what do you all think of this build?

I have yet to play around with it but have been thinking about this build a lot recently in my head :) And as much as I love my archon build I have been thinking how nice it would be to experiment and play around with another build I have created.

hence using the skill calculator I came up with this and hope to test it out later today.


I used shock pulse fire bolts cause that would be good to get up in there and crit a heap whilst they are frozen and thought it could be easily mixed up with the other skills I use. Plus it also gives me a skill that costs nothing and is decent damage whilst I am out of arcane power if that ever happens.

Meteor cause also good for striking them whilst they are frozen and changed it to arcane to reduce the cost of meteor. Also so I have that extra bit of power when it comes to elites.

Arcane torrent cause I have been wanting to play around with this for ages and figure along with shock pulse and meteor I thought mixing it up would work out really well am still not quite sure which rune I will go with but am possibly considering the mines rune for that extra dps plus its something that explodes when the enemies run over it. But am otherwise considering cascade.

As for defense I a going to use mirror image - mirror mimics to allow them to do a bit of damage to the enemy but to also allow myself to get away if needed whilst the enemy is distracted with my mirror images.

Frost nova - Deep Freeze to allow me the chance to have even more crit hit chance and hence that allows me more chance to let my cool downs well become accessible more quickly.

and finally

Energy Armor - Pinpoint barrier to allow me more chance to crit hit my enemies yet again. Was considering storm armor - shocking aspect but figured better to go with energy armor which yet again helps with crit hit chance.

Passives I had to think about quite a bit as to what would be suitable.

And came to the conclusion of these

Astral Presence to allow me to have more arcane power and hence giving me more power before I run out and go back to my other skills quicker if I run out of power as I know I have quite an arcane intensive build here too. (was considering glass cannon in its place but realistically thought that Astral Presence would probably work out better considering how much arcane power I am going to need for this build. But am still considering this a bit between astral presence and glass cannon depends on my dps.

Critical Mass to allow my cooldowns to go off quicker and hence be able to use my skills sooner. Plus it compliments the fact that I already have 41% crit chance on my wizard.

And Evocation to reduce the cooldowns even more.

Please say what you think here at the moment I am upgrading gear but am also trying to work around what gear I have whilst I am saving the gold for upgrades :) and my dps on my profile right now is actually the buffed dps think I have around 150000 dps unbuffed.

Thanks looking forward to hearing peoples suggestions about this build.

Much appreciated and plan to test this out later today

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