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Nov 14 Patch 2.6.3 Now Live on Nintendo Switch Greetings, nephalem! Patch 2.6.3 is now live for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Eternal Collection on Nintendo Switch. This patch is specifically for the Nintendo Switch. For the PC version of the patch notes, please check the launcher under Options -> Patch Notes on the Diablo III game tab. General The application icon for Diablo III: Eternal Collection has been updated End User License Agreement has been updated to include links to Blizzard EULA and Blizzard Privacy Policy sites Several minor bug fixes have been madeNevalistis0 Nov 14
Sep 19 Patch 2.6.1d - Patch Notes (9/18/2018) Diablo III patch 2.6.1d is now live in the Americas for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One! This is a small patch to address some minor bug fixes to Patch 2.6.1 and implement the Season 15 theme buff. If you'd like to see the patch notes from 2.6.1, please click here. DIABLO III PATCH 2.6.1d Visit our Bug Report forum for a list of known issues. If you are experiencing technical issues with the patching process, connecting to Blizzard Services after installing the patch, or errors while playing a newly-patched game, please visit our support site or post in the Technical Support forum for assistance. GENERAL A number of minor bug fixes have been implemented. SEASONS Implemented the Themed Season buff for Season 15: Boon of the Horadrim For more information about Season 15’s theme, please see our blog hereTyvalir0 Sep 19
May 1 Patch 2.6.1a Now Live on PS4 and Xbox One Greetings, nephalem! Patch 2.6.1a is now live for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This patch should bring these console versions up to patch parity with PC. For the PC version of the patch notes, please check the launcher under Options -> Patch Notes on the Diablo III game tab. General StarCraft 20th Anniversary The StarCraft 20th Anniversary pet has been added to the game. All players should unlock this item upon entering their first game after patching. Bug Fixes Several bug fixes have been applied to the Season Journey in order to allow proper completion of tasks and ConquestsNevalistis0 May 1
Jul 26, 2017 Console: Some Items Disappear after Porting Hey all, We're aware of a current issue on both Xbox One and PS4 where, if certain items are left on the ground and your character ports to another location, those items may not remain once you return to them if there is no active player in that area. This currently applies to: Progress Orbs Health Globes Nephalem Glory Globes Gold Blood Shards We are actively working on a high priority patch for this, and it is currently undergoing testing. Because this can impact Blood Shards, we wanted to make sure players are aware and diligent in spending your shards prior to entering Rifts that may cap you out on the currency. We'll update this thread as soon as we have confirmation that the hotfix has gone live.Nevalistis0 Jul 26, 2017
14m Nintendo Switch players! Heya! Switch players here you come! You can add me with code: SW-7214-3113-8341 Or tell your friend code, so I will add you! Old PC player, I'm now on switch and wanna play with you! Cya in game,Amonystar736 14m
5h What class doesn't involve a form shift? So I've only played a wizard and a crusader in the six weeks I've been playing this game and both seem pretty facerolly fun, but I'm sad about having to proc archon and akarat all the time. Not for any CD management reason, just aesthetically. I've enjoyed dying and transmog'ing but I literally never see my crusader because she's always in yucky bulky akarat champion form. It seems like WD have a chicken form, which seems fun but is still a proc form. So what do I play if I don't want to change shape? Thanks!h3idi90003 5h
7h Patch 2.6.4 for Consoles I see they added some QoL improvements in the PTR for D3. How about we discuss some Console specific QoL? Nephalem Glory for starters Gem crafting one at a time Save scumming Reforge system exploiting Stuck in Kadala screen when someone closes a GRI'm sure there are plenty. Are Blizzard going to do any console-only improvements in patch 2.6.4?homerjnick17 7h
9h Switch D3 50% off after a month? We all know what that mean. Sales didn't make chart so prices got to come down. But for early adopter, we get the boot. Same goes for Battlefield V and Fallout 76. Blizzard, if you want something to sell. Listen to your fans because your PR suck and whoever make the final call. They will run your company to the ground.Deadonarival0 9h
13h Switch - Can't join friends Everytime I tried to join/invite my friends, it always show this error: "there was a problem joining the game" I already change my ISP (i have 2 connection in the house). it's the same. anyone else having the same problem?Zervo14 13h
14h Switch Season Leaderboard DH solo 150? Just check out Greater Rift Leaderboards of Demon Hunter, and No.1 is saifeng who finishes Tier 150 in 8:17.566, just wanna know how blizzard view it. Also, Crusader No.1 whose every single piece is primal ancient, is it even possible just one month after the release?Fear4nothing3 14h
14h Switch - Leaderboard Help Hey guys, I make YouTube videos for the console version of Diablo 3 and given we cannot see the leaderboards at the end of a season like you can on PC on this website one video I make at the end of a season is a comparison of all console versions and their leaderboards. Are there any Switch players out there who could fill out a spreadsheet that I supply at the end of S15 in early January? I have the PS4 covered as I play on that and I have the XB1 covered via a friend. The video comparing builds and leaderboards across 3 console platforms and PC is quite revealing. Any assistance offered I'm happy to credit the willing volunteer in any way they want.homerjnick0 14h
14h What do I do with all these materials? I'd post in Crafting sub, but console.... I've only been playing for a month (paragon 300ish) and I have sooo many crafting materials (+10k each) and gold (maybe 200mm isn't a lot?) and who knows how many gems (socketed everything on myself and followers with the flawless, no idea what the rest are for). Should I be crafting things? It seems like the only gear I need is progression (ancient, etc.) Should I stop picking up yellows and blues? Am I missing some important crafting meta-game? Thanks in advance for advice!h3idi90006 14h
23h Darkening of Tristram Can other consoles just change the date to something like 01/10/19 and get the Darkening of Tristram portal? I just gave it a try on Switch and was able to get the Butcher pet, Red Soul Shard, and the plans for Wirt's Leg. However, when salvaged, only got 2 arcane dusts...not the map of the stars, so I was not able to get the cow pet.jacuff4 23h
1d Necromancer curses on switch Is it bugged? I was using tragouls corroded fang + Aura of frailty and it seems like none of it was working? No curses Popped up and I tested to make sure. Also does the green arrow on the weapons take all the stats into consideration? Like crit damage?Marik1 1d
1d Cheater found on Switch seasons. Check the crusader leaderboard. Player name is nnyy. He should still be within the top 10. All his gear are HACKED. How the hell he can get 1000+ main stats and crit dmg on a normal set boots and his rare rings have more than 4 properties? How do I report and get him banned?subzer032 1d
1d Switch - Join friend in game pop up I'm playing D3 on the Switch and not sure if this is the same on PS4 and XB1. Is there a way to disable/delay your friend's join request to not popup while your in the middle of a game? Like ignore all or something? I'm mashing away at the controller attacking mobs and such (clicking A repeatedly) when all of a sudden I leave my game and join my friends because he sent an invite. This has happened multiple times to me now. Last night I actually caught it and denied it. Most friends suck and are impatient so they just send it again after a min or two. After the first one I know more are coming so I try to not hit A as fast which really takes away from the game play. I'm hoping there is a something we can do. If not how is this a good design? Why is there not just a message that pops up at the top of the screen away from the game play that notifies X player would like you to join there game. You should have to pause the game and go through a menu or something to accept. Not just by hitting the damn A button that you are also using for one of your attacks and are mashing repeatedly!Mephisto0 1d
1d Diablo features/flaws How is it going Jens, I'm unable to post in "general" for some reason, so I will leave it here. I have two major complaints about the game mechanics. First one is having no control over your camera. I know that it has always been this way and feels natural, in context of Diablo, but when I play my Demon Hunter, monsters jump right to my face and I'm forced to run first and only then start shooting. This happens when I walk in any direction apart from top of the screen. When my character faces the top part, I get very generous amount of space between me and monsters. Second complaint, and a very frustrating one, is the randomness of locations you visit. In story mode it's OK, but I'm talking Greater Rifts here. Game doesn't challenge your skills, it challenges your ability to guess the right path. In GR, every second counts, but I often times get screwed by rng and fail. Speaking of rng, what is even more frustrating than choosing the wrong path, is having no Elites spawning for a very long period of time. I was just a few seconds shy to complete the rift cuz I had only one Elite per an entire floor. It's ridiculous. I'm already playing a very underwhelming set of "Thorns" on my Crusader and this rng doesn't help at all. I've started a month ago, have 600-ish paragon levels,Goldsmith9 1d
1d Why do you enjoy Diablo? (your feedback) Question: Why do you guys enjoy playing Diablo? You can heck out my stream here: where I randomly talk about things that pop into my head. but it would be interesting to hear what you guys have to say. Thinking about making a "why diablo fans enjoy diablo" style video and it would be great to highlight some of your feedback.REDACT3D25 1d
1d Legion Deluxe Edition Items Bought this for 20 dollars yesterday to get the illidan transmogged helmet only to find out that even with your PS4 account linked to your account that you don't get the items on console, and so now I got some deluxe edition items for games I never play lol.Partyhats1 1d
1d wahoo GR100 hardcore I somehow managed to finish GR100 on my crusader with 14min 59.650 seconds.... yes .35 seconds away from failure! Now that's cutting it close! I knocked it down with 900 paragon points, not that it matters but i hit top 25 now :)Taetew3 1d
2d Blizzard items on Switch So I have Overwatch Mercy’s wings and some other such items on my account for XBox One. Is it possible to get those on the switch?IGreenleaf2 2d
2d Switch Power Level Anyone want to swap power levels on the switch?Gambit0 2d
2d LFG on PS4 Hey guys! I just made the switch from d3 ros on ps3 to ps4. So much more to learn. I'm looking for a group to play with who can help me learn good builds and where to find items. Joining random groups really hasn't been very promising. So if anyone wants some company, and to be a teacher, thatd be awesome! Just add me: OSrawrRawrMunchers0 2d
2d Has anyone tried any Netease games? I ask this because, just for the heck of it, I downloaded 'Crusaders of Light' to my iPad, just to see how it was. I didn't play long because, well, I thought it was pretty awful. Touch the screen to go to a quest location and then touch the screen once to attack...and then sit back and watch the fight. I can see how this would be the full extent of a game meant to be played on a phone...but is this our future? I am about as 'casual' a gamer as you'd find anywhere but this is not a good game. Is that pretty much the design of all of their stuff?MojoD13 2d
2d Nintendo Switch groups Anyone knows about a D3 switch community out there ? I wanna see how fast I can powe lvl someone and I kind of need a stranger that wants to be rushed to 70.Havoc2 2d
2d language on evil edition for PS4 hard copy Title says it all just bought the game hard copy and there’s is no way to change it to English, my PS4 is set to English the game says it’s english the writing on cd is in English but when I start the game it’s in Russian........... thanks blizzardStayFrosty1 2d
2d Looking for PS4 Friends! Have been play a lot of Diablo and would love to find some friends interested in doing GR, Rifts, bounties and even whimsydale! I already have the staff made to get us in. Looking for some fun players. No drama. Username: KlavAndAnte Peace! :) -anteAnte9 2d
2d Character transfer for Switch It would be pretty amazing to have a character transfer system at Switch launch similar to what was done for last gen console to current gen console. I’ve spent nearly $300 on this game across systems and would love to keep my paragon and stash. Thanks for making a Switch version Blizz!!DaBundy40 2d
2d Wave of Light Animation I playing Diablo III on a SWITCH, having monk as my first character. There is this slightly eyesore that bother me. Whenever i spam my wave of light there will be sometime i cant see the animation at all, it just like boom all the monster just vanished away.Is there a future patch on this kind of issue?CallMeNick1 2d
3d Error connecting to friend. I've port forwarded, wired and wireless connection, and messed with the settings in-game. However, the only thing that seems to work is using my phone's hotspot but there is input lag when playing. I've read numerous post and I don't think there has been a solution found. Any help? Edit: On Nintendo Switch btw, my nat type is AAbuelo1 3d
3d Nintendo Switch Pro controller mapping Basically the Pro controller is nearly identical to the PS4 and Xbox controllers so the button mapping should be identical, but it isn't which is a source of annoyance when you play on multiple console platforms. [Update to clarify: I am specifically concerned about the L/ZL/R - aka L1/L2/R1 on PS4 and LB/LT/RB on Xbox - mapping as indicated in the last paragraph. The next 2 paragraphs are just to bring people up to speed on another mapping difference that does exist, but is not what I am specifically bringing up for discussion...] The first difference, arguably, can be said to make sense... At least one reason they are different is a Nintendo philosophy difference which is that they have always had the main "interact" and "cancel" buttons reversed from PS4 and XBox and so they are for D3 as well. I would love to be able to choose a controller mapping that reverts this back so that D3 runs the same on all platforms, but Nintendo doesn't allow any controller customization. At least in this one respect one could argue that this is just one of those things that you need to embrace if you work with both Switch and PS4/Xbox and so I'm willing to live with that one difference, but... But, the differences go beyond this. The main one being that the trigger controls are mapped differently. On PS4/XBox the comfortable lower right trigger (R2/RT) is a skill, right upper trigger (R1/RB) is another skill, left trigger (L2/LT) is a target lock, and left upper trigger (L1/LB) is potion. On the Switch, right trigger (ZR=R2/RT) is the same skill as PS4/Xbox, but the other 3 are rotated. Left trigger (ZL=L2/LT) is a skill on Switch rather than target lock, right upper trigger (R=R1/RB) is the potion, and target lock is on the left upper trigger (L=L1/LB). So, the difference itself is annoying enough if you want to play on multiple platforms, but the assignment of the target lock makes it difficult to play ranged builds that rely on it. The lower left trigger (LT) is very well positioned for holding it while you maneuver and cast skills, but the position of the upper trigger (L) on the very end of the controller rather than underneath it means you have an awkward grip on the left side of the Pro Controller to try to hold the target lock while moving.flarbear11 3d
3d Whimsydale/Whimsyshire Bling on Console Can anyone tell me for certain if the Spectrum Sword, Rainbow Portrait, & Cosmic Wings are still attainable? I realize the Cosmic Wings will only drop in Whimsydale, however I've farmed Whimsyshire hundreds of times, killed all the identified targets numerous times over, and have gotten no drops on the Spectrum Sword, or Rainbow Portrait. I'm willing to put in the time to find them, but I just want to verify I'm not wasting my time. I'm gaming on a PS4. Thanks in advance for your help.EightballVA4 3d
3d Help needed Hai SW-8530-6758-8886 New on switch can anyone help power level thxSagittarius0 3d
3d New on switch need power level Hi I’m new on switch , can anyone power level me thanks, this is my friend code Hai SW-8530-6758-8886Sagittarius0 3d
3d Super sharp primal stream interested in OP noob weapons? check out my last random stream here LOL Anyone have any great primal weapons?REDACT3D0 3d
3d Casual D3 Switch Friends I have played D3 since release on PC, Xbox, PS4, and now the switch. I play non season for fun. Looking for friends playing any class/build. If you play this way, feel free to add me. SW-4910-8627-8011bones911220 3d
4d Switch D3 needs voice chat It would be much better if we had an in-game voice chat so we can coordinate a rift or simply tell someone who's the same class has us that we need a specific item so if they drop they can give it to us. No chat at all kinda feels empty and coldImperius5 4d
4d Any updates on Amiibo? Got the Switch so I can play D3 on the go but also kinda excited about this amiibo functionality. Any updates when we're getting the first amiibo? I mean other than the one in our stash. Also do amiibo compatible games usually get more than 1 amiibo? It would be a fun to know we'll get something new every once in a while.ETpagh9 4d
5d S15 Ends Jan 6, S16 Starts Jan 11 ...EddieLMT3 5d
5d LF decent Inna's Reach on XB1 LF Inna's Reach with the following, (numbers preferred but not necessary) Dex 1125 Damage 1439-1788 Damage % 10% Atk Spd % 7% Mystic Ally % 120% Socket 1 I know I probably won't find exactly what I am looking for, but as long as it has decent mystic ally and has the other stats, I'm good. I have a cube to add a socket if I need to. I am on Xbox1, if anybody has anything close to what I'm looking for that they dont need, I would be very grateful.Amystika0 5d
5d Flawless Victory bug still after patch I started the game with the patch and I didn't get the flawless victory season journey objective. And I did clear 3 conquests this season before the patch came out. Greets, VVereaux14 5d
5d Switch - Disable motion controls (Dodge) Please let us disable the flick to dodge on Joycons. Its super frustrating watching my character dodge around like a fool because I happen to scratch my head, albeit a bit amusing. I've searched quite a bit through the menus and there isn't an option from what I can find. Searching on the forums or anywhere else has been a pain because of certain Blizz-Con news unleashing the hellgates of repeated posts. So if theres a way to do it and I've missed it please let me know. If not, PLEASE patch in an option for that. And yes I understand its purpose is for single joycon players to be able to dodge. I'm playing with both and both do it, its the worst.BearAE7 5d
5d New type of rift boss?? I was clearing a T10 rift in all yellows and my newly acquired full class set when after killing a yellow elite a boss spawned, it was similar looking to Diablo and quickly filled the screen with small red orbs (same skin as the lightning orbs). It also had a unique name plate Not knowing what it was and being in crappy gear it quickly pwnd me and despawned in the immortal words of the cat "what is it?"Hardonails7 5d
6d Necromancer on xbox 360? Im curious if any future updates will be on the 360 as well or just pc/ps4/xbox one. i have an account on pc, but i primarily play on 360 with friends/roomates. anyone have any info on this?FapFaps63 6d
6d Anyone playing Switch online? I can't find anyone playing online for Switch, whether doing campaign or adventure. I have tried quick match for any quest, and with characters at level 1 or level 50. Anybody else having the same issue?schwabby3 6d
6d Blizz giving FREE Diablo 3 bundle switch At times I though it is an "off season" april fools joke again but it is the truth. Read the description. In order for a chance to win D3 bundle & a Switch YOU NEED TO TAKE A PIC with yourself playing D3 ON SWITCH???? I thought it was a mistake typo it is suppose to be take a pic of yourself playing D3 on PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox360 or Xbox1. question so if I already own a switch & D3 why the hell would I want another d3 or switch? Could you sent me another game :p PS: my mate mention it is more of a gimmick because D3 switch sales is bad so maybe friends own switch you might want to borrow it & you yourself go buy a D3 copy to play on your friend/mate switch. In all honesty even I own switch & have d3 copy I never even bother to play d3 in it.. moreover my D3 PS4 which I played a lot the only sad thing is POE is not out this week but gladly darksiders 3 is there... I will support POE & other PS4 similar d3 type of games... Although I will not play POE because I know my time will be at resident evil 2 but I will make sure POE is brand new seal or day/week 1 purchase. My last purchase/support from blizz is the D3 copy for my switch in all honesty do I really want D4 I dun even know but I do know if Wolcen comes out for PS4 I would gladly supported them over D4 (Although D4 is not out but I sure know either it is a copy system from other similar skill tree from other games whereas Wolcen made a brand new skill tree where every skill/build just look at how they do Elemental Damage)Teresa5 6d
6d Whats going to be the best for S16 on PS4 Deciding between what to pick for S16. Leaning towards monk since I barely play monk and people are saying its going to be OP. Not sure if their best build(s) are easy to play on controller or not. What do you guys think is going to be strongest. Ideally something that can get me far with the haedrigs giftAdaM6 6d