I pray to the item goddess today...

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I pray today will be the day... maybe today this ring which haunts my thought and my dreams will drop.

30 plus hours running in circles, 40 plus legendary drops and still you eluded me. The sound of that heart wrenching drop of the oh so glorious legendary items hitting the ground, I close my eyes and hold me breath... will it be? I fear to open my eyes that it won't be, maybe I was granted a gift or reward for all my time and sleepless nights. No, not this time. Tears start rolling down my cheek and fall off my chin.

I hunt on! For I love a great hunt and what awaits around the corner. With my MF to the max and my staff in hand, which Mystic Ally will I take today? The Water imbued it will be, your wave attack is cool and entertains me. Time to pick the follower! I can't seem to make up my mind, you all drive me crazy. Like my wino of an ex-girl friend, your words you say on our journeys day in and day out are imprint in my mind, repeating over and over again. The enchantress it is, you irritate me the less. I proceed to the VoTA for my quick 5 stack of NV and the hunt begins! I kneel down and take a moment to pray that this hunt, this day maybe glorious and I will receive my riches I have came so far for and in to deep to stop now.

Killing everything in my path with no riches in sight, hope is dwindling. A shrine is I accidentally click it without in inspecting it first "Frenzied Shrine" oh no! As my spirit is low, I stop with frustration growing to take a moment and breath. Whats that I hear? Cries for help? The Captured Villager it is, NO, I will not help you for when I free you, you give me nothing and run away! So I carry on my journey...

I see in the distance, the last epic pack on this hunt. I take a deep breath, click the mouse button down and charge in with my staff twirling in my hands. With my blazing speed I slam into the mobs exploding their bodies into thousands of pieces, I hear that heart stopping sound once again....Can it be??? I push the courser over the item... no its the dagger again!!!

What difficulty does leoric's drop?
Normal, Act II
goodluck, i'm doing the same thing :P
nice article LOL
I laughed so hard

"damn you item goddess"

so funny
I had three back to back legendary ring drops and none of them leoric's! totally gave up on it for a while ha ha

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