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37m Torment IV with DH? (Season 16) Howdy Folks, I came back to Diablo 3 with the Switch release, and have been enjoying the heck out of Season 16. I have a Lvl 70 (43 paragon) DH using a Natalya build (as this is what you get for completing the Chapters), and have gotten up to the Torment IV portions of Chapter 4. However, I just cannot survive long in Torment IV. Torment I is easy, and Torment II isn't too bad (I haven't actually tried Torment III), but I need to Torment IV to continue the Season Journey? I stumbled upon a 'Calamity' Ancient Legendary Weapon early, which came with ~2986 damage, to which I just added a socket (thanks Remaldi's Gift), to up it to ~3200 damage, but Torment IV seems to need way more than that. What are some ways to boost DH damage values, so that I can succeed in Torment IV? I have putt he biggest Emeralds I have into my sockets to boost Dex, and have poured all of my Paragon (applicable) into Dex as well, but still not enough damage :-( Thanks!LinkRS0 37m
17h Do We all know that.. They are never going to add: 1. Voice, or text comms to switch. (seriously WTF Im not using a separate mobile device to chat what the actual !@#$) 2. Better controller support for switch (playing with a 2nd controller while in Handheld mode) 3. Ranked Arenas ( LOL remember when they announced they game with the PVP arena bait and switch LOL) It sucks but this is Activision now, Unless it has micro transactions they are not even paying much attention to it.SolutionS6 17h
20h Looking for Impale RGK We have a 3 man group, zmonk/ zbarb/dps wiz looking for RGK. Preferably an Impale DH.Lothbrok3 20h
20h Seasonal: Multi Characters. I am new to D3RoS Etrna on X box 1 ( Thank you to my son for an awesome Christmas gift. Shout out to Juggalo52491 ) but NOT to D3RoSEta on PC. or 360. My thing is this: I have a DH on season 16. Working on Slayer on up. I have the set dungeon for Nats. I have picked up Marauders and and Shadows from drops. If I wear the Marauders or the Shadows. Is there a specific set dungeon for them? Obviously I cant get into the Nats dungeon without all 6 parts of Nats. I like to run a hybrid ( Thank you Icey Veins for your help .. check out his forums, they rock! ) Are there other dungeons that will open based on armor and not on Char? And.. I started another seasonal char.. not a DH. but a Nec. As I was doing the chapters I wasnt getting drops for a Nec, but for a DH. AND... I wasnt getting ANY of the Haidreds gifts.. for a Nec. Does it mean that I am only going to get the gifts for one seasonal char and not any of them that I start or do? If so , really sad face. Thank you. :)CelticWitch3 20h
22h Switch handheld: single local play only Hello there. First of all me and my wife never played Diablo before. We thought it would be a great addition to our small Switch game list and, man, we weren't wrong! Diablo now is our number one in mind to play together, even seconding Mario Kart, which it is a big deal coming from my wife. We don't have much time to play together, only when our son is sleeping. We dock the switch and get a pair of joycons each. The problem lays when we tried to play in bed as we did sometimes playing Mario kart: me holding the switch handheld mode and she by my side with her controller, sharing the same view. Our surprise was we can't do that in Diablo 3 for some strange reason. I mean, the idea of being able to pick a controller and jump in to play together is amazing, so why is it planned like this? So I would like to humbly ask you devs to allow me and my wife being able to snuggle in bed while killing some demons! In other words, being able to add a second controller/player while handheld mode. It would be fantastic! Thank you guys so much. D3 is awesome!!! Cheerios.mangojambo5 22h
22h Switch Portal crashes I've had D3 on my Switch for about 3 weeks now. Roughly 200 hours into the game. In that time I've had about 5-6 crashes. All of these crashes happened while in either a greater rift, Whimsydale, or Vault portals. Just playing, killing things. The crash will either close the game out on me or if I die, I can't do anything. No buttons, other than the Home button, have any effect. Can't revive. This doesn't happen with every portal. Seems to be random & I can't just recreate the issue, but I'm worried whenever I enter any of the above mentioned portals. Also, a side note, after the crash where I die and can't do anything other than close them game myself, the pet needs to be equipped again. Maybe this is pet specific? Pets I've had this happen with are Lady Morthanlu, Queen of the Succubi, and Grunkk. This is a physical copy of the game, btw. I'll try changing pets to something else & continue the grind, to see if it continues to happen.Cruciarius1 22h
1d Ruby Gem on Helm, exp% @70 on Console I recently noticed that if you put a ruby gem on Helm, it reads 41%, and nothing else. While on PC, it reads “41%, 4.1% at Lv70”. Also on Char sheet it reads 35.3%. I wonder how all these works? If the Ruby exp% is indeed above 15%, it will be hugely helped leveling paragons since console usually not played as often as PC. Anyone knows how it is?Lavarose3 1d
1d Console-PC I bought Diablo and like the whole deluxe set with the wings on console and was wondering if I could get my xbox account merged with my PC blizzard account so I can access my characters from my PC..Phantumluv4 1d
1d R.I.P. DiabloFans I'm sure you'll be missed by many.EddieLMT6 1d
1d Amiibo is back on Gamestop Just noticed, if anyone is interested. Ship date is 5/31 though.arranblue1 1d
2d any ps4 players - playing diablo4? That warhammer: Chaosbane looks like it could be a diablo4 type game, just wondering if anyone on the ps4 platform is going to give it a tryTaetew0 2d
2d Season 16: Barb 70/50 Quest Solo GR20 I've been playing since late December. With my first Barb, trying Icy Veins Fresh 70 beginners build. I know my gear is not there yet, but I'm trying to complete chapter 4 so I can finish the set. Currently going weapon/shield, but don't know if I'm better off with two weapons or two-handed weapon. GR20 is taking forever so I know my dps sucks. I know this is very gear specific, but any advice would be greatly appreciated.xXNaeblisXx4 2d
2d Switch - Can't join friends Everytime I tried to join/invite my friends, it always show this error: "there was a problem joining the game" I already change my ISP (i have 2 connection in the house). it's the same. anyone else having the same problem?Zervo27 2d
3d Ramaladni's Gift drops xbox one I know that Ramaladni's Gift drops are rare but I've been playing local co-op with my girlfriend since Christmas and I've received about 8 without any treasure find buffs but she's still to get her first. Just wondering if there are hidden luck rolls? She plays Barbarian and I'm a NecromancerH4ddster5 3d
3d Multiplayer Lag Anyone else experiencing lag/rubberbanding while in a group of 4 players? I can play solo and it will lag once in awhile but while in a public game it was lagging so bad there was a 2 second delay on my demon hunter while vaulting, this has been happening the entire season 10 and its getting annoying. This is on xbox one sZergling6 3d
3d Thorns and Nephalem Glory issue So, I have put together a LoN pet Thorns build on X1. I have been testing out various mechanics/gear/skill interactions for a solo build and a group RGK build. During game play I was noticing that I did not seem to get a change in damage output while I had double damage from Nephalem Glory. Further testing revealed that thorns in fact does not benefit from Nephalem Glory. I found this to be odd as Nephalem Glory Double Damage is supposed to be a generic double all damage mechanic. Just asking if anyone may know the reasoning behind this. I have an edited video that is online for viewing comparing thorns damage with exactly the same gear, with and without double damage. in both scenarios the thorns damage was for 37.2K (severely nerfed build by the way, just for testing) address of video: 3d
3d PS4 Wizard needed for group push. Support Barb and support monk looking for DPS Twister Wiz to push high GR on PS4. Not opposed to adding an RGK for 4 man though! Possibly DH or Necro. Its my first time playing support and I’m having a blast but our current DPS is slacking bigtime, looking to replace.Lothbrok2 3d
3d I Can't find better gear! So I've been playing diablo 3 on PS4 for about a week...grinding rifts like they're nobodys business and i've maybe done over 100 rifts and haven't got a single piece better than what i already have. I'm only able to do T7 rifts solo but i do T3 just so i can speed i off about something?Amzina23 3d
3d Charge Barb on Switch? Hey all, I'm playing on Switch and have been messing around with Charge barb (IK6R4). I originally played HOTA IK and it was super easy. Trying to switch to charge I've found it really hard to consistently charge where I actually want to go, obviously this is much easier with a keyboard. I cleared GR92 with HOTA fairly comfortably, but tried it with charge and didn't get close. Am I missing something or is just more practice needed? I'm thinking of just going back to HOTA IK for ease. Thoughts?Rad1 3d
3d 53x Rainbow goblin's before wings dropped. 24x Rainbow goblin's I've found if you wanna solo farm him for cosmic wings. Cathedral and cemetery of the forsaken all 3 tombs. I've been doing just these places for three days now solo play. I've found over 9 rainbow goblin spawns in act 1 for those three days. Also I do fields of misery the tomb there as well. Just stay in act 1 and do these spots repeatedly you will get rainbow goblin spawns for those beautiful cosmic wings.Holy33 3d
4d Switch season power level Anyone able to help a fellow Slayer of demons power level on the switch? Much appreciated :)Sephyxia59 4d
4d Ps4 players I just lost all my guys can someome help me get to 70 real quick so i can at least play harder difficulty. It would make my day. My name is kannon55 on ps4Kannon550 4d
4d Elective Mode How do you access elective mode for Xbox One so you can chose multiple skills from the same branch?xXNaeblisXx1 4d
4d Nintendo Switch LF friends Looking for some friends to play Diablo with on the Switch. I’m brand new to the game, but I have leveled up at least one character to 70 in Seasonal mode.DeadlyPants3 4d
5d Primal Ancient in season 16 I'm playing on ps4. I've never played season character. In season 15, I farmed with 4 characters (4 joy con) for Primal Ancient in Rift and GR. I got atleast 1 piece of Primal Ancient per 1-2 day. But in season 16, I also farm with 4 characters since the season began. Unfortunately, I cannot find any piece of Primal Ancient. I tried solo each of my characters in GR 70+ before contunue farming but there is no sign of Primal Ancient. Do you guys get any Primal Ancient in Rift or GR in this season? Or drop rate has been changed? I don't want to reroll with Canai's Cube.Mhenny32 5d
6d Boss Mode on Switch Need some help, keep coming up 2 bosses short on solo. Anyone else need this?Rezzle0 6d
6d Legit Xbox One players Add me or leave your gamertag below if you play legit and are looking to add friends. My gamertag is shippedmypants.doggoneitsdj346 6d
6d Console Issues - Why Are They Still There? I fail to comprehend why there are still ridiculously significant standing issues among the console design of the game. 1. Leader boards need to be cleaned out of hackers REGULARLY. Do -NOT- advertise a competitive leader board if it is not even remotely that. Clearing a 150 in 1.5 minutes is dumb and obviously illegitimate. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. 2. Game host - reconnecting to new host. Why can it not just transfer the current game over? And -WHY- do you not have a host server for this game? D3 for PC is probably played less than console if not the same. I don't even care if you still keep us separate. I'm just sick of losing bounty progression or going through three loading screens because people leave. 3. CPU lag. My Switch freezes when I'm in a solo rift let alone a four man. Remove shadowing if you have to, but the choppiness is completely unacceptable. 4. Loot share. Why has this not be carried forward to console? At least Switch doesn't have it. 5. Rainbow Goblins. Make an announcement when Whimsy has been opened just like the vault. 6. Option to kick players from party. If someone is AFK, let us kick them. 7. "Enchanting" rerolls. Why do we only get two options when PC gets three? 8. Form of communication; we obviously cannot communicate via text so why haven't you implemented voice? That's all I have for now, but I am sure there is a lot more.Luridbane24 6d
Feb 16 Switch Season Leaderboard DH solo 150? Just check out Greater Rift Leaderboards of Demon Hunter, and No.1 is saifeng who finishes Tier 150 in 8:17.566, just wanna know how blizzard view it. Also, Crusader No.1 whose every single piece is primal ancient, is it even possible just one month after the release?Fear4nothing17 Feb 16
Feb 15 Switch Error Code: 2000-2060 Anyone know how to fix this? I get it every few minutes and it closes the game. Edit: Both the game software and my Switch are up to date.Luridbane1 Feb 15
Feb 14 Staff of Herding for the Switch I have the complete Herding staff once, but I wasn't aware where to get them. I heard it's different for console vs PC. So, where are these ingredient located on the Switch?Deadonarival13 Feb 14
Feb 14 Any updates on Amiibo? Got the Switch so I can play D3 on the go but also kinda excited about this amiibo functionality. Any updates when we're getting the first amiibo? I mean other than the one in our stash. Also do amiibo compatible games usually get more than 1 amiibo? It would be a fun to know we'll get something new every once in a while.ETpagh27 Feb 14
Feb 13 Switch – Can't complete Years of War As the title says, I've done Marauder, Natalya, Vyr, Firebird, and Tal Rasha, but have attempted with Shadow and Jade Harvester sets and cannot get this Conquest to complete. I'm perpetually at 5 out of 6 checkmarks. Also for some reason the Leaderboard on the Switch says that only 3 out of the 4 class sets count for this, so Unhallowed Essence and DMO don't qualify, either. I've tried at GR55, higher difficulties, 5-piece (RRG completions count), 6-piece to be sure, and nothing. I'm reading here and on Reddit that this has been a problem since 2017. Has anyone encountered this, and have you gotten any of your sixth set completions to count for the Conquest? I'm starting to think I should just give up and try one of the others.Chatturgha2 Feb 13
Feb 13 Advancing to higher torments I’m playing on the switch, and I can do runs and rifts on T9 fairly easily. But I can’t go any higher without almost being one shot killed... I’m wondering how to get stronger to do the higher T levels? I’ve got the full immortal set and most of the wastes set, do I need to focus on legendaries instead? It can’t be the paragon is it? I want to be able to solo farm on T13 but can’t pass where I’m at...Cricket14 Feb 13
Feb 13 Wings on Console So I’ve been looking to see if anyone knows the name of these wings or even better how to get them. The best way I can describe them is by saying they look like the wings on diablo, they’re red and on fire. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.MarinesLife2 Feb 13
Feb 13 Nintendo Switch Voice Chat Am I just missing something or is voice chat just blatantly not anywhere to be found? Only information to be found is that your suppose to be able to use the Nintendo Switch Online App on mobile. However, to be frank, that is just complete garbage, not being able to use the same headset for game audio and voice chat, on a console, especially a portable one, is just a complete developmental brainfart. Who's idea was it to have game sound on one device and voice chat on another?Aromashodu33 Feb 13
Feb 13 Hardcore on Nintendo Switch Hey all, it's really hard to find hardcore players to group with. I've created a hardcore only group and discord. Discord info: Feb 13
Feb 12 Can’t hear game chat - Xbox One Past seasons it worked fine, but this season neither my wife and I - playing on two consoles - can hear the regular game chat. We can see the green sound bars appear next to the headset icon next to our own name, but not anybody else. We can’t hear each other through the game chat either. Xbox party chat works just fine. The issue is only with the built-in game chat. This is particularly problematic when pubbing bounties. Anybody have ideas?Rebel72546 Feb 12
Feb 12 CONQUESTS I just need to complete the Easy task to get the portrait. The task is just to complete one Conquest... which is not easy at all, LOL. Seriously, I haven't even come close to finishing any of them. I am thinking that maybe the 3 gems at 65 might be doable? Since it is the only grinding one. But, I am not sure about that. I am using Barb and I ONLY play solo. Has anyone finish one, which is the "easiest" one to actually do?Hebarb5 Feb 12
Feb 11 Pacific Time Zone switch players Looking for switch players in the pt zone. Wondering if there is already a discord chat or anything for comms. Wanting to play with more people in my time zone.Cricket2 Feb 11
Feb 11 delete DoneNirumano2 Feb 11
Feb 11 Ps4 conquest Looking for a ps4 group for the 350 chest kills conquestRedfish1 Feb 11
Feb 11 Legendary Gems List Rework/Add So.. I'm pretty much done having to scroll all the way to the bottom of the list to level my gems. Why can't we have them at the top so we can click the ones we want right away or is this yet another console troll? At least add a button in options so we can decide whether we want our leveled gems at the top or bottom of the list. I'm on ps4 by the way.nibz0 Feb 11
Feb 10 Ring=bug??? Has any one gotten a ancient legendary ring on console that gives u major damage and health ect... cause my step mom got one in her mail box on Xbox 1 D3ROS and it was sent to her and she doesn't know who sent it and it basically makes her a god so far and it keeps on popping up missing items and test holder buffs on the side of the screen. Any ideas?zander7 Feb 10
Feb 10 [Xbox One/Nintendo Switch] Diablo Universe Diablo Universe (XBOX ONENINTENDO SWITCH) Welcome fellow gamers! Our community consists of players across the entire Diablo franchise. We play Diablo 1, Diablo 2, Diablo 3, Diablo 4 (Future release) and Diablo Immortal (Future release). We do not allow mods, hacks or glitches. We are a legitimate group only. We welcome experienced and new players alike. Feel free to ask help with anything! We support: Seasonal Seasonal Hardcore Non-Seasonal Hardcore Come on over and find us on Xbox or Xbox App under Clubs: Diablo UniverseORION0 Feb 10
Feb 10 HC PSN EvilMrGold Season HC, Para 820 Speed runs on GR 90 Let's team up. Add me. Can also help new players.OrangJuice1 Feb 10
Feb 9 Season 16; Slayer: Master a Set Dungeon New to D3 and Necro on Xbox One trying to complete this quest. Going to Bones of Rathma Act 2, Shrouded Moors, Sacred Path Cave and when I enter I do not find the pillar. What am I doing wrong?xXNaeblisXx3 Feb 9