For the Barbs : Skorn is better than dual wield

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I was dw for a long time and i just recently made a switch to skorn. Man ive been missing out, way more fun, rend melts everything on mp10 =] and with hota im one shotting mobs in mp 10.
problem is with twohand weapons though.

1. They are slow. To slow. It can be a problem to generate resources. (as said CAN).

2. There is no viable alternative to a Skorn, unless youre talking about those one in a billion doom hammers that float around which dont even appear on the auction house. Thats how rare they are. The Ik Hammer? Useless. Daybos for monks? You must be joking ...

3. Survivability with a Skorn is worse compared to DW because attack speed is still a very important stat. Once you push to 4-5 attacks per second you really start to see the effect. If you hit enemies with a Skorn, you have the issue, that either you do full damage, or almost none, the slow attack speed makes sure that geting life back can be a gamble sometimes, with the high attack speed of DW you get a constant stream of "life" back as you simply hit more often with a higher chance to gain back life. And you dont have to stack attack speed in every possible slot.
Well said crnivuk.

But hey if you can get around that, more power to you.
S&B is better.
Are shields a thing?
whats a shield?
as a Skorn user myself: i have to agree. the higher damage range is awesome.
depends how good ur dw is, ive seen some 1.4k dps maces and insane echoes. skorn is 4 budgets
if you can get 1.8AS then skorn is better than buying 2 1 handed weapon with each of them have same price as the skorn.
To me there's no opposing Skorn to 1 handers, I don't use them for the same thing.

XP farming with Rend build, I go Skorn. Anything else, 1 handers, notably Ubers where it's so easy to lose WOTB chasing Magda when using a skorn
I had the opposite experience, I used Skorn exclusively until I was able to free myself from it, and have been happier for it(as well as a 150kdps boost)
09/24/2013 03:02 AMPosted by Cafeen
whats a shield?

That thing you put on your Templar to make him look snazzy in town.
09/24/2013 03:02 AMPosted by Cafeen
whats a shield?

Protects my back from arrows when I'm resurrecting skorn barbs
Skorn is better for lower budget but i saw a DW barb who carried me and friend thru mp10 uber that did 346K unbuffed and wasnt even using a EF..was a rare mace with str/cd/sock/ls/as
Is my skorn 'low budget'? nearly doubled my chat sheet dps...
for XP farming, Skorn with Rend is way better than any DW.

i have a high dps skorn (kinda low budget) with no Life Steal and my 3.0LL from belt is all i need.

almost all white mobs melt with 1 rend at mp10

But for Ubers DW is the way to go.
09/24/2013 04:45 AMPosted by RagingKoala
whats a shield?

Protects my back from arrows when I'm resurrecting skorn barbs

Good one.

I have 1000+ hours on my barb. Skorn barbs kill elites in high mps way faster than duel wield ever can. Resources might be a problem. But ONLY IF there are not many mobs around all the time and/or you are in a group; all you have to do here is replace overpower with HOTA. Then use HOTA with rend, and with the regular WOTB spec. If there is one powerful mob left, use HOTA, and you will have no resources problem.

Basically the speed at which skorn kills stuff in high mps, greatly out-weights the negative affects of 2 hands (assuming you have good gear & don't die all the time).

The only way a duel wield set up can kill as fast as my skorn, is if my dual wield setup has 400k damage un-buffed (if not more).
I have zero problems staying alive in mp10, as a skorn barb (even in act 4 with a full group). Again, just gear properly and you should have no problems.

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