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I have been with the Diablo franchise for 13 years and one thing I miss with all the new hardware and operating systems is that I can not play Diablo 1 anymore. At least now as easily.

It would be very nice if people got a blast from the past and were able to play the good old D1 on a big monitor on Windows 7 or 8.

I have stumbled on this little video.

After I watched it I though to myself.. Oh... I would totally play D1 again if it came with a CE with modifications for the modern PCs if it was similar to that. (No changes on Succubus models!!!)

With the amount of talent and resources Blizzard has, something like that can totally be added to CE before Blizzcon. Hell.... I would BUY one separately.

+1 if you played D1 (or if you just like the idea)!

Come on Blues, pass it on! (you know you want to!)

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