Need Advice On MP10 Rapid Fire DH !!Please !!

Demon Hunter
I am having a hard time in MP10 farming with fren...
act1 savage beast kill me on 1 hit always...
my all resist got 436 and hp54k.

how can i boost my dps to more than 200k?
what kind of gear i should buy next?
currently i only got 60m, i can't afford a crit mempo.

(a)should i sacrafice my max displine on armor to get a inna armor to get more dex&vit?
(b)should i sacrafice my max displine on quiver to get a 250-300dex deadman legacy
without the disipline can i survive in MP10?

or should i just change to other build& skill?
need help !! need advice !! please play with me and help out if you are free.

this is my hero link

lose the hellfire, obtain more cd on the finger. Possibly get gloves with ias. Seems to be the cheapest way to increase dps.

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