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So i was checking my RMAH auctions and seen i still had items processing from a year ago, So I sent in a ticket saying hey i still have some items processing after a year and would like that fixed. they sent me a email back saying to give them the Auction ID number so I get on and type all it all out and send to them. And here is what I get back.
"Unfortunately with the news of the Real Money and Gold Auction houses Closing soon, we hae seen a MASSIVE jump in Auction House traffic and everyone is crowding to get final use out of it. As it stands, all transaction have been processing. However, we have been seeing a 3-5 day delay in the completion of these transactions."
Clearly they did not even check or they would have known my auctions have been processing for over a year now and I even told them when i made the first post in the ticket.
lol, at least look the positive.. Now we know for sure what the word "SOON" means to blizzard and it's nothing less but just over 6 months
lol, I think I should get a hearhtstone beta invite for the bad service,that will keep me positive.
Please descirbe to me how the customer service is going to be like on 3rd party sites?
You deserve that beta invite for your hardship, YOU ENTITLED !@#$
i wont to play hearthstone but i dont now where to dowload or how te get it :( pleas help me

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