Any MP10 Forked Lightning Wizards Out There?

I'm looking into MP10 builds and I would like to hear some opinions..
Here's a video I made a bit back during the 1.08 PTR:

The build I used for it:!TWg!ZbYacc

Can't remember what kind of stats I was sporting back then (my gear has improved quite a bit since). All I remember was that I had a little over 2 APS and I think around 55-60% CC, and I had perfect 3% Lifesteal on the Dagger I was using. And I'm pretty sure I had 2 sources of APoC (helm and source), although it's doable with 1 for the most part.

If I were to do this build today, I would probably replace Shocking Aspect with Frozen Storm, and then replace Blizzard with Magic Weapon (probably Blood Magic).

Anyhow, the idea is that you're stacking Arcane Dynamo really fast on multiple targets using Forked Lightning, and every single Chain Reaction cast is being boosted by 75%. Or at least close to all of them. Ray of Frost: Cold Blood is for single target stuff since FL starts to get really, really bad as the number of targets dwindles to 2 or less. Sometimes you're able to get AD stacked to 5 before starting on your RoF channel, too, which is nice.

It's a fun build, but by no means a top contender. I preferred to play it on MP8 because it just flowed a lot better in terms of kill speed, but it's certainly doable on MP10 with good gear if you don't mind slightly longer kill times on elites.
Thanks! What would you prefer for efficient MP10 clearing?
09/20/2013 08:25 PMPosted by Sinh
Thanks! What would you prefer for efficient MP10 clearing?

I prefer playing Sleet Storm, particularly the build in my profile. I also enjoy playing a 2H variation of the spec that uses Arcane Destruction as its AP management tool. I'm also very fond of Black Ice and Liquify when farming certain areas.

I have a bunch of videos of various specs on my YouTube channel if you want to see how they perform:

Perhaps you can find something there that inspires you.
Just tried this out in FoM!gTW!ZYccac

So much CC and freeze.. 1 APoC source and couldn't deplete AP even if I tried to.

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