Free Power Leveling services for new DH's ♘

Demon Hunter
Ok, Demon Hunter is my favorite class on the game, it's really fun and challenging to play.

From now on I'll be leveling up 1 group of new Dh's per day to level 60.

Rules: You have to make a post on the thread because the service will be applied for those players that still don't have a Demon Hunter level 60, so if you already have a Demon Hunter you are not eligible for the power leveling. I'll be checking the profiles through the forum just to confirm that you don't have another Demon Hunter level 60.

If you have another chars that are over level 60 and you have hellfire ring you must wear in order to benefit the entire group with the experience if you are a new player then there's no problem.

If you have enough gold it would be also interesting to have the cains set.

Ok, those are the rules and I'll be leveling up the groups at 10:00am PDT.

Please, post only one time and don't go off-topic and I'll be contacting you for the power level. Remember only 3 slots are avaliable per day. Softcore only.

If you want the power level service just type I want Power Level, look at my horse ♘

Good Luck for all!
I'd always wanted to get in on the Demon Hunter, since I found the play-style very "controlled-chaos", but I just haven't been playing D3 as much as I'd like to.

That being said, I had some leveling gear in preparation for a friend to PL me but that fell through. No hellfire ring but I do have Cain's / Born's / Leoric's Signet for when the character hits those levels.

If you're still up for doing this sort of thing, I'd love to participate, and it does sound fairly generous. I know DH gets a lot of crap at higher levels, but I'd still love to try it.

EDIT: So a few hours later and I'm level 60 with Hell Diablo cleared. It's nice to see people still trying to help out newer players. Maybe I can finally start digging into the world of MP10 Farming and Ubers. It's about time right?

Thanks, Woog, your horse (truly) is amazing ♘
Thanks for the Powerlevel.

Your horse is amazing ♘
Just wondering, I already have a DH, but wanted to know if somebody on this thread could point me to another thread that's doing this for other classes.

Also. I really condone this, a perfect example of how the community can be generous.
09/26/2013 10:42 AMPosted by VespaVictim
Maybe I can finally start digging into the world of MP10 Farming and Ubers.

MP10? not for awhile...(unless you're dual wielding the "CC set" of Visa and MC....)

To me, knowing how to play is more important than 'rocking MP10'.
The CRITICAL part of playing a DH is knowing every skill and how to use them.

PS - If anybody want to help with level my 3rd DH......
If your still available tomorrow can u help powerlevel my demon hunter?
If u can my battle tag is Trollboii69#1563
Your horse is amazing (sorry I don't know how to make the horse symbol)
I want Power Level, look at my horse!

Usually play weekdays since I'm on nightshift! Have Cain/Born set rdy but still no hellfire/Leoric tho!
I want Power Level, look at my horse ♘

Thanks for doing this. I helped my wife level her DH and I like the play style but just can't bring myself to solo to 60. I've never grouped with anyone other than my wife so I'm a bit of a noob in that regard. I'll be free at about 6:30 EST.

Too poor for Cain's and I've never gotten a Hellfire ring.
Thanks for the power level! This guy is fast and efficient. Great runs.

Your horse is amazing ♘!
I want Power Level, look at my horse ♘
I want Power Level, look at my horse ♘

I don't have a HF ring but would appreciate the help.

I will not be on until later as I have to run some errands. I will be on later today and tomorrow.
Ok next run tomorrow around 10:00AM PDT, 2 people that wanted today didn't show up, but I added them, so just explaining if they still want power level I'll have to schedule another hour.

So, better get ready for that time, with rings if you have and cains.
it tastes just like raisins
So is it in an hour? If so I'm in. What lvl should I be? I'm at 17 right now. rainerhere#1822
Ok, so this was my first power leveling experience and I must say it incredible. Moog was very welcoming and kind from the start. He could tell I was nervous, being my first time and all, and with all these massive, beastly things all around my face. He did a great job warming me up and made sure I had all skills I needed to finish the job. About 3/4 of the way, his friend Raven came in to give a hand. Holy $^@ she was smoking hot and hardly wearing anything at all. You could tell she was no beginner to the game at all either. It took about 2 hours to finish me off, but it felt like 5 minutes with them. They definitely kept me wanting more. I would totally recommend them to anyone. 5 stars.... jking. Thx Moog. You're the man. Your horse is amazing
I want PK, look at my horse ♘
That was fun. I always enjoy a jog in Hell.

Thx man, we try to do the best we can, and feel welcome to the community as well.
Thanks for running through all those levels.

i have cain set and Leoric ring

lvl 25 atm
Ok, right now, it's past 10:00 PDT but you'll run tomorrow. Get the items in your inventory and that Radiant Star Ruby from your Barb to use on your helm.

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