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3h Pc/xbox inequality Hi guys, just curious how many of the xbox users are also PC users? If so how many of you are seriously miffed that in seasonal play on PC, any player in the same lobby is free to drop loot to share with other players, eg crusader picking up demon hunter drops, yet on the xbox every item is account bound and unavailable to spread the wealth as we keep being told on the loading screens. Is this a fixable issue or would this involve a major re write of the code. Also, I think the 'smart' lot system is broken. I have never, nor will I ever play witch doctor or wizard yet the lot system seems to think that I require full legendary armour sets and weapons, even on occasion primal gear for both these builds. Would be interesting to hear what the devs have to say about this or has it been put in just to wind us all up! PeaceEvilPrincess1 3h
5h Please fix switch rankings!!!! There must be a way to get rid of all the cheaters on the switch, I mean rank 150 really? Why can’t Nintendo switch fix this? I don’t even know who’s legit or not, such a good game but screwed up by these hackers and modifiers it’s ridiculous.... I mean what is the point of cheating and being at rank 150 ? We know u cheated!!! Please blizzard and Nintendo you MUST get rid of this problem.Undertaker0 5h
6h Switch season power level Anyone able to help a fellow Slayer of demons power level on the switch? Much appreciated :)Sephyxia73 6h
10h Looking for xbox peeps Hey I will be playing Diablo on xbox and am looking for casual people to play with and/or someone to help get my Demon hunter to 70, going to try for a shadow impale build. I'm fairly new to the game, season 16 was my first time playing so I'm still learning. Feel free to add and message me on xbox my gamertag is: Killing DecaysleepyMagic0 10h
18h Switch - Can't join friends Everytime I tried to join/invite my friends, it always show this error: "there was a problem joining the game" I already change my ISP (i have 2 connection in the house). it's the same. anyone else having the same problem?Zervo32 18h
20h Switch D3 Bugs Hello, I have some issues with D3 on switch, First one is the character rolling/Dodging by himself, it’s really annoying when TPing or IDing. I thought my joystick broken, today I bought a new set, Nope, still rolling by himself... Second problem is some time my character(MS DH) stopping shooting for a short time while I am spamming attack.Yanderella7 20h
1d Current up to date cosmetics list? I've been scouring the internet for at least an hour and a half now trying to find an accurate current list of all wings, pets and pennants that are available on consoles, but can only seem to find lists that haven't been updated since 2016. Any help? If the list(s) were to include locations on where to obtain said cosmetic items, that would be great. This would also include any rewards from seasons and other events.Anarchy2k58 1d
1d Development Hell Dungeon...glitch or not? I just found the extra door in the cemetery and proceeded to kill everyone inside. Including the two main bosses. I got the two sword transmogs, but nothing else. I read there should’ve been a sigil and an achievement at the end as well. Has that part been removed or is my Xbox just being buggy? Any way to fix it to get me the achievement at least. Thanks much!SneakySnark1 1d
1d Ps3 in 2019 I was just wondering if anyone is still playing D3 on ps3?Zirge0 1d
1d Switch: Motion Controls I have a small request: Could a toggle be added to turn off the motion control "roll"? Anytime I'm playing on my TV with separated joycons and I move or adjust or scratch my head, my character rolls. It's annoying because it cancels your town portal cast other other similar things. If this is already in the game, could I be pointed to the option?Sturb4 1d
1d Switch - Cardio and motion controls I can’t tell you how excited I was to see diablo 3 was coming to the switch. I am a day one player on PC and normally have a rule against buying the same game on multiple platforms. I made an exception for the switch version because I wanted to play on the treadmill. I know it sounds silly but the switch is easy to transport and connect to a TV. The switch controllers (in joy con mode) are wireless, and allow me to move my arms naturally while holding them. Perfect for an early morning jog/walk in my apartment gym. Only one problem….evade triggers when you move your arms. It makes it impossible to play on a cardio machine where you move your arms. I know this is a first world problem and I’m sure this post won’t even be seen but it would be amazing to have the option of shutting this function off (motion controlled evade). Honestly I didn’t even know evade was a thing till the switch version (PC I never used it). I’m sure I’ll be told “just focus on jogging” but the best workout is one you will do and this makes cardio a lot more tolerable. Just a heavyset man’s dream I guess. It does work great on a stationary bike (when the joy cons are connected directly to the screen) but it’s not the same kind of workout as a treadmill.ScootyPuffJr12 1d
1d Switch - Disable motion controls (Dodge) Please let us disable the flick to dodge on Joycons. Its super frustrating watching my character dodge around like a fool because I happen to scratch my head, albeit a bit amusing. I've searched quite a bit through the menus and there isn't an option from what I can find. Searching on the forums or anywhere else has been a pain because of certain Blizz-Con news unleashing the hellgates of repeated posts. So if theres a way to do it and I've missed it please let me know. If not, PLEASE patch in an option for that. And yes I understand its purpose is for single joycon players to be able to dodge. I'm playing with both and both do it, its the worst.BearAE12 1d
1d Wings Question Saw a player tonight who had some badass looking wings. They didn’t seem to move but had some sort of magma skin to them, 4 total and the projected down, then up. He said they were the “Wings of Terror” by I cannot find anything on them. Any help?GoBOOM13 1d
1d Looking for PS4 players New to PS4 D3 looking for some people to play with. I've played on PC before just not PS4. Only lvl 10 but seems noone ever joins to play. Osn tac086xSlimer42 1d
1d HELP!! 2.6.5 Nintendo Switch Items I think my game is bugged? I have the new season 17, and have access to Torment 14,15,16. But My hardcore witch doctor Carnevil build from Season 16 still have the power of five (5) fetishes in shoots darts whenever you do. For season 17 (2.6.5) it is supposed to be 10 fetishes. Other items I have in my inventory are still the "old one" like jekangboard (225-300%) instead of the new (300-400%). Iron rose is still old power as well. But I saw one of the items for my necro that the buffed inaruis set (6pc bonus) is already 10,000%. Is my game bugged? I am getting confused, as I am excited to play my WD hardcore non-season this time (hoping I have 10 fetishes) but it is still 5. Any help? Thank you!James1 1d
1d Please Delete This Thread Mods/Admins please delete this post. It's obvious there's no point in attempting to ask a legitimate question about a legitimate concern with the game here as all that is provided in response is snark, sarcasm, and garbage. Should've known better that all I'd get back is antagonistic, childish, BS.HammerToFall4 1d
1d Installation issues D3 not installing on xbox one and i wont update either anyone else having this issueZanalia0 1d
2d NEW TO SWITCH! LOOKING FOR FRIENDS :) NEW TO SWITCH! LOOKING FOR FRIENDS :) Friend code SW-7331-1065-4634 Really looking to plvl and get back into d3!!!bit912 2d
2d Moving from 360 to Xbox One, what's changed? I am getting back into Diablo and would like to know some of the major changes to the Wizard class and the game in general since way back when in patch 2.0.5. Back then the best wizard build was using a Wand of Woh but I know that it is no longer viable. What sets are Wizards using and where should I focus my efforts when first transferring my character to Xbox One? Thanks everyone.weretaz5 2d
2d Seasonal Rewards Help Im new to Diablo 3 and im trying out seasonal heros, but after completing a chapter i cant find where to get the rewards. I looked it up and it said itd be in a mailbox, but i cant access mine.Moose2 2d
2d Season 17 may 17 New "nightmare" begins 5/17. As with any other season, it starts at 5pm pdt. So you will need to convert that time to your current one. Example. I'm eastern u.s. so for me, its 8pm that s17 starts. Haedrigs gift sets Barbarian – Might of the Earth Crusader – Thorns of the Invoker Demon Hunter – The Shadow’s Mantle Monk – Monkey King’s Garb Necromancer – Grace of Inarius Witch Doctor – Raiment of the Jade Harvester Wizard – Firebird’s FineryEddieLMT53 2d
3d [XBox One] Pet Farming Could use some help here, has anyone encountered the goblins that drop pets, or any pet drops for that matter? My fiancé and I have been doing paths that are suggested on youtube for farming cosmetic pets with no luck for even one, any ideas?Snow2 3d
3d Nintendo switch season 17 Does any one know when Nintendo switch season 17 is supposed to start I still have season 16 going on my game and it was supposed to end on the 12th based on all the information I can findShadue6 3d
4d Best builds for S17? I'm thinking about playing a Rapid Fire Demon Hunter. But would that be best? I want to get those Cosmic Dragon Wings, and the thing makes it sound like i'll have to beat all of the stages of the Season, not just the main ones to get all the cosmetics. I was able too beat all the stages of S16 with one character, but will I be able to do that in S17 too? Years of War/Dynasty – Greater Rift level 55 Solo with six sets. Masters of the Universe/Masters of Sets – Master 8 of the following Set Dungeons. I think I needed to beat 3 or 4 of the 5 Conquests last time to get the last stage beat. If it was/is 3, then I'll be able too fine, but if it's 4 then I might not be able to with one character. Well, unless i'm on Hardcore mode, but I'd rather not chance having to start over again if I don't have too.Durandal0 4d
4d Season 17 Hype Whos excited for season 17 today, what class is everyone going to play? I'm gonna play Necromancer and tryout multiple builds since I've never started as Necro before.Zeptek7 4d
4d Boo Asia starts 14 hrs USA 1d 6hrs cheaters dice!Taetew7 4d
4d Patch Update on Xbox One I am still running Patch 2.6.0 on Xbox One. I have checked under Manage Games and Add Ons for an update to 2.6.5 but nothing shows there. I am in the US and from what I have Patch 2.6.5 is available. Also verified the patch I am running under What's New. I'd appreciate steps on how to update my patch so that I can begin Season 17. Thanks!cheese7325 4d
4d WoL not the top Monk build..... Why does it not have the highest GR clear???? Isn't the top Monk build the build taht clears the highest GR???? Generator Monk cleared GR133 on non Season and GR130 in S16 on PC. Which is something WoL was not able to do non Season or Season 16. How to PC players not know the WoL monk isn't the top build.......SpinningFury5 4d
5d (Diablo switch) Need friends Nintendo switch Diablo looking for friends? Only level 20 but that’s cause I just bought a switch day ago! once I get to max we can do dungeons SW-6123-9017-9428jakowako11 5d
5d Mouse and Keyboard Support on Xbox One With the recent update to Xbox One back in November that gave Devs the option to implement mouse and keyboard to their console games. I was wondering if Activision/Blizzard would ever convert the Xbox One version of Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls to support mouse and keyboard play. Thus giving PC players the "offline" "sandbox" we've been looking for (at least myself) to further simulate what d3planner does for us right now on PC. giving us the ability to actually test out builds with controls we are familiar with. thanksKalibur8 5d
5d Moving Characters in Menu on Switch Hello! Just curious if there’s a way to move characters up and down on the Switch version of D3. I want to put my most played classes at the top but I can’t seem to find a button or something to do that. From the Hero Selection screen. Thank you!Repent4 5d
5d Nintendo Switch players! Heya! Switch players here you come! You can add me with code: SW-7214-3113-8341 Or tell your friend code, so I will add you! Old PC player, I'm now on switch and wanna play with you! Cya in game,Amonystar7323 5d
5d Switch Crash Ello. Was just curious if anyone has managed to crash the game on the switch. My wife and I started a standard local coop game a week or so ago and chose to play necro/wd. As we leveled we slowly added more and more pets until finally the game died in leorics manor. Has this been a thing for anyone else? I half expected it to happen but just looking for similar instances. And yes the console is still alive and well.Benris0 5d
6d Reminder - dont finish the weekly challenge Just a friendly reminder not to do the weekly until the season starts this Friday evening.Taetew3 6d
6d LF non-seasonal PL - Nintendo Switch Hey y’all looking for a quick power level on a non-seasonal toon for Switch Friend code : 2231-5578-1228 I know the new season starts in a few days I’m just looking to level a WD and have some fun on my day off from work :DLzrstrm4 6d
May 14 Rubberband and Latency This post from Nevalistis is worth discussing on here. We have all seen the rubberbanding and it has gotten worse progressively over the patches...even solo my Monk rubberbands like heck when I am spamming bells. The reason is due to the game having to sync ll characters gear and items it seems and that is why they couldn't give us more stash space without affecting loading times and gameplay. Thoughts? ...homerjnick13 May 14
May 14 QoL Suggestion: Gem combining quantity Please give us the ability to combine multiple gems in one shot, just like in the PC version. After we select which gem we want to combine, we currently have a second screen where we actually do the combining. On that screen, add an option to specify how many gems we want, using the right/left to increase/decrease the quantity. It gets really annoying to have to keep pressing the button over and over to combine a big stack of gems.Waelwulfan1 May 14
May 14 Season 17 Leaderboards Dear Dev Team, Friendly reminder: Could you use the week left before season launch to make sure, that Console Leaderboards will be working this time when the season goes live?ßeiß1 May 14
May 13 Season 17 Hardcore Seasonal Hey family I’m sure you love D3 like I do. I usually play alone but for this season I aiming to do so I a team. Going to run Wd his season. Psn name is Dotmusic. Feel free to Join meLetsGoDot1 May 13
May 12 link to xbox 360 to get item umm I cannot figure out how to link my xbox live diablo 3 account to for the free item. Can anyone point me in the right direction. Thanks it says my account has been linked to xbox but when im in the game it still says I need to log in and link or create an account. Can I not get this item?Lonewolf16 May 12
May 12 Royal Grandeur buff gone? Season 16 on console is still apparently active but the Royal Grandeur ‘community event’ is no longer listed. Is this partial season end expected and for how long?Avicenna4 May 12
May 10 D3 for XBOX1 Talked a friend into getting D3 for the XBOX1 … going through the XBOX store, all the Diablo 3 listings have a "Redeem code" but no "Buy" button. What the hells up?Avicenna10 May 10
May 9 I can't believe I pay for this! To play Diablo 3 online, on console, we need an active PSN or Live Gold subscription and get to face the super fun time of constantly being disconnected because the host closed the game and/or rubber banding. Nevermind the lack of chat, inability to trade items in season because (presumably) hacking is rife. And, in season at least, a player base that can't be arsed to actually play the game type they signed up for. On PC, I get hosted servers, chat and community. Albeit still slim pickings when it comes to players playing the advertised game mode. Also, half my friends have PS/4 and half have XB1, so please, FFS, make a bloody deal with MS and Sony and get console D3 a Battle.NET option that allows cross play between consoles at least.Avicenna13 May 9
May 9 [PS4] Hardcore Seasonal Players List Anyone play Hardcore on Season here looking for good players? Have yet to die, currently only 301 Paragon I main on Crusader and Witch Doctor. PSNID is Lanstrifer I'll update this list as replies are made!Lanstrifer15 May 9
May 9 PS3 Anyone still play on the PS3? I just bought Ultimate Evil.Brojeto40 May 9
May 9 “There was a problem joining the game ps4 Hi. So my friend and I wanna play D3 on ps4. We both have ps plus active. But we can’t join each other’s game. What do we do? Thank you for your time :)Culistrex8 May 9
May 7 Puzzle rings We're playing on an Xbox One Diablo 3 Eternal Edition I have a question for people. Is there a certain quest that you have to activate in order to pick up puzzle rings? We've got like 5 level 70 characters and haven't had one puzzle ring drop anywhere in the game so I'm not sure for missing a quest or what? Thank youbikker3 May 7