Spectral Blade--why does it work so well?

This is a mystery that's been scratching the back of my head for a while. I seem to kill things much faster with Spectral Blade than I would expect from the description. For example, it kills things with fewer hits than Arcane Orb, even though Arcane Orb is suppoed to do more damage per hit as far as I can tell.

Is there something I'm missing about how to understand the descriptions of these skills?
I noticed that too. The only drawback is having to get in close. I don't know about others but when I slot Thrown Blade in it doesn't seem to work. It's like I still have to get in their faces to damage them.
It's because you hit each enemy multiple times every time you cast it. Until you get a lot of crit and APOC it's better for proc'ing CM than WW is so you can use your other cooldown abilities more often.

Once you have the gear to spam WW nonstop, WW just blows Spectral Blades away for melee wiz though.
Sorry, WW? To me that means "whirlwind" FSR I'm not making the wizard connection....
Ah wicked wind got it.
Because your cast can damage three times (three cuts), that's why, so on multiple mobs in range, it's more damage than the tooltip leads us to think.

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