All boxes checked, achievements not granted

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There is a incredible amount of players that encountered these specific bugs over a year ago, please address that.

Please, join the topic if you are in the same situation, by including your bugged achievement.

Mine is "The Black Soul Stone".

Why not making a specific achievement bug topic, there seem to be so many of them...
Mine is Archival Studies
Same here.
I have the same Problem with the achievement: "The Mouth of Hell" (Act III Campaign achievement)

I've had this bug for a year now, and I posted a bug report back on 6/7/2012. (Here's a link: )

No official response in that thread, nor a response in any other major achievement bug thread that I've seen. The blues seem to bless us with a high holy response every four months or so and say "We're aware! We've got a fix in coming!"


Only, they removed the bug from the list of known bugs about three months after release declaring it fixed when it wasn't. I think I saw a post a few days ago that looks like it was just another to throw into the pile of nonsense.

The sheer hubris in moving achievements server side because "Hey, why do we need to allow customer support to award broken achievements? We have none of those!" is mindblowing. It's second only to the hubris of completely ignoring everyone who has this issue with nothing more than "We'll fix it, lolol" and nothing of any real substance.
Judge of character. If you ticked them all off before the fix to remove orders from Maghda it doesn't grant you the achievement.
Which means you'll never get Grand Lorekeeper of sanctuary which depends on it
No achievement, all checks.
My quests:
In the Mountains (Act 1)
Historian of Caldeum (Act 2)
Does Blizzard really even answer to Bug reports?
Ditto to judge of character...
So we r making a new thread, good initiative guys, my problem concerns "stay a while and listen"

original old post:

my personal topic on the issue:
My issue is with More than Stories, I've had the issue for over a year as well. All boxes checked, no credit for the achievement. I'd be fine if they'd just reset the achievement, it's not hard for me to do it again.
I have the same Issue with most of the A2 quests. Since the day D3 went live

alls requirement boxes ticked, achievement not granted
09/20/2013 11:43 AMPosted by Mauldo
The sheer hubris in moving achievements server side because "Hey, why do we need to allow customer support to award broken achievements? We have none of those!" is mindblowing. It's second only to the hubris of completely ignoring everyone who has this issue with nothing more than "We'll fix it, lolol" and nothing of any real substance.

^ This. Believe me when I say I'm so pissed at the fact they're not fixing these achievements which have been bugged from day 1, that I wish they spent all the incomes of the rmah in medicines. My bugged achievement is "The comfort of strangers".

I've genuinely progressed (no boosts involved) with more than a character through all 4 difficulty modes, even in hard core. While it clearly shows all 3 followers ticked I still don't get the achievement. These bugs have been there for OVER 18 MONTHS!

This outrageously retarded silence policy over the issue is not something a respectable company such as Blizzard should allow.

I've seen you're adding more social features such as clans in the upcoming expansion. I've seen the clan tab allows to sort players by freaking ACHIEVEMENT POINTS. I for one have always been an achievement !@#$%, and I've accomplished some of the most annoyingly time consuming ones, but this ^-*! keeps me from doing the rest of them.

We're still looking for an answer.

It's the question that drives us, Blizzard.

It's the question that brought us here.

You know the question, just as we do.

What is the Matrix?

Or rather, what point is there in putting our efforts and time into some incredibly annoying and poorly rewarding @#$% that, as an even sicker joke, even fails at being tracked?

The answer is out there, Blizzard, and it's looking for you, and it will find you if you tell your programmers to.
Sharyel I understand your frustration, we are all in the same boat. The only achievements missing on my account are my bugged one (stay a while and listen), the meta achievements tied into that ("now I've heard everything" and "The art of conversation") and "the one percent" which I am currently working on. It can be very frustrating to log into your account and see that big 99% achievements earned number taunting you.

That being said, please try to remain civil. The first obvious reason is this is a bug report forum, not a teenage girl hissy fit forum, please keep the comments to the point and mature. Secondly and maybe more importantly, we do not want to bite the hand that feeds, we are unable or at least not allowed to fix this problem ourselves.
Ragnar, I'm glad we understand each other. Don't get me wrong, I've tried more peaceful and civil approaches to the issue before, but I have the constant feeling we're being fooled with empty promises.

It's not like this isn't a problem they're aware of. They know full well about these bugs. They've been reported over and over and over during these 18 months. The time for our understanding is running out, especially after we've paid to beta test the console version on our pc. Those of us who didn't pay for the game had nevertheless to fulfill their part on a digital contract and subscribe for a year to World of Warcraft to compensate for that. You surely understand why similar feelings of frustration and disappointment have risen all over the place, to later turn into anger, or simply into quitting the game for many other players.

As far as I know they fixed many of the achievements shortly after the game lauched in such a way so that players who tried to accomplish them later on had no problem earning them. It's not like they cannot solve this problem, they can reset specific achievements with ease as far as I know. If the almost non-existent customer support focused on addressing the reset of bugged achievements for a couple of weeks I'm damn sure they'd make everyone happy.

I, for one, just wonder why they're not doing it. And I'm pretty sure I'm not alone.

P.S. I'm from Italy, I just came to this forum because the english(eu) forum (and the italian one alike) are considered so insignificant by Blizzard they don't even have a bug report section. Please forgive any grammar atrocity you may find in my posts.
These are all very valid arguments and I completely agree now that the cursing has gone.

Also, I play on the European server as well. It does seem odd at the very least to split players into massive groups like entire continents and not even bother to make a bug report forum for more than one group.

One more thing before I go, I'm seeing a lot more views than replies. Ladies and gentlemen it would help our collective case if you would contribute to the thread, please do :)
Like others here, my issue is with the Judge of Character achievement. All boxes are ticked, but the achievement does not trigger. Obviously this also prevents the Grand Lorekeeper of Sanctuary from triggering too.

This is not a new bug - I can't even recall how long this has been an issue for me, but somewhere over 6 months now.

I do understand that fixing busted achievements is probably not high on the developers 'To Do' list, but they have been an enjoyable part of the game for many players and it is annoying that achievement fixes seem to take so long to happen.

With RoS on the horizon, many will be hoping for additional achievements as part of that expansion, but I'd like to see fixes to the existing achievements first.
For me, beastmaster of tristram is bugged. All boxed checked, but not awarded. (On Americas server).

Blizzard, please fix.
Field Work
The Wanderer of Tristram
The Last of the Horadrim

missing for me =/

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