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Enraged Phantom - Just hold still you damned bastards.
Sand Dweller - Get up out of the sand so I can kill you.
Fallen Maniacs - Why spawn in large packs in small rooms? Why?
Dune Dervish - Spin to Win is viable for mobs too?
Those fat sharmon idiots in act3 that shield other monsters. Even worse when you get an elite pack of them because they shield each other. omg i almost feel like just leaving the game.
Too many things in D3 annoys the crap out of me. They were intentionally designed to do just that.

I kill elite packs because I have to. Not because I want to.

I think back to D2 when Exploding Elite Pack Dolls with the Fast Affix killed entire parties to now when anything and every elite pack has RD/Extra Health/Desecrator + Horde/Illusionist/Vortex/Teleport and I think the D3 is definitely more annoying then D2.
The f uc king flies in the desert.####
Dunno about OP but the most annoying imo is the Enraged Phantoms.

Most OP i'd say Mallet Lords as Elites in Act4, they can be mofo's. But easily dodged, unless he walls/jails=)
Any Serpent demons that goes invisible has to be annoying...There basically like a child version of Belial which are all through Act 2.
Every time you attack at a distance they go invisible and even if you hit them while they are invisible it doesn't hurt them.
They only go visible while on top of you for a free hit.

Swarms are my next hate and just buzzing annoying...kill one and next you have a whole swarm after you.

Raptor birds..."Damn birds"(In Danny Glover voice)
They flying around your head and haven't decided to swoop you until you shoot something.

Rockworms they are just anal **@!***@ from below...it's worse when you have two of them at the same time...almost like 'Candiru'.

Eels - aren't that annoying but if they kinda move like "Candiru"(Yes there a very real they're flesh eating catfish that are very worm like and they can swim up a man's urethra...just horrible)
IF this game chanced the name from 'Eels' to 'Candiru' I would be scared.
Those 10 ton mallet lords in A4 that do as much damage as a fallen maniac. They are even worse when they are a champion/elite pack with vortex jailer combo. They are the kind of mobs you "CANT" facetank all the time.

In addition to the most annoying monsters in the game. If bosses are included then ill say that its the majority of bossed throughout the ENTIRE CONTENT of the game. There is not a moment where they simply don't shut up. even when you fight them. And on a personal level, Azmodan and diablo are the most annoying bosses in the game because they simply cant keep their mouth shut in both the entire act and during their boss battles. I have to turn off the voice setting to 0 for the majority of my time playing.

I hope the last boss in the expansion is not like this when ROS comes out. Encounter dialogues are good enough.
I can't stand anything that freezes you. That is the most annoying thing in the game. When you face Izual you literally can't move 90 percent of the time. It's overused too much at that part.
Grotesque.Nothing worse than having a crowd around you and one walks up and just spams knockback on you.
The most annoying mobs are the ones that run away. Especially when there is a pack of them and they run in different directions. Just stand there and block my attacks with your face like a good mob.
Herald of Pestilence, Trees and the flies that send out kamikazes to you in act 2
Certain monsters definitely seem more pesky depending on which character I'm playing. Overall, though, I will never harbor love for Heralds of Pestilence. Particularly if they're Plagued as well, and then start stacking their pools.

Sneaky poison pools of doom - I'll never assume I can stand in any pool again. =(
Depend on the character. The first one that made me rage in d3 was the Phase beasts in Act3 as a witch doctor, trying to do content too hard for me at that time
Blizzard, because it just won't listen to you and you can't kill it! ;)
Those !@#$%^- frogs! Bloody hell!
If it kites me, I hate it.
I dislike anything that I have to chase to kill.

You're a damned demon. Learn to take an axe to the face like a man.

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