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Looking for constructive criticism of my gear/spec... Is CM/WW or LL the only viable spec with my current gear? Thanks in advance.
I'm not an expert on CM/WW, but you seem a little low on CC to me. You can pick up trifecta rare rings for pretty cheap.

You could do Archon if you wanted, although it would be advisable to switch to a black weapon.

Edit. You can also pick up a nats ring and boots, and the set bonus would give you a healthy CC boost.
Hi man, you have a spec very close to CM/WW. So, put Energy Twister with Wicked Wind rune on your left mouse click.

Your attack speed and life on hit are OK, all you need is more crit chance. 43+%.

Maybe instead of Storm Armor just put Energy Armor with Pinpoint Barrier rune for +5% crit chance, if you don't have golds to add crit,chance on gear right now.

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