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May 1 Patch 2.6.1a Now Live on PS4 and Xbox One Greetings, nephalem! Patch 2.6.1a is now live for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This patch should bring these console versions up to patch parity with PC. For the PC version of the patch notes, please check the launcher under Options -> Patch Notes on the Diablo III game tab. General StarCraft 20th Anniversary The StarCraft 20th Anniversary pet has been added to the game. All players should unlock this item upon entering their first game after patching. Bug Fixes Several bug fixes have been applied to the Season Journey in order to allow proper completion of tasks and ConquestsNevalistis0 May 1
Jul 26 Console: Some Items Disappear after Porting Hey all, We're aware of a current issue on both Xbox One and PS4 where, if certain items are left on the ground and your character ports to another location, those items may not remain once you return to them if there is no active player in that area. This currently applies to: Progress Orbs Health Globes Nephalem Glory Globes Gold Blood Shards We are actively working on a high priority patch for this, and it is currently undergoing testing. Because this can impact Blood Shards, we wanted to make sure players are aware and diligent in spending your shards prior to entering Rifts that may cap you out on the currency. We'll update this thread as soon as we have confirmation that the hotfix has gone live.Nevalistis0 Jul 26
2h Primal Set Items - PC only? Primal Set Items - PC Only? I apologize if I should know this but I have plenty of primals, all non-set items. Is there no set items that are primal, legendary and ancient only? I have 20+ (ish) of primals, just haven't seen a set item yet.Ez10065 2h
6h Is this a legit Gem? I met a random player today and he gave me an item with a gem in it. I know that hacking is happening with Diablo 3, so is this item legit? Savvy Radiant Star Ruby of Courage Tier 14 Weapon: +130 damage Helm: +31% bonus exp Other: +58 strength I looked it up and one website said it was an outdated item and another said it was an upgrade from Reaper of Souls. Which is it? Thanks. 6h
10h Leaderboards Does ANYONE know if you play on the console is the leaderboard the same as the leaderboard for PC inregards to the total highest rank for the world?RockLee521 10h
14h Game crashes in Adventure Mode on Xbox One Every time I try to go and fight any major boss in adventure mode my game crashes, while I can still do anything else in adventure mode. Per the website I contacted Microsoft Customer support and we tried everything under the sun. He then refereed me back here. Can I please just get some help with my game? I'd really like to continue playing!!LtDoobie0 14h
17h Is the PS4 and Xbox One community dead? I own diablo on both consoles and tried running seasons open to public but I never get anyone to join my game, other than my personal friends of course. Does no one play this game on console anymore?Hostee15 17h
19h Season 14!! Starts tomorrow!! What will everybody be running?EddieLMT22 19h
21h Rat Run Group (XB1) Me and a buddy are trying to get a consistent rat run going. We are looking for zbarbs and rat DPS. Msg me if interested! GT: glee71020antibakemono1 21h
1d LFG PS4 HCS or tips for a new/old player Should I wait until level 70 to beat the campaign? Or should I run through campaign and then make a new character to get the new set items for that toon at lvl 70 instead of 35ish? started playing d3 hardcore on ps4. Haven’t even finished the campaign. Fresh account and new console. Any leveling tips? Obviously I need to get good before I can find a player base of friends to roll with. It’s not like anyone out there’s adopting newbs lol..... So that being said. Should I roll through campaign or wait until I get 70 to finish campaign? So I can get the set items for s14 at lvl 70 instead of 35ish. I started demon hunter only lvl 9 now. Haven’t killed skelly king. if anyone wants to partner up or leave a comment please give a tip or join up my crusade. I figured there might possibly be some tricks but couldn’t find anything relating to ps4 it seems that they are all a little different? Thoughts? M gamer tag is cioud-420 if anyone wants to add me.thumpr10 1d
1d Last Season data gone? Just logged on for the first time this season and my previous season's data is completely gone. All of my cosmetics are gone, including my wings and pets. Has anyone else had this problem or any solutions on getting things restored?Binxies10 1d
1d Legit PS3 players list Decided to start a list of PS3 Diablo 3 and RoS players. Please leave your PSN, Whether you play just regular D3 or RoS and whether you play HC or SC. Thank you and I will try and update this list regularly. PSN Names: Nyr0-no-name - (RoS) (HC & SC) Mayhem_Barbie - (RoS) (SC) cdn_bacon13 - (RoS) (SC) ekunpsu -(RoS) (HC & SC) Bionicslhand - (RoS) (HC) MurdrHouse - (RoS) (SC) WickedPringles - (RoS) (SC) deadlyarrival - (RoS) (SC) Skullandbones94 - (RoS) (HC & SC) ZealousZealot - (RoS) (SC) oneoneonekc - (RoS) (SC) evilgodofhorror - (RoS) (SC) CadusBane - (RoS) (SC) braVeda_1 - (RoS) (SC) JRENFER - (RoS) (SC) sirevalance1977 - (RoS) (SC) dapperdanman21 - (RoS) (SC & HC) Jantunus - (RoS) (SC) jtall29 - (RoS) (SC) BYTsnakeman - (RoS) (HC) TheDeadCanDance - (RoS) (HC & SC) Sorlaq - (RoS) (SC & HC) THE-PARTY-GOD - (RoS) (SC) KillerOfSouls- - (RoS) (SC & HC) kainforgotten - (RoS) (SC & HC) atomix84 - (RoS) (SC & HC) Fergubs - (RoS) (SC) Nyarlathotep - (RoS) (SC) Lawbringer7 - (RoS) (SC) Teaghue - (RoS) (SC) Milfinator34 - (RoS) (SC) LucasAbbiati - (RoS) (SC) SDB001 - (RoS) (SC) RAWdirtnastydave - (RoS) (SC) kingbmo2 - (RoS) (SC) supermanzded - (RoS) (SC) Articulo_Mortis - (RoS) (SC) Rydlz - (RoS) (SC) Spawny421 - (RoS) (SC) Titanzdude - (RoS) (SC) ImrtalDarkns - (RoS) (HC) TeHdAbWiZ - (RoS) (SC) zamfir89 - (RoS) (SC) LokiF77 - (RoS) (SC) onlysim15 - (RoS) (SC) caraDloko - (RoS) (SC) Jizzasa - (RoS) (SC) Deathwishx2 - (RoS) (SC) Annihiliator86 - (RoS) (SC) Onetime497543321 - (RoS) (SC) Pwnda0 - (RoS) (SC) WreCdum - (RoS) (SC) Nemesis213 - (RoS) (SC) Guide- - (RoS) (SC) ObeyNig - (RoS) (SC) ZeeSw33ny - (RoS) (SC) snowman_dmork - (RoS) (SC) sneakenjonte - (RoS) (HC & SC) mod_prom37h3u5 - (RoS) (SC) Thisiscobras - (RoS) (SC) WhiteBoySlap69x - (RoS) (SC) Kobe_Ng_Pinas - (RoS) (SC) ticklemykelmo - (RoS) (HC) Snix9000000 - (RoS) (SC) seahawkfan2014 - (RoS) (SC) JRingo1717 - (RoS) (SC) BigSwede - (RoS) (SC) Hales - (RoS) (SC) WesleyKT - (RoS) (SC) EteruNamida - (RoS) (SC) Twizzler82 - (RoS) (SC) Airatome118 - (RoS) (SC) Dadywolf - (RoS) (SC) Cyriclez - (RoS) (SC) Am_I_Sheogorath - (RoS) (SC&HC) FrostyZero - (RoS) (SC&HC) Mr_Magnus - (RoS) (SC) Acclizal - (RoS) (SC) kainforgotten - (D3) (HC&SC)xNYROx334 1d
1d Off Topic BS II Does anyone have a game (current gen or not)they absolutely love but no one else has heard of it, let alone plays it? Perhaps an obscure game that isn't considered AAA? For me that would be The Town Of Light on X1 (and PS4) My 1st walking simulator but the attention to detail and images in books are disturbing (in a creative way). A gem that is not widely known.Nems101514 1d
1d Xbox one Seeking Xbox Xbox one players my tag is stotekStotek4 1d
1d Season 14 Xbox One I’m working on my Necromancer for season 14. Looking for players to run with. Add me: Cirocband Shoot me a message if you’re interested. :-)Cirocband1 1d
1d Prioritizing legendary gems Instead of having to scroll all the way down the list to upgrade gems, can we get a way to move them to the top ourselves or place them in the order we choose? This is for ps4, not too sure about Xbox..nibz0 1d
1d New Exploit Stopped In my video I released a few days ago that detailed a save editor being used for Seasonal characters on PS4 for D3 ( I'm happy to say that the cheats that worked for Seasonal characters has been pulled from that service. That means Season 14 should be good to go.homerjnick20 1d
1d Fairly New, Am I doing it right? Hi guys, I've been playing casually for a couple years, mostly offline as I don't have internet atm. I'm not sure if I'm playing at the correct level or if I should be doing better. I'm currently a paragon 158 barbarian with a WW build. I'm playing greater rifts level 35 on torment 7. I usually finish with a minute or 2 to spare, but I die maybe 2 times. Should I be playing at a different rift level? I don't use the gaurds or whatever they're called, just solo. Any advice would be great, I'm pretty ignorant on all things Diablo, just like to have fun with it. Thx in advance.Zero40k5 1d
1d Screen freezes upon entering a public game Just wanted to see if anyone's had this issue in the last couple of days. Right when I'm loading into another players game from the lobby, the screen freezes along with the music and have to restart the app.nibz0 1d
2d Diablo 3 RoS Xbox 360 Hi everyone, I'm looking for some people to play with on Xbox 360. I have a fresh 70 barb (papa lvl 31). Currently farming items for a Fire Leap EQ build. If anyone wants to play add TheUnderbog. I have a micBulletJon21 2d
2d PS4 Powerlevel Hey is anyone willing to help by powerleveling my demon hunter im new to ps4 but have played alot on pcSnake020257 2d
2d Necromancer Pestilence / Corpse Lance problem I am fairly new to Diablo so copied a Necromancer Pestilence build I saw online. It still needs work but is proving great in rifts. It uses Corpse Lance to deal the main damage. This is great when you have plenty corpses, but I am having problems beating bosses to don't use 'adds' so there are no corpses to use. I may be doing something silly........any help would be great.asdfsafdsf9 2d
2d free key codes crossplatform? i have d3 and ros for pc. i want to give my gamer homies in my town the gift of endless maddness. question to yall is do you think if i took a keycode over to a ps4 that itll be able to register d3 and they can play it. they came with the pc game. thanksmulldabeast9 2d
3d Xbox one. Leveling Gamer tage: Coldfingers88MrT2 3d
3d log to others ps4, overwrite existing file? My friend and I tried to play our own characters in his ps4. but everytime i tried logging in my psn account to import my saved file, there is a message prompting to overwrite the saved data. would his saved file be overwrittten if i imported my saved file?pilosopo1 3d
3d I need help lvling I am looking for someone to help me lvl up my new seasonal character to lvl 70invader686 3d
3d Tansfering of seasonal items Hello guys! I'm new in diablo 3, and i have some questions about seasons. So, i have a female demon hunter as main character, and i created a male witch doctor to play season 14. I want to know if all the items earned with this witch doctor will be transeferd to the deamon hunter when season ends, regardless of them being different classes. If yes, are all the items transferred, or only specific items? Thank you all!K4L1L2 3d
3d Mass Crafting/Combining Gems (Console) Can We please bring mass crafting and mass combining gems to the console version yet? I've been dealing with this for a while and i know a lot of you have to. It's a QoL change i still can't believe isn't even there. What does everyone else think?Moist2 3d
4d New Season Players please READ Haedrigs gift *the free set* MUST be redeemed during seasonal play. There will be prompts at the bottom of the screen that will tell you how to open the bags to get the free set of your character that you are using. IF YOU DO NOT open them before the season ends, YOU DO NOT GET THEM. They will be unavailable to redeem.EddieLMT0 4d
4d Xbox one lf power lvl Xbox one LF season power level Gamertag: Nosferatu1496Nosferatu1 4d
4d Region Play Hello, I'm a big fan of playing Diablo on the PC. Now I bought a PS4 and got a friend that owns one too. We both like to try out the game together on the PS4. Problem is, I live in The Netherlands, and he lives in America (Chicago). Are we able to play together if we buy the game?Riico6 4d
5d Help with multiplayer on xbox 360 Hi there, my son has been playing D3 on his 360 and would like to give mulitplayer a go. I have created an account and linked my Xbox profile to it, but when we click on battlenet in game, there is no multiplayer option. What have I missed? Thanks in advanceMartok4 5d
5d Jeweler stuck on level 11. Help? I'm currently level 70 (p149), finished the whole campaign, and I still have not found a way to increase the Jeweler from level 11 to level 12. This is the only Artisan I had a hard time levelling up, the other two are at level 12. Any ideas why this is happening?Shalashaska10 5d
5d Xbox 360, wizard looking for friends Xbox 360 need friends, no Mic but I'll find it eventually. I run t1-t4 solo so I'll take low lvls too. Add ryuuxd on xbox live.HIBRIA4 5d
5d Ps4 Multiplayer help? How to join public The simple question I'm trying to ask year is how do you join public matches I know how to join my friends matches and other people that I have played with. But I don't understand how I can just joined any random public match as when I hit r3 and I put open public other players seem to join my lobby but never stay I'm just very confused can you please help me out are you only able to join people that you're friends with?PurpCaper80 5d
6d Looking for PS4 players New to PS4 D3 looking for some people to play with. I've played on PC before just not PS4. Only lvl 10 but seems noone ever joins to play. Osn tac086xSlimer18 6d
6d D3 season 14 When does d3 season 14 drop on ps4?Colisha1 6d
6d cant create season hero I can't create a seasonal character on the ps4. getting error saying that creating a seasonal character is unavailable at this time. I can still play on my other season character so the season isn't over. any help?killerpirate5 6d
6d S14 console start ?? When does the console S14 start if the pc version started 5pm??? Anyone knowAmpies4 6d
6d Need some friends =) Hey all! Long time PC gamer and havent played in a few years. Recently got a PS4 and I'm looking for a few players to hang with. =) Please add me if ya want! =) PSN: Galaxybright Game on!Obechu0 6d
Jun 15 Where does Diablo 3 rank in your top games For me, if I was stranded on an island and could only take 5 games with me i'd pick Doom bfg edition (which has the originals and doom 3 on one disc) Diablo 3 Farcry 5 (need at least 1 farcry game) Skyrim(hard to choose between skyrim, witcher 3, Dragon age inquisition) And lastly, Mortal Kombat X. Mass effect is my 2nd favorite game series of all time but to only pick one would be too hard of a choice as I like each one for different reasons. So what about everyone else? Would D3 be in your list?Nems101527 Jun 15
Jun 14 Off Topic BS Basically since we been hijacking other threads, until we were able to make our own, I thought id make a off topic thread for whatever.. starting with.. NEMS1015. .... dude .....on gamefaqs, The_OD is me lol.EddieLMT43 Jun 14
Jun 14 Ebay cosmetics So i see some people selling cosmetic items on eBay for like £1. How legit do you think these are? Do you think they could be hacked and should i do it because i really want a pair of crimson wings lolLordPepe2 Jun 14
Jun 14 Farming Chiltara, no Gibbering Gemstone? What the heck? I was under the impression that the Gemstone didn't compete with other drops, and (due to the entry on diablowiki,) I thought that if Chiltara spawned, she *would* drop the Gemstone. I've gotten Frozen Blood and an Urn of Quickening off her, but no Gemstone yet. That happen to anyone else? (Full disclosure: I've only started farming her just today. Put in a couple of hours before work, but so far, no Gemstone.)ChowYunFat72150 Jun 14
Jun 14 Newly returned Old time player. clan? Hey guys I played D3 upon release for way too many hundreds of hours on PC. But now I just got back into it on PS4 naturally I cant transfer my old toons from PC so i have a freshly leveled up lvl 70 monk that im looking to start farming(exp and items) with. If anyone is up for some runs message me in game or reply here. Gamertag is Tpetrat Would love to join a clan or just team up for some runs.Tpetrat3 Jun 14
Jun 14 SOLO VS SOLO ONLY LB TestingTeresa3 Jun 14
Jun 14 Looking for some boosting buddys PS3 ROS I've beat the game on normal and have the new difficulty unlocked and adventure mode, Looking for friends to help me level up fast and do whatever. My psn is InsaneFighterrrr.SuperMage0 Jun 14