Barbarian Kingdom Giveaway Thread

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Okay, time to put some use to the 2 beez from Morpheus that's been chilling in my account.

There will be two components to this giveaway.

The first will be four complete sets worth 200M.

Edit: winners decided. Congratulations to:

Wrexsoul #1785
unitsinc #1446
Jaque #1514
HosiosLoukas #1998
Kruel #1376
NeoSamurai #1745
QHTran #1403
Madapaka #6694

The second will be 1-2 items per winner, with each prize worth roughly 300M, and four winners.

The type of players I'm looking for for the first component will be relatively new to the game. Ballpark of 1-5k elite kills. Not a strict guideline. Their current gear should be worth in 50M territory. A 200M set should upgrade them decisively, but they shouldn't be wearing vendor trash, either. The winners must donate 3 pieces of their current gear in order to receive the prize.

The type of players for the second component should be experienced, likely 10k+ elite kills, total gear worth likely 500M territory or higher. The prize would help them get that big upgrade that they've been saving for. The winners must donate their piece or pieces that get upgraded by the giveaway to receive it.

How to enter- Explain why the prize you're entering for would benefit you. Detail will help.

If you're entering for one of the complete sets, list the type of playstyle you're going for, the type of gear you'd like and how it'll help you reach your goals.

If you're entering for one or two upgrades, explain what upgrade(s) you're looking for, and how they will help your build and progression.

Winners will be picked a week from today. Go.
No replies? I expected this would swamped. C'mon guys, this is a chance for both new and mid-range players to get some decent gear.
Must be for barb right?
I just want ... idk what I want... D:
Ive been saving for higher vit ice climbers with movement speed. My plans for those would be to help me further dominate mp8.
09/19/2013 12:17 PMPosted by gooball
No replies? I expected this would swamped. C'mon guys, this is a chance for both new and mid-range players to get some decent gear.

The requirements to enter this contest are more daunting than your typical lottery (where all you have to do is post "pick me!"), but that's exactly what I'm going for anyways. The reward is also much better than the typical one.

If a small amount of people reply, then they'll simply get a larger share of the prize.

I'm a WW/sprint barb for most of my paragon grinding that switches to HOTA to do uber runs to try and roll a better hellfire. Right now, I'm trying to save up to either buy or craft Archon gloves, shoulders, and a chest that could replace current pieces I'm using. Likewise, I'm trying to craft new razorspikes to replace my current bracers. I'd also like to improve my rings and amulet, since the ones I have now could be vastly improved upon by high tier upgrades.Finally, I'm trying to find that really nice crafted ilvl63 rune sword, demolisher, or arch axe that has high black DPS in the 1200+ range, str, a gem slot, life steal, CD, or IAS. Likewise, a higher DPS Echoing Fury would also help me greatly.

Basically, my issue for the armor pieces is that I need to add some HP and AR while keeping the high CC, CD, and Str my pieces currently have. Since my AR right now is in the mid 500s I would have much more survivability if I could bump that to the 700s. Good crafted Archon's pieces to replace my mostly legendary pieces would go a long way in accomplishing this. Likewise, a Mempo that had CC on it would add an easy 10K to my DPS as well at no cost. Additionally, good high roll IK gloves with AR would help me keep the 2 IK set 60 AR bonus and improve my overall AR at very little DPS cost if not a small improvement. Probably not the best approach, though, since Archon str gauntlets are probably better anyways.

For jewlery, having to use a hellfire to lvl doesn't help me, but i'd like to find better rings and an amulet that have Str, AR, CC, CD, IAS, or life % on them to help further boost my DPS as well as AR and total HP. I'd also like to get a good 6% cold HOTA SoJ or a good ring to use when not using a hellfire. Likewise, adding some HP and AR would allow me to swap my current Depth Diggers for a pair of nice Inna's pants to improve my IAS without losing too much HP or AR, especially if I were to find a new crafted bracer and lose the IAS on my Lacuni's.

I think that covers it for details. Let me know if I can provide more! Happy to donate anything that gets replaced, obviously, per the rules of the contest.
I would like to apply for the giveaway! Just started a month ago an trying to play catch up to my friends who are having fun in MP 7-10 mostly ;) The giveaway would help me tremendously in that sense!

Here's the breakdown of my gear so far:

Mempo 1,8 mil
Vile Wards 200k
Blackthorne's body 5 mil
The avenger 1 mil
IK hands 3 mil
Strongarm bracers 2,5 mil
Feral Meridian 4 mil
Vice vow 2 mil
Witching hour 4 mil
IK feet 2 mil

Blackthorne's legs and Skorn (socketed as is) were given out to me and I crafted the gems on the way :) So it totals up to 25,5 mil for my gear as a starter Barb in the game, only character I leveled so far hehe Still haven't gottten lucky on crafted items but i only a few tries in so far too :(

I would also like to point out that I have no problems giving out 3 pieces of gear if I ever qualify for the sets or even for quality upgrade prizes, gotta help out some fellow teammates! :P
Hi I'd like to tryout for the one good item giveaway part.

I'm pretty much a regular on the monks forums and I'v just recently started to really work on my barb.
I currently have almost zill for gold and haven't had too much luck selling my items that are okish level. I could use some decent items on my barb to try and break the 200k barrier. I'm also looking to help out in the barb section of the forums now as I try to learn stuff also :)

My idea item is probably a better skorn or 1handed weapon I kinda like skorn though. I do need other top gear like inna's or a mempo <-- using poor mans mempo right now andys :)

Anyhow hope I win and good luck to the others trying also :)
Would love to win one of the sets it would really help me out ( ) current gear, my type of play is ww/sprint / Hota.

would love to be able to take on higher level/more enemies and keep the action going without a lot of worry of die constantly, with the help of the better gear. Tried to gear my barb but did it with a very small budget so I am unable to play like i would like.

Good luck to everyone :)
Hey, I'd like to participate in this. My Barbarian is honestly the only character I play, and he was the only character I played in D2. I just picked up the game again from a small break about a month ago and have been playing hard ever since boosting from para 26 to hitting para 70 last night.

I was trying to decide which part of the contest I should enter cause I feel like I'm on the border. I Really have no idea what all my gear is worth together, but there are no high end gems and I've never had more than 40mil before....

That being said I think one piece could open up some options for me. As all barbs know you need to make certain sacrifices to hit max run/walk. Tyrael's instead of IK, Inna's instead or ehp pants, Fire Walkers instead or Ice Climbers, or the one I hate the most: Lacuni's instead of crafted bracers...

I assume you already know what I'm working up to but yeah, if I could get a hold of a pair of Ice Climbers with similar stats to mine except also Movement Speed, that would mean I only have to sacrifice one spot for movement speed, meaning I could use IK chest AND crafted bracers while still using Inna's pants and awesome boots.

The reason I think you should pick me is: while I'm not the most active on the forums I am in the game, and whether I win these or not my Barb is going all the way to Paragon 100. So if I get something its gonna be used to smash demons and ubers on mp10 daily. My barb would just like some new kicks to walk over their corpses with.

Also looking for new weapons but I'm not greedy I think the boots would be the perfect upgrade.

Thanks for consideration, good luck to all.

EDIT: Since this post, I've upgraded some gear. Still like to go for the one item, maybe a new fancy rare mace or ax. We'll see what I'm looking like by the end of the contest if I'm chosen.

I have been playing for hundreds of hours and have never found an item worth more than 200 mil. All my gear has been either crafted or lucky bids in the AH. I would love a chance to upgrade my MH as I am unable to find/afford a better one. If you could help out that would be great!

By the way, nice idea on having to give over the items you want to upgrade and for offering this deal in the first place!
Anything would help, I don't expect to win and there are probably people that are better suited to win, still my fingers are crossed. Umm I'd like to win simply because I play d3 a lot and After "extensively" trying out the 5 classes My top three were DH, monk, barb. But the "love" for monk quickly went away, thing's became rather complicated, I would tank mp10 perfectly fine, but always lacked the damage.

I started the game playing a DH and I won't ever prefer a barb over him just because I always liked ranged/assassins type of characters, but my second choice would be bruisers, not tanks. I feel that a barb is just that and I use WW/Hota build (atm using both) while Dw, and it seems to suit me well (as of now)

So to sum it all up, should I win? Compared to other people who need it, no. Would I like to win? Does a bear !@#$ in the woods? Heck yea I'd love to, especially since my barb is roughly 30-45m. I think.

I'm putting in for the full set giveaway.

The most expensive part of my set is a Skorn I got for 1.5 mill, the rest I grabbed for between 100k-400k per piece with some nice 15k snipes in there too.

I can currently farm MP7 trash only decently elite packs are touch and go (to my last checkpoint mostly). I can knock out 6 pretty effectively though.

As I'm sure you can see I veer from the common cookie cutter builds by just a little. No WoTB and no active Fury builder. And I like Unforgiving with my full IK set. One of my biggest problems with upgrades atm is not knowing what to upgrade. I'm not willing to give up the full set IK bonus lol. Even if I don't win some upgrade tips would be nice ;)

Hi, I'd like to enter for the full set giveaway.

Here is my profile:
Ignore the demon hunter(she's my girlfriend's toon)

I believe this set would be perfect for me to transition from low tier gear to a much higher level. I've managed to progress quite far on a fairly small budget by scouring the AH for good deals.

As you can see I'm set up quite defensively at the moment. This allows me to survive well but my eDPS is rather low. This hinders my farming efficiency. I can farm trash on MP 6 and 7 decently, but elites tend to take a very long time. I've been attempting to craft shoulders and gloves with little luck.

I played the original game before the Inferno nerf where SnB was pretty much mandatory. I got back into the game maybe 3 or 4 months ago and discovered the wonderful world of Sprint to Win. This build is exceptionally fun, but I have been saving up gold to attempt a generatorless HotA/WW hybrid build involving an SOJ and Skorn. Due to the price of these items I've simply been saving and farming hoping for a few good drops to make the money to really give it a go.

I think getting this gear and allowing me to pursue an alternate playstyle that can be prohibitively expensive would reinvigorate the game and allow me to enjoy this class as I've never had the chance to do.

Thank you for your consideration.
I'm interested in getting an upgrade or two. I go back and forth between dual wielding and using a skorn so I'm not sure what I need most. MS ice climbers or a better IK chest? I would really like to be able to solo mp10 ubers.


I would like to enter in the complete set give away. my current gear was actually also given to my in a giveaway to be honest. but if i were to be selected, i would gladly either give up all pieces of my gear so that it may be beneficial to someone else. either that, or i give back the set to the original giveaway-er (is there such a thing).
I can do MP5-7-ish fairly as of now, but of course i would like to be fighting in the ultimate MP10 and feel that kind of gameplay. i am currently working on my paragon levels right now to become stronger. together with that, i try to get the keys from the wardens when i can.
Thank you and goodluck to everyone!
edit:WW barb here
Coming back to the game in order to prepare for the changes coming in 6 months. I want to be fluid in my D3 skills before the AH shuts down and ladder resets hit. With that being said I want to bring back the barbarian, I quit mine after hitting 60 as my friend wanted to play barb so I switched to monk.

I have been out of game for a while and want to reengage the barb. I would like to enter the giveaway for the first set. I am willing to donate gear from barb or monk in order to help. I am pretty lost myself on how to upgrade and what I should be looking for on the barb.

A nice set of gear would be a great starting point for me and really help me get started in the right direction. I dont have as much time to play anymore as I use to so this would be a fantastic help to me. If not any gear, a friend request with some info on how to barb would be greatly appreciated as well =].
Hi I'm, new Just beat inferno diablo with my barb today. I have less than 5000 elite kills between all my characters. I spent 25 million on my barb set and would like more DPS to do higher MPs. I can do MP10 now and not die much but it's like watching grass grow.


I am willing to donate
Vile wards paid 600K
Rare Ring paid 550K
and IK Belt paid 444K

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