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You guys have some great stuff!

DeviantART is an incredible online community of creative folks, and I have a CM account over on DeviantART as well!

If you're interested in following some other incredible fan artists, consider +Watching some of these folks and perhaps joining in some of the Blizzard and game-related groups over there.

Don't mean to be nit picky but it doesn't seem appropriate to post on these forums that your a CM at another site while posting on your CM account on this site.
For clarification, I don't have any affiliation or administrative rights over at DeviantART. I was merely pointing out that that account I linked there is in fact "me," so if you see me favorite your work there or communicating with you via that account, it is one in the same person (the same can be said for my Reddit and Twitch accounts, etc.)
Well looks like I need to do some fan art then!

The only Diablo fan art I have ever really done was this

I made all the diablo runes out of scupley clay! I believe I posted them on these forums ages ago. Maybe I should of put them on my deviantart.

That is my Deviant Art page. I only have 2 Deviants atm, but I plan to have more. My favorite class in game is Amazon/Rogue (not really into the demon hunter). So, a lot of future work will probably revolve around them. I also have a fascination with Bloodraven and her story in game (albeit vague) / backstory I fabricated for her in my own diablo world.

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