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Jul 9 Cheating on console ruining seasonal play The exploit that allows people on console to re-roll items without spending materials is ruining seasonal play where cheating should not be possible... The top leaderboard is filled with people in full perfect primal ancient gear. I personally will never cheat since once you start cheating, you ruin your own gaming experience. Has Blizzard responded / planned to address this issue in futur seasons? > I’m not sure how long I will keep playing seasons if cheaters are allowed in...Decrypt0 Jul 9
Jul 9 cross platform Is it possible for me on PS4 to play Diablo 3 multiplayer with somebody on an Xbox?CastiellKill2 Jul 9
Jul 8 [PS4] Diablo 3 Seasons - Community / Clan With seasons finally coming to console, I would like to reach out to like-minded gamers that want a fun, helpful, mature, and laid back community on the PSN network where we can all meet up, chat, form parties, create events, and share adventures with. We are a legit community of people that enjoy and play the game as it was intended - without dupes, hacks, or mods. The community's name is currently "[TDK] Legit Diablo 3 Seasons". Chawk15 runs the group, but I help maintain and moderate it. If you want to be part of this community, all you need to do is search for us in the community section of PlayStation's menu. You can also look me up, my PSN is AceBro23, and look at my communities that I am part of and join that way. The TDK in the beginning stands for The Dark Knights - we have been an established clan in many games, including Diablo 3 when it was released on the older consoles. Several of us have been eagerly waiting for seasons to come so we could enjoy a hack-free environment on PS4 - now we can and we want to enjoy it with other players looking for the same camaraderie. We look forward to seeing both new and veteran players out there enjoying seasons with us and making new friends along the way. If you have any questions before looking us up and joining it, feel free to ask below. Thanks, Ace (P.S. - We are currently welcoming both HC and SC players)AceBro97 Jul 8
Jul 8 Seasonal Leaderbords Necro Solo Looks like Cheetahs are back, Rank 2 Seasonal Solo Necro has no set, no ancient and had 8 min. to spare. Looks like 20k+ Paragon.Omplich10 Jul 8
Jul 8 legendary gems not working. I recently purchased a xbox one. Diablo 3 ros and levelled a witch doctor to 70. I started farming legendary gems that was when in a guide I am following. After I equipped the gems they worked. I stopped playing for the night and started again after work the next day and now the bane of the trapped gem icon isn't showing on my screen. I have tried all the settings. Even swapped out the gem to another piece of gear. Same thing. Can anyone please help me??? ThanksLuckyPants11 Jul 8
Jul 6 Gem issue Hi, does anybody know why i cant lvl my legendary gem molten wildebeests gizzard past rank 29. I just wasted 2 chances after finishing a GR??Snowy2 Jul 6
Jul 6 Two hellfire rinh designs Okay what is the difference between the 100k hellfire ring design with diamond symbol on it and the two million one with the craft symbol on it???Snowy2 Jul 6
Jul 4 Get better gear Hi, i was wondering of theres a trick to getting better gear? Ever since lvl 70 i have never been able to aquire better legendaries or set items. I do bounties, R and GR and i always get legendaries and set items, but its never better than what i already have. It does not seem to matter what difficulty either, my char is a seasonal monk paragon lvl 107 and I'm currently up to GR28. Been doing them on T1. If anyone has any ideas that would be great. ThanksSnowy7 Jul 4
Jul 4 Convert set item When you convert a set item, is it possible it may transmute into a different set item from a different set class? For exapmle, lets say monk helm from uliannas to gloves from innas? Or is it just going to be a different item from same set and class?? For example monk help form uliannas to monk pants from uliannas. Next question, if you convert set utem from monk class, is it possible to transmute a set item for barb??Snowy3 Jul 4
Jul 3 Diablo III Ult Evil xbox360, Players Wanted! Hello ppl I am looking for players to play Diablo III ultimate evil edition on xbox 360. I will be hosting public games on normal difficulty, act 1 (I just started), monster slaying. Or add me, but only if you are going to play, gamertag oxh012. Thanks!OHX0 Jul 3
Jul 2 Spirit generators Can someone please explain this monk skill; Combination strike, itnsays each different spirit generator you use increases your damage by 10% for 3 seconds? Yet the only spirit generators he has are in primary and you can only use one at a time? So how does that skill even work? Or are there more spirit generators, i have looked and i couldn't find any. No other skills have themSnowy2 Jul 2
Jul 1 Purple item I can't pick up lately every time I finish a bonus on an act an item drops that is purple and glows up in purple almost like a legendary item drop. but when I run over to it says " you can't carry you must lesson your burden." I have tried many times to pick it up even going so far as storing everything else in my chest but still can't. does anyone know what this item is ?Snow4 Jul 1
Jul 1 Multiplayer Co-Op on Switch I have purchased Diablo on the Switch and have discovered there is a major flaw. I am not sure how to get in contact with Blizzard or Nintendo to share my dissatification about this. They promoted this game that is has couch multiplayer co-op which is partially true. Yes you can play local co-op but your friends can't save their characters without their own copy of the game registered to their profile. They can only play as guests which can't be saved. This is a major flaw in my opinion. If I wanted to sit down with my friends for an evening we should be able to play together and save our characters on my own license. I understand that it wouldn't be online, or even a seasonal character, but we should be able to use our 13 character slots how we want and if that is to make local characters to play throught the game with friends in real life, not online, then we should have that choice. Consoles have always had the ability to play together in person using one copy of the game. Please fix this and make the Switch version more playable.Tron15 Jul 1
Jul 1 Wings in game Hey here I didn’t find any answers , I want to know what wings I can find in game atm ! Thanks all Have a nice dayDemon1 Jul 1
Jun 30 Basically Unfriendly Players I've been playing other games on something not my PC, in fact I bought this game on my XBOX One, but have put in too much time here to switch to a new (and not Collectors') over there. But there is one thing very different. . . I can usually find someone to help me with things on the XBOX. I have found very few extremely nice folks that take their time to help me and answer questions and even play the game with me, but mostly my questions are met with silence. No one types back, or says anything. Often times it makes me want to go back and play my XBOX games, where people seem much more friendly. I wouldn't give up the great folks I have met here, but I do wish there were more good folks like 'em, instead of the usual trolls and people that just ignore. I bought this game the same day it came out, but I don't remember a lot of stuff, so I often try to get help. I don't remember how to make the headset work with the game. I don't understand some of how things work, but really get downhearted when no one will answer me or help. Just feeling like no one gives a rat's patootie!BrightSkies6 Jun 30
Jun 30 forum changes As with other Blizzard game titles, the time has arrived for the Diablo III forums to migrate to new forum software. There are a few important things to note about this migration process: Existing threads will not be carried over to the new forums The existing forums will be available in read-only mode for some time after the Forum Migration completes The same forum categories that you are used to will be available on the new forums Logging into the new forums will be no different from the current forums; just sign in with your existing account and you'll be good to go! We’re targeting the forum migration to happen between June 24 – July 9th – we are letting the community know early so they can be prepared for the switch to new forums. We’ll keep the community updated as we get closer to the dates above and post about when the final switch to the new forums will happen. You may have questions about the upcoming migration. Please feel free to ask them in this thread and we'll do our best to check in and answer as many as we can! We're looking forward to our shiny new community space and hope to see you there. Edit: Made a small adjustment to the last bullet point to correct some erroneous information.EddieLMT4 Jun 30
Jun 30 Completing 2 Conquests - PS4 Looking for help on season 17's conquests. Need to complete 2 more of them. I want to complete all the acts in under 1 hour. Just need someone to be able to teleport fast along side with 2 other people. I can sit in town and talk to whoever I need to. If possible I would like for someone to help with one other one as well, your choice.xXNoProblem3 Jun 30
Jun 30 Ps4 no ingredient descriptions How come there is now way to show what the needed items are in the crafting area? It shows the icons and how many you need, but no description and no way to select them for a description. I have no idea what they are. I am very new to diablo so I don't know what any of the icons are. I keep having to look them up. On PC you can hover the mouse over the item and it says what it is. We need something like that on PS4. Very frustrating.lildozer742 Jun 30
Jun 30 Diablo 3 Console FAQ Lots and lots of questions and a lot of answers as well, so thought I'd put together a Q&A for the console version and also if anyone has a question to add just ask and hopefully our blues will be able to find out for us. *Remember that information on the PS4 version is not available as of yet. First post is Questions with Answers, 2nd post is questions that don't have an answer yet(in hopes blizz can let us know). Q: How does multiplayer work locally? A: Up to 4 players can play on the same screen, however they cannot leave the same screen. If some players run ahead or in different directions, the camera will zoom out to accommodate everyone on the screen, but only up to a point. Once that point is reached, players who are left behind will either be forced to move (they kind of get dragged along the edge of the screen) or they will be teleported to the group automatically. (Source: ) You can kind of see this in action here: Q: Does the console versions have offline? A: Yes, offline play is available on all console versions, along with local 4 player local co-op mode (same machine, same screen). Q: Can I transfer my heros from PC version to Console version? A: No, there is no connection between the different versions of the game and no way to transfer heroes. You can only play with other characters that are on the same network/platform as you: (PC), PlayStation Network (PS3), or Xbox Live (Xbox 360). (Source: & ) Q: I already own Diablo 3 on PC do I get it free on consoles? A: No, you will need to rebuy the version you wish to play. The console version has been built from the ground up to be more than just a port, though – it’s a complete console game. (Source: ) Q: What is different from the PC version to the console version? A: A lot has changed. With controller support, Blizzard has added an 'dodge' function (called Evade), the camera has been zoomed in slightly for better views, monster density has been customised for console to make sure you have enemies on the screen, but not so many that you would be completely overwhelmed, ‘Nephalem Power Orbs’ have been added which drop randomly (like health orbs) and give a slight, but temporary boost to your character’s abilities. These are just some of the new features in the console version. This video from PAX East covers a lot of them: Q: Can I use a keyboard and mouse? A: There is no planned keyboard and mouse support for the console versions. (Source: ) Q: What if a friend wants to bring his hero to my house to play? A: On the PS3 version, you have the option of downloading your hero from cloud saves or bringing your hero on a USB device. On the Xbox 360 version, you can download your heroes from the cloud, but only Gold members will be able to save when not on their home machine. If you want to save your hero’s progress while at a friend’s, but do not have a gold account, you will need a USB device. (Source: & ) Q: Is there an AH or RMAH on the console version? A: No, the console version does not have an auction house, but players can still trade as usual. (Source: & ) Q: What patch version is the console version releasing with? A: 1.0.7, however monster drops and density have been customised for the console version. Multiplayer experience bonuses will also be available. (Source: & ) Q: Will the console versions be patched with future patches? A: Hopefully, Blizzard is working with Sony and Microsoft to be able to patch the game, however it is unknown how long this may take or how frequent patches will be. (Source: ) Q: Can PS3 players play with Xbox 360 players or PC players? A: No, there is no cross-play or cross-trades. All versions are limited to their own platforms. (Source: & ) Q: How does looting work on the console version? A: It’s not all that different from PC, with just a few exceptions. For example, loot is shared between local players (so ‘first come, first serve’). It’ll still work the same for online players, though – meaning if you’re being matched into an online game, your loot will be personal. You only share loot with players playing on your same machine. (Source: ) There’s also a new ‘Fast Equip’ bar that will display basic stats (health, dps, and defense) of every item you pick up. So, at a glance you can see if an item is really good for you, really bad, or can’t even be equipped by your character. You can immediately equip an item, drop it, or open your Inventory screen from the Fast Equip bar. (Source: , go to about 4:04 in) Q: Can I purchise the console version with balance? A: No this is not available. Q: Is there a collector's edition? A: No, however several preorder bonus items have been added. See here for more information: (Source: ) Q: How will town portals work in multiplayer? Just disabled or ports everyone to town or? A: If someone cast town portal while you're in a multiplayer game on a single console, then everyone in the local coop party goes back to town. If you're playing a multiplayer game online, however, town portal will just send the caster back. (Source: ) Q: What are the different difficulties are they the same as Monster Power? A: Taken from here: ... Q: Is the Paragon System planned for us console players? A: Yes everything up to patch 1.0.7 (brawling, paragon, monster power, infernal machine, etc) along with a few extra features are in the console version. (Source: ) Q: Loot is shared in local multi, what if I have a friend over my place and then 2 people online playing together. Is online loot shared as well? or 1/2 and 1/2? A: Only players who are playing local co-op will share loot. Players in the party who are playing online (i.e. they were matched into your local group, but aren't playing on your same machine) will have their own loot just like on PC. (Source: ) Q: Does the console version have Elective Mode? A: Yes Elective mode works in the console version of Diablo III just like it does in the PC version. (Source: ) Q: Is there a Trade function on the console version? A: Yes, the trade function is the same as the PC version. (Working on source) Q: Does the game pause when my friends(local) are trying to change his skill etc? A: If there are only local players in the game, the game will pause when the inventory or skill screens are up. If remote players are also present, the game will not pause. (Source: ) Q: Is stash shared in local? A: If you are signed into your own profile/user for a local game, you get access to your own stash and do not have to share! (Source: ) Q: Can I pause the game? A: If there are only local players in the game, then yes, the game pauses when the START button is pressed or when the inventory/skill screens are up. If remote players are also present, the game will not be paused. (Source: ) Q: What are D-pad button do? A: Pressing the D-pad up while in game will allow you to Fast Equip items. Pressing the D-pad right will cast your Town Portal, and pressing the D-pad down will allow you to access your full-screen map. (Source: ) Q: On the guest profile that plays along will it use the main profiles characters or will the guest have to make their own? A: ... ... (Source: ) Q: Will there be a beta for console versions? A: Blizzard has no plans for a beta at this time. (Source: ) Q: Will options like in the PC version be on console?(turning on damage numbers etc) A: Yes, Options such as damage numbers, advanced tooltips, health bars, and elective mode etc are all in the console version. (Source: ) Q: What are the Hard drive requirements for PS3 and / or Xbox 360? A: ... (Source: ) Q: What happens to a Hardcore character if I save it to a USB then it dies on my console? Can I just reload it and bring it back to life? A: ... (Source: ) Q: How exactly does the controls work. For someone like a DH how do you control the range of stuff like spike traps or RF bombardment? A: Skills will automatically center on whatever monster you have targeted, or fire off in the direction your hero is facing if you don’t have a monster targeted. (Source: ) Q: Is Diablo3 going to be released on the Xbox One? A: There is no current announcements or plans to bring it to the Xbox One. Q: Will the game feature Offline LAN capabilities? A: ... (Source: ) Q: Will the gold costs for upgrading gems and crafting items be changed at all from the PC version? A: ... (Source: ) Q: Is there any list available of what from 1.08 made it in to the console version? A: ... (Source: ) Q: Will I be able to buy D3 for PS3/xbox360 from the Playstation Network Store/Xbox Store as a Digital Download? What would be the data size for the hard drive space needed to accomplish this? Also, If we are able to purchase D3 from the Playstation Network store, will Playstation Plus Members get a discount on the game? A: D3 is now available for preorder on the PlayStation store for EU and Aus and will be added to the US store soon(in time for release) however there is no known PS+ discount. Download size is still unknown. (Source: ) ________________________________________________ Twitter: @Narull | ANZ Diablo III MVP - Keep track of all Official Blizzard posts. There not spelling mistakes, Im speaking 'Ye Old English'Narull375 Jun 30
Jun 29 Set item vanished Hi all, so i recently deleted a few chars. And when i logged back im withy seasonal DH i noticed that the set item natalyas refelction ring i recived after completing the tasks has vanished from my stash! How has this happenee?Snowy0 Jun 29
Jun 27 GR 55-70 speed runs lfg Looking for PS4 players for lower GR gem leveling. 55-70 I run Ww barb and can clear solo in 2 min and under. Just looking for people to play with Add me on PS4 TruSandbagCJllxCJxll0 Jun 27
Jun 26 Avarice Combo I have a problem with the conquest of "Avarice" game on nintendo Switch and the combo of the money in this console takes too little, just a couple of seconds, so it is almost impossible to join the conquest I would like to know if there is any way to increase the timer of the gold combo.Dancrest1 Jun 26
Jun 26 Nintendo Switch players! Heya! Switch players here you come! You can add me with code: SW-7214-3113-8341 Or tell your friend code, so I will add you! Old PC player, I'm now on switch and wanna play with you! Cya in game,Amonystar7339 Jun 26
Jun 24 Need portal to Malthael My psn is MJN430 I just need someone to open a portal for me to skip the campaign please. Got a new ps4 and didnt backup my save. ThanksEvilDead3 Jun 24
Jun 23 Console Auto Aim It needs to be created that the closest ad gets targeted. Dying in GR pushes because it continues to black hole an add on the edge of the screen instead of the add directly in front of my face is incredibly frustrating. Either add mouse and keyboard capability to consoles for aim accuracy or create a closest ad auto aim.Lewtang6 Jun 23
Jun 23 Pc to ps4 character transfer Is it possible to transfer your Diablo 3 characters from pc to ps4Zarconian21 Jun 23
Jun 22 Console drop rates The main issue I have with playing on console, XB1, is that the drop rates are so skewed and I can’t even figure out how so it could be worked to an advantage. I have two friends that play with me, so 3 players, on 2 xboxes. No matter how we divvy up the screens one specific, it’s always the same friend, ends up with crap droprates. The other two will be decked in nearly full legendary, ancient or set gear while the last one is still entirely in rare. And we’ve tried every possible combo to fix the issue and it just doesn’t pan out. Even changing classes or letting the unlucky one do ALL THE WORK, they get zilch. And somehow even when they do get set or legendary they have worse stats than their rare gear but are still 20-40% weaker than the other two and have no special tactics or abilities. It just makes the game unfun and unplayable after a point for them.SkwishyFox6 Jun 22
Jun 22 PS4 saved data Is it possible to export a saved data from one PS4 to another as me and my friends wish to play together and don't want the hassle of bringing the one PS4 that we starting playing multiplayer together on to each others house everytime we meet up.arcaniko2 Jun 22
Jun 22 Hardcore on Nintendo Switch Hey all, it's really hard to find hardcore players to group with. I've created a hardcore only group and discord. Discord info: Jun 22
Jun 21 Hardcore Characters no Amiibo I recently started playing on HC and went to use my Goblin Amiibo to get a head start on gold and mats for early crafting but I realized I don't have the item to open the amiibo portal on my HC character. I tried making another one in case I accidentally deleted it somehow but again no item in my inventory (or stash). Do HC characters not get the item; or is there a limit or anything on how many amiibo items can be in the game in total? I'm playing on a non-seasonal character (already used my season rewards on normal) and I wasn't on wi-fi at the time (if that makes any difference).Edgeta1 Jun 21
Jun 20 PS4 Legit Players Community (How to Join) I realize there might be a number of groups out there, but finding them is going to be difficult since SONY didn't put a "search" feature like we suggested in the beta of this update, but here's how to join one, or rather, the one I created :D ** Note: By legit players, I mean no mod'd gear (obv), and no 10,000 paragon. I realize that playing in pub games, and someone might join with a mod'd out Gem of Ease, kill a few mobs, and all of a sudden you're 5-6k Paragon. Sh*t happens, so that's ok with me, but make sure people you want to join up on in the group have no problems with it. ** Due to an overwhelming response, I can't take anymore friend requests. my list takes forever to load up now :) You can leave your PSN here, and I'll send invites out OR: - Go on "Friends" - Search > (my PSN) iAvernus > Press X on my name > go on my profile - Scroll down on the left side, you'll see "Communities" - Press X on "Diablo 3: Legit Players Community" Easy. Now you'll be able to play with non cheaters, without fear. This group would be heavily moderated against modders. Feel free to invite friends. Have fun, hope to see you soon! **Sometimes I won't be able to add you guys immediately, but I will add you, no worries :)** Over 1100 members now! *** Please save your character AT LEAST once a week to a flash drive or whatever device you have. That way, in case you land in a group with some trolls, you can just close application, and reload your character. ***iAvernus382 Jun 20
Jun 20 Question: Unlocking master difficulty I just started playing on PS4. All my characters are limited to expert difficulty. If I play an regular offline character through the story (unlocking master difficulty), will it also unlock master difficulty for all my seasonal characters? I started a seasonal character but switched to playing a new character in local co-op. If I finish the story locally, I am hoping it also unlocks Master for my seasonal characters.Zing1 Jun 20
Jun 20 Switch - Disable motion controls (Dodge) Please let us disable the flick to dodge on Joycons. Its super frustrating watching my character dodge around like a fool because I happen to scratch my head, albeit a bit amusing. I've searched quite a bit through the menus and there isn't an option from what I can find. Searching on the forums or anywhere else has been a pain because of certain Blizz-Con news unleashing the hellgates of repeated posts. So if theres a way to do it and I've missed it please let me know. If not, PLEASE patch in an option for that. And yes I understand its purpose is for single joycon players to be able to dodge. I'm playing with both and both do it, its the worst.BearAE14 Jun 20
Jun 19 Jeweler stuck on level 11. Help? I'm currently level 70 (p149), finished the whole campaign, and I still have not found a way to increase the Jeweler from level 11 to level 12. This is the only Artisan I had a hard time levelling up, the other two are at level 12. Any ideas why this is happening?Shalashaska13 Jun 19
Jun 18 Patch Update on Xbox One I am still running Patch 2.6.0 on Xbox One. I have checked under Manage Games and Add Ons for an update to 2.6.5 but nothing shows there. I am in the US and from what I have Patch 2.6.5 is available. Also verified the patch I am running under What's New. I'd appreciate steps on how to update my patch so that I can begin Season 17. Thanks!cheese7327 Jun 18
Jun 18 loot question with couch multiplayer So I own the game on the ps4 and I have yet to figure out exactly how loot sharing works with 2 player multiplayer. From what is seems every other item I pick up goes to the partner and the same goes for every item they pick up. Is this how it works or is it more complex than that? Also a 2nd question. Is there a way to keep the new skill stars from showing up on player 2 every time they log into the game?Larick936 Jun 18
Jun 18 Multiplayer anyone play much ps4 online? looking for someone to play with online not very far paragon level yet but have played D since the OG on pc. not looking for boosting by any means. just someone to talk to while playing PSN - puppet831puppet8310 Jun 18
Jun 18 Bovine Bardiche Gone PS4 Hi guys, haven't seen one so far this season, solo Paragon 1023, seen LOADS of puzzles and ancient puzzles, no bardiche even from numerous rare polearm upgrades. Removed from this patch? Manybe due to stability issues?NikeoNZ10 Jun 18
Jun 17 Ps4 Online multiplayer not working? I have a Ps4 and PS+, but whenever I try to quick match, it won't put me into an online game, just a regular game. I tried with a friend's Ps4 using the same disc and it worked there, just not on mine. Is there a reason for this? Thank you!SnarkyClaya0 Jun 17
Jun 16 Switch season power level Anyone able to help a fellow Slayer of demons power level on the switch? Much appreciated :)Sephyxia77 Jun 16
Jun 15 Nintendo online If I buy this on the switch do I need to pay the Nintendo sub to play a seasonal character? What about if I split screen with my fiancé can we both make seasonal characters?Superqt1 Jun 15
Jun 14 Can PS4 Sub-Accounts Participate in Season? I play on PS4 with 2 of my kids but we play local co-op. I am the only one who has a Playstation account. I understand they will need a PS account to participate in season. Can I create sub-accounts for each of them so they can participate in the season? Also, as long as they are both signed into their sub-accounts, can all three of us play on local co-op and still play our seasonal characters together? Thanks!LordCaric47 Jun 14
Jun 14 D2 for Console Please make a remastered version of D2 for console. Thanks.Gnull9 Jun 14
Jun 14 Arcoiris liquido ps4 Para crear el baston del arriero en consola me pide solo tres ingredientes. Cencerro de wird, hongos y Gema cotorra o parlanchina. En PC son 5 ingredientes, incluyendo los que ya dije y arcoiris liquido y tibia de leoric. Esta receta en PC y la de consola por que son diferentes? Y por qué en consola sigue saliendo la tibia de leoric pero esa receta no sale disponible? Aún no encuentro el arcoiris liquido, pero... lo necesito en consola? O será que son dos tipos de recetas con propiedades en la calyada distintas y beneficios distintos????Leitox131 Jun 14
Jun 14 PS4 S17 Years of War/Dynasty bugged again Everytime we have this conquest in season everytime its bugged. Made by DH in order:The Shadow's Mantle, The unhallowed essence, The Natalya's Vengeance, The Marauder. The last didnt count. Also it was annouced that we'll have +140 or 149 stash slots with 2.6.5 patch. Where r they???FMilly7 Jun 14
Jun 14 Playing offline to re-experience old patch? So I want to expericene RoS on Ps4 the way it was back when the discs where fresh in stores. I'm gussing it was back right around when seasons where introduced? Is this possible? I need to prevent the Ps4 from automaticly updating the game, and i guess it should work if I remember to always go offline before I put in the disk, and always remove the disk before I go back online. Anyone knows if this will work, or will it somehow update it anyway? I know I can't do seasons or coop or anything like that. I just wanna try this old version of the game a bit for fun, before maybe sometime later letting it update.BlackLotus11 Jun 14
Jun 14 3 yes 3 socketed weapons and jewelry I am playing with gamers with 3 sockets, HOW ARE THEY DOING THAT? sorry, frustrated. I have searched boards here at Blizzard, other Diablo wikkis, googled, you tubed..all to no avail. I can find info about adding 1 socket...appreciate any help, thanks Am playing on Xbox One Diablo 3 ROS Ultimate Evil Edition, current patchwhiteangel12 Jun 14