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I apologize for singling out Jaetch, but man your Archon guide is incredible. So I recently hit the gear ceiling after about 15 million in investment. I was rocking Tal's chest with some rare pants (high vit, tiny int, 2 sockets). So I made a trade off to get about 200 all resist and and about 5% mitigation by switching up to Zuni's chest and Mempo. I had been rocking a nice Andy with only 7% fire damage taken and 4.5 crit with high int, and it was a GREAT DPS helm, but I found myself getting rolled by mortar elites in MP5. So, I dropped down to MP3 and with this setup it's a faceroll.

The problem is I lost about 15k dps in the process, but since I dropped down to MP3 it has been less of a problem.

Now, I have a gear conundrum, though.

The problem revolves around my amulet. As you can see, it has relatively high avg. damage. So upgrading it is a pain. I didn't realize just how much DPS it was bringing to the table until I started shopping and running calcs.

The other problem is that if I want to run crafted bracers for a big int boost (which I feel like I should) then I need to find some more attack speed (which is a trifecta stat, obviously) and exponentially increases the price of a new left ring or amulet.

I don't have the cash reserves to trade on a Mempo for crit chance and I have all but given up on crafting an EGC or finding an EF that's a genuine DPS boost and allows me to maintain my EHP for under 100 million (I would need a socket because it has such high int).

Anyway, I'm just looking for some smaller solution to potentially get me back to MP 4 in the near term. I know high MP farming isn't the strength of Archon, but all the same...

I'm trying to set up a base so I can move forward and move solidly into the mid-upper gear level (300k plus DPS with 45-47k HP and 700 all resists is what I'm looking for soon).

Any help is appreciated...
It all depends on your budget. 15M can probably get you to MP4-5 if you shop carefully and patiently, but you will not have high DPS with respectable EHP. Lower budget simply means lower stats, and the way Archon gear works is by simply stacking higher numbers all around. And to stack higher numbers all around, you're going to need more than your 100M. That 100M can't even upgrade all your gems. You're better off getting a socketed weapon with LS and CD with a socket and focus on upgrading gems (investment), followed by upping individual pieces one by one when you can.

No EF. EFs can only roll CD+socket or LS+socket, never CD+LS+socket.
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Thanks for the personal reply, Jaetch!

...and you answered one of my most pressing questions about EF. I was under the impression that it COULD roll LS and a socket but could not roll CD as an actual affix with a socket. I don't know where I got that idea, but I keep hunting for EF bargains, so I'm glad I can put that to rest for a bit.

Two quick questions that I've been diligently looking for the answer to but having no luck.

1. Sheet DPS seems to favor CD over everything else, but has anyone actually theorycrafted how ticks work with IAS and the archon beam? For example, if my sheet says 2.2 attack speed, does that mean that all my sheet dps is actually ticking 2.2 times per second? Or does it mean that the beam's base damage is ticking 2.2 times per second and then CC and CD are being applied to each tick? Basically, what I'm asking is how does the core mechanic work with IAS -- is my sheet DPS actually ticking 2.2 per second for every second the beam is up?

2. I'm sort of stuck on how the game shows its calc for elemental dmg%. I understand how a black weapon amplifies (or rather how it basically treats ALL ele dmg as a % damage increase to OVERALL DPS), but what I don't understand is how the game calcs it in the DPS sheet. When I look at a piece is the game considering that elemental damage? For example, when I look at Tal's ammy's on the AH with *similar* avg. dmg range as mine and some arbitrary % of elemental damage (say cold, since I assume it synergizes best with FN) does the game *recognize* that damage and show it to me? I was looking at a couple of new pair of Zuni Trails that represent a pretty nice dps upgrade last night and some of the 7% damage ones even with substantially higher intellect than mine seemed to be dropping off a cliff damage wise.

Sorry if that made no sense. Basically, what I'm asking is this: does the game *know* I have a black weapon when it calculates my elemental damage and shows that to me as a potential upgrade or even just on my sheet dps?

Thanks so much, Jaetch. You are just an incredibly helpful human being!
Oh well, must as well hijack this post XD

Hi, Jaetch, seems like your are professional in this field, need some advice from you.

How should I improve my Archon wiz with 40m in my bank account? Should I work on my rings? I can farm MP4 easily until I meet Return Dmg Elites.
The reason you struggle with RD mobs is because you have no can't out deeps reflect damage because, as I understand, it just returns a flat percentage of the damage YOU are doing.

You have the same issue I have with your weapon. You bought it because it was a huge damage bump, but it will always be suboptimal. You need something besides an EF with lifesteal and CD.

You could afford to drop some DPS there and switch out your helm to a nice Andy's to pick up some extra IAS, and you would probably still see similar numbers. CC and IAS seem to be prioritized for LL users because you're really only using it to refill Archon, and for that faster attacks and more chance to crit are king; otherwise, your sheet DPS *looks* good, but it's not optimal.

Your EHP is low...especially to be running Ice Climbers which are the tank boots par excellance of this game. Consider switching over to Zuni Trail with Zuni Pox, and though your amulet is okay, if you could find a nice Tal's with high avg. dmg, you'll probably see bigger dps returns that way. In fact, that might be your best bet -- a 6% lightning or cold Tal's with high avg. damage since you're running EF. And you should definitely get a Witching Hour in place of that rare belt. WH is the best DPS belt in the game by far.

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