This CM newbie needs some help! :)

Hey guys, I seem stuck on my gear for awhile. Can I ask for some advice on upgrades or what I should to change on my build. I don't really have a big budget too since I just kinda got back on the game, but I wanna know what upgrades I should get next and what items I should let go.

( It would be cool if someone would explain to me too about how people just got massive amounts of cash, I'm just here sitting on 10 mil :(( )
Hmm.. you have pretty low AR.. 500 including Int. Your life is also low considering your are using amethyst as sockets. Your armor is pretty decent so one easy slot to fix would be your BT pants. Look for double Int/Vit with 60AR+. You can lose a bit of armor there.

I would also switch your Chanto's Force for a Int/Vit one.

You've hit the 2.73APS break point but your CC could be higher (just under 50 at the moment)... switch your rare ring and Ice Climbers with a Nat's ring and boots combo. The boots will keep your AR and armor stats whilst giving you movement speed, which you don't have at all. If you can't afford a Nat's ring with CC, go with Int with defensive stats... AR, armor, Life%, Vit. If you are patient and look wait for bids, you can find some amazing deals. You are getting both the ring and boots because of the two set bonus of 7CC... massive CC boost for low cost (even with the worst rolls).

Your Viles lacks Vit... it has Life%, but that's only as good as your Vit pool is anyway. Your bracer also has zero Vit. Two other places you can improve your survivability.

The key is to hit the APS break points with as much CC as possible (around 53+) then put everything else into mitigation and EHP.

My CM/WW budget guide works at under 1.5m so 10m should be plenty. It's only if you're trying to break the MP7 barrier that price will get a lot higher if you wanna survive with any decent DPS.

Hope that helps.

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