Dropped 14k dps for MOAR ehp

now i feel awesome! 400k is a benchmark, but now i've hit it it doesnt matter that much anymore.
new goal:

hit 400k with my current rare pants and retaining ehp.

link :


d3up :

Nats 400 always sexy!
Good Job on all that Life!!!
Now that's impressive Void.

I still hate you a little bit for stealing my WD's new pants though. May the fleas of a thousand camels nest in your genitals for that snipe.

I approve. I think it is the perfectly balanced high dps set up. I see perfection in every possible categories.
all I got to say is Nice!!!
You need more mit, not more life.
Heh very nice
09/22/2013 05:30 PMPosted by kiza
You need more mit, not more life.

not really. no where i can squeeze more mit unless i loose some serious dps. not like it matters for farming too. for ubers i have a hard time against siege, but its manageable .
Aimless touted high mit over high life for a very good reason. Yes, it does take away a lot of other resources including dps, freeze, whatnot, but it's that important. We should run together again and test it out with your new wiz.
Thats with LOH Kiza... you can get looser with all that life, huge DPS, and lower mits. All you need is enough EHP to take a few pops at start but once you get going @ even 350K LS is huge.

Nice void 200-308 is same for me... Guess i'd have to take it to 400 to feel any differnt. Until then I do 270ish high mits. Dont sweat losing DPS.
That's what I thought first, that high recovery (LS @ 400k dps + SC's LoH) would allow me to relax on mit. All my tests showed that to be not the case. You can lower your mit only a litte. I went from 89.5 to 88.5, but at around 88.3, I was pushing it where I can see my wizard getting close calls. Those numbers might sound small, but when you get hit hard, they make a difference in survival. If it comes down to 88% mit + 55k life or 87% mit + 70k life, I'll take the 88% mit.

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