Next upgrade please..

Just got back into CM after trying all different builds, and it's clear to me now that with the money i have (about 100m budget) I want CM build back. Someone please give me some insight on what to change around/add/remove. THANKS!! =)
Understanding the build so you know what to look for is the important thing here.

Looking at your gear, you need more IAS. You've gone for damage with CC/CD on your rings and amulet when really, you should be going for IAS/CC. You only chase CD after you have hit the build requirements.

Which APS break point are you looking to run at? 2.31, 2.51, 2.73 or 3.01APS? 2.51 is easily attainable if you are using Chanto's set. 2.73 is a little harder but pretty easy. 3.01 means sacrificing EHP so it's not exactly a budget choice.

Here is my budget CM/WW Guide:

It requires under 1.5m if you're in a rush. If you can spend the time to look really carefully, you can build decent sets for under 1m capable of farming MP5. You have a little more to work with so I recommend checking out PieHole's SNS (more current CM/WW build) Guide:

My guide pretty much force feeds you the necessary requirements for the build at budget whereas PieHole's is in depth with more gearing options.

Hope that helps.

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