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Demon Hunter
Looking to improve my DPS and survivability. I'm kind of on a bit of a slouch at the moment due to the gold I ordered not being here, but when I do finally get it, I'll have a 100 mil budget.

Any gear I could replace? I was at 100k before I switched to the Archon armor of dex. Still have my Natalya torso in the stash - would it be better to switch back to that? I'm still not totally certain as to what determines upgrades - if there's a lot of green in the numbers at the bottom I usually get it. I did switch to the Archon armor because of the higher Dex, thought.

Any other advice?
You need Critical Hit chance on your gloves, rings, bracers and amulet, also try to get a cheap mempo of twilight instead of the nat sight even if it has less damage, at the end of the day you gain Life% and all resist,

Swap your ice climbers for natalya's bloody footprints and your depth diggers can swap to inna's temperance. A belt which would be ideal for you is witching hour (practically everyone apart from barbs and monks go for these)
your WF is a little bad, it has no socket so it is less viable (chd or average damage gems are really good)
Use a calamity or a manticore
Dont use an emerald gem in your helmet, as gold find isnt a major part of income and bonus xp or life is much more useful
Just as Crazy stated above, I would definitely also look into getting Inna's pants and chest. You can finds these at decent prices on the AH now.

On the Inna's Vast Expanse(Chest) You want Dex, Vit, and AR. They will also have 12% Life
On the Inna's Temp(Pants) You can get decent Dex and Vit pretty cheap.

These 2 will give you an additional 130 Dex

Try and find a better Nat's Ring as well. You want Dex and Vit, along with CC.

Hope this helps!
Thanks, this did help a lot. I actually found a chest that might be better than the Inna's torso, but it's not legendary. Bought the Inna pants and torso anyway, just to be safe.

Do I need to be clad in legendaries to have a decent shot in MP10? Not a huge budget to work with at the moment, but then again, I'm not seeing a huge range of options in legendaries.
Also, quick question: Does a Windforce with sockets even actually exist? I'd actually been looking for weeks before I'd found the cheap one I had before, but I've never seen one for sale with sockets.
Yes they exist, look at mine

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