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Sep 19 Patch 2.6.1d - Patch Notes (9/18/2018) Diablo III patch 2.6.1d is now live in the Americas for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One! This is a small patch to address some minor bug fixes to Patch 2.6.1 and implement the Season 15 theme buff. If you'd like to see the patch notes from 2.6.1, please click here. DIABLO III PATCH 2.6.1d Visit our Bug Report forum for a list of known issues. If you are experiencing technical issues with the patching process, connecting to Blizzard Services after installing the patch, or errors while playing a newly-patched game, please visit our support site or post in the Technical Support forum for assistance. GENERAL A number of minor bug fixes have been implemented. SEASONS Implemented the Themed Season buff for Season 15: Boon of the Horadrim For more information about Season 15’s theme, please see our blog hereTyvalir0 Sep 19
May 1 Patch 2.6.1a Now Live on PS4 and Xbox One Greetings, nephalem! Patch 2.6.1a is now live for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This patch should bring these console versions up to patch parity with PC. For the PC version of the patch notes, please check the launcher under Options -> Patch Notes on the Diablo III game tab. General StarCraft 20th Anniversary The StarCraft 20th Anniversary pet has been added to the game. All players should unlock this item upon entering their first game after patching. Bug Fixes Several bug fixes have been applied to the Season Journey in order to allow proper completion of tasks and ConquestsNevalistis0 May 1
Jul 26, 2017 Console: Some Items Disappear after Porting Hey all, We're aware of a current issue on both Xbox One and PS4 where, if certain items are left on the ground and your character ports to another location, those items may not remain once you return to them if there is no active player in that area. This currently applies to: Progress Orbs Health Globes Nephalem Glory Globes Gold Blood Shards We are actively working on a high priority patch for this, and it is currently undergoing testing. Because this can impact Blood Shards, we wanted to make sure players are aware and diligent in spending your shards prior to entering Rifts that may cap you out on the currency. We'll update this thread as soon as we have confirmation that the hotfix has gone live.Nevalistis0 Jul 26, 2017
6h Switch version patch & content support? - Will the Switch version receive day and date patches as the PC and other consoles do? - Will the Switch have seasons?Nysro1 6h
11h Nin switch preorder items ? It shows purple wings but it says pre order now? My question is- do you have to pre-order? I see nothing stating these items will not be available for anyone who purchases it. Anyone have info? Also can I use these pre order items on my PC account also ? BONUS question- Can I get the green wings on Nin Switch ?LunchBox1 11h
12h PS4 PLevel Season Looking for a power level on the ps4 seasonal. HMU — kindoflethalo-oStickNSquirt2 12h
16h I can’t solo GR 70 I power lvld to 70/1080 I am running a full set of thorns of the invoker. I get 1 shotted in GR70. How can I improve? Did me power lvling throw something off?shiverman21 16h
19h Rat dps rolls question I was wondering at what rolls i should aim at. Especially the chc. Rn my rat dps sheet isnt high because i rolled out chc on a bunch of stuff, however my mages hit 4000B avg and trillions when all buffs align. The reason i rolled off some chc is because the znec corpse lance is giving me chc. However i wonder if it would still be better to get chc over vit or life % or cdr even tho the znec gives chc. Thank youOgustuce4 19h
1d Multiplayer d3 ps3/ps4 Can i do multiplayer on a ps3 d3 with a ps4 d3?taaipop1 1d
1d Sprinter or Speed Racer anyone (PS4)? I'm almost geared up in softcore for it. I'll need to create an HC character for that conquest though. While I can do them solo, these conquests on the PS4 are actually harder to run as a group, hence looking for a group to accomplish them. PSN: NytegardBehindTimes40 1d
1d Diablo 3 on ps4? Is there ANYONE out there thats willing to play some diablo 3 domstolen?lolikok090 1d
1d Leveling 1-70 and new friends I just started this seaosn and I wanted to see if anyone would do 1-70 leveling with me and maybe we can become friends PSN:Day_KidDay0 1d
1d PS4 game Language I just bought the game on PS4 and everything is on spanish, i can't understand nothing. How do i change language?NierCreed2 1d
2d D3 Switch NO mods/hacks/cheats Right? The reason I stopped playing on PS; was because someone gave me a sword that boosted my exp to like max paragon level. I instantly stopped having fun and hadn’t touched the game since. With Nintendo consoles, that won’t be possible right? The game should be well protected against mods/hacks/cheats, right? That is a game I wanna play, it would be so fresh and fun to play D3 knowing it was all legit and hacker free.LaRogue18 2d
2d Simulacrum questions Ok so simulacrum is a pet. So when is attack (melee) it does benefit from enhancements like enforcer gem, tasker and theo, frailty: blood scent, etc. But what about the spells from simulacrum? Lets say i make my simulacrum cast a bone spear, will that bones spear have dmg% from enforcer and do more dmg to a cursed enemy by frealty: blood scent? Thank youOgustuce19 2d
2d Need a HC boost Xbox one gamertag Reckless_X_Con Lost my save in file transfer would like a boost to clear HC please helpSkolia60 2d
2d Ps4 season 15 power level If anyone had some free time a seasonal power level would be appreciated :) PSN: hernon4316nomnomnom1 2d
3d Looking for help and advice I'm noob freshly playing for a month now but I need some advice and help getting my dmg up or what I need to focus on or if I need to change my build or gear. 3d
3d question about cross-play and gear share Ive got a question about cross-play between xbox and pc. why cant they do the same thing ARK did and just release the same version of the game on microsoft store to allow pc players to play with their console friends without losing the control the computer has? Im honestly just seeing a huge diffrence between the 2. Also the whole loss of gear share on console seasons, isnt there anything they can do about that?Sannis6 3d
3d Necro lf rat runs-ps4 Hey guys, i got a rathma set up for rat runs. If you need 1 for rat runs, throw me an inv. Ty Also got a zdps necro Psn: green-_-powerOgustuce4 3d
3d Why no additional stash tabs for consoles ? As title says, pc players can unlock additional stash tabs at a certain season journey point. Why is that not offered to console players blizz ? Please consider adding that. Else BIG THX for bringing seasons to console, thats really a big plus and that alone made me purchase a PS4 copy of D3 UE. Finally chilling on the couch while playing D3; yeash ! :DNINEGRAVES25 3d
4d Akarat's Champion glitch On PS4 I run a crusader with the Akkhans condemn build all standard equipment and skills powers excetera. At higher level Rifts I noticed that my Akarats champion turns into a debuff. Yes it has a red border with a down arrow rather than a green border with an up Arrow. When this happens always die. This isn't intentional is it?Valmunin3 4d
4d Haedrigs gift can i get the seasons gift on multiple chars im starting a new char wnna know if i can still get the setsShearkhan1 4d
4d Largest Diablo 3 legit club on Xbox one. Hello, I am "the red worm" on xbox one and run the largest Diablo 3 club. Our clubs name is "diablo 3 legit only" if you search diablo it is the first one listed. You can follow this link to join the club via Microsoft's website. Our club has over 3400 members as of tonight. We do get people that join that don't exactly know what legit means. We have our members police the group to help keep it clear of people with modded gear. If you play with someone that is using modded gear take a screenshot on xbox and report it to the admins in the group and they will be banned. Even if you play with randoms and someone not in group and they are modding you can screenshot and we will ban them so they can never attempt to join the group. If you are looking for like minded players who want to play the game the way it's meant to be played check us out. We have veterans, rookies, softcore and hardcore.theredworm46 4d
4d Xbox power level I was wondering if anyone would be able to power level me quickly on normal mode. Gt is boklarokBoklarok2 4d
4d Xbox mouse and keyboard Now that Xbox is getting offial mouse and keyboard support who would like to see the PC version port over? Maybe even some cross play.toombs8 4d
5d Angry Chicken question I'm trying a Chicken WD for the first time, one thing about the build has me slightly puzzled. Sometimes I stay in Chicken form after an explosion allowing multiple explosions per 15 seconds, other times I revert immediately back, even if I have just activated Hex. Is this intended? Is there an internal cooldown on the ability and I'm doing a force revert? It's a fun build, but seems really inconsistent.Abandurak2 5d
5d playstation 4 pet ? Hello, I found my first pet is that all the pets do is collect gold or is there some that fight as well as pick up gold. Thanks for stopping by and a big thanks for your help. Have a good day.MASSDAMAGE6912 5d
5d where do i get keys to do the great riftSnow7 5d
6d Paragon Level What is currently the highest known Paragon level? Just curious as to how high I can go.RangeMan15 6d
Oct 9 No Headrig Rewards from Season 15 Xbox Season 15 Character didnt recieve any set items from haedrig mailbox is inoperable on xbox one already completed up to and including half of slayerLymryck4 Oct 9
Oct 9 hoe to do a multi player game on counsil I am starting back after a six year break where I always played on computer. When using playstation where do I join a game or start an open game. I have only reached level 55 since restartingSnow3 Oct 9
Oct 9 zbarb s15 xboxone if anyone needs me give me shout over 1k para looking for group thxandykod773 Oct 9
Oct 9 Community Classes Thread If possible devs, can you all unlock the Community Classes Thread so Console players can comment and ask questions as well. If not, an alternative solution would be to add a community classes for console section to help new and existing players. The classes are the same no matter if you are on console or PC. So console players not being able to participate in the Classes discussion is unfair. Once again, if you all can add a console version of the Classes threads that would be awesome as well.Cirocband8 Oct 9
Oct 9 Where are ya'll??? Why is no one playing on Xbox One right now?Loonation1111 Oct 9
Oct 8 Switch data download This is interesting...I had pre-ordered on Amazon but then I figured, why bother with a game chip. I canceled Amazon and pre-ordered off Nintendo's estore. It proceeded to download 13 gigs of data! It says I can't play the game yet (of course) but I do like the idea that I could download stuff in advance of release day.MojoD0 Oct 8
Oct 8 PS4 players? Any PS4 players around that could hit me up with a seasonal soft core power level? Can return the favour with a seasonal hardcore power level if you’d like? PSN: ShellasaurusRexShellasaurus0 Oct 8
Oct 7 Does murlocket still drop on PS4 See title and questions below. Does it drop in season as well? Does it drop for level 70 characters? Does it drop in any difficulty? Does it also drop from Razormouth or only from Moontooth Dreadshark?* *See this post someone mentioning that it drops from Razormouth as well. He spawns in the Black Canyon Mines and can be a bounty target. Moontooth Dreadshark is the commonly known target for the Murlocket. He resides in the Sewers of Caldeum. Just after I posted this and having done over 200 runs it finally dropped. So I can confirm that it drops in season on difficulty T13. This thing is a pretty rare drop. Still curious if Razormouth drops it as well.Pr1m3v1l0 Oct 7
Oct 7 Friends Need friends for xbox 360 doomcrew1981 just addDoomcrew19811 Oct 7
Oct 7 question about controls hi so on pc if i am playing monk i wear a helm to place wave of light where either my mouse pointer is. how dose it work on consoles do you use both thumb sticks or can you only cast in front of youhawkkiwi5 Oct 7
Oct 6 Missing cosmetics tab When I open my Xbox 360 either vanilla or ROS I have no cosmetics tab even after patching. The dyes are still with the potions but nothing for wings or petsBRey4 Oct 6
Oct 6 Necromancer on xbox 360? Im curious if any future updates will be on the 360 as well or just pc/ps4/xbox one. i have an account on pc, but i primarily play on 360 with friends/roomates. anyone have any info on this?FapFaps61 Oct 6
Oct 6 Season 15? Debating whether I should start season 15 or not. (For the cosmetics) I detest starting over. It's not like I can play with others to complete the journey faster. Ughh. Since there is plenty of time left in the season I'll probably start tomorrow. If I play a little everyday I'll get the cosmetics. But damn if I hate starting over..Nems10157 Oct 6
Oct 5 Season leveling I’m on Xbox one and I’m now trying to get into the seasons but it is taking me forever to get through the story line and level up. Looking for tips and people to play with if anyone is interested. I have multiple level 70 characters with full sets but I’m trying to get up higher than torment 10-13 with at least one of them.CRUM87195 Oct 5
Oct 5 Hide UI on consoles? As far as I understood patch 2.4.2 introduced that feature at least on PC. Is that option also available on PS4 (if yes, which key)? Would be great to take nice screenshots.Nerix5 Oct 5
Oct 5 Transferring ROS characters from ps3 to ps4 Hi all Just wondering if it is possible to transfer ROS characters from ps3 to the ps4 version of the game? I have just finished the UEE on ps3 and am interested in buying a ps4 for the ongoing patch support :)Forevermorez25 Oct 5
Oct 4 PS4 D3 Error-Cannot Join friends This has been a problem since i got the game but recently it has become so bad i cannot play with my friends at all. We load up D3 and try to join each others games either by joining or by inviting and we get the same error, there was a problem joining the game. Now normally when this happens we restart D3, sometimes even our PS4's and this goes away. But recently its constant. Everything we have tried has failed and are unable whatsoever to play together. Anyone happen to have any solution to this, or anything we could try?Balabah30 Oct 4