The ten commandments of PvP

As I play a lot of PvP in public games, I see several common mistakes and I thought it could be nice to share some advice. Of course there are other members of our small community that could do a better job or contribute here. The text consist of general advices, and not class specific build or equipment suggestions.

Anyway, here are my 10 commandments:

1. Equip yourself: believe me; poorly equipped chars don’t really have a chance in PvP. It’s of no use to call names or complain about the others players if they kill you easily (and they will). Even top PvE equipment is in most cases not good for PvP: PvP equipment should not mainly concentrate on DPS and a huge damage may not be efficient. Many good PvP chars actually have a low DPS. In order to survive, you need EHP (Effective Hit Points), which come mainly from things like: All Resists, Life, Defense, Chance to Block (when applicable), Chance to Dodge, Damage Reduction, and Life Recovery. You may need different sets of equipment to face each class.

2. Know your enemy: you really must learn the skills of all classes (not limited to the one you use for PvP). It's ridiculous when a player calls another a hacker because he doesn't know the existing skills for the opponent's class. Wizards do teleport, DHs do get invisible, and so on.

3. You are an Elite: you should know that the game handles players as elites. Therefore pieces of equipment that give damage reduction from elites or add damage to elites are nice PvP items (examples: Stormshield, items from the Blackthorne’s set, Stone of Jordan, Litany of the Undaunted, etc.).

4. Build yourself properly: Good PvE builds are mostly not good for PvP (and the other way around). Most PvE builds are made around damage to crowds of monsters (example: WW), while PvP builds should concentrate in doing damage to a single opponent (example: HotA, impale). Also, don’t neglect defensive skills.

5. Move: If you stand still waiting for a cool-down or life regeneration, you die. Move all the time! In fact, run!

6. Avoid empty spaces: if you have to cross them, do it quickly, unless you have a super tanker build.

7. Use well the environment: move around obstacles and hide behind walls. This is useful to protect you from several attacks that work in a straight line, like Seven Sided Strike (Monk), Ray of Frost (wiz), impale (Demon Hunter), just to mention a few.

8. Avoid moving in straight line: if you move, attack or run away in a straight line, you have a good chance to be surprised by a long distance shot like impale and similar. Move in zig-zag, circles, etc.

9. Learn the correct timing of your skills: take cool-down times into account and do not spam all your attack and defense skills at once.

10. Don’t forget this is a game! Have fun and avoid getting upset if you lose. If you win, don’t be arrogant!

If you fail following the aforementioned commandments, God will fulminate you with one hit! Inveigh will only condemn your soul!
11. Play WD, Barb or DH.
@ilyu: the classes are in fact not well balanced in the present version of the game. But I have met extremely good monks! In fact, top monks can kill chars of all classes.

My general impression is the following:

- Top tanky WDs kill any class and die only occasionally to top barbs and maybe monks (mostly when WD player is unskilled). They are the dominant PvP class imo.

- Top tanky barbs kill any class, including WDs, but also die to them, and don't die to anybody else (except when barb player is unskilled). They dispute domination with WDs.

- Top monks kill almost anyone (mostly associated to appropriate use of skills and good timing), but also die to top chars of any class.

- Top DHs kill any bad equipped chars of any class and even top wizards and monks, but hardly kill Top tanky WDs and barbs (mostly die to them or runaway).

- Top wizards kill any bad equipped chars of any class, but need a lot of skill and training to kill top equipped chars of any class, and also die to top chars of any class.
Another aspect I forgot to mention: you probably need several sets of equip and different build to properly face foes of each class!

A good example of that is described in Iria's excellent guide on PvP Demon Hunters at:

In pub games, I almost always run around in what Iria calls "glass cannon" build with my DH, which is not the best to face other DHs!
dh's are very capable of beating barbs, but need about 290k unbuffed dps at least with 1.67aps
I actually beat 95% of all barbs I meet, but the remaining 5% are tough! Barbs can stack a lot of EHP (I know a few with 200k+ life, AR > 1000, a lot of damage reduction, a lot of life regen, etc.). They don't go down easily.
I have something to add Derfel,

If you gear right and routinely practice, you will dominate the typical player but you will still lose to geared-out WDs. The only exception to this statement is the wizard because our skills do so little weapon percent damage that our opponents life regeneration is more noticeable than our dps after damage reduction. Thus, it is impossible for us to tank up and still be able to kill other classes. Actually, we tend to die just as easily if we go full BT set and shield as we do with glass cannon builds.

However, I am not saying that if you pay to win you will be unstoppable. There are 4 components to this game: PvE, PvP, AH, and forums. You need to use the opportunities in PvE to practice PvP skills. This is why I can land meteors in PvP while it is difficult for most other wizards. The reason why I can do it is because I run meteor builds in farming and farm in areas that translate into PvP situations. This step shows you what builds are within your skill range which determines how much money you need to spend in the AH. You then gather information on good builds and examine theory crafting from the forums to figure out the specific equipment you need to buy from the AH. If you neglect this information gathering step, you run the risk of spending billions and still getting destroyed in PvP. I am not going to name specific people, but it does happen, someone spent 5 billion on PvP gear and did not research the builds, then they got destroyed in tournaments despite that they spent more on gear then their opponents did.

Research is a big part of this game, especially if you are trying to do something different to gain an advantage.
Thanks Weasel765! Nice add.

Maybe with a few more good hints from the PvP community, this might become a useful guide for PvP beginners and players in general.
Just want to add something about monk, however it is just how I understand it. Monk is capable of killing top wd ocassionally but don't really have a chance to win overall. And pvp gears are not necessary expensive. For example the gears monk use against dh is usually much cheaper than monk use against barb. And top Dhs have advantages over top monks. But monks have advantage over top barb.

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