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Oct 27 Patch 2.6.1 Now Live on PS4 and Xbox One Greetings, nephalem! Patch 2.6.1 is now live for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For the PC version of the patch notes, please click here. Patch Highlights Class Set Revisions We’ve taken a top-down look across all class performance in Greater Rifts, and made several changes to bring as many gameplay styles as close in line to each other as possible, with a focus on the most popular or requested builds. Skill Changes Several skills have had their overall power buffed, while others have been tweaked for improved playability and performance. Item Revisions Numerous Legendary items have seen tweaks, yielding increased power for players to enjoy. Xbox One X Support Players on Xbox One X will be able to enjoy the game in 4K resolution. Items General Many Legendary and Set items have had their drop chance increased. Other Items Shields acquired by Necromancer players can now properly roll the +Max Essence affix Adventure Mode Rifts Reduced the number of deadends when Rifts choose the Temple of the Firstborn tileset Increased the amount of experience and Rift progress granted by the Hematic Disciple Increased the amount of experience and Rift progress granted by Blazing Guardians Increased the amount of experience and Rift progress granted by Smoldering Constructs Reduced the fog effect in the Shrouded Moors tilesets in Rifts The large Temple of the Firstborn tileset can no longer be selected for Greater Rifts The amount of experience and Rift / Greater Rift progress that Shock Towers provide has been increased Shield Pylons no longer reflects damage back to attackers Note: Reflecting damage back to attackers caused performance issues when encountering high density Challenge Rifts Increased the amount of materials that the Challenge Rift Cache drops The Challenge Rift Cache now always drops 10 Death’s BreathTyvalir0 Oct 27
Jul 26 Console: Some Items Disappear after Porting Hey all, We're aware of a current issue on both Xbox One and PS4 where, if certain items are left on the ground and your character ports to another location, those items may not remain once you return to them if there is no active player in that area. This currently applies to: Progress Orbs Health Globes Nephalem Glory Globes Gold Blood Shards We are actively working on a high priority patch for this, and it is currently undergoing testing. Because this can impact Blood Shards, we wanted to make sure players are aware and diligent in spending your shards prior to entering Rifts that may cap you out on the currency. We'll update this thread as soon as we have confirmation that the hotfix has gone live.Nevalistis0 Jul 26
1h [Solo PS4] Trouble with the Curses conquest I have an identical setup with equal or better gear than this video, doing exactly the same thing, but after 3 attempts I'm only getting between 250-300 enemies every time. I feel like enemies take longer after spawning before they actually take damage or something? I constantly see my fire waves passing through enemies without hurting them.Serris0 1h
4h Transfer chars from Xbox to PC? I think I already know the answer to this, but I can't find a confirmation online anywhere for sure. Are you able to transfer characters from your Xbox One to your PC? I love the Xbox One version but I would like to play PC again until they fix this hackers and game joining issue, but I want to use my Xbone chars. Is there a way? Obviously you can do it from PC to Xbox but I don't need that. thanksxPhoenixXx9 4h
8h Looking for Xbox One players My wife and I just started S10 last night and will be looking for others to play with from time to time. We don't play HC, and only play legit. feel free to add me Kronos BCOppenheimer46 8h
11h Any Sc clans Xbox1 ? Hi are there any SC clans going around on Xbox 1Fortuneke0 11h
14h Purchased Necro DLC - doesn't work I just purchased disc copy of Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition as part of a PS4 bundle from Sydney store. The package says that it is an Australian copy. I then proceeded to purchase Necromancer DLC from the PS store on my PS4 and I am still unable to see Necromancer as an option in Char Creation. It isn't even greyed out. It just doesn't exist. Please helpisei2 14h
17h Need friends with d3 on ps4 Anyone wanna play some d3 on ps4 carrying people in 150 griftsVendictive0 17h
19h PS4 Hardcore community Hi all, Its the season to be jolly. Join the PS4 Hardcore community for get togethers, banter etc. Tis easy to see active players and join up through the community page. Community page is called "Diablo Season HC" search it on PSN and join up. 195 players at current. All welcome. Peace.Hog0 19h
1d Challenge Rift Reward Unclaimable I completed the challenge rift first try today so i can get jump start on season with the rewards (with 2 seconds to spare). However when i left the challenge rift area and went into game on my level 1 season character the icon is indeed above the challenge rift chest thingy by obelisk for rifts but nothing happens when i hit x on it.BigWill1 1d
1d Region Issue? I have my US PS4 in Germany. I was anticipating the new season start yesterday(which was pushed back on consoles so w/e) and when I started the game, it told me the Diablo III server was unavailable. I thought this was odd, and was annoyed that I couldn't get my seasonal cache and such. At any rate, I waited until today, but I have the same issue. I also notice that I have the same issue with the Dragon Age servers, though I have no issue with things like YouTube or Warframe. Is it maybe an issue with my connection not reaching the servers or something?TMUnreal1 1d
1d PS4 - Can't Play Necro - Fixed PS4 - Bought Necro through PS store - cannot play within game :(wykpisz10 1d
1d Freeze (PS3) Hi, im experiencing some problem. The problem is when im playing with my brother and my cousin(3 player offline) when we are on a quest/mission in the middle of a battle(even while we're running around when there's no enemies nearby) the game will freeze for a second then it will back to normal then freeze again then back to normal vice versa. I just bought the game last 2 weeks. DIABLO 3: REAPER OF SOULS (PS3)Froi3 1d
1d XBOX One Constant Network Disconnection Is anyone else on XB1 having connection issues since the season started? I'm having the same issue on two different consoles each with a different live account, but every other device in my house is working flawlessly. Microsoft doesn't show any issues with Live for Diablo specifically, but does have like 5 other games listed having issues, so I'm wondering if the list is just not updated and it's a community problem or what? Hoping to find some insight or resolution.TacoBiter0 1d
2d Looking for PS4 players New to PS4 D3 looking for some people to play with. I've played on PC before just not PS4. Only lvl 10 but seems noone ever joins to play. Osn tac086xSlimer11 2d
2d Diablo season 13 uk Hello, I am bit confused what time Diablo 3 for ps4 starts live in the uk?. at first I thought it was 5pm then I stayed up till 1am... still nothing, anyone know what time exactly it goes live? thank you.ianmcleod422 2d
2d Lfm ps4 Looking for 2 more people me nd my girl will be on for s13 I know what I'm doing she is learning we don't plan being hardcore but we are going to progress as far as possible its going to be our first season so keep that in mind.Telasandaer0 2d
2d S13 Levelling Guide I made a Video guide on levelling for Season 13. Below is the text version: Ok this my plan for Season 13 of Diablo 3 on the PS4. I am aiming to do a solo-only Season 13 run to see how I get on with paragon, gear and leaderboard entry. So…I need to have a plan to get to 70 as fast as poosible. Whilst no means perfect I believe this strategy will give me a good start. So…Friday 23rd of February 2018 at 1am UK time, 5pm PDT when Season 13 starts I’ll be online and streaming raring to go. I’ll be playing Hardcore and playing a Monk…I really have only ever played two classes seriously and that is he Monk and the Wizard, I’m not very familiar with any other class to be honest although I did run a zdps Necro in Season 11 for a while. So this is my plan…if you have any tips or further comments please tell me so it can help my goal! **STEP ONE** * Create a Seasonal Hardcore Monk * Equip a pet that floats to collect gold * Steal a follower weapon (The Templar) **STEP TWO** * Quit the game * Do the weekly Challenge Rift * Practice this but do not finish it until AFTER Season 13 starts * The rewards are: * 10 Death Breath * 475 Blood Shards * 4.6 Million Gold * 15 of each Bounty Crafting Material * 107 Veiled Crystals * 301 Arcane Dust * 318 Resuable Parts **STEP THREE** * Enter the game in Adventure Mode as your Level 1 HC Monk * Gamble at Kadala using your 475 Blood Shards * Use this: * As a monk I want to gamble for: * Crudest Boot * Rivera Boots * Gungdo Gear * Pinto Pride * Ceasar Memento * Gear would be elemental damage, main stat, Crit Hit Chance and Crit Hit Damage **STEP FOUR** * Find a bounty that involves killing an easy boss * Boss like Maghda or Zoltan Kulle * This nets you a Resplendent Chest with good rare items and materials **STEP FIVE** * Go to Halls of Agony 3 in Act One and kill easy enemies fast until Level 11 **STEP SIX** * At Level 11 Rings & Amulets unlock at the vendor * You want these with +dmg on them **STEP SEVEN** * Start doing normal Rifts on Hard * If you find a good legendary that you could cube then get the cube **STEP EIGHT** * At Level 16 stop doing rifts * Go to Campaign Mode on Easy * Work up to and kill Skeleton King * This gives you the Leorics Crown * Whack a Ruby in it for a % boost to exp **STEP NINE** * At Level 40 craft a Level 70 weapon aiming for one with -30 Level Reduction * You want Main Stat, Socket, % Damage on it plus Level Reduction * If you get the Chance to XXXXXX then perfect as that eliminates those when you reroll * So reroll a secondary roll that is NOT a Chance to XXXXX and 1 in 3 will be Level Reduction **STEP TEN** * Get to 70 * Start you Seasonal Journey Tab I think that seems decent...hoping for a good start if I stick to a plan like this!homerjnick14 2d
2d Highest Kill Combo Fun topic lol So what is your highest kill combo,class and where? Mine is 5132 with Barbarian in Act V at Battlefields of Eternity I used the event with angels and demons fighting one another in the large blue auraErzaScarlet18 2d
2d xbox one season 13 xbox one players, i will be looking for some people to join up for unveiling of season 13 add me gamertag is schooner00. shoot me an fr and lets link up for some power leveling!Schoonerbrah0 2d
2d Xbox one players Hello all I am a veteran from pc but just switched over to console looking for others to party up with and help get better gear and things feel free to add gt FoRcEx13xFoRcE13x14 2d
2d season 13 not out for ps4 yet? hello, i was gonna play d3 with my girlfriend this evening with new season coming out and all but it still says "season ended" on the bottom left corner, i have googled and it says it should be out for EU 23 feb 17:00 CET, any other that have the same problem?kiwie8 2d
2d Season 13 twister wizard ? Hi is twister wizard still gonna be busted on console for s13 ? Also is rathma fixed to be better than pest for s13? Ty all for answersGhostFace11 2d
2d Advice for playing Demon Hunter Title, i recently got Diablo 3 after finally realizing Diablo and Dark Souls are two different things (i'm a !@#$ing idiot, i know.) anyways, i chose Demon Hunter to start with, because i main the "Rogue" class in any and all games that have the typical RPG classes. if you have any good advice or a good build that i can use, please let me know.GolfTwo2 2d
2d Friends for season 13 Playing at 5pm on the Xbox one s anyone else to team up withJasonx1 2d
3d hellfire ring(s) may be a silly question but away i go. i have been researching the hellfire rings after the plans dropped from what i suppose was a warden ( dont recall) so giving it to my blacksmith i then had plans for 4 hell fire rings. which required mats i did not have. researching the mats for the rings i became confused the plans i recieved required 1x Vengeful Eye 1x Devil's Fang 1x Writhing Spine i figured this out matching pictures in game with what i was seeing online. problem was there was no information on finding theses mats only the Leoric's Regret,Vial of Putridness,Heart of Evil. which i found out was for the ring sold by squirt in caldeum. at this point the confusion sets in. i know there is rings for 60 and 70. did i end up with both? are the 1x Vengeful Eye,1x Devil's Fang,1x Writhing Spine not in game anymore or i have i just not gotten it to drop from the uber bosses yet. i made 2 of the rings with the plans from squirt with the Leoric's Regret,Vial of Putridness,Heart of Evil. but am curious about theses others. did i end up with the plans for the 60 rings and didnt notice there was a lvl on them? ( dont recall at this point)Bones21 3d
3d Necromancer on xbox 360? Im curious if any future updates will be on the 360 as well or just pc/ps4/xbox one. i have an account on pc, but i primarily play on 360 with friends/roomates. anyone have any info on this?FapFaps58 3d
3d Season 13 Start time for console When is the offical start time? I live in the UK, so is it 23rd at 5pm PDT So it will be 24th at 1am? Or have I read it wrong.Nickwa2 3d
4d Season 12 Final Standings Hey guys...homerjnick here with a video update as to the final leaderboard standings for Season 12 for the PS4 and XB1 version of Diablo 3 with a comparison against the PC. If you just want to see the spreadsheets of the standings then see the links below. I took a break from Diablo 3 for Season 12 given the exploits that still exist in the game but it was interesting to see the final standings and it is clear the Twister Wizard is dominating the leaderboards on console given it is not fully patched. Sad to see so many top 5 entries with far too many Primals but conversely great to see some players beating these without exploiting. I'm hoping to hit Season 13 hard doing a "solo only" Season to see the difference solo play makes v group play. And also I'm going to stream every session I do on YouTube so as to prove you can compete on D3 on console without having to cheat. See you in Season 13 on February the 23rd! PS4 Spreadsheet: XB1 Spreadsheet: Season 12 Comparison: 4d
4d Angelic Wings from PC to PS4 I have the collectors edition angelic wings, wings of valor and the overwatch valkyrie wigs on PC. I just logged on PS4 diablo for the first time in a looong time and saw I had the Valkyrie ones somehow available. That's nice and all but I really want my angelic wings on PS4, how would I go about doing that? Help please. PSN is AgentPhaseAgent0range28 4d
4d Can someone explain console difficulty? Would someone please be willing to explain difficulty settings and how they relate to the loot and experience that you get for each kill? Thankshamburglar8625 4d
5d Pc to ps4 character transfer Is it possible to transfer your Diablo 3 characters from pc to ps4Zarconian12 5d
5d Gear and passive skills gone. About an hour ago, mid-game, most of my equipped gear changed and all if my extracted cube passive skills disappeared. What could have caused this? I am playing XB1. Thank you in advance for any help or advice.Tarian121 5d
5d Season 11 - Final Leaderboards Season 11 has ended! Here are the FINAL STANDINGS for the leaderboards for Season 11 on all three platforms of PS4, XB1 and PC. If you just want the links to the spreadsheets these are here: PS4: XB1: PC: Comparison: A prize for how many times I say "fairly impressive"? Two more videos coming before Season 12 starts on November the 9th. 1) A discussion on Primals on console v PC 2) After patch 2.6.1 lands has the last known exploit been patched?homerjnick4 5d
6d [Xbox One] Bug: Kanai Cube? I am experiencing issues with the Kanai Cube. I can extract the power, but when I go to select the power, I don't have any on my screen. For example. I extracted the furnace, extracted it and was like oh hey..then it doesn't show any power to choose from and it wont let me extract another furnace. I then started to think that it was a character issue and created another character and the issue persists. Anybody know what to do to get my powers? (Edit) Started the furnace extract on a monk and it wasnt there.Roexian11 6d
6d Getting Red Wings on PS4 Hi all, I've watched a few videos on YT, and already acquired the red wings on PC, but I don't seem to be able to find the menu area on PS4 that will help me track my progress to earning them on the console. Can anybody help me out? Where do I go in the menu to find my progression? Chibchiburi2 6d
Feb 18 Are my seasonal rewards lost for good? I recently came back to D3 to play the expansion, and played through Season 12, completing all four reward chapters. I claimed the rewards, which were opened by the seasonal character, thinking that the rewards would be granted to all characters. Now the set pieces are going to disappear with that character. Is there any way to get those rewards moved to a permanent character? Otherwise I just wasted the season because I didn't understand the rewards...Beartacular6 Feb 18
Feb 18 Any way to obtain infernal pauldrons dlc on p I noticed that on xbox one that there is dlc that grants infernal pauldrons, extra character slots, and a pet. I am unable to find this dlc on the ps4 in which I play. Is there anyway to get this dlc on the ps4? Thanks in advance.Selar11 Feb 18
Feb 18 Ps4 diablo3 Hey everyone, just looking for people to play with. I’ve played d3 since it came out for PC. I decided to try it on console. Just got the game yesterday and at level 40. Add me cb16_cbZor1 Feb 18
Feb 18 leveling anyone Able to help me Power Level 1 character to 70 on ps4 ??LordMedavs11 Feb 18
Feb 18 locked windowed mode you need to invent an option for locked windowed mode across all of your games it would be really nice to window a game, then lock it in such a way as it doesn't accidentally resize/relocate itself during the always inconveniently timed misclicksFarkle2 Feb 18
Feb 18 How to link account to Xbox one How do I login in on my account on Xbox one I have an account for my computer which is the one I am using now but I don't know how to login with this account to my Xbox one, someone please tell me how I link them togetherWarlord0099 Feb 18
Feb 15 Diablo 3 Xbox one Diablo 3Surface2 Feb 15
Feb 15 Season 12 - XB1 Leaderboard Stats I was wanting to get a video uploaded to highlight the leaderboards for both the PS4 and XB1 Leaderboards for Season 12. My contact for the XB1 leaderboards can't there any kind people who could look up the leaderboards on the XB1 and give me some stats? I have a spreadsheet which I can send that details what I can still see the leaderboards even though the Season 12 has finished. Any takers?homerjnick1 Feb 15
Feb 15 PS4 non seasonal leaderboard? So I'm new to the console version of D3 and I was wondering where I can see the non seasonal leaderboard for grifts and the seasonal leaderboard from the last seasons? I found the seasonal leaderboards but please don't tell me there is no non seasonal leaderboards...Aleksandar3 Feb 15
Feb 15 Suggested fix for consoles If you are unable to fix the sign out exploit that is ruining the leaderboard on seasons, please disable the ability to reforge and get primal gear. Make them in game drop only on consoles.XBaedricX14 Feb 15
Feb 15 Xbox 360 Vanilla D3 Top Spec? I've nearly finished getting every achievement in D3:RoS on Xbox One and I know I didn't get all the achievements on 360 with the original version. I now want to get them. Does anybody know of an OP spec for such an old version of the game? (running v1.3 I think). Doesn't matter what class it's for, I just want to get the remaining achievements.SleakaJ4 Feb 15