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May 1 Patch 2.6.1a Now Live on PS4 and Xbox One Greetings, nephalem! Patch 2.6.1a is now live for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This patch should bring these console versions up to patch parity with PC. For the PC version of the patch notes, please check the launcher under Options -> Patch Notes on the Diablo III game tab. General StarCraft 20th Anniversary The StarCraft 20th Anniversary pet has been added to the game. All players should unlock this item upon entering their first game after patching. Bug Fixes Several bug fixes have been applied to the Season Journey in order to allow proper completion of tasks and ConquestsNevalistis0 May 1
Jul 26, 2017 Console: Some Items Disappear after Porting Hey all, We're aware of a current issue on both Xbox One and PS4 where, if certain items are left on the ground and your character ports to another location, those items may not remain once you return to them if there is no active player in that area. This currently applies to: Progress Orbs Health Globes Nephalem Glory Globes Gold Blood Shards We are actively working on a high priority patch for this, and it is currently undergoing testing. Because this can impact Blood Shards, we wanted to make sure players are aware and diligent in spending your shards prior to entering Rifts that may cap you out on the currency. We'll update this thread as soon as we have confirmation that the hotfix has gone live.Nevalistis0 Jul 26, 2017
2h Slow day thread II I was going through this month's Gameinformer magazine and it had me thinking about upcoming games. I'm really hyped for DOOM 2. Though I don't think there was a release date. But Halo 6 looks amazing. Normally I don't get hyped for games. I have my usual favorites. But in general, I know what I'm getting. The concept of an open world Halo game could be so epic. I'm a huge sci-fi fan. And halo is my jam. To have an open world halo would be fantastic. I love the open world's of Farcry, GTA, RPG's. Add a heavy coat of sci-fi paint on it. Can't wait. I know everyone on the Playststion 4 console is waiting for the new Spiderman game. Is there any game everyone is waiting for? Something specific. Exclusive or not.Nems101577 2h
2h Fastest Method for Reusable Parts? I'm running out of these as I craft gear and upgrade from rares given that it costs the most (50 x 1 upgrade). Where does everyone farm for these as you get less whites the higher the difficulty.homerjnick14 2h
4h Dear Blizz, re. Switch cartridge size Blizzard, please make Diablo 3 on the Switch a 100% physical release. You will lose a lot of sales if you cheap out with an undersized cart and stick your customers with a hefty day one download.MountainMan9 4h
6h Xbox One Seasons Hello, I am just trying to find a quick seasons powerlevel, just until 70 then I am good. My GT is ChancesRydell, and any help would be appreciated. Message me if you want to run me through real fastshdwhate0 6h
13h Matt C.), clarify leaderboard play Can a blizzard employee clarify the following statement "Switch automatically uploads save files. The only thing that won't upload is leaderboards, but anything else such as achievements or progress that's made through campaign will be [uploaded]," explained associate producer Matt Cederquist. Do I have to buy a mobile hotspot when not around Wi-Fi to play my character online only or is there a separate character creation between offline and online? In other words, with Nintendo Switch Online, do I have to be logged on to play my character Necromancer to push leaderboard? or can I do offline while traveling on the plane and go to adventure mode for bounties or rifts to keyfarm then when I'm around Wi-Fi I can start doing solo gr and if high enough be ranked on the leaderboards?ArcWarden5 13h
22h Any New D3 Players buying for Switch? Hello current players and possibly new D3 players purchasing for Nintendo Switch! Let's start a dialogue to build up our player base for multi player support. I plan to play the game with an open game so anyone may join the fight. Looking forward to meeting you!StarSurfer6 22h
23h PS4 HCS Bounty group Need 2 more for Hard Core Seasonal bounties on PS4. If interested shoot “Cioud-420” a message on PSN. I’m going to run 10 total games. It’ll take about 2 hours. This is only intended for the grinders out there. T13 hard core seasonal PS4 bounties (10 total games=150 of each mat). holler EDIT: Please don’t reply to this thread just text me on PSNthumpr0 23h
1d Co-op D3 on Switch I saw that D3 is coming to the switch, and it looks like that may hit the tipping point on a purchase from me (I've been waiting and watching for the game list to have enough games I'm actually interested in) . I am curious about co-op play, will it be limited to other Switch players, or will it tie into users of other consoles? I doubt it would share accounts with PCs, as the game is modified for controller usage on consoles.Jasmeralia1 1d
1d Corrupted Ashbringer on Condemn Crusader So I’ve been working on doing a condemn crusader build. The only thing I am currently missing is The Furnace. To which I’m curious as to how important this is to the build. I’ve been running the build with a Corrupted Ashbringer and it seems to be doing fine. Just curious as to thoughts on this.Tarsic0 1d
1d Diablo 3 switch nemesis ? Will the switch version also include the nemesis system we have on ps4 ? *ohh and on a sidenote blizz thumbs up for doin D3 on the switch so we can have it with us at all times :)Auron7 1d
1d Highest possible Paragon level It seems to me it should be 800. Just cause there is 4 rows and 4 pages and 50 fits in a column. But I seen someone on my list last night that had a paragon level of 1075. Is he/she cheating or something else going on? Thanks.OneEyedCrow39 1d
1d Character transfer for Switch It would be pretty amazing to have a character transfer system at Switch launch similar to what was done for last gen console to current gen console. I’ve spent nearly $300 on this game across systems and would love to keep my paragon and stash. Thanks for making a Switch version Blizz!!DaBundy9 1d
2d Hacked items Hey there, I have been playing some online lobbies today, and I have encountered several people with items, that seem totally out of hand. One of them started at level 150 GRIFT, and oneshot everything including the boss. I saw his item was most definitely not a normal item. We completed the GRIFT, and I reported immediately. The next lobby had 3 cheaters as well, one with item with rolls that you cant imagine: 1,000,000,000% Physical skill damage Rerolled 445% Damage The other guy had an amulet with some of the following stats: 8000 strength, 8000 dex, 8000 int and 5000 vitality - and 3 sockets I am sad that people are finding ways to cheat already. Blizzard, if you want names, I got them all typed down. Many concerns, a fellow d3 player.Rabusenn23 2d
2d Want ps4 friends. I know this is the billionth thread on this, but sometimes you have to restart it so its seen. Looking for active players on ps4. My psn screen name is. Thekillswitch79 Send me a friend request and I will accept whenever I can. ThanksYahwehWarior2 2d
2d Active PS4 Players? Just returned to game a few weeks ago. Lvl 70 Crusader running Torrent III currently. Message me to play. PSN is Vivi-sectorVivisector48 2d
2d diablo 3 on the nintendo switch i would love to have diablo 3 on my nintendo switch to be able to run rifts on the go and where ever i go would make my day, ive had d3 on the pc since launch (ce at that) and ive even playied it on the 360 but i would love to have it on my switchmadrox01718 2d
2d When is 14 over/15 begin? I’ve read that they normally last 3 months and there’s generally a two week down time. Any input would be nice.thumpr1 2d
2d SC Characters Dissapeared? All of my Soft-core characters are gone except for one, my necromancer. I did not delete them at all, they did not have any modded gear what so ever. How can I possibly fix this or is there even a way I could? Only my sc characters were affected, all my other characters are fine...xXNoProblem2 2d
2d Looking for PS4 Players I am looking for some Seasonal players to play with on PS4. Reply if you want to play with me. I am Paragon lvl 582. Da_Upriser is my psn.xXNoProblem0 2d
2d Overwatch teased in the D3 Switch reveal? I was watching that video of Reggie and Mike Morhime. At 1:39 you can see a garbled/static like effect. Could this be Overwatch's Sombra making her presence on Switch known? Sombra was similarly teased with an extensive ARG prior to her addition to Overwatch. It also happens seemingly out of no where and is rather unrelated to the rest of the content in the trailer about Diablo 3. The effect that was used seems very similar to the static effect used in Overwatch Maybe I'm reading too much into it. But what do you all think!?Shayis1 2d
2d Switch version and existing characters? So glad to see the game announced for Switch (Officially). What I was wondering is if Blizzard could or would entertain the idea of allowing existing D3 players on PC to in some way transfer their existing characters back and forth between the PC and Switch versions? This would only add further value and solidify my decision to double dip on the game. I of course am unaware of what technical hurdles/challenges that may entail. But I do think it would be awesome to be able to play your character at home on your PC and then transfer your character to your Switch to continue the fight on the go. Beyond that, I would be extremely happy to see Blizzard embrace crossplay so that folks on Xbox, PC, and Switch can all play together. Even if Sony doesn't seem too eager to embrace crossplay, I think people should be able to play together regardless of platform.Shayis3 2d
2d Did you Pre-Order it? I will tonight on my way to the gym. Thank you Blizzard for D3 on Nintendo Switch!StarSurfer18 2d
3d Switch both same & multi-console multiplayer? For the upcoming Nintendo Switch version, will we be able to play in one session if we have two players who want to play on one console, and a third player who has their own console?FeedbackCtrl6 3d
3d Switch version in Japan? Probably too early to ask yet - any news Switch Version Availability in Japan? Can we expect digital (at least) and physical (ideally)?capsule2560 3d
3d Switch version? Please?????Superqt23 3d
3d Worst kept secret? The Nintendo Switch version has been leaked by Forbes! Official announcement tommorow? So excited for this with the Zelda themed cosmetics!! The way this game is it just perfect for the Switch. Grab and go do a few rifts put it down. Perfect for a flight and then you come home dock it and play on TV! It's the future but today.Andrey14 3d
3d No challenge rift this week? I am on xbox one. challenge rifts expire monday at 6 pm for me and a new one begins thereafter. Last weeks challenge is expired (challenge 59), and this weeks challenge (60) is not available yet. What’s going on? No challenge rift this week?Intoxicate13 3d
3d Returning player looking for friends XB1 I’m a returning player from 2015-ish. I’m returning to experience the Nercomancer game play. I’ve previously played as a crusader in the past and got to just a little over level 40. I’m looking for friends to play the normal acts with and experience some of the more challenging end game options later. Looking for anyone who’s just down to play. New or experienced. Add me on XB1 my GT is SLIIMMR.LEENKS1 3d
3d Does anyone know.... What cosmetic wings are available on PS4? I have mercy’s gaze, and the 2 that came with the necromancer pack. Can I get the orange or blue glowy wings somehow?GoosePants1 3d
3d Extra stash for season journey chapter 8? One of the PC rewards for completing chapter 8 of the season journey (Season 14) is an extra tab of stash space. Console D3 doesn't have tabs, but I still was expecting an increase to stash capacity, but when I completed chapter 8 on PS4 my max stash remained /350 with no option to purchase more. Is this intended or a bug?Avicenna3 3d
3d QoL patch for XB360 and PS3 The XBOX 360 and PS3 version of RoS is pinned at version 2.0.6 I can appreciate that these platforms do not have the muscle to handle the new content, but seriously, please consider an update that, if nothing else, adds bulk salvage / bulk sell options to this version.Avicenna5 3d
3d Belial Boss fight The Belial boss fight on console is amazing. Other differences I've noticed on console: * superior control system - both in terms of having dodge, and simply the independence of move vs attack, both make up for the inability to select targets * No stash space increase as a season reward??? * couch co-op allows shared loot pickup. * mailbox is linked to the console native mail system so season rewards are claimed differently. * massacre bonuses still applies in rifts / greater rifts. * Nemesis! Are there any other big differences between the desktop and console version I should look out for?Avicenna2 3d
3d Announcement Blizz announced that they are working on "multiple diablo" projects right now. I for one couldn't be more adverse to the idea. They can't even take the time and effort to care about this multi billion dollar cash cow profit tank of a game, that has been pushed into complete negligence and apathy. I severely doubt they will be able to bring anything of quality and substance with MULTIPLE projects, when they can't even be bothered to care about this one.Brogetoku10 3d
3d Could I use this wizard build on PS4? I know PC plays differently and some builds on this game are very specific, but could I rock this build on PS4? 3d
4d Looking for PS4 players New to PS4 D3 looking for some people to play with. I've played on PC before just not PS4. Only lvl 10 but seems noone ever joins to play. Osn tac086xSlimer25 4d
4d PS4 Legit Players Community (How to Join) I realize there might be a number of groups out there, but finding them is going to be difficult since SONY didn't put a "search" feature like we suggested in the beta of this update, but here's how to join one, or rather, the one I created :D ** Note: By legit players, I mean no mod'd gear (obv), and no 10,000 paragon. I realize that playing in pub games, and someone might join with a mod'd out Gem of Ease, kill a few mobs, and all of a sudden you're 5-6k Paragon. Sh*t happens, so that's ok with me, but make sure people you want to join up on in the group have no problems with it. ** Due to an overwhelming response, I can't take anymore friend requests. my list takes forever to load up now :) You can leave your PSN here, and I'll send invites out OR: - Go on "Friends" - Search > (my PSN) iAvernus > Press X on my name > go on my profile - Scroll down on the left side, you'll see "Communities" - Press X on "Diablo 3: Legit Players Community" Easy. Now you'll be able to play with non cheaters, without fear. This group would be heavily moderated against modders. Feel free to invite friends. Have fun, hope to see you soon! **Sometimes I won't be able to add you guys immediately, but I will add you, no worries :)** Over 1100 members now! *** Please save your character AT LEAST once a week to a flash drive or whatever device you have. That way, in case you land in a group with some trolls, you can just close application, and reload your character. ***iAvernus380 4d
4d Looking for cosmic wings Looking to get cosmic wings non seasonal if anyone could drop. Granvi1e psn ps4Granv1le9 4d
4d No mailbox? My mailbox is not showing up on minimap and I can not interact with it at all in game. Have 2 gifts waiting for doing challenge 2 and 3 but no way to get them. Anyone else having this issue or know how to fix it? On Xbox oneCharlieTeam10 4d
5d Console builds? Not sure if this is the best place to post this, but I recently purchased D3 UEE for PS4 to try something new, and I was wondering if anyone knows a decent place to find console friendly builds? I tried diablofans but finding console builds on there seems to be a giant pain in the booty. Thanks in advance, I love your faces <3Arobee13 5d
6d All My Characters and Progress was lost!? So last night i was playing like i usually do, grinding GRs getting to the highest i can, i'm a relatively new player so i was happy to say i made it to around 50, and decided to hop off the game so i went back to town salvaged all excess gear and then paused and quit. Later that night my brother got home from work, he works in the day so we usually play all night sometimes, so he got home and i asked if he wanted to play and he said sure I then started up Diablo 3 and got the message that my save file was not found, it then asked if i wanted to import the save file so of course i said yes. It then told me that there was no save data even on the online servers or something related to that???! Please someone help me with this!MrSloth2 6d
6d D3 for console, rather have it for pc Hey Blizz, I got D3 for the ps3 including reaper of souls. Can I send you the disks and trade them for a D3 PC account? As cool as it is for console, I have nobody to play with and I'd rather switch to PC.Grindspice12 6d
6d S14 Challenge Issue On PS4 I have completed all of the seasonal challenges except for one, and that one is called Exquisiteness. I need to reforge a weapon property for a socket at the mystic. I re-rolled a property to a socket multiple times in this season and it has not said that I have done it. I do not know what I am supposed to do. Do I need to talk to Kule for reforging a legendary item? I need help.xXNoProblem4 6d
6d Are the new Diablo games coming to consoles Are the new Diablo games coming to Xbox Nintendo switch and PlayStationDEATHKNIGHT8 6d
6d Powerlevel help? New to ps4, been playing on PC. Anyone willing to help me out with a powerlevel? Any help is greatly appreciated :) PSN: VELLZIVellz1 6d
6d Level up Van someone power level up my charachter please ? My psn The_Hannibalkill on ps4Hannibal1 6d