WTB: Immortal King's, Bul-Kathos & ect X-Box

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Hello! I am looking to purchase or trade items for for the following:

Immortal King's Chest piece
Immortal King's Belt
Immortal King's Boots
Immortal King's Helm
Bul-Kathos Wedding band
Bul-Kathos Set items
Ivory Tower
Storm Sheild
Unity (Ring)

If you have any please leave me a message here with what you are asking or items you are specifically looking for I have multiple items for trade.


Please no duped items.
i have the bul kathos sword set and wedding ring.

you have a str roll mempo twilight?
Ah too bad you arnt PS3 I Have Immortal King belt and Boots and Stormshield
looked over your list again, i have all that except:
ivory tower
ik set. (I'm wearing the set)

i have the ik helm (wearing it) and would trade it, but I'm currently looking for cc mempos twilight with socket and socket ice climbers. I'll message you in game.
>4 piece ik set xD
I have a couple Bul-Kathos's Wedding Bands and an Ivory Tower. Looking for Gold, Exquisite Essence, Barb Gear, etc...
@blackzach I will be on tonight around 11:30PM EST I work pretty long hours. please all send me a message in game IGN: AvEnGeDSvNFoLD I will invite you all into a game and we will get a trading lobby going and who knows maybe someone else will have something you want or need!
Well none of you left me a GT when I got on I found a pretty nice Bul-Kathos however if I can find one for better ill take those as well. ForNever I have some of that stuff and would love to trade. please contact me here or IGN: AvEnGeDSvNFoLD
@Blackzach i got str Mempo 1soc also i got Ice Climbers 1soc if your Bul-Kathos are good i would trade

@Avenged i think i got all the stuff you looking for - the question is what you got to trade

GT: i 36oz i maka
@JimmyJohn195 - I'm interested in the IK items you mentioned.

I don't have any Set Pieces to trade right now but I have the following Legendary's that may be of interest.

Faithful Memory - 2H Sword
1724.8 DPS
+892-1055 Holy Damage
+9 % AS
+244 Dex
+ Melee attacker take 2086 damage per hit.

Faithful Memory - 2H Sword
1696 DPS
+887-1042 Holy Damage
+566 Strength
+196 Dex
+8% AS
+Melee attacker take 2588 damage per hit

1H Spear
+1415.4 DPS
+741-888 Lightning
+7% Damage
+387 Str
+134 Dex
+8% AS
+13% Movement

Wizard Ring
Manald Heal
+273 Str
+191 Int
+101 Vit
+13% Life
+292 LPS
+12 Max Arcane Power
@Maka360 ive got plenty of stuff for trade/sale including gold and mats Im not sure if thats something your interested. Lets get in a lobby and talk. I had a Mempo's for sale to give an updated list I need the following:

IK Belt
IK Gloves
IK Chest
Ivory Tower/ Storm Sheild

IGN: AvEnGeDSvNFoLD, lets talk im sure I have something you want or need. I had multiple items for blackzach.

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