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Jan 5 Known Issue: Portrait Frames Unavailable Hey all, With Patch 2.4.3, some of you may have noticed that you earned a portrait frame by completing certain achievements associated with the Darkening of Tristram event. However, there isn't currently a way to access or change your portrait frames on consoles. This is a known issue, and we are adding support for these portrait frames (as well as others) in the same patch that Seasons will launch on consoles. Once that patch goes live, any portrait frames you have previously earned as of Patch 2.4.3 and onward will be accessible/able to be equipped. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused, and look forward to bringing Seasons (and more) to you soon!Nevalistis0 Jan 5
Jan 3 Patch 2.4.3 Now Live on PS4 and Xbox One Greetings, nephalem! Patch 2.4.3 is now live for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For the PC version of the patch notes, please click here. This patch includes a variety of item and skill updates, including (but not limited to): General New Feature: 20th Anniversary Event A mysterious group of Cultists is stirring up trouble! Hunt them down in Adventure Mode to uncover clues that reveal a portal into Tristram’s past, and rediscover the terrifying darkness that took hold of the town so many years ago… This event is only available in January Hardware Support Support has been added for 4k ouput for the PS4 Pro Classes Barbarian Overpower Now has 3 charges Cooldown per charge remains 12 seconds with a chance to be reduced slightly by critical strikes Bug Fixes Several bug fixes have been applied to Monk and Wizard skills Items Legendary Items Red Soulstone Shard New Legendary Gem Periodically struggle for control, unleashing a ring of Fire that inflicts 12,500% weapon damage to enemies it passes through. With the above change, the primary effect of the gem deals significantly more damage at the gem’s base level, but scales more slowly with additional levels After gaining a level, your resource costs are removed and cooldowns on skills are reduced by 75% for 15 30 seconds. (Requires Rank 25) Class Specific Items Several items have been updated with new powers for each of the six classes Several class set powers have also received changes Bug Fixes Corruption shoulders can now be properly crafted at the Blacksmith Bug fixes have been applied to several existing legendary items, including Hellfire Amulet, Illusory Boots, Pinto's Pride, and Flail of the Ascended Fixed an issue that caused cosmetic pets to be dismissed unintentionally Fixed a bug causing transmogrify options to not properly unlock sometimes when first acquiring an item which grants a new transmogrify option Fixed a bug which caused the buff from the Legendary item Ahvarion, Spear of Lycander to end when changing floors in a Greater Rift Fixed an issue which caused the Bones cosmetic pet to incorrectly produce sound when players interacted with some user interface elements Fixed an issue which caused +Elemental damage bonuses on weapons to override the damage bonus granted to Ancient Spear by Skular’s Salvation and its elemental type Fixed an issue which allowed Necrosis damage from the Helltooth Harness set to be reflected back by some enemies onto Witch Doctors using projectiles like Poison Dart Adventure Mode Bounties The number of enemy kills required to complete the following Bounties has been reduced: Kill Aloysius Kill Axegrave Kill Bholen Kill Captain Donn Adams Kill The Crusher Rifts The Cesspools map has been adjusted Enemy density and overall map size have been reduced This area can now appear as the starting dungeon in Rifts and Greater Rifts Greater Rifts We have made a number changes to improve the play experience of Greater Rifts The stacking effect of the following is now cleared upon entering a Greater Rift The items Lord Greenstone’s Fan, Fortress Ballista and Flail of the Ascended The skills Arcane Dynamo and Mythic Rhythm The gold reward and empower cost for Greater Rift 25 and above have been increased The ratio between gold reward and empower cost remains about the same Players will now get an extra chance to upgrade their Legendary Gems if they do not die in a Greater Rifts Greed's Realm The portal to Greed’s Realm will now close 60 seconds after opening Greed’s chest With this, players may now open multiple portals to the realm in a single game Zones The waypoint for Pandemonium Fortress Level 2 in Adventure Mode has been moved from the entrance to the midpoint of the level in order to provide quicker access to some bounties With this change, bounties requiring you to kill unique enemies will only spawn these enemies in the first half of the dungeon, and all monsters on the map will contribute to bounty progress Bug Fixes Fixed an issue preventing the scene for “Bounty: Research Problems” from spawning Fixed bugs that led to large open areas with no monsters in some rooms in Greater Rifts, which was especially common near the entrance to certain floors Monsters Several quality of life improvements have been made to enemies Enemy Affixes Shielding Will now be cancelled immediately if the shielded monster is the last remaining monster in a pack Reflects Damage Now fires a projectile instead of instantly dealing damage to the player The warning duration for this affix has been reduced from 2 seconds to 1, and its active duration has been reduced from 6 seconds to 4 Electrified Crawling lightning generated by this affix now pierces, allowing it to damage multiple targets in succession With this, the damage caused by this affix has been reduced by about 35% Juggernaut New enemy affix Juggernaut monsters are permanently immune to crowd control effects, but move more slowly than normal monsters Along with this change, enemies with this affix take 30% more damage from all sources Only a rare Elite enemy can be a Juggernaut Wormhole The duration of this enemy affix has been reduced from 8 seconds to 6 seconds The time between when a wormhole is placed until it becomes active has been reduced to match the visual effect The pull distance for this affix has been reduced to better match the visual effect Wormholes should spawn on top of each other less often Bug Fixes Fixed an issue which caused Winged Assassins to sometimes travel across the ground instead of through the air when leaping Fixed an issue which prevented Greater Rift Guardians from reliably teleporting to players when they spawned more than a few screens away Fixed an issue which sometimes cause Rift Guardians to spawn in a location where they couldn’t be targeted Bosses Belial Now transitions more swiftly between his normal and larger version boss phases Quality of Life Dyes Can now be accessed through a new tab at the Mystic This includes Collector’s Edition dyes With this change, dyes will no longer be sold by vendors Bug Fixes Fixed display and text issues with some skills and items Fixed an issue causing keybind issues when the UI was hidden Fixed a bug which caused Followers to sometimes become idle in combat Fixed an issue which prevented Followers from being dismissed while they were incapacitated in battle Fixed an issue which allowed pets and Followers to be attacked immediately after exiting a portalNevalistis0 Jan 3
Aug 25, 2015 Patch 2.3.0 Now Live on PS4 and Xbox One Grimiku0 Aug 25, 2015
42m Xbox One game lag after patch Xbox One game lag after patch in rifts. Seems when I am doing a greater or regular rift. I have some lag in solo play. I notice it last night I was doing rift and I was attacking the rift boss and I was firing but nothing was happening. Then after a couple seconds it caught up. I thought blizzard turned on there servers for console. I see this when the latency is high on the server on the PC. If anyone has this happen please respond so we can get a blue post.DragonJeff7711 42m
1h character is missing? pls help my character has gone missing and i wanted to play ros on my ps4 but when i went on my ps3 to go export it there was nothing there.JustinSharma11 1h
2h Why is there no patch for 360/ps3? Are those platforms not special enough? And don't try and tell me those consoles can't take it or some other technical BS, its not like they released an entirely new game. WHY IS THERE NO MENTION OF THIS ANYWHERE? I think its pretty disrespectful to your fans to just leave that playerbase on those consoles in the dark. I own d3 on pc and 360 yet i primarily play on 360 because me and my 3 other roommates can all play together, they dont all own pcs. It wouldn't be too bad if i could transfer my saves to pc so at least i can experience the new content, can't do that either. can anyone explain to me why a multi billion dollar company can't afford to put out a patch on all supported platforms? p.s. yeah im salty, my roomates and i have been looking forward to playing again since it was announced.FapFaps12 2h
2h Thank you other legit players who kept complaining about the state the game is in on the console. I was one of them. Your efforts are very much appreciated by me. I wanted this so badly since I'm not a PC gamer. It was successful and we're getting seasons. For one I'm very excited about it and looking forward to it. A big thumbs down for the people who kept !@#$%ing at people wanting a cheat free environment on the consoles. They should have never been allowed to play online with legit players anyway. It should have been separated just like it was with Diablo 2. Blizzard should have done this from the get go, but better late than never I suppose. Anyway my first season character will be a hardcore Necromancer. I can't wait. Whoopdee^-*!ingdoo XD What are your plans for the first season?Pr1m3v1l14 2h
2h Remnants of Zakarum (PS4 community) Brand new Diablo 3 community on PS4 "Remnants of Zakarum" is looking for Legit PS4 players who enjoy having fun playing with other players and being a part of a community. REQUIREMENTS: 21+ years old Speak English Be friendly (this doesn't mean you can not joke around and have fun) Have a mic Be Legit (No mods or duped items) How to Join: Add Nyr0-no-name (that's a zero in Nyr0) on PS4 or search for Remnants of Zakarum community on PSN and request membership. I am currently working on getting images and stuff for the community as me and the wife just decided to play D3 again today. This is a long term project/community so we will not be going anywhere anytime soon. We will also be looking for a couple of admins.xNYROx20 2h
3h Powerlevel--New player help----PS4 ...WALLYWALLEYE129 3h
5h gibbering gemstone bugged? I'v been killing Chiltara all day, at least 100+ kills and i haven't got it, i remember on ROS on ps3 it was bugged and didn't drop but i assumed it would be fixed on ps4 but i guess not?DemonScarf7 5h
6h Asheara's vestments + zunimassa Hi I am using the asheara's vestments set and zunimassa. My followers gain the 90% damage reduction from the enforcer gem.(I think) they also gain the 1500% increased damage when I hit with a mans spendor.and get the 3% damage reduction for each fetish I have spawned in. Since I noticed this I haven't been having to give any of them the invincible relic. I give them the all skills relic. When I haunt something and my enchantress uses her force push, that hits for around 80-90 mil. I think that this set has potential now somewhat but not if your trying to go past gr60. Im not 100% sure if the followers count as pets but I'm pretty certain that they get that 1500% increase from zunimassa. It's good to see followers actually doing some actual damage for a change. I would love to see blizzard buff followers, by making them stay out constantly. I think this change would make this set very much viable because the cc and heals and legendary affixes could really make a huge difference if they were out 100% of the time with that set. Just a few ideas that I think would make the set better are. make the 2 piece bonus + 100 all res, you and your followers gain 20% health. Make the 3 piece your followers gain 75% of your chd, chc and and 50% of your main stat in addition to what they get from the items you give them. Make the 4 piece your followers no accompany you on your journey indefinitely. Perhaps they could make it so that when a follower that's following you as a pet through the asheara's set dies in combat he or she goes away for 15-30 seconds and then comes back to aid you until they die again. It would also be cool if they had health bars above their heads like the rest of the witch doctors pets. I believe that the asheara's set would be a lot more fun to use and useful while still not being over powered or unbalanced if it were to get a little love from blizzard I'm sure they could think of something awesome to make it useful.ive always used this set every since it came to be I just love gearing my followers with 3 oculus rings and other legendaries that can prove useful. I just want them to be accompanying you 100% of the time even if they don't end up being a useful dmg source they could help a lot if the were always out and had 3 oculus rings. I want this set to be an end game option. I want the followers to gain strength and confidence from accompanying the nephalem of his or her journey. My rant is over. Does anyone else think that this set is awesome and long overdue for a rework or buff. Let me know what your ideas are about the setGodSpawn4 6h
6h PS4 updates UP TO DATE? Hi everybody, I just wanted to ask a quick question that I couldn't really find any answer to. is PS4 version of Diablo III up to date with the one on pc? if not, how far behind are console with patches, updates and so on?DomApelsin3 6h
6h Console write checks, bliz leaves hackers. Corner stone of all blizzard games is online play. I cant stand the fact that blizzard just !@#$s on the console constantly. Give us parity give us seasons faster this year. Give us a late season 9 or shorter one. I am tired of coming back to this game year after year and seeing ALMOST 0 things done about hackers and modders. Blizzard does not even like to make to many post acknowledging they exist, as it looks bad in their google SERPS. I want to be able to play diablo, If your gonna make a watered down product you care less about, charge us less, or back out of the console market totally. Its a tarnish to your name. Grew up playing diablo in the 90's thought was the greatest thing i had ever seen. Want to share that same experience with friends, when i buy a blizzard product i expect something great, not something they made to cash a check and leave us with hackers for almost 4 years now.Solance18 6h
7h Nintendo Switch Diablo III That's it. Any plans for this? I can see the downside cause when u on the road playing the swtich its hard to get a good wifi connection. But still, it could be fun when on vacation etc.Tombom1 7h
9h I think duping items is killing the loot hunt Yea people can have mod gear and one shot everything but still can take a while to get what they want but duping items + Kanal cube. You can literally sit your !@# in town for a week not touch a single monster and roll perfect gear. To me that's pretty much kills worse thing too is I know people that making money off the game doing it.Lex2 9h
10h D3 ps4 server not available at this time So it's been 4 days now I've been unable to play any online games whatsoever. Every time I try to connect It gives me "The diablo 3 server is not available at this time. Please try again later". I've tried everything including hard resetting the console, changing my NAT settings, disconnecting/reconnecting to psn, and changing the in game regional settings. Nothing works. The first few days of release I had no problem. Now I'm just scratching my head. My system is connect via wire to my d-link router. Every other game works fine.Rekem6 10h
10h Linked my account an no Gift??? I recently (Today) purchased The Ultimate Evil Edition and i linked my PSN account to Blizzard and have not received my free gift. Anyone else having this problem? Is it something I am doing wrong? I went to the link and completed everything.frayer27 10h
14h Diablo 3 completly crashes my PS4 Pro :/ Diablo 3 completly crashes my PS4 Pro :/ Region: European France With the last patch 2.4.3 and the last little update release today, the game completly crashes on my PS4 Pro. It's random and i can't get the OS dashboard anymore. I have to shutdown my console by pressing the ON button during few seconds. I'm alone in this case ? 3 crashes like this from yesterday :/ No issue on others games. I play a lot to Diablo 3 and now i can't play without fear to crash again :( I can't send any report because OS is not accessible and no report in system too.KikitheKing6 14h
16h Greater Rift clears XB1 PS4 Just curious how everybody is doing 2.4.3. Any killer clears hardcore or sotfcore?WALLYWALLEYE10 16h
18h Ps4 legit players Ive seen several threads but figured I would post my own. Psn: tooned_22 Legit player, my paragon is 800 due to joining a public game... :( Looking for legit players to farm rifts and suchZraktos33 18h
20h Xbox one legit players Looking for friends that don't use hacked items or mods. I'm currently at para 660, 4 lvl 70 characters and am able to do grift 72 solo. No mic atm, dang thing broke on me. Hit me up if you want to play some games. Xbox one gt: Bloody Zypher Edit: All characters are soft core.BloodyZypher18 20h
20h Anyone have any spare wings to dupe? [PS4] I've looked everywhere online and people are selling duped wings for damn modded items and money. I really want a set of wings and if anyone would be kind enough to dupe me a pair that would be insanely cool of you, please and thank you. My PSN is QuarterbagDarrelKeefSosa5 20h
1d Xbox One - Bottled Cloud Dye gone? So I've had this dye since my 360 days, and I had this dye right before 2.4.3 rolled around and with the new changes to dyes being sold at the Mystic, I cannot find my bottled cloud dye and I'm very frustrated with this. Is there anything that may be causing this to happen, or is there some way of me getting it back?Stupherstump4 1d
1d Largest Diablo 3 legit club on Xbox one. Hello, I am "the red worm" on xbox one and run the largest Diablo 3 club. Our clubs name is "diablo 3 legit only" if you search diablo it is the first one listed. You can follow this link to join the club via Microsoft's website. Our club has over 3400 members as of tonight. We do get people that join that don't exactly know what legit means. We have our members police the group to help keep it clear of people with modded gear. If you play with someone that is using modded gear take a screenshot on xbox and report it to the admins in the group and they will be banned. Even if you play with randoms and someone not in group and they are modding you can screenshot and we will ban them so they can never attempt to join the group. If you are looking for like minded players who want to play the game the way it's meant to be played check us out. We have veterans, rookies, softcore and hardcore.theredworm18 1d
1d Is the game still worth buying? There's a discount on the PS Store and I'm contemplating if to buy it or not. The thing is I will probably only play it with a friend (local co op). I have to say that I never played any Diablo game. I have a few questions: 1. Does the game get boring after reaching high level (does it have good end game content)? 2. Is the story good? 3. How will I manage if I've never played a Diablo game or a even a dungeon crawler before.Arkraze6 1d
1d Protector of Tristam error For some reason, Viletouch and Baron Sludge are not being marked as completed when I enter a game. I've beaten them in prior games and made sure they were marked. However, after turning off the PS4 and then returning later, they are again marked as undone. Has anyone else had this issue?johnhminor2 1d
1d Arachyr 6 set bug? My progression came to a screeching halt when I could not do as much damage as before... Went from billion+ to around 500mil+... Checked my gear and found my arachyr 6 set was showing 1500% damage instead of 2400%... Am I missing something here?Krazyinda4071 1d
1d Falcon wings Falcon wings only dropped for one player? My fiance and I finally found the mysterious chest and I opened it and only one falcon wings dropped. Shouldn't it have dropped two pairs. We were together the whole time doing bounties.Jaelryn6 1d
1d I Sense a Soul Quest Anyone else have pages to trade? Looking for 1,2 and 3.WellArmed12 1d
1d Wings for PS4 Hello fellow competitors. I am looking for red, white and yellow wings. Has anyone happened to have one left for me. I'm very satisfied.Xample109 1d
1d How do I get tyrael's wings?!??!? I have always obsessed over the art design of Tyrael and his wings, and I just bought diablo on consoles like a week ago on my xbox..Now I just saw a barb running around with tyraels wings and when I asked how he got them he just called me a But seriously, how the hell do I get these in game, I need them. Period. Must have. I am like steaming obsessed right now XD!!!!Vigilance37 1d
1d Is density being upgraded on consoles? Do we also get the density upgrade on consoles? Or is it solely for PC? Reason why I am asking is because I would love to slay a sh*t ton of more demons while I sit back on my couch. =]I3lackDahlia41 1d
2d Looking for Xbox One Friends Looking for Xbox one friends to get gifts and to just party with. I have plenty of time in this game I have played on pc since launch. G.T: EmperorSlayersSlayers398 2d
2d Seasons ARE coming to consoles! Season 10 will be when seasons start on consoles, thank god, I never have to play on PC again. I think there are some more official screenshots floating around the official blizzard siteZombie74 2d
3d 2.4.3 is out on PS4 Downloading it right now :)cjbeast123 3d
3d Legit Xbox One players Add me or leave your gamertag below if you play legit and are looking to add friends. My gamertag is shippedmypants.doggoneitsdj311 3d
3d Rainbow Portrait -Sir William (Whimseyshire) So, with the 1.15/1.16 patch, will this portrait drop now on the consoles? Can someone from Blizzard or MissCheetah or Nevalistis confirm this please? Davemrtheoden28 3d
3d PS4: Unable to join party When my friend and I try to party up, the game gives us an error message after a few seconds of trying to join. It basically tells us that we are unable to party up at the moment. What is causing this issue?shadowdra1265 3d
3d PS4 EFIGS to POL/RUS I recently bought Diablo 3 Ultimate evil edition on disk. It was the EFIGS version. Is there any way to change the language pack to POL/RUS without buying a new game?autvis0 3d
3d Worth returning to D3 before Seasons? Took a long break from the game and have been looking forward to season ms cause I won't to level up and main a Monk. Is there anything else new in the game or worth coming back for? There is the anniversary event but most of the bonus stuff and pets ain't available on console cause we don't have seasons yet. So wait or come back?NordWitcher4 3d
4d Seasons on Console - Modded gear So, how is this going to be addressed? There is no way you can have seasons on console when people are running around with modded gear.TakeNotes7 4d
4d Cannot complete "Shut up and Take My Money" Challenge "Shut Up and Take My Money" requires you to buy dye from a merchant. You can no longer do this after the patch, now I cannot complete this challenge. Will this be fixed?Wrexsoul2 4d
4d Pc to ps4 ? Pc to ps4 can I have my pc account on ps4 how ?Respect4 4d
4d Teleport:Calamity Why havent they fixed this for Consoles already ? Why cant they make it On Target just for Calamity. Now i know most Teleport runes you dont want to cast at an enemy and TP works okay is but you absolutely want to Cast TP:Calamity at an enemy. Why can't they make it work like Leap ?. It plays horribly :( Now i am most impressed with the console adaption( Got it during the sale :) ) coming from PC since release and i quite like how Meteor plays in comparison, eben if it could just work like that. I was so looking forward to running Tals Meteor with TP:Calamity being the arcane skill, it is going suck if i am restricted to fixed distance tho :(DaTurtle3 4d
4d How to get Cosmetic Pets on console? I just saw on the patch note Cosmetic Pets pick up gold now in 2.4 patch, but I can only find Cosmetic Pets as season reward. Does anyone know how I can get a cosmetic pet on PS4? Please share, thanks.VanityVow57 4d
4d PS4 Clan I'm a member of a gaming community that's been around a few years now, we have played many games together on PC. I'm making a branch for the PS4 since I will be more focused on it now. I'm looking to see if anyone would be interested in joining, we can arrange 4 man groups, hold events and such. If interested leave a reply, or visit [believe its down for maintenance atm] or hit me up on our TeamSpeak 3 server that we host, the information for that is: there is no port number.axiod60 4d
4d looking for ppl to level HC with XB1 currently level 30 i dont have adventure mode unlocked if anyone can unlock for me post your gt below thank youGhostface0 4d
4d [Xbox One] Leave Gamertags below Please leave Gamertags below so we can all add you and send presents to and from one another. I know there is already threads about this but it is just easier for me to make another one, sorry guys. Gamertag-InternetSheepInternetShep185 4d
4d How can i view my xbox one character online? I played D3 the other night for the first time on xbox one. This morning i created a account and linked my xbox live email. How can i view my character progress, on teh website? ThanksHugeLarry37 4d