All boxes checked, achievements not granted

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Judge of Character
this achievement has been bugged for like a year already. There were another book that cant get it checked, then blizz decide to remove that check box in a patch. I guess for whoever that get all the book read except the bugged one before will get stuck from not getting this achievement.

I recently finished up everything else but this, i hope this will get fixed soon.

Thank you and sorry for my bad english
this is actually very helpful, for it confirms mauldo's claims that blizzard has worked on this in the past and declared the bug fixed. leaving us with the task of raising awareness. Keep 'm coming guys !
Same problem here, happened during the server problems at launch. Got ~10 achievements that don't work.
(my tickets: )
problem with achievement is "Historian of Arreat"

(Books are read. They are marked out. But achievement isn't executed). I apologize for English )
Judge of Character
same problem here !

Mine is "un drôle de personnage" (sry I don't know the english name of that achievement, I think it's called "judge of character" it's the campaigns of act 2 : reading all the books of act2).
I know there was a problem with magdha's orders book from act 1 within this one, but :
- I re-read that stupid book on a reroll created for that
- It is no more requested in the act 2 achievement

So here I am : all items of this achievemtn are checked, but the achievement isn't granted. And of course that's my only campaign achievement missing, quite frustrating....
Judge of Character
All boxes checked before "Repir Patch" - No Credit
No response from mutiple requests.
Last one needed...
Incredibly frustrating!!!
over 200 views guys, we r doing well. Keep it alive.
Historian of Tristram
I was wondering if anyone reading this thread luckily got into RoS beta ? I was cautiously hoping this bug of ours might be addressed when Blizzard got around to tinkering with the RoS alterations for achievements (changing "hell difficulty or higher" requirements and what not). Is there any information available ?
Jewel of the East
Wanderer of Caldeum
Heralds of the new dawn
Heroes counter always shows [-1], so right now it can't be taken with 10 heroes per account restriction.
Judge of Character
All boxes checked, but no achievement granted.
Also, the achievement "Grand Lorekeeper of Sanctuary" depends on it to trigger...
Field Work broken since release for me (ergo Wanderer of Tristram and A World of Pain unavailable)

All boxes checked:
I have the same problem with the following achievements:
There will definitely be blood
The last of the Horadrim
Stay awhile and listen
Achievement "In the mountains"
Same problem.
Fresh meat here.
Field Work
In the mountains
In the mountains
Thorough investigation

Returned to the game after 6 months, was very disappointed to see this embarrasing bug still unfixed!
Hi, guys!

I have the same issue. It would be just great if tech support pays us some attention at least this time.

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