blows rune is the obvious choice for many that pickup deadly reach. The ability itself has its merit but it needs a boost. By giving it the rune that most people choose anyways, they can choose one of the other 4 runes and give those some love.” -------------------------------------------------------------------- Frozen Fist Set Fist Weapon 1901.2 – 2274.3 Damage per Second (1149–1367) – (1567–1882) Damage 1.40 Attack Speed Ø Primary + (981–1199)–(1175–1490) Cold Damage Ø Secondary 1.0-5.0% Chance to Freeze on Hit Ø +4 Random Magic Properties Grand Brawler: Arctic Wake Frozen Fist The Pugilist (2) Set: +10% Cooldown Reduction Seven-sided Strike gains the effect of the pandemonium rune. “The Pandemonium rune isn’t used, and Seven-sided strike is on the low end of use. This set item is designed to give some power both to the rune and the ability itself, but I honestly think that would be too powerful to run both on a single item. Paired with another weapon however (a very unique one at that), you get two solid fist weapons that will bring some much needed power to our Monk friend.” -------------------------------------------------------------------- Ginryu’s Legacy Legendary Diabo 3120.0-3488.0 Damage per Second (2171–2433) – (3255–3633) Damage 1.15 Attack Speed Ø Primary + (1177–1439)–(1410–1788) Fire Damage Increases the spirit cost and channel cost of tempest rush by 15.0-30.0% Ø Secondary When you stop channeling tempest rush, you unleash a devastating sweeping combo that deals 1260% weapon damage to all enemies in an area around you over 3 seconds. Ø +3 Random Magic Properties “I wanted to create a Diabo that did something exceptional and targeted a rune with less play. I decided that tempest rush needed more love outside of the tempest + epiphany combo. I expanded on the Flurry rune for this idea, taking the same mechanic but expanding it even further with greater pay out at the cost of resources. Combined with a spirit spent (because of the increased cost of tempest rush) to health recovered style of play, you could have an area effect, heavy health regeneration Monk.” -------------------------------------------------------------------- Harlequin Crest Legendary Helmet 660-759 Armor Ø Primary +626-750 Vitality Ø Secondary 2% chance that any imperial gems will instead drop as a legendary item. Ø One of 3 Magic Properties (Varies) +626-750 Strength +626-750 Dexterity +626-750 Intelligence Ø +3 Random Magic Properties “This item is a crowd favorite and I felt like it could work in the game ONLY if more legendary items were added. Every added legendary makes the chances to find the legendary you need to make your build harder to obtain. Introducing such a an item would not be game breaking under these circumstances. Until that happens though, the item would be a little excessive.” ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Hierarchy Legendary Bracer 366-421 Armor Ø Secondary Blinding Flash also burns targets with holy fire, damaging enemies affected by the blind with 500% weapon damage as holy over 5 seconds. The damage is increased to 1000% against slowed enemies. Ø +5 Random Magic Properties “The mystifying light rune just isn't used. It has an abysmal use rate and I speculate that that’s because blind is used offensively and it lets you stay in the fight without fear of being damaged. Every other rune synergizes with this while a slow does not. You aren't kiting them and most likely are standing still while you fight enemy groups that can’t fight back. This item is designed to give more incentive to use that rune without punishing the others.” ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Immortal Band Legendary Bracer 366-421 Armor Ø Secondary Threatening Shout gains the effect of the Grim Harvest rune. Ø +4 Random Magic Properties “I’m focusing on threatening shout once more to build synergy for classes and thus make the build path more attractive. Combined with Call to Arms, for the first time, other players can gain the effects of a rune from another class. ” ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Infinity Legendary Polearm 3111.9–3463.9 Damage per Second (2639–2901) – (3019–3397) Damage 1.10 Attack Speed Ø Primary + (1177–1439)–(1410–1788) Damage Ø Secondary You gain a very small aura that affects you and your allies, increasing lightning resistance by 30% and increasing all lightning ability damage by 20.0-25.0%. Ø +3 Random Magic Properties Ø +1 Slot “A tribute to rune word Infinity. Originally, this item was infamous for putting on your mercenary but because monsters do not have resistances, changes were made. This item functions as a field effect, protecting allies while bolstering their lightning abilities when they are in the circle centered on the user of the weapon. Because the user will determine where the aura field will be prominent during fights, player to ally interaction will become more than proper positioning, but positioning based on the wielder of the weapon. ” ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Ivaldi’s Son Legendary Spear 1821.0–2140.8 Damage per Second (1334–1552) – (1701–2016) Damage 1.20 Attack Speed Ø Primary + (981–1199)–(1175–1490) Lightning Damage + 35.0%-55.0% Critical Damage Ø Secondary Ancient Spear now generates 3-4 fury. Ø +3 Random Magic Properties “Spears are terrible in Diablo 3. Sure you can work with what you got but they will not be as good as other options. This item is designed to work like the Kridershot for the Demon Hunter. With this in hand, your Throw Barbarian will become a terrifying raged combatant that can pick off enemies from a range and build rage, just to dive in at the right time to let loose some heavy spenders. It also won’t break Boulder Throw as spamming it will leave you little to no rage at all times; definitely designed for every other rune though.” ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Karma Legendary Mighty Belt 586-674 Armor Ø Primary +626-750 Strength Ø Secondary Ranged and melee attackers take 2667-3498 damage per hit. Revenge adds 300% of your thorns to damage. Ø +3 Random Magic Properties “I really like the idea of thorn builds in this game but because of how the game scales, it can be a tough customer to work with. You can’t take hits in this game- not at top levels of play. This item is designed to give a little more synergy and payout for people who want to make thorn Barbarians without ruining the theme of the build; everything that touches you pays for it and with this in your arsenal, enemies will pay double for it.” ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Pugilist, the Set Fist Weapon 1901.2 – 2274.3 Damage per Second (1149–1367) – (1567–1882) Damage 1.40 Attack Speed Ø Primary + (981–1199)–(1175–1490) Damage + 8.0%-10.0% Critical Hit Chance Ø +4 Random Magic Properties Grand Brawler: Deadly Force, Arctic Wake, Strom Burst The Pugilist Cataclysm Frozen Fist Shan Xuan (2) Set: +10% Cooldown Reduction “I had the idea of what if sets could have various effects, not based on how many, but what set pieces were in the set? Without going to crazy, I came up with this item. The idea is that you need this item to complete the set, but depending on what you equip with it depends on the second part of the set bonus.” -------------------------------------------------------------------- Shan Xuan Set Fist Weapon 1901.2 – 2274.3 Damage per Second (1149–1367) – (1567–1882) Damage 1.40 Attack Speed Ø Primary + (981–1199)–(1175–1490) Lightning Damage Ø Secondary 5.0-10.0% Attack Speed Ø +4 Random Magic Properties Storm Burst Shan Xuan The Pugilist (2) Set: +10% Cooldown Reduction Fist of Thunder gains the effects of the Thunderclap rune. “Fist of Thunder suffers from the same problem as Deadly Reach. It’s good, but other options are more viable for end game. When it is used, Thunderclap is used quite a bit. This should give the users more options and diversity without robbing them of power.” -------------------------------------------------------------------- Trauma Legendary Gloves 513-590 Armor Ø Primary Increases Crippling Wave damage by 25.0-30.0% (Monk Only) Ø Secondary All secondary effects of Crippling Wave’s third strike are doubled when applied to a single target. This does not extend the durations of these effects. Ø +4 Random Magic Properties “Crippling wave, specifically concussion, needed to be a more attractive choice. With this item, all secondary effects from crippling wave’s third strike will be doubled when used against a single target: Concussive lowers the target’s damage by 40%, Rising Tide generates 5.0 additional spirit, Tsunami’s third strike has its range increased by 34 yards, breaking wave’s third attack buffs your damage by 20%, and mangle does nothing extra (damage is a primary effect.)In addition from the rune choice, the base ability would lower movement speed by 60% and attack speed by 40%. That is incredibly crippling!” ----------------------------------------------------------------------- War Travelers Legendary Boots 513-590 Armor Ø Secondary 20.0-30.0% of your bonus movement speed is equally applied as bonus damage. Ø +5 Random Magic Properties “I had a lot of trouble writing an affix that was coherent and to the point. I hope what I have makes sense. The not TL;DR version is that you gain a % damage boost equal to affix % of your movement speed. If you had the base movement speed cap, 25%, you would gain a permanent 7.5% boost with a perfect role on the legendary affix. Let’s say you add the Barbarian’s sprint to the mix and you get a 16.5% boost to damage while sprinting. Touch a fleeting shrine while sprinting and your damage jumps to a 24% boost to damage! You get where I’m going with this. Great for speed builds and great for people that want to get more out of their stacked movement speed. That aside I’m not sure how diminishing returns work on movement speed, if at all, so my numbers may be skewed.” ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Yojimbo’s Culling Legendary Mighty Weapon 3111.9–3463.9 Damage per Second (2639–2901) – (3019–3397) Damage 1.10 Attack Speed Ø Primary + (1177–1439)–(1410–1788) Damage Ø Secondary 16.0% chance to inflict Bleed for 300–400% weapon damage over 5 seconds. Rend gains the effect of every rune. Ø +3 Random Magic Properties “Rend needed some love and what better way to do than make it shine on a flashy, gigantic, oni (demon) style katana. This item serves as a tool to make a bleed Barbarian make things bleed more: Slightly bigger area of attack, heals 2.5% of your maximum life over 5 seconds per bleeding target, +250% damage over 5 seconds, 10% increased damage to rended targets, and a bleed spread. A lot of little things to emphasize the big picture; you make things bleed and you do it damn well. I feel this will also be balanced because rend does not work as a spam tool like a lot of other class spenders and instead must be reapplied every so often to maximize damage. Also the name is a tribute to one of my favorite samurai movies!”SavageFencer1 Oct 16, 2014
Sep 24, 2014 Nyquil+sleep deprivation+swing music= best friend fun times and a funny montage Sep 24, 2014
Sep 23, 2014 Uber Walkthrough Video! Hey guys I just made a new walkthrough for Ubers in the ROS expansion on PC. Let me know what you think. I tried to make thorough, easy to understand, while not being too wordy. Here is the link: Also, please check out my twitch account and twitter. Please Subscribe and Follow. Not only is it encouraging but it really helps me grow my account!Deathwatcher0 Sep 23, 2014
Sep 21, 2014 Bunkers, Enrage, Realms, etc. Hi, I'm the girl who thought up the black hole as a way to supplement the wizard arsenal. I started playing barbarian too, so I've got a few ideas for wizards and barbarians, as well as for general gameplay fun. I've arranged them from easy to implement to hard to implement. And to save your time and mine, I won't bother defending my ideas. At least not in this post. * Enrage (status effect): Force an enemy to manfight you, precluding them from using any abilities or magical spells. *+max resist/cdr/rmc ceilings *unarmed weapon transmog * Bunkers: When opening a treasure chest- turning over a corpse- or just generally interacting with the environment, there is a % chance to find an entrance to a bunker. There are many bunkers, because there are many people that prepare for the worst, especially in dark times. So it won't be too hard to find one; likely you will find one in each act, given that you're leaving every stone left turned. Each bunker will be comprised of a small area, much like those found in the houses in act 1. And each bunker will have 2 elite packs as well as a human/zombie boss whose difficulty scales with 2.5 the torment act, such that the difficulty will scale up to T15 for longevity. * Keystone slider: Gamble one or more keystones of trial on a single trial, resulting in X number of keystones, where the level is what the level will be, and X is the number of keystones of trial bet. * Greater Rift Slider: Gamble Y keystones of level X or greater in order to open a greater rift with magic find and drop rate equal to 1.5*Y. * Legendary Reroll: Deposit five identified legendary items and withdraw one random but new legendary item. * * Legendary affixes: Walls in your wake; rage (chance to enrage), enhanced whirlwind*, enhanced twister*, your lightning forks, +lightning pulse distance. Whirlwind*: Whirlwind now absorbs ranged attacks and delivers them to the first enemy the barbarian comes in contact with. Twister*: Does the same as Whirlwind* Lightning forks: Lightning (signature spell) now forks into two [either hitting two enemies once each, or hitting one enemy twice). * Affix eraser: Erase affixes in order to strengthen the remaining affixes. *Abilities: Arena Combat: Summon an arena of stone, radius 20 meters, around your location. In this area, constantly dispel ground effects (arcane beam, poison pool, fiery puddle, etc). [barbarian] Astral Eruption: Target area explodes into nothingness, such that no enemy can cross it. [wizard] Duel: Enrage all enemies in an 18 meter radius. [barbarian]LINKSYS1 Sep 21, 2014
Sep 18, 2014 FanArt Sonya the Barbarian Hi everyone, here is my second fanart of this awasome game, i´m working in my blizzard porfolio so i will share here more fanarts of this game :D Devianart link: My nextfanart of HoS 1-( Murky!!!!!!!!! ) 2- ( Kerrigan ) and more.... And here is my first fanart of HoS (tyrande) Thanks to everyone for the support!itzaspace0 Sep 18, 2014
Sep 11, 2014 Let's play Greater Rift. Wiz Fire Meteor Buil Hey folks. I made a let's play with some friends and I doing a greater rift. It was one of the first ones we've attempted so.... we died... a lot :Paldershot0 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 11, 2014 LeagueFit Hey friends, I finished my article on my Diablo LeagueFit program today, you can check it out at LeagueFit is a short and easy program to do while you are playing your games, I have lost 113 pounds making small changes like this to my life. Come hang out, ask questions or watch me lose my hardcore monk on stream tonight at I will be doing the program on camera and I love having the company to talk to. currently going through Torment 2 decently easy, possible T3 tonight. Let me know what you all think! xBelgarionxxBelgarionx0 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 10, 2014 Kill Bill(ial) Messing around with the transmogs and came up with this. Been bashing some greater rifts with the kill bill soundtrack on, and pain enhancer for the bleed effect to add abit of flavor flav :Pjoe9019932 Sep 10, 2014
Sep 9, 2014 Angiris Askblog I thought I've already made a topic here. So, I'll just drop this here. =) Sep 9, 2014
Sep 8, 2014 Poor Leah (comic strip) Kind of sucks how you can't show an image directly on the forums, but here's a little comic strip i did from an idea me and my friends got while playing waaaaay past the time we should have been. :DGabbybites1 Sep 8, 2014
Sep 2, 2014 Expansion Idea possibilities. Hi there , with the RoS expansion out for a while I've bee. trying to think if they will do another expansion or not , which I've decided 100% will since Malthael the retard (how did he not like , stop and think for a second "Hey I'm trying destroy all evil, so if destroy this soul stone, oh Diablo is free again lol". So my ideas being , since in the original game , the 3 heroes become Diablo, the Blood Raven , and someone else. You kill them all in Diablo 2. The Diablo 2 heroes however where left out and described as dead or long gone. I'm thinking the a new expansion to focus on the evil and corruption of Diablo taking over the previous Nephalem who killed him and his brothers from Diablo, with one fight as the Nephalem, and another as a reborn , stronger form of Diablo or the Prime Evil again since I assume all 7 were let out and not just him lol.Avenged3 Sep 2, 2014
Sep 1, 2014 Calendar #4: September 2014 & More Calendar #4: September 2014 diablo.incgamers: deviantART: twitter: Its the end of the month again and It's time for another calendar wallpaper. This month is Brom's Tyrael! HK Art by Brom Tyrael & Diablo (C) Blizzard ________________________________________________ Also earlier this past week there was also a mobile version of Diablo 3: 2.1.0 - Into the Vault: Diablo III: Into the Vault Mobile diablo.incgamers: deviantART: twitter: I wanted to make a mobile version of the desktop wallpaper. Hope it still captures the essence of the desktop wallpaper. Enjoy! HK ________________________________________________ Contributing Fan Art Watch writer for diablo.incgamers. Creator of the Fiery Runes Series for Diablo III & RoS. Celebrating 6 Years of Wallpapers and Runeweaving. Also known as the Runeweaver.Holyknight0 Sep 1, 2014
Aug 29, 2014 Breaking news This morning I was hanging a clock in my bathroom. I slipped and hit my head on the counter. And thats when I had the idea for the Flux Capacitor. It is what makes time travel possible.Legion18 Aug 29, 2014
Aug 28, 2014 2.1 Legendaries, Rainbow Goblins, Laughter :D I bet you'll laughGovernment0 Aug 28, 2014
Aug 27, 2014 Diablo III Patch 2.1.0: Into the Vault Diablo III Patch 2.1.0: Into the Vault diablo.incgamers: deviantART: twitter: Greetings all. This weeks wallpaper was made to commemorate the latest major content patch for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. Patch 2.1.0. And what a better way than to have the ol treasure gobby they shared with us in the preview art and a wallpaper that glitters. Hope you guys like. HK Gold Coins in the borders by Barton ( Treasure Gobby & Diablo 3 (C) Blizzard ________________________________________________ Contributing Fan Art Watch writer for diablo.incgamers. Creator of the Fiery Runes Series for Diablo III & RoS. Celebrating 6 Years of Wallpapers and Runeweaving. Also known as the Runeweaver.Holyknight0 Aug 27, 2014
Aug 26, 2014 HC Crusader &Normal Wizard Gameplay - YouTube Hey everyone! I've just started a YouTube channel in which I play my Crusader on Hardcore and Wizard on Normal mode. If you are curious about playstyle, items, or just want to hear me fart around and talk about life, please feel free to check out my channel at: I'm a new channel so I'm trying to get as many videos and guides out as fast as I can - if you have any feedback or would like to see any material at all, please don't hesitate to leave any comments on my videos! I am certainly interested in making videos that are appealing to others! Also, my content is strictly for mature audiences. Thanks :)Shoe1 Aug 26, 2014
Aug 25, 2014 new updates Diablo 3 Hardcore guide Aug 25, 2014
Aug 25, 2014 Mobile Wallpaper: Barbarian III 2014 Barbarian III 2014 (Art by Wei Wang) diablo.incgamers: deviantART: @holyknight3000 on Twitter: In the spirit of the first wallpaper of 2014: A Request ( I thought it would look good for the mobile. The nameplate I thought about alternated colors but just went with the grayed out nameplate for less distraction. Hope you guys like, and I think it compliments Wei's Barbarian Art in the middle. See you all for the next desktop wallpaper later in the week. HK Art by Wei Wang Diablo (C) Blizzard ________________________________________________ Contributing Fan Art Watch writer for diablo.incgamers. Creator of the Fiery Runes Series for Diablo III & RoS. Celebrating 6 Years of Wallpapers and Runeweaving. Also known as the Runeweaver.Holyknight0 Aug 25, 2014
Aug 23, 2014 Transmog Showcase I would like to share and see everyones best Transmogs! Ghoruk: Male Monk Transmog Theme: Shadow Dancer Zodac: Male Barbarian Transmog Theme: Deatheater Brute Alagastar: Male Crusader Transmog Theme: Holy Samurai Isendra: Female Wizard Transmog Theme: Horadric Mage Champion Please post a link of your best/favorite Transmog and what you call your look!Noremak1 Aug 23, 2014
Aug 22, 2014 Dual set In a previous post, I speculated a new class with two resource pools (angelic & demonic), representing the duality of the Nephalem. Thinking they could push the concepts further, I imagined a set that would be based on this style of duality : Lilith's desire & Inarius will. The duality here is about being male or female (a last a reason to chose sex else than design). Lilith's desire Lilith's Softness, Helms for Male & Female Lilith's Freedom, Bracers for Male & Female Lilith's Desecration, Gloves for Male & Female Lilith's Forbidden, Belt for Female only Lilith's Domination, Boots for Female only (2) Set: +10% Extra Gold from Monsters (3) Set: One of 3 Magic Properties (varies) : +300 Dexterity, +300 Strength, +300 Intelligence. (4) Set: Increases damage against elites by 20% (5) Set: 5% chance on being hit by an enemy to charm it for 5 seconds Inarius will Inarius' Rigor, Shoulders for Male & Female Inarius' Aservissement, Amulets for Male & Female Inarius' Rite, Rings for Male & Female Inarius' Obligation, Chest Armor for Male only Inarius' Support, Pants for Male only (2) Set: Increases Gold and Health Pickup by 10 Yards. (3) Set: One of 3 Magic Properties (varies) : +300 Dexterity, +300 Strength, +300 Intelligence. (4) Set: Critical Hit Damage Increased by 50.0% (5) Set: 30% chance on being hit by an enemy to explode with sacred fury. Lilith's desire & Inarius will. (3) Set: +100 Resistance to All Elements. (4) Set: +500 vitality. (5) Set: Increases Attack Speed by 7%. (6) Set: Chance on hit to summon a Succubus. (8) Set: If you were to get the effect of a shrines or a pylon, you get all the shrines' and Pylons' effects instead. Items could have better than "+6 Random Magic Properties", but it might be a little too powerfull... LMP, "..saying i'm stupid is better than nothing."Lyanel2 Aug 22, 2014
Aug 22, 2014 Class Concept - Shadowthief (Fan Art) I've been working on a little personal project recently which has just been visually designing a fan class for D3. I thought I'd share it here! It's mostly been all about the art rather than the abilities, but the class uses melee damage augmented by shadow-based magic. It's very much an ongoing project so it's not all polished but here's some art I've done so far. Would love to hear what you think of it. Key Art - Model Sheet - Portrait - Hair Variants - Level Progression - Aug 22, 2014
Aug 21, 2014 Fiery Runes II: Arreat Crater Fiery Runes II: Soulfyre: Locations II #13: Arreat Crater diablo.incgamers: deviantART: @holyknight3000 on Twitter: With art by Jeff Kang; this wallpaper goes back to vanilla D3 with art featuring the fleshy mess that is Arreat Crater. Diablo 3 (C) Blizzard Art by Jeff Kang Fiery/Soulfyre Runes by me. Greetings guys i know its been a few weeks. check out my gallery on deviantART( for my more recent wallpapers. There are many! HK ________________________________________________ Contributing Fan Art Watch writer for diablo.incgamers. Creator of the Fiery Runes Series for Diablo III & RoS. Celebrating 6 Years of Wallpapers and Runeweaving. Also known as the Runeweaver.Holyknight0 Aug 21, 2014
Aug 19, 2014 Barock Works (xXBWXx) FR-EN New clan seek to active player. requisites: more than 500 paragon, be able to pass the 30lvl in the new rift 2.1, and especially the most import, have fun. we lead in games soon !Crado0 Aug 19, 2014
Aug 18, 2014 New Tattoo Tyrael 6 1/2 hrs into it and im really enjoying the look and work of my artist Terry. Its not finished and I have to wait 4 weeks to finish it. Glad I was able to get it started and could share with my Diablo community. We started it and was only going to do 2 hrs and then 430am 6 1/2 hrs later and he still going and didn't want to stop and I would of let him keep going but we both was getting tired and decided to finish another day. He put everything he had into it and had 3 different art pieces and taking details from each one. He doesn't believe in just copying another piece but doing his own thing so my tattoo is one of a kind. Also my family and wife love it and my kids think its badass. Im doing my right arm in memories of Diablo and my Left arm in memories of WoW. Thank You for looking and see you on the battlefieldsScuba1 Aug 18, 2014
Aug 17, 2014 a set to forge a monks playstyle Set name: Hammered Out Set I brought this set to show because I think there is a philosophy of playstyle the created effects can bring out. I will be checking comments out. Enjoy and please comment. Bracer of Forging Trials 6 attributes ◆using two generators of the same element makes the next spender use the same elemental type Sealing Belt of Reforging •life % •all resistances ○indestructible 3 attributes Chest of Forged Tarnish •3 sockets 5 attributes Steel Knuckle of the Perfected Swordsmith(monks only) 6 attributes ◆Hitting with Dashing strike causes you to bounce back a minimum distance and land with force.(damage and knockback on landing) Fibroid Fist of the Marbled Man(monks only) 6 attributes ◆Resource generators generate additional spirit on kill. Timeless Stone of Nine Forges(monks only) •4-6 crit chance 5 attributes Testament of Gloves •8-10 crit chance 5 attributes Giant's Forged Shield of Copper •8-10 crit chance •35-50 crit damage 4 attributes ◆Breath of Heaven recharges a charge of Dashing Strike SET BONUSES □2 piece: Dashing Strike gains an additional knockback to enemies it charges through. □4 piece: Blinding Flash gains the effects of Mystifying Light and Self Reflection. □6 piece: Seven Sided Strike hits instantly.(animation only shows the seal underneath) □6 piece: Exploding Palm binds enemy to the location(cannot be moved even by pulls). Unleash Exploding Palm explosion by using Inner Sanctuary or Serenity. Edit: created introduction and did minor editorial work.illPixel2 Aug 17, 2014
Aug 14, 2014 Streamer here! Leveling a new crusader! Come hang at Seriously, I don't bite! I also play other games!Spunkor0 Aug 14, 2014
Aug 13, 2014 Class Concepts - The Medium I'm not going to go into class logistics with this idea or anything, just a few ideas I thought would be cool, so I've put this together for fun. If you choose to reuse, copy, reproduce, reiterate, ninja, or snipe the content; do it all you like as long as you mention the origin in some way, shape, shift, or form. Class: Medium A medium is someone with a connection to the spirit world. The idea is that this class can summon spirits, reanimate slain demons/monsters (by channelling spirits through corpses) and buff themselves and other party members by casting seances (similar to a slam dance), etc, etc. Skills: Parabola - Channels energy through a focus point where it is intensified (similar to disintegrate beam in appearance) - Runes can affect it in ways such as Paranoia/Damages other enemies like friendly fire, Sickness/Poison, Self Loathing/Slow like cold, Spontaneous combustion/Fire (will spontaneously combust enemies if it inflicts the final blow). Shame (Humiliate) - Casts a debuff and also a buff depending on the rune. Things like enemies take more damage, and party members increased crit chance. The idea is to weaken enemies and strengthen allies by inducing memories of shame. Etherealise - This could be a form like Archon form for Wizards where the Medium can channel through a crystal or some sort of fractal manifestation; which could be placed like turrets, or just cast directly as a beam or resonating wavelength/seismic disruption to living flesh. Could also cast things like Deregulate - which alters frequencies of enemies (inflicts damage over time, slows, or causes increased damage). Other matter manipulating skills such as Splitting Atoms which could be like a knock-back AOE. Séance - Like Slam Dance for Witch Doctors, but causes phantasms of each party member in the circle to manifest and increase damage or resistances (by 20% for example), or even be an illusion of the entire party which attracts all enemies so every member can escape. Phantasms could be ethereal clones that transparently appear just behind each player and behaves as a mirror double. Could also de-buff enemies by creating phantasms of the enemies: leaches that drain their health/damage ability/stunning and slowing. Project - Like a spirit walk although enemies follow the spirit and you can either choose to materialise where you led the spirit double, or the starting point as if you used the spirit to lure enemies away from your body. Could also combust the spirit as an AOE where inflicted damage could be things like: Misery (slowdown increased damage taken), Delusion (confusion), Possess (Reanimate enemy as an ally on death), Disrupt (interfere with resonating wavelengths causing explosion to which other enemies in radius have chance to be disrupted also). Summon - Pretty much self explanatory. Summon spirits to reanimate corpses, to buff yourself or party members, or to cause grief to enemies as a de-buff. Smoke and mirror - Primary attacks such as light flashes, or darts of smoke which do not cost resource. Name of Resource Echoes - An orb of echoes or summoned impressions, or Impressionable Ether (easily malleable ether) or Ubiquity - The essence of interconnectivity between everything. Etherium - As above Off Hand Ideas Ouija board Kaleidoscope Tarot Solomon Braid Crystals/Elements in pure forms Weapon Ideas Silice Whip/Cat of Nine Tourniquet Fan Sling (can whip, flick projectile, swipe, leave ground effect, etc) Sais Scrying Needle Spear-hook Armour Ideas Gazing Mesmerism (Helm) Ethereal Meddling (Gloves granting resource bonuses or summoning proccs) Never Presents (Boots granting Projection bonuses) Ominous Arrhythmia (Amulet) Sets Names: Ambiguity Covert Derangements Dead Poet's UniformshapeshifteR0 Aug 13, 2014
Aug 12, 2014 WoW char in D3 Is it possible we put WoW's charactars in D3 ? I was a crazy UD warrior with 2H weapon in WoW. I like how UD warrior holding a great sword in hand. looks awesome. Also tired of BBR now . His attack like yelling : Home Run !! I don't mind if BZ put them in shop . I will pay for it :DPoe0 Aug 12, 2014
Aug 11, 2014 Two new "Loot Share Rift Channels" The new Diablo 3 ingame channels "Loot Share Rifting" And "T6 Loot Share" is all about sharing your unwanted legendary drops with your fellow group members. Both channels is intended to be a place where people can search for rift parties @ their own their level of difficulty and hopefully gear up even faster, since other players support you as well. Both channels are made under the *EU* English Ingame Communities! Join, support & invite ur friends!wheeze0 Aug 11, 2014
Aug 11, 2014 Trade Loot Club Hi, this club is made for people who want to trade loot with an other class in order to stuff their reroll. Basically if you are a WD looking to stuff his new wiz just come in, and ask something like "WD looking for Wizard" and hope for a wizard who's looking to stuff his WD. only rules are : Do not keep stuff you shouldn't Do not come with a char that need tons of loot, of course you don't have to give your wand of who if you don't have one, but keep in mind that you should give as much as you want to receive.Ystrion1 Aug 11, 2014