want to try other builds with my gear?

Particulary arcane torrent, shock pulse - fire lightning and mirror images etc and was wondering if its possible to do that with my archon gear? Any suggestions or ideas would be much appreciated please as I really am in the mood for experimenting with skills for my wizard. Passive suggestions appreciated as well though will probably be keeping critical mass for cool down skills as that helps a ton with my archon wizard right now and glass cannon as that also buffs my dps a bit am around 150000 without that.

BTW at the moment am MP5 capable if thats of any help.

Thanks very much look forward to reading peoples suggestions and playing around with things from there.

Am thinking something along the lines of this type of build.


Any suggestions based around it and if its possible would be much appreciated.

Thanks again
Well, nothing particular. But if you do lower MP, you can run some Spectral Blade builds.
09/22/2013 01:22 AMPosted by RobertVarga
Well, nothing particular. But if you do lower MP, you can run some Spectral Blade builds.

SO does that mean that right now I cant really do other builds with the gear I have? Do I have to respec some gear? Any suggestions on any of that would help as right now I just want to play around a bit with some new skills not that I dont love archon build but sometimes you just feel like playing something a bit different too and any suggestions revolving around those first few skills would be much appreciated too. Guess I just want to play around and experiment with my own build for a bit from now on. Keep in mind though I dont have much gold for re gearing at all hence why I was hoping to work around what gear I had.

And minimum all my resistances are at 67% or above right now.

Please help me out here guys.


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