Can i vault forever?

Demon Hunter
Vaults tend to eat up a lot of my disc (for my strafe or RF builds).
and i totally forgot that DH shoots with the first rune of Vault.
I am wondering if I (have enough crit chance..) can generate enough crits to make my DH vault for almost free...
Somehow I don't see many dh using this rune... it seems to be a good deal when mobs are around.
Good question, I keep meaning to try that rune out but always forget.
I think action shot only fires 2 shots per vault so there's no way.

Loot 2.0 includes a legendary that makes vault cost 8 hatred instead of discipline so that should help. It's still a long ways away though.
L4N + TA = infinite vaults super speed
2 shots only?!
disappointing... :(

09/26/2013 06:09 PMPosted by METATRON
L4N + TA = infinite vaults super speed

sigh...seems like there is no any "contemporary" solutions :(
Hi Luffy,
Yes there is a solution. You can basically vault many times (almost infinite) even though not perma vaulting by having 80 disc on your gears and using Bola bitter pills + night stalker, provide if you don't use excessive disc elsewhere.

4 piece Nat, Nat Embrace, SOJ, DML will give you 80 dics. Disregard Nat slayer because it has low dps.
Each vault is about 1.0 sec and Disc gen is 1 per sec. Tumble will reduce disc by 50% for next vault and Perfectionist will reduce disc by 10%.

So your vault will be something like this:

= 18 vault = 97.2 disc

80+18 disc generated over time will be good for 18 consecutive vault.

If you use Bitter pills + night stalker, your will be almost perma vaulting.
On lower MP, vengeance passive and some pick-up radius helps with disc regen. 2 disc per globe.
Vault - Action shot:

The skill shoots 3 arrows at random enemies that deal 75% weapon damage and can crit. Each shot has a 33% chance to proc Night Stalker, so in an absolute best case scenario you could return 3 discipline from the Vault, but that is highly unlikely.

So its Discipline return isn't really the best, but one thing I like a lot about Action Shot is that it is Weapon Damage. So When using a cold SoJ, it will slow the 3 closest enemies, which is a good way to get a little bit of damage but also further increases the gap between you and the closest monster.
I use shadow power with night stalker passive. With a high enough crit chance you can basically stay in shadow power indefinitely.

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