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It's the same thing that happens in WoW - there's no penalty for dying and/or being a douche, so getting carried is a viable option.
09/28/2013 07:01 PMPosted by Yura
The funny thing is that mp1, mp5, mp10; it doesn't matter. All the drops are still the same junk.

Only experience is my concern and not the brims.
Well jury looking at your profile you are either pulling with your barb or your wd, eithr one is capable of pulling massive pulls in the fields. I am working on right now my 3rd toon up to pl100 my 2nd wd is now pl76 and at 246k dps unbuffed with skorn and nice lifesteal, easily capable of pulling massive groups in mp10, which i do nightlu anyway. Trying to get as many pl100s as possible.

Unfortunate majority of friends are waiting for patch to come back and play which leaves me solo alot.

Add me up crymore#1597, at work right now, but usually play nightly from around 12:40 am to about 4:30 am (due to work schedule) This is est

We can probably easily clear the fields in 3-4 pulls.
...I pull those mob almost half of the area.
Recently a noob player vote to kick me...

I'd probably of clicked yes to the vote kick because it sounds like it looked like you were running off on your own. Parties shouldn't split up unless they communicate what they're doing and/or the players know why.

This is a consistent problem with public games, especially with barbs that are geared well enough to handle it, but don't have enough experience to play well with others. If you don't tell us what you're doing, how can we tell the difference between somebody that is herding for the party benefit and somebody that just went off to kill on his own?
Another necro topic
No. Carry me.

Ah, I kid. I try to enter the games I know I can handle. That's MP3 to 4 usually.
11/17/2013 08:39 PMPosted by Eclipse
No. Carry me.

np bro just join my mp10 games. I only hope you got the gold for the repair bills :)))))
Get your hero to 300k unbuff dps, and you will love those leecher. Because they make you feel like you are Jack Bauer and still can clear mob pretty fast.
unless that's a ww barb with EF on mainhand or a bell monk of course.

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